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Hotel of the Year<br />

Istanbul, Turkey<br />

Luxury Chalets of the Year<br />

Austria<br />

Villas of the Year<br />

Portugal<br />

<strong>Europe</strong><br />






The UK’s leading hospitality event dedicated to increasing<br />

hotel profitability, The Hotel360 Expo, is back and opening<br />

its door to over 4 - 5,000 hotel professionals. Taking place at<br />

the ExCeL, London on the 28th & 29th of September <strong>2021</strong>,<br />

Hotel360 promises a surplus of solutions and information,<br />

ensuring hotel decision-makers are at the forefront of the<br />

latest hospitality advancements.<br />

The Hotel360 Expo is a rare opportunity to meet the big names<br />

of the industry, as well as the up-and-<strong>com</strong>ers. Moreover, a<br />

chance to rethink one’s hotel business’s marketing strategy,<br />

to source solutions to optimise operational efficiency, take<br />

home the latest hospitality tech trends and sustainability<br />

solutions. The show also provides the tools to not only get<br />

hotel businesses to boost their bookings, but to grow, ensure<br />

customer satisfaction and increase their profits.<br />

The line-up for Hotel360 will boast over 300 cuttingedge<br />

suppliers, 150 inspirational seminars, and expertled<br />

panel debates. Not to mention, unlimited networking<br />

opportunities, unmissable innovation awards and much<br />

more to keep attendees captivated.

As one of our previous endorsers, Tom Lord, the<br />

Former Head of Global Support, InterContinental<br />

Hotels Group, has said:<br />

“We saw some great new solutions<br />

using AI and the event is great for small<br />

businesses and big ones alike, as well as<br />

putting everyone under one roof and letting<br />

people across the breadth of the hospitality<br />

industry see all the latest technologies<br />

available.”<br />

Running directly alongside<br />

Hotel360, is the<br />

<strong>Hospitality</strong> Design Show.<br />

This show will exhibit the<br />

latest design trends, ideas,<br />

and innovations behind<br />

business growth. It also<br />

grants a unique opportunity<br />

to let the leading creatives<br />

guide hotel businesses<br />

to success with 1-2-1<br />

advice. All under one roof,<br />

the events will provide a<br />

one stop shop for hotel<br />

professionals. Plus it is<br />

FREE to attend.<br />

Visit hotel360expo.co.uk to<br />

secure your free ticket to<br />

both shows and discover<br />

the tools to maximise your<br />


Sponsor and<br />


Team<br />

CEO<br />

Rob Bruce<br />

Editor-In-Chief<br />

Katherine Lozell<br />

Art Director<br />

Marcs Bacera<br />

Director Of Sales<br />

Stanley Lucas<br />

<strong>Awards</strong> Director<br />

Brian Anson<br />

Editorial Liaison Manager<br />

David Hyde<br />

Director Of Marketing<br />

Azim Aftab<br />

Social Media Manager<br />

Apple Gatus<br />

Senior Writers<br />

Tasmai Dave, Jacqui Irvine, & Joseph Wilton<br />

Senior Designers<br />

Antoine Jackson & Hafiz Arslan<br />

<strong>Awards</strong> Managers<br />

Adam Cole, Joseph Malabanan, Zach Ford,<br />

Peter Clement, & Joyce Lee<br />

Research Managers<br />

Jerald Jaime & Mukul<br />

Contributing Writers<br />

Tracy Morgan, Joseph Malabanan, & Aisha Ahmed<br />

Contents<br />

10<br />

Criteria<br />

Include articles on Alpine Ski School, Vienna<br />

City of Culture Old Masters – Young Experts,<br />

Luxury Mountain Getaways, Kaprun Edition,<br />

and Susanne Fischer amongst others.<br />

68<br />

Greece<br />

42<br />

Turkey<br />

Include articles on<br />

Istanbul <strong>Europe</strong>’s Most<br />

Beautiful City, Fatih etc.<br />

Include articles on The Greek Islands Waiting<br />

to be explored, Ikaria The Quirky Island etc.<br />

14<br />

Winter<br />

Holiday<br />

Guide 84<br />

Bulgaria<br />

Include articles on The Summer Capital of<br />

Bulgaria and Graffit Gallery Hotel

90<br />

Italy<br />

Include articles on Rome Or Venice? Which<br />

City is Better to Visit, The Perfect Weekend in<br />

the Tuscan Countryside etc.<br />

124<br />

France<br />

Include articles<br />

on Sailing<br />

Holiday in France<br />

and Filovent<br />

106<br />

Germany<br />

Include articles<br />

on Istanbul<br />

<strong>Europe</strong>’s Most<br />

Beautiful City,<br />

Fatih etc.<br />

130<br />

Spain<br />

Include articles on Ibiza Wel<strong>com</strong>e to<br />

Our Island, Barcelona City of Splendour,<br />

Lugaris Beach Apartments etc.<br />

144<br />

Portugal<br />

Include articles<br />

on Getting<br />

Around Portugal,<br />

Avenidas - Here<br />

for you, etc.<br />

180<br />

United<br />

Kingdom<br />

Include articles<br />

on Scotland, The<br />

Mountain Men etc.<br />

198<br />

Iceland<br />

Include articles on<br />

Rekjavik Top 5 and<br />

Salt Eldhus

Criteria<br />

Service<br />

Excellence in Service is an important<br />

category, as customer service can often<br />

be responsible for having guests return<br />

year after year. We look for the hotels<br />

and tour operators that go out of their<br />

way to please their guests, those that<br />

provide a personal level of service and<br />

take the time to get to know each visitor<br />

so that they might anticipate their every<br />

need. This can be something as simple<br />

as a 24-hour concierge desk, a hotel<br />

manager who offers a personal greeting<br />

or a tour guide who is happy to create<br />

bespoke private tours – but whatever<br />

it is, we are always pleased when we<br />

encounter staff that have been trained<br />

in the art of customer satisfaction.<br />

Style & Design<br />

It is no question that style and design<br />

plays a big part in selecting our awards<br />

shortlist. A guest will form an opinion<br />

about a hotel as soon as they arrive<br />

so it is important to us that all our<br />

winners make those first impressions<br />

count. We’re certainly not partial to a<br />

particular period of architecture – but<br />

whether we’re judging a gothic castle or<br />

an environmentally friendly lodge, the<br />

criteria remains the same. We consider<br />

factors such as architectural features,<br />

use of materials, creation of spaces,<br />

décor and the overall feel. We love it<br />

when we find a hotel that tells a story<br />

though its design and construction, or<br />

offers a design that is sympathetic to<br />

the natural surroundings of its location.

Local Knowledge<br />

Knowledge of the local area is essential<br />

for any organization, be it a hotel or a<br />

tour operator. The quality of services<br />

takes a great hit when the quality of this<br />

element is not up to the mark. Quite a<br />

few of our winners in this category are<br />

because they have displayed excellent<br />

knowledge about the surrounding<br />

areas. The criteria for a hotel is slightly<br />

lenient <strong>com</strong>pared to a tour operator, as<br />

the latter is expected to have thorough<br />

knowledge of the area in order to<br />

provide good services.<br />

Facilities<br />

Award-winning guest rooms <strong>com</strong>e in all<br />

shapes and sizes, but they all have one<br />

thing in <strong>com</strong>mon – a home-away-fromhome<br />

feel. The <strong>com</strong>fort of the facilities<br />

on offer are of vital importance; we look<br />

for luxurious linens, stylish bathrooms<br />

and a coordinated colour scheme that<br />

work together to create a cohesive<br />

sense of relaxation. Additional touches,<br />

such as <strong>com</strong>plimentary toiletries, free<br />

wi-fi or tea and coffee making facilities<br />

are always a bonus in making us feel<br />

wel<strong>com</strong>e. We’re always impressed to find<br />

hotel rooms that embrace technology<br />

and offer amenities like tablets or smart<br />

thermostat systems, but this does not<br />

always necessarily trump the traditional<br />

– four poster beds, ornate fireplaces or<br />

antique furniture can add a touch of<br />

decadence to a hotel stay.<br />

Marketing<br />

In today’s modern age, a hotel or tour<br />

operator cannot rely on word of mouth<br />

to get their message out into the world.<br />

As social media has be<strong>com</strong>e a vital<br />

part of everyday life, we like to see<br />

<strong>com</strong>panies that go the extra mile to<br />

engage with their guests, both past<br />

and future. Attractive and informative<br />

websites and engaging and honest<br />

content are what we look for when<br />

judging a <strong>com</strong>pany’s use of marketing;<br />

how well they display their services, how<br />

up-to-date their content is, how well<br />

they get their brand message across,<br />

and, most importantly, how well their<br />

marketing can tempt us to go and see<br />

what they have to offer for ourselves.

Criteria<br />

Diversity<br />

Diversity is one important aspect that<br />

needs to be taken into consideration<br />

when in the travel and hospitality<br />

industry. It is essential to have staff<br />

that has varying diversity to ensure that<br />

the organization can properly connect<br />

with their guests. Diversity is taken into<br />

account in terms of gender, nationality<br />

as well as languages spoken among<br />

other factors. Not only do we take the<br />

diversity of the staff into account but<br />

even that of the facilities and services<br />

offered; a hotel or tour operator<br />

providing a better range of services is<br />

preferred over those that do not.<br />

Customer Reviews<br />

What better way is there to know about<br />

an organization than by getting first<br />

hand reviews? Customers are the best<br />

judges of any service as they are the<br />

ones who experience them and can<br />

assess whether they were up to the<br />

mark or not. Considering reviews from<br />

hundreds of customers gives us a fair<br />

idea about the general pros and cons<br />

of any organization and also gives us<br />

valuable inputs for the other criteria<br />

as well.

Industry Knowledge<br />

It is of prime importance that an<br />

organization has thorough industry<br />

knowledge. Without knowing the nit-bits<br />

of the industry, it is difficult to flourish<br />

and provide services which are a class<br />

apart. Before any organization ventures<br />

into the industry, it is essential that<br />

they know how the industry is moving<br />

and how they should make changes to<br />

their methodologies in order to remain<br />

relevant and also be a top-performing<br />

organization.<br />

Location<br />

Location is one of the most important factors, but also one of the most subjective,<br />

as the ‘ideal’ is very much determined by the type of visitor and the type of<br />

hotel itself. However, there are a few factors we take into consideration when<br />

determining the winners of location-based awards. The first is convenience; that<br />

is, hotels that are easy to travel to. Many of our winners in this category are in<br />

convenient locations, such as adjacent to airports, close to beaches or found in<br />

the heart of easy-to-navigate cities. We are always impressed when hotels go the<br />

extra mile to take the hassle out of traveling and offer such additional services as<br />

airport shuttles or car hire services. However, we’re always excited to <strong>com</strong>e across<br />

a hotel that is, to use a familiar phrase, off-the-beaten-track. A hotel that can<br />

offer something a little different, in terms of natural surroundings, can make the<br />

difference between a good holiday and an incredible one.

Winter<br />

Holiday Guide

Zermatt in Switzerland

Winter Holidays<br />

in <strong>Europe</strong><br />

The travel and hospitality industry, like many others,<br />

is still reeling from the Covid-19 pandemic. Despite<br />

signs of growth and enthusiasm, the industry isn’t set<br />

to have a stellar summer like some anticipated. Instead,<br />

an extensive <strong>Europe</strong>an winter tourist season is expected<br />

with many planning to swap out the beaches of the<br />

Mediterranean for the snowy landscapes of the Alps and<br />

Scandinavia. For those people we have put together the<br />

perfect winter holiday guide.<br />


Snowsports<br />

If there is any type of activity that is<br />

synonymous with a winter holiday it’s skiing,<br />

with snowboarding as a remarkably close<br />

second. When most of us think of going on<br />

holiday in the winter we instantly think of a<br />

snowy ski resort where we can enjoy hours<br />

on the slopes and then relax by a warm fire<br />

with a lovely hot drink.<br />

Ofcourse skiing and snowboarding aren’t<br />

the only two winter activities you can<br />

appreciate at a mountain resort. Ice karting,<br />

fat snow biking, tobogganing, snowmobiling,<br />

sledding, ice climbing, and hiking, are all<br />

popular activities that can be enjoyed at<br />

most ski resorts throughout <strong>Europe</strong>.<br />

For your first time on this type of holiday<br />

we re<strong>com</strong>mend getting some practice in<br />

your home country first. You can do this<br />

on artificial slopes, although not the same<br />

as real snow these surfaces still offer an<br />

opportunity to familiarise yourself with basic<br />

movement techniques, build stamina, and<br />

improve balance. Ultimately by doing this<br />

you’ll be much better equipped to handle the<br />

real thing.<br />


<strong>Europe</strong> is home to some of the best<br />

ski resorts in the world. Courcheval<br />

in France, one of the largest and<br />

most famous resorts in world. Cortina<br />

d’Ampezzo in Italy has remained hugely<br />

popular over the last 50 years. St. Anton<br />

am Arlberg in Austria is well known for<br />

its challenging runs, especially its offpiste<br />

options. An alternative is Jasna in<br />

Slovakia, the resort boasts almost 50km<br />

of slopes and is much more affordable<br />

than any of the options in the Alps.<br />

Our personal favourite is Zermatt in<br />

Switzerland. Set at the foot of the<br />

majestic Matterhorn, this resort is<br />

renowned for its lively atmosphere,<br />

excellent restaurants, incredible history,<br />

and is the ideal place for any level of<br />

skier. The resort is home to Alpine Ski<br />

School, a <strong>Travel</strong> and <strong>Hospitality</strong> award<br />

winner and home to some of the best<br />

snow sport instructors in <strong>Europe</strong>. You<br />

can find out more on page 20.<br />



Alpine Ski School<br />

Switzerland | The Award for Excellence in Service<br />

20<br />

Skiing and snowboarding in the Swiss Alps makes for a perfect winter break.<br />

Many people however are put off by the mere inability to ski or snowboard<br />

and wouldn’t know where to start should they decide to begin. We<br />

however have the answer, and it is the Alpine Ski School!!<br />

Based in Zermatt, the excellently rated Alpine Ski School is<br />

headed up by pals Maxime Riviera and David “Dido” Erba, both<br />

experienced, multilingual, and knowledgeable in the art of<br />

skiing, snowboarding and even mono-skiing.<br />

Maxime and David along with their professional team<br />

are ready to wel<strong>com</strong>e all regardless of your experience<br />

or skill level. Lessons are made to fit with individual<br />

requirements, so you are ensured the best<br />

education to improve your ability while at the<br />

same time having fun. Instructors available<br />

can speak English, German, Italian, French,<br />

Spanish, Portuguese and Russian.<br />

There are 3 distinct services on offer,<br />

these are private lesson, a VIP day<br />

and Off-Piste guiding and touring.

Private Lessons<br />

As you’d expect these are ski and snowboarding classes<br />

tailored to an individual’s skill level and offer excellent<br />

value for money in Zermatt. Lessons are delivered by<br />

passionate and dedicated instructors<br />

VIP Day<br />

An exciting and unforgettable experience. The day<br />

starts with a hotel pick up following by skiing down<br />

some of the most sensational runs in the area and the<br />

chance to stop at several viewpoints. In the afternoon<br />

you can stop at a few attractions and explore the<br />

sunny Italian side of the resort. For lunch, a gourmet<br />

restaurant chose specially for you. To top it off you also<br />

get the opportunity to go on a helicopter tour around<br />

the Matterhorn.<br />

Off Piste<br />

Half or full day of Off Piste instruction and guiding.<br />

Instructors know the area well, so you’re guaranteed<br />

the amazing freeride runs of the resort.<br />

Metzggasse 9, 3920,<br />

Zermatt, Switzerland<br />

Tel +41 79 136 05 54<br />



Vienna City of<br />

Culture Old Masters –<br />

Young Experts<br />

in partnership with<br />

22<br />

The world’s largest Bruegel collection and the prettiest kiss<br />

immortalized by Jugendstil genius Gustav Klimt in his worldfamous<br />

painting can only be found in Vienna. The cultural capital<br />

is also a place where you can discover a rich diversity of styles and<br />

eras. Baroque opulence and cool avant-garde coexist in an exciting<br />

creative environment. Pieces by talented young designers now hang<br />

in the ornate staterooms and are just as impressive as the old masters<br />

found in Vienna’s modern museums.<br />

The Albertina, a former Habsburg palace, houses one of the most<br />

important art collections in the world. Important exhibitions take place<br />

here, and the museum’s own collection is spectacular, with names<br />

such as Matisse, Renoir and Miro. The Kunsthistorisches Museum<br />

Vienna on the Ringstrasse is devoted to Old Masters. Art treasures<br />

from all the key eras are on display here, in particular examples from<br />

the Renaissance and Baroque periods by Rubens, Titian, Rembrandt<br />

and Raphael. The museum also holds the world’s largest collection<br />

of works by Bruegel. The Kunstkammer is one of the most important<br />

in the world: More than 2,100 objects, collected over centuries by the<br />

Habsburgs, are on show.

The Baroque Belvedere<br />

Palace is home to the<br />

biggest collection of Klimts<br />

in the world, including<br />

The Kiss. The Secession<br />

Building, which was used<br />

as an exhibition space<br />

by Klimt‘s secessionist<br />

group of artists, awaits<br />

at Karlsplatz. While<br />

Klimt’s world-famous<br />

“Beethoven Frieze” can be<br />

marveled at on the ground<br />

floor, contemporary art<br />

is presented in the main<br />

exhibition room.<br />


Renowned 20th century artists are represented at<br />

the MuseumsQuartier. Built by Baroque architect<br />

Fischer von Erlach, the former court stables now host<br />

a whole new district. The courtyard is once again<br />

brimming with life thanks to the Leopold Museum<br />

— the Schiele collection is world-renowned — the<br />

Museum Moderner Kunst (mumok), Kunsthalle Wien,<br />

Architekturzentrum, Designforum, and various shops,<br />

cafés and restaurants. The Belvedere 21 near the<br />

Upper Belvedere, built in 1958 for the World Expo, has<br />

been renovated and shows Austrian art of the 20th<br />

and 21st centuries. Numerous galleries, especially in<br />

the 1st and 4th districts, also offer contemporary art<br />

and impress with small, but mighty exhibitions on<br />

their premises. And a historic bread factory in the 10th<br />

district is now home to more than ten institutions of<br />

contemporary art, including Galerie OstLicht, which<br />

together with WestLicht has dedicated itself entirely<br />

to photography.<br />

Photographic art can also be marveled at in the Kunst<br />

Haus Wien, which was designed by the Viennese artist<br />

Friedensreich Hundertwasser – together with the<br />

nearby Hundertwasserhaus – in his very own style.<br />


Young artists also create a buzz about themselves every year in the autumn<br />

at the viennacontemporary art fair Parallel Vienna, at the gallery festival<br />

curated by, and in November at Vienna Art Week. New from 2019 is the festival<br />

Foto Wien, which organizes photographic exhibitions throughout the city for<br />

a whole month. Local creative types also show their works during Vienna<br />

Design Week. However, this special photo show only takes place every two<br />

years. Stars on the Austrian and international art scene can always be found<br />

at the mumok and the Museum of Applied Arts/Contemporary Arts, or MAK<br />

for short.<br />

A rest in one of the city’s traditional<br />

coffee houses is highly re<strong>com</strong>mended<br />

following a visit to one of the museums.<br />

Take a seat — with any luck it will be a<br />

Thonet — and treat yourself. This too is<br />

very much a part of Viennese culture.<br />

<strong>www</strong>.vienna.info<br />


Luxury<br />

Mountain<br />

Getaways<br />

For anyone disappointed in missing out on<br />

a summer beach holiday we propose going<br />

on a luxury mountain getaway instead. These<br />

sorts of trips can be just as soothing as a beach<br />

holiday with an added touch of elegance. You<br />

can find plenty of luxury hotels and resorts like<br />

you would on a beach break, there are breathtaking<br />

mountain views to replace sea views, and<br />

the restaurant & bar scene will surprise you.<br />


What to do?<br />

Of course, on a mountain trip you won’t get the sun like you’re used to on a beach holiday or the opportunity to take a<br />

dip in the warm sea but there are plenty of leisurely pursuits on offer that can more than make up for this.<br />

Hiking, mountain biking, skiing, snowboarding, snowmobiling, and paragliding are all popular mountain getaway<br />

activities. Although much is on offer by way outdoor activities, you don’t have to take part in any of these to make the<br />

most out of a mountain holiday.<br />

Mountain getaways offer the perfect opportunity to relax and switch off, a warm drink overlooking spectacular mountain<br />

views is more than enough to melt any stress away. Many destinations tend to be home to world class spa’s, thermal<br />

springs, and heated pools, so you get that added dimension to unwind.<br />

Where to Go?<br />

Any of the major ski resorts in <strong>Europe</strong> such as<br />

Courcheval, Chamonix, Zermatt, St Moritz, St Anton<br />

am Arlberg, Kitzbuhel, and Cortina d’Ampezzo, are<br />

excellent options. At these resorts you’ll find plenty<br />

to do, fantastic restaurants, loads of good bars,<br />

cultural attractions, and great places to stay.<br />

We re<strong>com</strong>mend Kaprun home of <strong>Travel</strong> and<br />

<strong>Hospitality</strong> award winner the Kaprun Edition,<br />

profiled on page 28. Here you’ll find excellent<br />

ac<strong>com</strong>modation set amongst the backdrop of the<br />

majestic Austrian Alps.<br />


Kaprun Edition<br />

Austria | Luxury Chalets<br />

Where Holiday Dreams Come True!<br />

Nestled away at the foothills of the Austrian alps in Salzburg lies the<br />

Kaprun Edition Lodges. considered as some of the finest in <strong>Europe</strong>.<br />

