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in a nutshell

woody b

l0sxs0l digs



WTF is web3

web3bodega explains

shame on y00t

shame on y00t

an open plea

list assist

parrot tools



& MUCH more










12 FTXiasco

In a nutshell #alpha

WTF is web3?


Web3Bodega explains #alpha

Shame on yoot!

An open plea

Solana is Gonna Make it

OxGumshoe lays it out #alpha

An Introduction

RedEye_Sol reveals #alpha

110 Woody B



L0SxS0Luncovers new talent

Open Letter

Zen llama talks DeGods and Community

LIST Assist

Parrot Tools ever growing #alpha

mob syndicate

Infected Mob update #alpha


Issue 82

Never a dull moment when you are involved with blockchain tech.

Cryptopia went down in 2019 due to a hack they couldn’t recover from. I lost funds that were on the exchange

at the time. Mt. Gox before that. Voyager and Celcius recently. FTX now. Likely more down the road. Invest in a

hardware wallet like Ledger or Trezor. Take control of your crypto.

Looking out from here onwards I can see a long crypto winter coming. Most of 2023 will see lows many of you

have yet to experience. Many people will feel disheartened and leave the space. Others will persevere and

continue to forge community relationships/bonds that will endure the toughest of times. There is too much

tech and engineering advancement out there for this 'crypto' to crumble to the ground. It won't. It will just be

a long, slow grind for a year or two. It's a time to manage your assets and build a portfolio that will flourish

when we come out the other side.

Obviously this issue will contain a couple of articles about what has transpired this past week. It's the content

that is on Twitter that we use, document, and archive. It helps #SHILLzine serve a purpose beyond NFTs in the

space. You can choose to glance ove the articles, read them at your leisure or go striaght to the NFTs in the

pages. You choose.

This past week, 5 Nov- 12Nov, #DAMzine held its issue 6 NFT event around the 'Self Portrait'. Huge turnout

from artists across the space regardless of what was crashing around us all. Many, many beautiful pieces

offered up as EDITIONS which gives the broader community an opportunity to acquire a piece. #SHILLzine

supports DAMzine and was part of issue 6 NFT offerings (a percentage of sales go to #DAMzine) as well as

purchasing quite a few pieces for the #SHILLzine vault.

#SHILLzine still has pieces listed for auction. Every little purchase helps make this magazine worthwhile. Listed

on both FF and Exchg. Proceeds go to helping this magazine grow and become better. All the World's a Stage

is live now https://exchange.art/pixeltoy/ and Do You See Me? https://formfunction.xyz/@Pixeltoy.sol/

This issue just kept on growing and growing as it was being put together. Probably the most pages #SHILLzine

has ever published- in a bearmarket. Go figure.

Your support via retweets helps #SHILLzine reach a broader audience. Every retweet is greatly appreciated. It

has helped this magazine achieve 516,690 views across 81 issues. That has to be something?

Ready to dive in?

Enough said. You know the drill.

One more thing...#SHILLzine is INDEPENDENT. Pixeltoy puts it together. The content used is IMPARTIAL.

#SHILLzine neither AGREES nor DISAGREES. It is presented in these pages as a reflection of the sentiment of the

time. Sometimes controversial. Sometimes exciting. It is presented in these pages so that YOU make your own

mind up.


The following 17 pieces is what #SHILLzine collected over the past week.

@00Jekk early morning

@Aempatia una nina

@LightCatcher revealed

@AmeT Get Rekt

@laurafaria Of What Remains

@Yobaninja SCAM Classic

@82Dazai A portrait of being DAM good

@dulfariz what have you seen

@ThorpArt jzb9000

@aRTcons9 Lines of Beachhead Exaltations

@cessrz Gabe e


@tevo unsettling

@yummy_verse jeune femme

@tevo restlessness

@naiartwork mr who

@tevo mask on

@TransitoryMask Awaiting Petrichor




Every single OTC desk is

"out of borrow" for $SOL.

Funding rates are over

8000% at some of the desks.

Traders are short yet $SOL

is trading a 16 handle.

Where have we seen this


Gamestop and $GME.

Keep your eyes on...

