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EasyMoneyDing casts his eye over the

week’s happenings #alpha

Probably Nothing

EasyMoneyDing speaks. Are you

listening? #alpha


BOT Heads explain what they’ve been

working on #alpha

Blacksmith Labs

Dexterlab looks closer at what

Blacksmith labs is building #alpha

Marco Polo

The team at Mercanti wrap up the week






Easymoneyding walks through the tool

and how to put it to work for you #alpha


TariqSTP walks through the Grape Art

platform, why we should be looking


YouKnow_Steve goes over some of the

gems dropped by the URS





Issue 63 of #Shill marking over 8 months of publishing this free zine across

the Solana ecosystem. Readership is steady with about 8000 views per week.

Our 2022 goal is 10k views. All it takes is a retweet & maybe an influencer?

Recently I bought an @husaensadam piece. Husaensadam sent a shirt with the piece

printed on it, international at no cost. THIS is what we should all be expecting.

#Shill managed to lock away four pieces during the week. What have you collected?

As always, show your love on the Twittersphere with a simple retweet.

Enough said. You know the drill. Let’s f go!


in the midst @avekno

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Seventy-Three LowBrow


SHILL Issue #63

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Thoughts regarding the last week of solana nft trading:

@primatesnft is the only project the last fortnight that’s been worth holding longer than 48 hours - it’s transacted

over 65K the last 7 days. the only project that’s been worth holding since day 1 post mint

Arguably second in place in terms of profitability would be @UdderChaosSOL which made a run towards 9 SOL

midweek, it’s since been sold off but there was a nice window of 4 days where you could have cashed anywhere

in the region of 2 - 5 SOL prof trading the floor.


SHILL Issue #63

There were a couple other projects that had brief moments of profit taking opportunity, @TheMagicDAO

on a run up to 4 SOL, @artofmob turned out to be a free mint and has held it’s head above 3.5 SOL.

The one that’s really caught my attention the last 2 weeks is @SolanaMBS‘s bounce off of 140 on jun 18 and has

found a new home around 200 SOL.

Otherwise it feels like a slow burn out there, there’s a little bit more risk appetite flooding back in over the last

week, though it’s unlike before where established projects would find both price support and volume when the

price of Solana bounced back

There’s been some minor runs here and there but nothing that’s truly stuck on the wall like @primatesnft. There

has been one consistent trading strategy I’ve seen work the last 6 weeks and that’s to swing trade @okaybears

when it tests 75-80, seems to always get love there.

A fair few projects are on discount and a lot of them are established ones with strong price action only 6-8 weeks

ago. but since then we’ve had the luna crash and a whole bunch of VCs hanging on life support as a consequence

of that.

Nfts were seen as a hedge on the market, but that only seems to be the case in a bull market where projects

tend to hold USD value, but in our current market state (risk-off), projects are seldom holding their sol value let

alone usd value.

There are some good signs out there, number of daily users and transactions continues to grow month to month

which means adoption is still there.

SHILL Issue #63





@easymoneyding - 4081 followers

sweeping floors

doesn’t mean shit if

your project sucks

@Brycesworld - 15.7k followers

The people of Solana are different, so

many people I’ve met are so fucking

real. This is a top down mentality,

walking into a pub at 1AM and talking

with @aeyakovenko

is as common as spending time with

people who have stories about the value

you brought them

10 SHILL Issue #51

2-5Sol & TOP NFT


SHILL Issue #51




Solana Daily





SHILL zine review


Whale’s Friend

grapeprotocol grapeprotocol


16 SHILL Issue #51




We’re incredibly excited to share that our Presale Tool for upcoming mints is now LIVE to the public! We’ll use

this thread to talk about some of the features!

UPCOMING MINTS If you have an upcoming mint - you can allocate the number of slots you’d like to give easily

to various communities/discord roles.


SHILL Issue #63

WALLET COLLECTION We collect the wallet and discord id of every user who signs up. This means that if a user

signs up from one allocation, they will not be able to sign up from another. It also means that only users with the

SPECIFIED role will be able to sign up for WL.

