The Luxury Network International Magazine Issue 15

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Described as “<strong>The</strong> next generation of marketing for luxury brands” by the British media,<br />

<strong>The</strong> <strong>Luxury</strong> <strong>Network</strong> is the world’s leading luxury affinity marketing group. <strong>The</strong> <strong>Luxury</strong><br />

<strong>Network</strong> is a private membership club, established in luxury capitals or countries<br />

around the world, within which premium companies work closely together<br />

at senior director level for mutual business and client development.

<strong>The</strong> <strong>Luxury</strong> <strong>Network</strong>’s objective is simple: To facilitate co-operation and exciting new<br />

business development activities between top-end companies. New business partnerships<br />

are created via strategic alignment, joint collaborations, product placements,<br />

endorsements, media sharing, B2B and B2C networking, sales and luxury<br />

showcase events and numerous other affinity marketing activities.

A Message<br />

From <strong>The</strong> Editor<br />

Dear Valued Readers,<br />

It is with delight for us to announce the release of the <strong>15</strong>th edition of our esteemed publication, <strong>The</strong> <strong>Luxury</strong><br />

<strong>Network</strong> <strong>Magazine</strong>.<br />

This latest issue features the Nossa Senhora e o Menino (Madonna and Child) artwork by Roberto Custodio on<br />

the front cover, an exclusive Millionaire’s Gift Guide - holiday edition and some victorious events from <strong>The</strong> <strong>Luxury</strong><br />

<strong>Network</strong> offices and our global members around the world. My personal top-picks that you should not miss<br />

checking out inside are the collaboration event of our offices in the UK and KSA, our partnership event with Financial<br />

Times in London, and the launch announcements of our offices in the Adriatic Sea region and Thailand.<br />

So sit back, relax, and enjoy, while we entertain you with our international magazine’s<br />

latest edition.<br />

Sincerely,<br />

Fares Ghattas<br />

Global CEO,<br />

<strong>The</strong> <strong>Luxury</strong> <strong>Network</strong> <strong>International</strong><br />

Editor-in-chief,<br />

<strong>The</strong> <strong>Luxury</strong> <strong>Network</strong> <strong>International</strong> <strong>Magazine</strong><br />

4<br />

@faresghattas<br />




Page 22

highlights<br />

ISSUE <strong>15</strong> | Nov - Dec 2019<br />

12<br />

18<br />

22<br />

26<br />

32<br />

38<br />

62<br />

87<br />

102<br />

120<br />

<strong>The</strong> Bentayga Hybrid<br />

Al Bait Sharjah - How to Spend $ 68,000<br />

<strong>The</strong> Millionaire’s Gift Guide<br />

Shangri-La’s Boracay Resort & Spa<br />

RL Fine Arts<br />

How can you Dress for Success?<br />

Lustica Bay, Montenegro<br />

<strong>The</strong> <strong>Luxury</strong> <strong>Network</strong> X Financial Times<br />

Ferrari F8 Tributo Launch<br />

<strong>The</strong> <strong>Luxury</strong> <strong>Network</strong> Adria Launch

12 18<br />

E<br />

N<br />

D<br />

I<br />

O<br />

B<br />

G<br />

K<br />

C<br />

H<br />

M<br />

A<br />

F<br />

J<br />

L<br />

22<br />

26<br />


Holiday Edition<br />

For the <strong>Luxury</strong> Lover<br />

A. Bang & Olufsen Beolab 50 l $40,000<br />

B. Tom Ford Camel Brushed Cashmere Shelton Jacket l $5,470<br />

C. Cartier Baignoire Watch l $34,900<br />

D. Christian Louboutin Frenchissima 2020 l $1,295<br />

E. Coast Picnic Bag l $281<br />

F. De Dietrich Multifunction Plus Pyrolysis Oven l $6,361<br />

G. Edelvion V-Card l $4,235<br />

H. Gaggenau Wine Cabinet l $9,212<br />

I. Laurent-Perrier Cuvée Rosé<br />

J. Kwanpen Raffles 1819 l $7,802<br />

K. Jo Malone London Advent Calendar l $498<br />

L. Pommery Brut Rose<br />

M. Sisko Chocolate Gift Box l $298.06<br />

N. <strong>The</strong> Magic in Opal by Dalseen l $9,950<br />

O. Diamond Ring by Canary Diamond l $546,000<br />

32<br />

38 62<br />

87 102<br />



KINDNESS by Ari Lankin<br />

2017, 71 x 71 inches, 180 x 180 cms, acrylic on canvas


REBIRTH by Ari Lankin<br />

2016, 71 x 71 inches, 180 x 180 cms, acrylic on canvas








HYBRID<br />

Leader in the delivery of sustainable<br />

luxury mobility accelerates its<br />

journey towards electrification.<br />

Bentley to offer electrified variants<br />

of all models by 2023.<br />

Technologically advanced Bentayga<br />

has WLTP All Electric range of 39<br />

km/24.23 miles (NEDC - 51km/31.7<br />

miles).<br />

Most efficient Bentley ever returns<br />

CO2 emissions of just 79 g/<br />

km.<br />

Pioneering model offers serene<br />

and unrestricted driving experience.<br />

Exquisite, handcrafted SUV from<br />

£133,100, €141,100 or $160,000.<br />



(Crewe, 01 October 2019) Bentley<br />

has confirmed that first deliveries<br />

of the Bentayga Hybrid SUV have<br />

now taken place, marking a significant<br />

milestone for the company as<br />

it leads the push towards the delivery<br />

of sustainable luxury mobility.<br />

As Bentley celebrates its centenary<br />

year, the pioneering Bentayga Hybrid<br />

is blazing the trail for the British<br />

brand’s journey into the next<br />

100 years. <strong>The</strong> Bentayga Hybrid is<br />

not only the world’s first true luxury<br />

plug-in hybrid, but also the company’s<br />

most efficient model ever.<br />

Bentley’s focus on providing sustainable<br />

luxury mobility has seen<br />

it reprioritize its model plan to accelerate<br />

its journey towards electrification<br />

with the aim of offering<br />

a hybrid or electric variant of all<br />

models by 2023. <strong>The</strong> marque is targeting<br />

the introduction of the first<br />

ever fully electric Bentley by 2025.<br />

Bentley’s first plug-in hybrid model<br />

offers a best-of-both-worlds experience,<br />

combining a powerful new,<br />

3.0-litre turbocharged V6 petrol<br />

engine with an advanced electric<br />

motor that delivers an instantaneous<br />

response.<br />

<strong>The</strong> Bentayga Hybrid utilises future-focused<br />

technology to provide<br />

a unique, serenely quiet and luxurious<br />

driving experience. It is also the<br />

only plug-in hybrid vehicle in the<br />

world with 64 standard colours and<br />

unlimited bespoke options.<br />

Peter Bosch, Bentley’s Member of<br />

the Board for Manufacturing, commented:<br />

“<strong>The</strong> delivery of the first<br />

Bentayga Hybrid models is an historic<br />

moment for Bentley, taking<br />

us a step closer to the roll-out of<br />

truly sustainable luxury mobility<br />

solutions. As we prepare for the<br />

next 100 years, we are investing<br />

significantly in new initiatives that<br />

reinforce our commitment to sustainability,<br />

as demonstrated by the<br />

visionary all-electric Bentley EXP<br />

100 GT concept.” <strong>The</strong> Bentayga<br />

Hybrid represents a new chapter<br />

for Bentley, adopting new working<br />

practices, test procedures and<br />

specialist training which over 3,000<br />

14<br />

Bentley colleagues have undertaken.<br />

Bentley’s expanding headquarters<br />

in Crewe has also evolved,<br />

with infrastructure changes that<br />

include the addition of more than<br />

50 charging points throughout the<br />

site.<br />

Bentayga Hybrid – Serenity<br />

Through Technology<br />

Handcrafted in Crewe, England the<br />

Bentayga Hybrid is sculpted with<br />

an elegant, timeless execution that<br />

perfectly balances athleticism with<br />

confidence. <strong>The</strong> world’s most luxurious<br />

SUV also has the world’s<br />

finest automotive cabin, which is<br />

the epitome of modern British design<br />

and available with a range of<br />

unique personalisation options. Effortless<br />

performance and the same<br />

sure-footed, all-wheel drive ability

ensure a unique driving experience<br />

that combines the serenity of silent<br />

motoring with supreme levels<br />

of comfort and performance to<br />

deliver the ultimate grand touring<br />

experience.<br />

<strong>The</strong> Bentayga Hybrid’s efficient E<br />

Motor acts as both an electric motor<br />

and a power generator. Offering<br />

94 kW peak power and 400 Nm<br />

of torque, it allows swift and silent<br />

acceleration from stationary. <strong>The</strong><br />

system provides instant torque response<br />

by eliminating engine turbo<br />

lag, while a state-of-the-art, high<br />

voltage battery is capable of recharging<br />

in just 2.5 hours.<br />

<strong>The</strong> E Motor is combined with a<br />

new 3.0-litre, turbocharged V6<br />

petrol engine. <strong>The</strong> result is a seam-<br />

less driving experience that offers<br />

700 Nm of combined torque, a top<br />

speed of 254 km/h (<strong>15</strong>8 mph) and 0<br />

to 100 km/h in 5.5 seconds (0-60<br />

mph in 5.2 seconds).<br />

With a total driving range of 747 km<br />

(464 miles) and a WLTP Equivalent<br />

All Electric range of 39 km/24.23<br />

miles (NEDC Electric Range of<br />

51km/31.7 miles) on a single charge,<br />

the Hybrid adds a new dimension<br />

to the existing range of Bentayga<br />

models. Returning CO2 emissions<br />

of just 79 g/km (WLTP – weighted,<br />

combined), and 3.5 l/100km (80.7<br />

mpg) on the WLTP weighted, combined<br />

cycle, it is Bentley’s most efficient<br />

model to date.<br />

<strong>The</strong> latest version of Bentley’s exquisitely<br />

appointed SUV has three<br />

hybrid drive modes. In EV Drive<br />

mode, it is driven only with energy<br />

supplied from the battery to the<br />

wheels via the electric motor. In<br />

Hybrid Mode the car uses information<br />

from the navigation system to<br />

intelligently optimise power usage<br />

from the battery and the petrol engine,<br />

giving maximum efficiency<br />

and range. In Hold mode the use of<br />

engine and electric power is balanced<br />

to maintain electric range<br />

for later use – for example on arriving<br />

in a city. In all modes energy<br />

is recovered to the battery through<br />

regeneration during deceleration.<br />

Leading <strong>The</strong> Way In Sustainable<br />

<strong>Luxury</strong> Mobility<br />

Whether it be through the introduction<br />

of alternative powertrain<br />

technologies, the use of sustainable<br />

materials and practices, or its<br />

award-winning work reducing the<br />

environmental impact of its factory,<br />

Bentley is focused on delivering<br />

sustainable luxury mobility.<br />

Bentley is constantly striving to<br />

develop new initiatives to enhance<br />

this commitment, and earlier this<br />

year installed the UK’s largest ever<br />

solar car port at its factory headquarters<br />

in Crewe - in the company’s<br />

centenary year, all electricity<br />

used to manufacture every Bentley<br />

is now solar or certified green.<br />



De Dietrich has always based its oven designs on one intangible<br />

value: Precision. <strong>The</strong> interface is home to a simple and intuitive<br />

high-deenition colour screen which lets you navigate through<br />

sectors and submenus.