Rejected f00kers


Secret Sphinx Society


It’s been a crazy 24 hours in crypto: -@FTX_Official looks to be going under -

@cz_binance may acquire FTX. com -Crypto market sell offs + contagion Here’s the most comprehensive thread

on everything going on right now. MUST READ if you’re in crypto

Let’s start by recapping how we arrived at this moment. The thread below breaks down the conflict between @

SBF_FTX & @cz_binance, which has been brewing since 2019

Well @binance and @FTX_Official are officially at war with each other. What most people don’t realize is that

this conflict has been brewing since 2019. Here’s the complete history of how we got to this point and why you

should care MUST READ

What were these recent revelations? It was likely the leak of @AlamedaResearch’s balance sheet in @coindesk



SHILL Issue #82

Divisions in Sam Bankman-Fried’s Crypto Empire Blur on His Trading Titan Alameda’s Balance Sheet

Alameda had $14.6 billion of assets as of June 30, according to a private document CoinDesk reviewed. Much of

it is the FTT token issued by FTX, another Bankman-Fried company.

For those who are not aware, Alameda is the other half of @SBF_FTX’s crypto empire. FTX is the crypto exchange

& Alameda is the trading arm. Alameda is crucial to the entire model because it is responsible for generating

significant revenue through trading & market making.

This brings us back to the report It was revealed that Alameda’s assets amounted to $14.6 billion as of June 30th

However, there was 1 problem. Upon inspection it was found that $5.8 billion of the assets were held up in $FTT

($3.66B unlocked + $2.16B collateral) What’s $FTT?

$FTT is the token of the FTX exchange. It can be used for paying trading fees (& getting discounts) similar to $BNB

The fact that $FTT made up such a large portion of Alameda’s balance sheet is problematic for 2 reasons:

1. It inextricably ties Alameda to FTX. If FTX goes down then $FTT loses its purpose & Alameda holds a vaporous


2. Alameda was using $FTT to post collateral against it’s liabilities.

So if $FTT tanked it could mean that Alameda is not able to cover its debts.

SHILL Issue #82


After the story leaked, many people, including FTX CEO @carolinecapital, tried clarifying that the info circulating

didn’t tell the full picture This suggested that the price of $FTT wasn’t crucial for FTX or Alameda, however the

data told another story

Quote Tweet

Caroline @carolinecapital

A few notes on the balance sheet info that has been circulating recently: - that specific balance sheet is for a

subset of our corporate entities, we have > $10b of assets that aren’t reflected there

Beginning last night, $SOL began selling off much more aggressively than other tokens (FTX is a huge holder

of SOL) At the same time, it was clear that somebody was trying to hold the $22 price floor. Who could it have

been? This tweet gives a clue https://twitter.com/carolinecapital/status/1589287457975304193?s=20&t=R-


Quote Tweet


@cz_binance if you’re looking to minimize the market impact on your FTT sales, Alameda will happily buy it all

from you today at $22!

So it appeared that Alameda/FTX were trying to defend the price of $FTT by selling their other assets.

Which signals that $FTT meant A LOT to them.

And this brings us to the other major issue that hit FTX which was the FUD NARRATIVES...

The sell pressure from @binance + initial dip in $FTT probably wouldn't have been enough to take down Alameda/FTX

on their own.

However, between CZ's tweets & the Coindesk article, many people started to PANIC!

This led to a full blown bank run on FTX...It was reported that @FTX_Official saw over $6 BILLION in withdrawals

from its exchange in 72 hours


SHILL Issue #82

This created a vicious cycle:

-FTX bank run hurt the exchange

-This triggered people to sell $FTT

- $FTT dropping made people panic more

-This caused other Alameda assets to drop

This vicious cycle driven by a mix of FUD narratives + Binance selling led to the SHOCKING announcement this

morning by SBF that Binance would be acquiring http://FTX.com !!!


It's important to clarify that http://FTX.com only covers FTX's international business.

FTX US, which is where the bulk of FTX's business resides, was not included as part of the deal.

So why did SBF go this route of selling to the guy who attacked him?

We now know that Alameda has a massive hole in its balance sheet since $FTT has dropped 80% in a week & a lot

of other assets on it's balance sheet have plummeted

Alameda needs to fill that hole & a cash influx from a sale of http://FTX.com would help

But is it enough?

