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Dandies<br />

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ParticlesNFT<br />

ISSUE #<strong>92</strong><br />

◎0.25<br />

BITB<br />

mindfolk<br />

Crouserrr<br />

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Barndog & Metaverse<br />

12 Bonk Utility<br />

16 MINDFOLK<br />

Editions<br />

54 Weekly Recap<br />

56 DANDIES<br />

58 CRITTERS<br />

ISSUE<br />


64<br />

0xBanana Market<br />

82 GHOSTKID<br />

88<br />

ParticlesNFT<br />

158 Passive Income<br />

The FOX CLUB<br />

160 The FOX CLUB<br />


<strong>Issue</strong> <strong>92</strong><br />

What can you say about the Solana ecosystem that hasn't been said this last week? Solana is vibing. It's alive<br />

and thriving. Buildooors are buidling and investors are buying up in swaths. Some huge sales across the space<br />

with the rebirth of MINDFOLK and RAKKUDOS- mention 'unrug' and the space goes wild buying back in!<br />

The 1 of 1 space has seen some significant sales as well. @NFTzDegen you've caught another BOO for ◎607<br />

All I can say is that it's promising to see that the space is 'alive' and healthy. In fact, according to SolanaDaily<br />

(page63) Solana is still the 2nd largest ecosystem by NFT sales volume. Bounds beyond other blockchains!<br />

The #<strong>SHILL</strong>zine vault has grown considerably during this month of January. Over 340 NFTs in the vault. Thanks<br />

to the great features on NFTEYEZ I can have it scan my wallet and make a collage for me. NFTEYEZ can even<br />

make posters of your NFTs with QR code!<br />

Your support via retweets helps #<strong>SHILL</strong>zine reach a broader audience. Every retweet is greatly appreciated. It<br />

has helped this magazine achieve 595,369 views across 91 issues (previous week = 586, 747). On our way to<br />

10k views!!!<br />

#<strong>SHILL</strong>zine still has pieces listed for auction. Every little purchase helps make this magazine worthwhile.<br />

Listed on both FF and Exchg. UNDER THE PRICE OF A COFFEE! Proceeds go to helping this magazine grow and<br />

become better. All the World's a Stage is live now https://exchange.art/pixeltoy/ and Do You See Me? https://<br />

formfunction.xyz/@Pixeltoy.sol/ The DAMzine Files HERE DAMfiles by #<strong>SHILL</strong>zine HERE Chemical HERE and<br />

Among Us HERE and now on @0xBanana MARKET .

#<strong>SHILL</strong>zine is INDEPENDENT. @Pixeltoy puts it together. The content used is IMPARTIAL. #<strong>SHILL</strong>zine neither<br />

AGREES nor DISAGREES. It is presented in these pages as a reflection of the sentiment of the time. Sometimes<br />

controversial. Sometimes exciting. It is presented in these pages so that YOU make your own mind up.<br />

Pixeltoy<br />

A Kind of Madness<br />

Fallen Tunnel<br />

Anguilla<br />

Cumulonimbus Condos


No Silence<br />

Stranger in a Strange Land<br />

The Warrior Girl<br />

Wolfman<br />

up_only_cet SolanaSpaces


Defit - m2e on Polygon<br />

Metaverse Explorer<br />

STAR ATLAS #147 UE5 Packlite, Voting, Foundation ALPHA

@SolanaSensei<br />

116.8k followers<br />

Solana stays humble and<br />

respectful regardless<br />

of the price pumping.<br />

This is not SOL<br />

against the world.<br />

Stop the hate against<br />

Polygon or any chain.<br />

JrdnJord<br />

Top Developments

Keep your eyes on...<br />

Bonk Doges<br />

CyberPunks<br />

Secret Sphinx Society

@bonk_inu<br />

We’d like to highlight just a few of the many integrations of $BONK that have rolled out over the last week! As<br />

a reminder, always practice due diligence before engaging with any smart contract, these highlights aren’t an official<br />

endorsement.<br />

Purchase physical $BONK merchandise from @TimeThiefNFT<br />

Quote Tweet<br />

Time Thief | Toonish<br />

Fully Painted Physical Bonk Toy available to purchase in $BONK - a percent of BONK! will be burned - a percent<br />

of BONK! will be airdropped - a percent of BONK! will go towards production Get yours now! @bonk_inu Production<br />

