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spitting truth



why subaru is


sol market


something to

think about

whales buy

codynfts tracks

the plays

& MUCH more












Often overlooked, Possible gems. #alpha


GUILD512 Twitter newsletter- time to

subscribe! #alpha

Probably Nothing

The Solstice speaks. Are you

listening? #alpha


AO8 explains his art and how it is unique

to the space.


One of the few non-bluechips I will hold

through this bear.#alpha


SubaruImpreza gives us an honest

review. #alpha






CodyNFTs tracks the big

players #alpha


EasyMoneyDing reviews the last

month on Solana #alpha

Roadmap to HxLL

Wrxiths have a determined team, with

a determined roadmap. #alpha


Doctor_Peepee with a few


the SINS


Husaensadam in his latest




SolMills ponders the big





Let's take a moment to reflect that this is issue #70 of #SHILL zine. Over 10 months old and quickly

approaching 1 year publishing content about the Solana ecosystem to the Solana ecosystem with the

sole intention of highlighting NFT content that is available to the wider community.

70 issues- averaging 100 pages = 7000 pages of content.

ALL Solana.


ALL Alpha.


Every issue ever created is available on the Yumpu platform. A fantastic little snapshot of the ecosystem

and what has been happening every week.

#SHILL zine has covered artists when they started out, their artwork selling on Holaplex at prices

you would not believe. These same artists now fetch over 10Sol per piece and are sought after. @

Glitchstroke was there in issue #1, as was @titanxbt with Wise Words. @Solanauts with their 500 piece

mint was there too, they are still working away with a strong community and active Discord. And, of

course, a piece by @sainteclectic.

The magazine serves as evidence of all the hype around projects that promise the world and then

disappear as they realise that the workload is too great. Without a community behind your project

there is little hope for your roadmap. This holds true to the 10,000 pfp projects as it does equally to the

individual artist.

When you create a piece that garners interest, people buy into your work, you have to have some sort

of roadmap planned out that shows you are up to the challenge of continuing in this space. Otherwise,

you are just another cash grab. Another 'promise the world' project. They exist. They have been

featured in #SHILL zine and they are nowhere to be found. Issue 12 (@Apesy), Issue 28 (@orasicrtv).

Others have been featured on the cover a number of times. These are the long-term artists that

appreciate the Solana ecosystem, the community they have built, the followers that keep supporting

them. @Culturehacker , @dat_a_bstract , @glitchstroke , @LowbrowNative.

Now it's up to you 'community'. Spread the word about #SHILL zine. The further it spreads, the more

eyes it gains. Every week there are a couple of tweets from tweeps that have just come across the

magazine. Their reaction is always the same, "Wow! How come I am only finding out about this now?"

The #SHILL zine vault has moved to a new 'ART' wallet that does not interact with anything. As we grow

confident over the coming weeks we might start buying pieces again. For the meantime, #SHILL is still

trying to recover from the wallet drain. We will get there in the end.

Enough said. You know the drill.


Keep your eyes on...



Secret Sphinx Society




Magic Eden release statement on Degen Town situation

Magic Eden has released a statement about the situation

surrounding Degen Town and the steps they intend

to take moving forward.

Degen Town is an NFT project that launched over a

month ago. They were advertised as a “no roadmap,

no discord” project, where no concrete promises would

be made to holders of the project.

Despite that, the project was green-lit to launch via

Magic Eden, an NFT marketplace and launchpad.

Many assumed that Magic Eden had information

about what the project was actually doing behind the

scenes, especially with how they were marketing it.

Yet within a month, the people behind the project had

all left, taking with them the millions that they made.

It has been a stain on Magic Eden’s reputation, and

the heat has been piling back onto them again recently.

Today, an official statement was finally released by the

team at Magic Eden.

Magic Eden Response to Degen Town

On strengthening Launchpad, serving the ecosystem,

and starting a dialogue We hear the community loud

and clear about…

Some of the key points in the response was that they

had retrieved some of the funds that the team had

taken for working on the project, specifically the Sol

that 0xLerk had earned.