Al Bait<br />

Sharjah<br />

How to spend<br />

AED 250,000 / USD $68,000<br />

on a weekend in Sharjah<br />

Some folk in the UAE spend<br />

the entirety of their weekends<br />

holed up in a cosy nook at<br />

home, recovering from the week’s<br />

worth of hustle, while others<br />

splash out like there’s no tomorrow.<br />

And while Dubai has long<br />

since been the epicentre of thingsto-do,<br />

its northern counter-Emirate,<br />

Sharjah, is rising the ranks on<br />

luxury recreation in a big and bold<br />

way.<br />

Having opened its traditional doors<br />

to the public at the end of 2018,<br />

Al Bait Sharjah, a GHM and <strong>The</strong><br />

Leading Hotels of the World property,<br />

is a cornerstone of Arabian<br />

splendour, and has seen a bevy of<br />

luxury guests indulge in its homey<br />

privacy since its opening. Located<br />

in the Heart of Sharjah, the hotel’s<br />

ancient architecture has been delicately<br />

preserved, paying homage<br />

to its heritage while servicing the<br />

needs of a discerning 21st century<br />

traveler. All the indulgent mod<br />

cons sit alongside time-honoured<br />

antiquities giving you a blended<br />

experience of two worlds coming<br />

effortlessly together.<br />

Now, it might not seem like the<br />

most obvious thing to do a twoday<br />

break in Sharjah, but luxury<br />

travelers in the know are flocking<br />

to one of the only truly Emirati experiences,<br />

steeped in real tradition<br />

and history. You don’t have to be a<br />

multi-millionaire to lap up all that<br />

Al Bait has to offer, but if you want<br />

the most exclusive experience a<br />

cool AED250,000 (USD$68,063.75)<br />

will see you through this package<br />

perfectly – which is the equivalent<br />

of 1.5kg in gold.<br />


<strong>The</strong> weekend begins by arriving in<br />

style on a luxury yacht with exclusive<br />

welcome amenities featuring<br />

24k edible gold – a fitting first<br />

impression. From the dock, a 1967<br />

Mercedes Pullman – one of only<br />

304 in the world – will transfer you<br />

directly to the hotel.<br />

Once at the resort you’ll be ushered<br />

to your home away from<br />

home. A standard room – as deluxe<br />

as it is, doesn’t compare to the entire,<br />

fully privatized Bait Al Midfa<br />

Heritage House you’ll be occupying<br />

during your stay.<br />

<strong>The</strong> suite will be strewn with flower<br />

decorations on a scale of a floral<br />

atelier and utterly personalized every<br />

which way you turn. From gold<br />

embroidered and initialed wardrobes<br />

and slippers, to a personalized<br />

engraved jewelry set from the<br />

renowned local designer in <strong>The</strong><br />

Jewellery Shop located within the<br />

resort. While enjoying your splendor,<br />

you’ll be served with <strong>The</strong> Al<br />

Bait Tray for Two – complete with<br />

a gold twist, including one of the<br />

most expensive desserts in the<br />

world adorned in gold and jewels,<br />

replete with the most expensive<br />

organic ingredients – but for now,<br />

the secret of what it is exactly,<br />

remains tight lipped.<br />

You’ll be lathered in a private<br />

exotic couple’s spa retreat within<br />

your already secluded Heritage<br />

House. Depending on your preference<br />

(and the weather), you have<br />

the choice of the treatment outdoors<br />

or in one of the atmospheric<br />

rooms in the spa.<br />

Floating from your spa experience,<br />

the day ends with you cozying up<br />

under the stars watching a suitably<br />

romantic film in an outdoor<br />

cinema experience in the privacy<br />

of the Heritage Courtyard with –<br />

of course – gold popcorn or a full<br />

on gastronomic affair should you<br />

so wish.<br />


<strong>The</strong> next morning will find<br />

you stirring from your specially<br />

imported AED80,795<br />

(USD$22,000 mattress<br />

– which boasts two extra<br />

hours of sleep as opposed<br />

to a normal bed – to a curated<br />

breakfast served out<br />

at sea on a yacht. Back on<br />

land, you’ll be escorted to<br />

a private calligraphy class<br />

with (again) gold back at the<br />

resort.<br />

Having mastered the art of<br />

calligraphy, you can wander<br />

past the only surviving<br />

hundred year-old round<br />

windtower in the region, to<br />

a private lunch held in the<br />

heart of the kitchen at Al<br />

Bait Sharjah, where you’ll<br />

interact with the Chef and<br />

see his deft skills at play,<br />

as your dish comes to life.<br />

<strong>The</strong> afternoon will find you<br />

whisked off to have a fitting<br />

for a tailor-made abaya<br />

and kandoora, the female<br />

and male tradition dress,<br />

by a famous Arab fashion<br />

designer, which will then<br />

be shipped anywhere you’d<br />

like, once it’s ready.<br />

<strong>The</strong> day will draw to a close<br />

with a curated dinner picnic<br />

on a private island in Sharjah<br />

with a private musician<br />

and butler service while you<br />

watch the sun dip into the<br />

horizon. Naturally, a royal<br />

bathing ceremony will greet<br />

you upon your return to the<br />

resort.<br />

Your day of departure<br />

will begin with a spiritual<br />

awakening ceremony at a<br />

private pool with a spot of<br />

yoga, smoothly taking you<br />

to a romantic breakfast in<br />

the privacy of the Heritage<br />

House. All you’ll need to do<br />

is rest and relax in the lead<br />

up to your departure, upon<br />

which a custom farewell<br />

gift from Al Bait Sharjah will<br />

be given as a token of your<br />

unique stay.<br />



E<br />

D<br />

B<br />

G<br />

C<br />

A<br />

F<br />

22<br />


Holiday Edition<br />

For the <strong>Luxury</strong> Lover

N<br />

I<br />

O<br />

K<br />

H<br />

M<br />

J<br />

L<br />

A. Bang & Olufsen Beolab 50 l $40,000<br />

B. Tom Ford Camel Brushed Cashmere Shelton Jacket l $5,470<br />

C. Cartier Baignoire Watch l $34,900<br />

D. Christian Louboutin Frenchissima 2020 l $1,295<br />

E. Coast Picnic Bag l $281<br />

F. De Dietrich Multifunction Plus Pyrolysis Oven l $6,361<br />

G. Edelvion V-Card l $4,235<br />

H. Gaggenau Wine Cabinet l $9,212<br />

I. Laurent-Perrier Cuvée Rosé<br />

J. Kwanpen Raffles 1819 l $7,802<br />

K. Jo Malone London Advent Calendar l $498<br />

L. Pommery Brut Rose<br />

M. Sisko Chocolate Gift Box l $298.06<br />

N. <strong>The</strong> Magic in Opal by Dalseen l $9,950<br />

O. Diamond Ring by Canary Diamond l $546,000<br />






www.sothebysrealty.hr<br />

info@sothebysrealty.hr<br />

+385 (0)98 904 8370

C<br />

roatia Sotheby's <strong>International</strong> Realty is a proud<br />

part of Sotheby's <strong>International</strong> Realty network that<br />

successfully operates in Croatia with over 300 luxury<br />

real estate and investment projects in its portfolio.<br />

Being surrounded by high class and exquisitely<br />

designed luxury villas is a demanding job. One<br />

must always be on top of all the global trends and<br />

acquire only the best property that Croatia offers.<br />

Besides the largest luxury portfolio in Croatia, the<br />

agency prides with expertise, professionalism, market<br />

knowledge, following global trends, as well as a wide<br />

range of services that guarantee their customers<br />

exceptional service, with the highest level of privacy.<br />

<strong>The</strong> real estate trends are constantly changing and<br />

the markets are expanding so it is important to have<br />

a reliable partner in the process of buying a second<br />

home or investing in a project.<br />

Croatian market has experienced a growth in client<br />

interest over the past two years and I would say it<br />

is the right time for property investors and homebuyers.<br />

In a range of exquisite properties and market<br />

conditions, we can safely say that more and more<br />

people are competing to grab their investment<br />

opportunity in a touristic country such as Croatia.<br />

Especially popular are the UNESCO cities (Opatija,<br />

Split, Dubrovnik) and the islands.<br />

One of our points of pride is a full-range service<br />

that enables our clients to request and examine<br />

a full evaluation of a wanted property with an<br />

estimated return on investment if they want to<br />

reuse it for touristic purposes. Many clients decide<br />

to buy a property and use it as a second home<br />

for 6 months and rent it for other 6 months. Our<br />

brand is the place to go for all such investors since<br />

we can offer all of these required services in one<br />

place - says Croatia Sotheby's <strong>International</strong> Realty<br />

Director Marko Pažanin.<br />





RESORT & SPA<br />



Embrace splendor living in your exclusive seaside<br />

oasis. Rise above the stunning horizon,<br />

nest within the lush foliage or find serenity<br />

in your own haven with Shangri-La’s Boracay Resort<br />

& Spa’s Villa Collections, designed to indulge<br />

guests with distinct holiday experiences.<br />

Whether looking for that much-deserved getaway<br />

with a partner, quality time with loved ones or<br />

simply to get away from the urban bustle with a<br />

solo retreat, the resort’s Villa Collections afford<br />

discerning guests with the idyllic seaside luxury<br />

home.<br />

Treetop Collection<br />

Consisting of the unique Treehouse Villa and Loft<br />

Villa, the Treetop Collection is located atop the<br />

hills with unobstructed panoramic sea and sunset<br />

views.<br />

With its rustic romantic appeal, the Treehouse<br />

Villa is idyllic for couples on a getaway. Located<br />

at the resort’s highest vantage point amidst lush<br />

hills, these two-level villas offer majestic ocean<br />

views from every angle – through the master bedroom<br />

on the first level with floor-to-ceiling glass<br />

windows, and the living area on the upper level<br />

that stretch out to an al fresco deck with a Jacuzzi.<br />

Poolside Collection<br />

For memorable vacations with loved ones, the<br />

Poolside Collection provides blissful accommoda-<br />


tions for families. With villas dotting the vicinity of<br />

the main freeform pool, garden and private beach,<br />

these accommodations paint a perfect holiday to<br />

create loving memories with the people you hold<br />

dearest.<br />

Whether on holiday with family or friends, the<br />

One- and Two-Bedroom Pool Villas have well-appointed<br />

indoor and outdoor space that perfectly<br />

cater to families or a small group. Bungalow in style<br />

with local design accents and interiors, akin to the<br />

famed Filipino bahay kubo (nipa hut), these pool<br />

villas have an outdoor infinity pool, garden and<br />

gazebo for intimate gatherings, and merely steps<br />

away from the resort’s main pool and the exclusive<br />

Banyugan beach.<br />

Oceanview Sanctuary Collection<br />

Nestled on the clifftop amongst a sea of foliage, the<br />

Oceanview Sanctuary Collection villas afford exquisite<br />

seascape views, with convenient access to<br />

the resort’s ultimate wellness villa – CHI, <strong>The</strong> Spa.<br />

<strong>The</strong> stunning Ocean Villa and the one of a kind<br />

Beach Villa present themselves as the idyllic choices<br />

for families or groups. Set at the top of a cliff, the<br />

two-bedroom Ocean Villa has unparalleled views of<br />

the resort’s private Banyugan Beach, unobstructed<br />

by anything apart from the villa’s tropical flora<br />

and fauna. From above, the Ocean Villa lets guests<br />

watch the world go by at an elevated vantage, with<br />

sights of passing paraws (local outrigger boats)<br />

with endless ocean blues and sunset views in the<br />

distance.<br />

<strong>The</strong> iconic Two-Bedroom Beach Villa is the only<br />

villa that sits right on the shores, with its own direct<br />

access to Banyugan Beach, making it one of<br />

the most coveted villas at the resort. Guests may<br />

walk out to the lanai, enjoy a relaxing dip in the villa’s<br />

infinity pool, with the beach a few steps away.<br />

Where the other villas are pictures of peaceful retreats,<br />

the Presidential Villa resembles an exclusive<br />

hideaway almost like a private resort, hidden away<br />

in an area that overlooks the stunning sea. <strong>The</strong><br />

Presidential Villa is a combination of three individual<br />

villas set in lush and expansive outdoor spaces<br />

– a common villa for the living and dining areas, a<br />

master bedroom and a guest room, surrounding a<br />

Cliffside infinity pool that looks out to the sea and<br />

the horizon. <strong>The</strong> viewing deck at the top of the garden<br />

features an amazing dining area with stunning<br />

views of the magical Boracay sunsets.<br />

For inquiries and reservations on the Villa Collections,<br />

log on to www.shangri-la.com/dlp/villa-collections/<br />

or e-mail reservations.slbo@shangri-la.<br />

com. For updates on the resort, follow us on Facebook<br />

and Instagram @ShangriLaBoracay.<br />


Hong Kong-based Shangri-La Hotels and Resorts<br />

currently operates over 100 hotels with a room inventory<br />

of over 41,000. Shangri-La hotels are fivestar<br />

deluxe properties featuring extensive luxury<br />

facilities and services. Shangri-La hotels are located<br />

in Australia, Canada, mainland China, Fiji,<br />

France, Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, Japan, Malaysia,<br />

Maldives, Mauritius, Mongolia, Myanmar,<br />

Philippines, Singapore, Sri Lanka, Sultanate of<br />

Oman, Taiwan, Thailand, Turkey, the United Arab<br />

Emirates and the United Kingdom. <strong>The</strong> group has<br />

a substantial development pipeline with upcoming<br />

projects in Australia, Bahrain, mainland China,<br />

Cambodia, Indonesia, Malaysia and Saudi Arabia.<br />

For more information, visit www.shangri-la.com.<br />


Nossa Senhora e o Menino<br />

Nossa Senhora e o Menino (Madonna and Child) in a<br />

fantastical tropical forest - Our Lady gazes to the heavens<br />

as the fluttering birds gently crown Her. <strong>The</strong> representation<br />

of Madonna and Child, so revered throughout the world,<br />

is expressed here in a unique and different way, a very<br />

contemporary vision of loveliness. <strong>The</strong> immaculate and<br />

precise detail, the poetical conception of the Coronation of<br />

Our Lady, the sparkling eyes of the Child, the shimmering<br />

exotic robe encrusted with a myriad butterflies and jewels,<br />

all combine toward an exquisite expression full of<br />

emotion and joy.<br />

Roberto Custodio’s art transports the viewer into a<br />

fantastical and magical world where we are astonished<br />

by his mastery of collage and the brilliance of<br />

his imagination.

Roberto Custodio, Nossa Senhora e o Menino, 2010, 19 x 13.5 in, collage, mixed media on board




At once graphic, cartographic and hemispherical,<br />

the Globetrotter Night gives<br />

its display of world times over to the<br />

night. Beneath a crystal dome, this<br />

timepiece plays on nocturnal nuances<br />

and city lights.<br />

In the 1780s, John Arnold contributed<br />

to the great revolution<br />

in ocean navigation with<br />

his marine chronometers.<br />

<strong>The</strong> Globetrotter Night reflects<br />

this historical legacy<br />

with its cartographic features<br />

and world times. As<br />

night follows day, Arnold &<br />

Son cloaks its Globetrotter<br />

in darkness, spectacularly<br />

showcasing our northern<br />

hemisphere when shrouded in<br />

vesperal shadow.<br />

Panoramic vision<br />

Beneath a large sapphire crystal<br />

dome, an arch supports a half-globe<br />

in shades of grey and blue. It depicts<br />

the continents, the seas and the lights<br />

of the large cities located north of the<br />

equator. On the edge of the planet, a sapphire<br />

ring breaks down the 24 hours of<br />

a day. Transparent between 6 am and 6<br />

pm, a metal treatment has been used to<br />

darken it, indicating the night-time hours.<br />

Together, the hemisphere and ring display<br />

the time in one part of the world, represented in a<br />

highly original way. In the absence of a dedicated hand<br />

or city disc, the time is read geographically in accordance<br />

with the continents.<br />

held in place by screws with polished heads<br />

and chamfered slots.<br />

Watchmaking ergonomics<br />

<strong>The</strong>se finishes are echoed extensively on<br />

the A&S6022 self-winding calibre powering<br />

the Globetrotter Night. Entirely<br />

developed and produced by the<br />

Arnold & Son Manufacture, it has<br />

a nocturnal style thanks to the<br />

widespread use of NAC-type<br />

surface treatments. <strong>The</strong> bridges<br />

are polished and chamfered,<br />

finished with Côtes de<br />

Genève stripes and coloured<br />

grey. <strong>The</strong> skeletonised oscillating<br />

weight is engraved and<br />

treated chemically with ADLC<br />

black and NAC grey to obtain<br />

a two-tone appearance using a<br />

matt straight-grained finish.<br />

Beyond these aesthetic details, what<br />

makes the A&S6022 calibre special is<br />

its easy setting, thanks to a three-position<br />

crown. <strong>The</strong> first winds the movement.<br />

<strong>The</strong> second adjusts the local time<br />

hand by one-hour jumps either clockwise<br />

or anti-clockwise. <strong>The</strong> third regulates the<br />

hours and minutes in addition to the planet’s<br />

rotation. When travelling to a different<br />

time zone, the second position enables the<br />

wearer to change local time while keeping<br />

world time synchronised.<br />

In the interests of fairness, Arnold & Son can also provide<br />

a “southern hemisphere” version of its Globetrotter<br />

Night on request at the same price.<br />

<strong>The</strong> Earth by night<br />

<strong>The</strong> Globetrotter Night offers a realistic and meticulously<br />

rendered interpretation of a three-dimensional<br />

map enclosed in a 45 mm steel case. Chemical engraving<br />

has been used on the half-globe to outline the<br />

continents. <strong>The</strong> raised parts have undergone a deepgrey<br />

galvanic treatment before being hand-lacquered<br />

in a black-grey hue, while the oceans are lacquered<br />

in grey-blue. Finally, the city lights twinkling in the<br />

northern hemisphere are represented by hand-applied<br />

silver sparkles.<br />

<strong>The</strong> decorative touches and finishes adorning the Globetrotter<br />

Night extend beyond the Earth itself. <strong>The</strong><br />

chapter ring is circular satin-brushed and the hands,<br />

despite being mostly concealed beneath the halfglobe,<br />

are polished and accentuated by red lacquered<br />

tips. <strong>The</strong> large double-foot bridge supporting the halfglobe<br />

is a spectacular feature in itself that lends structure<br />

to the overall appearance of this timepiece. It is<br />

circular satin-brushed and chamfered by hand and<br />





Luxurious All Inclusive Beachfront Resorts<br />

Life Enriching Experiences – Exclusive Vacations for Adults & Kids<br />

5-Star Dining – Exclusive Rewards – Family Concierge – Adults-Only Royal Service<br />




