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33 Dover St., Suite 124, Brockton, MA 02301 •


295 Boston Road, Billerica, MA

Office: 978-667-2301


Licensed in MA, New Hampshire & Maine




Brand new townhouse

currently under

construction. Tri-level

with a 3rd floor Master

Bedroom Suite. 2nd floor

– 2 bedrooms & full bath,

1st floor – fully applianced

kitchen, dining, living room

& half bath, lower level

with family room, laundry

room & full bath. Central

air, ceiling fans, hardwood

in living room & bedrooms,

tiled floors in kitchen,

dining and lower level.

Offered at $374,900



National study shows

what homeowners really

want from their roofs



Gorgeous 2 story 7 room home with 3 bedrooms, 1.5 bathrooms

wrap around decks overlooking Wesserunsett Lake with 100 feet of

water frontage, a 70 foot dock and boat lift. A 2 car garage 26x40

with storage overhead. New living room & bath floors, spiral stair

case, new roof, paint and wall paper, new walls in master bedroom,

new pellett insert fireplace! 2 new exterior doors and meticulously

landscaped. Currently only waterfront left for sale #2152

MLS #1497714



Replacing your roof? Insights from a new

nationwide survey may help you better understand

the many facets involved in this important


The “2021 Roof Purchasing Study” conducted

by Signet Research Inc. for DaVinci Roofscapes,

shows that consumers want durable

roofs. Nearly 85 percent of those surveyed

indicate that durability has a lot of influence

in the type of roof they would purchase. Longevity

of a roofing product was the second

highest influencer, followed by resistance to

severe weather.

Mother Nature Match-Up

Study results indicate that severe weather

damage is the most likely event to prompt

homeowners to replace their current roofs,

followed by age of their existing roof. When

it does become necessary to replace the roof,

32 percent of respondents indicate they are

“very likely” or “likely” to consider a faux roofing

product, such as composite slate or shake

materials, which typically stands up to se-


2 SAY YOU SAW IT IN SUBURBAN July 20, 2021 – August 23, 2021


Tips to ease the stress of

relocating to a new area


Approximately 35 million Americans

move every year. But unlike most times

when homeowners largely change addresses

within the same city or county,

2020 saw a sharp increase in relocations

between 50 to 500 miles away.

“The pandemic has opened the

eyes to many that they can effectively

work remotely. Thus, homeowners

are leaving pricy or cold-weather areas

for warmer and more affordable

regions, such as our community in

Georgia where the cost of living and

weather is more appealing,” says

Raoul Rushin, real estate business

developer and president of The Landings

Company, a master-planned

community located 10 miles outside

downtown Savannah, Ga.

However, as exciting as it is to relocate

to a dream area, heading to a

new city is one of life’s most stressful

events. Use these tips to ease your


Ready, Set… Research

The best way to overcome the stress

of the unknown is with research.

Learn more about areas you’re considering

online. Find local publications

with ratings of communities

and suburbs. Gather data on average

temperatures, extreme weather tendencies

and proximity from key features,

such as water, work or transportation.

These factors will help you

narrow in on a few top areas.

Next, social media can help you

gain insights on the people. Join

neighborhood or city Facebook

groups. Post questions. This is also

a great forum to gain recommendations

for a realtor.

Finally, visit in-person to ensure

you’re choosing the location right for


“Once you’ve narrowed your search,

it’s important to experience the community,”

says Rushin. “At The Landings,

we offer Discovery Visits to allow

potential homeowners to fully immerse

themselves during a three- to four-day

stay in one of the neighborhood homes.”

Healthcare Hassles

Relocating also means changing

your healthcare and many times insurance

providers. Ask your current

doctors for recommendations in your

new area. Research local hospitals

or specialists. Depending on your

healthcare needs, this could be a key

consideration. Ensuring that your

physical health is covered is key to

reducing stress and maintaining

good mental health.

Location, Location, Location

Think long-term. “Many homeowners

choose to relocate based on a favorite

vacation spot,” notes Rushin.

“However, the remote, relaxing feel

of your getaway may not be ideal for

your forever home. Proximity and

easy access to shopping, entertainment,

schools and professional services

should be key considerations.”


Lifestyle Luxuries

Once you’ve keyed in on the city,

don’t just jump to house shopping. Instead

find the right community that

fits your lifestyle. Are you a golfer, biker,

nature-enthusiast? Think about the

things that bring you the most pleasure

and look for neighborhoods or communities

offering these activities.

Social Support

One of the most difficult parts of relocating

is leaving your support system

of friends and family. Research

social clubs or other activities that

you can get involved with to meet

others with similar interests.

“At The Landings, more than 50

percent of our buyers are from out of

state, so we help facilitate friendships

through our New Neighbors group,”

says Rushin. “The unique social group

welcomes members to participate in

a variety of activities and events for

the first two years after their move

to make new friends, as well as learn

about the rich history of the area and

the community.”

July 20, 2021 – August 23, 2021 WWW.SUBURBANREALESTATENEWS.COM • 978-532-5880 3



Licensed in MA, New Hampshire & Maine

295 Boston Road, Billerica, MA 01862

Office: 978-667-2301

Fax: 978-667-7779 •





CHELMSFORD - $1,250,000








Developers, builders and investors. GREAT

opportunity to develop on 9.4 acre site with

residential/industrial zoning. CALL FOR DETAILS



2,500 SQ. FT. - $1,700/MO







Great location to start your own sub shop.

All equipment included, franchise possible.

Drive-thru possible, needs approval.

NOTE: This listing is not for the sale of the

existing businesses, they will remain as tenants

if the buyer is agreeable. Arakelian RE, Inc.

Affordable Lock and Key and The Vacuum

Doctor. 26,017 sqft. lot. Located on busy Boston

Road, Billerica, MA. Building footprint is 2,496

sqft. Much potential. This is an exclusive listing.

UNIT 1 - 295 SQ. FT.


UNIT 3 - 100 SQ. FT.


4 SAY YOU SAW IT IN SUBURBAN July 20, 2021 – August 23, 2021


6 budget-friendly tips to

create a cozy outdoor oasis


With life returning to

normal and summer upon

us, it’s a good time to focus

on creating an outdoor

space to enjoy on warm

summer evenings. Whether

it’s a place for unplugging

and relaxing alone

or gathering with guests

and entertaining, having

a spot that you can enjoy

well into the fall is key. Below

are six tips for turning

an average patio, porch or

deck into an outdoor oasis.

1. Whether you use your

outdoor space for reading a

book on a summer day or

catching up with friends

on a warm night, incorporating

plants into this

area can create a barrier

for privacy. Plant bushes,

place large planters in corners

or put hanging baskets

on hooks around the

perimeter. For small patios,

you may even consider

building a planter wall.

Not only will it help with

privacy, but it will also add

color and dimension, making

the space feel like a

sanctuary for you and your


2. Add string lights overhead

to create ambiance in

your space at night. Duck

Max Strength Nano-Grab

is a versatile double-sided

tape you can use for

mounting. It’s clear, holds

up to 20 pounds per 5-foot

roll and sticks to painted

drywall, wood, glass, tile,

metal, stone and brick

without leaving a residue.