UPDATE ROLES Our tool also checks that users are in YOUR discord before being eligible for WL. And once they

submit their wallet, the Bot Head bot will automatically allocate them a NEW role in your server (and this can be

whatever you want it to be)!

All of this means that you will no longer need to ever MANUALLY add a discord role nor do you ever have to

check a screenshot for proof of a role. We do all that for you!

TOKEN DISTRIBUTION And if you’re doing a token-based mint, you no longer need to worry about airdropping

them to thousands of members. Instead, you can have users CLAIM their tokens from our site - saving you in fees

and other possible errors.

BOT COMMANDS And if a user ever needs to CHANGE their wallet or CHECK their wallet - you don’t have to do a

thing! They can easily run a command and check their wallet and/or change it within SECONDS!

SHILL Issue #63


USER EXPERIENCE The experience for users signing up for WL is literally one click. We take pride in the feedback

we’ve seen from the community, and we let it speak for itself.

INSTRUCTIONS All you need to set this up is to own 3 Bot Heads. That’s it! In the future we’ll be adding a subscription

model (more on this to come)! You can follow step-by-step instructions in our SUPER helpful docs



Presale Management


SHILL Issue #63

VIDEO WALKTHROUGH Or if you’re a visual learner, you can set yours up while watching this handy video made

by our one and only @Papa_MooMoo!

About Bot HeadBot Head is an all-in-one software suite for creators & investors. This includes a Presale Management

Tool | Alpha DAO Tools | Discord Verifica...

FEATURE REQUESTS + SUPPORT If you ever have any questions, feature requests, or feedback - just stop by our

discord and open a support ticket! LINK TO TOOL Presale Tool Link - http://app.bothead.io

THE FUTURE This is just ONE tool in our entire SUITE of tools that we’re offering. We’ll continue iterating and

adding features as we grow and expand! The Bot Head universe is only just getting started. Keep your eyes

peeled for what’s coming up!

SHILL Issue #63











How Blacksmith Labs solves problems | DEXterlab

We’ve been bullish on Blocksmith labs since the start when we posted this review just before the mint.

Why? First, the BSL team are great devs, but what’s even more important they are not only good at building stuff. They are

also good at finding the pains of the Solana NFT world and delivering solutions to relieve them.

If you're active in the Solana NFT world, you probably used Mercury. The platform became a go-to place for the majority of

NFT projects to collect WL addresses. For the service and additional exposure, BSL only asks for a portion of WL spot

allocation. Those WL's are then auctioned or raffled for $FORGE (token of the Blocksmith Labs ecosystem).

Mercury registered 300+ projects and 100,000+ users since its inception but the next thing the team introduced can potentially

be even more significant.

Bifrost and the problems it solves

The team announced Bifrost less than a month ago. It will be a launchpad unlike any other with dynamic pricing, meaning that

the mint price will change depending on the demand. This way, less hyped projects minting during harsh market conditions

will not have to fear not minting out because the price will meet the level of demand.

In the same way, projects will be able to maximize the capital raised when the demand is high. On top of that, Strata protocol,

a backbone of dynamic Bifrost minting, is also equipped with anti-bot measures which hopefully will make public mints a

competition between humans and not machines.


SHILL Issue #63

Another big problem in the recent months was that early minters begin to list the NFT while the mint hasn't even ended yet.

This usually creates unhealthy dynamics until the market finds a fair price. Bifrost will allow projects to freeze NFT listings

until it's time to be listed on a secondary market.

The lesser discussed feature – Discord role based whitelist minting is also super powerful. Right now, you have to submit your

wallet if you earned, bought or won a whitelist spot. If you miss the wallet submissions, which are usually open for a few

days, you lose your chance. Technically that's understandable as launchpads have to collect WL wallets before mint, but from

user perspective it's a pain in the arse to keep up with all those wallet submission announcements.

Just one week after announcing Bifrost, 100 projects have applied to be launched on it. Not all of them will be lucky, though.

Because, unlike some other well-known launchpads, BSL will only work with legit teams who honestly wish to make Solana

NFTs better. In fact, BSL says they will be launching only 2-3 projects a month.

