Newsletter 8 - 14.01.22

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A word from the Principal...


Happy New Year and welcome back to the spring term!

It has been great seeing everyone returning to school - what a calm and purposeful start it’s already

been! It has been lovely to hear so many children eager to tell me about their Christmas and it

sounds like they have had a wonderful time.

We all remain optimistic here that the term (and rest of the year ahead) return to increasing familiarity.

It was great to have welcomed so many of you along to see our Christmas performances in

December and we hope that more and more of those things we’ve loved and missed return. That

said, we ask that you all remain vigilant with regards to covid especially around testing and symptoms.

We sincerely hope that it’s not needed but we continue to have a remote learning plan ready

to implement. In school, we are ensuring that the building is clean and well-ventilated and that we

exercise good hygiene habits including binning dirty tissues and washing hands. It feels like we’re

getting there… let’s keep going with fingers crossed!

You may have noticed that a new minibus has appeared in our car park this week! By the end of the

month, two more will join us and we will once again be able to take our learning into our community

as well as going swimming and attending sports fixtures without having to rely on borrowed minibuses,

hired coaches and volunteer drivers.

Kind regards,

Mr Adam Anderson


Useful information...

Term Dates 21-22 and Important Events

Spring Term 4 Jan - 8 Apr (Half term 21-25 Feb)

Summer Term 25 April - 26 July (Half term 30 May - 3 June)

Inset Days: 4th January, 25th July, 26th July.

Replacement Platinum Jubilee Bank Holiday: 6th June

World Book Day - 3 March

Pupil Progress Day* - 6 April

Queen’s Platinum Jubilee Playground Celebration - 7 June

*Pupil Progress Day school is the chance for you and your child to meet

with their teacher and discuss their learning. Appointments are longer

than during during Parents’ Evenings to allow a really in depth discussion.

School will not run as usual so your child will only come to

school for their appointment. Appointments will be between 0800-1800.

Our Eco Committee...

Since returning from Christmas, the Eco Warriors have been busy working to achieve

their Eco-Schools target of reducing general waste and increasing recycling in school.

We have now sorted all of the bins in every classroom so that they each have a general

waste bin, a mixed recycling bin and a paper bin - the paper is then shredded to

be used for our animal bedding. We have also reassigned our multiple compartment

bin outside to include a mixed recycling and a food waste bin for break time and

lunchtime. All classes have been working hard to improve their recycling - we have

been checking regularly how each class is using their bins and we have noticed a big

improvement. Lots of children are regularly checking which bins to put things into to

make sure they are getting it right.

To keep up to date with the work of the Eco-Warriors committee, visit https://padlet.


Learning Outdoors...

EYFS and KS1 have been busy this week enjoying the wet and windy winter weather.

Their outdoor sessions have been based around the winter adventures of Percy the

Park Keeper. The children have enjoyed using the hammers and nails building creations

for Percy’s animal friends, den building using logs, nature exploration, playing in

the long grass and most importantly, having lots of fun sliding in the mud!

KS2 have been busy learning about navigation through an introduction to orienteering.

They have been practicing reading and using OS style maps to follow an

orienteering course set up around the school, which you may have see as we have

Exciting and Engaging...


This week we had a very special visitor to the classroom - the gingerbread

man! He arrived unannounced on Monday morning and left us some clues as

to who he was. We then had to find all of the clues and piece together the evidence

to discover who it was that had left a floury mess in the classroom.

On Tuesday, we checked the CCTV from the classroom and it confirmed that it

was the gingerbread man who had been making a mess in the classroom! He

left us a floury trail of his footprints which led us to a copy of the story of ‘The

Gingerbread Man’. We read the story and then had fun trying to make traps to

catch him and his gingerbread friends.

Exciting and Engaging...


Our topic in Year 1 for this term is ‘How far can I travel?’ The children will be

learning about the 7 Continents and this week we focused on Antarctica. They

have really enjoyed finding out all about Antarctica. They discovered that Antarctica

is actually a dessert and that nobody lives there. They produced some

beautiful paintings of penguins and ice collages.

The children were very excited to explore and complete different challenges in

ICT this week using the Beebots. In PE they had great fun learning all about


Exciting and Engaging...


Class 2 have had a busy couple of weeks back after Christmas. They have

been amazing us with their mathematical skills this week by becoming Column

Method experts. The children have really enjoyed the challenge of this new

learning and all of them have picked it up very quickly, even crossing tens. In

Art, they also tried something new - digital art! The children were not sure at

first but really enjoyed the different way of being creative. Each pair had a go

at recreating a picture using an online app. It was so impressive how quickly

they picked up using the program and the detail that they added to their virtual

pieces of art.

Year 2 have also been busy starting their new topic. They have begun to learn

about the Victorians and Queen Victoria. This week, they made their own rules

and laws, declaring these to the class as kings and queens. Finally, Year 2 have

learnt about a healthy, balanced diet in Science. They had a go at categorising

foods from Miss Law’s cupboard into the different food groups. Well done Year

2, you have been working so hard!

Exciting and Engaging...


Year 3 had a great start to their new topic about the Stone age with a visit to Truro

museum this week. Whilst at the museum the children explored a variety of artefacts

from the Stone age to the Iron age. This included rocks, bowls, spears and bow and

arrows. The children sketched the items and learnt lots of new facts. They then made

some of their own Stone age bowls using clay. Back in the classroom, the children

have used their new knowledge to create Diamante poems about the Stone age.

A fantastic start to our new topic Year 3, well done.

Exciting and Engaging...


Class 4 have had lots of fun this week. We have been exploring liquids and solids and

deciding how to classify these. We thought we had it sussed until we squirted shaving

foam. It was definitely wet but it didn’t take the shape of the container and it didn’t

end up with a flat surface.

We have also been learning map skills and how to accurately read a compass. To put

these skills into practice, we asked Mr Richards to set up an orienteering course. Class

4 were so good at completing this, that Mr Richards had threatened to drop us off in

the middle of nowhere armed with just a map and a compass! Let’s hope the weather

is slightly warmer by then! Well done class 4 on yet another lovely week of learning.

Exciting and Engaging...


Class 5 have started to design their moving toys in DT, using their knowledge of cam

mechanisms to make them move. They also had a great time tinkering and using algorithms

to input sequences of instructions into Microbit devices (pocket sized, codeable


To launch our Conwall topic, we went to Geevor Tin Mine, to learn about the history

of tin mining and the incredible jobs the miners did. The children worked hard at

hand-drilling the rocks, panning, identifying tin, and even ventured through a mine!

We were really proud of the children’s manners towards the adults working with us,

and some of the thoughtful questions they asked an ex-miner.

This week, we learned that our creative class has won the Penzance Christmas Window

Display Competition! Well done Class 5!

Exciting and Engaging...


Last week, year 6 began spring term with 2 days of science activities relating

to the circulatory system. We located, listened to and explored parts of our

heart, its function and, quite literally, delved inside sections of a lambs heart.

It was fascinating to see, at first-hand, the Chambers (atrium and ventricular

chambers) as well as the valves that work to allow oxygenated blood through

each part.

One group explored exercise and which exercises work our hearts the most.

Each child discussed fair testing, variables and factors that we were not able to


Great work Year 6!

Staff profiles...

A word from the Principal...

A word from the Principal...

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