At this point it is difficult to say whether or not FTX and/or Alameda can recover from this.

They need to find some way of raising billions of $ in a short period of time.

Which will be difficult to do given negative sentiment + other assets on their balance sheet dropping.

The different ways that Alameda/FTX could generate $:

-Selling other assets on their balance sheet

-Market making & trading (for instance Alameda could have actually shorted $FTT on the way


-Raising $ from other big players such as banks & funds

At this point the silence is deafening from @FTX_Official, @SBF_FTX + others. If they had good news, they would

likely be sharing it to quell the FUD and stop the bleeding.

They are likely in a desperate fight for survival at this point.

Now let's consider how this could all play out & the impacts on the larger crypto industry. The 3 major risks at this

point are:

-FTX and/or Alameda insolvency


-Further bank runs on other exchanges

In terms of FTX/Alameda insolvency, we likely won't see the full fall out for some time.

Moves are being made behind closed doors right now & things are in motion.

But if FTX were to go insolvent, it would definitely put their customer funds at risk.

As for contagion, FTX/Alameda may need to continue selling off other crypto assets which could hurt crypto prices

Furthermore, if they can't repay their debts, that may cause financial issues for their lenders who may be in the

crypto space as well

This would be 3AC on steroids.

Lastly, this could trigger a wider bank run on other crypto exchanges like @binance, @coinbase, @kucoincom,


While I would like to say everything is fine, at this point I don't know how anyone can fully trust a CEX. Move to

self-custody ASAP.

Not your keys, not your crypto!

SHILL Issue #82




































is web3?

web3 is a paradigm shift and signals a move towards a more

democratized internet with less interference from bad actors.

are you trying to build a brand? business? project?

web3 is a really good place to garner an audience, or leverage

an existing audience. But how?

Well, one way is through Unique Digital Experiences.

Delivering something that combines the heights of blockchain/

web3 technology, culture and interaction.


SHILL Issue #82

In 2022, @decentraland's metaverse fashion week showcased partnerships with

world-renown brands such as @TommyHilfiger,@dolcegabbana and more. This saw

high-fashion cross into the metaverse in a way not seen before.

In a similar experience, @PacSun's collaboration with @Roblox

to bring a virtual Pacsun Boutique into their metaverse to sell digital wearables for Roblox


SHILL Issue #82


Another way to gain exposure is by keeping your ears on the

pulse of the culture and actively seeking collaborators who hold

weight within web3.

It works both ways. Within the last few months, we've seen both

a landmark collab between @TiffanyAndCo and @cryptopunksnfts

in which holders had exclusive access to a unique limited

edition necklace, and the @IMG x @okaybears partnership.

Lastly is to launch your own branded project, following in the

footsteps of many of the brands who have dipped their toes


In a similar experience, @PacSun's collaboration with @Roblox

to bring a virtual Pacsun Boutique into their metaverse to sell

digital wearables for Roblox avatars.


SHILL Issue #82

Fool me twice, shame on y00t.

5:34 Estimated 1169 Words EN Language

All anyone talks about in Solana NFTs is frank, y00ts, and DeGods. It’s understandable given the market in the latter half of

2022 - there’s not much else going on and these are the highest market cap projects on the chain. But it’s tiresome and the

commentary about frank and y00ts that the Twitter algorithm feels like putting on my feed is often asinine.

As someone observing from the sidelines, early returns from y00ts make the project look like anything but the origin of a

burgeoning NFT brand. Instead the saga seems like more of a cautionary tale about inexperience, the weight of expectations,

and the animal nature of hype cycles in these markets.

Let’s start with the y00ts art. There are several mistakes that were immediately obvious. Many of these things should have

been caught during basic quality control and it’s bizarre that a multi-month delay to “perfect” the art did not find these.

None of these are a huge deal and they are all fixable with mutable NFTs but there just seems to be a dissonance between the

attention to detail that the team put into some aspects of the art production and the level of care the team wanted everyone to

THINK went into the art production.

Still on the art, the team made a series of choices that are highly questionable. The hair traits for example mostly look bad -

like the characters are wearing cheap toupees. Why would yeti/ape things have human hairdos on top of their fur?