“If we wanted to, we could launch a project every few days for the next three months, but that's not what we are about. As you

know, we only want to launch high quality projects and projects that we believe will do well.” - harmy

We are yet to see the power of Bifrost, but the first project to use it is only a few weeks away, so we do not need to wait that


The surprises don't end here though. 2 weeks ago, the BSL teased about SHFT…

What do we know about it? Not much for now… to quote BSL:

"Project SHFT, a revolutionary tech to shift the way we think, build and upgrade NFTs. SHIFT will introduce a new meta and

make NFTs exciting again."

I wouldn't pay attention if I hear such a claim from some random team, but when you hear this from BlocksmithLabs, it's


Apparently, the SHFT has been in development alongside Bifrost, the tech is ready, and the team just needs to present it in the

right way to show how powerful it is.

Until we hear more about SHFT from BSL, we can earn some FORGE. All you have to do is follow @BlocksmithLabs, link

your Twitter on Mercury, and add "(SHFT)" to your Twitter username.

Final thoughts

One more thing that BSL deserves credit for is that by delivering value to the Solana ecosystem, the team also ensures that the

value they create is transferred to the Blocksmith Labs NFT and FORGE holders.

SHILL Issue #63


It isn’t easy to build a solid foundation for an NFT project token. Many projects fail just because the token fails as people

often assign NFT value to the token's value.

In the case of BSL, there’s a constant demand for $FORGE because it can be used on Mercury raffles and auctions. Even nonholders

can participate in those auctions, so the people outside the BSL community create buying pressure.

$FORGE will also be used on Bifrost as a portion of the supply will mint for $FORGE. How cool is to own a BSL NFT

producing 10 $FORGE daily which you can spend on a solid NFT collection that passed "no BS filter" of Blocksmith Labs


It’s not easy to find a project with sustainable demand for a token and I believe the BSL is one of a few.

…and the cherry on top–the art upgrade is coming relatively soon!

Always do your research, this is not financial advice!














Marco Polo

Marco Polo’s Journal

Solana going mobile, NFTNYC2022, ME closing $130M, 2105: Voyagers riding and more

Solana took the crypto world by storm with the reveal of Solana SMS (Solana Mobile Stack)

and Solana Saga. With SMS being a toolkit enabling developers to build web3 mobile apps

& Saga pioneering to be an actual Solana mobile phone with a crypto app store, it’s time for

crypto to go mobile.

NFTNYC2022 — the biggest NFT IRL meetup (so far) is coming to an end. We landed on a

boat with Sidazhang, balled with Frank, IRL shitposted, and most importantly, met frens we’ve

been talking to on Twitter for months. As it winds down, we’re setting sail to a brighter future.

Solana bussin fr fr.

As we are celebrating NFTNYC, Magic Eden closed its $130M Series B funding at a valuation

of $1.6 billion. I remember at my time back then, ME was just one of the launchpad options.

Now it has become the largest launchpad on Solana with 20m SOL in total volume. Congrats!

(Probably a good time to buy Magic Ticket. NFA)


SHILL Issue #63

2105: Voyagers

The Skinny: 2105: Voyagers are building a groundbreaking Web3 entertainment brand with the

help of experimented in house artist, designer, dev & CM — including devs from the no.1 gaming

platform on Near. Their first goal is to create an emotional connection between individuals

within the space by building an inner and outer $BOOZE ecosystem with multiple $BOOZE


Why we’re paying attention: In-house team with a successful track record, Travel Club with

real-world perks & prizes, Conquest Space Game, Original art & lore. Seems like a good ride

with 5555 Voyagers! (NFA)

Safe Travels, Marco

Mint Date: June 27th, 18:15 UTC

Mint Supply: 5,555

Price: 2.5 SOL

Twitter: https://twitter.com/2105_NFT

SHILL Issue #63






ItsMcnatt yzces




Essjayne Art Studios










Degen Poet






There is a plethora of amazing analytic tools we have at our disposal to track our beloved Solana NFTs.