Nano-Grab will keep your

lights secure and in place

and make it easy to take

them down and store for


3. If you are sticking with

the rest and relaxation

vibe in your outdoor oasis,

think about adding a fountain

or other small water

feature for relaxing background

noise. Keep that

sense of zen going into

the night with a fire pit,

heaters or bamboo torches

for warmth on cooler evenings.

4. For those interested in

entertaining guests, you

may want to mount an


outdoor TV for watching

summer ball games or a

sound system for listening

to background music.

You’ll want to ensure this

equipment is properly installed

for outdoor use in

areas safe from wind and


5. Creating an outdoor

dining area doesn’t have

to break the bank. When

entertaining guests, a

beverage cooler, bar cart

and BBQ station are convenient

additions you can

make to what already exists

on your patio. Building

a cart or station for storing

paper towels, tin foil and

other essentials for the

grill master can be a fun

DIY project, too.

6. Having an amazing

space doesn’t always mean

starting from scratch – you

can simply add a fresh coat

of paint in a bright color

palette to update existing

privacy walls or tables and

chairs. All you need is a

can of paint and a roll of

FrogTape brand painter’s

tape to keep lines crisp

and clean. As for color, you

may be tempted to keep

it neutral, but don’t shy

away from crisp blues and

soft yellows. They will give

a fresh and fun feel for all

your summer entertaining.

For additional tips and

uses for Nano-Grab, visit

With just a few simple

tweaks, you can transform

any outdoor area into a

beautiful oasis ideal for

rest, relaxation and fun.

July 20, 2021 – August 23, 2021 WWW.SUBURBANREALESTATENEWS.COM • 978-532-5880 5



3D design process helps

visualize and customize

your new home

All prices include delivery and set-up on your foundation

COLONIALS Starting at $136,250

CAPES Starting at $99,300

RANCHES Starting at $88,000

6 SAY YOU SAW IT IN SUBURBAN July 20, 2021 – August 23, 2021

National study shows what homeowners

really want from their roofs


From 1

vere weather and is known for its


“Mother Nature pounds roofs on

a regular basis,” says Mark Pagel,

general manager of DaVinci Roofscapes.

“Homeowners recognize that

hail, high winds and severe weather

can take their toll on roofs. They’re

reacting by seeking out roofing materials

that will stand up to strong

weather conditions. While price is

an important consideration, respondents

of the survey are focused more

on value. They’re interested in investing

in durable roofing materials,

like synthetic slate and shake tiles,

which are guaranteed to hold up to

severe weather conditions.”

Contractors are Influential

When it comes time to select a

specific roofing brand, 61 percent of


homeowners are looking for a quality

product. To find that roofing brand,

57 percent are relying on their contractor

for recommendations, which

is more than they do on family and

friends (35 percent), or even their

own personal experiences with a

brand (37 percent).

“Homeowners understand they

may choose a new roof only once

or twice in their lives,” says Pagel.

“They also understand that contractors

make these decisions many

times a year for their projects. The

research indicates homeowners respect

and value the recommendation

of contractors who work regularly

with different building products.”

10-Year Comparison

A national survey sponsored by

DaVinci Roofscapes in 2011 provides

insights into changes in consumer

attitudes toward their homes in the


span of the last decade. In a comparison

of the 2011 Color Study (conducted

by Harris Research) and the

2021 Roof Purchasing Study, results


• A strong growth in homeowners

valuing the curb appeal of their personal

properties in the past decade

(78 percent viewing it as “extremely”

or “very important” in 2011 as compared

to 88 percent with similar feelings

in 2021).

• An increase in homeowners seeing

their home exterior as a reflection

of their personality (71 percent

in 2011; 85 percent in 2021).

• While durability remains the biggest

influencer of a roofing purchase,

the second-most popular influencer

has changed dramatically. In 2011,

longevity was the second response.

In 2021, that has changed to pricing,

up from the number eight position

10 years ago.

• Severe weather damage remains

the number one reason for replacing

a roof. However, is 2011, 65 percent

said severe weather would prompt

a new roof purchase (with 9 percent

reporting current roof damage from

a weather-related event), compared

to 57 percent in 2021 (with 32 percent

reporting a currently damaged

roof from severe weather).

• While 23 percent of homeowners

reported replacing their roof due to

old age in 2011, 44 percent (almost

double) said old age was the reason

to replace a roof in the 2021 study.

• Color preference has remained

consistent. Black is still the most

popular roof color, followed by gray,

brown and beige/tan.

For more roofing insights, visit

Bottom line? A new roof can be a

good, solid investment, especially

when your roof is able to withstand

the elements over the years and look

great while doing it.

July 20, 2021 – August 23, 2021 WWW.SUBURBANREALESTATENEWS.COM • 978-532-5880 7



Protect your feet when tackling

home improvement projects


Did you know many

home and yard projects

contain hidden dangers

for your feet? The good

news though, according to

foot and ankle surgeons,

is most injuries are avoidable

if you take appropriate


Amber Shane, DPM,

FACFAS, an Orlando-area

foot and ankle surgeon

and Fellow Member of

the American College of

Foot and Ankle Surgeons,

sees many patients coming

in with foot and ankle

injuries from home improvement

projects gone

wrong. “Feet may be the

last thing people think

about while working on

home improvement projects,

but we see so many

different types of foot and

ankle injuries in our office

-- many of which can be

avoided with proper shoe

wear and extra caution,”

Dr. Shane says.

Dr. Shane advises to

avoid working in bare

feet or in sandals when

engaging in any projects

around the house, even

the projects that seem

harmless such as power

washing decks or using a


According to Dr. Shane,

if you’re not paying close

attention while power

washing, and not keeping

a firm grip on the machine,

the stream from

the washer can hit your

feet instead of your intended

object. “The pressure

from a heavy-duty

power washer is strong

enough to take off the

superficial layer of skin,

especially on the toes.

So, it’s best to wear fully

closed-toed shoes to help

avoid injury or damage to

the skin,” she says.

Dr. Shane recommends

wearing a sturdy, supportive

shoe with good

treads when doing roofing

work or projects that

require climbing up and

down a ladder. “Sturdy

shoes will provide proper

traction to keep a good

grip and prevent any slipping.

Repeated climbing

on ladders without good

support can lead to injuries,

including stress

fractures and neuromas

or nerve compressions,”

she says.

When working on wood

surfaces such as decks or

flooring, it’s best to wear

closed-toe shoes to save

your feet from slivers or

puncture wounds from

nails or wood splinters.

Dr. Shane suggests, “To

help protect your feet

from injury, avoid wearing

flip flops or soft-soled

shoes, such as popular

foam-type clogs, while in

a construction zone with

exposed wood.”

