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Hotel of the Year

Istanbul, Turkey

Luxury Chalets of the Year


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The UK’s leading hospitality event dedicated to increasing

hotel profitability, The Hotel360 Expo, is back and opening

its door to over 4 - 5,000 hotel professionals. Taking place at

the ExCeL, London on the 28th & 29th of September 2021,

Hotel360 promises a surplus of solutions and information,

ensuring hotel decision-makers are at the forefront of the

latest hospitality advancements.

The Hotel360 Expo is a rare opportunity to meet the big names

of the industry, as well as the up-and-comers. Moreover, a

chance to rethink one’s hotel business’s marketing strategy,

to source solutions to optimise operational efficiency, take

home the latest hospitality tech trends and sustainability

solutions. The show also provides the tools to not only get

hotel businesses to boost their bookings, but to grow, ensure

customer satisfaction and increase their profits.

The line-up for Hotel360 will boast over 300 cuttingedge

suppliers, 150 inspirational seminars, and expertled

panel debates. Not to mention, unlimited networking

opportunities, unmissable innovation awards and much

more to keep attendees captivated.

As one of our previous endorsers, Tom Lord, the

Former Head of Global Support, InterContinental

Hotels Group, has said:

“We saw some great new solutions

using AI and the event is great for small

businesses and big ones alike, as well as

putting everyone under one roof and letting

people across the breadth of the hospitality

industry see all the latest technologies


Running directly alongside

Hotel360, is the

Hospitality Design Show.

This show will exhibit the

latest design trends, ideas,

and innovations behind

business growth. It also

grants a unique opportunity

to let the leading creatives

guide hotel businesses

to success with 1-2-1

advice. All under one roof,

the events will provide a

one stop shop for hotel

professionals. Plus it is

FREE to attend.

Visit hotel360expo.co.uk to

secure your free ticket to

both shows and discover

the tools to maximise your


Sponsor and




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City of Culture Old Masters – Young Experts,

Luxury Mountain Getaways, Kaprun Edition,

and Susanne Fischer amongst others.





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Excellence in Service is an important

category, as customer service can often

be responsible for having guests return

year after year. We look for the hotels

and tour operators that go out of their

way to please their guests, those that

provide a personal level of service and

take the time to get to know each visitor

so that they might anticipate their every

need. This can be something as simple

as a 24-hour concierge desk, a hotel

manager who offers a personal greeting

or a tour guide who is happy to create

bespoke private tours – but whatever

it is, we are always pleased when we

encounter staff that have been trained

in the art of customer satisfaction.

Style & Design

It is no question that style and design

plays a big part in selecting our awards

shortlist. A guest will form an opinion

about a hotel as soon as they arrive

so it is important to us that all our

winners make those first impressions

count. We’re certainly not partial to a

particular period of architecture – but

whether we’re judging a gothic castle or

an environmentally friendly lodge, the

criteria remains the same. We consider

factors such as architectural features,

use of materials, creation of spaces,

décor and the overall feel. We love it

when we find a hotel that tells a story

though its design and construction, or

offers a design that is sympathetic to

the natural surroundings of its location.

Local Knowledge

Knowledge of the local area is essential

for any organization, be it a hotel or a

tour operator. The quality of services

takes a great hit when the quality of this

element is not up to the mark. Quite a

few of our winners in this category are

because they have displayed excellent

knowledge about the surrounding

areas. The criteria for a hotel is slightly

lenient compared to a tour operator, as

the latter is expected to have thorough

knowledge of the area in order to

provide good services.


Award-winning guest rooms come in all

shapes and sizes, but they all have one

thing in common – a home-away-fromhome

feel. The comfort of the facilities

on offer are of vital importance; we look

for luxurious linens, stylish bathrooms

and a coordinated colour scheme that

work together to create a cohesive

sense of relaxation. Additional touches,

such as complimentary toiletries, free

wi-fi or tea and coffee making facilities

are always a bonus in making us feel

welcome. We’re always impressed to find

hotel rooms that embrace technology

and offer amenities like tablets or smart

thermostat systems, but this does not

always necessarily trump the traditional

– four poster beds, ornate fireplaces or

antique furniture can add a touch of

decadence to a hotel stay.


In today’s modern age, a hotel or tour

operator cannot rely on word of mouth

to get their message out into the world.

As social media has become a vital

part of everyday life, we like to see

companies that go the extra mile to

engage with their guests, both past

and future. Attractive and informative

websites and engaging and honest

content are what we look for when

judging a company’s use of marketing;

how well they display their services, how

up-to-date their content is, how well

they get their brand message across,

and, most importantly, how well their

marketing can tempt us to go and see

what they have to offer for ourselves.



Diversity is one important aspect that

needs to be taken into consideration

when in the travel and hospitality

industry. It is essential to have staff

that has varying diversity to ensure that

the organization can properly connect

with their guests. Diversity is taken into

account in terms of gender, nationality

as well as languages spoken among

other factors. Not only do we take the

diversity of the staff into account but

even that of the facilities and services

offered; a hotel or tour operator

providing a better range of services is

preferred over those that do not.

Customer Reviews

What better way is there to know about

an organization than by getting first

hand reviews? Customers are the best

judges of any service as they are the

ones who experience them and can

assess whether they were up to the

mark or not. Considering reviews from

hundreds of customers gives us a fair

idea about the general pros and cons

of any organization and also gives us

valuable inputs for the other criteria

as well.

Industry Knowledge

It is of prime importance that an

organization has thorough industry

knowledge. Without knowing the nit-bits

of the industry, it is difficult to flourish

and provide services which are a class

apart. Before any organization ventures

into the industry, it is essential that

they know how the industry is moving

and how they should make changes to

their methodologies in order to remain

relevant and also be a top-performing



Location is one of the most important factors, but also one of the most subjective,

as the ‘ideal’ is very much determined by the type of visitor and the type of

hotel itself. However, there are a few factors we take into consideration when

determining the winners of location-based awards. The first is convenience; that

is, hotels that are easy to travel to. Many of our winners in this category are in

convenient locations, such as adjacent to airports, close to beaches or found in

the heart of easy-to-navigate cities. We are always impressed when hotels go the

extra mile to take the hassle out of traveling and offer such additional services as

airport shuttles or car hire services. However, we’re always excited to come across

a hotel that is, to use a familiar phrase, off-the-beaten-track. A hotel that can

offer something a little different, in terms of natural surroundings, can make the

difference between a good holiday and an incredible one.


Holiday Guide

Zermatt in Switzerland

Winter Holidays

in Europe

The travel and hospitality industry, like many others,

is still reeling from the Covid-19 pandemic. Despite

signs of growth and enthusiasm, the industry isn’t set

to have a stellar summer like some anticipated. Instead,

an extensive European winter tourist season is expected

with many planning to swap out the beaches of the

Mediterranean for the snowy landscapes of the Alps and

Scandinavia. For those people we have put together the

perfect winter holiday guide.



If there is any type of activity that is

synonymous with a winter holiday it’s skiing,

with snowboarding as a remarkably close

second. When most of us think of going on

holiday in the winter we instantly think of a

snowy ski resort where we can enjoy hours

on the slopes and then relax by a warm fire

with a lovely hot drink.

Ofcourse skiing and snowboarding aren’t

the only two winter activities you can

appreciate at a mountain resort. Ice karting,

fat snow biking, tobogganing, snowmobiling,

sledding, ice climbing, and hiking, are all

popular activities that can be enjoyed at

most ski resorts throughout Europe.

For your first time on this type of holiday

we recommend getting some practice in

your home country first. You can do this

on artificial slopes, although not the same

as real snow these surfaces still offer an

opportunity to familiarise yourself with basic

movement techniques, build stamina, and

improve balance. Ultimately by doing this

you’ll be much better equipped to handle the

real thing.


Europe is home to some of the best

ski resorts in the world. Courcheval

in France, one of the largest and

most famous resorts in world. Cortina

d’Ampezzo in Italy has remained hugely

popular over the last 50 years. St. Anton

am Arlberg in Austria is well known for

its challenging runs, especially its offpiste

options. An alternative is Jasna in

Slovakia, the resort boasts almost 50km

of slopes and is much more affordable

than any of the options in the Alps.

Our personal favourite is Zermatt in

Switzerland. Set at the foot of the

majestic Matterhorn, this resort is

renowned for its lively atmosphere,

excellent restaurants, incredible history,

and is the ideal place for any level of

skier. The resort is home to Alpine Ski

School, a Travel and Hospitality award

winner and home to some of the best

snow sport instructors in Europe. You

can find out more on page 20.



Alpine Ski School

Switzerland | The Award for Excellence in Service


Skiing and snowboarding in the Swiss Alps makes for a perfect winter break.

Many people however are put off by the mere inability to ski or snowboard

and wouldn’t know where to start should they decide to begin. We

however have the answer, and it is the Alpine Ski School!!

Based in Zermatt, the excellently rated Alpine Ski School is

headed up by pals Maxime Riviera and David “Dido” Erba, both

experienced, multilingual, and knowledgeable in the art of

skiing, snowboarding and even mono-skiing.

Maxime and David along with their professional team

are ready to welcome all regardless of your experience

or skill level. Lessons are made to fit with individual

requirements, so you are ensured the best

education to improve your ability while at the

same time having fun. Instructors available

can speak English, German, Italian, French,

Spanish, Portuguese and Russian.

There are 3 distinct services on offer,

these are private lesson, a VIP day

and Off-Piste guiding and touring.

Private Lessons

As you’d expect these are ski and snowboarding classes

tailored to an individual’s skill level and offer excellent

value for money in Zermatt. Lessons are delivered by

passionate and dedicated instructors


An exciting and unforgettable experience. The day

starts with a hotel pick up following by skiing down

some of the most sensational runs in the area and the

chance to stop at several viewpoints. In the afternoon

you can stop at a few attractions and explore the

sunny Italian side of the resort. For lunch, a gourmet

restaurant chose specially for you. To top it off you also

get the opportunity to go on a helicopter tour around

the Matterhorn.

Off Piste

Half or full day of Off Piste instruction and guiding.

Instructors know the area well, so you’re guaranteed

the amazing freeride runs of the resort.

Metzggasse 9, 3920,

Zermatt, Switzerland

Tel +41 79 136 05 54



Vienna City of

Culture Old Masters –

Young Experts

in partnership with


The world’s largest Bruegel collection and the prettiest kiss

immortalized by Jugendstil genius Gustav Klimt in his worldfamous

painting can only be found in Vienna. The cultural capital

is also a place where you can discover a rich diversity of styles and

eras. Baroque opulence and cool avant-garde coexist in an exciting

creative environment. Pieces by talented young designers now hang

in the ornate staterooms and are just as impressive as the old masters

found in Vienna’s modern museums.

The Albertina, a former Habsburg palace, houses one of the most

important art collections in the world. Important exhibitions take place

here, and the museum’s own collection is spectacular, with names

such as Matisse, Renoir and Miro. The Kunsthistorisches Museum

Vienna on the Ringstrasse is devoted to Old Masters. Art treasures

from all the key eras are on display here, in particular examples from

the Renaissance and Baroque periods by Rubens, Titian, Rembrandt

and Raphael. The museum also holds the world’s largest collection

of works by Bruegel. The Kunstkammer is one of the most important

in the world: More than 2,100 objects, collected over centuries by the

Habsburgs, are on show.

The Baroque Belvedere

Palace is home to the

biggest collection of Klimts

in the world, including

The Kiss. The Secession

Building, which was used

as an exhibition space

by Klimt‘s secessionist

group of artists, awaits

at Karlsplatz. While

Klimt’s world-famous

“Beethoven Frieze” can be

marveled at on the ground

floor, contemporary art

is presented in the main

exhibition room.


Renowned 20th century artists are represented at

the MuseumsQuartier. Built by Baroque architect

Fischer von Erlach, the former court stables now host

a whole new district. The courtyard is once again

brimming with life thanks to the Leopold Museum

— the Schiele collection is world-renowned — the

Museum Moderner Kunst (mumok), Kunsthalle Wien,

Architekturzentrum, Designforum, and various shops,

cafés and restaurants. The Belvedere 21 near the

Upper Belvedere, built in 1958 for the World Expo, has

been renovated and shows Austrian art of the 20th

and 21st centuries. Numerous galleries, especially in

the 1st and 4th districts, also offer contemporary art

and impress with small, but mighty exhibitions on

their premises. And a historic bread factory in the 10th

district is now home to more than ten institutions of

contemporary art, including Galerie OstLicht, which

together with WestLicht has dedicated itself entirely

to photography.

Photographic art can also be marveled at in the Kunst

Haus Wien, which was designed by the Viennese artist

Friedensreich Hundertwasser – together with the

nearby Hundertwasserhaus – in his very own style.


Young artists also create a buzz about themselves every year in the autumn

at the viennacontemporary art fair Parallel Vienna, at the gallery festival

curated by, and in November at Vienna Art Week. New from 2019 is the festival

Foto Wien, which organizes photographic exhibitions throughout the city for

a whole month. Local creative types also show their works during Vienna

Design Week. However, this special photo show only takes place every two

years. Stars on the Austrian and international art scene can always be found

at the mumok and the Museum of Applied Arts/Contemporary Arts, or MAK

for short.

A rest in one of the city’s traditional

coffee houses is highly recommended

following a visit to one of the museums.

Take a seat — with any luck it will be a

Thonet — and treat yourself. This too is

very much a part of Viennese culture.






For anyone disappointed in missing out on

a summer beach holiday we propose going

on a luxury mountain getaway instead. These

sorts of trips can be just as soothing as a beach

holiday with an added touch of elegance. You

can find plenty of luxury hotels and resorts like

you would on a beach break, there are breathtaking

mountain views to replace sea views, and

the restaurant & bar scene will surprise you.


What to do?

Of course, on a mountain trip you won’t get the sun like you’re used to on a beach holiday or the opportunity to take a

dip in the warm sea but there are plenty of leisurely pursuits on offer that can more than make up for this.

Hiking, mountain biking, skiing, snowboarding, snowmobiling, and paragliding are all popular mountain getaway

activities. Although much is on offer by way outdoor activities, you don’t have to take part in any of these to make the

most out of a mountain holiday.

Mountain getaways offer the perfect opportunity to relax and switch off, a warm drink overlooking spectacular mountain

views is more than enough to melt any stress away. Many destinations tend to be home to world class spa’s, thermal

springs, and heated pools, so you get that added dimension to unwind.

Where to Go?

Any of the major ski resorts in Europe such as

Courcheval, Chamonix, Zermatt, St Moritz, St Anton

am Arlberg, Kitzbuhel, and Cortina d’Ampezzo, are

excellent options. At these resorts you’ll find plenty

to do, fantastic restaurants, loads of good bars,

cultural attractions, and great places to stay.

We recommend Kaprun home of Travel and

Hospitality award winner the Kaprun Edition,

profiled on page 28. Here you’ll find excellent

accommodation set amongst the backdrop of the

majestic Austrian Alps.


Kaprun Edition

Austria | Luxury Chalets

Where Holiday Dreams Come True!

Nestled away at the foothills of the Austrian alps in Salzburg lies the

Kaprun Edition Lodges. considered as some of the finest in Europe.

Whether you are travelling in the winter or summer, alone or in a

large group you’ll find that the Kaprun Edition lodges, apartments

and chalets are all welcoming, spacious, beautifully decorated,

efficiently run and the epitome of luxury.


Currently there are six distinct property types

available to accommodate a variety of guests.

What you will find consistent amongst all the

accommodation is the range of high-quality

amenities, services, and stunning décor.

The setting is one of traditional rustic

design combined with all the trapping

of modern luxury and vividness.


The Kaprun Edition – Signature Luxury Chalets

These four wooden chalets are the signature offering

by the Kaprun Edition. World class luxury chalets that

can accommodate anywhere from 12 to 24 people.

You can expect absolute privacy combined with

personal hospitality and an authentic experience.

Along with the lush amenities you’ll have your own

private sauna, hot tub, terrace, and lovely river view.

Adventure Lodge by Kaprun Edition

If you’re after something different and somewhat

unusual then look no further for the adventure lodge at

Kaprun allows you the unique experience of sleeping

in a barrel. This exceptional wooden chalet comes

with three bedrooms and on the private terrace two

utterly unique sleeping barrels, each with their own

bathroom barrel and sauna barrel. The adventure

lodge will leave you with a truly memorable sleeping


Schulstrasse 15, 5710

Kaprun, Austria

Tel +43 664 9416950



Flying Lodge by Kaprun Edition

For panoramic views check out the flying

lodge. Built on stilts these lodges look like

they’re almost floating. There are currently

two on offer that can accommodate up to 12

people each. Expect alpine charm, modern

ambience, and amazing views.

Country House Lodge

Also known as Landhous lodge and has

a unique classic charm feel about it. The

property is home to eight lovely, fully

furnished and homely apartments plus a

large sauna. Apartments are a perfect fit for a

couple or small group.

Style Lodge

The newest addition to the Kaprun family,

the style lodge is equipped with four chic

apartments including a stunning penthouse

suite that comes complete with a private

glass sauna and whirlpool that offer

panoramic views of the Kitzsteinhorn glacier.


Mara Lodge

An excellent value for money option. These

nine apartments offer the same brilliant quality

services as all the properties listed above but

without the extra’s. The perfect spot for those

looking for a solid base in Kaprun,


The team at Kaprun are more than happy to

arrange activities, excursions, and transfers.

The dedicated staff are knowledgeable and well

connected so you’re ensured the absolute best

in any leisure activity you decide to partake in.

Zell am see, where Kaprun is located, isn’t

short on winter and summer activities for you

to do. The big one in winter of course is hitting

the slopes for a bit of skiing or snowboarding.

