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Solana ecosystem zine.


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What is this sub group all about and

how do I get in?


So many NFT that we had to

increase this issue to 48 pages!


Has Raj Gokal finished teasing or

has this shit just got real?


Another ‘own a building’ project or

something more?


0.025 ◎









the Editor

Working together, paving

the way.


Interview with this sub

group team and what

they offer.


WTF is going on?

Phantom Mobile

What? When? Who?

SHILL the Mint

Dropping, holding and 15



26 7D Volume rankings


28 Under 2 Sol? Over 2 Sol.


30 Is THIS the project to get in



36 The one-of-one mints you

wish you had ALPHA about!


Three days out from Christmas Day. One day out from FESTIVUS!

Whatever it is you celebrate may it be a day full of happiness, joy and


Here we are #frens at issue 23. Can you believe it? 23 issues of

content that makes you feel warm and giddy inside! This issue is

packed with 48 pages of eye-candy, info, news, alpha and of course

URS content. The URS membership is growing as fast as public

mints these days!

We have lined up an interview with the Mickey DeGods sub group

which, quite frankly, has been going off! This team have put more

effort into their discord and growing their community than #Shill

zine. We get some juicy info on what the sub-group is all about and

how we can get involved. The interview is so good I read it twice!

Some info about the upcoming Phantom Mobile app. Be prepared

to be $SOL poorer as the whole process becomes easier to buy, sell,

trade and send from wherever you are.

Over the last few weeks there have been a lot of property and land

sales going down. Maybe we are saturated when it comes to this

space? Will Tiny Colony change things up? Have they got what the

community is yearning for?

Lastly, we finally have our first ad! How cool is that service? Make

sure you check it out on pp24/25.

Ok, now go read! Enjoy. And remember, there is no COMMNITY

without U!






SHILL Issue #23



SHILL Issue #23 5




To begin with let’s learn a little bit about the team behind

MickeyDeGods. When and where did the concept come about?

The team behind Mickey

Degods started as three friends

that decided to enter the NFT

space together. We minted nfts

collectively, sharing the risk and

reward. We felt like this would

allow us to diversify quicker

and at ⅓ the cost per person

because we are not whales…

yet. We minted our first project

- Coolbeans - and once we

started minting we obviously

became addicted and talked

shop constantly about ideas for

the space. The OGBSC (OG Bean

Sprout Collective) was born. We

were very intrigued by the idea of

building up a community around

a shared attribute and discussed it ad nauseum. And that’s when we

aped into Degods. We loved the ideas for the PHBT and the burnbot

and the social experiment Degods presented.

We just happened to mint the matching Mickey Uniform and Visor.

We realized this was very rare (2 total in collection) and we joked

about being the manager of Mickey Degods. Then we decided that

this was a perfect attribute to build a community around as we had

so often discussed. So, we went to work building a sub-community

with the goal of bringing all Mickey Degod holders together to raise


SHILL Issue #23

our collective value. We wanted Mickey Degods to be THE Degod

that people would covet, and we wanted to build a fun and exciting

community around it. This was our goal, but we could not have

planned to have so many awesome characters come aboard so

quickly and with so much enthusiasm. The buy-in from all the Mickey

Degods holders is what really launched this community.

True to the Degods way, we are building this ship midflight and

having as much fun as we can while we do it and while we learn.

None of the three of us are artists or coders and putting together

a website (mickeydegods.com) we maxed out our technical ability.

Thankfully we had @BellafonteFox and @web3_degen join us to put

together some great artwork and a dope mint site. These two have

been integral to the success of Mickey Degods. And then community

members putting in work to spread the Mickey Degods name like

@digitalspacekid creating the Mickey Degods Jumper game on

Android (and ios soon) or @Spartanshold and @PrinceAkeemNFT

dressing up like their Mickey’s to sit courtside at a Minnesota

Timberwolves game (NBA).

DeGods as a project has a very aggressive approach to NFT but

at the same time has created a community that is full of life and

interaction. Is this something that Mickey DeGods has taken and

built on?

