Bloem - April 24

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The silent thief of sight<br />

What is Glaucoma?<br />

Glaucoma is an eye disease that can damage your optic nerve. The<br />

optic nerve supplies visual information to your brain from your<br />

eyes. Glaucoma is usually, but not always, the result of abnormally<br />

high pressure inside your eye. Over time, the increased pressure<br />

can erode your optic nerve tissue, which may lead to vision loss or<br />

even blindness. If it’s diagnosed early, you may be able to prevent<br />

additional vision loss. Shockingly only 1 in 20 are aware they have<br />

glaucoma and 50% will be blind in one eye by the time they seek<br />

an ophthalmologist for the first time. In Sub Saharan Africa, it is<br />

estimated that 4.16% of the population aged 40 years and older<br />

are affected by glaucoma with a higher incidence among the black<br />

population (5-7%) compared to the Caucasian population (3-<br />

5%). Despite being treatable, the South African Glaucoma Society<br />

(SAGS) emphasises the major challenges faced, including:<br />

• lack of awareness<br />

• late diagnosis<br />

• poor follow-up visits<br />

• low compliance to treatment plans.<br />

Who is at risk for Glaucoma?<br />

According to the World Health Organisation (WHO), glaucoma is<br />

the second leading cause for blindness around the world.<br />

The risk factors include:<br />

• Age – people over 60 are at an increased risk of glaucoma.<br />

• Ethnicity – people of African descent are significantly more<br />

likely to develop glaucoma that Caucasians.<br />

• Eye problems – chronic eye inflammation and thin corneas.<br />

Physical injury or trauma to your eye.<br />

• Family history – some types of glaucoma may run in families.<br />

• Medical history – people with diabetes, high blood pressure<br />

and heart disease.<br />

• Use of certain medications – using corticosteroids for<br />

extended periods.<br />

What are the symptoms of glaucoma?<br />

The most common type of glaucoma is primary open-angle<br />

glaucoma. It has no signs or symptoms, except gradual vision loss.<br />

Symptoms of acute glaucoma<br />

• Sudden blurring of vision.<br />

• Severe eye pain.<br />

• Red eyes.<br />

• Coloured halos around lights.<br />

If you have any of these symptoms, please seek medical help right<br />

away.<br />

The only way to find out if you have glaucoma is to get a<br />

comprehensive dilated eye exam. If diagnosed and treated early,<br />

most people with glaucoma will not have significant vision loss.<br />

If you would like more information, or if you would like to<br />

schedule a screening, please contact an Ophthalmologist<br />

today!<br />

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3 Keep yourself entertained with awesome autumn outings this<br />

month<br />


6 Time to cover yourself in sunshine… we’re all about going bright!<br />

PEOPLE<br />

8 Dancing is in Tanya Cogle’s blood<br />

10 Unlock the healing power of homeopathy with Dr Jessica Shennan<br />

BEAUTY<br />

14 Feel fresh with the brightest and cleanest beauty around<br />


18 Colour-blocking might be trendy again – we have options that can<br />

be the perfect addition to your closet season<br />

FOOD<br />

22 Simply delicious pasta<br />

SPOIL<br />

44 WIN a bottle of the new gorgeous floral musky gourmand<br />

fragrance in the Signorina Fragrance Collection<br />

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<strong>April</strong> 20<strong>24</strong>

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Out & About<br />

<strong>Bloem</strong>fontein is serving up some awesome autumn outings this<br />

month, and you definitely don’t want to miss any of them!<br />

11<br />

Kuieraand with Mathys<br />

Roets @ NG Heuwelkruin<br />

The NG Heuwelkruin church is<br />

hosting a social evening with<br />

Mathys Roets on Thursday 11 <strong>April</strong><br />

from 6:30pm. Tickets include drinks,<br />

dinner, and dessert for only R290<br />

per person and are available from<br />

the church offices, their contact<br />

number is 051-436-6634.<br />

Jennifer Zamudio @<br />

Wietzbaden Brauhaus<br />

On Friday 26 <strong>April</strong> you can<br />

catch Jennifer Zamudio at the<br />

Wietzbaden Brauhaus from 7 to<br />

9 pm. WhatsApp Tobie at 073-<br />

196-8887 for early bird tickets<br />

at R120 per person, or R180 per<br />

person at the door on the day<br />

of the performance.<br />

Schweppes Gin Festival @<br />

Ramblers Club<br />

The Schweppes Gin Festival returns<br />

to <strong>Bloem</strong>fontein on Saturday 6 <strong>April</strong><br />

at Ramblers Club from 12 pm. Guests<br />

are encouraged to bring camping<br />

chairs or picnic blankets to enjoy the<br />

live music. Tickets are available from<br />

Howler at R<strong>24</strong>0 and include a free gin<br />

cocktail on arrival.<br />

Bok van Blerk @ Jim<br />

Fouché Primary School<br />

Bok van Blerk will be entertaining<br />

at Jim Fouché Primary School on<br />

Saturday 13 <strong>April</strong>. The show will<br />

take place at the Joe Malherbe<br />

Sports Ground from 5pm. Tickets<br />

are available from iTickets at R200<br />

for adults and R100 for children<br />

under 13.<br />

Trevor Bouwer, Belinda & Amy @ Aasvoël Klub<br />

Local favourites Trevor Bouwer, and the Belinda & Amy Band will be taking to<br />

the Aasvoël Klub stage on Saturday 20 <strong>April</strong> from 7pm. Tickets are only R50<br />

per person and available from Aasvoël Klub. Contact them at 084-559-8991 for<br />

bookings.<br />

26<br />


Book club<br />

It’s all raging storms and missing guests and thrills and chills.<br />

With a chic-lit thrown in for those who don’t need the adrenalin rush.<br />

Alex Michaelides, author of The Private<br />

Patient, is all over social media talking<br />

about his latest novel, The Fury. A<br />

former movie star invites half a dozen<br />

guests to stay on a private Greek<br />

Island. Should be idyllic ... except one<br />

of the group is a killer. Told by Elliot<br />

Chase (is he good, is he bad?) it’s all<br />

love, obsession, murder ... and loads<br />

of twists. Penguin<br />

In Lisa Gardner’s Still See You Everywhere, missing persons<br />

specialist Frankie Elkin is on an isolated island off the coast<br />

of Hawaii. Her mission ... to find Lani, the missing sister of a<br />

Death Row serial killer known as The Beautiful Butcher.<br />

Lani is being held captive by her millionaire ex-boyfriend<br />

on the island and the only way to gain access is for Frankie<br />

to go undercover. But can Frankie really trust the word of<br />

a serial killer? It’s Lisa Gardner. You know it’s going to be a<br />

spectacular read. Penguin<br />

With a scare on each page, you’re going to need<br />

a stiff drink. And we’re loving The Pogues<br />

- the official whiskey of the legendary Celtic<br />

punk band, one which celebrates the poetic<br />

rebelliousness of the Irish. This blended Irish<br />

whiskey boasts distinctive notes of caramel,<br />

malt, dried dark fruit, spices, honey and a touch<br />

of vanilla. You can drink on the rocks, or with<br />

your fave mixer. There are no rules! Around R329<br />

from your local bottle store.<br />

4 Get It <strong>Bloem</strong>fontein <strong>April</strong> 20<strong>24</strong> getitmagazine.co.za/bloemfontein

A week-long grief retreat on a<br />

beautiful country estate. A raging<br />

storm (there’s always a storm, isn’t<br />

there!). A missing guest. Many<br />

secrets. And a murderer. The Grief<br />

House by Rebecca Thorne may<br />

well be the most chilling book you<br />

read this year. Bloomsbury<br />

A group of friends reunite for<br />

a remote glamping holiday ...<br />

a relaxing long weekend. But<br />

before the weekend’s over, the<br />

20-year-long friendships start to<br />

crumble, there’s a storm (obvs),<br />

and one of the party is missing.<br />

No phone signal, no help, and<br />

a dead body. Twists, turns and<br />

chilling tension ... Hannah Richell’s<br />

The Search Party will keep you<br />

guessing. Simon and Schuster UK<br />

In this Michael Bennett thriller, a serial<br />

killer sniper is taking out impossible<br />

targets - all apparently unrelated - in<br />

New York. The profile ... great with a<br />

gun, probably ex-military. Which<br />

perfectly describes Bennett’s new<br />

partner - who’s quiet and secretive<br />

and often suspiciously absent from<br />

duty. Cross Hairs by James Patterson<br />

and James O’Born ... a really terrific<br />

read. Penguin<br />

A college girl looking for a new start,<br />

away from her small town, her family,<br />

and the memories of her dead best<br />

friend, moves into a shared house<br />

with a trio of new friends. All’s well -<br />

even if one is a little strange ... until<br />

one of them disappears, and a boy<br />

in the frat house next door is found<br />

dead. Only If You’re Lucky by Stacy<br />

Willingham ... great plot and sinister<br />

read. HarperCollins UK<br />

And the chic lit option ... What if you<br />

could skip the boring parts. The dating.<br />

The lazy flatmates. The climbing up<br />

the work ladder. Skipping straight<br />

to married, two perfect children,<br />

a high-powered job. When this<br />

happens to 26-year-old (now suddenly<br />

40-something) Lucy, she discovers<br />

that along with the good parts, there<br />

are surprises too. Sophie Cousens’<br />

The Good Part. Hodder and Stoughton<br />

Compiled by: KYM ARGO<br />

All books available at Exclusive Books and exclusivebooks.co.za<br />

getitmagazine.co.za/bloemfontein<br />

<strong>April</strong> 20<strong>24</strong> Get It <strong>Bloem</strong>fontein 5

Wish list<br />

Cover me with sunshine<br />

Make a positive change ... and eat your bowl<br />

too! These eco-friendly, wholesome, edible<br />

crisp Munch Bowls are perfect for picnics and<br />

functions ... they’re made of stone ground,<br />

unbleached wheat flour and digestive bran<br />

infused with rooibos tea for its antioxidant and<br />

preservative qualities. There are no nasties,<br />

they hold any food - even hot<br />

soup for up to three hours,<br />

are microwave and freezer<br />

friendly and come in a bowl<br />

and a saucer. And the best part<br />

... once you’ve finished your food,<br />

you simply eat the bowl. They<br />

come in packs of between eight<br />

and twenty, and cost from<br />

around R4.35 a bowl. Details:<br />

marketing@munchinnovation.com<br />

or WhatsApp 061-934-9313.<br />

SPONSORED: Wellness goals? Don’t<br />

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Stick to your wellness goals in 20<strong>24</strong> with better<br />