Whether you are travelling in the winter or summer, alone or in a<br />

large group you’ll find that the Kaprun Edition lodges, apartments<br />

and chalets are all wel<strong>com</strong>ing, spacious, beautifully decorated,<br />

efficiently run and the epitome of luxury.<br />

Ac<strong>com</strong>modation<br />

Currently there are six distinct property types<br />

available to ac<strong>com</strong>modate a variety of guests.<br />

What you will find consistent amongst all the<br />

ac<strong>com</strong>modation is the range of high-quality<br />

amenities, services, and stunning décor.<br />

The setting is one of traditional rustic<br />

design <strong>com</strong>bined with all the trapping<br />

of modern luxury and vividness.<br />


The Kaprun Edition – Signature Luxury Chalets<br />

These four wooden chalets are the signature offering<br />

by the Kaprun Edition. World class luxury chalets that<br />

can ac<strong>com</strong>modate anywhere from 12 to 24 people.<br />

You can expect absolute privacy <strong>com</strong>bined with<br />

personal hospitality and an authentic experience.<br />

Along with the lush amenities you’ll have your own<br />

private sauna, hot tub, terrace, and lovely river view.<br />

Adventure Lodge by Kaprun Edition<br />

If you’re after something different and somewhat<br />

unusual then look no further for the adventure lodge at<br />

Kaprun allows you the unique experience of sleeping<br />

in a barrel. This exceptional wooden chalet <strong>com</strong>es<br />

with three bedrooms and on the private terrace two<br />

utterly unique sleeping barrels, each with their own<br />

bathroom barrel and sauna barrel. The adventure<br />

lodge will leave you with a truly memorable sleeping<br />

experience.<br />

Schulstrasse 15, 5710<br />

Kaprun, Austria<br />

Tel +43 664 9416950<br />



Flying Lodge by Kaprun Edition<br />

For panoramic views check out the flying<br />

lodge. Built on stilts these lodges look like<br />

they’re almost floating. There are currently<br />

two on offer that can ac<strong>com</strong>modate up to 12<br />

people each. Expect alpine charm, modern<br />

ambience, and amazing views.<br />

Country House Lodge<br />

Also known as Landhous lodge and has<br />

a unique classic charm feel about it. The<br />

property is home to eight lovely, fully<br />

furnished and homely apartments plus a<br />

large sauna. Apartments are a perfect fit for a<br />

couple or small group.<br />

Style Lodge<br />

The newest addition to the Kaprun family,<br />

the style lodge is equipped with four chic<br />

apartments including a stunning penthouse<br />

suite that <strong>com</strong>es <strong>com</strong>plete with a private<br />

glass sauna and whirlpool that offer<br />

panoramic views of the Kitzsteinhorn glacier.<br />


Mara Lodge<br />

An excellent value for money option. These<br />

nine apartments offer the same brilliant quality<br />

services as all the properties listed above but<br />

without the extra’s. The perfect spot for those<br />

looking for a solid base in Kaprun,<br />

Activities<br />

The team at Kaprun are more than happy to<br />

arrange activities, excursions, and transfers.<br />

The dedicated staff are knowledgeable and well<br />

connected so you’re ensured the absolute best<br />

in any leisure activity you decide to partake in.<br />

Zell am see, where Kaprun is located, isn’t<br />

short on winter and summer activities for you<br />

to do. The big one in winter of course is hitting<br />

the slopes for a bit of skiing or snowboarding.<br />

Private ski instructor and ski rental can be<br />

booked before arrival. Snowshoe hikes and<br />

cross-country ski trails make for a great day<br />

out and for something a little less taxing check<br />

out the toboggan runs. Both can be booked at<br />

the property.<br />



It is in the summer where the beauty of the<br />

region really <strong>com</strong>es to life. Mountain lakes,<br />

deep valleys, alpine pastures, and stunning<br />

waterfalls await those who venture out. There<br />

are hundreds of kilometres of hiking, cycling<br />

and mountain biking trails leading through the<br />

heart of the region.<br />

You may decide to pamper yourself and for<br />

this you have the wonderfully rated Tauern Spa<br />

located only a few minutes away.<br />

All these activities, the spa and much more<br />

can be arranged by the team at Kaprun who<br />

are more than happy to help.<br />

Location<br />

The Kaprun Edition chalets are easily<br />

accessible. Transfers can be arranged from<br />

nearby airports in Innsbruck and Salzburg.<br />

There are also several train options from major<br />

Austrian, German and Italian cities. These take<br />

you in to Zell am see station which is only a 10<br />

minute to Kaprun.<br />


Susanne Fischer<br />

Manager | The Kaprun Edition<br />

The Kaprun Edition is of the finest Chalet resorts<br />

in all of <strong>Europe</strong>, this award-winning <strong>com</strong>plex,<br />

located in the heartland of Austria, is home to<br />

several stunning well-maintained chalets and<br />

suites run by a world class team. The individual<br />

behind all this is none other than our Manager of<br />

the year for Austria, Mrs Susanne Fischer.<br />

Susanne’s journey in the tourism industry began<br />

at an incredibly young age. Being born into the<br />

Fischer family, a well-known local family working<br />

primarily in the hospitality industry, allowed for a<br />

unique insight and experience, much of which<br />

formed the early ideas of what Susanne wanted<br />

for her own <strong>com</strong>pany. To match this experience<br />

Susanne enrolled in a tourism and management<br />

degree finishing with top honours.<br />


This <strong>com</strong>bination of early experience,<br />

through family, and technical understanding,<br />

through education, gave Susanne the perfect<br />

foundation to realise her dream to build the<br />

finest wooden Chalet houses in the Austrian<br />

alps with the ultimate guest experience as<br />

it’s core value.<br />

Before this was possible Susanne undertook<br />

a decade of experience working across the<br />

hospitality industry in various roles, teams,<br />

and management structures. Then in 2010<br />

Susanne took the plunge, after scouting<br />

several locations she found the perfect spot<br />

next to the river of Kaprun in the quaint town<br />

of Kaprun. Over the years, bit by bit, the<br />

Kaprun edition has be<strong>com</strong>e a sort of “town<br />

within a town” with the continued focus on<br />

guest experience.<br />

Today Susanne oversees the Kaprun Edition<br />

ensuring guests are happy and setting the<br />

standard for all her staff. Although her dreams<br />

have been realised Susanne is not one to sit<br />

on her laurels and is dedicated to continually<br />

improve guest experience.<br />


Getting Lost in German’s<br />

Christmas Markets<br />

Germany’s Christmas markets are illustrious, so much so<br />

that many places across the world have their own. City’s<br />

such as Prague, Birmingham, Vienna, Toronto, and Chicago,<br />

are all famed for their annual German Christmas markets. The<br />

markets are like a special event, taking over a large part of a<br />

city centre for a few weeks, a place where visitors are treated<br />

to authentic German beer, a jovial atmosphere, a whole host<br />

of sweet treats, delicious snacks, and unique souvenir shops.<br />

Dresden’s Strietzelmark held in 1434 is generally considered the<br />

first Christmas market, although winter markets had already<br />

been established in Vienna, Munich, Bautzen, and Frankfurt.<br />

Since then, Christmas markets have grown exponentially to the<br />

point that every city and small town in the country has its own.<br />

German immigrants bought this tradition to new settlements<br />

leading to markets being established all over North America.<br />

The markets in the UK were actually opened in the late 1990’s<br />

backed by support from the city of Frankfurt.<br />


For a genuine experience we suggest you visit a Christmas market in Germany. We’ve picked out five of the best.<br />

Berlin’s Christmas Markets<br />

Berlin<br />

Weihnachtsmarkt Am Kölner Dom<br />

Cologne<br />

Nuremberg Christkindlesmark<br />

Nuremberg<br />

Dresden Striezelmarkt<br />

Dresden<br />

Leipziger Weihnachtsmarkt<br />

Leipzig<br />


The Magic<br />

of Lapland<br />

So far, this chapter has covered winter holidays centred<br />

around mainland <strong>Europe</strong> with a focus on countries<br />

surrounding the alps. These are an obvious choice for most<br />

in terms of accessibility and infrastructure. The alternative<br />

winter holiday destination to the Alps, however, is of course<br />

the Nordic countries.<br />

Made up of Norway, Denmark, Finland, Iceland, and<br />

Sweden, the Nordic countries are a great choice for a<br />

winter break. Our preferred destination nevertheless is the<br />

province of Lapland in Finland.<br />

Located in the arctic north of Finland, Lapland is considered<br />

one of the best winter holiday destinations in the world<br />

especially during the Christmas period as the area is home<br />

Santa Claus’s village.<br />


The best way to reach Lapland is through<br />

flying with Finnair to one of four <strong>com</strong>mercial<br />

airports in the region. To get around there are<br />

bus services in operation, although these are<br />

sparse, they are effective in reaching even<br />

the smallest of spaces. Another more costly<br />

but convenient method is self-drive or hire a<br />

private driver.<br />

When it <strong>com</strong>es to things to do, you’ll find plenty<br />

of options. As mentioned above Santa Claus’s<br />

village is an extremely popular attraction<br />

in the weeks leading up to Christmas. The<br />

village is home to Santa’s workshop where<br />

you can meet him in person, see his reindeer,<br />

peruse the gift shop, and revel in the joyous<br />

atmosphere.<br />

Lapland offers up a fantastic opportunity to<br />

see the Northern lights. During winter from<br />

December to February you have the best<br />

chance when its much darker for longer. Be<br />

prepared to go out to remote areas to do this,<br />

many <strong>com</strong>panies arrange special tours. Or<br />

better yet you can stay in resorts purposefully<br />

built-in rural areas to spot the aurora.<br />

Snowmobiling, cross country skiing, dog sledding, reindeer<br />

sleighing, fishing, and hunting are all other amazing activities<br />

on offer.<br />

In terms of lodging, we advise you check into the excellent<br />

Star Arctic Hotel, where you’ll find unique ac<strong>com</strong>modation,<br />

and spectacular views in the heart of Lapland. Turn over to the<br />

next page to find out more.<br />


Star Arctic Hotel<br />

Finland | Resort<br />

The Star Arctic Hotel is an architectural marvel, this stunning establishment is<br />

beautifully designed, fully serviced and perfectly located for a truly magical<br />

Finnish experience.<br />

Ac<strong>com</strong>modation <strong>com</strong>es in the form of elegant suites and cabins, all of<br />

which offer scenic views of the surrounding landscape during the day<br />

and the aurora at night. You can choose from the standard suite or for<br />

a more traditional Finnish experience you do have option of suite<br />

with a private in-room sauna. The cabins are perhaps the most<br />

exquisite of all the ac<strong>com</strong>modation options as these <strong>com</strong>e with<br />

a glass roof. This innovative approach means guests can gaze<br />

upon the glistening night sky while lying in bed waiting for<br />

the Aurora. All rooms <strong>com</strong>e with free wi-fi, mini-fridge, flat<br />

screen TV and geothermal heating.<br />

A sauna is an essential ingredient in any Finnish<br />

hospitality experience, so it’ll <strong>com</strong>e as no surprise<br />

to hear that the Star Arctic Hotel is home to not<br />

one but two stylish saunas. Both are privately<br />

bookable, offer panoramic views and are<br />

connected to a landscaped terrace with an<br />

outdoor hot tub.<br />


For a good meal at Star Arctic you don’t have<br />

to go too far, in fact most guests choose<br />

to dine at the on-site restaurant, Kaunis.<br />

Kaunis restaurant is well known in the region<br />

for its modern spin on traditional Lappish<br />

dishes, fresh local produce, excellent bar and<br />

beautiful views.<br />

When you are in this unique part of the world<br />

it’s always best to take advantage of the local<br />

and seasonal. With the Star Arctic hotel, you<br />

can rent bikes, go snowmobiling, go on an<br />

authentic husky experience, reindeer sleigh<br />

riding, ice fishing and aurora hunting.<br />

Ylämajantie 1, 99830<br />

Saariselkä, Finland<br />

Tel +358 (0) 444194000<br />



Turkey<br />

<br />


Süleymaniye Mosque, Istanbul, Turkey<br />


Istanbul<br />

<strong>Europe</strong>’s Most<br />

Beautiful City<br />

The ancient city of Istanbul is without a doubt one of<br />

the most beautiful cities in the world. It’s home to<br />

several stunning attractions such as the Hagia Sophia,<br />

Blue Mosque, Galata Tower, Dolmabahce Palace and Grand<br />

Bazaar, to name but a few. Separated by the Bosphorus<br />

straits the city is the largest transcontinental city in the<br />

world with <strong>Europe</strong>an side located on the West of the<br />

Bosphorus and the Asian side on the East.<br />

The city is home to a thriving culinary scene, a diverse<br />

shopping culture, friendly locals, a well-connected<br />

transport hub, and thousands of restaurants & bars. A<br />

stroll through any of the old neighbourhoods will make you<br />

feel like you’ve travelled back in time, the sounds, smells<br />

and feel in the air is in some ways no different than what it<br />

would have been centuries ago.<br />


When you consider all that Istanbul<br />

has to offer it <strong>com</strong>es as no surprise<br />

that the city consistently ranks as one<br />

of the top 10 most visited cities in the<br />

world. Once you’re in Istanbul it can<br />

be a daunting place to explore with so<br />

many neighbourhoods, attractions, and<br />

shopping hubs, sparsely spread out.<br />

Most visitors focus on the old town of<br />

Fatih and for good reason, it’s home to<br />

a wide variety of landmarks, museums,<br />

restaurants, and it’s always bustling.<br />

Past this there are other areas worth<br />

exploring; some of these such Beyoglu<br />

or Taksim Square get more tourists<br />

then other lesser known but equally<br />

fascinating locales like Kadikoy or Balat.<br />

To assist you on your Istanbul<br />

adventure, we’ve assembled a handy<br />

guide highlighting our expert tour guide<br />

in the city and detailing five of the most<br />

popular neighbourhoods. This includes<br />

information on what to do, where to eat,<br />

and where to stay.<br />


46<br />

My Local Guide<br />

Salih Batkin<br />

Meet our Istanbul Expert and Award Winner Salih Batkin!<br />

Navigating such a large city as Istanbul can be a<br />

challenge, it can exciting discovering all that the little back<br />

streets, small vendors, and many charms of the city. However,<br />

this can take its toll and is time consuming so not ideal if<br />

you’re only in the city for a few days. This is where our expert,<br />

Salih Batkin, of My Local Guide <strong>com</strong>es in. Salih is a friendly,<br />

knowledgeable, and experience tour guide who knows the city<br />

like the back of his hand.<br />

Tours are affordable, exciting, and well planned. On offer are<br />

numerous daily tours that anyone can join. The highlights<br />

of Istanbul tour cover’s all the top sites plus the bonus of<br />

traditional Turkish lunch at a local restaurant. Past this the<br />

Istanbul Heritage tour dives deeper into the lesser-known<br />

historic attractions of the city. For a truly off the beaten path<br />

experience, we re<strong>com</strong>mend the delightful Secrets of Istanbul<br />

tour, a fantastic opportunity to discover hidden gems of old<br />

Constantinople, visit places that are not easy to find on their<br />

own, and hear stories of Istanbul legends.

Istanbul is one of the culinary capitals of<br />

the world and a tour to match is a must.<br />

The Tast of Istanbul on Two Continents<br />

tour is wonderful and delves deep into<br />

the city’s culinary scene. Enjoy dinner<br />

in Asia and dessert in <strong>Europe</strong> all while<br />

discovering the flavours of Turkey.<br />

All daily tours are available as private<br />

tours and can even be tailored to suit<br />

specific needs and requirements. Maybe<br />

you have your own idea of what you want<br />

to see, or are in the city for a layover, or<br />

would simply like to <strong>com</strong>bine elements<br />

of the different public tours, for this and<br />

so much more Salih and his team are<br />

more than happy to ac<strong>com</strong>modate.<br />



Fatih<br />

The beating heart and centre of<br />

the old city, Fatih is on every firsttime<br />

visitors’ itinerary. It was once<br />

the political centre of the Roman,<br />

Byzantine and Ottoman empires, and<br />

today serves as the home of several<br />

heritage sites. The area is always<br />

vibrant and busy, wandering the<br />

streets will give you a real sense for<br />

the rich history of Istanbul.<br />


Why Visit?<br />

An easy one to answer, Fatih boasts some<br />

of Istanbul’s most famous attractions.<br />

The beautiful Blue Mosque and Hagia<br />

Sophia sitting opposite each other are<br />

both iconic, easily recognisable and are<br />

beautifully decorated inside and out.<br />

Another famous attraction is the Topkapi<br />

Palace which was once home to the<br />

Ottoman sultans in the 15th and 16th<br />

Centuries. Today the palace serves as<br />

a museum housing several important<br />

Islamic artefacts.<br />

The Basilica Cistern will allow for a<br />

unique experience. The Cistern is one of<br />

many built under Istanbul, this one is the<br />

largest.<br />

The Grand Bazaar <strong>com</strong>bines shopping<br />

and history. This centuries old and mazy<br />

bazaar is chock-full of over vendors ready<br />

to haggle with tourists over a whole host<br />

of items such as clothes, souvenirs,<br />

jewellery, artwork, and spices.<br />

Places to Eat<br />

You’ll find plenty of street vendors serving fresh doner, sandwiches, ice<br />

cream, Turkish pizzas, and Simit. The food is normally fresh, popular with<br />

the locals, and cheap.<br />

For a sit-down restaurant, we re<strong>com</strong>mend Divella Bistro serving traditional<br />

Turkish and Ottoman cuisine. Hanzade Terrace Restaurant offers a tranquil<br />

rooftop dining experience with beautiful views of the city.<br />

Ac<strong>com</strong>modation<br />

Our preferred choice in Fatih is the Sura Design Hotel & Suites, an<br />

elegant hotel in the perfect location to explore the area. Find out more<br />

on the next page.<br />


Sura Design<br />

Hotel and Suites<br />

Turkey | Hotel<br />

Located in the heart of the old town of Istanbul, Sura Design Hotel & Suites<br />

is a magnificent property ready to wel<strong>com</strong>e even the most discerning<br />

of guests. The unique interior is designed with elegance and traditional<br />

Ottoman motifs in mind with the lighting perfectly <strong>com</strong>plimenting an<br />

overall graceful tone.<br />

The property boasts 60 rooms and suites, all finished to a<br />

high quality and elegant standard. Options include a deluxe<br />

double, family, and triple room as well as a Deluxe double<br />

with a balcony. Our favourite however is the gorgeous<br />

and roomy loft suite, located on the top floor that<br />

<strong>com</strong>es with a balcony which can only mean one<br />

thing, spectacular views of the city. All rooms<br />

feature air conditioning, an LCD TV with<br />

satellite, fully stocked minibar, espresso<br />

machine and de-luxe toiletries. All stays<br />

<strong>com</strong>e with a delicious <strong>com</strong>plimentary<br />

breakfast serving both local and<br />

international delicacies.<br />


If you are a foodie then you’re in luck the Sura Design<br />

Hotel & Suites is home to three of the best restaurants<br />

in the city. The first is the Galeyan restaurant famed for<br />

serving traditional cuisine made using organic ingredients<br />

sourced from the hotel’s own farm. The second is the<br />

Deraliye Ottoman Cuisine Restaurant known locally for<br />

serving a wide range of authentic Ottoman cuisine with<br />

dishes from Central Asia, Iran, Anatolia, and the Balkans.<br />

The third one is the Deraliye Terrace Restaurant.<br />

The hotel is more than ready to ac<strong>com</strong>modate all your<br />

wellness needs and as you’d expect provides a traditional<br />

Turkish bath and SPA as well as several massage options<br />

along with a fitness centre and an outdoor pool.<br />

With the Grand Bazaar, Basilica Cistern, Sultanahmet<br />

Square, the Blue mosque and the majestic Hagia Sophia<br />

located minutes away on foot you’d be hard pressed to<br />

find a better suited location for your stay. The nearest<br />

tram stop is easy to reach and provides easy access to all<br />

of Istanbul.<br />

Divanyolu Cd. Alemdar Mh.,<br />

Ticarethane Sk. No:10,<br />

Sultanahmet, Istanbul<br />

Tel +90 212 522 32 00<br />



Eyüpsultan<br />

This one may surprise some people because the<br />

district as whole stretches all the way up to the<br />

black sea. For the purposes of this piece, we will focus<br />

on the bit of Eyupsultan located by the Northern<br />

shores of the Golden Horn. The area in general has<br />

grown in popularity as a desirable place to live and as<br />

an alternative to the main touristy districts.<br />


Why Visit?<br />

There are two main visitor attractions in<br />

Eyüpsultan, the first is the Eyüpsultan mosque<br />

and the second the Pierre Loti Hill.<br />

The Eyüpsultan mosque holds a lot of value for<br />

many Islamic travellers. The area as a whole<br />

and the mosque are named after the Prophet<br />

Muhammeds warrior <strong>com</strong>panion who was said<br />

to have been slain in battle on a hill nearby, the<br />

mosque was in fact built after his tomb was<br />

found in the 15th century. Eyupsultan, known<br />

more <strong>com</strong>monly as Abu Ayyub al-Ansari, is<br />

considered one of the holiest figures in Islam<br />

and the mosque is now a point of pilgrimage.<br />

The second famous attraction in the area is the<br />

Pierre Loti Hill, named after a French writer who<br />

fell in love with the city, for a time lived in Eyup,<br />

and was eventually given the title of honorary<br />

citizen of Istanbul. Today the hill is a famous<br />

viewpoint site that is best reached via a cable<br />

car. The journey to the up the hill is pleasant and<br />

at the top there a café, a perfect spot to enjoy<br />

some Turkish tea and take in the panoramic<br />

views.<br />

Places to Eat<br />

An obvious chose here is the Pierre Loti Café located on Pierre<br />

Loti hill, reviews are good, the menu is simple and the views are<br />

amazing. Nearby you’ll also fine one the cities best Pide spots<br />

called Kuzine Pide.<br />

Ac<strong>com</strong>modation<br />

We re<strong>com</strong>mend the Mövenpick Hotel istanbul Golden Horn, as the<br />

name suggests it’s located on the shores of the Golden Horn, in<br />

the Eyupsultan area.<br />


Beyoglu<br />

A<br />

large district districted famed<br />

for its cosmopolitan vibe, night<br />

life, architecture, restaurants, chic<br />

apartments, and of course Istiklal<br />

Avenue.<br />

Why Visit?<br />

The main reason to visit Beyoglu is<br />

to take in the city, enjoy the boutique<br />

shops, edgy bars, hipster coffee<br />

shops, and the beautiful centuries<br />

old architecture. Even the two<br />

most iconic attractions the Galata<br />

tower and Taksim square, serve this<br />

purpose.<br />

The Galata towers has a restaurant<br />

and café operating on the upper<br />

floors, that also serve as a night<br />

club. Taksim Square, Istanbul’s<br />

answer to Times Square in New York,<br />

is renowned as a point of leisure<br />

offering great shopping, places to<br />

eat, bars and clubs.<br />

Istiklal Avenue is a long<br />

pedestrianised street and the centre<br />

of shopping in the city. Here you’ll<br />

find plenty of big brand outlets and<br />

small boutiques. The avenue alone<br />

isn’t the only place to shop and there<br />

are plenty of streets leading off it<br />

that are worth exploring.<br />

For a night out check out the Asmali<br />

Mescit district located south-east<br />

of Istiklal avenue. The area boasts<br />

several bars, clubs, and taverns, all<br />

bustling almost every night of the<br />

week.<br />


Places to Eat<br />

The biggest benefit of Beyoglu is the<br />

thriving culinary scene, you won’t<br />

have too much difficulty finding a nice<br />

restaurant or street food vendor. For<br />

something, a bit more unique check out<br />

the 1924 eatery, an iconic spot to pick up<br />

classic Russian dishes and homemade<br />

vodka. Duble Meze Bar <strong>com</strong>bines<br />

the humble meze with a fine dining<br />

experience, expect a modern take on<br />

Meze classics all in a rooftop setting that<br />

offers breath-taking views of the city.<br />

Ac<strong>com</strong>modation<br />

We have two distinct suggestions for<br />

Beyoglu. The first a modern luxury hotel,<br />

the Sheraton Istanbul City centre and<br />

the second a self-catering apartment<br />

called No 8 Galate. Both <strong>Travel</strong> and<br />

<strong>Hospitality</strong> Award winners profile over<br />

the next four pages.<br />


No 8 Galata<br />

Istanbul, Turkey | Apartments<br />

56<br />

Feel the real Istanbul with Galata Suites!!<br />

Located in the trendy district of Beyoglu this property is the perfect<br />

place to stay to get a taste of the real soul of Istanbul. You’ll find yourself<br />

only a few minutes away from the famous Kamondo Stairs, Galata<br />

tower, a whole host of restaurants, bars and coffee shops. You’ll<br />

find this is perfect location to base yourself to explore the rest of<br />

the city, with easy access to the trams and ferry ports.<br />

As far as rooms go you have the choice of a few different suites<br />

these are the classic, deluxe, design and modern. Each suite<br />

has its own style and individuality but in all of them you<br />

will find a kitchen, dishwasher, flat sceen TV, ironing<br />

facilities, a desk and seating area. Laundry service,<br />

car rental and further business facilities can be<br />

provided, all you need to do is ask. Staff are more<br />

than happy to oblige and will strive look after<br />

you during your stay.<br />

Should you decide to go with the modern<br />

or deluxe suites you’ll be able to enjoy<br />

your own private balcony.


