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#<strong>SHILL</strong><br />


a cautionary tale<br />

even the most diligent can fall into the trap<br />

A word from frank<br />

threads from frank are rare<br />

Broccoli DAO<br />

A must have<br />

marco polo<br />

quick scan of the week<br />

& more<br />

ISSUE #<strong>59</strong><br />


In<br />

THIS<br />

ISSUE<br />


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So much to write. So little space.<br />

A Cautionary Tale<br />

It all looked so legit that even a<br />

seasoned trader got stung #alpha<br />

12<br />

20<br />

21<br />

Probably Nothing<br />

EasyMoneyDing speaks. Are you<br />

listening? #alpha<br />

A Word From Frank<br />

AFrank wrote a thread and now it has<br />

been captured #alpha<br />


MonkeLabs rolls out a new minting<br />

process to avoid bots #alpha<br />

46<br />

64<br />

Broccoli DAO<br />

Why this is ONE project you should<br />

actually be in! #alpha<br />

Marco Polo<br />

The team at Mercanti wrap up the week<br />

#alpha<br />

80<br />

86<br />

87<br />

88<br />

Galactic Goons<br />

Perfectenchlag reviews P2E Galactic<br />

Goons #alpha<br />

Keezerfeld || SLAM<br />

New piece by Keezerfeld reviewed<br />

online #alpha<br />

YAWWW<br />

Under appreciated? CryptoKlaasen<br />

explains why #alpha<br />

Akumu Dragonz<br />

Boryoku Dragonz bridging the gap -<br />

good for Solana? #alpha<br />


the<br />

from<br />

EDITOR<br />

<strong>Issue</strong> <strong>59</strong> of #Shill zine - the most read Solana ecosystem zine on Social<br />

Media.<br />

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Enough said. You know the drill. Let’s f go!<br />

Pixeltoy<br />

Patient No.11 @fromnowhere_1<br />

Phantom #21 @phantomheadsol<br />

Bowie @GhoulWAPE<br />

Room House @LemonTeaArt<br />

4<br />

<strong>SHILL</strong> <strong>Issue</strong> #<strong>59</strong>

Keep your eye on...<br />

ChillRedPandaz<br />

tulipheads<br />


A cautionary<br />

Tale<br />

@Northernapez<br />

I got scammed 65-70 sol of NFTS today. I will be sharing my story and how to avoid this. Please share this<br />

let’s try to keep Solana safe! If you got scammed and want to talk, my DMs are open to all.<br />

Start: #1 It’s been a personal goal of mine since joining Solana nfts to acquire a SAC. After flipping,<br />

wl grinding & alpha hunting I got NFTs that I was willing to let go to make this goal a reality, so I posted<br />

in SAC’s Marketplace for a bundle deal via @StonedApeCrew discord.<br />

Enters Scammer: #2 Copy ID: 836918090826645535 This person messages me and skillfully<br />

tricks me into believing they would like to do trade on ME instead of FFF. Even suggests they would<br />

pay royalties on top<br />

6<br />

<strong>SHILL</strong> <strong>Issue</strong> #<strong>59</strong>

#3 Next this scammer start blaming ME saying how they can’t buy anything and introduces their<br />

partner (an impersonator) and happens to disguise a MOD of a trusted Dao you’re in. For me it was<br />

SAC how ironic, and it happen to be a mod I talked to previously in chat and liked<br />

#4 They start a group chat w mod and add you. MOD not only has the same name but even matching<br />

# (which I didn’t think could change) but with nitro anything is possible. (Will show how to overcome<br />

later) They say BS to make you feel like its legit “recording for both your safety”<br />