Magic Eden has apologized for the marketing tactics

deployed for Degen Town but maintains that their users

have to DYOR as the responsibility will always lie

with them, and not Magic Eden.

They are also working hard to refund those who were

hurt by the phishing links involved with the Degen

Town project, using the funds that they retrieved from

the ex-team. Royalties made by Magic Eden will instead

be put into a scholarship program to “champion

artists and founders on the launchpad”.

The community at large is pleased to hear that actions

were being taken behind the scenes and is hopeful

that Magic Eden will learn from this experience while

going on an internet man-hunt for NFTRamo, the believed

founder of the whole Degen Town project.

Solana NFTs

The Gothic Degen x Taiyo Robotics has been dropped

to TYR and Gothic Degen holders today!

Gothic Degen had been teasing this collaboration to

be part of their “season 1” plans and have finally delivered.

The style of art is similar to the past collaborations

they have done and many are huge fans of it.

Gothic Degen was a cheap mint launched via

LaunchMyNFT and went on a tear, going from a 0.069

Sol mint to being over 16 Sol at one point. The collection

has cooled down since then, hovering around

the 5 Sol mark at this point in time. They have been

consistently dropping art collaborations with various

renowned names in the space, being praised by various

leaders in the space.

The Gothic Taiyos has not done as well as the other

Gothic drops, many believing that the Taiyo community

is notorious for dumping any airdrops they get.

Phantom introduces native NFT burning across all


In a move to help make it easier to get rid of “spam

NFTs” so fewer people get hurt by scams, Phantom

has introduced a feature to allow those using their

wallets to burn these spam NFTs directly on their wallets,

across all devices.

Phantom, a Solana-based wallet provider, tweeted the

announcement earlier today, though implementation

was already available the day before. Users can simply

click 2 buttons to burn NFTs they don’t want in their

wallets, even receiving some Sol in return. This Sol


SHILL Issue #70

comes from “rent” that the Solana team deposits to

store the NFTs for a certain period.

In the past, users would have to go through other applications

like SolIncinerator to get rid of their unwanted

Solana NFTs. It was an iffy process with many steps

involved. With the new implementation, getting rid of

unwanted NFTs, especially those sent to you with malicious

intent, will become much easier and safer.

With all the attention and excitement around this particular

space in the NFT scene, and the many eyes

on John Le due to his recent involvement with y00ts,

many expect the auction to do extremely well.

LC_illustrates to launch The God Odyssey today

LC_illustrates is a illustrator for Seed of Cain NFT

project, a comic series built on Web3 for a Web3 audience.

Today, the artist has announced his genesis

1/1 collection titled , starting the

auction the first piece, .

On top of this, Phantom will also be collaborating with

Blowfishxyz to develop an advanced phishing warning

system, alerting users when they click potentially malicious


It appears Phantom is taking steps towards making

the Web3 experience on Solana safer, without making

it any less convenient.

John Le launches auction for Le DAO seat #42, The


After the auction for “The Example”, or seat #41 of Le

DAO concluded for 525.73 Sol last Friday, the excitement

around Solana 1/1 art has approached a boiling


The piece is currently auctioning via Form Function,

already receiving 6 bids and is sitting at 3.5 Sol only 3

hours into the 24-hr auction.

The artist has also decided to throw in an addition

PFP NFT for the winning bidder, and some consolation

“banner” NFTs for those who participate.

As the art market is doing really well recently, largely

spearheaded by the attention Degen Poet and John

Le have brought to the space, more and more talented

and exciting artists have decided to try their hand

at selling 1/1 art, producing incredible pieces such

as the one LC has created here. In a market that is

largely bearish, the positivity in this niche has been a

breath of fresh air.

Today, seat #42, “The Driver”, goes on auction, and

many are looking to take part in the auction.