If an injury does occur,

Dr. Shane recommends

contacting a foot and ankle

surgeon near you to

have the injury properly

examined and treated, or

for serious injuries, visiting

the closest emergency

room. To find a foot and

ankle surgeon in your

area and for more healthy

feet tips, visit the American

College of Foot and

Ankle Surgeons’ patient

education website at

DIY projects can bring

tremendous joy and satisfaction

to homeowners. At

the same time, they are

associated with certain

risks. Use proper care

and precaution to keep

your feet safe and injury-free.

8 SAY YOU SAW IT IN SUBURBAN July 20, 2021 – August 23, 2021


How and

where to

add plants

in your



So you want to become

a plant parent? How do

you make sure your new

green “baby” will thrive

in your home or apartment?

When selecting the best

spaces in your home for

different types of plants,

it’s important to consider

light, humidity and

maintenance required, as

well as what benefits that

type of plant will bring

to the space. Wild Interiors,

the leading grower

in all things green, offers

tips for success. To learn

more, visit wildinteriors.


From bathrooms to bedrooms

to offices, you can

make the rooms of your

home healthier and more

more inviting by becoming

a plant parent.

July 20, 2021 – August 23, 2021 WWW.SUBURBANREALESTATENEWS.COM • 978-532-5880 9




List Price: $61,995


List Price: $64,995


56' 2 Bed

68' 2 Bed, 2 Bath

List Price: $89,995

$85,995 $93,995

40' 3 Bed,

2 Bath

List Price: $109,995


48' 3 Bed,

2 Bath

List Price: $65,995


64' 2 Bed, 2 Bath



List Price: $97,995

48' 3 Bed,

2 Bath

Homes From COLONY,




2 Bedroom


3 Bedroom (Base Price)


1,900 sq. ft. 2 Story

1st Floor Master Bedroom

10 SAY YOU SAW IT IN SUBURBAN July 20, 2021 – August 23, 2021

By Jeff Ostrowski


In normal housing markets,

Americans want

move-in ready homes. But

the post-pandemic housing

market is far from normal,

and soaring prices have

home shoppers changing

their expectations.

According to a TD Bank

survey of Americans aiming

to buy their first home

in 2021, fully 71 percent

aren’t looking for a dream

home. Instead, they’re

shopping for a starter

home or fixer-upper.

For buyers frustrated

by the lack of inventory

and rocketing prices, older

homes can be a good compromise.

Of course, buying

a fixer-upper means you’re

taking on a project, one

fraught with uncertainty.

Scott Lindner, national

sales director at TD Bank

Mortgage, says buyers

need to prepare themselves

for the special challenges

that accompany

home renovations, such as

dealing with contractors

and making endless runs

to Home Depot. He spoke

with Bankrate about the

fixer-upper trend.

Q: What’s driving the interest

in fixer-uppers?

A: We’re seeing prices

rise. The National Association

of Realtors says prices

rose 23.6 percent from May

2020 to May 2021. This

low inventory has been out

there as an issue since the

financial crisis of 2008. We

haven’t really been adding

a lot of inventory.

Q: What types of loans

are available for renovations?

A: Many lenders have

an FHA 203(k) loan which

allows people to buy a fixer-upper.

If it’s a smaller

amount, you can do the old

tried-and-true credit card

balance — but you also

need to understand what

that means from an interest-rate


If you already own the

home, a home equity loan

is an option. Many home

equity loans will go up to

a 90 percent loan-to-value

ratio. And with interest

rates where they are today,

if you didn’t refinance

in the last year and a half,

it might make sense to go

ahead and do a cash-out


In hot housing market, fixer-uppers

present opportunities — and challenges


For buyers frustrated by the lack of inventory and rocketing prices, older

homes can be a good compromise.


Q: What advice do you

give a first-time buyer considering

a fixer-upper?

A: First and foremost, be

part of the inspection process.

Buyers don’t always

take this seriously. Maybe

they hang out in the living

room while the inspector

makes his rounds. You

should become attached at

the hip. Really look at the

inspector as a person to

go around with and learn

about the property.

Also, a great way to buy

a house is to put in a lot of

sweat equity. If you can do

a lot of work yourself, you

can potentially save a lot

of money.

There’s the potential of

discovering additional issues,

so be cognizant of

cost overruns.

Lumber prices have

been going up, so buyers

should be prepared for and

thoughtful about cost increases.

Q: What’s a common mistake

made by buyers of fixer-uppers?

A: The biggest and most

hurtful mistake is underestimating

the cost of your

renovation. No matter

how well you think you

estimate, there are always

surprises. You have to assume

that there are going

to be cost overruns. It’s

better to go into it anticipating

that. Probably in

the back of your mind you

should be thinking of a 15

to 20 percent cost overrun.

July 20, 2021 – August 23, 2021 WWW.SUBURBANREALESTATENEWS.COM • 978-532-5880 11




232 Glen Avenue | Berlin, NH 03570 | 752-0003


Berlin, NH

One level, 18,842 Sq.Ft building on 1.10 acres! Main Street/Route 16 location. Multiple areas with offices, show rooms and

garage space. Majority of the property is being used as an indoor and outdoor vehicle storage location. Inside storage ($35 a

month per vehicle). Outside storage ($25 a month per vehicle) $50 a month per outside covered bay. Large fenced in area with

gated access. A large amount of parking on site. Overhead doors. "Unit 1" features 2 offices, half bath and showroom. "Unit 2"

features office, office/lunch room, half bath and showroom. "Unit 3" features overhead door, showroom, half bath and storage

area. This property was once a car dealership and has large display windows and features 301 Ft. of road frontage. Would

make a great place to add outside self-storage units and continue the indoor and outdoor vehicle storage. Endless possibilities

to accommodate virtually any type of business. River views! ATV friendly area, ride from this property to the miles of the miles

of trails the area has to offer. Rare business and investment property. Need to view, to truly appreciate the amount of space this

property has to offer.

MLS# 4857865

Berlin, NH


Well maintained and cared for commercial building located in the center of downtown and situated on Main Street. 2 one

bedroom apartments on the 2nd floor, both are occupied, and the tenants are long term and pay for their own heat! There are

two spacious 1st floor retail/office spaces, or easily convert the two spaces to one HUGE 1st floor space for your business! One

space is currently occupied at $900 a month. The other space will be available shortly for rent or you can use for your own

business! Both 1st floor spaces have currently been renovated and have restrooms. Full basement. Newer furnace and hot

water maker, vinyl siding/brick and updated electrical. Super location in the heart of downtown with high visibility. Opportunity

is Knocking! 2nd floor apartments: $425 and $400 a month. Use one of the apartments for yourself and let the tenants pay

your mortgage and utilities!

MLS# 4839740 $149,900

12 SAY YOU SAW IT IN SUBURBAN July 20, 2021 – August 23, 2021

By Roger Vincent


The Los Angeles County

office rental market is

showing early signs of stabilizing

as businesses shed

space at a slower pace

in an apparent calculation

that better times are


Facing a shaky economy

during the worst months

of the pandemic, many

companies pulled back on

their office rentals by taking

less space when their

leases came up for renewal

or attempting to sublease

space they weren’t using.

Office leasing in Los Angeles

County fell to its lowest

point since the Great Recession

in the April-June

quarter last year.