Bereketzade Mah. Banker<br />

Sk., No:8 D:1, Beyoğlu,<br />

İstanbul, Turkey<br />

Tel +90 212 245 66 60<br />


Sheraton Istanbul<br />

City Center<br />

Istanbul, Turkey | Family Friendly Hotel<br />

Where the world Comes Together!!<br />

Beyoglu is the trendy centre of Istanbul and as such is home to some<br />

great hotels. None more so popular than the delightful Sheraton Istanbul City<br />

Center. As with any Sheraton you can expect a world class service, friendly<br />

staff, tastefully decorated rooms, a range of facilities and most of all a<br />

satisfying experience.<br />

You are more than wel<strong>com</strong>e to stay in one of the 254 <strong>com</strong>fortable<br />

and spacious guest rooms. King and twin-size bed selections are<br />

available in any one of the guest, deluxe and executive rooms,<br />

as well as in the junior and executive suites. All rooms are air<br />

conditioned, well stocked, include free wi-fi, and Nespresso<br />

machines. Along with the extra space the further bonus<br />

of the executive room, junior suite and executive suite<br />

is access to the exclusive Sheraton Club Lounge.<br />

Sheraton Club Lounge is a great place to work,<br />

connect with friends and enjoy a few drinks.<br />


Istanbul is a city brimming with attractions, landmarks,<br />

restaurants, and shopping centre but if you’d prefer to stay<br />

in, then the Sheraton Istanbul City Center has more than<br />

enough to stave off any boredom. On-site there is a fitness<br />

centre, indoor pool, paddle tennis court and a spa. For food<br />

you’ve got all day dining at the Nev’i Lokma restaurant<br />

where you will find the buffet breakfast, a la carte menu and<br />

traditional Anatolian dishes. If you’d like a drink and some<br />

snacks check out the Legends bar. The popular Istanbul<br />

Baking Company has a cafe on site, it is the perfect place<br />

for a coffee and high-quality baked goods.<br />

The Sheraton Istanbul City Center is more than ready to<br />

handle your business needs along with the Sheraton Club<br />

Lounge there are seven modern meeting rooms to choose<br />

from as well as the grand ballroom for larger conferences.<br />

Finally <strong>com</strong>ing soon is the Souq Istanbul. a unique concept<br />

space <strong>com</strong>bining a Souq, local dining options and shisha<br />

with an authentic indoor and outdoor event space.<br />


Haci Ahmet Mah, Kurtulus Deresi Cad.<br />

No:23, Beyoglu, Istanbul, 34440, Turkey<br />

Tel +90 212 806 10 10<br />


Besiktas<br />

A<br />

chilled out and historic<br />

neighbourhood, Besiktas has a<br />

reputation of being one of the city’s<br />

<strong>com</strong>mercial, artistic, and residential<br />

centres. The shores of the Bosphorus<br />

in Besiktas are noteworthy for its high<br />

value real estate. Ottoman rulers built<br />

their palaces here and a fair few luxury<br />

hotel brands can be found such as the<br />

Les Ottoman, Four Seasons, and the<br />

Shangri-La.<br />


Places to Eat<br />

The Besiktas Saturday market is a great place to pick up<br />

street food especially fresh fish sandwiches. For artisan<br />

coffee check out the Black Owl coffee shop, it has a relaxed<br />

vibe and an enticing selection of sweet treats.<br />

For something, a little different we propose you visit<br />

Chalet, a restaurant specialising in swiss cuisine. A friendly<br />

atmosphere and delicious dishes await.<br />

Why Visit?<br />

A visit to the Dolmabahce Palace is a must, this is one<br />

of the largest Palaces in <strong>Europe</strong> and consists of almost<br />

300 rooms. It’s well-known for its stunning interior and<br />

neo-classical exterior, decorated with gold and crystal.<br />

Another impressive structure is the Yildiz palace which is<br />

actually <strong>com</strong>plex of buildings that includes apartments,<br />

pavilions, villas, a theatre, and extensive garden that are<br />

open to the public.<br />

Besiktas is one of Istanbul’s sea hubs making it an ideal<br />

place to begin a boat tour. There are several available<br />

from a relaxing dinner cruise to a longer trip all the way<br />

to the Black Sea. An inexpensive option is to simply take<br />

the ferry to the Asian side, the views of the city along<br />

the way will not disappoint.<br />

Ac<strong>com</strong>modation<br />

The area boasts several world class hotels but none better<br />

than the stunning Shangri-La Bosphorus, Istanbul, featured<br />

on the next page.<br />


Shangri-La Bosphorus<br />

Istanbul, Turkey | Luxury Hotel<br />

Once an abandoned tobacco warehouse dating back to the<br />

twenties, today one of the finest hotels in the world. The<br />

Shangri-La Bosphorus, Istanbul, is luxury personified, a hotel very<br />

few in <strong>Europe</strong> can <strong>com</strong>pete with.<br />

Ideally located on the Bosphorus next to the prestigious<br />

Dolmabahce Palace on the <strong>Europe</strong>an side this enchanting<br />

retreat draws on influences of the East and West. Guests<br />

can expect an elegantly designed hotel with all the<br />

trapping of timeless luxury inspired by palatial<br />

Ottoman glamour and Asian design elements.<br />

A total of 186 modern rooms and suites are<br />

housed in the property looking out to either<br />

the hotels inner atrium, the city or the<br />

spectacular Bosphorus Strait.<br />


In a city famed for its wellness, Chi, The Spa at the Shangri-La<br />

certainly stands out. Chi, The Spa is inspired by traditional Asian<br />

healing philosophies, with a focus on holistic principles such<br />

as restoring balance and harmony to both the mind and body.<br />

Chi, The Spa contains a range of private spa suites, customised<br />

massages and uses primarily organic products. Chi, The Spa<br />

is <strong>com</strong>plimented by a state-of-the-art fitness centre, indoor<br />

swimming pool, a separate children’s pool, and hot whirlpool bath.<br />

Dining in at the Shangri-La is truly a treat for taste buds. The<br />

hotel is home to 2 fabulous restaurants the IST TOO and the<br />

Shang Palace. IST TOO offers beautiful scenic views to go along<br />

with the exceptional international dishes on offer that includes<br />

noodles, sushi, pasta, and seafood as well as a colourful and<br />

diverse selection of Turkish delicacies. The Shang Palace on the<br />

other hand is an award-winning signature restaurant that brings<br />

the heart of Shangri La’s Asian heritage to life with authentic<br />

Chinese-Cantonese dishes.<br />

Overall, it’s not difficult to see why the Shangri-La Bosphorus,<br />

Istanbul, is considered one of the best in the world, if you still have<br />

any doubts why not spend a night. You’ll never want to leave!!<br />


Sinanpaşa, Hayrettin İskelesi Sk.<br />

D:No.1, 34353, Istanbul, Turkey<br />

Tel +90 212 275 88 88<br />


Kadikoy<br />

The lively portside of Kadikoy is<br />

a great place for a day trip from<br />

the <strong>Europe</strong>an side and is oftentimes<br />

missed off many itineraries. This area<br />

is the best way to experience the city<br />

through the eyes of a local.<br />

Why Visit?<br />

Kadikoy doesn’t offer much in<br />

the way of historic landmarks<br />

or engaging museums, instead<br />

expect more local pursuits.<br />

Shopping in Kadikoy is a treat as<br />

you’re getting less of the touristy<br />

outlets and more of the local<br />

boutiques. Head on over to Bağdat<br />

Avenue, seen as the Asian and<br />

more authentic counterpart of<br />

Istiklal Avenue.<br />

The Bostanci Lunapark is a popular<br />

urban amusement park and a lovely<br />

place to spend a few hours. The<br />

Caddebostan Plajı beach is popular<br />

with locals and a pleasant family<br />

friendly attraction.<br />

Fans of football will be pleased to<br />

hear that Kadikoy is home to the<br />

mighty Fenerbahce, the stadium is<br />

modern and matchday atmosphere<br />

in and around the area is electric.<br />


Places to Eat<br />

There are hundreds of restaurants and cafes<br />

here offering a more relaxed vibe than on the<br />

<strong>Europe</strong>an side. Ciya Sofrasi is a great choice<br />

if you’re looking for a diverse Anatolian menu,<br />

the Basta Street Food Bar offers up a unique<br />

spin on the traditional doner wrap, and finally<br />

the Sakar Zeybek is the ideal place to enjoy<br />

fresh seafood and consume some local Raki.<br />

Ac<strong>com</strong>modation<br />

Should you decide you want to spend a couple of nights in Kadikoy<br />

to fully explore then the Marmara Suadiye Residences are ready to<br />

wel<strong>com</strong>e you. Turn over to the next page for a full in-depth showcase<br />

of the property.<br />


The Marmara Suadiye<br />

Residence<br />

Istanbul, Turkey | Business Apartments<br />

Istanbul’s Eastern side is often overlooked, after all the Western<br />

or <strong>Europe</strong>an side is home to the famous old town, Golden horn,<br />

Istiklal avenue and a whole host of great restaurants. However,<br />

should you have the need to stay on the the lesser travelled<br />

Eastern or Asian side then we have just the place for you - the<br />

Marmara Suadiye Residence.<br />

This aparthotel is perfectly situated in the cosmopolitan<br />

district of Kadikoy. The property is easy to reach, it’s<br />

only a few minutes from the ferry port and the<br />

Suadiye railway station, should you have the<br />

need to get around. The area is home to some<br />

popular cafes, boutiques, shopping centres,<br />

restaurants, bars and even an amusement<br />

park, the Bostanci Lunapark.<br />


The Marmara Suadiye Residence can<br />

ac<strong>com</strong>modate short and long stays. The<br />

apartments are modern, roomy and finished<br />

with light colours. Comfort and convenience<br />

are clearly important. You can expect<br />

stunning sea views or a look down at lively<br />

Badgat Boulevard.<br />

The residence has 1, 2 and 3-bedroom fully<br />

furnished apartments on offer. With only 32<br />

apartments within the <strong>com</strong>plex you can be<br />

guaranteed of a relaxed private experience.<br />

Each apartment includes a living area,<br />

a well-resourced kitchen, either one or<br />

two bathrooms, a dressing room, ironing<br />

equipment, satellite TV, free wi-fi, phone<br />

line, air conditioning, safety deposit box, a<br />

washing machine, hair dryer and dishwasher.<br />

All in all, the Marmara Suadiye Residence will<br />

be your home away from home.<br />


Bağdat Caddesi (Bağdat<br />

Boulevard), No:435, Suadiye,<br />

34740, İstanbul, Turkey<br />

Tel +90 216 362 10 10<br />


Greece<br />

<br />


Santorini, Greece<br />


The Greek Islands<br />

Waiting to be explored<br />

Greece is one of the worlds ultimate Island getaway destinations, the<br />

country is home to an estimated 6000 islands of which 227 are inhabited.<br />

All the islands are in the gorgeous Mediterranean and Ionian Seas meaning<br />

sunny weather for large parts of the year. Most islands have a rich history<br />

dating back to ancient Greece, are home to friendly locals, have an excellent<br />

culinary scene, and offer up a whole host of things to do.<br />

Considering this, it’s no surprise that Greek island holidays are some of the<br />

most popular in <strong>Europe</strong>. Islands like Santorini, Corfu and Crete hold stellar<br />

global reputations as premier holiday destinations. Santorini’s white houses<br />

and blue domed churches are iconic, the island is home to several luxury<br />

boutique hotels and has a surprisingly ac<strong>com</strong>plished wine industry. Corfu is<br />

famed for its beautiful sandy beaches, nightlife, and historically significant<br />

attractions. Crete is the largest Greek Island and simply has it all, you can<br />

find beautiful beaches, snow-capped mountains, luxury resorts, affordable<br />

apartments, several heritage landmarks, diverse architecture, good food,<br />

amazing nightlife, plenty of leisure activities, traditional villages, and is easily<br />

accessible all year round.<br />


Several other islands like<br />

Mykonos, Zakynthos, Rhodes,<br />

and Nixos, are also extremely<br />

popular and receive their fair<br />

share of tourists. But what if you<br />

wanted to visit a less touristy<br />

Island? Or maybe you’ve visited<br />

some of the Islands mentioned<br />

above and you want something<br />

different, where could you go?<br />

To answer these questions,<br />

we’ve searched long and hard<br />

to select three lesser visited<br />

islands that are considered<br />

hidden gems. Although with<br />

increasing visitor numbers pre-<br />

Covid some of these won’t stay<br />

under the radar for long. Our<br />

three gems are Ikaria, Kythnos<br />

and Milos, profiled throughout<br />

the rest of this chapter.<br />


Ikaria<br />

The Quirky Island<br />

Ikaria is named after Icarus for it’s said that he fell in the sea nearby<br />

when the wax from his wings melted. Unique history has followed<br />

the island ever since, during the civil war it was a place of exile for leftwingers<br />

and today it’s known as one of the blue zones where people<br />

reach an extremely old age in relatively good health. The locals take pride<br />

in their distinctive history and tourism to the island is built on the notion<br />

of “Ikarian balance” between nature, freedom, time and development.<br />

Getting in and Getting Around<br />

Ikaria can be reached all year round via plane. There are regular flights<br />

from Athens and Crete. The island can be reached via ferry from the<br />

island of Samos which in turn can be reach via ferry from Piraeus in<br />

Athens.<br />

To fully explore the island a car is necessary this can be though a local<br />

rental <strong>com</strong>pany, or you can bring your own via the ferry. There is a bus<br />

services but is deemed inefficient. Hitchhiking is another possibility.<br />


Things to do<br />

Ikaria is a great place for<br />

adventure, there are several<br />

great cycling and hiking<br />

spots on the island as well<br />

as waterfall tours, jeep safari<br />

and watersports like diving,<br />

kayaking, snorkelling, and<br />

surfing. Ikaria is a one of<br />

<strong>Europe</strong>’s top dark sky spots<br />

so stargazing with overnight<br />

camping is a must.<br />

Keeping in line with the<br />

islands quirks why not bathe<br />

in radioactive hot springs?<br />

It has been said this maybe<br />

a contributing factor to the<br />

islanders’ long lives.<br />

Like with a lot of Greek islands<br />

the beaches on Ikaria are not<br />

to be missed, Faros beach is<br />

popular and lined with bars,<br />

cafes and tavernas.<br />

Food<br />

Proper Greek Tavernas are scattered all over Ikaria.<br />

A Taverna is the place to try local food and drink.<br />

Annes Fish Taverna in Nas is one of the best, food<br />

is sourced from local farms, the seafood is fresh<br />

and the wine homemade.<br />

Ac<strong>com</strong>modation<br />

Located on the north coast of Ikaria, the Cavos<br />

Bay Hotel & Studios is the best place to stay for<br />

beautiful views, elegant interiors, friendly service,<br />

and all-round brilliant experience. https://<strong>www</strong>.<br />

cavosbay.<strong>com</strong>.gr/<br />


Kythnos<br />

The Local<br />

Getaway<br />

74<br />

To the outside world Kythnos is relatively<br />

unknown but to the Greeks it makes for a<br />

great Island getaway. Its proximity to Athens<br />

means the tends to attract mainly Greek visitors<br />

local for a quick break. Kythnos is naturally<br />

beautiful, home to some elegant architecture,<br />

and wel<strong>com</strong>ing locals.<br />

Getting in and Getting Around<br />

There is no airport on Kythnos so the only way in<br />

is via ferry from Piraeus or Lavrion (southwest<br />

of Athens), the journey takes less than three<br />

hours.<br />

The easiest way to get around Kythnos is by<br />

renting a car however the buses can take you<br />

to all the main places.

Food<br />

If you love small and wel<strong>com</strong>ing<br />

restaurants with a family feel, then<br />

you’re in luck because in Kythnos<br />

you’ll find plenty. Panochori Café in<br />

Chora has a warm atmosphere and<br />

is a great place for all day coffee and<br />

nibbles. For Mediterranean cuisine<br />

check out Chartino Karavi, set under<br />

an old Bougainville tree on a beautiful,<br />

whitewashed street, where the owners<br />

always greet guests as their friends.<br />

For a classic Greek meze, be sure to<br />

pay visit to Cavo D’oro in Loutra.<br />

Things to do<br />

Tourism on the island isn’t overly developed making it ideal for an authentic and<br />

peaceful getaway. Kythnos has numerous beaches, we re<strong>com</strong>mend Kolona<br />

beach which connects Kythnos to the islet of Agios Loukas.<br />

Kythnos boasts the only thermal springs in the Cyclades, these are in the small<br />

village of Loutra and are certainly worth a visit.<br />

For cultural attractions you should check out the beautiful Church of Panagia<br />

Kanala, the quaint Church of Agios Ioannis, the Byzantine Museum, and<br />

Folklore Museum.<br />

Ac<strong>com</strong>modation<br />

Canal Suites, a <strong>Travel</strong> and <strong>Hospitality</strong><br />

award winner, is the place to stay for<br />

tranquility and panoramic sea views.<br />

Turn over to the next page to find out<br />

more.<br />


Canal Suites Kythnos<br />

Greece | Stylish Hotel<br />

Perfectly situated on the magical island of Kythnos, the stylish<br />

Canal Suites is Cycladic luxury personified. The property<br />

boasts panoramic sea views, superior rooms and suites, luxury<br />

amenities, an outdoor pool, a high-quality Cycladic aesthetic,<br />

an adults only policy and best of all it’s newly opened.<br />

Designed in collaboration with distinguished Greek<br />

interior designer Martik Manikian, the property<br />

boasts his exquisite and unique artistic taste such<br />

as the seamless matching of stone with wood,<br />

smart details of white and strong presence of<br />

rope as a decorative element. All of which<br />

beautifully <strong>com</strong>pliment the deep blue<br />

sea and the Greek island landscape.<br />


Canal suites is home to nine chic rooms that create a<br />

pleasant and soothing ambience. Of the nine rooms there<br />

are two options to choose from. On the ground floor you<br />

can expect to find four quaint deluxe double rooms while<br />

the first floor houses five slightly larger superior suites.<br />

All rooms include gorgeous sea views, luxury “Apivita”<br />

toiletries, flat screen TV’s, fine bedding, free WIFI, a private<br />

terrace (only in the deluxe double rooms) and a private<br />

balcony (only in the superior suites). The terraces and<br />

balconies provide the ideal setting for breakfast which<br />

is served a la carte in room using only the best locally<br />

sourced produce and ingredients.<br />

To get the most out of your stay on the mountainous island<br />

of Kythnos the Canal Suites team are on hand 24/7 ready<br />

to organise a whole host of activities and experiences.<br />

Yoga, meditation, massage, stand up paddle boarding,<br />

diving, hiking, tours, ticketing for events and car rental<br />

can all be arranged.<br />

Kanala 84006 Kythnos<br />

Cyclades, Greece<br />

Tel +30 21 5215 9919<br />



Milos<br />

Natural Beauty<br />

A<br />

volcanic island that was once home of the Venus<br />

de Milo statue, Milos is photogenic, home to several<br />

beautiful beaches, a diverse coastline, and picturesque<br />

villages.<br />

Getting in and Getting Around<br />

There two ways onto Milos, first by plane, there are a couple<br />

of flights a day from Athens airport. This is the most efficient<br />

way, and the journey takes less than an hour. The second<br />

way onto the island is via ferry usually departing from<br />

Piraeus on the mainland to Adamas on Milos. The journey<br />

can take between 3-7 hours depending on operator and<br />

stops along the way.<br />

The easiest way to get around the smaller towns is on foot<br />

between towns you can use the bus, rent a car, or hire<br />

a taxi.<br />


Things to do<br />

When it <strong>com</strong>es to beaches you’re<br />

spoilt for choice on Milos, given<br />

the relatively toned-down tourist<br />

numbers you can expect clean,<br />

open, and quiet beaches, perfect<br />

for relaxation or to partake in<br />

watersports such as windsurfing,<br />

stand up paddle boarding,<br />

kayaking, and snorkelling. The<br />

most famous of the beaches is<br />

Sarakiniko known for its moonlike<br />

white rocks, swimming hole, and<br />

clear blue waters.<br />

Plaka is an idyllic traditional<br />

village, perched on outcrop<br />

above Adamantas. The village<br />

is perfect for a leisurely stroll,<br />

historical attractions, and<br />

the opportunity to hone your<br />

photography skills. Nearby you<br />

have a Venetian castle and the<br />

Church of Panagia Skiniotissa.<br />

Both are fun to explore and offer<br />

stunning sunset views.<br />

Food<br />

Seafood is a must and<br />

is always served fresh,<br />

we re<strong>com</strong>mend Gialos<br />

restaurant in Polonia.<br />

Milos island delicacies<br />

include Pitarakia (a cheese<br />

pie) and Karpouzopita<br />

(watermelon cake), for<br />

these we re<strong>com</strong>mend<br />

Enalion Restaurant also<br />

in Polonia.<br />

Ac<strong>com</strong>modation<br />

For beautiful sea views,<br />

luxury, and local flavours<br />

there is nowhere better on<br />

the island than <strong>Travel</strong> and<br />

<strong>Hospitality</strong> Award winner<br />

Artemis Deluxe Rooms,<br />

profiled in full on the next<br />

page.<br />


Artemis Deluxe Rooms<br />

Greece | Elegant Hotel<br />

A<br />

Unique Hotel – A Wonderful Holiday<br />

Stunning architecture, Cycladic interiors, modern amenities and<br />

warm Greek hospitality await you at the newly renovated Artemis Deluxe<br />

Rooms located on the quaint island of Milos. This amazing beach front<br />

property perfectly encapsulates what many of us expect from a<br />

luxurious Greek island hideaway. The minimalist aesthetic, sunlit<br />

spaces, sea view balconies, pool with a bar, attentive staff,<br />

and excellent local cuisine, <strong>com</strong>bined perfectly for a hugely<br />

