January 2023 issue

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Photo by Peter Newman —<br />

Into Focus Photography Club<br />

The Sentinel - <strong>January</strong> <strong>2023</strong>

2<br />

What can I expect?<br />

As a client of Stepping Stones Palliative<br />

Concierge Services, you will have a variety of<br />

options available to you. We can help you set<br />

up a comfortable and safe space at home<br />

where you will be supported by our team,<br />

which consists of nurses, PSWs and a<br />

palliative physician, so that you can focus your remaining time on your loved ones. Or, if<br />

you prefer to be cared for in a facility, we can assist you with available options and navigate<br />

the referral process.<br />

Our Services<br />

Our list of services are tailored to all stages of your Palliative Care journey:<br />

• PSW and Nursing Care<br />

• Navigating the Health Care System<br />

• Consulting Services<br />

• End of Life Doula Services<br />

• Liaising with Your Health Care Team<br />

• Advanced Care Planning<br />

• Legacy Planning & Projects<br />

• Physician Consultation<br />

• Respite Care<br />

The Sentinel - <strong>January</strong> <strong>2023</strong> — Vol. 47, No. 5<br />

www.SteppingStonesPCS.com<br />

info@SteppingStonesPCS.com<br />


The Guelph/Wellington Seniors Association<br />

A non-profit organization based at the<br />

Evergreen Seniors Community Centre<br />

http://www.gwsa-guelph.ca<br />

Directors & Officers<br />

Linda Jeffrey — Executive Director<br />

Pat Gage — President<br />

Donna Keating — Vice-President<br />

TBA — Treasurer<br />

Brooke Gibbons — Secretary<br />

(City Recreational Co-ordinator)<br />

Directors<br />

Ken Fugler<br />

Charlie Bishop<br />

Wenda King<br />

Sam Montoya<br />

Janice Robertson<br />

Elizabeth Steggles<br />

Yvonne Thomas<br />

Adam Rutherford (City Program Manager)<br />

The Sentinel Team<br />

Carol Croft — Adminstrator, Printer<br />

Linda Green — Editor, Printer<br />

George Hughes — Printer<br />

Bill Shephard, Ray Miller — Part-time<br />

Assistants<br />

All of the above GWSA members<br />

are Volunteers.<br />

City Staff<br />

Adam Rutherford — Program<br />

Manager<br />

Jill Hunt — Customer Service Clerk<br />

Brooke Gibbons — Recreation Program<br />

Director — Senior Services<br />

Becky MacDonald — Recreation<br />

Co-ordinator — Volunteers<br />

TBA — Chef<br />

TBA — Facility Maintainer<br />

Lynne Briggs — Manager of Recreation<br />

Services<br />

Evergreen Seniors Community Centre<br />

A City of Guelph Recreation Facility run in<br />

partnership with the Community Services Department<br />

of the City of Guelph and the Guelph/<br />

Wellington Seniors Association<br />

683 Woolwich St., Guelph, ON, N1H 3Y8<br />

Tel.: 519-823-1291 / Fax: 519-823-8972<br />

Hours: 8:30 am to 4:00 pm M-F<br />

(closed Statutory Holidays)<br />

Read The Sentinel on our website,<br />

www.gwsa-guelph.ca<br />

ISSN: 0383 817X<br />


BOARD<br />


I love a fresh New Year! New <strong>2023</strong> Calendars - fresh pages - new<br />

goals for the year! Well, maybe new goals, or a second attempt at last<br />

year’s goals!!!<br />

<strong>January</strong> also starts a new year of activities at GWSA!!<br />

A reminder to read all the way through the Sentinel so you don’t<br />

miss anything! The GWSA Monthly Update email and our GWSA<br />

website https://gwsa-guelph.ca are additional informative options to<br />

help keep you updated!<br />

Your message from the GWSA Board this month is one of safety<br />

and has a focus relating to increasing your awareness in the area of<br />

Fraud Prevention. Included in this message, you will find clarity to<br />

terms commonly used, some tips to help you avoid being a victim,<br />

what to do if you have lost money, and some major frauds to be<br />

aware of. It is important for you to note that I have taken the<br />

information from the Guelph Police Services website where I<br />

encourage you to visit and further educate yourself on this important<br />

topic.<br />

PART 1<br />

I wanted to start out with some key points from the Canadian Anti-<br />

Fraud Centre (CAFC) which I have copied from the Guelph Police<br />

Services website. When you think of Fraud, it isn’t just in reference<br />

to emails but could be a telephone call or a visitor at the door. Here<br />

are some quick things to keep in mind before we talk about the<br />

RECOGNIZE, REJECT and REPORT process.<br />

Fraud Prevention Checklist:<br />

• Is the call unsolicited? Was it expected or out of the blue?<br />

• Are they asking you to confirm personal information such as<br />

name, address or account details?<br />

• Are they looking for a fast or instant response?<br />

• Are they asking for money?<br />

• Is the caller avoiding using the actual name of the company or<br />

financial institution?<br />

• Are they offering you a prize, free gift or trial?<br />

• Are they claiming to be the police or investigating something?<br />

• Does the email have an odd email address?<br />

• Is the formatting strange or are there spelling mistakes?<br />

• Are you being asked to change your password despite not<br />

sending a request to do so?<br />

(Continued on page 4)<br />

NOTE: Disclaimer—The Sentinel and the GWSA do not necessarily agree<br />

with or support statements in the Sentinel made by advertisers, or submissions<br />

by writers (no political or religious topics please).<br />

The Sentinel - <strong>January</strong> <strong>2023</strong><br />


4<br />

(Continued from page 3)<br />

FRAUD: Recognize, Reject, Report<br />

Recognize:<br />

Many frauds today are designed to play on potential<br />

victims’ emotions and get them to respond without<br />

thinking. They attempt to illicit responses based on<br />

panic, fear, desperation, elation, or love, which are<br />

often escalated by presenting urgent situations<br />

requiring immediate action. The slogan for fraud<br />

prevention is geared toward citizens in Canada to<br />

slow down and not react to potential fraud<br />

solicitations. We encourage people to Recognize that<br />

fraudsters are using every means at their disposal to<br />

target them (you); telephone, email, text messaging,<br />

social media, Internet and mail. We ask that they<br />

(you) change how they (you) react to unsolicited<br />

offers or demands.<br />

Rejecting:<br />

Rejecting fraud involves protecting your personal<br />

information and money. We want people to slow<br />

down, to think about and assess the situation before<br />

reacting. This can involve saying no, doing due<br />

diligence, researching and confirming information,<br />

and talking to friends and family members.<br />

Reporting:<br />

Reporting fraud means speaking up, even when no<br />

money was lost. Like other crimes, if fraud is not<br />

reported, we don’t know what is happening and can't<br />

warn other people or help disrupt it.<br />

PART 2<br />

Let’s get more specific in relation to Email Safety,<br />

Phishing Scams and tips to avoid them, and finally,<br />

some major frauds to be aware of.<br />

Email Safety - An unsolicited or junk email that’s<br />

not addressed to you and promising some benefit is<br />

likely spam. Usually a link in a spam email or fake<br />

website installs a virus on your device to capture<br />

personal information.<br />

Phishing - Phishing tricks you into revealing<br />

personal or banking information. An email or<br />

message can look legitimate; however, organizations<br />

like banks or the government often do not request<br />

personal information by email.<br />

You should contact the financial institution<br />

immediately and report your suspicions and never<br />

reply to an email that requests your personal<br />

information.<br />

Tips on how to spot and avoid phishing scams:<br />

• Be skeptical if an email asks you to update your<br />

information<br />

• Protect your computer with antivirus software,<br />

The Sentinel - <strong>January</strong> <strong>2023</strong> — Vol. 47, No. 5<br />

spyware filters, email filters, and a firewall<br />

• Look for misspelled words<br />

***If you’ve lost money to a scam or you’ve been<br />

the victim of identity theft, please call Guelph Police<br />

Service at 519-824-1212 to book an appointment.<br />



- Never wire or transfer money to someone you have<br />

not met<br />

- Beware of sad stories, plans to visit Canada, or tales<br />

of family emergencies<br />

- Be wary of people who say they are out of the<br />

country or can never meet<br />


- Do your research on a company before accepting a<br />

job<br />

- Watch for poor grammar or unrealistic salary<br />

- A legitimate company will not ask you to forward<br />

money for any reason or pay admin fees<br />


- Say no to cash only deals, high-pressure sales<br />

tactics or high upfront payments<br />

- Work with local businesses that have proper<br />

identification, licensing and insurance<br />

- Always get a written contract with price, materials,<br />

timeline and details about a person’s responsibilities<br />

4) RENTAL SCAMS – refer to website link as<br />

response information is lengthy.<br />

https://www.guelphpolice.ca/en/crime-preventionand-community-safety/scams-and-fraud.aspx#Rental<br />

-Scams<br />

Part 3<br />

The Guelph Police Services website has a wealth of<br />

information about Crime Prevention and Community<br />

Safety. I encourage you to visit the site and look<br />

around! If you would be interested in a session<br />

relating to any of the topics mentioned above, I<br />

would be pleased to reach out to the Guelph Police<br />

Services to see what they have available. Let me<br />

know!<br />

Enjoy your <strong>January</strong> and Stay Safe!!!<br />

Donna Keating<br />

Vice Chair/Vice President<br />

Guelph Wellington Seniors Association (GWSA)<br />


5<br />


by Linda Green<br />


<strong>January</strong> was named for the Roman god Janus,<br />

known as the protector of gates and doorways who<br />

symbolize beginnings and endings. Janus is<br />

depicted with two faces, one looking into the past,<br />

the other with the ability to see into the future.<br />

What a fitting symbol for this first day of the year;<br />

this month is our door into the new<br />

year.<br />

The Romans often made promises<br />

to Janus and exchanged good wishes.<br />

The months of <strong>January</strong> and also<br />

February were not originally in<br />

the ancient Roman calendar as the<br />

winter months were considered<br />

dormant, both in terms of agriculture<br />

but also in terms of making war.<br />

This was a time of peace. Until<br />

450 BCE, the Roman calendar was<br />

10 months, beginning in March (Martius), due to<br />

the March Equinox.<br />

<strong>January</strong>’s birthstone, the garnet, is thought to<br />

keep the wearer safe during travel. <strong>January</strong>’s birth<br />

flowers are the carnation and snowdrop.<br />

<strong>January</strong> 1 is New Year’s Day.<br />

<strong>January</strong> 5 brings Twelfth Night, an English<br />

folk custom that marked the end of Christmas<br />

merrymaking, and in ancient Celtic tradition, the<br />

end of the 12-day winter solstice celebration. On<br />

Twelfth Night, it was customary for the assembled<br />

company to toast each other from<br />

the wassail bowl.<br />

In the Northern Hemisphere,<br />

<strong>January</strong> is the coldest month of the<br />

year in most regions.<br />

<strong>January</strong> 6 - Full Moon. The<br />

Moon will be located on the opposite<br />

side of the Earth as the Sun and its<br />

face will be fully illuminated. This<br />

full moon was known by early<br />

Native American tribes as the Wolf<br />

Moon because this was the time of<br />

year when hungry wolf packs howled outside their<br />

camps. This moon has also been know as the Old<br />

Moon and the Moon After Yule.<br />

Special Printing For Members<br />

Do you have a need for printing (i.e., bookmarks, booklets, calendars,<br />

dinner menus/programs, club bylaws, annual reports), large or small<br />

quantities, black & white print (10¢ per page) or colour (30¢ per page)?<br />

If so, please contact Carol Croft or Linda Green, either in the Sentinel<br />

office (we’re not here all the time, though) or by email at sentinel@gwsaguelph.ca,<br />

or leave a message at the front desk. You must be a GWSA<br />

member to take advantage of this.<br />

We will try to accommodate you with your project as much as we can.<br />


To donate easily, with a credit<br />

card, visit our website<br />

www.gwsa-guelph.ca and click<br />

on the ‘Donate’ button or call:<br />

519-823-1291<br />

<strong>January</strong> 6, <strong>2023</strong>, is the deadline for<br />

submissions for the<br />

February <strong>2023</strong> Sentinel.<br />

Email submissions to: sentinel@gwsa-guelph.ca<br />

or drop yours off at the Evergreen Front Desk.<br />

Distribution of the February <strong>issue</strong><br />

is on <strong>January</strong> 26, <strong>2023</strong>.<br />

Editor is not responsible for quality of submitted photos<br />

(but we’ll do our best).<br />

The Sentinel - <strong>January</strong> <strong>2023</strong>

6<br />

Volunteer Corner from Becky MacDonald<br />

Happy New Year!<br />

Welcome <strong>2023</strong>! A New Year to new<br />

beginnings. I hope everyone had a nice<br />

holiday season and I am looking forward to<br />

continuing to work with everyone.<br />

Upcoming Volunteer Awards<br />

Senior of the Year Award<br />

This award is given by a municipality to<br />

recognize an outstanding senior who, after<br />

age 65, enriches the social, cultural or civic<br />

life of the community.<br />

Deadline: April 30 th<br />

If you are interested in nominating a fellow<br />

volunteer, please speak to Becky in the main<br />

office on Mondays or Wednesdays, or email<br />

becky.macdonald@guelph.ca<br />

Orientation and Training<br />

All volunteers will be required to complete<br />

the mandatory Orientation & Training. The<br />

trainings can be completed from the comfort<br />

of your home online. For those who do not<br />

have access to a computer, training dates will<br />

be set up for you to attend in the near future.<br />

Please contact Becky MacDonald:<br />

becky.macdonald@guelph.ca for more<br />

information and if you have any questions.<br />

committees (Travel and Governance<br />

Succession) are in need of a secretary to<br />

record minutes during the monthly meetings.<br />

Welcoming & Information Desk<br />

Looking for energetic, friendly, outgoing<br />

individuals to assist with greeting, providing<br />

tours and answering questions about the<br />

centre during the week, Monday to Friday.<br />

Two shifts available, morning and afternoon<br />

in the main lobby.<br />

Bistro 683<br />

Cash Volunteer: If you like working with<br />

people providing customer service and<br />

handling cash, Monday and Tuesday<br />

afternoons are open for a weekly or biweekly<br />

shift on the cash register from 12:00-<br />

3:15.<br />

How to get involved?<br />

First, complete an online application form:<br />

https://gwsa-guelph.ca/1749-2/<br />

No computer? Pick up a paper application at<br />

the Evergreen Seniors Community Centre<br />

front desk.<br />

Second, you will be contacted to set up an<br />

interview followed with training.<br />

If you are a current volunteer, you are more<br />

than welcome to take on more than one<br />

position. Follow up with Becky for more<br />

details.<br />

For more information about a particular<br />

position or about volunteering in general,<br />

contact Becky MacDonald by phone 519-822<br />

-1260 X 2096 or email:<br />

becky.macdonald@guelph.ca<br />


Openings for a Secretary<br />

If you like to take minutes and looking to<br />

give back to your seniors association in the<br />

morning once or twice a month, two<br />

The Sentinel - <strong>January</strong> <strong>2023</strong> — Vol. 47, No. 5

7<br />


MONDAY, MARCH 20, <strong>2023</strong><br />


3:00 – 5:00 pm<br />

The Membership & Marketing Committee extends an invitation<br />

for new members to attend a Reception at the Evergreen Seniors<br />

Community Centre, 683 Woolwich Street, Guelph.<br />

This is an opportunity to meet new members, members of the<br />

Board, and activity leaders who will be available to provide<br />

information about their activities.<br />

Please reply to wenda.king@gwsa-guelph.ca if you will be<br />

attending.<br />

Be Active Get Involved Make Friends<br />

The Book Nook — “A Lending Library”<br />

We are open<br />

Monday to Friday 10:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m.<br />