<strong>SHILL</strong> <strong>Issue</strong> #<strong>59</strong><br />


#5 Next, they try to get you to agree that mod can be trusted and they should hold assets to middle<br />

man (because its impersonating someone reputable that you think you can trust and has something<br />

to lose if they scam you)<br />

8<br />

<strong>SHILL</strong> <strong>Issue</strong> #<strong>59</strong>

#6 Before sending anything even with the name and ID matching, I wanted to really make sure that<br />

it was JTB (of course it wasn’t) but I asked him to reply to a message I put in SAC chat. The scammer<br />

decided to react to the message (naively convincing me it was legit fml)<br />

#7 Next scammer gets my nfts (at this point I foolishly think it’s really JTB helping me on my mission<br />

to get a SAC) and I send it 70-80 sol of nfts and scammer says he’s sending sol. INSTEAD sends me<br />

a disappearing gif and closes chat, Aloeveve -> now solsearcher blocks me<br />

<strong>SHILL</strong> <strong>Issue</strong> #<strong>59</strong><br />


#8 Finally realizing I was scammed like a headless chicken I reach out to all the nft groups/daos trying<br />

to get the NFT stolen blacklisted or increase fees so scammer gets nothing, this is unsuccessful.<br />

Why? Well, some daos disregarded and scammer floored them below market<br />

#9 END OF MY STORY This is my story, started with a goal to get a SAC ended up down bad with no<br />

NFTS and a very expensive lesson. I understand my mistakes, and this isn’t a pity post as now we<br />

will discuss how to protect yourself!<br />

#10 How to Protect yourself 1) Please always use FFF or YAWW if P2P and if they don’t do these two,<br />

just close chat cause better to be safe then down bad (if not these two)<br />

#11 Scammer don’t care about anything will impersonate your mom if they can so ALWAYS DM the<br />

person you’re talking to in DAO and see if it opens a new message. TAKE YOUR TIME, DO due diligence<br />

and make sure you’re talking to the real people.




@easymoneyding - 3915 followers<br />

question: where<br />

do you think<br />

the liquidity<br />

is coming from?<br />

this might<br />

be the most<br />

bullish shit<br />

i’ve seen<br />

in the last<br />

month. solana<br />

nft market is<br />

evolving<br />

@DeGodsNFT - 92.9k followers<br />

The first $DUST halving has just<br />

been triggered.<br />

DeadGods now earn 15 $DUST per day.<br />

DeGods now earn 5 $DUST per day.<br />

12 <strong>SHILL</strong> <strong>Issue</strong> #51

OVER 5Sol & TOP NFT<br />

SolsWatch<br />

<strong>SHILL</strong> <strong>Issue</strong> #51<br />


the ASTRONAUT<br />


HyperSpace<br />

NFT Trading Platform<br />

TheDegenBoi<br />

SOL NFT Passive Income Stats<br />

Breaking even for under 1 Sol projects



grapeprotocol<br />

MetaverseME<br />

HoneyLand new mint REVIEW<br />

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m6ZGqfumr7c<br />


“You can jail a Revolutionary, but you can’t jail the Revolution”<br />

Part 2 coming soon......<br />

18 <strong>SHILL</strong> <strong>Issue</strong> #51


@frankdegods<br />

damn instant listing is rough<br />

Whitelist mints + instant listing is pretty deadly. I don’t think I have seen a project<br />

succeed with this combination yet. That allure of “hype” goes away quickly when<br />

your WL mint duration is 4 hours. 5 minutes is enough for someone to get impatient<br />

on Solana.<br />

I see people say that it works for ETH. that’s fair. But there’s a difference. On Solana,<br />

it’s literally free & instant to list your NFT on ETH, there’s a cost (almost 1 SOL<br />

in ETH gas fees right now) this slight friction can potentially make the difference<br />

also the reason I like Solana & @MagicEden is that we’re built around practicality<br />

over pure decentralization. example: I like that there isn’t as much random shit on<br />

@MagicEden.<br />

Much easier to use/search than on OpenSea. We don’t need to just accept the way<br />

things are done.<br />

My whole bull thesis on Solana is that we aren’t just going to become exactly like<br />

Ethereum lol Ethereum IMO is great for decentralization... but that comes at a cost<br />

of practicality. We should strive to build common-sense, practical applications here<br />

on Solana.<br />

20<br />

<strong>SHILL</strong> <strong>Issue</strong> #<strong>59</strong>

@monkelabs<br />

I think today is a day better than any other to introduce you to Primer. Primer is the official<br />

brand name of our minting contract.<br />

What exactly does the Primer minting contract entail?<br />

Our program has an on-chain based rate limiter configured by default to be 30 seconds. This<br />

means that only every 30 seconds someone can mint a token.<br />

This means that people with mint bots have no advantage over regular users, widening the<br />

number of unique holders which overall benefits the community of projects. In addition to<br />

this, if someone is found to be spamming transactions in anyway, their wallet is permanently<br />

banned from minting with us ever again - as a bot deterrent, because these botters are looking<br />

to flip and dump the floor of the projects that they are botting post mint. In addition to this, we<br />

use an instant-reveal based system that cannot be rarity sniped unlike candymachine v1 & v2.<br />

