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EAsymoneyding speaks<br />

quality<br />

projects<br />

what makes<br />

projects special?<br />

influencoorrr<br />

the perfect influencer<br />

monsta<br />

scientist<br />

should we bE looking?<br />

infected mob<br />

can they deliver?<br />

ISSUE #<strong>64</strong><br />

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Just the facts.<br />

Weekly REFLECTIONS<br />

EasyMoneyDing casts his eye over the<br />

week’s happenings #alpha<br />

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Probably Nothing<br />

EasyMoneyDing speaks. Are<br />

you listening? #alpha<br />


SubaruImpreza09 takes a look at what<br />

makes projects special #alpha<br />

IS IT A RUG?<br />

JustinApe shares his thoughts.<br />

Marco Polo<br />

The team at Mercanti wrap up<br />

the week #alpha<br />

ISSUE<br />


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NFTBoomer1 looks at this fresh<br />

NFT series. #alpha<br />


It’s the teams that BUIDL that<br />

you have to watch! #alpha<br />

INFLUENCooOOrrr<br />

BroccolidDAO looks at WHAT<br />

makes an influencer. #alpha<br />


PerfectEnChlag dives into the<br />

newest NFT project #alpha<br />


PerfectEnChlag uncovers<br />

another BUIDL team #alpha<br />


from<br />

the<br />

<strong>Issue</strong> <strong>64</strong> of #Shill marking our 9th month of publishing this free zine across the Solana ecosystem. Our<br />

2022 goal is 10k views. All it takes is a retweet & maybe an influencer?<br />

Recently I bought a @husaensadam piece. Husaensadam sent a shirt (there’s the photo on the opposite<br />

page->) as part of the auction win.<br />

I have to send a S/O to @credlessk and @MrUniqueNFT for the shits and giggles this week in Twitter<br />

Spaces. Got to meet and speak with @EasyMoneyDing and, in a 2nd Space, they shilled this zine while<br />

@frankdegods was in the chat. <strong>Issue</strong> 63 shot up by 150 views! People that have never heard of #<strong>SHILL</strong><br />

zine- now they have.<br />

This issue has OVER 180 pages. Definitely #ALPHA. Definitely #threads you’ve missed that are worth<br />

your while. And, definitely #NFTs that you didn’t know existed from artists that would appreciate you<br />

looking at their work. It’s not all about flipping and pfps.<br />

Culture Hacker’s new series ODYSSEY is most impressive. NFTs that allow you to take part in an<br />

immersive ESCAPE ROOM. I’m in!<br />

Articles (threads) from some very talented writers in the space including @EasyMoneyDing, @SubaruImpreza09<br />

and @GUILD512. Add them to your FOLLOW if you want information that counts.<br />

#Shill managed to lock away seven pieces during the week. What have you collected?<br />

As always, show your love on the Twittersphere with a simple retweet.<br />

Enough said. You know the drill. Let’s f go!<br />

@Pixeltoy<br />

Gluttony in Motion - part 1 @CultureHacker<br />

Greed @hersoid<br />

4<br />

<strong>SHILL</strong> <strong>Issue</strong> #<strong>64</strong>

Husaensadam BONUS gifts.<br />

Manggran’s potrait 4 @manggran<br />

Sundried Shadow @McNatt @DonRoccie<br />

Colonial Policy @elthomate_nft<br />

ugly @avekno

WEEKLY<br />

@easymoneyding<br />

Here are the results on a poll I ran on average length of time for an NFT purchase in current market conditions:<br />

80 people responded: 26.3% said they’d flip in the first 3 days 21.3% said they’d flip within 2 weeks 52.5% said<br />

they’d hold longer than 2 weeks.<br />

We had to dive a little deeper into those who held longer than 2 weeks (small sample size) ~ 50% are holders less<br />

than 3 months 36.4% longer than 3 months.<br />

Based off the data we can assume that around 75% of holders are relatively active traders (willing to hold no<br />

longer than 3 months), particularly in current market conditions.<br />

What does this mean? There’s all types of traders in the market now with the half of the holders looking to flip<br />

within 2 weeks’ time. This is about as short as duration of holds become due to the bearish state of the market.<br />

However, it’s still positive to see a quarter of the market looking for long term holds and buying established projects<br />

they believe will withstand the test of time. Imo, the market has been more favourable to long term traders<br />

as opposed to short-term flippers<br />

I’d argue that there is an inverse correlation between the overall health of the nft market and opportunities to<br />

flip for profit. Something you might think is obvious, but it’s taken some time to become truly apparent.<br />

