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a toy hamper

worth R3000

Text: Bronwyn forbes-hardinge | Photo: Patrick Royal

50 Get It • Ballito Umhlanga July 2021

Young musical


A young Durban North musician is making waves in the music industry with a song he

wrote and produced during lockdown aimed at helping people focus on the positive.

As his young fingers work the

fretboard and he strums his Ibanez

electric guitar, Ethan Briggeman is a

quiet, ‘no drama’ performer. But still

waters run deep.

The 12-year-old musician attracted a

great deal of attention after writing

and recording his inspiring song,

titled ‘Change Your Mind’, during the

Covid lockdown. The song focusses

on optimism for the future and sees

Ethan on lead vocals and rap, as he

delivers some impressive electric

guitar work. “Like most kids, I had a

toy guitar when I was very young,

but I think my parents must have

seen something more in me than

just a little kid jamming, because they

bought me my first acoustic guitar

when I was just five years old.”

At the age of nine, a family member

gave Ethan his first electric guitar

and from there things just took off!

“I am really passionate about playing

guitar and grateful to be part of a

family of musicians who are also my

biggest supporters. My sister, Emily,

plays the keyboard very well and

my dad, Edwin, plays the trumpet

as a hobby. He was in a cover band

in the Netherlands called Zenith of

Zeal for a few years until he moved

to South Africa. He also played in a

Glenn Miller-style big band before

conducting that band and he still

plays for fun now and then. My mom,

Eloise, is our organiser and greatest

support when my dad, sister and I

sometimes perform as the Briggeman


In 2018 Ethan started weekly lessons

at Destiny Music Academy (DMA) in La

The first song I mastered on guitar was

Apache by The Shadows. It’s uploaded to my

YouTube channel along with a number of

other covers I have enjoyed trying my hand at.

Lucia. That same year, he played his electric guitar at a solo jam and was part of a

band in the show, ‘The Greatest Show’, where he played electric guitar and sang

a duet. The Grade 7 Reddam House Umhlanga learner was also recently asked to

sing an inspiring song for their junior executive induction ceremony and he sang

Hall of Fame by The Script.

“The first song I mastered on guitar was Apache by The Shadows. It’s uploaded to

my YouTube channel (which was launched in July last year) along with a number

of other covers I have enjoyed trying my hand at. I really enjoy music that’s catchy

or funky to play like the music from the Beetles. I’m a huge Lenny Kravitz fan

because he does a variety of songs and his technical ability with solos is amazing

and inspiring, so naturally when it comes to the ultimate guitar I’d like to own…

it’s a Gibson Les Paul… because Lenny has one!”

Speaking of inspiration, during the first lockdown Ethan desperately wanted to

inspire the world and encourage people to focus on a brighter future. He began

to play around on the keyboard (yes he can do that too!) and his guitar and

composed the tune to the song he titled Change Your Mind.

“It took only a few hours to match the words with the music, but two months to

fine-tune the song before it premiered on his YouTube channel in December last


The video was choreographed and edited by Patrick Royal and features

appearances by Ethan’s family and a few close friends.

Apart from becoming a successful song writer, singer and guitar player, Ethan,

who has more than just musical talents, would like to be an Olympic champion

for track and field athletics and a successful businessman to show people that

hard work does pay off.

The cross country champ, who belongs to Aspire Athletics, has competed in the

Tinman Triathlon Series Mini and is a two-time SA Judo gold medallist. A big feat

for a little kid!

Change Your Mind is available for download on various platforms and the promo

video can be viewed on Ethan’s YouTube channel: Ethan Briggeman. He can be

followed on FB: @EthanHBriggeman and IG: @ethan.briggeman

July 2021 Get It • Ballito Umhlanga 51

What do teens want?

great looking skin

52 Get It • Ballito Umhlanga July 2021


And they can, with RITES, a fuss-free, local brand that’s perfect for boys and girls

Great skin ... in five easy steps

Prevention’s better than cure

Rather than trying to cure acne, teens should rather

preempt it ... starting a skincare routine early to prevent

acne and blemishes. RITES is a small, easy-to-use South

African brand, which is cruelty-free and is brilliant for

boys and girls.

Your 10 minute RITES routine

Being a teenager can be stressful, so the last thing you need

to be worrying about is your skincare regime. To save you the

hassle, RITES has put together the ultimate 10-minute routine

to combat everything from pimples to oiliness. All you need

is five minutes in the morning and five minutes again in the

evening to marvel at your skin! Ready. Set. Go!

Cleanse and Exfoliate: 1 minute

Start your routine off by cleansing and exfoliating your

skin. Gently massage the Foam Fighter foaming face

wash over your skin. It is the ultimate daily face wash that

fights to remove impurities while leaving your skin feeling

fresh, renewed, and matte. You can also combine the

Power Powder exfoliating powder to gently buff away the

unhealthy cells for a noticeably smoother, clearer, and more

refined complexion.






Cleanse carefully. At least twice a day.

Wash off make-up before bed. Allow your skin

to breathe at night without clogging your pores.

Control oil. Even if your skin is oily, you still

need to moisturise. Think hydration rather than

excessive oil production.

Exfoliate. You need to exfoliate once or twice

a week with a gentle, oil-free exfoliator.

Keep your hands clean. Every time you touch

your face, you are spreading oil, dirt, and

bacteria that can turn into a breakout! Always

wash your hands before touching your face

and regularly clean and disinfect surfaces that

touch your face, like your phone!