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unsweetened almond milk from Checkers. The<br />

almond milk is a good source of calcium, it’s<br />

dairy free, has no artificial colours or flavours<br />

and is preservatives-free. From R39.99 for a 1L.<br />

Enjoy all the goodness without compromising<br />

on flavour! Visit a Checkers store or get yours<br />

delivered to your door with Sixty60.<br />

Frayed edge<br />

bucket hat<br />

with adjustable<br />

drawstring, R479<br />

from zara.com<br />

Invigorating. Lively.<br />

Cheerful. Abercrombie &<br />

Fitch Authentic Self is all<br />

lemon zest, red currant,<br />

and juicy pear, with<br />

jasmine petals, freesia and<br />

lily of the valley, finishing<br />

with absolute cedar<br />

wood, sandalwood, musk<br />

adrenaline. It’s a breath<br />

of fresh air, R1299 from<br />

Dis-Chem.<br />

6 Get It <strong>Bloem</strong>fontein <strong>April</strong> 20<strong>24</strong> getitmagazine.co.za/bloemfontein

Create a happy corner ...<br />

sunshine mini vase, R185<br />

from thehomequarter.co.za.<br />

And grow pansies!<br />

W Bath&Body Awake<br />

energising citrus blossom<br />

glycerine soap, R49.95,<br />

and everyday delights<br />

citrus body wash, R119<br />

from Woolworths.<br />

An armful of joy. We’re besotted with the exquisite<br />

bracelets and necklaces from Lemons and Grace Studio ...<br />

they’re one-off originals, are handmade and so affordable.<br />

These chartreuse porcelain beads with filigree silver (R400)<br />

and yellow Evil Eye and Czech crystal (R280) versions<br />

certainly meet the cover-me-with-sunshine brief. All deets<br />

and orders via Instagram on @lemonsandgracestudio<br />

Blondes have more fun!<br />

It’s time to bring playfulness back into<br />

the mix when it comes to drinking<br />

whiskey. No more stuffy standards ...<br />

just the chance to let loose and make<br />

mixing whiskey fun again. Bright and<br />

vibrant, Johnnie Walker Blonde is made<br />

from a blend of wheat whiskey and<br />

single malts predominantly matured<br />

in first-fill American oak casks, and<br />

has subtle fruit flavours with a gentle<br />

vanilla finish ... perfect for casual<br />

sipping on a sunny afternoon. Try it in a<br />

chilled, ice-filled glass with lemonade<br />

or tonic water and an orange slice<br />

garnish, or with cola and a lemon slice.<br />

@JohnnieWalker on Facebook and<br />

Instagram. #KeepWalkingSA<br />

getitmagazine.co.za/bloemfontein<br />

<strong>April</strong> 20<strong>24</strong> Get It <strong>Bloem</strong>fontein 7<br />

Compiled by: KYM ARGO

‘Dancing is in my blood’<br />

– Tanya Cogle<br />

Compiled by: GYPSEENIA LION<br />

he principal instructor and owner of Vertitude<br />

Pole Studio, Tanya Cogle, who is passionate<br />

about dance and body movement in its<br />

entirety, was born to dance. She comes from<br />

a long tradition of dancers in her family. Pole<br />

fitness was about her wanting to try something out of<br />

the ordinary, and with dedication and commitment,<br />

it moved into her being elated to create and educate<br />

the public about the benefits and the misconceptions<br />

surrounding pole fitness.<br />

“I was born into a dancing family, my grandmother is a<br />

dance teacher (she still teaches), and my mother and<br />

my sister are dance teachers too. I have been dancing<br />

all my life. After school, I wanted to try something<br />

different and gave pole fitness a try, and that’s where it<br />

all started,” expressed Tanya.<br />

As a result, she founded her dance studio in 2016 which<br />

is currently based in Pellissier. “This passion eventually<br />

led me to pursue a career in dance and more so pole<br />

fitness, where I have had the opportunity to train award<br />

winning pole fitness dancers and be acknowledged as<br />

a leader in my industry.”<br />

Aware that pole fitness is often met with bad<br />

connotations, and a stripper stigma, Tanya mentioned<br />

that through explanation and education people will<br />

realise that it serves beneficial to people of all ages and<br />

races. “Anyone can do it whether you are 6 or 65-yearsold.<br />

It is fun and never boring, improves your mood and<br />

your health,” she explained.<br />

Tanya highlighted that pole fitness is about combining<br />

strength and flexibility. Which means the use of your<br />

own body weight to train.<br />

“The aim is to give you self-confidence, to trust yourself<br />

and believe in yourself while training. It’s not easy for<br />

most people to climb up high, go upside down or to<br />

spin around the pole.<br />

But each accomplishment is a step closer to our aim.<br />

Pole fitness is not easy and needs dedication,<br />

commitment, and endurance to continue as it gets<br />

tough. Most people stop as it gets difficult, but that’s<br />

where dedication and willingness to get ‘that’ move<br />

right, comes in.” How does a typical class work then?<br />

“In my pole fitness class, we would start with jumping<br />

jacks/rope skipping to get the heart pumping and to<br />

activate the muscles. We will do a general warm up<br />

and include specific warm up/conditioning for what<br />

will be taught on that day. A recap of the previous class<br />

moves and then a new move/spin or combination will<br />

be taught, or we will just work on challenges from the<br />

previous week. A cool down and stretch during the last<br />

10 minutes end the class,” she explained.<br />

She mentioned that although one is not always up for<br />

an exercise or for class, once you’ve started a routine,<br />

you almost never regret it as it is a great stress outlet.<br />

“We all motivate each other.<br />

If you get a move right, the class will always celebrate<br />

with you by clapping hands/cheering. We laugh<br />

together and no one judges anyone.”<br />

The feeling of getting<br />

‘that’ move right,<br />

which you have been<br />

practising for a month<br />

or so, is like winning a<br />

battle, you get a sense of<br />

accomplishment and feel<br />

so proud.”<br />

Tanya concluded by saying that pole fitness is for<br />

anyone who wants to become a part of an uplifting<br />

community,<br />

where they can make friends and have fun while<br />

exercising. “Progress isn’t always about learning<br />

something new; sometimes, it’s about mastering what<br />

we already know,” she said.<br />

8 Get It <strong>Bloem</strong>fontein <strong>April</strong> 20<strong>24</strong> getitmagazine.co.za/bloemfontein

getitmagazine.co.za/bloemfontein<br />

<strong>April</strong> 20<strong>24</strong> Get It <strong>Bloem</strong>fontein 9

Dr Jessica Shennan:<br />

Unlocking the healing power<br />

of homeopathy<br />


Dr Jessica Shennan’s journey into the medical field<br />

was heavily influenced by her mother, Ursula, a<br />

seasoned nursing sister with over four decades<br />

of experience. Witnessing her mother’s love and<br />

dedication to patient care is what ignited a spark<br />

within her and this pushed her towards a career in<br />

medicine. However, it was her personal battle with<br />

endometriosis at the tender age of 12 that made<br />

her explore natural medicine.<br />

“I was diagnosed with endometriosis and put on<br />

the Oral Contraceptive Pill. I gained over 10 kg and<br />

was very unhappy. I made it a personal endeavour<br />

to find a natural cure. When I became open to the<br />

idea of natural medicine, I found an abundance of<br />

resources to alternative medicine and successfully<br />

treated my endometriosis,” she says.<br />

Homeopathy, as Dr Jessica passionately explains,<br />

transcends conventional medicine by addressing<br />

not only the physical symptoms but also the<br />

mental and emotional well-being of individuals.<br />

“Everything is energy and can be measured<br />

as a frequency – including human beings.<br />

Different cells within our body vibrate at different<br />

frequencies.<br />

The concept of frequencies has been around for<br />

a long time; however, we now have advanced<br />

medical technology that can measure vibrations,<br />

frequencies, or resonance,” she explains.<br />

Dr Jessica further explains that homeopathy is<br />

frequency medicine and by way of introducing<br />

a non-toxic stimulus in the form of a remedy;<br />

homeopathy heals by restoring healthy resonant<br />

frequencies.<br />

“Disruptions in the energetic fields are removed,<br />

innate defense mechanisms are activated, and<br />

optimal health is restored. This is why homeopathy<br />

is unique in its ability to treat the root cause of<br />

illness.”<br />

In her practice, Dr Jessica incorporates a<br />

personalised approach, recognising the unique<br />

vibrational signatures of each individual. Through<br />

the administration of non-toxic remedies, she<br />

aims to harmonise the energetic fields, thereby<br />

alleviating ailments at their root cause. This holistic<br />

perspective distinguishes homeopathy from other<br />

forms of alternative medicine, offering a profound<br />

understanding of the interconnectedness<br />

between mind, body, and spirit.<br />

Despite the challenges posed by scepticism and<br />

misconceptions surrounding homeopathy, Dr<br />

Jessica remains steadfast in her commitment to<br />

spreading awareness and facilitating healing. “I<br />

think it’s great to question everything. I’m always<br />

open for discussion and I try to explain in the best<br />

way possible.”<br />

Outside her professional career, Dr Jessica finds<br />

comfort and joy in her role as a mother to her oneyear-old<br />

son, Joel.<br />

Cherishing moments with her family and<br />

engaging in community activities, such as singing<br />

in the worship team at her local church, provide<br />

her with a sense of balance and fulfilment.<br />

Reflecting on her journey thus far, Dr Jessica recalls<br />

a touching success story that exemplifies the<br />

transformative power of homeopathy.<br />

“I treated a young girl with severe rheumatoid<br />

arthritis. It was so bad she couldn’t hold a pen<br />

although she loved to write. When she got well<br />

she made me a hand-written card to thank me. It<br />

meant so much to me that I cried, I was so grateful<br />

to be able to help her and she blessed me in<br />

return,” she shares.<br />

Dr Jessica believes that homeopathy should be<br />

everyone’s first line of defense. “It is very cost<br />

effective and provides a gentle, yet effective<br />

treatment free of side-effects.”<br />

10 Get It <strong>Bloem</strong>fontein <strong>April</strong> 20<strong>24</strong> getitmagazine.co.za/bloemfontein

Dr Jessica Shennan is not your<br />

typical practitioner. With close<br />

to a decade of experience and<br />

a fervent passion for holistic<br />

healing, she passionately<br />

hopes to help those seeking<br />

alternative paths to wellness.<br />

getitmagazine.co.za/bloemfontein<br />

<strong>April</strong> 20<strong>24</strong> Get It <strong>Bloem</strong>fontein 11

