Bloem - May 24

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wellness<br />

Take a seat at the table<br />

Lihann Basson and Janke Eloff...<br />

Down<br />

love and creativity intertwined<br />

the aisle<br />

may 20<strong>24</strong>

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2 Get out and about before the winter cold rolls in<br />


6 We’re wishing for romance<br />

PEOPLE<br />

8 Love and creativity intertwines with Lihann Basson and Janke Eloff<br />

12 Mario Lategan, the classic man<br />

BEAUTY<br />

14 Wedding day glam<br />


16 Dress according to a colour palette<br />

FOOD<br />

20 Food trucks and wedding bells<br />

SPOIL<br />

96 WIN a case of gorgeous wine to celebrate a special occasion<br />

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<strong>May</strong> 20<strong>24</strong>

Out & About<br />

Get out with these events before the winter cold rolls in!<br />

Droomsindroom & Rooksein at <strong>Bloem</strong>skou<br />

On 1 <strong>May</strong> Droomsindroom and Rooksein will be taking to the<br />

Coca-Cola Stage at the <strong>Bloem</strong>fontein Showgrounds for an<br />

evening filled with great local music. The music starts at 7pm<br />

and tickets are included with entry to <strong>Bloem</strong>skou, and are<br />

available on Computicket.<br />

Bling & Black Tie ball at Ramblers Club<br />

Enjoy an evening of entertainment by Arco Musica from 7pm<br />

on 18 <strong>May</strong> at Ramblers Club. A buffet meal, champagne at the<br />

door and canapés will round off an opulent evening. Tickets are<br />

available from Quicket at R490.<br />

Compiled by: Warren Hawkins<br />

Wild Olive Estate Night Trail<br />

If being outdoors sounds more enjoyable, Wild Olive<br />

Estate is hosting the latest in their Night Trail Series<br />

on 8 <strong>May</strong> from 6 pm. There will be several races to<br />

choose from, including a 7km and 4km run. The entry<br />

fee is R50 and registration opens at 5pm.<br />

2 Get It <strong>Bloem</strong>fontein <strong>May</strong> 20<strong>24</strong> getitmagazine.co.za/bloemfontein

Book club<br />

Interesting women, natural history mysteries ... and a look into the future!<br />

Compiled by: Kym Argo<br />

It’s 1954 on far-flung Verona Island,<br />

a tropical paradise with a fragile<br />

economy and a rising crime rate.<br />

Prostitution is legal and Lila Gulliver<br />

is proud of her business - a highend<br />

brothel where her clients are<br />

guaranteed privacy and discretion.<br />

When Carità Bercy, a young, destitute,<br />

and beautiful blind woman arrives at<br />

her door seeking employment, Lila<br />

decides to give her a chance. Carità<br />

proves a valuable asset to the house,<br />

as well as a psychological puzzle to her<br />

employer. One hot night, Ian Drohan,<br />

a handsome son of a wealthy judge,<br />

visits Lila’s house for the first time,<br />

and falls madly in love with Carità.<br />

Lila doubts his sincerity and fears for<br />

Carità‘s future. But Carità has no such<br />

fears. In fact, she is a reckless force of<br />

nature, determined to succeed in ways<br />

Lila hasn’t even contemplated. Valerie<br />

Martin’s Mrs Gulliver ... a steamy tale<br />

of passionate love, found and lost, and<br />

found again! Doubleday<br />

The first thing Vanessa Carvin does<br />

when she arrives on the small island<br />

off the coast of Ireland is change her<br />

name. To the locals, she will be Willow<br />

Hale. The second is to shave her head<br />

... no longer shoulder length blonde,<br />

it’s now cropped and grey, more<br />

in keeping with a solitary outsider<br />

escaping Dublin to live a hermetic<br />

existence in a small cottage, and not a<br />

notorious woman trying to get away<br />

from the media after her husband<br />

committed a crime - one they think<br />

she is guilty of, too. Escaping her old<br />

life might seem like a good idea but<br />

the choices she has made throughout<br />

her marriage have consequences.<br />

Here, on the island, Vanessa must<br />

reflect on what she did, and did<br />

not, do. Only then can she discover<br />

whether she is worthy of finding<br />

peace at all. Water by John Boyne ...<br />

a story of a woman coming to terms<br />

with the demons of her past and<br />

finding a new path forward. Penguin<br />

Keep your<br />

place with<br />

Book Darts,<br />

R425 from<br />

pezulainteriors.co.za<br />

It’s 2050. A climate-changed world,<br />

where humans and digital devices<br />

are closely entwined. It’s a world filled<br />

with natural disasters, drought, famine<br />

and floods. People are displaced as<br />

new immigration laws are put into<br />

effect, and the gap between the<br />

haves and have nots widens. Future<br />

Imperfect by Babette Gallard is<br />

the story of a family determined to<br />

be together ... despite the horrific<br />

obstacles in their way ... exhaustion,<br />

terror, the xenophobia of people<br />

struggling to protect their increasingly<br />

scarce resources. Thought-provoking,<br />

this novel raises the question of what<br />

may happen to our world in the nottoo-distant<br />

future. LightEye<br />

4 Get It <strong>Bloem</strong>fontein <strong>May</strong> 20<strong>24</strong> getitmagazine.co.za/bloemfontein

Hippos, a Mongoose and Me, sequel to the popular A Hippo Love<br />

Story, is a collection of vivid stories reflecting the decades that<br />

author Karen Paolillo has lived and worked in the wilds of southeast<br />

Zimbabwe. The book kicks off with the rescue of two leopard cubs<br />

from a water tank, with an anxious mum waiting in a fig tree nearby,<br />

and continues with tales encompass a wide variety of animals and<br />

experiences … Karen’s extraordinary affinity with hippos, life with her<br />

beloved mongoose, characterful baboons and rescued birds, close<br />

encounters with lions and an injured buffalo, and her heart-stopping<br />

flight from an enraged elephant. To add to the drama, Karen and her<br />

husband Jean-Roger must face off against the drumbeat of political<br />

subterfuge and poaching of wildlife, sometimes at great personal risk.<br />

Such a great read … massively recommended. Penguin Books<br />

Extraordinarily similar woodpeckers<br />

in South America and Africa.<br />

Quintessentially African trees native<br />

across South America, from Ecuador<br />

to Paraguay. How could this be? This<br />

question nagged Nick Norman, an<br />

exploration geologist by profession<br />

and keen birder by hobby. He’d been<br />

surprised to see a woodpecker in<br />

Brazil, where he was working at the<br />

time, which was strikingly similar to<br />

those he knew in the land of his birth,<br />

South Africa. In subsequent work<br />

engagements in South America, he<br />

saw other birds there, as well as trees,<br />

which represented families he knew<br />

well in Africa. That was the mystery<br />

… how the same families of flora and<br />

fauna had distributed themselves in<br />

continents astride a major world ocean,<br />

the South Atlantic. The obvious answer<br />

– continental drift – turned out to be<br />

a blind alley. Sherlock Holmes said<br />

‘When you have eliminated all which<br />

is impossible, then whatever remains,<br />

however improbable, must be the<br />

truth.’ In solving the mystery, the truth<br />

of Holmes’s axiom became more and<br />

more evident to Nick as he discovered<br />

extraordinary travelogues of trees and<br />

birds for which, given enough time, a<br />

wide ocean was no barrier. This, Nick<br />

Norman’s The Woodpecker Mystery –<br />

The inevitability of the Improbable, is<br />

a story of astonishing epiphanies, full of<br />

fact that will fascinate lovers of natural<br />

history. The Franschhoek Press<br />

getitmagazine.co.za/bloemfontein<br />

Bruce Jack’s Ghost In The Machine<br />

Sauvignon Blanc is all clean and fresh tropical<br />

fruit flavours - papaya and spanspek, with hints<br />

of litchi, and is brilliant paired with fried zucchini,<br />

asparagus, risotto and a Greek pasta salad. Order<br />

online for R208 from orders@thedrift.co.za or find<br />

at your local bottlestore.<br />

All books available at Exclusive Books and exclusivebooks.co.za<br />

<strong>May</strong> 20<strong>24</strong> Get It <strong>Bloem</strong>fontein 5

Wish list<br />

We’re wishing for romance … mwah mwah<br />

“We’ve been waiting eight years for this.” Matured over eight<br />

years, Spier has just released the small-lot 2016 Prestige<br />

Cuvée Cap Classique. And Spier Cellar Master Johan Jordaan<br />

continues “But let me tell you, those eight years were worth<br />

every second. The cuvée’s prolonged contact with the lees<br />

has imbued it with an extraordinary depth of character<br />

and a complexity that only time can bestow.” With a creamy<br />

texture and layers of nuanced flavours ranging from crisp<br />

red apple and citrus to brioche and stewed fruits, this Cap<br />

Classique invites you to slow down and savour the moment.<br />

“It’s not just about when you drink it, but more importantly,<br />

the company you’re with and the quality of the time you’re<br />

enjoying. If you ask me, that’s the perfect pairing,” reflects<br />

Johan. R450 a bottle from spier.co.za<br />

<strong>May</strong> you be blessed with light and<br />

treasured times. Ribbons of Love<br />

by Dr Elizabeth Peter-Ross is a book<br />

of marriage themes, blessings and<br />

art ... inspired by the need of many<br />

of today’s couples to celebrate their<br />

marriage more personally than the<br />

traditional. There are 25 blessings,<br />

ranging from celebration and<br />

commitment to trust, loyalty and<br />

gratitude, all with glorious artworks<br />

by Annie Druyer. R250<br />

6 Get It <strong>Bloem</strong>fontein <strong>May</strong> 20<strong>24</strong> getitmagazine.co.za/bloemfontein

For the bride, the bridesmaids, the mothers of the bride and groom<br />

... the pieces of handcrafted jewellery from Shelley Taylor make<br />

a beautiful statement. Fresh water pearls simply never go out of<br />

fashion ... and the range of earrings, necklaces and bracelets is<br />

simply dazzling. Details: shelleytaylor.co.za<br />

Bella Vita Paradiso Eau de Parfum<br />

from Guess ... an intensely desirable<br />

Floral Amber Gourmand scent<br />

opening with a juicy blend of<br />

Italian Mandarin, inviting Pear<br />

Blossom and flirtatious Red Berries,<br />

with a floral heart which blooms<br />

of rousing Jasmine, fresh Gardenia<br />

and honeyed Tuberose, subsiding<br />

into a rich base of grounding<br />

Patchouli, bold Amber and creamy<br />

Musk for a memorable signature.<br />

Sensual, confident, bold, you’ll find<br />

it at Dis-Chem for R1325.<br />

Sophisticated antique-toned brass and<br />

black nickel Luca wine cooler,<br />

R2 995 from blockandchisel.co.za<br />

getitmagazine.co.za/bloemfontein<br />

<strong>May</strong> 20<strong>24</strong> Get It <strong>Bloem</strong>fontein 7<br />

Compiled by: Kym Argo

Love and creativity<br />

intertwined<br />

Text: Justine Fortuin bouquet: africa flowers<br />

The life journeys of Lihann Basson and Janke Eloff<br />

initially started very traditionally. Janke studied<br />

Actuarial Science for two and a half years while<br />

Lihann studied education and taught for a few years.<br />

Janke was the first to take the leap to pursuit content creation<br />

full-time as the bug had already bitten her when she was<br />

delving into content creation and managing social media<br />

for a local singer. Lihann eventually caught on and left his<br />

teaching job to work with Janke full-time, creating content<br />

and managing social media.<br />

“Together, we founded Your Neon SA. Now, Lihann focuses on<br />

the business while I handle private clients. We still help each<br />

other where we can and work as a team as much as possible,”<br />

says Janke.<br />

Let’s start at the very beginning. Lihann and Janke’s story<br />

began in <strong>Bloem</strong>fontein, where fate brought them together<br />

through a mutual friend’s introduction. Lihann showed<br />

a great sense of boldness when he made his move with<br />

a spontaneous kiss. This defined their relationship, and<br />

according to Janke, he described it as “when you know, you<br />

know” and she didn’t mind one bit. “The rest is history!”<br />

Janke believes that people can learn a lot from Lihann. “For<br />

anyone, my advice is to shoot your shot,” says Janke. “Just<br />

decide to go for it, kiss the girl, and you might just end up<br />

marrying her a few years later.” Lihann and Janke are now<br />

engaged and eagerly awaiting their wedding.<br />

The pair says joint content creation happened by accident.<br />

“Lihann always supported me and helped me take videos for<br />

brands for my personal account. Brands soon wanted to work<br />

with us as a couple. Creating content together is also a lot of<br />

fun and it comes effortlessly to us. We love it and don’t just<br />

see it as a job,” says Janke.<br />

To them, the most rewarding aspect of their journey lies not<br />

just in the professional achievements but in the ability to<br />

pursue their passions wholeheartedly.<br />

“Having a job where she can’t wait to jump out of bed in the<br />

mornings is something that she never thought she’d achieve.<br />

It’s incredibly rewarding when someone comes up to us in<br />

public and tells us that our content either made them laugh<br />

or helped them in some way,” Janke shares.<br />

8 Get It <strong>Bloem</strong>fontein <strong>May</strong> 20<strong>24</strong> getitmagazine.co.za/bloemfontein

getitmagazine.co.za/bloemfontein<br />

<strong>May</strong> 20<strong>24</strong> Get It <strong>Bloem</strong>fontein 9

Lihann’s most rewarding part is creating something for<br />

brands that brings their visions to life. After all, he is the one<br />

who comes up with most of the video ideas and enjoys<br />

bringing concepts to life creatively.<br />

“We both didn’t like our previous career paths, and being<br />

able to do something together that we love is amazing,”<br />

said Lihann. Even though being a content creator and<br />

working in social media can be rewarding, it does come<br />

with its challenges. “One of the biggest struggles is people<br />

– people’s opinions, hate messages, criticism, customers<br />

that complain and attack us personally, because they feel<br />

that they have easy access to our lives through Instagram,”<br />

they express.<br />

They feel that people often forget to treat them with<br />

respect from a business point of view because they share<br />

so much of their personal lives and post amusing content.<br />

“It’s difficult to be taken seriously in this industry. People<br />

often address us personally or feel that they can message<br />

us personally if they have business queries. We deal with<br />

this as a team. We know that people’s opinions about our<br />

relationship are just that … opinions. We’ve learned to grow<br />

thicker skins and not let people’s judgement get to us,” says<br />

Janke.<br />

Their advice to couples considering embarking on a similar<br />

journey? “You have to set strict boundaries when it comes<br />

to your relationship and business,” Janke emphasises. “Most<br />

of all, we think you should enjoy working together and<br />

always support each other in whatever situation you are in,<br />

in your professional and personal life.”<br />

As they look ahead to the future, Lihann and Janke are<br />

embracing new ventures, their wedding also being one of<br />

them.<br />

“Lihann is currently busy expanding his business in<br />

the wedding industry,” Janke reveals. “And I’m working<br />

on implementing one-on-one coaching sessions and<br />

masterclasses for people who want to level up their social<br />

media game.”<br />

When it comes to their wedding, Lihann says he can’t wait<br />

to stand in front of the chapel and see how beautiful Janke<br />

will look walking down the aisle, taking his breath away.<br />

“Knowing that I will spend the rest of my life with her and<br />

that she will always love and cherish me as much as I will<br />

love and cherish her. I absolutely can’t wait to call her my<br />

wife.”<br />

Janke says the part she’s most excited about is the<br />

debriefing after the wedding when her and Lihann are<br />

alone and can look back on the day.<br />

“He is my best friend, and I’m more excited about our life<br />

together afterwards than the actual wedding. I’m so excited<br />

to be able to say that I just married my best friend and the<br />

kindest, most gentle man I’ve ever met.”<br />

Being the creative duo that they are, their wedding will<br />

most definitely feature some personal touches with,<br />

as Janke says, “our own spin on the décor – there will<br />

obviously be a lot of neon’s.” Another thing they would like<br />

to do is take each other’s portraits on the day.<br />

For more updates on what the two are up to, make sure<br />

you keep up with them on social media.<br />

10 Get It <strong>Bloem</strong>fontein <strong>May</strong> 20<strong>24</strong> getitmagazine.co.za/bloemfontein

I really feel like<br />

no one takes<br />

better images<br />

of me than Lihann. He<br />

knows my angles and<br />

captures me better<br />

than anyone else”<br />

getitmagazine.co.za/bloemfontein<br />

<strong>May</strong> 20<strong>24</strong> Get It <strong>Bloem</strong>fontein 11

