Pretoria - May 24

Blooming marvellous

Blooming marvellous


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Flourishing<br />

with success<br />


We talk…<br />

Bridal beauty<br />

Sparkly accessories<br />

Classy bubbles<br />

Kruger Shalati<br />

A romantic<br />

bucket list must!<br />


MAY <strong>24</strong>

contents<br />

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26<br />

this month<br />

04 To do ... all things girly in the spirit of Mother’s Day<br />

06 Book Club ... reads filled with memorable women and mysteries<br />

08 Wish List ... five lavish delights on our lust list<br />

10 Social ... having a blast at the Schweppes <strong>Pretoria</strong> Gin Festival<br />

PEOPLE<br />

12 Bridget Mojelefa’s blooming success<br />

14 Meet Carmo da Silva singer-songwriter extraordinaire.<br />


16 A peek inside the bridal beauty kit of celebrity artist Ryno Mulder<br />

18 Caring for your pearls<br />

FOOD & WINE<br />

20 Pretty plating for platters<br />

22 Cin, cin … let’s celebrate with bubbles<br />

<strong>24</strong> Say hello to de-alcoholised wine cocktails<br />


26 Roses remain the wedding flower of choice<br />

TRAVEL<br />

32 Kruger Shalati … a romantic bucket list escape<br />

WIN<br />

22 A hamper of mindful drinks worth R2000<br />

34 A case of gorgeous wine<br />

cover PHOTO<br />

Photographer: Hilda Mans<br />

Make-up: Heidie Fourie<br />

Hair: Janine Lategan<br />

MAY <strong>24</strong><br />

<strong>May</strong> <strong>24</strong> Get It Magazine 03

A hot date!<br />

We’re loving all things girly in the spirit of Mother’s Day!<br />

If you have a date for the Get It diary page, email the info at least a month in advance to lanie@caxton.co.za<br />

03<br />

You might want to check out the PNHS (<strong>Pretoria</strong><br />

Noord Hoërskool) Carnival, ‘cause it’s going to be<br />

blast! They’ve got some exciting performances lined up<br />

from Eloff, Irene-Louise van Wyk and Robbie Wessels. Plus,<br />

there’ll be tasty food stalls, merry-go-rounds, and even a<br />

beer garden! Something fun for the entire fam! From 4pm<br />

to 10pm at Hoërskool <strong>Pretoria</strong> Noord. Tickets are R120 per<br />

person from quicket.co.za. Pre-school kids have free entry.<br />

04<br />

When last did you let your hair down, and enjoy<br />

an afternoon with the girls? Can’t remember? Well,<br />

this is your sign! Enjoy a lovely Ladies Afternoon with Kiki<br />

La Coco and The Flooze as guest speakers. They will blow<br />

your mind with their messages of endless possibilities! Kiki’s<br />

going to leave you feeling like you can conquer the world<br />

in your own unique way, while Sorina’s shows are a mix of<br />

humourous storytelling and singing that you won’t want to<br />

miss. From 12pm to 4.30pm at The Bamboo in Shere. From<br />

R450 per person from quicket.co.za. No under 18s.<br />

Consider yourself young at heart? We’ve got just the fest<br />

for you! The Melk Fest is back, and they are turning up<br />

the volume! Afrikaans music fans can look forward to<br />

artists such as Jack Parrow, Van Pletzen, Zaan Sonnekus,<br />

Francois van Coke, Snowing down South, Spoegwolf,<br />

Droomsindroom, Jan Bloukaas, Die Heuwels Fantasties and<br />

Glaskas. So, mark the date, set your party spirit free, and<br />

join them for a night of laughter, music, and pure joy. From<br />

10am at Idle Wild Country Estate. Tickets from R299 per<br />

person from quicket.co.za. Kids under 11 enter for free.<br />

04<br />

04<br />

This one’s for all the art lovers! This event’s all<br />

about the up-and-coming artists. They’re bringing<br />

together a bunch of art lovers, supporters, and fresh faces<br />

to chill and chat about their craft, in the form of an Art<br />

& Convos luncheon. The main artist will be showcasing<br />

their masterpieces and spilling the beans on their creative<br />

process. And, guests get to roll up their sleeves and create<br />

their own artworks alongside the artist. And to top it off?<br />

There will be cocktails, food and charcuteries to calm<br />

down the nerves and let the conversations flow. From<br />

10am to 4pm at Pheasant Hill Boutique Hotel. R1000 per<br />

person from quicket.co.za. No under 18s.<br />

04 Get It Magazine <strong>May</strong> <strong>24</strong>

Book club<br />

Interesting women, natural history mysteries ... and a look into the future!<br />