14 Get It <strong>Bloem</strong>fontein <strong>April</strong> 20<strong>24</strong> getitmagazine.co.za/bloemfontein

Get your glow on with<br />

GloPotion vitamin C<br />

5% serum, R180 • Apply<br />

GloPotion vitamin<br />

C bamboo sheet<br />

mask at night to<br />

treat, brighten and<br />

moisturise your face,<br />

R55.99. Both from<br />

theglopotion.co.za<br />

tired<br />

O F H O W Y O U F E E L O R<br />

L O O K ?<br />

stop dreaming and start doing<br />

S A Y yes T O<br />

Y O U R D R E A M<br />

body W I T H M E<br />

getitmagazine.co.za/bloemfontein<br />

Jozi Curls Style nongreasy<br />

curl enhancing<br />

spray with raw shea<br />

butter, honeybush and<br />

marula oil, R74.99. In the<br />

same range, there’s a<br />

hydrating shampoo and<br />

leave in conditioner, all<br />

from takealot.com<br />

Heliocare 360° Age<br />

Active Fluid SPF 50<br />

protects, repairs and<br />

corrects with oxidativestress<br />

and age prevention<br />

benefits. Suitable for<br />

mature skin. R600 from<br />

dermastore.co.za<br />

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for your entire Healthier You Journey<br />

all natural<br />

H E A L T H<br />

P R O D U C T S<br />

Y O L A N D É K O U P I S 082 965 1138<br />

the best time to start is TODAY


Unlocking holistic well-being<br />

with Ozone Clinic<br />

Text and Photography: WARREN HAWKINS<br />

In the heart of <strong>Bloem</strong>fontein, a hidden gem has<br />

emerged, offering a transformative experience that<br />

transcends traditional health solutions. The Ozone<br />

Clinic, nestled in Westdene, stands as a beacon of<br />

holistic well-being, spearheaded by the dynamic duo<br />

of Sharine Barnard and Iolanda Sameiro Laranja. As part<br />

of their multi-disciplinary team, they are now joined by the<br />

expertise of Dr Melissa Grabe, a qualified nurse and a boardcertified<br />

psychologist. The clinic has evolved into a one-stop<br />

destination for those seeking a blend of specialised medical<br />

treatments and aesthetic enhancements/solutions.<br />

Sharine and Iolanda’s journey dates back to their childhood,<br />

their paths crossing in Jan Kempdorp where they grew up<br />

before becoming fully-fledged Kovsies and before diverging<br />

into distinct career trajectories. Fast-forward to a year ago, and<br />

these lifelong friends reunited to steer The Ozone Clinic into<br />

a medically specialised clinic addressing body, mind and soul<br />

– as their goal remains to help people live healthy, beautiful<br />

lives. The end-goal will always be focussing on ensuring<br />

people achieve optimal quality of life (QoL), irrespective of<br />

what their medical challenges or needs/goals are.<br />

With a friendship spanning 33 years, these two women have<br />

embarked on the journey to drive Ozone into the future. With<br />

over eight years dedicated to shaping the clinic, Sharine’s<br />

vision aligns seamlessly with Iolanda’s background in the<br />

pharmaceutical industry, setting the stage for a pioneering<br />

venture in women’s health and empowerment.<br />

At the core of The Ozone Clinic’s offerings is its medicalgrade<br />

ozone sauna therapy, a treatment that seamlessly fuses<br />

hypothermia and ozone. This powerful therapy facilitates the<br />

absorption of 100% oxygen through the skin, penetrating<br />

blood, lymph, and fat. The result? A natural, non-invasive<br />

process that aids the body in combating viruses, bacteria,<br />

fungi, and other pathogens while enhancing cellular<br />

oxygenation – a holistic rejuvenation from the inside<br />

out.<br />

The Ozone Clinic is not merely about ozone therapy;<br />

it’s a fully-fledged specialised medical and aesthetic<br />

practice with a dedicated multi-disciplinary team of<br />

professionals. Sharine, Iolanda, Dr Melissa Grabe, a<br />

seasoned general practitioner specialising in aesthetic<br />

medicine with a special interest in Dermatology, a<br />

board-certified psychologist and Nurse Bontle join<br />

forces starting 1 <strong>April</strong>.<br />

Their dedicated team will offer, as mentioned, all of<br />

the above and also including nutritional consultations<br />

and lab testing, ensuring a well-rounded approach to<br />

patient care.<br />

The clinic’s venture into medical aesthetics – including<br />

botox and fillers – would include a facial profile

analysis and balancing by a healthcare practitioner or doctor,<br />

thread-lifting, and medical weight-loss management, to<br />

mention but a few, and is complemented by an investment in<br />

cutting-edge technology with their new partner EndyMed.<br />

A state-of-the-art machine places The Ozone Clinic at the<br />

forefront of dermatology and aesthetics in the country. This<br />

technological advancement aligns with the clinic’s vision to<br />

provide patients with the latest breakthroughs in medical<br />

treatment with complimentary pharmaceutical solutions – in<br />

other words, healing from within with long-term and real<br />

results as opposed to having our patients break the bank with<br />

expensive external treatments and products that cost an arm<br />

and a leg and don’t necessarily last and of course the costs of<br />

being beautiful simply keeps mounting as women know all too<br />

well. However, there is no other such technology available in<br />

and around <strong>Bloem</strong>fontein at this stage.<br />

The Ozone Clinic is also breaking new ground by introducing<br />

Stem Cell IVs in their drip lounge, forging collaborations with<br />

sports medicine specialists and embryologists from Pretoria. IV<br />

solutions will also offer treatment for resistant depression and<br />

anxiety. These will not only cover physical health solutions but<br />

also mental well-being.<br />

All of these advancements create an environment where<br />

individuals, especially women, can address a diverse spectrum<br />

of health issues. Unique to Ozone Clinic is its commitment<br />

to making the ozone therapy experience enjoyable. The<br />

inclusion of amenities such as entertainment screens and<br />

engaging conversations during sessions transforms each visit<br />

into a positive and uplifting experience. It’s a testament to<br />

their belief that well-being extends beyond treatment – it’s<br />

about nurturing the mind and soul. The Ozone Clinic’s venture<br />

into the medical and aesthetic field is not just about meeting<br />

current needs but envisioning the future of healthcare. The<br />

team is passionate about offering the very latest in medical<br />

advancements and most comprehensive care solutions<br />

that addresses the physical, mental, and aesthetic aspects of<br />

health. As they continue their journey, their focus remains<br />

on innovation and effective solutions that contribute to the<br />

holistic well-being of their clients. Embark on a transformative<br />

journey with The Ozone Clinic – a destination where cuttingedge<br />

medical treatments meet compassionate care, unlocking<br />

the doors to holistic well-being. Get in touch with Sharine &<br />

Sam @ 082 497 7550 or 073 937 4282 to start your journey in<br />

comprehensive medical solutions in health, and the very latest<br />

in Beauty Treatments & New Beauty secrets at your doorstep<br />

now in <strong>Bloem</strong>fontein at 1A President Steyn Street, Westdene,<br />

<strong>Bloem</strong>fontein - The Aesthetic Hub<br />

Specializing In<br />

• Skin consultations<br />

• Facial profile analysis and balancing<br />

• Anti-wrinkle injections<br />

• Hyaluronic acid dermal fillers<br />

• Dynamic facial balancing<br />

• Therapeutic treatment with botulinum<br />

toxin A: hyperhidrosis (excessive sweating),<br />

bruxism (teeth grinding) and chronic<br />

migraines.<br />

• Thread lifting<br />

• Liquid face lift (Toxin, Filler and Threads)<br />

• Intravenous vitamin therapy<br />

• Medical weight loss management<br />

082 497 7550 | 073 937 4282



It seems as if colour-blocking might be trendy<br />

again and we’ve done just that with these items.<br />

With the weather getting chilly, these items are a<br />

perfect addition to your closet.<br />

Let’s start off this look with<br />

two base colours. Red<br />

and blue. We’ve selected<br />

this fitted polo neck<br />

jersey which is a layering<br />

essential this season. R279<br />

from Foschini.<br />

Now let’s spice it up by<br />

bringing in our colourblocking<br />

colour with<br />

this cobalt blue double<br />

breasted coat. R1099 from<br />

Truworths.<br />

Add a little chic style<br />

to your look with this<br />

Bramone envelopeinspired<br />

crossbody<br />

bag. It features a<br />

polished outer with<br />

glam metallic lock<br />

detail and a semi-chain<br />

strap to elevate your look.<br />

R1299 from Steve Madden.<br />

Compiled by JUSTINE FORTUIN<br />

Bring the look together with these<br />

chunky monogram trim chelsea boot.<br />

R469.99 from Edgars.<br />

Monochromatic<br />

colours are also<br />

a thing. Pair this<br />

cute red mini skirt<br />

with the polo<br />

neck to create<br />

that look. R99<br />

from Foschini.<br />

18 Get It <strong>Bloem</strong>fontein <strong>April</strong> 20<strong>24</strong> getitmagazine.co.za/bloemfontein


Now let’s accessorise.<br />

Shimmer and shine with<br />

every step, these black<br />

rhinestone stockings add<br />

a touch of glamour to<br />

any outfit. Elevate your<br />

wardrobe and attract<br />

compliments with this<br />

stunning accessory.<br />

R79.99 from Legit.<br />




350CAL / HR<br />



Layer this oversized<br />

longer-length coat over<br />

just about any dress<br />

for a sophisticated<br />

on-trend look. R1199<br />

from Foschini<br />


Let’s invert the colour-blocking<br />

look with this Essence Blue<br />

bodycon dress. R1250 from<br />

Truworths.<br />


R200 PER COURT<br />


R150 PER COURT<br />


073 448 4173<br />

9AM-4PM<br />

Facebook<br />

Pair this look with these stunning<br />

Parker pumps. R4915 from<br />

Michael Kors.<br />

getitmagazine.co.za/bloemfontein<br />





Happy children, happy life<br />


ausePlay Counselling is a practice within the family-focused therapy<br />

centre and the founder, Olivia Clelland, has officially opened this<br />

cheerful practice at 88 General Hertzog Street in Dan Pienaar,<br />

<strong>Bloem</strong>fontein.<br />

Since play is the language of children, counselling them in this way<br />

is an effective way to provide achievable skills at every age group and<br />

most children can benefit quite a lot from play counselling by learning good<br />

communication, regulating emotions well, and developing good social skills<br />

“PausePlay is a space where kids can come as they are, to learn emotional<br />

regulation, strategies against bullying, and coping mechanisms for anxiety, grief,<br />