6<br />

<strong>SHILL</strong> <strong>Issue</strong> #<strong>64</strong>

Keep your eyes on...<br />


SolPotatoNFT<br />

Sniping Demon



@guild512<br />

Saint Degen the next “degen” mint to explode.<br />

Saint Degen is the next “degen” project to blow up, despite not having a clear<br />

utility or roadmap. Since minting for 0.069 Sol, the 5555 collection reached a high<br />

of 0.8 Sol and is hovering around 0.6 Sol at the time of writing.<br />

A “degen” mint refers to an nft project that’s launching and with little to no information<br />

about it, and typically for a really cheap fee. Goblin Town is the standout<br />

example, minting for free on May 20th, 2022, and reaching a high of 4 eth,<br />

roughly 4000 USD.<br />

Recently on Solana, a slew of art-only degen mints have popped up. Gothic Degens<br />

and Aidegens are two that went from sub 0.1 Sol mints, to being over 1 sol, with<br />

gothic degens hovering around 9 Sol as of right now. Saint Degen won’t be following<br />

the path of these other projects as they have no intentions to make custom nfts for<br />

other projects like these two have.<br />

Saint Degen came from nowhere and made such a huge splash due to their founders<br />

excellent marketing. They went into a spaces held by a major Solana influencer and<br />

started saying things like how the founder cured a couple people of cancer just by<br />

blessing them. They leveraged this attention and built a community centred around<br />

trolling and medieval language. As of this moment, they are yet to have a clear<br />

roadmap.<br />

10<br />

<strong>SHILL</strong> <strong>Issue</strong> #<strong>64</strong>

The wave of cheap mints with no promises give people hope that some of the spirit<br />

from the bull market remains, but we will have to see how these projects play out<br />

over time, and if more projects like them will appear out of the blue.<br />

Degen Town announce The Fallen collection<br />

After the sacrifice that Degen Town held a couple days back, it’s been all quiet<br />

from the team, leaving people worried that they may have just burnt their nfts for<br />

nothing.<br />

However, NftRamo, advisor for Degen Town, tweeted out “The fallen are coming.” The<br />

photo above was attached to the tweet, and it appears that those who “sacrificed”<br />

their nft will receive a Fallen version of the nft.<br />

People replied with enthusiasm, with some saying that this looks “waaaay better<br />

than first collection”.<br />

Degen Town has managed to generate a lot of hype around its project, and it’ll be<br />

interesting to see what’s coming next.<br />

Current fp: 8.8 Sol<br />

<strong>SHILL</strong> <strong>Issue</strong> #<strong>64</strong><br />


Project Highlights<br />

Liberty Square<br />

Liberty Square is a collection of 9999 squirrels minting next week for 0.88 Sol. It<br />

is increasingly building up a head of steam as more and more people are paying attention<br />

to it, a result of their constant and sincere engagement in twitter spaces.<br />

Many are scrambling to get themselves a whitelist spot, but few actually know what<br />

the project plans to do.<br />

“Liberty Square is not a PFP project.” That’s how they describe themselves, as they<br />

plan to be more than a jpeg you use as your pfp. They want to “focus on future development”,<br />

and given the owners background in the entertainment industry, it is<br />

probably safe to assume that they’ll be going down that route with their project.<br />

Of course, this is still speculation, so let’s look at more concrete things that<br />

they will be doing. On top of their high-quality squirrel art, they will grant IP<br />

rights to their holders, do regular airdrops, and staking.<br />

A couple of these are in line with the industry standard, but the project suggests<br />

that their tokens, $FILTH, will have utility “unique to Liberty Square”.<br />

12<br />

<strong>SHILL</strong> <strong>Issue</strong> #<strong>64</strong>

Influencers like Amystreets and Alexander42 have taken note of the project, with<br />

the consensus being that they’ll mint out, and perform decently well on secondary.<br />

This confidence has brought confidence to retail, resulting in the scramble to get<br />