[ Generated by Clearly Reader ]

SHILL Issue #82


Many of the 1/1s the team chose are of poor quality or just… plain boring and not cool. 1/1s like the deconstructed y00t, or the

skeleton, or frank’s doodled y00t, or the sketch of expressions, will probably look sadder and sadder over time as they stare

out from a collector’s wallet. They look particularly rough in comparison to some of the rejected 1/1s that artists who are or

were on the team have shared publicly.

As a whole the collection is just bland; it’s a 15,000 piece tray of gray scale rye toast served with an assortment of tiny and

pretentious jams.

Those jams would largely be the glasses, the inspirations of which read like what a group of boys from a junior high school art

class would respond off the cuff if asked for some examples of art. The Mona Lisa! Starry Night! The Apple apple! Banksy!

Andy Warhol! uhhhhhh, The Beatles? Van Gogh…? Was he an old painter?

Perhaps the most jarring thing about the y00ts collection is just how derivative and unoriginal the style of the collection is.

We have a lineup of humanoids or anthropomorphic animals drawn with thin linework in trendy streetwear - this is a concept

that has already been done on Solana to both success and eventual decline, by projects like Okay Bears and Cets. Look at the

clothing between y00ts and Okay Bears - you would be hard pressed to say that these drawings are even from different artists

and different collections.

On balance, artistically y00ts does not break any new ground. That’s disappointing to say the least given the expectations:

DeGods pumped to ~600 SOL in anticipation of y00ts and down bad degenerates were outspokenly hoping that frank would

“save the market” with his new, awe-inspiring NFT collection while influencers leaned into that memetic hope.

[ Generated by Clearly Reader ]


SHILL Issue #82

There are 2021 Solana NFT projects that did the art thing much better. Technically, Degenerate Ape Academy and monoliff

pulled off a more difficult artistic style with aplomb and originality; Galactic Gecko Space Garage has better and more original

hand-drawn art; even projects like SMB at least have simpler art that should be more extensible to other mediums like 3D

metaverse implementations or product displays (at one point extensibility was important for NFT projects, before metaverse

coins/projects went to zero in the bear market).

But art is subjective. Some people will love y00ts, sure. The collection being boring might mean that it ages decently. I would

at least HOPE that most of the NFT buyers on Solana realize that tweets like this are insanely stupid, though:

[ Generated by Clearly Reader ]

SHILL Issue #82


Exacerbating the non-homerun on the art are all the errors in process. You can’t call your shot and make everybody wait for

months and then hit a bunt single; the team delayed FOREVER and ostensibly accomplished not a whole lot other than

distilling the collection down into something practically milquetoast. Along the way frank and Co. also:

1. Pissed off John Le

2. Lost SCUM

3. Botched the t00b mint

4. Said the t00b mint would be “mind blowing” when it was just a tiny video

5. Botched some raffles following the t00b mint

6. Created a chronic PR disease by rejecting tens of thousands of people during the scholarships process, many at the last

minute when they could no longer sell DUST at a decent price

7. Didn’t make their sites mobile compatible despite there being no obvious “desktop experience”

8. Fucked over WL pool participants by moving the contribution deadline

9. Delayed literally everything, ostensibly to work on the art but cynically to fish for better market conditions for the reveal

10. Took a critical role in the abandoning of NFT royalties by the entire ecosystem only to slap royalties on y00ts a month later

The series of fumbles or questionable choices could be seen as a continuation of a tradition of mistakes. Remember:

1. They botched their initial mint

2. PHBT was an obviously shitty idea that didn’t work

3. They couldn’t build out their own marketplace and had to contract Piggy Sol Gang of all projects to help them

4. Their initial art was not popular

There are probably more hiccups that I am forgetting.

Mistakes are FINE, of course. All projects mess up and people do too. Frank’s attitude regarding mistakes is actually very

healthy and mature; his pinned “tried some shit” quote is iconic in our bubble for good reason. But you should only get so

many “whoopsies” forgiven before the market starts to assume you or your team are flawed.

