Newsletter 6 4.12.20






A word from the Principal...


As we near the end of the term, it’s definitely beginning to look a lot like Christmas. You will have

seen the fantastic decorations that Gail and the FLS have put out at the front of the school and with

the Christmas Tree up and Christmas events starting to take place around the school, we are certainly

feeling festive!

Today we held our ‘Lockdown Birthday Parties’ for all of the children that have been unable to have

a party due to Government restrictions. All of the children had a wonderful time and added hope

that life might soon start to feel a little more normal with the news of vaccines and with Cornwall

being in a low tier at the moment. That said, I think it’s really important to reiterate and share that

the strict measures we have in school remain unchanged and they’re in place simply to ensure that,

whilst at school, our whole school community is kept as safe as possible. Focussing on keeping safe

is going to be vital as we near the Christmas holidays. The thought of having to close a bubble near

the end of term worries me as this would mean that those pupils and adults in a class with a case

would need to isolate and that could really affect the Christmas plans that we’re all making. Therefore,

please continue to do as you have done so far: follow the advice from the Government when

out and about and the measures here at school when on and around our site.

Have a lovely weekend.

Kind regards,

Mr Adam Anderson


What’s been going on...


School Parliament Christmas Craft

Our School Parliament were very disappointed that due to Covid19 we are unable to have our

annual Christmas Fayre or annual parliament jumble sale and therefore the School Parliament

would struggle to raise any money for new play equipment. So, they got their thinking

caps on and have come up with a plan B!!

Each class has made a Christmas Craft which will be on sale at the front of school for you to

buy on a rota system each day at home time.

Monday - EYFS

Tuesday - Year 1

Wednesday - Year 2 and Year 3

Thursday - Year 4 and Year 5

Friday - Year 6

Your child has made their craft and would love you to buy it for £1 to support our School Parliament.

All donations will go to the School Parliament who will spend it wisely on some new

playtime equipment. Last year we raised nearly £150 on our jumble sale and the parliament

have just purchased new football goals for the playground

Healthy lunch boxes

We have noticed that a number of children are coming into schools with lunchboxes filled

with food that does not represent a balanced diet. Please read this document for how to

create a lunchbox that will support your child to function well at school and promote healthy



Dog free site

A reminder that we are a dog free site, including evenings and weekends. There have been

several occasions recently where dog mess has been found on the school site, which is not

acceptable. Thank you.


All classes have windows and doors open throughout the day to ensure adequate ventilation.

If your child would like to wear an additional layer under their school uniform, this will help

prevent them from feeling the cold.

Term Dates 2020-2021

Autumn Term

7th September – 17th December (Half term: 26-30 October)

Spring Term

5th January – 31st March (Half Term: 15-19 February)

Summer term

19th April – 21st July ( Half Term: 31 March – 4 June)

In term Inset Day

7th June

Broad and Balanced...


The Rainbow Class has been so busy learning all about the North Pole and

where Santa lives. We were very excited to find that an elf has come to stay

with us until the Christmas holidays. He is a little cheeky though and keeps

leaving us surprises each morning. This morning the classroom was covered in

toilet paper! We even had a letter from Santa and had to write our Christmas

lists for him and add our names to the good list. We have been trying really

hard with our sounds and using them to write new words as you can see.

We have also been working hard to make our Christmas crafts ready for all of

our mummy’s and daddy’s to buy at our stall on Monday. We can’t wait for you

to see what we have created.

We have been very lucky to have enjoyed some more forest school sessions

with Jo. We have toasted bread and marshmallows, had hot chocolates,

searched for snails, made rainbow kites and listened to stories around the fire.

We absolutely love going to forest school and can’t wait for the next one!

Broad and Balanced...


Class 1 have been extremely busy making Christmas crafts and working hard

learning the words to our 2 songs for the Virtual Christmas Concert.

Our geography focus has been identifying the 7 continents and looking at famous

landmarks in Sydney Australia. The children had a go at making the Sydney

Opera House and the Sydney Harbour Bridge.