enjoyable stay.<br />

There are several deluxe rooms to choose from, all bright,<br />

spacious, and designed with the signature Artemis<br />

touch. As standard all rooms <strong>com</strong>e with a private<br />

balcony or veranda offering a spectacular view<br />

across the breath-taking blue of the Aegean<br />

Sea. You can also expect a flat screen TV,<br />

luxurious toiletries, air-conditioning, free<br />

WIFi, a fridge, microwave and to match<br />

high-quality kitchen equipment.<br />


At Artemis you can expect a wonderful holiday<br />

experience. To go along with the perfect beach front<br />

location and deluxe rooms you can expect a plethora<br />

of facilities and services. This includes a 24 hour front<br />

desk, outdoor furniture, beach sun beds, free parking,<br />

summer beach bar, a delicious daily breakfast and a pool<br />

bar, famed locally for it’s exciting cocktails. On our poolside<br />

restaurant, we have a fine menu with delicious<br />

dishes (modern Greek cuisine) and an exceptional<br />

wine-list.<br />

No trip to Milos is <strong>com</strong>plete without an opportunity to<br />

explore and experience the islands. The team at Artemis<br />

are on hand to ensure you get the most out of your<br />

stay. Trekking, diving, water sports, sightseeing tours,<br />

restaurant trips and spa treatments can all be arranged.<br />

So the next time you’re in search of a luxurious trip to<br />

Greece look no further that the unique and delightful<br />

Artemis Deluxe Rooms on the gorgeous Island of Milos.<br />

Paliochori, Cyclades,<br />

848 00, Greece<br />

Tel +30 21 5215 4780<br />



82<br />

Alternative<br />

Greece<br />

Epirus<br />

Greece is a well-established travel destination<br />

and is consistently one of the most visited<br />

countries in the world. The primary focus of<br />

tourism is on Greece’s major cities and beautiful<br />

islands, however the mountainous interior of<br />

Greece, especially within the region of Epirus<br />

receives little to no attention.<br />

While Epirus does rake in its fair share of tourists<br />

through it beautiful beaches, that are developed<br />

for tourism, the more central and western area<br />

has remained untouched. It’s in these areas<br />

where Epirus truly shines, here you’ll find unique<br />

monasteries, castles, sleepy villages, beautiful<br />

mountains, lakes, waterfalls, and even thermal<br />


Key to getting around is having your own transportation or<br />

at very least joining up with a tour <strong>com</strong>pany. Given the lack<br />

of development getting around on bus isn’t feasible. The<br />

best place to base yourself in the region is the wonderful<br />

town of Ioannina, the town, set upon a cliff overlooking a<br />

hill, is relatively easy to reach via bus, and small enough to<br />

travel within on foot. The town is the capital of the Epirus<br />

region and was once the seat of an independent state<br />

that rebelled against Ottoman rule. Much of that Ottoman<br />

history is on display with several buildings and a mosque<br />

still standing.<br />

In terms of places to visit we re<strong>com</strong>mend spending a<br />

couple of days in the Pindos mountains, where stunning<br />

landscapes, amazing hiking trails, and traditional guest<br />

houses await. Another location to visit to take in the natural<br />

beauty is the Tzoumerka National Park, a rustic mountainous<br />

area home to several waterfalls, old stone bridges, romantic<br />

villages, wildlife, and numerous rare species of plants.<br />

A visit to this area of Greece offers a chance to not only<br />

experience a side of the country that very few do but do so<br />

before any sort of extensive tourism structure is developed.<br />


Bulgaria<br />

<br />


Ribaritsa, Bulgaria<br />


Varna<br />

The Summer Capital<br />

of Bulgaria<br />

86<br />

Varna is Bulgaria’s third biggest city and <strong>com</strong>monly referred to as the<br />

summer capital. It’s the most exciting city on the Black Sea coast and<br />

growing in popularity. The city offers a nice blend of history and modernity,<br />

you’ll find several heritage attractions, museums, fancy restaurants,<br />

contemporary resorts, a sandy beach, and much to do.<br />

Getting in & Getting Around<br />

Varna Airport is small but well connected to the rest of <strong>Europe</strong>, although<br />

this is seasonal. The city can be reached from most major destination in<br />

<strong>Europe</strong> and to help there is a free shuttle into the city centre from the<br />

airport. There are daily trains to Varna from Sofia, Plovdiv in Bulgaria, and<br />

Kiev in Ukraine. Ferry is another option, there are two service ones from<br />

Odessa in Ukraine and the other Batumi in Georgia.<br />

Varna is easy enough to navigate on foot, on a bicycle or via the public<br />

transport system, the are bus and trolley services available.

Food<br />

Foodwise you’ll find a whole host<br />

of restaurants in the city such as<br />

Italian, Sushi, Pizza, Kebabs, Meat<br />

Grills, and of course traditional<br />

Bulgarian eateries. Seafood is<br />

a must and local dishes worth<br />

trying are deep fried sprats,<br />

Black Sea fish, and Rapa Whelks<br />

(Sea Snails).<br />

Things To Do<br />

Varna is a full to the brim with things to do. Being a<br />

seasonal seaside destination means watersports are<br />

popular, kayaking, windsurfing, traditional surfing,<br />

diving, and sailing are all on the menu. Other activities<br />

you can do are hiking, cycling, jeep touring, and<br />

bungee jumping.<br />

In terms of historical and cultural attractions we<br />

implore you to visit the Varna Archaeological Museum,<br />

the Sea Garden (which is also home to Varna Zoo), the<br />

Assumption of Mary Cathedral, and the Monument of<br />

Bulgarian-Soviet Friendship.<br />

Ac<strong>com</strong>modation<br />

When it <strong>com</strong>es to hotels there is<br />

only one place for us, the Graffit<br />

Gallery Hotel. The property<br />

effortlessly <strong>com</strong>bines art and<br />

hospitality to enhance your stay.<br />

Turn over to the next page to<br />

see an in-depth profile.<br />

Find out more<br />

https://visit.varna.bg/en/index.<br />

html<br />


Graffit Gallery Hotel<br />

Bulgaria | Boutique Hotel<br />

On your next visit to Bulgaria you’ll be hard pressed to find anything better<br />

than the spectacular Graffit Gallery Hotel. This modern and stylish urban<br />

hotel is expertly designed so that the aesthetic nuances, the ambience<br />

and use of new technologies <strong>com</strong>bine to create extreme <strong>com</strong>fort and<br />

harmony. Perfectly located in the heart of Varna, the hotel is easy to<br />

reach and ideally placed to explore the city and its attractions.<br />

The hotel boasts 49 elegantly decorated guest rooms and 6<br />

luxurious suites, spread out across four floors with rooms<br />

on each floor having their own individual design style. You<br />

have the Chester floor, where the rooms utilise the design<br />

excellence of an elegant Chesterfield sofa <strong>com</strong>plemented<br />

with wood and steel accessories. Then the Caracci<br />

floor, as you’d expect an eclectic design inspired<br />

by the three Caraccis of Italy; Baroque furniture,<br />

surreal elements with bright red and turquoise<br />

blue reign supreme.<br />


Third you have “The other floor” that pays homage to the<br />

sophisticated English check pattern and the minimalist<br />

notion of black and white. Finally, the Four Elements<br />

floor where earth, air, water, and light are expertly<br />

applied to interior design culminating in a special room<br />

embraced by nature.<br />

If the thrill of the four unique floors isn’t enough then<br />

worry not as the hotel boasts an on-site café and a la<br />

carte restaurant, one of the finest in Varna, named the<br />

Red Canape. There is state-of-the-art modern gym<br />

available to all guests along with a stunning rooftop<br />

pool.<br />

As the name suggest there is an art gallery in the<br />

property that is Varnas contemporary cultural centre<br />

for a modern audience. Built on the foundations of the<br />

centre for contemporary art, the gallery is the perfect<br />

place to enjoy a variety of paintings, prints, sculptures,<br />

photography, and memorabilia.<br />

65 Knyaz Boris I Blvd,<br />

9002 Varna, Bulgaria<br />

Tel +359 52 989 900<br />



Italy<br />

<br />


Venice, Italy<br />


Rome Or Venice?<br />

Which City is<br />

Better to Visit<br />

Rome or Venice? This is a <strong>com</strong>mon dilemma for many<br />

travellers planning to visit Italy, although the two cities<br />

aren’t too far apart for a lot of people with limited time and<br />

resources the two aren’t feasible during a single trip.<br />

Rome is the capital of Italy, an iconic ancient city that is<br />

one of the most visited in <strong>Europe</strong>, so you won’t be mistaken<br />

for thinking this is the obvious choice. Venice itself packs a<br />

punch, the canals are renowned the world over and the city<br />

has a unique elegance to it. Choosing between the two isn’t<br />

easy but we’ve put together a little guide that may help you<br />

decide.<br />


Getting in and Getting Around<br />

Both cities are accessible through their<br />

respective international airports in Rome<br />

you have two whereas in Venice there is<br />

only one. The cities can be reached via<br />

train, although Rome has more arrivals<br />

getting into either shouldn’t be an issue.<br />

Getting around on the other hand is<br />

much simpler in Venice, for the most<br />

part it’s small and a pedestrianised city<br />

with water taxis as the only option for<br />

moving around on the canals. These<br />

can be expensive but make it easy to<br />

get around. Rome on the other hand is a<br />

huge sprawling city and as such moving<br />

around especially with taxi can be issue,<br />

the traffic is horrendous and driving<br />

conditions aren’t ideal. You do have<br />

the subway and bus options which are<br />

efficient but can get very crowded.<br />

While getting into each city is easy<br />

enough for getting around Venice <strong>com</strong>es<br />

out on top. It’s easier and much less<br />

stressful to navigate.<br />

Winner | Venice<br />


Attractions<br />

Rome is over 2000 years old, for centuries<br />

it was the cultural capital of the Roman<br />

empire and one of the wealthiest cities in<br />

the world. It should <strong>com</strong>e as no surprise<br />

that when it <strong>com</strong>es to attractions,<br />

particularly historical & cultural sites,<br />

Rome is the smart choice. It’s home<br />

to the Colosseum, the Pantheon, the<br />

Roman Forum, the Vatican City, the Trevi<br />

Fountain and so much more.<br />

Venice does have its fair share of<br />

attractions such as Doge’s Palace,<br />

Saint Mark’s Basilica and Railto Bridge.<br />

The city’s canal network itself is a huge<br />

draw, making Venice ideal for an exciting<br />

exploration of its side streets and hidden<br />

gems.<br />

Overall if taking in the sites and seeing<br />

as many attractions as possible is the<br />

purpose of your trip then Rome is the<br />

clear winner.<br />

Winner | Rome<br />


Cost Effectiveness<br />

Both Venice and Rome<br />

can be costly cities. Venice<br />

is considered a more<br />

expensive city by Italian<br />

standards and is infamous<br />

for hidden bill charges at<br />

restaurants. Venice also<br />

<strong>com</strong>es with the added caveat<br />

of fines for acts deemed<br />

“inappropriate”. Rome on the<br />

other hand while expensive<br />

in some parts it does have<br />

a lot of budget options in<br />

terms of food, shopping,<br />

ac<strong>com</strong>modation, and free<br />

things to do.<br />

Rome is the most costeffective<br />

option, and you’ll<br />

find your money goes a lot<br />

further there.<br />

Winner | Rome<br />


Ac<strong>com</strong>modation<br />

Rome has a wide variety of hotel<br />

options; you can stay in anything<br />

from a bed in a hostel right through<br />

to a luxury suite at some of the<br />

finest hotels in the world. However,<br />

a lot of hotels in Rome suffer from<br />

maintenance and upkeep <strong>com</strong>plaints.<br />

As it’s a year-round visited city a lot of<br />

hotels tend to fall behind on upkeep.<br />

With Venice options are maybe a<br />

little bit more limited given its size<br />

<strong>com</strong>pared to Rome. They are more<br />

expensive but are much better run<br />

than in Rome and more intimate.<br />

Both cities fare well when it <strong>com</strong>es<br />

to ac<strong>com</strong>modation however our<br />

favourite from the two would have to<br />

be San Clemente Palace Kempinski<br />

in Venice located on its own island,<br />

operated as a <strong>com</strong>plete luxury resort<br />

with a shuttle to St. Mark’s Square.<br />

Winner | Tie<br />


Food<br />

Italian cuisine is immensely admired all over the world<br />

and many visitors want to sample popular dishes such<br />

as pizza and pasta. Ofcourse Rome has its own Roman<br />

pizza which is delicious and pasta dishes in both cities<br />

are exquisite, providing you seek out well reviewed and<br />

busy restaurants. While cuisine in Rome tends to cater<br />

to classic Italian dishes in Venice you can find a distinct<br />

local flavour. Specialties in Venice include fish, rice, and<br />

polenta.<br />

So, if you’re food lover and want the most variety then<br />

Venice is the ideal destination. Here you’ll find classic<br />

Italian staples as well as unique local dishes.<br />

Winner | Venice<br />

Shopping<br />

Italy’s is one of the worlds premier fashion destinations<br />

so shopping in the country is a must. Rome stands out<br />

as the clear favourite here; the city centre is full of wellknown<br />

brand outlets and small design boutiques. Via<br />

dei Condotti is perfect for anyone interested in styles<br />

straight from the runway.<br />

Venice does have its own small shopping boutiques that<br />

are just prestigious as those found in Rome. However,<br />

these are few and far between. A popular item for many<br />

in Venice is shopping for Carnival masks.<br />

Winner | Rome<br />


The Perfect Weekend in<br />

the Tuscan Countryside<br />

Weekend getaways are a perfect mini holiday. You basically<br />

get the chance to do everything you would do on a<br />

bigger and longer break. You can use the time to explore a new<br />

area, educate yourself, indulge in a hobby, maybe try some new<br />

activities, or just lounge by the pool. Either way this sort of break<br />

is perfect for recharging your batteries and getting away from the<br />

hustle & bustle of everyday life.<br />

Tuscany in Italy is in our opinion one of the absolute ideal<br />

weekend getaway locations in the world. There is a lot to do in<br />

the region, weather is good throughout the year, the culinary<br />

scene is exciting, the history is long & varied, you have excellent<br />

ac<strong>com</strong>modation on offer, and most important of all it’s easily<br />

accessible through land, sea, and air. So without further ado, here<br />

is our guide to a weekend getaway in the Tuscan countryside.<br />


First step is finding somewhere to stay for your long weekend. We have the perfect place<br />

the ARLI Hotel Hideaway Punta Ala an adult only retreat nestled in the beautiful province of<br />

Grosseto. This property is a multi-award winning and highly rated boutique hotel perfect for a<br />

long weekend. The location means its easily accessible from Rome, Florence, and Pisa, it’s ideal<br />

for exploring the Tuscan countryside, coastline, and typically authentic Italian villages. The<br />

customer service is first class and there are enough on-site facilities to keep you entertained<br />

should you decide for a relaxing day in. You can find out more on page 104.<br />


100<br />

Now that we’ve settled on a hotel its time to<br />

plan what you’ll do on your weekend getaway.<br />

Most people visit the Tuscan countryside for<br />

its spectacular national parks. We re<strong>com</strong>mend<br />

the Maremma Regional Park, a huge park<br />

that offers many types of landscapes for<br />

visitors to explore. It stretches to the coast<br />

so you can spend a few hours at the beach,<br />

visit the idyllic hills of Uccellina, discover<br />

vast lush forests, or maybe check out some<br />

farmhouses for authentic produce. Popular<br />

activities include horseback riding, hiking,<br />

canoeing, birdwatching, and even bathing in<br />

the thermal springs. Another fantastic option<br />

is the Montioni Interprovincial Park, this offers<br />

more in the way of history, the area is rich in<br />

remains from pre-historic settlements, the<br />

Etruscan civilisation, the Roman empire, and<br />

medieval Italy. The Park is covered in dense<br />

native forestation and is teeming wildlife. We<br />

also re<strong>com</strong>mend checking out the National<br />

Park of the Tuscan Archipelago, the Livorno<br />

Hills Park, and the Park of Migliarino. The<br />

parks are a great way to spend a half or full<br />

day of your weekend getaway and provide the<br />

perfect balance between seeing the natural<br />

beauty of Tuscany and relaxing.

Wine tasting is another weekend getaway activity, ideal for a sunny afternoon. Tuscan wine is famous and known for<br />

being a dry, Sangiovese-based red wine. Nearby the ARLI Hotel Hideaway Punta Ala you can visit the home of Maremma<br />

Toscana Wine and Montecucco Wine both rated DOC, which is the second highest tier, meaning you know you are getting<br />

good quality traditional wine. If you’re willing to travel a little further you can try Suvereto Wine which is DOCG rated, the<br />

highest rating that can be attained. However, if you don’t want to travel you can find a good local selection at any decent<br />

restaurant or bar.<br />


No weekend getaway is <strong>com</strong>plete without<br />

a spot of pampering and in Tuscany there<br />

are several superb options. The ARLi<br />

Hotel Hideaway are more than happy to<br />

take care of your beauty and wellness<br />

needs, they even offer an early bird<br />

discount so you can plan it all in advance.<br />

An Additional choice is the thermal hot<br />

springs in the town of Saturnia, the pools<br />

are run as a <strong>com</strong>plete spa with a whole<br />

host of innovative treatments on offer.<br />

Getting around Tuscany for your weekend<br />

break can be a little tricky, although the<br />

public transport system is decent it<br />

won’t allow you to access all those rural<br />

gems, especially if you’ve limited time in<br />

the area. It’s best you rent a car or even<br />

better a driver who knows all the best<br />

spots. There is no one better for this<br />

than Tuscany Sweet Dreams, specialist<br />

operator on travelling in Tuscany that<br />

offer a limousine transfer service and<br />

classic car rentals, the best of both. Find<br />

out more on page 106.<br />


After all this sightseeing and adventure,<br />

you’ll build up an appetite, and as you’re<br />

only in Tuscany for a couple of nights it’s<br />

important that you get your meals right.<br />

During short trips, the dining experience<br />

and be make or break as a lot of people<br />

use this as a reason to take a time off from<br />

their diet or fit in a couple of cheat days.<br />

For some people trying out the cuisine<br />

may well be the main reason of the<br />

visit. The team at ARLI Hotel Hideaway<br />

will ensure you start the day with a<br />

delicious breakfast. For lunch why not<br />

head on down to the coast to try some<br />

fresh seafood? Coastal towns such as<br />

Piombino, Cecina, and Livorno are home<br />

to excellent sea food restaurants. For the<br />

evening there are whole host of options<br />

a few of our favourites are the La terra<br />

di nello in Castiglione Della Pescaia, Da<br />

Caino in Manciano, and Castello Banfi La<br />

Taverna in Poggio alle Mura.<br />


Arli Hotel<br />

Italy | The Award for Excellence in Service<br />

104<br />

No trip to Italy is <strong>com</strong>plete without a visit to Tuscany but not trip to Tuscany is<br />

<strong>com</strong>plete with out a stay at the superb Arli Hotel Hideaway in Punta Ala. This<br />

amazing 4-star boutique hotel is famed for its excellent location, adult’s only concept,<br />

elegant design, plethora of activities and most of all outstanding guest service.<br />

Guest rooms are varied in design and style however retain an elegance and<br />

charm that is visible throughout the property. Option include a single room,<br />

double with garden view and a double with terrace. Our favourite is the<br />

master suite, a tastefully decorated spacious room that sleeps four. All<br />

rooms <strong>com</strong>e with a fully furnished patio or balcony, luxury amenities,<br />

Frigobar, free WIFI, flat screen TV, air conditioning, and tea & coffee<br />

makers.<br />

On-site facilities and services include a year-round swimming<br />

pool, relaxing hot tub, well equipped gym, sauna, cocktail bar<br />

and beautiful gardens fully furnished with table, chairs and<br />

deck chairs. A treat for all guests is the <strong>com</strong>plimentary<br />

breakfast buffer, consisting of a wide selection made<br />

with only the best local produce and ingredients.<br />

We don’t have rooms with kitchenette.<br />

but we have two portion of villas, with<br />

all amenities and residence service.