We knew that the Degods

community was strong and full

of loyal holders. We figured that

if we created a community that

added value to the greater Degods

project that we would ultimately

be accepted and have a chance to

gain their appreciation. So, before

we launched and started spreading

our name out there to round up the

“employees,” we made sure to have

a few value adds in place. The first

was the Employee of the Month

program. This program rewards

the Mickey Degod holder that has the most positive impact on the

community in a given month, as voted on by all the employees. The

second was the Customer of the Month program, which similarly

rewarded a non-employee for positively influencing the community.

And we created “bounty” tasks that could be completed to earn an

SHILL Is1ue #23 7

The Discord has a few things going on. What are some of the things the team has

come up with to create utility for its members?


Utilize Twitter and Discord to

Highlight Community Members


Through welcoming new members and just hyping up our employees we love

acknowledging people in our community.

Employee of the Month Program

Winner becomes "face of franchise" with their own Mickey Degod becoming the

Discord and Twitter PFP for Mickey Degods, receive custom tzMinifig NFT, and

highlighted on MickeyDegods.com.

Cross-Chain Collaboration with

tzMinifig on Tezos

NFT reward for Employee of the month NFT Reward

Customer of the Month Program Winner gains access to private employee only channels and custom NFT

Airdropped "Day One" Fry NFTs

to first 25 employees

Verified NFTs on Magic Eden

Giveaways Channel

Gave NFTs utilization through community vote to allow holders access as


Some members that received these airdropped NFTs decided to sell them for 1sol on

ME. Once they were given utility it was like handing out instant value because the

NFTs gave private access to our community.

Giveaways for customers and employees

NFT Drop 1 - Classic Fries

The beginning of the Mickey Degods Menu, a 5-item menu of small drops. After

selling them for 0.069 SOL we announced that holders of a classic fry and any Degod

would gain "employee" access. They have since sold for over .3sol. Announcing this

after selling them so cheap was another way to shift value to community members.

Mythic Fries Auction


Private Alpha channel for


Launch of the "Special Fry Series" - a Series of unique sets of special fries to be

auctioned. Special Fry holder also get access to employee only channels.

To help Degods create more strong subs, we started a program to build separate

categories within our server for other Degods sub-communities to convene and build.

We currently have 5 subs including GooGods, World Champs, DeGoats, USSdR, and


Has been used to get access to NFT partnerships and other crypto investment alpha

like Bedrock which was given out at $0.02 and rose to $0.43 within 2 weeks (almost

22x), Galaxy Goggle DAO, and others.

Mickey Degods Anthem

Lore Channel


First Generative Mint for 2nd

Menu Item - Ice Cream

Created a theme song - check Soundcloud (likely not the last Mickey's song lol)

We created lore channel to release back stories for future NFT drops or other Mickey

Degods events

MickeyDegods.com - Used to highlight what the community is doing including pages

to identify every employee and Employee and Customer of the Month. Roadmap

coming soon.

Generated Mint Site and conducted a generative mint using candy machine. This drop

had special items for all the other sub communities within Mickey Degods.


Whitelists and Free Mints for

Solana NFT Projects

Multiple projects so far.

SHILL Issue #23

auto-nomination for either reward (e.g. dressing as your Mickey

Degod, or getting 20 retweets on a tweet about Mickey Degods).

We spent our own time, effort, and SOL to create these programs

and generate rewards with the confidence that if we just showed the

Degods community that this project created value for us all, that they

would buy-in and join us.

Since then, we have completely evolved. Here are a few things

Mickey Degods has done in the 7 weeks we have been at it… And we

want to mention that our community has been a huge help in all of

this. This was and is not a 3 man show.

There would be a few DeGod hodlers out there that may be interested

in joining the group. What are some of the things they should know?

How can they get involved?

We disagree. We think that ALL DEGOD HOLDERS should be

interested in the group. If not for the perks of being a “customer”

(anyone that doesn’t hold a Mickey Degod), then for the sub-incubator

and other fun channels (giveaways, contests, drops). We are helping

any degod holder that wants to create their own sub by setting them

up with private channels and roles within our server that they can

manage however they see fit. We think this is a great opportunity to

create more subs that strengthens the entire Degods community!