In maths we have been focusing on number bonds to 10 and they had fun exploring

the Bee-Bots. We have been learning about architects and had a go at

designing and making our own houses. In science we had to identify suitable

materials that could be used to make an umbrella.

The children were very excited to be looking after the chickens this week and

took their responsibilities seriously.

Broad and Balanced...


Year 2 created the Great Fire of Ludgvan. Our very own fireman, James Murton

came in to assist and to make sure everything and everybody was as safe

as could be. First, we carefully lined up our Tudor houses, ensuring they were

facing each other and all very close together as we learned this was why the

fire spread so rapidly. Next, Mr Murton began to set light to the houses. Soon,

the fire took hold much to the delight of the children who cheered and clapped

excitedly. We were very surprised with how quickly the fire spread and how

high the flames reached. The class have really enjoyed this topic and this was a

lovely way to finish, hopefully creating some lasting memories for the children.

Broad and Balanced...


Year 3 have really enjoyed learning about Ancient Egypt this half term and

have been very creative within their learning. The children have learnt about

various Egyptian Pharaohs and this inspired them to create their own Pharaoh

masks. The children made these by first sketching their pharaoh, then building

up facial features using cardboard, pasting over the top of them and finally

adding the finishing touches with paint. We think they look amazing! The children

also learned what mummification was and we ‘mummified’ a tomato to

see how this process was carried out. The children have enjoyed watching our

tomato change each day. To end this unit of work the children are writing Egyptian

time travel adventure stories and their ideas are fantastic! Well done Class

3, you’ve worked very hard this term.

Broad and Balanced...


Class 4 are coming to the end of their topic about Romans and we have enjoyed

learning, specifically, about the great Punic wars. We have learnt that

Rome had a mighty military army on land, but were less capable on the sea.

However, the Cathaginians (from Africa) were a strong naval fleet. Both these

powerful civilisations battled each other over decades, and we have created a

story grid to show these events as well as recorded ourselves retelling these

amazing events.

To conclude our art for this term, we have designed some Roman shields and

plan to create these before testing some Roman tactical formations whilst under

attack - less arrows and more paper balls.

“Year 4 have also been attending Forest school sessions which have been an

amazing experience. We have gone on a bug hunt, built our own fires and

worked in a large group to build a Roman aqueduct, UP HILL!!!

Broad and Balanced...


The children have now completed their best version of their endangered animal

stories. The children should all be so proud of their final pieces of writing;

it has been incredible to see how much progress they have all made over the

term. In science, they are currently learning about ‘Living Things and their

Habitats’ which they are all really enjoying. So far, the children have dissected

flowers to find and name their different parts and learnt about sexual/asexual

reproduction in plants. This week, they have been learning about the life cycles

of different insects and amphibians which has been very interesting for them,

especially when comparing them with our last unit of work ‘The Human Life Cycle’.

The children have been taking all of this learning outside to forest school.

Here they have learnt to identify different plants and trees; found out about

links in food webs; different eco-systems as well as locating different creatures

and their habitats at school. We have learnt so many new facts during our time

at forest school. Can you answer this question without looking it up on the internet?

How many trees does a human need to survive each year? The answer

to this made us all realise the importance of trees and the need to stop deforestation

to protect the future for all living things.

Broad and Balanced...

Year 6

This week, Year 6 have completed their non-chronological reports all about a

chosen area from World War One. They have worked extremely hard on gathering

factual and in depth information as well as beautifully presenting their

writing including photos and illustrations. All of the children were very proud

of what they had created and the reports are now presented on a display in

school to help inform others about World War One. They have also continued

their work on drawing and have been practicing a number of skills including,

creating texture, light and dark and using a variety of materials to draw. Finally,

they were given half of a famous portrait and had to fill in the ‘missing half’.

We were so impressed by how focussed and determined all of the children were

to add detail and how carefully they thought about proportion. They have finished

the week by enjoying some Christmas craft making and creating some

beautiful decorations for their trees at home. They are looking forward to adding

them to our stall next week. Well done Year 6!

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