Mario Lategan, the classic man<br />

Text: Gypseenia Lion<br />

Everything he does, he does with class. From<br />

the cars he drives to the music he makes,<br />

Mario Lategan believes that everything in<br />

life gets better with time and age.<br />

“Life happens and things don’t always work out as<br />

you planned, but I am grateful and luckily singing<br />

is a passion and a hobby for me and I don’t have<br />

to stress to make money and a living out of it,” he<br />

expressed.<br />

Inspired by a trip to the theatre as a young boy,<br />

Mario was hooked to the world of opera and<br />

classical music instantly.<br />

“That was all I wanted to do with my life except for<br />

maybe studying architecture…I started singing<br />

when I was in Grade 9 in Jim Fouché High School<br />

in the schools Revue Group, it was great fun and I<br />

then realised I might have some talent,” he said.<br />

“Music took me all over the world and our<br />

beautiful country. I have met amazing people and<br />

I have seen the most incredible places.”<br />

Today, the 44-year-old has numerous experiences<br />

in music and also ventured into being a Master<br />

of Ceremonies at major festivals and beautiful<br />

weddings.<br />

“I had to open a big festival and I quickly had to<br />

learn how to swim… Talking in front of 2000<br />

plus people is a very daunting experience and<br />

the first time I had to do it, I nearly died,” he<br />

said jokingly.<br />

Mario’s first gig at a wedding was an<br />

occasion he will never forget, but the<br />

lessons he learnt from that day measures<br />

up to his success today.<br />

“I take things in my stride and I have fun<br />

and enjoy myself. I like to make people feel<br />

special and heard… It always depends on<br />

the type of people you are dealing with<br />

and I think you must have somebody<br />

[a client] who understands you so that<br />

you can bring flavour to the function or<br />

wedding. I believe good humour is always<br />

important and being able to think on<br />

your feet and be in the moment. “If you are<br />

having fun, the audience is having fun.” I like<br />

to do things quickly and get it done. It is very<br />

important that you engage with the venue and<br />

planners to manage the flow of the event.”<br />

Mario is also a big lover of classic cars. For him,<br />

driving along the beautiful country in a classic<br />

car while listening to beautiful music while singing<br />

along is, “Priceless!”<br />

“The love of classic cars is just an illness that you<br />

get and when you have it, you can’t get rid of it…<br />

I love the beautiful lines and the effort that’s put<br />

into the design and the finishing of classic cars. I<br />

love cars and powerful engines,” he expressed.<br />

He also enjoys spending time at home on the<br />

stoep with his partner while they listen to music<br />

and enjoy good food and wine and music.<br />

Mario also manages a private school, Kyrios<br />

Independent School, and “I love every minute<br />

of it”.<br />

His idea of a perfect wedding is one that has<br />

a little bit of <strong>Bloem</strong>fontein’s heart, authentic<br />

and real.<br />

“I don’t like fake things and you<br />

immediately know when something is real.<br />

It doesn’t have to be expensive as long<br />

as the love is there… I like to do things<br />

classy and clean and sometimes a little<br />

bit tongue in-the-cheek,” concluded<br />

Mario.<br />

12 Get It <strong>Bloem</strong>fontein <strong>May</strong> 20<strong>24</strong> getitmagazine.co.za/bloemfontein

getitmagazine.co.za/bloemfontein<br />

<strong>May</strong> 20<strong>24</strong> Get It <strong>Bloem</strong>fontein 13

Wedding day glam<br />

We take a peek inside the bridal beauty kit of celebrity artist Ryno Mulder<br />

Blush with the<br />

brand who<br />

brought the<br />

world its most<br />

famous cheek<br />

colour of all time.<br />

Now trending<br />

on TikTok for<br />

good reason.<br />

Nars Afterglow<br />

Liquid Blush in<br />

Dolce Vita.<br />

R760, from<br />

arcstore.co.za<br />

Define your cheekbones elegantly with Stila<br />

Heaven’s Dew All Over Glimmer, R595, from<br />

Truworths, Woolworths and Superbalist. Quite<br />

possibly the best highlighter I’ve ever used.<br />

Your brows will stay put<br />

all day and night if you<br />

style them with a<br />

spoolie - a makeup<br />

brush shaped like<br />

a mascara wand -<br />

swirled in Anastasia<br />

Beverly Hills Brow<br />

Freeze. R520 from<br />

arcstore.co.za<br />

Bridal beauty is all about<br />

radiance. Give your lips<br />

a pillowy plush feel and<br />

smoothness with Huda<br />

Beauty Silk Balm. R425,<br />

from arcstore.co.za<br />

No other<br />

makeup sponge<br />

gives that airbrushed<br />

finish to your bridal<br />

beat like the original<br />

Beautyblender<br />

does. R395, from<br />

arcstore.co.za<br />

The only glitter<br />

that never<br />

scratches your<br />

eyes nor messes<br />

everywhere is<br />

Bodyography<br />

Glitter Pigment.<br />

R420 from Takealot.<br />

Having trained with the A-list of Hollywood makeup artists - think Mario for<br />

Kim Kardashian, Sir John for Beyoncé, Rae Morris for Kylie Minogue - Ryno, who<br />

recently scooped a Best Makeup Artist award, has more than 3000 faces and near<br />

three hundred weddings under his belt. He basically has a PhD in bridal beauty!<br />

Ryno and his team work countrywide and you can request your makeup and hair<br />

quotation on WhatsApp 071-688 0<strong>24</strong>2.<br />

For protected,<br />

radiant skin<br />

that looks and<br />

feels like skin,<br />

not makeup,<br />

use Makeup<br />

by Ryno<br />

ICON SPF50<br />

Foundation.<br />

R549. Whatsapp<br />

to order<br />

071-688-0<strong>24</strong>2<br />

14 Get It <strong>Bloem</strong>fontein <strong>May</strong> 20<strong>24</strong> getitmagazine.co.za/bloemfontein

Model image: Model: Gaia from Ice • Photographer: Xavier Saer at Studio Lux • Makeup: Makeup by Ryno<br />

• Hair: Andile Sajini using flowers by Tied With A Knot • Dress: Just Tonight Josephine.<br />

getitmagazine.co.za/bloemfontein<br />

<strong>May</strong> 20<strong>24</strong> Get It <strong>Bloem</strong>fontein 15

Dress according<br />

to colour palettes<br />

For 20<strong>24</strong> weddings, couples are opting for bold, bright colour palettes. Guests are expected<br />

to dress accordingly. Check out these formal dresses for the perfect group photo.<br />

Feminine design<br />

meets trending style.<br />

This blush tie-back<br />

satin maxi dress is<br />

perfect for those<br />

who don’t want<br />

to go bright, but<br />

still want to stay<br />

in the colour<br />

palette. R1899<br />

from Forever<br />

New<br />

Compiled by: Justine Fortuin<br />

Opt for<br />

the brighter<br />

look with this fit and flare<br />

belted midi dress. R699<br />

from Foschini.<br />

Again, stay in the colour palette<br />

but go light with this Mila lilac<br />

dress. R699 from Superbalist.<br />

16 Get It <strong>Bloem</strong>fontein <strong>May</strong> 20<strong>24</strong> getitmagazine.co.za/bloemfontein

For the brighter<br />

look, opt for this<br />

berry purple Velvet<br />

maxi corsage<br />

dress. R699 from<br />

Superbalist.<br />




FROM R1400<br />


FROM R2000<br />


FROM R<strong>24</strong>00<br />

Yellow is probably<br />

the brightest of<br />

them all. Be bold<br />

with this Selena<br />

ruffle shoulder maxi dress in<br />

Daffodil. R2299 from Forever New.<br />




getitmagazine.co.za/bloemfontein<br />

Pair any of these<br />

dresses with these<br />

timeless gold<br />

block heels. R575<br />

from Office London.<br />

Accessorise these dresses with this jewellery set which<br />

features a necklace, bracelet and earrings in a classic circle<br />

charm design. R440 from Lovisa.<br />


051 446 0465<br />

Lhp@opticedge.co.za<br />


051 525 9071<br />

danpienaar@opticedge.co.za<br />

<strong>May</strong> 20<strong>24</strong> Get It <strong>Bloem</strong>fontein 17

&<br />

‘<br />

If I gave you diamonds and pearls<br />

Would you be a happy boy or a girl?<br />

If I could, I would give you the world<br />

But all I can do is just offer you my love.<br />

Diamonds pearls<br />

Messy bucket bag<br />

with metallic effect<br />

and fringe details<br />

with mirrored<br />

beading and chain<br />

crossbody strap.<br />

R1199 from<br />

’<br />

zara.com<br />

Metallic-effect quilted<br />

mini bucket bag, with<br />

detachable and adjustable<br />

crossbody strap. R579<br />

from zara.com<br />

Round ball wedding<br />

handbag with pearl details,<br />

R469 from takealot.com<br />

High-heel, pointed toe,<br />

slingback shoes with<br />

faux pearls on the front.<br />

R1299 from zara.com<br />

Silver open back sequin maxi dress,<br />

R649 from superbalist.com<br />

18 Get It <strong>Bloem</strong>fontein <strong>May</strong> 20<strong>24</strong> getitmagazine.co.za/bloemfontein

Choosing and caring for your pearls<br />

Of all precious materials, few are as captivating and timeless as pearls are. In<br />

the last couple of years, the beauty of pearls has reached new heights and<br />

reignited creative expression at every major runway from New York to Paris.<br />

With just a few styling tips, you can embrace pearls in the new season – and<br />

for years to come.<br />

Choosing your pearls Inspired by architecture, sculpture and feminine<br />

design, Witchery has unveiled its most premium, elevated and timeless<br />

jewellery collection yet. Weaving together traditional techniques and artistic<br />

innovation, they have crafted a range of jewellery adorned with freshwater<br />

pearls. From statement to staple, you can expect sculptural shapes and<br />

unexpected forms for an elevated twist on the traditional.<br />

Styling your pearls Opt for pieces that can adjust to any wardrobe palette and<br />

occasion. Set with gold hues, the cool tones of pearl will highlight and<br />

enhance the tone and texture of any outfit, making the jewellery as dazzling<br />

as it is versatile. While pearls will work with virtually any tone, they are<br />

especially striking when worn with neutrals like beige, white, and brown, or<br />

with contrasting hues like black and navy. Introduce textures like linen and<br />

cotton to match the natural materials for a look that is both interesting and<br />

warm. Introduce textures like leather, knit, linen and cotton to match the<br />

natural materials for a look that is both interesting and warm. To create a<br />

sense of movement, opt for designs like Witchery’s Molten Lariat Necklace or<br />

Molten Pearl Drop Earrings that work perfectly for any occasion day or night.<br />

Treasuring your pearls Pearls are a timeless treasure and can last for a<br />

lifetime with proper care. Never immerse your pearls in water or harsh<br />

chemicals. Rather, wipe each pearl with a microfibre cloth before storage.<br />

And always avoid spraying perfume on them.<br />

The latest range<br />

of pearl jewellery from<br />

Witchery ... molten pearl<br />

necklace, R2599, semi-precious<br />

hoop, R1699 and semi-precious<br />

ring, R1199. In selected Woolworths<br />

stores and from woolworths.co.za<br />

Sterling silver cubic zirconia classic<br />

tennis bracelet, R1999 from<br />

American Swiss<br />

on bash.com<br />

Catrice Endless Pearls<br />

beautifying primer, R<strong>24</strong>9.95<br />

from Dis-Chem.<br />

Open toe mule with pearl<br />

embellishment, R1749<br />

from aldoshoes.co.za<br />

getitmagazine.co.za/bloemfontein<br />

Women's Pearls Purses Beaded<br />

Clutches Bucket Handbag with<br />

Detachable Chain, R399 from Takealot.<br />

<strong>May</strong> 20<strong>24</strong> Get It <strong>Bloem</strong>fontein 19<br />

Compiled by: Kym Argo

Food trucks<br />

and wedding bells<br />

Weddings are the epitome of anyone’s life but what makes it more top tier and<br />

memorable is the food! Get It <strong>Bloem</strong>fontein spoke to a few local vendors about the<br />

trending food trucks and the best savoury and sweet food truck options<br />

to have at your wedding.<br />

Fine-dining with freedom<br />

Chef Patso Nikolov, who has been living<br />

in South Africa over a decade, said he<br />

loves the freedom of operating from a<br />

food truck. Not only is it more affordable<br />

for the business, but also poses an<br />

opportunity for clients to enjoy the<br />

luxury of fine dining wherever without<br />

breaking the bank.<br />

He expressed that the way of doing<br />

weddings has changed drastically.<br />

People today do not focus so much<br />

on having grandiose venues and food<br />

displays, but weddings have become<br />

more intimate with a focus on spending<br />

less.<br />

“A food truck does not always mean a<br />

burger,” he said.<br />

Chef Patso’s meal suggestions for a<br />

fine-dining experience on wheels<br />

Mozzarella meat balls with pesto sauce,<br />

fillet steak baguette, roasted vegetables<br />

frittata, honey glazed ribs and chicken<br />

satay. You can still have a range of<br />

burgers for an array of options to choose<br />

from.<br />

20 Get It <strong>Bloem</strong>fontein <strong>May</strong> 20<strong>24</strong> getitmagazine.co.za/bloemfontein

getitmagazine.co.za/bloemfontein<br />

<strong>May</strong> 20<strong>24</strong> Get It <strong>Bloem</strong>fontein 21