Keep your<br />

place with<br />

Book Darts,<br />

R425 from<br />

pezulainteriors.co.za<br />

Compiled by: KYM ARGO<br />

It’s 1954 on far-flung Verona Island,<br />

a tropical paradise with a fragile<br />

economy and a rising crime rate.<br />

Prostitution is legal and Lila Gulliver<br />

is proud of her business - a highend<br />

brothel where her clients are<br />

guaranteed privacy and discretion.<br />

When Carità Bercy, a young, destitute,<br />

and beautiful blind woman arrives at<br />

her door seeking employment, Lila<br />

decides to give her a chance. Carità<br />

proves a valuable asset to the house,<br />

as well as a psychological puzzle to her<br />

employer. One hot night, Ian Drohan,<br />

a handsome son of a wealthy judge,<br />

visits Lila’s house for the first time,<br />

and falls madly in love with Carità.<br />

Lila doubts his sincerity and fears for<br />

Carità‘s future. But Carità has no such<br />

fears. In fact, she is a reckless force of<br />

nature, determined to succeed in ways<br />

Lila hasn’t even contemplated. Valerie<br />

Martin’s Mrs Gulliver ... a steamy tale<br />

of passionate love, found and lost, and<br />

found again! Doubleday<br />

06 Get It Magazine <strong>May</strong> <strong>24</strong><br />

The first thing Vanessa Carvin does<br />

when she arrives on the small island<br />

off the coast of Ireland is change her<br />

name. To the locals, she will be Willow<br />

Hale. The second is to shave her head<br />

... no longer shoulder length blonde,<br />

it’s now cropped and grey, more<br />

in keeping with a solitary outsider<br />

escaping Dublin to live a hermetic<br />

existence in a small cottage, and not a<br />

notorious woman trying to get away<br />

from the media after her husband<br />

committed a crime - one they think<br />

she is guilty of, too. Escaping her old<br />

life might seem like a good idea but<br />

the choices she has made throughout<br />

her marriage have consequences.<br />

Here, on the island, Vanessa must<br />

reflect on what she did, and did<br />

not, do. Only then can she discover<br />

whether she is worthy of finding<br />

peace at all. Water by John Boyne ...<br />

a story of a woman coming to terms<br />

with the demons of her past and<br />

finding a new path forward. Penguin<br />

It’s 2050. A climate-changed world,<br />

where humans and digital devices<br />

are closely entwined. It’s a world filled<br />

with natural disasters, drought, famine<br />

and floods. People are displaced as<br />

new immigration laws are put into<br />

effect, and the gap between the<br />

haves and have nots widens. Future<br />

Imperfect by Babette Gallard is<br />

the story of a family determined to<br />

be together ... despite the horrific<br />

obstacles in their way ... exhaustion,<br />

terror, the xenophobia of people<br />

struggling to protect their increasingly<br />

scarce resources. Thought-provoking,<br />

this novel raises the question of what<br />

may happen to our world in the nottoo-distant<br />

future. LightEye

Hippos, a Mongoose and Me, sequel to the popular A Hippo Love<br />

Story, is a collection of vivid stories reflecting the decades that<br />

author Karen Paolillo has lived and worked in the wilds of southeast<br />

Zimbabwe. The book kicks off with the rescue of two leopard cubs<br />

from a water tank, with an anxious mum waiting in a fig tree nearby,<br />

and continues with tales encompassing a wide variety of animals and<br />

experiences … Karen’s extraordinary affinity with hippos, life with her<br />

beloved mongoose, characterful baboons and rescued birds, close<br />

encounters with lions and an injured buffalo, and her heart-stopping<br />

flight from an enraged elephant. To add to the drama, Karen and her<br />

husband Jean-Roger must face off against the drumbeat of political<br />

subterfuge and poaching of wildlife, sometimes at great personal risk.<br />

Such a great read … massively recommended. Penguin Books<br />

Extraordinarily similar woodpeckers<br />

in South America and Africa.<br />

Quintessentially African trees native<br />

across South America, from Ecuador<br />

to Paraguay. How could this be? This<br />

question nagged Nick Norman, an<br />

exploration geologist by profession<br />

and keen birder by hobby. He’d been<br />

surprised to see a woodpecker in<br />

Brazil, where he was working at the<br />

time, which was strikingly similar to<br />

those he knew in the land of his birth,<br />

South Africa. In subsequent work<br />

engagements in South America, he<br />

saw other birds there, as well as trees,<br />

which represented families he knew<br />

well in Africa. That was the mystery<br />

… how the same families of flora and<br />

fauna had distributed themselves in<br />

continents astride a major world ocean,<br />

the South Atlantic. The obvious answer<br />

– continental drift – turned out to be<br />

a blind alley. Sherlock Holmes said<br />

‘When you have eliminated all which<br />

is impossible, then whatever remains,<br />

however improbable, must be the<br />

truth.’ In solving the mystery, the truth<br />

of Holmes’s axiom became more and<br />

more evident to Nick as he discovered<br />

extraordinary travelogues of trees and<br />

birds for which, given enough time, a<br />

wide ocean was no barrier. This, Nick<br />

Norman’s The Woodpecker Mystery –<br />

The Inevitability of the Improbable, is<br />

a story of astonishing epiphanies, full of<br />

facts that will fascinate lovers of natural<br />

history. The Franschhoek Press<br />

Bruce Jack’s Ghost In The Machine<br />

Sauvignon Blanc is all clean and fresh tropical<br />

fruit flavours - papaya and spanspek, with hints<br />

of litchi, and is brilliant paired with fried zucchini,<br />

asparagus, risotto and a Greek pasta salad. Order<br />

online for R208 from orders@thedrift.co.za or find<br />

at your local bottlestore.<br />

All books available at Exclusive Books and exclusivebooks.co.za<br />

<strong>May</strong> 20<strong>24</strong> Get It Magazine 07

Wish list<br />

We’re wishing for romance … mwah mwah<br />

“We’ve been waiting eight years for this.” Matured over eight<br />

years, Spier has just released the small-lot 2016 Prestige<br />

Cuvée Cap Classique. And Spier Cellar Master Johan Jordaan<br />

continues “But let me tell you, those eight years were worth<br />

every second. The cuvée’s prolonged contact with the lees<br />

has imbued it with an extraordinary depth of character<br />

and a complexity that only time can bestow.” With a creamy<br />

texture and layers of nuanced flavours ranging from crisp<br />

red apple and citrus to brioche and stewed fruits, this Cap<br />

Classique invites you to slow down and savour the moment.<br />

“It’s not just about when you drink it, but more importantly,<br />

the company you’re with and the quality of the time you’re<br />

enjoying. If you ask me, that’s the perfect pairing,” reflects<br />

Johan. R450 a bottle from spier.co.za<br />

<strong>May</strong> you be blessed with light and<br />

treasured times. Ribbons of Love<br />

by Dr Elizabeth Peter-Ross is a book<br />

of marriage themes, blessings and<br />

art ... inspired by the need of many<br />

of today’s couples to celebrate their<br />

marriage more personally than the<br />

traditional. There are 25 blessings,<br />

ranging from celebration and<br />

commitment to trust, loyalty and<br />

gratitude, all with glorious artworks<br />

by Annie Druyer. R250<br />

08 Get It Magazine <strong>May</strong> <strong>24</strong>

For the bride, the bridesmaids, the mothers of the bride and groom<br />

... the pieces of handcrafted jewellery from Shelley Taylor make<br />

a beautiful statement. Fresh water pearls simply never go out of<br />

fashion ... and the range of earrings, necklaces and bracelets is<br />

simply dazzling. Details: shelleytaylor.co.za<br />

Bella Vita Paradiso Eau de Parfum<br />

from Guess ... an intensely desirable<br />

Floral Amber Gourmand scent<br />

opening with a juicy blend of<br />

Italian Mandarin, inviting Pear<br />

Blossom and flirtatious Red Berries,<br />

with a floral heart which blooms<br />

of rousing Jasmine, fresh Gardenia<br />

and honeyed Tuberose, subsiding<br />

into a rich base of grounding<br />

Patchouli, bold Amber and creamy<br />

Musk for a memorable signature.<br />

Sensual, confident, bold, you’ll find<br />

it at Dis-Chem for R1325.<br />

Sophisticated antique-toned brass and<br />

black nickel Luca wine cooler,<br />

R2995 from blockandchisel.co.za<br />

Compiled by: KYM ARGO<br />

<strong>May</strong> <strong>24</strong> Get It Magazine 09

Amoré van Tonder, Martonette Niemandt<br />

It’s gin o’clock!<br />

We had a blast at the Schweppes <strong>Pretoria</strong> Gin Festival ...<br />

sipping on gin and soaking up the vibes at the stunning Fire<br />

& Wine venue. They had some of the finest gin in the country,<br />

not to mention mouth-watering food trucks and live music.<br />

And to top it all off, the weather was just absolute perfection.<br />

Talk about the ultimate girls’ day out!<br />

Estelle Erasmus, Natalie Erasmus<br />

Zwido Mukondeleli, Denga Mukondeleli<br />

Photos: Alanicka LotrieT<br />

Nicole Verhoef, Christiaan Vermaak, Chadine Vermaak<br />

Mawethu Nokhemane, Portia Mdena<br />

10 Get It Magazine <strong>May</strong> <strong>24</strong>

Text: ALANICKA LOTRIET. • Photographer: HILDA MANS. • Make-up: HEIDIE FOURIE. • Hair: JANINE LATEGAN.<br />