****<br />

Here is another great book — “Oath of<br />

Loyalty” by Vince Flynn. In a truce with<br />

President Cook, Mitch Rapp agrees to leave<br />

the country but stay in plain sight whilst<br />

Cook is in office.<br />

However, when one of Cook’s advisors<br />

leaks the true identity of Rapp’s wife,<br />

Claudia, they send teams to kill her. Mitch<br />

will do everything to protect her and, with the<br />

help of his team, he kills one of her enemies.<br />

However, another team, Legion, is hired to<br />

kill her so Rapp needs to find this team and<br />

stop them.<br />


Chris Fraser<br />

There are a lot of twists and turns in this<br />

book which I hope you will enjoy reading as<br />

much as I did.<br />

Happy Reading,<br />

Your bookworm and Librarian,<br />

Chris Fraser<br />

The Sentinel - <strong>January</strong> <strong>2023</strong>

8<br />

Wellness Matters workshops are presented by the<br />

Guelph Family Health Team.<br />

Guelph FHT's main office is moving<br />

to a new location!<br />

What does this mean for Wellness Matters workshops?<br />

Starting <strong>January</strong> <strong>2023</strong>, all IN-PERSON workshops will now take place at:<br />

649 Scottsdale Drive, Guelph, ON<br />

Suite 500 (5th floor)<br />

Wellness Workshop participants will take the elevator to the 5th floor and follow signs to the workshop<br />

room entrance. Free parking available in the parking lot.<br />

The Guelph Family Health Team’s NEW <strong>January</strong> - June <strong>2023</strong> Wellness Workshop schedule is here!<br />

You can print and view the NEW schedule by visiting our webpage:<br />

www.guelphfht.com/wellness-workshops-and-programs/ OR by clicking HERE<br />

*Please note: the dates/times/locations may change. Keep checking website/email for any updates.<br />

The Sentinel - <strong>January</strong> <strong>2023</strong> — Vol. 47, No. 5

9<br />

First in a series of three talks by the Alzheimer’s Society.<br />

The first talk will be on Tuesday, <strong>January</strong> 31<br />

from 9:30-11:30 a.m. in Room 4<br />


This talk looks at 10 Warning Signs and possible red flags for dementia.<br />

What to look for in daily life, if you are concerned about<br />

someone’s function or memory, and what next steps might be. There<br />

will be time for questions and handouts will be provided.<br />

GWSA Email Updates<br />

Each month, approximately mid-month, the<br />

Membership and Marketing Committee at the<br />

GWSA sends out the GWSA Email Update. It<br />

highlights a few of the exciting things happening at<br />

the GWSA and important communications from<br />

the Board.<br />

You can subscribe to receive the GWSA Email<br />

Update by completing the steps below:<br />

1. To begin, please send an email to:<br />

subscribe@gwsa-guelph.ca. You can enter<br />

Subscribe in the Subject line, or just skip that<br />

part, it will work either way. In just a few<br />

minutes, you will receive a message with a link.<br />

2. Click on the link you received, fill in the<br />

appropriate fields, and click “Subscribe to List”.<br />

3. To ensure you really want to receive GWSA<br />

Email Updates – and to make sure all emails are<br />

error-free – we’ll send a message asking you to<br />

confirm.<br />

4. Once you respond to the confirmation message,<br />

your registration is complete and you’ll receive<br />

our Welcome Letter.<br />

You can also subscribe using the Email Update<br />

input form at the bottom of any page on the<br />

GWSA website at gwsa-guelph.ca.<br />

You can expect to receive your first GWSA Email<br />

Update approximately mid-month after you sign<br />

up.<br />

You can unsubscribe from the GWSA Email<br />

Updates at any time by clicking on the<br />

“unsubscribe” link that is displayed at the bottom<br />

of every update.<br />

Membership &<br />

Marketing Committee<br />

This graphic by Unknown Author is<br />

licensed under CC BY-ND<br />

The Sentinel - <strong>January</strong> <strong>2023</strong>

10<br />

GWSA Group & Activity Reports<br />

ALL Activity Groups require that you MUST have an up-to-date GWSA Membership to participate.<br />

Art in the Hall<br />

Art in the Hall will return! I personally<br />

want to thank Ted Pritchard, who<br />

set high standards when it came to<br />

putting together shows for this venue.<br />

I am not sure I will be able to keep up<br />

those standards, but I will try!<br />

All of the art groups and artisans<br />

will have an opportunity to show off<br />

their wares and offer items for sale if<br />

they wish. A portion of the cost will<br />

go towards the GWSA, and staff at<br />

the cash will be familiar with how to<br />

process these payments and ensure<br />

artists receive their funds, again, if<br />

they wish to sell their creations.<br />

A contract (very similar to the one<br />

Ted used) will be sent out to all<br />

groups to review; it outlines how the<br />

shows will run. I intend to change up<br />

the art monthly and to be present the<br />

second Monday of each month to put<br />

up a new show. Some shows will run<br />

longer and we may have special<br />

presentations, for example, the recent<br />

one I co-ordinated of our late Gloria<br />

Mifsud, an artist who passed away in<br />

March of this year. Her artwork was<br />

showcased and all funds donated to<br />

the GWSA. The show was a huge<br />

success!<br />

I plan on going through the list of<br />

groups alphabetically as presented in<br />

the Sentinel. Please start to think<br />

about the piece you would like to<br />

hang, present and showcase.<br />

Further information will be forwarded<br />

to all groups.<br />

I am truly looking forward to seeing<br />

the hall light up again with wonderful<br />

artistic creations!<br />

Badminton<br />

We are a large club of approximately<br />

100 members playing on a 3-court<br />

gym with beautifully sprung hardwood<br />

floors.<br />

We play at both the Evergreen and<br />

the West End Community Centres up<br />

to 6 days a week, except during July<br />

and August when the WECC is not<br />

available. Please check “GWSA<br />

Group & Activity Contact Information”<br />

or the GWSA online calendar<br />

for times and locations.<br />

The Sentinel - <strong>January</strong> <strong>2023</strong> — Vol. 47, No. 5<br />

Our skill level can be from beginner<br />

to experienced so you may wish to<br />

plan a visit to watch us play before<br />

you apply to join. Application can be<br />

made through the City of Guelph directly<br />

at the Evergreen or WECC or<br />

online at guelph.ca by using the RecEnroll<br />

program to apply.<br />

We typically hold several coaching<br />

clinics as well as some fun tournaments<br />

during our season. We also encourage<br />

folks to stay late on Wednesdays<br />

for smaller group coaching and<br />

practice.<br />

All you need are dedicated indoor<br />

court shoes, proper gym attire, a racket<br />

and a smile to participate. We do<br />

have a few loaner racquets available<br />

and free equipment advice to help you<br />

decide. Please feel free to call me,<br />

Jeff Millard, 519-993-1362.<br />

Book Club 1<br />

Our group meets in the Board Room<br />

on the last Friday of each month from<br />

1:00 p.m. to 2:30 p.m. For <strong>January</strong>,<br />

our selection is “A Gentleman in<br />

Moscow” by Amor Towles. Our February<br />

selection is “Sunrise by the<br />

Sea” by Jenny Colgan. Monthly fee<br />

is $3.00. At present, we have a waiting<br />

list.<br />

Bridge<br />

GWSA welcomes all Bridge players<br />

with a basic knowledge of the game<br />

to enjoy playing bridge in a friendly<br />

and comfortable environment. We<br />

offer both Recreational and Duplicate<br />

Bridge. No partner? No problem! We<br />

mix and mingle with a room full of<br />

eager players so that everyone has a<br />

partner for any of our regularly scheduled<br />

games.<br />

Bridge-Recreational<br />

Join us for recreational bridge in the<br />

afternoon or evening.<br />

Tuesdays 6:30-9:00 pm Evergreen<br />

Room 3<br />

Thursdays 12:30-3:30 pm Evergreen<br />

Room 3<br />

Bridge-Duplicate<br />

This group is for individuals who<br />

have already taken bridge lessons and<br />

would like to work on improving their<br />

game. Volunteers are on hand to<br />

coach you.<br />

We request you know the Bidding<br />

Basics. We will make you comfortable<br />

playing Duplicate Bridge with<br />

Duplicate Boards and using Bidding<br />

Boxes.<br />

Fridays 9:00-11:30 am, Evergreen<br />

Room 3.<br />

Bunka<br />

Bunka embroidery is created by using<br />

a unique combination of punch needle<br />

and special silk-like rayon thread.<br />

When completed, many pictures resemble<br />

delicately shaded paintings. In<br />

fact, the needle is held and operates in<br />

much the same manner as an artist’s<br />

brush or pencil. We do not teach classes<br />

or have an instructor, so you<br />

should have some experience in the<br />

craft, and members are required to<br />

purchase their own supplies. Every<br />

Wednesday from 9:15 a.m. to noon in<br />

Room 3. Currently there is a wait list.<br />

See Bunkawithflair.com.<br />

Canasta<br />

Come out and join our friendly group<br />

for a game of Canasta. We welcome<br />

all levels of players. If you are new to<br />

the game, we will be glad to teach<br />

you. Join us on Fridays from 9:00 to<br />

11:30 a.m. in Room 3. Contact<br />

canastagwsa@gmail.com for more<br />

information.<br />

Craft Group<br />

The ladies of the Craft Club are very<br />

busy making beautiful articles for our<br />

store. We started in September to<br />

make hats, mitts and scarves to donate<br />

to the needy in December. We have<br />

had a few of the GWSA members<br />

also donating these items so we can<br />

reach as many as possible.<br />

Guelph Wood Carving Club<br />

est. Circa 1986<br />

A well-established wood carving club<br />

of mostly seniors (both men and<br />

(Continued on page 11)