Private ski instructor and ski rental can be

booked before arrival. Snowshoe hikes and

cross-country ski trails make for a great day

out and for something a little less taxing check

out the toboggan runs. Both can be booked at

the property.



It is in the summer where the beauty of the

region really comes to life. Mountain lakes,

deep valleys, alpine pastures, and stunning

waterfalls await those who venture out. There

are hundreds of kilometres of hiking, cycling

and mountain biking trails leading through the

heart of the region.

You may decide to pamper yourself and for

this you have the wonderfully rated Tauern Spa

located only a few minutes away.

All these activities, the spa and much more

can be arranged by the team at Kaprun who

are more than happy to help.


The Kaprun Edition chalets are easily

accessible. Transfers can be arranged from

nearby airports in Innsbruck and Salzburg.

There are also several train options from major

Austrian, German and Italian cities. These take

you in to Zell am see station which is only a 10

minute to Kaprun.


Susanne Fischer

Manager | The Kaprun Edition

The Kaprun Edition is of the finest Chalet resorts

in all of Europe, this award-winning complex,

located in the heartland of Austria, is home to

several stunning well-maintained chalets and

suites run by a world class team. The individual

behind all this is none other than our Manager of

the year for Austria, Mrs Susanne Fischer.

Susanne’s journey in the tourism industry began

at an incredibly young age. Being born into the

Fischer family, a well-known local family working

primarily in the hospitality industry, allowed for a

unique insight and experience, much of which

formed the early ideas of what Susanne wanted

for her own company. To match this experience

Susanne enrolled in a tourism and management

degree finishing with top honours.


This combination of early experience,

through family, and technical understanding,

through education, gave Susanne the perfect

foundation to realise her dream to build the

finest wooden Chalet houses in the Austrian

alps with the ultimate guest experience as

it’s core value.

Before this was possible Susanne undertook

a decade of experience working across the

hospitality industry in various roles, teams,

and management structures. Then in 2010

Susanne took the plunge, after scouting

several locations she found the perfect spot

next to the river of Kaprun in the quaint town

of Kaprun. Over the years, bit by bit, the

Kaprun edition has become a sort of “town

within a town” with the continued focus on

guest experience.

Today Susanne oversees the Kaprun Edition

ensuring guests are happy and setting the

standard for all her staff. Although her dreams

have been realised Susanne is not one to sit

on her laurels and is dedicated to continually

improve guest experience.


Getting Lost in German’s

Christmas Markets

Germany’s Christmas markets are illustrious, so much so

that many places across the world have their own. City’s

such as Prague, Birmingham, Vienna, Toronto, and Chicago,

are all famed for their annual German Christmas markets. The

markets are like a special event, taking over a large part of a

city centre for a few weeks, a place where visitors are treated

to authentic German beer, a jovial atmosphere, a whole host

of sweet treats, delicious snacks, and unique souvenir shops.

Dresden’s Strietzelmark held in 1434 is generally considered the

first Christmas market, although winter markets had already

been established in Vienna, Munich, Bautzen, and Frankfurt.

Since then, Christmas markets have grown exponentially to the

point that every city and small town in the country has its own.

German immigrants bought this tradition to new settlements

leading to markets being established all over North America.

The markets in the UK were actually opened in the late 1990’s

backed by support from the city of Frankfurt.


For a genuine experience we suggest you visit a Christmas market in Germany. We’ve picked out five of the best.

Berlin’s Christmas Markets


Weihnachtsmarkt Am Kölner Dom


Nuremberg Christkindlesmark


Dresden Striezelmarkt


Leipziger Weihnachtsmarkt



The Magic

of Lapland

So far, this chapter has covered winter holidays centred

around mainland Europe with a focus on countries

surrounding the alps. These are an obvious choice for most

in terms of accessibility and infrastructure. The alternative

winter holiday destination to the Alps, however, is of course

the Nordic countries.

Made up of Norway, Denmark, Finland, Iceland, and

Sweden, the Nordic countries are a great choice for a

winter break. Our preferred destination nevertheless is the

province of Lapland in Finland.

Located in the arctic north of Finland, Lapland is considered

one of the best winter holiday destinations in the world

especially during the Christmas period as the area is home

Santa Claus’s village.


The best way to reach Lapland is through

flying with Finnair to one of four commercial

airports in the region. To get around there are

bus services in operation, although these are

sparse, they are effective in reaching even

the smallest of spaces. Another more costly

but convenient method is self-drive or hire a

private driver.

When it comes to things to do, you’ll find plenty

of options. As mentioned above Santa Claus’s

village is an extremely popular attraction

in the weeks leading up to Christmas. The

village is home to Santa’s workshop where

you can meet him in person, see his reindeer,

peruse the gift shop, and revel in the joyous


Lapland offers up a fantastic opportunity to

see the Northern lights. During winter from

December to February you have the best

chance when its much darker for longer. Be

prepared to go out to remote areas to do this,

many companies arrange special tours. Or

better yet you can stay in resorts purposefully

built-in rural areas to spot the aurora.

Snowmobiling, cross country skiing, dog sledding, reindeer

sleighing, fishing, and hunting are all other amazing activities

on offer.

In terms of lodging, we advise you check into the excellent

Star Arctic Hotel, where you’ll find unique accommodation,

and spectacular views in the heart of Lapland. Turn over to the

next page to find out more.


Star Arctic Hotel

Finland | Resort

The Star Arctic Hotel is an architectural marvel, this stunning establishment is

beautifully designed, fully serviced and perfectly located for a truly magical

Finnish experience.

Accommodation comes in the form of elegant suites and cabins, all of

which offer scenic views of the surrounding landscape during the day

and the aurora at night. You can choose from the standard suite or for

a more traditional Finnish experience you do have option of suite

with a private in-room sauna. The cabins are perhaps the most

exquisite of all the accommodation options as these come with

a glass roof. This innovative approach means guests can gaze

upon the glistening night sky while lying in bed waiting for

the Aurora. All rooms come with free wi-fi, mini-fridge, flat

screen TV and geothermal heating.

A sauna is an essential ingredient in any Finnish

hospitality experience, so it’ll come as no surprise

to hear that the Star Arctic Hotel is home to not

one but two stylish saunas. Both are privately

bookable, offer panoramic views and are

connected to a landscaped terrace with an

outdoor hot tub.


For a good meal at Star Arctic you don’t have

to go too far, in fact most guests choose

to dine at the on-site restaurant, Kaunis.

Kaunis restaurant is well known in the region

for its modern spin on traditional Lappish

dishes, fresh local produce, excellent bar and

beautiful views.

When you are in this unique part of the world

it’s always best to take advantage of the local

and seasonal. With the Star Arctic hotel, you

can rent bikes, go snowmobiling, go on an

authentic husky experience, reindeer sleigh

riding, ice fishing and aurora hunting.

Ylämajantie 1, 99830

Saariselkä, Finland

Tel +358 (0) 444194000





Süleymaniye Mosque, Istanbul, Turkey



Europe’s Most

Beautiful City

The ancient city of Istanbul is without a doubt one of

the most beautiful cities in the world. It’s home to

several stunning attractions such as the Hagia Sophia,

Blue Mosque, Galata Tower, Dolmabahce Palace and Grand

Bazaar, to name but a few. Separated by the Bosphorus

straits the city is the largest transcontinental city in the

world with European side located on the West of the

Bosphorus and the Asian side on the East.

The city is home to a thriving culinary scene, a diverse

shopping culture, friendly locals, a well-connected

transport hub, and thousands of restaurants & bars. A

stroll through any of the old neighbourhoods will make you

feel like you’ve travelled back in time, the sounds, smells

and feel in the air is in some ways no different than what it

would have been centuries ago.


When you consider all that Istanbul

has to offer it comes as no surprise

that the city consistently ranks as one

of the top 10 most visited cities in the

world. Once you’re in Istanbul it can

be a daunting place to explore with so

many neighbourhoods, attractions, and

shopping hubs, sparsely spread out.

Most visitors focus on the old town of

Fatih and for good reason, it’s home to

a wide variety of landmarks, museums,

restaurants, and it’s always bustling.

Past this there are other areas worth

exploring; some of these such Beyoglu

or Taksim Square get more tourists

then other lesser known but equally

fascinating locales like Kadikoy or Balat.

To assist you on your Istanbul

adventure, we’ve assembled a handy

guide highlighting our expert tour guide

in the city and detailing five of the most

popular neighbourhoods. This includes

information on what to do, where to eat,

and where to stay.



My Local Guide

Salih Batkin

Meet our Istanbul Expert and Award Winner Salih Batkin!

Navigating such a large city as Istanbul can be a

challenge, it can exciting discovering all that the little back

streets, small vendors, and many charms of the city. However,

this can take its toll and is time consuming so not ideal if

you’re only in the city for a few days. This is where our expert,

Salih Batkin, of My Local Guide comes in. Salih is a friendly,

knowledgeable, and experience tour guide who knows the city

like the back of his hand.

Tours are affordable, exciting, and well planned. On offer are

numerous daily tours that anyone can join. The highlights

of Istanbul tour cover’s all the top sites plus the bonus of

traditional Turkish lunch at a local restaurant. Past this the

Istanbul Heritage tour dives deeper into the lesser-known

historic attractions of the city. For a truly off the beaten path

experience, we recommend the delightful Secrets of Istanbul

tour, a fantastic opportunity to discover hidden gems of old

Constantinople, visit places that are not easy to find on their

own, and hear stories of Istanbul legends.

Istanbul is one of the culinary capitals of

the world and a tour to match is a must.

The Tast of Istanbul on Two Continents

tour is wonderful and delves deep into

the city’s culinary scene. Enjoy dinner

in Asia and dessert in Europe all while

discovering the flavours of Turkey.

All daily tours are available as private

tours and can even be tailored to suit

specific needs and requirements. Maybe

you have your own idea of what you want

to see, or are in the city for a layover, or

would simply like to combine elements

of the different public tours, for this and

so much more Salih and his team are

more than happy to accommodate.




The beating heart and centre of

the old city, Fatih is on every firsttime

visitors’ itinerary. It was once

the political centre of the Roman,

Byzantine and Ottoman empires, and

today serves as the home of several

heritage sites. The area is always

vibrant and busy, wandering the

streets will give you a real sense for

the rich history of Istanbul.


Why Visit?

An easy one to answer, Fatih boasts some

of Istanbul’s most famous attractions.

The beautiful Blue Mosque and Hagia

Sophia sitting opposite each other are

both iconic, easily recognisable and are

beautifully decorated inside and out.

Another famous attraction is the Topkapi

Palace which was once home to the

Ottoman sultans in the 15th and 16th

Centuries. Today the palace serves as

a museum housing several important

Islamic artefacts.

The Basilica Cistern will allow for a

unique experience. The Cistern is one of

many built under Istanbul, this one is the


The Grand Bazaar combines shopping

and history. This centuries old and mazy

bazaar is chock-full of over vendors ready

to haggle with tourists over a whole host

of items such as clothes, souvenirs,

jewellery, artwork, and spices.

Places to Eat

You’ll find plenty of street vendors serving fresh doner, sandwiches, ice

cream, Turkish pizzas, and Simit. The food is normally fresh, popular with

the locals, and cheap.

For a sit-down restaurant, we recommend Divella Bistro serving traditional

Turkish and Ottoman cuisine. Hanzade Terrace Restaurant offers a tranquil

rooftop dining experience with beautiful views of the city.


Our preferred choice in Fatih is the Sura Design Hotel & Suites, an

elegant hotel in the perfect location to explore the area. Find out more

on the next page.


Sura Design

Hotel and Suites

Turkey | Hotel

Located in the heart of the old town of Istanbul, Sura Design Hotel & Suites

is a magnificent property ready to welcome even the most discerning

of guests. The unique interior is designed with elegance and traditional

Ottoman motifs in mind with the lighting perfectly complimenting an

overall graceful tone.

The property boasts 60 rooms and suites, all finished to a

high quality and elegant standard. Options include a deluxe

double, family, and triple room as well as a Deluxe double

with a balcony. Our favourite however is the gorgeous

and roomy loft suite, located on the top floor that

comes with a balcony which can only mean one

thing, spectacular views of the city. All rooms

feature air conditioning, an LCD TV with

satellite, fully stocked minibar, espresso

machine and de-luxe toiletries. All stays

come with a delicious complimentary

breakfast serving both local and

international delicacies.


If you are a foodie then you’re in luck the Sura Design

Hotel & Suites is home to three of the best restaurants

in the city. The first is the Galeyan restaurant famed for

serving traditional cuisine made using organic ingredients

sourced from the hotel’s own farm. The second is the

Deraliye Ottoman Cuisine Restaurant known locally for

serving a wide range of authentic Ottoman cuisine with

dishes from Central Asia, Iran, Anatolia, and the Balkans.

The third one is the Deraliye Terrace Restaurant.

The hotel is more than ready to accommodate all your

wellness needs and as you’d expect provides a traditional

Turkish bath and SPA as well as several massage options

along with a fitness centre and an outdoor pool.

With the Grand Bazaar, Basilica Cistern, Sultanahmet

Square, the Blue mosque and the majestic Hagia Sophia

located minutes away on foot you’d be hard pressed to

find a better suited location for your stay. The nearest

tram stop is easy to reach and provides easy access to all

of Istanbul.

Divanyolu Cd. Alemdar Mh.,

Ticarethane Sk. No:10,

Sultanahmet, Istanbul

Tel +90 212 522 32 00




This one may surprise some people because the

district as whole stretches all the way up to the

black sea. For the purposes of this piece, we will focus

on the bit of Eyupsultan located by the Northern

shores of the Golden Horn. The area in general has

grown in popularity as a desirable place to live and as

an alternative to the main touristy districts.


Why Visit?

There are two main visitor attractions in

Eyüpsultan, the first is the Eyüpsultan mosque

and the second the Pierre Loti Hill.

The Eyüpsultan mosque holds a lot of value for

many Islamic travellers. The area as a whole

and the mosque are named after the Prophet

Muhammeds warrior companion who was said

to have been slain in battle on a hill nearby, the

mosque was in fact built after his tomb was

found in the 15th century. Eyupsultan, known

more commonly as Abu Ayyub al-Ansari, is

considered one of the holiest figures in Islam

and the mosque is now a point of pilgrimage.

The second famous attraction in the area is the

Pierre Loti Hill, named after a French writer who

fell in love with the city, for a time lived in Eyup,

and was eventually given the title of honorary

citizen of Istanbul. Today the hill is a famous

viewpoint site that is best reached via a cable

car. The journey to the up the hill is pleasant and

at the top there a café, a perfect spot to enjoy

some Turkish tea and take in the panoramic


Places to Eat

An obvious chose here is the Pierre Loti Café located on Pierre

Loti hill, reviews are good, the menu is simple and the views are

amazing. Nearby you’ll also fine one the cities best Pide spots

called Kuzine Pide.


We recommend the Mövenpick Hotel istanbul Golden Horn, as the

name suggests it’s located on the shores of the Golden Horn, in

the Eyupsultan area.




large district districted famed

for its cosmopolitan vibe, night

life, architecture, restaurants, chic

apartments, and of course Istiklal


Why Visit?

The main reason to visit Beyoglu is

to take in the city, enjoy the boutique

shops, edgy bars, hipster coffee

shops, and the beautiful centuries

old architecture. Even the two

most iconic attractions the Galata

tower and Taksim square, serve this


The Galata towers has a restaurant

and café operating on the upper

floors, that also serve as a night

club. Taksim Square, Istanbul’s

answer to Times Square in New York,

is renowned as a point of leisure

offering great shopping, places to

eat, bars and clubs.

Istiklal Avenue is a long

pedestrianised street and the centre

of shopping in the city. Here you’ll

find plenty of big brand outlets and

small boutiques. The avenue alone

isn’t the only place to shop and there

are plenty of streets leading off it

that are worth exploring.

For a night out check out the Asmali

Mescit district located south-east

of Istiklal avenue. The area boasts

several bars, clubs, and taverns, all

bustling almost every night of the



Places to Eat

The biggest benefit of Beyoglu is the

thriving culinary scene, you won’t

have too much difficulty finding a nice

restaurant or street food vendor. For

something, a bit more unique check out

the 1924 eatery, an iconic spot to pick up

classic Russian dishes and homemade

vodka. Duble Meze Bar combines

the humble meze with a fine dining

experience, expect a modern take on

Meze classics all in a rooftop setting that

offers breath-taking views of the city.


We have two distinct suggestions for

Beyoglu. The first a modern luxury hotel,

the Sheraton Istanbul City centre and

the second a self-catering apartment

called No 8 Galate. Both Travel and

Hospitality Award winners profile over

the next four pages.


No 8 Galata

Istanbul, Turkey | Apartments


Feel the real Istanbul with Galata Suites!!

Located in the trendy district of Beyoglu this property is the perfect

place to stay to get a taste of the real soul of Istanbul. You’ll find yourself

only a few minutes away from the famous Kamondo Stairs, Galata

tower, a whole host of restaurants, bars and coffee shops. You’ll

find this is perfect location to base yourself to explore the rest of

the city, with easy access to the trams and ferry ports.

As far as rooms go you have the choice of a few different suites

these are the classic, deluxe, design and modern. Each suite

has its own style and individuality but in all of them you

will find a kitchen, dishwasher, flat sceen TV, ironing

facilities, a desk and seating area. Laundry service,

car rental and further business facilities can be

provided, all you need to do is ask. Staff are more

than happy to oblige and will strive look after

you during your stay.

Should you decide to go with the modern

or deluxe suites you’ll be able to enjoy

your own private balcony.


Bereketzade Mah. Banker

Sk., No:8 D:1, Beyoğlu,

İstanbul, Turkey

Tel +90 212 245 66 60


Sheraton Istanbul

City Center

Istanbul, Turkey | Family Friendly Hotel

Where the world Comes Together!!