There’s Hello Moon, which has a focus on the top volume and smart money/social buying. Another

commonly used tool would be Solswatch, which enables tracking of top volume, floor movers, largest

gainers and fallers paired with listing percentage graphs and supply figures. If you love your charts,

then perhaps Solsniper is more up your alley. These three tools are commonly employed by your everyday

trader and so they should be. They can sway the way we view a particular project or entry point

and it’s a proven method of better informing our trading decisions. However, none of them provide the

type of profile picture insight or social media influence data that NFTInspect does.

NFTInspect is a social ranking system of both NFT projects and twitter profiles across both the Solana

and Ethereum blockchain. You can filter projects by collection sizes less than 1K, 1K-10K and 10K+.

For this article, we’ll be focusing on the Solana blockchain for obvious reasons.

For the moment, only those who have installed the chrome extension are privy to both accessing the

data and having their data drawn. NFTInspect does have a larger following on Solana. At this moment,

Solana holds 10 of the top 20 projects across both chains. My hunch is that project ranking is a cross

weighting system of the metrics Unique PFPs, PFPs Per NFT and Community Reach. I’d love to find

out the specific weighting formula. There are three main metrics being valued. Unique PFPs is the

number of unique NFTs from this collection being used as a Twitter PFP. PFPs Per NFT. Community

Reach is the percentage of Inspect Chrome Extension users exposed to this collection in the preceding

24 hours.


SHILL Issue #63

Personally, I believe Community Reach and PFPs Per NFT are the two leading indicators for understanding

influence when it comes to projects. A high % of PFPs displayed would have some correlation

towards how strongly the art is perceived and how proud the community is to reflect that. Community

Reach is a 24hour rolling metric that rewards those who post frequently and recently.

Solana NFT PFPs account for 100% of the top 15 profiles across both chains. Out of the top 50 profiles

across both chains, only 8 are displaying Ethereum NFTs whilst a whopping 84% ride with Solana.

What’s rather interesting is that NFTInspect has also identified the type of twitter poster these influencers

are. They’re categorized into Builders and those who run giveaways for the moment.

SHILL Issue #63


Let’s dive deeper into the type of data that NFTInspect provides us.

For context, Okay Bears is Solana’s top ranked project on NFTInspect. Here, you can visually track how

strongly the projects PFPs are being displayed. You can see that in the last 15 days, total individuals

displaying an Okay Bears profile picture has dropped from around 3450 to 3200, however the reach of

those displaying an Okay Bears PFP has not necessarily been impacted. This leads me to believe that

those who have traded their PFP for other projects aren’t as impactful as the Okay Bears still displaying

their PFP (which you can see in the profile flow at the bottom of attached image). Tweets with NFT is

the number of tweets with an image of the NFT from this collection that has been viewed in the proceeding

24 hours. It is likely that NFTInspect is scraping the number of engagements and views from

each post that has an NFT displayed as their PFP.

The profile flow metric is particularly interesting and fun to play with. You can adjust the profiles with

followers to different levels to measure what those with larger follower counts are doing. The graphic

below shows the difference in profile flow on Okay Bears of followers with 1K+ followers and 10K+



SHILL Issue #63

As you can probably tell, there are slight differences in the projects they are swapping from and swapping

into. Very interesting if you love understanding the intricacies of social worth within various NFT

collections. What’s even more interesting in the 10K+ follower data, is that notable ETH collections such

as Azuki, Doodles, CryptoPunks swapped into Okay Bears, reflecting the attraction and conversion of

ETH NFT holders we saw congregate over to Solana. On the backend you can see that once they were

done holding Okay Bears or perhaps taking profit on this collection, they then moved to DeGods, Taiyo,

Boryoku Dragons and Solana Monkey Business – perhaps long-time grails they’ve wanted and finally

had the liquidity for. Compare this data to that of the followers greater than 1K and you can tell there

are more flippers in this territory, as amongst the top 10 collections swapped into, 3 or 4 of them are

even more recent mints as opposed to established OG collections. You can even adjust the number of

collections shown to reflect more data points. Here, I’ve swapped total collections to 30 whilst keeping

profiles greater than 1K+ followers.