flower power<br />

These days Bridget<br />

Mojalefa is creating<br />

floral masterpieces<br />

that are captivating<br />

as they are precise.<br />

But she didn’t go from<br />

qualified engineer to florist overnight.<br />

Motivated by motherhood early in her<br />

career, she had to do what she does<br />

best. Hustle! She sold Tupperware,<br />

shoes and all kinds of accessories, ran<br />

her own mini salon and dabbled in<br />

makeup artistry.<br />

“What can I say? Entrepreneurship<br />

runs through my veins.” She chuckles.<br />

“It was only a matter of time before<br />

my boyfriend - now husband - and I<br />

opened our own events<br />

planning company on the<br />

side to make ends meet. We<br />

called it Kagisho Catering,<br />

after our first-born son. To<br />

say I had no idea what the<br />

word catering really entailed,<br />

is putting it lightly, haha.”<br />

After some time, she landed<br />

her first catering gig where she had<br />

to whip up meals for a whopping 1<br />

300 guests. To be honest, she had no<br />

idea what she was doing. But hey…<br />

fake it till you make it, right? Well, that’s<br />

exactly what Bridget did… and, she did<br />

a pretty good job, too!<br />

As she was finding her feet in the<br />

industry, she did her first flower course<br />

to complement the rest of her services.<br />

But, Bridget admits, she never really<br />

nurtured those skills. Firstly, she didn’t<br />

get that many flower requests, and<br />

secondly, why do it yourself if you can<br />

outsource an expert?<br />

This was up until a few years down<br />

12 Get It Magazine <strong>May</strong> <strong>24</strong><br />

After many years in the engineering world, Bridget Mojalefa<br />

decided to engineer beauty instead. Now, she’s blooming!<br />

the line, when the florist bailed on her<br />

and with no time to spare, she had<br />

to pick up those stem cutters herself.<br />

Her confidence was lacking, but her<br />

determination pulled her through.<br />

Weirdly enough though, it wasn’t love<br />

at first sight.<br />

“It was just something I decided to put<br />

I mind to. And, in the process I fell in<br />

love with the craft. So much so that<br />

I quit my engineering job almost a<br />

decade ago. I wanted to focus on the<br />

flowers and my catering company.<br />

“Two years in I started hosting floral<br />

workshops, and one day it just came to<br />

me – my first name translates to Flora,<br />

which means flower. This cannot be<br />

We can learn a lot from flowers. The thing<br />

about them is that they bloom anyway -<br />

they don’t compete with others<br />

coincidence and that’s why I believe<br />

this is my destiny.”<br />

Then came Covid. Like many<br />

businesses, Kagisho Catering took strain.<br />

No weddings. No functions. She almost<br />

lost everything. By this time, Bridget and<br />

her husband had three children. So, she<br />

started selling flowers from her garage,<br />

and delivered some herself.<br />

When she saw how one simple<br />

bunch of flowers impacted the lives<br />

of her customers, especially during<br />

the hardship they were facing, she<br />

knew she was on the right track. And<br />

so, as the world got back to normal,<br />

it wasn’t long before she opened<br />

Flora’s Flower Haven at the Atterbury<br />

Boulevard Lifestyle Centre.<br />

It’s like stepping into a tiny slice of<br />

flower paradise. Think quaint, colourful<br />

and tranquil. And, don’t expect your<br />

run-of-the mill kind of flowers. Bridget<br />

prides herself in providing all kinds<br />

of unique and exotic blooms… each<br />

bunch crafted with heaps of love and<br />

care. The best part? She caters for<br />

almost every kind of event. If there’s<br />

something to celebrate, you can count<br />

on Bridget’s flowers to light up the<br />

room! No wonder she was chosen to<br />

design the arrangements for the most<br />

recent Miss SA pageant!<br />

“My favourite part of the job is seeing<br />

a customer leave the shop<br />

with a smile and a sense<br />

of pride. It always leaves<br />

me content and fulfilled.<br />

I also love chatting with<br />

my customers which<br />

often results in long term<br />

relationships. And those to<br />

me, are priceless.<br />

Nowadays, Bridget’s bloom empire<br />

extends far and wide, as she offers<br />

workshops across South Africa,<br />

Botswana, Lesotho, and Kenya.<br />

Although her arrangements are very<br />

versatile, the avant-guard style - luxe,<br />

whimsical and airy - is growing on her.<br />

Pun intended!<br />

Bridget cherishes family time, so<br />

when she’s not at the shop, she loves<br />

spending time with her husband and<br />

three sons, 17-year-old Ethan, 15-yearold<br />

Letago and 11-year-old Lefa.<br />

“My kids are my inspiration. I’m working<br />

hard to give them the life I never had. I<br />

want to create opportunities for them

from the legacy that I am building. I<br />

believe they must have choices in life.<br />

Whether it’s taking over the business or<br />

following their own career path.<br />

“I also love going out with my sisters<br />

or friends. And, I enjoy hosting them,<br />

cooking up a storm and running away<br />

from the dishes,” she chuckles.<br />

But, it’s not only her family and a bunch<br />

of flowers that bring her joy - there’s<br />

just something about a stylish pair<br />

of sneakers she can’t resist. Especially<br />

since she’s on her feet most of the<br />

time. Needless to say, she loves it, and<br />

wouldn’t want it any other way. Just like<br />

her fave flower – the Ranunculus, aka,<br />

Buttercup – Bridget will always strive to<br />

be vibrant, growing and blooming.<br />

“We can learn a lot from flowers.<br />

The thing about them is that they<br />

bloom anyway - they don’t compete<br />

with others.”<br />

One thing’s for sure, Bridget knows<br />

the meaning of hustle. It just comes to<br />

show that once you set your mind on<br />

something, add heaps of positivity and<br />

don’t wait for life to hand opportunities<br />

to you on a silver platter, you can<br />

achieve anything.<br />

Details: Visit @floras_flower_haven and<br />

@kagishocatering on Insta, and Flora’s<br />

Flower Haven and Kagisho Catering and<br />

Décor on Facebook.<br />

What’s trending...<br />

Bridget shares a few of the latest<br />

wedding flower trends…<br />

• Whimsical centrepieces Most<br />

people don’t prefer the round<br />

traditional floral centrepieces anymore<br />