Beyoglu is the trendy centre of Istanbul and as such is home to some

great hotels. None more so popular than the delightful Sheraton Istanbul City

Center. As with any Sheraton you can expect a world class service, friendly

staff, tastefully decorated rooms, a range of facilities and most of all a

satisfying experience.

You are more than welcome to stay in one of the 254 comfortable

and spacious guest rooms. King and twin-size bed selections are

available in any one of the guest, deluxe and executive rooms,

as well as in the junior and executive suites. All rooms are air

conditioned, well stocked, include free wi-fi, and Nespresso

machines. Along with the extra space the further bonus

of the executive room, junior suite and executive suite

is access to the exclusive Sheraton Club Lounge.

Sheraton Club Lounge is a great place to work,

connect with friends and enjoy a few drinks.


Istanbul is a city brimming with attractions, landmarks,

restaurants, and shopping centre but if you’d prefer to stay

in, then the Sheraton Istanbul City Center has more than

enough to stave off any boredom. On-site there is a fitness

centre, indoor pool, paddle tennis court and a spa. For food

you’ve got all day dining at the Nev’i Lokma restaurant

where you will find the buffet breakfast, a la carte menu and

traditional Anatolian dishes. If you’d like a drink and some

snacks check out the Legends bar. The popular Istanbul

Baking Company has a cafe on site, it is the perfect place

for a coffee and high-quality baked goods.

The Sheraton Istanbul City Center is more than ready to

handle your business needs along with the Sheraton Club

Lounge there are seven modern meeting rooms to choose

from as well as the grand ballroom for larger conferences.

Finally coming soon is the Souq Istanbul. a unique concept

space combining a Souq, local dining options and shisha

with an authentic indoor and outdoor event space.


Haci Ahmet Mah, Kurtulus Deresi Cad.

No:23, Beyoglu, Istanbul, 34440, Turkey

Tel +90 212 806 10 10




chilled out and historic

neighbourhood, Besiktas has a

reputation of being one of the city’s

commercial, artistic, and residential

centres. The shores of the Bosphorus

in Besiktas are noteworthy for its high

value real estate. Ottoman rulers built

their palaces here and a fair few luxury

hotel brands can be found such as the

Les Ottoman, Four Seasons, and the



Places to Eat

The Besiktas Saturday market is a great place to pick up

street food especially fresh fish sandwiches. For artisan

coffee check out the Black Owl coffee shop, it has a relaxed

vibe and an enticing selection of sweet treats.

For something, a little different we propose you visit

Chalet, a restaurant specialising in swiss cuisine. A friendly

atmosphere and delicious dishes await.

Why Visit?

A visit to the Dolmabahce Palace is a must, this is one

of the largest Palaces in Europe and consists of almost

300 rooms. It’s well-known for its stunning interior and

neo-classical exterior, decorated with gold and crystal.

Another impressive structure is the Yildiz palace which is

actually complex of buildings that includes apartments,

pavilions, villas, a theatre, and extensive garden that are

open to the public.

Besiktas is one of Istanbul’s sea hubs making it an ideal

place to begin a boat tour. There are several available

from a relaxing dinner cruise to a longer trip all the way

to the Black Sea. An inexpensive option is to simply take

the ferry to the Asian side, the views of the city along

the way will not disappoint.


The area boasts several world class hotels but none better

than the stunning Shangri-La Bosphorus, Istanbul, featured

on the next page.


Shangri-La Bosphorus

Istanbul, Turkey | Luxury Hotel

Once an abandoned tobacco warehouse dating back to the

twenties, today one of the finest hotels in the world. The

Shangri-La Bosphorus, Istanbul, is luxury personified, a hotel very

few in Europe can compete with.

Ideally located on the Bosphorus next to the prestigious

Dolmabahce Palace on the European side this enchanting

retreat draws on influences of the East and West. Guests

can expect an elegantly designed hotel with all the

trapping of timeless luxury inspired by palatial

Ottoman glamour and Asian design elements.

A total of 186 modern rooms and suites are

housed in the property looking out to either

the hotels inner atrium, the city or the

spectacular Bosphorus Strait.


In a city famed for its wellness, Chi, The Spa at the Shangri-La

certainly stands out. Chi, The Spa is inspired by traditional Asian

healing philosophies, with a focus on holistic principles such

as restoring balance and harmony to both the mind and body.

Chi, The Spa contains a range of private spa suites, customised

massages and uses primarily organic products. Chi, The Spa

is complimented by a state-of-the-art fitness centre, indoor

swimming pool, a separate children’s pool, and hot whirlpool bath.

Dining in at the Shangri-La is truly a treat for taste buds. The

hotel is home to 2 fabulous restaurants the IST TOO and the

Shang Palace. IST TOO offers beautiful scenic views to go along

with the exceptional international dishes on offer that includes

noodles, sushi, pasta, and seafood as well as a colourful and

diverse selection of Turkish delicacies. The Shang Palace on the

other hand is an award-winning signature restaurant that brings

the heart of Shangri La’s Asian heritage to life with authentic

Chinese-Cantonese dishes.

Overall, it’s not difficult to see why the Shangri-La Bosphorus,

Istanbul, is considered one of the best in the world, if you still have

any doubts why not spend a night. You’ll never want to leave!!


Sinanpaşa, Hayrettin İskelesi Sk.

D:No.1, 34353, Istanbul, Turkey

Tel +90 212 275 88 88



The lively portside of Kadikoy is

a great place for a day trip from

the European side and is oftentimes

missed off many itineraries. This area

is the best way to experience the city

through the eyes of a local.

Why Visit?

Kadikoy doesn’t offer much in

the way of historic landmarks

or engaging museums, instead

expect more local pursuits.

Shopping in Kadikoy is a treat as

you’re getting less of the touristy

outlets and more of the local

boutiques. Head on over to Bağdat

Avenue, seen as the Asian and

more authentic counterpart of

Istiklal Avenue.

The Bostanci Lunapark is a popular

urban amusement park and a lovely

place to spend a few hours. The

Caddebostan Plajı beach is popular

with locals and a pleasant family

friendly attraction.

Fans of football will be pleased to

hear that Kadikoy is home to the

mighty Fenerbahce, the stadium is

modern and matchday atmosphere

in and around the area is electric.


Places to Eat

There are hundreds of restaurants and cafes

here offering a more relaxed vibe than on the

European side. Ciya Sofrasi is a great choice

if you’re looking for a diverse Anatolian menu,

the Basta Street Food Bar offers up a unique

spin on the traditional doner wrap, and finally

the Sakar Zeybek is the ideal place to enjoy

fresh seafood and consume some local Raki.


Should you decide you want to spend a couple of nights in Kadikoy

to fully explore then the Marmara Suadiye Residences are ready to

welcome you. Turn over to the next page for a full in-depth showcase

of the property.


The Marmara Suadiye


Istanbul, Turkey | Business Apartments

Istanbul’s Eastern side is often overlooked, after all the Western

or European side is home to the famous old town, Golden horn,

Istiklal avenue and a whole host of great restaurants. However,

should you have the need to stay on the the lesser travelled

Eastern or Asian side then we have just the place for you - the

Marmara Suadiye Residence.

This aparthotel is perfectly situated in the cosmopolitan

district of Kadikoy. The property is easy to reach, it’s

only a few minutes from the ferry port and the

Suadiye railway station, should you have the

need to get around. The area is home to some

popular cafes, boutiques, shopping centres,

restaurants, bars and even an amusement

park, the Bostanci Lunapark.


The Marmara Suadiye Residence can

accommodate short and long stays. The

apartments are modern, roomy and finished

with light colours. Comfort and convenience

are clearly important. You can expect

stunning sea views or a look down at lively

Badgat Boulevard.

The residence has 1, 2 and 3-bedroom fully

furnished apartments on offer. With only 32

apartments within the complex you can be

guaranteed of a relaxed private experience.

Each apartment includes a living area,

a well-resourced kitchen, either one or

two bathrooms, a dressing room, ironing

equipment, satellite TV, free wi-fi, phone

line, air conditioning, safety deposit box, a

washing machine, hair dryer and dishwasher.

All in all, the Marmara Suadiye Residence will

be your home away from home.


Bağdat Caddesi (Bağdat

Boulevard), No:435, Suadiye,

34740, İstanbul, Turkey

Tel +90 216 362 10 10




Santorini, Greece


The Greek Islands

Waiting to be explored

Greece is one of the worlds ultimate Island getaway destinations, the

country is home to an estimated 6000 islands of which 227 are inhabited.

All the islands are in the gorgeous Mediterranean and Ionian Seas meaning

sunny weather for large parts of the year. Most islands have a rich history

dating back to ancient Greece, are home to friendly locals, have an excellent

culinary scene, and offer up a whole host of things to do.

Considering this, it’s no surprise that Greek island holidays are some of the

most popular in Europe. Islands like Santorini, Corfu and Crete hold stellar

global reputations as premier holiday destinations. Santorini’s white houses

and blue domed churches are iconic, the island is home to several luxury

boutique hotels and has a surprisingly accomplished wine industry. Corfu is

famed for its beautiful sandy beaches, nightlife, and historically significant

attractions. Crete is the largest Greek Island and simply has it all, you can

find beautiful beaches, snow-capped mountains, luxury resorts, affordable

apartments, several heritage landmarks, diverse architecture, good food,

amazing nightlife, plenty of leisure activities, traditional villages, and is easily

accessible all year round.


Several other islands like

Mykonos, Zakynthos, Rhodes,

and Nixos, are also extremely

popular and receive their fair

share of tourists. But what if you

wanted to visit a less touristy

Island? Or maybe you’ve visited

some of the Islands mentioned

above and you want something

different, where could you go?

To answer these questions,

we’ve searched long and hard

to select three lesser visited

islands that are considered

hidden gems. Although with

increasing visitor numbers pre-

Covid some of these won’t stay

under the radar for long. Our

three gems are Ikaria, Kythnos

and Milos, profiled throughout

the rest of this chapter.



The Quirky Island

Ikaria is named after Icarus for it’s said that he fell in the sea nearby

when the wax from his wings melted. Unique history has followed

the island ever since, during the civil war it was a place of exile for leftwingers

and today it’s known as one of the blue zones where people

reach an extremely old age in relatively good health. The locals take pride

in their distinctive history and tourism to the island is built on the notion

of “Ikarian balance” between nature, freedom, time and development.

Getting in and Getting Around

Ikaria can be reached all year round via plane. There are regular flights

from Athens and Crete. The island can be reached via ferry from the

island of Samos which in turn can be reach via ferry from Piraeus in


To fully explore the island a car is necessary this can be though a local

rental company, or you can bring your own via the ferry. There is a bus

services but is deemed inefficient. Hitchhiking is another possibility.


Things to do

Ikaria is a great place for

adventure, there are several

great cycling and hiking

spots on the island as well

as waterfall tours, jeep safari

and watersports like diving,

kayaking, snorkelling, and

surfing. Ikaria is a one of

Europe’s top dark sky spots

so stargazing with overnight

camping is a must.

Keeping in line with the

islands quirks why not bathe

in radioactive hot springs?

It has been said this maybe

a contributing factor to the

islanders’ long lives.

Like with a lot of Greek islands

the beaches on Ikaria are not

to be missed, Faros beach is

popular and lined with bars,

cafes and tavernas.


Proper Greek Tavernas are scattered all over Ikaria.

A Taverna is the place to try local food and drink.

Annes Fish Taverna in Nas is one of the best, food

is sourced from local farms, the seafood is fresh

and the wine homemade.


Located on the north coast of Ikaria, the Cavos

Bay Hotel & Studios is the best place to stay for

beautiful views, elegant interiors, friendly service,

and all-round brilliant experience. https://www.




The Local



To the outside world Kythnos is relatively

unknown but to the Greeks it makes for a

great Island getaway. Its proximity to Athens

means the tends to attract mainly Greek visitors

local for a quick break. Kythnos is naturally

beautiful, home to some elegant architecture,

and welcoming locals.

Getting in and Getting Around

There is no airport on Kythnos so the only way in

is via ferry from Piraeus or Lavrion (southwest

of Athens), the journey takes less than three


The easiest way to get around Kythnos is by

renting a car however the buses can take you

to all the main places.


If you love small and welcoming

restaurants with a family feel, then

you’re in luck because in Kythnos

you’ll find plenty. Panochori Café in

Chora has a warm atmosphere and

is a great place for all day coffee and

nibbles. For Mediterranean cuisine

check out Chartino Karavi, set under

an old Bougainville tree on a beautiful,

whitewashed street, where the owners

always greet guests as their friends.

For a classic Greek meze, be sure to

pay visit to Cavo D’oro in Loutra.

Things to do

Tourism on the island isn’t overly developed making it ideal for an authentic and

peaceful getaway. Kythnos has numerous beaches, we recommend Kolona

beach which connects Kythnos to the islet of Agios Loukas.

Kythnos boasts the only thermal springs in the Cyclades, these are in the small

village of Loutra and are certainly worth a visit.

For cultural attractions you should check out the beautiful Church of Panagia

Kanala, the quaint Church of Agios Ioannis, the Byzantine Museum, and

Folklore Museum.


Canal Suites, a Travel and Hospitality

award winner, is the place to stay for

tranquility and panoramic sea views.

Turn over to the next page to find out



Canal Suites Kythnos

Greece | Stylish Hotel

Perfectly situated on the magical island of Kythnos, the stylish

Canal Suites is Cycladic luxury personified. The property

boasts panoramic sea views, superior rooms and suites, luxury

amenities, an outdoor pool, a high-quality Cycladic aesthetic,

an adults only policy and best of all it’s newly opened.

Designed in collaboration with distinguished Greek

interior designer Martik Manikian, the property

boasts his exquisite and unique artistic taste such

as the seamless matching of stone with wood,

smart details of white and strong presence of

rope as a decorative element. All of which

beautifully compliment the deep blue

sea and the Greek island landscape.


Canal suites is home to nine chic rooms that create a

pleasant and soothing ambience. Of the nine rooms there

are two options to choose from. On the ground floor you

can expect to find four quaint deluxe double rooms while

the first floor houses five slightly larger superior suites.

All rooms include gorgeous sea views, luxury “Apivita”

toiletries, flat screen TV’s, fine bedding, free WIFI, a private

terrace (only in the deluxe double rooms) and a private

balcony (only in the superior suites). The terraces and

balconies provide the ideal setting for breakfast which

is served a la carte in room using only the best locally

sourced produce and ingredients.

To get the most out of your stay on the mountainous island

of Kythnos the Canal Suites team are on hand 24/7 ready

to organise a whole host of activities and experiences.

Yoga, meditation, massage, stand up paddle boarding,

diving, hiking, tours, ticketing for events and car rental

can all be arranged.

Kanala 84006 Kythnos

Cyclades, Greece

Tel +30 21 5215 9919




Natural Beauty


volcanic island that was once home of the Venus

de Milo statue, Milos is photogenic, home to several

beautiful beaches, a diverse coastline, and picturesque


Getting in and Getting Around

There two ways onto Milos, first by plane, there are a couple

of flights a day from Athens airport. This is the most efficient

way, and the journey takes less than an hour. The second

way onto the island is via ferry usually departing from

Piraeus on the mainland to Adamas on Milos. The journey

can take between 3-7 hours depending on operator and

stops along the way.

The easiest way to get around the smaller towns is on foot

between towns you can use the bus, rent a car, or hire

a taxi.


Things to do

When it comes to beaches you’re

spoilt for choice on Milos, given

the relatively toned-down tourist

numbers you can expect clean,

open, and quiet beaches, perfect

for relaxation or to partake in

watersports such as windsurfing,

stand up paddle boarding,

kayaking, and snorkelling. The

most famous of the beaches is

Sarakiniko known for its moonlike

white rocks, swimming hole, and

clear blue waters.

Plaka is an idyllic traditional

village, perched on outcrop

above Adamantas. The village

is perfect for a leisurely stroll,

historical attractions, and

the opportunity to hone your

photography skills. Nearby you

have a Venetian castle and the

Church of Panagia Skiniotissa.

Both are fun to explore and offer

stunning sunset views.


Seafood is a must and

is always served fresh,

we recommend Gialos

restaurant in Polonia.

Milos island delicacies

include Pitarakia (a cheese

pie) and Karpouzopita

(watermelon cake), for

these we recommend

Enalion Restaurant also

in Polonia.


For beautiful sea views,

luxury, and local flavours

there is nowhere better on

the island than Travel and

Hospitality Award winner

Artemis Deluxe Rooms,

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Artemis Deluxe Rooms

Greece | Elegant Hotel


Unique Hotel – A Wonderful Holiday

Stunning architecture, Cycladic interiors, modern amenities and

warm Greek hospitality await you at the newly renovated Artemis Deluxe

Rooms located on the quaint island of Milos. This amazing beach front

property perfectly encapsulates what many of us expect from a

luxurious Greek island hideaway. The minimalist aesthetic, sunlit

spaces, sea view balconies, pool with a bar, attentive staff,

and excellent local cuisine, combined perfectly for a hugely

enjoyable stay.

There are several deluxe rooms to choose from, all bright,

spacious, and designed with the signature Artemis

touch. As standard all rooms come with a private

balcony or veranda offering a spectacular view

across the breath-taking blue of the Aegean

Sea. You can also expect a flat screen TV,

luxurious toiletries, air-conditioning, free

WIFi, a fridge, microwave and to match

high-quality kitchen equipment.