The outstanding location allows for<br />

guest to indulge in several activities.<br />

Golf club Punta Ala is only one<br />

kilometre away. Beach lovers are<br />

in for a treat, the nearest beach is<br />

a couple of miles away and is the<br />

perfect place for a spot of sailing<br />

or water sports. Cycling, hiking and<br />

walking tours can all be arranged at<br />

the property as well as any wellness<br />

activities such as massages and<br />

yoga classes.<br />

The next you’re looking for a perfect<br />

Italian getaway then look no further<br />

we have the answer, the Arli Hotel in<br />

Punta Ala!!<br />


Via del Pozzino 2,<br />

58043, Punta Ala<br />

Tel +39 0564 923184<br />

Mob +39 3926852530<br />


Tuscany Sweet Dreams<br />

Italy | Rental Company<br />

Tuscany Sweet Dreams is owned and operated by two locals with a passion for<br />

cars, a love for their country and a belief in providing a superior experience.<br />

This approach has led to the <strong>com</strong>pany going on to be considered one of the<br />

absolute best in all of Tuscany despite only being open since 2019.<br />

Services <strong>com</strong>e in three forms the first is an exceptional limo chauffeur<br />

service, the second a unique classic car rental and the third is a<br />

coach and minibus rental for larger groups.<br />

Limo Service<br />

For the limo service you can expect maximum <strong>com</strong>fort<br />

<strong>com</strong>bined with excellent service, and a luxurious<br />

experience. Whether it be a holiday transfer or business<br />

trip you can rest easy knowing you’re in the hands<br />

of knowledgeable professionals who are happy<br />

to customise the trips to suit your needs. Car<br />

options on offer are the Mercedes E-Class,<br />

S-Class, V-Class and Sprinter.<br />


Classic Car Rental<br />

A Tuscan road trip in an iconic<br />

car is a bucket list item and with<br />

Tuscany Sweet Dreams you have<br />

a fantastic opportunity to do this.<br />

Popular options on offer are the Fiat<br />

Bianchina and Alfa Romeo Spider<br />

however the <strong>com</strong>pany’s private<br />

collections include several cars, so<br />

we re<strong>com</strong>mend getting in touch to<br />

find out more.<br />

Tuscan Italy<br />

Tel +39 329-2779001<br />



Germany<br />

<br />


Hamburg, Germany<br />


8 Must See<br />

Attraction<br />

in Berlin<br />

Berlin is a capital city brimming with attractions. The city is one<br />

of the cultural capitals of <strong>Europe</strong>, it has a long and interesting<br />

history, Berliners are a proud and wel<strong>com</strong>ing people, and it’s<br />

Germany’s media, political and scientific centre. Berlin can boast over<br />

100 attractions, and almost every street carries its own unique feel.<br />

Picking out must see attractions for this piece was no easy feat but<br />

we’ve managed to select eight that will leave any visitor satisfied.<br />

Memorial to the Murdered Jews of <strong>Europe</strong><br />

A place to reflect and ponder the horrendous events of the holocaust.<br />

The space was designed to make visitors feel uneasy, anxious, and<br />

confused. A symbolic attempt to capture the horrors of Nazi death<br />

camps.<br />

Entry is free and there is a centre on site for those looking for further<br />

information.<br />


Checkpoint Charlie<br />

Checkpoint Charlie was the most<br />

famous crossing point between the<br />

West and East of Berlin back when<br />

the Berlin Wall was still standing.<br />

The point has been re-enacted<br />

to show how it once stood and is<br />

today a touristy centre for Berlin,<br />

here you’ll find souvenir stalls,<br />

tourist buses and actors dressed<br />

as US & Soviet Guards.<br />

The Reichstag Building<br />

The home of German parliament, the Reichstag building has had somewhat<br />

of a difficult history. Built in 1894 it served as the headquarters of imperial<br />

Germany until it was burned down in 1933 after which it sat in in the militarised<br />

zone between East and West. It was only when Germany was reunified in 1989<br />

did it be<strong>com</strong>e useful and after 10 years of renovation it finally became the<br />

centre of German parliament like it is now.<br />

The building is architecturally magnificent and houses an impressive glass<br />

dome at the top that offers great views of the city. It’s best to pre-book if<br />

you’re planning a visit.<br />


Brandenburg Gate<br />

Probably Berlins most famous landmark, the Brandenburg Gate is iconic and<br />

today symbolically captures the unity and peace of a once divided nation. Built<br />

in 1791 the gate stands at 26 metres tall and provided the backdrop for much<br />

of the euphoria when the Berlin wall finally came down in 1989.<br />

At the top of the gate lies the statue of Quadriga depicting the goddess of<br />

victory driving a chariot pulled by four horses. For a short period, the statue<br />

was in hands of Napolean in Paris until the city was captured by Prussian<br />

solders who returned it to Berlin.<br />

Berlin Zoological Gardens<br />

The oldest zoo in Germany<br />

that remains a popular tourist<br />

attraction. It was rebuilt after the<br />

second world war and has since<br />

been famed for its successful<br />

breeding programs as well as<br />

authentic environments. Visitors<br />

can expect Arctic Wolves, Zebras,<br />

Pandas, Giraffes and so much<br />

more, over 20,000 species in fact.<br />


Berlin Television Tower<br />

The Berlin Television<br />

Tower is one of the<br />

tallest building in <strong>Europe</strong><br />

and attracts millions<br />

of visitors a year, no<br />

doubt interested in the<br />

spectacular views of<br />

Berlin that are awaiting<br />

at the top. Many would<br />

be surprised to hear<br />

the tower was originally<br />

constructed to mark the<br />

prowess of <strong>com</strong>munism,<br />

it’s located in former East<br />

Berlin, however today<br />

the tower is one of many<br />

symbols of reunification<br />

and peace.<br />

Along with a viewing deck<br />

there is also a revolving<br />

restaurant at the top that<br />

is certainly worth a visit in<br />

the evening.<br />


Charlottenburg Palace<br />

The Charlottenburg Palace is a magnificent attraction<br />

perfectly nestled amongst the idyllic palace gardens and<br />

the majestic river Spree. The Palace was for a long time<br />

the primary residence of German royalty. It was severely<br />

damaged during the second world war but has since been<br />

restored to its former glory. Lovers of design can expect<br />

lavish Baroque and Rococo décor throughout its interior,<br />

a wonderful 50-metre-high central dome, and verdant<br />

gardens inspired by those at Versailles.<br />

Museum Island<br />

Museum island is a UNESCO world heritage site and a<br />

treat for any visitor to Berlin. On the island you can expect<br />

the Altes Museum (Old Museum), the Neues Museum<br />

(New Museum), the Bode Museum, the Pergamon<br />

Museum, and the Alte Nationalgalerie (Old National<br />

Gallery). It’s best to allow for a couple of days to really<br />

explore each museum, you can expect to see thousands<br />

of artefacts and art pieces, as well as learn about 5000<br />

years of history.<br />

Also located on museum island is the magnificent Berlin<br />

Cathedral, although a separate attraction, this is one you<br />

can include during your visit to Museum island.<br />


Charlottenburg Palace<br />

Reichstag Building<br />

Museum Island<br />

Brandenburg Gate<br />

Berlin Television Tower<br />

Berlin Zoological Gardens<br />

Memorial to the Murdered<br />

Jews of <strong>Europe</strong><br />

Checkpoint Charlie<br />


Osnabrück<br />

On the face of it Osnabrück may <strong>com</strong>e across as a typical<br />

German city but scratch the surface and you’ll quickly<br />

realise that it’s a peach of metropolis that effortlessly weaves<br />

between its historical roots and contemporary student culture.<br />

Getting in and Getting Around<br />

Münster Osnabrück International Airport is an option but<br />

tends to be used mainly for summer Mediterranean holiday<br />

destinations and some domestic cities. A better option is to<br />

use the nearby airports of Bremen, Dortmund, Dusseldorf,<br />

and Cologne. The city is a key railway junction between the<br />

Amsterdam-Berlin route and the Hamburg-Cologne route<br />

meaning travelling from any of these cities is simple. Being<br />

in Germany means the city is well connected to the rest of<br />

<strong>Europe</strong> via bus or car.<br />

Because of its <strong>com</strong>pact size Osnabrück is un<strong>com</strong>plicated<br />

to navigate via the efficient public bus system or by cycling.<br />

There are taxi’s available as well several ride hailing apps.<br />


Things to Do<br />

There is much to do in Osnabrück, you have St Peters<br />

Cathedral, the Osnabrück Castle & its gardens, the<br />

Rathaus, and the museum quarter made up of Felix<br />

Nussbaum House, Kulturgeschichtliches Museum,<br />

Villa Schlikker, and the Arkzishaus all fairly close to<br />

each other.<br />

Alternatively, if you prefer something more modern<br />

why not stop in for a spot of shopping at Lengermann<br />

and Trieschmann, a <strong>Travel</strong> and <strong>Hospitality</strong> award<br />

winner profiled on the next page. Here you’ll find an<br />

extensive shopping outlet with a unique indoor surf<br />

school on the bottom floor.<br />

Food<br />

Given its higher-than-normal student population Osnabrück<br />

is a great place to pick up good food at great prices. There<br />

is an array of international restaurants, traditional German<br />

eateries, and local pubs. Rampendahl is a fantastic place<br />

to try out local German dishes and to sample the local beer,<br />

brewed on site.<br />

Ac<strong>com</strong>modation<br />

For a good night’s sleep, international restaurant, and<br />

stylish bar we implore you to check in to the Vienna House<br />

Remarque, a <strong>Travel</strong> and <strong>Hospitality</strong> Award winner.<br />

Find out more<br />

https://<strong>www</strong>.osnabrueck.de/tourismus/<br />


L&T Hasewelle<br />

Germany | Unique Experience<br />

Adventures await at L&T in Germany<br />

Osnabrück is a quintessential German city. Located in the region of<br />

Osnabrück, the city is bordered by two majestic mountain ranges and<br />

shaped by picturesque rolling green hills.<br />

In the center of the city lies the renowned fashion and sports house,<br />

L&T Lengermann & Trieschmann. With more than 100 years of<br />

history, it has now be<strong>com</strong>e a historical and iconic part of the city<br />

known for its special experience factor.<br />

The focus of the family-run <strong>com</strong>pany is to bring the finest<br />

fashion items and sportswear direct from international<br />

catwalks to Osnabrück. L&T has continually impressed<br />

and excited costumers’ season after season with<br />

offerings of in style clothing for all the family, chic<br />

home accessories, performance sportswear and<br />

so much more spread over three floors in an<br />

exceptional atmosphere.<br />


After increased calls and customer requests in 2020 L&T expanded<br />

to open a specialized sports house in a brand new and awardwinning<br />

building. For ease of customer access, the new sports<br />

centered building is connected directly to the fashion house leading<br />

to an extension in the space for sports clothing and equipment to<br />

over 5000m².<br />

The central highlight of this building is without a doubt the Hasewelle.<br />

This unique indoor surf wave affords customers an opportunity to<br />

learn to surf, practice or simply have fun like no other. If you would<br />

rather stay dry, then you are more than wel<strong>com</strong>e to simply stand on<br />

the side lines and check out the pros. The sports house is filled with<br />

sneaker outlets, sporty street wear brands, functional sports apparel,<br />

and high-quality equipment for a variety of sports. To add to this the<br />

sports house is also home to the City Gym. The gym is fully kitted<br />

out with high-tech equipment, experienced professionals and a<br />

modern aesthetic, the perfect place hit training goals effectively.<br />

Put simply, put if you want to enjoy the very best in the latest<br />

fashion trends and an extensive range of outstanding sportwear in<br />

a vibrant and colorful location look no further than L&T in the heart<br />

of Osnabrück.<br />

Grosse Strasse 27 - 32, 49074<br />

Osnabrück, Germany<br />

Tel +49 0541 33 11 30<br />



Baden-Württemberg Home of<br />

Germany’s Famous Black Forest<br />

Despite the menacing name, the Black Forest is actually one of Germany’s more beautiful areas.<br />

This sprawling forested mountain region is popular for its natural beauty, outdoor activities,<br />

spa towns, history, the black forest dessert, and as the setting for some of the Brothers Grimm’s fairy<br />

tales. Expect expansive hills, stunning lakes, long and winding roads, and rocky mountains, waiting<br />

to be conquered.<br />

The Black Forest region is huge and spreads over 160km from top near the town of Pforzheim to<br />

bottom close to the Swiss border. This makes the region effortlessly reachable from cities such as<br />

Munich & Stuttgart in Germany, Zurich in Switzerland, and Strasbourg in France. Within the region<br />

navigation is fairly straightforward there are several buses and trains moving between many towns<br />

and villages.<br />


One of the most famous towns in the region<br />

is Baden-Baden, a renowned spa town. The<br />

town is home to 12 hot springs and two thermal<br />

bathhouses both originally built by the Romans.<br />

Offenberg is another <strong>com</strong>monly visited town,<br />

it’s the capital of the wine region of Ortenau.<br />

Freiburg is considered the “jewel of the black<br />

forest”, it’s the major city of the region and is<br />

surrounded by picturesque green hills. Finally,<br />

there is Baiersbronn nestled deep in the forest,<br />

a <strong>com</strong>monly used base for hiking and famed for<br />

having many Michelin starred restaurants.<br />

Outdoor activities are one of the main reasons<br />

to venture into the Black Forest. There are<br />

numerous hiking trails in the area, mountain<br />

biking paths, lakes for kayaking & diving, resorts<br />

for skiing and snowboarding in the winter, hills<br />

for paragliding, and even a medieval mine.<br />

Ac<strong>com</strong>modation-wise small guesthouses are<br />

best, these are reasonably priced and well<br />

run. We re<strong>com</strong>mend Haus Aissa, a <strong>Travel</strong> and<br />

<strong>Hospitality</strong> Award winner profiled on the next<br />

page.<br />


Haus Aissa<br />

Germany | Country Apartments<br />

With an excellent location near the French and Swiss borders Haus Aissa<br />

is the country ac<strong>com</strong>modation to explore Western Germany, Eastern<br />

France, and Northern Switzerland.<br />

The property is a spacious, clean, wel<strong>com</strong>ing, and open ground floor<br />

apartment that can easily ac<strong>com</strong>modate up to six adults. There are<br />

two bedrooms on offer, one with a double bed and the other with<br />

two singles while the living room contains a snug sofa bed.<br />

The apartment features a garden, a terrace, table tennis,<br />

fireplace, <strong>com</strong>plimentary wi-fi, flat screen TV, family<br />

friendly seating, board games, and on-site private<br />

parking. The kitchen is fully equipped, and you have<br />

the option of an outdoor or indoor dining area. The<br />

one bathroom <strong>com</strong>es <strong>com</strong>plete with all the usual<br />

amenities and a shower.<br />


The town of Kandern, where the property is<br />

situated, is a small quaint German town in<br />

black-forest with rich history, attractions,<br />

restaurants, and shops, so you never have to<br />

venture to far out to get a hold of any basics.<br />

However, venture outside of Kandern and<br />

you have the heartland of Western <strong>Europe</strong> on<br />

your doorstep. The German wellness town of<br />

Badenweiler is only eight miles away, to the<br />

west just over the French border you have<br />

the famed town of Mulhouse and sixteen<br />

miles to the south lies the Beautiful swiss city<br />

of Basel.<br />

Klostergasse 2, 79400<br />

Kandern, Germany<br />

Tel +49 1520 1945145<br />



France<br />

<br />


Paris, France<br />


Sailing Holiday<br />

in France<br />

France is one of <strong>Europe</strong>’s premier destinations<br />

for a sailing holiday. There is a lot on offer in<br />

terms of the type of sailing trip, group size, location,<br />

and price. You don’t have to be a millionaire to take<br />

advantage of France’s beautiful waters. To help we’ve<br />

put together a handy guide profiling three of France’s<br />

best destinations for a sailing holiday.<br />


The French Riviera<br />

This is the place that <strong>com</strong>es to mind<br />

when you think of luxury sailing in<br />

France, the French Riviera runs<br />

about 560 miles from the Italian<br />

border in the east to St Tropez in<br />

the west. The riviera boasts several<br />

glamorous sailing resorts such as<br />

Cannes, Nice, and Monaco, as well<br />

as stunning beaches, secluded<br />

bays, fantastic weather, and<br />

exciting aquatic wildlife.<br />

Corsica<br />

Corsica is the fourth largest Island<br />

in the Mediterranean and makes<br />

for an excellent summer sailing<br />

destination. Expect stunning<br />

natural landscapes, quaint seaside<br />

towns, sea caves, and fantastic<br />

wildlife, the island boasts a whale<br />

and dolphin sanctuary. Corsica isn’t<br />

like the mainland and the way of life<br />

on the island is a little more relaxed<br />

so when you dock at a harbour<br />

expect warm locals, excellent<br />

cuisine, and loads to do.<br />

Canal du Midi<br />

A cruise down the spectacular Canal<br />

du Midi is the epitome of a romantic<br />

South of France holiday. Once on<br />

board all you need to do is sit back<br />

with a nice glass of local wine and<br />

watch the world go by. Enjoy the<br />

beautiful scenery of small valleys,<br />

fields of flowers, grassy meadows,<br />

lush forests, arched bridges, and the<br />

Pyrenees mountains in the distance.<br />

For a reliable and experience partner<br />

in France that can take care of all<br />

your sailing needs we re<strong>com</strong>mend<br />

Filovent, profiled in depth on the<br />

following page.<br />


Filovent<br />

France | Cruise Company<br />

H eadquartered in Paris, Filovent is without doubt one of France’s<br />

leading yacht charter operators. Working primarily as an intermediary<br />

between shipowners and clients Filovent currently operates in 80<br />

locations worldwide with an extensive portfolio of 18,000 boats.<br />

With the largest boat catalogue in <strong>Europe</strong> you can guarantee<br />

Filovent will find something to suit your needs. 20,000<br />

happy sailors can’t be wrong!<br />

Founded in 1994 by the charismatic Philippe<br />

Burnet, Filovent is primarily focus on the French,<br />

Italian, German and UK markets. Through<br />

a tried and tested selection criteria of<br />

partners Filovent can meet the needs of<br />

the most demanding of clients. This is<br />

further enhanced using regular client<br />

satisfactions surveys that ensure<br />

the highest quality standards are<br />

being met by shipowners.<br />


Filovent are without question experts in<br />

this field backed up by over 25 years of<br />

Experience. A 100% French <strong>com</strong>pany the are<br />

trustworthy and fully transparent when it<br />

<strong>com</strong>es to feedback. Customers can expect<br />

a high-quality service, with a diversity of<br />

options and a fully personalised experience.<br />

The need to innovate and continually<br />

challenges means Filovent won’t be knocked<br />

off the top spot anytime soon.<br />

What ever you need whether it be a skippered<br />

journey, river sailing, large group, themed<br />

trip or a long-term excursion Filovent is the<br />

<strong>com</strong>pany for you!<br />

Or if you’re shipowner and you feel you have<br />

what it takes to meet the Filovent standards<br />

then why not register your boat or fleet. Take<br />

advantage of a Filovents visibility, reliability<br />

and experience to find new customers.<br />

Boulogne-Billancourt,<br />

France<br />

Tel +33 1 70 80 97 52<br />



Spain<br />

<br />


Barcelona, Spain<br />


Ibiza Wel<strong>com</strong>e<br />

to Our Island<br />

in partnership with<br />

132<br />

Where We Are<br />

Ibiza is located east of the Iberian Peninsula, in the Mediterranean<br />

Sea, in the autonomous region of Illes Balears. Ibiza is made up<br />

of five towns: Ibiza, which is the capital, Santa Eulària des Riu,<br />

Sant Josep de Sa Talaia, Sant Antoni de Portmany, and Sant<br />

Joan de Labritja. Each of them offers its visitors both different<br />

and supplementary possibilities. According to the register’s latest<br />

data, the island has a population of over 140,000 inhabitants,<br />

although the number of residents grows considerably during<br />

summer season.

Our World Heritage Site<br />

The capital of Ibiza is home to an impressive fortress<br />

was declared UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1999. This<br />

international award acknowledges its historical, cultural,<br />

and architectural value. It is the best-preserved coastal<br />

fortress in the Mediterranean. Dalt Vila’s acropolis is<br />

filled with alleys and monuments such as a castle and a<br />

cathedral. It has been a cultural crossover for centuries, and<br />

this fortress’ environment is the stage for concerts, poetic<br />

cycles, exhibitions, and cultural activities all year round.<br />

The Phoenician remains of Sa Caleta, in San Josep, and<br />

the Phoenician-Punic necropolis of Puig des Molins, in<br />

Ibiza, are also part of this World Heritage Site, as UNESCO<br />

considers them an exceptional evidence of urbanization<br />

and social life in the Phoenician colonies of the western<br />

Mediterranean. They constitute a unique resource, in terms<br />

of volume and importance, of material from the Phoenician<br />

and Carthaginian tombs.<br />

The UNESCO <strong>com</strong>mittee defined Ibiza as a privileged<br />

environment due to its diversity and natural values,<br />

considering the richness of the prairies of oceanic posidonia,<br />

seabed plants, the best preserved in the Mediterranean<br />

and located within a Natural Reserve. These prairies hold<br />

220 different species, including three that are globally<br />

threatened, one of them being the monk seal. They are<br />

responsible for the purity and transparency of the water<br />

that surrounds the island.<br />

Both for its cultural criteria and for its natural values,<br />

UNESCO chose Ibiza as one of the places to be preserved<br />

for future generations.<br />


Our History<br />


Ibiza is one of the oldest urban<br />

environments in Western<br />

Mediterranean, and the first in the<br />

Balearic archipelago. The islands<br />

past is stunning and fundamental<br />

to understanding its present, its<br />

cultural and social reality, through<br />

the mosaic of cultures that have<br />

steadily occupied it since 2700 AC.<br />

Our Beaches<br />

Without a doubt, Ibizan beaches represents the most prominent appeal of<br />

the island.<br />

The beaches on the island are known for their singular beauty and turquoise<br />

transparent water thanks to the oceanic posidonia on the seabed. It has<br />

been UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1999.<br />

There are magical bays, like Cala d´Hort, overlooked by Es Vedrà islet; other<br />

singular beauties, such as Platges de Comte; rarely visited corners, as Es<br />

Pou des Lleó; and big and familiar beaches, such as Platja d’en Bossa and Es<br />

