SHILL Issue 32

Solana ecosystem zine.

Solana ecosystem zine.


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VALE sonusvibes

a small tribute to a pioneer

of solana nft media

RICH Water

shill zine sits with

project lead for a deep dive

cubist colective

portfolio management that

pays rewards

nft value over time

zbanks takes us through the













Remembering Sonusvibes as a

pioneer in the NFT space.


Shraddha looks closer at

this weeks Tyson tweet


Interview with team

lead about this

innovative project.

19 hoping

20 evolving. Now or never?


Dropping, holding and


CHEST finance is








Where have these artists

been hiding?


The one-of-one mints you

wish you had ALPHA about!


What has been popping

these last few days?


Coming soon. Portfolio

management that pays



ZBanks runs a theory about

NFT valuations over time.


When the market looks

grim FuturistMY helps you














It is with heavy heart that I put this issue together. The news of

@Sonusvibes hit Shill zine hard. Hence, I have decided to dedicate the

first few pages to this trailblazer and his partner @DrThoughCrimes,

my condolences to you and your family- the Solana NFT space is

thinking of you in this difficult time.

Issue 31 winners.

DM for prizes.

SHILL Issue #32 9

Many NFT projects promise the world and fail to deliver. Others promise very

little and disappear just as quick as they entered the scene. What if there

was a project that was not only delivering but also had a long-term plan. I

mean a roadmap laid out that spans beyond their launch, way beyond their

launch. The best part…well I’ll leave that to the team behind RichwaterNFT

to explain.

Great to have you here with #Shill zine. Let’s start with a little info about

who RichwaterNFT is.

Thanks for taking the time to reach out. RichWaterNFT a unique project with

twin collections, a 3D series of beautiful bottles with a capped amount of 5k

and a perpetual curated art collection supported by the bottles. We’re also

trying to help the planet and integrate creators from all walks of life into

the incredible hub of technical and creative development that is the Solana


Your website is quite comprehensive when it comes to explaining what a

project is all about. How did the idea for RichwaterNFT evolve and become

what it is today?

Rich Water was one of those moments in life where there was no questioning

the idea, just a mission to get some sort of control of the of the wave of

inspiration flowing through my head.


SHILL Issue #32

One night a close friend asked me for a Richwater- That was a crew term

for carbonated H20. That name, “Rich Water” it struck a chord... It reminded

me of my first reaction to seeing plastic bottles with water being sold in

them. In my then-young mind, this was the peak of capitalism. Who would

ever buy water when we have it everywhere… and the plastic waste was a

real concern for me.

Fast forward and I’m now developing a NFT project that challenges what

the disposable plastic industry is about. I do see use cases for bottled

water, in environments such as emergency services operations, places

with no sanitation/ clean water etc… but the bottom line is humans hold

little responsibility for their trash, notably in industry and under-developed/

highly populated areas.

So Rich Water can help with the awareness of the damage humans

continue to do, and also contribute through many avenues including our

SHILL Issue #32 11

25% cut of everything we sell aimed

to help control plastic pollution and

oceanic research.

I love that Rich Water can focus

efforts for a greater cause.

There are two distinct collections

under the RichwaterNFT project.

Can you explain what they are, how

they differ and why two projects?

RichWaterNFT is a project

encompassing sister collections,

currently on exchange.art. Rich

Water (the bottles) and Rich Things

(the curated art). The bottles are beautiful 3D creations which refract

light and are filled with traits. Many bottles are also derived from the art

featured in Rich Things.

The curated art is from contributors who are either new to the NFT scene

or are established in some form or another. So, I have the opportunity to

create my impression of the contributors’ art in a Rich Water bottle and

also mint it as a stand-alone piece in the Rich Things collection.

The collections go hand in hand, one compliments the other and there

are bonuses for owning something from both collections and even better,

matching a set.

Financially it works so after the 25% for the oceans is allocated (+ exchange

fees), we allocate the rest of the Rich Things sale to the contributor. Rich

Water doesn’t make any SOL from a contributor’s mint and we pay the

fees to get them on the blockchain.

The RichwaterNFT project itself is perhaps the most ambitious I have

come across in the space. A 3-year roadmap clearly broken into quarterly

goals. When you initially sat and planned this out were you thinking about

where the Solana ecosystem may be heading or was it as simple as – we

need to get this done to make an impact?

Thanks! It is ambitious, the original 3 year rollout for the mint was a

challenge I set for myself late during the wave of 10k PFP projects that

flooded the market last year.