Le DAO is a DAO started by John Le, an artist/illustrator

who’s been huge in the 1/1 NFT space, focused on

using funds raised via auctions to buy and collect art

pieces across the Solana NFT space.

SHILL Issue #70











Thank you Degen Apes for blowing up Solana

Thank you SMB for showing us what a

community looks like

Thank you Boryoku DragonZ for inspiring

utilities with tokens

Thank you DeGods for combining all of it

Excited to see what happens next. Solana is

the place to be


Anisotropic mind Edition of 5 + 3 1/1 AP from my new series “Inside the Artist Mind”, exploring the beauty of human

mind. This series is quite personal, since I underwent MRI of the CNS (you can literally have a look at my brain…). Below

the link and a thread #NFTdrop #NFTs.



Introduced in the 80s (hi @TheBoomerDAO), Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) is a non-invasive technique which produces

multiplanar and true 3D datasets of subjects in vivo. (in the picture the 1st MRI of a brain)

Anisotropy is a characteristic of certain material (almost all

biological materials) of having different properties according

to different direction of measurement/use. It seems

quite complex, but in practice is indeed simple.

Since MRI can “measure” the movement of water molecules,

if these are not free but limited by the presence

of biological barriers, through multiple acquisitions, the

machine can determine the direction and magnitude of

the diffusion anisotropy in a voxel (@voxelmonkey)

It allows to achieve high spatial resolution (magnitude of

millimeters) in the clinical setting. Notably, it differs from

other techniques such as CT scans (see https://twitter.com/


by producing excellent images without

harmful ionizing radiation (i.e., X-rays).

Quote Tweet

This allow to build anisotropy maps and diffusion-tensor

images (DTI; one of next drops ). In an anisotropy map

(see the details) the voxel are substituted, on a 2D plan,

by ellipsoids, which allow visualization of the routes of

nervous fibers in the brain.

TheAO •$• {RISE} @The_AO8

Computed Tomography (CT) was invented in 70s by

the British engineer Godfrey Hounsfield. By 1967, Dr

Hounsfield had been working for music and electronics

company “Electrical and Musical Industries” (EMI).

DTI reconstructions may be helpful not only for research

purposes, but also to plan surgical intervention, when

demolitive operations are planned.

In this piece, ellipsoids have been then colorized to emphasize

the mood of that period.

MRI has transformed the role of radiology in medicine

since its initial applications and nowadays is the cornerstone

of the diagnostic work-up of a number of conditions

(not limited to neurological ones).


















NetRunner (portfolio tracker+ future tax reporting tool

+ rev share) is one of my top utility holds. It is honestly

one of the few non-bluechips I will hold through this

bear. The current fp is accessible and makes it easy to


been consistent.

And the upside is massive.

A couple areas of improvement:

•more info on legalities of rev share

•marketing plans*

•what comes after tax season?

*the project was not super hyped before mint, and marketing of the product

will need to be amazing during tax season


NFTs needed a wiki, so we built one for you, anon.


@Meat_netrunner has been an example of transparency

for other team leads to emulate. So far, all dev

releases are smooth, and all evidence points to the

team being able to execute the tax reporting product

to a high level.


this is not usually a huge focus for utility projects, since

the potential of the project is more strongly tied to the

product than to its community. I do feel like the longterm

nature of the play attracts a more mature holder



I'm stacking these. If you're looking for an entry -- under

1.5 is good

everyone here in the NFT space has a use for this product;

it's likely to be a solid business come tax season. I

expect that rev share has attracted a lot of holders, and

I would like more information about legal preparations

of the team regarding that


some of the best AI art out there. Holders can download

full-res images, making the details stand out even

more. This is especially impressive coming from a

utility-focused project.


though it's still early in the game, the beginning developments

have been smooth, and the progress has















Disclosure: I was formerly affiliated and am a current holder. Here’s my honest review.

Solful is making a cross-chain networking platform (a place

to post or search for jobs in Web3). It is still early in the life

of the project, but it has potential, even through this bear.

NFTs needed a wiki, so we built one for you, anon.