Your time is precious – if you’re going to invest time<br />

in something, you want to come out with a winning<br />

result. So, if you’re thinking about visiting a tailor for<br />

the first time, it’s great to know ahead of time what<br />

to expect.<br />

So here’s what to ask your tailor – so you walk away<br />

with the suit that you really want.<br />

1. Which colours suit me?<br />

Because it’s not just about finding a colour you like.<br />

You may love magnolia and it may look great on your<br />

walls, but it might not be such a good match for your<br />

skin tone.<br />

Plus, it isn’t just a matter of being dark skinned or<br />

light skinned or somewhere in between. Everyone<br />

has an undertone to their skin, too.<br />

Generally, those with a light complexion should<br />

avoid grey suits as they can be draining. Those with<br />

olive toned or darker skin have a little more flexibility<br />

when it comes to suitable hues. However, it’s always<br />

advised to avoid tone-on-tone looks. Just like<br />

pastel shades wash out paler skin, brown won’t provide<br />

enough contrast for medium skin tones.<br />

Your tailor will offer a professional colour consultation<br />

to guide you when selecting the final fabric.<br />

2. And what about pattern?<br />

A good tailor will only suggest patterns to complement<br />

or enhance your size and shape.<br />

Shorter guys can look to pinstripes, which help to<br />

elongate the frame. If you’re larger or oval shaped,<br />

it’s best to stay away from unflattering horizontal<br />

38<br />

stripes. <strong>The</strong> windowpane check looks smart and stylish<br />

on most, whilst also helping extra-slim frames look<br />

larger.<br />

If it’s your very first suit, we’d recommend starting<br />

classic in a universally flattering colour such as navy.<br />

As your tailored arsenal grows, you can begin to experiment<br />

with herringbone or chalk stripes for a confident<br />

stance.<br />

3. Which style works for my body shape?<br />

This question is imperative so you can walk out of your<br />

tailors feeling confident in a suit you love – that’s suited<br />

to your individual height and size.<br />

If you’re on the shorter side, look to a smaller trouser

eak that can help you look a little bit taller. Narrow<br />

shoulders? Peak lapels can help broaden this area.<br />

For tall men, make sure the leg length and sleeves are<br />

long enough so it’s clear the suit was professionally tailored<br />

and not bought off the rack. And while the double-breasted<br />

blazer works well on certain body frames,<br />

larger men should usually stick to single-breasted designs<br />

for a slimmer take.<br />

4. And how can I make sure my suit stands out from the<br />

crowd?<br />

Your final question… and one that means your tailor is<br />

intent on creating the very best suit around. Of course,<br />

the cut, fit and the quality of fabrics used all have a<br />

part to play in giving your new suit the ‘wow’ factor.<br />

You’re looking for the perfect blend of your personal<br />

style preferences with something that will stand the<br />

test of time.<br />

Those with a sartorial eye know that it’s all in the details.<br />

Nothing gives away bad quality like poor stitching,<br />

for instance. Remember, there’s a deep heritage<br />

to tailoring so ask where your tailor trained in his<br />

craft and the background of the company – if you hear<br />

words like ‘Mayfair’ then you know you’re joining distinguished<br />

clientele.<br />

So now it’s time to meet your tailor, armed with these<br />

four key questions that are going to result in a superlative<br />

suit.<br />


LUXURY<br />

New Zealand<br />





In whatever form you seek luxury, it should excite your<br />

heart, make it flutter with something akin to great joy.<br />

This language of luxury is different for us all. From a dip in<br />

a clear blue sea, to a wine-tasting in the country side,<br />

dining on fresh-seafood on a private yacht to enjoying an<br />

aged single malt. From fishing to flying or shopping in<br />

exclusive, by appointment-only boutiques. All this is<br />

possible, and more. Aroha luxury tours are designed with<br />

the individual in mind; each journey tailored to perfection<br />

to suit unique needs and desires of our guests.<br />


IS<br />

TOO MUCH<br />

Blanket Bay Waterfalls, South Island.<br />

If adrenalin-sport is on your agenda, we can tailor<br />

something that includes a day spent racing around a<br />

purpose-built race-track at Highlands motorsport.<br />

Steering a 4-cylinder Radical SR3, similar to the Le Mans<br />

vehicles, with aerodynamic bodywork for increased<br />

downforce, reduced drag and slick tires for exhilarating<br />

corners. Your holiday could also include taking a<br />

helicopter trip to the very top of a mountain to ski down<br />

at break-neck speed. With Aroha tours, nothing is too<br />

much. And rest assured that when you want to slow the<br />

pace, we can ease you into leisure.<br />

Highlands Motorsport Park, Cromwell, South Island







Perhaps being flown by helicopter to fish in the remotest<br />

rivers on the South Island. With time to relax, and the<br />

silence to tame your mind back into shape, savoring the<br />

view of the mountains, the swish of the wind in the grass<br />

and the sumptuous pleasure of landing the big one.<br />

End each day with an exquisite fine-dining experience,<br />

quaffing on some of New Zealand’s best wines direct from<br />

the cellar door. And finally, lay your body down on fine<br />

sheets, in a gorgeous boutique hotel, with nothing but the<br />

mighty skies filled with a million stars for company. Our<br />

selection of boutique hotels and lodges are featured<br />

among the very best that New Zealand has to offer, the<br />

options range from small boutique elegance in gorgeous<br />

cosmopolitan settings to luxurious lodges, nestled in<br />

pristine valleys.<br />

Whatever your next luxury trip, rest assured that your<br />

desires are in the best hands. <strong>The</strong> team from Aroha<br />

<strong>Luxury</strong> Tours has spent many years creating New Zealand<br />

based bespoke journeys in a country that is designed to<br />

deliver on dreams. Our team goes the extra mile to<br />

ensure that we fully understand you and your<br />

expectations, and then we connect you with the real<br />

New Zealand. You can rest assured that all of the details<br />

are taken care of.<br />

<strong>The</strong> Lindus, Ahuriri Valley, South Island.<br />

Experience a fulfilling and enriching<br />

New Zealand journey that will be<br />

deeply personal.<br />

Our curators make sure everything is running smoothly behind<br />

the scenes to ensure you can relax and enjoy your trip.<br />

We design experiences for those who desire new adventures<br />

with all the details carefully overseen by an expert planner.<br />

W: arohatours.co.nz M: +64-(0)21-890611



0-400-0 KM/H WORLD RECORD<br />


At Råda military airfield deep in<br />

the forests of Sweden, Koenigsegg<br />

has set a new 0-400-0 km/h world<br />

record when a Koenigsegg Regera<br />

completed the run in 31.49 seconds<br />

on Monday this week. This was 1.8<br />

seconds faster than Koenigsegg’s<br />

previously unbeaten record, set<br />

by the Agera RS in 2017. CEO and<br />

founder Christian von Koenigsegg<br />

believe that the car can perform<br />

even better under the right conditions.<br />

On Monday, September 23rd, a<br />

Koenigsegg Regera accelerated<br />

from 0 to 400 km/h and back to<br />

0 in 31.49 seconds at Råda airfield<br />

close to the town of Lidköping. <strong>The</strong><br />

car was driven by Koenigsegg factory<br />

driver Sonny Persson.<br />

Almost two years ago Koenigsegg<br />

set a new 0-400-0 km/h record using<br />

a production Agera RS in Nevada.<br />

<strong>The</strong> record was a fantastic 33.29<br />

seconds. This time around the Koenigsegg<br />

Regera gets to show what it<br />

is made of.<br />

CEO and Founder Christian von<br />

Koenigsegg comments:<br />

“This was a good opportunity to<br />

showcase the true capability of<br />

the Regera’s one-of-a-kind Direct<br />

Drive transmission. As the Regera<br />

only has one gear we had to make<br />

use of it from standstill to the record<br />

top speed of 403 km/h (or 250<br />

mph) limited by rpm.<br />

<strong>The</strong> car reaches its top speed like<br />

there is no tomorrow, but then<br />

there are no more gears. This actually<br />

suits the philosophy behind<br />

the Regera, which is ‘whoever gets<br />

to 400 km/h first wins’.<br />

Priority has been given to acceleration<br />

and drivability between<br />

0-400 km/h – no more, no less. At<br />

any given time, the Regera can and<br />

will accelerate harder in that speed<br />

range than any other production<br />

car known to us.”<br />

It is worthwhile to note that this<br />

specific car is a fully homologated<br />

production car with its luxurious<br />

fittings and seats still intact. <strong>The</strong><br />

only modifications were a roll cage<br />

and a four-point harness for driver<br />

safety.<br />

<strong>The</strong> conditions were perfect – sunny<br />

with almost no wind. <strong>The</strong> 2000<br />

m long track was a shutdown military<br />

airfield at 70 m elevation. To<br />

have enough runway we used a<br />

stretch of taxiway as a starting area<br />

in order to gain an extra length of<br />

around 300 m to make the runway<br />

long and safe enough.<br />

As this runway is normally unused<br />

and dormant, the surface was not<br />

great for traction. Furthermore,<br />

it was not possible to drive in a<br />

straight line, as some bumps had to<br />

be avoided. Low grip level, swerving<br />

around bumps and general unevenness<br />

naturally takes away from<br />

ideal acceleration times.<br />

Despite challenging track conditions,<br />

the Regera only took 22.87<br />

seconds to accelerate to 400 km/h<br />

over 1613.2 m. Deceleration to a<br />

controlled stop took just 8.62 seconds<br />

over distance of 435.26 m.<br />


<strong>The</strong> total distance used for 0-400-<br />

0 km/h was 2048.46 m. In better<br />

conditions a total length of under<br />

an unbelievable 2000 m should be<br />

fully achievable with the Regera.<br />

Christian von Koenigsegg continues:<br />

“What is really impressive is how<br />

incredible the Regera brakes – 8.62<br />

seconds from 400 km/h to 0 km/h<br />

is just unheard of. It is a testament<br />

to the Regera’s balance, suspension,<br />

aerodynamics and of course<br />

its in-house design and built Koenigsegg<br />

brake callipers. <strong>The</strong> proven<br />

numbers now show the greatness<br />

of the Regera. Having said that, we<br />

know we can improve these already<br />

impressive numbers on a track with<br />

better conditions.”<br />

Performance data for the run was<br />

captured using an AiM EVO5 data<br />

logger and AiM GPS08 alongside a<br />

Racelogic VBOX 3i.<br />

Safety is key for Koenigsegg. Local<br />

paramedics were prepped and<br />

on stand-by, and personnel armed<br />

with fire extinguishers were also on<br />

hand along the airstrip as further<br />

precaution.<br />

Sonny Persson, a long term Koenigsegg<br />

factory driver and former<br />

three-time Swedish Karting Championship<br />

winner, comments, “<strong>The</strong><br />

record is proof of how the Direct<br />

Drive transmission gives the driver<br />

seamless power on command. <strong>The</strong><br />

car is truly a dream to drive. <strong>The</strong><br />

stability during acceleration and<br />

braking is from another world.”<br />

Koenigsegg Regera<br />

<strong>The</strong> Koenigsegg Regera combines<br />

a powerful twin-turbo V8 combustion<br />

engine with three electric<br />

motors and cutting-edge battery<br />

power in a patent-pending powertrain<br />

technology called Koenigsegg<br />

Direct Drive. This revolutionary<br />

technology removes the traditional<br />

gearbox, making the Regera lighter,<br />

more efficient and more fun<br />

to drive than more normal hybrid<br />

solutions..<br />


KASA Hotel Riviera Maya<br />




Lennox Miami Beach, Miami, USA<br />

119 rooms from £263 per night including breakfast<br />

www.slh.com<br />

Opened August 2019<br />

[October 2019] Small <strong>Luxury</strong> Hotels<br />

of the World (SLH) welcomes five<br />

new hotels this month combining<br />

stylish designs and breathtaking<br />

views with buzzing bars and outstanding<br />

restaurants. Revel in the<br />

pure indulgence of a Mayan Clay<br />

Bath Day at KASA Hotel Riviera<br />

Maya (Mexico), discover the beauty<br />

of Lago Di Como aboard a Riva<br />

motorboat at Vista Palazzo (Italy) or<br />

savour Caribbean delicacies by the<br />

pool at S Hotel Jamaica. Whichever<br />

getaway one might choose, these<br />

SLH hotels offer an abundance of<br />

winter sun and intense experiences<br />

designed to spark all the senses.<br />

Located on Miami’s iconic Collins Avenue, Lennox Miami Beach boasts<br />

original 1930s Art Deco design and offers 119 contemporary guestrooms,<br />

13 of these complemented by a balcony offering sweeping views of the<br />

buzzing streets of Miami Beach. At the centre of the property’s four interconnected<br />

buildings, a Mediterranean-style courtyard features a 12ft<br />

swimming pool and poolside bar offering al fresco dining and serving<br />

innovative cocktails. <strong>The</strong> rooms are enhanced by handcrafted furnishings<br />

from Patagonia, natural elements and eco-friendly and upcycled<br />

materials meticulously curated by acclaimed Argentinian interior designer<br />

Juan Ciavarella. <strong>The</strong> hotel has collaborated with William Roam to<br />

provide vegan, nature-made amenities in each bathroom. William Roam<br />

is a partner of American Forrest, a non-profit conservation dedicated to<br />

protecting and restoring healthy forest ecosystems. Thanks to this partnership,<br />

American Forest has committed to planting one tree for every<br />

hotel room at Lennox Miami Beach.<br />

SLH Insider Tip: Guests should pay a visit to <strong>The</strong> Art Deco Museum in<br />

Miami Beach offering tourists a glimpse into the renowned architectural<br />

history and landscape of the city. After visiting the museum, put your<br />

newfound knowledge to the test with a 90-minute official Art Deco District<br />

walking tour taking you inside many of the area’s historic hotels, restaurants<br />

and shops.<br />

Lennox Miami Beach<br />


S Hotel Jamaica, Montego Bay, Jamaica<br />

120 rooms from £188 per night including breakfast<br />

www.slh.com<br />

Opened 27th January 2019<br />

Overlooking Jamaica’s famed Doctor’s Cave beach, S Hotel Jamaica artfully<br />

combines urban sophistication and Caribbean cool, offering guests<br />

an authentic Jamaican cultural experience. On display throughout are<br />

works by local artists Tamara Harding, who used wood recycled from<br />

trees removed from the property during construction, and Michael<br />

Thompson, whose funky hand-painted murals and prints make each<br />

floor come alive. <strong>The</strong> 120 rooms and suites invite relaxation with special<br />

touches such as record players with Bob Marley’s “Legend” albums and<br />

fresh daisies in Red Stripe (local beer) bottles. Unique to S Hotel Jamaica<br />

are the gorgeous Irie Baths, three subterranean marble plunge pools,<br />

reminiscent of ancient baths, consisting of varying temperatures (warm,<br />

hot and cold) offering kinetic energy therapy while aiding circulation.<br />

Products used in the therapies feature locally made products including<br />

100% pure cold-pressed Jamaican coconut oil and Jamaican Blue Mountain<br />

coffee.<br />

SLH Insider Tip: <strong>The</strong> hotel’s Sky Pool, with its gorgeous glass-enclosed<br />

pool and rooftop beach vistas, is the perfect place to settle into a swing or a<br />

plush cabana, order an Appleton rum and savour the sunset.<br />

KASA Hotel Riviera Maya, Puerto Aventuras, Mexico<br />

37 rooms from £128 per night including breakfast<br />

www.slh.com<br />

Opening October 2019<br />

Opening in October 2019, KASA Hotel Riviera Maya sits in the exclusive<br />

beach, marine and golf community of Puerto Aventuras. This private gated<br />

community is an emerging area on the Riviera Maya, away from the<br />

crowds in an area of lush tropical foliage, with a smart sailing community,<br />

full-service marina, golf course and uncrowded beach. <strong>The</strong> family-friendly<br />

hotel features an infinity-edged pool and a swim-up bar, with<br />

lots of toys for the little ones to use both in and out of the pool. A worldclass<br />

restaurant and bar, Kocina, overseen by Chef Gilberto Canto serves<br />

three meals daily with a menu oriented towards modern Mexican cuisine<br />

using seafood and local Mayan ingredients such as Chaya and chocolate<br />

delicacies. Adventurous guests can also experience swimming with the<br />

dolphins at the Dolphin Discovery programme, located at the beach. <strong>The</strong><br />

concierge at KASA Hotel Riviera Maya is skilled at arranging local adventures<br />

in the Riviera Maya including cenote diving, biking explorations<br />

of the area’s Mayan ruins, Mexican cooking classes and diving with sea<br />

turtles in Akumal.<br />

SLH Insider Tip: Revel in the pure indulgence of a Mayan Clay Bath Day<br />

with an interactive healing spa experience designed to energize, hydrate<br />

and detoxify the skin. Mayan Clay has been used in the jungles of Mexico’s<br />

Riviera Maya in purifying bathing rituals since ancient times as a natural<br />

way to detoxify and mineralize the body.<br />


KASA Hotel Parota, Tulum, Mexico<br />

39 rooms from £127 per night<br />

www.slh.com<br />

Vista Palazzo Lago Di Como<br />

KASA Hotel Parota is a family-friendly, luxury boutique hotel set among<br />

the uncrowded beaches and world-class restaurants of Tulum. Situated<br />

in the exclusive Aldea Zamá neighbourhood, the 39-suite hotel is designed<br />

to give guests the feeling of staying in a “home away from home,”<br />

providing a casual yet professional approach to service. At KASA Hotel<br />

Parota, guests can enjoy the signature infinity-edge swimming pool<br />

that has a swim-up bar and restaurant, a shallow “beach” area for sun<br />

loungers and a place for children to play, or they can take one of the<br />

hotel’s complimentary bicycles to explore the nearby shops, restaurants<br />

and bars in Tulum. <strong>The</strong> hotel’s Kocina restaurant serves everything from<br />

mouth-watering smoothie bowls, banana pancakes to seasonal octopus,<br />

ceviche or shrimp tacos. <strong>The</strong>ir selection of cocktails and artisanal craft<br />

beers from local Mexico brew masters cannot be found anywhere else in<br />

the world and their specialty mezcal, tequila or rum signature cocktails,<br />

crafted from local organic herbs, fruits and tinctures, will be sure to<br />

leave guests wanting more.<br />

SLH Insider Tip: Only 45 minutes from the hotel, guests can find one of<br />

the largest protected areas in Mexico, the Sian Ka’an Biosphere filled<br />

with natural wonders, and a variety of wildlife such as iguanas, lizards,<br />

crocodiles and sea turtles, frigates, pelicans, cormorants, herons, egrets,<br />

ospreys and many more.<br />

Vista Palazzo Lago Di Como, Lago Di Como, Italy<br />

18 rooms from £463 per night including breakfast<br />

www.slh.com<br />

S Hotel Jamaica<br />

Situated in a stunning 19th century Venetian-style Palazzo that has long<br />

been one of the most photographed structures on Lake Como, Vista<br />

Palazzo Lago di Como is the Italian town’s first five-star hotel and is<br />

open year-round. Vista enjoys a convenient central position next to the<br />

lively Piazza Cavour, the historical main square of Como, with a unique<br />

lakefront location offering panoramic views of world famous Lake Como<br />

from the romantic balustrades and Juliet balconies of the 18 hotel rooms<br />

and suites. Oozing effortless glamour, the rooms showcase the best<br />

in Italian craftsmanship, with intricate hand-hewn marquetry on the<br />

wooden floors, glass walls and hand-embroidered Italian bed sheets. <strong>The</strong><br />

hotel’s Infinity Bar offers an extensive selection of cocktails influenced<br />

by the Lake Como area such as the “Up into the River”, a whisky cocktail<br />

inspired by the migration of salmon with Tio Pepe sherry and pomegranate<br />

syrup or the “Green Mizu” cocktail combining Asian accents of<br />

Kombu, wasabi and matcha tea.<br />

SLH Insider Tip: Hotel guests can indulge in the services of a personal<br />

shopper, who can escort them through retail attractions in Como or<br />

further afield to Milan or Lugano in Switzerland. Sight-seeing options<br />

are also available on Lake Como, with tours via both Riva speed boats and<br />

seaplanes, which can be arranged through the hotel’s concierge.<br />

KASA Hotel Parota<br />


just another word for luxury

<strong>The</strong> German manufactory EDELVION opens an amazing world of<br />

luxury with bespoke interior and lifestyle designs. Whether precious sensor<br />

light switches, extraordinary business cards or impressive giveaways.<br />

Made for people with great appreciation, seeking for being surrounded<br />

only by beautiful things of life.<br />

<strong>The</strong> feeling of elegance and exquisite materials, made for eternity!<br />

edelvion · Im Rudert 4 · 35043 Marburg · +49 6421 953 408-0 · info@edelvion.de

Discover Montenegro<br />


Montenegro’s diverse and unspoiled nature lends itself to a variety of sports and activities for<br />

everybody’s taste and preference. Ranging from relaxed sunset sailing trips with a glass of<br />

champagne in hand, over adrenaline-filled extreme sports that make you challenge your own<br />

possibilities, to taking a walk back down the memory lane and discovering centuries old cities and<br />

their stories – Montenegro has it all and Discover Montenegro team found the best way to combine<br />

business and fun.<br />

Modern tourists look for and expect different things from a visit to a destination such as Montenegro.<br />

Some seek adventure, some just want convenience, some are looking for extreme privacy but all of<br />

them, at one point or another, want to experience the natural beauty of the destination. And that’s<br />

where Discover Montenegro steps in.<br />

Discover Montenegro successfully entangle land, sea and air services into one exclusive unit, giving<br />

their guests a truly one-of-a-kind perspective of Montenegro.

Besides offering exceptional helicopter and<br />

charter services, Discover Montenegro prides<br />

itself in land and sea charters, tailor made<br />

excursions and organization of extraordinary<br />

events.<br />

However, the team’s main focus and expertise<br />

lies in planning custom-made events and<br />

personalized holidays. Discover Montenegro<br />

team assists their clients to the furthest extent<br />

in creating memorable, magical celebrations,<br />

events and holidays that will, usually, exceed<br />

expectations.<br />

When it comes to a country so diverse in what<br />

it has to offer, Discover Montenegro stands<br />

firmly by the belief that one of the best ways<br />

to truly breathe in all that Montenegro is - is by<br />

air, and by helicopter specifically.<br />

However, the most popular and sought for<br />

flights are the scenic ones, particularly those<br />

to the North of the country, especially Zabljak<br />

and Tara Canyon, since the North is what<br />

makes this country so visually special. In the<br />

past years Montenegro has been trying to<br />

connect destinations reachable by helicopter<br />

with many signature activities such as Tara<br />

Canyon rafting and visits to 5 national parks<br />

existing in the country, sailing in one and only<br />

Boka Bay fiord or roaming through the sizzling<br />

Budva Riviera.<br />

We are proud of the country, we are increasing<br />

Montenegro’s brand value and prominence by<br />

introducing this destination to a new class of<br />

tourist, and we will continue to work toward<br />

seeing Montenegro become a true year-round<br />

tourist and investment destination.<br />

+382 67 251 002<br />



a Masterpiece on World Tour!<br />

BUBEN&ZORWEG calls it a Masterpiece, a word that<br />

perfectly echoes what the ILLUSION is all about.<br />

Within the impressive facade of its towering silhouette,<br />

one discovers a fascinating and unusual design<br />

that blends cutting edge innovative technology with a<br />

fine selection of highest-quality materials.<br />

Considered by many as a sculptural piece of modern<br />

design in its own right, the ILLUSION has a hidden<br />

purpose that most observers cannot immediately discern.<br />

A purpose that might seem like an unexpected<br />

illusion capable of playing with one‘s senses!<br />

As is often the case in daily life, there are occasions<br />

when one wants to protect certain valuables - watches,<br />

jewellery, accessories, or perhaps documents or<br />

cash – without the effort of going to a safe.<br />

54<br />

Place it on a desk, in a dressing room or use it as an<br />

eye-catcher in the living room just for the pleasure of<br />

its owner. It blends in perfectly. That is, until the hidden<br />

safe is unlocked by way of a fingerprint or a transponder<br />

chip and the contents rise elegantly upwards<br />

as if touched by magic.<br />

With the ILLUSION, BUBEN&ZORWEG’s passion for<br />

innovative design finds clear expression in many details<br />

- such as the drawers that pivot outwards to one<br />

side to present you with their contents. And if one<br />

would like to swap a favourite watch during the day?<br />

No problem; two or, if prefered, four TIME MOVER®<br />

in the table safe make it easy to store and select the<br />

right choice.<br />

Since its launch, the ILLUSION has held a presence in<br />

the most prestigious and exclusive exhibitions around<br />

the world. This illustrious World Tour will now see<br />

the Masterpiece exhibited in the esteemed SIAR, the<br />

“Salon Internacional de Alta Relojeria” in Mexico City<br />

between the <strong>15</strong>th and the 17th of October. From this<br />

first-class reference point for Haute Horlogerie events<br />

in America, the ILLUSION will then travel to Dusseldorf,<br />

Germany, where the newly created Watchtime<br />

Dusseldorf exhibition will take place from the 25th to<br />

the 27th of October.