Subs are extremely “sticky,” so we think the more the better.

SHILL Is1ue #23 9

As for DeGods (the main group) do they endorse or support Mickey

DeGods in any way?

Degods has been supportive of our sub. At

the onset, given the organic beginning of our

sub, we were not in communication with the

core Degods team and as a result we think

they were somewhat hesitant (as they should

be) to see what our plans were. But over the

last month or so they have seen us pouring

time and effort into creating a unique and

unified sub community AND helping other

subcommunities form as well. They have and

continue to recognize our efforts. But, at the

end of the day, with all the stuff Degods has

going on, they probably don’t have the time to

be focused on subs. And that is totally ok with

us. We think they should be built organically

like Mickey Degods because they will be stronger this way. Trying

to manage a bunch of sub-communities would take away from their

focus on the collective vision for Degods so we need more people to

step up and take hold of sub-communities themselves. This is just

our opinion. We do not speak for Degods but love how they have

cheered us on and worked to create new ways for Degods to interact

together and form smaller groups (like through DePalace) without

trying to control those interactions - this is all very BULLISH!

If we look at other Solana NFT projects out there (Degen, Geckos,

Monkey etc) they have an established community and seem to be in

it for the long haul. Where do you see DeGods in 3months? 1yr? etc

and what place will MickeyDeGods have in the scheme of things?

We see Degods as a top Solana NFT project and we are still excited

to see what happens. When we minted Degods, we knew that it was

different, and that it could be either a game-changing success or it

could be a complete failure. We have stuck with Degods through its

challenges and remain VERY bullish.

It is hard to say where anything will be in 3 months… while that is a

lifetime in NFT land in the grand scheme of things that really isn’t

that much time! So, we think Degods and Mickey Degods will still

be building. We have no doubt more sub-communities will arise in

that time. Already we have created private channels for the USSdR,

World Champs, Degoats, Googods, and MDegods and have other


SHILL Issue #23

subs reaching out. All of this is very

bullish for Degods! We rewarded

each sub with a special topping

on our ice cream NFTs, our latest

menu item release.

As for Mickey Degods, you can

expect us to keep working. We

will continue our Employee and

Customer of the Month programs.

We will continue to do giveaways

and help support new subs. We are

excited to expand our basic menu

and continue to fill out our special

fry series with some dope new set ideas. And most importantly

we expect to continue to generate value and utility for our Mickey

Degods holders, through these nft releases, trade in games, merch,

and other means!

Finally, perhaps we haven’t touched on something that you would

like to discuss? Anything you would like to add?

We are in awe at the projects, utilities, communities we stumble upon

every day in this NFT space. So many smart and creative people and

we are having a blast navigating it and trying to learn everything we

can as we go. Thank you to all the Degods, Mickey Degods and subs

that have supported our little community. Y’all are dope.

If you haven’t yet, come check us out.

Worst that can happen is you might have a little fun!

SHILL Issue #23 11




Anirudh Tiwari

Phantom Mobile Wallet Incoming

Solana’s co-founder, Raj Gokal, teased the Phantom mobile wallet

via Twitter on Dec. 18, indicating the mobile version of the wallet is

in ‘testing.’

As previously reported by Solana.News, Solflare launched its mobile

wallet on the Apple App Store and Google Play on Nov. 6. Along

with this development, Phantom had also announced that they

would launch the mobile version of their wallet in January next year,

with private beta launches to be held during the days. It seems like

Phantom is on track for the launch, with the private beta testing

undergoing, as revealed in Gokal’s tweet.

“Solana has managed to build a large and fast-growing community of

users. The most popular Solana wallet, Phantom, has seen Monthly


SHILL Issue #23

Active Users (MAUs) grow from 200,000 in August 2021 to 1.2

million in October 2021. Comparing Phantom to the most popular

Ethereum wallet, Metamask, Solana user growth is roughly where

Ethereum was in October 2020,” stated a report by Grayscale.