This data is amazing not just for traders, but also for project owners. They can pinpoint exactly which

community members are the most vocal with the most impactful voices. Is it possible that in the near future

the top community members are rewarded by projects for being brand ambassadors? I can totally

see @justinape receiving that stamp of approval but on a more official level.

SHILL Issue #63


If that was the case, perhaps we wouldn’t have seen him change his PFP to a Primates! Justin was the

poster boy for Okay Bears and personally, I believe he drove up a lot of the community sentiment. From

the data above, he held an Okay Bear for over 47 days and during that time his follower count has more

than doubled with his global reach in the last month moving from around 18-19% to now sitting well

over 30%. I’d love to see a world where hypothetically Okay Bears signed Justinape to a sponsorship

deal with the content he was putting out for them for say 90 days for X amount of Solana. That would

bring a whole new element to Crypto Twitter and perhaps it would incentivize celebrities to deliver valuable

content to our space as opposed to just flashing the badge (displaying the PFP) and dipping. As

the NFTInspect metrics suggest, you can tell Justinape delivered true content with 97% value and only

3% shitposting.

The data that NFTInspect reveals is very telling. Primates, a recent PFP orientated project that minted

with unique profile picture art is currently ranking number 3 out of all collections. For a 10K collection,

you can see their steady incline on Unique PFPs rising up since inception towards at least 24.5% of

their supply being displayed.

The Primates data over the last 20 days reflects those holders of both Solana and Ethereum projects

were able to swap into the project. I’d go further to suggest a high percentage of flippers were amongst

these trades as the outflow of projects suggests with movements back into a lot of projects in the 1-10

Solana price region as profiles with 10K+ followers were the ones swapping into the top 8 outflow proects

displayed. Interesting to note the movers in this price range into Solgods the last week.


SHILL Issue #63

Regardless of how you want to interpret the data, NFTInspect provides value that other tools do not.

It’s a metric that enables us to determine not only the floor price value of a particular project, but also

the social value of displaying it. If you look closely enough, you’ll also be able to determine which art

slaps and which profile pictures do not. Our NFT market has always been dominated by PFPs. Utility

and meta will change quicker than the seasons, but PFP meta will never die off. That is the reason why

NFTInspect’s data is crucial to understand.

SHILL Issue #63




My name is undxfined (or Matt), and as of writing this I have been in this space for 5 months and I have sold 30+


I chronically overuse emojis and exclamation points, and am obsessed with pixel art (especially 1-bit)!! Read on

to get to know me a bit more.

I am incredibly bullish on myself, because much like Muk pictured here, I never stop creating! Be it bull or bear

market, you will find me minting because the art is going to be made either way.

Everything I make is hand drawn with much love. I am currently a Software Engineer at a fintech company, an

indie game dev hobbyist, and a husband and father! I am also a desert boy living in Salt Lake City, UT (USA), so if

you ever pass by please hit me up!!

I have a healthy obsession with Solana, and currently have all of my collections on @exchgART

!! Peep them here if you want to support 1-Bit Worlds: https://exchange.art/series/1-Bit%20Worlds/nfts… Devourables:

https://exchange.art/series/Devourables/nfts… Love, undxfined: https://exchange.art/series/Love%20


HUGE shoutout to @OutkastNFTs for reminding me to make this pinned tweet!! Thank you bro for always sharing

the alpha for helping 1/1 artists to succeed!!


SHILL Issue #63



Brief thoughts on ‘editions’ from a collector POV: I love editions

that look visually different from an artist’s 1/1’s. People

collect a 1/1 because it’s special, but if nobody can tell whether

it’s special or higher quality, they may be less motivated to

spend more on it.

Just because you CAN do editions, doesn’t mean you

SHOULD. What I mean is, make sure they serve a purpose

in your portfolio. Typically, they’re used to gain reach with an

entry-level price. But if your 1/1 is selling










Grape art is an NFT marketplace built by DAOs for DAOs by @grapeprotocol which is On-Chain, ‘ie’ Built directly

on Solana (decentralized), and Not sitting on a central Server DB like Magic Eden & Opensea.