London, – Firetree, the UK’s new super-premium<br />

chocolate brand, is delighted to announce the<br />

launch of its single-estate, volcanic chocolate<br />

range, and was pleased to showcase its chocolate to<br />

the guests at the TLN KSA event, with all of them going<br />

home with some in their goodie bags.<br />

Firetree’s superior tasting cocoa beans are sourced<br />

from small, island estates in the ‘Pacific Ring of Fire’*<br />

and Madagascar, where the volcanic terroirs produce<br />

cocoa beans with natural flavours that change, develop,<br />

and linger on the palate with a sophisticated taste.<br />

For chocolate connoisseurs, Firetree chocolate is akin<br />

to tasting fine wines, single malt whiskies, champagnes,<br />

Cognacs, and premium, artisan coffees.<br />

On the remote, volcanic islands, the cacao tree or “firetree,”<br />

is immediately identifiable with its flame-hued<br />

pods, bright yellow, orange, and red is symbolic of nature’s<br />

flames. It is in the uniquely rich, porous, volcanic<br />

soil that the firetree thrives and produces beans<br />

of the highest calibre. <strong>The</strong> cocoa beans are expertly<br />

selected by Firetree farmers and masterfully crafted<br />

by skilful chocolatiers to enhance, develop, and bend<br />

the taste and create a smooth, rich chocolate, which<br />

is distinct in its depth and complexity, whilst also being<br />

dairy-free and vegan-friendly. <strong>The</strong> good farming<br />

practices and craft manufacturing process includes<br />

fermentation, the drying process in the tropical sun,<br />

whole bean roasting in the shell to lock in the flavour,<br />

and slow conching.<br />

Firetree works closely and directly with all their farmers<br />

to ensure the best, sustainable agricultural practice.<br />

<strong>The</strong>y take social responsibility seriously to ensure<br />

that the farmers are paid a significant premium,<br />

appropriate to the quality of the beans, necessary to<br />

support their families and invest in their business.<br />

Firetree was founded in 2017 by David Zulman, Martyn<br />

O’Dare, and Aidan Bishop who have unique experience<br />

and pedigree in the chocolate market. Due to the<br />

founders’ wealth of experience in cocoa processing,<br />

chocolate manufacture,<br />

chocolate knowledge and<br />

passion, their ambition<br />

is to create depth to the<br />

tasting experience by educating<br />

their audience,<br />

building their knowledge<br />

and appreciation of chocolate.<br />

<strong>The</strong>y are committed<br />

to producing first-class<br />

tasting chocolate with the<br />

best inherent flavours and<br />

aromas on the market, as<br />

well as bringing a sense<br />

of wonder and discovery<br />

back into chocolate.<br />

Founder and Managing<br />

Director, David Zulman<br />

said: “We are delighted<br />

to be launching our range of exceptional and one-ofa-kind<br />

volcanic, single-estate chocolate. <strong>The</strong> cocoa<br />

beans are from far-flung Pacific islands and Madagascar,<br />

and the chocolate is dairy free and vegan friendly.<br />

We’ve put great effort into redefining, enhancing,<br />

and bending the conventional taste as we know it, and<br />

creating a smooth, rich and unique tasting experience,<br />

which is distinct in its depth and complexity.”<br />

<strong>The</strong> natural range is made up of seven 65g bars and<br />

contains no additives or flavourings. <strong>The</strong>y are dairy<br />

free, suitable for vegans and lactose intolerant people,<br />

as well as being halal and kosher certified. <strong>The</strong> chocolate<br />

is produced in a nut-free factory using only cocoa<br />

beans, cocoa butter, un-refined cane sugar and sunflower<br />

lecithin.<br />

<strong>The</strong> packaging is distinctive with seven unique artworks<br />

by Berlin-based artist Andreas Fischer to differentiate<br />

and represent each of the flavour profiles, for<br />

example plum, citrus, truffle, and honey. Each artwork<br />

represents the taste nuances of each profile using colour,<br />

texture and semiotics.<br />


For more information please visit: www.firetreechocolate.com<br />

*<strong>The</strong> world’s most active volcanoes lie along what’s called the Ring of Fire. Wrapped around the Pacific Ocean, shaped<br />

like a horseshoe, the Ring of Fire stretches 25,000 miles from New Zealand in the south to Alaska in the north.<br />




Experience the North Island’s finest like never before with a<br />

luxury eleven-day experience across some of New Zealand’s<br />

most exceptional spots with Heletranz Helicopters and<br />

Touch of Spice.<br />

Experts in crafting luxury stays and experiences, Touch of<br />

Spice have hand-picked three phenomenal destinations and<br />

luxury accommodations, that show off the very that New<br />

Zealand has to offer.<br />

Heli-Dining<br />

Auckland, New Zealand<br />

Rest easy at Ataahua Lodge, where a touch of Amalfi lies just<br />

outside of Tauranga city. A short one hour chopper ride from<br />

Auckland, the Bay of Plenty region is home to some of New<br />

Zealand’s finest beaches, wines and Kiwi produce.<br />

<strong>The</strong> Italian inspired lodge where family, food and beauty form<br />

the heart of the home, is the ultimate haven to escape the everyday.<br />

With six Venice-inspired bedroom suites, a swimming<br />

pool, spa pool, cinema, private gym, and tennis court, no expense<br />

has been spared in the crafting of this Italian home.<br />

Take flight from the Bay of Plenty with New Zealand’s premium<br />

helicopter service company Heletranz Helicopters transporting<br />

guests in style to the next quintessential North Island<br />

destination; New Zealand’s Bay of Islands.<br />



<strong>The</strong> subtropical micro-region known for its undeveloped beaches and charming towns offers Otaha Beachfront<br />

Lodge – a hidden gem located on a private white sand beach.<br />

<strong>15</strong> minutes from the heart of Keri Keri, the contemporary Otaha Beachfront Lodge is a holiday-makers paradise.<br />

Boasting five beautifully appointed bedroom and ensuites, internal and external facing decks; not to<br />

mention the idyllic private beach on the doorstep of the property.<br />

End the excursion of a lifetime with a final stop at the North Island’s Muriwai Beach. Often referred to as the<br />

surfer’s paradise of the North Island, Muriwai is a haven of undisturbed ocean views.<br />

Nestled into the eastern side of Muriwai beach, the Mediterranean inspired Muriwai Estate has all the<br />

essential ingredients of a luxury resort hideaway. Seven bedrooms, five bathrooms, expansive decks, a<br />

self-contained pool house and salt-water pool, the estate is an entertainer’s heaven.<br />

Enjoy five days of surfing, horse riding on the beach, and a degustation dinner cooked by your own private<br />

chef, before travelling home via your private chopper transfer.<br />

A tour exuding luxury, inimitability and some of New Zealand’s finest destinations ascertains paradise really<br />

is in our very own backyard.<br />

Ultimate Experience<br />

North Island, New Zealand<br />



www.touchofspice.co.nz<br />






Property buyers flocking to Montenegro as the government plans to launch<br />

a new citizenship by investment scheme<br />

Buying property in Montenegro, whatever the value, comes<br />

with a one-year residence permit<br />


London, Luštica Bay, the rapidly<br />

expanding Montenegrin marina<br />

town, is reporting a staggering<br />

86.3% in average prices in<br />

the completed Marina Village since<br />

sales started in 2012. Construction<br />

is now focused on Centrale, the<br />

commercial and administrative hub,<br />

and culture centre. Upon completion,<br />

the coastal town will feature<br />

2,000 residences, seven hotels, two<br />

marinas, an 18-hole golf course, and<br />

lifestyle facilities.<br />

<strong>The</strong> €1.1 bn marina development,<br />

which is the first greenfield development<br />

in Montenegro, boasts<br />

some of the lowest square metre<br />

prices in Europe, with average<br />

rental yield in Montenegro reaching<br />

approximately 7.5%. <strong>The</strong>se returns<br />

compete with many European<br />

countries, and are even higher than<br />

Croatia, Spain, Portugal, Cyprus and<br />

Greece, and only beaten by Moldova<br />

and Ukraine, neither of which can<br />

compare with Montenegro’s natural,<br />

tourism and economic potential.<br />

According to industry sources,<br />

such as Dream Montenegro (Savills<br />

Associate), the prices of non-prime<br />

homes in the coastal region, have<br />

risen from 1000 to 3000 EUR per sq<br />

m due to the influx of luxury residential<br />

developments.<br />

A key attractive benefit is that buying<br />

property in Montenegro, whatever<br />

the value, comes with a oneyear<br />

residence permit. Additional<br />

financial perks are that the tax system<br />

has become one of the most attractive<br />

in Europe, with a flat-rate<br />

income and 9% corporate tax. Buying<br />

and registering property is easy,<br />

and foreign investors are treated as<br />

equals with Montenegrin citizens.<br />

Furthermore, buying and selling is<br />

always conducted in Euros, so there<br />

is limited foreign exchange risk. Another<br />

alluring factor for some is that<br />

Montenegro is likely to be the next<br />

country to join the EU, although<br />

their currency is already the Euro.<br />

Ahmed Zaki, Head of Sales & Marketing<br />

at Luštica Bay commented<br />

on the impact of this exponential<br />

increase in interest in Montenegro<br />

on the world stage: “<strong>The</strong>re has<br />

been a staggering Y-O-Y increase<br />

in sales at Luštica Bay of more than<br />

100%, with a significant shift in<br />

demand for more expensive units,<br />


and surge in leads of 385%, which<br />

is more than the last three years<br />

combined. We are delighted to have<br />

now sold over 300 units to buyers<br />

from 38 different nationalities.<br />

In Montenegro, we are unrivalled<br />

terms of what we are offering – this<br />

isn’t just a destination for holidaymakers,<br />

we are building a town with<br />

all the facilities you could imagine,<br />

including the country’s first 18-hole<br />

golf course designed by Gary Player<br />

with triple aspect views of azure<br />

coloured waters. We are truly redefining<br />

the residential landscape not<br />

just in Montenegro, but across the<br />

Balkans.”<br />

<strong>International</strong> buyer demand is expected<br />

to continue rising, due to<br />

the launch of new flight routes<br />

from across Europe such as from<br />

Brussels, Krakow, Munich, Frankfurt,<br />

London, Oslo and Stockholm,<br />

the Far East (through Belgrade), as<br />

well as the launch of direct flights<br />

from the United Arab Emirates.<br />

Currently, Montenegro is attracting<br />

a lot of international attention<br />

due to the government planning<br />

to launch a new citizenship by investment<br />

scheme. Citizenship by<br />

investment offers individuals the<br />

opportunity to obtain Montenegrin<br />

nationality, in return for investment<br />

in the country’s real estate,<br />

plus a donation to fund an aspect<br />

of its development.<br />

It is set to launch this year, but<br />

the details are still being finalised,<br />

and it is likely that the Montenegro<br />

Citizenship by Investment<br />

programme* will be limited to just<br />

64<br />

2,000 applications and the proposed<br />

scheme to run for only three<br />

years ending in 2021.<br />

As regards travel, Montenegro is<br />

now one of the fastest-growing<br />

tourist economies in the world,<br />

with approximate 10% Y-O-Y increase<br />

with number of tourists<br />

reaching 2.3M in 2018 according<br />

to Montenegrin Statistical Office,<br />

and 11.9 million overnight stays<br />

last year. It was also ranked by the<br />

World Travel and Tourism Council<br />

(WTTC) as no. 3 in the world for<br />

tourism growth, with a 12.7% Y-O-Y<br />

increase in visitor numbers, plus<br />

it has an ever-growing reputation<br />

as a high-end luxury destination,<br />

which the launch of the five-star<br />

Chedi is testament to. While owners<br />

and guests at Luštica Bay enjoy<br />

embracing the Montenegrin saying:<br />

Samo Polako – to slow down and<br />

live in the here and now, the construction<br />

rate will continue to increase<br />

at pace until <strong>The</strong> long-term<br />

vision reaches its planned completion<br />

timeline, with its seventh hotel<br />

aimed to complete by 2032.<br />

For more information please visit:<br />

www.lusticabay.com<br />

*Early indications suggest that a<br />

donation of €100,000 will be required,<br />

followed by a real estate investment<br />

of €450,000 in the coastal<br />

region of the country, alongside<br />

a fee of €<strong>15</strong>,000. It is planned that<br />

the benefits of the scheme can be extended<br />

not just to the individual but<br />

also to their family. For an additional<br />

€10,000 per person, four family<br />

members can be added, and further<br />

family members for up to €50,000.<br />

<strong>The</strong> donation will be used to help<br />

funder underdeveloped local government<br />

departments, while the<br />

investment funds will support development<br />

projects in the country’s<br />

northern and central areas, with the<br />

largest amount reserved for projects<br />

in the capital Podgorica, and<br />

the coastal region, including that<br />

around our own Luštica Bay. <strong>The</strong><br />

programme will also benefit tourism,<br />

agriculture and manufacturing,<br />

create new jobs and help to improve<br />

the quality of life of all citizens.




Wealth-X has built the largest database of records on wealthy individuals available in<br />

the world today. We focus our research efforts on three key segments of the global<br />

population to help organizations effectively uncover, understand and engage wealthy<br />

prospects and clients:<br />


those with a net worth of +$1 billion<br />


those with a net worth of +$30 million<br />


those with a net worth of $5-$29 million<br />


those with a net worth of $1-$30 million<br />

Learn more about the global UHNW population - download our NEW<br />

World Ultra Wealth Report 2019 at www.worldultrawealthreport.com<br />

Want to gain database access? Contact us today for a free<br />

personalized demonstration of Wealth-X’s product suite –<br />

contact@wealthx.com<br />


At 18 Erika Peña received a full<br />

scholarship to the coveted Parson’s<br />

Design School, upon<br />

graduating Peña honed her<br />

skills with iconic fashion<br />

houses like Donna Karan and<br />

Josie Natori.<br />

With over 16 years in the industry<br />

Peña has graced the<br />

covers VOGUE, ELLE, In-<br />

Style, Glamour, UsWeekly,<br />

HOLA, Harper’s Bazaar, and<br />

New York Times, to name a<br />

few and has been sought out<br />

from celebrities like Beyonce,<br />

Jessica Alba, Paris Hilton and<br />

Kim Kardashian.<br />

A global brand, Peña’s designs are sold on 6 continents, in over 200 stores<br />

and has opened three of her own exclusive stores in Bali with a two-story flag<br />

to be opened in the next year.

ship<br />


NEW<br />

Member<br />




Founded in 1989, Royale Limousines has grown to be<br />

the largest privately-owned luxury fleet company in<br />

Australia. Since then, they have had the honour of assisting<br />

thousands of customers to reach their destination.<br />

From the latest model Mercedes S classes, BMW<br />

7 series to luxury Mercedes V-Classes and Mercedes<br />

Sprinters, they have the right vehicle for your needs.<br />

For their chauffeurs, the experience is all about the<br />

journey. <strong>The</strong>y proudly make convenience, comfort,<br />

and safety their highest priority; from the right temperature<br />

inside of your car to playing your favourite<br />

sounds, it is your time to relax and enjoy the comfort<br />

of the softest leather seating in the luxury vehicle of<br />

your choice.<br />

While they specialise in airport and city transfers,<br />

roadshows, conferences and events, private tours and<br />

concierge service for VIPs, the most important aspect<br />

of their business, is specialising in you, their customer.<br />

<strong>The</strong>y pride themselves in being locally-based in each<br />

of the major cities and conveniently open 24×7 / 365<br />

days a year.<br />

“30 years ago, we began our journey as a small boutique<br />

limousine company with a handful of account clients.<br />

Back then, a Cloud was in the sky, Google was a sound<br />

you made at babies to make them laugh, and SMs were<br />

Sunny Mornings. In the past 30 years, Royale Limousines<br />

has reached unreachable heights, stands tall and<br />

proud as one of the leaders in the industry. It is without<br />

a doubt that our teams’ dedication and support have<br />

brought us to who we are today; the most prestigious<br />

hire car company in Australia.”<br />

– John Bartolotta<br />

It is all about YOUR journey, let them take you there!<br />


NEW<br />

Member<br />


NEW<br />

Member<br />




Central Yacht is unique in the<br />

yacht industry with management<br />

able to speak from<br />

practical experience giving their<br />

clients immediate advice based on<br />

years of front-line involvement as<br />

Engineers, Captains, Designers,<br />

Brokers, and even Racers.<br />

Central Yacht are not just salesmen,<br />

they have worked diligently<br />

to achieve international recognition<br />

in all aspects of the yacht<br />

industry from operation (building<br />

and running Robb Report Best of<br />

Best Charter yacht 60m Xanadu),<br />

management (project management<br />

of Showboat Design Awards Best<br />

Technical Project for 65m diesel-electric<br />

ABB Azipod Ambrosia),<br />

multiple design awards for 55m<br />

Lady Candy and Jade959 and also<br />

championships in numerous international<br />

sailing regattas as professional<br />

sailors.<br />

With their unrivalled practical<br />

knowledge they are able to understand<br />

exactly what the client really<br />

needs and, more importantly, provide<br />

workable solutions efficiently<br />

and quickly, whether<br />

recommending the most suitable<br />

yacht on the broker market, a<br />

sublime charter experience, design<br />

and build a complete custom<br />

megayacht or just manage their<br />

yachts in the most professional<br />

way.<br />

Central Yacht’s Asia based management<br />

has combined experience<br />

over 50 years in the region and<br />

also has team members in Europe<br />

to support their yachts and new<br />

build projects in Holland,<br />

Germany, Italy, France, and the UK.<br />


NEW<br />

Member<br />



For more than 10 years, Thai Yang Property have<br />

gathered a wealth of knowledge focused primarily<br />

upon Thailand’s residential and commercial real<br />

estate markets.<br />

Committed to providing diligent, impartial assessments<br />

for each property we offer, Thai Yang Property<br />

have developed a reputation as one of the foremost,<br />

trustworthy Real Estate agents in Phuket. Our highly<br />

professional and dedicated team of experts are passionate<br />

and privileged to offer superb homes and bespoke<br />

packages tailored to each individual client’s requirements.<br />

With the huge demand from emerging market properties,<br />

combined with low regional taxation and comparatively<br />

competitive pricing, we continue to recommend<br />

Thailand as an excellent destination to explore<br />

investment opportunities. <strong>The</strong>re are the added benefits<br />

which come from having strong demand for rental<br />

properties, which translate into average annual rental<br />

yields of between 5 to 10%.<br />

Thai Yang Property is delighted to be in the positon<br />

of having an extensive array of unique and exclusive<br />

properties awaiting the more discerning buyer.<br />

Phuket is commonly referred to as the Pearl of Asia and it’s easy to comprehend why. With diverse picturesque<br />

geography, outstanding natural beauty, unparalleled beaches, excellent marine facilities, superior local infrastructure<br />

and Phuket’s famous nightlife and entertainment options, it’s easy to appreciate. Phuket has rapidly<br />

developed and now offers world class shopping, international schools and excellent sporting amenities with<br />

activities to suit all interests.<br />

Thai Yang Property has long been a well-respected, specialist Real Estate organisation providing first class service<br />

to as our clientele. Having the benefit of multiple offices located across Phuket and a diverse portfolio of<br />

properties suitable to meet the needs of most desired designs, tastes or budgets. We more than happy to assist<br />

and guide clients to find properties which best match their individual search criterion. We are very proud of our<br />

reputation and of the quality of services which we provide.<br />

So whether you are seeking something different, exclusive, stylish, sophisticated, luxurious, or purely looking<br />

for the best investment opportunities currently on offer or any combination thereof, you can rely on the local<br />

knowledge, dedication, expertise and services of Thai Yang Property.<br />


NEW<br />

Member<br />



“At <strong>The</strong> iQ Group Global,<br />

our diverse expertise creates new paths<br />

leading to the edge of human discovery.<br />

What starts here changes the word,”<br />

CEO Dr George Syrmalis said.<br />

A<br />

qualified nuclear medicine physician with more than 20 years’ experience in bioscience research and<br />

innovation, Dr George Syrmalis knew that to create the medicines of tomorrow, he had to design a new<br />

kind of enterprise. In 2011, Dr Syrmalis founded <strong>The</strong> iQ Group Global in Sydney, to converge investment<br />

banking, scientific discovery, corporate advisory and commercialisation to bring medical innovations to the<br />

world. A diverse team of experts, they work together to find, fund, and develop bioscience discoveries into<br />

life-changing medical innovations – and take them to the people who need them most. With four listings on<br />

two stock exchanges and expertise in private banking, financial planning, and equities analysis, <strong>The</strong> iQ Group<br />

Global creates opportunities to bring unique innovations to global healthcare markets.<br />


NEW<br />

Member<br />



We are very excited to announce Waverley BMW<br />

as our newest member at <strong>The</strong> <strong>Luxury</strong> <strong>Network</strong><br />