ADHD, anger management, and divorce,” mentioned Olivia.<br />

Olivia further mentioned that parents from <strong>Bloem</strong>fontein can benefit so much<br />

from PausePlay Counselling because of the large younger generation that the<br />

city has.<br />

This play counsellor is looking forward to making a positive change in the<br />

community by assisting children to develop in well-adjusted<br />

members of the community who has strong family bonds.<br />

PausePlay aims to offer children genuine love and a<br />

strong connection. “My playful nature makes me feel<br />

like a big kid myself, so I know children can pick<br />

up on that. Not only will it make them feel more<br />

comfortable, but they will be able to identify that<br />

PausePlay is a safe space for them,” says the play<br />

counsellor.<br />

Olivia is not only focused on the well-being<br />

of the children, she tends to take care of the<br />

parents as well. “Although I don’t work with<br />

adults in counselling myself, as I focus mostly<br />

on children aged three to teens, after play<br />

counselling sessions with the children,<br />

I have sessions with their parents/<br />

guardians to discuss their child’s<br />

needs.”<br />

The owner of PausePlay<br />

Counselling highly<br />

recommends this therapy as<br />

it can be a valuable resource<br />

for supporting your child<br />

both at home and at school<br />

while providing tools and<br />

strategies to help them<br />

navigate their challenges<br />

effectively.<br />

Get in touch with<br />

Pauseplay counselling<br />

today on 071-506-4930<br />

or send an email on<br />

pauseplaycounselling@<br />

gmail.com<br />

As defined by<br />

the Association<br />

for Play Therapy,<br />

play counselling<br />

can be seen as a<br />

method where play<br />

counsellors use the<br />

therapeutic power of<br />

play to help children<br />

navigate through<br />

difficult life decisions.

Simply<br />

delicious<br />

Ella Mills is on a mission to make living a healthy lifestyle easier. In<br />

Healthy Made Simple, she shows you how you can have a nutritious,<br />

delicious plant-based recipe ready in 30 minutes or less.<br />

Healthy Made Simple is filled with<br />

vibrant, flavour-packed, plant-based<br />

recipes using no more than 10<br />

easy-to-find ingredients ... all easy to<br />

make and crammed with goodness.<br />

Think prep-ahead porridge three<br />

ways, and energising smoothies,<br />

on-the-go lunches, salads and<br />

sandwiches, sensational bowls<br />

and soups - the pea, broccoli and<br />

walnut soup with herby croutons<br />

will be made on repeat this year, as<br />

will the garlicky barley and green<br />

bean salad with herby almonds.<br />

Curries, traybakes, muffins and<br />

sweet treats. Yellow Kite, Hodder &<br />

Stoughton, R620 from Exclusive Books<br />


This is the kind of meal I cook both<br />

for myself and my kids on repeat. The<br />

whole family loves it, it’s especially<br />

quick to make and it’s still loaded<br />

with veg. Using edamame, peas and<br />

cashews really ups the plant protein<br />

too, so you’ve got almost 20g per<br />

serving. I’ve popped it in the lunch<br />

chapter, as it’s a great hot, filling<br />

option when you’re at home, but it<br />

works brilliantly as a midweek supper<br />

too. Serves 2. Time 15 minutes<br />

You’ll need: 2 servings of pasta<br />

(about 75g per person), I use whole<br />

wheat; 100g frozen peas; 100g<br />

frozen edamame; large handful of<br />

baby spinach (about 50g), roughly<br />

chopped; sea salt and black pepper<br />

For the herby green sauce: 50g<br />

cashews; 75ml oat milk; 1 Tbsp olive<br />

oil ½ tsp Dijon or wholegrain mustard;<br />

grated zest and juice of 1 lemon; ½<br />

bunch of coriander (about 10–15g),<br />

finely chopped, plus extra to serve;<br />

½ bunch of dill, basil or parsley<br />

(about 10–15g), finely chopped, plus<br />

extra to serve; small handful (about<br />

25g) of baby spinach; sea salt and<br />

black pepper<br />

To make: Cook the pasta in boiling<br />

water with a pinch of salt, according<br />

to the instructions on the pack.<br />

Add the frozen peas, edamame and<br />

spinach for the last minute or two, so<br />

that the veg is tender and the spinach<br />

has wilted. Drain and leave to cool for<br />

a minute or two, then put everything<br />

back into the pan.<br />

While the pasta cooks, make the<br />

sauce. Simply put all the ingredients<br />

into a high-speed blender with<br />

a generous sprinkling of salt and<br />

pepper and blitz until you have a<br />

smooth sauce. Add an extra splash<br />

of milk or olive oil if needed to get it<br />

to a consistency you like and check<br />

the seasoning.<br />

Pour the sauce over the pan of pasta<br />

and mix until it’s coated. This can be<br />

served warm or cold, depending on<br />

the time of year and your preference.<br />

Season to taste and serve with an<br />

extra drizzle of olive oil and the<br />

extra herbs.<br />

To make it nut-free, simply swap the<br />

cashews for sunflower seeds - it’s just<br />

as delicious.<br />

22 Get It <strong>Bloem</strong>fontein <strong>April</strong> 20<strong>24</strong> getitmagazine.co.za/bloemfontein


I’m always thinking about different ways to get more veggies<br />

into my meals and this recipe is such a great way of upping<br />

your greens, with spinach in both the sauce and the broth. It’s<br />

delicious as a light supper and feels like a mix between a soup,<br />

broth and a stew; equally serve it with brown rice or another<br />

grain, a toasted piece of sourdough, a jacket potato, roasted<br />

veggies or pan-fried greens. Serves 4. 20 minutes<br />

You’ll need: 1 Tbsp olive oil; 2 shallots, thinly sliced; 2 leeks, cut<br />

into 1cm slices; 4 garlic cloves, finely chopped; 1 vegetable<br />

stock cube; 2 × 400g tins of butter beans; 4 large handfuls of<br />

spinach (about 200g) roughly chopped; grated zest and juice of<br />

1 lemon; sea salt and black pepper<br />

For the sauce: 100ml oat milk; ½ tsp brown rice miso paste;<br />

2 Tbsp nutritional yeast; large handful of baby spinach<br />

(about 50g)<br />

To make: Set a heavy-bottomed saucepan over a medium heat<br />

and add the olive oil. Once the oil is warm, add the shallots,<br />

leeks and a pinch of salt. Cook for 8–10 minutes, stirring<br />

occasionally, until they soften. Add the garlic and cook for a<br />

further 2 minutes, until it’s golden and fragrant.<br />

Next, add the stock cube and butter beans, along with the<br />

liquid from each of the tins. Bring to the boil, then cover with a<br />

lid and simmer for 10 minutes, until thickened.<br />

While the beans are cooking, make the sauce. Simply put the<br />

oat milk, miso, nutritional yeast and the baby spinach into a<br />

high-speed blender and blitz until perfectly smooth.<br />

Once the beans are ready, pour in the sauce and add the<br />

spinach, stirring until it’s wilted. Stir in the lemon juice and<br />

season to taste with salt and pepper. Scatter over the lemon<br />

zest before serving.<br />


I make a variation of this for my kids a lot, using whatever greens I have in<br />

the fridge – green beans, asparagus, spinach etc. It’s exceptionally simple<br />

yet super satisfying. Serves 2. Time 15 minutes<br />

You’ll need: 2 servings of pasta - I like orecchiette in this dish (about 75g<br />

per person); 1 small head broccoli (about 300g) cut into small florets; 100g<br />

frozen peas; large handful of cashews (about 50g, see notes below); 1<br />

vegetable stock cube; 1 tsp Dijon mustard; 1 Tbsp nutritional yeast; grated<br />

zest and juice of 2 lemons; 1 × 400g tin of butter beans, drained and<br />

rinsed; sea salt and black pepper<br />

To make: Bring a large saucepan of salted water to the boil and add<br />

the pasta. Cook according to the instructions on the pack, adding the<br />

broccoli and frozen peas for the last 3 minutes of the cooking time.<br />

Cook until the pasta is al dente, the broccoli is tender, and the peas are<br />

defrosted, then drain and return to the pan.<br />

Meanwhile put the cashews and stock cube into a bowl with 100ml<br />

boiling water, let the stock cube dissolve and the cashews soak for<br />

5 minutes.<br />

Put the mustard, nutritional yeast, the juice of both lemons and half the<br />

zest, and half the tin of butter beans into a high-speed blender along<br />

with the cashews and their soaking liquid. Blend until you have a smooth,<br />

creamy sauce. Season with salt and pepper to taste.<br />

Pour the sauce over the drained pasta and veg, adding the last half of the<br />

butter beans. Stir to combine and top with a little extra lemon zest.<br />

Note: To make this nut-free, swap the cashews for sunflower seeds.<br />

getitmagazine.co.za/bloemfontein<br />

<strong>April</strong> 20<strong>24</strong> Get It <strong>Bloem</strong>fontein 23

