Welcome to The Club v2.2 April 2022

A Magazine for 55+ Like No Other! Welcome to The Club features timeless articles and anecdotes including many from the archives of Daytripping Magazine. It's online at www.welcometotheclub.ca and is also distributed free in Sarnia-Lambton, Ontario.

A Magazine for 55+ Like No Other!
Welcome to The Club features timeless articles and anecdotes including many from the archives of Daytripping Magazine. It's online at www.welcometotheclub.ca and is also distributed free in Sarnia-Lambton, Ontario.


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being under it!



A ‘’New’ Magazine for PEOPLE P

who aren’t

Photo by Jayne Primeau, Brights Grove

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Welcome to ... SPRING 2022

Welcome to ...

THE Club

Welcome to the Spring issue!

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Times have changed and so has our way of doing things…

This FREE magazine is distributed in most of Sarnia-Lambton.

Have a Look and Have Your Say!

Deciding what to feature on the cover of

this issue took a while, but we finally decided

on one of many awesome photographs

by Jayne Primeau of Brights Grove. It’s an

honour to be able to showcase some of the

incredibly talented photographers in our


We have a favour to ask of you, and

there’s a reward involved. You’ll find a

questionnaire on page 38 and we hope to

see what direction you’d like The Club to

go in. Many of the articles in the magazine

come from the archives of Daytripping,

which we’ve published for 27 years, and it

was our original intention to run many of

those along with some of the interesting

fillers you see - we have an incredible

collection of both. The articles are often

nostalgic and timeless, and our hope is to

keep the words of many past contributors

alive. That’s one of the main reasons we

wanted to create a magazine for people 55

plus. We feel we have something unique

to offer, an escape from the ordinary and

the daily news which can be challenging,

and even depressing. With no politics and

no real serious issues being addressed, we

hope The Club is a magazine you’ll read

from start to finish and maybe read again

By Mark Moran, Publisher

or pass on to someone else.

However, along the way we’ve also tried

some new columns and columnists and they

bring a lot to the table as well. Chris Treftlin

has great advice for aging at home and he’s

local - it’s not some canned article from a

media service. Sipkens Nurseries has been

providing a gardening article, Cathy Dobson

is writing great feature pieces as well as a

new column called “In a Few Words” that

I’m a big fan of. We have our first article

about a local trail in this issue.

Then there are the crossword and word

search puzzles, our Milestones page, a local

postcard feature, an Events List now that

there are events again, and the various

funny or sentimental anecdotes that we fill

the spaces in between with.

So the question is... what do you want

to see more of, or less of. Remember, we

want Welcome to The Club to be unique

enough that you’ll think twice about

throwing it away. Please have a look and

have your say. Two random readers that

reply to the questionnaire will win $100 in

Tourism Sarnia-Lambton gift certificates,

redeemable at many local shops, restaurants

and attractions.

Thanks for your time and for reading!


"The Perfect Dress"

Jennifer's wedding day was fast approaching. Nothing could

dampen her excitement, not even her parents' nasty divorce.

Her mother had found the PERFECT dress to wear

and would be the best-dressed mother-of-the-bride ever!

A week later, Jennifer was horrified to learn that her father's

new young wife had bought the exact same dress as her mother!

Jennifer asked her step mom to exchange it,

but she refused. "Absolutely not. I look like a million bucks in this

dress, and I'm wearing it," she replied.

Jennifer told her mother who graciously said, "Never mind

sweetheart. I'll get another dress. After all, it's your special day."

A few days later, they went shopping and did find another

gorgeous dress. When they stopped for lunch, Jennifer asked

her mother, "Aren't you going to return the other dress?

You really don't have another occasion where you could wear it."

Her mother just smiled and replied,

"Of course I do, dear. I'm wearing it to the rehearsal dinner

the night before the wedding."

Welcome to The Club is published four times annually by Moran Advertising, Brights Grove, Ontario. The publisher reserves

the right to reject, discontinue or omit any advertisment without notice or penalty to either party. No portion of this

publication can be reproduced in whole or in part without the permission of Moran Advertising. The content of this

publication does not necessarily represent the opinions of the publisher. The content of this publication has not been deemed

by the publisher to be correct and accurate. The advertiser agrees that the publisher shall not be liable for damages arising

directly or indirectly from errors occuring in this publication beyond the amount paid for the space actually occupied by that

portion of the advertisment in which the error occurred, whether such error is due to the negligence of its servants or

otherwise, and there shall be no liablity for non insertion of any advertisment beyond the amount paid for such advertisment.

Use of Material: submitted articles, letters, and other works or materials may be used, published, distributed and stored by

Moran Advertising, Welcome To The Club, and Daytripping Magazine, in whole or in part, in print or by any other means.

Welcome to ...

Welcome to ...


THE Club



Trivia 22

Discount List 23

Word Search 13

Postcards from the Past 12

Recipes 14

Crossword 29

Milestones & Memories 25

Other Stuff 1-40

Jayne a y e Primeau, P m u Cathy C t

Dobson, b

n John o Gardiner, d e , Kelly-Lynn

y L


Musico, M


c , Chris Treftlin, e i , Sipkens Nurseries, N r s,

Mary Lou Tasko,



Lambton b

t n Shores e

Nature N t

Trails, #local, # o

a l, Ann A n Callum, Marion

M Urquhart q rt

Charkow, k

Rita R t

Veel, e l

Kenneth ne

Lapointe, i




Etherington ton Black, a k Donald l

Black, a k Norma West e t Linder, d

e , Barb

Day, y Geraldine V. Lightfoot, t,

Jacoba b

Bos, s Adina Haas, a s Marion

Clouse, o Mary M Jane MacVicar c ar

and d

all l

the Recipe e and

Milestones e & Memories submissions.



Mark Moran - Publisher, Ad Sales

Carrie Ann Timm - Associate so


Carla MacGregor r - Advertising in


Rhonda Long - Advertising in


Angela Lyon - Graphics & Article Formatting

Carla Mejia j - Graphic Design


the publishers

of Daytripping Magazine

The Club Features

You’ll find

current and




The Club.



P.O. Box 430 • Brights Grove, ON •N0N 1C0

519-491-1676 • info@welcometotheclub.ca



To receive eive

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Stories & Local Photos os Welcome!

F R I E N D Answer from Alzheimer’s puzzle, Page 24

SPRING 2022 …do you think the tasks on our bottom borders are obsolete?

P A G E 3

Welcome to ... SPRING 2022

Welcome to ...

THE Club

7143 Forest Road,


(4 km S. of Forest)


to our

on farm



Follow us for live band announcements.

My mother did “Spring Cleaning”

every year. It was a big deal around

our house. It seemed that every

surface and textile within our four

walls was either polished, washed,

scrubbed or waxed. Curtains billowed

on the clothes line, windows were

stripped of nose and hand prints

and the floors were transformed

into skating ponds. It

was a flurry of activity

that signaled change and

renewal. I never really

understood what came

over my Mother at this

time. It was almost as if

she was trying to remove

the dullness that had gathered over

our family and home during the

winter months. The act of cleaning

was like a shedding of our winter

chrysalis. Soap and water bringing

forth our new emerging spirits.

Part of my mother’s regime

included the rearranging of furniture

in the bedroom that I shared with

my sister. Every other year, one of

us would be in enviable position

of having her bed placed directly

by the window. This desirable

spot included an outside view

and full access to the precious

evening breeze. The other took her

placement on the opposite side of

the room graciously, contented with

a change of scenery.

I loved to go to bed at night with

my head against the sill looking

Do you want to reach

our age 55+ readers?


in the club

Call 519-491-1676


Ode To My Mother

by Gayle Etherington Black, Ancaster • From Daytripping May-June 2006

at my neighbourhood through

the small holes in the screen. The

view from my private perch was a

solitary pleasure for the senses. I

can still recall lying awake with my

face pressed to the screen listening

to the symphony of night sounds

which included raccoons, cats and

grown up voices lilting softly on the

night air. I would watch

spell bound at the flying

insects as they danced

erratically under the

street lamp and every

now and then I would

get a whiff of my father’s

pipe tobacco and knew

that he must be right below me on

the front porch.

Over the years, I often

wondered why there was such a

strong connection regarding the

transformation of our little space.

How could moving a couple of

beds create such long lasting joy?

Perhaps it is the association with

the change of season and the

intangible emotions of freedom and

rejuvenation that ran so prevalent in

my youth.

My mother probably had no idea

at the time, but her simple act of

cleaning and changing around our

room brought a happiness and

continuity in our lives that will

always be remembered. I like to

think of it as a ritual of love. For that

Mom, I truly thank you!

By appt please

You must be 55 or over to read this magazine.

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as whole, quartered

or by individual cuts.

7078 Wisbeach Rd,


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519-494-1139 • wisbeachchickens@gmail.com

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I love Spring anywhere,

but if I could choose,

I would always greet it

in a garden.

Stop & shop in Forest, Ontario!

Check out our downtown - browse our shops,

enoy a meal at one of our fantastic restaurants or

take in a movie at the historic Kineto Theatre!

Make a day of it in Forest!

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Obsolete Task? Dialing a rotary phone

We’re all getting older, we may as well laugh about it!

Happy Trails to You!

Ausable River Cut Conservation Area Trail

By Mary Lou Tasko, Lambton Shores Nature Trail • www.lsntblazers.com

Lambton Shores Nature Trails (LSNT)

is a local volunteer organization with

a lofty vision: to build a network of

user-friendly nature trails that inspire

people to experience the biodiversity of

Lambton Shores and vicinity.

Since 2011 LSNT has partnered

with public and private landowners

to maintain and improve several local

hiking trails.

Most importantly, LSNT blazes, trims

and clears trails so that the public can

use them year-round. Our accessibility

projects improve access for people of

all ages and abilities. While we strive

to expand and connect the trails, LSNT

remains committed to protecting and

preserving environmentally sensitive

areas. Beautification of trailheads and

community spaces has been a natural

evolution as we encourage people to use

and appreciate our “Gems of Nature.”

If you are new to the area—or new

to hiking—we encourage you to visit

lsntblazers.com to learn about our local


Thanks to Welcome to the Club for

providing the opportunity to educate

the public about LSNT’s work and to

highlight some of our most popular


In this issue, we introduce the Ausable

River Cut Conservation Area Trail.

First, a little history of the area:

Between 1872 and 1875, the “Ausable

River Cut” was constructed between the

northward-moving Ausable River—

just north of Thedford—and Port

Franks. As a result, the Thedford

Marsh was drained and flooding in

the area was checked. The rich land

of the Thedford Marsh could now

be used for vegetable farming. The

Parkhill Creek still flows into the old

river bed north of “The Cut” and

outlets at the Grand Bend harbour

through a canal constructed in 1892.

The “Old Ausable Channel.” running

from Grand Bend through the Pinery

to The Cut is the remnant of the

Ausable River section that used to

flow southward behind the dunes.

In 1973, the Ausable Bayfield

Conservation Authority purchased a

19.6-hectare tract of land along the

south side of the Ausable River Cut to

protect the natural environment and

provide a public walking area. For

over ten years, LSNT has partnered

with ABCA to maintain the trails here

and make significant improvements

to accessibility. There are a few trail

options depending on your motivation

and fitness level.

A short, wheelchair-accessible loop

(535 m) on flat ground offers a walk

through the Carolinian forest and along

the Ausable River Cut. It includes a

wheelchair-accessible viewing platform

overlooking The Cut. A newly refurbished

stairway leads to the river’s

edge where a floating dock is available

during the warmer months to launch

canoes/kayaks or offer a fishing perch!

A children’s Storywalk®, courtesy of

the Lambton Public Library, follows this

short loop as well.

A longer (2 km) difficult loop leads

through Carolinian forest, over sand

dunes and along The Cut. The dirt path

is narrower, and there is a challenging

dune ascent/descent. However, an

impressive view of The Cut (and rest

stop!) await you at the top. Check the

trailhead map—and hike the trail in a

clockwise direction—if you want to go

down the dune’s steep side. A connector

trail cuts across the larger trail loop if

you want to shorten your hike—or miss

the large dune!

Free parking is available, as well as

picnic areas and a washroom.

For more information and a map

of the Ausable River Cut Conservation

Area Trails, please visit lsntblazers.com

or abca.ca.

Until we meet you on the trails…

Ausable River Cut Trail



Main Trail





Northville Cres.

Lakeshore Rd

(Hwy 21)

Ausable River

To Grand Bend

To Forest

Welcome to ...

foresttravelservice.com 519-786-2319

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IN 1977

Open the door to your

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GRAND BEND - Wednesdays 8am-1pm,

Lambton Heritage Museum, starting May 25.

FOREST - Thursdays 4-8 pm, at the corner

of Jefferson & Main, starting May 26.

SPRING 2022 Obsolete Task? Popping corn in a pot with oil

P A G E 5

Welcome to ... SPRING 2022

Welcome to ...




569 BROADWAY ST, WYOMING • 519-845-1613

THE Club







1-800-265-7506 • www.cam-ron.ca

The Wellness Corner

by Marion Clouse, M.Ed., Public Educator, CMHA

From Daytripping July-August 2003

The Greatest Occupation

Feel free to send in photos showcasing Sarnia-Lambton.

