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The trip of<br />

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Local practitioners<br />

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Sweet<br />

Faaiza Omar’s<br />

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march 20<strong>21</strong>

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contents<br />

Why don’t you...<br />

04 Indulge your family ties. This month, book club is all about loved ones.<br />

And a ruby red grapefruit spritzer.<br />


06 It’s health, wellness and awareness time, from enticing elixirs<br />

to gut-healthy granules. Plus a little Irish tipple.<br />

people<br />

08 Faaiza Omar tells us about her love of baking<br />

and the sweet things in life<br />

12 We speak to five <strong>Lowveld</strong> practitioners on keeping<br />

safe and sound during Covid<br />

BEAUTY & Fashion<br />

18 Pamper yourself with our guide to local stylists<br />

and beauty therapists<br />

22 Love your locks!<br />

FOOD<br />

24 Natural, scrumptious recipes with flair<br />


26 You can build anything on gratitude<br />

TRAVEL<br />

28 Island style<br />

Win<br />

28 We are giving away one week for you and a friend<br />

or partner in the magical Maldives!<br />

32 This month’s Spoil is a luxurious 90-minute de-stress<br />

treatment from The Aesthetic Doctors<br />


Faaiza Omar.<br />

Photographer: Tanya Erasmus -<br />

Something Timeless Photography<br />

MARCH 20<strong>21</strong><br />

<strong>Mar</strong>ch 20<strong>21</strong> Get It <strong>Lowveld</strong> 03

Book club<br />

Mothers. Sons. Sisters. Friends. We’re all about family this month<br />

There’s been much noise about Girl A<br />

… and deservedly so. Abigail Dean’s<br />

debut novel, which is being called<br />

‘the book that will define a decade’, is<br />

magnificent. A psychological drama, it<br />

starts off fairly gently but gets deeper<br />

and darker and more distressing with<br />

every chapter. The story, told by Lex –<br />

Girl A, jumps from past to present …<br />

the past being her and her siblings’<br />

horrendous childhood, growing up<br />

in her religious fanatic parents’ House<br />

of Horrors; the present being when<br />

her mother dies in prison and leaves<br />

Lex, now a lawyer, executor of her<br />

estate … a little money and the family<br />

home from which Lex escaped. Lex,<br />

with agreement and encouragement<br />

from her sister Evie, decides to turn<br />

the house into a force for good …<br />

including everything her parents<br />

would have hated. We meet each of<br />

her siblings – as children and as the<br />

adults they’ve grown up to be. Girl<br />

A, soon to be a TV show directed by<br />

Johan Renck (director of Chernobyl),<br />

is a story of redemption, horror and<br />

love, and is gripping, powerful and<br />

deeply disturbing. Brilliant!<br />

If you’ve nothing planned for the weekend, this one’s a light, quick read which<br />

will keep you guessing. Michelle Frances (The Girlfriend, The Daughter) takes sibling<br />

rivalry and family secrets to a whole new level in Sisters. It starts off slow, and a<br />

little predictable, but the story soon hots up … with sisters Abby and Ellie doing a<br />

Thelma and Louise through Italy, France and Spain, the police – as well as a baffled<br />

husband and an is-she-or-isn’t-she-evil mother – close behind. • Staying with<br />

sisters – Kate and Lauren have a great relationship … always there for one another.<br />

But when Jess arrives, claiming to be their half-sister, the fall-outs start. Is she the<br />

secret daughter of their father, who recently died? For the girls, their mother Rose,<br />

and newcomer Jess, life becomes a tangle of secrets, lies and questions. Is the<br />

family really as perfect as it appears? Sandie Jones (The Other Woman) is great at<br />

psychological suspense, and there’s no shortage of that in The Half Sister.<br />

In Bibi’s Kitchen<br />

Bibis – grandmothers – from eight eastern<br />

African countries welcome you into their<br />

kitchens to share flavourful recipes and<br />

stories of family, love and tradition in<br />

this cookbook-meets-travelogue. Food<br />

writer Julia Turshen and Somali chef Hawa<br />

Hassan gathered 75 recipes. Expect Kicha<br />

(flatbread) and Shiro (ground chickpea<br />

stew) from Ma Gehennet from Eritrea,<br />

Ajemi bread with carrots and green<br />

pepper from Ma Shara in Zanzibar, and<br />

stewed plantain with beans and beef<br />

from Ma Vicky – a real-life Tanzanian<br />

princess. Delicious in every way.<br />

04 Get It <strong>Lowveld</strong> <strong>Mar</strong>ch 20<strong>21</strong>

The Funny Thing About Norman Foreman is pure joy. It’s tender, gentle, poignant, and<br />

touching. And madly, madly funny. Which it shouldn’t be. Since Norman is a painfully<br />

awkward preteen. Short, covered in scaly, painful psoriasis, and then there’s his name!<br />

Plus his best – and only – friend, Jax (‘the bloody Rolls-bloody-Royce of bloody best<br />

friends’) has just died. There goes their five-year plan to perform their duo comedy act at<br />

the Edinburgh Fringe in 2023. But ‘one never knows’ … and a trio of delightful characters<br />

– Norman, his wonderful, scatty mum Sadie, an elderly pensioner co-worker Leonard,<br />

along with a host of people they meet along the way (one of whom may or may not<br />

be Norman’s dad) travel from Cornwall to Edinburgh to make dreams come true.<br />

Obviously, not much goes according to plan. Massively inspiring, uplifting, wise …<br />

a hugely enjoyable read by Julietta Henderson. Loved it! • More warm-hearted<br />

humour in The Great Escape from Woodlands Nursing Home. For those<br />

of you who’ve read Joanna Nell’s The Single Ladies of Jacaranda Retirement<br />

Village and The Last Voyage of Mrs Henry Parker, you’ll know what you’re in<br />

for. And if you’re new to this author, you’re in for a treat. A roller coaster<br />