Team/Devs: the team is genuine and receptive, but not

always great at giving regular updates. The moderators

interface with the community much more than the team,

but the team is still accessible if needed.

Community: this is not Solful’s strongest aspect, but to be

fair, the project is more utility focused than community

focused. My personal interactions have been pleasant.

Innovation/Utility: Solful is a contender to produce the

first successful Web3 networking platform, giving it a lot of

potential. Their utility expands outside the Solana ecosystem

itself, which is not common with Solana NFTs. It makes

the project a bit more resilient.

Art: the art is impressive and clean, especially for a utility

project. It also makes a great pfp. I wish there were more

traits/attributes to allow holders to shop around and identify

with their NFTs.

Achievements/Potential: the project has a large potential,

but progress has been delayed. The team is clearly committed,

but there are many factors that go into a successful

business, and the project still has a lot to prove.

Overall, Solful is a solid project with an accessible entry (current

fp 1.4). During the brief builder meta hype, Solful found

a lot of success. Buying under 1.5 is the move .


























Why are the 2 biggest whales on Solana ALL IN on 1 of 1

artists? Is it a place where you should start investing and

can make more money than PFP collections? Let’s talk

about 1 of 1 NFT art, places to buy this art like @exchgART

and let’s talk about @notjohnlestudio.

I’m serious when I say the 2 biggest SOL whales are all

in. 2 people I really look up to and that are some of the

smartest investors we have in @HGESOL and @SOLBig-


Check out this tweet by HGE that shows them as the biggest

whales (1 + 3) on @exchgART

Here’s a tweet by BigBrain

And here’s what HGE had to say

Big Brain even created an entire new twitter and arm of

his business dedicated to it with @BigBrainGallery

These 2 also both LOVE @notjohnlestudio.

But a quick disclaimer. We can’t always follow whales Their investment strategy, risk tolerance etc often looks way different

than ours, so blindly following them is bad BUT I think them making outsized bets on 1 of 1 artists is something we

should all pay attention to.

So who is John Le and why are we talking about him specifically? Well this thread is meant to shed some light on John Le

• 1 of 1 art on ETH and why Solana is next up

• @exchgART

• How to find new artists to invest in

• If 1 of 1 art is right for you

John Le is a comic book-based artist for GIGA (Vault Comics) but that’s not why he’s been exploding onto the Solana NFT

scene. It’s because he’s a 1 of 1 artist who creates masterpieces for his own liking and for projects. Check out some of

the fan art he’s created.

He turned that Gecko into a BADASS He also created some art for @TheChimpions which was sold for 250 sol. Gives me

some DragonballZ / Frieza on Namek type vibes.

1 of 1 art has done great on ETH and now it’s catching fire on Solana. You’ve probably heard of artists like @Beeple and

@Fewowcious. These guys make more money than entire NFT projects from one piece of artwork. Rightfully so, their

work looks a lot better than derivatives.

Now 1 of 1 artists, like John Le, are moving to Solana Not only do our big Whales in BigBrain and HGE love JohnLe, but so

does our most important founder @frankdegods.

it should. There are a ton of talented artists across the globe.

You’ve seen some of the fan art people create. It’s marvelous.

NFTs allow them to show their work to the masses.

Just found a huge list of 1 of 1 artists to check out!! These

might be helpful. Thanks to @ghost_fried for the curation.


Frank recognized this movement to the 1 of 1 space

and created a partnership with DeGods and Exchange

art to Provide introductory resources to navigating the

1/1 space and put a spotlight on exceptional artists.

But Cody, I’m not an art curator. How am I supposed to

know what to look for when buying 1 of 1 art? Unfortunately

there isn’t a cookie cutter layout for 1 of 1s or

everyone would be rich. Here are a few pointers I’ve

learned since dabbling in 1 of 1s.