begins at the end of CNY https://aten.app/timethief<br />

12 <strong>SHILL</strong> <strong>Issue</strong> #<strong>92</strong>

Earn $BONK by bonking SBF in DeFi Land!<br />

Quote Tweet<br />

DeFi Land<br />

Calling the entire Solana community. It’s time to unite! Bonk to $BONK is now live at https://play.defiland.app Enjoy<br />

bonking Sam as much as you wish FOR FREE and EARN $BONK for doing so. The goal is to BONK Sam 1,000,000 times<br />

and destroy it together. @bonk_inu

Stake your SOL, earn MEV rewards and get staking rewards from the Jito BONK validator! The 4% commission fee<br />

from this validator goes towards burning $BONK<br />

Quote Tweet<br />

@jito_labs<br />

Jito operates a Solana validator for the @bonk_inu community. All commission revenue is donated to buy and<br />

burn $BONK. To stake your SOL with the BONK validator, search BONK within your wallet or venue of choice.<br />

Stake now to earn MEV rewards and burn $BONK!

Jito operates a Solana validator for the @bonk_inu<br />

community. All commission revenue is donated to<br />

buy and burn $BONK. To stake your SOL with the<br />

BONK validator, search BONK within your wallet or<br />

venue of choice. Stake now to earn MEV rewards<br />

and burn $BONK!<br />

HAPPY BONKING NEW YEARS! @bonk_inu Wen $BONK<br />

do something? Wen $BONK utility? Wen $BONK integrations?<br />

Now! By so many incredible apps and teams<br />

in the @solana eco. An ongoing below of all! Share and<br />

follow for a chance to win 1 BILLION $BONK and become<br />


Check out @DandiesNFT<br />

They’ve built tons of BONK utilities including: - Royalty-gated<br />

staking for $BONK - Paying in $BONK to rename<br />

your NFT - Auction + Raffle sites utilizing $BONK<br />

$BONK has partnered with @Chingari_IN to distribute<br />

$BONK to users of their decentralized video marketplace<br />

Quote Tweet<br />

@GariToken<br />

Bonk Inu is partnering with @Chingari_IN, the biggest<br />

#web3 short video app powered by @GariToken We are<br />

announcing a massive reward campaign worth 100 Billion<br />

Bonk exclusively for the GARI Miners, Panda #NFT<br />

Holders & GARI stakers. #BONK #bonkgiveaway<br />

These are just a few of almost 100 use cases for $BONK<br />

released over the last few weeks that we wanted to<br />

highlight, be on the lookout for more! Check this thread<br />

for more:<br />

Quote Tweet<br />


in the bear<br />


The Past, Present and Future of Mindfolk.<br />

KingDigi @Crouserrr<br />

Founders of Mindfolk: Jurgens, Ivan, Sigmundo, Carl, Alfred and Edgar. (All friends in real life)<br />

Initial Collection size: 777 Minted: 31st Jan 2021.<br />

Welcome to the new Mindfolk. An OG Solana collection being reborn into a powerful web3 collective.<br />

The Renaissance mint: A Simplification and unification of the Mindfolk ART. With a distinct focus on DAO<br />

structures, gamification and on-chain governance.

“We’re building a community that invests and empowers builders governed 100% on-chain.”<br />

A dedicated DAO treasury will be funded from the mint. Members will be incentivized to pitch proposals &<br />

vote on future developments. Growing value for the holders and the Mindfolk brand.<br />

How do I get access to #TheRenaissance?<br />

You have 3 choices:<br />

Buy a Capsule on MagicEden These range from multiple free mints to whitelist only Capsules, for<br />

more info check out /tiers_info<br />

Wait for your connect application to be approved This may take some time and is not guaranteed.<br />

Help build the Mindfolk narrative Connect with the community and become part of #TheRenaissance<br />

journey. This route inspires you to engage with us and earn $WOOD along the way. Your first step is to<br />

connect your twitter and follow the instructions in both channels below - the rest is easy.

Moving to a unified collection of 10k was done to expand on the Mindfolk brand whilst empowering<br />

holders to achieve their own goals within the web3 industry.<br />

With a strong belief in subDAOs and empowering talented holders to develop their own ventures and<br />

ideas. Part of the profits from successful projects will go back to the treasury to fund new ones.