whitelist spots for the project.<br />

Liberty Square will be minting next week, July 13th, 2022, for 0.88 Sol.<br />

Daily Mint Results<br />

Chambers:<br />

Mint price: 1.4/1.7 Sol<br />

Total Supply: 7777<br />

Price change: N/A<br />

Supply change: N/A<br />

Mint postponed due to issues<br />

with metadata.<br />

Scrappyboyz:<br />

Mint price: 1 Sol<br />

Total Supply: 4000<br />

Price change: N/A<br />

Supply change: N/A<br />

390/4000 minted.<br />

Kazuki:<br />

Mint price: 1.5 Sol<br />

Total supply: 3333<br />

Price change: 0.22/0.079 Sol<br />

Supply change: 1222<br />

119/1222 minted.<br />

Heroes of Astron:<br />

Mint price: 0.99 Sol<br />

Total supply: 4444<br />

Price change: 0.33/0.10 Sol<br />

Supply change: N/A<br />

Sold out.<br />

Floor price: 0.15 Sol<br />

Attack on Meta:<br />

Mint price: 2.33/3/3.33 Sol<br />

Total supply: 3333<br />

Price change: 0.333<br />

Supply change: N/A<br />

820/3333 minted.<br />

Zenin:<br />

Mint price: 1.88 Sol<br />

Total supply: 4050<br />

Price change: N/A<br />

Supply change: N/A<br />

2943/4050 minted.<br />

Daemonverse:<br />

Mint price: 1.5/2 Sol<br />

Total supply: 1010<br />

Price change: 1.5 Sol<br />

Supply change: N/A<br />

341/1010 minted.<br />

Sniper Cove:<br />

Mint price: 2.75/3.5 Sol<br />

Total supply: 1000<br />

Price change: N/A<br />

Supply change: N/A<br />

Sold out.<br />

Floor price: 3.45 Sol<br />

Shrouded Playground:<br />

Mint price: 3 Sol<br />

Total supply: 7777<br />

Price change: N/A<br />

Supply change: N/A<br />

4222/7777 minted.<br />

Solkids:<br />

Mint price: 1.5/2 Sol<br />

Total supply: 5555<br />

Price change: 1.5 Sol<br />

Supply change: N/A<br />

100/5555 minted.<br />

Bad Habits:<br />

Mint price: 1.75/2 Sol<br />

Total supply: 5000<br />

Price change: N/A<br />

Supply change: N/A<br />

13/5000 minted.<br />

The Reynard Club:<br />

Mint price: free/0.3/0.5<br />

Sol<br />

Total supply: 777<br />

Price change: free<br />

Supply change: N/A<br />

Sold out.<br />

Floor price: 0.04 Sol.<br />

Netrunner:<br />

Mint price: 2 Sol<br />

Total supply: 4<strong>64</strong>6<br />

Price change: N/A<br />

Supply change: N/A<br />

Sold out.<br />

Floor price: 2.30 Sol<br />

<strong>SHILL</strong> <strong>Issue</strong> #<strong>64</strong><br />







@easymoneyding - 4081 followers<br />

are utility projects that support our nft<br />

ecosystem such as @BlocksmithLabs<br />

redundant now that the services they<br />

provide are replaceable?<br />

18 <strong>SHILL</strong> <strong>Issue</strong> #51

<strong>SHILL</strong> <strong>Issue</strong> #51<br />




MetaverseME<br />

Star Atlas Game Play<br />

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vrnxfPp6iHk<br />

Grape Art<br />

What is Grape.Art and why you should be looking.<br />

grapeprotocol grapeprotocol<br />

https://youtu.be/Tabn5fgvMW8?t=3053<br />

24 <strong>SHILL</strong> <strong>Issue</strong> #51















@subaruimpreza09<br />

There are so many pieces of information to weigh when looking at a project and evaluating its quality. This picture<br />

says ~at least~ 1,000 words.<br />

The blue areas are “hubs,” or places where other factors relate/converge. This signals to me that these specific<br />

factors are ones of the utmost importance. This thread will break down these “hubs” and what makes them important.<br />

Points covered:<br />

team communication trust in team team/community response to FUD community engagement<br />

matching the market<br />

flexibility<br />

Team communication: this is a HUGE one. There is no “one size fits all” style that works the best, but the important<br />

part is that the team is engaged directly with the holders.<br />

ex. @peblo69: Peblo is a mysterious mfer and the community embraces his style. He doesn’t make many announcements,<br />

but he still informally communicates with his community frequently.<br />

40<br />

<strong>SHILL</strong> <strong>Issue</strong> #<strong>64</strong>

Additionally, CoC has a thick stack of staff dedicated to community management<br />

Team trust: a necessity. Good things take time, but the space moves at lightning speed. When a community<br />

understands the vision and trusts the team to execute, the team can focus on the end goal. This ties into communication<br />

and managing expectations.<br />

ex. @okaybears: OKB would not be at 100 fp right now unless the community trusted the team.<br />

@powerofpixel’s levelheadedness, leadership, and communication make this possible.<br />

Team and community response to FUD: with trust and communication, a community and team can fight FUD<br />

from the outside together. Getting defensive is a red flag. Engaging with reasonable FUD and squashing misinformation<br />

is the key, and a tactful leader will communicate this.<br />

<strong>SHILL</strong> <strong>Issue</strong> #<strong>64</strong><br />


ex. During the recent @TaiyoRobotics FUD (“what has Solport Tom done”), community members were quick to<br />

give their perspective. @SolportTom hosted a space to clarify some info, and it had immediate benefits<br />

seanytsunami.sol<br />

So @SolportTom hops on one twitter spaces and this is what happens? @TaiyoRobotics<br />

Community engagement: the need for engagement doesn’t stop post-mint. It takes consistency to solidify a<br />

project as a big player in the space. Pfp usage, tasteful raiding, and keeping up with news on discord are always<br />

beneficial for spreading the word. ex. @CetsOnCreck/@CetsCommunity made a name for themselves by being<br />

loud af, to the point where you would have to be sleeping under a rock to not know about them. They may even<br />

raid this tweet too.<br />

Matching the market: it is important that a project’s supply and price are reasonable given the context of the<br />

market. It is also an important consideration whether the project either uplifts or intentionally rejects (riskier)<br />

the market meta.<br />

This can understandably be hard to get right, given that the larger market is outside of a team’s control. This<br />

leads me to the next point...<br />

Flexibility. A team/community that can make pivots<br />

based on market conditions, metas, etc. will almost<br />

win over a project with rigidity. Managing expectations<br />

and not making promises too far in advance<br />

are good signs.<br />

Not all of the factors in the first figure are relevant to<br />

every project. However, I would expect a team to at<br />

least have thought about + considered these factors<br />

before launch. Hold upcoming projects accountable<br />

-- we can create a better space by asking tough<br />

questions.<br />

Thanks for reading. I hope you found something in<br />

here helpful. Do you agree? Disagree? Special S/O to<br />

@LitecoinYagami’s content army for the feedback .<br />

42<br />

<strong>SHILL</strong> <strong>Issue</strong> #<strong>64</strong>










Chaplin sound








@justinape<br />

Is @degensweepers<br />

a rug?<br />

My thoughts about how I think this project is forming a cult & that it likely won’t end well The purpose of this<br />

thread is to raise awareness to others to see another side of the #UrkannArmy.<br />

I used to respect Urkann after he swept the Degods floor multiple times He claims that he owns 8 businesses & is<br />

now extremely egotistical here on twitter. He silences anyone that goes against his cult narrative. I posted something<br />

