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Often overlooked, Possible gems. #alpha


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Probably Nothing

Sp00n1cus speaks. Are you

listening? #alpha


SubaruImpreza09 takes a look at an

projects w/ utility #alpha

Thoughts from the TOMB

SecretSphinxSociety on project

builders #alpha

A Different ANGLE

SolMills on DegenTown &

MagicEden #alpha











GigaDAOio is building- have you

been watching? #alpha

A Pearl Earring

The Ghouls are about ready,

brief catch up.

Celebrity Cyborgs

LollaPalooza 2022- watch for the

Celebrity Cyborgs

PUNKS on Solana?

iamKadense gives us

something to ponder #alpha

Seconday Pieces

PapaMooMoo looks at art on

secondary #alpha


A brief history on this OG team



iamKadense gives credit where

credit is due




Issue 66 of #Shill zine. This issue has OVER 170 pages. A lot of new art, new names and new styles that

haven’t previously appeared in #Shill zine.

Four pieces (and 1 participation nft) that caught my eye from Exchange.art and Formfunction were

acquired and locked away in the #Shill vault. What have you collected?

Culture Hacker’s new series ODYSSEY is gearing up for the ESCAPE ROOM. This is a FIRST for the Solana

space. Any day now.

Articles (threads) from some very talented writers in the space including @SubaruImpreza09 and

@GUILD512. Add them to your FOLLOW if you want information that counts.

Our dear BU__UB gets some well deserved recognition in this issue with a great piece by

@iamKadense. R0b0sapiens takes us back to where it all began with his look over the Solana space

from when he started out. CelebCyborgs gives us a heads up about Lollapalooza and some great

services he is offering at the moment. SolMills looks at the recent DegenTown debacle and calls out

Magic Eden (will Goliath hear him?). And a plethora of articles to get you through the week.

Exchange Art has opened up ‘editions’ on the tail of Formfunction. Long awaited. Will it make an impact

on NFT artists and their sales? Time will tell. For the time being it looks like Formfunction has the lead

with a lot of artists taking up the opportunity to release editions. I see that one project has released a

7000 edition at 1 Sol per edition as an entry to their group/Discord. Avoiding the bigger marketplaces

and setting a precedence?

This week’s cover by @The_AO8 has a backstory to it. One worth looking up. I just couldn’t pass up not

using it for this issue when I learned what it was and why AO8 is doing what they’re doing. Kudos to you


As always, show your love on the Twittersphere with a simple retweet.

Enough said. You know the drill. Let’s f go!




SHILL Issue #66

Supernatural Death @BillxMono

Eternity @tanpabakart

Accuracy @martovsky

Doom Squad @Yoko

Keep your eyes on...



Sniping Demon

ProsperousNFTs Flash Drives

GigaDAO Loot Box



Sentiment towards Degen Town gets increasingly bearish as reports

of shady insider activity spread

Since Degen Town got hacked, it has been all downhill for the project. The lack of

communication backfired severely on them, and even in a time of uncertainty, the

project has chosen to keep its information tight to its chest, with little known

about the future of the project.

Pscarlyle claimed in another direct message that 0xlerk and NFTRamo had made off

with 80% of the mint funds, which added more fear and confusion to the entire situation.

It was claimed by pscarlyle that 0xlerk and NFTRamo had a controlling stake

in the project, and he was just “used” to hide the fact that NFTRamo was a founder

of the project.

As it stands, the project has 2 official accounts, @0xlerk which was 0xlerk’s original

account-cum-pseudo-project account due to their inability to reclaim the original

Twitter account, and @DegentownNFTs, which is followed by Magic Eden.

The new Degen Town Twitter account hosted a short space yesterday, where a morse

code was played, and it translated to “Degens will never die” according to some in

the reply section.


SHILL Issue #66

Yet it remains that not much is known about the future of the project. But the

project is down 87%, and unless the rumored partnership is true, it is unlikely we

will see Degen Town reclaim its highs again.

Degen Sweeper announce launch date

Degen Sweeper announces its launch date, which is set for Monday next week, the

25th of July. Many are excited about the mint, with it being one of the most highly

anticipated projects in recent times, but many are equally critical, believing that

the project is asking for too much for what they’re offering.

The team has also begun a public raffle for whitelist spots, where 2000 participants

will be guaranteed to be able to mint as long as they have sufficient Sol to do so.

Masked Ape DAO launch “flex-to-earn” in collaboration with Aiternate

Masked Ape DAO is an NFT project that minted for just 0.029 Sol on the 11th of July

2022. It has since climbed over 37x, sitting comfortably at 1.1 Sol right now.

They were able to accomplish this by being extremely active, “raiding” many tweets

from influencers, which basically means commenting, liking and retweeting posts.