(Continued from page 10)<br />

women) has operated in the Guelph<br />

area for decades.<br />

We do carving in the round, like<br />

cartoon characters, birds and wildlife,<br />

spoons, bowls, etc.<br />

Other carving techniques include<br />

relief carving, marquetry, and pyrography.<br />

Training available.<br />

Meets Monday evening 6:00 pm-<br />

9:00 pm in Evergreen Room 2.<br />

Cribbage<br />

Come on out on a Tuesday afternoon<br />

for a friendly game of Cribbage in<br />

Room 3 of the Evergreen Centre. The<br />

room is open at 12:30 pm and we start<br />

playing at 1:00 pm. Everyone is welcome<br />

and we play 8 games, with prizes<br />

at the end of the afternoon. If you<br />

are not sure of how to play, we have<br />

instructors to help.<br />

Line Dancing<br />

Evergreen Auditorium<br />

Phyllis Carnochan<br />

(519-836-9415)<br />

Donna Holmes (519-831-0943)<br />

Monday Classes<br />

9:15 to 9:30 am - Line Dance Step<br />

Tutorial (brief review of steps)<br />

9:30 to 10:30 am – Beginners<br />

(Beyond the Basics)<br />

10:45 to 11:45 am - Intermediate<br />

(Are you up for a challenge?)<br />

Thursday Classes<br />

1:00 to 2:00 pm - Introduction to Line<br />

Dancing (No experience needed)<br />

2:15 to 3:15 pm – Beginners<br />

(Beyond the Basics)<br />

The cost is $2.00 each time you<br />

come. Sign up for line dancing at 519-<br />

822-1260 ext. 2694.<br />

Mah Jongg<br />

Mah Jongg has started up again in<br />

Room 4 on Mondays from 2:30-4:30<br />

p.m. except the last Monday of the<br />

month when it will be in the Dining<br />

Room. It is a game played with tiles,<br />

similar to dominoes. Instruction is<br />

available for those who don’t know<br />

how to play.<br />

Into Focus Photography<br />

We are a friendly group of amateur<br />

photographers with equipment ranging<br />

from mobile phones and point-and<br />

-shoot cameras to fancy DSLR models.<br />

We share a common interest in<br />

photography as a hobby and we learn<br />

from each other. New members are<br />

always welcome. Our regular meetings<br />

are on the last Monday of every<br />

month in Room 4.<br />

If you are interested in joining, contact<br />

Stu McCannell<br />

(smccannell@rogers.com).<br />

Pickleball<br />

Pickleball is a sport in which four<br />

players use solid paddles made of<br />

wood or composite materials to hit a<br />

perforated polymer ball over a net.<br />

The sport shares features of other racquet<br />

sports: the dimensions and layout<br />

of a badminton court and a net and<br />

rules similar to tennis, with a few<br />

modifications.<br />

This sport is for people of all<br />

ages who are looking for some fun,<br />

laughter, socialization and exercise.<br />

It’s easy to learn, but can be challenging<br />

for those with a competitive nature.<br />

All levels of skill invited. Pickleball<br />

equipment is provided.<br />

Shuffleboard<br />

Come on out and join our group. Enjoy<br />

some gentle exercise, friendship<br />

and fun. Membership is available to<br />

all paid-up GWSA members for a $10<br />

fee every six months. Register the<br />

first time you play. Beginners are<br />

welcome and instruction is available.<br />

The group plays Tuesdays and<br />

Wednesdays from 1 to 3 p.m.<br />

Silver Strummers<br />

The ukulele orchestra is an unqualified<br />

success story! There are now<br />

30 individuals who have joined the<br />

Silver Strummers. We welcome ALL<br />

skill levels, beginner through advanced!<br />

We will provide you with all<br />

the information you will need to get<br />

started. If you would like to try the<br />

universally accessible and friendly<br />

instrument of the ukulele, please contact<br />

Eva Quan 519-820-1032.<br />

Silvertones<br />

The Silvertones members practice<br />

weekly in Room 3 on Fridays from 2<br />

to 3 p.m.. We do have a few openings<br />

so please contact Doreen Muir @ 519<br />

-831-8323 if you would like to join<br />

our choir or would like more information.<br />

Rug Hooking<br />

We have been gathering as a group of<br />

11<br />

rug hookers at the Evergreen Centre<br />

since February 2022. Traditional rug<br />

hooking is both art and a craft. Many<br />

beautiful and unique items are made<br />

by pulling loops of fabric or yarn<br />

through a stiff, woven base such as<br />

burlap or linen. It is enjoyable, fun<br />

and a very social hobby. Beginners<br />

are welcome and we will help you get<br />

started. The Rug Hooking Group<br />

meets on Tuesday afternoon, 12-4, in<br />

Room 2.<br />

CONTACT: Kathy McCallum, 226<br />

-821-1331. Email:<br />

kamccallum28@gmail.com<br />

Skiing<br />

For the <strong>2023</strong> ski season, it costs<br />

$10.00 plus HST to join the Ski Club.<br />

You register and pay for the Downhill<br />

Ski Club at the front desk of the Evergreen<br />

Centre. It helps to own a 5-7<br />

Pass purchased from Blue Mountain<br />

well before the start of the ski season.<br />

Every Monday, we carpool by meeting<br />

at the lower Evergreen Parking<br />

Lot by the Enabling Garden at 8:00<br />

am, drive to Blue Mountain, and return<br />

to Guelph by 6:00 pm. Contact<br />

Bob Shearer 519-831-4093 for Ski<br />

Club information.<br />

Evergreen Snooker Club<br />

The Evergreen Snooker Club is composed<br />

of a group of active, friendly<br />

players with skill levels covering the<br />

full spectrum from learner/beginner to<br />

accomplished player. If you are interested<br />

in learning the game, or have<br />

played in the past and want to get<br />

back into it, please drop by the<br />

Snooker Room. You will be assured a<br />

warm welcome and a place to try your<br />

hand at one of our three tables. The<br />

Snooker Room is open weekdays between<br />

9:00 am and 4:00 pm and any<br />

other time the Evergreen Centre may<br />

be open.<br />

The primary focus of the club is to<br />

have fun, build friendships and socialize.<br />

Your snooker skill level is irrelevant,<br />

so don’t feel intimidated if you<br />

are a beginner. Prospective members<br />

may visit the club room up to three<br />

times without charge to help with<br />

their decision on whether to join.<br />

While most of the current members<br />

are men, there is a small group of<br />

women who play regularly (typically<br />

on Tuesday mornings), so ladies,<br />

(Continued on page 12)<br />

The Sentinel - <strong>January</strong> <strong>2023</strong>

12<br />

(Continued from page 11)<br />

don’t be shy, give it a try.<br />

Membership is available to all paidup<br />

members of the GWSA on payment<br />

of the prescribed annual snooker<br />

activity fee. The current fee of $70<br />

(plus tax) buys you access to the<br />

Snooker Room any time it is open and<br />

to all the snooker you care to play.<br />

Texas Hold ’Em<br />

Why not come out and have fun with<br />

us? We are averaging about 16 players<br />

a week. We are situated in the<br />

Dining Room. We charge $2 per week<br />

and pretty well all of that goes back to<br />

the GWSA. We play Tuesdays from<br />

6:30 to 8:30 pm.<br />

Each player starts off with $500 in<br />

real casino chips, and, as we do not<br />

play for money, we work on a point<br />

system. The one with the most points<br />

each week is the winner. We play until<br />

there is only one player left or 8:30<br />

pm comes, whichever is first.<br />

We will gladly teach anyone who is<br />

interested in playing. Just follow the<br />

laughter to find us. We welcome everyone<br />

who wants to play and enjoys<br />

company.<br />

We have quite a few ladies playing<br />

at present and would always welcome<br />

more. We do not want to become a<br />

men’s club! Remember, you have to<br />

be a member of the GWSA to play.<br />

Walking Club (Indoors)<br />

A Pilot Project has been set up between<br />

the GWSA and the City to allow<br />

GWSA members to walk indoors<br />

this winter at the Guelph Sports Dome<br />

on College Avenue.<br />

You can register for the Walking<br />

Club’s 2022-<strong>2023</strong> winter walking season<br />

online through RecEnroll or at the<br />

front desk of the Evergreen Centre.<br />

There is no fee for this pilot project<br />

but you must be an active member of<br />

the GWSA.<br />

We will be walking Wednesday<br />

mornings from 10:45 am to 11:45 am<br />

at the Guelph Sports Dome (375 College<br />

Ave West). We recommend that<br />

you be there around 10:30, to hang up<br />

your coat and change to indoor shoes.<br />

No outdoor shoes are allowed on the<br />

turf surface.<br />

If you are interested in helping with<br />

this group or would like any additional<br />

information, please contact<br />

walkingclubgwsa@gmail.com.<br />

The Sentinel - <strong>January</strong> <strong>2023</strong> — Vol. 47, No. 5<br />

Watercolour Painters<br />

The Evergreen Watercolour Painters<br />

provides an opportunity for watercolour<br />

painters to practise their hobby<br />

along with others sharing the same<br />

interest, while encouraging one another<br />

and receiving information, ideas<br />

and inspiration. While we do not offer<br />

classes or lessons, we welcome accomplished<br />

watercolour painters.<br />

There is a small annual membership<br />

fee and membership with the GWSA<br />

is required. We meet in Room 2 from<br />

12:30 to 4 p.m. on the 1st and 5th<br />

Wednesday of the month, and from 9<br />

a.m. to 4 p.m. on the third Wednesday.<br />

Woven Words<br />

“If you wait for inspiration before you<br />

write, you’re not a writer, you’re a<br />

waiter”- Dan Poynter<br />

Using the book “Your Story, Well<br />

Told” by Corey Rosen (available<br />

through Amazon) as a foundation, we<br />

will explore numerous aspects of storytelling<br />

through discussion examples<br />

and exercises.<br />

We will weave our own stories<br />

based on a technique we choose,<br />

share, rehearse, and finally present<br />

during the last class of each month.<br />

Using the Goldilocks approach, not<br />

too much, not too little, but just right,<br />

we will learn to water ‘n’ weed, as our<br />

project captures a blossom which truly<br />

represents the story we wish to<br />

share. The only suggested equipment<br />

is a journal to jot notes and ideas.<br />

Once we feel comfortable with traditional<br />

storytelling, we will discuss<br />

expansion to Storytelling Plus. This<br />

involves storytelling with props, draw<br />

and tell, feltboard, cut and tell, music,<br />

movement, puppets, etc. We are only<br />

limited by our imagination! Mondays<br />

10-11 a.m. in Room 4.<br />

Writers Club<br />

If you enjoy the power of the pen,<br />

come join the Writers Club. We can<br />

toss around ideas and topics to get the<br />

creative juices flowing. Then let’s<br />

share the resulting written shape for<br />

constructive comments, while enjoying<br />

the company of others. Please feel<br />

welcome to join the journey. We will<br />

meet the 1st and 3rd Wednesday of<br />

the month in the Board Room, from 1<br />

-3 p.m. There is a weekly fee of $2 for<br />

the GWSA. Contact Susan Jackson<br />

519-265-3246.<br />

Writing Your Life Story<br />

This new Activity Group has gotten<br />

off to a good start with 12+ members.<br />

All are conscientiously following the<br />

suggestions of the facilitator, as steps<br />

towards producing a document that<br />

can be shared with children, grandchildren<br />

and other interested people.<br />

Each week there is an assignment to<br />

create a story relating to your life experience.<br />

The story is then shared<br />

with others in the group. We have<br />

already learned that no one’s life is<br />

“boring”! Space is limited due to<br />

room size, but we can accept a few<br />

more members. We meet on Thursdays<br />

at 1:30 pm in the Board Room. If<br />

you are interested, come and check us<br />

out! Contact Jennifer Blackie at 519-<br />

824-7204 or<br />

jblackie@bell.net for more information.<br />

Seniors Mixed Volleyball<br />

Thursday mornings at the West End<br />

from 10:30 a.m. - noon.<br />

$60 for the season, September to<br />

June.<br />

Must have some mobility and hand/<br />

eye co-ordination.<br />

Any questions or concerns, please<br />

contact: Co-ordinator<br />

Johanna van Boxtel, 416-579-7143<br />


GWSA Groups & Activities Contact Information<br />

You may be required to show your up-to-date GWSA membership card at any activity.<br />