The discovery of the late Anthonij Rupert’s<br />

packaging notes and mock-ups was the departure<br />

point for realising his dream and producing the<br />

Cap Classique range on L’Ormarins Estate. After<br />

his passing, his brother, Johann, continued the<br />

dream, with the L’Ormarins Private Cuvée (R475),<br />

envisioned as the pinnacle of the range, and is<br />

an exceptionally elegant, sophisticated option<br />

for grand celebrations. There are four more that<br />

we love ... this L’Ormarins Brut Vintage Blanc de<br />

Blancs (R<strong>24</strong>5), a Vintage Brut Rosé (R195), a NV<br />

Brut Classique (R195) and a NV Brut Classique<br />

Rosé (R195). They are described, aptly, as reserved,<br />

refined, revered. From lormarinswines.com<br />

The award-winning<br />

Kruger Family<br />

Reserve Marguerite<br />

MCC Brut 2019 is<br />

an elegant Cap<br />

Classique with<br />

a light golden<br />

hue and fine<br />

persistent<br />

mousse ... a<br />

lovely steady<br />

stream of small<br />

bubbles. All<br />

white pear,<br />

delectable<br />

biscotti, this Cap<br />

Classique makes<br />

any occasion<br />

a memorable<br />

celebration.<br />

R2100 for a<br />

case from<br />

stellenview.co.za<br />

22 Get It <strong>Bloem</strong>fontein <strong>May</strong> 20<strong>24</strong> getitmagazine.co.za/bloemfontein

Cin cin<br />

We’re getting married. So the bubbles<br />

this month are extra special!<br />

This evocative Franschhoek Cellar Brut Royale<br />

Brut MCC has beautiful lemon cream and almond<br />

biscotti flavours on the nose, backed by refreshing<br />

citrus and tropical fruit notes on the palate. The finish<br />

is long and moreish with the playfulness of delicate<br />

bubbles. R1140 a case from franschhoekcellar.co.za<br />

Fresh rose petals<br />

and orange<br />

blossom,<br />

strawberries<br />

and cranberries,<br />

nectarines and<br />

lemons... this<br />

Blaauwklippen<br />

Estate Cap<br />

Classique Brut<br />

pairs brilliantly with<br />

all seafood dishes.<br />

R1560 a case from<br />

blaauwklippen.com<br />

Christiena Trousseau Methode<br />

Cap Classique Brut is a<br />

combination of Chardonnay<br />

and Pinot Noir, two of<br />

the grape varieties used<br />

in Champagne. The<br />

Chardonnay provides the<br />

finesse and longevity<br />

while Pinot Noir adds<br />

body and fruit. This<br />

is an elegant and<br />

distinguished wine,<br />

with upfront red apple,<br />

freshly baked biscuits,<br />

lime and lemon peel,<br />

and small refined bubbles<br />

in the glass. R1188 a case<br />

from vanloveren.co.za<br />

Compiled by: Kym Argo<br />

getitmagazine.co.za/bloemfontein<br />

<strong>May</strong> 20<strong>24</strong> Get It <strong>Bloem</strong>fontein 23

Compiled by: Kym Argo<br />

Beetroot-cured gravadlax with horseradish<br />

sauce with Spier Frans K Smit white blend<br />

Gravadlax is a decadent snack perfect for a<br />

celebration. After you’ve cured them at home<br />

overnight, these silky pink fish slices will last<br />

for at least five days in the fridge, so you can<br />

prepare in advance of your party. Serve with<br />

crackers or seed loaf, creamy horseradish sauce<br />

or even some baby gem lettuce. Serves six as a<br />

light meal or starter. Prep and cooking time: 20<br />

minutes plus overnight curing.<br />

You’ll need: For the gravadlax ... 400-600g fresh<br />

trout fillets, skin on; 2 small beetroots, peeled and<br />

quartered; 1 cup muscovado sugar; 1 cup salt,<br />

medium grain<br />

For the creamy horseradish sauce ... 250ml sour<br />

cream; 2 Tbsp hot horseradish sauce (or 1<br />

Tbsp fresh grated horseradish); 5ml Dijon<br />

mustard (optional)<br />

To serve ... crackers of your choice or seed loaf;<br />

baby gem lettuce (optional)<br />

To make: Use a tweezer to pin-bone the fillets, if<br />

they are not already pin-boned.<br />

Place the beetroot in a food processor along<br />

with the sugar and salt. Process to create a<br />

course paste.<br />

Place a sheet of cling-wrap on a clean surface,<br />

then sprinkle 1/3 of the mixture onto it. Place half<br />

of the fillets on the paste, skin side down. Top<br />

with another 1/3 of the mixture and spread it out<br />

to cover the surface of the fillets. Now place the<br />

remaining half of the fillets on top of the covered<br />

fillets, skin side up (so they are lying meat-side<br />

together). Top with the final mixture, then with<br />

another layer of plastic wrap. Wrap up tightly and<br />

place inside a large-enough plastic container with<br />

a lid. Refrigerate overnight or for 12 hours, turning<br />

it over after 6 hours. The sugar/salt/beetroot<br />

curing mix will create a sticky syrup, so be careful<br />

not to mess it on your clothes.<br />

When the curing time is up, open up the fillets<br />

and rinse them under cold running water. Pat<br />

dry. Use a sharp knife to cut thin slivers on an<br />

angle from the tail side to the top, creating<br />

as much surface area as you can. Arrange on<br />

a platter and serve with the sauce and the<br />

crackers/bread/leaves.<br />

For the sauce, mix the sour cream, horseradish<br />

and mustard together in a small bowl.<br />

Serve with a glass of Spier Frans K Smit white blend<br />

- a Bordeaux-style white blend of 80 percent<br />

Sauvignon Blanc and 20 percent Sémillon, with<br />

a citrus and lime palate more tropical than<br />

herbaceous, and surprising hints of elder flower.<br />

Luxurious<br />

snacking<br />

Extravagant doesn’t have to mean expensive.<br />

It’s all about the lavish plating, the tastiest<br />

ingredients, the generosity of servings.<br />

Eggs. Avos. Trout. A trio of fancy platters<br />

for your next celebration.<br />

<strong>24</strong> Get It <strong>Bloem</strong>fontein <strong>May</strong> 20<strong>24</strong> getitmagazine.co.za/bloemfontein

Greek salad platter with cheats poached eggs<br />

Guests coming over for lunch or an early dinner. This<br />

Mediterranean-style platter is affordable, quick to put<br />

together, and perfect to nibble on while sipping a cocktail.<br />

We’re also keen on the Mediterranean diet, so this works<br />

well for us.<br />

You’ll need: 4 eggs; salt and pepper; 2 handfuls cherry<br />

tomatoes; 1 small red onion, thinly sliced into rings; half<br />

a cucumber, cut into sticks; 100g packet Kalamata olives,<br />

drained; 2 rings Feta, broken into pieces; Greek salad<br />

dressing.<br />

To make: Make cheats poached eggs by pressing the middle<br />

of a perforated plastic wrap square into a small ramekin or<br />

bowl, leaving the rest of the plastic to hang over the outside<br />

edge. Spray the centre with cooking spray and crack in an<br />

egg.<br />

Bring the sides of the plastic overhang up and tie up tightly<br />

with kitchen string, ensuring there are no air bubbles around<br />

the egg. Take the plastic parcel out of the ramekin and<br />

repeat with the rest of the eggs.<br />

Bring a medium saucepan half full of water to a simmer on<br />

medium heat. Carefully add all the egg parcels and cook for<br />

4 minutes for runny yolks or until cooked to your liking.<br />

Carefully cut the parcels open under the knots and unwrap.<br />

Season with salt and pepper.<br />

Arrange the tomatoes, onion, cucumber, olives and Feta on<br />

a platter with the eggs. Serve with a Greek style dressing.<br />

If you’re also following the Mediterranean diet,<br />

pop over to our social media pages to see why<br />

you should include eggs in your daily menu.<br />

For more recipes, pop over to sapoultry.co.za

26 Get It <strong>Bloem</strong>fontein <strong>May</strong> 20<strong>24</strong> getitmagazine.co.za/bloemfontein

Cocktail hour<br />

All the feels ... none of the nasties<br />

We’re all about spoiling ourselves, but Indulging while<br />

maintaining a healthy lifestyle can be difficult.<br />

Hello Almost Zero de-alcoholised wines ... a great option for<br />

sport-enthusiasts, weight-watchers, banters, business lunches,<br />

non-drinkers, pregnant women and designated drivers,<br />

as well as those of us who want to sit and sip and enjoy,<br />

but stay healthy. You can drink more mindfully with an alcohol<br />

content of 0.3% per bottle (so virtually no alcohol), and is also<br />

low in sugar. R85 a bottle from takealot.com<br />

Cranberry & rose water sorbet<br />

You’ll need: 500ml cranberry juice, 250ml Almost Zero<br />

Ravishing Rosé, 5ml rose water<br />

To make: Combine wine, cranberry juice and rose water.<br />

Freeze overnight in a sealable, freezer-friendly container. Stir<br />

with a fork or wooden spoon every 2 hours for the first 6<br />

hours to break up large ice crystals.<br />

Wonderful fruity mocktail<br />

You’ll need: 750ml Almost Zero Wonderful White, Green<br />

apple (granny smith or golden delicious), chopped, 1 pear,<br />

chopped, 3 kiwis, peeled and sliced<br />

To make: Mix all the ingredients in a pitcher, stir and serve!<br />

Fancy winning a hamper filled with<br />

de-alcoholised wines and alcohol free bubbly, valued at R2000?<br />

Pop over to @getitnationalmagazines on Instagram to enter.<br />

getitmagazine.co.za/bloemfontein<br />

Radiant Sangria sorbet<br />

You’ll need: 250ml of Almost Zero Radiant Red, 250ml of<br />

water, 250ml of bottled orange juice<br />

To make: Combine wine with water and fruit juice. Freeze<br />

overnight in a sealable, freezer-friendly container. Stir with a<br />

fork or wooden spoon every 2 hours for the first 6 hours to<br />

break up large ice crystals.<br />

<strong>May</strong> 20<strong>24</strong> Get It <strong>Bloem</strong>fontein 27


Down the aisle!<br />

Tying the knot doesn’t have to<br />

cost an arm and a leg anymore.<br />

Step into the enchanting world<br />

of weddings with our exclusive<br />

bridal feature, showcasing<br />

the latest trends and musthave<br />

vendors for the<br />

unforgettable weddings<br />

of 20<strong>24</strong>. Let our bridal<br />

feature be your ultimate<br />

guide to creating<br />

memories that last<br />

a lifetime.<br />

getitmagazine.co.za/bloemfontein<br />

<strong>May</strong> 20<strong>24</strong> Get It <strong>Bloem</strong>fontein 29

Compiled by: Abigail Visagie, Gypseenia Lion, Justine Fortuin and Warren Hawkins Photographs: GYPSEENIA LION AND SUPPLIED<br />

A seat at the table<br />

Take your seat at Get It’s bridal table and be captivated by the<br />

20<strong>24</strong> wedding season’s décor, colours, and trends!<br />

30 Get It <strong>Bloem</strong>fontein <strong>May</strong> 20<strong>24</strong> getitmagazine.co.za/bloemfontein


getitmagazine.co.za/bloemfontein<br />

<strong>May</strong> 20<strong>24</strong> Get It <strong>Bloem</strong>fontein 31

32 Get It <strong>Bloem</strong>fontein <strong>May</strong> 20<strong>24</strong> getitmagazine.co.za/bloemfontein


Talflorals<br />

Talmira van der Westhuizen from<br />

Talflorals, alongside her family,<br />

owns a 4-hectare plot where<br />

they grow a selection of seasoncut<br />

flowers, including roses<br />

and dahlia. They specialise in<br />

sustainable and beneficial insectfriendly<br />

methods of growing,<br />

following nature’s elements.<br />

For the styled shoot Talflorals<br />

supplied the beautiful florals for<br />

the table. Different flowers range<br />

from R75 to R150 per bunch and<br />

can be purchased from their<br />

website www.talflorals.co.za.<br />

Talflorals also offer flower-picking<br />

mornings from September to<br />

April each year and bookings can<br />

be made on their website.<br />

Layered<br />

In this styled shoot, Layered –<br />

Cakes & Sweet Treats, treated Get It<br />

<strong>Bloem</strong>fontein to the wedding cake!<br />

The wedding cake was a one-tier<br />

chocolate salted caramel flavoured<br />

cake which took Cynthia Kritzinger,<br />

owner of Layered, about three hours<br />

to make. Layered is situated at 126<br />

Haldon Road and owned by Cynthia<br />

Kritzinger. Contact Layered at info@<br />

layered.co.za to book your dream<br />

cake.<br />

getitmagazine.co.za/bloemfontein<br />

A piece of art<br />

Located on Avenham Street in <strong>Bloem</strong>fontein is a jam-packed arts and crafts store<br />

with a great variety. They stock everything a creative may need, they also offer<br />

creative workshops, and team-building events, and a coffee shop.<br />

A ‘Peace’ of Art has all the tools and supplies needed to make people realise their<br />

full creative potential, by not only teaching arts and crafting techniques, but also<br />

life skills, which can be applied to other aspects of life. Visit their website www.<br />

apeaceofart.co.za for more information regarding the store and workshops.<br />

<strong>May</strong> 20<strong>24</strong> Get It <strong>Bloem</strong>fontein 33

34 Get It <strong>Bloem</strong>fontein <strong>May</strong> 20<strong>24</strong> getitmagazine.co.za/bloemfontein

getitmagazine.co.za/bloemfontein<br />

<strong>May</strong> 20<strong>24</strong> Get It <strong>Bloem</strong>fontein 35

Things to do<br />

before you say I do<br />

Fuel up<br />

Your wedding day will be packed with festivities, so you’ll<br />

need a steady release of energy. A nourishing meal will fuel<br />

you for the celebrations ahead, so before you walk down<br />

the aisle, enjoy some breakfast with your bridal party.<br />

Take a stroll<br />

Starting your day off with some light exercise will help clear<br />

your head and boost your mood.<br />

Say a prayer<br />

For those who consider themselves to be spiritual or<br />

religious, saying a prayer with your family or bridesmaids<br />

before the ceremony will give you peace of mind.<br />

Pop some bubbly<br />

There’s no better way to kick off the celebration than with a<br />

glass (or two) of Champagne!<br />

Exchange love letters<br />

Exchanging earnest notes before saying “I do” will remind<br />

you and your partner how much you love one another.<br />

Carve out some time alone<br />

Even though your wedding morning is a time to bond with<br />

your bridal party and connect with your partner, giving<br />

yourself a moment alone is just as important. Before your<br />

walk down the aisle, take a few deep breaths and release<br />

any anxiety you might be feeling.<br />

is to witness a thousand miracles<br />

Standard Furniture<br />

Rectangular tables or Round tables<br />

Chairs<br />

Crockery (Basic White)<br />

Cutlery (Contemporary stainless steel)<br />

All basic glass-ware<br />

Arranging tables as discussed<br />

Informed Staff available on function day<br />

Multimedia equipment<br />

Sound system<br />

Generators for every venue<br />

Mobile: +2783 631 6538 | Email: amanzigame@amanzigame.co.za Web-site: www.amanzigame.co.za<br />

38 Get It <strong>Bloem</strong>fontein <strong>May</strong> 20<strong>24</strong> getitmagazine.co.za/bloemfontein


The morning of your<br />

wedding can be stressful<br />

or relaxing, depending on<br />

how you manage your<br />

emotions. To make sure<br />

brides (and grooms) do<br />

not stress themselves out<br />

too much, Lilly Blomquist<br />

wrote 15 Unique Activities<br />

To Do on Your Wedding<br />

Morning to soothe those<br />

wedding day jitters. Some<br />

of her best tips have been<br />

highlighted.<br />

Bridal shower packages<br />

+27 79 882 2650 info@africanstone.co.za www.africanstone.co.za<br />

getitmagazine.co.za/bloemfontein<br />

OPTION 1<br />

Welcome drink on arrival<br />

Cheese platter with a glass of wine<br />

One (45 min) treatment of choice (full body<br />

massage or back and neck massage or mud<br />

feet treatment or head and shoulder<br />

massage)<br />

Chocolate and liqueur on departure<br />

Package duration: 90 minutes<br />

R490 per person or R460 per person for groups of 4 or more<br />

OPTION 2<br />

Welcome drink on arrival<br />

Change into gown and slippers<br />

Cheese platter with a glass of wine<br />

Two (45 min) treatments of choice (full<br />

body hot stone massage or back and neck<br />

massage or mud feet treatment or head and<br />

shoulder massage)<br />

Drinks between treatments<br />

Complimentary spa slippers<br />

Chocolate and liqueur on departure<br />

Package duration: 2.5 hours<br />

R860 per person or R810 per person for groups of 4 or more<br />

Suits<br />

Shirts<br />

Waistcoats<br />

Ties &<br />

Accessories<br />

Tailoring &<br />

Styling<br />


we can create it<br />

Matric Farewell<br />

Special<br />

Occasions<br />

Evening<br />

Functions<br />

Bridal<br />

Bridesmaids<br />

Mother of the<br />

Bride & Groom<br />

To make an appointment | 072 222 1771<br />

vilestecouture@gmail.com | www.vilestecouture.co.za<br />

94 Pres. Paul Kruger Avenue| Universitas | <strong>Bloem</strong>fontein<br />

<strong>May</strong> 20<strong>24</strong> Get It <strong>Bloem</strong>fontein 39<br />