Their desire is to create a raid to earn system, where their members, by simply

spreading the word about Masked Ape DAO, will be rewarded financially.

They announced the first steps towards this goal today by teaming up with Aiternate

to bring their novel “flex-to-earn” system to the project, where users can “flex”

or use an NFT from MAD as their profile picture, and earn 25 $MAD per day. The only

known utility of $MAD right now is that it’ll be needed to bid on a special 1/1 art

pieces coming out next week.

MAD also rolled out their raid to earn mechanic, where those who raid can get

tipped anywhere from .001-.005 Sol per raid, capped at .2 Sol per day per person.

They warned that they are keeping a close eye on those who are cheating the system,

and punishment is likely coming for bad actors.

SHILL Issue #66


Okay Bears relaunch a simplified version of Hibernation

After the complete failure of their hibernation launch, Okay Bears has returned to

the drawing board and returned with a simplified version of hibernation, which basically

involves delisting your bear over a specific period.

Hibernation will begin on 22nd July 9pm PT and end on 1st August 9pm PT, and all

bears delisted throughout this time period will receive a bear drop.

Notable Solana Mints


Froots aims to create a business around

Juices and smoothies. The project which

is launching today on Bitfrost, plans to

target online retailers with its products,

before going for local vendors.

Besides the juice venture, Froots will

also be offering B2B services to other

projects requiring merch services and

clothing lines. Additionally, the project

will use its success in the food and beverage

sector to purchase and expand into

additional projects that are also working

in this sector.

Mint Price: 2.75 Sol(smart pricing via Bifrost)

Total Supply: 7777


SHILL Issue #66

Blocksmith Labs reveal sneak peek of art


Frank has mentioned his love for art

before in an interview with Marc Colcer,

and also has mentioned how Duppies “is

going to look like fifteen thousand pieces

of fine art.”

The art market on Solana is far less

vibrant than it was towards the end of

2021, based on volumes on exchange.art,

but the artist in the space are a strong

community, and it’s likely we still haven’t

seen the full potential of 1/1 NFTs


Blocksmith Labs reveals an example of

their upcoming art upgrade. Their new

artwork adds more depth to the original

and adds a “crucial” rightward facing

component to the NFT, a factor many are

starting to believe is critical for a

project to succeed.

Blocksmith Labs is an NFT project focused

on building utilities for the rest

of the NFT ecosystem, launching its

whitelist manager Mercury earlier this

year, and with other tools being built

out soon, like their launchpad Bifrost,

which will be launching its first NFT

project later this week.

Since this sneak peek, the project has

pumped over 16%, with many seeing the

new art as more attractive for a mainstream


Frank DeGods picks up his first

John Lê artwork

Frank DeGods dabbles into the fine arts

side of NFTs today by buying the artwork


“It’s pretty rare that you find a piece

of art that makes you actually feel


Project Deep Dives

Parrot Tools *The Etoro of Solana

NFTs* Notable Solana Mints

The concept of copy trading has been around

for a while, starting from signal groups

on social media platforms like Telegram

and Facebook but as the technology has

evolved so has the ecosystem around copy


Parrot Tools hopes to bridge the gap between

experienced/skilled traders and amateurs

of the ecosystem with its copy trading

feature. Users of the platform will be

able to pay a subscription fee to access

trades that these profitable traders make.

The platform also aims to give seasoned

NFT traders an “easy” way to generate passive

income while allowing new entrants to

profit from these trades. Of the fees that

subscribers pay, 80% will be going to the

traders and 20% to the project. They hope

to attract profitable traders with this attractive

rev share model. Their platform

is purely algorithmic in terms of who gets

to be a trader based on wallet activity,

where they are looking for traders who

SHILL Issue #66


have been consistently making profitable

trades over a significant enough period of

time. All traders will remain anonymous

even after selection.

A question that arises is the fact that

not all NFTs in a collection have an equal

market value. Rarer NFTs naturally go for

more. Another issue with copy trading in

NFTs that arises is that these NFTs are

usually illiquid in nature which raises

the question of orchestrating pumps and

dumps by these traders. However, the team

has considered this and will be taking a

number of steps to disincentivize this

practice through badges performance indicators

and allowing the Traders to communicate

with their subscribers.

The copy trading platform will feature a

number of traders while the users of the

platform can choose to subscribe to them

based on the capital they have and the

average timeframe of the traders' trades.