At Artemis you can expect a wonderful holiday

experience. To go along with the perfect beach front

location and deluxe rooms you can expect a plethora

of facilities and services. This includes a 24 hour front

desk, outdoor furniture, beach sun beds, free parking,

summer beach bar, a delicious daily breakfast and a pool

bar, famed locally for it’s exciting cocktails. On our poolside

restaurant, we have a fine menu with delicious

dishes (modern Greek cuisine) and an exceptional


No trip to Milos is complete without an opportunity to

explore and experience the islands. The team at Artemis

are on hand to ensure you get the most out of your

stay. Trekking, diving, water sports, sightseeing tours,

restaurant trips and spa treatments can all be arranged.

So the next time you’re in search of a luxurious trip to

Greece look no further that the unique and delightful

Artemis Deluxe Rooms on the gorgeous Island of Milos.

Paliochori, Cyclades,

848 00, Greece

Tel +30 21 5215 4780







Greece is a well-established travel destination

and is consistently one of the most visited

countries in the world. The primary focus of

tourism is on Greece’s major cities and beautiful

islands, however the mountainous interior of

Greece, especially within the region of Epirus

receives little to no attention.

While Epirus does rake in its fair share of tourists

through it beautiful beaches, that are developed

for tourism, the more central and western area

has remained untouched. It’s in these areas

where Epirus truly shines, here you’ll find unique

monasteries, castles, sleepy villages, beautiful

mountains, lakes, waterfalls, and even thermal


Key to getting around is having your own transportation or

at very least joining up with a tour company. Given the lack

of development getting around on bus isn’t feasible. The

best place to base yourself in the region is the wonderful

town of Ioannina, the town, set upon a cliff overlooking a

hill, is relatively easy to reach via bus, and small enough to

travel within on foot. The town is the capital of the Epirus

region and was once the seat of an independent state

that rebelled against Ottoman rule. Much of that Ottoman

history is on display with several buildings and a mosque

still standing.

In terms of places to visit we recommend spending a

couple of days in the Pindos mountains, where stunning

landscapes, amazing hiking trails, and traditional guest

houses await. Another location to visit to take in the natural

beauty is the Tzoumerka National Park, a rustic mountainous

area home to several waterfalls, old stone bridges, romantic

villages, wildlife, and numerous rare species of plants.

A visit to this area of Greece offers a chance to not only

experience a side of the country that very few do but do so

before any sort of extensive tourism structure is developed.




Ribaritsa, Bulgaria



The Summer Capital

of Bulgaria


Varna is Bulgaria’s third biggest city and commonly referred to as the

summer capital. It’s the most exciting city on the Black Sea coast and

growing in popularity. The city offers a nice blend of history and modernity,

you’ll find several heritage attractions, museums, fancy restaurants,

contemporary resorts, a sandy beach, and much to do.

Getting in & Getting Around

Varna Airport is small but well connected to the rest of Europe, although

this is seasonal. The city can be reached from most major destination in

Europe and to help there is a free shuttle into the city centre from the

airport. There are daily trains to Varna from Sofia, Plovdiv in Bulgaria, and

Kiev in Ukraine. Ferry is another option, there are two service ones from

Odessa in Ukraine and the other Batumi in Georgia.

Varna is easy enough to navigate on foot, on a bicycle or via the public

transport system, the are bus and trolley services available.


Foodwise you’ll find a whole host

of restaurants in the city such as

Italian, Sushi, Pizza, Kebabs, Meat

Grills, and of course traditional

Bulgarian eateries. Seafood is

a must and local dishes worth

trying are deep fried sprats,

Black Sea fish, and Rapa Whelks

(Sea Snails).

Things To Do

Varna is a full to the brim with things to do. Being a

seasonal seaside destination means watersports are

popular, kayaking, windsurfing, traditional surfing,

diving, and sailing are all on the menu. Other activities

you can do are hiking, cycling, jeep touring, and

bungee jumping.

In terms of historical and cultural attractions we

implore you to visit the Varna Archaeological Museum,

the Sea Garden (which is also home to Varna Zoo), the

Assumption of Mary Cathedral, and the Monument of

Bulgarian-Soviet Friendship.


When it comes to hotels there is

only one place for us, the Graffit

Gallery Hotel. The property

effortlessly combines art and

hospitality to enhance your stay.

Turn over to the next page to

see an in-depth profile.

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Graffit Gallery Hotel

Bulgaria | Boutique Hotel

On your next visit to Bulgaria you’ll be hard pressed to find anything better

than the spectacular Graffit Gallery Hotel. This modern and stylish urban

hotel is expertly designed so that the aesthetic nuances, the ambience

and use of new technologies combine to create extreme comfort and

harmony. Perfectly located in the heart of Varna, the hotel is easy to

reach and ideally placed to explore the city and its attractions.

The hotel boasts 49 elegantly decorated guest rooms and 6

luxurious suites, spread out across four floors with rooms

on each floor having their own individual design style. You

have the Chester floor, where the rooms utilise the design

excellence of an elegant Chesterfield sofa complemented

with wood and steel accessories. Then the Caracci

floor, as you’d expect an eclectic design inspired

by the three Caraccis of Italy; Baroque furniture,

surreal elements with bright red and turquoise

blue reign supreme.


Third you have “The other floor” that pays homage to the

sophisticated English check pattern and the minimalist

notion of black and white. Finally, the Four Elements

floor where earth, air, water, and light are expertly

applied to interior design culminating in a special room

embraced by nature.

If the thrill of the four unique floors isn’t enough then

worry not as the hotel boasts an on-site café and a la

carte restaurant, one of the finest in Varna, named the

Red Canape. There is state-of-the-art modern gym

available to all guests along with a stunning rooftop


As the name suggest there is an art gallery in the

property that is Varnas contemporary cultural centre

for a modern audience. Built on the foundations of the

centre for contemporary art, the gallery is the perfect

place to enjoy a variety of paintings, prints, sculptures,

photography, and memorabilia.

65 Knyaz Boris I Blvd,

9002 Varna, Bulgaria

Tel +359 52 989 900





Venice, Italy


Rome Or Venice?

Which City is

Better to Visit

Rome or Venice? This is a common dilemma for many

travellers planning to visit Italy, although the two cities

aren’t too far apart for a lot of people with limited time and

resources the two aren’t feasible during a single trip.

Rome is the capital of Italy, an iconic ancient city that is

one of the most visited in Europe, so you won’t be mistaken

for thinking this is the obvious choice. Venice itself packs a

punch, the canals are renowned the world over and the city

has a unique elegance to it. Choosing between the two isn’t

easy but we’ve put together a little guide that may help you



Getting in and Getting Around

Both cities are accessible through their

respective international airports in Rome

you have two whereas in Venice there is

only one. The cities can be reached via

train, although Rome has more arrivals

getting into either shouldn’t be an issue.

Getting around on the other hand is

much simpler in Venice, for the most

part it’s small and a pedestrianised city

with water taxis as the only option for

moving around on the canals. These

can be expensive but make it easy to

get around. Rome on the other hand is a

huge sprawling city and as such moving

around especially with taxi can be issue,

the traffic is horrendous and driving

conditions aren’t ideal. You do have

the subway and bus options which are

efficient but can get very crowded.

While getting into each city is easy

enough for getting around Venice comes

out on top. It’s easier and much less

stressful to navigate.

Winner | Venice



Rome is over 2000 years old, for centuries

it was the cultural capital of the Roman

empire and one of the wealthiest cities in

the world. It should come as no surprise

that when it comes to attractions,

particularly historical & cultural sites,

Rome is the smart choice. It’s home

to the Colosseum, the Pantheon, the

Roman Forum, the Vatican City, the Trevi

Fountain and so much more.

Venice does have its fair share of

attractions such as Doge’s Palace,

Saint Mark’s Basilica and Railto Bridge.

The city’s canal network itself is a huge

draw, making Venice ideal for an exciting

exploration of its side streets and hidden


Overall if taking in the sites and seeing

as many attractions as possible is the

purpose of your trip then Rome is the

clear winner.

Winner | Rome


Cost Effectiveness

Both Venice and Rome

can be costly cities. Venice

is considered a more

expensive city by Italian

standards and is infamous

for hidden bill charges at

restaurants. Venice also

comes with the added caveat

of fines for acts deemed

“inappropriate”. Rome on the

other hand while expensive

in some parts it does have

a lot of budget options in

terms of food, shopping,

accommodation, and free

things to do.

Rome is the most costeffective

option, and you’ll

find your money goes a lot

further there.

Winner | Rome



Rome has a wide variety of hotel

options; you can stay in anything

from a bed in a hostel right through

to a luxury suite at some of the

finest hotels in the world. However,

a lot of hotels in Rome suffer from

maintenance and upkeep complaints.

As it’s a year-round visited city a lot of

hotels tend to fall behind on upkeep.

With Venice options are maybe a

little bit more limited given its size

compared to Rome. They are more

expensive but are much better run

than in Rome and more intimate.

Both cities fare well when it comes

to accommodation however our

favourite from the two would have to

be San Clemente Palace Kempinski

in Venice located on its own island,

operated as a complete luxury resort

with a shuttle to St. Mark’s Square.

Winner | Tie



Italian cuisine is immensely admired all over the world

and many visitors want to sample popular dishes such

as pizza and pasta. Ofcourse Rome has its own Roman

pizza which is delicious and pasta dishes in both cities

are exquisite, providing you seek out well reviewed and

busy restaurants. While cuisine in Rome tends to cater

to classic Italian dishes in Venice you can find a distinct

local flavour. Specialties in Venice include fish, rice, and


So, if you’re food lover and want the most variety then

Venice is the ideal destination. Here you’ll find classic

Italian staples as well as unique local dishes.

Winner | Venice


Italy’s is one of the worlds premier fashion destinations

so shopping in the country is a must. Rome stands out

as the clear favourite here; the city centre is full of wellknown

brand outlets and small design boutiques. Via

dei Condotti is perfect for anyone interested in styles

straight from the runway.

Venice does have its own small shopping boutiques that

are just prestigious as those found in Rome. However,

these are few and far between. A popular item for many

in Venice is shopping for Carnival masks.

Winner | Rome


The Perfect Weekend in

the Tuscan Countryside

Weekend getaways are a perfect mini holiday. You basically

get the chance to do everything you would do on a

bigger and longer break. You can use the time to explore a new

area, educate yourself, indulge in a hobby, maybe try some new

activities, or just lounge by the pool. Either way this sort of break

is perfect for recharging your batteries and getting away from the

hustle & bustle of everyday life.

Tuscany in Italy is in our opinion one of the absolute ideal

weekend getaway locations in the world. There is a lot to do in

the region, weather is good throughout the year, the culinary

scene is exciting, the history is long & varied, you have excellent

accommodation on offer, and most important of all it’s easily

accessible through land, sea, and air. So without further ado, here

is our guide to a weekend getaway in the Tuscan countryside.


First step is finding somewhere to stay for your long weekend. We have the perfect place

the ARLI Hotel Hideaway Punta Ala an adult only retreat nestled in the beautiful province of

Grosseto. This property is a multi-award winning and highly rated boutique hotel perfect for a

long weekend. The location means its easily accessible from Rome, Florence, and Pisa, it’s ideal

for exploring the Tuscan countryside, coastline, and typically authentic Italian villages. The

customer service is first class and there are enough on-site facilities to keep you entertained

should you decide for a relaxing day in. You can find out more on page 104.



Now that we’ve settled on a hotel its time to

plan what you’ll do on your weekend getaway.

Most people visit the Tuscan countryside for

its spectacular national parks. We recommend

the Maremma Regional Park, a huge park

that offers many types of landscapes for

visitors to explore. It stretches to the coast

so you can spend a few hours at the beach,

visit the idyllic hills of Uccellina, discover

vast lush forests, or maybe check out some

farmhouses for authentic produce. Popular

activities include horseback riding, hiking,

canoeing, birdwatching, and even bathing in

the thermal springs. Another fantastic option

is the Montioni Interprovincial Park, this offers

more in the way of history, the area is rich in

remains from pre-historic settlements, the

Etruscan civilisation, the Roman empire, and

medieval Italy. The Park is covered in dense

native forestation and is teeming wildlife. We

also recommend checking out the National

Park of the Tuscan Archipelago, the Livorno

Hills Park, and the Park of Migliarino. The

parks are a great way to spend a half or full

day of your weekend getaway and provide the

perfect balance between seeing the natural

beauty of Tuscany and relaxing.

Wine tasting is another weekend getaway activity, ideal for a sunny afternoon. Tuscan wine is famous and known for

being a dry, Sangiovese-based red wine. Nearby the ARLI Hotel Hideaway Punta Ala you can visit the home of Maremma

Toscana Wine and Montecucco Wine both rated DOC, which is the second highest tier, meaning you know you are getting

good quality traditional wine. If you’re willing to travel a little further you can try Suvereto Wine which is DOCG rated, the

highest rating that can be attained. However, if you don’t want to travel you can find a good local selection at any decent

restaurant or bar.


No weekend getaway is complete without

a spot of pampering and in Tuscany there

are several superb options. The ARLi

Hotel Hideaway are more than happy to

take care of your beauty and wellness

needs, they even offer an early bird

discount so you can plan it all in advance.

An Additional choice is the thermal hot

springs in the town of Saturnia, the pools

are run as a complete spa with a whole

host of innovative treatments on offer.

Getting around Tuscany for your weekend

break can be a little tricky, although the

public transport system is decent it

won’t allow you to access all those rural

gems, especially if you’ve limited time in

the area. It’s best you rent a car or even

better a driver who knows all the best

spots. There is no one better for this

than Tuscany Sweet Dreams, specialist

operator on travelling in Tuscany that

offer a limousine transfer service and

classic car rentals, the best of both. Find

out more on page 106.


After all this sightseeing and adventure,

you’ll build up an appetite, and as you’re

only in Tuscany for a couple of nights it’s

important that you get your meals right.

During short trips, the dining experience

and be make or break as a lot of people

use this as a reason to take a time off from

their diet or fit in a couple of cheat days.

For some people trying out the cuisine

may well be the main reason of the

visit. The team at ARLI Hotel Hideaway

will ensure you start the day with a

delicious breakfast. For lunch why not

head on down to the coast to try some

fresh seafood? Coastal towns such as

Piombino, Cecina, and Livorno are home

to excellent sea food restaurants. For the

evening there are whole host of options

a few of our favourites are the La terra

di nello in Castiglione Della Pescaia, Da

Caino in Manciano, and Castello Banfi La

Taverna in Poggio alle Mura.


Arli Hotel

Italy | The Award for Excellence in Service


No trip to Italy is complete without a visit to Tuscany but not trip to Tuscany is

complete with out a stay at the superb Arli Hotel Hideaway in Punta Ala. This

amazing 4-star boutique hotel is famed for its excellent location, adult’s only concept,

elegant design, plethora of activities and most of all outstanding guest service.

Guest rooms are varied in design and style however retain an elegance and

charm that is visible throughout the property. Option include a single room,

double with garden view and a double with terrace. Our favourite is the

master suite, a tastefully decorated spacious room that sleeps four. All

rooms come with a fully furnished patio or balcony, luxury amenities,

Frigobar, free WIFI, flat screen TV, air conditioning, and tea & coffee


On-site facilities and services include a year-round swimming

pool, relaxing hot tub, well equipped gym, sauna, cocktail bar

and beautiful gardens fully furnished with table, chairs and

deck chairs. A treat for all guests is the complimentary

breakfast buffer, consisting of a wide selection made

with only the best local produce and ingredients.

We don’t have rooms with kitchenette.

but we have two portion of villas, with

all amenities and residence service.

The outstanding location allows for

guest to indulge in several activities.

Golf club Punta Ala is only one

kilometre away. Beach lovers are

in for a treat, the nearest beach is

a couple of miles away and is the

perfect place for a spot of sailing

or water sports. Cycling, hiking and

walking tours can all be arranged at

the property as well as any wellness

activities such as massages and

yoga classes.

The next you’re looking for a perfect

Italian getaway then look no further

we have the answer, the Arli Hotel in

Punta Ala!!


Via del Pozzino 2,

58043, Punta Ala

Tel +39 0564 923184

Mob +39 3926852530


Tuscany Sweet Dreams

Italy | Rental Company

Tuscany Sweet Dreams is owned and operated by two locals with a passion for

cars, a love for their country and a belief in providing a superior experience.

This approach has led to the company going on to be considered one of the

absolute best in all of Tuscany despite only being open since 2019.

Services come in three forms the first is an exceptional limo chauffeur

service, the second a unique classic car rental and the third is a

coach and minibus rental for larger groups.

Limo Service

For the limo service you can expect maximum comfort

combined with excellent service, and a luxurious

experience. Whether it be a holiday transfer or business

trip you can rest easy knowing you’re in the hands

of knowledgeable professionals who are happy

to customise the trips to suit your needs. Car

options on offer are the Mercedes E-Class,

S-Class, V-Class and Sprinter.


Classic Car Rental

A Tuscan road trip in an iconic

car is a bucket list item and with

Tuscany Sweet Dreams you have

a fantastic opportunity to do this.

Popular options on offer are the Fiat

Bianchina and Alfa Romeo Spider

however the company’s private

collections include several cars, so

we recommend getting in touch to

find out more.

Tuscan Italy

Tel +39 329-2779001





Hamburg, Germany


8 Must See


in Berlin

Berlin is a capital city brimming with attractions. The city is one

of the cultural capitals of Europe, it has a long and interesting

history, Berliners are a proud and welcoming people, and it’s

Germany’s media, political and scientific centre. Berlin can boast over

100 attractions, and almost every street carries its own unique feel.

Picking out must see attractions for this piece was no easy feat but

we’ve managed to select eight that will leave any visitor satisfied.

Memorial to the Murdered Jews of Europe

A place to reflect and ponder the horrendous events of the holocaust.