Source: Brides.com

It’s a man’s<br />

WORLD...<br />

Promens is a local men’s clothing store that<br />

sells and rents out suits, tuxedos, and all the<br />

inbetweens that will have you looking snazzy.<br />

Promens o¬ ers a wide variety of tux rentals<br />

that include all professional alterations and<br />

carry a full money-back guarantee in the event<br />

of any garment defect.<br />

40 Get It <strong>Bloem</strong>fontein <strong>May</strong> 20<strong>24</strong> getitmagazine.co.za/bloemfontein

Booking your wedding<br />

photographer<br />

like a pro!<br />

Capturing your precious<br />

moments as you tie<br />

the knot is just as<br />

important as walking<br />

down the aisle.<br />


Rico Myburg is a local full-time wedding<br />

and videographer with years of<br />

experience in the bridal industry. He<br />

has put together a few tips to aid in<br />

making the booking and execution a<br />

dream come true for your special day.<br />

“I’m sure that most brides and grooms<br />

have their dream photographer even<br />

before they get engaged. In my opinion,<br />

the venue and the photographer are the<br />

two vendors who you should book as<br />

soon as possible,” said Rico. To make<br />

sure your photographer is the right<br />

fit, he advised that you schedule a<br />

meeting or a video call and ask<br />

them a few questions to put<br />

you at ease, even before the<br />

actual photoshoot takes place.<br />

Questions to ask: Do they have<br />

backup systems in place to keep<br />

your memories safe? Is there a<br />

wedding photography/videography<br />

contract?<br />

“Do your research, make sure to<br />

read lots of reviews, and don’t<br />

be afraid to ask their previous<br />

clients about their experience,” he<br />

advised.<br />

Text: Gypseenia Lion<br />

getitmagazine.co.za/bloemfontein<br />

<strong>May</strong> 20<strong>24</strong> Get It <strong>Bloem</strong>fontein 41


Achieving the perfect<br />

wedding day smile<br />

AAs wedding bells ring, brides-to-be often find<br />

themselves meticulously planning every detail<br />

to ensure their special day is nothing short of<br />

perfect. Among the many considerations, one<br />

aspect that stands out is the radiant smile that<br />

accompanies the bride as she walks down the<br />

aisle.<br />

Dr Marie Coetzee from Dr Marie Coetzee Modern Dentistry<br />

sheds light on this topic and shares her insights and<br />

recommendations on achieving a brighter smile for the big day.<br />

According to Dr Marie, there are two primary teeth whitening<br />

options offered at her practice: professional in-office procedures<br />

and at-home whitening kits. According to her, the in-office<br />

procedure delivers swift results within 1 to 90 minutes, making it<br />

an ideal choice for brides seeking immediate enhancement. On<br />

the other hand, custom at-home kits provide flexibility, allowing<br />

brides to whiten their teeth at their convenience.<br />

“These two whitening procedures can also be used in<br />

combination with each other for optimal results,” she states.<br />

Timing plays a crucial role in achieving optimal whitening<br />

results. Dr Marie advises brides to schedule their whitening<br />

treatments as early as possible to address any oral concerns<br />

and allow sufficient time for the procedures. She stresses the<br />

importance of a comprehensive oral examination to evaluate<br />

the patient’s needs thoroughly.<br />

“Ideally the bride should come in as soon as possible so that<br />

we have enough time. Sometimes there are other problems<br />

that need to be tended to before we can start with whitening<br />

treatments,” says Dr Marie.<br />

Sensitive teeth can pose a challenge during whitening<br />

treatments. “Teeth whitening can cause sensitivity. For patients<br />

who struggle with sensitive teeth, I would advise the at-home<br />

whitening kits as the concentration of whitening agent is less<br />

and the results happen over a longer period of time.”<br />

When choosing between in-office and at-home whitening,<br />

brides should consider their timelines and preferences. Dr Marie<br />

emphasises the importance of starting at-home treatments at<br />

least two weeks before the wedding to ensure optimal results.<br />

“We can plan your timeline to determine when the best time<br />

would be to start the whitening treatment,” she says.<br />

For brides considering teeth aligners, Dr Marie outlines typical<br />

timelines ranging from 6 to 18 months for completion. However,<br />

she highlights the variability based on individual needs and<br />

recommends an early consultation to determine the treatment<br />

duration. By initiating the process promptly, brides can ensure a<br />

radiant smile aligns seamlessly with their wedding plans.<br />

Get in touch:<br />

Tel: 051 448 0511<br />


42 Get It <strong>Bloem</strong>fontein <strong>May</strong> 20<strong>24</strong> getitmagazine.co.za/bloemfontein


Gifts made<br />

from the heart<br />

Gifting can be such a tedious task to do especially for a married<br />

couple! Thankfully, lilyandlime.com recommends the most<br />

romantic homemade gifts for the future Mr and Mrs.<br />

There is not a more perfect way to<br />

congratulate the couple and wish<br />

them the very best than with a<br />

personalised photo album from the<br />

early days of the wedded couple’s<br />

dating journey, the engagement,<br />

right to the wedding.<br />

Lilyandlime.com recommends a<br />

customised recipe book inspired by<br />

the couple’s favourite “date night”<br />

food, a late-night snack or even<br />

recipes the pair can cook<br />

up together.<br />

Create a memory jar that encourages the<br />

couple to capture special moments throughout<br />

their first year of marriage. Decorate a glass jar and<br />

provide small cards for jotting down memories.<br />

Scented candles always set the tone for<br />

romance, decorate the jar with a special<br />

message for the couple.<br />

Encourage the couple’s artistic side with a DIY<br />

wine and paint night kit. Include canvases, paints,<br />

brushes, and a selection of their favourite wines.<br />

Add a personal touch by suggesting a theme or<br />

providing step-by-step painting instructions.<br />

Compiled by: Abigail Visagie Source: www.lilyandlime.com<br />

Moeder van die bruid-uitrustings, langbroeke, baadjies, bloese,<br />

toppies asook Barrington jeans beskikbaar<br />

Nuwe wintervoorraad beskikbaar vanaf 3 April

New Wedding Venue<br />

in our old horse stable<br />

This Venue, with its stunning sunsets and picturesque backdrop is the perfect venue for your special day<br />

and comfortably seat 160 guests<br />

At Be Human, we love to share our beautiful surroundings and modern venues with our guests. We have<br />

something for every taste, and a space for any size event. Middelwater Farm is situated approximately<br />

25km outside of <strong>Bloem</strong>fontein, making it the perfect wedding and function venue. We have a range of<br />

venues that is suitable for any size wedding, from small intimate celebrations to large wedding parties.<br />

When booking your wedding with us, we will assist with everything, from catering to décor to<br />

accommodation. Our venue hire includes a collection of tables, chairs, crockery, cutlery and glasses.<br />

Whether you are dreaming of a romantic wedding under the stars, or love the idea of a chic barn<br />

wedding, we will help make your dreams come true.<br />

Be Human Venues<br />

All Venue Bookings, Auctions, Functions & Buffets<br />

Marijka<br />

072 190 0112<br />

venue@be-human.co.za<br />


20<strong>24</strong> Wedding Trends<br />

What’s in, what’s not!<br />

The 20<strong>24</strong> wedding season will be one for the books as couples<br />

everywhere seek to go ‘out with the old and in with the new’ for their<br />

special day. According to Jen Vazquez, the wedding photographer and<br />

marketing expert, one needs to keep in mind that your wedding should<br />

be an authentic reflection of your dreams. Jen has curated the following<br />

trends to get the creative juices flowing for an epic 20<strong>24</strong> wedding!<br />

What’s In:<br />

1. Seated bridal parties ensure<br />

comfort and focus on the<br />

couple.<br />

2. Wow moments are captivating<br />

with dramatic displays and epic<br />

food presentations.<br />

3. Highly curated menus spotlight<br />

unique dishes and vegan<br />

options.<br />


4. Themed dress codes enhance aesthetic appeal.<br />

5. Mini bouquets add affordable elegance.<br />

6. Smaller, shorter ceremonies keep guests engaged.<br />

7. Audio guest books offer a novel touch.<br />

8. Wedding day content creators capture real-time memories.<br />

What’s Not:<br />

1. Uniform bridesmaid dresses – rather give way to individual styles.<br />

2. Candid photos should replace overly staged ones.<br />

3. Wedding hashtags decline as alternative documentation methods rise.<br />

Compiled by: JUSTINE FORTUIN Source: Jen Vasquez Media

Groom’s Guide<br />

Whether you are a stressed person naturally, or just go about<br />

your life without a worry, your wedding day is not “just<br />

another day”, so best be prepared. Lucky for you The Groom’s<br />

Survival Guide has the answers for everyone’s jitters.<br />

Make-up Workshop<br />

Promotion<br />

Only R350pp for a 2-hour Workshop<br />

Valid from 1 <strong>May</strong> to 31 <strong>May</strong> 20<strong>24</strong><br />

MUD Studio Preller Square<br />

083 544 6025 | preller@mudsa.co.za<br />

Shop 14, Preller Square Centre, Louw Wepener St, Dan Pienaar <strong>Bloem</strong>fontein


Get a good night’s rest<br />

The night before the wedding party, prioritise getting<br />

plenty of rest by avoiding alcohol or caffeine.<br />

Have a good breakfast<br />

Ensure you have all the energy you need to get<br />

through the day by having a solid breakfast before<br />

following your wedding day timeline.<br />

Have your suit ready to go<br />

Eliminate last-minute worries by ensuring your suit is<br />

pressed and ready to go the night before the big day.<br />

Get a shave<br />

Whether you opt for a traditional shave with shaving<br />

cream or an electric shaver, give yourself plenty of<br />

time before the wedding day to ensure you look your<br />

best.<br />

Check your teeth and make sure they are clean<br />

On your wedding day, it’s essential to look your best,<br />

and the condition of your teeth is a crucial detail that<br />

can make or break your look.<br />

Put your phone away<br />

On your wedding day, one of the most important<br />

things you can do is to put your phone away. It will<br />

also help keep you from becoming overwhelmed or<br />

anxious by what is happening around you.<br />

After all, it is your wedding day, so you should make<br />

the most of it!<br />

Check your pockets<br />

Before you walk down the aisle, make sure to check<br />

your pockets for any items that might be in them.<br />

It could include keys, cell phones, or other items that<br />

could cause a distraction during the ceremony.<br />

Practice your vows<br />

As the groom, these wedding day tips for the groom<br />

are essential when planning. Writing your vows<br />

can be daunting, but with a bit of practice and<br />

preparation, you can be sure that you are prepared to<br />

deliver them with confidence and sincerity on your<br />

wedding day.<br />

Compiled by: Warren Hawkins<br />

Source: Groovy Groomsmen Gifts<br />

GLIMLAG,<br />


Wye reeks<br />

tandheelkundige<br />

dienste vir die<br />

hele gesin.<br />


Trellidor <strong>Bloem</strong>fontein<br />

051 448 7301<br />

www.trellidor.co.za<br />

Ook witmaak<br />

van tande,<br />

verwydering<br />

van vlekke,<br />

toemaak van<br />

gapings.<br />

DR<br />

JG<br />


Tandarts BChD (Pret.)<br />

Wynand Mouton Rylaan 74, Universitas, 051 - 522 9150


A SCOOP of Winter:<br />

Health, beauty and wellness!<br />

Checkers and Get it <strong>Bloem</strong>fontein collaborated to bring you a scoop of winter health, beauty and<br />

wellness. Soak up on all the winter essentials you and your family may need. Making better choices for<br />

better living doesn’t have to be boring either. Visit your nearest Checkers for better deals on all things<br />

related to your health, beauty and wellness. Hair care, skin care, oral care, or personal grooming –<br />

we share recipes that support your immune system, and maintain your health and well-being.<br />

Shop Health & Beauty in-store or on Checkers Sixty60 for delivery in 60 minutes.<br />

Checkers Health, beauty and wellness promotion on from 20 <strong>May</strong> – 9 June.

50 Get It <strong>Bloem</strong>fontein <strong>May</strong> 20<strong>24</strong> getitmagazine.co.za/bloemfontein


Plant-based goodness!<br />

Vegan Kimchi<br />

Crafted with care, our Vegan Kimchi recipe is a symphony of<br />

flavours and a celebration of plant-based goodness. Begin with<br />

a fresh head of cabbage, and through a process of salting and<br />

resting, watch it transform into the star of this tangy delight. The<br />

vegan sauce, a harmonious blend of soy sauce, coconut sugar,<br />

and pineapple juice, adds a delightful twist. But it’s the chilli paste,<br />

created from ginger, garlic, onion, and chilli flakes, that infuses<br />

this dish with its signature kick. As the cabbage undergoes its<br />

fermentation journey, your patience is rewarded with a tangy, crisp,<br />

and flavourful Kimchi that pairs perfectly with a variety of dishes.<br />

Embrace the world of plant-based flavours with our Vegan Kimchi<br />

and savour the wholesome taste of tradition reinvented. Get all the<br />

ingredients you need delivered to you in 60 minutes with Checkers<br />

Sixty60.<br />

Your Shopping List:<br />

Ingredients<br />

• 1 head of cabbage; outermost leaves removed, well rinsed<br />

• Sea salt or Himalayan salt, a generous amount<br />

• 3 whole carrots; julienned<br />

• 8 spring onions; roughly chopped<br />

• 8 – 10 radishes; finely sliced<br />

For the Vegan Sauce:<br />

• 2 tbsp. (30ml) soy sauce<br />

• 2 tbsp. (30ml) Simple Truth Coconut Sugar (plus more to taste,<br />

if needed)<br />

• ¼ cup (60ml) pineapple juice<br />

• ¼ cup (60ml) warm water<br />

For the Chilli Paste:<br />

• 3 tbsp. (45ml) fresh ginger; peeled<br />

• 1/3 cup (80ml) garlic cloves; peeled<br />

• 1 small onion<br />

• 1/3 cup (80ml) chilli flakes; crushed (adjust and increase if<br />

needed)<br />

<strong>24</strong>0 Minutes | 8 Servings | 13 Ingredients<br />

getitmagazine.co.za/bloemfontein<br />

Scan the QR- Code<br />

to get the method for<br />

the Vegan Kimchi recipe<br />

<strong>May</strong> 20<strong>24</strong> Get It <strong>Bloem</strong>fontein 51<br />

Recipe credit: www.checkers.co.za

Getting your gut<br />

health in order<br />

Not all bacteria is bad bacteria, sometimes your body needs a few organisms<br />

to help your digestive system handle everything it needs to. Women’s Health<br />