Art In The Hall<br />

Kim Taylor<br />

(kdillonrose@gmail.com)<br />

Art Studio In 2<br />

Evergreen Room 2<br />

Nora Kelly norakelly1@hotmail.com<br />

Every 2 nd & 4 th Wed. 1-4 pm<br />

Badminton<br />

Evergreen Auditorium<br />

Jeff Millard (519-993-1362)<br />

Tues. 7-9:30 pm<br />

Thurs. & Fri. 10:30 am-1 pm,<br />

Sun. 1:30-3:30 pm<br />

Mon. & Wed. 1-4 pm (WECC)<br />

No play at WECC July & August<br />

Casual Bicycling<br />

Various Locations in and<br />

around Guelph<br />

John Ness jolyness4952@gmail.com<br />

Wed. - May 1-Oct. 31 - 9:00 am-noon<br />

Bunka Art Group<br />

Evergreen Room 3<br />

Diane Barber (519-763-2996)<br />

designbunny@rogers.com<br />

Wednesdays - 9:15 am-noon<br />

Canoe Club<br />

John Ness (519-994-8611)<br />

canoeclubmembership@gmail.com<br />

Thursdays 9 am-noon<br />

Chess Club<br />

Board Room<br />

Bruce Hurst (519-831-4340)<br />

bfhurst80@hotmail.com<br />

2nd & 4th Fridays – 10 am-12 pm<br />

Computer Club<br />

Evergreen Room 3<br />

Ross Knechtel (226-706-4058)<br />

Ken Chupa (519-829-2476)<br />

<strong>January</strong>, March, May<br />

2nd Monday - 7:00-9:00 pm<br />

13<br />

Bid Euchre on Thursdays<br />

Evergreen Room 2<br />

Phyllis Goodhew<br />

(phyllisgoodhew@gmail.com)<br />

Thursdays 1 pm-4 pm<br />

Book Club 1<br />

Board Room<br />

Veronica Sanche (519-767-9991)<br />

Last Friday of month - 1-2:30 pm<br />

Book Club 2<br />

Board Room<br />

Christine Trimble (519-823-2086)<br />

2nd Friday of month - 1-3:30 pm<br />

Bridge - Recreational<br />

Evergreen Room 3<br />

gwsa.bridge@gmail.com<br />

Tuesdays - 6:30-9:00 pm<br />

Thursdays - 12:30-3:30 pm<br />

Bridge - Duplicate<br />

Evergreen Room 3<br />

2paulinesmith@gmail.com<br />

Fridays - 9:00-11:30 am<br />

Computer Mentoring<br />

Ken Chupa (519-829-2476)<br />

Computer Lab<br />

Computer mentoring is a drop-in program.<br />

No appointment necessary.<br />

Computer mentoring is offered every Monday<br />

(except when the Centre is closed)<br />

from 1:00 to 3:00 pm<br />

Canasta<br />

Evergreen Room 3<br />

canastagwsa@gmail.com<br />

Fridays - 9:00-11:30 am<br />

Craft Club<br />

Evergreen Room 2<br />

Judy Montgomery (519-824-8047)<br />

Fridays - 8:30 am-1:30 pm<br />

Cribbage<br />

Evergreen Room 3<br />

Elaine Miller (ermiller35@gmail.com)<br />

Tuesdays 12:30 pm-4 pm<br />

Diabetes Support Group<br />

Room 3<br />

2nd Tuesday – 11 am -12 pm<br />

(Continued on page 14)<br />

The Sentinel - <strong>January</strong> <strong>2023</strong>

14<br />

(Continued from page 13)<br />

4th Tuesday – 10 am -12 pm<br />

Bill MacDonald (519-400-0950)<br />

cbmacdonald@rogers.com<br />

Euchre on Monday<br />

Evergreen Room 3<br />

Earl Mead (lemead41@outlook.com)<br />

Mondays - 1:00-3:00 pm<br />

Euchre on Friday<br />

Evergreen Room 4<br />

Peter Smith (519-217-8986)<br />

Fridays - 1:00-4:00 pm<br />

Golf<br />

Tom Kane (519-827-1475)<br />

Mondays, May to September<br />

Into Focus Photography<br />

Evergreen Room 4<br />

Stu McCannell (smccannell@rogers.com)<br />

last Monday of every month—2:30-5 pm<br />

$24.00 a year<br />

Line Dancing<br />

Evergreen Auditorium<br />

Phyllis (519-836-9415)<br />

Donna (519-831-0943)<br />

Mondays – 9:15 to noon<br />

Thursdays – 1:00 to 3:15 p.m.<br />

Mah Jongg<br />

Evergreen Room 4<br />

Gladys Robson 519-993-5398<br />

Mondays - 2:30-4:30 p.m.<br />

Last Mon. of the month Dining Rm.<br />

Peer Learning<br />

Barb McLeod (519-823-2531)<br />

Andrew Webb (226-500-4755)<br />

Sessions in September 2022<br />

Pickleball<br />

Rudy Simon<br />

gwsapickleball@gmail.com<br />

Evergreen Auditorium<br />

Monday 12:15 – 3 p.m.<br />

Tuesday 8:30 am – 12:30 p.m.<br />

Wednesday 8:30 – 10:00 am<br />

Thursday 8:30 - 10:30 am<br />

Friday 8:30 – 10:30 am and 1 – 4 pm<br />

Sunday 8:30 am - 1:30 pm<br />

West End Comm. Centre<br />

Tues. - noon-4:00 pm (advanced play)<br />

Thurs. - 1:00-5:00 pm (advanced play)<br />

The Sentinel - <strong>January</strong> <strong>2023</strong> — Vol. 47, No. 5<br />

Quilting<br />

Evergreen Room 2<br />

Beryl Drohan (519-827-0120)<br />

Mondays - 12:30-4:00 pm<br />

Rug Hooking<br />

Evergreen Room 2<br />

Kathy McCallum<br />

kamccallum28@gmail.com<br />

Tuesdays 12-4 pm<br />

Shuffleboard<br />

Evergreen Auditorium<br />

Elaine Bigam (519-824-6498)<br />

elainebigam@gmail.com<br />

Tuesdays & Wednesdays - 1-3 pm<br />

Silver Strummers<br />

Room 3<br />

Eva Quan 519-820-1032<br />

Fridays - Beginners 12-1 pm<br />

Experienced 1-2 pm<br />

Silvertones Choir<br />

Room 3<br />

President: Sandy Rea<br />

Membership Enquiries:<br />

Doreen Muir (519-831-8323)<br />

Co-Director/Accompanist: Andrea LeBlanc<br />

Co-Director/Accompanist: Joanna Wegman<br />

Fridays 2-3 pm<br />

Ski Club<br />

Evergreen Parking Lot by<br />

The Enabling Garden<br />

Bob Shearer 519-831-4093<br />

bob.shearer@xplornet.ca<br />

Mondays from <strong>January</strong> to the end of March<br />

8:00 am car pool at Evergreen to Blue Mountain<br />

6:00 pm return to Evergreen<br />

Evergreen Snooker Club<br />

Evergreen Snooker Room<br />

Nick Harris (519-836-4547)<br />

Daily - 9:00 am-4:00 pm<br />

Table Tennis<br />

Evergreen Auditorium<br />

Petr Vales (ttguelph@outlook.com)<br />

Evergreen:<br />

Monday - 3-6:15 pm<br />

Wednesday - 10 am-1 pm<br />

Saturday - 9:00 am-12:00 noon<br />

West End: Friday - 1:00-4:00 pm<br />

(WECC - except July/August)