Australia. At Waverley BMW, they understand<br />

how exciting owning a new BMW can be, so whether it is<br />

your first BMW or you’re looking to update, it should always<br />

be an enjoyable experience. <strong>The</strong>ir friendly and approachable<br />

team are fluent in many languages and happy<br />

to work with you to determine the best options for you.<br />

<strong>The</strong>ir well-appointed showroom is designed to showcase<br />

the latest range of BMW models, options and colours.<br />

<strong>The</strong>y also stock a large range of pre-owned vehicles,<br />

including many makes and models to suit a variety<br />

of tastes and budgets.<br />

<strong>The</strong>ir Service Department is equipped with the latest<br />

technology and headed up by qualified BMW Master<br />

Technicians, so your vehicle is in very capable hands.<br />

While they take care of your vehicle you can choose<br />

from a range of options to make servicing your vehicle<br />

hassle-free. <strong>The</strong>ir Service While You Wait program, is<br />

all about convenience. <strong>The</strong>y can have your vehicle ready<br />

within 90 minutes* to ensure minimal disruption to your<br />

day. Enjoy complimentary Wi-Fi, daily newspapers and<br />

refreshments from 7.<strong>15</strong>am.<br />

Interactive Service Consultation at your vehicle provides<br />

a transparent 360° service experience.<br />

In order to keep you moving, you can book a complimentary<br />

loan vehicle, or utilise their Uber service*<br />

Waverley BMW is conveniently located just off the<br />

Monash Freeway at Springvale Road and Ferntree Gully<br />

Road, Glen Waverley. Experience an unrivaled location<br />

to test drive your next BMW. Onsite parking is available<br />

and they are quick and easy to reach no matter which<br />

direction you are coming from:<br />

• 26 minutes from the Melbourne CBD (along the Monash<br />

Freeway)<br />

• 9 minutes from Eastlink<br />

• 18 minutes from Berwick<br />

• Waverley BMW looks forward to working with you.<br />


NEW<br />

Member<br />



Touch of Spice was founded in<br />

2005, by Jacqui Spice (recently<br />

named a Conde Nast Traveller Travel<br />

Specialist for the 7th time). Jacqui<br />

remains the companies Managing<br />

Director, bringing her 14 years of<br />

knowledge in both luxury and travel,<br />

to everything the Touch of Spice<br />

team crafts.<br />

Touch of Spice are the market leaders<br />

for luxury stays, curated experiences<br />

and bespoke events in New<br />

Zealand and they have recently expanded<br />

their offering to include<br />

both Australia & Fiji.<br />

<strong>The</strong>ir award-winning accommodation<br />

portfolio includes everything<br />

from self-catered luxury homes<br />

to fully-staffed private residences,<br />

glamping getaways to private islands,<br />

boutique hotels to world-class<br />

luxury lodges. Recognised by global<br />

giants Virtuoso as New Zealand’s<br />

only Villa partner, their award-winning<br />

collection of accommodation is<br />

the best in the region.<br />


NEW<br />

Member<br />

As industry leaders in bespoke<br />

events, their dedicated events team<br />

spends their time curating innovative<br />

and show-stopping events<br />

throughout New Zealand. Touch of<br />

Spice is a full-service Destination<br />

Management Company (DMC) taking<br />

care of everything from luxury<br />

accommodation, transfers, exclusive<br />

activities to bespoke gala dinners.<br />

<strong>The</strong>y craft moments that are<br />

rare to find and impossible to forget.<br />

“We believe time is one of life’s last<br />

true luxuries – and so we want to<br />

help people spend more time enjoying<br />

those rare moments in life with<br />

those that matter most. Our Travel<br />

Designers make people’s wildest<br />

dreams a reality – sleeping at the<br />

foot of the Southern Alps in a luxury<br />

Lodge, letting loose on a private island<br />

or running down the hallways<br />

and bombing in the pool of one of our<br />

exclusive private Residence Collection<br />

homes.<br />

Our difference lies in our people –<br />

experts in crafting luxury stays, bespoke<br />

experiences and events – their<br />

passion is in crafting your individual<br />

story. From receiving a photo<br />

of a multi-generational family<br />

with smiles on their faces and Lake<br />

Wakatipu as their backdrop, to seeing<br />

one of our homes transformed,<br />

making someone’s wildest dreams<br />

a reality – we love what we do and<br />

pride ourselves at being the best in<br />

the business. Currently in the mix – a<br />

rock concert on a mountain top, and<br />

a glamorous gala dinner in a shearing<br />

shed – but that is all we can say<br />

for now – discretion is key after all.”<br />

– Jacqui Spice<br />

Founder & Managing Director<br />


PERONI NASTRO AZZURRO is an intensely crisp and refreshing lager, with an unmistakable touch<br />

of Italian style, brewed in Italy to the original recipe, since 1963.<br />



©Trenyan Photography<br />

One of <strong>The</strong> <strong>Luxury</strong> <strong>Network</strong> Singapore’s members,<br />

Asia’s leading yachting and lifestyle show, the<br />

Singapore Yacht Show (SYS) will return for its 10th<br />

Anniversary edition from 19-22 March 2020.<br />

<strong>The</strong> four-day event provides<br />

nautical lifestyle seekers with<br />

an unrivalled opportunity to<br />

discover some of the world’s finest<br />

superyachts and best-known<br />

boating brands. Much more than<br />

just a display of yachts and boats<br />

in a marina, it is a highly social, funfilled<br />

gathering, with glamourous<br />

parties and a dazzling display of<br />

prestigious products and lifestyle<br />

brands – supercars, high fashion,<br />

fine art and exquisite timepieces.<br />

Since its creation, the Singapore<br />

Yacht Show has developed<br />

collaborations with a wide-range<br />

of dynamic brands and leading<br />

companies who share the same<br />

high standards and values.<br />

Of course, the firm favourites<br />

such as the Supercar Parade,<br />

Gala Evening and on-water Demo<br />

Platform will still be featured in<br />

the programme.<br />

Companies looking to grow their<br />

network of prospective clients<br />

and raise their brand profile in<br />

Asia, speak with the Singapore<br />

Yacht Show team to see how you<br />

can benefit from its powerful<br />

marketing platform.<br />

For the Show’s milestone edition,<br />

participants can anticipate a<br />

busier schedule of events for all<br />

age groups. Visitors can expect<br />

to see more brand collaborations,<br />

whether it be pop-up bars, product<br />

sampling, celebrity chefs etc.<br />

Contact the SYS team to find out how you can take part in the next edition: info@singaporeyachtshow.com<br />

For more information visit: www.singaporeyachtshow.com

your very owN worK of Art, with All the thiNgs importANt to you!<br />

P R I VAT E A RT WO R K S<br />


capture your loved ones, your memories, your dreams on aluminum, acrylic or wood.<br />

example of private pictures used in the creation of the artwork:<br />

Create your unique and personal pop Art artwork with Nathali von Kretschmann!<br />

the prices for a personalized artwork start from us-dollar 8000.<br />

iNformAtioN ANd orders:<br />

Bont Consulting / harald Bont +49 (0) 6192 901910 / +49 (0) 01733183527<br />

contact@bont.de / www.bont.de<br />

herderstrasse 33 / 65719 hofheim / germany

A moderN ANd timeless gift for yourself or your frieNds.<br />

Nathali von Kretschmann, the<br />

successful German pop art<br />

artist, creates your unique and<br />

personal work of art. <strong>The</strong> concept<br />

of her portrait works is<br />

reflected in the selection and<br />

design of the pictures as well<br />

as the overall structure of the<br />

respective work. Her fine<br />

sense of aesthetics, colouring,<br />

effects and picture compositions,<br />

resulting from years of experience<br />

in the field of design<br />

and art, is the foundation of<br />

every piece of work.<br />

Artist Nathali von Kretschmann<br />

Her works are created from painted stains of colour and varnish that run into each other and create forms<br />

which she combines with photographs. <strong>The</strong> artwork is made on high-quality aluminium, partly crafted in<br />

creative ways, on acrylic or wood. For the final design she paints each work individually with resin and highly<br />

pigmented airbrush colours.

TLN<br />

News<br />




On a balmy August evening, A Summer Soirée<br />

was held at <strong>The</strong> Court in London’s Mayfair,<br />

where Lustica Bay, Montenegro’s newest luxury<br />

development partnered with <strong>The</strong> <strong>Luxury</strong> <strong>Network</strong> and<br />

Dalseen Jewellery for an extraordinary experience,<br />

taking an immersive look into Montenegro’s latest luxury<br />

project.<br />

Between a roster of High Net Worth (HNW) individuals<br />

and the elite from Saudi Arabia, the atmosphere was<br />

electric as guests engaged with Lustica Bay’s emerging<br />

690-hectare marina town in Montenegro. <strong>The</strong> luxury<br />

project is offering 1,500 apartments, villas and townhouses,<br />

seven hotels, two marinas, a signature Gary<br />

Player designed 18-hole golf course and a range of<br />

public facilities including a school and medical facility.<br />

which is touted to be the next hottest offering for<br />

whole summers in Europe, much in the same way London<br />

and Geneva have done so for residents of the Gulf<br />

for decades. So far, the development’s first milestone<br />

was the opening of the five-star <strong>The</strong> Chedi Luštica<br />

Bay Hotel last year, which sits opposite the main marina.<br />

Within it are condo studios for investors and <strong>The</strong><br />

Marina Village, overlooking the Bay of Trašte, which<br />

has already welcomed its first residents. As the village<br />

Montenegro, situated in the heart of the Adriatic Sea,<br />

is a country upping its game at the moment with highend<br />

developments filling its coastline with luxury<br />

amenities. Lustica Bay is set to become Montenegro’s<br />

only greenfield investment project, which boasts energy-efficient<br />

architecture, and the biggest investment<br />

volume development in the country yet ($1.3 billion)<br />

which will host a few thousand residents after completion.<br />

Properties range in size from studios (44m2)<br />

to four bedrooms (201m2) and prices starting from<br />

$<strong>15</strong>4,000.<br />

<strong>The</strong> glittering event was a chance for VIP guests to<br />

fully absorb themselves in the Lustica Bay experience,<br />


TLN<br />

News<br />

grows in new retail and entertainment offerings, it is<br />

attracting buyers from all over the world, too – including<br />

33 nationalities, many of which are from the Gulf.<br />

While VIP guests networked and discovered Lustica<br />

Bay, a number of showcases were on display. Dalseen<br />

Jewellery, hailing from Egypt, presented a prestigious<br />

collection of mesmerising jewellery from diamonds,<br />

gemstones and opulent necklaces, fit for a Middle<br />

Eastern style icon. Alongside, an appearance was also<br />

made by Benton and Johnson – an arbiter of traditional<br />

artisan embroidery seamlessly blending luxurious<br />

cloths and innovative thinking for discernible<br />

gentlemen. <strong>The</strong> guests enjoyed viewing the exquisite<br />

artworks by Bradley <strong>The</strong>odore, and finally, Bed of Roses<br />

<strong>Luxury</strong> Concierge presented its services as a goto<br />

portal dedicated providing unrivalled access to the<br />

world of luxury, from hotels, restaurants to bespoke<br />

transportation and exclusive club memberships.<br />


TLN<br />

News<br />





DINNER’ AT<br />

RED WALL 1939<br />

<strong>The</strong> <strong>Luxury</strong> <strong>Network</strong>, in collaboration with members,<br />

Scarlett Wood, and Royal Reed, hosted a<br />

dazzling ‘Moon Festival Dinner’ at Red Wall 1939.<br />

Royal Reed, from Prestige Law, guided us through sacred<br />

Chinese traditions which are celebrated and performed<br />

during traditional Chinese holidays.<br />

Doting a sought-after evening; guests learnt about<br />

gifting, and common misconceptions by western society<br />

in traditional Chinese protocol, which made for<br />

thought provoking conversation, and an insightful yet<br />

entertaining speech.<br />

Guests were treated to a beautifully artistic, and moreish<br />

four course dinner; a combination of top local and<br />

international produce infused with Chinese methods<br />

and enhanced with quality spices curating an incredible<br />

feast.<br />

<strong>The</strong> decadent menu included; crab cakes with red ginger<br />

as an entree, two delicious main options of Black<br />

truffle braised jumbo prawns, and Red Wall 1939 signature<br />

wagyu beef. Sweet endings were met, with the<br />

evening finishing off with grade A dessert, of fresh avocado<br />

mousse with New Zealand Manuka honey, accompanied<br />

by fresh raspberry ice cream.<br />

After an entertaining and highly enjoyable evening,<br />

guests went home equipped with a luxurious gift bag<br />

from La Mer and Jo Malone London.<br />




TLN<br />

News<br />

<strong>The</strong> world’s leading luxury affinity marketing and business networking group, <strong>The</strong> <strong>Luxury</strong> <strong>Network</strong>, celebrates<br />

another milestone by expanding its global growth by officially opening a new office in the Kingdom<br />

of Thailand. <strong>The</strong> agreement was signed between TLN <strong>International</strong> Global CEO, H.E. Fares Ghattas and<br />

TLN Thailand GM, Elena Trunova in July 2019. Elena is currently a partner in the Premier Asia Law Firm located<br />

in Phuket, Thailand, although, her focus is now squarely on increasing awareness of <strong>The</strong> <strong>Luxury</strong> <strong>Network</strong> and<br />

expanding the membership base. Even prior to Thailand officially joining TLN, there has been substantial interest<br />

from prospective partners within the Kingdom to the opportunities which members can offer.<br />

<strong>The</strong> <strong>Luxury</strong> <strong>Network</strong> is delighted at the prospect of opening the new Kingdom of Thailand Office which is strategically<br />

located in the centre of the ASEAN region. Thailand is a powerhouse economy within the region with<br />

foreign investment increasing compounded annual growth rate of 9.72% over the past decade. GDP has been<br />

growing without pause for the past 5 years with a healthy rate of 4.5% growth anticipated in 2019. In addition to<br />

a strong export-driven economy, Thailand has the added benefit substantial interest from tourists and expats<br />

wishing to find a little bit of paradise to call their home. Investment in quality luxury resorts, hotels and accommodation<br />

have been growing rapidly completing the market for quality luxury items and experiences.<br />

Living in Thailand is very fortunate. <strong>The</strong> Kingdom of Thailand has a kind welcoming culture with approximately<br />

90% of Thais being Buddhist, which greatly influences the culture of the country. <strong>The</strong>re is a strong belief in<br />

non-violence, kindness and compassion which are deeply ingrained into everyday life. Thai’s are some of the<br />

nicest people you will ever encounter. <strong>The</strong>y’re always happy, smiling, extremely polite, and helpful. You will feel<br />

relaxed and safe in Thailand. <strong>The</strong>y call Thailand the “Land of Thousand Smiles” for good reason.<br />

<strong>The</strong> <strong>Luxury</strong> <strong>Network</strong> was launched in London in 2007. It covers areas of the luxury market such as private jets,<br />

yachting, motor concierge, health & beauty, wealth management, premium real estate, exclusive travel, golf,<br />

jewellery & watches, entertainment, fashion, and many more.<br />

Having built up quite an impressive reputation with more than 20 years of experience and offices across Europe,<br />

Australia, Asia, the Middle East, America, and parts of Africa, their membership portfolio boasts the world’s leading<br />

brands including Ferrari, Bentley, Cartier, Bugatti, Lamborghini, Bvlgari, Porsche, Bang & Olufsen, Sunseeker,<br />

Azimut Yachts, Panerai, Etihad Airlines, Rolls-Royce, Zenith, Sothebys Realty, and Tom Ford amongst others.<br />


TLN<br />

News<br />




On August 16, 2019, <strong>The</strong> <strong>Luxury</strong><br />

<strong>Network</strong> and the Diplomatic<br />

Council hosted a oneof-a-kind<br />

event for 70 of its guests<br />

– Red and White Affair by the Diplomatic<br />

Council – in celebration of<br />

Singapore’s 54th National Day at<br />

the Singapore Turf Club.<br />

Founded in 1842, Singapore Turf<br />

Club (STC) at Kranji is Singapore’s<br />

only racecourse and holds both day<br />

and night live horse races. Invited<br />

guests were treated to a specially<br />

curated all silver-white theme that<br />

exuded class and luxe. <strong>The</strong> closeddoor<br />

event took place in the VIP<br />

Suite on level 4 of the Grandstand,<br />

which offered a bird’s eye view of<br />

the racetrack, and provided a private<br />

ambience for them to network<br />

and mingle.<br />

Guests were also treated to a rare<br />

experience – up close and personal<br />

with the race horses at the horse<br />

parade ring, followed by exciting<br />

trackside action as the horses raced<br />

towards the finishing line.<br />

<strong>The</strong> event ended on a high note<br />

with Best Dressed Male and Female<br />

awarded to Dr Bernard Cheong and<br />

Gerti Iwatake. Nominees for best<br />

dress Male and Female included<br />

Bentley Cheng & Mark Hashemi and<br />

Joanne Sim & Serene Tan.<br />

A night out at the races against a<br />

scenic backdrop at the Singapore<br />

Turf Club definitely did not disappoint.<br />



DINNER<br />

TLN<br />

News<br />

On Thursday evening, Lotus Dining Group hosted some guests of <strong>The</strong> <strong>Luxury</strong> <strong>Network</strong> China Division in<br />

their stunning venue, <strong>The</strong> Gardens by Lotus, in their private Blue Room.<br />

Guests enjoyed an evening of refined Chinese dining whilst speaker Royal Reed, Lawyer to Chinese<br />

Billionaires, shared her insights into dealing with Chinese customers, their staff, and the importance of<br />

wining, dinning and gifting in the Chinese culture and how to build loyalty, friendship and business.<br />

<strong>The</strong> evening was filled with laughter, great people, food and wine.<br />

Thank you to our wonderful guests for joining us.<br />


TLN<br />

News<br />




In September, members of <strong>The</strong> <strong>Luxury</strong> <strong>Network</strong> NZ and their guests attended an exclusive private preview<br />

of the new limited edition La Mer product range featuring art from emerging photographer Gray Sorrenti,<br />

daughter of Mario Sorrenti. This artistic collaboration continued the theme “Edge of the Sea” with chef Des<br />

Harris wowing guests with his ocean themed dinner, perfectly accompanied by Tantalus Estate wines from<br />

Waiheke. Guests were able to wander around the luxurious Gaggenau showroom while viewing Gray Sorrenti’s<br />

latest photographs, exclusive to La Mer, and left with a special La Mer goodie bag.<br />


TLN<br />

News<br />





On the <strong>15</strong>th of October, an Inspiring Conversation<br />

on the Future of <strong>Luxury</strong> shined a spotlight<br />

on the state of Nigeria’s dynamic luxury sector<br />

with insights from global brands, retailers and pioneering<br />

visionaries on overcoming the barriers to entry,<br />

ethical luxury practices and building transparent,<br />

sustainable and value-driven business partnerships at<br />

<strong>The</strong> Connaught, Mayfair. This event was presented by<br />

Financial Times, in partnership with <strong>The</strong> <strong>Luxury</strong> <strong>Network</strong>.<br />


TLN<br />

News<br />


After a quiet summer away, <strong>The</strong><br />

<strong>Luxury</strong> <strong>Network</strong> UAE hit the<br />

ground running again on event<br />

season with a B2B hosted by LUXHABI-<br />

TAT held at the Gaggenau Showroom at<br />

Oberoi Centre in Dubai’s Business Bay.<br />

As it is always the procedure for <strong>The</strong><br />

<strong>Luxury</strong> <strong>Network</strong> UAE’s B2Bs, it was a<br />

full-day affair of meeting and greeting<br />

the network’s newest members, catching<br />

up after a hiatus and conversing on<br />

affinity marketing opportunities.<br />

It began with Juan Perez, <strong>The</strong> <strong>Luxury</strong><br />

<strong>Network</strong> UAE¹s CEO, ushering members<br />

in with a warm and inviting welcome<br />

around an open-style conference<br />

setting overlooking Dubai’s sparkling<br />

towers. Perez formally introduced each<br />

brand-member and handed over to TLN<br />

UAE’s exclusive public relations arm, Evoke <strong>International</strong>‘s<br />

Managing Director Leah Tedrow, who covered the<br />

extensive list of upcoming events to look forward to, including<br />

a luxury day on the exclusive Sir Bani Yas Island,<br />

just off the coast of Abu Dhabi.<br />

Newest members gave pithy presentations on their outstanding<br />

presence in the region and how fellow members<br />

can leverage their expertise in joint partnerships. Onboard<br />

this season are Saxo Bank and IG Limited, both of<br />

whom are world-leading online trading and investment<br />

providers, giving you opportunities to access thousands<br />

of financial markets.<br />

Between other members taking to the floor talking<br />

through their brand’s happenings, moves in the market<br />

and plans for the future, members were treated to a rich<br />

buffet of wholesome and mouthwatering food catered by<br />

Sarabeth’s,¬ the legendary taste of NYC founded on passion<br />

and perfection.<br />

Also present at the luxury event were other seasoned<br />

members of <strong>The</strong> <strong>Luxury</strong> <strong>Network</strong> UAE: Al Bait Sharjah,<br />

<strong>The</strong> MotorHub, Natura Bissé, Quantum Impact Investing,<br />

Ascots & Chapels, Huriya Private and Palma Holding.<br />


Telling the<br />

stories of the<br />

best in hospitality,<br />

design & travel.<br />

A lifestyle PR agency,<br />

Reymond Communications<br />

are passionate about crafting<br />

intelligent and captivating<br />

stories which connect new<br />

and considered audiences to<br />

their clients and their businesses.<br />

reymond.com.au<br />



Experience the never before seen<br />

Make every viewing experience incredible with powerful AI upscaling technology on the Samsung<br />

98ʺ QLED 8K TV.<br />

Paired with the power of the Q90R Series Soundbar featuring 7.1.4 True Dolby Atmos ® and DTS-X<br />

sound, you’ll find yourself immersed in depth and detail like never before.<br />

Learn more at Samsung.com.au<br />

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* Native 8K content availability is very limited. Picture quality of upscaled content will vary depending on the quality and resolution of source content.