Marcanda Gifts

Tea Room & Boutique

Bed & Breakfast

Gift Shop

& Ladies


4562 London Line

Reeces Corners

Wyoming’s First and Only

Health Food Store & Refillery


647 Broadway Street, Wyoming

LICENSED 226-307-0694 • suncoastnaturalhealth.ca

I want to share a story that I recently

received from a mother who is a firm

believer that Attitude is Everything and

that humour can see you through any

difficult situation! I think every mother

could use this pick-me-up, especially

on days when everything appears to be

going wrong. Mothers have a special role,

and are rarely appreciated for everything

they do. Motherhood is one of the most

rewarding, difficult, exhausting, exciting,

and humorous jobs you will have in your


A mother was picking up her children at

school recently, another mother she knew

rushed up to her. She was fuming with

indignation. “Do you know what you and

I are?” she demanded. It seemed she had

just returned from renewing her driver’s

license. Asked by the woman recorder to

state her occupation, she had hesitated,

uncertain how to classify herself. “What I

mean is,” explained the recorder, “do you

have a job, or are you just a …” My friend

responded by saying she was a mother.

“We don’t list ‘mother’ as an occupation…

‘housewife’ covers it, said the recorder. My

friend was furious.

The mother forgot all about the story

until one day she found herself in the same

situation. “And what is your occupation?”

the recorder probed. What made her say it,

she did not know. The words popped out.

“I’m a Research Associate in the field of

Child Development and Human Relations.”

The clerk paused, and looked as though she

had not heard right. She repeated it again.

The clerk asked with interest “what do you

do in your field?” She calmly answered,

“I have a continuing program of research

(what mother doesn’t?) in the laboratory

and in the field (normally I would have

said indoors and out). “I’m working for

my Masters (the whole darned family) and

already have four credits (all daughters)”.

The job is one of the most demanding in

the field (any mother like to disagree?), and

I often work 14 hours a day (24 is more

like it)”. The clerk was very impressed, and

personally saw her out the door.

As she drove into her driveway, her

spirits raised by her glamorous new career,

she was greeted by her lab assistants

– ages 13, 7, and 3. Upstairs she could

hear her new experimental model (6

months) in the child-development program

testing out a new vocal pattern. She felt

triumphant! She had gone on the official

records as someone more distinguished

and indispensable to mankind than “just

another mother.”

When you are having a down day (as

all of us do) and you feel you can’t face

another day, change your attitude and look

upon the situation with humour. Think

of yourself as not just a mother, but a

researcher in the field of child development

and that your work is priceless. Your results

may change the world!

For more information, or to find a

Canadian Mental Health branch near you,

visit www.cmha.ca.

The Creation of the Dog

Green County Ebikes


Mobility Scooters

New • Used

Parts • Sales • Service

Financing Available

Ebike &

Mobility Scooter


638 Broadway Street, Wyoming • 519.333.8313 • www.greencountyebikes.com


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Obsolete Task? Watching movies on VHS, renting movies from the video store.

Most articles in here have been written by people like you.

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fresh produce, baking & local preserves.


Children Welcome

Show Your True Colours

Refers to revealing your real character, especially when it’s

undesirable. Comes from warships using multiple flags

to confuse their enemies while at sea. However,

warfare rules dictated that ships had to show their

real flag before firing, so the “true colours” refers to

the colours of their actual flag.

Welcome to ...

THE Club

623 Broadway St., Wyoming • 519-845-9915 • VillageFireplaceShop.com

Enjoy the Benefits of “Green Time”

By Kelly-Lynn Musico, Brights Grove • Registered Physiotherapist, Registered Yoga Teacher

As you begin reading this, maybe

go find a window and look out, or if

you can, take a step outside. Have

you noticed those first telltale signs

of spring and new growth? So, now


Many of us have been couped up

indoors over the winter and are excited

at the endless possibilities

to get moving outdoors.

Getting outdoors is a

fantastic way to improve

our mental and physical

health. It’s time to

increase our in-person

social connections and

physical abilities.

Spring has sprung and

now is the time to literally

‘smell the roses’ and get

moving. I recently saw

a program on CTV news

about a BC physician who

has started prescribing

“Green-time,” (spending

time in nature) to her

patients. I absolutely love this! Although

I have been informally encouraging

my clients to get outdoors to do their

exercises, I now have the research to

back the health benefits of spending

time in nature. This program tweaked

my curiosity, so I further explored

this concept. Yes, there is research

Why Nature?

• 90% of us say we’re happier when we’re outside—and stress hormone

levels drop significantly after just 15 minutes of sitting in a forest.

• Increasing nature time reduces your risk of developing heart disease,

high blood pressure and diabetes.

• Spending time in nature boosts memory, creativity and work satisfaction.

• Spending time in the forest drops inflammation and stress in adults with

COPD and reduces the risk of lung infections.

• Nature therapy improves the psychological wellbeing of cancer patients

and activates tumour-killing cells.

• Seniors who live closer to walkable green spaces live longer.

Source: https://www.parkprescriptions.ca/en/whynature

to support the health

benefits of spending time

in nature.

My further investigation


to obtain the health

benefits of nature it is

recommended to spend

2 hours a week, only

20+ minutes at a time.

Seems doable, right?

So, what counts as

time spent in nature?

According to research,

whenever we feel like

we’ve had meaningful

contact with nature,

it will start to create

health benefits which

will start to add up. It

could be as simple as

sitting on a park bench

or walking a nature


There are plenty

of wonderful nature

Photo: Ontario’s Southwest

adventures to be had in and around


When was the last time you walked

the Howard Watson trail? Sat on a park

bench? Sat at the river and watched

the boats go by? Watched the ducks

in Lake Chipican? How about a stroll

along the beach? Exploring a sugar

bush? Apple orchard? Maybe even

sitting at some of our nature filled

local wineries, cideries, and breweries

could count? Spring has sprung and

it’s a great time to get moving, feeling

and living better.

Go ahead and start adding up those

health benefits by exploring all that

Sarnia-Lambton County has to offer.

Move. Feel. Live.

663 Broadway Street

Wyoming, ON N0N 1T0



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SPRING 2022 Obsolete Task? Using a flash cube on a film camera.

P A G E 7

Welcome to ... SPRING 2022

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Grandkids are F UNNY

Attending a wedding for the first time, a little girl

whispered to her grandmother, "Why is the bride

dressed in white?" "Because white is the color of

happiness, and today is the happiest day of her

life," her grandmother tried to explain, keeping it

simple. The child thought about this for a moment, then said,

"So why is the groom wearing black?"


A Greener


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Makin’ a List

Making a list. It’s an ancient art, I

suspect. I can imagine the housewife

of long ago, etching her list in the sand

or on stone. Were pieces of wood and

leather used before paper became

abundant? Your choice of list paper is

reflective of you and your tastes. Take

the “Chopin-Liszt” (Shopping List) for

music lovers, the “HoneyDew List” for

spousal duty-delegation, the culinaryshaped

list for groceries, the

“Things to do after I pray”

list for those who consult

Him for help with their plans.

Lists written in haste have

been on Kleenex, napkins,

even clean toilet paper, in an


You were probably on a list

before you were born. Your

name was on a list somewhere,

with meaning and origin. I made baby

name lists long before my children were

born. It was fun. It was hopeful. It was

relaxing. Relaxed list-making takes place

at a leisurely pace. It lists pleasurable

things like vacation destinations, party

menu items, topics for speeches and

stories. When writing on favourite

paper with a smooth-gliding pen, these

lists take on a dream-like quality, where

all things are possible and turn out well.

Not all list-making is relaxing. Take

the Saturday to-do list. Drafted on the

back of a paycheque envelope, you

feel weary with each entry. Looking at

hurried handwriting, you know there

are not enough hours to accomplish the

things listed. A wise person once said,

a list should be written down, then

promptly cut in half, literally folded

and torn in half, with half tossed in the

trash. Only half of what you listed will

by Adina Haas, LaSalle

From Daytripping May-June 2010

likely get done. Is this your experience?

Your list is for your eyes only. Guard

your list. The shorthand you have used

to remind yourself of something may

be misinterpreted by others. One of my

lists leading up to Christmas dinner had

included, in red pen, “Clean up blood”

as a reminder to wipe up drops spilled

when my husband cut his finger while

cutting wood trim. This item would

look very suspicious mingled

in with “Iron the tablecloths,

Bake the cakes, and Roast the


Is list-making a skill we are

born with or is it something

we must learn? I once asked

my first-graders to make a

list. I thought it would be a

great activity. I gave them

each a $100.00 bill (fake) and

prompted them to write (on a triplescoop

ice-cream cone paper) a list of

how they would spend the money. I

looked around. How could some of

them say they were done? I asked to

see one list. It said, “All to the poor.”

How could I condemn that list! It

wasn’t the in-depth writing activity I

had imagined but it had heart! Other

more list-like lists had listed spending

on Haiti, on me, and on my prize-box!

Lists. We make ‘em, we refer to

them, we revise them, we misplace

them. You know you are overdoing listmaking,

when you need a master list to

keep track of other lists. Since we seem

to need them, let’s make ‘em fun,

keep ‘em simple and realistic, work at

accomplishing the things on them. Get

out the glitter pens, and colourful pads

of paper. We’re makin’ a list. We’re

checking it twice and cuttin’ it in half!



Obsolete Task? Winding a watch or clock

Life is short. Smile while you still have teeth.

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your Kning,


Cross Stch &



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Established in 1978,

Lambton Pharmacy continues to

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services to residents of the beautiful

town of Petrolia and Lambton County.



Exquisite Giftware

Home & Garden Decor

Jewellery • Gourmet Foods

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Lewis Thomas, born in 1913,

expressed it well: “We are, perhaps

uniquely among the earth’s creatures,

the worrying animal. We worry away

our lives, fearing the future, discontent

with the present, unable to take in the

idea of dying, unable to sit still.”

We throw the term around loosely,

but I truly believe there are “born

worriers” I’m one of them!

When I was about seven I was playing

alone in one corner of our large yard

when friends of my parents stopped on

the gravel road near me. “Want to go

for a ride?” they called.

It’s hard to believe today, but in our

village on Manitoulin Island in the ‘30s

a car ride was something of a novelty.

I hopped into the back seat of that

boxy-looking Ford, forgetting in my

excitement to tell my mother. Then,

instead of enjoying the outing, I was

Confessions Of A Born Worrier

By Norma West Linder, Sarnia • From Daytripping March-April 2012

worried sick every minute of the time I

was away. I raced into the house as soon

as I got home. My mother, busy with my

little brother, hadn’t even noticed my

absence. That should have taught me a

lesson about the futility of worrying. It


I’ve even posted signs above my desk

- signs to read and heed. My favourite

is: Worry is like paying interest on money

you haven’t borrowed. Or words to that

effect. I don’t know who coined it, but

that saying worked for me, right up until

a few days later when a friend was late

for a luncheon date. The roads were

icy, and I went straight to worst scene

scenario, imagining her car upside

down in a ditch, all four wheels spinning

as she lay bloodied and unconscious.

Nothing of the sort happened, of course.

I hate to indulge in generalizations,

but it seems to me women are more

prone to be worriers than are men.

Most of my female friends are like me

when it comes to fretting about the vast

number of possible disasters, especially

those of us who have children, or, as

I sometimes call them, “hostages to

fate.” My daughter Karen was sitting

in a bus shelter in London, England,

in November, when a motorcyclist lost

control and ran into her. She suffered

cuts on one leg that required surgery

and she needed time to overcome the

4130 Glenview Rd, Unit 2, Petrolia


Danielle Edgar, B.Sc., PharmD


Monday–Friday 9–6

Saturday 9–12

event. I had good reason to worry, but I

carried it to extremes, picturing that girl

in the film The Horse Whisperer waking

up in the hospital minus a leg.

My older daughter, unfortunately, is a

worrier like me, but my son is not. He’s

quite right when he says worry is a bad

use of time because it doesn’t change

the outcome of anything.

I have learned a few ways of lessening

my talent for worry. I no longer open my

big book entitled A Home Medical Guide.

I used to imagine I had every symptom

of every illness it contained. Worriers

should never have such reference books

in the house. We should all try to take

to heart the words penned in 1915 by

George H. Powell (1880-1951):

“What’s the use of worrying? It

never was worthwhile, so, pack up your

troubles in your old kit-bag. And smile,

smile, smile.”








The Hint is ...

My name is Alvin.

I was built in 2014 by

Murray Watson and I’m 10’ tall.

There are a lot of bees in my town.

Find the answer

in our

Summer 2022 issue

From our Winter 2022 issue:

The Hint was ...

At which type of building might you find a carving

such as this? If you can guess that part, you just

have to pick the right town.

The Answer is...

This is outside the

Royal Canadian Legion in Forest

The Walk is Petrolia’s only luxury

apartment project in the downtown

core. Within walking distance to the

grocery store, hospital, pharmacies and

more, the location is ideal for adopting

Petrolia’s trendy downtown lifestyle. 519-882-3157

Alvin can be found alongside

Highway 79 in Alvinston. The

bees we’re referring to would be

at Munro Apiaries, a long time

customer and great destination.