So for example if you only have 10 sol

to trade with, the data from traders who

make 100–200 sol trades won’t benefit you,

therefore you can subscribe to traders

who make 5–10 sol trades so you can still

benefit from copy trading.

The team is fully and publicly doxxed and

claims to have worked with multiple VC

firms in the past. They claim to be easily

able to raise the money through VCs if

they want to, but they want to use their

client base to raise the money as it will

be more helpful if their clients are the

ones who shape the product through their

user feedback and help the product evolve

more efficiently.

Minters of the NFT will benefit from a

number of perks including early access to

the platform and all its new features and

products, free subscription to a number

of traders, and access to premium features.

The team still has to make decisions

on profit sharing about whether and

how it will be done.


Parrot tools is releasing a copy trading

platform that will allow subscribers to

copy NFT trades from seasoned and profitable

traders, while allowing the traders

to benefit from passive income. The team

has previously built multiple successful

startups that have raised capital from

well known venture funds. The project is

setting out to do something that has not

been done in the NFT space before and

therefore it could also fail due to issues

related to the illiquid nature of NFTs and


Gothic Degens announce Season 1:

The Crusade

Gothic Degens announce the next step of

the project, titled “The Crusade”. The

project shot up in fame due to its unique

art style and collaboration with blue chip


SHILL Issue #66

projects in the space like DeGods and Taiyo


Its next step will be another collaborative

venture, where their derivative artworks

are done in conjunction with other

projects will not only have artistic

value but could also have utilities like

accessing certain dApps.

Not much else is known but based on the

teaser art, the community believes Stoned

Ape Crew and Primates will be next up to

receive collaborative artworks.

Jikan prepping for project revamp

After underperforming from their hyped

launch, Jikan studios have since engaged

in conversations with DeGods Frank, and

are taking his advice to revamp the project.

SolSwipe — Solana’s First Ever

Debit Card

SolSwipe is an NFT project looking to

launch the first-ever debit card on Solana.

The team has been working with debit

card partners since 2018, with a prototype

already live on MetaMask and BSC.

However, the public launch will be on SOL

through NFTs so the team can build and

grow a community. The card will be powered

by Visa, and users can cash out their

NFTs, shop online, and use ATMs worldwide

with a swipe.

The team promises a decentralised twist,

where assets are stored in the user’s

crypto wallet rather than in a bank account.

However, there will be a separate,

Sol Swipe wallet. This wallet should only

be loaded with the amount the user is

willing to use for a transaction. KYC will

be required as well, but this will only be

relevant and stored with the issuing bank

due to compliance procedures.

The bank partner has a full crypto exchange

license and a payments license issued

by the government. Hence, as long as

KYC is submitted, a user can legally use

SolSwipe anywhere in the world with VI-

SA-enabled POS machines and ATMs.

The mint will be on August at .88 SOL with

a 5888 Supply. Anyone can get a debit

card, but NFT Holders will receive rewards

in the form of rebates and special

discounts on loading fees.

In a discord announcement today, they announced

plans to revamp the art, rebuild

their team and community, repurpose their

native utility token $TROOP, and “capitalization

of ‘The Studios’”.

Price action wise, not much has improved

since the announcement, as many are waiting

to see what the revamped Jikan can and

will deliver.

SHILL Issue #66







sp00n1cus - 36.4k followers

Took half the day off and it

felt like I was gone a month

18 SHILL Issue #66

SHILL Issue #66



Cryptocurrency News Today 2022-


Grape Protocol

Best fruit to build tokenized community on Solana

grapeprotocol grapeprotocol


22 SHILL Issue #66



We are seeing a lot more upcoming projects that are utilizing Web3/NFTs to deliver real consumer products (new

meta alert???) These projects look and act more like real business than your typical “community-driven” projects

Why is this shift happening?

Prompted by the inevitable movement towards lowering fees and royalties, projects will need to rely on other

revenue streams. This is possible if you have an actual product or service that is used by people (ideally both

inside and outside your community)

The decrease in royalties will drive mint prices higher since more funds are needed upfront. This will make investors

more choosy about what they mint. Projects will have to prove themselves as worthy. They will need transparency

and achievable, thought-out plans

I think this shift is good and something the space was bound to experience as it matured. The fact that this is

happening in a bear market is not surprising. Projects must stand out in terms of quality to even get off the


Here are some upcoming/new projects that are hopping on the train as legitimate businesses

@SolNetRunner (minted 8 July): building a tax reporting dApp and portfolio tracker with referrals/rev share

Founder @Meat_netrunner posted a thread about the royalty debate and relying on other revenue streams as a


Netrunner @SolNetRunner

We commend @YawwwNFT for being innovative & providing additional utilites for NFT owners in this ecosystem.