- instead they are going for airy looking<br />

floral arrangements in porcelain and<br />

coloured vases.<br />

• Flower pressing Most people are<br />

opting to pressing and framing long<br />

lasting flowers. I see this trend kicking<br />

out dried flower arrangements which<br />

has been ongoing for a while now. It’s<br />

also a great way of preserving your<br />

wedding bouquet.<br />

• Bold colours In recent years we have<br />

seen a trend in nude and under toned<br />

colours, pampas grass etc. Coming out<br />

of the pandemic, people are looking<br />

for ways to liven up their events. I have<br />

seen a rise in colour blocking flower<br />

arrangements even at weddings.<br />

Expect to see larger flowers, daring<br />

bouquets and a pop of colour in 20<strong>24</strong>.<br />

Top tips to get the most out of your bouquet<br />

Choose the best location. Fresh flowers thrive in cool areas. Also avoid direct<br />

sunlight and kitchen areas where it’s usually hot. Freshly cut stems are light<br />

sensitive and will quickly get dehydrated and die.<br />

Clean your vessel. Cleaning your vase with a strong detergent will ensure that<br />

there is no trace of microbial growth which often lies on the walls of the vase<br />

and will quickly kill your flowers.<br />

No foliage or leaves in the water. Use a scrapper or knife to remove any foliage<br />

or leaves that might be inside the water. Foliage or leaves that are immersed in<br />

the water usually stimulate microbial growth.<br />

Feed your flowers. Just like human beings, flowers also need to eat. Pour flower<br />

food in the vase whenever you change water. This will help them to bloom<br />

efficiently.<br />

Change water daily. Regularly changing water is yet another trick to help keep<br />

your flowers looking and smelling fresh. Furthermore, give your stems a fresh<br />

cut to create a new path of absorbing water. Aim to keep the stems a couple of<br />

centimetres from the bottom of the vase.<br />

Remove wilted flowers. Flowers release a gas called ethylene gas which<br />

affects the life span of your flowers. To prevent a dying flower from killing off its<br />

neighbours, take it out as soon as possible.<br />

<strong>May</strong> <strong>24</strong> Get It Magazine 13

Making (sound) waves...<br />

Meet Carmo da Silva singer-songwriter extraordinaire who<br />

performs under the stage name Filipa. With an electrifying<br />

stage presence and vocals as velvety as they come,<br />

she’s on a mission to share her sound with the world.<br />

Compiled by: ALANICKA LOTRIET. Image: SUBMITTED.<br />

14 Get It Magazine <strong>May</strong> <strong>24</strong>

etoria born Carmo da Silva, who performs under the stage name Filipa,<br />

recently competed against Portugal’s finest talent in the country’s<br />

Festival da Canção <strong>24</strong>, organised by the national broadcasters, RTP.<br />

Festival da Canção is one of Portugal’s most high-profile music events.<br />

Not only because it showcases the cream of the country’s artists, but<br />

also because the winner of this contest goes on to perform as Portugal’s entry<br />

in Eurovision.<br />

It was an enormous honour to have taken part, Filipa says. Her song, You Can’t<br />

Hide, was selected as one of 20 finalists. Making her achievement more impressive, is<br />

the fact that 16 of these finalists are well-known Portuguese artists who were invited by<br />

RTP to write specifically for the event. The other four, including Filipa, submitted their<br />

compositions voluntarily and made it out of over a whopping 800 entries. And, she’s<br />

excited to announce that she had made it to the semi-finals!<br />

While the final curtain didn’t quite rise for Filipa at the festival, she’s still super grateful for<br />

the experience.<br />

“It was absolutely life-changing! Merely making it to Festival da Canção was such a great<br />

accomplishment for me as an artist and songwriter… it was exciting, nerve wrecking, but<br />

also extremely rewarding.”<br />

Although admitting that she found it daunting to be participating in a global event of this<br />

calibre, she is no stranger to competition. Filipa had her first taste of fame a decade ago<br />

after she won an international Ryan Seacrest Cover Competition with her version of One<br />

Direction’s hit, Story of My Life.<br />

Since then, she has wowed local audiences with songs that have climbed the South<br />

African radio charts with her most recent hit, Do Something, reaching number three on<br />

the Jacaranda FM Top 20.<br />

She’s also made forays into the US and UK markets, where her songs Good Behavior,<br />

I’d Rather Be Single and 7th Floor were very well received. While perfecting her skill as a<br />

performer, Filipa has honed her song writing prowess by working alongside international<br />

producers and song writers.<br />

“What inspires me most is my favourite artists, and collaboration. As much as I love<br />

drawing from my own experiences and writing music in my own space, I just love<br />

collaborating with other writers and artists! I enjoy learning from my peers and creating<br />

music together. It’s such a humbling and enriching experience. And so, I believe it inspires<br />

me to keep being creative and pushing myself to become a better writer and artist.<br />

“I’ve known I wanted to be a performer since I was eight years old and have travelled a<br />

long journey of ups and downs since then. All the learnings have been valuable, though,<br />

because they have helped me find my authentic voice.”<br />

This is important to Filipa, because she has always been determined to remain true to<br />

herself, even as she experimented with her sound. With You Can’t Hide, she believes she<br />

has found her true voice. “It’s a great example of the music I love … pop with a twist”.<br />

“It was incredible to have been a part the journey and to know that a song I wrote has<br />

impacted people in some way.”<br />

She’s excited to announce that she’s cooking up a storm in the studio, brewing up an EP<br />

set to be released in the next few months.<br />

Even though she’s been somewhat of a studio body lately, Filipa’s been itching to get<br />

back on stage. And, we can’t wait to see what she’s got in store next. So, you might want<br />

to keep a look out on her social media for upcoming gigs.<br />

Details: Follow @filipamusic on Insta and @Filipa on Facebook<br />

Filipa’s top playlist picks<br />

In the spirit of romance, Filipa shares five songs that should top any wedding playlist.<br />