15<br />

(Continued from page 14)<br />

Texas Hold ’Em Poker<br />

Bistro 683<br />

Paul Phillips (416-996-2112)<br />

Bruno Szafran (519-823-2317)<br />

Tuesdays - 6:30-8:30 pm<br />

Walking Club<br />

Meeting day: Wednesdays, November to March<br />

Time: arrive at 10:30 am,<br />

walking from 10:45 am to 11:45 am<br />

Location: Guelph Sports Dome<br />

(375 College Ave West)<br />

Club Contacts: walkingclubgwsa@gmail.com<br />

FREE for GWSA members<br />

(pilot project 2022-<strong>2023</strong> season)<br />

Watercolour Painters Club<br />

Evergreen Room 2<br />

Mary Mulholland (519-836-4889)<br />

watercolourclub@gwsa-guelph.ca<br />

1st and 5th Wednesday of the month - 12:30-4 pm<br />

Third Wednesday - 9 am to 4 pm<br />

Membership $30/yr + hst<br />

West End Art Group<br />

Rm 2 West End Comm. Centre<br />

Nancy Baker (519-822-6653)<br />

Tuesdays - 12:30-4:00 pm<br />

September – June<br />

Membership $10/yr + hst<br />

West Hills Art Group<br />

Rm 2 West End Comm. Centre<br />

Dale Vardy (519-823-5746)<br />

bdvardy@rogers.com<br />

September - June<br />

Thursdays - noon-4:00 pm<br />

Membership $25.00 + hst<br />

Wood Carving Group<br />

Evergreen Room 2<br />

Ken Fugler (fugler@rogers.com)<br />

Monday – 6-9 pm<br />

Woven Words<br />

Room 4<br />

Ellen & Gordon Webb (519.835.7153)<br />

ellenandgordon@yahoo.ca<br />

Mondays – 10-11 am<br />

Writers Club<br />

Board Room<br />

Susan Jackson (519-265-3246)<br />

susan.guelph@yahoo.ca<br />

1st and 3rd Wednesday of the month, 1-3 p.m.<br />

Writing Your Life Story<br />

Board Room<br />

Jennifer Blackie<br />

519-824-7204<br />

jblackie@bell.net<br />

Thursdays 1:30-3:30 pm<br />

Seniors Mixed Volleyball<br />

West End<br />

Johanna van Boxtel, 416-579-7143<br />

Johannavanboxtel60@gmail.com<br />

Thursday 10:30 a.m. - noon<br />

$60 for the season, September to June<br />

LEARN<br />

TO CURL!!!<br />

Canasta is Back!<br />

Come out and join our friendly group<br />

for a game of Canasta. We welcome all<br />

levels of players. If you are new to the<br />

game, we will be glad to teach you.<br />

Join us on Fridays from<br />

9:00 to 11:30 a.m. in Room 3.<br />

Contact canastagwsa@gmail.com for<br />

more information.<br />

GWSA has partnered<br />

with the Guelph Curling<br />

Club (just up the street)<br />

to provide our members<br />

with an opportunity to<br />

learn this fabulous game. Come on out!!<br />

WHEN: Every Thursday morning at 9:30 a.m.<br />

beginning <strong>January</strong> 5, <strong>2023</strong>.<br />

COST: $10 for 2 hours of fun and friendships.<br />

Seasoned curlers provide lessons, Club provides<br />

equipment.<br />

This Photo by Unknown Author is licensed under CC BY-SA-NC<br />

The Sentinel - <strong>January</strong> <strong>2023</strong>

16<br />

Solutions on pg. 28<br />

The Sentinel - <strong>January</strong> <strong>2023</strong> — Vol. 47, No. 5

17<br />


OF NOTE<br />

“Our Young Seniors”<br />

‘We’re not over the hill; we’re just<br />

gaining speed!’<br />

Carol Kelly - November 29 (80)<br />

Charmaine Nolte - <strong>January</strong> 30 (87)<br />



If you have a birthday or anniversary<br />

that you would like to include in the<br />

Sentinel, please let us know the month<br />

before.<br />

This column is NOT done automatically.<br />

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“Passages”<br />

We would like to convey our condolences<br />

to Association Members and their Families<br />

Webb, Eileen passed away on Sunday, November<br />

20, 2022, at the age of 93. She was a long-time<br />

GWSA member and volunteer.<br />

Crane, Audrey passed away on Friday, November<br />

18, 2022, in her 98th year. She was a long-time<br />

GWSA member.<br />

The Sentinel - <strong>January</strong> <strong>2023</strong>

2<br />

Clubs and Drop-In Activities JANUARY <strong>2023</strong><br />

R Register W West End Community Centre P Riverside Park Picnic Shelter<br />

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday<br />

CLOSED<br />

Happy<br />

New Year<br />

9<br />

9:15-9:30a Line Dance Tuto.<br />

9:30-10:30a Beginners Line<br />

Dancing<br />

10-11a Woven Words<br />

10:45-11:45a Intermediate<br />

Line Dancing<br />

12:15-3p Pickleball<br />

12:30-4p Quilting<br />

1-3p Euchre<br />

1-4p Badminton W<br />

2:30-4:30p Mah Jongg<br />

3-6:15p Table Tennis<br />

6-9p Carving Club<br />

16<br />

9:15-9:30a Line Dance Tuto.<br />

9:30-10:30a Beginners Line<br />

Dancing<br />

10-11a Woven Words<br />

10:45-11:45a Intermediate<br />

Line Dancing<br />

3<br />

8:30a-12:30p Pickleball<br />

12-4p Pickleball W<br />

12-4p Rug Hooking<br />

12:30-4p Cribbage<br />

12:30-4p West End Arts W<br />

1-3p Shuffleboard<br />

6:30-8:30p Texas Hold<br />

‘Em Poker<br />

6:30-9p Rec. Bridge<br />

7-9:30p Badminton<br />

10<br />

8:30a-12:30p Pickleball<br />

12-4p Pickleball W<br />

12-4p Rug Hooking<br />

12:30-4p Cribbage<br />

12:30-4p West End Arts W<br />

1-3p Shuffleboard<br />

6:30-8:30p Texas Hold<br />

‘Em Poker<br />

6:30-9p Rec. Bridge<br />

7-9:30p Badminton<br />

17<br />

8:30a-12:30p Pickleball<br />

11a-12p Diabetes Support<br />

12-4p Pickleball W<br />

12-4p Rug Hooking<br />

12:30-4p Cribbage<br />

12:30-4p West End Arts W<br />

1-3p Shuffleboard<br />

4<br />

8:30-10a Pickleball<br />

9:15a-12p Bunka<br />

10a-1p Table Tennis<br />

10:45-11:45a Walking Club<br />

-Guelph Sports Dome<br />

12:30-4p Watercolour Painters<br />

1-3p Shuffleboard<br />

1-3p Writers Club<br />

1-4p Badminton W<br />

2p BINGO<br />

11<br />

8:30-10a Pickleball<br />

9:15a-12p Bunka<br />

10a-1p Table Tennis<br />

10:45-11:45a Walking Club<br />

-Guelph Sports Dome<br />

1-3p Shuffleboard<br />

1-3p Writers Club<br />

1-4p Art Studio in 2<br />

1-4p Badminton W<br />

2p BINGO<br />

18<br />

8:30-10a Pickleball<br />

9a-4p Watercolour Painters<br />

9:15a-12p Bunka<br />

10a-1p Table Tennis<br />

10:45-11:45a Walking Club<br />

-Guelph Sports Dome<br />

5<br />

8:30-10:30a Pickleball<br />

10:30a-12p Volleyball W<br />

10:30a-1p Badminton<br />

12-4p West Hills Arts W<br />

12:30-3:30p Rec. Bridge<br />

1-2p Intro to Line Dancing<br />

1-4p Bid Euchre<br />

1-5p Pickleball (advanced) W<br />

1:30-3:30p Writing Your Life<br />

Story<br />

2:15-3:15p Beginners Line<br />

Dancing<br />

12<br />

8:30-10:30a Pickleball<br />

10:30a-12p Volleyball W<br />

10:30a-1p Badminton<br />

12-4p West Hills Arts W<br />

12:30-3:30p Rec. Bridge<br />

1-2p Intro to Line Dancing<br />

1-4p Bid Euchre<br />

1-5p Pickleball (advanced) W<br />

1:30-3:30p Writing Your Life<br />

Story<br />

2:15-3:15p Beginners Line<br />

Dancing<br />

19<br />

8:30-10:30a Pickleball<br />

10:30a-12p Volleyball W<br />

10:30a-1p Badminton<br />

12-4p West Hills Arts W<br />

12:30-3:30p Rec. Bridge<br />

1-2p Intro to Line Dancing<br />

6<br />

8:30-10:30a Pickleball<br />

8:30a-1:30p Crafts<br />

9-11:30a Canasta<br />

9-11:30a Duplicate Bridge<br />

10:30a-1p Badminton<br />

12-1p Silver Strummers Beg.<br />

1-2p Silver Strummers Exp.<br />

1-4p Euchre<br />

1-4p Pickleball<br />

1-4p Table Tennis W<br />

2-3p Silvertones<br />

13<br />

8:30-10:30a Pickleball<br />

8:30a-1:30p Crafts<br />

9-11:30a Canasta<br />

9-11:30a Duplicate Bridge<br />

10a-12p Chess<br />

10:30a-1p Badminton<br />

12-1p Silver Strummers Beg.<br />

1-2p Silver Strummers Exp.<br />

1-3:30p Book Club 2<br />

1-4p Euchre<br />

1-4p Pickleball<br />

1-4p Table Tennis W<br />

2-3p Silvertones<br />

20<br />

8:30-10:30a Pickleball<br />

8:30a-1:30p Crafts<br />

9-11:30a Canasta<br />

9-11:30a Duplicate Bridge<br />

10:30a-1p Badminton<br />

12-1p Silver Strummers Beg.<br />

18<br />

The Sentinel - <strong>January</strong> <strong>2023</strong> — Vol. 47, No. 5

12:15-3p Pickleball<br />

12:30-4p Quilting<br />

1-3p Euchre<br />

1-4p Badminton W<br />

2:30-4:30p Mah Jongg<br />

3-6:15p Table Tennis<br />

6-9p Carving Club<br />

23<br />

9:15-9:30a Line Dance Tuto.<br />

9:30-10:30a Beginners Line<br />

Dancing<br />

10-11a Woven Words<br />

10:45-11:45a Intermediate<br />

Line Dancing<br />

12:15-3p Pickleball<br />

12:30-4p Quilting<br />

1-3p Euchre<br />

1-4p Badminton W<br />

2:30-4:30p Mah Jongg<br />

3-6:15p Table Tennis<br />

6-9p Carving Club<br />

30<br />

9:15-9:30a Line Dance Tuto.<br />

9:30-10:30a Begin. Line Dance<br />

10-11a Woven Words<br />

10:45-11:45a Intermediate<br />

Line Dancing<br />

12:15-3p Pickleball<br />

12:30-4p Quilting<br />

1-3p Euchre<br />

1-4p Badminton W<br />

2:30-4:30p Mah Jongg<br />

2:30-5p Into Focus Photog.<br />

3-6:15p Table Tennis<br />

6-9p Carving Club<br />

6:30-8:30p Texas Hold<br />

‘Em Poker<br />

6:30-9p Rec. Bridge<br />

7-9:30p Badminton<br />

24<br />

8:30a-12:30p Pickleball<br />

12-4p Pickleball W<br />

12-4p Rug Hooking<br />

12:30-4p Cribbage<br />

12:30-4p West End Arts W<br />

1-3p Shuffleboard<br />

6:30-8:30p Texas Hold<br />

‘Em Poker<br />

6:30-9p Rec. Bridge<br />

7-9:30p Badminton<br />

31<br />

8:30a-12:30p Pickleball<br />

10a-12p Diabetes Support<br />

12-4p Pickleball W<br />

12-4p Rug Hooking<br />

12:30-4p Cribbage<br />

12:30-4p West End Arts W<br />

1-3p Shuffleboard<br />

6:30-8:30p Texas Hold<br />

‘Em Poker<br />

6:30-9p Rec. Bridge<br />

7-9:30p Badminton<br />

1-3p Shuffleboard<br />

1-4p Badminton W<br />

2p BINGO<br />

25<br />

8:30-10a Pickleball<br />

9:15a-12p Bunka<br />

10a-1p Table Tennis<br />

10:45-11:45a Walking Club<br />

-Guelph Sports Dome<br />

1-3p Shuffleboard<br />

1-3p Writers Club<br />

1-4p Art Studio in 2<br />

1-4p Badminton W<br />

2p BINGO<br />

Weekend Activities<br />

Saturday<br />

9a-12p Table Tennis<br />

Sunday<br />

8:30a-1:30p Pickleball<br />

1:30-3:30p Badminton<br />

DANCE JAN. 28<br />

1-4p Bid Euchre<br />

1-5p Pickleball (advanced) W<br />

1:30-3:30p Writing Your Life<br />

Story<br />

2:15-3:15p Beginners Line<br />

Dancing<br />

26<br />

8:30-10:30a Pickleball<br />

10:30a-12p Volleyball W<br />

10:30a-1p Badminton<br />

12-4p West Hills Arts W<br />

12:30-3:30p Rec. Bridge<br />

1-2p Intro to Line Dancing<br />

1-4p Bid Euchre<br />

1-5p Pickleball (advanced) W<br />

1:30-3:30p Writing Your Life<br />

Story<br />

2:15-3:15p Beginners Line<br />

Dancing<br />

Everyday Activities<br />

Snooker—9a-4p<br />

Book Nook—<br />

Mon-Fri – 10a-4p<br />

1-2p Silver Strummers Exp.<br />

1-4p Euchre<br />

1-4p Pickleball<br />

1-4p Table Tennis W<br />

2-3p Silvertones<br />

27<br />

8:30-10:30a Pickleball<br />

8:30a-1:30p Crafts<br />

9-11:30a Canasta<br />

9-11:30a Duplicate Bridge<br />

10a-12p Chess<br />

10:30a-1p Badminton<br />

12-1p Silver Strummers Beg.<br />

1-2p Silver Strummers Exp.<br />

1-2:30p Book Club 1<br />

1-4p Euchre<br />

1-4p Pickleball<br />

1-4p Table Tennis W<br />

2-3p Silvertones<br />

19<br />

The Sentinel - <strong>January</strong> <strong>2023</strong>

20<br />




high they’ll have no idea what you are talking about<br />

because the call you received was from a scammer<br />

trying to gain access to your computer — and your<br />

personal information.<br />

Scammers are calling peoples’ home phones and<br />

smart phones (even using text messages) and they<br />

are getting increasingly aggressive.<br />

Among the common ruses are claims of being with<br />

the Canadian Revenue Agency (CRA). Callers<br />

request personal information such as a social<br />

insurance number or credit card number in order to<br />

process a refund. A disturbing trend has been callers<br />

who use threats and stern language, claiming that<br />

their victim owes money to the government and must<br />

pay immediately or they will be arrested.<br />

In some cases, the scammers are even able to spoof<br />

phone numbers so it appears as though they are<br />

calling from a legitimate number. Be skeptical!<br />

The CRA doesn’t call and demand Canadians<br />

withdraw money immediately to pay off tax<br />

assessments (the agency suggests contacting them<br />

directly if you receive a call of this nature).<br />

Real companies and government agencies don’t<br />

demand payment in gift cards<br />

Scammers can run into <strong>issue</strong>s where banks and<br />

credit card companies stop payments on their<br />

extortion attempts if the victim catches on quickly<br />

enough. So some have turned to demanding payment<br />

via gift cards or crypto currency instead. That in<br />

itself is a huge warning sign that you are dealing<br />

with a scammer: no retailer, support company, or<br />

government agency is going to call you up and ask<br />

you to pay a fee using gift cards or Bitcoin.<br />

Tech support won’t call you out of the blue<br />

If you get a call from someone claiming to be from<br />

technical support — Apple, Microsoft, Geek Squad,<br />

your cellular provider, or whatever — this is almost<br />

undoubtedly a scammer. Unless you previously<br />

placed a call looking for help and follow-up was<br />

promised, you are not going to get a call out of the<br />

blue from any tech support staff. These companies<br />

do not randomly need remote access to your<br />

computer to scan it for viruses, and they do not need<br />

to check to see if it needs a system upgrade, so don’t<br />

give them access. Admittedly, the scammers can be<br />

convincing, often leading with questions that ring of<br />

truth. For example, they might ask if you’ve noticed<br />

a recent slowdown in your internet performance —<br />

don’t fall for it.<br />

If you think for some reason that the call might be<br />

legitimate, hang up, then call the company back at its<br />

official phone number listed on their website and ask<br />

if there is an open ticket for your name. Odds are<br />

The Sentinel - <strong>January</strong> <strong>2023</strong> — Vol. 47, No. 5<br />

E-mail extortion<br />

Another recent tactic used by scammers is a con<br />

that takes advantage of several trends: celebrity<br />

smartphone hacking and a general distrust of smart<br />

or connected devices. The ruse usually goes along<br />

the lines of the scammer claiming to have hacked a<br />

computer webcam to record compromising video of<br />

the victim. Perhaps instead, they claim to have<br />

access to records showing visits to questionable<br />

websites. The victim is told to make a payment<br />

(often in Bitcoin) immediately or the embarrassing<br />

info will be released to the public, or to their<br />

family.<br />

In the vast majority of cases, the claims are false.<br />

Without compromising a computer via malware,<br />

gaining access to its webcam or browsing history is<br />

rare. If you are concerned, make sure your devices<br />

are protected with security software, and consider<br />

a webcam cover that physically blocks the lens<br />

when not in use.<br />

Protect yourself and your family from phishing<br />

Phishing is one of the biggest security <strong>issue</strong>s, and<br />

the criminals running these schemes are getting more<br />

sophisticated. Phishing is an attempt to trick you into<br />

revealing confidential information, to download<br />

malware, or to visit a website where your computer<br />

will be attacked.<br />

To protect yourself and your family from phishing<br />

attacks, there are several key strategies to follow.<br />

The first is to take a deep breath and take your time.<br />

One of the primary methods used is to give a sense<br />

of urgency. Your account is about to be shut down!<br />

That is designed to trick you into acting quickly,<br />

without thinking. However, if there is something<br />

truly urgent, your bank, ISP or the CRA are not<br />

going to send you an e-mail directing you to take<br />

immediate action.<br />

Make sure that you don’t act right away on any<br />

e-mail and make sure your family members know<br />

not to do so.<br />

Once that moment of panic passes, a close<br />

examination of the e-mail will almost always reveal<br />

hints of its sinister purpose. For example, the sender<br />

is often a clearly unofficial account. The e-mail will<br />

address you in a general term, such as “dear<br />

customer.” There are often typos (although they have<br />

been improving on this front). There is always a link<br />

to click or an attachment to download. Don’t do it.<br />

(Continued on page 21)

(Continued from page 20)<br />

If you have any concern the e-mail might be<br />

legitimate, call the company or agency who<br />

supposedly sent it.<br />

A recent e-mail I received from “Apple”:<br />

• It was in my SPAM folder. Your e-mail client’s<br />

SPAM filtering capabilities are far from perfect,<br />

but they are a first line of defense. Finding this<br />

seemingly important e-mail in my SPAM folder<br />

is an immediate red flag to use caution.<br />

• The subject is “important message” which is<br />

pushing the fear button. A legitimate e-mail from<br />

Apple Support will have an actual, specific <strong>issue</strong><br />

in that subject, such as “Your Apple ID was used<br />

to sign into iCloud via a new computer.”<br />

• The e-mail is addressed to “Recipients” instead<br />

of to the e-mail address registered to my Apple<br />

account. This is a big clue that this is a mass<br />

mailing, not something sent specifically to me.<br />

• The sender is identified as “Apple Support” but<br />

look at their e-mail address. This is probably the<br />

single biggest giveaway. Do you suppose Apple<br />

is sending official e-mails using the account<br />

teg@inv.com?<br />

• The greeting starts with “Dear Customer” instead<br />

of my name. Apple includes customer names to<br />

add a personal touch, but also to show it’s not a<br />

phishing e-mail.<br />

• The text has no spelling errors, but the e-mail is<br />

rambling, lacks punctuation and repeatedly uses<br />

the word “Apple” in an attempt to sound more<br />

official.<br />

• The final big giveaway - and the point of this<br />

entire phishing e-mail - is the instruction to click<br />

on a link to “restore the account.” Blindly click<br />

that link and the trouble begins.<br />

Apple will sometimes send legitimate e-mails with<br />

instructions to go to a website; however, Apple will<br />

spell the link out so you can see exactly where you’re<br />

being directed. The last such e-mail I received from<br />

them directed me to go to https://appleid.apple.com,<br />

a destination that is clearly going to Apple’s domain.<br />

This example of a phishing e-mail is disguised to<br />

look as though it came from Apple, but there are<br />

many variations on the theme. You’ll likely receive<br />

similar e-mails allegedly sent by other companies,<br />

your ISP, your bank, and government agencies. Use<br />

extreme caution to avoid being scammed.<br />

Be prepared for text message scams and other<br />

new tactics<br />

Scammers are constantly changing their tactics. As<br />

people become more aware of the risks of email<br />

phishing, criminals change their approach. Recent<br />

developments include sending fraudulent text<br />

messages; for example, you might receive a text<br />

message claiming there is a billing problem with<br />

your Netflix account or other service, asking you to<br />

click on a link to fix the problem immediately or else<br />

the service will discontinue. Obviously, the goal is to<br />

get some personal information from you, especially<br />

payment information. Don’t be fooled!<br />

The key to staying safe is to watch for the warning<br />

flags (the sense of urgency will almost always be<br />

there), and use scepticism. Don’t click a link that a<br />

stranger sends to you; google the actual service to get<br />

the real e-mail or customer support phone number.<br />

Resources are available to help<br />

The common factor in almost all of these scams is<br />

fear. Fear of consequences, fear of losing money,<br />

fear of embarrassment, and - rather ironically - fear<br />

of being the victim of a scam. To the point where the<br />

victim is so worried that they will either give<br />

someone remote access to their computer in order to<br />

“secure” it, or pay them money outright for fear they<br />

are going to be investigated, audited or even arrested.<br />

You should be cautious whenever an agency<br />

reaches out to you for personal information or a<br />

payment of any kind. If you’re suspicious of a phone<br />

call, ordinary mail, or e-mail, take some time to think<br />

it through. You can find the customer service contact<br />

information of any agency or business using the<br />

internet. Also, you can check with the Canadian<br />

Anti-Fraud Centre, an excellent resource from the<br />

government of Canada. If you’re worried your<br />

computer may have been hacked or infected, scan it<br />

with anti-virus software, or bring it to a computer<br />

service shop like Staples or Best Buy for an<br />

examination.<br />

Above all, stay informed, be wary, protect your<br />

devices, and don’t panic. When you act calmly and<br />

without panic, the scammers almost always lose -<br />

and you stay safe!<br />

This article was provided by Best Buy’s Geek Squad<br />

21<br />

The Sentinel - <strong>January</strong> <strong>2023</strong>

22<br />

Wellington Foot Clinic<br />

Professional Footcare & Custom Foot Orthotics<br />

Jessica K. Mann<br />

Registered Chiropodist / Foot Specialist<br />

Professional, Safe Treatment of a Variety of Foot Conditions<br />

- Nail Disorders, Corns, Callus, Warts, Ingrown Toenails & much more<br />

- Custom Foot Orthotics<br />

- Covered by most extended health insurance providers<br />

- No referral needed!!! Free parking<br />

- Morning, Evening and Saturday Appointments Available<br />

3 – 245 Edinburgh Rd S. (enter off Municipal or Edinburgh)<br />

519-546-3737 wellfoot@outlook.com<br />

The Sentinel - <strong>January</strong> <strong>2023</strong> — Vol. 47, No. 5

23<br />


Come out and join the fun - win prizes!<br />

$15.00 per book. First Come, First Served - Room 4<br />

The Sentinel - <strong>January</strong> <strong>2023</strong>

24<br />

JANUARY 28<br />

Evergreen Seniors Community Centre<br />

683 Woolwich St., Guelph<br />

SATURDAY, JANUARY 28, <strong>2023</strong><br />

(Upcoming Dances: February 18, March 18 & April 29)<br />

7:30 p.m. to 11:30 p.m.<br />

Doors open at 7:00 p.m.<br />

Dance to the music of DJ Rob Martine<br />

Tickets are $15.00 each (non-refundable)<br />

Tickets may be purchased at the door. Tickets may also be purchased in advance<br />