Vacancy rose again in

the second quarter of 2021

from the year-earlier period,

yet at a reduced pace

as the number of leases being

signed picked up while

the economy began to rally,

real estate brokers said.

“We’re not out of the

woods yet, but we have

reached an inflection point

where the momentum has

shifted,” said Eric Willett,

director of research in the

Southwest for property

brokerage CBRE. Full recovery

is not expected until


Overall vacancy in buildings

reached 17.6 percent

in the second quarter, up

substantially from 13.9

percent in the same period

last year but little changed

from the first quarter,

CBRE said.


LA’s office market skid slows

as workers trickle back

The brokerage measures

vacancy as the amount of

space in a building that

is not leased and does not

reveal how many workers

are actually present in

their company offices on a

given day, a measurement

that became more significant

when many employees

were sent home to

work during the pandemic.

About 28 percent of workers

in the Los Angeles area

came to their offices last

week, according to Kastle

Systems, which provides

key-card entry systems

used by many companies

and tracks patterns of

workers’ card swipes. That

was up slightly from the

previous week, but below

the national average of

about 32.7 percent


The breakfast time rush at downtown popular dinning place, Grand Central

Market, in Los Angeles, Calif.

The amount of sublease

space on the market

jumped in 2020 and there

was still a net increase in

recent months to record

levels, CBRE said, but

about 1.5 million square

feet was pulled off the

market in the first half

of the year by companies

that decided to hang on to

their office space.

“That’s a very substantial

sum and gives the

sense that these companies

are returning to the

office and have confidence”

that they can pay their

rent in the future, CBRE

broker Jeff Pion said.

Entertainment company

Lionsgate withdrew

200,000 square feet from

the market that it had

planned to sublease in

Santa Monica.

Significant questions

remain about how companies

will change their

office use patterns as they

return from working at

home, but “we are seeing a

lot of companies, especially

the large companies, making

long-term space commitments,”

Pion said.

One large entertainment

company, Creative Artists

Agency, just renewed its

300,000-square-foot lease

in Century City for another

four years, CBRE said.

Overall asking rents by

landlords fell to $3.82 per

square foot per month

from $3.90 a square foot in

the previous quarter but

were still above the $3.73

per square foot in the second

quarter last year.

July 20, 2021 – August 23, 2021 WWW.SUBURBANREALESTATENEWS.COM • 978-532-5880 13

“Your Home Town Realtor”

T 5


207-943-5225 • 800-943-5225

P. O. Box 103 Milo, Maine 04463



Bradley: Very unique property for the outdoor

enthusiast, the 18 acre property is completely

off grid with a mile long gated driveway in which

the seller has made recent improvements to, you

still need a four-wheel-drive to get there. You can

come by boat or float plane. With over 1500 feet

of Stream frontage, the property abuts Maine

public land conservation, you are truly alone with

no neighbors.

MLS 1495089 $189,900

Ebeemee Twp: Year round camp on 1.02+/-acres,

with 131’+/- of shore frontage on Ebeemee Lake.

2 bedrooms, 1 bath, eat in kitchen, living room

and extra room with built in murphy bed. 24x28

garage with 2 overhead doors, 12x16 shed and

12x32 pole barn good for parking your camper

or RV. Nice level lot.

MLS 1495865 $239,000

Orneville Twp: Cozy cottage just short walk to

Boyd Lake. Inside of cottage is finished with

knotty pine, has plenty of sleeping area and is

nice and cozy on a cool night with the woodstove.

Ideal place for just a get-away or your

hunting and fishing trips. Nice open farmers

porch and right of way to the lake.

MLS 1493948 $89,900


Lake View Plantation: Here’s your opportunity to

own a lovely home right on the shores of pristine

Schoodic Lake. Well maintained with 3 bedrooms,

3 full baths, loft area for sleeping or great

area for office space, living room with fireplace,

sitting room/den as you come in, large kitchen

with views of the lake so you can cook and enjoy

the views. Master bedroom over looks the lake.

Detached garage and 2 out buildings. Aluminum

dock comes with the property.

MLS 1493573 $499,000

Dover Foxcroft: Nicely maintained commercial

building and property was retail sales, walk in

cooler 30 x 36’ 1/4 of that being freezer, there is

an additional back lot that goes with this property,

45 minutes away from Bangor 45 minutes

to Moosehead Lake region, this property is just

minutes from the center of town close to the

shopping mall and other businesses.

MLS 1474912 $269,000

Milo: Well established eat in restaurant which is

currently open and serving family style meals.

Three bedroom apartment upstairs that can

be used for a rental for extra income or for the

owners to live. ATV & snowmobile trails nearby

to make it easy for your customers. Come take

a look today and get ready to start your new


MLS 1480311 $168,000

Brownville: This 5 bedroom, 2 bath , 2876+/-

sq. ft. Victorian style home has most all of the

original details left and has been meticulously

taken cared for. Some of the features include

the beaded wood work, tin ceilings, tin walls,

hardwood floors, mosaic tiled bathroom, light

fixtures and the slate roof. There is a lovely brick

fireplace in the parlor that has arched openings

and folding doors to separate the parlor from the

formal dining room.

MLS 1496451 $299,900

Brownville: Great opportunity for an entrepreneur

to start up a new business. Formally used as

a restaurant, but this building has so much

potential to be converted into, indoor storage

cubicles, a home or a duplex etc., so many

uses. Some of the features with this property are

a metal roof, newer septic system with 2-1500

gallon concrete septic tanks with a grease pit,

2 bathrooms. kitchen area and open concept.

Easy access to recreational trails.

MLS 1484631 $138,000

Check out our website for land listings.

Brownville: Well established convenience store

with great traffic flow. This is your one stop

shopping place. Great little restaurant, dine-in or

take out, do your laundry while you are enjoying

a bite to eat, have an ice cream for dessert, do

some grocery shopping, fill your car up with

gas and bring in your returnables to help pay

the bill. ATM machine, good line of hunting and

fishing supplies. Newer washers and dryers in

the laundromat.

MLS 1484713 $275,000

14 SAY YOU SAW IT IN SUBURBAN July 20, 2021 – August 23, 2021


A remodeling fix

Pandemic lockdowns and ultra-low mortgage

rates helped spur many U.S. homeowners to

invest in remodeling their home in 2020, and the

trend is expected to strengthen at least into next

year, according to researchers at Harvard


The university’s Joint

Center for Housing

Studies’ latest leading

indicator of remodeling

activity, or LIRA, suggests

homeowner spending on

improvements and repairs

will climb to $370 billion

by the end of the first

quarter of 2022. That

would be a 4.8% increase

from the $353 billion

spent in the January-

March quarter this year.