The space was designed to make visitors feel uneasy, anxious, and

confused. A symbolic attempt to capture the horrors of Nazi death


Entry is free and there is a centre on site for those looking for further



Checkpoint Charlie

Checkpoint Charlie was the most

famous crossing point between the

West and East of Berlin back when

the Berlin Wall was still standing.

The point has been re-enacted

to show how it once stood and is

today a touristy centre for Berlin,

here you’ll find souvenir stalls,

tourist buses and actors dressed

as US & Soviet Guards.

The Reichstag Building

The home of German parliament, the Reichstag building has had somewhat

of a difficult history. Built in 1894 it served as the headquarters of imperial

Germany until it was burned down in 1933 after which it sat in in the militarised

zone between East and West. It was only when Germany was reunified in 1989

did it become useful and after 10 years of renovation it finally became the

centre of German parliament like it is now.

The building is architecturally magnificent and houses an impressive glass

dome at the top that offers great views of the city. It’s best to pre-book if

you’re planning a visit.


Brandenburg Gate

Probably Berlins most famous landmark, the Brandenburg Gate is iconic and

today symbolically captures the unity and peace of a once divided nation. Built

in 1791 the gate stands at 26 metres tall and provided the backdrop for much

of the euphoria when the Berlin wall finally came down in 1989.

At the top of the gate lies the statue of Quadriga depicting the goddess of

victory driving a chariot pulled by four horses. For a short period, the statue

was in hands of Napolean in Paris until the city was captured by Prussian

solders who returned it to Berlin.

Berlin Zoological Gardens

The oldest zoo in Germany

that remains a popular tourist

attraction. It was rebuilt after the

second world war and has since

been famed for its successful

breeding programs as well as

authentic environments. Visitors

can expect Arctic Wolves, Zebras,

Pandas, Giraffes and so much

more, over 20,000 species in fact.


Berlin Television Tower

The Berlin Television

Tower is one of the

tallest building in Europe

and attracts millions

of visitors a year, no

doubt interested in the

spectacular views of

Berlin that are awaiting

at the top. Many would

be surprised to hear

the tower was originally

constructed to mark the

prowess of communism,

it’s located in former East

Berlin, however today

the tower is one of many

symbols of reunification

and peace.

Along with a viewing deck

there is also a revolving

restaurant at the top that

is certainly worth a visit in

the evening.


Charlottenburg Palace

The Charlottenburg Palace is a magnificent attraction

perfectly nestled amongst the idyllic palace gardens and

the majestic river Spree. The Palace was for a long time

the primary residence of German royalty. It was severely

damaged during the second world war but has since been

restored to its former glory. Lovers of design can expect

lavish Baroque and Rococo décor throughout its interior,

a wonderful 50-metre-high central dome, and verdant

gardens inspired by those at Versailles.

Museum Island

Museum island is a UNESCO world heritage site and a

treat for any visitor to Berlin. On the island you can expect

the Altes Museum (Old Museum), the Neues Museum

(New Museum), the Bode Museum, the Pergamon

Museum, and the Alte Nationalgalerie (Old National

Gallery). It’s best to allow for a couple of days to really

explore each museum, you can expect to see thousands

of artefacts and art pieces, as well as learn about 5000

years of history.

Also located on museum island is the magnificent Berlin

Cathedral, although a separate attraction, this is one you

can include during your visit to Museum island.


Charlottenburg Palace

Reichstag Building

Museum Island

Brandenburg Gate

Berlin Television Tower

Berlin Zoological Gardens

Memorial to the Murdered

Jews of Europe

Checkpoint Charlie



On the face of it Osnabrück may come across as a typical

German city but scratch the surface and you’ll quickly

realise that it’s a peach of metropolis that effortlessly weaves

between its historical roots and contemporary student culture.

Getting in and Getting Around

Münster Osnabrück International Airport is an option but

tends to be used mainly for summer Mediterranean holiday

destinations and some domestic cities. A better option is to

use the nearby airports of Bremen, Dortmund, Dusseldorf,

and Cologne. The city is a key railway junction between the

Amsterdam-Berlin route and the Hamburg-Cologne route

meaning travelling from any of these cities is simple. Being

in Germany means the city is well connected to the rest of

Europe via bus or car.

Because of its compact size Osnabrück is uncomplicated

to navigate via the efficient public bus system or by cycling.

There are taxi’s available as well several ride hailing apps.


Things to Do

There is much to do in Osnabrück, you have St Peters

Cathedral, the Osnabrück Castle & its gardens, the

Rathaus, and the museum quarter made up of Felix

Nussbaum House, Kulturgeschichtliches Museum,

Villa Schlikker, and the Arkzishaus all fairly close to

each other.

Alternatively, if you prefer something more modern

why not stop in for a spot of shopping at Lengermann

and Trieschmann, a Travel and Hospitality award

winner profiled on the next page. Here you’ll find an

extensive shopping outlet with a unique indoor surf

school on the bottom floor.


Given its higher-than-normal student population Osnabrück

is a great place to pick up good food at great prices. There

is an array of international restaurants, traditional German

eateries, and local pubs. Rampendahl is a fantastic place

to try out local German dishes and to sample the local beer,

brewed on site.


For a good night’s sleep, international restaurant, and

stylish bar we implore you to check in to the Vienna House

Remarque, a Travel and Hospitality Award winner.

Find out more



L&T Hasewelle

Germany | Unique Experience

Adventures await at L&T in Germany

Osnabrück is a quintessential German city. Located in the region of

Osnabrück, the city is bordered by two majestic mountain ranges and

shaped by picturesque rolling green hills.

In the center of the city lies the renowned fashion and sports house,

L&T Lengermann & Trieschmann. With more than 100 years of

history, it has now become a historical and iconic part of the city

known for its special experience factor.

The focus of the family-run company is to bring the finest

fashion items and sportswear direct from international

catwalks to Osnabrück. L&T has continually impressed

and excited costumers’ season after season with

offerings of in style clothing for all the family, chic

home accessories, performance sportswear and

so much more spread over three floors in an

exceptional atmosphere.


After increased calls and customer requests in 2020 L&T expanded

to open a specialized sports house in a brand new and awardwinning

building. For ease of customer access, the new sports

centered building is connected directly to the fashion house leading

to an extension in the space for sports clothing and equipment to

over 5000m².

The central highlight of this building is without a doubt the Hasewelle.

This unique indoor surf wave affords customers an opportunity to

learn to surf, practice or simply have fun like no other. If you would

rather stay dry, then you are more than welcome to simply stand on

the side lines and check out the pros. The sports house is filled with

sneaker outlets, sporty street wear brands, functional sports apparel,

and high-quality equipment for a variety of sports. To add to this the

sports house is also home to the City Gym. The gym is fully kitted

out with high-tech equipment, experienced professionals and a

modern aesthetic, the perfect place hit training goals effectively.

Put simply, put if you want to enjoy the very best in the latest

fashion trends and an extensive range of outstanding sportwear in

a vibrant and colorful location look no further than L&T in the heart

of Osnabrück.

Grosse Strasse 27 - 32, 49074

Osnabrück, Germany

Tel +49 0541 33 11 30



Baden-Württemberg Home of

Germany’s Famous Black Forest

Despite the menacing name, the Black Forest is actually one of Germany’s more beautiful areas.

This sprawling forested mountain region is popular for its natural beauty, outdoor activities,

spa towns, history, the black forest dessert, and as the setting for some of the Brothers Grimm’s fairy

tales. Expect expansive hills, stunning lakes, long and winding roads, and rocky mountains, waiting

to be conquered.

The Black Forest region is huge and spreads over 160km from top near the town of Pforzheim to

bottom close to the Swiss border. This makes the region effortlessly reachable from cities such as

Munich & Stuttgart in Germany, Zurich in Switzerland, and Strasbourg in France. Within the region

navigation is fairly straightforward there are several buses and trains moving between many towns

and villages.


One of the most famous towns in the region

is Baden-Baden, a renowned spa town. The

town is home to 12 hot springs and two thermal

bathhouses both originally built by the Romans.

Offenberg is another commonly visited town,

it’s the capital of the wine region of Ortenau.

Freiburg is considered the “jewel of the black

forest”, it’s the major city of the region and is

surrounded by picturesque green hills. Finally,

there is Baiersbronn nestled deep in the forest,

a commonly used base for hiking and famed for

having many Michelin starred restaurants.

Outdoor activities are one of the main reasons

to venture into the Black Forest. There are

numerous hiking trails in the area, mountain

biking paths, lakes for kayaking & diving, resorts

for skiing and snowboarding in the winter, hills

for paragliding, and even a medieval mine.

Accommodation-wise small guesthouses are

best, these are reasonably priced and well

run. We recommend Haus Aissa, a Travel and

Hospitality Award winner profiled on the next



Haus Aissa

Germany | Country Apartments

With an excellent location near the French and Swiss borders Haus Aissa

is the country accommodation to explore Western Germany, Eastern

France, and Northern Switzerland.

The property is a spacious, clean, welcoming, and open ground floor

apartment that can easily accommodate up to six adults. There are

two bedrooms on offer, one with a double bed and the other with

two singles while the living room contains a snug sofa bed.

The apartment features a garden, a terrace, table tennis,

fireplace, complimentary wi-fi, flat screen TV, family

friendly seating, board games, and on-site private

parking. The kitchen is fully equipped, and you have

the option of an outdoor or indoor dining area. The

one bathroom comes complete with all the usual

amenities and a shower.


The town of Kandern, where the property is

situated, is a small quaint German town in

black-forest with rich history, attractions,

restaurants, and shops, so you never have to

venture to far out to get a hold of any basics.

However, venture outside of Kandern and

you have the heartland of Western Europe on

your doorstep. The German wellness town of

Badenweiler is only eight miles away, to the

west just over the French border you have

the famed town of Mulhouse and sixteen

miles to the south lies the Beautiful swiss city

of Basel.

Klostergasse 2, 79400

Kandern, Germany

Tel +49 1520 1945145





Paris, France


Sailing Holiday

in France

France is one of Europe’s premier destinations

for a sailing holiday. There is a lot on offer in

terms of the type of sailing trip, group size, location,

and price. You don’t have to be a millionaire to take

advantage of France’s beautiful waters. To help we’ve

put together a handy guide profiling three of France’s

best destinations for a sailing holiday.


The French Riviera

This is the place that comes to mind

when you think of luxury sailing in

France, the French Riviera runs

about 560 miles from the Italian

border in the east to St Tropez in

the west. The riviera boasts several

glamorous sailing resorts such as

Cannes, Nice, and Monaco, as well

as stunning beaches, secluded

bays, fantastic weather, and

exciting aquatic wildlife.


Corsica is the fourth largest Island

in the Mediterranean and makes

for an excellent summer sailing

destination. Expect stunning

natural landscapes, quaint seaside

towns, sea caves, and fantastic

wildlife, the island boasts a whale

and dolphin sanctuary. Corsica isn’t

like the mainland and the way of life

on the island is a little more relaxed

so when you dock at a harbour

expect warm locals, excellent

cuisine, and loads to do.

Canal du Midi

A cruise down the spectacular Canal

du Midi is the epitome of a romantic

South of France holiday. Once on

board all you need to do is sit back

with a nice glass of local wine and

watch the world go by. Enjoy the

beautiful scenery of small valleys,

fields of flowers, grassy meadows,

lush forests, arched bridges, and the

Pyrenees mountains in the distance.

For a reliable and experience partner

in France that can take care of all

your sailing needs we recommend

Filovent, profiled in depth on the

following page.



France | Cruise Company

H eadquartered in Paris, Filovent is without doubt one of France’s

leading yacht charter operators. Working primarily as an intermediary

between shipowners and clients Filovent currently operates in 80

locations worldwide with an extensive portfolio of 18,000 boats.

With the largest boat catalogue in Europe you can guarantee

Filovent will find something to suit your needs. 20,000

happy sailors can’t be wrong!

Founded in 1994 by the charismatic Philippe

Burnet, Filovent is primarily focus on the French,

Italian, German and UK markets. Through

a tried and tested selection criteria of

partners Filovent can meet the needs of

the most demanding of clients. This is

further enhanced using regular client

satisfactions surveys that ensure

the highest quality standards are

being met by shipowners.


Filovent are without question experts in

this field backed up by over 25 years of

Experience. A 100% French company the are

trustworthy and fully transparent when it

comes to feedback. Customers can expect

a high-quality service, with a diversity of

options and a fully personalised experience.

The need to innovate and continually

challenges means Filovent won’t be knocked

off the top spot anytime soon.

What ever you need whether it be a skippered

journey, river sailing, large group, themed

trip or a long-term excursion Filovent is the

company for you!

Or if you’re shipowner and you feel you have

what it takes to meet the Filovent standards

then why not register your boat or fleet. Take

advantage of a Filovents visibility, reliability

and experience to find new customers.



Tel +33 1 70 80 97 52





Barcelona, Spain


Ibiza Welcome

to Our Island

in partnership with


Where We Are

Ibiza is located east of the Iberian Peninsula, in the Mediterranean

Sea, in the autonomous region of Illes Balears. Ibiza is made up

of five towns: Ibiza, which is the capital, Santa Eulària des Riu,

Sant Josep de Sa Talaia, Sant Antoni de Portmany, and Sant

Joan de Labritja. Each of them offers its visitors both different

and supplementary possibilities. According to the register’s latest

data, the island has a population of over 140,000 inhabitants,

although the number of residents grows considerably during

summer season.

Our World Heritage Site

The capital of Ibiza is home to an impressive fortress

was declared UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1999. This

international award acknowledges its historical, cultural,

and architectural value. It is the best-preserved coastal

fortress in the Mediterranean. Dalt Vila’s acropolis is

filled with alleys and monuments such as a castle and a

cathedral. It has been a cultural crossover for centuries, and

this fortress’ environment is the stage for concerts, poetic

cycles, exhibitions, and cultural activities all year round.

The Phoenician remains of Sa Caleta, in San Josep, and

the Phoenician-Punic necropolis of Puig des Molins, in

Ibiza, are also part of this World Heritage Site, as UNESCO

considers them an exceptional evidence of urbanization

and social life in the Phoenician colonies of the western

Mediterranean. They constitute a unique resource, in terms

of volume and importance, of material from the Phoenician

and Carthaginian tombs.

The UNESCO committee defined Ibiza as a privileged

environment due to its diversity and natural values,

considering the richness of the prairies of oceanic posidonia,

seabed plants, the best preserved in the Mediterranean

and located within a Natural Reserve. These prairies hold

220 different species, including three that are globally

threatened, one of them being the monk seal. They are

responsible for the purity and transparency of the water

that surrounds the island.

Both for its cultural criteria and for its natural values,

UNESCO chose Ibiza as one of the places to be preserved

for future generations.


Our History


Ibiza is one of the oldest urban

environments in Western

Mediterranean, and the first in the

Balearic archipelago. The islands

past is stunning and fundamental

to understanding its present, its

cultural and social reality, through

the mosaic of cultures that have

steadily occupied it since 2700 AC.

Our Beaches

Without a doubt, Ibizan beaches represents the most prominent appeal of

the island.

The beaches on the island are known for their singular beauty and turquoise

transparent water thanks to the oceanic posidonia on the seabed. It has

been UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1999.

There are magical bays, like Cala d´Hort, overlooked by Es Vedrà islet; other

singular beauties, such as Platges de Comte; rarely visited corners, as Es

Pou des Lleó; and big and familiar beaches, such as Platja d’en Bossa and Es

Figueral. The beaches of Ses Salines and Es Cavallet are within a protected

natural environment. They have a dune system of great ecological value.


Our Towns

Ibiza’s towns are the island’s heart and

soul; their centuries-old homes and

traditions are familiar the world over.

Ibiza’s landscape, and the fifteen towns

it comprises, is punctuated by fiestas,

historical water wells, authenticity,

stories, and life.

La Cala de Sant Vicent, Sant Joan de

Labritja, Sant Llorenç de Balàfia, Sant

Miquel de Balansat, Santa Gertrudis

de Fruitera, Santa Agnès de Corona,

Sant Carles de Peralta, Sant Rafel de

sa Creu, Santa Eulària des Riu, Sant

Josep de Sa Talaia, Sant Jordi de ses

Salines, Es Cubells, Jesús, Sant Antoni

de Portmany and Sant Agustí des

Vedrà. Each possesses an indisputably

Mediterranean character. Although to

get the real, authentic Ibiza, one must

delve into the nitty gritty. Discover

the weekly markets, the patron saint

celebrations, hundred-year-old taverns,

or deeply original customs.


Our Wine & Gastronomy

Ibiza lures you with its landscape, climate, people, and

because if offers the finest gastronomy beside the beach,

in historical places, in the middle of the countryside, or

beneath the starry sky.

Have the luxury of eating natural products in their perfect

point of ripeness and remember your childhood flavours.

Enjoy the peace and freedom atmosphere on the island,

just as you are being served a dish of shellfish and rice

by the sea, or just tasting the freshest of fish as such as

grouper, tuna, San Pedro megrim, or wrasse.

Ibiza is a trip of sensations. The excellent quality of its

prime material mixes with the tradition of recipes that

come to us with the same uniqueness: the “sofrit pages”,

slaughter rice, the “guisat de peix”, the “greixonera”, and

the “flaó” are some of the classical recipes. This traditional

cuisine passes on the culture and way of life where the

focus is on gathering amongst friends and family.

Get carried away by Ibiza’s local wine, its virgin olive oil,

and its peasant bread, delicacies that can be found on

every table. They accompany the magical moment in

which eating is the equivalent of taking care of yourself,

learning new things, sharing, and smiling.


Our Music and Nighlife

Ibiza is a great music temple, a trend laboratory, an

experimentation platform, and a meeting point for

professionals in the music industry to get together

every summer to offer the best nightlife in the world.