• Shania Twain - When You Kiss Me<br />

• Faith Hill - There You’ll Be<br />

• Marc Anthony & Tina Arena - I Want To Spend My Lifetime Loving You<br />

• RHODES - You & I<br />

• The Bee Gees - How Deep Is Your Love<br />

<strong>May</strong> <strong>24</strong> Get It Magazine 15

Wedding day glam<br />

We take a peek inside the bridal beauty kit of celebrity artist Ryno Mulder<br />

Blush with the<br />

brand who<br />

brought the<br />

world its most<br />

famous cheek<br />

colour of all time.<br />

Now trending<br />

on TikTok for<br />

good reason.<br />

Nars Afterglow<br />

Liquid Blush in<br />

Dolce Vita.<br />

R760, from<br />

arcstore.co.za<br />

Define your cheekbones elegantly with Stila<br />

Heaven’s Dew All Over Glimmer, R595, from<br />

Truworths, Woolworths and Superbalist. Quite<br />

possibly the best highlighter I’ve ever used.<br />

Your brows will stay put<br />

all day and night if you<br />

style them with a<br />

spoolie - a makeup<br />

brush shaped like<br />

a mascara wand -<br />

swirled in Anastasia<br />

Beverly Hills Brow<br />

Freeze. R520 from<br />

arcstore.co.za<br />

Bridal beauty is all about<br />

radiance. Give your lips<br />

a pillowy plush feel and<br />

smoothness with Huda<br />

Beauty Silk Balm. R425,<br />

from arcstore.co.za<br />

No other<br />

makeup sponge<br />

gives that airbrushed<br />

finish to your bridal<br />

beat like the original<br />

Beautyblender<br />

does. R395, from<br />

arcstore.co.za<br />

The only glitter<br />

that never<br />

scratches your<br />

eyes nor messes<br />

everywhere is<br />

Bodyography<br />

Glitter Pigment.<br />

R420 from Takealot.<br />

Having trained with the A-list of Hollywood makeup artists - think Mario for<br />

Kim Kardashian, Sir John for Beyoncé, Rae Morris for Kylie Minogue - Ryno, who<br />

recently scooped a Best Makeup Artist award, has more than 3000 faces and near<br />

three hundred weddings under his belt. He basically has a PhD in bridal beauty!<br />

Ryno and his team work countrywide and you can request your makeup and hair<br />

quotation on WhatsApp 071-688 0<strong>24</strong>2.<br />

For protected,<br />

radiant skin<br />

that looks and<br />

feels like skin,<br />

not makeup,<br />

use Makeup<br />

by Ryno<br />

ICON SPF50<br />

Foundation.<br />

R549. Whatsapp<br />

to order<br />

071-688-0<strong>24</strong>2<br />

16 Get It Magazine <strong>May</strong> <strong>24</strong>

<strong>May</strong> <strong>24</strong> Get It Magazine 17<br />

Model image: Model: Gaia from Ice • Photographer: Xavier Saer at Studio Lux • Makeup: Makeup by Ryno<br />

• Hair: Andile Sajini using flowers by Tied With A Knot • Dress: Just Tonight Josephine.

&<br />

‘<br />

If I gave you diamonds and pearls<br />

Would you be a happy boy or a girl?<br />

If I could, I would give you the world<br />

But all I can do is just offer you my love.<br />


Messy bucket bag<br />

with metallic effect<br />

and fringe details<br />

with mirrored<br />

beading and chain<br />

crossbody strap.<br />

R1199 from<br />

’<br />

zara.com<br />

Metallic-effect quilted<br />

mini bucket bag, with<br />

detachable and adjustable<br />

crossbody strap. R579<br />

from zara.com<br />

Round ball wedding<br />

handbag with pearl details,<br />

R469 from takealot.com<br />

High-heel, pointed toe,<br />

slingback shoes with<br />

faux pearls on the<br />

front. R1299<br />

from zara.com<br />

Silver open back sequin maxi dress,<br />

R649 from superbalist.com<br />

18 Get It Magazine <strong>May</strong> <strong>24</strong>

Choosing and caring for your pearls<br />

Of all precious materials, few are as captivating and timeless as pearls are. In<br />

the last couple of years, the beauty of pearls has reached new heights and<br />

reignited creative expression at every major runway from New York to Paris.<br />

With just a few styling tips, you can embrace pearls in the new season – and<br />

for years to come.<br />

Choosing your pearls Inspired by architecture, sculpture and feminine<br />

design, Witchery has unveiled its most premium, elevated and timeless<br />

jewellery collection yet. Weaving together traditional techniques and artistic<br />

innovation, they have crafted a range of jewellery adorned with freshwater<br />

pearls. From statement to staple, you can expect sculptural shapes and<br />

unexpected forms for an elevated twist on the traditional.<br />

Styling your pearls Opt for pieces that can adjust to any wardrobe palette and<br />

occasion. Set with gold hues, the cool tones of pearl will highlight and<br />

enhance the tone and texture of any outfit, making the jewellery as dazzling<br />

as it is versatile. While pearls will work with virtually any tone, they are<br />

especially striking when worn with neutrals like beige, white, and brown, or<br />

with contrasting hues like black and navy. Introduce textures like linen and<br />

cotton to match the natural materials for a look that is both interesting and<br />

warm. Introduce textures like leather, knit, linen and cotton to match the<br />

natural materials for a look that is both interesting and warm. To create a<br />

sense of movement, opt for designs like Witchery’s Molten Lariat Necklace or<br />

Molten Pearl Drop Earrings that work perfectly for any occasion day or night.<br />