Kay & Burton Concierge will help<br />

take care of you and your property.<br />

It’s what we do.<br />

Kay & Burton Concierge’s curated suite of<br />

Preferred Partner Services, available to you at no<br />

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kayburton.com.au/concierge<br />

Our People. Your Property.<br />



Affairs<br />



CORNES DE VACHE 1955<br />

Born in 1955 in the effervescence<br />

of the post-war years, the “Cornes<br />

de vache” model, named after the<br />

characteristic shape of its lugs,<br />

quickly established itself as one of<br />

the emblematic chronographs of<br />

its time. Bearing reference 6087<br />

and produced in extremely limited<br />

numbers, it is today one of the most<br />

sought-after models among devotees<br />

of the Maison. In the vintage<br />

spirit of its Historiques<br />

collection, Vacheron<br />

Constantin is offering a<br />

reissue of this steel piece<br />

characterised by a blend<br />

of tradition and stylistic<br />

originality.<br />

An Exclusive Collection<br />

Vacheron Constantin<br />

wished to give tangible<br />

reality to its heritage by<br />

creating the Historiques<br />

Collection in 2006. Paying<br />

tribute to the archetypes<br />

that have marked the evolution<br />

of the Maison, the<br />

collection highlights the<br />

richness of the Manufacture’s<br />

technical and aesthetic<br />

heritage through<br />

contemporary reinterpretations<br />

of its emblematic<br />

models. Aimed above<br />

all at connoisseurs looking<br />

for pieces imbued<br />

with a vintage spirit, Historiques<br />

watches are exclusive<br />

by nature. Over<br />

the years, various models<br />

such as the famous American<br />

1921 or the Ultra-fine<br />

94<br />

1955 have thus been given a new<br />

lease on life.<br />

Offbeat Classicism<br />

<strong>The</strong> reference 6087 released in 1955<br />

is one of these legendary watches.<br />

It was the Manufacture’s first<br />

water-resistant chronograph and<br />

currently one of the pieces most<br />

coveted by collectors due to its<br />

very limited production. Equipped<br />

with manual-winding Calibre 492,<br />

the model offered a singular blend<br />

of technical rigour and creative<br />

audacity, particularly due to the<br />

evocative shape of its cow hornshaped<br />

lugs. This duality between<br />

the traditional architecture of a<br />

double-pusher chronograph featuring<br />

a dial bearing 30-minute and<br />

small seconds counters, together<br />

with its unconventional design,<br />

vividly expressed the stylistic<br />

originality based on<br />

subtly offbeat classicism<br />

that Vacheron Constantin<br />

has consistently cultivated<br />

throughout its history.<br />

Unprecedented Collaboration<br />

After two first reissues<br />

in platinum in 20<strong>15</strong> and<br />

18K 4N pink gold in 2016,<br />

the Historiques Cornes<br />

de vache 1955 model now<br />

returns in a steel version<br />

emphasising its vintage<br />

inspiration. Water-resistant<br />

to 30 metres, the case<br />

has a more contemporary<br />

38.5 mm diameter than<br />

the 35 mm of the original<br />

and naturally bears<br />

the distinctive lugs reminiscent<br />

of cow horns securing<br />

it to the strap. <strong>The</strong><br />

crafting of the latter was<br />

entrusted to the Milanese<br />

luxury leather goods Maison,<br />

Serapian, founded<br />

in 1928, which shares the<br />

values of excellence cherished<br />

by Vacheron Con-

Members<br />

Affairs<br />

stantin. A dark brown calf leather<br />

strap whose patina blends with the<br />

retro look of the model was chosen<br />

and Serapian also treated the second<br />

loop of the strap to the ‘attacco’<br />

shape featured on its handbag<br />

handles – a signature nod to the famous<br />

Milanese leather goods manufacturer’s<br />

first collaboration with<br />

a watchmaker.<br />

Chronograph Calibre 1142<br />

<strong>The</strong> Historiques Cornes de vache<br />

1955 watch is powered by the manual-winding<br />

1142 chronograph calibre<br />

with a 48-hour power reserve.<br />

In keeping with the grand watchmaking<br />

tradition, the short-time<br />

measuring mechanism is controlled<br />

by a column-wheel, adorned with<br />

a screw head shaped like a Maltese<br />

cross, the Vacheron Constantin<br />

emblem. Entirely bevelled<br />

and hand-decorated, with circular-grained<br />

finishes on the dial<br />

side and Côtes de Genève on the<br />

back, this 164-component movement<br />

beating at a rate of 21,600<br />

vibrations per hour (3Hz) can be<br />

admired through the transparent<br />

sapphire crystal caseback framed<br />

by a ten-sided bezel.<br />

<strong>The</strong> model offers timekeeping<br />

functions including small seconds,<br />

as well as a chronograph with a<br />

central seconds hand and minute<br />

counter. A tachymeter scale (serving<br />

to determine average speed over<br />

a known distance) on a 1000-metre<br />

base surrounds the chronograph<br />

counter featuring blued steel hands<br />

for optimal legibility. A white min-<br />


Members<br />

Affairs<br />

ute-circle punctuated with dark<br />

red numerals highlights the tone<br />

of the grey velvet-finished opaline<br />

dial, embellished with two snailed<br />

counters and bearing applied gold<br />

Roman numerals and hour-markers.<br />

Historiques Cornes de vache 1955<br />

in a Nutshell<br />

As part of its Historiques collection,<br />

Vacheron Constantin presents<br />

a steel version of its emblematic<br />

“Cornes de vache” model, the Maison’s<br />

first water-resistant chronograph<br />

launched in 1955. Immediately<br />

recognisable by its distinctive<br />

cow horn-like lugs, this model is<br />

now one of the most sought-after<br />

among collectors. This reissue,<br />

aesthetically faithful to the original,<br />

is adapted to current watchmaking<br />

standards. <strong>The</strong> diameter of<br />

the case, which is water-resistant<br />

to 30 metres, has been increased<br />

to 38.5 mm. It now houses manual-winding<br />

chronograph Calibre<br />

1142, beating at 21,600 vibrations<br />

per hour and endowed with a 48-<br />

hour power reserve. This movement<br />

powers timekeeping functions<br />

including small seconds as<br />

well as chronograph functions with<br />

a central seconds hand and minutes<br />

counter appearing on a grey<br />

velvet-finish opaline dial, embellished<br />

with two snailed counters<br />

and a white counter. <strong>The</strong> crafting of<br />

the strap in patinated dark brown<br />

calf leather was entrusted to the<br />

traditional Milanese leather goods<br />

Maison Serapian, founded in 1928,<br />

which has thus undertaken its first<br />

collaborative endeavour with Vacheron<br />

Constantin.<br />


Members<br />

Affairs<br />





On Thursday, 19th September, <strong>The</strong> <strong>Luxury</strong> <strong>Network</strong> member Kay & Burton<br />

hosted the first of their Speaker Series at Royal South Yarra Lawn Tennis Club.<br />

<strong>The</strong> presentation featured Ivor Ries (Senior Research Analyst at Morgan<br />

Financial) and Sujata Raman (Regional Managing Director- Australia/Asia Pacific<br />

at Abercrombie & Kent). It was an evening that stimulated the mind<br />

and inspired the heart.<br />


Members<br />

Affairs<br />


KWANPEN celebrated its long-time customers<br />

with an exclusive private event at the KWANPEN<br />

Flagship boutique at <strong>The</strong> Shoppes Marina Bay Sands,<br />

Singapore.<br />

Showcasing the KWANPEN Edge Mini bag during the<br />

event, in its array of selected components and colours,<br />

guests were presented with special insights<br />

to the construction behind a KWANPEN bag. From<br />

threads to hardware, quality and integrity were evident<br />

in the display. Guests were also offered the opportunity<br />

to reimagine and personalize the Edge Mini<br />

bag through an event-exclusive special-order service<br />

rewarded to KWANPEN’S loyal patrons.<br />

Since the founding of KWANPEN in 1938, all its creations<br />

have been exclusively crafted within its Singapore<br />

workshop where the Kwan family, designers and<br />

craftsmen proudly upholds the tradition of craftsmanship<br />

and quality affiliated with the brand.<br />

All special-ordered bags are expected to be ready by<br />

January 2020 and KWANPEN is thrilled to present<br />

these beautifully customized bags to their new owners,<br />

wishing them new-found enjoyment in carrying<br />

their own unique creations.<br />

Together with KWANPEN’s brand ambassadors and<br />

its very own in-house designer present at the event,<br />

guests were able to discuss their selections and explore<br />

their styles while being guided with expert advice<br />

to help curate new looks and tailor a bag suiting<br />

their individuality.<br />


Members<br />

Affairs<br />


Members<br />

Affairs<br />



AND SOUL.<br />



Charn Issara is one of the Kingdom of<br />

Thailand’s premier developers with multiple<br />

exclusive and class leading properties<br />

within their portfolio. <strong>The</strong>ir designs benefit<br />

from years of experience in carefully<br />

crafting superb resort lifestyle residences, hotels,<br />

resorts, condominiums, commercial properties and<br />

villas. <strong>The</strong>y match these with offering management<br />

and unpanelled after sale services to meet the expectations<br />

of the more discerning international and local<br />

clientele.<br />

For something extraordinary, the BaBa Beach Club<br />

Phuket an exclusive high-end luxury Residential,<br />

Beachfront Hotel.<br />

“Baba” translates in Thai to “Son”. <strong>The</strong> owner of<br />

Charn Issara, Mr Songkran Issara built this property<br />

in collaboration and in adoration for his son Vorasit<br />

“Wan” Issara. <strong>The</strong> resounding theme throughout this<br />

Hotel is a love of music entwined with enjoyment of a<br />

luxurious lifestyle and happiness. <strong>The</strong> result is a Music<br />

Lover’s Hotel and Villas operating in the style of a<br />

luxury beach club.<br />

“If we’d build a traditional hotel, it would be boring,<br />

but a beach club-themed hotel is not. We are trying<br />

to create a fun product. We want a bit more upbeat<br />

theme, revolving around music,” explains Wan.<br />

Located on pristine beachfront on Natai Beach, commanding<br />

breathtaking views of the Northern tip of<br />

Phuket, on a 2km unspoiled beach. Baba Beach Club<br />

Phuket is comprised of private luxury Two Bedroom<br />

Pool Villas and Five Bedroom Beachfront Villas, custom<br />

designed in a Chino-Portuguese and Shanghai<br />

Tang aesthetic to create a unique, modern and cozy<br />

home-away-from-home.<br />

Just 20 minutes north of Phuket <strong>International</strong> Airport,<br />

Baba Beach Club is surrounded by a lush tropical<br />

environment in an area rich in natural beauty and<br />

unforgettable charm which is emerging as a prime<br />

extension of Phuket. Natai Beach has been recognized<br />

as one of the most beautiful white sandy beaches in<br />

Phuket.<br />

<strong>The</strong> beach club features an exquisite world class<br />

restaurant & bar and beachfront swimming pools including<br />

In-room Spa & Fitness facilities. <strong>The</strong> residents<br />

can enjoy a wide range of the finest personal services<br />

and facilities.<br />

<strong>The</strong> Baba Beach Club offers much more than just a<br />

luxury hotel and villas. Literally you are steps away<br />

from vibrant, classy and upbeat party settings including<br />

world renowned DJ’s. Twice a week you can join<br />

in Phuket’s most fashionable party events, with just<br />

phenomenal sound and lighting and service. For those<br />

craving some excitement Baba Beach Club is the<br />

place to be….being a magnet for local and international<br />

celebrities to such events as the vibrant CIR-<br />

COLOCO parties which are held every January.<br />

Baba Beach Club, Phuket offers a truly unique luxury<br />

lifestyle investment, embraced within an exclusive<br />

world class resort hotel setting. In addition to being<br />

a prime investment opportunity, the calm luxurious<br />

surrounds of these properties truly need to be experienced<br />

in person to be fully appreciated. Why not<br />


Members<br />

Affairs<br />

take a well-earned break and consider turning your<br />

dreams into reality by exploring the rare opportunities<br />

this exclusive quality resort lifestyle has on offer<br />

for you?<br />

Exclusively for members and close affiliates to the <strong>Luxury</strong><br />

<strong>Network</strong> we offer very attractive accommodation<br />

deals so you can experience for yourself the Baba Beach<br />

Club. For more information and tailored packages to<br />

your needs feel free to drop a line to Elena who is the<br />

General Manager for <strong>The</strong> <strong>Luxury</strong> <strong>Network</strong> Thailand:<br />

elena@theluxurynetworkthailand.com or call: +66 63<br />

548 2079.<br />

If you would like more information about the Baba<br />

Beach Club Investment and Lifestyle possibilities, you<br />

can visit us on-line : www.bababeachclub.com<br />

For arguably Thailand’s best property developments<br />

you can explore more here: https://charnissara.com/<br />


Members<br />

Affairs<br />



On Wednesday August 29th 2019, <strong>The</strong> <strong>Luxury</strong><br />