My (@Meat_netrunner) thoughts about the first democratized NFT Marketplace

@CrowdsurfNFT (pre-mint): building a pledge portal (investors make non-binding pledges) and a reporting hub

(creators give investment reports)

@blxckout_nft (mint 17 July): bringing public sector datasets

onto SOL to meet demand and expand functionality

for dApps


SHILL Issue #66

@rakkudos (pre-mint): the pfp side of @shakudo_io, a company that provides streamlined data tools and services

@frootsnft (pre-mint): launching an online fruit/smoothie brand with rev share for holders

I am proud that this shift is one of the things that has come out of a bear market. We are pushing boundaries

together as a space in SOL and these projects are setting the scene. Many projects like these will have first mover

advantage, and big gains can be made

This type of project often requires long-term holds. Though projects can attract hype, it takes time to build a

product with a sustainable revenue stream. Will this also contribute to an increasingly mature investor audience?

We can only hope.

Thanks for reading! This thread is inspired by a conversation I had in @LitecoinYagami’s Content Army -- thanks to

all who participated.

SHILL Issue #66














Secret Sphinx Society



from the

I think everyone’s pretty much all tired out

of the royalty conversation, but I’ll use it to

leapfrog into the topic I really want to touch

on: innovation. It’s such a buzzword, not only

in NFT’s but across all aspects of tech, business,

and culture, but it’s not so easy to pinpoint exactly

what it is. Usually, it gathers the context of being

‘new’ and ‘fresh’ and ‘exciting’, but to me those

adjectives are all applied retroactively to the things

we decide are innovative, and it’s almost like

putting the cart before the horse. Innovation can

also be frowned upon, rejected, cast aside with the

bathwater for being too different than the norm.

There’s no one model on how to innovate, or else

everything would be innovative, and therefore, not

innovative at all!

Nicolaus Copernicus, a well-renowned

mathematician and scholar of his time, proposed

in 1543 that the Earth wasn’t in the center of the

universe — it was the Sun. This was not only

groundbreaking but highly controversial, and while

his work would eventually lay the foundation for

modern planetary astrology, the Church would

not recognize this for centuries after his proposal.

Even though he wasn’t fully correct, it was that

innovative mindset which would propel him into

being a household name, five centuries later, in a

world in which he surely would have been unable

to comprehend.

Being innovative doesn’t always mean that

you’re immediately recognized, or that you’re well

received, or even that you’re in the right. Being

innovative is doing something different from the

status quo, no matter what the current zeitgeist

follows, and it’s brave to do so, because there’s

no guarantee you’ll see the fruits of your labor. But

it’s important to do so, because there’s no way

for us as a society to eventually stumble upon the

truth until we’ve exhausted all means of getting

there. Here at the Secret Sphinx Society, we’re

looking at the beaten path and diving headfirst


SHILL Issue #66

than enough for me to consider that I’ve done

something worthwhile.

So — don’t try to be innovative. Try to be unique,

to create something no one else is brave enough

to attempt, to never settle for something that’s

already been done before (looking at you, Staking

+ Raffles!), and if you happen to find the sweet

spot, you’re pretty much guaranteed to make it.

And if you fail, you never know when the meta will

put you back in the spotlight again.

into the road less traveled, no matter where it

takes us, because we’re committed to doing things

differently than everyone else (and it’s kind of

fun, too!). As it turns out, most of the things we’ve

done have eventually become highly relevant,

and whether they become the most-talked-about

thing of the month, we’ll still keep doing them,

because widespread recognition isn’t what we’re

here for. Personally, I want to be inspiring for

creators, owners, and risk-takers, and hopefully

this article is the start of a series of articles that

makes at least one of you go: Hmm, I think I can

do something different, too, and that’ll be more

SHILL Issue #66



@DegenTownNFT from a different angle and expressing my ethical concerns with how @MagicEden

has behaved regarding this project and how those behaviours are at odds with their stated values.

Let’s review. ME announced a degen mint and spent several weeks aggressively marketing it. The

vigour with which ME promoted it and the project’s deliberate choice of colours that matched ME brand

gave the illusion that this project was ME owned or heavily supported.

People bought this project (that had zero information or roadmap) on this basis and Discord and Twitter

was filled with conversations along these lines. Those who tried to clarify any misunderstanding were

met with silence.