Overall this program helps benefit the network with the limitation of transactions that are incoming.<br />

We are the solution. #fairmint<br />

<strong>SHILL</strong> <strong>Issue</strong> #<strong>59</strong><br />








erezha - Holaplex










Iconic Ghoul

Lowbrow Native X Saint Mary




@kayan4L<br />

Why I am so bullish on @Broccoli_DAO<br />

First and foremost, I think a BIG reason I am so bullish on these guys is @sp00n1cus. This guy is an<br />

amazing project lead, and he knows exactly what it takes to create a solid and strong community.<br />

Community.<br />

Broccoli DAO is the first project I have felt where everyone can feel like they’re a part of something<br />

important. From the active alpha chat to the countless vibe calls that @sp00n1cus himself does. Which<br />

other owner do you know that does that?<br />

46<br />

<strong>SHILL</strong> <strong>Issue</strong> #<strong>59</strong>

Transparency<br />

As we all know, Transparency is one of THE most important aspects for projects. We’ve all heard the<br />

usual “We want to be as transparent as possible” from our past projects, but do they REALLY execute<br />

on that? When @sp00n1cus took over, he showed what it meant to be a true project lead in this space.<br />

There’s nothing that he does, that his community does not know about.<br />

ALPHA and WL Opportunities.<br />

As we know, Alpha is probably the most important aspect in this space. Information and opportunity<br />

is something that does not lack in the Broccoli Community. 7 Alpha Hunters (Seekerz) 12 Alpha Callers<br />

(Seerz)<br />

Our Seekerz and Seerz get dat bread weekly for all their hard work and dedication, who doing it like us?<br />

WHO!!<br />

<strong>SHILL</strong> <strong>Issue</strong> #<strong>59</strong><br />


Utility<br />

The Utility that @sp00n1cus has given this project is out of this world. Owning 2 Cyber Villainz, will give<br />

you FREE access to Project Dolphin (5 SOL FP) NFT/Token Trackers, Mint Calendar, floor price alerts,<br />

price analytics, and more.<br />

48<br />

<strong>SHILL</strong> <strong>Issue</strong> #<strong>59</strong>

Idk about you guys, but I love waking up to DMs up my NFTs selling. Secondly if you own 2 Cyber Villainz<br />

you will be able to mint 1 Cyber Hero with 500 $BROCCOLI. Another thing I wanted to touch on is<br />

the Staking aspect of CV.<br />

We do Soft Staking; your CV will stay in your wallet and you will earn 10 $BROCCOLI per day. Not only<br />

that, but we can double dip as well and using the @timepixies questing feature you can make even<br />

more $BROCCOLI. Bullish yet?<br />

Artwork and Lore<br />

This project is COMMUNITY driven, so much of our Lore comes from community suggestions, and even<br />

a few Cyber Hero Accessories have come from us. I love Cyber Heroez.

We even have our own Comic coming out. Like come on, who is doing it like the BROCCOLI DAO. Truly<br />












Marco Polo<br />

Marco Polo’s Journal<br />

Tripping Ape, FunGuyz, 3D OKB, Suteki<br />

After a month of cultivating the tribe, the highly retweeted Trippin Apes<br />

had finally minted with over 300k SOL volume in secondary in the first 24<br />

hours. Needless to say Twitter was suddenly flooded with florescent apes, trying<br />

to make sure no Ape PFP has less than 1k followers (not a cult, it’s<br />

a loving, supportive, uplifting community, okay?) ME was also flooded with<br />

apes: hyped project = sure profits, right?<br />

In their latest AMA, they teased that within 2–5 days of mint, there will be<br />

an announcement that will make people go “ok, shit, these guys are not fucking<br />

around” and that they’re here to make a splash, and Chorles’s primordial<br />

gift is dropping within 2 weeks of mint. The journey begins.<br />

Funguyz have been on a high! While preparing for their upcoming 3D pfp, Funguyz<br />