<strong>Network</strong> and their guests were some of the<br />

lucky 300 invitees who gathered at White Bay<br />

Cruise Terminal for an immersive Ferrari experience<br />

paying homage to the most powerful V8 in Ferrari history<br />

and unveiling the Ferrari F8 Tributo for the first<br />

time on Australian soil.<br />

This all-encompassing event allowed guests to delve<br />

deeper into Ferrari’s antiquity and see the progression<br />

of its most influential engine over the years. Guests<br />

were greeted by a custom red light installation leading<br />

them into the concealed ‘birdcage’. Soon after,<br />

Herbert Appleroth Chief Executive Officer for Ferrari<br />

Australasia, addressed attendees. As the intensity<br />

of the forthcoming reveal grew, guests welcomed the<br />

commanding roar of the F8 engine; the curtains then<br />

dropped unveiling the new Ferrari F8 Tributo.<br />

“We are extremely proud to bring the much anticipated<br />

Ferrari F8 Tributo to Australian shores. This vehicle<br />

pays homage to our history. <strong>The</strong> Ferrari F8 Tributo<br />

brings the exhilarating performance of the best 8-cylinder<br />

in the world to all drivers, with unprecedented<br />

handling and superior ride comfort.” Said Herbert Appleroth,<br />

Chief Executive Officer of Ferrari Australasia.<br />

A reveal like no other, the Ferrari F8 Tributo joined a<br />

prestigious line up of the<br />

past V8 models provided<br />

by local private collectors.<br />

<strong>The</strong> cars on display<br />

included the Ferrari 308<br />

GTB 1975, Ferrari 328 GTS<br />

1985, Ferrari 348 TB 1989,<br />

Ferrari F355 Berlinetta<br />

1994, Ferrari 360 Modena<br />

1999, Ferrari F430 2004,<br />

Ferrari 458 Italia 2009<br />

and finally the Ferrari 488<br />

GTB 20<strong>15</strong>. A line up of this<br />

stature is rare to come by,<br />

offering a once in a lifetime<br />

preview for guests.<br />

Guests enjoyed an evening<br />

full of glamour. A<br />

decadent Ferrari red floral<br />

arrangement by esteemed<br />

master floral artist<br />

George Low draped<br />

the ceiling and bar, where<br />

guests were served GH<br />

Mumm Chamagne and<br />

Italian Negroni’s. A feast<br />


Members<br />

Affairs<br />

for the eyes, guests enjoyed<br />

a selection of luxurious<br />

food offerings<br />

including a classic Italian<br />

Aperitivo bar serving<br />

beautifully curated antipasto<br />

plates of San Danielle<br />

prosciutto sliced to<br />

order with hand- rolled<br />

grissini, marinated Sicilian<br />

olives and aged parmesan.<br />

A custom caviar bar circled<br />

the room throughout<br />

the night, offering<br />

guests the Simon Johnson<br />

Caviar Masterclass guide<br />

through a tasting of the<br />

delicacy, demonstrating<br />

the subtle differences in<br />

types and regions.<br />

<strong>The</strong> Ferrari F8 Tributo<br />

is the new mid-rear-engined<br />

sports car that represents<br />

the highest expression<br />

of the Prancing<br />

Horse’s classic two-seater berlinetta. It is a car with<br />

unique characteristics; making the exhilarating performance<br />

of the best 8-cylinder in the world accessible<br />

to all drivers, with unprecedented handling and<br />

superior ride comfort.<br />

Designed by the Ferrari Styling Centre, the Ferrari<br />

F8 Tributo is essentially a bridge to a new design<br />

language that will continue to emphasize Ferrari’s<br />

key characteristics of high performance and extreme<br />

aerodynamic efficiency. In fact, the Ferrari F8 Tributo<br />

is the most aerodynamically efficient series-production<br />

mid-rear-engined berlinetta ever designed.<br />

“We truly expect this stunning new Ferrari V8 Sports<br />

car to become THE dream car for clients and fans<br />

around the world. <strong>The</strong> Ferrari Tributo truly embodies<br />

the pinnacle of Italian excellence and the V8 engine<br />

is seen as the very epitome of sportiness and driving<br />

pleasure. With maximum level of usability, outstanding<br />

design and innovative technologies, we will provide a<br />

new level of driving experience to our customers.” Said<br />

Dieter Knechtel, Chief Executive Officer of Ferrari Far<br />

East and Middle East Hub.<br />

What a special and unforgettable evening to celebrate<br />

the arrival of the Ferrari F8 Tributo!<br />


Members<br />

Affairs<br />

Simon Johnson Truffle Masterclass<br />

with David Coomer<br />

Winter in Australia is a time for amazing food<br />

and wine experiences, and luckily for us, Australia<br />

is home to some of the most incredible<br />

truffle suppliers in the world. One of those is Western<br />

Australian chef and truffle producer David Coomer.<br />

Simon Johnson invited David to their newly launched<br />

Cooking School in Alexandria to host their Truffle<br />

Masterclass, which featured his famous black perigord<br />

truffles from the cool climate of Western Australia’s<br />

pristine Manjimup region.<br />

Guests were treated to four courses of beautiful dishes,<br />

including:<br />

+ Duck Liver and truffle pate<br />

+ Burrata with truffle and aged balsamic<br />

+ Roasted brussel sprouts, truffle and pancetta<br />

+ Cacio Pepe with shave truffles<br />

HW Speak wine merchants paired wines to each of the<br />

course, which elevated the evening for all those who<br />

attended. Among those who attended was local Sydney<br />

food blogger Chloe Su.<br />

Thank you to Simon Johnson for having us!<br />




Langton’s had the<br />

pleasure of hosting<br />

Vincent Avenel, General<br />

Manager of Domaine<br />

Chanson Père et Fils for<br />

an evening of new release<br />

and back-vintage wines.<br />

Tasting red and white<br />

Burgundy at Doltone<br />

House SOHO @ Jones Bay<br />

Wharf in the heart of Sydney<br />

Harbour… there are<br />

worse ways to spend an<br />

evening.<br />

Everything that follows must be taken<br />

considering the limited context<br />

of Burgundy. Where ‘value’ is used,<br />

think ‘Burgundian value.’ Where ‘affordable’<br />

is written, read ‘affordable<br />

for Burgundy.’ While Claret fanciers<br />

might say the world’s greatest<br />

wines hail from Bordeaux, Burgundy<br />

lovers will disagree. However,<br />

minuscule production volumes in<br />

Burgundy fall far short of global demand.<br />

What this does to the price<br />

is obvious.<br />

Domaine Chanson Père et Fils, established<br />

in 1750, is one of the five<br />

great Burgundy négociant houses.<br />

Though modest in scale compared<br />

to its competitors, Chanson still<br />

produces Grand Cru wines that can<br />

be accessed for prices in line with<br />

top tier Australian Pinot and Chardonnay.<br />

Vincent, whose background is in<br />

sales and marketing, took over from<br />

Guy du Courcel, who had raised the<br />

bar for Chanson since his 2002 appointment<br />

by owners, Bollinger.<br />

Yes, the Champagne house!<br />

We asked Vincent about the challenges<br />

of management around harvest<br />

time.<br />

‘During two weeks, the decisions<br />

you are going to make in terms of<br />

when to pick, how many people you<br />

need, what kind of vinification we<br />

are going to do, will have a huge<br />

impact on the next two or three<br />

years. So there is a lot of pressure.’<br />

<strong>The</strong> pressure has increased with<br />

the temperature soaring across Europe.<br />

With heatwaves looking like<br />

the new normal, we asked Vincent<br />

how Chanson are planning to deal<br />

with climate change.<br />

‘For this year [2019], it’s too early<br />

to tell. But what I can tell you<br />

is that for the last 20 years I have<br />

been working in Burgundy I have<br />

seen a huge change. A very good<br />

indication is picking dates. 20 years<br />

ago, we would start in the middle<br />

of September. Now we begin picking<br />

at the start of September and<br />

in some cases the end of August.<br />

So that is an indication that global<br />

warming is not just a concept, it is<br />

a reality. And, working with mother<br />

nature, we can really feel it.’<br />

And the Chanson view of the Australian<br />

market for Burgundy?<br />

‘For us, it’s obviously not a big volume.<br />

But it is a very good market<br />

for promoting and selling our premium<br />

wines. Actually, many of our<br />

customers are producers themselves<br />

and they buy our wines as<br />

we, in Burgundy, are considered the<br />

benchmark. Pinot Noir and Chardonnay<br />

have become very trendy<br />

in the last ten years and Australia is<br />

obviously following that trend. And<br />

there are lots of good restaurants<br />

here, the cuisine level is very high<br />

and people very curious<br />

about Burgundy.’<br />

After talking to Vincent,<br />

we were joined by 60<br />

guests of Langton’s for<br />

a masterclass dinner at<br />

SOHO @ Jones Bay Wharf.<br />

Vincent led the proceedings<br />

with a tasting of his<br />

latest Grand Cru and<br />

Premier Cru Bourgogne<br />

blanc and rouge. We<br />

were also treated to some<br />

back vintage wines that<br />

showed the development of the<br />

wine over just five years. If patience<br />

is your particular virtue, then cellaring<br />

these wines will reward over<br />

decades.<br />

Vincent also challenged some of<br />

the hallowed names of Burgundy<br />

with wines that don’t cost in the<br />

thousands, if not the tens-of-thousands<br />

(in fact, you’re lucky if you<br />

get them at that!). It was a common<br />

refrain of guests during the evening<br />

on the night; ‘Grand Cru Burgundy<br />

at this price? It’s great!’ After a few<br />

glasses, Vincent got the crowd going<br />

with a song, the details of which<br />

will remain a delightful memory for<br />

those in attendance.<br />

Next time, perhaps?<br />

For more than 30 years, Langton’s<br />

has been at the forefront of Australia’s<br />

fine wine scene through<br />

its groundbreaking wine auction<br />

events, involvement with Penfolds<br />

Re-corking Clinics and its highly<br />

influential Classification of Australian<br />

Wine. Langtons customers also<br />

have access to a complimentary<br />

personal Wine Broker. More than<br />

concierge service, a Langton’s broker<br />

has access to off-market pricing<br />

on rare and back-vintage wines.<br />

Explore the wines of Domaine<br />

Chanson in our portfolio or contact<br />

your Langton’s Wine Broker for different<br />

formats, back vintages and<br />

forthcoming premium events.<br />


Members<br />

Affairs<br />




<strong>The</strong> Australian Turf Club’s Royal Randwick’s new<br />

grand and luxurious trackside precinct at Everest<br />

Carnival 2019. Enter a new and luxurious<br />

royal racing experience offering an exclusive trackside<br />

environment, best-in-class entertainment, the finest<br />

fare and exemplary service. With opulent design, stunning<br />

grounds, and uninterrupted trackside views – this<br />

is the ultimate raceday destination.<br />

Choose to entertain your guests in one of <strong>The</strong> Estate’s<br />

two prestigious venues, <strong>The</strong> Conservatory and <strong>The</strong><br />

Manor.<br />




Members<br />

Affairs<br />

<strong>The</strong> <strong>Luxury</strong> <strong>Network</strong> Nigeria is thrilled to announce another brilliant partnership within the<br />

network – a unique collaboration between the prestigious Wheatbaker and Montaigne Place,<br />

Nigeria’s foremost luxury skincare, cosmetics, fragrance and wellbeing retailer.<br />

<strong>The</strong> Fragrance Butler is an ultra modern and exciting new concept, available as a<br />

complimentary service at the Wheatbaker hotel from the moment a guest checks in or uses<br />

any of the hotel’s facilities. Upon request at the front desk, <strong>The</strong> Fragrance Butler will appear<br />

with an exquisite tray stacked with luxurious fragrances from perfume houses, such as Roja<br />

Parfums, <strong>The</strong> Merchant of Venice and <strong>The</strong> House of Oud. Guests can select a fragrance of<br />

their choice from the tray, to use while the butler waits, or purchase any of the fragrances<br />

for use later, and perhaps a gift for someone else.<br />


Members<br />

Affairs<br />



SYDNEY<br />

McLaren’s brand new GT has officially landed<br />

and was unveiled at the contemporary and sophisticated,<br />

Bar M in Rushcutters Bay. Guests<br />

were left in suspense, as a silk cover was slowly pulled<br />

away to reveal the sophisticated styling of McLaren’s<br />

unique interpretation of a modern Grand Tourer.<br />

And guests were not left disappointed! Lighter, faster<br />

and highly engaging to drive, the new McLaren GT<br />

challenges the conventions of the Grand Tourer category.<br />

Managing Director of Asia Pacific and China for Mc-<br />

Laren Automotive, George Biggs, greeted guests, noting:<br />

“<strong>The</strong> McLaren GT is an exceptionally refined vehicle<br />

with class leading elegance and sophistication. <strong>The</strong><br />

dynamic performance of this vehicle utilises the next<br />

generation of our pioneering Optimal Control <strong>The</strong>ory<br />

to deliver levels of ride comfort. It has been designed<br />

for drivers with a sense of adventure, who are seeking<br />

both performance and continent- crossing capa-<br />


ility. <strong>The</strong> McLaren GT is the perfect companion for<br />

the great Australian road trip and we’re confident our<br />

customers will agree.”<br />

McLaren Global Marketing Director, Jamie Corstorphine,<br />

also attended the event, flying in from the UK<br />

to personally take Australian customers through the<br />

design journey of the new GT.<br />

Members<br />

Affairs<br />

A glance at the interior of the new model reveals a cosseting<br />

space designed to delight on longer journeys,<br />

but with all the essentials for focused, high performance<br />

driving; the seating position, location of controls<br />

and forward visibility are as important here as<br />

they are in any McLaren. <strong>The</strong> streamlined, electrically<br />

adjusted and heated seats, which are unique to the<br />

McLaren GT, have been engineered to meet the requirements<br />

of Grand Touring, optimised for long-distance<br />

comfort, with the perfect amount of support in<br />

combination with superb lateral control.<br />

As a first for McLaren, the new GT features storage<br />

space in both the front and rear of the vehicle, meaning<br />

it has the ability to easily house a golf bag or two<br />

pairs of 185cm skis and boots as well as luggage, plus a<br />

further <strong>15</strong>0 litres of storage at the front, enabling the<br />

new McLaren GT to accommodate a total of 570 litres.<br />

<strong>The</strong> launch event also coincided with the arrival of<br />

McLaren’s first bespoke luggage collection, displayed<br />

for the first time in Australia at this exclusive event.<br />

Designed especially for the McLaren GT by McLaren<br />

Special Operations, GT Luggage Set conforms to the<br />

brand’s highest’s standards of engineering, quality and<br />

exclusivity, and consists of four pieces, the garment<br />

case, the weekend bag, the cabin bag and the full-size<br />

golf bag.<br />

It was a wonderful evening enjoyed by all.<br />


Members<br />

Affairs<br />




While we can’t give the gift<br />

of time itself, we can certainly<br />

make every passing<br />

moment that much more precious.<br />

Just in time for the holiday season,<br />

Zenith unveils a number of High<br />

Jewelry editions of two of its most<br />

emblematic pieces from the DEFY<br />

collection, the DEFY El Primero 21<br />

and DEFY Classic. Whether as a<br />

his-and-hers set or an unforgettable<br />

gift for that special someone,<br />

these jewel embellished editions of<br />

the DEFY are sure to make a sparkling<br />

declaration of affection this<br />

winter.<br />

A jewel interpretation of the modern<br />

chronograph icon<br />

Already a statement piece with its<br />

unrivalled 100th of a second chronograph<br />

movement and resolutely<br />

contemporary looks, the DEFY<br />

El Primero 21 High Jewelry pushes<br />

boundaries even further. With<br />

a rose gold case entirely set with<br />

brilliant cut white diamonds and<br />

the bezel with baguette cut diamonds,<br />

this rendition of the DEFY<br />

El Primero 21 turns the exceptional<br />

into outstanding. And if diamonds<br />

aren’t enough, the DEFY El Primero<br />

21 High Jewelry Rainbow is as<br />

joyfully festive as it is an enchanting<br />

combination of watchmaking<br />

and gem-setting prowess coming<br />

seamlessly together. On the rose<br />

gold case, white diamonds of varying<br />

sizes are applied in a seemingly<br />

random pattern, in a technique<br />

known as snow setting. <strong>The</strong> bezel<br />

takes on the vibrant “rainbow”<br />

treatment, where 44 baguette-cut<br />

sapphires are meticulously picked<br />

and arranged in a progressive colour<br />

scheme that spans the entire<br />

visible light spectrum. This rainbow<br />

effect continues on to the open<br />

dial, where the hour markers are<br />

set with sapphires matching those<br />

on the bezel.<br />


Members<br />

Affairs<br />

A skeleton with an alluring twist<br />

Perfectly proportioned and boasting<br />

a uniquely conceived open dial<br />

and movement, the DEFY Classic<br />

has all the makings of the perfect<br />

daily companion. Making this modern<br />

icon even more outstanding<br />

is the DEFY Classic High Jewelry,<br />

with a titanium case set with brilliant<br />

cut-diamonds and baguette<br />

diamonds on the bezel. This bejewelled<br />

edition retains the signature<br />

Zenith blue touches throughout,<br />

from the dial to the rubber and alligator<br />

leather strap.<br />

Adding a spectacular pop of colour<br />

to this holiday season is the<br />

DEFY Classic High Jewelry Rainbow,<br />

which is all about capturing<br />

the beauty of light in all its wavelengths.<br />

As white is the combination<br />

of all colours, it serves as the<br />

perfect backdrop for the rainbow<br />

effect on the DEFY Classic, with 48<br />

unique baguette cut sapphires on<br />

the bezel arranged by colour graduation,<br />

complemented by brilliant<br />

white diamonds on the titanium<br />

case for the perfect scintillating<br />

touch.<br />

<strong>The</strong>se rare gem-set versions of the<br />

DEFY collection will make their way<br />

to Zenith boutiques and retailers<br />

around the world starting from October<br />

2019 and are sure to make it<br />

to the top of Christmas wish-lists.<br />

ZENITH: the future of Swiss<br />

watchmaking<br />

With innovation as its guiding<br />

star, Zenith features exceptional<br />

in-house developed and manufactured<br />

movements in all its watches,<br />

such as the DEFY Inventor with its<br />

monolithic oscillator of exceptional<br />

precision, and the DEFY El Primero<br />

21 with its high-frequency 1/100th<br />

of a second chronograph. Since its<br />

establishment in 1865, Zenith has<br />

consistently redefined the notions<br />

of precision and innovation, including<br />

the first “Pilot Watch” at the<br />

dawn of aviation and the first serially<br />

produced “El Primero” automatic<br />

chronograph calibre. Always<br />

one step ahead, Zenith is writing<br />

a new chapter in its unique legacy<br />

by setting new standards of performance<br />

and inspired design. Zenith<br />

is here to shape the future of Swiss<br />

watchmaking, accompanying those<br />

who dare to challenge time itself<br />

and reach for the stars.<br />


Members<br />

Affairs<br />




Offering special access to <strong>The</strong> <strong>Luxury</strong> <strong>Network</strong><br />

members, Ahoy Club have exclusively secured the<br />

best and most versatile yachts available for charter<br />

in Sydney on Friday 13 December. Arguably the most<br />

popular day of the year for Christmas Parties and end of<br />

year functions, there is no better way to get into the festive<br />

spirit.<br />

Exclusively with Ahoy Club, <strong>The</strong> <strong>Luxury</strong> <strong>Network</strong> members<br />

are invited to book; QUANTUM, CORROBBORREE,<br />



Allow Ahoy Club to take care of every detail, and prepare<br />

you for an unforgettable private yacht charter experience.<br />

For more information or to secure your booking, email<br />

concierge@ahoyclub.com or call +61 (02) 9372 3333.<br />

112<br />

A family run business with decades of experience in<br />

yachting, Ahoy Club combines a seamless digital experience<br />

with seven-star luxury service. Charter any yacht,<br />

anywhere, for the best possible price with Ahoy Club<br />

– whether it be a day out on Sydney Harbour, cruising<br />

the Mediterranean or Caribbean for holiday, or pulling<br />

up trackside at the Monaco Grand Prix, Ahoy Club have<br />

yachts suitable for any occasion. <strong>The</strong> team are stationed<br />

around the world to provide 24/7 concierge services<br />

– from finding and booking the right yacht for you, to<br />

creating personalised, best of class itineraries, impossible<br />

restaurants bookings, private flying and more – Ahoy<br />

Club remain involved with your charter experience, every<br />

step of the way.