Compiled by: KYM ARGO<br />

Avocado toast with microgreens,<br />

pistachios, and parmesan<br />

The true origins of avocado toast may<br />

never be ascertained, but the nowubiquitous<br />

breakfast favourite appears to<br />

have started in Australia in 1993 when a<br />

Sydney chef put it on his menu. However,<br />

Southern Californians who grew up in<br />

the 1950s can attest to it being a part of<br />

their food world long before its global<br />

popularity. Today, the toast has gone<br />

well beyond the basic crushed avocado,<br />

salt, and pepper to just about anything a<br />

cook fancies. Pistachios, for one, make an<br />

excellent topping: colourful, flavourful, and<br />

crunchy. Some salty cheese and a sprinkle<br />

of microgreens are added here, but the<br />

only real limit is the creator’s imagination.<br />

You’ll need: 2 slices whole-grain bread;<br />

1 avocado; 1/4 tsp fine sea salt; 1/4 tsp<br />

freshly ground black pepper; 1/2 cup<br />

(15 g) microgreens; 1/3 cup (45 g)<br />

pistachios, coarsely chopped; 1/2 cup<br />

(55 g) shaved Parmesan cheese<br />

To make: Toast the bread slices in a toaster<br />

or toaster oven, then place each slice<br />

on a plate.<br />

With a sharp knife, cut the avocado in<br />

half. Carefully remove the pit, prying<br />

it away with the tip of the knife. With<br />

each avocado half still in its skin, cut it<br />

lengthwise into slices 12mm thick, being<br />

careful not to pierce the skin. Slide the<br />

knife between the flesh and the skin of<br />

an avocado half to remove the slices and<br />

arrange slices on a piece of toast. Repeat<br />

with the remaining avocado half, topping<br />

the second piece of toast.<br />

Sprinkle the avocado with the salt and<br />

pepper, followed by the microgreens and<br />

pistachios. Top with the cheese and serve.<br />

Variations:<br />

• Mashed avocado, pomegranate<br />

arils (seeds), crumbled feta cheese,<br />

chopped pistachios<br />

• Mashed avocado, smoked salmon slices,<br />

capers, goat cheese, fresh dill sprigs,<br />

chopped pistachios<br />

• Cubed avocado, chopped hardcooked<br />

egg, bay shrimp, radish slices,<br />

chopped pistachios<br />

• Cubed avocado, cherry tomato halves,<br />

crisp bacon crumbles or slices, fresh<br />

marjoram leaves, chopped pistachios<br />

• Sliced avocado, tomato slices,<br />

burrata cheese, fresh basil leaves,<br />

chopped pistachios<br />

AVO<br />

&<br />

pistachio<br />

Pistachio - Savory and Sweet<br />

Recipes Inspired by World<br />

Cuisines by Barbara Bryant<br />

and Georgeanne Brennan is<br />

a celebration of the striking<br />

flavour of this jewel of nuts -<br />

with inspiration from Turkey,<br />

Iran, Afghanistan and North<br />

Africa to Italy, Greece, Spain<br />

and France. From simple grilled<br />

asparagus with sieved egg<br />

and pistachio oil vinaigrette, to<br />

lime cheesecake with pistachio<br />

crust, it’s dish after dish after<br />

dish with pistachios taking<br />

centre stage. Abrams, R755<br />

<strong>24</strong> Get It <strong>Bloem</strong>fontein <strong>April</strong> 20<strong>24</strong> getitmagazine.co.za/bloemfontein



Green and dark-skinned avocados are available in South Africa<br />

almost all year round and the good news is that whichever colour avo you<br />

choose, they’re all equally delicious and nutritious.<br />

Remember that green-skinned avos<br />

remain green when ripe, while the<br />

dark-skinned avos turn purple-black<br />

when ready to eat – so please don’t<br />

squeeze! Even though avocados<br />

may vary in colour, shape and size,<br />

they are all a source of nutrients and<br />

can be included as part of a healthy<br />

eating plan.<br />

Avocados are one of the most<br />

versatile fruits around. It’s not hard<br />

to see why – they can be mashed,<br />

diced, sliced and puréed for<br />

everything from guacamole; salads;<br />

pizza toppings; sandwich and wrap<br />

fillings; soups; snacks and dips; and<br />

even ice-cream.<br />

They’re great for breakfast, lunch,<br />

supper and dessert, as well as in<br />

between snacks for when you’re on<br />

the move. And with zero preparation<br />

time involved, they’re ultraconvenient,<br />

and quick and easy to<br />

prepare no matter what dish you’re<br />

making. It really couldn’t be easier!<br />

So, no matter what you’re planning<br />

for your next meal always add an avo;<br />

whether on the side, on top or inside<br />

– green-skinned or dark-skinned – for<br />

double the deliciousness!<br />

Health facts<br />

The best thing about avos is that<br />

they are all:<br />

• High in energy<br />

• High in heart healthy fats<br />

• High in vitamin K<br />

• High in biotin<br />

• Cholesterol free<br />

• Sodium free<br />

• A source of fibre<br />

Avocados can form part of a<br />

successful energy-controlled diet for<br />

weight management. The healthy<br />

monounsaturated fats found in<br />

avocados give a feeling of fullness,<br />

which reduces the temptation to<br />

overeat or binge on less healthy foods.<br />

Sushi Bagels recipe that is load-shedding friendly<br />

Serves 4, preparation time 25 minutes<br />

Ingredients: 120g packet smoked trout/salmon ribbons, 4 bagels, cut in half<br />

horizontally, 2 avocados, peeled, ½ cucumber, 12 slices pickled ginger, 5ml (1 tsp)<br />

wasabi (optional), Squeeze of lemon juice, to taste, Salt and pepper, 10ml (2 tsp)<br />

sesame seeds (black and/or white)<br />

Method: Trim and wrap 3 trout/salmon ribbons around one of the bagel tops.<br />

Use a vegetable peeler to shave 3 long avo strips and 3 cucumber strips and<br />

wrap around the bagel top. Add 3 slices of ginger. Repeat with the remaining<br />

bagel tops.<br />

Mash all the remaining avo with the wasabi, if using, and lemon juice. Season<br />

with salt and pepper. Use the smashed avo as a little ‘glue’ to stick the sesame<br />

seeds onto the bagel tops.<br />

Spread the mashed avo onto the bottom halves of the bagels and sandwich<br />

together with the tops.<br />

For further information and avo<br />

recipes, visit www.avocado.co.za, like<br />

@iloveavocadoSA on Facebook and<br />

follow @iloveavosSA on Instagram.

With 5 stars in the Platter’s 20<strong>24</strong> SA<br />

Wine Guide, this Le Riche Cabernet<br />

Sauvignon 2021 is the one to bring out<br />

for special celebrations. Fruit forward<br />

- delicious fresh black fruits, and firm<br />

tannins assist in creating a voluptuous,<br />

creamy mouthfeel which is balanced<br />

by a long, appetising finish. Enjoy<br />

with beef fillet with a cream and<br />

peppercorn sauce, or springbok<br />

ravioli with butternut. R330<br />

Baked in the oven,<br />

pan-fried, grilled or smoked.<br />

No matter how it is<br />

prepared, salmon is always<br />

delicious. And to take it<br />

to the next level ... serve<br />

with a glass of Muratie<br />

Isabella Chardonnay. This<br />

full-bodied, subtly oaked<br />

Chardonnay - with an<br />

enticing peach-blossom<br />

fragrance, ripe stone fruit,<br />

melon and citrus flavours<br />

with hints of hazelnuts<br />

and vanilla cream perfectly<br />

complements the richness<br />

of salmon. R280<br />

Wine<br />

For glam celebrations or<br />

casual dinners ... salute<br />

Compiled by: KYM ARGO<br />

The exquisite next vintage of Cavalli Chardonnay 2023 has been<br />

released ... a burst of bright tropical flavours and delicate white stone<br />

fruit - zesty lime, tangy orange, and juicy nectarine with a tropical hint of<br />