Figueral. The beaches of Ses Salines and Es Cavallet are within a protected<br />

natural environment. They have a dune system of great ecological value.<br />


Our Towns<br />

Ibiza’s towns are the island’s heart and<br />

soul; their centuries-old homes and<br />

traditions are familiar the world over.<br />

Ibiza’s landscape, and the fifteen towns<br />

it <strong>com</strong>prises, is punctuated by fiestas,<br />

historical water wells, authenticity,<br />

stories, and life.<br />

La Cala de Sant Vicent, Sant Joan de<br />

Labritja, Sant Llorenç de Balàfia, Sant<br />

Miquel de Balansat, Santa Gertrudis<br />

de Fruitera, Santa Agnès de Corona,<br />

Sant Carles de Peralta, Sant Rafel de<br />

sa Creu, Santa Eulària des Riu, Sant<br />

Josep de Sa Talaia, Sant Jordi de ses<br />

Salines, Es Cubells, Jesús, Sant Antoni<br />

de Portmany and Sant Agustí des<br />

Vedrà. Each possesses an indisputably<br />

Mediterranean character. Although to<br />

get the real, authentic Ibiza, one must<br />

delve into the nitty gritty. Discover<br />

the weekly markets, the patron saint<br />

celebrations, hundred-year-old taverns,<br />

or deeply original customs.<br />


Our Wine & Gastronomy<br />

Ibiza lures you with its landscape, climate, people, and<br />

because if offers the finest gastronomy beside the beach,<br />

in historical places, in the middle of the countryside, or<br />

beneath the starry sky.<br />

Have the luxury of eating natural products in their perfect<br />

point of ripeness and remember your childhood flavours.<br />

Enjoy the peace and freedom atmosphere on the island,<br />

just as you are being served a dish of shellfish and rice<br />

by the sea, or just tasting the freshest of fish as such as<br />

grouper, tuna, San Pedro megrim, or wrasse.<br />

Ibiza is a trip of sensations. The excellent quality of its<br />

prime material mixes with the tradition of recipes that<br />

<strong>com</strong>e to us with the same uniqueness: the “sofrit pages”,<br />

slaughter rice, the “guisat de peix”, the “greixonera”, and<br />

the “flaó” are some of the classical recipes. This traditional<br />

cuisine passes on the culture and way of life where the<br />

focus is on gathering amongst friends and family.<br />

Get carried away by Ibiza’s local wine, its virgin olive oil,<br />

and its peasant bread, delicacies that can be found on<br />

every table. They ac<strong>com</strong>pany the magical moment in<br />

which eating is the equivalent of taking care of yourself,<br />

learning new things, sharing, and smiling.<br />


Our Music and Nighlife<br />

Ibiza is a great music temple, a trend laboratory, an<br />

experimentation platform, and a meeting point for<br />

professionals in the music industry to get together<br />

every summer to offer the best nightlife in the world.<br />

The best discos, the most glamorous beach clubs,<br />

live music with first class international bands, the<br />

well-known hippy parties, the local celebrations of<br />

each town, and great DJs under the umbrella of<br />

the best prepared sponsors. All of these element’s<br />

merge with staging, performances, audio-visual<br />

effects, and unique concepts that are renewed<br />

season after season.<br />

Electronic music invaded Ibiza in the 90s and took<br />

over the best parties. In the 20th century, the<br />

island expanded its offering to create activities<br />

fit for all tastes and pockets. From taking a walkthrough<br />

Ibiza’s port while enjoying the disco<br />

passacaglia, to reserving a VIP space in one of the<br />

best discos in the word, or having a good time in<br />

the most exclusive beach clubs, restaurants, and<br />

theme hotels.<br />

Ibiza is a party!!<br />


Barcelona City<br />

of Splendour<br />

The capital of the autonomous <strong>com</strong>munity of Catalonia,<br />

Barcelona is a vibrant, multicultural, and exciting. The city<br />

is jam-packed with cultural treasures, beautiful art, superb<br />

restaurants, friendly locals, and loads to do.<br />

Getting in & Getting Around<br />

Barcelona’s location means the city is easily accessible<br />

whether it be via plane, train, car, or boat. Barcelona<br />

international airport is a major transport hub with<br />

flights arriving from all over the world. The train network<br />

between Barcelona, the rest of Spain and neighbouring<br />

France is extensive. The city’s port tends to be quite<br />

busy throughout the year with several connections from<br />

cities in Spain and Italy, as well as Tangiers in Morocco.<br />

The public transport system in Barcelona is well run and<br />

efficient. You have the option of <strong>com</strong>muter trains, trams, and<br />

buses as well as regular taxis. However, for a service like Uber<br />

you need to book one hour in advance. Another popular way<br />

to get around the city is via electric scooter of bicycle.<br />


Things To Do<br />

For a relatively small city Barcelona offers a lot for travellers.<br />

The most popular attractions are the works of legendary<br />

architect Antoni Gaudi, you have his famous Park Guell,<br />

Casa Battlo, Torre Bellesguard and the icing on the cake<br />

the Sagrada Familia.<br />

If your goal is to relax then be sure to spend the day at<br />

Barceloneta beach, this is an artificial beach created for the<br />

1992 Olympics and has since be<strong>com</strong>e a popular attraction.<br />

Lovers of football must of course pilgrimage to the<br />

Cathedral of football, Barcelona’s home stadium the<br />

Camp Nou.<br />

Food<br />

Barcelona is a food lovers delight. Dishes from all over<br />

Spain can be found across the city, however if you’re<br />

looking for something distinctly Catalan try the seafood,<br />

in particular the Paella, which is a local speciality.<br />

We propose joining a food tour to get the most out of the<br />

gastronomic pleasures of the city and to learn of all the<br />

best places to eat & drink.<br />

Ac<strong>com</strong>modation<br />

Lugaris Beach Apartments, a <strong>Travel</strong> and <strong>Hospitality</strong><br />

award winner, is our re<strong>com</strong>mendation when it <strong>com</strong>es to<br />

ac<strong>com</strong>modation. See the winner profile on the next page.<br />

Find out more https://<strong>www</strong>.barcelonaturisme.<strong>com</strong>/<br />

wv3/en/<br />


Lugaris Beach Apartments<br />

Catalonia, Spain | Luxury Apartments<br />

Barcelona is a city that has <strong>com</strong>e into its own in recent times and here<br />

is one of its most impressive holiday apartment <strong>com</strong>plexes. Lugaris<br />

apartments are contemporary, spacious, fully equipped, accessible and<br />

<strong>com</strong>e with a whole host of services. Whether you’re in town for business<br />

or pleasure Lugaris will leave you more than satisfied.<br />

The Lugaris apartments <strong>com</strong>plex offers several varied options with<br />

small apartments for up to 3 people to much bigger family friendly<br />

apartments able to house 6. Each apartment <strong>com</strong>es with a flat<br />

screen TV, Nespresso machine, a well-resourced kitchen, free<br />

wi-fi, living area, washer-dryer, toiletries, hand-sanitizer, air<br />

conditioning, dining area and either a city or sea View.<br />


Building facilities and services include optional<br />

parking, an amazing swimming pool, grocery<br />

shopping, babysitting, car rental, bike rental<br />

and a staff reception, should you need anything<br />

else. Staff are friendly, wel<strong>com</strong>ing and will<br />

always go that one step further to make sure<br />

your stay is as <strong>com</strong>fortable as possible.<br />

The best thing about staying at Lugaris is<br />

without doubt the great location in the quite<br />

neighbourhood of Poble Nou. The property<br />

is only a few minutes away from Barcelona’s<br />

stunning coastline. Nearby Bogatell beach is<br />

perfect to cool off during the summer months,<br />

enjoy ice-cream or some water sports. With the<br />

Poble Nou metro station only a few minutes<br />

away you will find you can reach Barcelona’s<br />

best attractions with ease. The area itself is<br />

home to some great bars and restaurants so<br />

you’ll never be short of somewhere to go.<br />

Lugaris will not just be your apartment for your<br />

stay it will be your home!!<br />


Passeig de Calvell 45, 08005,<br />

Barcelona, Spain<br />

Tel +34 932 219 159<br />


Andalucia<br />

Beautiful Cities<br />

142<br />

Andalucia is the soul of Spain, the region is famed<br />

for its magnificent architecture, interesting history,<br />

Moorish heritage, breath-taking natural wonders, stunning<br />

coastline, authentic villages, and terrific food. When it<br />

<strong>com</strong>es to deciding where to go there are so many cities<br />

to choose from and with limited time its not always<br />

straightforward deciding where to go. To help decide here<br />

is our pick of the four finest cities in the region.<br />

Seville<br />

The capital and largest city of Andalucia. Seville has a<br />

stellar reputation for its architecture, culture, and thriving<br />

tourism scene. Seville was a key city during Roman times,<br />

under Arab rule and during the Age of Discovery. You’ll find<br />

all these influences throughout the city and so much more.

Cordoba<br />

The city has been declared a World<br />

Heritage Site making it a must visit<br />

destination in Andalucia. Within the<br />

city you’ll find a beautiful labyrinth<br />

of small streets, squares, and<br />

whitewashed courtyards. The city’s<br />

unique layout, diverse cultural<br />

scene, and artistic reputation<br />

reflects its prominent place in<br />

the Islamic world during medieval<br />

times.<br />

Malaga<br />

The largest city on the worldfamous<br />

Costa del Sol, Malaga is<br />

often flooded with tourists in the<br />

summer. This is for good reason as<br />

its an amazing city for a myriad of<br />

activities such as hiking, heritage<br />

sites, museums, restaurants,<br />

shopping hubs, and beaches. While<br />

it may be busy with tourists the city<br />

still has a much more laid-back vibe<br />

than other major Spanish cities.<br />

Cadiz<br />

One of the oldest continually<br />

inhabited cities in western <strong>Europe</strong>,<br />

Cadiz is typically Andalusian. It<br />

has laidback vibe and is home<br />

to numerous architectural gems<br />

that reflect its long history. The<br />

old town is an absolute pleasure<br />

with its narrow streets, connecting<br />

squares, and beautiful buildings.<br />

The Carnaval of Cadiz is not one to<br />

be missed, it’s considered one of<br />

the biggest in the world.<br />


Portugal<br />

<br />


Cabo da roca, Portugal<br />


Getting Around<br />

Portugal<br />

Getting into Portugal is pretty simple, there are several<br />

international airports in the country that are well<br />

connected globally, and should you need to, you can travel<br />

on road or rail from neighbouring Spain.<br />

Once in Portugal there are several ways to get around, it’s<br />

a relatively small country with a sparsely spread population<br />

so moving between different cities, towns, and villages is<br />

not always so clear. We’ve put together a little guide on<br />

getting around using the three main methods, train, bus,<br />

and car. Keep in mind however that air travel between the<br />

major cities is an option but not the most popular one and<br />

services are limited.<br />

Portugal<br />

Lisbon<br />


Train<br />

The train network in Portugal is<br />

solid without being spectacular.<br />

Between the main regions and<br />

cities such as Lisbon, Porto, Faro,<br />

Braga, Coimbra and Aveiro you’ll<br />

find good connections. This is faster<br />

than using the buses, but it does<br />

cost more. Rural areas and towns<br />

are also serviced by trains but<br />

those are less frequent. Some of<br />

the routes run through picturesque<br />

landscapes so travelling on trains<br />

can be a real treat.<br />

It is re<strong>com</strong>mended that you book<br />

in advance and if you do so 5 days<br />

before you’re due to travel then you<br />

may receive a discount.<br />

Find out more - https://<strong>www</strong>.cp.pt//<br />

passageiros/en<br />

Bus<br />

Buses are the cheapest option and<br />

don’t take much longer than the<br />

trains. The bus system in Portugal<br />

is highly efficient and represents<br />

the best option for getting to rural<br />

areas and small villages. Rede<br />

Express is the largest bus <strong>com</strong>pany<br />

serving most major destination and<br />

regional <strong>com</strong>panies fill the gaps<br />

to reach smaller <strong>com</strong>munities. It’s<br />

worth noting that some of these<br />

services may be limited to only<br />

a couple of journeys a day so it’s<br />

worth planning ahead.<br />

Bus stations normally have a<br />

service counter or booth where<br />

you can purchase tickets for travel.<br />

To book ahead of time check out -<br />

https://<strong>www</strong>.rede-expressos.pt/en<br />

Car<br />

Self-driving in Portugal can be<br />

a challenge to say the least.<br />

While major motorways are well<br />

maintained some secondary roads<br />

are not. On top of this driving in the<br />

country can seem erratic and even<br />

scary to the uninitiated. For this<br />

reason, we advise hiring a private<br />

driver to get around, someone that<br />

knows the roads and customs. This<br />

is also the best way to get to those<br />

out of reach destinations and allow<br />

the freedom to go as you please.<br />

Avenidas Tours and Transfers profile<br />

in depth on the following happy<br />

to take care of any transfer and<br />

private driver needs. Find out more<br />

at https://<strong>www</strong>.avenidas.pt/<br />


Avenidas - Here for you<br />

Portugal | Transfer Company<br />

For a lot of travellers, the idea of exploring Portugal is exciting but most<br />

wouldn’t know where to begin or how to get around to all the amazing<br />

sights, off the beaten path attractions and hidden gems. We do however<br />

have the solutions for all your transportation and touristic needs and that<br />

is Avenidas.<br />

From its humble beginnings as a single car focused on Uber<br />

rides Avenidas has now grown to be<strong>com</strong>e one of the big<br />

transportation players in Portugal with over 20 cars owned<br />

and operated daily for tours, transfers, private rides<br />

and platforms such as Uber and Bolt. The growth of<br />

Avenidas <strong>com</strong>es down to the focus on providing an<br />

open, <strong>com</strong>mitted, and friendly service with family<br />

values, efficiency, and reliability as key tenets.<br />

Avenidas services include private and shared<br />

tours, transfers, private drivers, event<br />

transportation and an innovative product<br />

called Resolv.<br />


Private and Shared Tours<br />

The high quality of service, fun experiences<br />

and friendliness of tours guides has meant that<br />

Avenidas private tours have risen to the famed<br />

number one position on TripAdvisor for Lisbon<br />

tours. Popular sightseeing tours options are to<br />

Sintra, Nazare, Lisbon, Porto, Berlengas and<br />

Sesimbra.<br />

Shared tours while similar in content and routes<br />

offer a pleasant alternative to private tours<br />

especially for solo travellers and those who love<br />

to meet new people.<br />

Transfers and Private Drivers<br />

Getting from point A to point B needn’t be a<br />

bother or strain with Avenidas. Making the<br />

journey in an efficient, reliable, and professional<br />

manner take centre stage with drivers being<br />

made available on WhatsApp before and after<br />

the journey to ensure everything runs smoothly.<br />

Why not take this one step further but hiring<br />

a private driver for the duration of your stay?<br />

Have a car and driver on your <strong>com</strong>mand 24/7<br />

giving you <strong>com</strong>plete freedom and control to<br />

customise any journey.<br />


Events<br />

Organising safe and<br />

reliable transportation<br />

during a festival, wedding,<br />

<strong>com</strong>pany event or any<br />

large gathering can be<br />

a logistical nightmare<br />

but not when you’ve got<br />

Avenidas on hand. With<br />

several cars in various<br />

sizes Avenidas are ready<br />

to organise all transport<br />

for any event.<br />

Resolv Service<br />

Resolv is a unique<br />

problem solver service<br />

offered by Avenidas.<br />

Whether you find yourself<br />

in an emergency, difficult<br />

logistical situation or are<br />

unsure how to approach a<br />

transport related problem,<br />

Resolv is ideal for finding a<br />

win-win solution.<br />

Avenidas - 1200-302 Lisboa<br />

c/o Manuel Reis<br />

Tel +351 917 208 885<br />

Tel +351 916 361 635<br />



Cristo Rei and 25 April Bridge,<br />

Lisbon, Portugal<br />


152<br />

The Algarve’s 3<br />

Best Walking Tours<br />

and Where to Stay<br />

Lorem<br />

Ipsum<br />

The Algarve’s natural beauty makes it an<br />

interesting place to explore on foot. With 300 days<br />

of Psunshine each year, there is plenty of opportunity to<br />

enjoy a ipis walking et quiae break dolupta avoiding quatium the high sae summer pe se consed season mo<br />

throughout etur? the year.<br />

A Iministium popular walking net ommolup route is taquid the Vicentina que si dem Route veritias which necab runs along<br />

the iunteniendae rugged western velenectur? coast of the region from Santiago do Cacém in<br />

the Alentejo to Sagres in the Algarve. The main attraction to this area<br />

Ent, quo temquam rectemo sapideribus.<br />

is the natural beauty of its beaches and dramatic cliffs. An abundance<br />

of Accae wildlife volumqui can also aut be eum found quia in sit the quissit Costa asitio Vicentina bearibus, Natural Park, where<br />

the velis coastline dollit, cor framing alist harum the qui Atlantic invel enecati Ocean offers scillaut a reptata breath-taking backdrop.<br />

The quosto multiple et, qui historic od molupta sites, such velectat as roman evendi ruins qui and venit medieval es forts are also not<br />

to venisque be missed. exerio. While Itati the con coastal core trails nonsequati are very ipsapidit scenic, so mo are the many paths that<br />

extend cone optas through esto fields ommoluptiore and mountain dendignist, ranges te further que de into simus the interior areas that have<br />

been sitatem generally expla doloreptatem overlooked by il tourism. int. There are various tours offered by Rota Vicentina<br />

using Pa nonesci local members dellabo of ribusae the <strong>com</strong>munity magnate who il share imporesciur, their stories of times gone by, as well as<br />

bird venimpos watching alit experts. dicid ea vel ius elit, volest verchil isquam,<br />

From omnim amateur doluptu to recus, the most to etur, experienced officim olorro hiker the modistorae. Algarve has something to offer. Here are our three<br />

favourite walking tours.

Portugal 4U & Quinta Bonita<br />

Country House and Gardens<br />

Portugal 4U offers a brilliant tour called ‘Portuguese<br />

discoveries and lighthouse’ that begins with a<br />

stunning walk along the coastline passing beaches<br />

which were voted the most beautiful in the world<br />

(Dona Ana and Ponta da Piedade). The walk is very<br />

accessible and is only 7 km, with plenty of Instagramable<br />

photo ops! The walk ends at Ponta da Piedade a<br />

beach famous for its unique rock formations where<br />

you will sit down to a delicious traditional lunch. A<br />

1-hour boat ride will then return you to the start point,<br />

exploring sites such as the Cave of Love and the Arch<br />

of Triumph, among others.<br />

The tour starts and ends in Lagos making Quinta Bonita country<br />

house the ideal base to stay. This boutique hotel has exquisite<br />

gardens to roam, a swimming pool and a yoga and wellness studio<br />

for guests to unwind in - perfect after an action-packed day. Their<br />

food philosophy is ‘simple, tasty and local’, catering for all diets and<br />

sourcing a variety of locally grown and seasonal produce to curate<br />

healthy mouth-watering dishes. If the Portugal 4U tour whet your<br />

appetite for exploring the Algarve by foot, Quinta Bonita has an<br />

album of walking notes and suggestions for guests to peruse.<br />


Morgan’s Nature Walks and<br />

Dunas Douradas Beach Club<br />

Based in central rural Algarve,<br />

Morgan’s Nature Walks whisks you<br />

away from the crowds to explore<br />

hidden gems. One of their walks<br />

will guide you through Fonte<br />

Benémola, a protected area, which<br />

is a luscious green valley full of<br />

animal and plant life. It is not only<br />

home to over 100 different species<br />

of bird that can be seen throughout<br />

the whole trail but also more than<br />

300 diverse species of plants. It is<br />

also possible to see many species<br />

of water snakes swimming in the<br />

creek in search of small fish and<br />

turtles sunning themselves on<br />

the banks. Morgan’s nature walks<br />

offer walks for all different abilities<br />

and enthusiasms including three<br />

photography specific walks and<br />

even a bird ringing walking tour.<br />

Located just a 30-minute drive from these stunning walks is Dunas Douradas<br />

Beach Club . The hotel is an award-winning five-star resort in the heart of the<br />

Algarve’s Golden Triangle. Situated in a privileged setting away from the crowds,<br />

overlooking the ocean and endless golden beaches of the Atlantic coastline, the<br />

luxury resort wel<strong>com</strong>es guests to a relaxed and elegant atmosphere and offers<br />

exclusivity and recreation for every member of the family.<br />


A2Z & Memmo Baleeira Hotel<br />

A 2 Z organises multiple day hiking trips<br />

for the more experienced walkers. Their<br />

Western Algarve tour covers 107km of<br />

breath-taking terrain in 7 days. It is selfguided,<br />

and includes 6 nights of 3-Star<br />

ac<strong>com</strong>modation, luggage transfers,<br />

guidebooks, maps, insurance, and a GPS<br />

devise with accurate routes. A2Z invites<br />

clients to explore Rota Vicentina’s network<br />

of walking trails, including the Historical<br />

Way, the Fishermen’s Trail, and several<br />

Circular Routes. The tours allow clients to<br />

experience authentic rural Algarve and the<br />

rugged wild Atlantic coastline with prices<br />

starting at €649 for the week.<br />


156<br />

After a week’s walking some R&R<br />

may be in order and Memmo Baleeira<br />

Hotel will not disappoint. It is a 4-star<br />

hotel with views across the ocean<br />

and Baleeira harbour near Sagres<br />

on the most westerly point of the<br />

region. This contemporary hotel has<br />

its own restaurant, bar, pool, and<br />

spa to help guests unwind after an<br />

exciting day. The Hotel is well suited<br />

for people seeking outdoor, active<br />

holidays with its own surf centre<br />

and capacity to organise activities<br />

such as: bike tours, Jeep trips, water<br />

sports and golf.