Grayscale’s report named

‘An Introduction to Solana’

revealed the number of

Phantom wallet users

had increased 500% from

August to October this year.

The report also pointed out

that if Solana follows the

same trend as the Ethereum

network’s Monthly Active

Users (MAUs) seen on

Metamask, Phantom would

see a growth of 770% by

August 2022.

What is Phantom?

Phantom is a cryptocurrency

wallet and browser

extension that enables

users to manage their

cryptocurrency assets and

interact with decentralized

applications (dApps) on

the Solana blockchain

network. The development

of the wallet is backed

by eminent investors and

venture capital firms like

Andreessen Horowitz of

a16z, Solana Ventures,

Jump Capital, and Variant.

SHILL Is1ue #23 13


Send your playlist to:


to be included in the next issue. LIVE LINKS - CLICK IMAGE


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LitJesus Gen2

SHILL Issue #23 15

BWO Ducks


SHILL Issue #23



SHILL Is1ue #23 17

Little Noots


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Flunk Donkeys

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Xin Dragons





SHILL Issue #23

Some things just look better in black...

**Limited Edition Dark Mode**



SHILL Issue #23


The Astronaut @thexastronaut

SHILL Is1ue #23 27




SHILL Issue #23


Tiny Colony

Land Sale


Although it is not required to own a Colony (Virtual Land) to play the

game and construct a colony, doing so allows Colony owners to secure

their spot in the Tinyverse, collect tax from other players, earn

rewards, and have governance abilities. Below is a quick summary of

the different levels of gameplay:

1.Free Players (no NFTs or Colony ownership)

Anyone can play the basic game mode (construction & management)

without owning an NFT or a Colony, but there will be some

limitations. Free players will find the game fun and engaging however,

to fully utilize the play to earn potential and enjoy all the experiences

and wonders of Tiny Colony purchasing an NFT or a Colony

is recommended.

2. NFT Owners (no Colony ownership)

Players who own character NFTs will have access to all game modes

and can expand their NFTs. Owning an NFT will allow more earning

potential, engage in quests, battles, gladiator battles, and other

unique experiences in the game. There will be multiple options of

character NFT customizations and abilities available for purchase

through the Tiny Bazaar (marketplace) that can be purchased with


3. Colony Owners

Users that own a Colony will enjoy all the game modes and experiences

Tiny Colony will offer. There will be NFT and Colony bonuses,

access to the rewards pools, and governance abilities.

Different types of Colonies

The Tiny Colony planet is characterized by a dynamic and complex

society structure split into several factions, each with their own rich

storyline and unique content. Each faction is composed of a unique

set of continents and environments, different quests, characters and

NFTs. Players will choose their identity in the Tinyverse by selecting

which faction they wish to belong to. We feel that providing users

a choice to build their colony within a variety of different factions

allows for more robust and rewarding gameplay as well as an opportunity

for increased earning potential among our users.

Here are the different types of Colonies to choose from within the

Tinyverse. Some are rarer than others and offer more in-game bonuses

such as NFTs and other high-value items.

•Nest: 5,000 Colonies

•Persian Empire: 2,500 Colonies

•Samurai Lands: 2,500 Colonies

•Viking Mountains: 2,500 Colonies

•Sorcerer Hideouts: 1,000 Colonies

•Scientist Outposts: 1,000 Colonies

•Spirit Hotspots: 100 Colonies

TOTAL: 14,600 Colonies for Sale


A Nest is the base form of land which does not belong to any faction

and represents your chance to own a piece of the ever-evolving

Tinyverse. Nests provide all the necessary tools and abilities to

start building and growing your colony. Depending on the location of

your Nest, there will be unique experiences, NFTs, characters, and

abilities included within your colony. Creatures and Heroes roam

the Nests, looking for loot, while Nobles and Elders search Nests for

spirit energies to bring back to their kingdoms.

Nests feature a forest green and blue skies in-game theme and

background. They also come with a set of Tiny Scraps for the players

to get a head start in-game. A limited number of Nests will contain

either of the following Character NFTs with a random rarity: Hero,

Noble, Elder, Creature.