Studios have been have a porta-bella ride as well, from building the 3D<br />

blocks of DeGods’ Solympus to animating the engravings of Tombstoned High<br />

Society’s Catacombs. And now, they’re coming out with some beary exciting<br />

teasers for 3D Okay Bears. We’re Going To Be Okay, because we’re having Fun,<br />

guyz. Too much? Because we can’t get enough of it.<br />

Great Goats can gloat on their Twitter following of 400k, however, they seem<br />

to have raised a lot of baaah-humbug with their latest change in supply and<br />

mint price. They increased the mint supply from 10k to 11,111, and the mint<br />

price from 2 SOL to 2.75 SOL, in order to further build their vision. Now,<br />

while their fellow mammals, the Trippin Apes, had increased their supply<br />

right before the mint as well, they redistributed and lowers the cost of<br />

mint. Times have indeed been tougher in this bear market, hope an extra 10k<br />

SOL would be helpful.<br />

Anyone need a STEPN activation code? Here, fcfs, 57282438. Hope you’re not<br />

behind the great Firewall though because Stepn has just announced that that<br />

they will stop providing GPS to users in the mainland starting from midnight<br />

on July 15, 2022 (UTC+8). The fear got mixed up with the fud, and it sent<br />

$GST down to less than $2 USD. If you’re in China, you might want to STE-<br />

Pout, but if you’re a firm believer of this Move 2 Earn movement, this would<br />

be a perfect chance to STEP-IN.<br />

64<br />

<strong>SHILL</strong> <strong>Issue</strong> #<strong>59</strong>

Spilling the beans on Beans — degens have bean copping a bean because — they<br />

cute. They’re definitely channeling that ✨main character energy✨ with daily<br />

spaces and well, the community is just full of beans. While Beans have never<br />

exceeded 1 SOL, they’ve already had 3k in volume. Bean going well. Don’t be<br />

jelly (beans), be cool (beans). (beans, beans, beans)<br />

Suteki<br />

The Skinny: Suteki is born from the love of anime, for the love of anime.<br />

Their collection will be split into 4 Buzoku (clans) that go head-to-head<br />

in establishing “true dominance”. The winners of the clash of clans will be<br />

rewarded a variety of prizes, including $sushi, WLs and more. The team ultimately<br />

wants to become a publishing company that promotes anime / manga /<br />

NFT creators.<br />

Why we’re paying attention: Pillars that really helps the longevity of a<br />

project are the ART, the TEAM and the COMMUNITY. Suteki seems to check all<br />

three: the art is ichiban, their mission is to foster a community of artists<br />

and art lovers, and the team genuinely seems to pride themselves for their<br />

transparency and authenticity, staking their commitments to “honesty”, and<br />

that “long game ALWAYS win:”. Plus, some team members also doxxed themselves<br />

as big fans of Naruto, green flag. Dattebyo! ~<br />

Mint Date: June 3<br />

Mint Supply: 6,000<br />

Price: 4 SOL<br />

Twitter: https://twitter.com/Suteki_NFT<br />

Safe Travels,<br />

Marco<br />

<strong>SHILL</strong> <strong>Issue</strong> #<strong>59</strong><br />








seror - Holaplex







@perfectenchlag<br />

Twitter || Discord<br />

May had been one of the craziest months in the Solana NFT Space with Communi3 being the project<br />

which had given the biggest floor among the newly minted projects. The volume was also very healthy<br />

during these hyped mints but after this new rate race to earn more profits at the cost of hurting the<br />

project during their mint began, we saw a sense of rejection in the post-mint volume. However, the volume<br />

has been stabilized in the lower 6 figures for quite some time and great teams are getting a good<br />

share of it.<br />

Like May, June will also witness the launch of some pretty strong projects and the glimpse of that can<br />

be seen on the 1st day of the month itself with 2 strong projects launching on the same day and we are<br />

going to talk about one of them in this article.<br />

Galactic Goons is an NFT-based PvP-to-Earn gaming hub powered by Solana and Unreal Engine 5.<br />