It didn’t take long for Rich Water’s concept to mature internally so I’ve

had limited but valuable time to properly envision our true potential, The

beauty of this ecosystem is that we have the chance to learn every day and


SHILL Issue #32

evolve as it does. Knowing that, I’ve dialled it back a bit to a 24 month rollout

and 5k bottles + Rich Things curated art collection which will be perpetual.

My considerations for the ecosystem are at the forefront of this project.

This is an opportunity to creatively document the growth of Solana’s NFT

space and be an integral component in it’s development. We want to make

an impact (especially with our efforts to helping the planet), and we plan to

continue spreading the incredible energy and opportunities that web3 now

has on tap. This is an amazing time to be involved, and we’re early for this

phase of development, the future is going to be nuts.

Essentially RichwaterNFT is only 3 weeks young. How has the project been

received by the broader community?

It’s been incredible and the public response to Rich Water and our ethos

has been awesome. I love hearing other’s impressions of the project, albeit

SHILL Issue #32 13

the comments don’t often come back in ways you’d expect, it’s refreshing,

complimentary and overall humbling.

We’ve partnered with some amazing entities such as Neo Nexus and Unlock

Defi, Data Abstract, The Underground Royals Society, Deepthought DJs, Jambo

Mambo and many others + some deep in talks. The Degenerate Ape Academy

have been fam from my beginning in Solana so I’ll always give them whatever

I can and Thugbirdz have been strong early supporters.

With the art I currently buy I’m generally into the community and now we have

a growing trend of rugged projects with new people who are doing amazing

things, they’re awesome crew to vibe with. Solana really is a super supportive

ecosystem, most of us just want each other to flourish and grow together. The

biggest problem I probably hear is people take too long deciding on which

bottle or piece of art they want to buy, they get lost in them.. not a bad problem

to have.

I know for a fact that there are many artists out there that are willing and

eager to be a part of your project. Is this something you were expecting? How

are you using the designs/art they create for RichwaterNFT?

Fortunately this was a major part of the inspiration behind my project. It’s

designed to bring together the creativity of the beautiful souls around us, so

the fact people are keen to is fantastic news. The foundations are being built

and as history shows, early adopters are rewarded.

The designs themselves are all individual. Every piece of art I use is carefully

considered when creating a bottle. We ask the artist to give a story on their

piece, something to vibe with as it the bottle encapsulates the essence and

feeling of what the artist invokes. It’s a personal experience I have with their art

and I hope the contributors feel that.

If there are readers that would like to participate in supporting your project

as a holder or an artist what are some ways they can reach out and find more


The easiest way is to use Linktree and follow your preferred avenue. I’m most

active on Twitter and slowly building the discord. http://linktr.ee/richwaternft

You can also find me active with The Solana Library (Twitter @SolanaLibrary)

which is a new project designed to help safer onboarding to the Solana

ecosystem through a trusted dynamic NFT. I’m a co-founder and will use

RichWaterNFT’s resources to aid it as much as possible.

I have to say that I am impressed with the moral backbone of this project that

is the driving force behind the concept. What impact is each holder/investor

making each time your NFTs are purchased?


SHILL Issue #32

We have a blanket rule that 25% from all sales and royalties go directly into our

charity wallet for helping the oceans directed at plastic pollution and oceanic

research. Every 26th of December ASET (Christmas for the rest of the world)

those funds will be released with 90% allocated to the oceans and 10% to Rich

Water Club (RWC) members as a gift to say thanks for supporting our cause.

RWC members will be able to influence the distribution of the funds as it will

incorporate investors and creators alike.

This leads to an important point. The Rich Water Club will evolve to become

our DAO and most importantly, will influence how the planet benefits from us.

There are only 3 ways to get into the RWC. You’ll need to hold some Rich Water

AND Rich Things in the same wallet, be a contributor or by personal invitation.

This will allow people who’ve invested their time, art or Solana to give our

oceans the best chance. There will be more with the club as we grow but those

are some incentives I can reveal right now.

#Shill zine really hopes that your project becomes one of the biggest success

stories in the Solana space as your project progresses and achieves the

milestones you have set. I look forward to supporting the project with a

couple for the #Shill wallet!

I really appreciate you for saying that. We have so much going on and the art

flowing in is helping energise me even more to allow Rich Water to see its

potential. A potential I believe is limitless due to the nature of the ecosystem,

the people involved, what the planet needs and what we are doing.

Thanks so much for your time.

First 100 live now at exchange.art They are my special bottles, ones I’d

recommend keeping in your wallet for the long term.

Next 100 drops end of Janurary, they will be a regular mint.

SHILL Issue #32 15





@joemccann 42.9K Followers


Risk taking is the purest form of virtue.

Entrepreneur. Angel Investor. Margin Trader.