For further information on The Algarve, please visit:<br />

<strong>www</strong>.visitalgarve.pt or http://<strong>www</strong>.algarvepromotion.pt/en/<br />

Social Media Channels: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram<br />


Shantivillas Algarve<br />

Portugal, Algarve | Luxury Villas<br />

The Algarve has long been considered one of the luxury capitals of<br />

<strong>Europe</strong>, it’s a popular destination for professional footballers,<br />

celebrities and affluents individuals. This is mainly because<br />

there is nothing quite as unique as the Algarve with its rich<br />

culinary heritage, stunning coastline, friendly inhabitants,<br />

and contrasting locales. If you find yourself planning a<br />

trip to the region and are wondering where to stay<br />

then we have the answer for you, Shantivillas.<br />

Founded back in 2016, Shantivillas has grown to<br />

be<strong>com</strong>e one of the premier Villa brokers in all<br />

of Portugal. The <strong>com</strong>pany was borne out of<br />

a <strong>com</strong>mon issue for many travellers which<br />

was difficulty in finding a reputable and<br />

professional Villa provider who could<br />

source high quality, private and<br />

luxurious villas.<br />


Located only 20 minutes from Vilamoura, the Shantivillas<br />

portfolio includes 10 spectacular properties dotted around<br />

the region, all finished to an elegant and modern standard.<br />

The smallest of which is perfect for a small group of four<br />

and the largest able to ac<strong>com</strong>modate a staggering 16<br />

individuals. As a standard all villas <strong>com</strong>e with a private<br />

swimming pool, state of the art kitchen, en Suite bedrooms,<br />

free WIFI and some even a with children’s pool. All properties<br />

are located only 40 minutes or so from Faro International<br />

airport with golf courses, the beach and shopping outlets<br />

all nearby.<br />

To top this Shantivillas provide a whole host of services<br />

such as transfers, car rentals, a private chef, sightseeing<br />

tours, arrival orientation, grocery shopper, maid service and<br />

expert advice on the local area.<br />

Aldeamento do Malhão,<br />

8200-484 , Albufeira, Portugal<br />

Tel +351 289 362 131<br />

Tel +351 968984269<br />



We have been lucky enough to sit down<br />

with the Operations Manager, Rui Manuel<br />

Grou, to talk a bit more about the <strong>com</strong>pany,<br />

himself and the challenges faced by the<br />

Covid pandemic.<br />

Tell us a little bit about yourself.<br />

I consider myself a very professional and<br />

dedicated person that does not stop<br />

until he gets what he wants. My friends<br />

usually say I am a loyal friend and that I<br />

have my ideals well defined. I see myself<br />

as detailed orientated with exceptional<br />

follow-through and the ability to plan and<br />

oversee a broad range of responsibilities<br />

from concept to successful execution.<br />

I am a visible and personally involved<br />

leader with excellent interpersonal and<br />

<strong>com</strong>munication skills.<br />

I have worked in the <strong>Hospitality</strong> business<br />

for more than 17 years, in hotel operations<br />

as reception manager, spa manager, hotel<br />

assistant manager and as operations<br />

director in several 5-star environments.<br />


When was Shantivillas<br />

founded and what was<br />

the thinking behind it?<br />

Shantivillas was born at<br />

the beginning of 2016 to<br />

respond to those looking<br />

to enjoy quality holidays in<br />

the countryside, near the<br />

beach. We bet on prestigious<br />

tourism allied to a region<br />

known for its natural charms.<br />

Located in the Algarve just<br />

30 minutes west of Faro, the<br />

gateway to the Algarve.<br />

Our villas are located in the<br />

tranquil southern region<br />

of Portugal and we offer a<br />

collection of hand-picked<br />

properties ideal for families<br />

or groups of friends travelling<br />

together, each of the 10 villas<br />

is individually designed and<br />

would make a stylish home<br />

from home for the holidays.<br />

What makes Shantivillas unique?<br />

We have a handpicked collection of luxury villas are<br />

dotted around the region in the most rural, peaceful<br />

spots, each one offering sweeping countryside views,<br />

a heated outdoor pool and the utmost privacy as<br />

standard.<br />

Whether the guest is looking for a grand property with<br />

spacious landscaped gardens or a <strong>com</strong>fortable yet<br />

elegant hideaway with a panoramic coastal backdrop,<br />

ShantiVillas’ unique portfolio is bound to have a villa to<br />

match your needs – ensuring the dreamiest Algarve<br />

escape.<br />

Do you provide any<br />

extra services?<br />

In addition to a standard<br />

villa rental, we offer a<br />

number of additional<br />

services allowing you to<br />

add those all-important<br />

extras to your stay, whether<br />

it’s a friendly wel<strong>com</strong>e and<br />

orientation on your arrival,<br />

or a private chef to cook a<br />

delicious dinner for you and<br />

your family. Shantivillas are<br />

ideal for family stays and<br />

a perfect <strong>com</strong>plement to<br />

Luxury Tailor Made <strong>Travel</strong>;<br />

ask us to create a journey<br />

customized around the<br />

properties of your choice,<br />

<strong>com</strong>plete with sightseeing,<br />

insider access and expert<br />

local guides.<br />


How many people can your largest villa<br />

ac<strong>com</strong>modate?<br />

Shantivillas presents an impeccable portfolio of luxury villas<br />

in the Portuguese village of Malhão, a destination famed<br />

for its authentic way of life. In particular, multigenerational<br />

families and groups will find the hand-picked properties – the<br />

largest of which ac<strong>com</strong>modate up to 16 guests – perfectly<br />

suited to travel needs.<br />

Discover here the holiday home that you have always<br />

dreamed of having.<br />

What challenges did the Covid-19 pandemic present and how<br />

did you over<strong>com</strong>e these?<br />

The outbreak of Coronavirus COVID-19 represents an important<br />

and evolving challenge to the tourism sector. Containment of the<br />

pandemic is the top priority and the tourism sector is <strong>com</strong>mitted to<br />

supporting all measures taken to contain the epidemic.<br />

Our true goal during this difficult time is to give value to our visitors<br />

and look for other tourism markets. The current ban on travels might<br />

contribute in the long run to the discovery of our World Heritage<br />

gems by the people living in our part of <strong>Europe</strong>. We are hoping for<br />

a quick ending to this situation, and that tourism will once again<br />

<strong>com</strong>mence.<br />


Where are most of your guests from? Do you have<br />

a target market?<br />

In the last couple of years, we had guests mainly from<br />

the United Kingdom and a small number of national<br />

guests, but we have been working other markets such<br />

Germany, France, Spain. Last year for example with the<br />

Covid-19 pandemic we had more Portuguese guests<br />

looking for our product since the other guests had travel<br />

restrictions.<br />

Your favourite holiday destination and why?<br />

<strong>Travel</strong>ling is one of the best ways to get away from the<br />

daily hustle-bustle. It gives me time and space to enjoy<br />

my passions and lets me spend some time with my<br />

family as well. Here are a few places in the world, that<br />

are simply my favourite places for holiday. However, I do<br />

enjoy travelling to new places, meeting new people and<br />

trying new cuisines.<br />

Cape Verde;<br />

Dominican Republic;<br />

Formentera<br />


Lisbon’s<br />

Hidden Gems<br />

Lisbon is one of <strong>Europe</strong> leading holiday capitals.<br />

It’s a vibrant coastal city with loads to do, a whole<br />

host of attractions, a unique history, meaningful<br />

architecture, an exceptional culinary heritage, a lively<br />

nightlife scene, sociable locals, and great weather<br />

for most of the year. Iconic sites include the Belem<br />

Tower, Jeronminos Monastery, the Praca do Comercio<br />

(Commerce Square), and Lisbon Cathedral. Like any<br />

other major <strong>Europe</strong>an city Lisbon has its own set of<br />

hidden gems and we’ve chosen a few worth visiting.<br />


The National Tile Museum<br />

On the face of it the Tile Museum<br />

may not sound like much of a hidden<br />

gem but once you step inside, you’ll<br />

be awed very quickly. Housed in an<br />

elegant 16th century convent, the<br />

museum setting is dramatic as it is<br />

impressive. Inside you’ll find hundreds<br />

of azulejo’s (Portuguese tiles)<br />

covering every inch of the interior.<br />

They are arranged chronologically<br />

from the 16th century right up to the<br />

abstract styles of the 20th.<br />

Find out more<br />

http://<strong>www</strong>.museudoazulejo.gov.pt/<br />

The Graca Neighbourhood<br />

This one is a true hidden gem simply<br />

because it’s so quintessentially<br />

Portuguese. For anyone looking<br />

for a typical and local Portuguese<br />

setting then Graca is the ideal<br />

place. There’s no flood of tourism,<br />

no major attractions, no attempt to<br />

regenerate, and no influx of wealth.<br />

The bustling main street is lined<br />

with restaurants, bars, and cafes<br />

filled with locals. For an authentic<br />

experience Graca can’t be beat.<br />

Basilica da Estrela &<br />

Jardim da Estrela<br />

Sitting upon a hill the Basilica<br />

da Estrela is an impressive<br />

neoclassical landmark. It’s a<br />

wonderful hidden gem set away<br />

from the main centre and is not<br />

too busy with tourists. The rooftop<br />

offers stunning views of Lisbon,<br />

and the interior is made up of an<br />

impressive pristine white, pink,<br />

grey, yellow and black marble.<br />


Portugal<br />

Setubal<br />

Only a day trip away from Lisbon, Setubal is considered<br />

something of an out of the way alternative. This vibrant<br />

seaside town sitting along a beautiful stretch of the Portuguese<br />

coast is oftentimes a getaway town for locals of Lisbon or an<br />

alternative for those travellers who have done the rounds in<br />

Lisbon and want something new. Setubal is an ideal base to<br />

explore the natural beauty of the region, the wildlife, enjoy<br />

delicious seafood, and to relax on pristine beaches.<br />

Getting in and Getting Around<br />

The nearest airport is Lisbon Portela Airport, it’s well connected<br />

internationally all year round. It’s still about half an hour dive<br />

away from Setubal so you’ll need to arrange transport, either a<br />

bus or private taxi. The train is another option from the airport<br />

but would require you to go into Lisbon, in fact the only way<br />

into Setubal via train from anywhere in Portugal is by first<br />

getting a train that goes into Lisbon.<br />


Using the bus is the most<br />

direct route as the bus station<br />

is more centrally located than<br />

the train station. Ofcourse<br />

driving in is an option, the<br />

roads in Portugal are well<br />

maintained, safe and easy to<br />

navigate.<br />

Getting around Setubal is<br />

simple enough, it’s a small<br />

town so navigating on foot<br />

should be fine. There is also a<br />

bus service for the town with<br />

an effective schedule and<br />

good quality buses.<br />

Things to Do<br />

The big attraction with Setubal is not so<br />

much in the town itself but the beauty<br />

of the surrounding area. With that being<br />

said there are a few gems within the<br />

town such <strong>Travel</strong> and <strong>Hospitality</strong> Award<br />

winner Casa da Baia, a brilliant spot to<br />

get more information on the area, pick<br />

up a few souvenirs, and just take in its<br />

architectural beauty.<br />

Given the coastal location of Setubal a<br />

boat tour to see the dolphins is a must,<br />

you can also take part in water sports<br />

such as stand-up paddle boarding,<br />

surfing, and fishing.<br />

Outside of the city there are two stunning<br />

sites, the first is the Arrabida National Park,<br />

famous for its varied wildlife, beautiful<br />

coast, historic fortress, the Arrabida<br />

mountain range, and hiking routes. The<br />

other site is the Castle of Palmela, located<br />

as part of the village with the same name.<br />

It’s a national monument and built on a<br />

hill, the views at the top are spectacular.<br />

If you just want to relax, you’ll find several<br />

idyllic beaches in and around Setubal<br />

such as the Praia dos Galapos, Praia dos<br />

Galapinhos, Praia do Creiro, and Praia dos<br />

Coelhos. The beaches never get too busy<br />

so remain pristine all year round.<br />


Food<br />

Like much of Portugal the cuisine in Setubal is<br />

centred on seafood, the town is a busy fishing port,<br />

so the fish tends to be fresh and number seafood<br />

restaurants plentiful. Sardines are a favourite among<br />

locals along with Chocos Fritos (fried cuttlefish).<br />

Setubal is a well-known wine region so be sure<br />

to sample the local Moscatel de Setúbal, a sweet<br />

fortified white wine. You can also find it souvenir<br />

shops to take back with you.<br />

Ac<strong>com</strong>modation<br />

We’ve got the perfect place for you to stay in Setubal,<br />

the multi-award-winning RM Guest House. It’s a unique<br />

<strong>com</strong>bination of elegance, artistry, and luxury, to find out more<br />

please see page 170.<br />

Find out more - https://visitsetubal.<strong>com</strong>/en/front-page_en/<br />



Casa da Baia<br />

Portugal | The Award for Excellence in Branding<br />

Located in the heart of Setubal, the Casa da Baia is so much more than a<br />

typical historic building it appears to be, in fact this elegant structure<br />

serves as the business card for the whole city and surrounding area.<br />

The 18th century building is the home of the official tourist<br />

centre and information hub of the region, on hand and ready<br />

to provide an abundance of knowledge for anyone who is<br />

interested exploring the city. There is a vast wealth of<br />

materials on offer for tourists such as details related to<br />

tours, points of interest, workshops, general leaflets,<br />

and area maps. Should you not find what you need,<br />

the team on hand and are more than happy to<br />

go the extra mile to make sure your query<br />

is resolved. Whether it be advice on local<br />

places to eat, attraction, transport tips<br />

or general information on the area, the<br />

staff are highly trained, resourceful<br />

and most of all passionate.<br />


As well as acting as a tourist centre the<br />

building is also a specialist wine area with a<br />

wine cellar housing and promoting bottles of<br />

all the producers in the region. You of course<br />

have an option to buy from the on-site shop<br />

or simply enjoy a glass from the cafeteria,<br />

the ideal place to sample some of the local<br />

delicacies.<br />

On top of this the space inside the building is<br />

used for regular cultural and artistic exhibits<br />

thus providing the perfect opportunity to take<br />

in a bit Setubal without going too far. This is<br />

indeed true when it <strong>com</strong>es to the building<br />

itself which was built upon roman ruins of<br />

which remnants remain.<br />

To get the most out of your journey to Setubal<br />

we re<strong>com</strong>mend starting at the Casa Da Baia!<br />


Avenida Luisa Todi, 468, Setubal,<br />

Setubal 2900-456, Portugal<br />

Tel +351 265 545 010<br />


RM Guest House<br />

Portugal | Guest House<br />

The RM Guest House, located in the elegant city of Setubal, is the realisation<br />

of a wish to create a unique, distinctive, and somewhat sophisticated<br />

place to set about the redefinition of the ac<strong>com</strong>modation experience in<br />

Portugal. Custom made furniture, characteristic design pieces and even<br />

a cute yellow pig make this house your home. A place where you can<br />

leave your troubles at the door, feel wel<strong>com</strong>e and at peace.<br />

The seven beautifully decorated suites are a reflection and a<br />

tribute to a definitive fashion icon or style that influences every<br />

little detail and aspect of the room while at the same time<br />

ensuring a <strong>com</strong>fortable experience. Our personal favourite<br />

is without a doubt suite no. 5, a subtle and touching<br />

tribute to Coco Chanel who famously favoured the<br />

number 5 as lucky and so should every guest lucky<br />

enough to stay here. The restored wooden floors,<br />

Portuguese sheets, handmade towels, Molton<br />

Brown amenities, air conditioning, cotton<br />

robes, flat screen TV and powerful espresso<br />

machines create a relaxed environment<br />

that no one would ever want to leave.<br />


Every guest is wel<strong>com</strong>ed in person by warm<br />

and friendly hosts along with a glass of<br />

Moscatel de Setúbal, a sweet, delicious,<br />

and locally sourced fortified wine. Excellent<br />

service is part of DNA at RM guest house<br />

and the team is dedicated to going above<br />

and beyond to ensure guests have a joyful<br />

experience. This includes free bicycle hire so<br />

you can explore the locale and if you wish to<br />

do more staff are more than happy to arrange<br />

a plethora of activities like helicopter tours,<br />

dolphin watching, yacht tour, oceanarium<br />

tickets, sightseeing tours, horseback riding,<br />

bird watching, canoeing and restaurant<br />

reservations.<br />

A stay at the RM Guest house is one you will<br />

never forget!<br />

Avenida Luisa<br />

Todi 59, 2900-424<br />

Setúbal, Portugal<br />

Tel +351 265 400 119<br />



Portugal<br />

3 New Experiences<br />

to Try<br />

New experiences should always be a requirement<br />

on any trip abroad. After all what is travelling if<br />

not an opportunity to learn, grow as a person, and<br />

make fond memories. All of these are possible when<br />

you try something unique, visit somewhere special,<br />

or go out of your <strong>com</strong>fort zone. In Portugal there are<br />

ample opportunities to do this that are exclusive to<br />

the country, and we’ve picked out three of the best.<br />


Spend an evening in a Fado Club<br />

Fado is a form of traditional music<br />

that is unique, meaningful, and<br />

symbolic to Portugal much like<br />

Samba is to Brazil, Ranchera is to<br />

Mexico, or like jazz to Louisiana in<br />

the USA. Fado can be traced back to<br />

Lisbon in the 1820’s and is popular<br />

today as it ever has been.<br />

An evening at a Fado club is the<br />

ultimate authentic experience in<br />

Portugal. Normally Fado is performed<br />

with three people one on vocals, a<br />

second on a classical guitar and a<br />

third on a Portuguese guitar, songs<br />

are traditionally melancholic.<br />

We re<strong>com</strong>mend paying a visit to<br />

the beautiful Casa de Linhares to<br />

experience Fado.<br />

http://<strong>www</strong>.casadelinhares.<strong>com</strong>/<br />

Feast on Pastel de Nata<br />

Chances you’ve probably had a<br />

dessert similar to Portugal’s Pastel<br />

de Nata, after all it’s just a pastry<br />

crust filled with egg custard that’s<br />

available all over. However, when<br />

you try the Portuguese version,<br />

you’ll quickly realise there isn’t an<br />

egg custard tart in the world that<br />

can quite <strong>com</strong>pete.<br />

In Portugal, these pastels are<br />

available on every street corner,<br />

great pride is taken in preparation,<br />

different places will have their own<br />

secret ingredient but as a rule they’re<br />

generally topped off with cinnamon.<br />

For an in-depth Pastel De Nata<br />

experience check out a dedicated<br />

cooking class available -https://<br />

lisboncookingacademy.<strong>com</strong>/en/<br />

courses/pastel-nata/<br />

Dark Sky Viewing<br />

This one is a different, it will require<br />

you to venture out into rural Portugal<br />

and possibly stay out all night, but<br />

it’ll be worth it as the experience<br />

itself is breath taking. Dark Sky<br />

viewing in Alqueva is unparalleled,<br />

so much so in fact that this was<br />

the first destination in the world to<br />

be certified as a “starlight tourism<br />

destination” meaning light pollution<br />

is extremely low, visibility excellent,<br />

and perfect climate to view the<br />

stars.<br />

Check out the next page for our<br />

extensive profile on Dark Sky<br />

Alqueva.<br />


Dark Sky<br />

Portugal | Learning Experience<br />

A<br />

perfect beautiful starry night is a rare thing so much so in fact that there<br />

are only a handful of certified destinations in <strong>Europe</strong> that can offer the,<br />

the first to be certified and probably the most exquisite is Dark Sky Alqueva.<br />

Located in the Alentejo region of Portugal Alqueva is a wonderful and<br />

accessible place to see the stars, constellations, the Milky Way, and<br />

distant galaxies. Conditions in Alqueva are ideal, light pollution is at a<br />

minimum and the climate is warm.<br />

So, should you decide that your next trip to Portugal will<br />

include a spot of night viewing then who better to guide you<br />

than the president of the Dark Sky Association, Apolónia<br />

Rodrigues. Apolónia is an experienced and awardwinning<br />

professional with an excellent background in<br />

sustainable tourism.<br />


Tell us a little bit about yourself. And what led you to founding Dark<br />

Sky?<br />

My professional career began in 1998, before I <strong>com</strong>pleted my university studies<br />

in Tourism Management and Planning. I started with a public entity that was<br />

linked to tourism, and soon after I had an international project, which made<br />

me understand which path I would like to follow. In 2007 I chose a different<br />

path from working in public authorities and requested unpaid leave in order<br />

to develop what I loved most, development of sustainable and integrated<br />

destinations <strong>com</strong>bined with future tourism trends in demand. To follow my<br />

passion I develop my own model and in that same year I begin creating Dark<br />

Sky® Alqueva. Opposition arose when choosing the night sky as a resource<br />

for tourism, as locally it was considered a negative point of the region, the loss<br />

of population. An area with little population and widely dispersed urban zones<br />

provided a restraint in the growth of public lighting, and as such it provided a<br />

low level of light pollution. A destination needs a strong element that is capable<br />

of driving towards sustainable development, but that at the same time allows<br />

it to differentiate itself in the global market. Thus, in the Alqueva the night sky<br />

appeared. And with it, the creation of the concept and destination brand Dark<br />

Sky®, the first one being Dark Sky® Alqueva.<br />


Dark Sky® Alqueva<br />

Official Dark Sky® Alqueva Observatory<br />

Rua de Nossa Senhora da Conceição S/N, Cumeada<br />

7200-071 Campo Rmz<br />

Tel + 351 91 310 35 40<br />


What is it about Alqueva that makes it such<br />

a perfect destination?<br />

Dark Sky® Alqueva <strong>com</strong>bines a night sky of<br />

exceptional quality with diversified and excellent<br />

tourism offer, together with natural beauty and<br />

rich material and intangible Heritage. At just<br />

over 1H30 away from an international airport it is<br />

possible to find a destination with an impressive<br />

night sky where one can observe the Milky Way,<br />

our great cosmic home, with the unaided eye.<br />

With cutting-edge telescopes for solar and<br />

astronomical observations, one can embark<br />

on a unique visual experience from observing<br />

planets, the craters of the Moon, passing<br />

through the deep sky on a cosmic journey<br />

through nebulae, galaxies and star clusters<br />

which rise above in one of the best skies in the<br />

world. In addition to the activities developed<br />

by Dark Sky®, a Network of Official Partners<br />

was created. Within the Network, the Official<br />

Partners include ac<strong>com</strong>modation, restaurants,<br />

handicrafts and regional products, guided tours<br />

and night and daytime entertainment activities,<br />

who are all prepared to meet the needs of<br />

astrotourists. It is without a doubt a <strong>com</strong>plete<br />

destination between the sky and Earth.<br />


What advice would you give to anyone thinking of visiting?<br />

My advice is to stay among us at least four days to be able to enjoy the night and day<br />

of Dark Sky® Alqueva calmly. I propose a <strong>com</strong>bination of stargazing in the Official<br />

Dark Sky® Alqueva Observatory, astrophotography with Miguel Claro, night canoeing<br />

and a night walk or a run with a day boat trip, long meals, visiting our castles,<br />

monuments and beautiful villages or just resting in the vast fields, near the Great<br />

Alqueva Lake, or close to the pool with a nice glass of Alentejo wine or a gin which is<br />

also produced locally.<br />

Are there any activities you’d re<strong>com</strong>mend?<br />

Dark Sky® Alqueva offers a range of astronomical observation activities with the<br />

unaided eye or with telescopes, which can be held at the Official Dark Sky® Alqueva<br />

Observatory in Cumeada, or in any part of the certified territory, always with a Dark<br />