by phoning 519-837-5699 or in person at any City of Guelph Recreational<br />

Facility, such as: Evergreen Seniors Community Centre, Victoria Road<br />

Recreational Centre, West End Community Centre.<br />

To reserve a group table, call Margaret Waldron at 519-836-8534<br />

Or email me at dances@gwsa-guelph.ca<br />

See website: https://gwsa-guelph.ca/Saturday-social-dances/<br />

The Sentinel - <strong>January</strong> <strong>2023</strong> — Vol. 47, No. 5

25<br />


I will be back in <strong>2023</strong> doing income<br />

taxes clinics at the Evergreen. Dates to<br />

be determine. For more details see the<br />

February <strong>2023</strong> Sentinel.<br />

Cost: $55 for seniors.<br />

Sharon Lamers<br />

Do your houseplants need help? Going on vacation<br />

and need your plants to be watered by a reliable<br />

person?<br />

Overwhelmed with the thought of repotting and don’t<br />

know where to start?<br />

I will come to your home and instruct you on how to<br />

rejuvenate and manage your plant collection. Too<br />

much work and no time? Then have me do it for you.<br />

Set up a consultation date and time.<br />

$25 for initial visit.<br />

Got questions? I will do my best to assist you.<br />

Colleen Simmons, 519-429-4634<br />

upinatree123@gmail.com<br />

The Wood Carving Club had their Christmas Party on December 5th and showed off<br />

some of their creative carving projects.<br />

The Sentinel - <strong>January</strong> <strong>2023</strong>

26<br />


by Susan Jackson, Writers’ Club<br />

There was a sharp beep, and then another. The sound<br />

awakened her. What was that noise? Was it really the<br />

smoke alarm? It was. Why? Why? She pulled back the<br />

covers, and sat upright into the cool of the room. It was<br />

2:30 a.m., and the smoke alarm was beeping. She got<br />

up, went out to the hall, and stood under the alarm,<br />

while it beeped at her.<br />

Maybe she better check the hall. She gingerly opened<br />

the apartment door, stuck her face out, and sniffed the<br />

air. No cause for concern there. She closed the door,<br />

and thought about the choices. If there was no danger,<br />

she had to silence that alarm until the morning. There<br />

was no way out. She needed to reach that alarm and see<br />

if she could undo the contact. It was wired into an<br />

electrical line.<br />

She turned the light on in the hall, and had a serious<br />

look upwards. It beeped again. Someone had to get up<br />

there, and she was the only one available. There was no<br />

alternative.<br />

She would have to climb on a chair, or be kept awake<br />

by that beep for the rest of the night. Neither choice was<br />

a good one.<br />

She pulled over a dining room chair, positioned it<br />

against a wall, and got the foot stool for the step up to<br />

the chair. Her left leg was always a problem. If it wasn’t<br />

her ankle being difficult, then it was her knee being iffy.<br />

She needed to be very careful. There could be no<br />

missteps. The number one problem that put old people<br />

in the hospital was falls in the home. There could be<br />

none of that. She climbed up, bracing one hand against<br />

the wall, and the other on the back of the chair. She<br />

lifted her arms above her head, and twisted the alarm off<br />

the ceiling. The insides were a jumble of wires. She<br />

tugged at a possible plug, but it did not release. There<br />

was no way she could deal with this alarm. She twisted<br />

it back into place on the ceiling, and then began the very<br />

careful descent from the chair, to step stool, to floor<br />

once more. Somehow the beeping had stopped. What a<br />

relief.<br />

An hour later she was once again awakened by the<br />

shrill beep. Nothing for it then, but the second option.<br />

She was to live with the sharp beep until morning. For a<br />

start she searched for her ear plugs. Ear plugs are very<br />

useful things. When she was in Taiwan, the nights were<br />

often punctuated by the sound of firecrackers.<br />

Firecrackers were a great favorite for religious<br />

celebrations, and there seemed to be quite a few of<br />

those. She complained to Jennifer, one of her students,<br />

that it was ridiculous that people were allowed to set off<br />

firecrackers in the middle of the night. She laughed and<br />

said “people would just say that person was very<br />

religious”. There you have it. She suggested ear plugs,<br />

which were conveniently found in the bookstore the<br />

very next day. They were a godsend.<br />

With the orange foam earplugs in place, there was a<br />

satisfying muffling of the beep. Then she shut the<br />

The Sentinel - <strong>January</strong> <strong>2023</strong> — Vol. 47, No. 5<br />

bedroom door. The sound was muffled even more. She<br />

climbed back under the warm covers, and pulled them<br />

over her ear. The result was going to have to be<br />

acceptable.<br />

Around 6:30 a.m. she awoke to the muffled beep. She<br />

at least had some sleep.<br />

The first thing she did when she got up was look in<br />

the desk for her receipt for the alarm. It was installed<br />

three years previously. She found the company’s phone<br />

number in the corner of the invoice, and called. They<br />

were electricians.<br />

“Hello, you installed a fire alarm in my apartment<br />

three years ago. It is a wired-in type. It is beeping, and I<br />

need it fixed.”<br />

“Okay, can you tell me what it looks like? Is it<br />

mushroom shaped or square?”<br />

“It is mushroom shaped.”<br />

“Is the beeping a single beep, or three beeps in a<br />

row?”<br />

“It is a single beep.”<br />

“It sounds like it needs a new battery.”<br />

“It doesn’t have a battery. It is wired in electrically. I<br />

had it off the ceiling. There was no battery inside, just<br />

wires. The smoke detector that I had previously for 10<br />

years never needed a battery.”<br />

“Yes, but the new smoke detector now has a 9 volt<br />

battery as a backup. It should be replaced once a year.”<br />

“What? No one ever told me there was a battery in it.<br />

Well, whatever, if that is the problem, I don't know<br />

where the battery goes, and I am not climbing on a chair<br />

again. I am 75, and it is not wise for old ladies to climb<br />

on chairs.”<br />

“I'm sorry, I don’t have anyone in the area this<br />

morning to do a quick stop in. I would have to charge<br />

you for a service call.”<br />

“So is that like $50 or something?”<br />

“It is $105. Do you have anyone who can change it for<br />

you?”<br />

“Jeez. No, I need you to send someone.”<br />

“Okay then. Do you have a 9 volt battery on hand?”<br />

“No. How much will that cost?”<br />

“Only $3.50.”<br />

“Okay, bring a battery please.”<br />

“Do you have anyone who can look at it?”<br />

“No, I don’t, and I need the beeping to stop.”<br />

When she got off the phone, she put her earplugs back<br />

in, and made her breakfast. The repairman could not<br />

come until after 1 o’clock.<br />

He turned out to be a very pleasant man. She told him<br />

she needed to watch carefully to see where this battery<br />

was installed. It was so easy. It was an outside hidden<br />

clip that swung open to reveal the battery. He even<br />

marked the clip with his pen. Furthermore, he left her<br />

the instruction note that was in another battery package<br />

that he had with him. The beeping stopped.<br />

Three weeks passed, and there was still no invoice in<br />

her mailbox. Maybe their accounts were slow.

27<br />

$25.00 discount coupon<br />

with this ad<br />

Please call 519-821-6683<br />

A volunteer snow removal service for eligible<br />

seniors and those living with physical disabilities<br />

519-822-1155.<br />

The winter season is almost upon us. In partnership<br />

with the City of Guelph, PIN –The People and<br />

Information Network - offers a volunteer snow<br />

removal service for eligible seniors and persons with<br />

physical disabilities. During a significant snow event,<br />

after the residential streets are plowed, volunteers<br />

visit their match within 24 hours to clear the windrow<br />

(the accumulation of snow left at the end of a<br />

driveway).<br />

Last year, 111 Snow Angels contributed 1,375 hours<br />

of snow shovelling service. In total, 145 residents<br />

were helped during the winter season. The support<br />

from this program is evident from feedback from one<br />

resident, “This service is not only helpful in a practise<br />

sense, but it also engenders a feeling of being<br />

connected to the community. Knowing that others<br />

care about my well-being is immensely important. My<br />

Snow Angel lending a helping hand when I most<br />

needed it makes all the difference in the world.<br />

For those volunteering for the service, it contributes a<br />

tremendous amount to the overall well-being of our<br />

community. Volunteering with the program is truly<br />

‘the neighbourly thing to do’ and is a great way for<br />

families to volunteer together, or high school<br />

students.<br />

For the residents of the Snow Angels program, it’s a<br />

vital service that allows them to stay connected to<br />

their community while living in their own spaces.<br />

In order to be eligible for this service, residents<br />

must:<br />

• Reside in the City of Guelph in a single dwelling<br />

or semi-detached house with private driveway.<br />

• Be unable to remove their own snow and cannot<br />

afford to pay for snow removal.<br />

• Have no able-bodied person living in the<br />

household to shovel snow.<br />

• Be a senior citizen (aged 65 years or older) and/or<br />

have a physical disability.<br />

Please note that the People and Information Network<br />

(PIN) reserves the right to ask for documentation<br />

verifying proof of disability and/or inability to pay for<br />

private snow removal services in order to ensure<br />

services are provided to those in our community who<br />

The Sentinel - <strong>January</strong> <strong>2023</strong>

28<br />

See Puzzles on pgs. 16 & 17<br />

The Sentinel - <strong>January</strong> <strong>2023</strong> — Vol. 47, No. 5

29<br />

If prearranged and prepaid before <strong>January</strong> 31, <strong>2023</strong> If prearranged and prepaid before <strong>January</strong> 31, <strong>2023</strong><br />

The Sentinel - <strong>January</strong> <strong>2023</strong>

30<br />


held at the Evergreen Seniors Community Centre unless otherwise indicated — call 519-823-1291.<br />

Please register in person at our recreation facilities, over the phone by calling 519-837-5699, or online at<br />

recenroll.ca. Registration opened on Wednesday, December 7, 2022, for Winter <strong>2023</strong> programs (running <strong>January</strong>-<br />

March <strong>2023</strong>). PLEASE NOTE: Programs may be cancelled if there is low registration, so be sure to register.<br />

Fees do not include HST.<br />


Drop In Pickleball<br />

Drop in and join us for a fun and active game of<br />

pickleball. Whether you have played racquet sports or<br />

not, the game is easy to learn and is facilitated by staff.<br />

Paddles and balls are provided, but feel free to bring<br />

your own if you wish.<br />

Location:<br />

Evergreen Seniors Community Centre (Auditorium)<br />

(Wednesday)<br />

West End Community Centre (Gym) (Monday, Tuesday)<br />

Course ID: Monday (3<strong>2023</strong>)<br />

Tuesday (32024)<br />

Wednesday (32022)<br />

Class Length: Monday: 1 hour (11 a.m.-12 p.m.)<br />

Tuesday: 1 hour (10-11 a.m.)<br />

Wednesday: 2 hours (7:15-9:15 p.m.)<br />

Dates: Monday: <strong>January</strong> 9-March 27<br />

Tuesday: <strong>January</strong> 10-March 28<br />

Wednesday: <strong>January</strong> 4-March 29<br />

Fees: Adult: $7.04, Senior: $5.63<br />

DANCE<br />

Cardio Dance<br />

This innovative, fun and exciting dance fitness class is<br />

guaranteed to get you moving into shape. This safe and<br />

effective total body workout is specifically designed for<br />

beginners and seniors.<br />

Location: Victoria Road Rec Centre (Maple Room)<br />

Course ID: 31342<br />

Class Length: 1 hour (11 a.m.-12 p.m.)<br />

Dates: <strong>January</strong> 11-March 29<br />

Fees: Member: $85.32, Non-Member: $98.16<br />


Cardio and Strength (Level 1)<br />

This beginner strength training class focuses on<br />

functional exercises that include balance, flexibility and<br />

cardiovascular movements. Exercises are performed both<br />

sitting and standing. Hand weights are used for<br />

strengthening and toning muscles. Join us to keep your<br />

body fit!<br />

Location: Victoria Road Rec Centre (Maple Room)<br />

Course ID: 31337<br />

Class Length: 1 hour (9:30-10:30 a.m.)<br />

Dates: <strong>January</strong> 11-March 29 (Wednesday)<br />

Fees: Member: $85.32, Non-Member: $98.16<br />

The Sentinel - <strong>January</strong> <strong>2023</strong> — Vol. 47, No. 5<br />