& he said my comment will be “hided”.<br />

How do you run 8 companies “successfully” & have time to run a full on Web 3.0 project with a big community?<br />

When an employee didn’t get paid, they had to resource to Twitter as a last resort so people could see. Then got<br />

mocked PUBLICLY… that’s wild<br />

How do<br />

you run 8<br />

companies?<br />

60<br />

<strong>SHILL</strong> <strong>Issue</strong> #<strong>64</strong>

It’s fair to point out that a 6-6.5 $SOL mint / $200 is pricey for the “average” $SOL NFT enthusiast In these market<br />

conditions 40% going to tech / dev & 5% going to a “sweeping Wallet” It’s debatable on whether or not there’s<br />

good integrity behind this.<br />

<strong>SHILL</strong> <strong>Issue</strong> #<strong>64</strong><br />


Urkann’s posts are very cult like Often times makes fun of people / puts others down while getting his point<br />

across He’s literally dissing his own community and they don’t even see it. Most of the community members I’ve<br />

seen just do / say whatever urkann says.<br />

62<br />

<strong>SHILL</strong> <strong>Issue</strong> #<strong>64</strong>

An example of the type of comments you see from this “community” All of this & then at the end “although I<br />

don’t have SL but I am going to keep trying” All you need to know The cult is so caught up in trying to get WL for<br />

the project that they’ll do / say anything.<br />

A clueless cult There are hundreds of comments like this. Worshipping a founder of an NFT project usually<br />

doesn’t end well. Not to mention a lot of these are accounts with the same PFP w/ under 100 followers &<br />

following 1000+ .. almost look like bots.<br />

A clueless cult<br />

<strong>SHILL</strong> <strong>Issue</strong> #<strong>64</strong><br />


Not sure I’d want to invest in a project with a founder that makes threats if you don’t succumb to his narrative<br />

Interesting to say the least.<br />

When I asked a genuine question a few days ago on the value prop of degen sweepers, I didn’t get very many<br />

intellectual comments Was met with quite a few angry dms though Including quite a few “brooms” & “trust urkann”<br />

which was expected.<br />

@justiinape<br />

What’s the reason everyone is bullish on @DegenSweepers Besides “trust Urkann” or “sweep”. Genuinely curious<br />

on the value proposition & would love to hear some bullish cases & some opinions.<br />

<strong>64</strong><br />

<strong>SHILL</strong> <strong>Issue</strong> #<strong>64</strong>













Marco Polo<br />

Marco Polo’s Journal<br />

Hacker House Belgrade, CoC & Thugbirdz moving up, Primates merch on fire, Bohemia<br />

Fabulosa minting and more<br />

Ayyy CoC is back making moves on marketplace with Peblo’s tweet, merch sneak-peak, and the lit official<br />

music video… if you got a Cet, pfp it up in the name of Solana!<br />

Rank #2 Thugbirdz found its new owner with 150 SOL, sitting on 2nd highest sales on ME last week.<br />

Despite the bittersweet, the ups and downs, Thugbirdz were aspirational for most folks coming on to<br />

sol for a very long time. CAW CAW mfs, we come back stronger.<br />

I gotta say, Primates art & fashion line for merch impressed me this time. The anime that comes with<br />

fine details and minimal logo & clean background makes me cant’ wait but to print them out and hang<br />

on my wall in my Mongol tent. JNGL boyz!<br />

78<br />

<strong>SHILL</strong> <strong>Issue</strong> #<strong>64</strong>

Bohemia Fabulosa<br />

The Skinny:<br />

Despite (I said a lot of despite today) the market, Bohemia is an absolute beast. They are launching<br />

their 2nd NFT — Fabulosa next week with unseen gamified raffle utility and more. The $WOOP ecosystem<br />

will connect Fabulosa & Bohemia, making each other stronger.<br />

Why we’re paying attention:<br />

State-of-the-Art magical gamified raffle application, epic prizes through Fabulosa: blue chip NFTs,<br />

SOL, USDC, festival tickets, traveling the World & and so on, connected with the Bohemian Ecosystem<br />

through $WOOP, stunning Fabulosa Art by GringoGrass… Those who don’t believe in magic will<br />

never find it!<br />

If you want a TLDR about Bohemia, here’s a quick recap video of Bohemia made under Marco’s Library<br />

on YouTube.<br />

Mint Date: July 12th<br />

Mint Supply: 5,000<br />

Price: TBA<br />

Twitter: https://twitter.com/BohemiaArtFair<br />

Website: https://www.fabulosa.io/<br />

<strong>SHILL</strong> <strong>Issue</strong> #<strong>64</strong><br />




@NFTBoomer1<br />

a<br />

in the<br />

Deep dive on rising 1/1 artist on SOL that Im very excited about. Im talking about, of course, the talented<br />

@kiramotosan. I first ran into a piece from Kiramotos A Day In The Life Series while cruising @exchgART.<br />