The best discos, the most glamorous beach clubs,

live music with first class international bands, the

well-known hippy parties, the local celebrations of

each town, and great DJs under the umbrella of

the best prepared sponsors. All of these element’s

merge with staging, performances, audio-visual

effects, and unique concepts that are renewed

season after season.

Electronic music invaded Ibiza in the 90s and took

over the best parties. In the 20th century, the

island expanded its offering to create activities

fit for all tastes and pockets. From taking a walkthrough

Ibiza’s port while enjoying the disco

passacaglia, to reserving a VIP space in one of the

best discos in the word, or having a good time in

the most exclusive beach clubs, restaurants, and

theme hotels.

Ibiza is a party!!


Barcelona City

of Splendour

The capital of the autonomous community of Catalonia,

Barcelona is a vibrant, multicultural, and exciting. The city

is jam-packed with cultural treasures, beautiful art, superb

restaurants, friendly locals, and loads to do.

Getting in & Getting Around

Barcelona’s location means the city is easily accessible

whether it be via plane, train, car, or boat. Barcelona

international airport is a major transport hub with

flights arriving from all over the world. The train network

between Barcelona, the rest of Spain and neighbouring

France is extensive. The city’s port tends to be quite

busy throughout the year with several connections from

cities in Spain and Italy, as well as Tangiers in Morocco.

The public transport system in Barcelona is well run and

efficient. You have the option of commuter trains, trams, and

buses as well as regular taxis. However, for a service like Uber

you need to book one hour in advance. Another popular way

to get around the city is via electric scooter of bicycle.


Things To Do

For a relatively small city Barcelona offers a lot for travellers.

The most popular attractions are the works of legendary

architect Antoni Gaudi, you have his famous Park Guell,

Casa Battlo, Torre Bellesguard and the icing on the cake

the Sagrada Familia.

If your goal is to relax then be sure to spend the day at

Barceloneta beach, this is an artificial beach created for the

1992 Olympics and has since become a popular attraction.

Lovers of football must of course pilgrimage to the

Cathedral of football, Barcelona’s home stadium the

Camp Nou.


Barcelona is a food lovers delight. Dishes from all over

Spain can be found across the city, however if you’re

looking for something distinctly Catalan try the seafood,

in particular the Paella, which is a local speciality.

We propose joining a food tour to get the most out of the

gastronomic pleasures of the city and to learn of all the

best places to eat & drink.


Lugaris Beach Apartments, a Travel and Hospitality

award winner, is our recommendation when it comes to

accommodation. See the winner profile on the next page.

Find out more https://www.barcelonaturisme.com/



Lugaris Beach Apartments

Catalonia, Spain | Luxury Apartments

Barcelona is a city that has come into its own in recent times and here

is one of its most impressive holiday apartment complexes. Lugaris

apartments are contemporary, spacious, fully equipped, accessible and

come with a whole host of services. Whether you’re in town for business

or pleasure Lugaris will leave you more than satisfied.

The Lugaris apartments complex offers several varied options with

small apartments for up to 3 people to much bigger family friendly

apartments able to house 6. Each apartment comes with a flat

screen TV, Nespresso machine, a well-resourced kitchen, free

wi-fi, living area, washer-dryer, toiletries, hand-sanitizer, air

conditioning, dining area and either a city or sea View.


Building facilities and services include optional

parking, an amazing swimming pool, grocery

shopping, babysitting, car rental, bike rental

and a staff reception, should you need anything

else. Staff are friendly, welcoming and will

always go that one step further to make sure

your stay is as comfortable as possible.

The best thing about staying at Lugaris is

without doubt the great location in the quite

neighbourhood of Poble Nou. The property

is only a few minutes away from Barcelona’s

stunning coastline. Nearby Bogatell beach is

perfect to cool off during the summer months,

enjoy ice-cream or some water sports. With the

Poble Nou metro station only a few minutes

away you will find you can reach Barcelona’s

best attractions with ease. The area itself is

home to some great bars and restaurants so

you’ll never be short of somewhere to go.

Lugaris will not just be your apartment for your

stay it will be your home!!


Passeig de Calvell 45, 08005,

Barcelona, Spain

Tel +34 932 219 159



Beautiful Cities


Andalucia is the soul of Spain, the region is famed

for its magnificent architecture, interesting history,

Moorish heritage, breath-taking natural wonders, stunning

coastline, authentic villages, and terrific food. When it

comes to deciding where to go there are so many cities

to choose from and with limited time its not always

straightforward deciding where to go. To help decide here

is our pick of the four finest cities in the region.


The capital and largest city of Andalucia. Seville has a

stellar reputation for its architecture, culture, and thriving

tourism scene. Seville was a key city during Roman times,

under Arab rule and during the Age of Discovery. You’ll find

all these influences throughout the city and so much more.


The city has been declared a World

Heritage Site making it a must visit

destination in Andalucia. Within the

city you’ll find a beautiful labyrinth

of small streets, squares, and

whitewashed courtyards. The city’s

unique layout, diverse cultural

scene, and artistic reputation

reflects its prominent place in

the Islamic world during medieval



The largest city on the worldfamous

Costa del Sol, Malaga is

often flooded with tourists in the

summer. This is for good reason as

its an amazing city for a myriad of

activities such as hiking, heritage

sites, museums, restaurants,

shopping hubs, and beaches. While

it may be busy with tourists the city

still has a much more laid-back vibe

than other major Spanish cities.


One of the oldest continually

inhabited cities in western Europe,

Cadiz is typically Andalusian. It

has laidback vibe and is home

to numerous architectural gems

that reflect its long history. The

old town is an absolute pleasure

with its narrow streets, connecting

squares, and beautiful buildings.

The Carnaval of Cadiz is not one to

be missed, it’s considered one of

the biggest in the world.




Cabo da roca, Portugal


Getting Around


Getting into Portugal is pretty simple, there are several

international airports in the country that are well

connected globally, and should you need to, you can travel

on road or rail from neighbouring Spain.

Once in Portugal there are several ways to get around, it’s

a relatively small country with a sparsely spread population

so moving between different cities, towns, and villages is

not always so clear. We’ve put together a little guide on

getting around using the three main methods, train, bus,

and car. Keep in mind however that air travel between the

major cities is an option but not the most popular one and

services are limited.





The train network in Portugal is

solid without being spectacular.

Between the main regions and

cities such as Lisbon, Porto, Faro,

Braga, Coimbra and Aveiro you’ll

find good connections. This is faster

than using the buses, but it does

cost more. Rural areas and towns

are also serviced by trains but

those are less frequent. Some of

the routes run through picturesque

landscapes so travelling on trains

can be a real treat.

It is recommended that you book

in advance and if you do so 5 days

before you’re due to travel then you

may receive a discount.

Find out more - https://www.cp.pt//



Buses are the cheapest option and

don’t take much longer than the

trains. The bus system in Portugal

is highly efficient and represents

the best option for getting to rural

areas and small villages. Rede

Express is the largest bus company

serving most major destination and

regional companies fill the gaps

to reach smaller communities. It’s

worth noting that some of these

services may be limited to only

a couple of journeys a day so it’s

worth planning ahead.

Bus stations normally have a

service counter or booth where

you can purchase tickets for travel.

To book ahead of time check out -



Self-driving in Portugal can be

a challenge to say the least.

While major motorways are well

maintained some secondary roads

are not. On top of this driving in the

country can seem erratic and even

scary to the uninitiated. For this

reason, we advise hiring a private

driver to get around, someone that

knows the roads and customs. This

is also the best way to get to those

out of reach destinations and allow

the freedom to go as you please.

Avenidas Tours and Transfers profile

in depth on the following happy

to take care of any transfer and

private driver needs. Find out more

at https://www.avenidas.pt/


Avenidas - Here for you

Portugal | Transfer Company

For a lot of travellers, the idea of exploring Portugal is exciting but most

wouldn’t know where to begin or how to get around to all the amazing

sights, off the beaten path attractions and hidden gems. We do however

have the solutions for all your transportation and touristic needs and that

is Avenidas.

From its humble beginnings as a single car focused on Uber

rides Avenidas has now grown to become one of the big

transportation players in Portugal with over 20 cars owned

and operated daily for tours, transfers, private rides

and platforms such as Uber and Bolt. The growth of

Avenidas comes down to the focus on providing an

open, committed, and friendly service with family

values, efficiency, and reliability as key tenets.

Avenidas services include private and shared

tours, transfers, private drivers, event

transportation and an innovative product

called Resolv.


Private and Shared Tours

The high quality of service, fun experiences

and friendliness of tours guides has meant that

Avenidas private tours have risen to the famed

number one position on TripAdvisor for Lisbon

tours. Popular sightseeing tours options are to

Sintra, Nazare, Lisbon, Porto, Berlengas and


Shared tours while similar in content and routes

offer a pleasant alternative to private tours

especially for solo travellers and those who love

to meet new people.

Transfers and Private Drivers

Getting from point A to point B needn’t be a

bother or strain with Avenidas. Making the

journey in an efficient, reliable, and professional

manner take centre stage with drivers being

made available on WhatsApp before and after

the journey to ensure everything runs smoothly.

Why not take this one step further but hiring

a private driver for the duration of your stay?

Have a car and driver on your command 24/7

giving you complete freedom and control to

customise any journey.



Organising safe and

reliable transportation

during a festival, wedding,

company event or any

large gathering can be

a logistical nightmare

but not when you’ve got

Avenidas on hand. With

several cars in various

sizes Avenidas are ready

to organise all transport

for any event.

Resolv Service

Resolv is a unique

problem solver service

offered by Avenidas.

Whether you find yourself

in an emergency, difficult

logistical situation or are

unsure how to approach a

transport related problem,

Resolv is ideal for finding a

win-win solution.

Avenidas - 1200-302 Lisboa

c/o Manuel Reis

Tel +351 917 208 885

Tel +351 916 361 635



Cristo Rei and 25 April Bridge,

Lisbon, Portugal



The Algarve’s 3

Best Walking Tours

and Where to Stay



The Algarve’s natural beauty makes it an

interesting place to explore on foot. With 300 days

of Psunshine each year, there is plenty of opportunity to

enjoy a ipis walking et quiae break dolupta avoiding quatium the high sae summer pe se consed season mo

throughout etur? the year.

A Iministium popular walking net ommolup route is taquid the Vicentina que si dem Route veritias which necab runs along

the iunteniendae rugged western velenectur? coast of the region from Santiago do Cacém in

the Alentejo to Sagres in the Algarve. The main attraction to this area

Ent, quo temquam rectemo sapideribus.

is the natural beauty of its beaches and dramatic cliffs. An abundance

of Accae wildlife volumqui can also aut be eum found quia in sit the quissit Costa asitio Vicentina bearibus, Natural Park, where

the velis coastline dollit, cor framing alist harum the qui Atlantic invel enecati Ocean offers scillaut a reptata breath-taking backdrop.

The quosto multiple et, qui historic od molupta sites, such velectat as roman evendi ruins qui and venit medieval es forts are also not

to venisque be missed. exerio. While Itati the con coastal core trails nonsequati are very ipsapidit scenic, so mo are the many paths that

extend cone optas through esto fields ommoluptiore and mountain dendignist, ranges te further que de into simus the interior areas that have

been sitatem generally expla doloreptatem overlooked by il tourism. int. There are various tours offered by Rota Vicentina

using Pa nonesci local members dellabo of ribusae the community magnate who il share imporesciur, their stories of times gone by, as well as

bird venimpos watching alit experts. dicid ea vel ius elit, volest verchil isquam,

From omnim amateur doluptu to recus, the most to etur, experienced officim olorro hiker the modistorae. Algarve has something to offer. Here are our three

favourite walking tours.

Portugal 4U & Quinta Bonita

Country House and Gardens

Portugal 4U offers a brilliant tour called ‘Portuguese

discoveries and lighthouse’ that begins with a

stunning walk along the coastline passing beaches

which were voted the most beautiful in the world

(Dona Ana and Ponta da Piedade). The walk is very

accessible and is only 7 km, with plenty of Instagramable

photo ops! The walk ends at Ponta da Piedade a

beach famous for its unique rock formations where

you will sit down to a delicious traditional lunch. A

1-hour boat ride will then return you to the start point,

exploring sites such as the Cave of Love and the Arch

of Triumph, among others.

The tour starts and ends in Lagos making Quinta Bonita country

house the ideal base to stay. This boutique hotel has exquisite

gardens to roam, a swimming pool and a yoga and wellness studio

for guests to unwind in - perfect after an action-packed day. Their

food philosophy is ‘simple, tasty and local’, catering for all diets and

sourcing a variety of locally grown and seasonal produce to curate

healthy mouth-watering dishes. If the Portugal 4U tour whet your

appetite for exploring the Algarve by foot, Quinta Bonita has an

album of walking notes and suggestions for guests to peruse.


Morgan’s Nature Walks and

Dunas Douradas Beach Club

Based in central rural Algarve,

Morgan’s Nature Walks whisks you

away from the crowds to explore

hidden gems. One of their walks

will guide you through Fonte

Benémola, a protected area, which

is a luscious green valley full of

animal and plant life. It is not only

home to over 100 different species

of bird that can be seen throughout

the whole trail but also more than

300 diverse species of plants. It is

also possible to see many species

of water snakes swimming in the

creek in search of small fish and

turtles sunning themselves on

the banks. Morgan’s nature walks

offer walks for all different abilities

and enthusiasms including three

photography specific walks and

even a bird ringing walking tour.

Located just a 30-minute drive from these stunning walks is Dunas Douradas

Beach Club . The hotel is an award-winning five-star resort in the heart of the

Algarve’s Golden Triangle. Situated in a privileged setting away from the crowds,

overlooking the ocean and endless golden beaches of the Atlantic coastline, the

luxury resort welcomes guests to a relaxed and elegant atmosphere and offers

exclusivity and recreation for every member of the family.


A2Z & Memmo Baleeira Hotel

A 2 Z organises multiple day hiking trips

for the more experienced walkers. Their

Western Algarve tour covers 107km of

breath-taking terrain in 7 days. It is selfguided,

and includes 6 nights of 3-Star

accommodation, luggage transfers,

guidebooks, maps, insurance, and a GPS

devise with accurate routes. A2Z invites

clients to explore Rota Vicentina’s network

of walking trails, including the Historical

Way, the Fishermen’s Trail, and several

Circular Routes. The tours allow clients to

experience authentic rural Algarve and the

rugged wild Atlantic coastline with prices

starting at €649 for the week.



After a week’s walking some R&R

may be in order and Memmo Baleeira

Hotel will not disappoint. It is a 4-star

hotel with views across the ocean

and Baleeira harbour near Sagres

on the most westerly point of the

region. This contemporary hotel has

its own restaurant, bar, pool, and

spa to help guests unwind after an

exciting day. The Hotel is well suited

for people seeking outdoor, active

holidays with its own surf centre

and capacity to organise activities

such as: bike tours, Jeep trips, water

sports and golf.


For further information on The Algarve, please visit:

www.visitalgarve.pt or http://www.algarvepromotion.pt/en/

Social Media Channels: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram


Shantivillas Algarve

Portugal, Algarve | Luxury Villas

The Algarve has long been considered one of the luxury capitals of

Europe, it’s a popular destination for professional footballers,

celebrities and affluents individuals. This is mainly because

there is nothing quite as unique as the Algarve with its rich

culinary heritage, stunning coastline, friendly inhabitants,

and contrasting locales. If you find yourself planning a

trip to the region and are wondering where to stay

then we have the answer for you, Shantivillas.

Founded back in 2016, Shantivillas has grown to

become one of the premier Villa brokers in all

of Portugal. The company was borne out of

a common issue for many travellers which

was difficulty in finding a reputable and

professional Villa provider who could

source high quality, private and

luxurious villas.


Located only 20 minutes from Vilamoura, the Shantivillas

portfolio includes 10 spectacular properties dotted around

the region, all finished to an elegant and modern standard.

The smallest of which is perfect for a small group of four

and the largest able to accommodate a staggering 16

individuals. As a standard all villas come with a private

swimming pool, state of the art kitchen, en Suite bedrooms,

free WIFI and some even a with children’s pool. All properties

are located only 40 minutes or so from Faro International

airport with golf courses, the beach and shopping outlets

all nearby.

To top this Shantivillas provide a whole host of services

such as transfers, car rentals, a private chef, sightseeing

tours, arrival orientation, grocery shopper, maid service and

expert advice on the local area.

Aldeamento do Malhão,

8200-484 , Albufeira, Portugal

Tel +351 289 362 131

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We have been lucky enough to sit down

with the Operations Manager, Rui Manuel

Grou, to talk a bit more about the company,

himself and the challenges faced by the

Covid pandemic.

Tell us a little bit about yourself.

I consider myself a very professional and

dedicated person that does not stop

until he gets what he wants. My friends

usually say I am a loyal friend and that I

have my ideals well defined. I see myself

as detailed orientated with exceptional

follow-through and the ability to plan and

oversee a broad range of responsibilities

from concept to successful execution.

I am a visible and personally involved

leader with excellent interpersonal and

communication skills.

I have worked in the Hospitality business

for more than 17 years, in hotel operations

as reception manager, spa manager, hotel

assistant manager and as operations

director in several 5-star environments.


When was Shantivillas

founded and what was

the thinking behind it?

Shantivillas was born at

the beginning of 2016 to

respond to those looking

to enjoy quality holidays in

the countryside, near the

beach. We bet on prestigious

tourism allied to a region

known for its natural charms.

Located in the Algarve just

30 minutes west of Faro, the

gateway to the Algarve.

Our villas are located in the

tranquil southern region

of Portugal and we offer a

collection of hand-picked

properties ideal for families

or groups of friends travelling

together, each of the 10 villas

is individually designed and

would make a stylish home

from home for the holidays.