Spending on home remodeling surged about

5.7% in the first quarter from a year earlier. The

increase followed another round of pandemic

stimulus aid from the federal government, which

delivered $1,400 direct payments to many


Researchers are

predicting homeowners will

tackle more costly

renovation projects in


If the forecast holds up,

the trends should continue

benefiting home improvement

retailers like Home

Depot, whose stock price

climbed to an all-time high


U.S. home-improvement spending

$400 billion


Fixer-upper: Many

people are using

stimulus money to

tackle bigger home





Source: JCHS at Harvard University



3Q 4Q 1Q 2Q 3Q 4Q 1Q 2Q 3Q 4Q 1Q

’19 ’20 ’21 ’22

Alex Veiga; J. Paschke • AP

July 20, 2021 – August 23, 2021 WWW.SUBURBANREALESTATENEWS.COM • 978-532-5880 15



Bringing People Home.

323 North Street, Saco, ME 04072




30 acres Davidson Way, Wells

Opportunity Awaits You on this 30+ acres close to the

Sanford Airport, Shopping, Turnpike and More. Could be a

private family estate, or build 4 or 5 exclusive homes in the

Kennebunk and Wells areas of the property. Some Businesses

are also allowed. Office Buildings, Storage Buildings, etc.

Mousam Lake is just 25 minutes, Wells Beach and the Atlantic

Ocean is just 20! Come and take a look! MLS #1462481

$200,000 Call/Text Jane Frankland 207-229-6261

MLS #1462481



221 Main St, Waterboro

Great Opportunity in Waterboro for your new business/es!

This area is growing in leaps and bounds and this 1+ acres

parcel is zoned for 2 Businesses. There is plenty of room for a

drive-thru window to be added to existing building or build

to suit your needs. There is ample space for parking, easy

access and a great location! Ossipee Lake is just down the

road! Check this out and call for an appointment. MLS

#1490443 $495,000 Call/Text Jane Frankland 207-229-6261

MLS #1490443



25 acres Killock Pond Rd, Hollis

Nicely wooded 25 acres with over 470 feet of paved road

frontage. This acreage is just off Route 35 and near the

Poland Spring Bottling Plant. This would be a great place for

a private estate with lots of room for a barn or large garage.

Nice spot for a daylight walkout basement and is just minutes

to Swimming, Fishing, Trails & Shopping. Lots of options here,

come and take a look! MLS #1492679 $137,000 Call/Text

Jane Frankland 207-229-6261

MLS #1492679



Lot 7 Freemont Woods, Baldwin

Be the First to buy in this new Subdivision! Steps to Baldwin's

Sand Pond Beach and Boat Launch and just 45 minutes to

Portland and the Maine Mall and also to North Conway, NH!

Come and see how nice Country Living in Maine can be!

Build your new home or order a modular home. No mobile

homes. Minimum of 1,000 sq ft of living space above grade

required. Come and see this lovely area! MLS #1500322

$49,900 Call/Text Jane Frankland 207-229-6261

MLS #1500322


16 SAY YOU SAW IT IN SUBURBAN July 20, 2021 – August 23, 2021

By Zach Wichter


I’m breaking the fourth

wall right off the bat here

to say that I have a little

personal experience with

this topic. My dad is an

independent residential

electrician on Long Island,

New York, so I’ve been

around the building trades

my whole life. For as long

as I can remember, I’ve

been hearing things like

“there are no kids on these

job sites anymore,” and

more recently, “even in my

60s, I’m the youngest person

on the job.” (He’s not

nearly as curmudgeonly

as I’m making him sound,

I promise.)

But he’s not wrong, either.

Labor shortages in

the building trades are

a well-documented issue.

The Bureau of Labor

Statistics (BLS) reported

that as of April there were

357,000 unfilled construction

jobs. Some experts

believe that could be a

significant undercount

because BLS bases its

numbers on payroll data,

and many contractors are

self-employed, so they

don’t maintain a payroll


The building trades have a labor

shortage. That means higher prices


Carpenter Shane Bentley, 20, of Rochester helps

to rough in a house under new construction in

Shelby Township.

roster. NAHB estimated

that as of 2019, 2.4 million

construction workers —

roughly 22 percent of the

labor force, a record low

rate for the industry —

were self-employed.

With coronavirus encouraging

more homeowners

to take on remodeling

projects and shifting

homebuyer tastes in the

real estate market, the

homebuilding industry is

under particular pressure

with such a depleted labor

force. While stakeholders

across the industry are

working to address the

ebbing tide of craftspeople,

the longstanding trend of

hands-on jobs struggling

to attract new entrants is

a difficult one to reverse.

There’s no single, easy-topin-down

cause of the labor

shortage in construction.

Most industry watchers,

however, said that there

are two major factors that

— although they don’t explain

the trend entirely —

are major contributors to

the employment gap.

The first is how construction

jobs are perceived in

our increasingly high-tech


“It’s been an issue for

decades, trying to attract

enough people into the industry,”

said Paul Emrath,

vice president for survey

and housing policy research

at the National Association

of Home Builders (NAHB).

Many parents encourage

their children to pursue

white collar jobs over concerns

about what construction

work might entail.

“We spent a generation

or two, a couple decades at

least, suggesting that —

or at least the perception

is — it’s not a good career

path,” said Ed Brady, president

of Home Builders Institute

(HBI). “We, as a society,

were steering young

people to four-year universities

to get their degrees.”

The other key factor that

turns people off from construction

jobs is the cyclical

nature of the industry.

“People were scared away

during the housing downturn

when we weren’t

building anything, and a lot

of them were scared away

permanently,” Emrath said.

The result is that more

contractors are leaving the

field than are joining it.

“We’re losing five to every

two new tradespeople into

the industry,” Brady said.

This trend is bad news

for consumers, because

it generally translates to

higher prices.

“It definitely can drive

up the price of the house

because it extends the

time of completion for it

to go on the market,” said

Greg Zick, assistant vice

president for workforce development

at NAHB.

“We’re losing that craftsman,

that plumber who

can rough in a house in two

days because they’ve been

doing it for 30 years. Now

we’re bringing in someone

new and they’re going to

take five days instead,”

Brady added. More time

means a higher price tag,

which is only compounded

by rising material costs.

July 20, 2021 – August 23, 2021 WWW.SUBURBANREALESTATENEWS.COM • 978-532-5880 17



Real Estate

Is Our Life!

158 Main Street, Route 26

South Paris, Maine 04281

“Busy as

Bees to Residential - Commercial - Waterfront - Land & Farms


207-743-9303 T www.bizrealty s

.net e-mail:

1 T 23

Norway ME $375,000


Beautiful updated 3,600 sq. ft. home in desirable location. Spacious living room with French doors,

built-ins, hardwood , and insert. Eat in kitchen with stainless steel appliances. Dining

room with plenty of room for gathering and celebrating. Sunroom overlooking backyard. Second and

third have spacious rooms with a balcony. Whole house generator. Close to country club and golf

course, enjoy the lake and hiking trails. Minutes to downtown.

Paris ME $32,700


Great location just outside of town. Country

setting, stonewalls, neat country club and golf

course. Build or dream home and enjoy the quiet

setting but minutes to town. Modular homes


Woodstock ME $512,000


This 1850's, one story Cape is truly a historic beauty. Restored

to maintain its classic charm, the "Old Redding Post" has

wood burning stoves, a wood cookstove, and Jotul propane

stove. The addition of a 2 car garage, whole house generator,

sauna, and Anderson tilt windows w/ invisible screens makes

the home even cozier during the winter months. Must see this

picturesque property to take it all in!