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Eleanor Roosevelt

Do one thing everyday that scares you.

Beautiful young people are accidents of nature, but

beautiful old people are works of art.

Great minds discuss ideas; Average minds discuss events;

Small minds discuss people.

Learn from the mistakes of others. You can’t live long

enough to make them all yourself.

No one can make you feel inferior without your consent.

Friendship with oneself is all-important, because without it

one cannot be friends with anyone else in the world.

If someone betrays you once, it’s their fault; if they betray

you twice, it’s your fault.

It is not fair to ask of others what you are unwilling to do


One thing life has taught me: if you are interested, you

never have to look for new interests. They come to you.

When you are genuinely interested in one thing, it will

always lead to something else.


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B y

Band in Brigden

Waterfront, Courtright

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Why don’t people bend at the knees

when they garden? It’s not very attractive,

when you’re walking by delighting in the

sweetly-scented honeysuckle, the russet

tiger-lilies, their long stems swaying in

the breeze and the vibrant fuchsia roses.

Suddenly, there it is…the full moon facing

the roadway for all passing by to see, but

not admire. The sight has inspired those

wooden lawn ornaments you can buy, with

Ma and Pa bent over gardening together.

There’s Pa in his low-riding trousers and

Ma in her polka-dot bloomers.

I’m not a fan of gardening. In our old

neighbourhood we were surrounded by

retired gardeners with years of experience.

Their rows of perfectly planted vegetable

gardens took up entire backyards. The

most amazing garden of all belonged to the

old European couple, the Schwarzkopf’s.

Carrots, potatoes, green beans, radishes,

tomatoes of every size and type - you

L.C.C.V.I, Petrolia Front and Lochiel Street, looking South, Sarnia Blue Water Bridge, Point Edward

Green T humb

name it, those Schwarzkopf’s grew it.

I remember the day my sister came for

a visit. “There’s Mr. Schwarzkopf digging

in his garden,” she said.

I looked out the window. There it was

again! The notorious gardener, bent at the

waist, butt reaching for the sky, rubber

boots to the hips, hoe in hand.

“That’s not Mr. Schwarzkopf.

That’s Mrs. Schwarzkopf,” I


Gardening is clearly

not my forte. All you

hardcore green thumbs

out there will not get this,

but I’d rather be cooped

up in the house typing

away at my computer,

writing about gardening

By Barb Day, Paris, ON

From Daytripping, July-August 2010

or any other subject for that matter,

than actually gardening. How can that

be, you ask, when one could be outside,

enjoying the fresh air, digging in the dirt

under a cloudless sky. Last time I checked

my thumb was still pink. Definitely not

green…never will be.

Naïve, we moved to an old house from an

apartment, and were anxious

to start a vegetable garden

in that huge backyard at

the first hint of spring.

We moved in the fall,

and all winter we read

books on the subject.

We even subscribed

to Harrowsmith and

Canadian Gardener.

They all made it look so

easy. We were pumped, and decided, why

have only one? That yard is so big - there

could be two big gardens, side-by-side!

“Don’t bite off more than you can

chew.” “Rome wasn’t built in a day.”

“Think big, start small.” Those great

words of wisdom forgotten, we forged

ahead. The tidy rows started out looking

nice enough, but by summer were an

overwhelming tangle of weeds and crab

grass. It was like a trek through the jungle

to find a tiny, weak vegetable plant that

hadn’t yet been strangled to death by an

angry weed.

Mr. Schwarzkopf would stand at the

fence, shaking his head in disbelief,

while handing over a basket of succulent

beyond belief Beefsteak tomatoes.

Sadly, we were the laughing stock of the

master gardeners of the neighbourhood,

and the last time I checked, my thumb

was still pink.



Obsolete Task? Using carbon paper to make copies

As you may have guessed by now, it’s for people 55+

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for generaons.


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565 Murphy Rd,



For Those Feeling Younger than ‘Old’

When you see old remember that

we’ve lived a lifetime already. “Been

there, done that” kinda thing, albeit

in many ways differently than you

get to experience in this time and

age. We’ve worked, we’ve played,

we’ve laughed, we’ve cried, we’ve

planned and not had all of our

plans pan out. This was where our

flexibility and fortitude were tested.

We’ve chosen to slow down (at

least our minds and bodies have

chosen for us) which, for each of

us, can be something different.

Sometimes that choice is made for

us for reasons beyond our control.

Our bodies are tired and usually

sore. We’re just trying to keep our

minds alert. As long as we are

capable of making decisions for

ourselves, we will make them

without intentionally, negatively

affecting any of our loved ones’


It’s about being respectful to

us older people, and receiving

that same respect in return from

us. We appreciate your concern

By Ann Callum, Sarnia

for our well-being. Thank you for


Know too, when you’ve come to

this place in time, you will appreciate

being valued for what you’ve created

and accomplished.

Freedom of choice and freedom to

express who we are, as long as we’re

not hurting anyone or ourselves, is

what a happy life is all about.

Please help us to communicate

our needs, and we’ll help you to

understand what growing old is

really like. With lots of patience and

caring we can do this together and

accomplish a rewarding conclusion

to a life well lived.

Growing old

is inevitable;

Growing up

is optional.


110 S. Mitton • 519-344-7557 • alsvacandsew.ca

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e c es

We’ll be bringing you recipes from Club contributors & from local

fundraising cookbooks we’ve collected over the last quarter of a century.

You’re welcome to send your own recipes, or on behalf of an organizaon

that has a new cookbook, & we can help promote those cookbooks for free.

Party Potato Salad

4 tsp mustard seed

1 Tbsp celery seed

1/3 cup white vinegar

6 lb potatoes

2 cups chopped celery

By: Alma Wigle (from

Brigden Fall Fair Cookbook)

1 cup finely chopped green onions & tops

6 hard cooked eggs, chopped

3 1/2 cups mayonnaise

2 tsp salt

Soak mustard seed, celery seed in 1/3 cup white vinegar for several

hours or overnight. Cook, cool, peel and cube 6 pounds of potatoes

(about 15 cups). Sprinkle cubed potatoes with salt. Toss with celery,

onions and eggs. Combine seed mixture and 2 teaspoons salt with

mayonnaise. Toss potato mixture with mayonnaise. Chill thoroughly.

Garnish with hard cooked egg whites. Serves 25 to 30.

Balsamic Glazed Salmon

(from Point Edward


Assoc. Cookbook)

8 fresh salmon fillets, 3/4 inch thick (1 1/2 lb)

Freshly ground black pepper

3 Tbsp Balsamic vinegar

3 Tbsp olive oil

1 Tbsp orange juice

4 1/2 tsp cornstarch

1 Tbsp brown sugar

1 3/4 cups chicken broth

1 tsp grated orange peel

Place salmon in a 12x8x2 inch shallow baking dish. Sprinkle with black

pepper and drizzle with oil. Bake at 350 degrees F for 15 minutes, or unl

the fish flakes easily when tested with a fork.

Sr the cornstarch, broth, vinegar, orange juice, brown sugar and orange

peel in a 2 quart saucepan over high heat. Heat the mixture to a boil.

Connue to cook unl the mixture thickens, srring constantly. Place the

salmon on a serving plaer and serve with the sauce. Makes 8 servings.

Hot Artichoke Dip

By: Madame Deery

(from “Millennium Menus”

by Bridgeview Public School

1 can (14 oz) archoke hearts, drained, chopped

1 cup (4 oz) Kra 100% grated Parmesan cheese

1 cup (4 oz) Kra natural shredded, low moisture, part-skim

Mozzarella cheese

3/4 cup Kra real mayonnaise or Miracle Whip salad dressing

1 clove garlic, minced

Heat oven to 350 degrees F. Mix all ingredients. Spoon into 9 inch quiche dish

or pie plate. Bake 20 minutes. Let stand 5 minutes. Garnish with steamed

archoke leaves and red cabbage leaves. Serve with toasted French bread

slices or crackers. Makes 2 cups. This is easy, fast and delicious!

Pineapple Upside Down Cake

2 Tbsp buer

1 cup brown sugar

1 cup sliced pineapple

Maraschino cherries

2 eggs

1 cup white sugar

1/2 cup juice from pineapple

1 cup flour

2 tsp baking powder

pinch of salt

By: Linda Reid

(from Wyoming

Lioness Club 30th

Anniversary nive


o Melt buer in baking pan. Add brown sugar. Cover with drained pineapple

rings (save juice). Put a cherry in the middle of each ring. Mix remaining

ingredients and pour over pineapple. Bake at 350 degrees F approx. 20

minutes or unl done. Invert on serving plate. Serve with whipped topping.

Send Your Recipes to info@welcometotheclub.ca




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(for real)

My Lefthanded, Backwards,

Upsidedown Life & Assorted Short Stories

By John Gardiner

I’ve already covered my brief hockey

career and my even briefer baseball

career, so I might as well fill you in my

only other venture into organized sports

– other than bowling. And that was my

time with the Hanover District High

School Midget Basketball Team……Now,

basketball has never really been my

thing – it was kind of an exotic sport in

Hanover back in the 1960’s….I mean,

why would you play basketball in the

winter if you could play hockey – and

everybody played hockey and usually

only the real jock guys in high school

shot hoops. But when I first went into

Hanover High, I was resolved to try to

get with the program and I’d been told

I’d get more out of high school if I put a

little effort into it. So, I joined the midget

boys’ basketball team…..

We practiced for a couple of weeks

before the season started and everything

looked good. Most of us were just

beginners to the game, other than a tiny

bit in public school, but we had a couple

of jock-type guys on the team and it was

assumed they’d carry us to victory after

victory, while the rest of us would play a

strong supporting role. I actually got sort

of good at the game in practice and could

hit free throws pretty well and could

run drill after drill with some degree of


We had a couple of exhibition games

before the regular season and the first

was against Durham High School. We

battled the Durham team tough up to

halftime – the game was tied. And that’s

as close as we got to a win all season

– tied at halftime of our first exhibition

game. It turned out that our team

really sucked – like big time. It turned

out our jock-type guys were just mere

mortals and couldn’t possibly hope to

compensate for the rest of the team. And

so we lost game after game. And what

happened was that the jock-type guys

couldn’t stand the humiliation, so they

started to quietly drop off the team – and

The following is an excerpt from “My Lefthanded,

Backwards, Upsidedown Life & Assorted Short Stories”

by Wallaceburg writer John Gardiner, who grew up and

came of age in Hanover, Ontario during the 1950’s and

1960’s. In this memoir, Gardiner tells the story of his

growing-up years with a series of colourful anecdotes

about the way life used to be. More of the writer’s work is

available at www.johngardinerstories.com or by contacting

the author at gardiner@kent.net.

The Basketball Diaries

that meant the team got weaker and

weaker as the season progressed. Like

at the beginning of the season, I was an

extra guy on the team, but by halfway

through the season, I was a starter.

And I discovered that I was a really bad

basketball player, mainly because of my

self-consciousness, and I couldn’t hit a

basket under pressure in a real game

for all the tea in China – whatever that


And so our defeats started to get

more and more lopsided. Like at the

beginning of the season, we were losing

sort of like 42-28, but by mid-season we

were losing by scores of 64-12, and as

the end of the season approached, most

opposing teams were trying to score

over 100 points against us, while trying

to hold us to less than 10. And, of course,

they would announce the scores of all

the school teams over the PA at morning

announcements. And it got so the whole

school waited for the score of our latest

game, so they could all cheer wildly for

us. Those of us who had stuck with the

team became sort of celebrities around

the school – like it was an honour to

be part of what was possibly the worst

midget basketball team in Canadian

sports history.

Anyway, there were a couple more

life lessons contained in this experience.

First - don’t be part of a team under

any circumstances, because if the team

sucks, it’ll look like you suck as well.

Second - if you do suck, hang in there

and sometimes it sort of pays off. You

get a type of fame if you’re really pitifully

bad at something. I mean, people laugh

at you, but at least they notice you –

which in some cases is better than not

getting noticed at all. Still, I was glad for

the Neustadt drinking trips while this

was going on… drinking is more fun

than playing losing basketball and pretty

well any other sport. Words well written.

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force me to stop eating bagels? No way; I your funeral, which nicely ties up death

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and there just happens to be a bagel shop None of these taxes existed 100 years

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ago. How did our nation survive? We had

The government has tried a similar absolutely no national debt, one of the

technique with alcohol, tobacco and pot largest middle classes in the world.

with much the same results as a bagel Be aware that there are more indirect

tax. They love taxes as much as I admire taxes that I did not yet mention. For

bagels. Under Liberal and Conservative example, when you ride in an elevator

governments, we have been afflicted with while staying at a hotel, not only do

55 separate kinds of taxes.

you pay a municipal and federal and

To assist your flagging memory, I provincial hotel tax (great to have so

will outline them as follows: Accounts many layers of government, eh! Don’t

Receivable Tax, Building Permit Tax, forget the Regional government.), but

Capital Gains Tax, CDL license Tax (I do you also get to help pay for the elevator

not know what CDL stands for), Cigarette license and inspection, the same way that

you help pay for licenses and inspections

for all other goods and services.