of fun and laugh-out-loud moments as nearly 90-year-old Hattie Bloom<br />

(retired nature writer and lover of birds) has a fall which lands her in<br />

a nursing home, where she meets fellow ‘inmate’ Walter Clements (a<br />

gregarious would-be comedian) who’s also longing for escape, at The<br />

Night Owls – a clandestine club run by Sister Bronwyn and her dog,<br />

Queenie. Funny meets moving … a delightful, feel-good book that<br />

proves it’s never too late to laugh or to love.<br />

This month we’re keeping things tart with the bittersweet taste of<br />

ruby red grapefruit. Made with grapefruit hand-picked on<br />

the sun-drenched French island of Corsica in the Med,<br />

Pampelle is all citrus peel-fresh, with a touch of<br />

herbs, and makes the most amazing spritzer. Pour<br />

two tots of Pampelle into an icy cold glass, add about<br />

75ml of Prosecco or sparkling wine, and top with soda<br />

water. Around R399 from your local bottle store.<br />

Compiled by: KYM ARGO<br />

<strong>Mar</strong>ch 20<strong>21</strong> Get It <strong>Lowveld</strong> 05

Wish list<br />

Gut health, comfort, plus a spot of Irish<br />

That good gut-health glow<br />

Glow from Within is a 100% pure liquid soluble hydrolysed collagen<br />

peptide. It can easily be added to water/juice/coffee/smoothies, or used<br />

when preparing foods. Benefits: Improved nail strength, promotes gut<br />

health, improves skin and hair, weight management, relieves joint pain and<br />

improves circulation. R470. Bodygold’s bioactive peptides are targeted<br />

for increasing lean body mass for toning and tightening, and have been<br />

clinically proven to reshape the body by decreasing fat mass for weight<br />

loss. These specialised collagen peptides optimise body composition in<br />

combination with resistance training by targeting the collagen matrix of<br />

the muscles. R830. Both are available from BOH | Button in Mbombela.<br />

The luck of the Irish<br />

Sadler’s Peaky Blinder Irish<br />

Whiskey features the character<br />

of Stephen McHickie, infamously<br />

photographed at the age of<br />

25 when he was charged<br />

with breaking into a draper’s<br />

shop, just 11 doors from his<br />

own home. In England’s<br />

famous “Black Country”, the<br />

Sadler family have been<br />

purveyors of the finest<br />

beers and spirits since 1861.<br />

Over a century’s worth of<br />

knowledge and passion<br />

has led the family to create<br />

this bold but exceptionally<br />

smooth, triple-distilled,<br />

small batch, blended Irish<br />

whiskey. Available at Rooikat<br />

Liquors in Mbombela.<br />

Natural is best<br />

Natural Elixir, a non-alcoholic health tonic, is loaded with lemon,<br />

turmeric, ginger, garlic, cinnamon, chaga mushroom, cayenne<br />

pepper, apple cider vinegar, sea salt, and highly charged water.<br />

All 10 ingredients improve your immune system and help restore<br />

good gut health. It is a natural anti-inflammatory tonic with<br />

powerful antioxidants, allowing optimum balance. This immune<br />

booster directly facilitates weight-loss, a healthy metabolism,<br />

improved well-being and can potentially relieve chronic illness<br />

and pain linked to inflammation. Available from Gin & Co at R249 for<br />

750ml. Order online at www.gincompany.co.za.<br />

06 Get It <strong>Lowveld</strong> <strong>Mar</strong>ch 20<strong>21</strong>

Indulge in extreme luxury<br />

Sit back and relax with the Intelligent Leisure Massage Chair.<br />

Features<br />

• Pre-set with nine auto-wellness programmes<br />

• Zero gravity position massage<br />

• Intelligent body scan technology<br />

• Super long L-shape back track<br />

• Blue tooth music option<br />

• Soothing heat for back and legs<br />

• Performing all acknowledged<br />

massage techniques.<br />

R45 000. Available at La-Z-Boy Furniture<br />

Galleries, Riverside Park, Mbombela.<br />

013-590-0700.<br />

Birding on the go<br />

Have you ever spotted a bird and wished you had your bird book nearby?<br />

The <strong>Lowveld</strong> is a haven for birders, and why not? There are lovely little<br />

LBJs and wonderful warblers wherever you look! And while we may not<br />

carry our bird book around, if there’s one thing that’s guaranteed to be in<br />

our back pocket wherever we go, it’s our phone. That’s why the new app,<br />

BirdPro, is so handy. It’ll help you to identify and find out more about birds<br />

and their calls, and it’s not just for amateurs, we’re sure birding enthusiasts<br />

will find something to learn too... like the names of birds in 16 languages.<br />

It’s said to be a ground-breaking app and it won the Most Innovative<br />

Solution for 2020 in the MTN Business App of the Year Awards. Details:<br />

Download BirdPro on the App Store.<br />

Healthy cells = healthy body<br />

This award-winning nutritional supplement<br />

feeds each cell with what it needs<br />

to run at peak efficiency. Our vitality is<br />

the sum total of the health of each body<br />

cell, meaning you need a strong immune<br />

system and a robust gastro-intestinal<br />

tract that can draw in complete nutrition,<br />

delivering nutrients to all cells via a healthy<br />

circulatory system. Green Vibrance does<br />

just that, delivering concentrated nutrition<br />

plus 25 billion good-gut-guys with added<br />

chlorophyll, fibre, antioxidants, liver and<br />

bone support. Price ranges from R840 to<br />

R2 508, available from Earthwise in<br />

Mbombela.<br />

<strong>Mar</strong>ch 20<strong>21</strong> Get It <strong>Lowveld</strong> 07

Sometimes the cherry on top really is just that, and it certainly appears to be<br />

the case for Faaiza Omar. At home in her Valencia Park residence in Mbombela,<br />