Persian Empire

The Persian Ant Empire was one of the largest ant colonies of the

underground. Their strength in numbers out scaled any other empire,

and their unmatched strategy in battle kept other kingdoms distant,

allowing the Persian Empire unchecked growth. At the core of the

Persian Empire was the Fire Temple, where the colony tended to an

everlasting fire for thousands of years as a beacon of the Kingdom’s


Persian Empire Colonies feature a Desert in-game theme and background.

They also come with a medium amount of Tiny Scraps and

a Persian Empire Epic-themed pack, containing a variety of non-character

Epic NFTs. There will be a random limited number of Persian

Empire Colonies that will contain an Epic Persian Character NFT.

Samurai Lands

The Samurai Ant Kingdom was one of the most resilient kingdoms

of the underground. Their strength in honor and culture resulted in a

vastly interconnected set of communities.


SHILL Issue #23

Samurai Lands features a Cherry Blossom Purple in-game theme and

background. They also come with a medium amount of Tiny Scraps and

a Samurai-themed Epic pack, containing a variety of non-character Epic

NFTs. There will be a random limited number of Samurai Colonies that

will contain an Epic Samurai Character NFT.

Viking Mountains

The Ant Vikings were the most ferocious of the tiny kingdoms. Their intense,

intimidating nature always kept the other kingdoms at bay.

Viking Mountains feature a Snowy Mountain White in-game theme and

background. They also come with a medium amount of Tiny Scraps and

a Viking-themed Epic pack, containing a variety of non-character Epic

NFTs. There will be a random limited number of Viking Colonies that will

contain an Epic Viking Character NFT.

Sorcerer Hideouts

A Sorcerer is a powerful noble ant (perhaps a former Noble) who defeated

a spirit and chose to keep the spirit’s energy for itself. No matter what

kingdom they originally hailed from, Sorcerers are no longer welcome in

the Tinyverse; to the other ants, they have committed the greatest form

of betrayal. Spurned by their kingdoms and every faction, the sorcerers

are left alone, roaming the underground as supremely powerful tiny beings

with no family or love. Their solitude has fed their seemingly evil

intent, making them the most feared beings in existence.

Sorcerer Hideouts feature an eerie, dark cave in-game theme and background.

They also come with a large amount of Tiny Scraps and a Sorcer-

SHILL Issue #23 33

er-themed Legendary pack containing an assortment of legendary

non-character NFTs. A very small amount of lucky Sorcerer Hideouts

will contain a Legendary Sorcerer Character NFT.

Scientist Outposts

Tiny Scientists were humans of the world above that decided to

shrink themselves to maximize their chances of survival on a rapidly

decaying planet. Though the group of uber-geniuses was successful

in effectively performing this miracle, they were not prepared for the

world of chaos that awaited them in the underground.

Scientist Outposts feature a futuristic sci-fi in-game theme and

background. They also come with a large amount of Tiny Scraps and

a Scientist-themed Legendary pack containing an assortment of legendary

non-character NFTs. A very small number of lucky Scientist

Outposts will contain a Legendary Scientist Character NFT.

Spirit Hotspots

The Tiny Spirits rose and revealed themselves when they sensed an

imbalance in the Tinyverse. They have been present in the fabric of

the Tinyverse since the beginning of time itself. They have witnessed

all — the light and the dark.

Spirit Hotspots are areas out of reach of the Kingdoms containing

Spirit Artifacts and sometimes Spirit Gems, which are the source of

the spirits’ energy and powers.

Spirit Hotspots feature a vibrant, alternate-dimension in-game theme

and background. There are a very limited number of Spirit Hotspots

available in the Tinyverse. Each of them comes with a very large


SHILL Issue #23

amount of Tiny Scraps and a Mythical Pack, containing an exciting

array of Mythical non-character NFTs. An extremely limited and lucky

number of Hotspots will contain Spirit Gems, which can be sold as a

Mythical NFT or used to generate free $TEENY.

More information will be released soon regarding specific sale

dates, prices, and how to participate in the Colony Sale in Q1

2022. Make sure to join our Discord and follow our Twitter to

stay up to date.

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