Tax Freedom Day is the first day of the

year in which a nation as a whole has

theoretically earned enough income to

fund its annual tax burden.

India enjoys the shortest tax burden

taking a mere 74 days which amounts

to 20% of the calendar year and falling

on March 14. The United States is next

at 113 days or 30.8% of the year, ending

on April 23. Canada follows Estonia, 114

days, South Africa 132 days, Hungary 140

days, New Zealand 141 days, Slovakia,

142 days, Brazil, 147 days, Lithuania,

150 days, United Kingdom, 153 days,

Belgium, 161 days, Czech Republic, 161

days and Croatia, 164 days.

Yes, we follow all of those countries.

We collectively work a full 165 days of the

year, that’s a whopping 44.8%, and we do

not finish paying for our taxes until June

14. January, February, March, April, May

and half of June! So, you wonder how I

feel about another tax on carbon?

It gets better. When retired, you

depend upon a fixed income. The lucky

ones have a COLA or cost of living clause.

But unfortunately, the plot thickens.

For example, the local gas station

charged me $1.46 per gallon for regular

gasoline today. The way I see inflation

with the huge rise in energy, food and

transportation services, I might move to

Tahiti like Gaugin did, where at the least,

I would save a lot on clothes. Of course,

with global warming, more and more

seniors will gradually opt to move into

nudist colonies. I wonder at that time if

the government will tax nudity.

Listen to Mike’s podcasts (humour, travel

and poetry) at: The Retirement Coach:

http://theretirementcoach.libsyn.com/ His

book, ‘Don’t Ever Quit - a Journal of Coping

with Crisis & Nourishing Spirit,’ is available

in print & electronic format at Amazon:




Obsolete Task? Changing tracks on an eight-track tape

It’s the advertising that makes this magazine possible, and free!

“Big or Small, JohnnyRemax

Sells T hem All”

John A. McCharles, Broker

Re/Max Sarnia Realty Inc. Brokerage



My husband and I, ages 92 and

86 were coping satisfactorily or so I

thought. I was busy with my spring

cleaning which I have done every year

for more than 60 years. Although, it

is becoming more stressful on my

body as I age, my mental attitude

is happy accomplishing ridding the

house of dust, cobwebs and clutter,

a good feeling. It wasn’t to last.

I noticed in rearranging my office

desk that I would be shortly running

out of cheques. Not a bother, just call

up that cheque printing office and

place an order. Much to my surprise,

their response was not expected.

I hadn’t ordered cheques in over

three years so I was obliterated

from their files. I thought with the

new digital age all they had to do

was call my name back again and

it would be away to the races. No

way! I was off the books. Wishing

to get back to the cleaning, I dialled


By Marion Urquhart Charkow, Flesherton

my local bank assuring myself they

would put it right in no time at all

and I could get back to my dusting.

I am still on a rotary telephone

system and consequently when told

to push this or that button, I have

no buttons to push. This happened

immediately and in most cases is

followed by the request, “If you are

on a rotary phone, please stay on the

line.” but there was no such request

and I was literally left hanging. On

to operation Two. I delved in my

loaded purse and located my very

tiny cell phone, cost $100 a year,

bought for emergency problems

on the road. It has ten digits. I

redialled the local bank’s number

to be told that my wait would be

5 to 20 minutes. “Odd,” I thought,

They usually answer right away.”

So I sat and sat and sure enough

at twenty minutes, of course not at

five, a male answered whom I didn’t

Welcome to ...



THE Club


303 Davis St, Sarnia • 888-971-6345 Essential Business - Onsite Lab

recognize. I asked who he was to be

told this was the bank’s call centre

in downtown Toronto. I didn’t call

the bank’s call centre in downtown

Toronto, I wanted my local bank

on Main Street in Markdale. I was

totally frustrated and one might say

angry at this point. If this was the

new digital age where everything

was to be efficient customer service

with all this new technology, why

then at every turn of attempting this

new digital world, I was frustrated,

my time was wasted, my opinion no

longer counted, I was just another

decimal in the system. Customer

benefits, customer appreciation,

customer courtesy went into the

nether world with all the digits.

Customers, in other words people,

no longer counted.

I was finally connected with a

lady I knew from MY branch of the

bank on Main Street and she took

the full extent of my wrath. In total

I had wasted 30 minutes of my day

which would have, in the pre-digital

age, taken one-tenth of that time.

Please tell me how computers have

improved my life.

Julie Munday, Certified Pedorthist




For help with comfort,

support, circulation,

fatigue and balance.

Heaven is


“A Yarn Boutique”

Everything you

need for

Knitting & Crochet!

Yarn • Needles • Notions

Classes • Workshops

250 North Christina Street

Sarnia • 519-491-9276


Established in 2010, Shine at Home serves seniors who wish

to live in full independence. Since our earliest beginnings we

have learned that with just a little help, people can remain

in their homes for many years safe and free in the

knowledge that a dedicated team is there for them.

Seniors’ Home Independence Network

Life is Better When

You’re Home

Seniors live at home -


comfortably & happily.

It doesn’t matter how old you are, life is always better

when you’re home. There’s a deep comfort that comes

from being in familiar surroundings, sleeping in your own

bed, and living under a roof that belongs to you.



and Care

Call today and find out

how Shine at Home

can help you:


"All the staff go out of their

way to make life easier for our

Mom when we aren't able to

be there everyday! We

definitely recommend Shine at

Home to others looking for

excellent care for their elderly


Heather – Daughter of Client

"The lady who does my

housekeeping is so nice and

efficient and always fits in

special requests"

Ruth Ann - Client


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P A G E 17

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THE Club

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Senior Support Care

~ PERSONAL CARE - dressing, bathing,

incontinence care, mobility assistance


~ SOCIALIZING - engaging in activities

~ TRANSPORTATION to appointments

Contact Us:






519-704-1267 or 519-466-4302

The Orange Crate

A few weeks ago, while daytripping

with my wife, I bought myself an

orange crate. I had not seen one

of these for some time and it

brought back many memories

from my boyhood.

These are wooden crates in

which oranges were shipped from

the groves to the retailers. These were

used for many years before corrugated

cardboard came into use. As a boy, these

boxes were considered a real prize if we

could acquire one from a friendly corner

grocer. They are rarely seen today. I am

sure many thousands of them still exist

all over the country, where they are used

as bookshelves and record storage in

college dorms and summer cottages all

over North America.

As kids, we wanted them to make

playthings from, like pushcarts or

scooters so we could race up and down

city sidewalks in them! It was almost as

much fun to make these things as it was

to play with them.

To make a pushcart, you needed four

old wheels from a toy wagon and the

axles and a piece of rope to steer with.

Or you could make a more elaborate

steering mechanism using a fifth wheel

By Donald Black, Port Lambton

Submitted to Daytripping in 2006

from a wagon along with some

rope to rig it up. This

was more difficult so we

usually used simply a

rope for steering.

My really favourite thing

to make from an orange

crate though, was a scooter. For

this you needed one old clip-on

type of roller skate, a piece of board four

inches wide and about four feet long. The

orange crate was nailed standing on end

at the front of the four foot board, and

the roller wheels were mounted on the

bottom of the board, two wheels at the

front and two wheels at the rear. A cross

bar could then be nailed across the top of

the orange crate for use as handle bars to

steer with. When complete you could tear

up and down the sidewalk standing with

one foot on the scooter and the other to

propel you at great speed forward!

Oh, we didn’t have video games, or

Ipods, X-Boxes or even television then,

but we didn’t need them. We just used

our ingenuity and made our own fun

back in the good old days!

So what am I using my “new” old

orange crate for? It’s a shelf for several


TOP 10


Country Hits

1 Carolyn Merle Haggard and The Strangers

2 The Happiest Girl In The Whole U.S.A. Donna Fargo

3 Chantilly Lace Jerry Lee Lewis

4 Funny Face Donna Fargo



5 It's Four In The Morning Faron Young

6 She's Got To Be A Saint Ray Price

7 Separate Ways Elvis Presley

8 If You Leave Me Tonight I'll Cry Jerry Wallace

9 Jambalaya (On the Bayou) John Fogerty

10 It's Gonna Take A Little Bit Longer Charley Pride

Billboard Hits



1 American Pie Don McLean

2 Popcorn Hot Butter

3 Without You Harry Nilsson

4 Nights in White Satin The Moody Blues

5 Heart of Gold Neil Young

6 The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face

Roberta Flack

7 Beautiful Sunday Daniel Boone

8 Let's Stay Together Al Green

9 Alone Again (Naturally) Gilbert O'Sullivan

10 Clair Gilbert O'Sullivan


The Godfather

(Oscar for Best Picture)

The Poseidon Adventure

What's Up, Doc?


Deep Throat

Jeremiah Johnson


The Getaway

Last Tango in Paris

Lady Sings the Blues

Source: the-numbers.com



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Many of the articles are from the archives of Daytripping Magazine.


Reasonable Prices


Decks, Sheds, Repairs...

(Excludes plumbing/electrical)


I’ll get it done for you.

10% OFF with mention of this ad

Some believe war is necessary, others

cry out for peace. Why can’t we learn

to live with each other regardless of

who we are, where we come from, the

colour of our skin, or the language we

speak? Why must there always be war

and rumours of war?

We can learn a lot about life from

a simple box of crayons. Some are

pointed, while others are dull. Some

have funny names. Some are plain and

ordinary. But notice that all the crayons

are different colours, and they all

exist together in the same box. When

working with a common purpose, they

can make a beautiful picture.

Imagine for a moment, the crayons

in our box of life. The red one stands

for the frustration and anger in our

lives. The green one stands for envy

and jealousy of others. The yellow

one stands for fear of what we do not



Call Don at


understand; fearful of people who are

different. The purple one is the pain

of humanity that is bruised, battered

and broken with no

hope for the future. The

black one is intolerance,

racism and prejudice

that is insidiously

widespread although

sometimes hidden and

not acknowledged.

There is good news!

There is a positive side

to the colours. Red is for

the red rose of love, the

splendour of a sunset.

Green is for growth

and a new beginning.

Yellow is the sunshine

of acceptance of our

neighbours and all citizens of earth.

Purple is the majesty of beauty of the

Learning To

Live With

v1.1 LEO

One Another

Welcome to ...

Welcome to ...

THE Club

We donate $25 for each reprinted

Daytripping Magazine article.

$1750 donated since Jan. 2021


Sarnia-Lambton Rebound

world around us. Black represents

the wonderful mysteries of life. White

stands for purity and hope; purity

of heart and hope for

our hurting world.

Sometimes the colour

white is hard to see, but

it is there.

People don’t necessarily

want to be moulded

into the same shape

as everyone else to fit

v1.2 Forest Kineto Theatre nicely into a box. What

v1.3 Heritage St. Clair if we take all the colours

and transform them into

by Geraldine v1.4 Sarnia V. Lightfoot, Blessings

North Bay

a rainbow – a rainbow to

v2.1 Canatara Log Cabin

From Daytripping provide Restoration us with hope?

v2.2 Nov-Dec Sarnia-Lambton 2003 Hope Rebound for the day when

we can live together in


Will we ever achieve what a box of

crayons has achieved? We each of us

THE Club


Women’s Interval Home


River City Vineyard

Victim Services



Music Lessons Hospice& Books for All Ages

Store & Studio Humane 115 Mitton Society St. S. 519-344-2319

Inn of the Good Shepherd

should keep trying to make this a better

world. We Lawrence should try to House promote greater

understanding, Kiwanis practice Animal Farm tolerance

of each other, Pathways respect all people, rid

ourselves SODA of our prejudices, and make

a concerted




to live by the Golden

Rule. Or simply put, let us sincerely love

one another.






the great panacea

of human Gallery pain and in the world’s Grove ills. As

Antoine De VPP Saint Exupery wrote, “Love

does not consist Theatre in Sarnia gazing at each other,

but in looking Lambton outward Young together Theatre in the Players

same direction.” And Robert Browning

Bluewater Trails

said, “Take away love and our earth is

a tomb.” Strangway With love, we Centre all can make a

difference. various city options

Associate various Publisher’s trailsNote: This article

was written Halkovich while the Iraq Outdoor war was Learning going Cen

on, and I’ve edited that small mention out

Parents for Parks

of the lead-in to the article. Considering

what is currently Petrolia going Discovery on in Ukraine,

it seems a Lambton timely article Shores to share Nature again. Trails

SPRING 2022 Obsolete Task? Letting your fingers do the walking (using paper phonebook) P A G E 19

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Call to

book a


THE Club

70 Duke Street, Wallaceburg


519-627-0719 I emma.king@wallaceburgretirementresidence.com

We’re living life to the fullest (until about 9 pm).