NFT collector. @monkedao & @ftx_official

from Day 1.

“Crypto is such a

volatile asset”

Netflix after hours

SHILL Issue #32 19


Island Treasure

$CHEST evolves into Treasure Islands: home to $CHEST, DEX,

Yield-generating structured product chests, liquidity farms, and a

new Solana game around rare NFTs, land, ships and conquering the

DeFi Sea.

Treasure Islands will be the new home for Chest Finance and


Treasure Islands is not only a game, but an entire DeFi ecosystem,

from yield-generating structured product chests, to DEXs, to liquidity

farms, to governance councils, all centered around utility and

gameplay-driven NFTs and $CHEST.

Treasure Islands float across the DeFi Sea. Players will be able to

stake and earn in structured product chests, swap and trade on a

DEX with the coin master, provide liquidity in farms, and vote on

protocol-wide policies that will govern the DeFi Sea through the

DeFi Sea Council (DSC), a cooperative of pirates and governors

powered by $CHEST and rare pirate NFTs.


SHILL Issue #32

Once players are sufficiently comfortable with their home islands,

they will be able to construct or buy ships to sail the DeFi Sea on

the search of new islands and treasures that they can claim as new

real estate. But doing so is not risk free, they may encounter other

pirates and engage into sea battles or find hostile enemies on new

discovered lands. Moreover, not all new land is formed equally.

Some may promise abundant riches, while other may be barren

sand dunes.

At the heart of Treasure Island are Pirate NFTs. These Pirate characters

will become your go-to companions on your mission to

conquer the DeFi Seas. They each have their own traits, strengths,

and weaknesses, allowing them to accomplish certain tasks better


SHILL Issue #32 21

than others. Some may be stronger on land battles, some may be

more tactical ship captains, and others may be better at uncovering

treasures from caves. No two Pirates are built the same.


As described in the $CHEST tokenomics here, Gen. 0 Pirate NFTs

will also include exclusive access to:

1) 12% Staked $CHEST tokens, and

2) up to 120% voting boost at the DeFi Sea Council (DSC)

3) Ability to evolve their Gen. 0 Pirates into Gen. 1 Pirates in the future

10,000 Gen. 0 Pirate NFTs will be available for mint based on the

following schedule:

Jan. 24th: Limited white-list pre-sale for 1500 people (details in

Discord here)

Jan. 31st: Final public sale

Be on the lookout for our Pirate NFF comprehensive gameplay

guide article being released soon

Phase I — Community (in progress)

Before we set sail to Treasure Island, we will focus on expanding

the community, documentation, and excitement around the project.

This includes curating Discord, giveaways, detailed documentation,

and website upgrades.

Phase II — Pirate NFTs and $CHEST (in progress)

Pirate NFTs and $CHEST play a pivotal role in the development of

Treasure Island. Funds generated from the NFT sales and IDO will

go towards providing liquidity to the Treasure Island metaworld,

seeding development efforts, and establishing the DeFi Sea Council


The NFT mint will occur as a whitelist pre-mint on Jan. 24th, and a

public mint on Jan. 31st.

The $CHEST IDO will occur in the week of Feb 1st. (More details to

be announced)

Phase III — Treasure Island Core Components

Release of the main Treasure Island map, with a functional interface

for yield-generating chests, NFT Marketplace, DEX integration,

LP staking, and yield farming.


SHILL Issue #32

Phase IV — Pirate Quests

Pirate NFTs will be usable for various in-game functionalities and

quests, including but not limited to, earning additional yield, accumulating

stats, battles/ raids(phase VI).

Phase V — Sea Exploration, Ships, and Land conquering

Users will be able to set sail across the treacherous DeFi Sea on

the lookout for rare treasure-bearing land, which they can either loot

for treasures, or settle down and develop as real estate. The Real

Estate agency will also open for users to buy, sell and trade islands.

The Shipyard will also open, where they can buy, sell, upgrade, and

trade their ships. Each ship will also have its own stats and allow

players to accomplish unique quests.

Phase VI — PVE

Users will need to fight off other pirates, protect their home islands,

build shelter, repair their ships, and more. Users will be able to

investigate dangerous caves, or explore dangerous lands, and fight

off hostile enemies.

Phase VII — PVP and Confederations

Users will be able engage into battles with other players, for the

chance to earn additional loot and yield. Groups of people will also

be able to form confederations to pool their resources together and

become stronger in the metaworld.

We see a future where DeFi, GameFi and NFTs merge into one.