pineapple and mango, along with a touch of delicate spice and vanilla<br />

and buttery brioche. R210<br />

The vegan-friendly Journey’s End V1<br />

Chardonnay 2022 is elegant, refined, with<br />

a gorgeous aromatic freshness (think citrus<br />

with vibrant lemon and lime notes and hints<br />

of floral orange blossom), and a silky smooth<br />

palate - with subtle coconut and peach<br />

notes. R195. From the same estate, the V3<br />

Shiraz 2020 is an easy-drinking wine with an<br />

expressive aromatic delivery of blackcurrants<br />

and violets with notes of white pepper and<br />

dried coriander. Generous oak aging in<br />

larger format barrels allowed the vineyard<br />

character to shine, with great natural acidity<br />

and a silky long-lasting finish. R218<br />

26 Get It <strong>Bloem</strong>fontein <strong>April</strong> 20<strong>24</strong> getitmagazine.co.za/bloemfontein


Insider tips to lose the bloat for optimal digestive health<br />

In the pursuit of overall well-being, one aspect that often gets<br />

overlooked is the health of our gut. But it’s fast becoming a<br />

trending topic as people are seeing remarkable changes to their<br />

health when they just tweak a few things in their diet. A balanced<br />

gut microbiome is crucial for digestion, nutrient absorption,<br />

promotes gut-brain health and clarity, plays a role in our immune<br />

system and hormonal functioning and our skin health. Eco-Diva<br />

Natural Superfood Skincare founder Nicole Sherwin explores<br />

some practical insider tips to foster good gut health through<br />

balanced nutrition and plant-powered supplements.<br />

Get It loves ... Good Gut Glow -<br />

Superfood Beauty Smoothie,<br />

which gives your skin a boost from<br />

the inside out, and is the ultimate<br />

solution for a balanced gut and<br />

perfectly glowing skin. Certified<br />

organic, delicious and nourishing, it’s<br />

packed with a powerful blend of plant<br />

superfoods, prebiotics, plant protein<br />

and fibre, which promote overall gut<br />

balance, increased energy, better<br />

sleep, a healthy libido and a glowing<br />

skin. R357 from ecodiva.co.za<br />

Nicole’s top tips for good gut health<br />


Load up on fibre-rich foods like whole grains, legumes,<br />

fruits, and vegetables. Fibre serves as fuel for beneficial<br />

gut bacteria, promoting a thriving microbiome.<br />

Include plant-based proteins -<br />

Opt for plant-based protein sources like beans, lentils,<br />

tofu, and quinoa. These not only provide essential<br />

amino acids but also contribute to a healthier gut<br />

environment.<br />


Incorporate nutrient-dense superfoods like kale,<br />

blueberries, and broccoli into your diet. These<br />

power-packed foods contain antioxidants and<br />

phytochemicals that support overall health, including<br />

gut health.<br />


Include prebiotic-rich foods such as garlic, onions,<br />

leeks, and bananas. Prebiotics act as food for beneficial<br />

bacteria, fostering a robust microbiome.<br />

Integrate baobab for gut wellness -<br />

Baobab, derived from the African baobab tree, is rich<br />

in fibre, vitamin C, and antioxidants. Including baobab<br />

in your diet can aid digestion and contribute to a<br />

healthy gut.<br />


Consider incorporating supplements like probiotics,<br />

prebiotics and multivitamins to support gut health.<br />

Probiotics introduce beneficial bacteria, while<br />

multivitamins fill potential nutrient gaps in your diet.<br />


Clean, fresh water (NOT TAP WATER) is essential for<br />

maintaining a healthy gut. It helps in the digestion and<br />

absorption of nutrients, ensuring smooth functioning<br />

of your digestive system.<br />


Limit processed foods (anything that is prepackaged<br />

or fast foods), sugary snacks, and excessive red meat<br />

consumption, as these can disrupt the balance of your<br />

gut microbiome.<br />

Cultivating a healthy gut is a holistic journey that<br />

involves mindful eating and incorporating gutfriendly<br />

foods and supplements into your lifestyle.<br />

By adopting a plant-based diet rich in fibre, plantbased<br />

proteins, and superfoods, along with strategic<br />

supplementation, you can foster a diverse and thriving<br />

gut microbiome, laying the foundation for overall wellbeing.<br />

Remember, a happy gut is a key to a happy and<br />

healthy life.<br />

For more info on maintaining a healthy gut, visit<br />

ecodiva.co.za, @ecodivanatural<br />

28 Get It <strong>Bloem</strong>fontein <strong>April</strong> 20<strong>24</strong> getitmagazine.co.za/bloemfontein

GUT<br />

HEALTH<br />

Let’s have a cup of tea. Sweetest words ever. Grace Tea has<br />

a selection of eight herbal teas, with ingredients selected to<br />

nurture and nourish your body naturally. It draws inspiration<br />

from ancient Ayurvedic science to harness the proven methods<br />

that restore the body’s delicate balance, providing you with a<br />

natural pathway to well-being.<br />

You can choose from<br />

Immunity tea – to support the<br />

body’s immune system; Gut tea<br />

– to support the gut; Heart Tea<br />

– to support the cardio system;<br />

BP Care tea – to support the<br />

management of blood pressure;<br />

Joint tea – to assist in easing joint<br />

pain; Thyroid tea – to support<br />

thyroid function and well-being;<br />

Sugar Balancing tea – to maintain<br />

and support blood sugar levels;<br />

and PCOS (Polycystic Ovary<br />

Syndrome) tea – for women who<br />

need hormonal balance support,<br />

insulin regulation and menstrual<br />

support. A pack of 20 teabags<br />

costs R180 from gracebeverages.<br />

co.za. Instagram and Facebook<br />

@gracebeveragesSA<br />

Beat the bloat! Kiko Vitals Debloat + Gut Glow is an all-natural<br />

vitamin, packed with organic fruit enzymes and calming<br />

anti-inflammatory ingredients. This blend of five herbs and a<br />

fruit-based digestive enzyme targets every possible cause for<br />

bloating. Besides alleviating bloating, it also reduces water<br />

retention and puffiness, aids digestion and soothes cramps,<br />

supports gut health, speeds food break down and prevents gas.<br />

Plus, it works really fast! R480 for 60 capsules from kikovitals.com<br />

The two-in-one Kiko Vitals Prebiotic + Probiotic formula<br />

works in countless ways, including being an excellent source<br />

of fibre and a gut primer, helping with appetite control and<br />

curbing cravings, improving gut barrier integrity and gut-brain<br />

integrity (so improving mental health), boosting immunity,<br />

reducing inflammation and allergies, balancing bacteria and<br />

providing optimal femme flora. R429 from kikovitals.com<br />

Compiled by: KYM ARGO<br />

getitmagazine.co.za/bloemfontein<br />

<strong>April</strong> 20<strong>24</strong> Get It <strong>Bloem</strong>fontein 29



Mondia Health’s holistic approach to mental wellness<br />

From academic and professional performance to relationships<br />

with family and friends, the consequences are far-reaching.<br />

Depression, a prevalent health issue, not only hampers<br />

individual well-being but stands as a leading cause of<br />

disability and underperformance.<br />

Despite the prevalence of mental health challenges, stigma<br />

and discrimination persist, hindering access to quality care<br />

and effective treatments. Mondia Health Woodlands, a mental<br />

health facility, is situated just outside Woodland Hills Estate.<br />

We recognise the importance of raising awareness, reducing<br />

stigma, and advocating for improved mental health services.<br />

Our dedicated team understands that experiencing<br />

difficulties is part of the human journey, and we firmly believe<br />

that “It is OKAY not to be OKAY and ask for help.”<br />

Mondia Health operates with a mission to facilitate efficient<br />

collaboration among psychiatrists, psychologists, and<br />

clinicians, offering tailored treatment programmes and<br />

services in a supportive environment.<br />

Our focus is on enhancing people’s mental well-being by<br />

addressing the specific and unique needs of the population<br />

we serve, rooted in the core concept of wellness.<br />

Wellness, a multidimensional concept encompassing eight<br />

interconnected dimensions, is at the heart of Mondia Health’s<br />

approach. We are committed to providing individuals with<br />

the tools to thrive, not merely survive day by day.<br />

Our emphasis lies in equipping people to manage challenges,<br />

take responsibility, and foster a wellness lifestyle within the<br />

support of their community. Unlike traditional therapies that<br />

target symptoms, Mondia Health concentrates on building<br />

skills that improve relationships, enhance meaning, and<br />

promote engagement in life. Our goal is to create a platform<br />

for change by building enabling circumstances that foster a<br />

fulfilled and meaningful life.<br />

We firmly believe that individuals should not be defined by a<br />

label or diagnosis. Mondia Health strives to challenge societal<br />

perceptions and provide individuals with the opportunity<br />

to understand and embrace their identity, name, roles, and<br />

responsibilities beyond their diagnosis.<br />

Everyone, irrespective of race, culture, or background,<br />

deserves the chance to be happy and fulfilled.<br />

Mondia Health offers a range of services catering to<br />

various diagnoses and stressors, including bipolar disorder,<br />

depression, anxiety disorders, burnout, trauma, loss, PTSD,<br />

substance abuse disorders, and other addictions. Our<br />

comprehensive programmes, including in-patient, outpatient,<br />

Corporate Care, and Aftercare, ensure a continuum of<br />

wellness services tailored to individual needs.<br />

Importantly, Mondia Health places great emphasis on<br />

measuring the impact of our interventions.<br />

We track patient progress from admission to discharge and<br />

beyond, focusing on the critical period post-discharge.<br />

Our data reveals encouraging trends, indicating that skills<br />

learned during treatment continue to be employed, fostering<br />

lasting change.<br />

Thriving beyond labels is not just a passion at Mondia Health;<br />

it’s a commitment to empowering individuals to reclaim their<br />

identity and lead fulfilling lives.<br />

Together, let’s break the stigma, foster awareness, and build a<br />

community that supports mental well-being. Mondia Health<br />

Woodlands form part of the Mondia Health group with other<br />

facilities in: Bethlehem, Vereeniging, Umhlanga and Port<br />

Elizaberth (Gqeberha) Get in touch at 051-880-0125, or<br />


In today’s fast-paced world, the surge in<br />

mental health conditions has become<br />

a significant concern impacting various<br />

aspects of our lives.<br />

Marisa Henderson: CEO<br />

of Mondia Health<br />

Maritsa Naude: Facility Manager of<br />

Mondia Health Woodlands<br />

Franscis Mouton: Commercial<br />

Executive of Mondia Health


This <strong>April</strong> you can make small changes to your home gym<br />

that will make your home exercise routine more enjoyable.<br />

Everyone needs a cooldown after an<br />

intense workout, and that’s where this<br />

fan from Zebbies comes in handy.<br />

Make sure your home gym has good air<br />

circulation for R3 495.<br />

Make sure you<br />

keep track of<br />

your fitness<br />

progress with<br />

this standing<br />

mirror from<br />

Decofurn.<br />

Available<br />

for R999 to<br />

help you<br />

visualise<br />

your goals.<br />

Who says your gym bench at<br />

home needs to be as hard as<br />

the one at the gym? No one, so<br />

get this stylish and soft bench<br />

from @Home for R7 999 and<br />

enjoy your workout.<br />

Gyms tend to have hard floors, so<br />

soften your gym space underfoot with<br />

a set of 9 interlocking foam mats. Get them<br />

from Takealot for R550 per 1×1m square.<br />

32 Get It <strong>Bloem</strong>fontein <strong>April</strong> 20<strong>24</strong> getitmagazine.co.za/bloemfontein

Sometimes you can<br />

lose track of time<br />

when you’re in<br />

the zone, but<br />

don’t worry,<br />

because this<br />

wall clock<br />

from Makro<br />

will keep you<br />

on time, every<br />

time, for R320.<br />

Did you know<br />


High in<br />

nutrients<br />

is healthy<br />

Anti-<br />

Ageing<br />

High in<br />

Fiber<br />

Give your<br />

gym space at<br />

home a more<br />

authentic feel,<br />

and also lock<br />

up your phone<br />

so it doesn’t<br />

disrupt your<br />

gym session.<br />

Available for<br />

R1 999 from<br />

Leroy Merlin.<br />

Decreases<br />

risk of<br />

heart<br />

disease<br />

Improved<br />

digestive<br />

health<br />

Reduces<br />

inflammation<br />

Low in<br />

calories<br />

Better<br />

blood<br />

circulation<br />

There is no<br />

reason to have a<br />

messy home gym,<br />

with weights strewn<br />

across the place.<br />

Get your hands<br />

on this<br />

kettlebell<br />

stand from Takealot<br />

and keep your space<br />

neat for R3 999.<br />

Perfect Stovetop Popcorn<br />

• Heat 3 tablespoons extra virgin olive oil<br />

• Add popcorn kernels into the oil ( 1/3 cup)<br />

• Cover the pot and remove from heat<br />

• Wait for popping to end<br />

• Sprinkle the popcorn with salt<br />

getitmagazine.co.za/bloemfontein<br />

Growing quality popcorn<br />

is an art



Premium Care. Personal Touch.<br />

Experience the epitome of healthcare excellence<br />

at the Busamed Bram Fischer Private Hospital.<br />

As a proud member of the esteemed Busamed<br />

group, our 110-bed facility is a beacon of worldclass<br />

medical services, serving both the local<br />

community and individuals from the broader<br />

<strong>Bloem</strong>fontein area.<br />

Our hospital redefines patient accommodation standards,<br />

combining modernity and tranquillity. The moment you<br />

step through our doors, you’ll be greeted by our warm and<br />

welcoming staff, dedicated to your well-being. We’ve designed<br />

every aspect of our hospital to foster an atmosphere that<br />

encourages healing and rapid recovery.<br />

Our state-of-the-art Emergency Centre operates <strong>24</strong> hours<br />

a day, 7 days a week and is fully equipped to manage any<br />

medical emergency or injury resulting from an accident, or<br />

traumatic event.<br />

A newly created emergency landing area for helicopter<br />

landings has been added to our complement of healthcare<br />

services. Clinical care is provided by trauma-trained doctors<br />

and nursing staff, with the only two trauma specialists in<br />

<strong>Bloem</strong>fontein, should specialised treatment or admission be<br />