Serving Sarnia-Lambton for 33 Years


635 Cathcart Blvd., Sarnia


As reported by


Treat Yourself Wellness Centre

As passionate as Alisha Buchanan my top priority.”

is about treating her clients at Treat This ignited Alisha’s passion and

Yourself Wellness Centre, she is the first in 2003 she decided to go all-in and

to admit her career as a biofeedback join her mother as a partner at Treat

specialist got off to something of a slow Yourself Wellness Centre. “I became a

start. Treat Yourself Wellness Centre biofeedback specialist which is all about

was actually started in 1995 by her evaluating stress messages from the

grandmother, Hilda Van Wyk, and later body to give people feedback to make

Alisha’s mother, Cathy Richard, joined informed decisions for themselves.”

Hilda as a partner in the business. “I She took over as sole owner when

would go to my grandmother’s house Cathy retired in 2018 and is ably

after school when I was 14 years old and assisted by office administrator Alice

I would answer the phone for her and Kelly. Alice worked at ABB in Burlington,

learn about supplements and herbs,” Ont., for 34 years and had retired and

Alisha says. “My grandmother would moved to Sarnia, but found having

teach me about the body and selfawareness.

I wasn’t passionate about it her. “I thought I would get a part-time

too much idle time didn’t agree with

at that point in my life.”

Hilda passed away in 1999

when Alisha was 18. At that

stage of her life, she really had

no idea what she wanted to do

as a career. Thus, she applied

to five colleges for five different

courses. “I really didn’t know

what I wanted to do. Do I want

to be a nurse? A lawyer? An

interior designer?” But when

Alisha’s health took a turn,

suddenly wellness had very

real applications for herself.

The need to become more

aware and help myself became

Photo Credit: Sierra Hart Photography

job doing bookkeeping and went to

work for Cathy and Alisha and when

Cathy retired, I took over the business

operations and I have worked full-time

for the past five years.”

Alisha remains as passionate about

her work as possible. “To enter into

this field of work you need to have

the desire to want to help people and

help them feel more comfortable,”

Alisha says. “You have to first become

a technician and learn how to use the

equipment. After that, you never stop

learning. To become a specialist, you

have to continue your education with

knowledge of how the software works,

but also a lot of anatomy and a lot about

diseases that people can experience.

We are able to evaluate almost 13,000

stress messages and we are able to get

feedback through measuring the body

electric system in 10 dimensions.” Alisha

and her team offer a variety

of services, including Ion Foot

Cleanse, Aqua Massage, X’Tract

lymphatic cleanse, SRP (Stress

Release Program), Styku 3D

Body Scan, HRV Scan, low-level

light therapy and more.

Alisha’s greatest pleasure is

in helping people achieve their

goals. “I am not the doctor. I

tell people they are the doctor

– they are the ones who will

heal themselves with my


Read more stories like this at


Looking for



Mobility Works Physio Yoga

will come to you!

Balance Training,

Funconal Strength.

Falls Prevenon, and more!


phy s i o

y oga



Physiotherapy or Private Yoga

at: www.mwphysioyoga.com

Covered under most

Extended Health Benefits.







Contact Kelly-Lynn at 519.312.6122

or mwphysioyoga@outlook.com



Obsolete Task? Navigating by the stars

You’re welcome to send in articles to help build this new magazine.

It’s officially Spring, and the gardening

season is upon us at last, and it feels

amazing! Here at Sipkens we have big

changes happening, so this Spring is

especially exciting for our team and our


I can almost feel the pulse quickening

and vibe of excitement from gardeners

everywhere as the temperatures begin

to rise, the scent of soil and plants

float through the crisp spring air and

the first signs of new life pop up out

of the ground—seemingly overnight. It

feels like we wait (*ALL YEAR*) for this

season and then it’s “Gardeners start

your wheelbarrows!” with a race to fit

as much gardening and outdoor living

into one season as we can.

With so many gardening activities

to set your sights on over the next few

months, I thought it would be more

manageable to focus on something

bite-sized in this article, such as edible

gardening! (See what I did there?)

Growing your own food is incredibly

rewarding and fun for the whole family.

You not only get to tend a garden

outdoors in the sun, you also get to reap

the rewards and delight in the fruit of

your labours—literally!

If you’re new to edible gardening,

you may feel overwhelmed or not

know where to start. Consider this new



Story and Photo Courtesy of Sipkens Nurseries

Welcome to ...

Try Something New This Season!

adventure! There are plenty of ways to

grow your own crops on a smaller scale

or to suit your needs.

You can start with a small 4’ x 6’

raised bed for veggies like carrots,

peppers, tomatoes, and beet. Or start

smaller with a patio vegetable planter

with smaller items like lettuce, herbs or


To choose a location, watch at your

yard throughout different times of

day and see where and when the sun

lands—you will need

about 6-8 hours of

sunlight for veggies to

thrive. Another smart

way to start is by looking

at your current grocery

list. What do you buy

regularly? What does

your family like to eat?

What seasonings do

you regularly use? Grow

what you know and you

will really see the value

of having your own food

in your backyard. Maybe

try the watermelon next

year when you’ve nailed

down strawberries.

Then again, it’s your

garden—grow, baby,


THE Club


❏ Improve the soil in veggie beds and

containers with new soil, peat moss,

compost and natural fertilizer.

❏ Keep on top of weeds in a garden

bed by starting clean and consider

adding a layer of mulch/straw to

keep weeds at bay.

❏ Transplant seedlings and/or sow

seeds into the garden based on the

instructions on the seed packet,

good advice from friends or from

your favourite garden centre.

❏ Feed your plants regularly for a great

yield—you only get out what your

put in. Great organic options include

hen manure & kelp meal.

❏ Plant cold-loving veggies early April

(onions, radish, snow peas and

perennial herbs).

❏ In mid-April to May, plant potatoes,

broccoli, cauliflower and carrots.

❏ Plant tender veggies after the frostfree

date (usually after Victoria

Day) such as tomatoes, peppers,

cucumber and melons.

❏ Water vegetables and fruit regularly

for continued growth.

❏ In June, start to reap the rewards by

picking early crops like leafy greens,

radishes, and strawberries.

• Sunrooms 3 - 3½

and 4 season rooms

• Windows

• Entry Doors

• Additions

• Patio/Carport Enclosures

The Sunroom Co.


Owned &


For more details visit:



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THE Club

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To find (and post) current events

& community information, please

follow our Facebook page.

Welcome to ...

THE Club

"If there are no dogs in

heaven, then I want to go

where they go when I die."




Get Your

Very Own


by Email





After Hours

questions from

Annual Trivia Night

The Daytripper” has a team entered every year, but we have yet to win.

Answers Below

1. Is gold considered an element or a compound?

2. What did Sir John Harrington invent in 1589?

a] The flushing toilet b] Microscope

c] Lead pencil d] Thermometer

3. Which of the following is the medical term for jet lag?

a] Rhinorrhea b] Epistaxis

c] Xerostomiath d] Circadian desynchronosis

4. What is the study of electronic systems that can perform the

functions of living beings?

5. What was the average length of a Beatles concert on their first

American tour?

a] 28 mins b] 45 mins c] 56 mins d] 1 hr 15 mins

6. In 1994, what OHL franchise moved to Sarnia and became the Sarnia


7. In an interview at Harvard University, Bill Gates admitted that

CTRL-ALT-DELETE was a ___________?

8. What head of government was the first to give birth in office?

a] Isabel Martinez de Perón, Argentina b] Agatha Barbara, Malta

c] Benazir Bhutto, Pakistan d] Mary Robinson, Ireland

9. What nationality was Erno Rubik, the inventor of the 80s craze, the

Rubik’s Cube?

a] Hungarian b] Polish

c] Slovenian d] Austrian

10. A verruca is:

a] A type of rock b] A type of wind or a musical instrument

c] A type of physical maladie (a wart)

11. Name of one of the three angels mentioned by name in the Bible.

12. Who beat Serena Williams in the 2018 US Open final match?

13. True or False: The sheep is the source of most catgut, a material used

for the strings of some musical instruments.


1. Element; 2. The flushing toilet; 3. Circadian desynchronosis; 4. Bionics;

5. 28 mins; 6. Newmarket Royals; 7. mistake; 8. Benazir Bhutto, Pakistan;

9. Hungarian; 10. A type of physical maladie (a wart);

11. Gabriel, Michael, and Lucifer; 12. Naomi Osaka; 13. True.



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A new magazine for people who aren’t (new that is!)

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Get It Done Right The First Time


• Faucet Installation • Leak Repairs

• Clogged Drains • Camera Inspection

• Toilet Replacement & Installation

• Sump Pump • Frozen Pipes

• Sewer & Waterline Replacement

Welcome to ...


A list i of o local discountsi

s or offers that a t

benefit n

efi t

people ple e over e acertain a e a i






Ask For Your Seniors Discount

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a 24/7 4 7 Emergency Service

345 Ontario Street, et Unit B

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P umbi

ia AGE+


BRIGHTS GROVE Shoppers Drug Mart 20% OFF Thursdays 65+ 519-869-4224

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McDonald’s 20% OFF* Coffee/Tea daily 55+ 519-245-3821

WYOMING Wyoming Tree Service 10% OFF Every day 65+ 519-845-0847

Call 519-491-1676 or email info@welcometotheclub.ca to add one!

Please remember: e

r: These discounts are for reference. eren


They may change & may not

apply ply to specific c items. Stores are not obligated to adhere to what we’ve printed.

You may also need to ask in order to get the discount. t Thanks for understanding.


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by Frances Botham

1) Salt has more uses than seasoning

for food. Silk handkerchiefs, scarves

and ribbons washed in salt and water

and ironed wet obtains the best

results. I’ve tried this and it works

well. Put salt in the water for washing

glass bottles and you will be amazed

at how it makes them shine. Everyone

probably knows that rubbing salt on

cups takes off the tea stains. Use salt

and water to clean willow furniture.

Apply with a brush and rub dry. Set

the colour in fabric by washing with

salt and cold water. Salt mixed with

lemon juice removes iron rust.

Sprinkle salt on a soiled carpet and

then vacuum it. It eliminates musty

odour and helps remove some of the

soil. An old homemaker’s book states

that mildew can be removed by

rubbing a green tomato and salt on

the spot and then exposing to the


2) Lemons should be considered a

valuable fruit in any kitchen. Of

course you can use them for making

lemonade, but there are many other

uses. The juice of a lemon removes

stains from your hands. After you

have cleaned silver rub with a piece of

lemon, wash and dry the item. The

item will have a white brilliancy and

remain clean much longer. Copper

utensils and cookware are easily

cleaned with a piece of lemon that

has been dipped in salt. Rub the

salted lemon over the entire surface to

be cleaned. Rinse in cold water and

polish dry with a soft cloth. There is

nothing more satisfying than standing

back and observing the gleaming


3) I received an email from a lady

who had candle wax drippings on a

cherished black silk table runner. I did

some research and found this remedy

in an old reference book. Scrape off

all the wax possible. Wet the wax

marks with alcohol and dry with a

soft rag. I cautioned her that this may

bleach the colour from the silk but

she was prepared to try it anyway.

Thankfully she contacted me again

saying that this worked wonderfully.

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Lessons in Driving



By Mary Jane MacVicar Leamington • From Daytripping March-April 2011



When I was very young, we’re talking going, not even beginning to stop. Dad


the early 1950’s, living on a farm made had neglected to tell me that one had

it easy to learn how to drive. I started to pump the brakes for them to catch,


out on the tractor and then graduated and started hollering “Pump it, pump


to Dad’s pickup truck. In those days, it.”

Find the answer on page 3


most vehicles came with standard Well I had no idea what he was

transmissions so I had no choice but talking about and I froze - and drove

to learn the horrors of using the clutch, straight into the side of the barn! I was

The Dementia-Friendly Canada project is a partnership between

brake and gas pedal, in unison. quite upset but Dad took it in stride,

Alzheimer Societies across the country. Providing free tools and When I was about 12 years old, and the only damage was a little dent

resources towards building knowledge and confidence to support and Dad and I would drive the 7 miles to in the steel barn that caused one of the

include people affected by dementia to live well in our community. town from our farm out in the country. headlights to turn outward.

Would you like to support this cause?

Since I was getting pretty proficient It was actually funny because

in mastering all the gadgets in the whenever we went anywhere at night,

pickup, I would beg and plead for Dad one headlight shone forward and the

to let me drive home once we got on other lit up the ditch alongside the road.

the outskirts of town and finally the Ah the trials and tribulations of

pleading paid off. God rest his soul that

learning how

poor Dad didn’t suffer whiplash with

to drive!

my ongoing learning on how to have a

smooth clutch release.

On our return home one

day, and me in the driver’s

If your group, business, club, or organization would like seat, I turned down the

to learn more about helping with this goal,

inclined driveway, put my

feet on the clutch and brake.

contact Christine at 519-332-4444.

To my horror, the pickup kept



A lucky person is someone who

plants pebbles and harvests potatoes.

All things good to know are

difficult to learn.

A library is a repository of

medicine for the mind.

A mad bull is not to be tied up

with a packthread.

Gray hair is a sign of age, not wisdom.

A miser and a liar bargain quickly.

A miser is ever in want.

Act quickly, think slowly.

A different man, a different taste.

An iron rod bends while it is hot.