Treasuring your pearls Pearls are a timeless treasure and can last for a<br />

lifetime with proper care. Never immerse your pearls in water or harsh<br />

chemicals. Rather, wipe each pearl with a microfibre cloth before storage.<br />

And always avoid spraying perfume on them.<br />

The latest range<br />

of pearl jewellery from<br />

Witchery ... molten pearl<br />

necklace, R2599, semi-precious<br />

hoop, R1699 and semi-precious<br />

ring, R1199. In selected Woolworths<br />

stores and from woolworths.co.za<br />

Sterling silver cubic zirconia classic<br />

tennis bracelet, R1999 from<br />

American Swiss<br />

on bash.com<br />

Catrice Endless Pearls<br />

beautifying primer, R<strong>24</strong>9.95<br />

from Dis-Chem.<br />

Open toe mule with pearl<br />

embellishment, R1749<br />

from aldoshoes.co.za<br />

Women's Pearls Purses Beaded<br />

Clutches Bucket Handbag with<br />

Detachable Chain, R399 from Takealot.<br />

Compiled by: KYM ARGO<br />

<strong>May</strong> <strong>24</strong> Get It Magazine 19

Beetroot-cured gravadlax with horseradish<br />

sauce with Spier Frans K Smit white blend<br />

Gravadlax is a decadent snack perfect for a<br />

celebration. After you’ve cured them at home<br />

overnight, these silky pink fish slices will last<br />

for at least five days in the fridge, so you can<br />

prepare in advance of your party. Serve with<br />

crackers or seed loaf, creamy horseradish sauce<br />

or even some baby gem lettuce. Serves six as a<br />

light meal or starter. Prep and cooking time: 20<br />

minutes plus overnight curing.<br />

You’ll need: For the gravadlax ... 400-600g fresh<br />

trout fillets, skin on; 2 small beetroots, peeled and<br />

quartered; 1 cup muscavado sugar; 1 cup salt,<br />

medium grain<br />

For the creamy horseradish sauce ... 250ml sour<br />

cream; 2 Tbsp hot horseradish sauce (or 1<br />

Tbsp fresh grated horseradish); 5ml Dijon<br />

mustard (optional)<br />

To serve ... crackers of your choice or seed loaf;<br />

baby gem lettuce (optional)<br />

To make: Use a tweezer to pin-bone the fillets, if<br />

they are not already pin-boned.<br />

Place the beetroot in a food processor along<br />

with the sugar and salt. Process to create a<br />

course paste.<br />

Place a sheet of cling-wrap on a clean surface,<br />

then sprinkle 1/3 of the mixture onto it. Place half<br />

of the fillets on the paste, skin side down. Top<br />

with another 1/3 of the mixture and spread it out<br />

to cover the surface of the fillets. Now place the<br />

remaining half of the fillets on top of the covered<br />

fillets, skin side up (so they are lying meat-side<br />

together). Top with the final mixture, then with<br />

another layer of plastic wrap. Wrap up tightly and<br />

place inside a large-enough plastic container with<br />

a lid. Refrigerate overnight or for 12 hours, turning<br />

it over after 6 hours. The sugar/salt/beetroot<br />

curing mix will create a sticky syrup, so be careful<br />

not to mess it on your clothes.<br />

When the curing time is up, open up the fillets<br />

and rinse them under cold running water. Pat<br />

dry. Use a sharp knife to cut thin slivers on an<br />

angle from the tail side to the top, creating<br />

as much surface area as you can. Arrange on<br />

a platter and serve with the sauce and the<br />

crackers/bread/leaves.<br />

For the sauce, mix the sour cream, horseradish<br />

and mustard together in a small bowl.<br />

Serve with a glass of Spier Frans K Smit white<br />

blend - a Bordeaux-style white blend of 80 per<br />

cent Sauvignon Blanc and 20 per cent Sémillon,<br />

with a citrus and lime palate more tropical than<br />

herbaceous, and surprising hints of elder flower.<br />

Luxurious<br />

snacking<br />

Extravagant doesn’t have to mean expensive.<br />

It’s all about the lavish plating, the tastiest<br />

ingredients, the generosity of servings.<br />

Eggs. Avos. Trout. A trio of fancy platters<br />

for your next celebration.<br />

20 Get It Magazine <strong>May</strong> <strong>24</strong>

Avo bagels<br />

Up your avo game. Switch the toast for a bagel<br />

and ... voilà ... the posh version. Perfect for a breakfast<br />

party. This makes four ... we serve with a glass of bubbles!<br />

You’ll need: 2 bagels, cut in half horizontally; 2 avocados;<br />

salt and pepper; plus ½ cup spreads, a small handful<br />

herbs, a sprinkling spices and about 3 Tbsp extra<br />

toppings - see suggestions below.<br />

To make: Toast the bagel halves in a toaster.<br />

Loadshedding tip ... toast them on a griddle or frying<br />

pan on gas. Or alternatively skip the toasting and serve<br />

fresh. Spread with your choice of spread.<br />

Mash, slice, dice or cut the avocados into shapes with<br />

cookie cutters and place on top. Season with salt and<br />

pepper. Sprinkle over herbs, spices and toppings.<br />

Try these combinations: Cream cheese or chunky cottage<br />

cheese with dukkah, honey and sliced avo • Hummus,<br />

feta, red peppercorns, avo stars and baby herbs •<br />

Mashed avo, red onion, chilli flakes, lime and coriander<br />

• Pesto, basil and diced avo<br />

For more recipes visit avocado.co.za<br />

Greek salad platter with cheats poached eggs<br />

Guests coming over for lunch or an early dinner. This<br />

Mediterranean-style platter is affordable, quick to put<br />

together, and perfect to nibble on while sipping a cocktail.<br />

We’re also keen on the Mediterranean diet, so this works<br />

well for us.<br />

You’ll need: 4 eggs; salt and pepper; 2 handfuls cherry<br />

tomatoes; 1 small red onion, thinly sliced into rings; half<br />

a cucumber, cut into sticks; 100g packet Kalamata olives,<br />

drained; 2 rings Feta, broken into pieces; Greek salad dressing.<br />

To make: Make cheats poached eggs by pressing the middle of<br />

a perforated plastic wrap square into a small ramekin or bowl,<br />

leaving the rest of the plastic to hang over the outside edge.<br />

Spray the centre with cooking spray and crack in an egg.<br />

Bring the sides of the plastic overhang up and tie up tightly<br />

with kitchen string, ensuring there are no air bubbles around<br />

the egg. Take the plastic parcel out of the ramekin and<br />

repeat with the rest of the eggs.<br />

Bring a medium saucepan half full of water to a simmer on<br />

medium heat. Carefully add all the egg parcels and cook for<br />

4 minutes for runny yolks or until cooked to your liking.<br />

Carefully cut the parcels open under the knots and unwrap.<br />