The mint details of the project are as follows:<br />

Since it’s a PvP-to-Earn game, let us first look at its<br />


Supply: 7500<br />

Cost: 1.5<br />

Time: 3 pm UTC<br />

Launchpad: Fractal<br />

Galactic Goons will be an open-world 3-D metaverse where gamers can meet with their unique avatars<br />

to socialise, access the Armoury, view the Hall of Fame, trade on the Galactic Marketplace and compete<br />

80<br />

<strong>SHILL</strong> <strong>Issue</strong> #<strong>59</strong>

in, the PVP-to-Earn franchise, the Galactic Games.<br />

The game will cater to 4 different types of gaming audiences based on their liking of what games they<br />

like the most playing.<br />

There will be 4 different Arenas,<br />

Arena 1: Shooting<br />

Arena 2: Combat<br />

Arena 3: Racing<br />

Arena 4: Arcade<br />

As I said, there won’t be just 1 game but a series of competitive PvP games with the first PvP game being<br />

a small map shooter with 2–10 player lobbies and team-based matchmaking.<br />

Since it’s a P2E game the next important thing which comes to mind is the token itself.<br />


The name of the in-house utility token of the project is $GOONS. There are multiple utilities tied to the<br />

token:<br />

In the future as the game develops there will be launches of weapons, cars and other equipment within<br />

the game which can be purchased only through $GOONS via the in-game marketplace of the game.<br />

Some of these types of equipment will become mandatory for the users to have to complete missions.<br />

Apart from the Galactic Armoury, there will be a launch of real estate properties within the game<br />

which can be used by other projects and companies to advertise their products, showcase their NFTs in<br />

galleries, etc. The same can be purchased only with the help of the utility token $GOONS via both the<br />

secondary and the in-game marketplace.<br />

To earn $GOONS, the holder needs to stake their genesis collection, the mechanism of which will be<br />

launched shortly after the mint of the project.<br />


The team has mentioned a blueprint on how things will move after the mint of the project concludes…<br />

The main catalyst after the mint of the project will be the IDO launch of the utility token $GOONS.<br />

During this phase, the team will also work on launching the trailer of how the game will look and a playable<br />

demo of the game as well.<br />

Phase 4 of the roadmap is packed with some major catalysts with the launch of the NFT Staking plat-<br />

<strong>SHILL</strong> <strong>Issue</strong> #<strong>59</strong><br />


form being the first priority before the launch of the full game.<br />

Apart from this, the launch of the Social Hub and Metaverse Real Estate will also take place in this<br />

phase of the Roadmap only.<br />

In the roadmap, the team has also mentioned about the launch of their second collection namely “Genesis<br />

Safehouse”.<br />

Genesis Safehouse will be a customizable personal space with a supply of 7500 NFTs. This will work as a<br />

private gaming Suite which will come as a staking multiplier of the PFP collection.<br />


This is one of the strongest points of the project. The<br />

project launched its first looks via Twitter in mid-Feb<br />

and till now they have around 60,000 followers with<br />

around 50 mutual followers between us.<br />

The sentiment towards the project has been quite<br />

positive throughout and I haven’t seen any major or<br />

minor fud associated with them.<br />

The discord has around 22,000 members and a pretty<br />

active community. They are clocking an average<br />

engagement of over 1000 reactions per post as well.<br />

To conclude I would say, I liked the first looks of the<br />

games which have been shared by the team in their<br />

sneak peeks.<br />

Talking about the team, the fact that I liked the most<br />

is that they haven’t rushed their mint and have been<br />

here for almost a quarter which is 4 times the average time spent by some projects before the launch.<br />

The owners are doxxed as well and are launching on a reputable launchpad as well.<br />