Faaiza explains what it means to live - and love - the sweet life.<br />

Faaiza Omar<br />

Text: MELLISSA BUSHBY. Photographer: TANYA ERASMUS<br />

orn and raised in Johannesburg,<br />

Faaiza comes from a family that<br />

have flair and sophistication in their<br />

DNA. Her mum, a keen entertainer<br />

and dress designer, passed her<br />

aptitude for style on, and Faaiza and<br />

her four sisters would often design<br />

their own looks and outfits for events<br />

and weddings. She wasn’t always<br />

a baker by trade – Faaiza is a trained<br />

skincare therapist, although being a pastry chef<br />

is definitely her passion. “Baking is great way for<br />

me to express my creativity,” she smiles. “Initially<br />

I baked cakes for my younger sisters who were<br />

experimenting with fondant, and the infatuation<br />

with perfecting the art of macaron making<br />

got me hooked on French pastries. The flavour<br />

combinations are endless! I love that.”<br />

‘The important<br />

thing is to remember<br />

that patience is key;<br />

Rome wasn’t built in<br />

a day, but they were<br />

laying bricks every<br />

hour’<br />

Being a pastry chef in a very much maledominated<br />

industry isn’t always easy, Faaiza says.<br />

“There has been a marked increase in female<br />

chefs, but both in South Africa and globally<br />

we still have a way to go to catch up on this<br />

front. The important thing is to remember that<br />

patience is key; Rome wasn’t built in a day, but<br />

they were laying bricks every hour. It takes time<br />

to master a skill or craft, time and dedication.”<br />

She absently rotates the whisk on one of her<br />

many pastel-coloured blenders. “I bake a lot,”<br />

Faaiza muses as she adjusts the setting. Blenders<br />

aside, her love of her chosen field is evident in<br />

her kitchen, which is every inch a baker’s dream.<br />

She laughs when she says that her idea of<br />

a showstopper cake would be a six-layered,<br />

moist chocolate cake, layered with chocolate<br />

08 Get It <strong>Lowveld</strong> <strong>Mar</strong>ch 20<strong>21</strong>

La dolce<br />

vita<br />

Pretty in pink<br />

<strong>Mar</strong>ch 20<strong>21</strong> Get It <strong>Lowveld</strong> 09

‘Happiness to me is<br />

baking and sharing my<br />

beautiful creations with my<br />

neighbours and friends’<br />

mint mousse and peppermint Aero. “My<br />

favourite cake would have to be tres leches<br />

or milk cake flavoured with saffron. It’s a type<br />

of sponge (sometimes butter) cake which<br />

is soaked in three types of milk; evaporated<br />

milk, condensed milk and heavy cream. When<br />

butter is not used, tres leches is a very light<br />

cake with many air bubbles.”<br />

It’s not always a (fondant) rose garden though,<br />

and as with all things there will be times when<br />

your creations don’t turn out the way you<br />

want them to. Faaiza’s advice is to embrace<br />

each challenge and not to get despondent.<br />

“Don’t take rejection to heart,” she says. “Keep<br />

evolving; as you grow, so will your career<br />

goals. Look at me; I started out as a trained<br />

skincare therapist and I’m now a pastry chef<br />

with a successful online pastry supply store<br />

and pastry school. Perseverance is key. Look for<br />

inspiration to keep your passion alive.<br />

“I draw mine from my travels and also the<br />

chefs under whom I have studied. I resonate<br />

with these words of Maida Heater: Happiness<br />

is baking cookies. Happiness is giving them<br />

away. And serving them, eating them, talking<br />

about them, reading and writing about them,<br />

thinking about them and sharing them<br />

with you.<br />

“That is how I feel - happiness to me is baking<br />

and sharing my beautiful creations with my<br />

neighbours and friends. I am also passionate<br />

about helping and uplifting others wherever<br />

possible. To volunteer time, money or<br />

energy leaves me with a sense of immense<br />

Look for inspiration to keep your passion<br />

alive, she advises<br />

10 Get It <strong>Lowveld</strong> <strong>Mar</strong>ch 20<strong>21</strong>

gratification and peace.”<br />

Faaiza has put her passion down onto paper<br />

with the release of her beautiful book, My Sweet<br />

Life, a lifelong dream. “I have always wanted to<br />

compile a recipe book, incorporating all my<br />

favourite flavours and recipes. It is inspired<br />

by my travels and the exotic flavours I’ve<br />

encountered along the way. My hope is that<br />

this book helps to bridge the gap between<br />

the pastry chef and home baker,” she says.<br />

“Ultimately, I’d like to compile another one with<br />

simple bakes derived from by my travels... Oh<br />

yes, and I have a list of masterclasses I want to<br />

attend with a few world-renowned chefs!”<br />

Travelling is obviously high on the list of Faaiza’s<br />

loves. Though you may wonder if she ever<br />

slows down, it is her way of recharging and<br />

relaxing. “It’s my escape,” she smiles. “I immerse<br />

myself in the culture and food of each place I<br />

visit, drawing inspiration from their ingredients<br />

and cuisine. After a week or two away from<br />

home, I’m ready to get back to my kitchen<br />

experimenting with all the new flavours I’ve<br />

encountered.” We can’t wait to see what this<br />

intrepid creator of beautiful confectionaries<br />

comes up with next!<br />

My Sweet Life has been a lifelong<br />

dream for Faaiza<br />


A fighting chance<br />

against Covid<br />

Covid-19 has changed the world as<br />

we know it. It has caused fear, severe<br />

sickness and death. After Covid-19,<br />

patients battle to be their old selves<br />

again; in certain cases it takes months<br />

to recover. After the infection, they<br />

still have difficulty breathing, their<br />

exercise abilities are severely curtailed,<br />

and they remain tired and fatigued<br />

after even the simplest of tasks.<br />

Dr Hein and Louis van Wyk has<br />

a positive outlook despite the<br />

negatives. “There is some good news;<br />

most patients fully recover. New hope<br />

also sprouts from the potentially<br />

promising vaccines becoming<br />

available. It seems as if antibodies<br />

give temporary immunity (B-cell<br />

immunity). Some immunologists<br />

reckon that T-cell immunity is a<br />

possibility and that we could be<br />

protected by this for a longer period.<br />

“We know that Covid affects type 2<br />

pneumocytes specifically, causing<br />

severe inflammation in the lungs.<br />

In more serious cases, patients<br />

become insulin-resistant. In other<br />

words, glucose does not enter the<br />

cells the way it should. I am of the<br />

opinion that the shortage of glucose<br />

in cells and the effect the virus has<br />

on them, can cause cell death and<br />

is also responsible for the severe<br />

inflammatory reaction,” says Hein<br />

and Louis. “The mitochondria (power<br />

station) of cells are damaged and I<br />

think that is part of the severe fatigue<br />

that patients experience.”<br />

Stemcure Clinic’s main treatment<br />

goal is mitochondrial support in the<br />

form of the following:<br />

• Coenzyme Q10<br />

• Ribose<br />

• L Carnatine<br />

• L Argenine.<br />

The above are effective in the<br />

recovery and activating of energy<br />

in the cells and therefore the body.<br />

Platelet-rich plasma is a powerful way<br />

to treat inflammation in the lungs and<br />

promotes lung recovery dramatically.<br />

Within hours, many patients who<br />

had been on oxygen found they no<br />

longer needed it. “Two of my patients<br />

who had felt pressure on their chests and experienced severe exercise reduction<br />

received stem-cell treatment. About 10 minutes after administration of the stem<br />

cells, both patients said the feeling of pressure on their chests was gone.<br />

“Covid humbles any medical practitioner, because many factors have to be<br />

looked at and it is still a very new condition. The worst is that some patients do<br />

not even get sick, and for others it is a fulminating sickness. It is of the utmost<br />

importance to diagnose it early and to act timeously during each stage of the<br />

sickness.”<br />

Details: 013-751-2700 or hsvw@mweb.co.za<br />

12 Get It <strong>Lowveld</strong> <strong>Mar</strong>ch 20<strong>21</strong>

Fighting back<br />

We speak to five local healthcare practitioners on overcoming Covid and<br />

staying healthy during what is a difficult time for many people, on various levels.<br />

Apart from the virus itself, stress resulting from uncertainty due to family and/or<br />

financial concerns can lower the immune system, impeding the body’s<br />

natural ability to curb infection and resist illness. Remember to take care of<br />

yourself and your loved ones.<br />

Let health and wellness be your top priority<br />

Wellness 360, a holistic centre outside Mbombela on the Gladdespruit River,<br />

will meet all your wellness needs. For many of us, lockdown has created an<br />

atmosphere of anxiety and fear. The majority of us have done our part and<br />

remained at home for many months, but we can’t put our lives on hold forever!<br />

We can respect the severity of our country’s current Covid-19 situation while also<br />

respecting our own physical and mental health needs.<br />

If you’re looking to shake off the lockdown cobwebs and enjoy some fresh air,<br />

exercise and TLC, the Wellness360 centre has something for everyone!<br />

You can join any number of our classes in our studio:<br />

• BASI Pilates • Yoga • Rehab classes.<br />

Wellness360 also offers treatments by the following professionals:<br />

• Physiotherapist • Biokineticist • Homeopath • Silverspoon Wealth Management<br />

• Therapeutic massage therapist (sports massage, aromatherapy,<br />

myofascial release).<br />

After your exercise class or private<br />

session with one of our therapists, you<br />

can stroll across to Friends Café for a<br />

cappuccino or a meal with a front-row<br />

view of the beautiful Gladdespruit.<br />

If you’re thinking about getting back<br />

into the gym, join a personal trainer<br />

at the Core360 gym or lace up your<br />

tekkies and try out one of the property’s<br />

three maintained walking trails.<br />

We welcome you to our Wellness360<br />

centre and hope you enjoy our slice of<br />

paradise where children play, dogs run,<br />

athletes train and health and wellness<br />

take top priority.

Tips to combat Covid<br />

Nelmed has compiled these tips<br />

to help you stay physically active,<br />

mentally sharp and emotionally<br />

connected during the Covid-19<br />

pandemic.<br />

Stay active<br />

People of all ages and abilities need to<br />

be as active as possible.<br />

• Infants under one: 30+ minutes a day<br />

of tummy time/floor-based play<br />

• Kids under five: 180+ minutes a day of<br />

a variety of physical activities<br />

• Children five to 17 years: 60+ minutes<br />

a day of moderate- to vigorousintensity<br />

physical activity<br />

• Adults over 18: 150+ minutes a week<br />

of moderate-intensity physical activity.<br />

Eat healthily, boost your immunity<br />

and maintain a balanced weight<br />

• Eat a variety of foods, especially fruits<br />

and vegetables<br />

• Ensure you get enough vitamins A<br />

and D and zinc<br />

• Cut back on salt<br />

• Eat moderate amounts of fats and oils<br />

• Limit sugar intake • Drink enough water • Avoid harmful alcohol use.<br />

Look after your mental health<br />

• Have a routine • Social contact is important • Limit the amount of alcohol use<br />