Season with salt and pepper.<br />

Arrange the tomatoes, onion, cucumber, olives and Feta on a<br />

platter with the eggs. Serve with a Greek style dressing.<br />

If you’re also following the Mediterranean diet,<br />

pop over to our social media pages to see why<br />

you should include eggs in your daily menu.<br />

For more recipes, pop over to sapoultry.co.za<br />

Compiled by: Kym Argo<br />

<strong>May</strong> <strong>24</strong> Get It Magazine 21

The discovery of the late Anthonij Rupert’s<br />

packaging notes and mock-ups was the departure<br />

point for realising his dream and producing the<br />

Cap Classique range on L’Ormarins Estate. After<br />

his passing, his brother, Johann, continued the<br />

dream, with the L’Ormarins Private Cuvée (R475),<br />

envisioned as the pinnacle of the range, and is<br />

an exceptionally elegant, sophisticated option<br />

for grand celebrations. There are four more that<br />

we love ... this L’Ormarins Brut Vintage Blanc de<br />

Blancs (R<strong>24</strong>5), a Vintage Brut Rosé (R195), a NV<br />

Brut Classique (R195) and a NV Brut Classique<br />

Rosé (R195). They are described, aptly, as reserved,<br />

refined, revered. From lormarinswines.com<br />

The award-winning<br />

Kruger Family<br />

Reserve Marguerite<br />

MCC Brut 2019 is<br />

an elegant Cap<br />

Classique with<br />

a light golden<br />

hue and fine<br />

persistent<br />

mousse ... a<br />

lovely steady<br />

stream of small<br />

bubbles. All<br />

white pear,<br />

delectable<br />

biscotti, this Cap<br />

Classique makes<br />

any occasion<br />

a memorable<br />

celebration.<br />

R2100 for a<br />

case from<br />

stellenview.co.za<br />

22 Get It Magazine <strong>May</strong> <strong>24</strong>

CIN CIN<br />

We’re getting married. So the bubbles<br />

this month are extra special!<br />

This evocative Franschhoek Cellar Brut Royale<br />

Brut MCC has beautiful lemon cream and almond<br />

biscotti flavours on the nose, backed by refreshing<br />

citrus and tropical fruit notes on the palate. The finish<br />

is long and moreish with the playfulness of delicate<br />

bubbles. R1140 a case from franschhoekcellar.co.za<br />

Fresh rose petals<br />

and orange<br />

blossom,<br />

strawberries<br />

and cranberries,<br />

nectarines and<br />

lemons... this<br />

Blaauwklippen<br />

Estate Cap<br />

Classique Brut<br />

pairs brilliantly with<br />

all seafood dishes.<br />

R1560 a case from<br />

blaauwklippen.com<br />

Christiena Trousseau Methode<br />

Cap Classique Brut is a<br />

combination of Chardonnay<br />

and Pinot Noir, two of<br />

the grape varieties used<br />

in Champagne. The<br />

Chardonnay provides the<br />

finesse and longevity<br />

while Pinot Noir adds<br />

body and fruit. This<br />

is an elegant and<br />

distinguished wine,<br />

with upfront red apple,<br />

freshly baked biscuits,<br />

lime and lemon peel,<br />

and small refined bubbles<br />

in the glass. R1188 a case<br />

from vanloveren.co.za<br />

Compiled by: KYM ARGO<br />

<strong>May</strong> <strong>24</strong> Get It Magazine 23

Cocktail hour<br />

All the feels ... none of the nasties<br />

We’re all about spoiling ourselves, but Indulging while<br />

maintaining a healthy lifestyle can be difficult.<br />

Hello Almost Zero de-alcoholised wines ... a great option for<br />

sport-enthusiasts, weight-watchers, banters, business lunches,<br />

non-drinkers, pregnant women and designated drivers,<br />

as well as those of us who want to sit and sip and enjoy,<br />

but stay healthy. You can drink more mindfully with an alcohol<br />

content of 0.3% per bottle (so virtually no alcohol), and is also<br />

low in sugar. R85 a bottle from takealot.com<br />

Cranberry & rose water sorbet<br />

You’ll need: 500ml cranberry juice, 250ml Almost Zero<br />

Ravishing Rosé, 5ml rose water<br />

To make: Combine wine, cranberry juice and rose water.<br />

Freeze overnight in a sealable, freezer-friendly container. Stir<br />

with a fork or wooden spoon every 2 hours for the first 6<br />

hours to break up large ice crystals.<br />

Wonderful fruity mocktail<br />

You’ll need: 750ml Almost Zero Wonderful White, Green<br />

apple (granny smith or golden delicious), chopped, 1 pear,<br />

chopped, 3 kiwis, peeled and sliced<br />

To make: Mix all the ingredients in a pitcher, stir and serve!<br />

Fancy winning a hamper filled with<br />

de-alcoholised wines and alcohol free bubbly, valued at R2000?<br />

Pop over to @getitptamagazine on Instagram to enter.<br />

Radiant Sangria sorbet<br />

You’ll need: 250ml of Almost Zero Radiant Red, 250ml of<br />

water, 250ml of bottled orange juice<br />

To make: Combine wine with water and fruit juice. Freeze<br />

overnight in a sealable, freezer-friendly container. Stir with a<br />

fork or wooden spoon every 2 hours for the first 6 hours to<br />

break up large ice crystals.<br />

<strong>24</strong> Get It Magazine <strong>May</strong> <strong>24</strong>

Celebrate<br />

in colour<br />

Dare to be different. That’s the prompt from<br />

wedding planners for brides who want<br />

their big day to be timeless yet trendy.<br />

Roses remain the wedding flower of choice, but unlike previous years, this year’s<br />

brides (and wedding planners) are favouring bouquets, arrangements and<br />

installations that pop with colour, yet are natural and organic.<br />

According to wedding planners, bold and vibrant colours resonate with<br />

couples who want a wedding that celebrates their story and their individuality.<br />

Bright colours are energising and joyful, what better way to celebrate the most<br />

memorable day of their lives, says rose grower Ludwig Taschner.<br />

Bouquets that seem freshly gathered from the garden evoke a sense of simplicity<br />

and spontaneity.<br />

Unlike traditional rose bouquets that usually feature a single colour, the latest<br />

trend offers space to play with different coloured roses. Combine them with<br />

other much loved garden flowers like baby’s breath, daisies, grasses and other<br />

foliage that also add texture. What could be more personal than incorporating a<br />

bride’s favourite roses, or those that she grew up with in her parent’s garden?<br />

The more colours the better, so feel free to break with convention when<br />

composing your bouquet. The secret is to get the balance right with rose blooms<br />

in complementary colours, offset with organic textures and hints of opulence.<br />