Cardio and Strength (Level 2)<br />

This intermediate/advance strength training class focuses<br />

on a low impact cardio warmup. This class performs<br />

functional exercises that include balance, flexibility and<br />

cardiovascular movements. Exercises are performed<br />

sitting and standing. A variety of equipment is used<br />

throughout the classes which may include bands,<br />

stability balls and weights of your choice. Join us to keep<br />

your body fit!<br />

Location: Evergreen Seniors Community Centre (Room<br />

4)<br />

Course ID: Monday: 31339<br />

Friday: 31338<br />

Class Length: 1 hour (9-10 a.m.)<br />

Dates: Monday: <strong>January</strong> 9-March 27<br />

Friday: <strong>January</strong> 13-March 31<br />

Fees: Member: $78.21, Non-Member: $89.98<br />

Cardio and Strength (Level 3)<br />

Come and challenge your fitness level in this advanced<br />

strength training class. Focusing on a low impact cardio<br />

warmup, this class performs functional exercises that<br />

include balance, flexibility and cardiovascular<br />

movements. A variety of equipment is used throughout<br />

the classes which may include bands, stability balls and<br />

weights of your choice. Join us to keep your body fit!<br />

Location: Evergreen Seniors Community Centre (Room<br />

4)<br />

Course ID: Monday: 31341<br />

Friday: 31340<br />

Class Length: 1 hour (8-9 a.m.)<br />

Dates: Monday: <strong>January</strong> 9-March 27<br />

Friday: <strong>January</strong> 13-March 31<br />

Fees: Member: $78.21, Non-Member: $89.98<br />

Total Body Conditioning<br />

This total body conditioning class will challenge the<br />

active individual. A cardio warmup will prepare you for<br />

a resistance training, balance, flexibility, and core<br />

strength and floor workout. The benefits of regular<br />

exercise consisting of these major components will<br />

improve your mental, physical and emotional health.<br />

Increase your energy level to be able to carry out daily<br />

tasks and reduce your chances of osteoporosis.<br />

Location: Evergreen Seniors Community Centre (Room<br />

4)<br />

Course ID: 31358<br />

Class Length: 1 hour (8-9 a.m.)<br />

(Continued on page 31)