• Limit screentime and social media • If you are being treated for a mental health<br />

condition, make sure that you continue to take medication as prescribed<br />

• Try deep breathing exercises daily • Establish a regular sleep routine and seek<br />

help if you’re having trouble falling asleep or are constantly tired.<br />

Quit tobacco<br />

Tips to curb your cravings<br />

• Delay as long as you can before giving in to your urge • Take 10 deep breaths to<br />

relax from within until the urge passes • Drinking water is a healthy alternative to<br />

sticking a cigarette in your mouth • Do something else to distract yourself - take a<br />

shower, read, go for a walk or listen to music!<br />

At Nelmed we can assist with<br />

• A personalised exercise and diet plan • The correct supplements based on your<br />

personal needs • Monitoring and measuring of your vitals, weight and other<br />

measurements • Quitting smoking • Gene testing • Mental health issues, sleep<br />

disorders and medication (remember, you are not alone).<br />

For more tips on staying physically and mentally healthy, make an appointment<br />

with any of our friendly doctors at Nelmed. We are open and here to assist - and<br />

it’s safer than ever! We’re committed to serving you, and all necessary Covidprevention<br />

measures are in place to protect and keep our patients safe when<br />

visiting our practice.<br />

You can now book your appointment online!<br />

We urge you to continue visiting your doctor for any chronic health-related<br />