An open enemy is better than a false friend.

Before you can score you must first have a goal.

Character is habit long continued.

Death is never at a loss for occasions.

Even from a foe a man may learn wisdom.

First secure an independent income, then practice virtue.

Good accounts make good friends.

A gift, though small, is welcome.

Great abilities produce great vices as well as virtues.

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Hybrid offers the choice of

online or in-person parcipaon.




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us s a photo h o of f someone m n e who has h celebrated c e d any n birthday i t


y or anniversary, i e


ary r


rerement, rerement, an award or if they just deserve e recognion. recognion. The main m

person p

must s be 55


or over v and the photo must be of good quality. Photos are not guaranteed to o run.



Box 430, Bright’s Grove, ON N0N 1C0

Alan Sco Sco

celebrated 83 years on

February 22nd.


Terry MacDonald

had a special birthday on

February 10th.

Happy 65th birthday Terry!

Flo Mair

celebrated her 100th birthday in January at

Fairwinds Lodge Rerement Residence.

Happy birthday, Flo!

Jim Johnson

Happy 75th birthday

on April 1st!

Bruce Atkins

is 65 on April 17th!

Cheers to 65!

Love Rose

Sue Ann Parkes

on the right, turns 65

on April 30th, seen here

skiing with her friend,

Nancy Greene.

Happy Birthday Sue Ann!

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9 Sarnia The Stampeders - Celebrating 50 Years, Imperial Theatre www.imperialtheatre.net


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Potting Mix Sale at Degroot’s

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1,100 bags of Pro-Mix Potting Mix will be sold!


UKRAINE APRIL 22nd & 23rd • $25 each (While quantities last!)

Locally Owned and Operated 1249 London Rd

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7 Petrolia Sisters of Choice in Concert at St. Paul’s United 519-882-1390 or Facebook

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7 Point Edward Seaway Sounds Annual Garage Sale, 723 Houser St. 8 til Noon mayerp21@gmail.com

7 Point Edward Town Wide Yard Sale --

7 Wyoming Wyoming Legion Craft Show Facebook

7 Wyoming Mother’s Day Craft Sale, 5504 London Line 519-845-3680

10-22 Petrolia Victoria Playhouse Petrolia - The Roaring Twenties www.thevpp.ca

11 Sarnia Sinfonia Toronto at Imperial Theatre www.imperialtheatre.net

12 Zoom Lambton County Branch Ontario Ancestors meeting 7 pm www.lambton.ogs.on.ca

13 Sarnia Jeff Leeson: The non virtual Comedy Tour www.imperialtheatre.net

13 Sarnia Kentucky Derby Party @ Sarnia Golf - proceeds to Alzheimer’s 226-932-0699

14 Petrolia Optimist Club Spring Craft & Gift Show www.lcpetroliaoptimist.org

20-28 Sarnia Something Rotten” at Imperial Theatre www.imperialtheatre.net

All Inclusive Suites & Apartments with kitchenettes.

23 Watford/Alvin Watford Alvinston Road Race 226-402-3787

27-29 Forest Lambton Film and Food Festival, Kineto Theatre www.kineto.ca

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Spring is

in the Air!

Kids and Kites

By: Kenneth Lapointe, Ottawa • From Daytripping July-Aug 2009

When I was a kid, kites

were a neverending source

of fun. Every kid had a

kite in the neighbourhood

and kite-flying season

would begin on the first

warm, sunny, and windy

day in March or April. We

had the perfect place for

it. Our backyard bordered

on Superior Park, a very

large field area where we

also had our very own homemade ball


Our kites were the triangle-shaped

ones. Yellow plastic with a spaceman on

the front, two wooden stick crosspieces

and a tail you created out of bits of

cloth and rags. It had to be just the right

amount to give it the proper weight. Too

much tail and the kite wouldn’t ‘get up’

into the air very well, too little and it

would just swoop around and around in

dizzying circles and eventually ‘bang!’,

into the ever present, ever waiting

ground below.

Someone had a ‘box kite’ once. To

me it seemed incomprehensible how

they could fly. I mean a couple of square

‘boxes’ of plastic on some long sticks?

But fly they did, though to me they were

simply weird and not ‘really’ a kite.

Having four brothers, each one with a

kite, made for some interesting and fun

launches into space.

My older brothers Jim and Gary got

the idea of putting somebody’s hamster

in an empty toilet paper cardboard

tube, sealing the ends and sending him

aloft. It worked! After the mission, kite

came back down to earth with hamster

emerging unscathed and victorious. Oh

the glory and fame!

Another time Gary decided to hook

up a couple of lightweight batteries to

some tiny bulbs around the edge of the

kite, and voila, a successful period of

night flying was born. Well, theoretically



Selection of...

• Annuals

• Perennials

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• Nursery Stock

• Garden Decor

& More!

1508 Blackwell Rd.




I used to have a great

little red and white

striped plastic parachute,

about a foot in diameter,

with a 5” blue plastic

soldier attached to it. I

would fold it all up just

perfectly, insert it behind

the crosspieces of the

kite, and then when it

was way up high, yank

the string hard enough

to dislodge it and there he’d be, floating

happily and slowly through the air back

down to the ground. Sometimes for

pretty great distances too. I thought that

was the neatest thing in the world.

I put myself in that little man. I was

way up there in the limitless sky, then

floating, floating safely back down. And

no matter how ripped that parachute

became or how many strings came loose

from it, a little plastic and Scotch tape

fixed it right back up. It was one of the

most favorite toys.

One time I tried a much smaller

parachute and man version. But it was

so light that the wind simply carried it

up, up...up, and it never came down!

It simply drifted clear out of sight. Bye!

Have a nice voyage!

And of course being brothers we tried

to have ‘kite fights’ but being hard to

control, it was almost impossible to get

them to smash together. Besides, you

never wanted the dreaded ‘tangled-up

kite string’ scenario. That was death!

Another bad thing to happen when

kite-flying was if the string broke and

your kite was like WAY, WAY up there.

Then you had to run like blazes after it,

so scared you’d lose it or it might land on

someone’s roof or in a mean stranger’s


Eventually I got a new ‘eagle’ kite that

was sort of fan-shaped with an eagle on

the front. But it never lived up to the fun

I had with just the regular old-fashioned

spaceman kites.

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Meter Maid: Windshield viper.

Modesty: Being comfortable that others will discover your greatness.

Noise: Having a train yard 20 feet from your backyard.

Oxymoron: One who has used too much acne goo.

Paradox: Two physicians.

Paranoid: Someone who just figured out what's going on.

Parking Space: An area that vanishes as you make a U -Turn.

Pessimist: An optimist with experience.

Pharmacist: A helper on a farm.

Politics: From "poly" meaning many and "ticks,"

a small, annoying bloodsucker.

Positive: Being mistaken at the top of your voice.

Puritan: Someone deathly afraid that someone,

somewhere is having fun.


A cucumber

soured by a



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we have had the

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and more reputable brands.

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Summer Tires and a

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a a

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c f

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Cover of the CLUB

Our local cover photographer is Jayne Primeau

Jayne lives in Bright's Grove, and is past president of the Sarnia

Photographic Club. She has been interested in photography since

she began work in a Toronto Camera Shop in her early twenties.

Her photo of a Great Egret shot in Canatara Park won the grand

prize in the Cottage Life 2020 magazine's photo contest. Wildlife

photography is her passion.


During a recent cleaning spree, I

came across a box marked “Old

Papers.” As I sorted through various

paper clippings and invitations

to weddings and anniversaries,

I came across some old letters

with familiar handwriting and

“Via Airmail” stickers on the

envelopes. Putting all good

intentions for cleaning out cupboards

on hold, I sat down and started reading.

Holding the thin paper pages and rereading

the experiences of relatives

in the Netherlands more than half a

century ago brought back memories of

how these precious letters arrived in my

parental rural home in the Sarnia area.

The mailman drove a car that must

have been one of the first automobiles

made by Henry Ford. It was at least

twenty-five years old but as dependable

as its driver, for we could count on the

mailman to be at our mailbox at coffee

time every weekday morning. Hearing

the sound of gears shifting down and

the car coming to a stop made us drop

whatever we were doing and run to the


For us new immigrants, mail meant

not only a link to our old country, but

also a window into the new world we

were living in, as advertising flyers and

seed catalogues arrived by mail. The

Eaton’s catalogue (or book as we called

it) always received a royal welcome in

our home. It was like a textbook for

us, for it had pictures showing us what

we could buy. When we discovered

we could order by mail, the mailman

became even more popular. We didn’t

have to leave home to buy a new dress!

We didn’t have to leave home to buy

groceries either. Mother simply filled in

the list of supplies needed, mailed it to

the grocer who five days later delivered

the groceries along with a friendly

chat and a list to fill in and mail for the

next delivery. The grocer, who was a

Second World War veteran, spoke and

understood some Dutch, so we thanked

him in our native language for not only

bringing us the groceries but also for

being instrumental in bringing freedom

to our fatherland.

When cameras became more

affordable and easier to operate, we

discovered that even films could be

mailed to be developed into pictures

which we’d find two weeks later in

the mailbox, complete with the bill

and correct change from the paper

money we had sent. That brought new

opportunities, for now we could show

family and friends where and how we

...slightly less cool than the

Cover of the Rolling Stone,

but we’re working on that!.

By Jacoba Bos, Strathroy

From Daytripping, March-April 2015

lived. Soon, pictures of the house we

lived in, with us smiling from ear to

ear in front of it, the church we

attended, and the car that

brought our family of eight

to that church, were flying

across the ocean one or two

at a time so as not to exceed

the allotted weight and price of a

15 cent stamp for airmail.

Because of all the conveniences

Canada Post brought to our mailbox,

we hardly ever saw the inside of the

post office, except for finding out where

people whom we knew who had moved

or were new to the country were living.

Phones were few and far between in

those days and so were phone books, so

before we’d set out to visit a newcomer

who lived on a rural road in the area

we’d stop at the post office. Our request

for help was always met in the typical

Canadian patient and polite manner,

as the postal employee would give us

directions better than any GPS can do

now, for I have yet to hear a GPS say,

“when you come to that church, you’ve

gone too far.”

Many things have changed at Canada

Post since 1851. That was the year

that Britain transferred control of the

colonial postal system to Canada.

Post offices were then established in

places where settlers had formed a

community. The newcomers welcomed

this communication link to the country

and people they had left behind, and

appreciated the contact with their

new neighbours who lived miles away

through the post office.

Gone are the days when we ran to

the mailbox to find the dress we’d

ordered from the catalogue, the family

allowance cheque from the government

or postcards from friends vacationing

in far away places. Technology has

made great improvements, making

life better for everyone. We now have

instant communication with people

across the ocean and beyond, via

email and Skype. These inventions

that we could not have even dreamt of

half a century ago are not only fast and

easy ways to stay in touch, they are

also less costly than communication

via Canada Post. But thanks to this

old Canadian institution I will still be

receiving mail, delivered to my rural

mailbox. Even though it’s becoming

more costly, I will keep in touch with

friends and relatives in Canada and

Europe via the written word (and

maybe a few pictures) sending them

letters via Canada Post.



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THE CLUB Spring 2022


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Owen R. Wyrzykowski


Barristers and Solicitors

Whether you are buying or selling real estate, or need to

update your estate planning, we provide personal service

to help you through the legal process.

Owen R.Wyrzykowsk







722 Lite Street, Point Edward

• Real Estate Purchases & Sales

• Mortgages & Credit Lines

• Wills & Powers of Aorney

• Estate Planning & Administraon

30 Years Experience




The Wealthy Widow”

Jock, a 70 year old

extremely wealthy widower,

shows up at the Country

Club with a breathtakingly

beautiful and very sexy 25

year old who knocks

everyone’s socks off with

her youthful appeal and

outright charm while

hanging over Jock’s arm

and listening intently to his

every word. His buddies at

the club are all aghast.

They corner him and ask,

“Jock, How did you get the

trophy girlfriend?” He

replies, “Girlfriend? She’s my

wife!” They’re knocked over,

but continue to ask. “So, how

did you persuade her to

marry you?” Jock says, “I

lied about my age.” His

friends respond, “What do

you mean? Did you tell her

you were only 50?”

Jock smiles and says,

“No, I told her I was 90.”

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• Canvas Stretching

• Object Framing such

• Jersey Frames

as War Medals and

• Needlework Stretching

Sports Memorabilia

• Frame Repairs

(the list is endless)

• Glass Replacement

• Plak-it also available

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Extraordinary selecon

of Plants & Unique

Decoraons & Poery

for enhancing your indoor

& outdoor living spaces.

OPEN Monday to Saturday

• Landscaping Materials • Retaining Wall

Take Exit 15 off Hwy 402

• Interlocking Stone

• Outdoor Fireplaces


Lake Huron


3261 London Line (Rd. R . 22)



Proud Member of...

• Beach Pebble & River Rock • Flagstone



401 East of SARNIA

• Large Decorative Boulders ...Much More!









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By Cathy Dobson

“Years ago, I never would have

said I’d get into hard goods or

boutique stuff,” said Ken. “But

that’s where the market is going.”