The effect? Both trendy and timeless.<br />


26 Get It Magazine <strong>May</strong> <strong>24</strong>

Try these garden roses<br />

Duet is a tall growing hybrid tea with a<br />

florists quality blooms that have deep<br />

pink outer petals contrasting with a softer<br />

pink in the centre.This is an exceptional<br />

garden performer.<br />

Wedding décor goes organic<br />

There’s a more natural, country feel to<br />

wedding table décor. Florists are incorporating<br />

rustic textures like wood, greenery and even fruit<br />

and mushrooms into wedding table centrepieces,<br />

although roses remain the centrepiece. A playful<br />

arrangement, that uses unexpected shapes and textures<br />

certainly adds to the sense of romance and magic that’s<br />

present at every wedding. Roses are being used more<br />

dramatically and unconventionally, whether it’s a beach<br />

wedding, in a garden or at a wedding venue. It’s no longer<br />

necessary for everything to be uniform. Composing<br />

individual arrangements with similar colours but in<br />

differing containers creates visual interest and energy.<br />

Large floral arrangements act as focal points, as<br />

well as being great photo backdrops for those<br />

Instagram worthy moments with the happy<br />

couple. Details: www.ludwigsroses.co.za<br />

St Dunstan’s Centenary is a hybrid tea<br />

rose that has full, old-fashioned blooms<br />

carried on strong upright stems which last<br />

well on the bush and in the vase.<br />

Mauve Melodee forms clusters of large,<br />

semi-double blooms that reveal yellow<br />

stamens when fully open. A vigorous<br />

hybrid tea rose growing to shoulder height.<br />

<strong>May</strong> <strong>24</strong> Get It Magazine 27

focus on weddings



C O V E R H A I R D O N E B Y<br />

Hairstyling<br />

Hair Extensions<br />

Highlights<br />

For Bookings or Enquiries:<br />

Janine Lategan<br />

083 577 76<strong>24</strong><br />

beautiflystrands@gmail.com<br />

@ B e a u t i F l y S t r a n d s .<br />

@ b e a u t i f l y s t r a n d s


geT iT diRecToRY<br />

C O V E R M A K E U P D O N E B Y<br />

BEAUTY<br />

*<br />

F O R B O O K I N G S O R E N Q U I R I E S C O N T A C T<br />

H e i d i e F o u r i e :<br />

0 7 1 0 4 2 6 9 0 3<br />

l e c h i c c l o s e t h e i d i e @ g m a i l . c o m<br />

@ L e C h i c M a k e u p b y H e i d i e<br />

@ l e c h i c m a k e u p _ b y _ h e i d i e

The romance of rail<br />

Seven reasons why a stay on the Kruger Shalati should be on your romantic bucket list!<br />

The truly spectacular views from your<br />

bedroom ... be it one of the two dozen<br />

Carriage Suites on the Train on the Bridge<br />

or the seven Bridge House Suites, sitting<br />

adjacent to the bridge in a picturesque<br />

garden setting with the train’s gentle glow as<br />

your backdrop. All are opulent, with a hint of<br />

the 1920’s rail safari. The views are equally<br />

marvelous from the lounge and dining<br />

areas and the swimming pools, which overlook the<br />

Sabie River ... the river flows all year-round, drawing<br />

animals and birds that come to quench their thirst.<br />

The fact that you’ll be recreating<br />

history. The Kruger Shalati - The Train on<br />

the Bridge, sits on the exact spot where the<br />

train would park overnight close to 100 years<br />

ago, when visits to the Kruger National Park were<br />

first allowed. The refurbished train is permanently<br />

stationed on the historically rich Selati Bridge<br />

above the Sabie River ... a unique experience<br />

with luxury accommodation and activities<br />

reminiscent of days gone by.<br />

The option of a romantic turndown<br />

... with rose petals scattered around<br />

the room, a scented bubble bath<br />

and a bottle of Moët champagne or<br />

Steenburg Brut sparkling wine on ice.<br />

Compiled by: Kym Argo<br />

32 Get It Magazine <strong>May</strong> <strong>24</strong>

The private bush dinner for two ... and<br />

the romantic bush picnic. Private dining<br />

... à deux or more if you’re travelling<br />

with friends, can be arranged ... with<br />

exceptional food, fine wine ... even<br />

entertainment if you want to go for<br />

the full experience.<br />

The game drives and walks ...<br />

private if you prefer. There are<br />

two game drives a day ... morning<br />

and afternoon, included in your<br />

stay. You can, if you wish, opt for<br />

a private game drive on either.<br />

There are also exceptionally<br />

enjoyable morning safari walks<br />

with Sanparks. And you’re in Kruger<br />

... you know the game viewing is<br />

going to be beyond fantastic!<br />

The extras.<br />

The heli flips<br />

and community<br />

tours and games<br />

of golf which can<br />

be arranged. The<br />

three swimming pools<br />

and the pre-game drive<br />

high teas and the staff,<br />

who go the extra mile.<br />

A bucket list trip indeed!<br />

The spa journey in the heart of the bush.<br />

An African Goddess facial, or hot stone<br />

massage, or the 75 minute Shalati<br />

Honeymoon Celebration ... in your<br />

room or on the deck. Bliss!<br />

The deets ...<br />

Rates, from R5890 per person, include<br />

accommodation, all meals, teas and<br />

coffees, daily soft drinks, house wines,<br />

local brand spirits and beers. It also<br />

includes two game drives daily in<br />

open game drive vehicles. There is<br />

also a complementary return road<br />

transfers between the Skukuza Airport<br />

and the lodge. All extras - like the<br />

private dinners and spa treatments<br />

and romantic turndowns - are<br />

optional and charged separately.<br />

Details: krugershalati.com<br />

<strong>May</strong> <strong>24</strong> Get It Magazine 33

Spoil<br />

<strong>May</strong><br />

A case of gorgeous wine to<br />

celebrate a special occasion<br />

Long, eventful lunches, with ripe cheese and tapas style platters,<br />

fresh salmon sushi, Mediterranean salads. The perfect<br />

celebration. And for the wine ... this Fairview Rose Quartz<br />

2023 is the ideal match. Pale rose quartz colour in the<br />

glass, with delicate notes of sweet pomegranate, summer<br />

berries and a hint of fresh blossoms, it’s daisy fresh on the<br />

palate with light oaking adding complexity. R140 from<br />

fairviewmarketplace.co.za. We’ve got a case of Fairview<br />

Rose Quartz to give away ... to stand in line to win, pop<br />

over to @getitptamagazine on Instagram or Facebook.<br />

Entries close <strong>May</strong> 25.<br />

34 Get It Magazine <strong>May</strong> <strong>24</strong>

C<br />

M<br />

Y<br />

CM<br />

MY<br />

CY<br />

CMY<br />

K<br />


LAUNCH DATE: 1 APRIL 20<strong>24</strong><br />


R800 per adult (18 years and older)<br />

R600 per student 18 years and older (must produce a valid student card)<br />

R400 per child (6–17 years)<br />


for more information visit www.sanbi.org<br />


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