SHILL Issue #66

A handful of people called out the issues with this mint including @HGESOL. Judging by his deleted

post, someone at ME reached out to HGE to address it in private but the only public response from ME

has been to say they are ‘reflecting, more to come’. More never came.

SHILL Issue #66


Has anyone ever been in a toxic relationship

where you give feedback and the response (to

shut you up) is that they will reflect on it, and

continue the conversation later, but they never

come back to you to address the issue again and

you don’t see any change? Sounds familiar...

Rather predictably with their single point of contact

being Twitter, and no roadmap, DegenTown

has been beset with issues and a lot of people

have lost funds which has drained further liquidity

from the ecosystem in the middle of a prolonged

bear market and damaged confidence.

ME will tell you “DYOR”. (What was there to research

here?) ME will tell you “Buyer beware”. ME

will tell you don’t rush to click links. Then ME will

turn around and promote this project with no details,

no roadmap, warning signs everywhere and

collect a handy 4000+ SOL.

ME will make a song and dance about values of

being FOR the community and the ecosystem and

in a lot of fantastic ways they are. I love how they

ship so aggressively and their level of engagement.

BUT we shouldn’t give them a pass for this

toxic, ill-considered behaviour.

ME are still young. They have and will continue

to have growing pains as their staff numbers

explode, and these staff will make mistakes (in

amongst other good work) because - being real

- with growth like this, things could be chaotic

inside ME from time to time.

Likely, the decision to launch this was taken by

someone in Bus Dev rather than someone at the

top who leads setting of values at ME. I had a

good 15-minute chat with @0xLeoInRio in NYC

and left with an appreciation for both his passion

and openness to discuss difficult topics.

I will eat all the hats I own if ME aren’t here to

stay so I write this as constructive feedback to

add to those who have also voiced theirs. My

voice is small but it’s all I have so I will use it. I

hope we see a meaningful response when ME is

done ‘reflecting’.


SHILL Issue #66

















Before we start our space we wanted to remind everyone in a thread exactly what GigaDAO is about and what

we have achieved so far.

GigaDAO operates off the premise that yes, DAO infrastructure is the future and yes, Solana is the best blockchain

to create a scalable solution.

Our DAO Dashboard is currently live https://gigadao.io/maindashboard Our platform charges a flat fee of .005sol

which means a project can create a DAO and their token staking for .01sol All token pools for staking are gated

behind a multi-sig wallet


SHILL Issue #66

Staking is live http://Gigadao.io We currently offer token streams for 340 different projects. They can stake and

connect to the GIGS token stream to start earning now!

SHILL Issue #66


Back in February we shared the below document and since then multiple DAOs within the Solana NFT space has

adopted this formula. We plan on building this infrastructure out in the near future and wrapping all processes

within smart contracts


SHILL Issue #66

docs.google.com DAO Operating System

Our Enterprise Raid Game is one of a kind at the pioneer in Raid 2 earn. You can read more about it in our white

paper https://gigadao.gitbook.io/enterprise-raid-game/introduction/enterprise-raid-game… or; rely on the more

easily digestible pitch deck https://gigadaopitchdeck.my.canva.site/raidgame

This thread is only a glimpse at what our grand design is really going to look like. Don’t fade GigaDAO, because

GigaDAO would never fade you.

SHILL Issue #66



We think it’s time we showed you a bit more into the Ghoul World

Mysterious roadmaps have worked in the past but we want to be fully transparent in a market where people

want to be more informed. Our team has been building for months and we can’t wait to launch!

We have re-built our marketing team, completed all of the artwork (185 traits), planned the rest of our Iconic

Ghoul Auctions, and continued work on some of the cool features our holders will have access to after mint!

We have just dropped our detailed roadmap in our discord! It will be available on our website soon. We’ll drop a

few gems below to give you insight on what we have built.

Rarity Check

Ghoul Marketplace directly on our website.

Merch launch on our site directly after mint.

Ghoul APP- Floor price check, sales/volume analysis, buy/sell trade Ghouls, purchase merch and more.

High Quality AR objects and accessories. IRL Events.

Hop in the discord and read the full thing!

Mint date will be announced THIS WEEK! https://discord.gg/ybcGMPFvTP #LFGhoul #Ghoulish #SolanaNFT


SHILL Issue #66





CCS at Lollapalooza 2022

GM, we’re stoked to be one of the featured NFT collections at Lollapalooza this year on behalf

of Holaplex / Metaplex! If you haven’t heard, Solana is one of the title sponsors for this year’s

festival in Chicago.