The nursery business has

changed dramatically since he and

Jennifer started Sipkens Garden

Centre 34 years ago. They found

acreage on London Line near

Wyoming where Jennifer grew up

and had one small greenhouse

that first year. Ken was working

for another nursery at the time

and with their know-how, work

ethic and a sense that market

The Sipkens family celebrate their 34th year in business

demand was in perennials, the

with the opening of a large retail addition.

Sipkens found success.

From left are: Brian, Alyssa, Ken and Jennifer Sipkens.

Missing are Mark, Chris and Brad.

The second year, Ken quit his

other job and the couple devoted

of (garden centre sales) is hard goods,” all their time to their new venture and

said Ken.

their five small children.

“People are interested in staying home “We went into the business about the

and they want to make their outdoor time that perennials like hostas, ferns and

living space really nice,” said Jennifer, grasses were becoming popular,” said

adding that’s there’s also been a recent Ken. “We saw that as an opportunity.”

explosion in bird watching.

That’s why Sipkens’ new addition is

filled with a wide variety of hard goods

like pottery, planters, bird houses, bird

baths, and more. The new addition,

which is adjacent to the garden

centre’s boutique, makes room in the

greenhouses for more plants.

The addition is spacious, cheery

and air-conditioned, all to attract more

shoppers and make going to Sipkens

more of an outing, said Jennifer.

A refreshment counter and café

Artist’s concept of the garden

tables are set up just inside an archway

centre’s new addition

attaching the addition to the original

boutique area.

P A G E 30

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If a business isn’t growing,

it’s stagnating and slipping

backwards, says Ken Sipkens.

That’s why he and his

family have built an enormous,

24,000-square-foot addition to

their garden centre this spring

and invested in extensive

recycling and water reuse

systems in recent years.

“We reinvest on a regular

basis,” Ken said. “A lot of mom

and pop garden centres don’t do

that and they are struggling. Here,

we are always looking ahead and

researching the newest trends.”

When the pandemic hit, for

instance, Sipkens immediately

set up an online store that

ultimately outstripped their prepandemic


“Every day during Covid, we had 60

to 70 carts full and ready for pickup or

delivery. It was go, go, go, go,” said Ken’s

wife Jennifer Sipkens. “The pandemic

was good for business.”

The Sipkens, who run their garden

centre with their five children, Mark,

Chris, Brian, Brad and Alyssa, make sure

they know about industry trends around

the world and apply the best ones to

their own business.

They have stayed on top of things by

going on regular trips across the globe

with the International Garden Centre

Association. A trip to Windsor, England

a few years ago convinced them that

the sale of hard goods like pots, trellises,

garden supplies and yard accessories

was about to take off in North America.

“If you go to Europe now, about 85%

Dear God,

Did you mean for the

giraffe to look like

that, or was it just

an accident?

- Norma





40 years

Today Sipkens grows at least 1,000

varieties of perennials. Their garden

centre covers about 10 acres and

employs 20 people year-round and 55

seasonal workers.

On top of watching consumer

trends and reinvesting, the Sipkens are

also environmentally conscious and

started an aggressive on-site recycling

program eight years ago. About 90%

of greenhouse plastic, cardboard,

discarded pots and other waste

produced by the business is recycled or


Four years ago, Sipkens began recycling

the runoff from their greenhouses and

irrigation by channelling the water into a

reservoir of tanks, treating it and reusing

it for plant growth.

Ken estimates that his five kids run

about 70% of the business these days but

he and Jennifer remain very involved.

“We keep very busy and it’s a

challenging business,” she said. “But we

enjoy this kind of life.”

Sipkens Garden Centre at 3261 London

Line plans a Grand Opening for the new

addition Saturday, April 30; 10 a.m.–3 p.m.

Please tell our advertisers that you saw their ad in this magazine!

Welcome to ...

THE Club

A Father's Love



Fathers seldom say “I Love You”

Though the feeling's always there,

But somehow those three little words

Are the hardest ones to share.

And fathers say "I love you"

In ways that words can't match

With tender bedtime stories

Or a friendly game of catch!

You can see the words "I love you"

In a father's boyish eyeses

When he runs home, all excited,

With a poorly wrapped surprise.

A father says "I love you"

With his strong helping hands

With a smile when you're in trouble

With the way he understands.


He says "I love you" haltingly, ly

With awkward tenderness

(It's hard to help a four-year-old old into a party dress!)

He speaks his love unselfishly

By giving all l he can

To make some secret dream come true,

Or follow through a plan.

A father's seldom-spoken love

Sounds clearly through the years

Sometimes in peals of laughter,

Sometimes through happy tears.

Perhaps they have to speak their love

In a fashion all their own.

Because the love that fathers feel

Is too big for words alone!

One Liners

A fine is a tax for

doing wrong.

A tax is a fine for

doing well.

Do you live in the


The CLUB is

available at all

Lambton County


(while they last)!

SPRING 2022 Obsolete Task? Paying bills at post office or bank with paper bills/cheques. P A G E 31

Welcome to ... SPRING 2022

Welcome to ...

THE Club

Contact us any time by email - info@welcometotheclub.ca

Announcing the long awaited

24-bed, permanent Withdrawal

Management Facility at

Bluewater Health.

Joining the Minister of Long-Term

Care to announce new Long-Term

Care beds at Sumac Lodge.



Building A Better Sarnia-Lambton

At OWS Rail Car Inc. learning

about their expansion project,

supported in part through an

investment by the Southwestern

Ontario Development Fund.

At Sarnia Arena celebrating

Ontario’s investment in youth

sports to help with their

recovery from the pandemic

and create opportunities for

the next generation.

Hello again to all the fans and followers of The Club. Spring is

always my favourite season in Sarnia-Lambton. After the

long, cold winter, we are experiencing all the renewal and

energy in the community that comes with longer days and

warmer temperatures. That is a welcome change and great

for the spirit! Whether it’s sitting on the back patio or going for

a long walk, I try to take every opportunity to get outside and

enjoy the fresh air. This spring will bring even more outside

time as candidates like myself in the 2022 Provincial Election

hit the campaign trail before the June 2nd vote.

The past four years have been very busy working to make

things better in Sarnia-Lambton. Every day, I have been

working to ensure Sarnia-Lambton’s issues are front and

centre at Queen’s Park. That’s why I’m pleased to see that so

many important investments have been made in our

community by the Ford Government.

Although the COVID-19 pandemic created many challenges

in our community, and across the province, our government

never hesitated to do what was necessary to protect the

health and safety of Ontarians. I continue to feel very

optimistic about our future.

It has been my honour to serve at Queen’s Park on behalf of

the people of Sarnia-Lambton over the last four years. Each

day I wake up with a sense of excitement for what the future

holds for the residents of Sarnia-Lambton. With your support,

I can’t wait to continue getting things done for our

community. Stay safe and be well!

Discussing Red Tape Reduction

and Small Business Support with

the Associate Minister of Small

Business (right) and local

business owner Manjit Singh

(left) at Sitara Indian Cuisine.

At St. Joseph’s Hospice to

announce funding support to

help with the important services

they provide in our community.

Horsing around on the job.

With MP Gladu and Mayor

Loosley attending the Vigil for

Ukraine at Royal Canadian

Legion Branch 216 in Petrolia.

Contact Bob Bailey

Sarnia-Lambton Progressive Conservative Riding Association

Website: sarnialambton.ontariopc.ca

Authorized by the CFO of the

Sarnia-Lambton PC Riding Association



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Sometimes, no news really is good news.

Welcome to ...

Going Above & Beyond for Our Clients!


Sales Representave

Cell: 519-383-5185

Office: 519-542-9999



The E-Mail


Send the good stuff to info@welcometotheclub.ca

The Shoebox

sarnia realty Inc., Brokerage*

*Indepentently owned and operated

1319 Exmouth Street, Sarnia

At an



THE Club


Sales Representave

Cell: 519-328-7251

Office: 519-542-9999



Sign, Sign, Everywhere a Sign

"If you don’t see

what you’re looking for,

you’re in the right place."

A man and a woman had been

married for more than 60 years.

They had shared everything. They

had talked about everything. They

had kept no secrets from each

other except for the little box that

sat up in the closet.

For all of these years he had

never thought about the box, but

one day the little old women got

very sick and the doctor said she

would not recover.

In trying to sort out their affairs,

the little old man took down the

shoebox and took it to his wife's


She agreed that it was time that

he should know what was in the

box. When he opened it, he found

two crocheted dolls and a stack of

money totalling $95,000.

He asked her about the contents.

"When we were to be married,"

she said, "my Grandmother told me

the secret of a happy marriage was

to never argue. She told me that if

I ever got angry with you, I should

just keep quiet and crochet a doll."

The little old man was so moved

that he had to fight back tears. Only

two precious dolls were in the box.

She had only been angry with him

two times in all those years of living

and loving.

"Honey," he said, " that explains

the dolls, but what about all this

money? Where did it come from?"

"Oh," she said, "that's the money

I made from selling the dolls."

223 North Christina Street • Sarnia

519-336-2100 • www.stonesnbones.ca

Hall of Fame AWARD




So Much More!

& So Much More!


Fluorescent en

Mineral Display, Fossils, si



Gemstones, e


Artifacts, ts, Shells, ls, Butterflies,

Insects, s,

Canadian adia

Animals, Safari ari Room,


Huge Shark Jaws and “Dinosaurs Galore!”

Adults $7 • 12 & under $3 • Family Pass $30/Year


10-5 Thurs. thru Sun.

Closed Jan. 1, July 1 & Dec. 25


(From mThe Booklet “A Seniors’ GuideToSarnia-lambton”)

a ambton Resource booklet available through Age-Friendly Sarnia-Lambton

by calling 519-332-0527 or visiting www.agefriendlysarnialambton.ca


211 Mental Health Support, Food Services, Financial Assistance 211 211oncovid19.ca

Age-Friendly Sarnia Lambton List of Supports & Services 519-332-0527 agefriendlysarnialambton.ca

Bayshore Home Care Solutions Assistance with Housekeeping, Errands & Meal Prep 519-383-6979 bayshore.ca

Canadian Red Cross Grocery Pickup & Transportation Services 519-332-6380 redcross.ca

Care-A-Van Door-to-Door Public Transportation - lift equipped vehicles 519-336-3789

Habitat for Humanity Low-Cost Home Reno Services 519-339-7957 habitatsarnia.org

Heart to Home Meals Pre-Made Frozen Meal Delivery to 60+ 877-404-4246 hearttohomemeals.ca

Instacart Delivery from several local stores 888-246-7822 instacart.ca

Lambton Elderly Outreach Home & Yard Maintenance, Meals, Various Resources 800-265-0203 lambtonelderlyoutreach.org

Lambton Public Health Individual, Agency and Cargiver help 226-254-8222 lambtonpublichealth.ca

Neighbourlink Household Chores, Transportation, Shopping, Companionship 519-336-5465 neighbourlinksarnia.org

Sarnia Blessings Free Meals for Seniors & Vulnerable People 519-402-9093 sarniablessings@outlook.com

Shine at Home Transportation, 24 hr Housekeeping, Shopping, Meal Prep 519-336-9898 shineathome.com

Strangway Community Centre Recreational, Social & Educational Programs & Activities 519-332-0656 strangway@sarnia.ca

Victorian Order of Nurses (VON) Dementia Programs, Home Nursing, Respite, Much More 519-542-2310 von.ca/en/site/sarnia

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Welcome to ... SPRING 2022

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SAVE 20%

Every Thursday!*

*Discount applies to

regular priced merchandise

OMG, I’m rich!

Silver in the Hair

Gold in the Teeth

Crystals in the Kidneys

Sugar in the Blood

Lead in the Ass

Iron in the Arteries

And an inexhaustible

supply of Natural Gas.

I never thought

I’d accumulate such


THE Club

Available with a PC Optimum card at

the following Shoppers Drug Mart stores:

510 Exmouth Street, Sarnia

123 Mitton Street South, Sarnia

420 Lyndoch Street, Corunna

60 might be the new 40, but 9 pm is the new midnight.

Ah, Spring

Yes your mother and

grandmother were onto

something when they took

advantage of a fine early spring

day to hang rugs, blankets and

quilts to air on the porch. Today

Feng Shui (wind and water) tells

us that stagnant air can be a

health hazard and that to open

your windows and keep them

clean is a real boon to your overall

health and well being.

Feng Shui has been around for over

four thousand years and has recently

been rediscovered in North America.

It started in China when people

believed that an invisible energy

called ch’i was instrumental in making

certain locations sought after.

Farmers believed that land, with the

protection of tall mountains behind

it would shield crops from wind and

water in the front and so would yield a

great harvest. Today Feng Shui is used

to help you identify how ch’i flows

through your work or living space.

Now getting back to spring cleaning, in

Feng Shui the belief is that everything

by Rita Veel, London

From Daytripping May-June 2006

you own is attached to you

by invisible threads.

This includes stuff hidden

behind doors, under beds

and in your garage, I am

not talking about well

organized collections,

strictly things that have

no purpose in your life

today. Unless you rid

yourself of the old stuff,

no new things will enter your life. This

spring, it is time to let go of clutter and

once and for all take control of your

environment. Less is more.