• Don’t buy art just because ppl are talking

about it

• Support art you fall in love with

• Finding artists BEFORE they break out is where

you make outsized gains

• Love the art you buy. If you’re buying to flip

you probably won’t be successful

• 1 of 1s are illiquid (remember this)

Try messaging these artists to find out what makes

them tick and the reason for their work. Makes you

relate and understand their art more. So again who the

fuck is John Le?

He’s created 4 of the top 8 series of all time on @exchgART

with over $1 million in sales.

You see my pfp, so we gotta mention @y00tsNFT John

was the Art Director for y00ts but recently stepped

down due to personal reasons I was really excited to

see his influence on the artwork and was very sad to

see him go but I’m sure he had a good reason.

We haven’t seen the volume come back on ME but

there has been a soaring uptick in 1 of 1 art volume.

ME does much more volume than Exchange art but

over the past 30 days Magic Eden’s volume is down

31.33% while Exchange art’s volume is up 612.23%. 1

of 1 art is becoming more prominent in the space. As



















state of our solana nft market; a review of the last


price of solana: it's a somewhat similar story since

mid-july. We've settled in a range between 35 and

48, with fluctuations inbetween. That being said, we

didn't break past 40 last month so it is nice to have

a little relief bounce though sentiment out there

remains unchanged.

time, overall there's an average between 380K-400k

a day

USD daily vol:

Here's a comparison between this month and last

in mid june we were still seeing at least 8M USD a

day, however since august we started to continue a

downtrend towards 4M USD per day

Let's take a look at @MagicEden statistics # of daily


We've plateaued at an average of 30k users a day

which seems to be holding rather consistently. it'd

be safe to assume that these figures will remain at

existing levels for the time being

USD daily vol continued:

Whilst we finished july with days over 5.5-6.5M USD,

the last week or so we've started to see this figure

drop just below 4.5M which equates to roughly a

25K-40K drop off in solana being traded

# of daily transactions:

Transactions held steady for the month but are slighly

down compared to july whilst still trending up over

overall comments:

We're still in a downtrend in our solana nft market.

volume has dropped another level whilst overall users

has plateued for the time being. for daily traders

in our ecosystem this means the length of time to

hold a project has shortened even further.

We have seen some life in the 1 of 1 artist space and we're likely to continue to see that grow which has

been refreshing in the grand scheme of things. that being said we're still seeing blood out there

Let's compare the mainstays over the last month:

@DeGodsNFT dropped from 300 to 275

@GenesysGo dropped from 145 to 63

@okaybears dropped from 100 to 55

@SolanaMBS steady from 180 to 175

@DegenApeAcademy 48 to 51.5

@CetsOnCreck dropped 48 to 25

@TaiyoRobotics 125 to 95

Still in freefall and searching for a resting floor:

@BlocksmithLabs dropping from 55 to 45

@catalinawhales found support at 40 and holding


@FamousFoxFed dipped from 28 to 23

@TheFracture_ dropping from 16 to 11.69

@atadia_io halved from 19 to 10

Select few slow burn projects that started with lower

floor prices have found a way to gain traction in current

market state. It's currently still a gambling/1 of

1/art upgrade meta with these projects sharing the

large majority of the months volume.

Big moments upcoming:


Scholarships and mint - feels like a must hit/win that

injects both sentiment and volume back into the market

via trickle down economics


Mint is on the horizon (still TBD) but has a lot of believers

already (myself included)

Notable pumps over the last months that have held

for now:

@VandalCityCorp moved from low 2s to sitting just

under 8

@InfectedMob moved from under 1 SOL to 5 now

Dust Crash & Coinflip ran from under 2 and tested

highs of 28 to now halving again at 14

Notable dumps over the last month that were previously

hot property:

@Primatesnft has held around 10 though hasn't

broken out since

@GothicDegens were sitting pretty at 13.5 but have

since dropped 65% to 4.70

@frootsnft hit a high of 9 and has since dropped 80%

to 1.70

Average window of profit opportunity for hyped projects:

Really hyped projects run for 4 days max and slowly

wane off slightly less hyped projects run for half that

time most gambling meta projects will run for a few

hours and taper off towards 0.