Magazine has compiled a list of a few foods that contain the necessary<br />

digestive-boosting bacteria to help you improve your gut health.<br />

Quoting a definition by the International Scientific<br />

Association for Probiotics and Prebiotics (ISAPP),<br />

Women’s Health defined probiotics as “live<br />

microorganisms that, when administered in<br />

adequate amounts, confer a health benefit on the<br />

host”.<br />

“If that seems a little vague, it’s because research on<br />

how exactly probiotics support the gut, how much<br />

or what bacteria a food should contain for you to tap<br />

into the health benefits, and how well they are able<br />

to survive digestion, is still ongoing, explains Gena<br />

Hamshaw, RD, and author of The Full Helping blog,”<br />

reads the article titled, 30 Foods High In Probiotics To<br />

Eat For Better Gut Health, According To Dietitians.<br />

52 Get It <strong>Bloem</strong>fontein <strong>May</strong> 20<strong>24</strong> getitmagazine.co.za/bloemfontein


Probiotic-rich foods you can add to your diet as<br />

provided by Women’s Health:<br />

getitmagazine.co.za/bloemfontein<br />

1<br />

Sauerkraut<br />

Swap ketchup and mustard for sauerkraut at your<br />

next cookout. “Made from fermented cabbage, this<br />

dish is great as a topping for hotdogs and as an<br />

accompaniment to barbecue,” said Women’s Health.<br />

2<br />

Yogurt<br />

The advice is to look for brands that say<br />

“live active cultures” on the label. It is also<br />

recommended that you check for added<br />

sweeteners if you want to avoid extra sugar.<br />

Natto<br />

According to the article, Natto is a fermented<br />

soybean dish from Japan that is often served<br />

for breakfast, is known for its distinct taste and<br />

particular smell, and it packs a nutritional punch.<br />

The bacteria used in the fermenting process was<br />

found to contain a variety of vitamins, enzymes,<br />

and amino acids in a Journal of Bacteriology study.<br />

4Olives<br />

Whether you eat them as part of a<br />

charcuterie board or as a martini garnish,<br />

olives are a good source of probiotic<br />

bacteria.<br />

Kombucha<br />

This fermented tea is packed with<br />

beneficial bacteria and B vitamins – and it<br />

aids digestion, so it can help you debloat,<br />

too. If you’re not into the strong, briny<br />

taste, kombucha is just one of several<br />

probiotic drinks out there on the market.<br />

5<br />

6<br />

7Garlic<br />

Garlic can increase the growth of the<br />

probiotic L. acidophilus, so don’t be<br />

afraid to add a few extra cloves to your<br />

next dinner!<br />

Apple cider vinegar<br />

Apple Cider Vinegar has a lot of<br />

purported health benefits (some legit,<br />

some not so much), but it really does<br />

contain probiotics. Just don’t drink it in<br />

straight shots, because it’s so acidic –<br />

it’s better paired with other foods, say,<br />

in a salad dressing.<br />

Soybeans<br />

Soybeans are a protein-rich prebiotic to<br />

keep on rotation, highlighted Women’s<br />

Health. They’re mainstays in a plantbased<br />

diet and they pack the prebiotic<br />

punch that many soy milks don’t since<br />

much of it gets drained away in the<br />

bean-soaking, milk-making process,<br />

research says.<br />

9<br />

8<br />

Cottage cheese<br />

Certain brands of cottage cheese are<br />

made with live cultures to boost their<br />

gut-supporting benefits. Good Culture<br />

offers probiotic-rich, low-fat whole milk<br />

and double cream options.<br />

Bananas<br />

Bananas aren’t a probiotic, but a prebiotic<br />

food, which Mastaneh Sharafi, PhD, RD,<br />

vice president of scientific affairs at Ritual,<br />

says are just as important to maintaining<br />

a healthy gut. “Prebiotics are not living<br />

organisms – they’re non-digestible food<br />

ingredients that strategically support the<br />

good bacteria that already exist in your<br />

gut,” she explains. They essentially act as<br />

food for gut bacteria, which creates an<br />

ideal environment for your body to grow<br />

and diversify its own probiotics<br />

10<br />

<strong>May</strong> 20<strong>24</strong> Get It <strong>Bloem</strong>fontein 53<br />

Compiled by: Gypseenia Lion Source: Women’s Health www.womenshealthmag.com


How much<br />

Vitamin C is enough?<br />

Healthline.com says<br />

because humans<br />

cannot synthesise<br />

vitamin C on their<br />

own like animals<br />

do, it is important<br />

to get enough of<br />

it from foods or<br />

supplements to<br />

maintain good<br />

health.<br />

getitmagazine.co.za/bloemfontein<br />

“<br />

Vitamin C is a water-soluble nutrient<br />

with many vital functions in your<br />

body. It helps strengthen your<br />

immune system, aids collagen production<br />

and wound healing, and acts as an<br />

antioxidant to protect your cells from free<br />

radical damage,” reads an article about<br />

Vitamin C on the Healthline.com site.<br />

Referring to research by The Institute of<br />

Medicine (IOM), Healthline.com mentioned<br />

that the Recommended Dietary Allowance<br />

recommendations for specific gender and<br />

age groups should meet the nutrient needs<br />

of 97–98% of healthy individuals.<br />

“In addition to the RDA recommendations<br />

for vitamin C, the Food and Drug<br />

Administration (FDA) has issued a<br />

recommended Daily Value (DV). The DV was<br />

developed for food and supplement labels.<br />

It helps you determine the percentage<br />

of nutrients in a single serving of food,<br />

compared with the daily requirements.<br />

On food labels, this is displayed as<br />

%DV (12Trusted Source). Currently, the<br />

recommended DV for vitamin C for adults<br />

and children aged 4 and above is 60 mg<br />

regardless of gender. However, in January<br />

2020, this will increase to 90 mg,” said<br />

Healthline.com.<br />

Vitamin C therefore is an essential for overall<br />

health and wellness.<br />

“Regularly getting 1–2 grams of vitamin<br />

C per day may reduce the duration of<br />

common cold symptoms and boost your<br />

immune system. It might also help prevent<br />

iron deficiency anemia,” explained the article.<br />

Some of the best food sources are fruits<br />

and vegetables. “It’s important to note that<br />

vitamin C in food is easily destroyed by heat,<br />

but since many good sources of the nutrient<br />

are fruits and vegetables, simply eating some<br />

of those foods raw is an easy way to reach<br />

the recommended intake.”<br />

It is important to note that consuming too<br />

much vitamin C can cause gastrointestinal<br />

side effects, including cramps, nausea, and<br />

diarrhea added Healthline.com. Although,<br />

consuming a variety of vitamin-C-rich fruits<br />

and vegetables can also go a long way in<br />

supporting optimal health and wellness.<br />

“To avoid gastrointestinal side effects, keep<br />

your vitamin C intake within the Tolerable<br />

Upper Intake Levels established by the IOM.<br />

Individuals with hemochromatosis, or iron<br />

overload, should be particularly cautious<br />

when taking vitamin C supplements,”<br />

concluded Healthline.com.<br />

<strong>May</strong> 20<strong>24</strong> Get It <strong>Bloem</strong>fontein 55<br />

Compiled by: Gypseenia Lion Source: www.healthline.com


The do’s and don’ts<br />

of Essential Oils<br />

When used properly, these potent,<br />

pure oils can aid in creating a sense of<br />

calm, relieving symptoms of migraines,<br />

defending against colds and flu. But to<br />

take in the helpful effects, these oils need<br />

to be used and mixed with care.<br />

The Dos and Don’ts of Essential Oils<br />

outlined a few key dos and don’ts to<br />

make the most of essential oils.<br />

Do: Dilute essential oils. Nebulising<br />

diffusers don’t require dilution, but<br />

regular use in diffusers and use in custom<br />

blends or cleaning/body care products<br />

require water dilution or a carrier oil.<br />

Do: Carefully consider which blends or<br />

oils will be best for you. Do you have<br />

migraines? Blends with lavender might<br />

be best. Do you have a cold? Blends<br />

with eucalyptus might be best. There<br />

are plenty of varieties of oils, and we<br />

carry specialised blends that serve many<br />

purposes.<br />

Essential oils are<br />

incredible, natural<br />

wonders, and according<br />

to The Dos and Don’ts<br />

of Essential Oils by<br />

Anni Stromfeld for SIJO<br />

Home, they are used<br />

for fragrance purposes,<br />

as aromatherapy, and<br />

can be found in a wide<br />

variety of products.<br />

Do: Use your diffuser regularly. Simply<br />

add 5 - 10 drops to water for the<br />

traditional diffuser or 5 - 10 drops of the<br />

essential oil directly into the nebulising<br />

diffuser for hours of aromatherapy.<br />

Don’t: You should avoid using certain<br />

essential oils on the body if you will be<br />

in/near direct sunlight. Certain citrusbased<br />

oils can cause photosensitivity and<br />

increase the chance for sunburn, and<br />

should be avoided at times when you will<br />

be in direct sunlight.<br />

Don’t: Don’t use certain essential oils<br />

while pregnant. In the first trimester,<br />

we honestly recommend to steer clear<br />

entirely. Once you get to the second<br />

trimester, you can use some (think:<br />

lavender, chamomile, peppermint).<br />

However, spiced oils like cinnamon and<br />

clove or even oils like jasmine should be<br />

avoided as they may cause false or early<br />

contractions.<br />

Compiled by: Warren Hawkins Source: SIJO Home<br />

getitmagazine.co.za/bloemfontein<br />

<strong>May</strong> 20<strong>24</strong> Get It <strong>Bloem</strong>fontein 57

C<br />

M<br />

Y<br />

CM<br />

MY<br />

CY<br />

CMY<br />


*Source: IRI South Africa, Value Sales, Feminine Hygiene Intimate Care Category, Defined Retailers (DisChem, Clicks, Spar Group, Shoprite Group, Pick n Pay Group, Makro and Masscash Wholesale Group), 12 months ending<br />

June 2023. Adcock Ingram Healthcare (Pty) Ltd. Co. Reg. No. 2007.019928/07. Private Bag X69, Bryanston, 2021, South Africa. www.adcock.com. Customer Care: 0860 ADCOCK/232625. 2023080110303599. August 2023.


Unlocking the secrets of biotin:<br />

A key nutrient for healthy hair<br />

Biotin, also known as Vitamin B7 or Vitamin H, has<br />

gained significant attention in recent years for its<br />

remarkable benefits in promoting healthy hair.<br />

As an essential nutrient, biotin plays a crucial role in the<br />

maintenance of hair, skin, and nails. While it is naturally found<br />

in a variety of foods such as eggs, nuts, and leafy greens,<br />

supplementation with biotin has been increasingly popular<br />

due to its potential to improve hair health.<br />

One of the primary benefits of biotin for hair lies in its role<br />

in promoting keratin infrastructure, a protein that forms the<br />

foundation of hair, skin, and nails. According to Trüeb (2016),<br />

“Biotin supports the production of keratin, which is essential<br />

for maintaining the strength, elasticity, and overall health of<br />

hair strands.” Research suggests that biotin deficiency can lead<br />

to brittle hair and hair loss, making adequate intake of this<br />

vitamin crucial for maintaining vibrant and resilient locks.<br />

Furthermore, biotin is believed to support hair growth by<br />

enhancing the body’s ability to metabolise amino acids,<br />

the building blocks of protein. “Since hair follicles require a<br />

steady supply of nutrients to grow and thrive, sufficient biotin<br />

levels are essential for ensuring optimal hair growth and<br />

regeneration,” Trüeb (2016) states.<br />

Several studies have provided promising results regarding<br />

the effectiveness of biotin supplementation in improving<br />

hair health. Trüeb (2016) mentions a study published in the<br />

Journal of Clinical and Aesthetic Dermatology, which found<br />

that participants who took biotin supplements, experienced a<br />

significant increase in hair growth and thickness compared to<br />

those who received a placebo.<br />

Moreover, biotin has been shown to contribute to the overall<br />

health of the scalp, which plays a crucial role in supporting<br />

healthy hair growth. According to Trüeb (2016), “By promoting<br />

a well-nourished scalp environment, biotin helps create<br />

the optimal conditions for hair follicles to flourish, reducing<br />

the likelihood of issues such as dryness, flakiness, and<br />

inflammation.”<br />

In conclusion, incorporating biotin into your daily regimen<br />

can be a valuable strategy for promoting healthy hair growth<br />

and maintaining luscious locks. Whether through dietary<br />

sources or supplementation, ensuring adequate intake of<br />

this essential nutrient can contribute to stronger, thicker, and<br />

more vibrant hair.<br />

Compiled by: JUSTINE FORTUIN Source: Journal of Clinical and Aesthetic Dermatology, Trüeb, R. M. (2016).<br />

getitmagazine.co.za/bloemfontein<br />

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62 Get It <strong>Bloem</strong>fontein <strong>May</strong> 20<strong>24</strong> getitmagazine.co.za/bloemfontein


Dry brushing:<br />

A winter skin<br />

life-saver<br />

Dry skin brushing benefits<br />

may include stimulating<br />

the lymphatic system,<br />

exfoliating the skin,<br />

removing toxins, increasing<br />

circulation and energy, and<br />

reducing cellulite.<br />

According to an article written by Ronni<br />

Gordon from healthline, dry brushing is<br />

an Ayurvedic medicine that has been<br />

around for centuries and it is thought to help the<br />

body release toxins through sweat.<br />

“The coarse bristles on the brush stimulate the<br />

pores and open them up. This makes it easier for<br />

the body to sweat, which in turns reduces the<br />

amount of toxins flowing through the lymphatic<br />

system,” the article notes.<br />

“It’s believed to have many health benefits and<br />

works by exfoliating the skin. Practitioners of dry<br />

brushing rub a brush with coarse, natural-fibre<br />

bristles over their bodies in a particular pattern.<br />

The idea is that the coarse fibres will help to<br />

remove dead skin and improve the skin’s ability<br />

to eliminate toxins through the pores,” the article<br />

further notes.<br />

healthline provides the following possible<br />

benefits of dry brushing:<br />

Lymphatic system and the removal of toxins<br />

The lymphatic system helps your body fight off<br />

infections. Fluids flow through the system and<br />

are filtered through the lymph nodes. If you’re<br />

sick or exposed to a lot of toxins, the system<br />

may become backed up and clogged. That is<br />

why your lymph nodes often become swollen<br />

when you have a cold. [There is little research to<br />

getitmagazine.co.za/bloemfontein<br />

support this claim.]<br />

Exfoliation<br />

The coarse bristles can brush away dry, dead<br />

cells from the skin. This can leave your skin more<br />

smooth and soft.<br />

Relaxation<br />

Similar to a massage, dry brushing may make<br />

you feel relaxed. To make the most of this<br />

benefit, practice dry brushing in a dark, quiet<br />

space.<br />

Cellulite<br />

Cellulite is a condition that mostly affects<br />

women. Areas affected by cellulite have a rippled<br />

or ‘cottage cheese’ appearance. The cause is<br />

not fully known. Massage has been shown to<br />

temporarily reduce the appearance of cellulite.<br />

Some claim that dry brushing can reduce the<br />

appearance of cellulite because it has similar<br />

effects on the body as massage. [There’s no<br />

scientific data to support this theory, and it’s not<br />

a recognised treatment by most doctors.]<br />

“[Dry brushing] does exfoliate, which is fine if not<br />

done too vigorously,” says Dr Carolyn Jacobs, a<br />

board-certified dermatologist and director at<br />

Chicago Cosmetic Surgery and Dermatology.<br />

“But it won’t help cellulite as that is due to fat and<br />

collagen bands in women.”<br />

<strong>May</strong> 20<strong>24</strong> Get It <strong>Bloem</strong>fontein 63<br />