Paris ME $550,000


Location. Busy RT. 26, great visibility. 1.25 acres.

Two buildings, many options. Live in one, run

your business out of the other, rent the house for

extra income. Currently used as a . Open

concept offers many different uses for the building.

medical, , daycare, classrooms, retail.

Plenty of parking. Great investment property.

Buckfield ME $88,500


Single wide 4-room, 2-bedroom, 1-bath Ranchstyle

mobile. Pitched roof, vinyl siding, 1.15


West Paris ME $132,000


432 square foot ranch style home with 1 bedroom

and 1 bath. Set on a private 12 acres. Call

and schedule your private showing today

Paris ME $60,000


5-room, 2-bedroom, 1-bath home on .50 acres

with metal roof and vinyl siding.

Harrison ME $66,700


Spacious former lodge building waiting for new

owner with ideas for use. Post & beam construction,

metal roof, endless possibilities.


207-743-9303 www.bizrealty .net e-mail:

18 SAY YOU SAW IT IN SUBURBAN July 20, 2021 – August 23, 2021



So much more than the Item.

If you’re looking to reach consumers

residing on the North Shore,

tap into EMG’s publications:

• Daily Item

• The Peabody Weekly

• The Lynnfield Weekly

• La Voz

• Suburban Real Estate News

• 01907 The Magazine

• 01940 The Magazine

• 01945 The Magazine

• North Shore Golf


For more info on EMG’s publications,

please contact Ernie Carpenter at

781-593-7700 ext. 1355 or

July 20, 2021 – August 23, 2021 WWW.SUBURBANREALESTATENEWS.COM • 978-532-5880 19


Cell: (207)-332-7544


Stunning new Colonial under construction with dramatic stairwell, galley style kitchen, formal dining room, family room,

and living room (or make one into first floor bedroom), heat pumps for heat and AC, enormous master suite over 3 car

garage with office/den and en suite bath with soaking tub, hardwood floors, granite counters, 3 guest bedrooms on second

floor with guest bath, laundry hookup on second floor and plenty of room for toys in 3 bay garage all located on quiet end

of cul de sac lot with wooded area behind and close to beach, highway and amenities.



Just steps to beach at this charming Bungalow style single family beach house with 3 large bedrooms, huge office area,

enclosed 4 season sunporch or den area, living room with beamed ceiling, built ins and fireplace, huge office with built ins,

galley style kitchen with plenty of storage, huge eat in kitchen area with built in bench, large laundry room with mud room

area, and full basement with workshop area. Fencing will be installed for small grass area off front of property.



Entertainers Dream! This charming year round cottage located just steps to one of Sebago Lake’s inlets boasts privacy while offering a

modern contemporary feel inside. Recently renovated, the kitchen was designed with entertaining in mind, with the wrap around bar and

open concept features and SS appliances this home will be the host to all of summers get-togethers. After spending the day on Maine’s

most desirable lakes take a soak in the hot tub or relax by the fire pit. 2 ROW with access to Sebago Lake and common boat launch ramp.

Plenty of room to store boats and jet skis on expansive lot with sheds and make bunk house into three season game room.


20 SAY YOU SAW IT IN SUBURBAN July 20, 2021 – August 23, 2021

By Dom DiFurio



DALLAS — In the grips

of a historic pandemic,

Dallas-based apartment

locating service Smart

City leaned in, welcoming

hundreds of new employees

and expanding into

nearly half a dozen new

markets in other states.

Led by 33-year-old founder

and CEO Cassie Brown,

the company has a simple

mission: Connect renters

with an apartment space

where they can be themselves.

Smart City negotiates

with apartment properties

to lease out empty

units in bulk, oftentimes

locking in lower rates for


“I think everyone really

wants to be able to look on

the internet and have all

the perfect answers, but

when they realize how overwhelming

it is, sometimes

they just want somebody

who does,” Brown said.

The company, which started

with just a few workers

in 2013, expects to see more

than $40 million in revenue

this year and will operate in

at least 10 cities.

The Dallas rental market

is hot, leading the country

in net apartments leased in

the first quarter, and landlords

leased a record number

of apartment units in

the second quarter.

“We literally find an

apartment every 15 minutes,”

Brown said. “When

properties run specials,

they call us first. When

they’re doing six weeks

free, eight weeks free, they

let us know first. When

they drop prices on units,

they let us know first.”

Smart City was one of

the first apartment locating

companies to successfully

leverage viral social

media marketing in the

rental space in the mid-

2010s. Today there are

16 agents behind Smart

City’s Instagram accounts.

They field hundreds of requests

for apartment locating

services in different

cities each day.

“Social media is usually

where they find us. (Renters)

contact us by web

form, text message or DM

… and then we try to get

them with an agent within

15 minutes,” Brown said.

Meeting the company’s

goal of a 15-minute response

time has gotten

harder with the demand

the company has seen this

year, Brown said.


How a Dallas apartment locator went from

Instagram account to $40 million business


The Smart City company has a simple mission:

connect renters with an apartment space where

they can be themselves.

And that’s despite its recent


Smart City went on a

hiring spree at the onset

of the pandemic, bringing

on around 420 contractors

and full-time workers over

the past 12 months.

“We can’t hire fast

enough,” Brown said.

Brown began the company

in earnest in 2013

when she relocated from

Austin to Dallas with her

wife. She got her real estate

license, hoping to sell

million-dollar mansions,

before realizing that she

didn’t know any millionaires,

she said.

“I was like, ‘All right,

what do my broke college

friends need?’” Brown

said. “They all need apartments.”

So she started apartment

locating, first making referrals

for friends and

family as she hunted for

the most desirable properties.

The business picked

up a viral following online

after Brown and her early

business partners started

sharing the apartments

they found on Instagram.

“Properties started calling

me saying, ‘Hey, we

want to be on your Instagram.

We want to be featured,’”

Brown said.

“It turns out there’s a

real need in the market for

what we’re doing,” Brown

said. “We’ve been able to

save a lot of our clients a

pretty decent amount of

money just by the power

of social media … and it

helps the property. They

need their vacancies to go

down immediately.”

The original Dallas

Smart City Apartments

Instagram page surpassed

100,000 followers in September,

according to social

media tracking site Social-

Blade. It operates separate

pages for each market it

serves. And the headquarters

office just south of

Deep Ellum’s main drag

is the home base for 80

full-time employees and

a number of real estate

agents who work directly

with clients.

In addition to Dallas, the

company now has physical

offices in Austin, Houston,

Fort Worth, Denver and

Atlanta, while workers in

San Antonio, Nashville,

Orlando and Chicago operate

out of co-working


“Always free for you,”

the company advertises in

the bio section of its Instagram


July 20, 2021 – August 23, 2021 WWW.SUBURBANREALESTATENEWS.COM • 978-532-5880 21


Roger Whitehouse

Sally Arsenault

Diane Paterson

John Freeman

Rick Nelson

152 River Road, Mexico, ME 04257


Our flag does not fly because the wind moves it.