required. A neurosurgeon has now also joined the Busamed<br />

family to further supplement the services offered.<br />

In times of challenge, our Intensive Care and High Care Units<br />

offer top-tier clinical support for patients and comforting<br />

guidance for families. Our operating theatres boast cuttingedge<br />

equipment and a highly skilled medical team ready to<br />

perform intricate procedures with precision. Other services<br />

include Oncology, Orthopaedics, Specialist Physicians,<br />

Dieticians, Occupational Therapy, Physiotherapy, Radiology<br />

and Pathology.<br />

To be of greater service to the community the Paediatric<br />

Ward will be opened on 1 <strong>April</strong> with a baby competition<br />

taking place on 6 <strong>April</strong> to launch the unit. Our Developmental<br />

Paediatrician, Paediatrician and Paediatric Neurologist stand<br />

to deliver quality care to your priceless treasures. From 1 <strong>April</strong><br />

20<strong>24</strong>, our current Obstetrician and Gynaecologist will be<br />

joined by a specialist in Maternal Fetal Care to help manage<br />

high-risk pregnancies.<br />

By bringing our company values of Accountability,<br />

Friendliness, Respect, Integrity and Quality Care to life in all<br />

our actions, the Busamed Bram Fischer Private Hospital offers<br />

patients and their visitors the ultimate Busamed experience –<br />

premium care with a personal touch.<br />

Tel: 051 412 4200<br />

Email: bbfiahinfo@busamed.co.za<br />

Website: www.busamed.co.za/bramfischer<br />

C<br />

M<br />

Y<br />

CM<br />

MY<br />

CY<br />

CMY<br />

K<br />

The Busamed<br />

Hospital Group is<br />

an award-winning,<br />

proudly South<br />

African private<br />

hospital group<br />

providing specialist<br />

services in 7 stateof-the-art<br />

hospitals<br />

across South Africa.

Telephone: 051 412 4200 | Address: Linquinda, <strong>Bloem</strong>fontein, 9301<br />

Email: bbfiahinfo@busamed.co.za | Website: www.busamed.co.za/bramfischer<br />

getitmagazine.co.za/bloemfontein<br />

<strong>April</strong> 20<strong>24</strong> Get It <strong>Bloem</strong>fontein 35

Look after your mind, body and soul at<br />

one of the amazing exclusive retreats<br />

planned at Sala Beach House on the<br />

KZN North Coast.<br />

In response to the significance of<br />

mental well-being in today’s fastpaced<br />

world and the 20<strong>24</strong> travel trend<br />

of transformative travel, this luxury<br />

boutique hotel - renowned for its<br />

breath-taking coastal location - has<br />

planned a couple of wellness retreats,<br />

providing an opportunity for individuals<br />

to retreat, recharge and refuel<br />

throughout the busy year ahead.<br />



Relax, recharge, reconnect!<br />

It’s all about unwinding and reconnecting<br />

with your inner selves, the serenity of the<br />

coastal environment with tailored wellness<br />

programmes, daily practices overlooking<br />

the ocean ... such bliss.<br />

First up is the Disconnect to Reconnect<br />

Couples Retreat, where you and your<br />

partner will engage in harmonious duo<br />

yoga sessions, share romantic sunrise<br />

beach walks and meditations, and explore<br />

the depths of intimacy with an in-depth<br />

guided tantric workshop. This retreat is<br />

designed to disconnect you from the<br />

distractions of daily life and deepen your<br />

connection with your partner. Friday May<br />

31 to Sunday June 2.<br />

The Sala Spring Cleansing Retreat<br />

will focus on cleansing - emotionally<br />

and nutritionally - the lymphatics<br />

and digestive system. You’ll enjoy<br />

nutrient-rich and cleansing cuisine,<br />

revitalising yoga sessions, and<br />

an empowering holistic detox<br />

workshop. The intention of this<br />

spring cleanse is to facilitate a gentle<br />

natural detox through whole foods,<br />

herbs, daily lymphatic drainage<br />

exercises, nervous system regulation<br />

tools, breath-work and movement,<br />

as well as emotional and energetic<br />

clearing practices. It offers a unique<br />

opportunity to cleanse not only your body<br />

but also your mind and spirit reconnecting<br />

with nature through walks on the beach<br />

and potent meditations. Friday to Sunday<br />

September 20 to 22.<br />

Rates range from R11250 (single) R18000<br />

(double) for early bookings, which<br />

includes retreat activities, two night’s<br />

accommodation, meals, soft drinks, tea<br />

and coffee. Bookings only directly through<br />

Thabile on email: stay@salabeach.co.za,<br />

rate code RETREAT. Details: salabeach.co.za<br />

36 Get It <strong>Bloem</strong>fontein <strong>April</strong> 20<strong>24</strong> getitmagazine.co.za/bloemfontein

De-stress and revive while also hydrating your skin. This<br />

SOiL Relaxing Blended Oil - with lavender, ylangylang<br />

and geranium, can be used as a massage oil or<br />

a bath oil. R120 • Add a few drops of SOiL De-Stress<br />

Blend essential oil with grapefruit, clary sage,<br />

cypress and cedarwood to your ceramic aroma a burner<br />

to ease tension and calm both body and mind. Essential<br />

oil blend R125, burner R150 from soil.co.za<br />


STRESS<br />

getitmagazine.co.za/bloemfontein<br />

Let’s tackle that<br />

stress. The Aromatic<br />

Apothecary<br />

Aromatherapy<br />

Stress-Less range is<br />

designed for when<br />

your<br />

mind needs calming,<br />

your body requires<br />

balance, or you<br />

simply need a bit of<br />

soothing during a<br />

rough patch. There’s<br />

a spray,<br />

a roll-on and a rub-on<br />

lotion, a mini-roll<br />

and an inhaler - both<br />

perfect to pop into<br />

your bag, and a<br />

massage and bath oil.<br />

Gorgeous scent …<br />

all ginger, rosemary,<br />

peppermint and<br />

lavender. You can<br />

buy individually or in<br />

sets. From R69 from<br />


PLANT<br />

your stress away<br />

Reduce anxiety by filling your home with house plants that help you to relax and regroup.<br />


One of the by-products of stress is tossing and turning at night. For energy<br />

to face the day, your body needs a sound night’s sleep so that it can rest<br />

and rejuvenate.<br />

Peace Lily and Sansevieria are bedroom plants that will improve your sleep<br />

environment and help you sleep better.<br />

Areca bamboo palm is a graceful<br />

indoor plant that fills a space without<br />

dominating it. It is also a natural<br />

humidifier. It likes bright, indirect<br />

light. Allow the soil to almost dry<br />

out between watering. In spring and<br />

summer, feed once a month with<br />

a nitrogen-based liquid fertiliser to<br />

encourage new leaves. Mist spray<br />

the leaves during very hot and dry<br />

weather. If the leaves become dusty,<br />

wipe them with a damp cloth; this<br />

keeps the pores open and maintains<br />

healthy leaves.<br />


Peace Lily (Spathiphyllum) has<br />

luxurious foliage and a white flag<br />

flower that symbolises peace. It is<br />

prized for being an air purifying plant,<br />

able to filter unpleasant odours and<br />

produce oxygen. It can grow in low<br />

light but does better with medium<br />

light in a warm and humid room.<br />

Water once a week and supplement<br />

with a liquid fertiliser every now and<br />

then in summer.<br />

Sansevieria releases oxygen at night<br />

when the temperature cools due to<br />

a unique photosynthesis action. This<br />

makes it one of the best air–cleaning<br />

plants and is especially suitable for<br />

the bedroom. It grows in low light<br />

as well as bright indirect light. Water<br />

sparingly, and only once the soil is dry<br />

as this plant doesn’t like to be over<br />

watered. It’s a very low maintenance<br />

plant that is ideal for beginners.<br />

38 Get It <strong>Bloem</strong>fontein <strong>April</strong> 20<strong>24</strong> getitmagazine.co.za/bloemfontein


It has now been established that a colour can<br />

influence human emotions and our feeling of wellbeing.<br />

What happens is that sustained observation<br />

of a colour can affect the chemistry of the human<br />

body, and especially blood pressure.<br />

Stress-reducing green results from a balanced<br />

mixture of yellow and blue. The colour green is the<br />

least tiring for eyes and indoor plants come in so<br />

many different textures and shades of green that<br />

the effect is far from monotonous.<br />

Monstera adansonii is a smaller, and slower<br />

growing version of Delicious Monster. Use it in a<br />

hanging basket, to trail up a staircase or just as a<br />

feature in a pot.<br />

Being a tropical plant, it needs a warm, humid room,<br />

and bright indirect light but not sun. Water once a<br />

week. Do not let the soil dry out but keep it slightly<br />

moist. Feed monthly with a liquid fertiliser at half<br />

strength in spring and summer.<br />


Flowering plants are mood enhancers,<br />

and the brighter the flowers the better<br />

the mood.<br />

Zantedeschia, also known as Calla lilies,<br />

are guaranteed to cheer up the home<br />

with their vivid colours. Plants grown<br />

indoors can bloom for up to six weeks.<br />

Feed with a liquid fertiliser once a month<br />

and remove spent blooms to encourage<br />

new blooms. True to their tropical<br />

nature, these mini lilies flower best in a<br />

warm, bright room and can take some<br />

morning sun.<br />

Pot Begonias also provide long-lasting indoor flowers. The large blooms<br />

with their frilled petals come in such a huge range of colours that it is<br />

almost impossible not to find a colour that will either stand out or tone in<br />

with your home’s colour scheme. Make sure they receive good light in a<br />

bright room, but not direct sunlight. Water directly onto the soil, keeping<br />

the leaves dry. Keep the soil lightly moist, but not soggy otherwise the<br />

roots will rot. For more information visit www.lvgplant.co.za<br />

getitmagazine.co.za/bloemfontein<br />

<strong>April</strong> 20<strong>24</strong> Get It <strong>Bloem</strong>fontein 39