Frank is probably a good guy at his core and this is not a criticism of him on a personal level. There are valid and good reasons

that people gravitate towards Frank’s personality. His modus operandi seems to be to put the weight of the world on his

shoulders and then challenge himself to come through. On an individual level that’s inspiring but when that becomes a public

perception, for whatever reason, you can end up with a figure on a pedestal. In financial markets when money chases a cult of

personality the end result is seldom positive.

When expectations are too lofty for hyped crypto projects and personalities you can also see some bizarre navel gazing, like a

group of pseudo-anonymous young males making a documentary of themselves while they slowly and clumsily ship a

pompous BAYC derivative served on Wonderbread.

[ Generated by Clearly Reader ]

Let’s agree to let frank, DeGods, and y00ts retake their rightful place just below the upper echelon of Solana NFT projects.

It’s time for some new Gods.


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SHILL Issue #82

SHILL Issue #82





6 Reasons why Solana is gonna make it and why placing bets in the coming months could yield 20x-30

returns in the coming cycle.


Solana ranks 3rd on the Nakamoto Coeficient, which is a measure for network decentralisation.


Biggest $SOL funds have been forced liquidators in the recent days, and as you know Alameda & FTX are done

for, along with the funds caught in the contagion.


We've faced a year of trouble & constant FUD which culminated in a doom loop where $SOL went down from

$38 to $12 in just a few days.

Everyone who doesn't give up now is going to be building an ever stronger community in the coming years.


We had certain founders panicking and saying they were gonna bridge their collections to $ETH, while most were

buying their dream plays. NFT Volume surpassed 300k SOL at some point.


The last 6 months have been of immense innovation & acceleration of software development.

Anatoly mentioned that in early 2023 there will be an update that almost eliminates the risk of network outages.


Panic and forced liquidations in the last few days, caused a surge of new buyers, which helped spread out the

holding % especially on the TOP 1%.


SHILL Issue #82




Hi, I'm Redeye, an art loving photographer who dons the mask of warriors here on CT

Whilst almost all of my timeline are in Lisbon and I cant introduce myself to you guys in person, I thought it may

be a good time to introduce myself here.

I was born in the early 90's in a small town 30 minutes from Liverpool and have enjoyed the fruits of the city's

labours all my life. It is here, where i found great inspiration from the industrial architecture that plagues the city

from a time once remembered.

SHILL Issue #82


Architecture is and has been one of the main focuses in my photographic work and i have been lucky enough to

experience architecture through the lens of many cultures.

My favourite being the Tokyo Government building and surrounding areas

'Business' owned by @laurence_antony

I studied Photography at my local college before furthering my education at Manchester Metropolitan University,

studying Photography and Art History. Here it is where i found my love of fine art photography and Abstract

expressionism works.

I have been a collector of things all my life- sticks from the park as a child to Pokemon cards to Vinyl records and

to more recently NFTs and digital assets. I am proud to support artists in this amazing space and have a collection

available to view at https://aether.so/solaris/space/4653

I have been absolutely honoured to work alongside some Legends of the space and I'm currently working with

@ParticlesNFT to give there community members information on whats going on in the 1/1 Solana art world.

@Quetzal__Q is a chad and has some major things coming up!


SHILL Issue #82

I also have the pleasure of periodically curating for two art dao's, a massive honour.

The OG @TheRealmsDAO ran by the brilliant @SolCultures and the infamous group of ruckus causing artist and

collectors at the @masked_warriors ran by the equally infamous @laurence_antony

I would also like to take the opportunity to introduce my new artist Alter Ego @RaoulDuke_Art, an @anonymousgghost

by @paldipaldi

I will be posting my creations and expressions on that account and will leave the Redeye account as my working

and collector profile.

SHILL Issue #82










































‘A Conduit of Remembrance’ Delivering esoteric knowledge through his art and music, @iamwoodyb777 is a

phenomenal lyricist with over 20 years in the game With established work on Spotify, SoundCloud and iTunes, he

has recently found a new home and community with Solana.

