Newsletter 3- 15.10.21

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A word from the Principal...


As we race towards the end of the first half term (half term 25-29 Oct), it seems only a minute ago

we were returning in September. Since then, all of our new children have settled in brilliantly and the

school has almost returned to pre-pandemic levels of normality, which is great.

This week has seen our first round of learning walks and work scrutiny across the school and the

standards of learning in the classrooms on show has been fantastic. We have a few tweaks to make

around ensuring all of our learning is presented and evidenced consistently, but the breadth and

quality of our curriculum provision is really shining through in children’s books and Seesaw portfolios.

You may have seen some children in their orange hi-vis jackets at the entrance to school in the

mornings and afternoons this week. These are our newly appointed JRSOs (Junior Road Safety Officers)

who have taken responsibility for ensuring the main gate is closed between 0830-0900 and

1500-1530 each day to keep our site safe. This is their first task and after half term we will heading

out towards the road to encourage safe parking and a greater adherence to the zig-zag and double

yellow lines so watch out!

This year has started at such a pace that this week was already time to hold our parent tours for

parents of children starting school in September 2022! The deadline for applications is 15th January

2022, so please encourage any eligible parents to get in touch if they have any questions or would

like to look around the school.

Kind regards,

Mr Adam Anderson


Useful information...

Class Dojo

We will be using Class Dojo as our main means of communication this year. If you

have not set up your account and linked to your child’s class, please contact their

class teacher who will help you.

Important Dates

Christingles at Ludgvan Church

- 15th December @ 6pm EYFS and KS1

- 16th December @ 6pm KS2

Individual Photos

Wednesday 20th October

FLS Disco

21st October

KS1 3pm - 3:45pm

Y3/4 4pm - 5pm

Y5/6 5:15pm - 6:30pm

£3 including a drink and snack

Individual Photos

Wednesday 20th October

Individual Photographs

On Wednesday 20th October, our photographer will be coming into school

to take individual photographs of the children. They will also take photos

of siblings, who are in school, together. Unfortunately, they are unable

to arrange photos with siblings that do not attend Ludgvan School.

Term Dates 21-22

Autumn Term 6 Sep - 17 Dec (Half term 25-29 Oct)

Spring Term 4 Jan - 8 Apr (Half term 21-25 Feb)

Summer Term 25 April - 26 July (Half term 30 May - 3 June)

A Former Student is an Author!

Tal Macey, a former student has written his first book which is now available to buy

on Amazon https://www.amazon.co.uk/Beacon-Farm-Tal-Macey/dp/B09GCWZ2P6/


Useful information...

Child Health Programme

This year Public Health are trying to help reduce the impact we are having on climate

change. This means that this year we will be sending out digital booklets

which will include the opt out form.

Please take a look at the video below from Shelley Jamieson NCMP Lead who explains

the process for this year.


Below are the official links to our new digital Health Information booklets for families.

These digital booklets will replace the paper version sent out in previous

years, and contains many useful links including how to ‘opt out’ of school health


• Reception Year - https://mailchi.mp/18026a07be64/child-health-programme-health-information-reception-year

• Year 6 - https://mailchi.mp/cc99221a9df0/child-health-programme-health-information-year6

Please get in touch if you have any questions regarding school health screening this


Breakfast Club

Please see below for times and charges for breakfast club. Places at breakfast club

must be booked in advance via the schoolmoney portal.

0730 - 0845 £5

0800 - 0845 £3.50

All include breakfast and a drink.

Discounts available for siblings and those eligible for FSM.

Support our Reception Class

The Early Years Class are in need of some help and wondered if you may be able to

provide it.

We would really like to enhance our provision and role play areas but are lacking in

the following: First aid/doctors role play items (not clothes), Baby doll clothes, Toy

cars, Barbies, Small world people, Craft items, Halloween items

If you’re able to donate anything, please hand it in to a member of staff at the

Early Years classroom conservatory door. Thank you very much.

Learning Outdoors...

What a busy two weeks of forest school learning.

Early years have been exploring the story of the Bumblebear - creating log bees, bee

houses and even making our own version of honey.

Year 1 and 2 have been exploring the story Stanley’s Stick, finding all the creative

things we can do with a simple stick. It was great to see the imagination the children

had - beginning with a simple stick and ending with wands, fishing rods, boats and

much more!

Year 3 has explored the story of Owl Babies. The children created their own nests for

the baby owls and stick owls.

Year 4, 5 and 6 have been developing their tool skills, looking closely at whittling

skills, to creating a range of cool creations from butter knives to woodland animals.

Exciting and Engaging...


In Early Years, we have continued to enjoy learning all about ourselves, our

families and where we live. We have had a visit from the tooth fairy and lots of

us made her special presents and cards. We couldn’t believe it when we saw a

video of her coming to get them! We have learnt about how to look after our

teeth and even had a special delivery of toothbrushes and toothpaste from the


We have also been learning all about the numbers 2 and 3. We have started

to learn some addition sentences, such as 1 +1 =2. Fred has also been busy

teaching us the sounds s, d, t and i.

In our forest school session, we listened to the story of Stanley Stick and then

made our own special stick using lots of different materials. We then had a go

at using a hammer and nails!

The children in Early Years also had a surprise knock at the door this week

when an old lady appeared. She came in and showed us some very old coins

and an old teddy bear. We showed her some of our toys and she had never

seen them before. She told us that she played with wooden toys like a spinning

top and a rocking horse, and glass marbles. We learnt that our toys are mostly

plastic and that technology is a new thing. We asked lots of amazing questions

and Ethel enjoyed playing with some of our toys with us.