We’ll be auctioning 6 x Celebrity Cyborgs of 2022 headliners during the fest (see slideshow

below). They will be displayed on-site in an IRL gallery with QR codes that link to the corresponding

live auctions.

This will be fun, looking forward to it!

Animated GIF Collabs

Our new animation department. This is where we transform static NFT images into hypnotic

animated GIFs.

Same day delivery for most animations. We also create banners to enhance your w3b content,

just ask on Twitter or Discord.

SHILL Issue #66



























Over last week I’ve added a pair of the Military Monkes to my SMB collection. Alien is special because it belonged

to a good friend in the space. Will hold for his return. So why more @solanambs @monkedao exposure

now? Time for a on why you should consider Return to Monke.

But 1st- this is not a paid tweet. I own my own bags and directly benefit from number go up. I trade around my

positions and can sell at any time. All my info is for entertainment purposes only. This is NFA. You should NOT

take investment advice on twitter. I am a Pengu online.

I size my trades based on my portfolio and risk tolerance. Do not copy pasta. You shouldn’t invest more than you

can afford to lose. I am often wrong and will be again. We’re in a bear market, the key is to survive. No FOMO,

make risk adjusted bets and capital preservation.

We had @CryptoMagellan Inside the Igloo w/ @PenguloveNFT. Talked about how he started in @monkedao


@formfunction. Origins of many leaders here did.

@A2KDeFi @MilstGuga: @exchgART

@F_Inn42: @SolanaMBB

@PrimitiveMoney: @_ledao @solBOOGLE

@0x_shake: @CyberSamuraiNFT

But it’s no longer just the home for “builders”. More recently, many of the top artists in the 1/1 space use the

SMB to represent themselves including @notjohnlestudio @iamlaurael @HighwayNFT @Peanug420. Expanding

SMBs as one of top aspirational communities and PFPs on Solana


SHILL Issue #66

Even turning some of the toughest and most vocal past critics, have taken note of @MonkeDAO enduring leadership

and communities in our Solana ecosystems. Here is @Bardstocks in March vs July. Respect for those who can

take in new information and change their mind. Shows growth.

SHILL Issue #66


Hard not to when leaders of @MonkeDAO continue to push forward our space. Here is just today with @theonlynom

@MetaMacD_Monke and @notjohnlestudio in DC talking to policymakers about global impact of NFTs.

Amira V @amiravalliani

Had an incredible day talking to policymakers about the real world impact of NFTs. Huge thank you to our hosts

in DC and a shoutout to the builders who told their stories. You made today special. @TheOnlyNom @johnlestudio

@cheriehu42 @MetaMacD_Monke


SHILL Issue #66

I was monitoring the Crypto punks as they have sparked past NFT runs and sales bot go brrr. I contemplated buying

when they hit $50K USD but I chose poverty instead. This was earlier in the month...

Quote Tweet

Renegademaster.eth @renegademasterr

Punks are flying. 60 sales in the last 24 hours. #Cryptopunks

Then again this past weekend, the sales bot continued to go brrr... Another ~60 sales and including a couple million

dollar sales for Crypto Punks.

Quote Tweet

Andrew Hayward @ahaywa

CryptoPunks prices are popping again, with the floor back over $100K for the first time in two months—and

closing the gap with Bored Apes. Follows a pair of multi-million-dollar Punks sales last week. story for @decryptmedia:


Maybe SMBs will be the Punks of Solana. Maybe. What is clear is that it demonstrates that IF the future are low

to no royalties for NFTs, that it does not erode the ability to be one of the top assets/communities. You don’t

need a revenue stream to create asymmetric (BIG) upside.

Value is GREAT. SOL value has held steady (remarkable strength), USD value is now sub $10K FP. This is below

the levels of start of Sep before massive run up. If you’re bullish SOL, SMB is a great potential lev. long for USD

return. Calling likely bottom in USD value.

SHILL Issue #66


There are risks/questions ahead:

1) Financing of SMB buyout is unclear.

2) DAO vs Executive leadership structure for combined

3) Revenue/Royalty Light model 4) $MONKE (bearish but agreed to sit w/ @MouriCye w/ open mind to discuss


If these are solved well, GO TIME!


1. @MonkeDAOhome of builders, leaders and artists

2. @solanambs aspirational PFP

3. Winning over critics w/ consistency

4. Punk blue chip runnings => SMB next

5. Lev Solana long

6. USD value likely bottom

7. Risks but solvable w/ upside

8. naked 1 att are the best

If you enjoyed this read, please like, retweet and follow. Reminder NFA: I’m a just a Pengu on the internet. Imagine

telling your friends and family you listened to financial advice from an anon Pengu online about pixelated

monkey JPGs and lost money.