The first NFT he dropped was a limited edition of 12 signed covers of his album ‘Grinders Keepers’ For a taste of

@iamwoodyb777 pre-Solana, this LP literally does not miss a beat Take a minute to listen to one of its tracks on

SoundCloud here https://bit.ly/3fUf6Ig


SHILL Issue #82

Tapping into the web3 community, @iamwoodyb777 found a talented and creative family that was bullish and

ready to collaborate ‘I’ve noticed someone could have under 1k followers & be a multi-platinum producer - you

don’t have to have notoriety to be an asset in the community’.

SHILL Issue #82


OG producer @Sk8nSmk soon reached out with an incredible beat and @iamwoodyb777 laid this flowing freestyle

track over the top of it Inspired, @Sk8nSmk dedicated 2 solid weeks to adding special effects and animation

to create their first collaborative NFT ‘Higher Than Me’.

This is the first in a series of musical collab NFTs, with hints towards future producers and animators hyped to

work with @iamwoodyb777 hidden within the clips.

WoodyB is also a passionate artist, and has created various Supernatural characters to help share esoteric messages.

As @iamwoodyb777 continues to value community and collaboration above all else, he remains grounded

and humble 'I want people to grow with the pieces that they collect, so that they are the ones that extract the

gold and feel connected to them like no one else'.


SHILL Issue #82


A letter to @frankdegods on the future of @dust_labs, @De-

GodsNFT and @y00tsNFT.

Let me begin by saying that I owned a DeGod in the very early

days of the project, I like many others, couldn’t mint due to the

whole link on Twitter not Discord snafu. This was the first of

many many execution errors I would experience over the coming


From the the exiled DeGods, to the failed marketplace, to the

33.3% “bitch tax”, I was there, FOMOing in because some friends

I had in the space insisted you were going to be, “the biggest project

on Solana.”

Let’s not forget the old Frank. You were in no way humble. In fact,

I’d argue your refusal to become the butt of a joke you were quickly

bringing to reality was what ultimately led to your success.

Those early days were hard to watch. I eventually sold because of

the toxic community DeGods had become. When I would raise

concerns as a practicing engineer in the discord, I was constant spit

on. After one particularly disturbing interaction, I ended up leaving


Fast forward some months and a new “Frank” emerged. I saw

what looked like real humility around a failed NFT project, and

I think a lot of others saw this humility and we’re drawn into the

honestly and integrity it projected. I believe at that time it was very


The saying “we tried some shit, ect…” came about, and the project

really did take back off to become what it is today. However, let’s

not gloss over the fact, DeGods would have NEVER recovered

from all that if it were on ETH at the time. It was SOL that kept

you alive.

I’m grateful to have a y00t tube, (unrelieved) but after going to

Breakpoint and talking to some of your VC investors, I think you

once again, need to take some time for reflection.

You so far have not launched a single successful Web3 native piece

of technology. Every software project that has succeeded, has been

distinctly Web2. I have yet to see any blockchain native implementation

of anything unique.

Quite frankly “Proof of Work” is the equivalent of a employee

you hire who never gets anything done but get really good at giving

you a list of excuses why. You might as well have used a Notion

doc man.

Most people I was able to talk to gave me the sense that they

invested in DeGods more out of charity to the Solana ecosystem’s

biggest project, buoyed by the hiring of @kevindegods, to give

them some sense of security despite the terrible execution track


Have you given any thought to what that investor base looks like

on Ethereum? If you have, I’d love to hear it. I’m not strongly for

or against you moving. I’d prefer for you to stay on SOL, but I

understand you’re a master marketer and will do what gets you the

most eyeballs.

As you have said many times, “I will do what’s in the best interest

of my holders.” A fair position for a business to take. Where my

concert comes about is the lack of foresight, I’ve seen in these decisions

over an extended track record.

While I do not blame you for the 0-royalty meta, and think ultimately,

it’s going to be a catalyst for innovation, your role in that

innovation has so far been basically to cause a bigger mess to make

the adults in the room more motivated to clean up after you.

I say all this not to attack you, but because fundamentally I think

you need to pause and take a breath again, much like after the failed

launch of DeGods and the re-emerging of the humility that made

you a cult ikon on Solana.

Your reputation among builders on SOL, assessed through a week

in Lisbon, is not good. I know a lot of builders whose reaction to

your considering moving to ETH is “good riddance.” Personally,

I’m saddened by this as the decision to do so now will likely burn a

lot of bridges.