What makes Shantivillas unique?

We have a handpicked collection of luxury villas are

dotted around the region in the most rural, peaceful

spots, each one offering sweeping countryside views,

a heated outdoor pool and the utmost privacy as


Whether the guest is looking for a grand property with

spacious landscaped gardens or a comfortable yet

elegant hideaway with a panoramic coastal backdrop,

ShantiVillas’ unique portfolio is bound to have a villa to

match your needs – ensuring the dreamiest Algarve


Do you provide any

extra services?

In addition to a standard

villa rental, we offer a

number of additional

services allowing you to

add those all-important

extras to your stay, whether

it’s a friendly welcome and

orientation on your arrival,

or a private chef to cook a

delicious dinner for you and

your family. Shantivillas are

ideal for family stays and

a perfect complement to

Luxury Tailor Made Travel;

ask us to create a journey

customized around the

properties of your choice,

complete with sightseeing,

insider access and expert

local guides.


How many people can your largest villa


Shantivillas presents an impeccable portfolio of luxury villas

in the Portuguese village of Malhão, a destination famed

for its authentic way of life. In particular, multigenerational

families and groups will find the hand-picked properties – the

largest of which accommodate up to 16 guests – perfectly

suited to travel needs.

Discover here the holiday home that you have always

dreamed of having.

What challenges did the Covid-19 pandemic present and how

did you overcome these?

The outbreak of Coronavirus COVID-19 represents an important

and evolving challenge to the tourism sector. Containment of the

pandemic is the top priority and the tourism sector is committed to

supporting all measures taken to contain the epidemic.

Our true goal during this difficult time is to give value to our visitors

and look for other tourism markets. The current ban on travels might

contribute in the long run to the discovery of our World Heritage

gems by the people living in our part of Europe. We are hoping for

a quick ending to this situation, and that tourism will once again



Where are most of your guests from? Do you have

a target market?

In the last couple of years, we had guests mainly from

the United Kingdom and a small number of national

guests, but we have been working other markets such

Germany, France, Spain. Last year for example with the

Covid-19 pandemic we had more Portuguese guests

looking for our product since the other guests had travel


Your favourite holiday destination and why?

Travelling is one of the best ways to get away from the

daily hustle-bustle. It gives me time and space to enjoy

my passions and lets me spend some time with my

family as well. Here are a few places in the world, that

are simply my favourite places for holiday. However, I do

enjoy travelling to new places, meeting new people and

trying new cuisines.

Cape Verde;

Dominican Republic;




Hidden Gems

Lisbon is one of Europe leading holiday capitals.

It’s a vibrant coastal city with loads to do, a whole

host of attractions, a unique history, meaningful

architecture, an exceptional culinary heritage, a lively

nightlife scene, sociable locals, and great weather

for most of the year. Iconic sites include the Belem

Tower, Jeronminos Monastery, the Praca do Comercio

(Commerce Square), and Lisbon Cathedral. Like any

other major European city Lisbon has its own set of

hidden gems and we’ve chosen a few worth visiting.


The National Tile Museum

On the face of it the Tile Museum

may not sound like much of a hidden

gem but once you step inside, you’ll

be awed very quickly. Housed in an

elegant 16th century convent, the

museum setting is dramatic as it is

impressive. Inside you’ll find hundreds

of azulejo’s (Portuguese tiles)

covering every inch of the interior.

They are arranged chronologically

from the 16th century right up to the

abstract styles of the 20th.

Find out more


The Graca Neighbourhood

This one is a true hidden gem simply

because it’s so quintessentially

Portuguese. For anyone looking

for a typical and local Portuguese

setting then Graca is the ideal

place. There’s no flood of tourism,

no major attractions, no attempt to

regenerate, and no influx of wealth.

The bustling main street is lined

with restaurants, bars, and cafes

filled with locals. For an authentic

experience Graca can’t be beat.

Basilica da Estrela &

Jardim da Estrela

Sitting upon a hill the Basilica

da Estrela is an impressive

neoclassical landmark. It’s a

wonderful hidden gem set away

from the main centre and is not

too busy with tourists. The rooftop

offers stunning views of Lisbon,

and the interior is made up of an

impressive pristine white, pink,

grey, yellow and black marble.




Only a day trip away from Lisbon, Setubal is considered

something of an out of the way alternative. This vibrant

seaside town sitting along a beautiful stretch of the Portuguese

coast is oftentimes a getaway town for locals of Lisbon or an

alternative for those travellers who have done the rounds in

Lisbon and want something new. Setubal is an ideal base to

explore the natural beauty of the region, the wildlife, enjoy

delicious seafood, and to relax on pristine beaches.

Getting in and Getting Around

The nearest airport is Lisbon Portela Airport, it’s well connected

internationally all year round. It’s still about half an hour dive

away from Setubal so you’ll need to arrange transport, either a

bus or private taxi. The train is another option from the airport

but would require you to go into Lisbon, in fact the only way

into Setubal via train from anywhere in Portugal is by first

getting a train that goes into Lisbon.


Using the bus is the most

direct route as the bus station

is more centrally located than

the train station. Ofcourse

driving in is an option, the

roads in Portugal are well

maintained, safe and easy to


Getting around Setubal is

simple enough, it’s a small

town so navigating on foot

should be fine. There is also a

bus service for the town with

an effective schedule and

good quality buses.

Things to Do

The big attraction with Setubal is not so

much in the town itself but the beauty

of the surrounding area. With that being

said there are a few gems within the

town such Travel and Hospitality Award

winner Casa da Baia, a brilliant spot to

get more information on the area, pick

up a few souvenirs, and just take in its

architectural beauty.

Given the coastal location of Setubal a

boat tour to see the dolphins is a must,

you can also take part in water sports

such as stand-up paddle boarding,

surfing, and fishing.

Outside of the city there are two stunning

sites, the first is the Arrabida National Park,

famous for its varied wildlife, beautiful

coast, historic fortress, the Arrabida

mountain range, and hiking routes. The

other site is the Castle of Palmela, located

as part of the village with the same name.

It’s a national monument and built on a

hill, the views at the top are spectacular.

If you just want to relax, you’ll find several

idyllic beaches in and around Setubal

such as the Praia dos Galapos, Praia dos

Galapinhos, Praia do Creiro, and Praia dos

Coelhos. The beaches never get too busy

so remain pristine all year round.



Like much of Portugal the cuisine in Setubal is

centred on seafood, the town is a busy fishing port,

so the fish tends to be fresh and number seafood

restaurants plentiful. Sardines are a favourite among

locals along with Chocos Fritos (fried cuttlefish).

Setubal is a well-known wine region so be sure

to sample the local Moscatel de Setúbal, a sweet

fortified white wine. You can also find it souvenir

shops to take back with you.


We’ve got the perfect place for you to stay in Setubal,

the multi-award-winning RM Guest House. It’s a unique

combination of elegance, artistry, and luxury, to find out more

please see page 170.

Find out more - https://visitsetubal.com/en/front-page_en/



Casa da Baia

Portugal | The Award for Excellence in Branding

Located in the heart of Setubal, the Casa da Baia is so much more than a

typical historic building it appears to be, in fact this elegant structure

serves as the business card for the whole city and surrounding area.

The 18th century building is the home of the official tourist

centre and information hub of the region, on hand and ready

to provide an abundance of knowledge for anyone who is

interested exploring the city. There is a vast wealth of

materials on offer for tourists such as details related to

tours, points of interest, workshops, general leaflets,

and area maps. Should you not find what you need,

the team on hand and are more than happy to

go the extra mile to make sure your query

is resolved. Whether it be advice on local

places to eat, attraction, transport tips

or general information on the area, the

staff are highly trained, resourceful

and most of all passionate.


As well as acting as a tourist centre the

building is also a specialist wine area with a

wine cellar housing and promoting bottles of

all the producers in the region. You of course

have an option to buy from the on-site shop

or simply enjoy a glass from the cafeteria,

the ideal place to sample some of the local


On top of this the space inside the building is

used for regular cultural and artistic exhibits

thus providing the perfect opportunity to take

in a bit Setubal without going too far. This is

indeed true when it comes to the building

itself which was built upon roman ruins of

which remnants remain.

To get the most out of your journey to Setubal

we recommend starting at the Casa Da Baia!


Avenida Luisa Todi, 468, Setubal,

Setubal 2900-456, Portugal

Tel +351 265 545 010


RM Guest House

Portugal | Guest House

The RM Guest House, located in the elegant city of Setubal, is the realisation

of a wish to create a unique, distinctive, and somewhat sophisticated

place to set about the redefinition of the accommodation experience in

Portugal. Custom made furniture, characteristic design pieces and even

a cute yellow pig make this house your home. A place where you can

leave your troubles at the door, feel welcome and at peace.

The seven beautifully decorated suites are a reflection and a

tribute to a definitive fashion icon or style that influences every

little detail and aspect of the room while at the same time

ensuring a comfortable experience. Our personal favourite

is without a doubt suite no. 5, a subtle and touching

tribute to Coco Chanel who famously favoured the

number 5 as lucky and so should every guest lucky

enough to stay here. The restored wooden floors,

Portuguese sheets, handmade towels, Molton

Brown amenities, air conditioning, cotton

robes, flat screen TV and powerful espresso

machines create a relaxed environment

that no one would ever want to leave.


Every guest is welcomed in person by warm

and friendly hosts along with a glass of

Moscatel de Setúbal, a sweet, delicious,

and locally sourced fortified wine. Excellent

service is part of DNA at RM guest house

and the team is dedicated to going above

and beyond to ensure guests have a joyful

experience. This includes free bicycle hire so

you can explore the locale and if you wish to

do more staff are more than happy to arrange

a plethora of activities like helicopter tours,

dolphin watching, yacht tour, oceanarium

tickets, sightseeing tours, horseback riding,

bird watching, canoeing and restaurant


A stay at the RM Guest house is one you will

never forget!

Avenida Luisa

Todi 59, 2900-424

Setúbal, Portugal

Tel +351 265 400 119




3 New Experiences

to Try

New experiences should always be a requirement

on any trip abroad. After all what is travelling if

not an opportunity to learn, grow as a person, and

make fond memories. All of these are possible when

you try something unique, visit somewhere special,

or go out of your comfort zone. In Portugal there are

ample opportunities to do this that are exclusive to

the country, and we’ve picked out three of the best.


Spend an evening in a Fado Club

Fado is a form of traditional music

that is unique, meaningful, and

symbolic to Portugal much like

Samba is to Brazil, Ranchera is to

Mexico, or like jazz to Louisiana in

the USA. Fado can be traced back to

Lisbon in the 1820’s and is popular

today as it ever has been.

An evening at a Fado club is the

ultimate authentic experience in

Portugal. Normally Fado is performed

with three people one on vocals, a

second on a classical guitar and a

third on a Portuguese guitar, songs

are traditionally melancholic.

We recommend paying a visit to

the beautiful Casa de Linhares to

experience Fado.


Feast on Pastel de Nata

Chances you’ve probably had a

dessert similar to Portugal’s Pastel

de Nata, after all it’s just a pastry

crust filled with egg custard that’s

available all over. However, when

you try the Portuguese version,

you’ll quickly realise there isn’t an

egg custard tart in the world that

can quite compete.

In Portugal, these pastels are

available on every street corner,

great pride is taken in preparation,

different places will have their own

secret ingredient but as a rule they’re

generally topped off with cinnamon.

For an in-depth Pastel De Nata

experience check out a dedicated

cooking class available -https://



Dark Sky Viewing

This one is a different, it will require

you to venture out into rural Portugal

and possibly stay out all night, but

it’ll be worth it as the experience

itself is breath taking. Dark Sky

viewing in Alqueva is unparalleled,

so much so in fact that this was

the first destination in the world to

be certified as a “starlight tourism

destination” meaning light pollution

is extremely low, visibility excellent,

and perfect climate to view the


Check out the next page for our

extensive profile on Dark Sky



Dark Sky

Portugal | Learning Experience


perfect beautiful starry night is a rare thing so much so in fact that there

are only a handful of certified destinations in Europe that can offer the,

the first to be certified and probably the most exquisite is Dark Sky Alqueva.

Located in the Alentejo region of Portugal Alqueva is a wonderful and

accessible place to see the stars, constellations, the Milky Way, and

distant galaxies. Conditions in Alqueva are ideal, light pollution is at a

minimum and the climate is warm.

So, should you decide that your next trip to Portugal will

include a spot of night viewing then who better to guide you

than the president of the Dark Sky Association, Apolónia

Rodrigues. Apolónia is an experienced and awardwinning

professional with an excellent background in

sustainable tourism.


Tell us a little bit about yourself. And what led you to founding Dark


My professional career began in 1998, before I completed my university studies

in Tourism Management and Planning. I started with a public entity that was

linked to tourism, and soon after I had an international project, which made

me understand which path I would like to follow. In 2007 I chose a different

path from working in public authorities and requested unpaid leave in order

to develop what I loved most, development of sustainable and integrated

destinations combined with future tourism trends in demand. To follow my

passion I develop my own model and in that same year I begin creating Dark

Sky® Alqueva. Opposition arose when choosing the night sky as a resource

for tourism, as locally it was considered a negative point of the region, the loss

of population. An area with little population and widely dispersed urban zones

provided a restraint in the growth of public lighting, and as such it provided a

low level of light pollution. A destination needs a strong element that is capable

of driving towards sustainable development, but that at the same time allows

it to differentiate itself in the global market. Thus, in the Alqueva the night sky

appeared. And with it, the creation of the concept and destination brand Dark

Sky®, the first one being Dark Sky® Alqueva.


Dark Sky® Alqueva

Official Dark Sky® Alqueva Observatory

Rua de Nossa Senhora da Conceição S/N, Cumeada

7200-071 Campo Rmz

Tel + 351 91 310 35 40


What is it about Alqueva that makes it such

a perfect destination?

Dark Sky® Alqueva combines a night sky of

exceptional quality with diversified and excellent

tourism offer, together with natural beauty and

rich material and intangible Heritage. At just

over 1H30 away from an international airport it is

possible to find a destination with an impressive

night sky where one can observe the Milky Way,

our great cosmic home, with the unaided eye.

With cutting-edge telescopes for solar and

astronomical observations, one can embark

on a unique visual experience from observing

planets, the craters of the Moon, passing

through the deep sky on a cosmic journey

through nebulae, galaxies and star clusters

which rise above in one of the best skies in the

world. In addition to the activities developed

by Dark Sky®, a Network of Official Partners

was created. Within the Network, the Official

Partners include accommodation, restaurants,

handicrafts and regional products, guided tours

and night and daytime entertainment activities,

who are all prepared to meet the needs of

astrotourists. It is without a doubt a complete

destination between the sky and Earth.


What advice would you give to anyone thinking of visiting?

My advice is to stay among us at least four days to be able to enjoy the night and day

of Dark Sky® Alqueva calmly. I propose a combination of stargazing in the Official

Dark Sky® Alqueva Observatory, astrophotography with Miguel Claro, night canoeing

and a night walk or a run with a day boat trip, long meals, visiting our castles,

monuments and beautiful villages or just resting in the vast fields, near the Great

Alqueva Lake, or close to the pool with a nice glass of Alentejo wine or a gin which is

also produced locally.

Are there any activities you’d recommend?

Dark Sky® Alqueva offers a range of astronomical observation activities with the

unaided eye or with telescopes, which can be held at the Official Dark Sky® Alqueva

Observatory in Cumeada, or in any part of the certified territory, always with a Dark

Sky® Guide. In addition to these activities, other complimentary activities were

created and developed which can be carried out both at night and during the day,

such as walking tours that mix heritage and nature, canoeing, Solar System Yoga,

horse riding, photographic tours and workshops, wine tours and normal and blind

wine tasting, team building, orientation, bird watching, wildlife watching, among

many others upon request. Among the activities that can be carried out at night, we

emphasize the astrophotography workshops, which can be in a private 1-to-1 format

or in group, held by the international astrophotographer Miguel Claro.

From daytime experiences, we emphasize the boat trips on the Alqueva Lake, fishing,

the Sunset Dark Sky® which comprises of a solar observation with a solar telescope

accompanied with Sharish Gin, wine or a non-alcoholic cocktail, and the hot air

balloon trip at sunrise or sunset. These are a few of the most sought after activities

but our team and our partners are always available and open to new ideas and to

tailor made programs.


United Kingdom


Birminghan, United Kingdom



Water is the life-blood that flows through

and around Scotland. It’s what makes its

beloved landscape so special, its whisky so tasty

and its water sports so much fun.

2021 continues Scotland’s Year of Coasts and

Waters, celebrating the country’s diverse coastal

scenery and waterways, from dramatic cliffs, sea

stacks and gleaming white beaches, to lochs

steeped in history and rivers and canals that have

contributed so much to Scotland’s culture and


Scotland’s magnificent coastline runs to around

10,000 km and there are over 30,000 lochs and

lochans with miles of winding rivers to discover.

And while Scotland waits to welcome visitors from

all over the world, all this will be here for visitors

when the time is right…


Natural environment and Wildlife

Sculpted by volcanoes, glaciers and the

weather, some of Scotland’s landscape

is over 3 billion years old - you really have

to see it to believe it. Glaciers have carved

out beautiful lochs in Scotland, some

deeper than our inshore seas, which are

home to welcoming communities and

the odd monster!

Along Scotland’s coastline, you’ll find

some of the world’s best beaches with

sweeping pristine white sands against

clear azure blue waters. Embrace the

beauty of the Outer Hebrides or the

Highlands, or venture east to Angus,

Fife or East Lothian and dip a toe in!