Recently lots of new features has been added to the marketplace and many integrations has been made. With

Grape art you can send messages directly to the owner of an NFT in the marketplace, this hasn’t been done or

seen on any marketplace on Solana.

SMS/SMS Dialect @saydialect

GM GRAPE MESSENGOOORS We’re excited to launch a brand new in-app messaging experience with @grapeprotocol!

Solflare wallet has recently integrated Dapp notification with @grapeprotocol.. all you need to do is subscribe to

get all important notifications straight to ur device.



SHILL Issue #63

We’re happy to announce that we have now integrated dApp Notifications with @grapeprotocol. Receive important

alerts straight to your devices! All you must do is subscribe while connecting your wallet

Grape art is also the first marketplace to add likes and reports, using decentralized social graph protocol.

Kirk @ForkedKirk

FACT: http://grape.art @grapeprotocol is the first to implement likes, reports using a decentralized social graph

protocol; See an NFT you like? Just hit that little heart and add it to your collection of liked NFTs… now list your

bear already https://grape.art/collection/bearsreloaded…

SHILL Issue #63


With the VTL (vote to list) feature also out, DAOs can vote to list through Realms on any metaplex auction house.

Kirk @ForkedKirk

FACT: http://Grape.art was the first to implement a vote to list an NFT from a specific @Realms_DAOs treasury,

the @grapeprotocol Dev subDAO recently applied for a grant to get this added to the Governance UI so that any

DAO can vote 2 list on any @metaplex Auction House

The mission of grape DAO is to only accept projects that are not rugs, will use Realms, and that will be DAOs.

Tools to push unruggable mints has also been put in place.

For newly launching projects or old #NFTCommmunity looking to experience true decentralisation the grape art

marketplace is designed for you all. For more info visit:https://grape.art Thanks to @ForkedKirk and the whole @

grapeprotocol DAO. grape.art

Grape | Social. Stateless. Marketplace. powered by Solana

List and get offers for your NFT collection without it leaving your wallet only on grape.art, enjoy the benefits of

holding your NFT until it’s sold, the first truly decentralized social marketplace...


SHILL Issue #63















It’s @The_URS_ airdrop time! Let’s see what we have in store this month! First, the prompt: “I had the story, bit

by bit, from various people, and, as generally happens in such cases, each time it was a different story” Ethan

Frome, by Edith Wharton.

I am no literary savant, so I had to do some research on the book and the writer. I recommend doing this for each

of the prompts! It helps to ground oneself in the characters, settings, and emotions you may find in the resulting

pieces. Now on to the art!

1/3 - Artist: @BlockFramez



One of my favorite parts of this project is when I get art from creators I’m not familiar with! Excited to dive into

more of their photography/collage work.


SHILL Issue #63

2/3 - Artist: @xtillgood

Love the immediately recognizable style and color palette. I have been eyeing a piece or two of theirs from previous

drops on secondary, as well.

SHILL Issue #63


3/3 - Artist: @itslordof

Someone I have been watching for a while Love the fluid lines and gorgeous color choices here.

That’s it for this month’s airdrop! Congratulations again to the @The_URS_ and all the artists who contributed

their amazing work. While we’re at it, let’s look at some of the pieces from previous drops that I picked up on

secondary this past week, most for less than 1 $SOL.


SHILL Issue #63

Month 2, Artist: @StompArt

No commentary needed. Incredible piece

Month 2, Artist: @cavpatrol

His editions are partly responsibly for my full-on art collecting addiction. Another wonderful piece

SHILL Issue #63


Month 3, Artist: @culturehacker

I’m already a huge fan. Watch out for his new ODYSSEY experience releasing in just a few days.


SHILL Issue #63

Month 4, Artist:@0xlxxr

The soft lines and delicate blending work are haunting and beautiful. So glad to have found this piece!

Hope you enjoyed! It’s never too late to grab a crown, or watch the secondary markets on @MagicEden and @

exchgART for amazing pieces from so many talented creators.

SHILL Issue #63











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