consultations or annual and routine check-ups, vaccines or screenings.<br />


Positive ageing in the<br />

age of Covid-19<br />

With the enforcement of national<br />

lockdown, the wearing of masks<br />

and social distancing, Covid-19 has<br />

permeated every facet of our society.<br />

Everyone knows at least one person<br />

who has been affected by this virus<br />

and worldwide Covid-19-related<br />

deaths have soared to unimaginable<br />

rates. Understandably, many have<br />

been questioning their mortality<br />

and considering ways to boost<br />

their immunity and resilience to the<br />

pandemic.<br />

As medical doctors we have a variety<br />

of non-surgical procedures (antiwrinkle<br />

injections, dermal fillers,<br />

chemical peels, thread lifts, etc.) in<br />

our armamentarium to combat skin<br />

ageing. However, here are some<br />

pointers regarding things you can do<br />

to get you looking the way you still<br />

feel: healthy, vibrant and filled with<br />

vitality.<br />

• Sunscreen, sunscreen, sunscreen;<br />

enough cannot be said about it. We are<br />

all well aware that excess sun exposure<br />

is one of the leading causes of skin<br />

cancer; however, the sun is also one of<br />

the main culprits in causing premature<br />

ageing resulting in wrinkles, loss of<br />

elasticity, laxity and pigmentation<br />

dysregulation. In practice, applying<br />

your sunscreen at the start of the day<br />

only provides a fairly limited duration<br />

of protection (even with a high SPF<br />

rating), so reapplying it throughout<br />

the day while avoiding direct sunlight<br />

exposure remains one of the most<br />

effective anti-ageing strategies.<br />

• Get enough sleep. Chronic, poorquality<br />

sleep has been associated<br />

with worsening fine lines, uneven<br />

pigmentation, hanging eyelids and<br />

darker under-eye circles. Furthermore,<br />

good sleepers also tend to heal faster<br />

from disruptions to the skin barrier. This<br />

really brings home the term “beauty<br />

sleep”! So even though Covid-19 might<br />

be keeping you up at night, be sure to<br />

get enough shut-eye.<br />

Many have been<br />

questioning their<br />

mortality and<br />

considering ways to<br />

boost their immunity<br />

and resilience to the<br />

pandemic<br />

• Use good-quality home care. A host<br />

of home care products is available on<br />

the market (including cleansers, toners,<br />

day creams, serums, night creams, etc.),<br />

but not all products are suitable for<br />

all skin types. Be sure to consult your<br />

aesthetic medical doctor to prescribe<br />

the most appropriate home care<br />

regimen for your specific skin type and<br />

degree of skin ageing.<br />

As always, prevention is better than<br />

cure, but you’re never too old to start<br />

becoming younger!<br />


AGEING<br />

+27 72 893 6132<br />

The_Aesthetic_Doctors<br />

4 Bracelet Crescent, Sonheuwel, Nelspruit<br />

info@drdollie.com<br />

www.theAESTHETICdrs.com<br />

RM_TAD0310NH<br />

Apply Your<br />

Sun Protection<br />

Cream SPF50+

The importance of<br />

supplements<br />

Protect yourself and others around you<br />

against Covid-19 by taking appropriate<br />

precautions, such as boosting your<br />

immune system with the high-quality<br />

supplements available at Mopani<br />

Pharmacy.<br />

BFC Pharma (Best Family Choice<br />

Pharmaceuticals) delivers holistic<br />

vitamin and mineral solutions for all<br />

individuals. The Premium Zinc multimineral<br />

supplement, with selenium,<br />

vitamin C and vitamin D3, is specifically<br />

beneficial to growing children, pregant<br />

women, athletes, seniors and<br />

patients with poor immune systems,<br />

and for treating skin and stomach<br />

problems. It is vegetarian-friendly.<br />

Zinc is one of the nutrients that<br />

cannot be produced by the body, yet<br />

it uses it for many functions, including<br />

boosting your immune system. It<br />

helps to regulate how cells adapt and<br />

communicate with one another to<br />

let the rest of the body know when<br />

a viral or bacterial infection needs to<br />

be fought off. It also helps your body<br />

break down and absorb important<br />

nutrients. This is why zinc is often taken<br />

with vitamin C. Zinc is found in throat<br />

sprays, nappy creams and acne lotions,<br />

as it aids in the healing of wounds.<br />

Taking it as a supplement means<br />

you are healing yourself from the<br />

inside out.<br />

Vitamin C is known to be water-soluble.<br />

These vitamins are not stored in the<br />

body and need to be replenished<br />

every day. It is also known as an<br />

ascorbic acid; an antioxidant. It helps to<br />

protect cells and keeps them healthy.<br />

Your body uses vitamin C to make<br />

collagen. This keeps bones, skin, teeth<br />

and blood vessels healthy and supple.<br />

Vitamin C will not cure a cold or the flu,<br />

but it will boost your immune system<br />

to help your own body to fight it.<br />

Selenium acts as a powerful<br />

antioxidant. Antioxidants such as<br />

vitamin C and selenium curb oxidative<br />

stress in the body. Oxidative stress is<br />

known to cause heart disease, poor<br />

mental health and reproductive and<br />

thyroid problems.<br />

Vitamin D supplementation maximises<br />

the intestinal calcium absorption and<br />

aids calcium to bind to the bones. It<br />

also decreases the excretion of calcium<br />

in the kidneys.<br />

For any possible contraindications or<br />

directions on usage, consult one of our<br />

knowledgeable pharmacists. You can<br />

purchase your BFC Pharma Premium<br />

Zinc multi-mineral supplement with<br />

selenium, vitamin C and vitamin D3<br />

at any of our four Mopani Pharmacy<br />

stores or on our online shop.<br />

We deliver your medication, supplements,<br />

cosmetics, fragrances and other<br />

Mopani online shopping nationwide.<br />

Vitamin C helps to<br />

protect cells and<br />

keeps them healthy<br />



Spoil<br />

yourself<br />

While many of us have become quite adept at home<br />

spa spoils (and why ever not?), sometimes a treat is<br />

in order, and what better way than having someone<br />

else pamper you? Another positive here is that you<br />

support local businesses, especially in an industry<br />

that has taken a bit of a knock.<br />

Feel great about your smile<br />

At van der Walt dental<br />

practice we strive to<br />

provide our patients with<br />

quality dental treatment<br />

at affordable prices.<br />

Our focus is to treat the<br />

whole family and to<br />

make it a fun and positive<br />

experience. Teeth<br />

whitening R2 600.<br />

Quality dentistry<br />

medical aid rates<br />

• Dr Liezl van der Walt<br />

• Dr Kiewiet Pienaar<br />

• Dr Dylan Jenkins<br />

• Dr Nadia Rust<br />

• Dr Abigail Ferreira<br />

18 Get It <strong>Lowveld</strong> <strong>Mar</strong>ch 20<strong>21</strong><br />

Beautiful hair with beautiful care<br />

Get a professional hair treatment, blowout or styling<br />

done on the go. No cuts or colour - just wash, blow<br />

and style. Details: Crossing Centre, cnr Madiba Drive & N4,<br />

Mbombela. 013-755-550 or 062-559-7593. mopani.co.za<br />

MUD Studio offers premium<br />

make-up services from in-studio<br />

applications for any occasion to<br />

make-up workshops where we<br />

teach you step by step how to do<br />

yours like a pro!<br />

Details: i’langa Mall, next to Mugg<br />

& Bean, Mbombela. 060-868-3872 or<br />

ilanga@mudsa.co.za<br />

Details<br />

van der Walt dental practice.<br />

71 Van Wijk Street,<br />

Mbombela. 013-744-3520.<br />

www.vdwdental.co.za /<br />

info@vdwdental.co.za<br />

Sorbet products<br />

At Sorbet Nelspruit we offer<br />

skincare solutions to suit<br />

your budget and target<br />

your skin concerns. We offer<br />

professional grade skincare<br />

products that have been<br />

scientifically researched<br />

and promise results.<br />

Dermalogica, Environ, 365<br />

Skincare and DMK.<br />

Details: 013-757-1014 or<br />

072-380-0466. nelspruit@<br />

sorbet.co.za. Shop 6A, The<br />

Grove Shopping Centre,<br />

Riverside, Mbombela

MUD Studio offers classic,<br />

hybrid or volume lash<br />

extension services with a<br />

full list of other lash and<br />

brow services.<br />

Details: i’langa Mall,<br />

next to Mugg & Bean,<br />

Mbombela. 060-868-3872 or<br />

ilanga@mudsa.co.za<br />

Your fragrance may be invisible, but it can be the most fabulous<br />

accessory you wear<br />

Explore more than 70 quality French fragrances,<br />

and discover why South Africa loves and uses our<br />

products. Fragrant House has sourced the finest scents<br />

from the most discerning perfumers in France. Our<br />

suppliers are all professionals who are recognised as<br />

leaders in their field. Together we are committed to<br />

excellence and strive to provide our clients with the very<br />

best in generic fragrances.<br />

Details<br />

i’langa Mall, Shop UG 27,<br />

Mbombela. 013-742-2005.<br />

www.fragranthouse.co.za<br />

Oh Honey<br />

• LCN nails<br />

• LCN microblading<br />

• Manicure and pedicure<br />

• Waxing and tinting<br />

• MUD make-up<br />

• Eyelash extensions<br />

Details: 31 Allie van Bergen<br />

Street, White River. Bianca<br />

van Wyk on 072-190-8155<br />

Sorbet treatments<br />

From facials, massages, eye<br />

treatments, waxing to skin<br />

analysis, peels, personalised<br />

skincare regimen, product<br />

recommendations, threading,<br />

tinting, brow laminations, lash<br />

lifts and extensions, we do<br />

it all.<br />

Details: 013-757-1014 or<br />

072-380-0466. nelspruit@sorbet.<br />

co.za. Shop 6A, The Grove<br />

Shopping Centre, Riverside,<br />

Mbombela<br />

MUD Studio specialises<br />

in make-up and hairstyling<br />

for brides and we do<br />

travel to venues. Have a<br />

look at our bridal packages<br />

and view our gallery of past<br />

bridal work done at<br />

www.mudsa.co.za/#SERVICES.<br />

Details: i’langa Mall,<br />

next to Mugg & Bean,<br />

Mbombela. 060-868-3872 or<br />

ilanga@mudsa.co.za<br />

We all want to look our best, and that means making sure<br />

you take special care when it comes to your hair, nails<br />

and face. That in turn means finding a stylist and beauty<br />

therapist who best suit your needs, from the quality of<br />

the colour they use on your hair to the cleanliness of the<br />

salon and the attitude of the stylist. Covid has kept many<br />

of us indoors. We may have let our roots show a little,<br />

which makes it the perfect time to don your face mask,<br />

pack your sanitiser and pay your local hair and beauty<br />

salon a visit.<br />

Not only can they benefit from the business after<br />

lockdown, but there is no reason why you shouldn’t allow<br />

yourself a little indulgence now and then! And when it<br />

means you’ll look good (which by default leads to feeling<br />

good, too), what are you waiting for? Choosing a stylist and<br />

beauty therapist can be a little frightening. After all, they are<br />

part of the face you portray to the world. And let’s be honest, who<br />

isn’t fussy about their hair? We often want it straight if it’s curly<br />

and vice versa, and will happily spend a fortune on a Brazilian or a<br />

perm, not to mention colours and highlights.<br />

The same applies to beauty, waxing, lashes, microblading,<br />

pedicures and manicures. Trusting someone<br />

with such an important part of your overall<br />

identity means trusting them to do it the<br />

way you want, resulting in confidence<br />

and a look that suits your lifestyle, be it<br />

a bold new colour or daring cut. A large<br />

number of beauty and hairstylists ply<br />

their trade in the <strong>Lowveld</strong>, all of whom<br />

have excellent reputations and a loyal<br />

following of clients.<br />

<strong>Mar</strong>ch 20<strong>21</strong> Get It <strong>Lowveld</strong> 19

Self-care is how you take your<br />

power back<br />

• Aqua dermabrasion • Dermapen • Neostrata chemical peels<br />

• Skin Tech easy droxy peels • Dermaplaning • Exuviance<br />

facials • Esthemax hydrojelly mask • Fat freeze • Elim MediHeel<br />

foot peels. Details: 082-327-4304, White River<br />

Love your locks<br />

Hairlovers is an upmarket salon that<br />

offers all hair services by a team of<br />

dynamic stylists. We are situated in City<br />

Centre, Shop 13, in Mbombela with<br />

ample parking.<br />

Details: 076-991-6049<br />

Meet our Doctors<br />

Dr Shahien Dollie & Dr Zeenit Sheikh<br />

<br />

<br />

<br />

<br />

<br />

<br />

<br />

<br />

<br />

<br />

<br />

<br />

<br />

Ever had your tootsy toes dipped in magical jelly?<br />

Well, now is the perfect chance to spoil<br />

yourself with our new and trendy jelly<br />

pedi exclusive to Blush & Rose. Details:<br />

Jenica on 079-260-9633, White River<br />

Balancing<br />

Art & SCIENCE<br />

to achieve your SKIN Health GOALS<br />

Dr. S. Dollie&<br />

Dr. Z. Sheikh<br />


M.B.Ch.B, Adv.Dip. Aesthetic Med (cum laude)<br />

+27 72 893 6132<br />

The_Aesthetic_Doctors<br />

info@drdollie.com<br />

www.theAESTHETICdrs.com<br />

4 Bracelet Crescent, Sonheuwel,<br />


Sorbet nails<br />

We offer a variety of options when it comes to manis and<br />

pedis. Choose your treatment and your colour and we will<br />

make sure your hands and feet are in tip-top shape!<br />

Hair & Co<br />

It’s our passionate goal to exceed our client’s hair<br />

expectations. Hair & Co is merging with HairQuarters<br />

at the end of <strong>Mar</strong>ch and our new team is committed to<br />

ongoing training and keeping up with the latest trends in<br />

our industry. Change your hair, change your look, change<br />

your life!<br />

Details: 013-757-1014 or 072-380-0466. nelspruit@sorbet.co.za.<br />

Shop 6A, The Grove Shopping Centre, Riverside, Mbombela<br />

Details: Valley Hyper, Shop 6,<br />

cnr Samora Machel Drive &<br />

Du Preez Street, Mbombela.<br />

Charilize Venter<br />

& Samantha Banks<br />

on 013-742-2382<br />

Make your oral health a priority<br />

Dr Auke van der Meulen and Dr Karen Kromhout both practised in<br />

the United Kingdom as dentists, before returning to South Africa about<br />

17 years ago. We also have a dental practice, Lydenburg Dental Centre, in<br />

Lydenburg. It has been in establishment since 1999. Healthy, beautiful teeth<br />