The piece is entitled Employee of the Month (below).<br />

A Day in the Life is a wonderful series. In this series, i just see so much wholesome rebellion...not just<br />

rebellion for the sake of chaos, but something pure in the joy of it... His characters are navigating adulthood<br />

with no compass and no apologies. Just like us.<br />

82<br />

<strong>SHILL</strong> <strong>Issue</strong> #<strong>64</strong>

People are taking notice, early,<br />

on this up-and-coming star.<br />

<strong>SHILL</strong> <strong>Issue</strong> #<strong>64</strong><br />


But, like all art, the work on the canvas is shaped by the life experiences of the artists behind them. In this<br />

regard, Kiramoto is such an interesting character study.<br />

Growing up in a family of overachievers, he studied medicine to follow in the family tradition of becoming<br />

a doctor. Changing course in med school, he chased music, writing, and pursued several other<br />

creative outlets...<br />

Ultimately, he ended up in Europe, studying under some of the most successful Chefs at the time. He then<br />

moved back to one of the largest metropolitan areas in Asia and ran several restaurants for almost a<br />

decade. COVID struck his businesses hard, so he pivoted to crypto.<br />

Several good calls in crypto provided Kiramoto with a taste of freedom from the everyday grind of being<br />

a restaurateur. He enjoyed the ability that crypto provided to spend more quality time at home with his<br />

wife and young child. This led him to art...and his current series.<br />

Both of his series focus on rebellion, freedom in anonymity, and living an authentic life. Others (normies, if<br />

you will) often view web3 folks as a bad batch of hackers, crooks, and swindlers. Kiramoto, through his<br />

art, aims to flip that stereotype on its head. He succeeds.<br />

84<br />

<strong>SHILL</strong> <strong>Issue</strong> #<strong>64</strong>

By capturing his subjects, clad in balaclavas, going about their everyday lives....Kiramoto hopes to show<br />

the world that most web3 participants are genuine people who live a normal life, but are interested in an<br />

emerging technology, not simply a mass of degenerates.<br />

It is my feeling that he captures this sentiment wonderfully through his art. You will find students, white<br />

collar workers, and parents depicted in his work...<br />

an accurate representation<br />

of many of us and a love<br />

letter to the crypto and<br />

NFT culture at large.<br />

<strong>SHILL</strong> <strong>Issue</strong> #<strong>64</strong><br />
























@CoralTribeNFT<br />

We wanted to create something new & different with our staking & $AQUA. Here’s how we’re doing just that.<br />

Gamification<br />

Daily staking yields are tied to Sea-MT, a psychoactive substance which alters your Coral NFT’s mind & metadata<br />

when smoked.<br />

Learn & Earn: Nature x Web3<br />

The effects of Sea-MT are determined by IRL Ocean Conditions. To maximise staking yields, holders should take<br />

Sea-MT when conditions are threatening to corals. This rewards holders for learning more about our oceans.<br />

110<br />

<strong>SHILL</strong> <strong>Issue</strong> #<strong>64</strong>

Tokenomics & LP<br />

We’ve partnered with @cursedlabs to design our tokenomics w/ the highest level of precision - All decisions have<br />

been made to elevate the value of your $AQUA. This includes timing a liquidity pool with fresh $AQUA utility to<br />

sustain its long-term value.<br />

DemiGod 1/1 Collection<br />

The DemiGods are five 1/1 pieces handcrafted by @Q1R0Z GUARDIAN | NOMAD | SHAMANESS | ENCODER |<br />

JOKER Each will play a unique role within our ecosystem & a further layer of gamification. $AQUA auctions start<br />

July ‘22.<br />

Impact Fund<br />

The Impact Fund is the core of our project, USP & seeded w/ 50% of project revenues. Rewards obtained from<br />

Impact investments will be tied to $AQUA - providing direct value to our holders. Our Tribe Council of multi-disciplinary<br />

experts is almost ready.<br />

Staking Temple Opens Soon.<br />

<strong>SHILL</strong> <strong>Issue</strong> #<strong>64</strong><br />


Jun 28<br />

<strong>Issue</strong> 5 - InfluencooOOrrr =<br />

AmbassadoooOOOrrr<br />

Does anybody else remember the days in Web2 when everybody wanted to become an<br />

influencer? No, not like @shillin_villain, (people might want to be doing that now though), I'm<br />

talking about 100k followers on Instagram, with brand sponsorship deals of clothes, shoes,<br />

Jewelry and more… and they pay you like $1,000 per post to share with your followers.<br />

That’s the influencooooOOOr I am referencing.<br />

Celebrities, actors and athletes made up some of the top campaigns for companies like Adidas,<br />

Nike and Louis Vuitton - But deep down Micro-influencing started having the reach that brands<br />

needed for organic growth and engagement.<br />

Ad campaigns on billboards, radio and TV don’t drive people into shops like they used to. The<br />

rise of ecommerce also fueled brands' need for marketing to users who were spending more<br />

112<br />

<strong>SHILL</strong> <strong>Issue</strong> #<strong>64</strong>

time at home, and even more time on their phone, plus this type of marketing was cheaper than<br />

paid ads and had better results when done correctly.<br />

Web2 companies were building influencer marketing campaigns, designed solely around more<br />

organic reach this way. I don’t need to give you the top down summary of all this, we were there,<br />

we all remember. The point I am trying to highlight though, is that we are resurfacing this aspect<br />

of branding in NFTs. InfluencooOOOrs on twitter are now the brand ambassadors of Web3 and<br />