Members<br />

Affairs<br />



<strong>The</strong> Henschke family are offering their pinnacle<br />

wines in special gift boxes this festive season.<br />

<strong>The</strong> Christmas gifting range includes Mount<br />

Edelstone Shiraz, Cyril Henschke Cabernet Sauvignon,<br />

<strong>The</strong> Wheelwright Shiraz, Tappa Pass Shiraz and Abbotts<br />

Prayer Cabernet Sauvignon Merlot.<br />

A special edition Chinese New Year gift box has also<br />

been developed for Mount Edelstone Shiraz, Cyril<br />

Henschke Cabernet Sauvignon and <strong>The</strong> Wheelwright<br />

Shiraz. Hill of Grace Shiraz and Hill of Roses Shiraz are<br />

also available in locally crafted wooden gift boxes.<br />

maternal great-great grandfather Nicolaus Stanitzki.<br />

Mount Edelstone was planted in 1912 by one of our<br />

close neighbours, Ronald Angas, descendant of English<br />

landowner George Fife Angas. Both vineyards preserve<br />

a heritage lost to the old world when phylloxera raged<br />

through their lands. With Prue’s careful nurturing<br />

these ancient, ungrafted shiraz vines deliver wines of<br />

incomparable texture and complexity.” Stephen Henschke,<br />

fifth-generation winemaker.<br />

Please contact sales@henschke.com.au to receive the full<br />

Henschke gifting guide for 2019.<br />

“Henschke reds bring joy, incredible memories and<br />

have a beautiful sense of adaptation to all different<br />

occasions. <strong>The</strong>ir natural complex and powerful style,<br />

combined with a beautiful velvety touch is to me,<br />

the perfect foundation for a great moment of entertainment.”<br />

– Niels Sluiman, Head Sommelier, Jonah’s<br />

Restaurant at Whale Beach, Sydney.<br />

“We are incredibly fortunate in Australia as a relatively<br />

young winemaking country to be able to make<br />

wines from some of the oldest vines in the world. Our<br />

dry-grown gnarled vines – Centenarians and Ancestors<br />

on the Hill of Grace vineyard were planted by my<br />


Members<br />

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Ahoy Club, the world’s number one digital yacht<br />

charter platform, proudly exhibited HAMP-<br />

TONS SYDNEY at the 2019 Sydney <strong>International</strong><br />

Boat Show. <strong>The</strong> most unique vessel to hit Sydney Harbour,<br />

HAMPTONS boasts two large open-plan floors<br />

with over 200 square meters to explore and take<br />

in the ever-changing Sydney Harbour vista. With a<br />

modern beach house atmosphere,<br />

HAMPTONS is a<br />

one-of-a-kind experience.<br />

Club have yachts suitable for any occasion. <strong>The</strong> team<br />

are stationed around the world to provide 24/7 concierge<br />

services – from finding and booking the right<br />

yacht for you, to creating personalised, best of class<br />

itineraries, impossible restaurants bookings, private<br />

flying and more – Ahoy Club remain involved with<br />

your charter experience, every step of the way.<br />

A family run business with<br />

decades of experience in<br />

yachting, Ahoy Club combines<br />

a seamless digital<br />

experience with seven-star<br />

luxury service. Charter any<br />

yacht, anywhere with Ahoy<br />

Club – whether it be a day<br />

out on Sydney Harbour,<br />

cruising the Mediterranean<br />

or Caribbean for holiday, or<br />

pulling up trackside at the<br />

Monaco Grand Prix, Ahoy<br />


Members<br />

Affairs<br />



Mercedes-Benz Sydney took <strong>The</strong> <strong>Luxury</strong> <strong>Network</strong><br />

Australia Members, <strong>The</strong> iQ Group Global<br />

and their clients to the stunning Southern<br />

Highlands for an AMG drive day, through the national<br />

park with beautiful pit stops along the way.<br />

Lunch was served at Links House Hotel in Bowral<br />

where they fuelled up for the scenic drive back to AMG<br />

Sydney.<br />

Find out how you can be a part of our next AMG Drive<br />

Day. Email: marketing@mbsydney.com.au<br />


Members<br />

Affairs<br />




Discover Kiama and the hinterland of the Southern<br />

Highlands on a 200km ‘Supercar Drive Day’,<br />

featuring a brand new Ferrari 488 GTB, Lamborghini<br />

Huracán LP 610-4 and a collection of supercars<br />

with Prancing Horse.<br />

Starting from the shores of Kiama – south of Sydney,<br />

experience an incredible drive day that ventures<br />

across a landscape of rolling hills, sleepy dairy farms<br />

and sub-tropical rainforests.<br />

Enjoy an espresso from Penny Whistler’s Cafe and a<br />

private introduction to a stable of supercars, before<br />

departing into the hinterland for Jamberoo and the<br />

dramatic escarpment rising behind it.<br />

Ascend Macquarie Pass; an often misty mountain road<br />

etched into fold-created cliffs that shelter waterfalls,<br />

thrilling hair-pin bends and sheer sandstone walls.<br />

Rise onto the plateau of the Southern Highlands for a<br />

leisurely stop at Burrawang General Store (est. 1867).<br />

Raid the delicious display of cakes and scones, paired<br />

with home-made jams and fresh cream.<br />

Slide behind the wheel of another exotic and follow<br />

the ribbon of tarmac that unravels into Kangaroo Valley.<br />

<strong>The</strong> sound of throttles opening simultaneously,<br />

the roar of engines and the crackling of exhausts<br />

bouncing over the Southern Highlands; finally arriving<br />

at the calm inlet of Gerroa estuary.<br />

Event Inclusions<br />

• <strong>The</strong> latest-specification Ferrari 488 GTB,<br />

Lamborghini Huracán LP 610-4 and a collection<br />

of different supercars (max. 4)<br />

• An exhilarating 200km+ Supercar Drive Day<br />

from Kiama across the beautiful Southern<br />

Highlands and Kangaroo Valley<br />

• Morning tea at Burrawang General Store, with<br />

refreshments throughout the journey – package<br />

includes all dining and fuel expenses<br />

• Three course lunch for two at <strong>The</strong> Blue Swimmer<br />

at Seahaven Restaurant, overlooking the<br />

estuary entrance of Gerroa (1.5 hrs)<br />

• Private instruction and support via two-way<br />

UHF radio communication with a dedicated<br />

lead vehicle throughout the event<br />

• Comprehensive vehicle insurance – please<br />

note that we do not ask guests for a security<br />

deposit or bond (conditions apply)<br />

• Convenient pay-by-instalment arrangements<br />

available – only a deposit of A$500 is required<br />

to confirm your reservation<br />

Limited availability.<br />


17c Pollen Street, Grey Lynn, Auckland<br />

Mon - Fri 9 am - 5 pm, Sat 10 am - 4 pm<br />

N e w Z e a l a n d<br />

m a d e c a n v a s<br />

L u g g a g e


Welcome to your new home of health! Introducing Next Gen Health & Lifestyle Clubs, Australia and<br />

New Zealand’s premier health, fitness and lifestyle destination.<br />

Offering an unparalleled range of premium training programs, world-class facilities and resort-style<br />

amenities, Next Gen bring everything you want and need under one roof.<br />

Next Gen Auckland Domain is no exception, delivering the highest quality customer service in newly<br />

built facilities that are conveniently located in Auckland’s CBD.<br />

Set yourself up for success with competition grade tennis courts, heated indoor pool and outdoor<br />

rooftop pool, an aqua lounge with everything you need to relax and recover, a fitness centre with<br />

cutting edge equipment and all the group classes you could imagine.<br />

And when you’re done, take advantage of the premium change rooms with luxury amenities, treat<br />

yourself to a delicious meal at the café, have a drink with friends in the member’s lounge or just sit back<br />

and relax while you take in the beautiful sunset over the city skyline.<br />

<strong>The</strong>re’s more to your health than just fitness. Take control of the journey and enjoy Next Gen your way!

UNDER <strong>The</strong><br />

Spotlight<br />

TLN Adria<br />

Launches in a<br />

Glamorous Cocktail<br />

Event at the<br />

Chedi Lustica Bay,<br />

Montenegro<br />

We are delighted to announce the official<br />

launch of <strong>The</strong> <strong>Luxury</strong> <strong>Network</strong> Adria following<br />

a fantastic launch party on the 7th<br />

September 2019, hosted by Lustica Bay at <strong>The</strong> Chedi<br />

Luštica Bay Hotel in Montenegro.<br />

<strong>The</strong> <strong>Luxury</strong> <strong>Network</strong> <strong>International</strong> is the world’s leading<br />

luxury affinity marketing group and private membership<br />

club for luxury brands and high-end service<br />

providers. A private consortium of 60 semi non-competitive<br />

premium brands in each luxury capital of the<br />

world, working together at senior director level for<br />

mutual business and client development.<br />

<strong>The</strong> <strong>Luxury</strong> <strong>Network</strong> was launched in London in 2007<br />

and covers areas of the luxury market such as private<br />

jets, yachting, motor concierge, health & beauty,<br />

wealth management, premium real estate, exclusive<br />

travel, golf, jewellery & watches, entertainment, fashion,<br />

and many more. Having built up quite an impressive<br />

reputation with more than 20 years of experience<br />

and offices across Europe, Australia, Asia, the Middle<br />

East, America, and parts of Africa, their membership<br />

portfolio boasts the world’s leading brands including<br />

Ferrari, Johnnie Walker, Bentley, Cartier, Abercrombie<br />

& Kent, Qatar Airways, Bugatti, Mercedez Benz, Lamborghini,<br />

Lotus, Bvlgari, Porsche, BMW, Vertu, and<br />

Bang & Olufsen, amongst others.<br />

Officially launching in September, <strong>The</strong><br />

<strong>Luxury</strong> <strong>Network</strong> Adria is set to carve<br />

a new face to the luxury sector in the<br />

region by forming a consortium of the<br />

finest home-grown and international<br />

luxury brands. <strong>The</strong> aim is to set a<br />

standard for the term ‘luxury’ inside<br />

the region and to create a platform<br />

that will facilitate discussion, interaction<br />

and collaboration between<br />

players across all luxury sectors. This<br />

will be achieved by fostering a more<br />

strategic approach to marketing<br />

activities by giving member brands direct<br />

access to valuable, pre-qualified,<br />

high net worth clients, both locally<br />

and internationally. <strong>The</strong> proposition of<br />

the <strong>Luxury</strong> <strong>Network</strong> Adria network is<br />

to cater to both luxury brands inside<br />

the region and luxury brands outside<br />

the region, who either wish to enter<br />

the market or to reach an <strong>International</strong><br />


<strong>The</strong> cocktail reception at <strong>The</strong> Chedi Luštica Bay Hotel,<br />

Montenegro, commenced with an opening speech by<br />

Ana Roncevic, Managing Director of <strong>The</strong> <strong>Luxury</strong> <strong>Network</strong><br />

Adria who commented,<br />

“I am extremely happy and proud that <strong>The</strong><br />

<strong>Luxury</strong> <strong>Network</strong> expanded in our region<br />

and that TLN Adria launched tonight. It is<br />

important for luxury brands and high-end<br />

service providers to reinvent themselves to<br />

remain relevant in today’s evolving luxury<br />

industry. This is where <strong>The</strong> <strong>Luxury</strong><br />

<strong>Network</strong> can help. Creative relationship<br />

building among our members either on B2B<br />

or B2C basis gives them the opportunity<br />

to deliver the highest value products and<br />

services via extraordinary experiences that<br />

will make their clients feel special. We are<br />

very excited for all partnerships we will be<br />

creating together.“<br />

Also, in attendance were the Global CEO of <strong>The</strong> <strong>Luxury</strong><br />

<strong>Network</strong> <strong>International</strong>, Fares Ghattas, and Global<br />

Head of Business Development, Helena Warren,<br />

together with the Managing Director of <strong>The</strong> <strong>Luxury</strong><br />

<strong>Network</strong> Italy, Silvia Lelli, and <strong>The</strong> Managing Director<br />

of <strong>The</strong> <strong>Luxury</strong> <strong>Network</strong> Thailand Elena Trunova. Each<br />

of whom are keen to collaborate with <strong>The</strong> <strong>Luxury</strong><br />

<strong>Network</strong> Adria in their respective markets.<br />

Under <strong>The</strong><br />

Spotlight<br />

<strong>The</strong> event was supported by <strong>The</strong> <strong>Luxury</strong> <strong>Network</strong>’s<br />

founding members Lustica Bay, Discover Montenegro<br />

and Pernod Ricard with senior directors from<br />

each brand represented on the night. Guests were<br />

served delicious Beefeater gin cocktails and Chivas<br />

Regal whiskey throughout the evening and treated to<br />

premium luxury cigars supplied by Cigar Club Mareva<br />

from Split, Croatia.<br />

Hrvoje Rodin, Sales Director for Pernod Ricard Adriatic<br />

commented “It is a pleasure to be a part of <strong>The</strong> <strong>Luxury</strong><br />

<strong>Network</strong> as it is important to be amongst a relevant<br />

target audience and to spread the word of luxury<br />

and premium spirits. We see great opportunity for all<br />

of the brands and clients within the network to enjoy<br />

our drinks through our strategy to offer a “drinking<br />

experience” and to build passionate luxury brands and<br />

drive brand loyalty.”

Under <strong>The</strong><br />

Spotlight<br />

With guest dancing into the night against<br />

the stunning backdrop of Lustica Bay marina,<br />

the Head of Sales and Marketing for<br />

Lustica Bay, Ahmed Zaki, demonstrated<br />

the importance of a local and international<br />

stage for the project when he said,<br />

“It is an honour for us to welcome<br />

representatives from <strong>The</strong> <strong>Luxury</strong><br />

<strong>Network</strong> branches worldwide to<br />

Lustica Bay. At the recent <strong>Luxury</strong><br />

<strong>Network</strong> <strong>International</strong> Awards in Dubai,<br />

we were thrilled when our town received<br />

an award for <strong>The</strong> Best Development in Europe.<br />

One of the largest and most important<br />

projects in this part of Europe, Lustica<br />

Bay has established close cooperation with<br />

<strong>The</strong> <strong>Luxury</strong> <strong>Network</strong>. We held a joint event<br />

just last week in London bringing together<br />

networking circles from the Kingdom<br />

of Saudi Arabia. And of course, here today,<br />

we come together again with the formal<br />

launch of <strong>Luxury</strong> <strong>Network</strong> Adria. We hope<br />

that in celebration of our continued cooperation,<br />

you will enjoy this evening with us<br />

– meet, talk, share knowledge and expertise<br />

– so that we can, together, build on this<br />

exciting momentum in the development of<br />

Montenegro and this part of Europe.”<br />

<strong>The</strong> following morning, guests were welcomed in<br />

Porto Montenegro by Anita Dekovic Moskov where<br />

they were guided through the Naval Heritage Museum<br />

after which they were served with refreshments in<br />

the beautiful setting of Porto Montenegro Yacht Club.<br />

Brand alignments, joint collaborations, product<br />

placements, media sharing, B2B and B2C networking<br />

events are just a few of the methods through which<br />

<strong>The</strong> <strong>Luxury</strong> <strong>Network</strong> plans to increase awareness and<br />

explore new business development opportunities for<br />

and among its members.



STARS IN<br />





FROM 18 NOV<br />

MTC.COM.AU<br />

MTC is a department of the University of Melbourne<br />



Members Directory<br />

Al Bait Sharjah<br />

albaitsharjah.com<br />

Discover Montenegro<br />

discovermontenegro.com<br />

Meliá Pro<br />

meliapro.com<br />

Arnold and Son<br />

arnoldandson.com<br />

Edelvion<br />

edelvion.de<br />

Melbourne <strong>The</strong>atre Company<br />

mtc.com.au<br />

Ascots and Chapels<br />

ascotsandchapels.com<br />

Erika Pena<br />

erikapena.com<br />

Next Gen Health & Lifestyle Clubs<br />

nextgenclubs.com.au<br />

Aroha New Zealand Tours<br />

arohatours.co.nz<br />

Fire Tree Chocolate<br />

firetreechocolate.com<br />

Peroni<br />

peroniitaly.com<br />

Bang & Olufsen<br />

bang-olufsen.com<br />

Gaggenau<br />

gaggenau.com<br />

Reymond Communications<br />

reymond.com.au<br />

Bentley Motors<br />

bentleymotors.com<br />

Hapag-Lloyd Cruises<br />

hl-cruises.com<br />

RL Fine Arts<br />

rlfinearts.com<br />

Bont Art Management<br />

bont.de<br />

Heletranz Helicopters<br />

heletranz.co.nz<br />

Samsung<br />

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Buben&Zorweg<br />

buben-zorweg.com<br />

I2I<br />

i2icreatives.com<br />

Shangri-La Hotels and Resorts<br />

shangri-la.com<br />

Canary Diamond<br />

thecanarydiamond.com<br />

Jo Malone<br />

jomalone.co.uk<br />

Singapore Yacht Show<br />

singaporeyachtshow.com<br />

Cartier<br />

cartier.com<br />

Kay & Burton<br />

kayburton.com.au<br />

Sisko Chocolate<br />

siskochocolate.com<br />

Champagne Pommery<br />

champagnepommery.com<br />

Koenigsegg<br />

koenigsegg.com<br />

Small <strong>Luxury</strong> Hotels<br />

slh.com<br />

Christian Louboutin<br />

us.christianlouboutin.com<br />

Kwanpen<br />

kwanpen.com<br />

Sotheby’s <strong>International</strong> Realty<br />

sothebysrealty.hr<br />

Coast New Zealand<br />

coastnewzealand.com<br />

Laurent-Perrier<br />

laurent-perrier.com<br />

Tom Ford<br />

tomford.com<br />

Dalseen Jewellery<br />

dalseenjewellery.com<br />

Luštica Bay<br />

lusticabay.com<br />

Vision Advisory<br />

visionadvisory.sg<br />

De Dietrich<br />

dedietrich-asia.com<br />

Mastani<br />

Mastani.com.au<br />

Wealth X<br />


ISSUE <strong>15</strong><br />


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Fares Ghattas<br />

Managing Editor<br />

Garz Bumanlag<br />

Assistant Editor<br />

Nour Ghattas<br />

Creative Department<br />

Reine Nehme and Chris Wood<br />

Production Manager<br />

Nour Assi<br />

Print and Production<br />

Printing Group<br />

Jnah, Embassies Street, Amira Building, Beirut - Lebanon<br />

Tel: +961 1 823 720 I info@printingroup.com<br />

<strong>The</strong> <strong>Luxury</strong> <strong>Network</strong> <strong>International</strong><br />

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info@tlnint.com<br />

+44 (0) 330 133 1661<br />

www.tlnint.com<br />

In July 2017, <strong>The</strong> <strong>Luxury</strong> <strong>Network</strong> <strong>Magazine</strong> was published as a bimonthly supplement for <strong>The</strong> <strong>Luxury</strong> <strong>Network</strong> <strong>International</strong>. All materials are strictly<br />

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Why Join <strong>The</strong> <strong>Luxury</strong> <strong>Network</strong>?<br />

<strong>The</strong> <strong>Luxury</strong> <strong>Network</strong> has been recognized by the British media as ‘the world’s leading luxury affinity marketing group’ and one<br />

of the most innovative formulas for the development of new businesses between luxury brands which share the same values,<br />

customers and target audience. We build meaningful business relationships and connections in the HNW and UNHW space<br />

with over 28 global offices and 500 exclusive member brands worldwide.<br />

With over a decade of experience in the international luxury industry facilitating access to new high-net-worth individuals, our<br />

team has developed thousands of strategies for countless companies. <strong>The</strong> importance of top-end strategic alliances for<br />

financial success is indisputable and yet most companies don’t have the time or the resources to create such ongoing business<br />

relationships.<br />

We are armed with the right connections to help you form new business alliances with many other luxury brands, to reach each<br />

other’s HNW pre-qualified private clients, and showcase your brand’s services and products at our luxury B2C sales or private<br />

client events. You will get the opportunity to entertain your clients and invite your prospects to our of B2C luxury events.<br />

<strong>The</strong> <strong>Luxury</strong> <strong>Network</strong>’s team will perform as your extended marketing arm to orchestrate successful collaborations by working<br />

closely with your own personal <strong>The</strong> <strong>Luxury</strong> <strong>Network</strong> account manager to develop your business and identify your targets.<br />

For more reasons to join <strong>The</strong> <strong>Luxury</strong> <strong>Network</strong>, please visit our website testimonials and success stories section. You may join<br />

<strong>The</strong> <strong>Luxury</strong> <strong>Network</strong> by filling in the form at www.tlnint.com/contact-us or email us at info@tlnint.com and we will take care of<br />

the rest for you.<br />




OF 500 GUESTS.<br />

<strong>The</strong> EUROPA 2 combines the highest standards<br />

with special moments and relaxation, giving you the<br />

freedom to make your dreams come true – in style,<br />

relaxed and personal.<br />

Hapag-Lloyd Kreuzfahrten GmbH,<br />

Ballindamm 25, 20095 Hamburg, Germany,<br />

www.hl-cruises.com, service@hl-cruises.com,<br />

Free phone: 08000 513829<br />

(English-speaking hotline)<br />

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