are an asset and immediately make the face more attractive. They provide<br />

us with self-confidence and improve our quality of life. They also have<br />

an important effect on our diet, health and overall well-being. Through a<br />

holistic approach, we can prevent oral disease and maintain your oral health<br />

and well-being. General dentistry • Aesthitic dentistry<br />

• Implants • Orthodontics • Paediatric dentistry<br />

Details<br />

Shop G4-5, Casterbridge Lifestyle Centre, White River<br />

013-751-3144 or 081-487-3443<br />

admin@mysmile.co.za/www.mysmile.co.za<br />

Microblading is a technique using a super-fine pen to deposit pigment into the skin.<br />

The needles reach only into the superficial layers of the skin, which makes the method<br />

semi-permanent. We will numb the area first, and continue with brow mapping to<br />

ensure brows are symetrical. Compared to other techniques, microblading gives<br />

a natural hairstroke look. Microshading is the same idea, but with a twist in<br />

technique. It leaves small, pinpoint dots. These ombre powder eyebrows,<br />

are a dream come true for all those desiring more evenly and consistently<br />

applied ink throughout the brow. After the initial service, a touch-up is<br />

required four to eight weeks thereafter. Brows can last anywhere from<br />

12 months to three years, depending on your lifestyle.<br />

Details: i’langa Mall, next to Mugg & Bean, Mbombela. 060-868-3872<br />

or ilanga@mudsa.co.za<br />

<strong>Mar</strong>ch 20<strong>21</strong> Get It <strong>Lowveld</strong> <strong>21</strong>

Do you need to speed up<br />

blow-drying and detangling?<br />

Moroccan oil is the answer. This magical<br />

oil hydrates and softens your hair,<br />

increases elasticity and returns shine. It<br />

improves manageability and protects<br />

your hair when using a flat iron, and even<br />

from the hot <strong>Lowveld</strong> sun. Moroccan<br />

oil is specifically made in a light formula<br />

for blondes and greys, or the original for<br />

darker shades. 100ml for R630<br />

HAIR<br />


Beauty-wise, if there’s one thing lockdown has<br />

taught us, it’s the importance of how to manage<br />

our locks. We’re embracing the undone<br />

bob, the grown-out fringe, and the importance<br />

of exceptional at-home tools, quality products<br />

and glam-it-up hair accessories.<br />

If your knots and tangles are out of<br />

control, there’s only one thing for it: you<br />

need a professional... The ultimate saving<br />

tool, the Wet Brush, effortlessly detangles wet<br />

or dry hair without breaking or stretching your<br />

delicate strands. Designed to eliminate post-wash<br />

knots and reinvigorate your scalp - as well as to<br />

smoothen and separate dry hair (including both<br />

real and synthetic extensions). It is suitable for<br />

all hair lengths and textures. R200-R250<br />

For a good hair day, choose the GHD Helios Professional<br />

Hairdryer. It is lighter, faster and easier to use.<br />

Though lightweight, it is powerful, creating<br />

airflow speeds of up to 120km/h to expedite<br />

your styling routine. For a smooth and<br />

shiny finish, the GHD Helios is a smart<br />

choice for every style-conscious woman. Now<br />

with a two-year consumer use warranty. R3 000<br />

22 Get It <strong>Lowveld</strong> <strong>Mar</strong>ch 20<strong>21</strong>

Bio-Kinetic Silver Shimmer shampoo is a leader in<br />

the field of cool blonde hair. By using this high-quality<br />

affordable product, you eliminate the yellow effects on<br />

blonde and silver-grey hair. We recommend Bio Kinetic<br />

Silver Shimmer Cleanse for a carefree, easy-going blonde<br />

hair routine. 240ml for R240<br />

With Bio-Kinetic Go Ash<br />

Cleanse you create the<br />

ultimate ash effect. By using<br />

Go Ash you achieve a more<br />

manageable and well-toned<br />

look, and your unwanted<br />

gold and copper undertones<br />

will be less visible. This is an<br />

affordable and easy-to-use<br />

shampoo for daily use. 240ml<br />

for R240<br />

All products are available from Hair & Co, Valley Hyper, Shop 6, cnr Samora<br />

Machel Drive & Du Preez Street, Mbombela. Contact Charilize Venter &<br />

Samantha Banks on 013-742-2382.<br />

<strong>Mar</strong>ch 20<strong>21</strong> Get It <strong>Lowveld</strong> 23

With a worldwide movement towards<br />

healthier, more sustainable foods, this<br />

month we have turned our focus to the<br />

various ranges of natural, wholefoods and<br />

organic ingredients available at Crossing<br />

SUPERSPAR in Mbombela. From chickpea<br />

flour and nutritional yeast to nuts and<br />

seeds, and a variety of plant milks and<br />

preservative-free spices, with a whole lot<br />

more besides, this is your one-stop shop<br />

for all things scrummy and unprocessed.<br />

Chickpea breakfast crêpes<br />

Chickpea or channa flour has an<br />

earthy, slightly nutty flavour, and adds<br />

a delicious dimension and texture to<br />

your cooking. Healthy and versatile,<br />

it is gluten-free and can be used as<br />

a main ingredient, such as for the<br />

Italian flatbreads socca or farinata,<br />

to replace eggs or cornstarch as a<br />

binder in savoury and sweet dishes,<br />

or in a batter, such as when used to<br />

make pakoras or bhajis. Most often<br />

used in savoury recipes, these crêpes<br />

have retained a hint of the nuttiness<br />

of the flour, with a sweet, fruity kick<br />

depending on your choice of topping.<br />

Ingredients<br />

1 cup chickpea flour; ½ cup cake flour;<br />

2 tbs sugar; 1 tsp ground cinnamon;<br />

½ tsp ground nutmeg (optional); pinch<br />

of salt; 1 cup milk; ½ cup of water;<br />

1 tbs coconut oil, melted; 2 tsp vanilla<br />

extract.<br />

Method<br />

Whisk the flours, spices and salt<br />

together in a mixing bowl. Make a well<br />

in the middle.<br />

Mix the milk, water, oil and vanilla<br />

together and add them to the<br />

dry ingredients, stirring slowly to<br />

incorporate everything.<br />

Using a whisk or hand blender,<br />

make sure the mixture is thoroughly<br />

combined; there must be no lumpy<br />

bits.<br />

Cover and refrigerate for 2 to 3 hours,<br />

or overnight.<br />

Lightly oil a frying pan and heat it over<br />

a medium heat.<br />

Once the pan is warm, pour 1/3<br />

cupfuls at a time into the pan, oiling<br />

a little between each crêpe and<br />

swirling to make sure the batter is well<br />

distributed.<br />

Once small bubbles start forming on<br />

the surface, gently flip it over and fry<br />

for another 2 to 3 minutes. Both sides<br />

must be golden brown.<br />


Hot chocolate<br />

Late summer, early autumn evenings in the <strong>Lowveld</strong> are the perfect<br />