NFTs.<br />

Let’s hop on over to NFT inspect for a second. Rankings by chain, supply and reach on Profile<br />

pictures and NFT project reach.<br />

<strong>SHILL</strong> <strong>Issue</strong> #<strong>64</strong><br />


Every sh%&poster shills themselves and their ranking, which furthers the importance of the<br />

comparison, simply because every influencer has chosen an NFT for their profile picture. More<br />

social meaning is weighted on who Fxnction, Iced Knife or Shillin_Villain rock in their profile,<br />

simply because their followers are impressionable. The more people they reach, the more eyes<br />

on that little circle that contains a project's NFT.<br />

Psychologically, all of us NFT degens will recognize most of these projects above and be<br />

flooded with some emotion of an experience we’ve shared with the project the same way a<br />

sound or a smell brings you back to a memory. This is a subconscious branding element every<br />

company on planet earth desires. A thought of any kind, can be improved upon, changed, and<br />

acted upon if creating enough FOMO. Lowkey inciting you to BUY. The same happens with<br />

influencers. We see them “winning” often, and setting aside the inner workings of being an<br />

influencer, on the surface if we emulate them, we will achieve the same success.<br />

Deep down, we’re all brand ambassadors for NFT projects if we’re rocking an NFT as our profile<br />

pic. Influencers especially…<br />

114<br />

<strong>SHILL</strong> <strong>Issue</strong> #<strong>64</strong>

From a Web2 perspective, the PFP is ingenious! A non-invasive form of marketing. By simply<br />

rocking the PFP, influencers followers see that picture every tweet, reply, or twitter space the<br />

influencer takes part in. This applies to each one of us as well, we are all brand ambassadors<br />

for the project we decide to rock as our PFP. When a PFP is changed, that gets noted in the<br />

subconscious of every follower.<br />

The project an influencer wears is their promotion, or backing of said project. We are seeing<br />

subtle forms of marketing and ambassadorship whether knowingly or not. Ask yourself, how<br />

many times have you seen an Influencer with an Okay Bear, Degod or Solana Monkey Business<br />

and ask yourself if you should get one as well?<br />

With the age of our ecosystem, Web3 is not yet more advanced than Web2, which will cause<br />

short term relapses or parallels of what we saw of the brand ambassador meta Web2<br />

experienced. If we look at PFPs with that lense, the FOMO we get can be tampered down,<br />

helping us think more clearly and rule out social sentiment that could affect our investment<br />

decisions.<br />

A key to investing is looking at placing your funds into something with as little emotion attached,<br />

so that you don’t bag hold to zero. The same goes for NFT’s.<br />

<strong>SHILL</strong> <strong>Issue</strong> #<strong>64</strong><br />


As much as we love our little monkeys, or the community while talking to other cat pictures, we<br />

have to learn to jump ship when it comes to our hard earned cash. The overlap between Brand<br />

Ambassadors and influencers these days, even our own PFPs, is one in the same.<br />

116<br />

<strong>SHILL</strong> <strong>Issue</strong> #<strong>64</strong>









@perfectenchlag<br />

The last article I wrote was about a project which has planned to offer multiple tools and<br />

accelerator program services to its holders and it stands under the Utility Meta category.<br />

So to make it even, this article belongs to the community-driven project. But lately, we<br />

have got a lot of projects that made a lot of big claims in the name of the community and<br />

are sitting under their mint cost as I write this, why would you guys want to take a look at<br />

another project in the same category?<br />

Well because this project has been launched by the team of an already successful project<br />

being launched in this space with an already established strong community and a holder<br />

base.<br />

Let us talk about Infected Mob.<br />

Infected Mob, is the upcoming Gen 2 collection of the projects Rare Robots (Gen 0) and<br />

Robot Mafia Mob (Gen 1) which are listed on Magic Eden at a floor price of 2 $SOL and<br />

4 $SOL respectively. Not only this but the Team behind the project is also the one which<br />

is behind the project “Xin Dragons” one of the few projects in the space that have built<br />

something better for everyone. And when I say everyone I mean to say that they have built<br />

staking platforms for various projects and are currently sitting at a floor of 40 $SOL.<br />

Before we talk in detail about the Infected Mob collection, the mint details for the project<br />

are as follows:<br />

Supply: 7777<br />

Cost: 1.77 $SOL<br />

Time: 6 pm UTC<br />

Launchpad: Magic Eden<br />


So, Infected Mob is going to be a project under the umbrella of Mob Studios that will<br />

provide the end-to-end solution any actor or creator in Solana needs including marketing<br />

advisory, high-quality customized merchandise, the smoothest custom-tailored tech<br />

solutions, and a lot more.<br />

Let us talk about all the services the Mob is going to offer in detail:<br />

DESIGN<br />

Here the artists will get a chance to work alongside the Creative Director and the whole<br />

team behind the art of the Infected Mob collection in areas such as Designs, Concept Art,<br />

Animations and UX/UI support, the team which has done such a commendable job in<br />

designing their art which we will talk more about in the ART part of the article.<br />

126<br />

<strong>SHILL</strong> <strong>Issue</strong> #<strong>64</strong>


The Mob Studios will also help in creating branding to help any project make a<br />

meaningful and lasting impact in the space, allowing for a wider audience to recognise<br />

you.<br />


Once you have the design and the brand ready, the next thing in line is to market your<br />

project, well if you are new to this and don't know a thing about how “MARKETING”<br />

works the MOB got you.<br />


Well this particular term was quite famous recently and everyone wants to launch a<br />