Compiled by: JUSTINE FORTUIN Source: healthline


Eat less salt<br />

deaths, yielding substantial returns on investment.<br />

Among the various nutrients that impact our well-being,<br />

sodium often takes centre stage due to its presence<br />

in modern diets and its profound effects on health.<br />

The World Health Organisation (WHO) has long emphasised the<br />

importance of reducing sodium intake, highlighting its association<br />

with a spectrum of adverse health outcomes, such as notably<br />

raised blood pressure and increased risk of cardiovascular diseases.<br />

According to the WHO, the global mean intake of sodium among<br />

adults surpasses recommended levels by a significant margin. The<br />

effects are dire, with an estimated 1.89 million deaths annually<br />

attributed to excessive sodium consumption. The gravity of this<br />

issue extends beyond individual health concerns, manifesting<br />

as a substantial burden on healthcare systems and economies<br />

worldwide.<br />

“Reducing sodium intake is one of the most cost-effective ways<br />

to improve health and reduce the burden of non-communicable<br />

diseases, as it can avert a large number of cardiovascular events<br />

and deaths at very low total programme costs,” states the WHO.<br />

Fortunately, addressing this challenge does not necessitate<br />

monumental endeavours. TheWHO advocates for practical, costeffective<br />

measures to curb sodium intake, such as “reformulating<br />

food products to contain less salt, implementing front-of-pack<br />

labelling, and conducting mass media campaigns to promote<br />

awareness”. These interventions, if embraced on a global scale,<br />

have the potential to avert numerous cardiovascular events and<br />

getitmagazine.co.za/bloemfontein<br />

At the individual level, adopting mindful dietary habits can<br />

contribute to sodium reduction. “Eat mostly fresh, minimally<br />

processed foods,” advises the WHO, suggesting strategies such<br />

as scrutinising product labels for sodium content and flavouring<br />

meals with herbs and spices instead of salt.<br />

Additionally, “limiting the consumption of processed foods”<br />

and “removing the salt shaker from the dining table” are<br />

recommended practices.<br />

Nevertheless, combating excessive sodium consumption<br />

demands a concerted effort across sectors. Governments play a<br />

pivotal role in formulating and implementing policies conducive<br />

to healthier dietary practices.<br />

“The development, implementation, monitoring, and evaluation<br />

of sodium reduction policies should be government-led,”<br />

emphasises the WHO, highlighting the importance of proactive<br />

governance in addressing this global health challenge.<br />

In conclusion, the importance of reducing sodium intake<br />

resonates as a cornerstone of public health endeavours<br />

worldwide. By heeding the WHO’s recommendations and<br />

embracing proactive measures at both individual and societal<br />

levels, we can pave the way towards a healthier future, mitigating<br />

the burden of non-communicable diseases and enhancing overall<br />

well-being.<br />

<strong>May</strong> 20<strong>24</strong> Get It <strong>Bloem</strong>fontein 65<br />

Compiled by: JUSTINE FORTUIN Source: The World Health OrganiSation

66 Get It <strong>Bloem</strong>fontein <strong>May</strong> 20<strong>24</strong> getitmagazine.co.za/bloemfontein


Should I use coconut oil<br />

in the winter or summer?<br />

Coconut oil is<br />

considered the king of<br />

hair oils, according to<br />

should I use coconut<br />

oil in the winter<br />

or summer? by Dr<br />

Sarita Sanke, with an<br />

impeccable reputation<br />

as people of various<br />

hair types can use it.<br />

Should I Usec coconut oil in the Winter or Summer? says during<br />

winter, applying coconut oil for hair to the scalp can reduce dryness<br />

and help nourish the hair as it deeply penetrates every hair strand.<br />

Coconut oil has a great affinity for proteins in the hair and can easily<br />

penetrate the hair shaft and nourish it from within.<br />

In her article, Dr Sanke outlines the benefits of coconut oil for hair during<br />

winter months:<br />

Gets rid of pesky dandruff<br />

The scalp can start itching and flaking during the winter months, and<br />

existing dandruff can worsen to an entirely new level. Coconut oil can<br />

help prevent dandruff flakes from appearing on your scalp due to its<br />

antifungal, antibacterial, and anti-inflammatory properties.<br />

Apply a few drops of coconut oil for hair to your scalp before washing<br />

your hair. Let it sit in your hair for 15–20 minutes only before washing it off<br />

thoroughly with shampoo and conditioner.<br />

Makes hair shiny<br />

During winter, the production of natural oils and sebum in<br />

the scalp is reduced, causing dryness and lack of shine<br />

in the hair.<br />

Massage your hair and scalp with coconut oil<br />

that is rich in fatty acids such as lauric acid,<br />

which deeply penetrates the hair strands,<br />

making them well hydrated and shiny.<br />

Deeply conditions the hair<br />

The cold winter months can be harsh<br />

on your scalp and hair, making them<br />

dry and brittle.<br />

To maintain a healthy scalp with<br />

luscious locks, you must apply coconut<br />

oil to your hair and scalp and leave it<br />

overnight for best results.<br />

Relieves scalp itching<br />

It is common to have scalp dryness during<br />

the winter, leading to itching and infection<br />

with bacteria and fungus.<br />

Coconut oil is rich in fatty acids; when applied to<br />

the skin, it serves as an effective protective barrier<br />

against bacterial and fungal activity on the scalp.<br />

Apply a few drops of coconut oil before and after<br />

washing your hair to reduce dryness and itchiness.<br />

Dr Sanke explained in Should I Use Coconut Oil in the Winter or Summer?<br />

that coconut oil is the holy grail of hair care products. The versatile hair oil<br />

can transform your hair, and when used regularly, it can hydrate your hair<br />

and reduce scalp itching and dandruff, among other benefits.<br />

Compiled by: JUSTINE FORTUIN Source: Little Extra<br />

getitmagazine.co.za/bloemfontein<br />

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Breathing<br />

your way to a healthier life<br />

It should not come as a surprise that stress and anxiety has<br />

become common as the pace of the world gets faster. While<br />

there are many techniques and methods such as drumming<br />

and sound therapy available to help combat these feelings, one of<br />

the simplest and most effective ways is through deep breathing.<br />

This is according to a <strong>Bloem</strong>fontein-based sound therapist and a<br />

drumming facilitator, Thabiso Montse, who is the co-founder of<br />

Body Soul Collab and Drum Vibes Africa.<br />

Thabiso mentioned that because breathing is also used to confirm<br />

if someone is still alive, it makes sense for people to pay attention<br />

to breathing patterns to stay alive and healthy.<br />

“Deep breathing is a technique that involves taking slow, deep<br />

breaths to help calm the mind and relax the body. By focusing on<br />

your breathing and taking slow, deliberate inhales and exhales,<br />

you can activate the body’s relaxation response and reduce stress<br />

and anxiety levels,” he explained.<br />

He added that as research has shown that deep breathing can<br />

have a number of benefits for both physical and mental health, it<br />

can aid in reducing stress and anxiety.<br />

“Deep breathing has been found to lower blood pressure, improve<br />

circulation, and enhance overall lung function. One of the best<br />

things about deep breathing is that it can be done anywhere, at<br />

any time. Whether you’re feeling overwhelmed at work, anxious<br />

before a big presentation, or just need a moment to relax and<br />

unwind, deep breathing can help you reset and refocus. It is very<br />

important to stop and breathe during difficult talks or quarrels,<br />

by so doing you allow oxygen to your brain so you can think<br />

rationally,” expressed Thabiso.<br />

He said that people should not forget to take a moment to<br />

breathe. It does not matter which technique one chooses or<br />

where one breathes, taking a moment to relax and unwind<br />

can help you reset and refocus. Thabiso highlighted that it is<br />

imperative to stop and breathe during difficult talks or quarrels,<br />

by so doing you allow oxygen to your brain so you can think<br />

rationally.<br />

“To practice Diaphragmatic breathing one can lie on their bed,<br />

head on the pillow facing up with your knees bent slightly, place<br />

both your hands on your chest one on the upper chest and one<br />

just below your diaphragm. Slowly inhale through your nose<br />

filling your stomach with air, feel your stomach pressing into your<br />

hand,” he advised.<br />

The last step is to exhale through your mouth using pursed lips<br />

and tighten your abdominal muscles.<br />

Repeat the exercise several times to your satisfaction, and have a<br />

lighter day.<br />

Article credit: thabiso Montse, co-founder of Body Soul Collab and Drum Vibes Africa.<br />

Compiled by: Gypseenia Lion<br />

getitmagazine.co.za/bloemfontein<br />

<strong>May</strong> 20<strong>24</strong> Get It <strong>Bloem</strong>fontein 69

For full prescribing information refer to the professional information approved by the medicines regulatory authority. Always read label prior to use. For any further information, including safety, please contact the GSK Hotline on +27 11 74<br />

6001 or 0800118274. Trademarks are owned by or licensed to the GSK group of companies.<br />

For full prescribing information refer to the professional information approved by the medicines regulatory authority. Always read label prior to use. For any further information, including safety, please contact the GSK Hotline on +27 11<br />

6001 or 0800118274. Trademarks are owned by or licensed to the GSK group of companies.


Yoga...<br />

the balancing act of it all<br />

Yoga is seen as a relaxing way of<br />

connecting the body, mind and<br />

soul. It can often also be a way of<br />

reducing stress while staying fit<br />

and intact.<br />

Yoga practitioner, Stefanie Jacobs, found<br />

yoga out of complete curiosity while<br />

thinking that it would just be another<br />

form of physical exercise. “I discovered<br />

something that challenged me physically,<br />

mentally, emotionally and spiritually. I found<br />

something I didn’t know I needed,” says<br />

Stefanie.<br />

The yoga instructor from Quiet Confident<br />

refers to yoga being a safe space to<br />

challenge yourself physically, while<br />

staying focused and present mentally and<br />

emotionally. The yoga journey teaches you<br />

to practice compassion and loving-kindness<br />

towards yourself.<br />

Yoga means ‘yoke’ or the union of body,<br />

mind and spirit. So although the poses or<br />

asanas are an important part of yoga, other<br />

factors include the breath (pranayama),<br />

alignment, balance, mindfulness (or focus),<br />

practice and patience.<br />

Stefanie also advises that practicing healthy<br />

habits on a daily basis will lead to<br />

better physical and mental outcomes.<br />

“The word ‘balance’ is key - finding stability<br />

between seeming opposing forces.<br />

Paul Grilley says, “Yoga teaches us to bring balance to<br />

our lives and patience to our minds”.<br />

“When you find something you enjoy, you find the time for it,<br />

whether it is 15 minutes or an hour,” mentioned Stefanie.<br />

And for the sceptics who normally feel that yoga is too time-consuming and<br />

a waste of exercise, Stefanie mentioned how beneficial yoga can be. “Besides<br />

learning about your body, becoming stronger and more flexible, another<br />

massive benefit is your breathing.<br />

Breathing helps you to let go and calm the mind. The combination of physical<br />

movement, breath and focus also helps to increase fitness, reduce stress and<br />

anxiety, improve sleep, and increase your energy,” says the yoga practitioner.<br />

Yoga enables you to develop a sense of inner awareness. It strengthens your<br />

body and mind. Stefanie addressed the fact that most yoga studios don’t have<br />

mirrors. “Yoga focuses more on how you feel, rather than how you look and<br />

that is inclusive to everyone.”<br />

This helps to create a sense of self-acceptance and self-esteem. Yoga can<br />

release tension and anxiety in the mind and body, improve flexibility, and<br />

bring a sense of calm to our ever increasingly busy lives.<br />

Text: ABIGAIL VISAGIE Source: Yoga practitioner Stefanie Jacobs<br />

getitmagazine.co.za/bloemfontein<br />

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chosen by kids, approved by parents<br />






& SQUEEZED<br />

NO<br />


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No added MSG<br />

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sweeteners<br />

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Daily defender<br />

Protect your little one this winter with Sir Fruit’s new kids’ range that will stand<br />

in as your child’s daily defender and superhero armour in a bottle.<br />

You can shake it, twist it, chug it!<br />

The 100% fruit and veg blend is full<br />

of raw pressed goodness.<br />

It’s kids’ daily Defender Shots for the<br />

ultimate real-life Power Upz! It packs a<br />

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& carrot blend. This 100% fruit & veg<br />

juice blend is not just any shot –<br />

it’s a turbocharged boost all the<br />

cool kids need. Packed with a<br />

powerhouse of vitamins – B1,<br />

B2, B3, B5, B6, B7 (Biotin),<br />

B9 (Folic Acid), and<br />

B12 – it’s like a shield<br />

of armour for their<br />

daily adventures.<br />

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getitmagazine.co.za/bloemfontein<br />

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Know your winter<br />

citrus fruits<br />

Citrus fruits are cultivated in most of the tropical and subtropical areas of the<br />

world, and many people know what citrus fruits are, but few know the benefits<br />

each type of citrus fruit hold.<br />

According to List And Benefits Of Citrus Fruits by<br />

AGICO, the following citrus fruits have several<br />

health benefits.<br />

Oranges<br />

Because of the content of Vitamin C and abundant<br />

fibre and natural sugars, oranges are famous<br />

and a good source of quick energy. Apart from<br />

Vitamin C, fibre and natural sugars, oranges are<br />

rich in various antioxidants which can help defend<br />

against cancers.<br />

Lemons and limes<br />

These two citrus fruits are not often eaten directly,<br />

usually, they are processed into juice or just cut<br />

into segments to put into boiled water. And the<br />

ingredients of limonin and limonene can help to<br />

prevent cellular changes which can keep cancers<br />

far away. Another aspect of lemon – it is used to<br />

lose weight as it is a digestive aid and cleanses<br />

the liver. The common lemon contains citric<br />

getitmagazine.co.za/bloemfontein<br />

acid, vitamin C, calcium, magnesium, pectin and<br />

bioflavonoid and is a famous boost of the immune<br />

system.<br />

Grapefruit<br />

Grapefruit is high in enzymes, vitamin B,<br />

lycopene, magnesium, iron, folic acids, calcium<br />

and potassium etc. which can decrease the risk<br />

of cancer and heart disease. A lot of pectin in<br />

grapefruit can lower cholesterol, and grapefruit<br />

also can help to lose weight.<br />

Pomelo<br />

The pomelo is very large among the<br />

citrus fruits. And the nutrients in<br />

pomelo are pretty abundant, such<br />

as vitamins A, B1, B2 and C, proteins,<br />

fibre, healthy fats, potassium, antioxidants<br />

bioflavonoids and enzymes. This can aid with<br />

digestion, promote dental and cardiac health, and<br />

boost the immune system.<br />

<strong>May</strong> 20<strong>24</strong> Get It <strong>Bloem</strong>fontein 75<br />