An indulgent weekend<br />

in the KZN Midlands<br />

Meals created by a celeb chef. Sunrise yoga. Glorious gardens and fine wines<br />

and spa treatments. This isn’t your everyday weekend escape.<br />

Dinners created by celeb<br />

chef Pete Goffe-Wood<br />

Imagine. Luxurious accommodation. Exceptional meals by a<br />

celeb chef. Fine, fine wine tastings. Throw in award-winning,<br />

breathtakingly beautiful gardens. Spa treatments. A helicopter<br />

flip. This, obviously, is not your common-or-garden-variety<br />

weekend away.<br />

Brahman Hills in the KwaZulu-Natal Midlands, is always a treat.<br />

But this promises to be something completely OTT indulgent.<br />

The Brahman Hills Experience is an exclusive weekend boasting<br />

an enchanting blend of experiences for guests seeking an<br />

extraordinary fusion of comfort, culinary excellence, artistic<br />

beauty, and thrilling adventures.<br />

Guests will indulge in exceptional dinners prepared by<br />

celebrity chef Pete Goffe-Wood, who says “This is going to be<br />

a magnificent culinary weekend! I’ll be putting together two<br />

fabulous dinners using the incredible produce straight from<br />

the property – all organic and sustainable, of course. I’m really<br />

passionate about celebrating ingredients, and I can’t wait to<br />

share that passion with Brahman Hills guests.”<br />

Along with dinners, there’ll be wine tastings from some of South<br />

Africa’s finest wine estates ... think Mullineux, L’Ormarins, Haute<br />

Cabriere and Bruce Jack Wines.<br />

You’ll also have the chance to explore the 26 distinct garden<br />

rooms on the property, as well as the unique art and sculptures<br />

in the guided garden and art walks by designer landscaper, Tim<br />

Steyn and art curator Tyron Selmon-Butler.<br />

For relaxation, there will be a Saturday sunrise yoga session, and<br />

an indulgent 90-minute spa treatment at the Healing Earth Spa.<br />

And for thrills ... a 15-minute heli ride over the five-and-a-half<br />

hectare, award-winning gardens.<br />

Rumour has it there’ll be a few national rugby icons on the<br />

weekend escape, so you’ll get to rub (very broad) shoulders with<br />

the sports stars.<br />

The Brahman Hills Experience has three packages – Platinum,<br />

Gold, and Silver – each tailored to cater to different preferences<br />

and budgets, all of which will include the accommodation,<br />

meals, non-alcoholic drinks, guided walks and yoga. Add ons (the<br />

heli flip and spa treatments) are available for the less expensive<br />

packages.<br />

The experience is from Friday to Sunday May 10 to 12, rates are<br />

from R8400 to R11500 a person, sharing, and bookings can be<br />

made on brahmanhills.co.za/events/the-brahman-hills-experience<br />

Compiled by: KYM ARGO<br />

40 Get It <strong>Bloem</strong>fontein <strong>April</strong> 20<strong>24</strong> getitmagazine.co.za/bloemfontein

Explore the gardens ... Brahman’s breathtakingly<br />

beautiful gardens have just scooped the esteemed<br />

Overseas Region Winner title in the Royal Horticultural<br />

Society (RHS) Partner Garden of the Year Competition!<br />

2023<br />



Wanting a change<br />

but afraid of<br />

looking unnatural?<br />






Room S02, Second floor<br />

Netcare Universitas Private Hospital<br />

01 Logeman Str, Universitas, <strong>Bloem</strong>fontein<br />

Netcare Pelonomi Private Hospital<br />

Dr. Belcher Road, Heidedal, <strong>Bloem</strong>fontein<br />

info@bloemmed.co.za<br />

NOW at<br />

Northridge mall<br />


08:00 - 18:00<br />


08:00 - 12:00<br />




prioritize your health and<br />

well-being. Our dedicated<br />

team of professionals is<br />

here to provide<br />

exceptional medical care<br />

tailored to your needs.<br />

051 444 2304<br />

074 452 5153<br />


TO ENTER!<br />

Dr Verster will create a personalised<br />

plan to achieve your goals.<br />

Her niche is in wholesome<br />

aesthetics and in Women’s Holistic<br />

Health.<br />

Win back years or plan for the<br />

future knowing that you’re in good<br />

hands.<br />

Book your<br />

consult to<br />

start your<br />

journey<br />

toward a<br />

beautiful,<br />

timeless<br />

and natural<br />

appearance<br />

WIN ONE OF 10x R100 VOUCHERS<br />

060 923 6295<br />

bookings@contourmed.co.za<br />

15 President Steyn Ave,<br />

Westdene, <strong>Bloem</strong>fontein

Shop 14¨28 Graaff-Reinet St¨BFN¨Where <strong>Bloem</strong>pa<br />






House Of Woven Art<br />


SALE<br />

Shop 14¨28 Graaff-Reinet St¨BFN¨Where <strong>Bloem</strong>papier Use To Be<br />


Restoration<br />



Underlays<br />


Cleaning<br />

Restoration<br />

Underlays<br />



Celebration<br />


Cleaning | Restoration | Underlays<br />

051 555 0025 066 476 0177<br />

Cleaning<br />


Shop 14 | 28 Graaff-Reinet St | BFN - Where <strong>Bloem</strong>papier Use To Be<br />

M O T H E R ’ S D A YSale<br />

U P T O<br />

50%<br />

OFF<br />


Mother's Day<br />

L U N C H<br />

Come celebrate Mother's Day with us<br />

over a delicious lunch to honor the<br />

most important woman in our lives!<br />

SUNDAY | 12 MAY | 11:00<br />



C O D E :<br />


1 - 3 1 M A Y<br />

3 8 A B R A H A M S K H<br />

R O<br />

A P<br />

A L N<br />

R O<br />

O W<br />

A D , B A I N S V L E I<br />

0 8 2 3 8 7 7 4 3 9<br />

W W W . H O U S E O F I N T . C O . Z A<br />

079 882 6714

Comfort<br />

Bring<br />

Into Your Home<br />


Glimlag, dis gratis terapie<br />

• Wye reeks<br />

tandheelkundige<br />

dienste vir die hele<br />

gesin.<br />

• Ook witmaak van<br />

tande, verwydering van<br />

vlekke, toemaak van<br />

gapings.<br />

DR<br />

JG<br />


Tandarts BCHD (PRET.)<br />

Wynand Mouton Rylaan 74, Univeritas • 051 - 522 9150

Spoil<br />

<strong>April</strong><br />

A bottle of gorgeous floral<br />

musky gourmand fragrance ...<br />

Signorina Libera<br />

The new fragrance in the iconic Signorina Fragrance Collection is Signorina Libera<br />

... a vibrant eau de parfum inspired by the upbeat independent attitude of a modern Signorina.<br />

A floral musky gourmand blend with alluring and unexpected notes ... sparkling Velvet Pear and<br />

Calabrian Bergamot mixed with the aromatic freshness of Elemi, Rose Absolute and Plum Nectar,<br />

Italian Orris Butter and Pink Sugar, Cashmere Woods and Ambroxan.<br />

Like a beautiful ray of light, a vivid yellow profile enriches the vivid glass flacon crowned with a<br />

rose gold boule cap and embellished with the unmistakable Vara Bow, created with a sustainable<br />

fabric. #FERRAGAMO #SignorinaLibera. From R1299 from Edgars, Woolworths & Truworths.<br />

To stand in line to win a bottle, visit @getitnationalmagazines on Instagram or Facebook<br />

and follow the prompts. Entries close 25 <strong>April</strong>.<br />

48 Get It <strong>Bloem</strong>fontein <strong>April</strong> 20<strong>24</strong> getitmagazine.co.za/bloemfontein

Drive-Thru Collection Facility<br />

66 President Steyn Street, Westdene | Monday - Friday | 07:00-17:00 | 051 410 1700<br />

INR Services Available<br />

<strong>Bloem</strong>fontein Depots<br />

Mediclinic Hospital<br />

Doctor Suite Ground Floor Room<br />

G01<br />

INR Services Available<br />

<strong>24</strong> Hours<br />

051 410 1700<br />

Hillandale Hospital Depot<br />

1st Floor Room 102 , Mondia<br />

Woodlands<br />

INR Services Available<br />

Monday - Friday<br />

05:00 - 14:00<br />

051 410 4030<br />

Westdene<br />

30 Reid Street, Westdene<br />

Administration Services<br />

Monday - Friday<br />

08:00 - 18:00<br />

051 410 4000<br />

Fichardt Park<br />

32 van Rippen Street<br />

Fichardt Park, <strong>Bloem</strong>fontein<br />

Monday - Friday<br />

07:30 - 17:00<br />

051 409 1911<br />

Busamed Hospital<br />

Mazelspoort Road Across Bram<br />

Fischer International<br />

Doctors Block<br />

INR Services<br />

<strong>24</strong> Hours<br />

051 410 1700<br />

<strong>Bloem</strong>care<br />

Ground Floor Room 8<br />

Tuesdays - Thursdays<br />

08:00 - 14:00<br />

051 446 0569<br />

Rosepark Hospital<br />

Room 105<br />

First Floor<br />

INR Services Available<br />

<strong>24</strong> Hours<br />

051 502 1500<br />

Pasteur Hospital Depot<br />

Suite G05<br />

INR Services Available<br />

Monday - Friday<br />

07:30 - 17:30<br />

051 410 4081<br />

Botshabelo Depot<br />

Botshabelo Reahola Shopping Centre<br />

Main Road<br />

Monday - Friday<br />

08:00 - 17:00<br />

051 410 1700<br />

Cure Day - Day Hospital Depot<br />

Brandwag, Suite 105<br />

INR Clinic<br />

Monday - Friday<br />

08:00 - 18:00<br />

051 409 1920<br />

Emoya Hospital<br />

Emoya Estate<br />

7 Frans Kleynhans<br />

Groenvlei<br />

051 410 4000<br />

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