worth noting:

it's important for @DeGodsNFT to hold 250 and it is

nice to see OG well established @SolanaMBS &

@DegenApeAcademy hold firm as well (in fact SMB

are regaining traction imo)

However, the majority of projects have taken another

leg down over the last 4-6 weeks despite solana's

price somewhat stabilising and number of users

and transaction remain the same, daily volume has

dipped around 50% since mid july and a lot of top

marketcap projects struggle hold existing floor prices

Liquidity is either tied up in the market or withheld in

@phantom wallets in USDC (at least that's my assumption)

There's a couple bets being set here and there in the

long term but we all seem to be waiting for the next

BIG moment (@y00tsNFT)

I've taken a little break over the last month to recalibrate

and reset. it's time to come back and pump out

content for the community again and I'm excited to

bring just that.

There's a lot of negativity out there that needs to be

doused. Look after one another, all the people still

here are the believers that never left.

It's a demoralising period for sure, but we'll get

through this together, not by picking sides and pointing




The wrxiths praise Clauneck and only Clauneck.

Clauneck is well loved by Lucifer, and it is summoned because

it has the ability to bestow wealth, either by bringing

money over a great distance or by assisting in the discovery

of hidden treasure.

Clauneck is the demon of wealth, known to be obedient to

his summoners, but only to those who show it the proper


One of the wrxiths main purposes is to present offerings to

Clauneck during sacrifices. These offerings will be stored in

the astral bank vault until Clauneck is satisfied upon which

the rewards will be granted to wrxiths for their respect and


Hire cult members to assist with project.

Big marketing push. Raids, giveaways, constant engagement,

paid promotions, all eyes on us.

Soul Sacrifices

Our sacrifices are the offerings to the overlords. We submit

our offerings and in return, are granted with rewards

from the astral bank vault. Our overlords will consume the

souls forever declaring them obsolete and in purgatory.

We will burn supply by more than 50%.

Each sacrifice will consist of 666 souls.

Overthrow & Rebuild

With the power of cult behind us, we have overthrown the

old masters and are driving at rebuilding trust and building

the community together. This phase is ever evolving as we

are laying the groundwork to sustainable growth.

Redefine roadmap & lore.

Harness the cult to ensure our discord is a valuable asset for


Migrate project and secure all assets.

Create consistent branding across all platforms (social and


Collaborate & network with everyone we can.

Build community together. Work as a cult.

Offerings will be sent directly to smart contract via web


The web app will have a dashboard showing real time

sacrifice stats.

What the astral bank vault requires:

1st Sacrifice: 1 Sacrificed for 1 Airdrop = 666 NFTs Rewarded.

2nd Sacrifice: 2 Sacrificed for 1 Airdrop = 333 NFTs Rewarded.

3rd Sacrifice: 3 Sacrificed for 1 Airdrop = 222 NFTs Rewarded.

4th Sacrifice: 6 Sacrificed for 1 Airdrop = 111 NFTs Rewarded.

Utility to be built into new sub-collections (TBD with WRX-


The NFTs rewarded will be new sub-collections based off

of the traits most burned.

Leverage the Solana 1/1 community and/or collab with other collections for unique artwork.


The cult provides. We aim to seek revenue generating opportunities with our capital. We work together to achieve the

same goal.

Seek out revenue generating NFTs and protocols within the crypto space for investment.

Yield generated may be used to sweep floors of WRXITHS and other projects.

Create roles and staff users within Discord for WL hunters to find valuable whitelists for our DAO members.

WRXITH DAO members may benefit from surprise airdrops, giveaways, etc. Snapshots will be taken randomly to qualify

for these benefits.

Host and contribute prizes to open source/for profit project hackathons.

Sponsor cult members projects with builder resources/seed capital.

Staking and Utility

We are DeFi degens. This will be an ever-evolving section. We strive to provide maximum value to our holders through

utility in both our NFT collections and utility token.