Compiled by: WARREN HAWKINS Source: AGICO


Nourish to<br />

flourish<br />

Eat better, live better<br />

The way people have consumed food, or even thought<br />

about healthy food, has changed over time. With the<br />

popularity of veganism, plant-based foods and other<br />

options increasingly include more modern techniques and ways<br />

of preparing – one thing remains, eating better can improve your<br />

life.<br />

Get It <strong>Bloem</strong>fontein reached out to the University of the Free State<br />

lecturer and private dietitian, Angelique Carson-Porter, to provide<br />

more insight when it comes to the “nourish to flourish” journey.<br />

Angelique has experience in the field for over a decade, with<br />

her interests also being in nutrition counselling and education<br />

aimed at young children and adolescents, as well as their primary<br />

caregivers.<br />

“This is why ‘nourish to flourish’ is a topic close to my heart. The<br />

eating behaviours adopted at a young age become cemented<br />

in us and follow us to adulthood. Only in the older adult years do<br />

we reap the rewards and consequences of these behaviours,” she<br />

expressed.<br />

Referencing the United Nations International Children’s<br />

Emergency Fund (UNICEF 2020), Angelique quoted that the<br />

“nourish to flourish” phrase encompasses the idea that “good<br />

nutrition allows children to survive, grow, develop, learn, play,<br />

participate and contribute – while malnutrition robs children of<br />

their future and leaves young lives hanging in the balance”.<br />

“The risk for obesity and lifestyle diseases are worsened by the<br />

greater availability of cheap energy from sugary and fatty foods,<br />

readily available in the food environment. The food environment<br />

is the foods available to people in their daily surroundings (FAO,<br />

2016),” she added.<br />

She added that the most common misconception is that healthy<br />

food is expensive.<br />

“Beans, split peas, and lentils are inexpensive and can be<br />

combined with meat to improve the protein content of meals.<br />

Using vegetables and herbs to flavour food when cooking,<br />

can have many added health benefits. These can replace other<br />

flavourings high in salt and sodium, increasing your risk of high<br />

blood pressure. Furthermore, reducing flavourings high in salt and<br />

sodium can save you money,” she said.<br />

Another common misconception is that it requires a lot of time to<br />

prepare healthy food.<br />

“Proper planning and critical thinking before shopping can save<br />

you time and money. We regard education as an investment<br />

for a prosperous future; in the same way, eating healthy foods<br />

should also be considered an investment to nourish and flourish,”<br />

concluded Angelique.<br />

Using the South African Food-Based Dietary Guidelines,<br />

Angelique recommended the following points to<br />

consider:<br />

• Enjoy a variety of foods. These food trends are<br />

encouraging a greater variety of food. Wholegrain,<br />

vegetables, fruit, fish, yoghurt, fermented and pickled<br />

foods are readily available and can be added to most<br />

meals to improve nutrition, flavour and colour.<br />

• Make fibre-rich starchy foods part of most meals. Fibre<br />

will make you feel fuller for longer and aid the stability of<br />

your blood glucose levels throughout the day.<br />

• Eat plenty of vegetables and fruit every day to ensure<br />

you reach your fibre and antioxidant requirements and to<br />

help with your gut health.<br />

• Regularly eat dry beans, split peas, lentils, seeds and nuts<br />

to support your gut and mental health.<br />

• Fish, chicken, lean meat or eggs could be eaten daily.<br />

• Drink milk, maas or yoghurt every day.<br />

• Use salt and foods high in salt sparingly.<br />

• Use food and drinks containing sugar sparingly.<br />

Text: Gypseenia Lion<br />

getitmagazine.co.za/bloemfontein<br />

<strong>May</strong> 20<strong>24</strong> Get It <strong>Bloem</strong>fontein 77

78 Get It <strong>Bloem</strong>fontein <strong>May</strong> 20<strong>24</strong> getitmagazine.co.za/bloemfontein


Winter skin eczema<br />

Eczema, or atopic dermatitis,<br />

is a prevalent skin condition<br />

characterised by dry, itchy skin<br />

that can become inflamed and<br />

red. Dr Fatima Moosa at Netcare<br />

Universitas Hospital, a seasoned<br />

dermatologist, shares insights<br />

on this common ailment, its<br />

causes, triggers, and management<br />

strategies, particularly during the<br />

winter months.<br />

Dr Fatima defines eczema as “an extremely<br />

common skin condition and one of the<br />

skin conditions I see most commonly<br />

in my practice.” She explains that it is<br />

characterised by dry, very itchy skin which<br />

can result in inflamed, red skin.<br />

According to her, the causes of eczema are multifactorial,<br />

involving genetics, environmental factors, immune<br />

abnormalities, and skin barrier defects.<br />

During winter, cold, dry air becomes a significant trigger<br />

for eczema flare-ups. Dr Fatima explains that the cold,<br />

dry air results in a decreased humidity level causing<br />

us to lose moisture from our skin into the surrounding<br />

environment which leads to dry skin. Furthermore,<br />

indoor heating exacerbates moisture loss, compromising<br />

the skin barrier further.<br />

To combat these effects, Dr Fatima recommends various<br />

strategies. She suggests using “gentle, fragrance-free<br />

cleansers,” opting for “shorter lukewarm showers or<br />

baths,” and moisturising regularly with “thicker emollients<br />

like ointments and creams”.<br />

Additionally, she advises using a humidifier and choosing<br />

soft fabrics for clothing to help maintain skin moisture<br />

and prevent irritation.<br />

Regarding skincare products, Dr Fatima advises seeking<br />

emollients containing barrier-supportive ingredients<br />

such as petroleum, ceramides, and hyaluronic acid.<br />

She encourages individuals to consult dermatologists<br />

for personalised recommendations or visit reputable<br />

getitmagazine.co.za/bloemfontein<br />

Dr Fatima Moosa<br />

websites like www.allergyfoundation.co.za for guidance.<br />

Dr Fatima stresses the importance of lifestyle adjustments, emphasising<br />

seasonal skincare adaptation. She recommends adopting habits such as<br />

using thicker emollients and barrier-supportive ingredients during winter<br />

to minimise eczema flare-ups and maintain healthier skin throughout the<br />

season.<br />

In conclusion, she highlights the significance of proactive skincare, lifestyle<br />

adjustments, and expert guidance from dermatologists in managing<br />

eczema, especially during the challenging winter months. Through these<br />

measures, individuals can alleviate symptoms and improve their quality of<br />

life despite the complexities of this condition.<br />

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Text: Justine Fortuin

80 Get It <strong>Bloem</strong>fontein <strong>May</strong> 20<strong>24</strong> getitmagazine.co.za/bloemfontein


How many cups of Green Tea<br />

should I drink a day?<br />

Made from the Camellia Sinensis plant,<br />

Green Tea is a rich source of antioxidants<br />

called flavonoids that may have certain<br />

health benefits, including a reduced risk<br />

of some cancers and heart disease. But many people<br />

ask – how many cups of Green Tea should I drink a day?<br />

Harvard Health Publications recommends drinking a<br />

few cups of Green Tea each day to gain its benefits and<br />

says that in tea-drinking cultures, three cups per day is<br />

perfectly normal.<br />

Tetley Pure Green Tea contains loads of antioxidants,<br />

it is a great way to feel energised and helps in<br />

maintaining a healthy lifestyle. We have put together a<br />

few points to remember next time you brew a cup of<br />

Green Tea goodness:<br />

• Green Tea is a great boost for your metabolism and<br />

as a result can assist with weight loss. (Remember<br />

Green Tea alone is not the golden ticket and a caloriecontrolled<br />

diet is also an essential part of any weightloss<br />

plan).<br />

• If you’re sensitive to caffeine and find that Green Tea<br />

affects your sleep, have your Green Tea before 11am<br />

giving yourself a good few hours before bedtime so<br />

that the caffeine has time to wear off.<br />

• Drinking Green Tea may protect your brain and lower<br />

your risk of Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s in old age.<br />

Studies have shown that the catechin compounds in<br />

Green Tea have many protective effects which can lead<br />

to lowering the risk of diseases that come with old age.<br />

• Studies have shown that long-term consumption of<br />

Green Tea can help to drastically reduce your risk of<br />

hypertension.<br />

• Green Tea has high levels of antioxidants and minerals<br />

that can help protect your kidneys from oxidative<br />

damage preventing you from getting kidney stones.<br />

• Drinking Green Tea can do wonders for your skin<br />

because of the antioxidant polyphenols, called Here are some suggestions to mix up your Tetley Green Tea and enjoy it in<br />

epigallocatechin-3-gallate (EGCG). This antioxidant different ways:<br />

keeps your skin hydrated and protects you from the – Add fresh mint, a slice of lemon, or some apple cubes to your Green Tea for a<br />

harmful UV rays that come from exposure to the sun. different flavour.<br />

• Green Tea boosts your memory!<br />

– Serve chilled as an iced tea, with a splash of fruit juice and a mix of sliced<br />

Researchers in Switzerland have found that the Green fruit.<br />

Tea extract increased neuroplasticity between the – Add some Green teabags to the liquid added to soups, stews and casseroles<br />

parietal and frontal areas of the brain – improving your to enhance the flavour and health benefits of these dishes.<br />

short and long-term memory.<br />

Go on – why not brew another delicious cup of Tetley Pure Green Tea!<br />

Source: www.joekels.co.za References: popsugar, purejoy, amazing-green-tea, healthline, livestrong,<br />

feelhappiness, tinarichards, memory-improvement-tips<br />

getitmagazine.co.za/bloemfontein<br />

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The nutrition your body needs<br />

for peak performance at different ages<br />

There’s a reason a person in their 40s doesn’t have the same amount of energy as they did in their<br />

20s, or why they can’t eat like they did as a teenager. Bodies constantly change with age, and with<br />

each new phase of life, there are changing requirements for the body to maintain optimum health.<br />

Key to this is the evolving nutritional needs of the body – as a person ages, diets will need to adapt,<br />

replenishing nutrients according to these changing requirements.<br />

“As we follow the journey of life, we must adapt our diets<br />

according to the changing nutritional needs of our bodies,”<br />

explained Tetley and Laager partner dietitian, Mbali Mapholi.<br />

“Many people don’t realise that embracing these transitions at<br />

each stage is pivotal for overall well-being. Society talks a lot<br />

about how our bodies change over time, but no one really talks<br />

about how our dietary needs change as we age.”<br />

Mapholi has shared her dietary tips for each decade of adult life.<br />

20s: Laying the foundation for adult nutrition<br />

“This is a pivotal decade that lays the groundwork for lifelong<br />

health, which means it’s crucial to address your specific nutritional<br />

needs,” explained Mapholi. In your 20s, it’s crucial to prioritise lean<br />

proteins like eggs, chicken, fish, beans, dairy, and nuts in every<br />

meal to support muscle development. Additionally, integrating<br />

iron-rich foods such as lean meats, legumes, and fortified cereals<br />

ensures optimal energy levels to prevent fatigue. Healthy<br />

plant fats from sources like avocados, nuts, nut butter, and oils<br />

contribute to cognitive well-being and brain health. Including<br />

a variety of fruits and vegetables not only provides essential<br />

vitamins and minerals but also introduces antioxidants to combat<br />

oxidative stress. Hydration is essential, with fluid needs increasing<br />

in this age group. Enhance water consumption by infusing it<br />

with flavours like lemon, orange, berries, cucumber, and herbs,<br />

or experiment with homemade iced green teas and flavoured<br />

rooibos teas incorporating fruit slices and herbs for a refreshing<br />

twist.<br />

30s: Nurturing Health and Balance<br />

“Navigating the fast-paced lifestyle of your 30s requires strategic<br />

nutritional choices to sustain energy levels and promote overall<br />

well-being,” notes Mapholi. “Many peoples’ lives are more<br />

demanding at this age, with the growing demands of work and<br />

family life. You must ensure consistent meals, aiming for at least<br />

three a day, to meet increased nutritional needs during this stage<br />

of life.” In your mid-30s, prioritising essential nutrients from whole<br />

grains like sorghum, couscous, beans, chickpeas, brown or seeded<br />

bread, and brown rice in your daily diet is crucial, as these foods<br />

provide a steady release of energy throughout the day. Lean<br />

proteins such as chicken, lean red meat, eggs, and fish should<br />

be included to support muscle health and provide necessary<br />

amino acids. Prioritise dietary fibre-rich foods like vegetables and<br />

fruits to aid digestion and support heart health. Due to increased<br />

calcium needs, incorporate foods like dairy or fortified plantbased<br />

alternatives to enhance bone health, supporting long-term<br />

skeletal strength and resilience. Hydration remains important, but<br />

opt for teas with minimal or no caffeine, such as Laager Rooibos,<br />

getitmagazine.co.za/bloemfontein<br />

and include water-rich foods like watermelon, cucumber, and<br />

lettuce to increase fluid intake.<br />

40s: Embracing Nutrient-Rich Choices<br />

“In your 40s, your metabolism may slow down which means<br />

making nutrient-rich choices that support your evolving needs,”<br />

says Mapholi. To ensure heart and joint health, incorporate lean<br />

protein foods rich in omega-3 fatty acids into your diet, such as<br />

salmon, pilchards, and sardines. Additionally, include plant-based<br />

sources like walnuts and chia seeds to promote heart health and<br />

joint flexibility. Lean protein-rich foods are essential for muscle<br />

maintenance, ensuring strength and vitality. Integrate fibre-rich<br />

grains like sorghum, oats, and high-fibre brown bread into your<br />

morning routine to support digestive health and maintain steady<br />

energy levels throughout the day. Colourful vegetables provide<br />

a diverse spectrum of vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants crucial<br />

for overall health, robust immune function, and cellular repair.<br />

Hydration is crucial for overall well-being, especially joint health;<br />

incorporate teas like Laager Green Rooibos and Tetley Green tea<br />

with anti-inflammatory properties to optimise fluid intake.<br />

50s and Beyond: Promoting Longevity<br />

“As you enter the golden years, prioritising a holistic nutritional<br />

approach becomes imperative for promoting longevity,” adds<br />

Mapholi. “Small, frequent meals can aid digestion and nutrient<br />

absorption, providing a steady release of energy throughout<br />

the day.” To safeguard bone health and mitigate the risk of<br />

osteoporosis, incorporate fortified plant milks or dairy to ensure<br />

sufficient vitamin D intake, which is crucial for calcium absorption.<br />

Omega-3 fatty acids from fatty fish like salmon and nuts like<br />

walnuts are essential for supporting brain health and cognitive<br />

function. Elevate protein intake with eggs, lean meats, fish, and<br />

plant-based proteins like beans, chickpeas, and lentils, as proteins<br />

play a pivotal role in muscle preservation, supporting overall<br />

strength and vitality. Consuming fibre-rich foods helps maintain<br />

digestive health and regulate blood sugar levels, reducing the risk<br />

of chronic conditions.<br />

Hydration is paramount, especially for addressing increased<br />

prevalence of constipation; incorporate teas like Laager Rooibos,<br />

Tetley Green tea, and water-rich foods to ensure optimal fluid<br />

intake. Tetley Chamomile tea is also beneficial for reducing anxiety<br />

and aiding sleep.<br />

To discover healthy tips and recipe ideas from Tetley Tea, follow @<br />

TetleyTeaSA and @LaagerRooibosTea on Facebook and Instagram<br />

or visit www.joekels.co.za. For more insightful dietary information,<br />

follow Mbali Mapholi @Urbandietitian.<br />

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Source: JoEkels

Meals to beat<br />

the midday slump<br />

Turn your lunch break into a rejuvenating pause with a light meal<br />

that will satisfy your hunger and keep you energised for the rest of the day.<br />