SHILL Issue #66









Happy Secondary Day! Love the idea of promoting secondary sales for artists we all collect from! I currently have

a few pieces up for secondary on @formfunction. You can check them all out via the thread below!

Carl & Steve by @jpg_18234. I legit LOVE this series and have three pieces in total. These two are available for 3

SOL each. Carl - https://formfunction.xyz/@jpg_18234/2j7rwGukPoTQJfB4vpbKLHyR1ucHujkuX82n4L7xuVnm…

Steve - https://formfunction.xyz/@jpg_18234/BUoCXSyeszJwD7bCwFDBUc48up42Y7ZP9we8jiDMBLXZ…


SHILL Issue #66

The Lost River by @mintrainmint. After we had a DM conversation, I became SO bullish that I knew I had to

acquire a piece of his. Met him IRL and he’s the real deal. A beautiful AV piece filled with nostalgia. Available for 9

SOL here - https://formfunction.xyz/@mintrain/ALX6seyzd35Jmt3jwACYH5vgQ87rywJcNE4DgCKAX1iX…

SHILL Issue #66


Toxic by @yoy_vector. A super fun, vibrant piece and series. I believe @wgarrettdavis collects quite a handful!

Available for 3.3 SOL here - https://formfunction.xyz/@yoyvector/GqjR4cMy3VgigH22tFTLdgze4xrNgysaF5QdGX-


Tiger Year Series no. I by @storymorpha. They focus on colorful and playful cartoon illustrations. The description

of this one is SOLID: “Sometimes we fail because of our own fault.” Available for 6.9 SOL here - https://formfunction.xyz/@storymorpha/HAfJm18wKs6T2ipT3vQYoJZK2FPV266bLSrLmQ4LW2xM…


SHILL Issue #66

Dream by @bestwithred. Absolutely love this series, the colors, and the feeling of flow. A beautiful, detailed

piece. Available for 7 SOL here - https://formfunction.xyz/@bestwithred.xyz/DRHgQcyPutJofcSCkNL7GorXe7GQqhX7YjVFUP6Aki6T…

Back to black by @nastia_n_n. A stunning animation that has a story we can all relate to: “We have to bloom

even in the dark.” Available for 9.69 SOL here - https://formfunction.xyz/@bibi_n/AhPCeXqXNaCiXe1KkeypDET-


SHILL Issue #66



Why am I bullish on @TheSphynxUS? It all started with the mystery. The reward was 350 SOL so we were all

hyped to find the solution, but it wasn’t easy... So we started to collaborate in the #Explorer chat. For many days

we tried to solve it, but nothing seemed to work...

We were even sending NFTs between us! Until finally, @Ser_Baps found the key. Heroically, he used the prize to

sweep the floor and share the NFTs with all of us. Something was special about this project. Something was being

forged. Our community started to build...

So, it’s clear we have a strong community. We’re all trying to give our best and help each other out during this

challenging market. Some examples are our @sphynxKatanaDAO, doing their own raffles and art contest. Or @

Your__Cousin, who already hosted 4 community spaces!


SHILL Issue #66

Let’s talk about the project. The art speaks for itself - @roogomes is such a talented artist! There are a ton of

traits, carefully designed and well-integrated with our lore, which is built around our mysteries - making every

trait potentially valuable!

It doesn’t stop there! We’ll have a wardrobe that will accept our token, $NYAW, to buy special limited traits, like

SHILL Issue #66


collaborations with other projects/brands, to upgrade our NFTs and sell on the secondary market. We’ve also

produced a song! https://youtube.com/watch?v=_UpLHVTV9b8&ab_channel=SphynxUndergroundSociety…

Our team even has a deal with a top brand (https://instagram.com/skull_official/), which is creating some

high-quality custom jewelry for us to purchase with $NYAW. Soon. they’ll also airdrop passports, so we can upgrade

our Sphynx into explorers - and other surprise uses in the future!

Staking is already up, and more uses for $NYAW are on their way! The next mystery is about to be released, too...

this is gonna be fun. The team is also constantly building and willing to hear us. They’re always receptive of feedback

and the community’s thoughts.


SHILL Issue #66

It’s a hard time, the market is suffering. But like @frankdegods showed us, during these hard times is when

strong projects build and surge. https://twitter.com/frankdegods/status/1549370280786595840… We’ll do our

best to make it - together!

SHILL Issue #66


Quote Tweet

Frank (33.3%) @frankdegods

I remember when we were 3 months into DeGods and the floor was ~4.3 SOL. The Discord was dying out & people

really lost faith in us after some degen mints flipped us.