Provide staking to lock supply and for holders to accrue value.

Create deflationary WRXITHS $HELL token. (Tokenomics TBD)

Direct portion of royalties from NFT collections to burn $HELL.

Use $HELL for raffles, merchandise, etc.

Quality of Life Bots & Tools

We’re always building, and we will share our tooling with the WRXITH DAO & Solana community.

Create and leverage partnerships and integrations with other projects to benefit the Solana ecosystem.

Build a plethora of tools for discord. Wallet watchers, alpha leaks, real time volume alerts, LMNFT candy machine scraper.

Build a plethora of tools on wrxiths.com gated by WRXITH NFT. Ecosystem analytics, volume tracking, etc.


















SHILL Issue #70

SHILL Issue #70




Background story about number 28: The Sins.

Before I make ‘The Sins’ I read fiction book call ‘Merasa Pintar, Bodoh Saja Tak Punya’ written by Rusdi Mathari.

This book makes my brain full of confusion.

The book tells the story of a person named Cak Dlahom who is considered crazy by most people because of his

eccentric thoughts. But what Cak Dlahom said if you think about it is a truth from another point of view.

After exploring Cak Dlahom’s thoughts, I realized that humans are too ambitious to pursue something that makes

them unwilling to admit something that is actually wrong even if it is just a small thing.

So is sin. Sometimes we find it difficult to admit it even though there is something stuck in the heart. But if we

want to admit it our life might be easier.

Sin cannot be seen but it will always be written somewhere we cannot reach. then one day the note will be read

back in front of us.

And here comes ‘The Sins’. A collage that I made to illustrate what I’m telling. Our sins are recorded and still

stored neatly before being read to us.

And today ‘The Sins’ will on auction at 9 pm WIB. Check the detail here:


28: The Sins | Formfunction





















CultureHacker - Odyssey suit - xZD1

CultureHacker - Odyssey armor - exoskeleton #1

CultureHacker - Odyssey suit - xBD1

CultureHacker - Odyssey weapon - Sonic #1

CultureHacker - Odyssey pet #1


@notjohnlestudio (who I, like many others, find very talented) is selling physical prints of a 1/1 NFT

he sold in the primary market some months ago and which later re-sold in secondary for 500 SOL (or

$45,000 USD).

What are the legal and ethical considerations here?

When selling this unique piece, John Le retained the rights and IP to the image itself. No IP was assigned

to the buyer, so John has the legal right to make copies in other formats.

John Le would NOT have the right to make more NFTs of this exact image, but I suspect it would come

down to a legal definition of “unique”, whether there was false advertising in the original sale and whether

purchasers had suffered losses as a result of this false advertising.

In the traditional art world, it is generally common for a buyer to know how many editions of a work

(i.e., photos, drawing prints) are being sold. For example, I have bought from a gallery a photo that was

offered in three different sizes in editions of 8 each.

That means 24 editions were issued and I knew, at the time of purchase, I would own 1 of them. My

expectation was that no more than 24 pieces would ever exist, and I could pay the price KNOWING that

information. But what if the artist later wants to issue editions in another size?

Just like our blockchain example with John, the artist retains the image IP and the artist could decide

to issue another 8 photos in a different size. What *usually* stops this from occurring is that the artist or

gallery involved realises this is just BAD BUSINESS.

If more editions are released, the existing editions are devalued for existing clients, clients are lost, and

future sales of other LE collections suffer because the word of the seller has no value. Ultimately, we are

dealing with more of a SOCIAL contract than a LEGAL contract.

Like with any generalisation, there are exceptions. Selling postcards of the Mona Lisa does not devalue

the Mona Lisa. Some would say that it puts the value HIGHER because it is free advertising. (However,

the postcards and painting are also very clearly different products).

In this case with John’s work “Chosen”, it will be up to the free market to decide whether John’s behaviour

is unethical. Are prints a good thing or a bad thing for the owner of the unique work? No obvious

answer to that question. What do you think?





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