It flies with the last breath of each soldier who died protecting it.

Rumford -


Exceptional 2nd

floor office complex

with 8-9 rooms

and 3-4 bathrooms

totaling 3312 sf of

office space. The

unit has handicap

accessibility with a

chair escalator. High

Traffic count being

in the heart of down

town shopping!

#2136 MLS# 1478679


Dixfield –


Commercial building

with 6075 sf of retail

space (3375sf of the first

floor) and (2700sf on

the second floor with

original tin ceilings)! a full

basement garage for 2

vehicles! Ceiling height

of 16 feet +- property

sits on 3 lots totaling .33

acres with 245’ of road

frontage right on busy

Route 2 and Main street

with exceptional high

traffic count. This is an

exceptional great solid

building to start your


#2131 MLS# 1476961




Rumford - Residence

Modified 1946 Cape with 9 room

rooms, 4 bedrooms, 2 baths,

partially finished basement, and

detached 2 bay garage. .28 acre

corner lot in desirable neighborhood

neear a high school,

recreational park, swimming hole

and near grocery and convenient


#2148 MLS#1492727 $169,504.00

Dixfield – Commercial

Great investment opportunity

located in the center of town. This

spacious building provides many

opportunities with 2 large rental

areas in the front of the building.

There is a large storage area for

each unit! One unit has a half

bath and the other unit has 2 half

baths. There is, also, a 2 bedroom,

1 full bath apartment in the back.

The apartment needs extensive

renovations. Each unit has its own

heating system and oil tank. Call

today for more information.

#2151 MLS#1494117 $110,000

Mexico - Multi Unit


TIME INVESTOR. This 2 unit 1 and

2 bedroom units conveniently

located in center of town close to

restaurants and convenient stores.

Positive cash flow!

#2127 MLS#1473770 $59,999

Rumford - Multi Unit

1905 2 unit apartment building

in the process of renovation to be

used as a grow house! 4 rooms

total! Tucked between two other

buildings and conveniently located

to downtown business district,

library, restaurants and more. And

minutes to Black Mountain of Maine

and Sunday River Ski Resort.

#2095 MLS#1450316 $39,919.00




#2123 MLS#1472345 $25,000

2.45 Acres


#2139 MLS# 14796 $27,366

4.25 Acres

Mexico - Residential

Quaint 1930’s 6 room cape with

2 full baths and 3 bedrooms a

detached 1 car garage and well

manicured yard on .09 acre in town

near schools. Very neat and clean

with thermal pane windows. Ready

to move in.

#2147 MLS#1488898 $155,4444


#2124 MLS#1472347 $25,000

2.33 Acres


#2135 MLS#1478177 $125,000 T-W

69.7 Acres


#2137 MLS#1479510 $40,000 Comm

.34 Acres


#2140 MLS#1480072 $189,000

33.578 Acres


#1944 MLS#1147763 $15,500

.28 Acres


#1964 MLS#1354252 $172,000

256 Acres

Byron - Residential

This 1972 mobile home has been well

maintained and offers a 16X30 addition.

It has a spacious kitchen, dining room,

living room and master bedroom plus

a laundry room, 2 bedrooms and a1 full

bath. Sits on 1.25 acres with ITS/ATV

trails, swimming, gold panning, hiking,

etc ... nearby. This property is located in

a great recreational area. Only minutes

from the Rangeley Great Lakes region.

#2097 MLS#145243 $80,000.00

22 SAY YOU SAW IT IN SUBURBAN July 20, 2021 – August 23, 2021

By Jeff Ostrowski


Home prices are soaring,

pushed higher by a combination

of record-low mortgage

rates, strong demand

from buyers and a lingering

lack of new construction.

In 2021, a new factor put

pressure on home prices:

Month after month, lumber

prices jumped to new

highs. Lumber costs soared

more than 30 percent from

January through May.

However, lumber prices

finally are cooling a bit

as lumber mills ramp up

production to meet the

frenzied demand. In June,

futures prices for lumber

dropped below $1,000,

off 45 percent from their

springtime peak.

Even so, the National Association

of Home Builders

says steep lumber prices

still tack thousands

of dollars onto the cost of

a new home, an unwelcome

increase for buyers

already struggling to find

homes they can afford. The

trade group has lobbied

President Joe Biden and

Congress to end tariffs on

Canadian wood sent to the

United States.

The Labor Department’s

producer price index shows

lumber more than doubled

from May 2020 to May

2021. The National Association

of Home Builders

says the price tripled in

just 12 months.

Activity on the futures

markets has been even

more eye-popping. The

price of lumber for March

delivery resembles a

price chart for bitcoin or

Gamestop shares.

A series of cascading effects

Usually, homebuyers can

ignore the intricacies of

lumber futures markets

and trade policy with Canada.

But the intensity of

the price spike for wood is

affecting consumers.

The National Association

of Home Builders points to

a variety of setbacks created

by the lack of lumber.

A builder in Georgia says

he has been forced to postpone

construction starts,

delays that will limit housing

supply going into the

spring selling season.

A builder in Alabama

reports that the bill for

lumber used to frame a

typical new home jumped

from $35,000 a year ago

to $71,000 now. Mirroring

that observation, the

National Association of

Home Builders says soaring

lumber prices caused


High lumber prices ease: Here’s what it

means for homeowners and homebuyers

the price of an average

new single-family home to

increase by $35,872 this

spring compared to spring


In another wrinkle, a

Kansas builder says appraisers

aren’t considering

lumber prices in their

analysis, and therefore are

undervaluing homes.

PulteGroup, one of the

nation’s largest builders,

says it expects to raise

prices this year as it passes

on the climbing cost of

wood. “Driven primarily

by increases in lumber and

labor, our house costs will

be higher in 2021,” Pulte-

Group Chief Financial

Officer Robert O’Shaughnessy

said in a recent

earnings call.

Homebuilders aren’t the

only buyers of lumber, of

course. Homeowners renovating

their houses also

have diverted some of the

supply by building fences,

decks and additions.

Lumber is just one factor

in home prices

Lumber prices

finally are

cooling a bit

as lumber

mills ramp up


to meet the





The dramatic rise in

lumber prices has grabbed

headlines in recent weeks.

But wood costs are just one

factor in the complicated

equation behind home


The biggest factor is

supply and demand. The

U.S. population, and particularly

the generational

bulge of millennials entering

their 30s and starting

households, is growing

faster than the number

of homes available. That

means that even as wood

prices come back to earth,

home prices are unlikely to


“Lumber is not the main

reason why homes are

unaffordable,” says Alex

Barron of the Housing Research

Center in El Paso,

Texas. “It is the lack of

resale supply — too many

homes are still in the

hands of landlords and

investors. We had no land

development after the

crash for over a decade.”