Given the events of the past few days Solana will have a lot of rebuilding

to do, and I think you have a golden opportunity to repair

a lot of credibility with the builder community if you we’re to stick

around and help to rebuild.

If you do decide to go to Ethereum, don’t make the decision out of

getting sucked into your own hype. You can only keep chasing the

attention ball for so long, there’s no long-term moat in attention,

even Yuga is doing the engineering work to maintain their moat.

The easier path at this moment is understandably to jump ship. But

nothing worth having in the long term has ever been easy. Did you

even let the @metaplex guys know you were considering moving

before announcing you’d use their royalty enforcement solution?

These are the business decisions that future seed investors are going

to remember.

If you believe you can obtain round 2 seed funding after moving

to Ethereum, then do what’s best for your business, but from the

outside looking in, it appears you’ll need to sell the NFT IP to do

so. Idk who will trust you for a tech partnership after all this.

For the sake of @DeGodsNFT, @dust_labs, and @y00tsNFT,

please don’t get lost in your own sauce again. Your only gunna get

one more chance at this IMHO, and I do want you to succeed wherever

that may be. 23 is young af, maybe it’s ok to slow down a bit

and assess.

So it’s from that space I share my critiques, understanding you’ll

make the best decision for your holders in the end, as you see it.

Hopefully this doesn’t come off as an attack, it’s truly not meant

that way, rather an honest assessment I don’t see you getting elsewhere.

SHILL Issue #82



























































Whitelist grinding sucks. Keeping up with raffles/collabs

is annoying. For creators - figuring out Mint Price, Supply

and finding the *right* minters is impossible. What

if we provided a simple tool that solved these issues?

Say hello to List Assist.

As a project founder your #1 goal pre-mint is to find

good holders & more importantly, sell out. Currently

the broken way of doing that is through overallocation

of WL, endless collabs and having people “grind” for

a spot. Let’s change that and put more power in your


If you want a whitelist spot in projects apply by connecting

your wallets. We pour through the data and if

you are accepted based on the criteria the Project set

we assign you the role in the appropriate Discord. It’s

minimal work for both Creator and Whitelist seeker.

Creators get to set specific requirements such as “Minted

NFT in last 7d”, or “Has 5 SOL in wallet” or “Holds 20

NFTs.” This will cut through all the noise and enable you

to automatically WL the people you WANT to be a part

of your community.

Finally (and most importantly) we give creators access

to a Dashboard to provide significant insights previously

not available. One of the features is a “Mint Success

Estimator” - we will constantly track accepted WL wallets,

crunching data & estimating likelihood to mint.


SHILL Issue #82

We plan to charge creators pre-mint or post-mint based on # of applications or a set fee. We are looking to release

this to the first creators in the next 30 days. If you are interested in being one of the first projects onboarded,

fill this out:

docs.google.com List Assist Interest Form

SHILL Issue #82



We’re excited to introduce our new community initiative. Mob Syndicate.

What is a Mob Syndicate? Mob Syndicate is a role exclusively for all verified holders of our infected art-as-a-service


This includes current and future clients such as:











H̶e̶l̶l̶o̶ Pantha


SHILL Issue #82

We are always looking to add to our community. This will allow new members to join our discord, and gain access

to certain benefits.

How do I get a Mob Syndicate role? Be a holder of the infected or Mob Studios generated collection. Get to know

the mob community, and who knows maybe you’ll stick around and become a holder if you like what you see.

What are some of the benefits of becoming a Mob Syndicate? Dedicated WL opportunities, alpha calls, and access

to competitions/giveaways Opportunity to meet, build relationships, and be a part of our community

How does this benefit the mob community? This will introduce Mob Studios ecosystem to community members

from other projects. Most of these new members are holders who value amazing art & strong community as

much as we do. We are excited to welcome these new members

Stop in and learn what the mob is all about! https://discord.gg/sdnNQDc7

Infected Mob

some reasons why I decided to join @InfectedMob


• Amazing collabs with top tier projects

• Given back 500sol+ to the community

• $MOB token utilities

• Art upgrade to ultimate PFP soon

• New Trait marketplace soon

• New missions soon

SHILL Issue #82



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