MERCH these days, so following the trend and making it easy for the project teams the<br />

MOB will help the team to distribute merchandising at a scale. This service includes<br />

Hats, Sweaters, T-Shirts, Hoodies and more!<br />

Not only this but the team will also provide professional photoshoots to showcase the<br />

merch in various environmental settings to give authenticity and a reference for how the<br />

fit would look on the models.<br />


Here the Mob will provide your project with respectful and experienced staff members to<br />

assist you in your project’s journey. Not only that, but the Mob can offer training and best<br />

practices for your most dedicated community members to contribute, freeing you up from<br />

the day-to-day, and allowing you to innovate in Solana.<br />

This was all about the services being offered by the MOB Studious to third parties,<br />

however, the Roadmap has still got things left:<br />


As I mentioned above Xin Dragons have launched Staking platforms for a lot of projects in<br />

the space so why won’t they have a platform in place for their project.<br />

Here the stakers will have to send their NFTs to different jobs in search of $MOB.<br />

<strong>SHILL</strong> <strong>Issue</strong> #<strong>64</strong><br />


1 $ROBO = 1 $MOB.<br />


As the name suggests, here the holders will have the chance to multiply their net worth,<br />

which isn’t a lot offcourse because most of them haven’t taken a single profit when $SOL<br />

was $250 a piece.<br />

They can do so by spending their delicious $MOB tokens, they will have the chance to<br />

win big: whitelist allocations, NFTs — both degen and blue-chip, $MOB jackpots, Infected<br />

Elixirs, and a lot more.<br />


The holders of the NFT will have a chance to spend their hard-earned $MOB here to buy<br />

the slickest Mob merchandise for you to rep IRL! In the Warehouse, you’ll also be able to<br />

pay for illicit elixirs to obtain roles, custom banners, and other valuable upgrades.<br />


Information about this particular phase is limited, all we know is that apart from doing<br />

various jobs to earn $MOB and gambling their $MOB and purchasing things from the Mob<br />

Warehouse, the Mobsters will get a chance to get their hands on another precious currency<br />

which can also be acquired by them.<br />


Here you will get a chance to use your Mobster NFTs to brawl against fellow Mobsters in<br />

the discord. These battles will be initiated within the Infected Mob Discord in a turn-based<br />

fighting style similar to Pokémon.<br />

ART<br />

The team has been making announcements that they are going to launch the best art<br />

Solana has ever seen. Looking at their background and their experience all we could have<br />

done is trust them in their words right.<br />

Well, they have kept their word and this is by far one of the best arts launched in space<br />

128<br />

<strong>SHILL</strong> <strong>Issue</strong> #<strong>64</strong>

ecently.<br />

Not only the art of the NFTs but the website of the project is unique as well and staking<br />

websites which have been launched are aesthetically pleasing with an overall great User<br />

Experience.<br />


Once we know that a team with a proven record and is building throughout the different<br />

phases of the market and providing values to not only their holders but the new projects<br />

in the space is going to launch another project with art which beats their old collection,<br />

getting a good engagement is quite obvious.<br />

There is an overall positive sentiment around the project and all the potential investors,<br />

whether the community members or the big players in the space of them are one way or<br />

another excited for the launch and have mentioned them in their lists of the ming projects<br />

to check out.<br />

Talking about numbers, they are somewhere getting an engagement of around 500–1000<br />

reactions per announcement in their Discord.<br />

To conclude, I would say that the project is looking promising. The team has fulfilled all<br />

the promises till now and has released all the utilities which were promised in the past<br />

collections.<br />

Talking about providing value to the past holders, the team has announced that the first<br />

phase of the mint will only go to happen in $ROBO with a closet of 777 $ROBO a piece.<br />

The vision is quite great as well and it supports what the project has been doing till now<br />

which is helping projects set up their staking websites.<br />

One thing that I found unsatisfactory is the fact that this collection is going to have a<br />

supply of 7777 NFTs which is quite a big number if we look at the market conditions.<br />

The engagement in terms of numbers also hasn’t been that big if we measure it with the<br />

supply. However, to tackle that they have built a strong support base of members who are<br />

availing of their services.<br />

<strong>SHILL</strong> <strong>Issue</strong> #<strong>64</strong><br />




















By @perfectenchlag<br />

Twitter<br />

Discord<br />

It's been a long time since I have written about a project, well not my fault<br />

hasn't found anything impressive as such.<br />

The entire crypto market is down except for the few short-term rallies that<br />

many people mistake as the reversal. This downtrend has also affected the<br />

volume on Magic Eden which is back to the 5 figures mark now, a number<br />

that only the OGs have experienced.<br />

But even in this downtrend, some projects have had an impressive launch,<br />

the only similarity between them is that they did not promise to build any<br />

brand with stolen art and a stolen website but something which has<br />

something of value attached to it. The best example of this is “Delysid<br />

Kiddos”.<br />

Don’t feel sad if you missed the mint because some projects are launching<br />

this week which are going to add their names in the builder’s meta and will<br />

offer not just PFPs.<br />

Let us talk about Monsta Scientist.<br />

Monsta Scientist is a project that has a lot of tools planned for the holders of<br />

the NFTs which are supposed to make their life easier. Not just tools but the<br />

project also believes in the spirit of the community and will help their holders<br />