Take a walk through your rooms and

check the amount of space around the

different pieces of furniture in your


You should have a clear path, with

no obstructions from room to room. If

you are having a difficult time moving

around your home comfortably, you

will have a hard time negotiating

certain aspects of your life as well.

Open your windows, play music,

clear your clutter and ch’i will bring

positive spring energy into your life.

If you need access to additional funds,

using the equity in your home

can be a lower cost way to borrow

the money than taking out a traditional loan.

For example, you can use your home equity to:










Mobile Mortgage




Cell: 519-466-3833





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You’re not getting older, you’re just becoming a classic!



2713 Old Lakeshore Road, Brights Grove

519-869-2794 • skeeterbarlows.com

Join us by the Lake!

• Authentic Hickory Smoked Ribs

• Genuine Broasted Chicken

• Seafood, Sandwiches, Wraps

Reserve for panoramic views

of Lake Huron from our patio!

• Take Out • Lakeside parks & benches nearby





Welcome to ...

Russell Street

Family Owned

and Operated

Since 1989.

THE Club

25% OF F

any regular priced

giftware, garden

or home decor item.

(For Seniors 60+)

120 Russell Street North, Sarnia • 519-383-0688

Few Words

AFew Words


By Cathy Dobson

We asked some notable folks in Sarnia-Lambton to have a little fun with us and

answer some not-so-pressing questions, In A Few Words. Here’s what they said:

Leona Holland

Volunteer extraordinaire, mother of six and

grandmother of 17

Name one positive thing that surprises you about being over the age of 55.

“Being over 55 tends to make other people more helpful and friendly.”

If you won $1 billion, what would you do with your time?

“I would work with the Department of Education to establish trade workshops in all

Ontario high schools. Many non-academic students would benefit as we always need

more trades people.”

What do you love most about living in Sarnia?

“I like the people, the lake, the bridges and the fries.”

Did anything positive arise for you during the pandemic?

“I had time to interact with family and friends as no volunteer time was available.”

What’s your favourite day of the year and why?

“My favourite day is Ground Hog Day as I always hope for an early spring.”

Do you have a favourite place in Sarnia-Lambton? Where is it?

“My favourite place is under the bridges.”

Name one local store that everyone should visit.

“Russell Street Home Hardware store is my favourite business in Sarnia.”

Describe your perfect day.

“My perfect day is anytime I can volunteer. I love people.”

Name one person you think should run for office in Sarnia-Lambton even if they never will.

“Anne Marie Gillis because she’s a great organizer with a clear vision for the future.”

The Beatles or The Rolling Stones?

The Beatles. Rolling Stones are too far out there for me.”

Who has had the greatest influence on your life, not counting your spouse or children?

“My father. He was a teacher and a volunteer.”

What’s your favourite restaurant in Sarnia-Lambton?

“Olives Restaurant. Great people, great food and fun to visit.”

What’s your favourite movie or book and why?

“I couldn’t put down the book by Douglas Brinkley called The Great Deluge - Hurricane

Katrina, New Orleans and the Mississippi Gulf Coast. The fact that no one was prepared

for Katrina even though they had warning was just unbelievable.”

Name a bucket list item you intend to achieve, and one you probably won’t ever get to.

“I never had a bucket list. I live day by day.”

SUGGEST someone we should interview!


Charlie Fairbank

of Oil Springs, operates North American’s oldest

oilfield and produces about 24,000 barrels of oil a

year at Fairbank Oil in Oil Springs. He is a fourth

generation oil man and uses only 19th century technology, including the jerker line

system his great-grandfather developed in 1863. Charlie is a teacher by vocation and a

passionate historian.

You have never retired. What are you working on?

“Working with an amazing team, (locally, nationally and internationally) toward our next

application to obtain a UNESCO World Heritage designation for Oil Springs.”

The Beatles or The Rolling Stones?

“Mozart easily trumps these “boy bands.”

What do you love most about living in Oil Springs?

“I love the diverse landscape of open fields, woodlands, and wetlands with Black Creek

meandering through it. It creates habitats for a rich assortment of wildlife and birds.”

Name one local store that everyone should visit.

The Book Keeper (in Sarnia) has my vote. Great reads, great staff and they will order

any book for you. I also like The Ice Creamery on Front Street for a delicious treat.”

What car have you owned that you like the best?

“For me, cars and trucks are tied to fond memories. I had a Ford truck with a very chewed

dashboard thanks to my wonderful border collie that often sat in the passenger seat.”

Who has had the greatest influence on your life, not counting your spouse or children?

“Both my parents, Charles and Jean Fairbank, were hard working compassionate people

who cared about people and integrity. My father instilled me with immense respect

for the early oilmen here and their ingenuity. My mother gave me a lifelong interest in

singing and listening to music.”

What’s your favourite restaurant in Sarnia-Lambton?

“Hmmm. The question is too difficult. I’d have to name five.”

Name one positive thing that surprises you about being over the age of 55.

“I don’t have to think about my boyhood interest in headstands. I never could do them.”

Name a bucket list item you intend to achieve, and one you probably won’t ever get to.“I

likely will not ride a helicopter over our oil field but my wife and I once had a terrific hot

air balloon ride over it. And I just might be able to grow some really fantastic tomatoes

this summer.”

What are people most surprised to learn about you?

“I’ve been interviewed on national television for Much Music and by Jonny Harris for

CBC’s series Still Standing.”

Do you have a guilty pleasure?

“Yes, sweet chili pistachios. I have to limit myself.”

SPRING 2022 Obsolete Task? Buying TV Guides, using paper TV listings to choose shows. P A G E 35

Welcome to ... SPRING 2022

Welcome to ...

THE Club

If this brings back good memories, send us some of your own.


1018 Murphy Rd, Sarnia • 519-542-7273







Making Home Care Affordable

During Tax Season

Aging at home, or “aging

in place” is everyone’s

desire. The issue for many

is the cost. When paying for

home care and housekeeping

out of pocket the cost may

be less than you think. The

“how” you can achieve this is

what I will be demonstrating

in this article.

If you, or a loved one, need

services to stay independent

there are many options

available to you. I will be

speaking about private home care.

Now the Local Health Integration

Network, or LHIN, provides some

home care, it usually isn’t enough.

According to our clients the help is

great, they just wish there was more.

So how can I afford a service that cost

$30 an hour and up?

From the CRA:

Disability tax credit - The

disability tax credit (DTC) is a nonrefundable

tax credit that helps

persons with disabilities or their

supporting family members reduce

the amount of income tax they

may have to pay. A person with a

severe and prolonged impairment

in physical or mental functions

may be eligible for the DTC. Once

an individual is eligible for the

DTC, the disability amount can be

claimed on their tax return(s) for

the applicable year(s).

This is how. It is called the Attendant

Care Claim. It is also called the

Disability Tax Credit. This is a nonrefundable

tax credit that can literally

save you thousands of dollars in

income tax.

Disclaimer: I am not a tax professional.

Your tax situation is unique and for

the appropriate and proper advice you

should consult a tax professional.

While I am not a tax professional,

I have been assisting many of my

clients in taking full advantage of

the Attendant Care Claim. Here is a

brief description of the credit. I will

give the link to the detailed Canada

Revenue Agency (CRA) Guidelines in

this article, but essentially the credit

is for anyone that needs assistance in

remaining independent in their home.

The credit covers the cost of staffing,

or wages that get paid to staff by a

home care provider. The credit pays for

much more, but I will focus on staffing

costs. For my clients it is over half the

billing amount —a lot of money and I

am amazed at the number of people

that do not take advantage of this tax


By Chris Treftlin, Shine at Home, Sarnia

See link:




The details in the CRA document will

fill in any blanks, but at a high level the

steps you to get the credit are easy and

as follows:

First, print a copy of the T2201 form

from the CRA website.

See link:


forms/t2201.html (or Google “T2201”),

and take it to your primary medical

professional, usually your doctor. They

will fill in the form and return it to you.

In the form they answer all the CRA’s

questions regarding and confirming

your specific needs for in-home care.

With the T2201 filled out, the home

care provider writes a letter confirming

the amount that was paid to staff from

the client’s annual billing. A little bit

of homework for the service provider,

but easily done. Now, with these two

documents in hand, a claim can be

made in your tax filing. Again, multiple

thousands of dollars are available in

this credit when you qualify.

“Eligibility is not impacted by the

receipt of other federal or provincial

benefits. If you receive Canada

Pension Plan or Quebec Pension

Plan disability benefits, workers’

compensation benefits, or other

types of disability or insurance

benefits, it does not necessarily

mean you are eligible for the

DTC. These programs have other

purposes and different criteria,

such as an individual’s inability to


It is also important to note that being

on another form of support from the

government does not, repeat does

not necessarily disqualify you from

receiving the credit. (From pg 16 of

Information guide.)

There it is, get home care and save

money on your taxes. I have to go

now and write more letters for my




Obsolete Task? Replacing storm windows

Let’s grow old together. You go first.

563 Front St. N., Sarnia



Be Ready for Sandal Season

Trendy mani-pedi

colour combos to

try this Spring!

We have the highest

safety protocols in place!

No appointment needed to shop the boutique

How many of you remember

the rest of these jingles?

1) “My bologna has a first name”

2) “I don’t wanna grow up”

3) “Gimme a break, gimme a break”

4) “The best part of waking up”

5) “Sometimes you feel like a nut”

6) “I’d like to teach the world to sing”


7) “Reach out and touch someone”

8) “If you dare wear short shorts”

9) “They’re magically delicious”

10) “Meow, meow, meow, meow”

11) “Plop, plop, fizz, fizz, oh what a relief it is”

12) “So kiss a little longer. Hold hands a little

longer. Hold tight a little longer”

... and how many of you sang them?





Welcome to ...

116 Michigan Ave


(519) 344-3535

Mon-Fri 9am-5pm


THE Club


Fresh Made Comfort Food

A tradition since 1992!


PT. EDWARD • 519-344-2855



For The Club Spring 2022

CROSSWORD on page 29

SPRING 2022 Obsolete Task? Buying or selling items using classified ads in newspapers. P A G E 37

Welcome to ... SPRING 2022

Welcome to ...

THE Club

“Your Feet Will Be In Good Hands”

Are your feet f sore r

and a n


keeping i

you o


r m

doing i the things that t you u love?

Cerfied Cerfied Master t

Pedicurist ist - Julie Coulombe


will give you the best experience and the

professional aenon your feet need!




Casual Elegance

at its finest!

Putting the Grey in Great!

Ladies Clothing

& Accessories

From size 6t 8!

Current Hours: Tues-Fri 10-4 • Sat 10-3

After May 23: Mon-Fri 10-5 • Sat 10-3


131 Michigan Avenue, Point Edward • 519-491-1412

Contact Julie Today!


Diabecs, Ingrowns, Corns, Fungus

and other common foot problems

519-344-1071 • Julie@athomespa.ca

At Home Spa @ Mara Surgical Clinic

704 Mara St. Point Edward, Unit 106



Since 2006


These were found on signs outside of churches.



Welcome to...



We W Need d Your Advice... Again!

selected randomly. Please feel free to send a few

words or a few pages & elaborate as you see fit.

There are articles/stories in Welcome to The Club,

and then there are features (such as the

Crossword, Postcards, Jokes, Events list, etc.)

1) Tell us which 5 (or more) “ARTICLES” you liked the

most and which 5 (or more) didn’t appeal to you as

much. There are no right or wrong answers.

2) Many of the articles are nostlagic and say near the

title that they were previously published in Daytripping.

Would you like to see more or less of these?

3) Tell us which 3 (or more) “FEATURES” you liked the

most and which 3 (or more) didn’t appeal to you as

much. Feel free to make suggestions.

Again, please feel free to elaborate. We’re trying to build a

magazine that is different than most, but we need to

know what you like, what will make you keep this

magazine longer and/or pick up the next issue.

Please mail answers (on a separate sheet) to:

P.O. BOX 430 • Brights Grove, ON •N0N •N0N 1C0

OR email: info welcometotheclub.ca

Include c your name, e email i and/or d

phone number please.



Welcome to ...





is Better with


Move-in incenves!*

Do more of what you love.

Let us take care of the rest!

Be welcomed by a warm community of

like-minded peers. Enjoy the peace of mind that

comes with knowing help is available at the push

of a buon if you need it. Connue to enjoy your

independence in a supporve environment that

gives you the freedom to pursue your passions

and spend more me with those you love most.

Included in your stay:

• Chef-prepared meals • Fitness classes

• Great recreaonal • Weekly



• 24/7 emergency • Pet Friendly


And more!

1218 Michigan Ave. Sarnia, ON



North t

American e a

& IndianI d


to 1pm

at a t

Sitara a a Point i t Edward








Find out why people in

Sarnia love living with us.

Please call to learn more.

Suites are limited.



Party Room, On-site Cooking & Catering with Sitara Food Truck

* Terms and condions apply.





the last 9 YEARS!

Rated among the


YEAR 2020 & 2021







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