Oh! I almost forgot - we have @Dr_Sphynx on our side, so nothing can go wrong!


SHILL Issue #66




















By the request of @thugDAO I’m writing this about my journey in Solana NFTs, a journey closely related to @

thugbirdz and caw culture.

I entered the world of NFTs at the beginning of September 21 while I was trying to mine @SolamandersNFT.

Thank goodness I didn’t succeed, but the money invested in SOL and the growing bag gave me some ideas.

I realised that if NFTs are art, then poetry, an important branch of art and culture, is not represented at all. So I

programmed the first collection of generative poems published on @DigitalEyesNFT with the help of @jemmmyjemm

and @A2KDeFi.

The collection was as successful as my knowledge at the time. I sold about 10 pieces, among the buyers was the

owner of diamond.sol domain. (I would later find out that the domain belonged to @StephenCurry30).

I still remember the day @0x_thug saw NFTPoetry put as background under a thugbird and wrote me that he

wants something similar. I happily sent him an NFTPoetry and... he sent me back a thugbird. Which I still have

today and which I will never sell (ok, wen FP 500 who knows).


SHILL Issue #66

By mistake I sent an NFTPoetry to a Binance address (well those were the days) and I was sorry to see that poem

in the 100 series disappear, so I turned it into a “Phoenix NFT” and minted it again. If I remember correctly, that

NFT was bought by @0xCelon.

SHILL Issue #66


The skull I placed over that “Phoenix NFT” gave me an idea and I created the MF DOOM mask, the first accessory

for @thugbirdz. Subsequently MF DOOM’s mask became an attribute used in several collections, becoming part

of the Solana culture.

As one thing leads to another, from MF DOOM mask I created @PimpMyThug420, the first Solana accessory

collection created for another collection. I have hand-pimped over 200 thugbirdz and made many friends in this


At @0x1dad’s suggestion I created the first series of CAW-CAW banners. I minted 50 pieces and sent them to the

first 50 people who wanted them on a first come, first served basis. GOOD VIBES ONLY, remember?!


SHILL Issue #66

At some point 0xthug sends me a DM asking if I can make a 1/1 for none other than @wakaflokka. Full of excitement

I gave it my best shot and did just that:

@TM88 @wizkhalifa @youngthug



Here mentioning only those artworks that became PFPs of the above mentioned stars.

SHILL Issue #66












We’ve covered a few kings of the space but it’s time to shine light on a Queen here on Solana Who better than

to kick off with @BU___UB, the mother and founder of @The_URS_and @MinistryArt Its time for my Solana


Heard her speak before on the @solBOOGLE podcast. She’s a strong advocate for artists, extremely articulate

and resilient and driven w/ @The_URS_to make what it is today. It’s clear she isn’t a tourist. She’ll be an ongoing

force in 1:1s.


SHILL Issue #66

Her reputation stands as a positive force as Motherly Queen and vouch that it translates same in person. You can

spot her chaotic good title from @Iamamystreet’s infographic. Nice balance to the lawful evil in our ecosystem w/

@meltytanti and @vohii

Quote Tweet

Amy Street @Iamamystreet


SHILL Issue #66


No surprise she is also the subject matter of 1:1 art as well. Here is a beautiful piece done by @wetikos that was

recently acquired by @_ledao

Lately, it’s hard to go anywhere in the space and not take notice. @bu__ub also helped kick off the new Space

“Malbec w/ MooMoo” as the first guest. Great to listen to two amazing people and energy in the space.

Funny part of the @Papa_MooMoo and @BU___UB is their first meeting IRL together at NFT NYC. Papa was

glowing over the comment that @BU___UB made over his nice skin. She has that effect of uplifting people in the

space. What draws people into her.

While I pumped up @BU___UB, don’t be intimidated. Part of why she’s such a positive person is her accessibility.

She eats edibles, naps and buys 1:1 art just like the rest of us.

Looking forward to the day we are able to collab together and have her Inside the Igloo w/ @PenguloveNFT.

Would make for a good workshop for community of artists and collectors to benefit from. No pressure Invitation

open! Solana Space is lucky to have @BU___UB with us!


SHILL Issue #66







CultureHacker - Odyssey suit - xZD1

CultureHacker - Odyssey armor - exoskeleton #1

CultureHacker - Odyssey suit - xBD1

CultureHacker - Odyssey weapon - Sonic #1

CultureHacker - Odyssey pet #1

instagram.com david_bioux

instagram.com david_bioux




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