Although I do not a lot about the founder, what I know is they have 2 great and reputable Moderators<br />

in this space (Hadz and Zach) which again gives me confidence in the team.<br />

Apart from that, this is going to be a refreshing launch as all the projects that launched lately were<br />

targeting the same thing. And as I mentioned about the launchpads listing the projects before the mint<br />

gets over, the team of the galactic team has announced a solution to that problem as well, where the<br />

minters won’t get the actual NFT but rather a pass<br />

which will have no value. Later the minters will get<br />

the NFTs airdropped to their wallets.<br />

One thing to take note of is that since it is a play-toearn<br />

gaming project, with the game not launching<br />

in a month or something, this might not be a good<br />

quick flip as some investors target.<br />

I would recommend going through the roadmap and<br />

analysing the demand during the mint before you<br />

decide to mint or not.<br />

I would rate the project 3.5/5 based on the in-game<br />

looks and the roadmap.<br />

As always DYOR.



Artist Keezerfeld || SLAM<br />

Los Angeles painter Keezerfeld has just released “The Ghost of the ’90s,” a 1-of-1 NFT that is an<br />

abstract interpretation of the Chicago Bulls’ six NBA championships.<br />

The NFT is calibrated off the original acrylic on canvas, which was made using industrial rakes,<br />

brooms and tools—not paintbrushes. Keezerfeld, who describes himself as a “Thrash Expressionist<br />

Artist,” has sold over 100 NFTs to collectors on five continents and is one of the first artists to be<br />

selling Solana-based NFTs. The sale of “The Ghost of the ’90s” NFT will also include the original<br />

physical piece.<br />

“The cross section of sports and art has always fascinated me, I’m excited about the convergence<br />

of so many worlds with the release of this physical work via the 1/1 calibrated NFT,” Keezerfeld told<br />

SLAM.<br />

The piece captures the legendary Michael Jordan-led Bulls in which Chicago won six championships<br />

in an eight-season span. Such a feat hasn’t been achieved since, as players like Jordan, Scottie<br />

Pippen and Dennis Rodman have gone down as basketball icons. The Bulls championship squads of<br />

the ’90s are also featured in our SLAM Presents TOP 75 NBA Teams of All Time special issue.<br />

An anonymous artist, Keezerfeld found success with “The Quarantine Chronicles,” (TQC), a series of<br />

nine abstract paintings containing commentary on mental health during the COVID-19 Pandemic.<br />

The collection was featured in Elevator Magazine in April 2021. He says his most recent work<br />

features commentary on “the looming ghost of history that has existed for the team,” as the Bulls<br />

have not won a championship since Jordan left in January of 1999. In addition to his most recent<br />

work, Keezerfeld has over 100 pieces of artwork available for purchase on the secondary market via<br />

exchange art.<br />

“The Ghost of the ’90s” is on sale now in celebration of the start of the NBA Finals. It can be<br />

purchased here.<br />

86<br />

<strong>SHILL</strong> <strong>Issue</strong> #<strong>59</strong>

@CryptoKlaasen<br />

I thought I’d write a<br />

thread on one of the<br />

most under-appreciated<br />

products #SolanaNFTs has<br />

seen: @YawwwNFT<br />

Firstly, why do P2P<br />

trading platforms exist<br />

for NFTs? Trading on NFT<br />

marketplaces is simple,<br />

but there are significant<br />

fees that reduce our<br />

profits - especially when<br />

we’re selling high-value<br />

assets. Platforms like @<br />

YawwwNFT are there to<br />

maximize our gains.<br />

How does this benefit<br />

buyers? Well, considering<br />

there are reduced fees<br />

for sellers, buyers can<br />

potentially find NFTs they<br />

want for prices below<br />

floor value.<br />

Buyers can also acquire<br />

NFTs without paying a<br />

load of $SOL. Perhaps the<br />

seller is looking for an NFT that you own, but aren’t particularly bullish on. A fair trade can be made,<br />

without the need for $SOL (given the asset value is similar). $SOL can also be added to a trade.<br />

But why is @YawwwNFT different?<br />

The team has introduced numerous features that make the platform incredibly satisfying and pleasant<br />

to use.<br />

Sellers can list their NFT with the possibility of receiving exciting offers while showcasing various<br />

collections or the amount of $SOL they’re looking for.<br />

Their UI is also attractive and optimized for ease of use, and it is THE safest P2P trading platform.<br />