time for an indulgent treat. This hot chocolate drink is delicious<br />

without being overly rich or heavy. Cinnamon and turmeric both<br />

contain anti-inflammatory properties and add a hint of spice. Cocoa<br />

is known to reduce blood pressure and coconut milk is a healthy<br />

fat, so there is no reason not to spoil yourself!<br />

Ingredients<br />

½ cup boiling water; 2 tbs unsweetened cocoa powder; 2 tbs brown<br />

sugar (or to taste); 1 tsp ground cinnamon; ½ tsp turmeric; a 400g tin<br />

of coconut milk, well shaken; 4 squares of dark chocolate; cocoa for<br />

dusting.<br />

Method<br />

Add the water, cocoa, sugar and spice to a medium-sized saucepan,<br />

add the milk and bring to a boil, stirring constantly. Reduce the heat<br />

to a simmer and whisk for about 2 minutes. Divide the chocolate into<br />

2 mugs, then distribute the hot chocolate evenly between them.<br />

Dust with a little extra cocoa or cinnamon and enjoy.<br />


Macaroni and cheese<br />

Nutritional yeast is a wonder product,<br />

packed full of flavour and benefits.<br />

It contains antioxidants, protein,<br />

vitamins and minerals, and helps<br />

protect against oxidative damage.<br />

Studies also show that it has<br />

immune-boosting properties and<br />

helps to lower cholesterol. Nutritional<br />

yeast is high in vitamins B1, 2, 3, 6<br />

and 12, and also contains potassium,<br />

calcium and iron. It is an integral<br />

part of plant-based cooking as it is<br />

similar in taste and texture to cheese<br />

when cooked into sauces, and is also<br />

delicious sprinkled on salads, pasta<br />

and popcorn.<br />

Ingredients<br />

500g penne pasta; 3 tbs canola<br />

oil; 3 tbs cake flour; 2 tbs prepared<br />

mustard; 1 1/2 cups almond or oat<br />

milk (at room temperature); 1 tsp<br />

garlic powder; a pinch of turmeric for<br />

colour; ¼ cup nutritional yeast flakes;<br />

½ cup pasta water; salt and pepper<br />

to taste.<br />

Method<br />

Cook the pasta according to the<br />

instructions on the packet, do not<br />

overcook. Retain a small amount, half<br />

a cup or so, for the sauce.<br />

Using a small saucepan, heat the<br />

oil, then add the flour and whisk to<br />

combine. Add the mustard, whisking<br />

continuously.<br />

The sauce will start to bubble after a<br />

minute or two.<br />

Slowly start to pour in small amounts<br />

of the milk at a time, stirring<br />

continuously to get rid of lumps.<br />

Add the garlic powder, turmeric, salt<br />

and pepper and stir.<br />

Turn the heat down and cook<br />

slowly for 5 to 10 minutes. Stir in the<br />

nutritional yeast and taste, adjusting<br />

seasoning if necessary.<br />

If the mixture seems too thick, add in<br />

a little of the pasta water at a time and<br />

stir. The consistency must be of thick<br />

cream.<br />

Toss the pasta and sauce together,<br />

adding slivers of chargrilled peppers<br />

or sun-dried tomatoes, and a<br />

sprinkling of paprika or seasoning.<br />

1 Crossing Shopping Centre, cnr N4 & Madiba Drive, Mbombela | Phone: 013-752-7825

You<br />

can<br />

build anything<br />

on gratitude<br />

Conrad Bure, Emile Temperman, Thobile Masuku, Paul Delport and Bruce Fargher<br />

26 Get It <strong>Lowveld</strong> <strong>Mar</strong>ch 20<strong>21</strong><br />

The word Norse brings to mind visions of<br />

intrepid and daring Northmen, the brave<br />

adventurers who conquered inhospitable<br />

lands and made them habitable. The<br />

magnificently majestic construction site of<br />

the new Golden Macadamias processing<br />

plant brings the same image to mind.

Despite very thorough planning beforehand, the ramifications of tropical storm<br />

Eloise are still evident here. No one from Norse Projects, in charge of constructing<br />

this monstrosity, seems the least bit perturbed. The only rumblings you hear<br />

are true gratitude for the much-needed rain. As we sit down in the site office<br />

of projects manager Bruce Fargher, we soon find out that the air of gratitude<br />

among the Norse Projects team is a company ethos, and by no means limited to<br />

the weekend’s rainfall. This attitude is what this extraordinary team attributes its<br />

success to. As Bruce indulges us with the history of the business and its mythical<br />

name, we gain a clear understanding of the rich heritage of this prominent<br />

<strong>Lowveld</strong> operation.<br />

Ian Billingham, father of current managing director Nathan Billingham, was part<br />

of the trio that established Norse in 1973. The founder was Tom Rouring who<br />

came from Scandinavia, and hence the connection with the Norse name. Norse<br />

Construction started out as a civil engineering company which specialised in<br />

water and sewer reticulation works and was responsible for a large amount of the<br />

infrastructure in Mpumalanga today. Grinaker was looking for a footprint in the<br />

<strong>Lowveld</strong> and bought into Norse. Norse Grinaker was formed in the mid-1990s.<br />

Grinaker’s amalgamation with LTA led to all the smaller satellite branches being<br />

mothballed. In 2002 Nathan returned to the <strong>Lowveld</strong> after 10 years with Grinaker in<br />

KwaZulu-Natal and with the consent from Grinaker LTA management resurrected<br />

Norse as Norse Projects. It has become one of the region’s most respected<br />

construction businesses.<br />

Apart from Nathan, the other directors, Pieter Jacobs (financial director) and<br />

Dieter Klesse (technical director), seem to run a tight ship. With landmark projects<br />

such as the <strong>Lowveld</strong> Day Hospital, University of Mpumalanga and The Grove<br />

Shopping Centre under their belt, they also co-direct empowerment enterprise<br />

NPE Construction. When selecting suppliers, the same fairness applies and<br />

everyone is given an opportunity to throw their hat into the ring. Conrad Bure of<br />

BUCO Nelspruit listens with a big, friendly grin while one of his company’s trucks<br />

offloads cement on site. Bruce describes the gratitude that they feel towards<br />

BUCO for always being at their side. There’s a mutual understanding between both<br />

parties that supplying this <strong>Lowveld</strong> giant will never be an exclusive affair. Conrad<br />

knows the stakes are high, but he is not to be defeated and knows that at the right<br />

price and with the right level of service, he will always be in the running.<br />

With the sun reflecting on the puddles of the now long-gone Eloise, we stare up<br />

at this enormous marvel above us. Cranes swing around overhead as harnessed<br />

skilled workmen finish off concrete columns. As at a giant circus, you are<br />

awestruck by how this perfectly timed machine operates, working in complete<br />

harmony and unison to create what will once again be known as one of the proud<br />

Mbombela landmarks by Norse Projects. Reason to be boastful, assuredly. Not here!<br />

Here there’s hardly time to brag when so much time is spent just being grateful.<br />

Bruce Fargher<br />

Cranes swing around overhead as harnessed skilled workmen finish off concrete columns.<br />