Treat: 3 minutes

Next, you will tone the skin with our refreshing toning

wipes. The Fresh Crusader wipes provide intensive

cleaning for problem areas such as the pesky T-zone.

Infused with witch hazel, cucumber and aloe vera, these

wipes help to unclog the pores and provide hydration in

one simple swipe. After toning, apply Disappearing Act

to specific problem areas and allow time for the product

to penetrate the skin. It has been designed to remove

excess oil and bacteria, while using natural elements to

reduce inflammation.

Moisturise and Protect: 1 minute

Whether you are off to school, or getting ready to hit the

sheets, you will want to make sure your face is moisturised.

In the morning, use RITES Control Freak SPF30 to

moisturise and protect the skin. At night, use the Smart

Hydrator to repair your skin while you sleep. Be sure to

apply the moisturiser to the face and neck, starting on the

cheeks and spreading outwards and upwards, and if you are

fast, then you may just have a few seconds to spare!

Get into the habit of following the above steps each day for

a solid and effective skincare routine.

For RITES stockists, visit • 0860 01 80 22

FACEBOOK & INSTAGRAM @ritesskinsolution

Little reads

Looking for some great books to motivate reading? Here

are a handful of fabulous kiddies reads (with giveaways)

written by local authors that will open the doorway to

turning your little one into a voracious reader.

My Family of Superheroes

“Every child, irrespective of gender or

race, will find themselves in situations

that test their self-confidence and

courage,” says author Zinhle T.

Matthews. “Wouldn’t it be amazing

if they had a fool-proof, lifelong tool

to use in these circumstances? A

potent mantra which could lift them

above self-doubt and fear into a

position of power, well equipped

to take on the world – and win!” Her

beautifully illustrated book, My Family

of Superheroes, focuses on how

positive phrases can help children

realise their inner strength and

potential. It tells the story of Precious

who, inspired by her mother, uses

positive affirmation to overcome her

insecurities and doubts. The book is

available at Amazon, Ethnikids, Book

Circle Capital and other selected

bookstores and is set to be translated

into various languages, and to be

converted into an audio book.

Details: FB: Zinhle Superheroes IG: @




THIS POST) Photo: Brendon Croft

Luna Learns About Viruses

Learning about the coronavirus and

coping with lockdown has been

overwhelming for us all, especially

children. With this in mind, Hillcrest

mother of two, Shareez Bagaria,

used her spare time to write about

viruses, as she educated her curious

children Luna (4) and Shay (11). Her

handwritten notes have been turned

into an exciting book titled, Luna

Learns About Viruses. Aimed at the

foundation phase age group, the

book is written in a simple rhyming

style, is easy to read and remember

and is designed to be both a teacher’s

aid and a parental guide. The book’s

big, bold, beautiful illustrations are

the artwork of Shareez’s niece, Gianna

Naidoo. The book is also being

printed in isiZulu. It can be bought

online at

for R175 and delivery is free across

South Africa.




Gone Little Cat

Gone Little Cat is Blythedale author,

Gustav Preller’s fifth book. But it’s

his first for children. Aimed at 10 to

15-year-olds, the book (which tells

the story of a highly-pedigreed,

pampered cat who gets lost in a

forest and has to learn to live in the

wild) has been very well received by

both children and adults who’ve been

the storytellers to little ones. All the

animals in the story have names and

personalities. They all talk and the

dialogue is great! Their very existence

is threatened by powerful predators

... humans … and the animals

embark on a fateful course of action.

While the environmental theme of

deforestation is contemporary and

relevant, Gone Little Cat is also about

growing up, understanding that one

doesn’t have to be the same to be

friends and, through courage and

resilience, finding one’s self in a world

that contains both good and bad.

It’s beautifully illustrated by a Kenyan

artist, David Wachania, the book is

available at all Ballito book stores and

most book stores nationwide for R195.




July 2021 Get It • Ballito Umhlanga 53


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Contact: Bev Delew

Phone: 071 276 0926 Office: 031 716 4464


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2021/06/15 12:24:07 PM

There was a time, not so long

ago, when childhood offered

the space and freedom for

children to explore their world.

To be curious, creative and bold.

To just be. Today, our overscheduled

and overstimulated

children are using their

imaginations less than ever and,

for this reason, we have fallen

in love with educational toy

brand, Melissa & Doug. Since

it’s founding, more than 30

years ago, the people behind

the Melissa & Doug brand have

been committed to making

products that inspire openended

thinking, encourage kids

to see new possibilities and

offer countless ways to play. It’s

all part of a bigger vision to take

back childhood. From classic,

wooden toys to crafts, pretend

play and games, Melissa &

Doug products provide a launch

pad to ignite imagination and a

sense of wonder in all children

so they can discover themselves,

their passions and their

purpose. For more information

visit @atoyforyou on Facebook.



A world of playtime possibilities

WIN! We’re giving away a fabulous Melissa & Doug hamper loaded with

the following items: Magnetic Matching Picture Game (R330), Suspend

(R300), Sea Life Scissor Skills (R125), Mosaic Sticker Pad - Safari Animals

(R125), Play, Draw, Create - Farm Fun (R295), Fun Activity Pad - Under the

Sea (R125), Poke-A-Dot: Old MacDonald (R250), Water Wow - Adventure

Deluxe (R180), Super Smile Dentist Play Set (R525), Innovation Academy -

Planetary Orbiter (R380), Scratch Art Deluxe Party Pack (R330) and Cutting

Food Box (R395). Enter on our social media platforms (@GetItMagNC)

where you see this post!

July 2021 Get It • Ballito Umhlanga 55

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