And don’t forget the beautiful nature

reserves across the country, home to a

tremendous variety of flora, fauna and


Whatever the season, Scotland’s coasts

and waters are the ideal place for a natural

high and a wildlife experience should be

part of any trip here, no matter where

you go! In spring marvel at thousands of

seabirds, including guillemots, fulmars,

kittiwakes and razorbills, as they return

to their craggy sea-cliff ‘cities’ to nest

and raise young after a winter at sea.

As the days lengthen in summer, osprey

fly thousands of miles from west Africa

to raise their chicks, while resident

bottlenose dolphin pods and whales rise

from the deep to frolic in the crashing


The vivid golds and coppers of autumn

signal the arrival of thousands of

migrant geese in their familiar ‘v’ shaped

squadrons, while powerful Atlantic

Salmon can be spotted leaping as they

return to their original spawning rivers.

And between late September and late

November, seals pull up along our shores

to give birth to adorable and furry pups.


Historic Environment and

Cultural Heritage

Scots have deep-rooted links with

coasts and waters. They were an

important means of travel and helped

provide an abundant larder for early

settlers. You’ll find many important

Neolithic, Iron Age and Bronze Age

sites near the coasts of Orkney and

Shetland, with mysteries of Orkney’s

early loch-side dwellers still being

uncovered at the Ness of Brodgar

excavations today.

Between the 8th and 15th centuries,

the formidable Vikings and the

mighty Lords of the Isles used the sea

and their grand fleets to control the

islands of Orkney and Shetland and

the Inner and Outer Hebrides. Norse

heritage and culture are plain to see

today around Orkney and Shetland in

particular, but also along the Firth of


In the Middle Ages, nobles were quick

to realise the importance of siting

castles on the coast or on loch

islands, to improve their fortification.

Scotland has a wide array of

impressive coastal fortresses

to explore. From Dunnottar by

Stonehaven, and Tantallon in East

Lothian, to Sinclair-Girnigoe near

Wick. Dunnottar withstood several

assaults by Vikings and an eightmonth

siege by Oliver Cromwell’s


In more recent times, coasts and

waters have played an important

role during the Napoleonic and

World Wars. The vast, natural

harbour of Scapa Flow in Orkney

was an important deep-water

wartime anchorage for the Royal

Navy throughout these conflicts as

well as, surprisingly, the American

War of Independence.

Loch Striven, a long sea-loch on the

Cowal Peninsula was important for

training midget submarine crews

and testing bouncing bombs in

WWII. Whilst Holy Loch near Dunoon,

also on the Cowal Peninsula, was

and remains an important naval

base today.


Activities and Adventure

Our seas, shores, lochs and rivers are an

amazing playground for those that thrive in

the great outdoors. Whether you’re surfing

Atlantic swells, fishing some of Europe’s finest

rivers, sea-kayaking along the west coast,

or enjoying a refreshing coastal walk, there’s

plenty to take your breath away!

Scotland’s gorges, rivers and lochs are perfect

for a huge range of thrilling watersports. With

a wetsuit, and ‘can-do’ attitude, try canyoning

in Highland Perthshire, Lochaber or Dumfries

& Galloway, or go whitewater rafting on

the rivers Findhorn, Moriston, Orchy, Tay or

Tummel. Try stand-up paddle boarding, the

trendiest watersport of the moment or go

‘old school’ and find some of Europe’s finest

surfing spots in Scotland. Sea-kayaking is an

amazing way to see our coast in a new way.

If you’re starting out, join a group paddling

amongst the Arisaig Skerries. The sea there is

often calm and you might see basking seals

pulled up on the white sandy beaches - an

incredibe experience. Skilled paddlers can

choose a section of the 500 km Scottish Sea

Kayak Trail, which runs from the Isle of Gigha

to the Summer Isles.

If you’ve ever dreamed of navigating a yacht around idyllic islands

or gliding gracefully across a misty loch, there can be no better time

than Scotland’s Year of Coasts and Waters to plan a sailing trip for

next year. Whether you’re a landlubber keen to learn the secrets of

the sea, or an experienced skipper looking for a ‘bareboat’ charter -

Scotland offers some of the finest sailing experiences in the world.


Food and Drink

When it comes to feeding the nation and

many of our European and global friends,

Scotland’s coasts and waters are vitally


Scotland lands over two-thirds of the

world’s langoustines and is the largest fish

producer in Europe. Thankfully however,

much of this delicious seafood, regarded

by many as amongst the best in the world,

stays in Scotland. You’ll find it in fine

seafood shacks and fish and chip shops

around the coast as well as on restaurant

menus across the country.

The quality of our water is also important

when it comes to our other major export

- whisky - uisge beatha - the water of

life. Water from natural springs, rivers and

lochs, combined with malted barley and

aged in oak casks, have a clear influence

on the taste - this can differ between

whisky regions and the 120, and growing,

whisky distilleries that you’ll find here.


A message from VisitScotland

Whilst some travel restrictions remain in

place around the world, we want to send a

message of support and hope to our friends

around the world. We want to assure them

that, whilst they can’t visit just now, we will

still be here with a warm welcome for them

when the time is right.

Dream now and visit VisitScotland.com

Scotland’s water and other local botanicals are

also important in the production of Scottish gin.

Over 70% of the juniper berry-based spirit is

produced in Scotland and it’s the quality of the

water and natural ingredients that makes it so


The Scottish craft beer sector continues to

grow each year and the range of brews on offer

is intriguing and satisfying. Many of our whisky

and gin distilleries and breweries offer visitor

experiences and it’s well worth calling in for a

wee dram, a refreshing G & T or some amber ale.


The Mountain Men

Scotland - UK |

The Award for Excellence in Service

From humble beginnings as a small group raising money for charity, T.M.M.

Experiences (formally The Mountain Men) has quickly become Scotland’s

Premier Wild Camp Specialist. Currently they offer several experiences, all

developed and built upon by the work of a knowledgeable and dedicated

team led by former soldier and outdoorsman Ritchie Nash. Their all

inclusive wild camping experiences allow you to travel light as T.M.M.

supply the equipment you need.

The Scottish Experience

Scotland is a beautiful country and with the Scottish

Experience you get to see so much more of it than you would

on a standard run of the mill tour. With this Experience

you get a fantastic opportunity to get up close and

personal with the rugged landscape while camping in

comfortable and modern tents. All the equipment is

supplied and carried by the T.M.M. team allowing

you the freedom to take in the sights. You can

choose between the Skye Experience, the

Arran Experience, the North Coast 500

Experience or even tailor an experience

to suit your preferences.


The Backpacker Experience

As the name suggests this experience is all centred around

backpacking and differs from the Scottish Experience in that

you are carrying your backpack for a short spell, this allows us

to access some of the more remote and wonderful locations

hidden to most tourists. A typical backpack weighs only 12kg

and contains everything you need. This Experience will involve

a short hike to a camp location and once there the freedom to

explore your surroundings or just relax around the campfire

whichever you prefer. Currently on offer there is the West

Highland Way Experience, the Lochs and Islands Experience

and the Mystery Experience for which your destination always

remains a pleasant surprise. A member of the T.M.M. team will

be on hand at all times.


The Outlander Experience

This is a movie tour with a difference. Spend four days

submerged in the land of the Jacobite’s, whilst visiting

several locations from the hit TV show Outlander. Sleep out

in the wild like the warriors of yesterday, immerse yourself in

the passion that is Scotland. This Experience includes entry

to four main attractions from the series including Culloden

Visitor Centre and Battlefield.

Hill Navigation Training

When not operating their Experiences and under their

original name of The Mountain Men, two excellent courses

are available. The low cost but highly effective courses

are designed to give back and build both the skills and the

confidence of walkers. The main course is The Hill Navigation

& Safety Course which covers all aspects of safety on the

hills including what kit to carry, how to deal with emergency

situations and how to navigate in any conditions. The second

course is the Winter Navigation Course and is more of a

confidence booster to show candidates that the skills they

have learned really do work in all conditions. The Mountain

Men travel all over Scotland providing these courses.


2nd Floor, Clyde Offices, 48 West George

Street, Glasgow, G2 1BP

Tel +44 0141 482 7005


Old Man of Storr, Isle of Skye, United Kingdom


The Beauty of the

Lake District

There are very few places in the United Kingdom that

can compete with the Lake District when it comes to

natural beauty and heritage. The Lake District is a national

park located in the north-west of England and covers an

area of over 2000 square kilometres.

The district is known as the home of several beautiful

lakes, but you’ll also find rugged fell mountains, traditional

market towns, enchanting forests, a variety of wildlife,

hiking paths, mountain biking trails, steam railways, and


Windermere remains the most popular town and tends

to be used as a base for a lot of visitors, here you’ll find

restaurants, café’s, shops, heritage attraction, and the

starting point for a lot of activities such as the lake cruises

or hiking trails.


Lovers of literature are in for a treat, the

village of Hawkshead, a few miles west of

Windermere, has important connections

to both Beatrix Potter and William

Wordsworth. The serene setting of the

Lake District inspired much of Beatrix

Potters work and William Wordsworth was

schooled in Hawkshead. You can now visit

the homes of both these literary geniuses.

The further you head away from the main

town the wilder and more dramatic the

landscape becomes. Mountain passes,

scurrying rivers, lush hills, and much

more await on the many hiking trails. We

recommend the Buttermere walk, a flat

and fairly comfortable circular route that

is about four miles long.

Although you will find several restaurants

in the bigger towns, we suggest you visit a

traditional pub for a more a local meal and

experience. Sheep farming is common in

the hills of the Lake District and in keeping

with that Roast lamb is a local favourite.



Our One to Watch

Birmingham, the second city, has seen a tourism

resurgence in recent years, the city is seen as a

good alternative to London, it’s much cheaper in terms of

housing & living expenses, it has a thriving gastronomic

scene, a pulsating city centre, brilliant nightlife, numerous

shopping hubs, several attractions, fine boutique hotels,

and its central location means its easy to get around the

rest of the country. The imminent arrival of the highspeed

HS2 train will make it much easier to live in Birmingham

and commute to London.


Getting in and Getting Around

Birmingham has its own international

airport that is well connected via

several major airlines. The city’s

central location in the UK means it’s

efficiently linked to the rest of the

country via train (there are two main

stations), bus, and driving in. A unique

option is entering the city through

its extensive canal network, visitors

travelling by narrowboat can choose

from several tourist moorings.

There is a newly built tram system to

get around the centre the city but if

you’re venturing out both the bus

and train systems within the city are

decent. The train network is limited

compared to other major cities so it’s

worth planning ahead as you may

need to use a combination of the

two. Ofcourse several ride-sharing

services are available such as Uber,

Gett, and Bolt.


Things To Do

For a city that’s over a thousand year’s old Birmingham

has a somewhat muted history. It was only really during

the Victorian era that Birmingham became a big city.

The city became an industrial centre and was dubbed

“the workshop of the world”, to this end there are a few

attractions focused on its industrial past. We recommend

visiting the Jewellery quarter, home to several jewellery

shops that have been there for over a hundred years plus

a museum. Soho house is another industrial era attraction,

it was once the home of Matthew Boulton, who pioneered

the industrial age in the city. For industrial architecture

you should heading over to Digbeth and Deritend, the area

is now a hub for creativity in the city.

One of the most popular things to do in the city is to go

on a tour of the Cadbury’s Chocolate factory, known as

Cadbury world. The tour includes learning about the

history of chocolate, the Cadbury company, and a brief

look at the factory floor.

The global popularity of the BBC television drama Peaky

Blinders has led to interest in the city. Parts of the series

is filmed in the city and there are several spots in the city

that were once frequented by the Peaky Blinders. We

recommend going on a specialised tour with - https://




When it comes to food Birmingham is a melting pot of

different cuisines from around the world. You can find

Bangladeshi, Indian, Pakistani, Middle Eastern, Chinese,

Japanese, Polish, and Italian restaurants all over the city.

However, there is one dish you ought to try and that is

the Birmingham Balti. The Balti is a curry dish invented

in the city in 1977 and is best enjoyed in a restaurant

or Balti house located in the “Balti Triangle”. The name

given to a cluster of restaurants along Ladypool Road,

Stoney Lane, and Stratford Road. A taxi to the area will

cost about £5.


We recommend the Hyatt Regency, a modern hotel that

has stood the test of the time in the city. It’s centrally

located, fully equipped with a gym, pool, and restaurant.

It’s often the default choice for celebrities and world


Find out more - https://visitbirmingham.com/




Skógafoss, iceland


Rekjavik Top 5

Tourism to Iceland is focused mainly its exciting capital Reykjavik, after all this

is the only major city on the Island and is home to more than two thirds of

the population. It is the perfect base to learn about the culture of Iceland, take

part in activities, sample local cuisine, visit attractions, and to explore the rest of

the country. There is a lot to do in and around Reykjavik and we’ve put together

a list of 5 must do activities.

Spend a Morning at the Blue Lagoon

In a country well known for its geothermal pools the Blue Lagoon stands out as

the most popular. This pristine pool is part of a centre that includes a modern

hotel, vibrant on-site restaurants, and a complete spa. The pool itself remains a

balmy 40 °C all year round despite freezing conditions.

Located only 45 minutes outside of Reykjavik and about 10 minutes from the

airport, the Blue Lagoon can get extremely busy so its worth booking ahead.

Therefore, we recommend spending a morning there when its quieter and much

more pleasant.

Find out more - https://www.bluelagoon.com/


Visit the Icelandic

Phallological Museum

A weird attraction and a unique one

for sure, this is the only museum in

the world dedicated to penesis and

Phallalogy. The museum is home to

over 250 penesis from over 90 different

species of animals including humans,

bulls, a blue whale (the largest), hamster

(the smallest) and even penesis of

mythological creatures such as elves,

trolls, and kelpies.

There is a store on site selling all sorts

of souvenirs, everything from designer

condoms, tote bags, porcelain art, key

rings, bottle openers, and sweets can

be purchased. The entry cost is 2200ISK

and the museum is open everyday from

1pm to 6pm.

Find out more - https://phallus.is/en/


Learn how to cook Icelandic


Icelandic cuisine is growing in

esteem and is more commonly

noted as one of the key reasons to

visit Iceland, many people want to

try the food. Geothermally baked rye

bread is spectacular, skyr yoghurt is

tasteful, the locally smoked lamb is a

delicacy, and of course seafood is a

speciality all over.

We recommend taking this love of

food one step further by learning

to cook it yourself. Salt Eldhus

is Travel and Hospitality award

winning cooking school based

in Reykjavik and has been going

strong since 2012. Visitors can

expect educational, interactive,

and enjoyable cooking classes that

offers an insightful opportunity to

experience Icelandic cuisine, food

tradition and local culture. Check out

the following page to find out more.

Descend down Þríhnúkagígur

Þríhnúkagígur is a dormant volcano that last erupted over 4000 years ago.

With no signs of eruption anytime soon the volcano has been opened for

tourists to descend into the magma chamber. There is no other place in

the world where this possible making this an activity special to Iceland. The

magma chamber, often referred to as the heart of the volcano, is beautiful,

and considered by many a geological wonder. If you’re claustrophobic we

recommend you give this one a miss as the journey to the chamber is 120

metres underground.

Book your trip now at https://insidethevolcano.com/


Tour the Golden Circle

A breath-taking trip that takes you from Reykjavik to the south of Iceland and back again. This route is the perfect way

to take in the natural beauty of rural Iceland and visit three major attractions. You can self-drive or go as part of a tour,

either method has its own benefits.

The first stop on this route is Þingvellir National Park, a UNESCO world heritage site that is home to several cultural

treasures and a canyon caused by the parting of the Eurasian and North American plates. The second stop is the

spectacular Gullfoss waterfall, an iconic double waterfall that is over 32 metres high. The final stop on the Golden Circle

is the geysers at Haukadalur, one of which, called Strokkur, can churn up water over 100 feet into the air.

Find out more - https://guidetoiceland.is/travel-iceland/drive/golden-circle


Salt Eldhus

Iceland | Culinary Experience

Icelandic cuisine has come into its own in recent years. Traditionally this distinctive

cuisine has been considered a functional reaction to the harsh realities and climate

of Iceland’s position in the arctic circle. However, technological advancements,

modern innovations and an increase in shared knowledge has led to the Iceland

culinary scene blossoming over the past few decades to the point now where

many visit Iceland simply to try the food. For this kind of experience there is no

one better in Iceland than Salt Eldhus.

Salt Eldhus offers an extraordinary Icelandic kitchen experience through

educational, interactive, and enjoyable cooking classes. These cooking

classes offer a unique opportunity to immerse yourself in Icelandic

cuisine and food traditions while at the same time learning about

the culture and heritage of Iceland. Established in 2012 Salt

Eldhus has been popular with tourists and locals alike, there is

a distinct focus on the current trends, use of local produce,

employment of trained chefs, a friendly atmosphere,

and a well-equipped kitchen. All this combined with

the charismatic and expert leadership Mrs Sigridur

Björk Bragadottir has led to Salt Eldhus becoming

one of the must do activities in Iceland.


The cook and dine class on offer is an open

class that runs twice daily once for lunch and

again once more for dinner. Along with an

opportunity to learn how to cook, the class

allows for a tasting session and follow up

gourmet meal where Icelandic fish and lamb

take centre stage. In this unique four hour

experience guests are able to prepare and

plate a three-course meal using fresh local

ingredients, all under the supervision of a

highly trained chef. Sampling local specialties

is encouraged and to end the whole

experience guests are awarded a recipe folder

to take away what they’ve learnt.

So, whether it’s your first time in Iceland or

you’re a seasoned Icelandophile be sure to

check out Salt Eldhus for a truly authentic,

educational, and fabulous Icelandic


Þórunnartún 2 - 105


Tel +354 551 0171









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