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Island style<br />

Magical, marvellous Maldives.<br />

So much more than palm trees and cocktails.<br />

And you could win our trip and experience it yourself.<br />

Compiled by: KYM ARGO<br />

Hands up if you’ve been dreaming about<br />

escaping to an island. A lounger under a palm<br />

tree. A fancy cocktail. A dip in the ocean when<br />

the sun gets too hot.<br />

Sounds blissful, right? But what if you want to<br />

do more than laze in the sun. Then you go to<br />

the Maldives, where there’s so much to do, it’s<br />

a wonder anyone has time to sit on the beach!<br />

Made up of more than 1 000 tiny islands,<br />

with an impressive collection of resorts to<br />

choose from, each with its own personality<br />

and surrounded by a private beach, and each<br />

with an amazing variety of activities, water<br />

sports, dining options and experiences …<br />

think spectacular seaplane flights to take in<br />

the beauty from above, or scuba diving and<br />

getting up close and personal with creatures<br />

of the deep.<br />

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Which resort?<br />

While all rather stylish, they’re also<br />

very chilled. Even in the five-star spots,<br />

enjoying a glass of champagne with<br />

your toes in the sand isn’t merely<br />

acceptable, it’s essential.<br />

Looking for a romantic escape for two,<br />

or something for the whole family?<br />

Resorts like Dhigali and Finolhu don’t<br />

cut any corners on luxury, but also<br />

have amazing kids’ clubs and plenty of<br />

activities that are perfect for bonding<br />

and quality time.<br />

You can opt for the tranquil route<br />

at one of the world-renowned<br />

Cinnamon resorts, or go wild …<br />

the Hard Rock Hotel Maldives is all<br />

vibrant nightlife, shopping, and live<br />

entertainment, and where you’ll find<br />

the fantastic marine discovery centre.<br />

If there’s an activity you have your<br />

heart set on, do a little investigation<br />

before you book … there’s snorkelling<br />

with whale sharks at Radisson Blu,<br />

sleeping in a Stargazer Bubble room<br />

under the night sky at Finolhu, and<br />

an underwater fine dining restaurant<br />

and nightclub at Niyama, where<br />

there’s also a brilliant spa.<br />

Overwater, garden, beach?<br />

We’ve all seen photos of idyllic villas<br />

on stilts, hovering over the sparkling<br />

ocean, and this is where they became<br />

famous. Every Maldives resort has a<br />

great selection of water villas, and<br />

there’s nothing quite like it.<br />

You can also opt to stay a few steps<br />

from the shoreline, or surrounded<br />

by lush gardens where kids can<br />

run around and play to their<br />

hearts’ content.<br />

If you’re travelling with a larger group<br />

of friends or family, you should opt for<br />

a celebrity-style suite villa with two or<br />

three bedrooms, sweeping sun decks,<br />

and swanky living areas!<br />

You’ll feel the freedom of fresh air<br />

and open spaces wherever you stay,<br />

but some take it to another level.<br />

At Radisson Blu, for example, the<br />

smallest room is 220 square metres.<br />

It’s all very romantic … many villas<br />

have spa baths or private plunge<br />

pools, some have outdoor showers,<br />

others are built for maximum privacy.<br />

(Top tip: if privacy is high up on<br />

your wish list, book a villa at the end<br />

of a jetty.)<br />

So much to do, so little time<br />

Snorkelling is a firm favourite, and<br />

these waters are home to some of the<br />

world’s most diverse sealife.<br />

Jet skis, kayaks with glass floors so<br />

you can watch the world swim by,<br />

parasailing, kitesurfing, wakeboarding<br />

… each resort has its own great<br />

selection of water sports. (Top tip:<br />

Most all-inclusive deals available<br />

through Priority Escapes include<br />

non-motorised water sports, so you<br />

can dive right in any time.)<br />

Scuba diving in the Maldives is<br />

legendary. Many resorts offer diving<br />

equipment and excursions, and some<br />

provide certified training courses.<br />

All sorts of excursions are available,<br />

along with island favourites such as<br />

sunset cruises and deep-sea fishing.<br />

If you’re comfier on solid ground,<br />

there are fitness centres, beach sports<br />

and games centres, and exceptional<br />

spa centres.<br />

Eat, drink and be merry<br />

Resorts tend to have a main<br />

restaurant where there are seemingly<br />

endless breakfast, lunch and dinner<br />

spreads. The quality is superb, and<br />

there’s so much variety it’s impossible<br />

to try everything (no, that’s not a<br />

challenge!).<br />

But be sure to try the other speciality<br />

bars and restaurants too. From<br />

gourmet, Michelin-starred creations<br />

to zingy street-food-style snack bars,<br />

from private beach dinners under<br />

the stars to glorious ice creams and<br />

colourful cocktails on the beach, the<br />

Maldives is a feast.<br />

You’ll also find impressive wine cellars,<br />

and select suites even have their own<br />

wine bar – Finolhu’s Rockstar Villa has<br />

a wine bar that needs to be seen to<br />

be believed!<br />

The dreaded C-word<br />

We’re a little tired of talking about<br />

Covid-19, but needs must. The<br />

Maldives government has taken steps<br />

to ensure the safety of visitors. While<br />

you don’t need to wear a mask on the<br />

beach or at the swimming pool, they<br />

are required in restaurants and public<br />

indoor areas.<br />

The resorts are designed for<br />

distancing, and privacy has always<br />

been paramount. Spacious layouts<br />

and strict sanitising protocols are in<br />

place – down to someone on standby<br />

to wipe down your sun lounger<br />

before and after you use it.<br />

All the resorts have all changed<br />

their seating plans and switched to<br />

table service wherever possible, to<br />

maximise your safety and comfort.<br />

The deets<br />

This celebrity destination is<br />

surprisingly affordable and easy to<br />

reach. Priority Escapes has secured<br />

unbelievable rates (from as little<br />

as R22 000 for a week) and direct<br />

flights that will get you there in less<br />

than nine hours from O.R. Tambo<br />

International. Some resorts are even<br />

welcoming kids free of charge!<br />

Whichever Maldives adventure you<br />

choose, we have no doubt it will be<br />

the experience of a lifetime. Details<br />

and bookings: priorityescapes.com<br />

Woo hoo … We’ve a week of island living up for grabs<br />

Fancy winning a week for you and a friend or partner in the Maldives? Ridiculous question. We’ve made new best friends<br />

forever with Priority Escapes, and together this is what we’re giving away. A seven-night holiday for two adults – four nights<br />

at the Cinnamon Dhonveli, and three nights at the Cinnamon Ellaidhoo, both four-star resorts. Breakfast, lunch and dinner<br />

daily are included, as are a selection of alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks. The prizes include return economy flights and<br />

airport taxes. There are specific travel dates for 20<strong>21</strong> … for those, and a full list of what the prize includes and excludes,<br />

visit getitmagazine.co.za/lowveld/ where you’ll find the entry form as well. You can also enter on Facebook and Instagram<br />

(getitlowveldmagazines). Entries close 30 <strong>Mar</strong>ch … go, go, go!<br />

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We all want to look and feel our best; it boosts confidence,<br />

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impacts favourably on every aspect of our daily lives. While<br />

it isn’t always easy, especially during stressful times, to take<br />

optimum care of your health and appearance, it does have<br />

a positive overall effect on work and personal relationships,<br />

as well as your state of mind. New treatment techniques and<br />

modern technology make looking, and feeling, your best<br />

easier than ever before, enabling you to enhance your natural<br />

assets while investing in yourself. The Aesthetic Doctors<br />

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cosmetic medical care that is suitable for all skin types. Their<br />

scientific approach and widely researched modalities help to<br />

protect your skin from the daily rigours and stresses of modern<br />

life, reviving the youthful glow you deserve. This month’s<br />

Spoil is a 90-minute therapeutic de-stress treatment,<br />

that includes LED light treatment and tension-relief therapy<br />

on the back, neck and shoulders, all in accordance with a<br />

somatologist.<br />

Spoil<br />

<strong>Mar</strong>ch<br />

Want to win?<br />

Of course you do! To enter,<br />

send an email to<br />

competitions@getitlowveld.co.za<br />

with “Aesthetic Doctors” in the<br />

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Good luck!<br />

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