Winter 2020


Susie Redfern developed Milestones Magazine to help individuals with disabilities and their families achieve and celebrate events and milestones in their lives.

inging mindfulness,

strength and joy to all kids

Community is Everything.

It was overwhelming and isolating when I found out about

Ellie’s hearing loss. I shut down and shut people out. But

when I opened up to my tribe, they pulled me through the

outlet I needed to better balance the needs of my children

with my needs and share the benefits of yoga with more

people. Through this experience, I found more fulfillment

and pride than I ever anticipated making me feel whole again.

hard times. I surrounded myself with positive people, a team

of supporters — friends, therapists, Facebook groups who

understood what I was experiencing, and I shared my story

with them, and asked a lot of questions. The more I relied

on people, the closer I felt to them which got me through

the valleys.

Over the last two years, I’ve experienced my share of

detours, but through them I’ve met new people, formed

deeper personal connections, challenged myself in new

ways and spent more time with the people I love. Now, my

life doesn’t feel so much like a detour, it just feels like I

travelled off the beaten path and discovered something

Me-Time Makes Better We-Time.

truly wonderful.”

I found myself thrust into a life-changing situation, one that

I didn’t plan for and never saw coming. I was completely

consumed by Ellie’s diagnosis and believed that the more

I gave, the more I could ensure her success. But slowly the

stress of constant care took its toll on my personal health,

emotional state, and relationships. For me, starting Hop

Laura Kowalski is owner and founder of Hop Along Yogi

Kids Yoga. She teaches weekly, “live-online” classes,

utilizing a flexible pay model to make classes more

accessible to all. Visit

for more information. M

Along Yogi enabled me to re-ground myself. It provided the


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