with services which will help them launch their projects in the future.<br />

154<br />

<strong>SHILL</strong> <strong>Issue</strong> #<strong>64</strong>

Before going ahead, the mint details of the project are as follows:<br />

Supply: 4444<br />

Cost: 1.5 $SOL<br />

Time: 6:40 pm UTC<br />


These guys have been building their project for a long time now, and their<br />

roadmap is proof of why they have taken so much to launch the project.<br />

The Monsta Scientist Roadmap is divided into different classes, however,<br />

each one of them has the same underlying motive of providing maximum<br />

value to its holders.<br />

Tools<br />

The team has announced that the project will offer multiple tools to their<br />

holders so that they can use them and make their journey in the NFT Space<br />

a bit easier.<br />

These tools include:<br />

Rarity Tool<br />

Sniper Tool<br />

Project Analysis ( anti-rug-tool )<br />

Pre-Whitelist / Pre-Mint tool (only for Monsta NFT holders)<br />

Web Jobs<br />

Floor price alerts, token alerts, new CM alerts, and Wallet trackers.<br />

Apart from the tools, the project will also<br />

launch its marketplace for the holders to get<br />

benefits of:<br />

Trading their NFT with several tokens, they<br />

will provide $SOL, $USDC, $LABS, and more<br />

tokens in the future.<br />

Token swap<br />

Monsta Raffles<br />

Auction of special Monsta and other NFTs<br />

Auction whitelist<br />

Merchandise sale<br />

<strong>SHILL</strong> <strong>Issue</strong> #<strong>64</strong><br />


Now to avail of the benefits of any of these services, the holder must have<br />

$LABS, which is going to be their in-house governance token and will be<br />

available to only those who will stake their MonstaNFTs.<br />

Accelerator Program<br />

This utility is for those holders who are planning to launch their collection<br />

someday in the future and are lacking resources.<br />

The primary services being provided by the team of Monsta Scientist<br />

include:<br />

Help in growing the community of the project.<br />

Marketing<br />

Developer support (tools, webs developer etc.)<br />

Collaborating on a project and using all of Monsta Scientist’s connections<br />

Assist with Sneak peek art and Twitter account development<br />

Launchpad & Doxxing services<br />

All projects wishing to join this accelerator program are required to pay with<br />

$LABS a token generated by staking Monsta Scientist or Monsta Potion.<br />

ART<br />

When I said that the project is going on the route to registering its name in<br />

the builder’s meta, I didn't mean that they are not going to take care of the<br />

members who love flexing their NFTs as PFPs on their socials.<br />

This is one of the best things in any utility-focused project when they make<br />

sure that the NFTs they will offer to the investors are pfp-worthy.<br />

The website of the project is also very clean and the overall user interface<br />

is great.<br />

156<br />

<strong>SHILL</strong> <strong>Issue</strong> #<strong>64</strong>


This is one of the strongest points of the project. Before the launch of their<br />

main collection, they launched the mint of Monsta Potions, a second<br />

collection of the project with a supply of just 150 NFTs. The holders of<br />

Monsta Potions were given the benefits of having 2 free mints and 3<br />

reserved WL spots for the Monsta Scientist Collection and other multiple<br />

benefits which will continue after the mint of the main collection as well.<br />

As of now, the collection is sitting on a 12.5 $SOL floor and has over 2000<br />

$SOL in volume, which is quite an impressive number for a project with just<br />

150 NFTs.<br />

Talking about their Twitter, they launched their Twitter on May 10th and have<br />

around 37,000 followers there with around 58 tweets which is a small number<br />

keeping in mind it's been 2 months since they are in the space.<br />

However, the engagement they are getting on their Tweets is pretty<br />

impressive.<br />

Talking about Discord, they have managed to build quite an active community<br />

and the general chats have been active throughout. The Discord also got a<br />

lot of big personalities of the space in there and they are clocking an average<br />

engagement of over 1000 reactions per announcement and sneak peeks.<br />

To conclude, I would say that the project is looking strong from the first look.<br />

They have a well-thought-out roadmap if we look at the condition where the<br />

market is evolving as of now, as all the tools are one’s which are being<br />

<strong>SHILL</strong> <strong>Issue</strong> #<strong>64</strong><br />


used by the community in the Solana NFT Space regularly.<br />

Apart from that, the accelerator programme is also something which has<br />

received a lot of attraction if we look at the past mints who offered that like<br />

FatCatsCapital and is a good added value for the holder.<br />

In terms of engagement as well, the project looks like it will be a quick sellout.<br />

If you have Whitelist, I would recommend you to make your decision only<br />

after watching the demand during the mint phase, but be quick as they have<br />

mentioned that the whitelists are oversubscribed.<br />

If you don’t have a whitelist and want to get a better deal in the secondary<br />

marketplace, make sure to wait for the first leg down, as many people will<br />

take profits and the listings might increase which will lower the floor.<br />

As always do not over-invest in anything and make sure to DYOR.<br />

158<br />

<strong>SHILL</strong> <strong>Issue</strong> #<strong>64</strong>



















CultureHacker - Odyssey suit - xCM1

CultureHacker - Odyssey armor - exoskeleton #2

CultureHacker - Odyssey armor - helmet #1

CultureHacker - Odyssey weapon - Projectile #1

CultureHacker - Odyssey weapon - Projectile #1




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