I remain incredibly bullish on these homies. I think it’s fair to say they’re one of the most accomplished<br />

teams in #SolanaNFTs, or even #Solana in general. Up there with the likes of @FamousFoxFed and @<br />

BlocksmithLabs.<br />

As a Quantum Trader holder, I’m excited to see how the team scales utility behind $YAW while my NFTs<br />

are staked. With a raffle platform in the works, I feel like this team could potentially build the best<br />

one that #SOL has seen.<br />

<strong>SHILL</strong> <strong>Issue</strong> #<strong>59</strong><br />


Amidst a chaotic, emerging Solana NFT market, 1,111 Bōryoku Dragonz were minted in the<br />

span of 3 minutes, birthing a season of utility NFTs and tokenomics on Solana never seen<br />

before.<br />

The mint price was unknown, the anticipation was high. Word spread within the NFT world<br />

and before long a legendary discord was born. The community emerged that night and<br />

continued to appeal to SOL NFT thought leaders, builders, and collectors who shared some<br />

of the best cross-chain alpha in the entire NFT ecosystem.<br />

Cross-chain being the keyword here, as cross-chain has always been the focus of Bōryoku,<br />

with the expansion in The Sandbox Game metaverse experience on Ethereum. A first from<br />

a project minted on Solana.<br />

After delivering on a breeding and utility token roadmap in less than six weeks, smashing<br />

all auction records on Solana, tokenomics that have passed the test of time, merch and<br />

best in class alpha, an immersive metaverse experience being built in partnership with the<br />

amazing team at MetaVenture Studios, and much more, it’s now time for Bōryoku to fulfill<br />

its original cross-chain vision and bridge the chasm between Ethereum and Solana.<br />

88<br />

<strong>SHILL</strong> <strong>Issue</strong> #<strong>59</strong>

Akumu Dragonz, a new collection of Bōryoku Dragonz, will mint 10,000 HD pixel Dragonz<br />

on 5/31 at 0.169 ETH, on Ethereum.<br />

Why do we believe this is a necessary step for the future success of the project?<br />

NFTs are a fast-moving space. Our community has achieved a lot in the short span of six<br />

months, cementing its role as a premier collection on Solana and beyond. Yet, there’s so<br />

much more that can be accomplished by growing our holders.<br />

This is why, as part of the team’s vision, Akumu is born with the purpose of expanding the<br />

Boku community through the Bōryoku and Akumu brands. With even more factions, fantasy<br />

lore, gaming around the Dragonz universe to come.<br />

We see this project holding IRL events that go hand in hand with further metaverse expansion<br />

and experiences. Thus, Akumu’s focus on branding is essential to deliver on this vision<br />

and expand our community base. Akumu is the access ticket to one of the most exclusive<br />

communities in Web3, it’s the pass for IRL events, initiatives and more (… I see you, merch).<br />

From working with suppliers of top luxury brands, to leveraging our IRL connections to unlock<br />

unique access for holders, we understand the importance of high quality products and<br />

interactions that create the Dragonz lifestyle. We intend to test the limits of what is possible<br />

by embarking on gamified and interactive storylines where holders can feel they are not<br />

just part of the lore but they are driving it as the main character.<br />

Through Forging, our soft staking mechanism, Akumu Dragonz holders will qualify for<br />

future drops, both physical and digital (obviously, our metaverse experience wouldn’t be<br />

complete if we didn’t include a special section for Akumu as well).<br />

Akumu and Bōryoku will be managed jointly under the Boku Labs umbrella, with the specific<br />

goal of creating a true cross-chain community that transcends geographical borders<br />

and chain maximalism, to fully leverage the extent of disruptive power we are witnessing in<br />

Web3.<br />

<strong>SHILL</strong> <strong>Issue</strong> #<strong>59</strong><br />


NFTs are the future of brand building, fundraising, community building, and much more.<br />

We are building for a day when the project can leverage communities and audiences<br />

across all chains and make use of the natural features of each to unite holders and fans<br />

from all over the world under one digital brand.<br />

Since day 0 we’ve been focused as a team to continuously drive value for our holders. This<br />

time is no different.<br />

90<br />

<strong>SHILL</strong> <strong>Issue</strong> #<strong>59</strong>














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