Checkers range of ready-made salads and plant-based meals will help<br />

with digestion too!<br />

Sticky Roasted Butternut, Feta<br />

and Pistachio Couscous<br />

40 Minutes<br />

4 Servings<br />

19 Ingredients<br />

Description<br />

Whether you’re a seasoned wellness enthusiast or ready to<br />

embrace a healthier lifestyle, this Sticky Roasted Butternut,<br />

Feta and Pistachio Couscous recipe is your ticket to a<br />

plate full of goodness. This vibrant dish combines roasted<br />

butternut with the protein-packed Simple Truth Chickpea<br />

and Red Lentil Couscous. Decadent Padkos Salted Pistachio<br />

Nuts add crunch to every bite. Topped with creamy feta and<br />

our delicious Forage and Feast Coriander Pesto Dressing, it’s<br />

the perfect blend of freshness and zing. Savour this Sticky<br />

Roasted Butternut, Feta and Pistachio Couscous dish as<br />

a light lunch, a refreshing dinner or a wholesome side to<br />

accompany your favourite protein. Get everything you need<br />

at Checkers or on Sixty60 for delivery in 60 minutes.<br />

Directions<br />

1. Preheat the oven to 180ºC or opt for the convenience of<br />

an air-fryer, if preferred.<br />

2. In a large bowl, toss together the butternut, olive oil,<br />

paprika, cumin, cinnamon, honey, salt and pepper until the<br />

butternut is cloaked in flavour.<br />

3. Place the coated butternut on a roasting tray and roast for<br />

25 minutes or until golden and cooked through.<br />

4. While the butternut is roasting, prepare your salad. In a<br />

bowl, combine the couscous, chopped parsley, coriander,<br />

mint and chives.<br />

5. Add the olive oil, lemon zest and juice, salt and pepper,<br />

and give it all a gentle mix.<br />

6. To assemble, spoon a generous helping of couscous<br />

onto your plate or platter. Top it with the sticky roasted butternut,<br />

crumble over some feta, sprinkle the pistachio nuts and finish with<br />

a flourish of fresh basil. For the final touch, serve it alongside the<br />

delightful Coriander Pesto Dressing.<br />

Ingredients<br />

For the Sticky Roasted Butternut:<br />

• 1 butternut; peeled, deseeded and cubed<br />

• 2 tbsp. (30ml) olive oil<br />

• 1 tsp. (5ml) paprika<br />

• 1 tsp. (5ml) ground cumin<br />

• ½ tsp. (2.5ml) ground cinnamon<br />

• 2 tbsp. (30ml) honey<br />

• Salt and pepper to taste<br />

For the Couscous Salad:<br />

• 1 cup (250ml) Simple Truth Chickpea and Red Lentil<br />

Couscous; cooked according to packet instructions<br />

• ¼ cup (60ml) flat leaf parsley; roughly chopped<br />

• ¼ cup (60ml) fresh coriander; roughly chopped<br />

• ¼ cup (60ml) fresh mint; roughly chopped<br />

• Handful of chives; finely chopped<br />

• 3 tbsp. (45ml) olive oil<br />

• Zest and juice of 1 lemon<br />

• Salt and pepper to taste<br />

To Assemble:<br />

• ½ cup (125ml) feta; crumbled<br />

• ¼ cup (60ml) Padkos Salted Pistachio Nuts, shelled<br />

• Handful of fresh basil leaves for garnish<br />

• Forage and Feast Coriander Pesto Dressing, to serve.<br />

SHOP ME!<br />

Simple Truth Chickpea<br />

& Red Lentil Couscous<br />

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Easily prepare wholesome and delicious chickpea and red lentil couscous in just 5 minutes<br />

for the perfect vegan addition to your meals, a healthy side dish and anything in between.<br />

Made with only 2 ingredients, it’s high in fibre and a gluten-free alternative to wheat.<br />

Enjoy the nutty flavour and fluffy texture of this delicious couscous as a side dish or as<br />

the base of your favourite salad. It’s a vegan, high-fibre and gluten-free alternative to<br />

wheat. Plus, it’s made with only chickpea and red lentil flour, containing no added colours,<br />

flavours, preservatives or trans-fat, making it a delicious and convenient option for a<br />

healthy meal. Plus, it’s easy to prepare in just 5 minutes<br />

Shop at Checkers in-store or on Checkers Sixty60 for delivery in 60 minutes.<br />

Recipe credit: WWW.CHECKERS.CO.ZA<br />

getitmagazine.co.za/bloemfontein<br />

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86 Get It <strong>Bloem</strong>fontein <strong>May</strong> 20<strong>24</strong> getitmagazine.co.za/bloemfontein


Wellness on a plate<br />

Smoked Mackerel Salad<br />

30 Minutes<br />

4 Servings<br />

17 Ingredients<br />

Packed with nutrient-rich ingredients and bursting<br />

with vibrant colours, this Smoked Mackerel Salad is a<br />

celebration of wellness on a plate. Our Simple Truth<br />

White Quinoa and Cape Point Hot Smoked Mackerel<br />

Fillets take centre stage. The mackerel adds a rich,<br />

smoky flavour, while quinoa brings a hearty dose<br />

of protein and fibre to keep you energised. Sautéed<br />

fennel with garlic-infused baby spinach and a medley<br />

of sugar snap peas and cranberries complete the<br />

colourful ensemble. The homemade dressing adds a<br />

zesty touch. This Smoked Mackerel Salad is perfect<br />

for a light and satisfying lunch or dinner. Ready to<br />

fuel your body with goodness? Get all the ingredients<br />

you need at Checkers or on Sixty60 for delivery in 60<br />

minutes.<br />

Ingredients<br />

• 1 cup (250ml) Simple Truth White Quinoa<br />

• 2 cups (500ml) vegetable stock<br />

• Olive oil, for frying<br />

• 4 baby fennel bulbs; thinly sliced<br />

• 2 cloves of garlic; crushed<br />

• 200g baby spinach; washed<br />

• Salt and pepper to season<br />

• 100g sugar snap peas; thinly sliced<br />

• 1/3 cup (90ml) dried cranberries or raisins<br />

• 100g Cape Point Hot Smoked Mackerel Fillets<br />

• 2 tbsp. (30ml) pickled red onion and radish, to serve<br />

(optional)<br />

For the Dressing:<br />

• ¼ cup (60ml) olive oil<br />

• 1 tsp. (5ml) Dijon mustard<br />

• 1 tsp. (5ml) honey<br />

• Zest and juice of 1 lemon<br />

• 2 tbsp. (30ml) flat leaf parsley; roughly chopped<br />

getitmagazine.co.za/bloemfontein<br />

Directions<br />

1. Bring 1 cup of quinoa and 2 cups of vegetable broth to a boil. Cover and<br />

let it simmer for 18 – 20 minutes until the quinoa is perfectly cooked.<br />

2. In a frying pan, heat a dash of olive oil and sauté the fennel until it<br />

achieves a delightful golden hue. Add garlic and spinach, continuing to<br />

sauté for a few minutes until the spinach wilts. Season the mixture with<br />

salt and pepper, then set it aside.<br />

3. For the dressing, combine the olive oil, mustard, honey, lemon zest,<br />

juice and parsley in a small jar. Give it a good shake until the ingredients<br />

emulsify. Season with salt and pepper and set aside.<br />

4. To assemble, spoon a couple of dollops of the cooked quinoa onto your<br />

serving platter or plate. Top it with the sautéed fennel mix, a generous<br />

serving of sugar snap peas and a sprinkling of cranberries. Delicately<br />

flake the smoked mackerel over the salad, and garnish with pickled red<br />

onion and radish. Drizzle the prepared dressing over the salad.<br />

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Recipe credit: WWW.CHECKERS.CO.ZA




Simple Truth<br />

Seeded Rolls<br />



Simple Truth<br />

Frozen Plant-Based<br />

Patties<br />

vEGAN<br />

Gluten-Free<br />



Simple Truth<br />

Frozen Plant-Based<br />

Sausages<br />

SOURCE<br />

OF FIBRE<br />


MINCE<br />

Simple Truth<br />

Frozen Plant-Based<br />

Mince<br />

HIGH IN<br />




PIECES<br />

Simple Truth<br />

Frozen Plant-Based<br />

Plain/BBQ Chicken-Style<br />

Pieces<br />

vEGAN<br />

No ADDED msg<br />

No artificial colours<br />

or flavours<br />



download the app<br />

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getitmagazine.co.za/bloemfontein<br />

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spread the love<br />

Bring romance into the garden with the spicy-sweet<br />

fragrance of dwarf pot carnations.<br />

The names say it<br />

all. Pink Kisses. I love You.<br />

And Purple Wedding. These pretty<br />

and petite pot carnations, in romantic<br />

shades of pink, blush and purple, come<br />

from centuries of cultivation. The association<br />

of carnations with love, fascination and<br />

distinction goes back some 2000 years, when<br />

they were named ‘the flower of the gods’ by Greek<br />

philosopher Theophrastus. Like roses, many myths<br />

and legends surround the carnation, reinforcing<br />

its association with romance. They are woven<br />

into wedding bouquets and celebratory<br />

wreaths, are worn in buttonholes, and<br />

are the official flower for Mother’s<br />

Day. Pot carnations…what’s<br />

not to like.<br />

90 Get It <strong>Bloem</strong>fontein <strong>May</strong> 20<strong>24</strong> getitmagazine.co.za/bloemfontein

Modern pot carnations are compact and bushy, producing<br />

masses of bicoloured double flowers above grey-green stems<br />

and leaves. They can be planted as a showy border, are<br />

ideal for gravel gardens, and are hardy plants for patio<br />

containers and hanging baskets. They are perfect gift<br />

plants and can be grown indoors. Unlike the older, taller<br />

carnation varieties that need staking and pinching,<br />

pot carnations don’t have to be fussed over.<br />

Pink Kisses produces long-lasting tiny,<br />

bicolour flowers in sugar pink with<br />

a darker pink centre and a delicious<br />

fragrance. Plants grow up to 35cm high<br />

and wide, and the pickable blooms<br />

are long lasting.<br />

I Love You is a living bouquet in shades of deep pink, soft<br />

pink and rose through to white, as the flowers change<br />

colour as they mature. Butterflies, bees and other<br />

pollinators love this fragrant carnation. It’s a frost tolerant<br />

carnation and works well both indoors and out.<br />

Purple Wedding has single flowers in shades of pink and purple, with<br />

a frilly white edging. The flowers cover this compact plant so that it<br />

looks like a bouquet but lasts a lot longer. When grown indoors or on<br />

the patio it needs plenty of bright light. As a garden plant it stands out<br />

as an edging for a bed, in full sun to semi-shade.<br />

getitmagazine.co.za/bloemfontein<br />

Easy to grow<br />

• Pot carnations need four to five hours of full sun.<br />

Plant in well composted soil that drains well. • Space<br />

plants 30cm apart and plant the crown of the plant<br />

level with the surface of the soil. No need to mulch -<br />

the stems like to be free of lingering moisture. • Once<br />

established, plants are drought tolerant and should not<br />

be over-watered. Let the soil dry out moderately before<br />

watering. The roots tend to rot in soggy soil. • Fertilise<br />

once a month and cut back after flowering for a repeat<br />

flush of flowers. • Container grown plants do best with<br />

morning sun and afternoon shade. Use a good quality<br />

potting soil that drains well and feed with Margaret<br />

Roberts Organic Supercharger after planting. Plants in<br />

containers need more water than those in the garden.<br />

Boost growth and flowers with a liquid fertiliser once a<br />

month. Details: www.ballstraathof.co.za<br />

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The romance of rail<br />

Seven reasons why a stay on the Kruger Shalati should be on your romantic bucket list!<br />

The truly spectacular views from your<br />

bedroom ... be it one of the two dozen<br />

Carriage Suites on the Train on the Bridge<br />

or the seven Bridge House Suites, sitting<br />

adjacent to the bridge in a picturesque<br />

garden setting with the train’s gentle glow as<br />

your backdrop. All are opulent, with a hint of<br />

the 1920’s rail safari. The views are equally<br />

marvelous from the lounge and dining<br />

areas and the swimming pools, which overlook the<br />

Sabie River ... the river flows all year-round, drawing<br />

animals and birds that come to quench their thirst.<br />

The fact that you’ll be recreating<br />

history. The Kruger Shalati - The Train<br />

on<br />

the Bridge, sits on the exact<br />

spot where the train would park<br />

overnight close to 100 years ago,<br />

when visits to the Kruger National<br />

Park were first allowed. The<br />

refurbished train is permanently<br />

stationed on the historically rich<br />

Selati Bridge above the Sabie River<br />

... a unique experience with luxury<br />

accommodation and activities<br />

reminiscent of days gone by.<br />

The option of a romantic<br />

turndown ... with rose<br />

petals scattered around<br />

the room, a scented<br />

bubble bath and a bottle<br />

of Moët champagne or<br />

Steenburg Brut sparkling<br />

wine on ice.<br />

The private bush dinner<br />

for two ... and the<br />

romantic bush picnic.<br />

Private dining ... à<br />

deux or more if you’re<br />

travelling with friends,<br />

can be arranged ... with<br />

exceptional food, fine<br />

wine ... even entertainment if you<br />

want to go for the full experience.<br />

Compiled by: Kym Argo<br />

92 Get It <strong>Bloem</strong>fontein <strong>May</strong> 20<strong>24</strong> getitmagazine.co.za/bloemfontein

The game drives and walks ... private if you<br />

prefer. There are two game drives a day ...<br />

morning and afternoon, included in your stay.<br />

You can, if you wish, opt for a private game<br />

drive on either. There are also exceptionally<br />

enjoyable morning safari walks with Sanparks.<br />

And you’re in Kruger ... you know the game<br />

viewing is going to be beyond fantastic!<br />

The spa journey in the heart of the bush.<br />

An African Goddess facial, or hot stone<br />

massage, or the 75 minute Shalati<br />

Honeymoon Celebration ... in your<br />

room or on the deck. Bliss!<br />


starts with the perfect honeymoon destination<br />

The extras. The heli flips and<br />

community tours and games of golf which<br />

can be arranged. The three swimming pools<br />

and the pre-game drive high teas and the staff,<br />

who go the extra mile. A bucket list trip indeed!<br />

The deets ...<br />

Rates, from R5890 per person, include accommodation,<br />

all meals, teas and coffees, daily soft drinks, house wines,<br />

local brand spirits and beers. It also includes two game<br />

drives daily in open game drive vehicles. There is also a<br />

complementary return road transfers between the Skukuza<br />

Airport and the lodge. All extras - like the private dinners<br />

and spa treatments and romantic turndowns - are optional<br />

and charged separately. Details: krugershalati.com<br />

2023<br />

Voted as the BEST<br />



<strong>Bloem</strong>fontein<br />

getitmagazine.co.za/bloemfontein<br />

051 406 2500 083 461 2561<br />

info@etniquetravel.co.za www.etniquetravel.co.za<br />

<strong>May</strong> 20<strong>24</strong> Get It <strong>Bloem</strong>fontein 93


Purchase an annual SANBI gardens card at www.webtickets.co.za<br />

More information: www.sanbi.org<br />

Free State National Botanical Garden (NBG); Hantam NBG; Harold Porter NBG;<br />

Karoo Desert NBG; Kirstenbosch NBG; KwaZulu-Natal NBG; Kwelera NBG; Lowveld NBG;<br />

Mokopane Biodiversity Conservation Centre; National Zoological Garden,<br />

Pretoria; Pretoria NBG; Thohoyandou NBG; Walter Sisulu NBG



Skakel Davin<br />

079 870 0499<br />

Maryke<br />

051 407 6938<br />

marykeb@satb.co.za<br />

Agt kilometer buite<br />

<strong>Bloem</strong>fontein<br />

Agt jagspesies<br />

Selfsorgeenhede Slag<br />

en Koelkamergeriewe<br />

Spoil your mom this<br />

mothersday<br />




TO ENTER!<br />

* Image for illustration purposes only<br />


Spoil<br />

<strong>May</strong><br />

A case of gorgeous wine to<br />

celebrate a special occasion<br />

Long, eventful lunches, with ripe cheese and tapas style platters,<br />

fresh salmon sushi, Mediterranean salads. The perfect<br />

celebration. And for the wine ... this Fairview Rose Quartz<br />

2023 is the ideal match. Pale rose quartz colour in the<br />

glass, with delicate notes of sweet pomegranate, summer<br />

berries and a hint of fresh blossoms, it’s daisy fresh on the<br />

palate with light oaking adding complexity. R140 from<br />

fairviewmarketplace.co.za. We’ve got a case of Fairview<br />

Rose Quartz to give away ... to stand in line to win,<br />

pop over to @getitnationalmagazines on Instagram or<br />

Facebook. Entries close <strong>May</strong> 25.<br />

96 Get It <strong>Bloem</strong>fontein <strong>May</strong> 20<strong>24</strong> getitmagazine.co.za/bloemfontein

“Life doesn’t come with a manual.<br />

It comes with a mother.”<br />

OFM will broadcast a special Mother’s Day<br />

edition on Friday 10 <strong>May</strong> 20<strong>24</strong><br />

Meet the special ladies who raised<br />

Shandor, Yolanda, Pulane and Nico –<br />

in studio, live on air, all day!<br />

Plus… stand the chance to WIN a spoil for your mom

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