Sky® Guide. In addition to these activities, other <strong>com</strong>plimentary activities were<br />

created and developed which can be carried out both at night and during the day,<br />

such as walking tours that mix heritage and nature, canoeing, Solar System Yoga,<br />

horse riding, photographic tours and workshops, wine tours and normal and blind<br />

wine tasting, team building, orientation, bird watching, wildlife watching, among<br />

many others upon request. Among the activities that can be carried out at night, we<br />

emphasize the astrophotography workshops, which can be in a private 1-to-1 format<br />

or in group, held by the international astrophotographer Miguel Claro.<br />

From daytime experiences, we emphasize the boat trips on the Alqueva Lake, fishing,<br />

the Sunset Dark Sky® which <strong>com</strong>prises of a solar observation with a solar telescope<br />

ac<strong>com</strong>panied with Sharish Gin, wine or a non-alcoholic cocktail, and the hot air<br />

balloon trip at sunrise or sunset. These are a few of the most sought after activities<br />

but our team and our partners are always available and open to new ideas and to<br />

tailor made programs.<br />


United Kingdom<br />

<br />


Birminghan, United Kingdom<br />


Scotland<br />

Water is the life-blood that flows through<br />

and around Scotland. It’s what makes its<br />

beloved landscape so special, its whisky so tasty<br />

and its water sports so much fun.<br />

<strong>2021</strong> continues Scotland’s Year of Coasts and<br />

Waters, celebrating the country’s diverse coastal<br />

scenery and waterways, from dramatic cliffs, sea<br />

stacks and gleaming white beaches, to lochs<br />

steeped in history and rivers and canals that have<br />

contributed so much to Scotland’s culture and<br />

heritage.<br />

Scotland’s magnificent coastline runs to around<br />

10,000 km and there are over 30,000 lochs and<br />

lochans with miles of winding rivers to discover.<br />

And while Scotland waits to wel<strong>com</strong>e visitors from<br />

all over the world, all this will be here for visitors<br />

when the time is right…<br />


Natural environment and Wildlife<br />

Sculpted by volcanoes, glaciers and the<br />

weather, some of Scotland’s landscape<br />

is over 3 billion years old - you really have<br />

to see it to believe it. Glaciers have carved<br />

out beautiful lochs in Scotland, some<br />

deeper than our inshore seas, which are<br />

home to wel<strong>com</strong>ing <strong>com</strong>munities and<br />

the odd monster!<br />

Along Scotland’s coastline, you’ll find<br />

some of the world’s best beaches with<br />

sweeping pristine white sands against<br />

clear azure blue waters. Embrace the<br />

beauty of the Outer Hebrides or the<br />

Highlands, or venture east to Angus,<br />

Fife or East Lothian and dip a toe in!<br />

And don’t forget the beautiful nature<br />

reserves across the country, home to a<br />

tremendous variety of flora, fauna and<br />

wildlife.<br />

Whatever the season, Scotland’s coasts<br />

and waters are the ideal place for a natural<br />

high and a wildlife experience should be<br />

part of any trip here, no matter where<br />

you go! In spring marvel at thousands of<br />

seabirds, including guillemots, fulmars,<br />

kittiwakes and razorbills, as they return<br />

to their craggy sea-cliff ‘cities’ to nest<br />

and raise young after a winter at sea.<br />

As the days lengthen in summer, osprey<br />

fly thousands of miles from west Africa<br />

to raise their chicks, while resident<br />

bottlenose dolphin pods and whales rise<br />

from the deep to frolic in the crashing<br />

waves.<br />

The vivid golds and coppers of autumn<br />

signal the arrival of thousands of<br />

migrant geese in their familiar ‘v’ shaped<br />

squadrons, while powerful Atlantic<br />

Salmon can be spotted leaping as they<br />

return to their original spawning rivers.<br />

And between late September and late<br />

November, seals pull up along our shores<br />

to give birth to adorable and furry pups.<br />


Historic Environment and<br />

Cultural Heritage<br />

Scots have deep-rooted links with<br />

coasts and waters. They were an<br />

important means of travel and helped<br />

provide an abundant larder for early<br />

settlers. You’ll find many important<br />

Neolithic, Iron Age and Bronze Age<br />

sites near the coasts of Orkney and<br />

Shetland, with mysteries of Orkney’s<br />

early loch-side dwellers still being<br />

uncovered at the Ness of Brodgar<br />

excavations today.<br />

Between the 8th and 15th centuries,<br />

the formidable Vikings and the<br />

mighty Lords of the Isles used the sea<br />

and their grand fleets to control the<br />

islands of Orkney and Shetland and<br />

the Inner and Outer Hebrides. Norse<br />

heritage and culture are plain to see<br />

today around Orkney and Shetland in<br />

particular, but also along the Firth of<br />

Clyde.<br />

In the Middle Ages, nobles were quick<br />

to realise the importance of siting<br />

castles on the coast or on loch<br />

islands, to improve their fortification.<br />

Scotland has a wide array of<br />

impressive coastal fortresses<br />

to explore. From Dunnottar by<br />

Stonehaven, and Tantallon in East<br />

Lothian, to Sinclair-Girnigoe near<br />

Wick. Dunnottar withstood several<br />

assaults by Vikings and an eightmonth<br />

siege by Oliver Cromwell’s<br />

forces.<br />

In more recent times, coasts and<br />

waters have played an important<br />

role during the Napoleonic and<br />

World Wars. The vast, natural<br />

harbour of Scapa Flow in Orkney<br />

was an important deep-water<br />

wartime anchorage for the Royal<br />

Navy throughout these conflicts as<br />

well as, surprisingly, the American<br />

War of Independence.<br />

Loch Striven, a long sea-loch on the<br />

Cowal Peninsula was important for<br />

training midget submarine crews<br />

and testing bouncing bombs in<br />

WWII. Whilst Holy Loch near Dunoon,<br />

also on the Cowal Peninsula, was<br />

and remains an important naval<br />

base today.<br />


Activities and Adventure<br />

Our seas, shores, lochs and rivers are an<br />

amazing playground for those that thrive in<br />

the great outdoors. Whether you’re surfing<br />

Atlantic swells, fishing some of <strong>Europe</strong>’s finest<br />

rivers, sea-kayaking along the west coast,<br />

or enjoying a refreshing coastal walk, there’s<br />

plenty to take your breath away!<br />

Scotland’s gorges, rivers and lochs are perfect<br />

for a huge range of thrilling watersports. With<br />

a wetsuit, and ‘can-do’ attitude, try canyoning<br />

in Highland Perthshire, Lochaber or Dumfries<br />

& Galloway, or go whitewater rafting on<br />

the rivers Findhorn, Moriston, Orchy, Tay or<br />

Tummel. Try stand-up paddle boarding, the<br />

trendiest watersport of the moment or go<br />

‘old school’ and find some of <strong>Europe</strong>’s finest<br />

surfing spots in Scotland. Sea-kayaking is an<br />

amazing way to see our coast in a new way.<br />

If you’re starting out, join a group paddling<br />

amongst the Arisaig Skerries. The sea there is<br />

often calm and you might see basking seals<br />

pulled up on the white sandy beaches - an<br />

incredibe experience. Skilled paddlers can<br />

choose a section of the 500 km Scottish Sea<br />

Kayak Trail, which runs from the Isle of Gigha<br />

to the Summer Isles.<br />

If you’ve ever dreamed of navigating a yacht around idyllic islands<br />

or gliding gracefully across a misty loch, there can be no better time<br />

than Scotland’s Year of Coasts and Waters to plan a sailing trip for<br />

next year. Whether you’re a landlubber keen to learn the secrets of<br />

the sea, or an experienced skipper looking for a ‘bareboat’ charter -<br />

Scotland offers some of the finest sailing experiences in the world.<br />


Food and Drink<br />

When it <strong>com</strong>es to feeding the nation and<br />

many of our <strong>Europe</strong>an and global friends,<br />

Scotland’s coasts and waters are vitally<br />

important.<br />

Scotland lands over two-thirds of the<br />

world’s langoustines and is the largest fish<br />

producer in <strong>Europe</strong>. Thankfully however,<br />

much of this delicious seafood, regarded<br />

by many as amongst the best in the world,<br />

stays in Scotland. You’ll find it in fine<br />

seafood shacks and fish and chip shops<br />

around the coast as well as on restaurant<br />

menus across the country.<br />

The quality of our water is also important<br />

when it <strong>com</strong>es to our other major export<br />

- whisky - uisge beatha - the water of<br />

life. Water from natural springs, rivers and<br />

lochs, <strong>com</strong>bined with malted barley and<br />

aged in oak casks, have a clear influence<br />

on the taste - this can differ between<br />

whisky regions and the 120, and growing,<br />

whisky distilleries that you’ll find here.<br />


A message from VisitScotland<br />

Whilst some travel restrictions remain in<br />

place around the world, we want to send a<br />

message of support and hope to our friends<br />

around the world. We want to assure them<br />

that, whilst they can’t visit just now, we will<br />

still be here with a warm wel<strong>com</strong>e for them<br />

when the time is right.<br />

Dream now and visit VisitScotland.<strong>com</strong><br />

Scotland’s water and other local botanicals are<br />

also important in the production of Scottish gin.<br />

Over 70% of the juniper berry-based spirit is<br />

produced in Scotland and it’s the quality of the<br />

water and natural ingredients that makes it so<br />

special.<br />

The Scottish craft beer sector continues to<br />

grow each year and the range of brews on offer<br />

is intriguing and satisfying. Many of our whisky<br />

and gin distilleries and breweries offer visitor<br />

experiences and it’s well worth calling in for a<br />

wee dram, a refreshing G & T or some amber ale.<br />


The Mountain Men<br />

Scotland - UK |<br />

The Award for Excellence in Service<br />

From humble beginnings as a small group raising money for charity, T.M.M.<br />

Experiences (formally The Mountain Men) has quickly be<strong>com</strong>e Scotland’s<br />

Premier Wild Camp Specialist. Currently they offer several experiences, all<br />

developed and built upon by the work of a knowledgeable and dedicated<br />

team led by former soldier and outdoorsman Ritchie Nash. Their all<br />

inclusive wild camping experiences allow you to travel light as T.M.M.<br />

supply the equipment you need.<br />

The Scottish Experience<br />

Scotland is a beautiful country and with the Scottish<br />

Experience you get to see so much more of it than you would<br />

on a standard run of the mill tour. With this Experience<br />

you get a fantastic opportunity to get up close and<br />

personal with the rugged landscape while camping in<br />

<strong>com</strong>fortable and modern tents. All the equipment is<br />

supplied and carried by the T.M.M. team allowing<br />

you the freedom to take in the sights. You can<br />

choose between the Skye Experience, the<br />

Arran Experience, the North Coast 500<br />

Experience or even tailor an experience<br />

to suit your preferences.<br />


The Backpacker Experience<br />

As the name suggests this experience is all centred around<br />

backpacking and differs from the Scottish Experience in that<br />

you are carrying your backpack for a short spell, this allows us<br />

to access some of the more remote and wonderful locations<br />

hidden to most tourists. A typical backpack weighs only 12kg<br />

and contains everything you need. This Experience will involve<br />

a short hike to a camp location and once there the freedom to<br />

explore your surroundings or just relax around the campfire<br />

whichever you prefer. Currently on offer there is the West<br />

Highland Way Experience, the Lochs and Islands Experience<br />

and the Mystery Experience for which your destination always<br />

remains a pleasant surprise. A member of the T.M.M. team will<br />

be on hand at all times.<br />


The Outlander Experience<br />

This is a movie tour with a difference. Spend four days<br />

submerged in the land of the Jacobite’s, whilst visiting<br />

several locations from the hit TV show Outlander. Sleep out<br />

in the wild like the warriors of yesterday, immerse yourself in<br />

the passion that is Scotland. This Experience includes entry<br />

to four main attractions from the series including Culloden<br />

Visitor Centre and Battlefield.<br />

Hill Navigation Training<br />

When not operating their Experiences and under their<br />

original name of The Mountain Men, two excellent courses<br />

are available. The low cost but highly effective courses<br />

are designed to give back and build both the skills and the<br />

confidence of walkers. The main course is The Hill Navigation<br />

& Safety Course which covers all aspects of safety on the<br />

hills including what kit to carry, how to deal with emergency<br />

situations and how to navigate in any conditions. The second<br />

course is the Winter Navigation Course and is more of a<br />

confidence booster to show candidates that the skills they<br />

have learned really do work in all conditions. The Mountain<br />

Men travel all over Scotland providing these courses.<br />


2nd Floor, Clyde Offices, 48 West George<br />

Street, Glasgow, G2 1BP<br />

Tel +44 0141 482 7005<br />


Old Man of Storr, Isle of Skye, United Kingdom<br />


The Beauty of the<br />

Lake District<br />

There are very few places in the United Kingdom that<br />

can <strong>com</strong>pete with the Lake District when it <strong>com</strong>es to<br />

natural beauty and heritage. The Lake District is a national<br />

park located in the north-west of England and covers an<br />

area of over 2000 square kilometres.<br />

The district is known as the home of several beautiful<br />

lakes, but you’ll also find rugged fell mountains, traditional<br />

market towns, enchanting forests, a variety of wildlife,<br />

hiking paths, mountain biking trails, steam railways, and<br />

cruises.<br />

Windermere remains the most popular town and tends<br />

to be used as a base for a lot of visitors, here you’ll find<br />

restaurants, café’s, shops, heritage attraction, and the<br />

starting point for a lot of activities such as the lake cruises<br />

or hiking trails.<br />


Lovers of literature are in for a treat, the<br />

village of Hawkshead, a few miles west of<br />

Windermere, has important connections<br />

to both Beatrix Potter and William<br />

Wordsworth. The serene setting of the<br />

Lake District inspired much of Beatrix<br />

Potters work and William Wordsworth was<br />

schooled in Hawkshead. You can now visit<br />

the homes of both these literary geniuses.<br />

The further you head away from the main<br />

town the wilder and more dramatic the<br />

landscape be<strong>com</strong>es. Mountain passes,<br />

scurrying rivers, lush hills, and much<br />

more await on the many hiking trails. We<br />

re<strong>com</strong>mend the Buttermere walk, a flat<br />

and fairly <strong>com</strong>fortable circular route that<br />

is about four miles long.<br />

Although you will find several restaurants<br />

in the bigger towns, we suggest you visit a<br />

traditional pub for a more a local meal and<br />

experience. Sheep farming is <strong>com</strong>mon in<br />

the hills of the Lake District and in keeping<br />

with that Roast lamb is a local favourite.<br />


Birmingham<br />

Our One to Watch<br />

Birmingham, the second city, has seen a tourism<br />

resurgence in recent years, the city is seen as a<br />

good alternative to London, it’s much cheaper in terms of<br />

housing & living expenses, it has a thriving gastronomic<br />

scene, a pulsating city centre, brilliant nightlife, numerous<br />

shopping hubs, several attractions, fine boutique hotels,<br />

and its central location means its easy to get around the<br />

rest of the country. The imminent arrival of the highspeed<br />

HS2 train will make it much easier to live in Birmingham<br />

and <strong>com</strong>mute to London.<br />


Getting in and Getting Around<br />

Birmingham has its own international<br />

airport that is well connected via<br />

several major airlines. The city’s<br />

central location in the UK means it’s<br />

efficiently linked to the rest of the<br />

country via train (there are two main<br />

stations), bus, and driving in. A unique<br />

option is entering the city through<br />

its extensive canal network, visitors<br />

travelling by narrowboat can choose<br />

from several tourist moorings.<br />

There is a newly built tram system to<br />

get around the centre the city but if<br />

you’re venturing out both the bus<br />

and train systems within the city are<br />

decent. The train network is limited<br />

<strong>com</strong>pared to other major cities so it’s<br />

worth planning ahead as you may<br />

need to use a <strong>com</strong>bination of the<br />

two. Ofcourse several ride-sharing<br />

services are available such as Uber,<br />

Gett, and Bolt.<br />


Things To Do<br />

For a city that’s over a thousand year’s old Birmingham<br />

has a somewhat muted history. It was only really during<br />

the Victorian era that Birmingham became a big city.<br />

The city became an industrial centre and was dubbed<br />

“the workshop of the world”, to this end there are a few<br />

attractions focused on its industrial past. We re<strong>com</strong>mend<br />

visiting the Jewellery quarter, home to several jewellery<br />

shops that have been there for over a hundred years plus<br />

a museum. Soho house is another industrial era attraction,<br />

it was once the home of Matthew Boulton, who pioneered<br />

the industrial age in the city. For industrial architecture<br />

you should heading over to Digbeth and Deritend, the area<br />

is now a hub for creativity in the city.<br />

One of the most popular things to do in the city is to go<br />

on a tour of the Cadbury’s Chocolate factory, known as<br />

Cadbury world. The tour includes learning about the<br />

history of chocolate, the Cadbury <strong>com</strong>pany, and a brief<br />

look at the factory floor.<br />

The global popularity of the BBC television drama Peaky<br />

Blinders has led to interest in the city. Parts of the series<br />

is filmed in the city and there are several spots in the city<br />

that were once frequented by the Peaky Blinders. We<br />

re<strong>com</strong>mend going on a specialised tour with - https://<br />

<strong>www</strong>.peakytours.<strong>com</strong>/<br />


Food<br />

When it <strong>com</strong>es to food Birmingham is a melting pot of<br />

different cuisines from around the world. You can find<br />

Bangladeshi, Indian, Pakistani, Middle Eastern, Chinese,<br />

Japanese, Polish, and Italian restaurants all over the city.<br />

However, there is one dish you ought to try and that is<br />

the Birmingham Balti. The Balti is a curry dish invented<br />

in the city in 1977 and is best enjoyed in a restaurant<br />

or Balti house located in the “Balti Triangle”. The name<br />

given to a cluster of restaurants along Ladypool Road,<br />

Stoney Lane, and Stratford Road. A taxi to the area will<br />

cost about £5.<br />

Ac<strong>com</strong>modation<br />

We re<strong>com</strong>mend the Hyatt Regency, a modern hotel that<br />

has stood the test of the time in the city. It’s centrally<br />

located, fully equipped with a gym, pool, and restaurant.<br />

It’s often the default choice for celebrities and world<br />

leaders.<br />

Find out more - https://visitbirmingham.<strong>com</strong>/<br />


Iceland<br />

<br />


Skógafoss, iceland<br />


Rekjavik Top 5<br />

Tourism to Iceland is focused mainly its exciting capital Reykjavik, after all this<br />

is the only major city on the Island and is home to more than two thirds of<br />

the population. It is the perfect base to learn about the culture of Iceland, take<br />

part in activities, sample local cuisine, visit attractions, and to explore the rest of<br />

the country. There is a lot to do in and around Reykjavik and we’ve put together<br />

a list of 5 must do activities.<br />

Spend a Morning at the Blue Lagoon<br />

In a country well known for its geothermal pools the Blue Lagoon stands out as<br />

the most popular. This pristine pool is part of a centre that includes a modern<br />

hotel, vibrant on-site restaurants, and a <strong>com</strong>plete spa. The pool itself remains a<br />

balmy 40 °C all year round despite freezing conditions.<br />

Located only 45 minutes outside of Reykjavik and about 10 minutes from the<br />

airport, the Blue Lagoon can get extremely busy so its worth booking ahead.<br />

Therefore, we re<strong>com</strong>mend spending a morning there when its quieter and much<br />

more pleasant.<br />

Find out more - https://<strong>www</strong>.bluelagoon.<strong>com</strong>/<br />


Visit the Icelandic<br />

Phallological Museum<br />

A weird attraction and a unique one<br />

for sure, this is the only museum in<br />

the world dedicated to penesis and<br />

Phallalogy. The museum is home to<br />

over 250 penesis from over 90 different<br />

species of animals including humans,<br />

bulls, a blue whale (the largest), hamster<br />

(the smallest) and even penesis of<br />

mythological creatures such as elves,<br />

trolls, and kelpies.<br />

There is a store on site selling all sorts<br />

of souvenirs, everything from designer<br />

condoms, tote bags, porcelain art, key<br />

rings, bottle openers, and sweets can<br />

be purchased. The entry cost is 2200ISK<br />

and the museum is open everyday from<br />

1pm to 6pm.<br />

Find out more - https://phallus.is/en/<br />


Learn how to cook Icelandic<br />

Food<br />

Icelandic cuisine is growing in<br />

esteem and is more <strong>com</strong>monly<br />

noted as one of the key reasons to<br />

visit Iceland, many people want to<br />

try the food. Geothermally baked rye<br />

bread is spectacular, skyr yoghurt is<br />

tasteful, the locally smoked lamb is a<br />

delicacy, and of course seafood is a<br />

speciality all over.<br />

We re<strong>com</strong>mend taking this love of<br />

food one step further by learning<br />

to cook it yourself. Salt Eldhus<br />

is <strong>Travel</strong> and <strong>Hospitality</strong> award<br />

winning cooking school based<br />

in Reykjavik and has been going<br />

strong since 2012. Visitors can<br />

expect educational, interactive,<br />

and enjoyable cooking classes that<br />

offers an insightful opportunity to<br />

experience Icelandic cuisine, food<br />

tradition and local culture. Check out<br />

the following page to find out more.<br />

Descend down Þríhnúkagígur<br />

Þríhnúkagígur is a dormant volcano that last erupted over 4000 years ago.<br />

With no signs of eruption anytime soon the volcano has been opened for<br />

tourists to descend into the magma chamber. There is no other place in<br />

the world where this possible making this an activity special to Iceland. The<br />

magma chamber, often referred to as the heart of the volcano, is beautiful,<br />

and considered by many a geological wonder. If you’re claustrophobic we<br />

re<strong>com</strong>mend you give this one a miss as the journey to the chamber is 120<br />

metres underground.<br />

Book your trip now at https://insidethevolcano.<strong>com</strong>/<br />


Tour the Golden Circle<br />

A breath-taking trip that takes you from Reykjavik to the south of Iceland and back again. This route is the perfect way<br />

to take in the natural beauty of rural Iceland and visit three major attractions. You can self-drive or go as part of a tour,<br />

either method has its own benefits.<br />

The first stop on this route is Þingvellir National Park, a UNESCO world heritage site that is home to several cultural<br />

treasures and a canyon caused by the parting of the Eurasian and North American plates. The second stop is the<br />

spectacular Gullfoss waterfall, an iconic double waterfall that is over 32 metres high. The final stop on the Golden Circle<br />

is the geysers at Haukadalur, one of which, called Strokkur, can churn up water over 100 feet into the air.<br />

Find out more - https://guidetoiceland.is/travel-iceland/drive/golden-circle<br />


Salt Eldhus<br />

Iceland | Culinary Experience<br />

Icelandic cuisine has <strong>com</strong>e into its own in recent years. Traditionally this distinctive<br />

cuisine has been considered a functional reaction to the harsh realities and climate<br />

of Iceland’s position in the arctic circle. However, technological advancements,<br />

modern innovations and an increase in shared knowledge has led to the Iceland<br />

culinary scene blossoming over the past few decades to the point now where<br />

many visit Iceland simply to try the food. For this kind of experience there is no<br />

one better in Iceland than Salt Eldhus.<br />

Salt Eldhus offers an extraordinary Icelandic kitchen experience through<br />

educational, interactive, and enjoyable cooking classes. These cooking<br />

classes offer a unique opportunity to immerse yourself in Icelandic<br />

cuisine and food traditions while at the same time learning about<br />

the culture and heritage of Iceland. Established in 2012 Salt<br />

Eldhus has been popular with tourists and locals alike, there is<br />

a distinct focus on the current trends, use of local produce,<br />

employment of trained chefs, a friendly atmosphere,<br />

and a well-equipped kitchen. All this <strong>com</strong>bined with<br />

the charismatic and expert leadership Mrs Sigridur<br />

Björk Bragadottir has led to Salt Eldhus be<strong>com</strong>ing<br />

one of the must do activities in Iceland.<br />


The cook and dine class on offer is an open<br />

class that runs twice daily once for lunch and<br />

again once more for dinner. Along with an<br />

opportunity to learn how to cook, the class<br />

allows for a tasting session and follow up<br />

gourmet meal where Icelandic fish and lamb<br />

take centre stage. In this unique four hour<br />

experience guests are able to prepare and<br />

plate a three-course meal using fresh local<br />

ingredients, all under the supervision of a<br />

highly trained chef. Sampling local specialties<br />

is encouraged and to end the whole<br />

experience guests are awarded a recipe folder<br />

to take away what they’ve learnt.<br />

So, whether it’s your first time in Iceland or<br />

you’re a seasoned Icelandophile be sure to<br />

check out Salt Eldhus for a truly authentic,<br />

educational, and fabulous Icelandic<br />

experience.<br />

Þórunnartún 2 - 105<br />

Reykjavík<br />

Tel +354 551 0171<br />



206<br />




<strong>2021</strong><br />


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