July 20, 2021 – August 23, 2021 WWW.SUBURBANREALESTATENEWS.COM • 978-532-5880 23




20 Emery Mills Road Shapleigh, MAINE 04076



Shapleigh, ME

MLS 1499432 $549,900

Nestled just in from the wide open expanse of

Square Pond, this three bedroom ranch-style

cottage has the best of all worlds. In addition

to the cottage, there is a large storage shed for

tools and toys, and an additional smaller shed

right on the waterfront.


Acton, ME

MLS 1499378 $439,900

Beautiful Chalet on 2.5 acres located on a

hill with seasonal views of Mousam Lake in

Acton, Maine. Sit on the newly constructed

composite deck and enjoy the breezes off the

lake during the Summer months and overlook

the perennial gardens.


Acton, ME

MLS 1495740 $669,000

This charming lakefront home is nestled on

the shore in a quiet section of Mousam Lake

in Acton. Custom wood flooring in the kitchen,

living room, dining room & bedrooms.


Acton, ME

MLS 1495307 $980,000

If you have ever dreamed of living at the

lake, with tons of privacy, then this home is

your answer. At the end of the road, just up a

wooded drive, this property is located on the

shore of Mousam Lake, one of southern Maine’s

most popular lakes.


Sanford, ME

MLS 1500217 $399,900

With much love and care from the current

owners, this 2 bedroom, 3 bath home is located

in the heart of Sanford, Maine. This home was

thoughtfully designed with no details left out on

a .27 acre lot with 2880 SF of living space.


Newfield, ME

MLS 1497210 $589,900

Well-maintained property tucked away in a quiet

cove on beautiful Balch Lake. With a spacious

open concept living-dining-kitchen area plus

two bedrooms and a full bath on the main level,

you’ll have a beautiful view of the lake from

almost any vantage point in the home.


Acton, ME

MLS 1499382 $65,000

Looking for a great place to build your

vacation getaway or your dream home? Look

no further. Wooded with a slope, this is a

wonderful location!


Effingham, NH

MLS 1489689 $239,900

If you’re looking for privacy, located for easy

traveling to North Conway, Wolfeboro, and

Portland, Maine, not far from the lake Kayaking,

swimming, or if you like golf Province’s golf

course is only down the street.



Newfield, ME

MLS 1497578 $199,000

Looking for a PROJECT? Look no further. Older

mobile home with addition and open deck,

right on the waterfront at popular Rock Have

Lake. Easy driving distance from Portland,

Maine, Portsmouth, NH and only two hours from

downtown Boston! Sold AS IS, AS SHOWN, with

no warranties.


Parsonsfield, ME

MLS 1488977 $42,500

Looking to get away from the ‘’busy-ness’’ of

city life and enjoy the quiet of country living?

Then plan to build your dream home or weekend

get-away on this wonderfully wooded lot. Only

about two miles from public beach area on

Province Lake.


Sanford, ME

MLS 1492945 $899,900

Custom-built Shingle Style home on the

outskirts of the Village of Springvale. Appearing

on the American scene between 1880 & 1900,

the Shingle Style is distinctly American w/

its wood construction along w/ asymmetrical

facades, gambrel roofs, balconies, welcoming

verandas and large windows.


Sanford, ME

MLS 1488992 $229,500

Looking for an investment? Looking to live in

one unit and rent the other? This property is

located within a few steps from the center of

the City of Sanford - right off of Main Street,

in the heart of the city.


Shapleigh, NH

MLS 1500190 $339,000

This is NOT your typical Cape Cod-style home.

Step inside and be prepared to experience

the ‘feel’ of a real log cabin. With plenty of

knotty pine ship-lap walls throughout, this

home provides a coziness not available in

traditionally-finished ‘blank walls’ of so many of

today’s houses.


Waterboro, NH

MLS 1490831 $87,500

Level building lot, boasting 230’ gradual

sandy bottom frontage on a quiet part of Lake

Arrowhead - offers serenity, nature and some

of the best bass fishing in all of Maine. Plan

to ‘’put in’’ your kayak or canoe and enjoy the

tranquility of lake life at its best.


Ossipee, NH

MLS 1491840 $49,500

Beautifully crafted stone wall enhances this

wooded lot, less than ten minutes from Route

16 and five minutes from Route 28. Dug well

is already in place, as is the electrical power.

Expired septic design available for threebedroom



Acton, NH

MLS 1492612 $239,900

If you love nature’s beauty, come home to

this Gambrel tucked in the woods just a few

minutes from town. Offering 3 bedrooms,

2 baths, Open Concept Kitchen and living room,

partial finish basement.

24 SAY YOU SAW IT IN SUBURBAN July 20, 2021 – August 23, 2021


#1 Listing and Selling

Office in Saugus


335 Central Street

Saugus, MA 01906


Saugus! GREAT OPPORTUNITY to build a new

home! Street creating a unique opportunity to build

new construction in convenient location. High on a

hilltop creating lasting views and memories!



Opportunity to develop TWO building lots! Lots

are 32,000 sq ft and 22,600 sq ft. Land is located

on future cul-de-sac. $175,000



SAUGUS 1st AD – Young CE Col offers 7

rooms, 3 bedrooms, 2 ½ baths, two gas fireplaces,

hardwood flooring, beautiful kit w/marble countertops,

master suite, deck, central air, fin lower

level, MINT! $699,900

LYNN 1st AD – THREE FAMILY offers 5/5/3

rooms, 2/2/1 bedrooms, hardwood flooring, lots

of updates, separate utilities, located withing

walking distance of beach. Great opportunity!


METHUEN 1st AD – IMPRESSIVE 6 room Villa at the Regency! 6 amazing rooms, 2 bedrooms,

office, 2 baths, gourmet kitchen with granite counters, island seating, subway backsplash, stainless

steel appliances and under counter lighting, open to great room with gas fireplace, wall of windows

with atrium door to oversized deck with natural gas hook-up for grill and fire pit, formal dining room,

master bedroom offers custom tray ceiling, private bath w/jacuzzi tub and separate shower, walk in

closet, extra side window, hardwood flooring, convenient 1 st floor laundry, fantastic ceiling height,

cen air, 2 c garage, unfinished lower level – great for finishing, heated pool, tennis, clubhouse w/gym,

pickle ball, extradentary over 55 complex. 42 Sherwood Dr. $636,000


location and visibility offers this great Retail

condo store front with many possibilities. Located

on bus line, within walking distance of neighborhoods.

Great opportunity to invest and build your

business. $600,000

EVERETT – Well established Auto Body/Auto

Repair shop, 6 bays, 3 offices, 2 half bath, ample

parking, many possibilities, close to all major

routes, public transportation and Encore Casino.


SAUGUS 1st AD – Perfectly located, one-owner Center Entrance Colonial features 8 rooms, 4

bedrooms, 2 full baths, spacious, fireplace living room, eat-in kitchen open to dining room and frontto-back,

1st floor family room with slider to deck with trex flooring, hardwood flooring throughout,

two car garage under with newer garage doors, large, level lot, located in desirable Howard Farms on

great cul-de-sac. Come make this one your own! $699,900

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