Treasure Island’s vision is to become an all-encompassing universe

where players will be able to earn directly from a game, and experience

the magic of Solana, web3, and DeFi innovations. For too long

traditional finance has locked users out of their own liquidity, and

traditional games have locked player-created value within their own

ecosystems, preventing players to extract the very value that they

created. Treasure Island, blockchain, and DeFi will change this paradigm.

Not only will you be able to freely interact with your liquidity,

but through GameFi mechanics, will more importantly be able to

extract the value you created and share in the prosperity of the DeFi


SHILL Issue #32 23






SHILL Issue #32


The Astronaut @thexastronaut

SHILL Is1ue #32 27




SHILL Issue #32




















Rich Water/Rich Things

Rich Water/Rich Things












ubist Collective

The Product

Cubist Collective is a community-driven portfolio management

protocol built on the Solana blockchain. The protocol facilitates the

crowdsourcing of data and alpha in order to keep holders appraised

of noteworthy developments in their holdings, as well as new

NFTs worth minting. It also includes a suite of custom-built tools

to easily manage your portfolio, all integrated into one clean and

user-friendly dashboard.

Contributor Rewards

Each week, the $CUBIST Rewards Pool is funded using a percentage

of the mint and proceeds, plus the protocol's native $CUBIST

token. Cubist members react to important posts on Discord and

contributors earn their share of the $Cubist for that week. The

Cubist Collective protocol will keep this community incentive fund

seeded with at least 5000 UDSC per week.

By leveraging the Cubist Collective protocol, members will be able

to manage their wallets efficiently and save time.

• Automatically highlight top community insights from individual project


• Crowdsourced market sentiment and community predictions.

• Upcoming events for your portfolio (airdrops, snapshots, token drops,

delisting rewards, etc).

• Simple and clean portfolio overview.

• Standard metrics such as floor price, rarity, and intraday volume all in one



SHILL Issue #32

SHILL Issue #32 53





Here is a framework for how I think about #SolanaNFT value over


Phase 1: Launch Hype. Bots and flippers sell to realize their profit/

limit their losses and release liquidity. Peak FOMO as people who

have missed out on the mint are trying to get in.

Phase 2: Slowdown FOMO and hype subside. This can be the day

after mint, or much later. The floor often dips, which fuels some


SHILL Issue #32

FUD from those who are only in to make money, causing prices to

fall further. Many projects go under mint price here, so there can be

good snipes.

Phase 3: Long term the selling pressure decreases as those not

trusting the project have already sold, buyers also drop as those

most interested have already bought in. Value is mostly driven by

utility (or lack thereof)

The size of the arrows is intended to scale with the size of the "force"

applied by the different sides. The large arrows after launch indicate

both lots of selling and buying, resulting in a high volume.

If we vary the size of the arrows, we can simulate different scenarios.

Like projects that manage to move directly from hype to utility or

have many long-term believers. A "perfect project" like @GenesysGo,


Projects that are entirely hype-driven can do well just after mint, but

often die off soon, never to come back (especially in the current

market) as there is no utility motivating long-term holding.

SHILL Issue #32 55

Projects relying on utility but that have not managed to build the hype

(including real stealth launches) do not have a peak after launch.

They tend to end up below mint. Long term success is possible,

depending on delivered value.


SHILL Issue #32

Entirely failed projects: Usually, an intended hype project that never

got off the ground. Very few people are looking to get into these on

secondary and almost all holders want to sell.


SHILL Issue #32 57




The huge wick down for BTC and ETH in the 4

hour charts suggests whale manipulation is at

play. They are buying the rumour and selling

the news. This is to destroy weaker hands,

allowing whales to accumulate more at the

bottom. The reasons for selling are as follows:

Russia is banning cryptocurrencies. To them, it

is a speculative asset which carries characteristics

of a pyramid scheme. They are warning

of potential bubbles in the market, threatening

the financial stability. Well, isn’t fiat money a

ponzi too?

Russian c.bank proposes banning cryptocurrencies,

crypto mining

The SEC is coming for crypto exchanges.



This comes after

the http://crypto.com hack which siphoned

$30 million from investors. Fear from regulatory

scrutiny triggered investors to move crypto

out off exchanges or sell some of their holdings.


SHILL Issue #32

The drainage of BTC from exchanges is obvious

when you look at the charts. It has been

steadily decreasing since the start of 2021.

Low balances in exchanges means low liquidity.

It takes much less effort to move prices up

or down.

Leveraged trading. This is the biggest reason

to why crypto markets are so volatile. A simple

dump from whales trigger stop-losses/liquidations

from traders, cascading the entire event

and causing a flash crash. Seriously guys,

don’t play futures if you’re not experienced.

SHILL Issue #32 59



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