(Continued from page 30)<br />

Dates: <strong>January</strong> 11-March 29<br />

Fees: Member: $85.32, Non-Member: $98.16<br />

Introduction to Strength Training (Jan.-Feb.)<br />

What is strength training all about? How do you get<br />

started? Which exercises are the best ones? What about<br />

form? Let us show you the answers! You will go from<br />

learning the theory behind the importance of strength<br />

training to mastering the technique behind bodyweight,<br />

free weight and barbell training. Our qualified<br />

instructors will take you through a progressive training<br />

program that will help you gain a better understanding of<br />

exercise and program design, help you increase your<br />

strength and, most importantly, your confidence in and<br />

out of the gym.<br />

Location: West End Community Centre (Fitness Room)<br />

Course ID: 9-10 a.m.: 32245<br />

10-11 a.m.: 32247<br />

Class Length: 1 hour (9-10 a.m.); 1 hour (10-11 a.m.)<br />

Dates: <strong>January</strong> 11-February 15 (Wednesday)<br />

Fees: Member: Free, Non-Member: Free<br />

Introduction to Strength Training (Feb.-March)<br />

Location: West End Community Centre (Fitness Room)<br />

Course ID: 9-10 a.m.: 32246<br />

10-11 a.m.: 32248<br />

Class Length: 1 hour (9-10 a.m.); 1 hour (10-11 a.m.)<br />

Dates: February 22-March 29 (Wednesday)<br />

Fees: Member: Free, Non-Member: Free<br />

Drum and Jump<br />

Good for the brain and great for the body; Drum and<br />

Jump is a high-fun, high-energy fitness program that<br />

combines music, dance and rhythm. Using a stability<br />

ball and drumsticks you will drum to the beat of the<br />

music. No experience required - just drum to your own<br />

beat!<br />

Location: Victoria Road Rec. Centre (Maple Room)<br />

Course ID: 31345<br />

Class Length: 1 hour (4-5 p.m.)<br />

Dates: <strong>January</strong> 11-March 29 (Wednesday)<br />

Fees: Member: $85.32, Non-Member: $98.16<br />

Falling Prevention and Navigation<br />

In this program, participants will learn practical<br />

exercises for preventing falls in day-to-day life, as well<br />

as tools to aid in negotiating a fall, should it occur. We<br />

will focus on building knowledge of the body to increase<br />

confidence in movement. It will include: exercises for<br />

increasing proprioception (for the feet, eyes, and spine) –<br />

study of walking mechanics to invite mindful movement<br />

– practice of ramping and spiralling pathways for<br />

support in falling – explorations of how to use the limbs<br />

and body for counterbalance<br />

Location: Evergreen Seniors Community Centre (Room<br />

4)<br />

Course ID: 31347<br />

Class Length: 1 hour (1:30-2:30 p.m.)<br />

Dates: February 6-March 27 (Monday)<br />

Fees: Member: $49.77, Non-Member: $57.26<br />

Strength and Balance<br />

This beginner class will focus on fall prevention, whole<br />

body movements and balance. It is designed to improve<br />

general mobility and overall strength to make everyday<br />

tasks easier. You can expect to see improvement in<br />

posture. The class presents an excellent opportunity for<br />

beginners to start exercising with an aerobic, strength<br />

and flexibility component.<br />

Location: Evergreen Seniors Community Centre (Room<br />

4)<br />

Course ID: 31355<br />

Class Length: 1 hour (12-1 p.m.)<br />

Dates: <strong>January</strong> 11-March 29<br />

Fees: Member: $85.32, Non-Member: $98.16<br />

Meditation and Relaxation<br />

Learn to develop skills to cultivate a different<br />

relationship to stress, including stress that can result<br />

from managing a variety of chronic health conditions.<br />

Sessions include: variety of meditation practices, gentle<br />

mindful movement practices, reflective and practical<br />

exercises, and discussions on stress. Examples of<br />

mindfulness training: Deep breathing, Meditation,<br />

Gentle movement.<br />

Location: Evergreen Seniors Community Centre<br />

(Room 4)<br />

Course ID: 31351<br />

Class Length: 1 hour (8:30-9:30 a.m.)<br />

Dates: <strong>January</strong> 12-March 30 (Thursday)<br />

Fees: Member: Free, Non-Member: Free<br />


Snowshoeing<br />

Join us for a leisurely, instructor-led, winter walk<br />

through the Guelph trails. Snowshoes are provided and<br />

the instructor can assist you in getting geared up. We<br />

will meet in the Evergreen lobby and hit the trails from<br />

there!<br />

Location: Riverside Park<br />

Course ID: 31362<br />

Class Length: 1.5 hours (11:00 a.m.-12:30 p.m.)<br />

Dates: <strong>January</strong> 13-March 3<br />

Fees: Member: $56.88, Non-Member: $65.44<br />


Lunch and Learn – <strong>January</strong>: John Galt and Guelph’s<br />

early years<br />

Stay connected with peers in your community and make<br />

new friends. Our Lunch and Learn Program is a great<br />

way to take part in social activities in a friendly and<br />

inclusive environment.<br />

Discover more about John Galt and the early years of<br />

Guelph’s history. Hear some fun and interesting stories<br />

31<br />

(Continued on page 32)<br />

The Sentinel - <strong>January</strong> <strong>2023</strong>

32<br />

(Continued from page 31)<br />

about our first buildings, industry and influences that<br />

helped shape the cities growth and development.<br />

Location: Evergreen Seniors Community Centre (Room<br />

4)<br />

Date: <strong>January</strong> 26 (Thursday)<br />

Course ID: 31382<br />

Class Length: 1.5 hours (11:30 a.m.-1 p.m.)<br />

Fees: Member: $10.00, Non-Member: $10.00<br />

Lunch and Learn – February: University of Guelph<br />

Anatomy Program Information Session<br />

Stay connected with peers in your community and make<br />

new friends. Our Lunch and Learn Program is a great<br />

way to take part in social activities in a friendly and<br />

inclusive environment.<br />

Please join us as we share information about the Human<br />

Anatomy Program at the University of Guelph. We look<br />

forwarding to talking with you about our program, our<br />

students, and the gift of whole-body donation. After the<br />

presentation, we look forward to having an open<br />

discussion, and answering any questions about the<br />

Human Anatomy Program.<br />

Location: Evergreen Seniors Community Centre<br />

(Room 4)<br />

Date: February 23 (Thursday)<br />

Course ID: 31383<br />

Class Length: 1.5 hours (11:30 a.m.-1 p.m.)<br />

Fees: Member: $10.00, Non-Member: $10.00<br />

Lunch and Learn – March<br />

Stay connected with peers in your community and make<br />

new friends. Our Lunch and Learn Program is a great<br />

way to take part in social activities in a friendly and<br />

inclusive environment.<br />

Location: Evergreen Seniors Community Centre (Room<br />

4)<br />

Date: March 30 (Thursday)<br />

Course ID: 31384<br />

Class Length: 1.5 hours (11:30 a.m.-1 p.m.)<br />

Fees: Member: $10.00, Non-Member: $10.00<br />

Spanish<br />

Learn Spanish by enjoying basic conversations and<br />

hands-on activities, with which you will connect and<br />

communicate in a free way, using this language from the<br />

beginning. Starting with basic grammar and vocabulary,<br />

this program will help you to acquire a practical use of<br />

language on context and for specific purposes. Also, you<br />

will know and appreciate some cultural aspects of<br />

Spanish speaking countries. Whether you are just<br />

starting out or brushing up your Spanish skills, you are<br />

welcome to join us.<br />

Location: Evergreen Seniors Community Centre (Board<br />

Room)<br />

Course ID: 31354<br />

Class Length: 1 hour (3:30-4:30 p.m.)<br />

Dates: <strong>January</strong> 24-March 28 (Tuesday)<br />

Fees: Member: $159.28, Non-Member: $183.15<br />

QI GONG<br />

Qi Gong 1<br />

Discover this ancient healing practice that has been a<br />

part of Chinese Medicine for thousands of years. Qi<br />

Gong includes a variety of exercises, including slow<br />

meditative movements, shaking and tapping, and<br />

acupressure and self-massage. This program will guide<br />

participants through a series of gentle movements along<br />

with supplementary meditations, exercises, and selfmassage<br />

techniques to boost immunity and enhance<br />

overall well-being.<br />

Location: Evergreen Seniors Community Centre<br />

(Room 4)<br />

Course ID: Monday (31353)<br />

Tuesday (32439)<br />

Class Length: 1.5 hours; 1 hour<br />

Monday (12-1:30 p.m.)<br />

Tuesday (11 a.m.-12 p.m.)<br />

Dates: Monday: February 6-March 27<br />

Tuesday: February 7-March 28<br />

Fees: Monday: Member: $49.77, Non-Member: $57.26<br />

Tuesday: Member: $56.88, Non-Member: $65.44<br />

TAI CHI<br />

Tai Chi – Beginner<br />

This program welcomes those who are new to Tai Chi as<br />

well as those who are wishing to reinforce the<br />

foundations. Focusing on the basic vocabulary of the<br />

stances and co-ordination of the postures, this meditative<br />

movement practice is accessible to all.<br />

Location: Evergreen Seniors Community Centre (Room<br />

4)<br />

Course ID: 31356<br />

Class Length: 1 hour (9-10 a.m.)<br />

Dates: February 7-March 28 (Tuesday)<br />

Fees: Member: $56.88, Non-Member: $65.44<br />

Tai Chi – Intermediate<br />

Learn the meditative movement practice of Tai Chi<br />

Chuan. This session focuses on the Yang Style 37-<br />

Posture Form. It is advised to have previous experience<br />

with Tai Chi Chuan movements and foundations for this<br />

class.<br />

Location: Evergreen Seniors Community Centre (Room<br />

4)<br />

Course ID: 31357<br />

Class Length: 1 hour (10-11 a.m.)<br />

Dates: February 7-March 28 (Tuesday)<br />

Fees: Member: $56.88, Non-Member: $65.44<br />


Pilates<br />

Learn the principles of Pilates. Begin to strengthen and<br />

lengthen muscles, as well as gaining many other benefits<br />

to your body! Up to 10 minutes of standing exercises for<br />

(Continued on page 33)<br />

The Sentinel - <strong>January</strong> <strong>2023</strong> — Vol. 47, No. 5

(Continued from page 32)<br />

balance.<br />

Location: Evergreen Seniors Community Centre<br />

(Room 4)<br />

Course ID: 31352<br />

Class Length: 1 hour (11 a.m.-12 p.m.)<br />

Dates: <strong>January</strong> 11-March 29 (Wednesday)<br />

Fees: Member: $85.32, Non-Member: $98.16<br />


Acrylic Painting<br />

Join us for informative lessons in painting with acrylics.<br />

Stroke types, techniques and form will be the focus of<br />

this hands-on class. Be inspired, have an open mind, and<br />

create your masterpiece with this form of art.<br />

Location: Victoria Road Rec Centre (Cedar Room)<br />

Course ID: 32025<br />

Class Length: 3 hours (9 a.m.-12 p.m.)<br />

Dates: February 9-March 30 (Thursday)<br />

Fees: Member: $115.84, Non-Member: $133.20<br />

Sketching<br />

Sketching is a good way to learn or improve your<br />

drawing skills. This course suits all levels of students<br />

who want to know how to draw quick and accurate<br />

sketches. Whether you want to prepare for a big project<br />

or draw the world around us, sketching is a great way to<br />

express yourself.<br />

Location: Victoria Road Rec Centre (Cedar Room)<br />

Course ID: 32026<br />

Class Length: 3 hours (9 a.m.-12 p.m.)<br />

Dates: February 7-March 28<br />

Fees: Member: $115.84, Non-Member: $133.20<br />

Latin American Cinema<br />

Join us as we view and analyze Latin American film<br />

directors, from the 1980s to the present. We will<br />

socialize interpretations and comments about the films<br />

through discussion and activities.<br />

Location: Evergreen Seniors Community Centre (Board<br />

Room)<br />

Course ID: 32300<br />

Class Length: 1 hour (11:30 a.m.-12:30 p.m.)<br />

Dates: February 9-March 30 (Thursday)<br />

Fees: Member: $115.84, Non-Member: $133.20<br />

Watercolours<br />

This watercolours class is for all levels of painters. The<br />

instructor will work with participants on an individual<br />

basis or in small groups of similar interest or skill.<br />

Location: Evergreen Seniors Community Centre (Room<br />

2)<br />

Course ID: 31359<br />

Class Length: 3 hours (9 a.m.-12 p.m.)<br />

Dates: <strong>January</strong> 9-March 27 (Monday)<br />

Fees: Member: $159.28, Non-Member: $183.15<br />

YOGA<br />

Breathe Well, Move Better<br />

Come and learn ways to improve breathing, mobility,<br />

blood flow and posture - all of which affect how we feel<br />

and move every day! Take home some short routines<br />

that are easy to incorporate into your daily life that will<br />

enhance your well being!<br />

Location: Victoria Road Rec Centre (Maple Room)<br />

Course ID: 32253<br />

Class Length: 1 hour (2-3 p.m.)<br />

Dates: <strong>January</strong> 11-March 29 (Wednesday<br />

Fees: Member: $85.32, Non-Member: $98.16<br />

Chair Yoga<br />

Chair yoga offers the same benefits as other yoga<br />

practices, such as increased flexibility, strengthening,<br />

proper breathing and increasing range of motion in the<br />

joints. Simply use a chair to assist with postures. Chair<br />

yoga is for everyone, especially those who may have<br />

limited mobility and/or are unable to get up and down<br />

on a yoga mat. Postures can be modified to meet<br />

students' needs.<br />

Location: Evergreen Seniors Community Centre<br />

(Room 4)<br />

Course ID: Monday: 31343<br />

Wednesday: 31344<br />

Class Length: 1 hour<br />

Monday (11 a.m.-12 p.m.)<br />

Wednesday (9:15-10:15 a.m.)<br />

Dates: Monday: <strong>January</strong> 9-March 27<br />

Wednesday: <strong>January</strong> 11-March 29<br />

Fees: Member: $85.32, Non-Member: $98.16<br />

Gentle Yoga<br />

This program is open to everyone. We will explore this<br />

centuries old discipline which brings health and vitality<br />

to the body, peace to the mind and joy to the spirit.<br />

Participants must have the mobility to move from<br />

standing positions to lying/sitting on a mat on the floor.<br />

Location: Evergreen Seniors Community Centre (Room<br />

4) (Thursday, Friday)<br />

Victoria Road Rec Centre (Maple Room) (Tuesday)<br />

Course ID: Tuesday: 31349<br />

Thursday: 31348<br />

Friday: 31360<br />

Class Length: 1 hour<br />

Tuesday, Thursday (2-3 p.m.)<br />

Friday (10:15-11:15 a.m.)<br />

Dates: Tuesday: <strong>January</strong> 10-March 28<br />

Thursday: <strong>January</strong> 12-March 30<br />

Friday: <strong>January</strong> 13-March 31<br />

Fees: Member: $78.21 (Friday) $85.32 (Tuesday,<br />

Thursday) Non-Member: $89.98 (Friday), $98.16<br />

(Tuesday, Thursday)<br />

Stem from the Brain Yoga<br />

This course brings together ancient Indian yogic<br />

33<br />

(Continued on page 34)<br />

The Sentinel - <strong>January</strong> <strong>2023</strong>

34<br />

(Continued from page 33)<br />

practices of movement, breath and meditation, along<br />

with new pain research, the latest strength and mobility<br />

training, and best practices in yoga for Traumatic Brain<br />

Injury (TBI) and trauma. It uses repetition of concepts<br />

and actions. The pace, format and tone of this course is<br />

especially designed for people with mild brain injuries,<br />

those living with Post Concussion Syndrome and stroke<br />

survivors.<br />

Location: Evergreen Seniors Community Centre<br />

(Room 4)<br />

Course ID: 31398<br />

Class Length: 1 hour (8-9 a.m.)<br />

Dates: <strong>January</strong> 10-March 28 (Tuesday)<br />

Fees: Member: $85.32, Non-Member: $98.16<br />

Yoga Nidra<br />

Nidra actually means sleep. This class will promote<br />

restorative relaxation by using deep breathing methods,<br />

guided visualization and progressive relaxation using<br />

very specific techniques involving 4 senses. Feel rested<br />

and renewed!<br />

Location: Victoria Road Rec Centre (Maple Room)<br />

Course ID: 32252<br />

Class Length: 1 hour (1-2 p.m.)<br />

Dates: <strong>January</strong> 11-March 29 (Wednesday)<br />

Fees: Member: $85.32, Non-Member: $98.16<br />

Course ID: 32140<br />

Class Length: 1 hour (2-3 p.m.)<br />

Dates: <strong>January</strong> 10-March 28<br />

Fees: Member: $85.32, Non-Member: $98.16<br />


Retire in Style<br />

Visit this FREE one-day event at the Evergreen Seniors<br />

Community Centre and connect with community<br />

services and businesses about: Housing; travel; health<br />

services; education; volunteer opportunities; recreation<br />

activities<br />

Location: Evergreen Seniors Community Centre<br />

Date: Friday, <strong>January</strong> 27 (11:30 a.m.-3 p.m.)<br />

Fees: Member: FREE Non-Member: FREE<br />

Valentine’s Day Art Workshop<br />

LOVE! Together in this workshop we will create<br />

beautiful Valentine’s Day artwork.<br />

Location: Evergreen Seniors Community Centre (Room<br />

2)<br />

Date: Tuesday, February 14 (10-11:30 a.m.)<br />

Course ID: 31346<br />

Fees: Member: $20.00 Non-Member: $20.00<br />

Kum Nye<br />

Pronounced “koom nay,” this gentle massage and<br />

movement system heals body and mind by replenishing<br />

energy. Kum Nye promotes deep relaxation, so that<br />

students can ease naturally into meditative concentration.<br />

Location: Evergreen Seniors Community Centre<br />

(Room 4)<br />


‘For Sale’ ads will be left in for 3 <strong>issue</strong>s from first insertion<br />

(i.e., in Sept. <strong>issue</strong> - removed from Dec. <strong>issue</strong>); if you wish<br />

it to remain in longer, please contact The Sentinel office<br />

and/or leave us a message. If your item sells, please let us<br />

know so that we can remove it. NO ‘Accommodation’ or<br />

‘Vehicle’ ads will be included in the Evergreen Market.<br />

Such ads will be treated as advertising inserted within these<br />

pages at the current Sentinel advertising rates plus HST.<br />

Thank you, Sentinel Administrator.<br />

FOR SALE<br />

Epson C88+ Colour Printer. Used. Asking<br />

$35. Call Frank at 519-826-0174.<br />

1 Exercise bicycle, new, $50 OBO. Treadmill,<br />

10 years old, good condition, $200<br />

OBO. Two pretty bedroom lamps, good condition,<br />

need new lamp shades, $20 OBO. Call<br />

Sandy at 519-265-8963.<br />

WANTED<br />

Looking to hire someone to blow snow on a<br />

small shared driveway on Starwood Drive,<br />

close to Grange. Please call 519-780-0462.<br />

Free advertising for GWSA members<br />

ONLY.<br />




The Sentinel - <strong>January</strong> <strong>2023</strong> — Vol. 47, No. 5

35<br />

Sunday February 12, <strong>2023</strong><br />

Elmira Theatre — Salt-Water Moon<br />

Total cost: Members only - $45.00 (nonrefundable) Code - 32947<br />

Registration starts on Mon. Jan. 2, <strong>2023</strong> - Booking deadline is Wed. Feb. 1, <strong>2023</strong><br />

Depart: Evergreen Centre: 12:20 p.m. Carousel: 12:30 p.m. Return: 4:45 p.m.<br />

Come with us to see a dramatic comedy at the Elmira<br />

Theatre - Salt-Water Moon is a play written by David<br />

French and takes place on a moonlit night in August<br />

1926 (warning: fog machine will be used in this<br />

production).<br />

Price of $45.00 per person includes transportation -<br />

by school bus, show ticket, and tip for the driver.<br />

Refund Policy: This trip is NON-REFUNDABLE; doctor’s certificates will not be accepted.<br />

Should there be a mandatory provincial shutdown due to COVID-19 or GWSA cancels the trip<br />

due to lack of participation, all participants will receive a full refund to their method of<br />

payment. Don’t Wait! That means booking your trip before the trip must be cancelled due to<br />

low participation. It takes time to put these trips together and we need your commitment to<br />

make these trips happen!<br />

The Travel Committee must give the number of bookings by Wednesday, February 1, <strong>2023</strong>,<br />

and, if there are not enough reservations at that time, the trip will be cancelled!<br />

Parking: Please do NOT park your vehicles in the Evergreen parking lot while you are on a<br />

day trip. Vehicles must be left at the Carousel parking area in Riverside Park where you will<br />

board the bus. This allows for other members to have a place to park when they come<br />

throughout the day.<br />

Accessibility: Unfortunately there will be no wheelchair accessibility on this trip as we are<br />

going by school bus.<br />


All participants will be required to have a current GWSA membership. If your membership<br />

needs renewal, please see the front desk staff at the Centre. The contact list is available on the<br />

GWSA website located on the Trips, Travel and Tours page. If you are unable to print this<br />

form, copies will be available from a Travel Committee member the day of the trip. Please see<br />

the Trip, Travel and Tours page on the GWSA website for specific instructions. Registration<br />

will be available until the trip is fully booked, or booking is closed on Wednesday, February 1,<br />

<strong>2023</strong>.<br />

Register online (preferred): Sign up for a RecEnroll account with the City of Guelph:<br />

https://cityofguelph.perfectmind.com/SocialSite/MemberRegistration/MemberSignIn<br />

Register by telephone: By contacting Customer Service at the Evergreen Seniors Centre at<br />

519-823-1291. MasterCard, Visa, Amex or Visa Debit can be accepted for online (as long as<br />

your mastercard or visa are registered on your account).<br />

Register at the front desk at the Evergreen: Until the trip is fully booked, or booking is<br />

closed on Wednesday, February 1, <strong>2023</strong>.<br />

The Sentinel - <strong>January</strong> <strong>2023</strong>

36<br />

Bistro 683 - <strong>January</strong> <strong>2023</strong><br />

The Evergreen Restaurant is open to the public<br />

and serves a large variety of menu items that are<br />

available from 8:30 am to 3:00 pm, Monday to<br />

Friday (except holidays):<br />

Breakfast Foods<br />

Homemade Soups<br />

Bakery Items<br />

Sandwiches<br />

Salads<br />

Beverages<br />

Breakfast is served from 9:30 am to 11 am. The<br />

daily featured Lunch is served from 11 am to 1 pm<br />

Monday to Friday and the menu is below.<br />

Take-out is available for your convenience.<br />

Our goal is to provide balanced, nutritious meals.<br />

We provide great quality, while keeping costs<br />

reasonable. The tremendous support of volunteers<br />

in the restaurant helps us achieve this goal.<br />

Featured Hot Lunch<br />

$7.50 + tax<br />

Each hot lunch is served with 2 sides to ensure a<br />

balanced, nutritional meal.<br />

Catering<br />

Catering is available by special order: Hot/cold<br />

drinks, sweet trays, sandwiches, etc. Please have<br />

your order to the customer service clerk in the<br />

office at least 48 hours prior to your event. This<br />

allows staff to ensure that your catering needs will<br />

be met. Thank you for your co-operation in this<br />

matter.<br />



Home-made pickles, relishes, chili sauce and preserves<br />

are available for purchase.<br />

BREAKFAST served 9:30 am to 11 am<br />

FEATURED LUNCH served 11 am to 1:00 pm<br />

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday<br />

2<br />

3<br />

4<br />

5<br />

6<br />

CLOSED<br />

Cabbage & Beef<br />

Casserole<br />

Liver & Onions<br />

BBQ Pork Ribs<br />

Pasta with<br />

Bolognese Sauce<br />

(ground beef sauce)<br />

9<br />

10<br />

11<br />

12<br />

13<br />

Mac and Cheese<br />

16<br />

17<br />

Beef Stew with<br />

Vegetables<br />

18<br />

Roast Chicken<br />

Dinner OR Dahl<br />

Stew with Rice<br />

Vegetarian Cauliflower<br />

Potato Pea<br />

Stew (add Chicken)<br />

19<br />

20<br />

Chicken Pot Pie<br />

Rainbow Trout<br />

with Dill Sauce<br />

Liver & Onions<br />

Minced Meat Pies<br />

Roast Beef Dinner<br />

Vegetarian Eggplant<br />

Parm (add<br />

ground beef sauce)<br />

23<br />

Chicken Caesar<br />

Wraps with<br />

Tomato Soup<br />

24<br />

BBQ Pork Ribs<br />

25<br />

West African<br />

Peanut Stew with<br />

Chicken<br />

26<br />

Turkey Dinner<br />

27<br />

Crisp Pork Bites<br />

with Tomato &<br />

Black Bean Stew<br />

30<br />

Chicken Alfredo<br />

Pasta with Side<br />

Salad<br />

31<br />

Hamburger with<br />

Lattice Fries & Side<br />

Salad<br />

The Sentinel - <strong>January</strong> <strong>2023</strong> — Vol. 47, No. 5

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