Please remember to look at our class photo in this week’s Cornishman!

Exciting and Engaging...


Year 1 have continued to work really hard learning all about British houses

through history. They discovered that one of the key features of a Georgian

house is that they are symmetrical. The children had a go at making their own

symmetrical houses and patterns.

In Science, we wanted to know if all metal was magnetic. The children loved

exploring all the different resources and had lots of fun.

Our focus for this week in PSHE has been team work. The children worked incredibly

hard trying to build the tallest tower using cups! They have also completed

lots of different activities where they had to work with a partner.

Exciting and Engaging...


Year 2 have had another fantastic week! They have continued their learning

about The Great Fire of London and have produced some amazing character

descriptions about their made up rats from London during 1666. Some children

also chose to write a diary entry from the point of view of Samuel Pepys and

started creating leaflets giving information about famous landmarks in London.

They also had a new Mud Kitchen arrive this week and the whole class thoroughly

enjoyed measuring and mixing ingredients to make mud meals. There

was even a ‘Mud Cafe’ created with some children as customers, others taking

orders and some cooking. They have also enjoyed using the Bee-bots in Computing

this week, learning about ‘inputs’ and ‘outputs’, they showed off some

amazing coding skills! Well done on such a positive couple of weeks Year 2!

Exciting and Engaging...


Year 3 are enjoying their African topic and have completed their animal fact files,

which look great. They have now moved on to story writing and have begun writing

their own stories based on a Kenyan story about the weather. The children are looking

forward to sharing these with another class once they are completed. The class

have also started a 10 week African drumming course and have been working hard

on a call and response rhythm. In Science the children have been learning about their

bones and last week they went on a scavenger hunt around the school playground to

collect ‘bones’ to create a skeleton. They then enjoyed learning the scientific names

for their bones through music and dance. The children have continued to enjoy playing

basketball during their PE lessons and have even been practising their skills during

their play times to be ready for their house intra sport competitions next week!

Well done Year 3.

Exciting and Engaging...


It has been all go in year 4 over the past two weeks. In our English, we have been

exploring the story of Odysseus. The children created a story map of the story and

are now in the process of writing their version of the story. There has been some

great writing so far! In Geography, we have been exploring the United Kingdom focusing

on the countries, cities, rivers and mountain ranges. The children have been

able to show great map skills. In Music, we have come to the end of our body percussion

and tuned percussion rainforest unit of learning where we have brought the small

compositions we have made each week for each layer of the rainforest into a final

group performance with all the layers merged together carefully using our knowledge

of tempo, texture and dynamics of music. Great work year 4!

Exciting and Engaging...


Class 5 have had a busy 2 weeks, taking part in basketball, hockey and bikeability!

The children have been learning some key skills for riding on the road in bikeability

and we have had some amazing feedback from the team about the manners and enthusiasm

demonstrated by the riders. In History, the children chose an event in space

history to research and present. They chose how they presented their learning, using

shoes boxes, powerpoints and posters. There were some fantastic creations!

Exciting and Engaging...


These past 2 weeks have been very busy. We have finished making speeches

for team captains, begun our letter writing from the trenches of Somme, and

also explored some very tricky multiplying using pictorial representations of


Year 6 have also finished our PSHE topic with a lesson about loss and grief, the

emotions we feel when we experience this and also read some examples of

scenarios of others’ experiences of this subject. We also watched an emotive

story and had opportunities to share our own experiences with our friends. It

was all quite emotional but certainly beneficial in understanding that we all experience

these difficult times, yet always find ways to help us heal.

Finally, as we enter the end of our computing unit for this half term about

Bletchley Park and their codes during WW1, we tinkered with some unplugged

activities using Bee-Bots and created a war map in order to navigate the device

around No-man’s-land. We developed our skills for using algorithms, decomposition

and debugging with a digital program before experimenting with the

physical resources. Having seen how many times the year 6’s managed to roll

over land mines, I wouldn’t trust many of them to drive a real tank during war!

Staff profiles...

If you are new to Ludgvan School, there will be many staff members that you do

not know and even if your child has been with us for a few years, there may still be

members of staff with whom you are not familiar. This week, Loki and Brandon have

produced two staff profiles so you can get to know Mrs Lyne and Miss Steiner a little

better - they thought of the questions, recorded the answers and took the photos.

Sarah Lyne

How old are you? 59

What is your favourite food and drink?

Steak with a gin and tonic!

What is your favourite subject? English

Why did you choose to work at Ludgvan?

It is a lovely school and it is a job I wanted

to do.

What is your role at this school? School

Business Manager

What is your favourite game? Hockey

What is your favourite vehicle? Mini

Cooper S

What do you do for fun when you are not

at work? Swimming, running, singing and


Jasmin Steiner

How old are you? 25

What is your favourite food and drink?

Pasta and water

What is your favourite subject? English

Why did you choose to work at Ludgvan?

I love working with children.

What is your role at this school? Trainee


What is your favourite game? Minecraft

What is your favourite vehicle? VW Beetle

What do you do for fun when you are not at

work? Walking

A word from the Principal...



Saturday 16 October 2021


Join us to explore how to hide a secret

message and find out why they are

important in our daily life.

10:30 - 12:00

In the Clore Learning Space, PK

STEAM Explorer workshops are FREE and designed for 7- 12 year olds

No need to book, just turn up!

To visit the museum please book tickets online – PKPorthcurno.com

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