Revolutionise on chain governance, community empowerment and create a new profile picture and ART<br />

standard on Solana.<br />


Stateofone (The first proposal for the DAOMIND [the entirety of the Mindfolk community] is stateofone<br />

which is a web3 dynamic art gallery and agency, focusing on the discovery and empowerment of singular<br />

artists within the Solana space.<br />

“State of One is a web3 art agency that enables exceptional artists to thrive in the NFT art universe. Our<br />

team of experts specializes in crafting enduring brands that empower artists to elevate their art to new<br />

heights.”<br />


The whitelist application created for the Renaissance.<br />

Allows holders and newcomers to connect / engage and be rewarded.<br />

WOOD rewards for connecting discord/twitter and referrals.<br />

Will be connecting with communities and offering guaranteed spots to OG Solana projects (through secret<br />

codes).<br />


Founders: OG 777.<br />

Pirates: 666 Added to combat the founders.<br />

Cabins: 333 built to house the founders and increase WOOD emissions.<br />

Boats: 222 used to travel to new islands and obtain spores (which become Mindlings).<br />

Mindlings: You will have the choice of using your Mindlings as credit towards the new collection. at a high<br />

fee. However, the Mindling collection WILL play an important role in #TheRenaissance.<br />

Skate and surfboards: 555 of each, used to add certain upgrades to the voyages on boats (such a speed<br />

increase and loot increases).<br />

Capsules: Your key to the Renaissance.<br />


Bellstudios - Leading Web 3 Marketing Agency.<br />

exchnge.art - The leading fine art marketplace on Solana.


“It’s been quite a journey for the Mindfolk team. We’ve had our ups and downs, but that’s just part of the<br />

process. What really matters is our attitude towards it, and the relentless drive to keep moving forward.<br />

We’ve accomplished a lot, but there’s still a lot more to do. The teams’ values and principles are that of<br />

equanimity, endurance, and a never-ending hunger for progress. We’ll continue to face obstacles but we’re<br />

not going to let that stop us from reaching our goals. We’re excited for what’s to come and we hope you’ll<br />

join us on this journey.”<br />

Let’s build something great together!







Degen Poet








Michelle Thompson

Palette Box



The Black Void












Following my Solana Weekly recap will help you stay current on the constantly shifting Solana blockchain<br />

platform.<br />

J°RDAN<br />

• Solana (SOL) Token Value Manages to Continue Its Double-Digit Run<br />

• Firedancer Becomes a New Validator for the Solana Network<br />

• US Department of Justice Probes at Solana-Based DEX Saber Protocol...Maybe?<br />

• Polygon Cashes Out $3 Million to Y00ts for Migration<br />

As we entered a new year, many cryptocurrencies began showing green charts. Was Solana one of them this<br />

week? Let’s find out.<br />

1. Market Data<br />

Solana (SOL) Token Value Manages to Continue Its Double-Digit Run<br />

As with nearly every other coin, Solana (SOL) saw a price increase this week as the New Year hype continues.<br />

One SOL token is trading at $23.66, a 37% jump in the last 24 hours.<br />

Source: Sol Sniper<br />

This price movement is an excellent indicator that the dark FTX cloud is beginning to depart from the Solana<br />

network, as its transaction volume and market cap have also been increasing in the last seven days. Not<br />

only that, but increased development activity on Solana is also a reflection of the developers’ intensified<br />

efforts to enhance the network.<br />

54 <strong>SHILL</strong> <strong>Issue</strong> #<strong>92</strong>

I am happy to see this bullish start to the year after experiencing a gloomy 2022 for Solana and the crypto<br />

sector.<br />

2. Solana Network<br />

Firedancer Becomes a New Validator for the Solana Network<br />

On January 12th, a Tweet made by Solana announced that Firedancer is now the second validator client for the Solana<br />

ecosystem. With this news, Solana is now the second blockchain network with two separate validators, another<br />

milestone under its belt.<br />

Jump Crypto has developed the new validator client Firedancer to boost the Solana network’s effectiveness. At its<br />

core, Firedancer is an entirely separate consensus node for the Solana blockchain.<br />

This updated onboarding will improve block creation efficiency by reducing congestion in Solana’s concurrent VM.<br />

Unfortunately, Firedancer is only available on the testnet, with plans to launch on the mainnet soon. Once that happens,<br />

we can safely say a more effective Solana Network awaits us!<br />

3. Solana DeFi<br />

US Department of Justice Probes at Solana-Based DEX Saber Protocol...Maybe?<br />

According to those who know the situation, the US Department of Justice (DOJ) has continued its inquiry into Ian and<br />

Dylan Macalinao, the siblings who founded the Solana stablecoin exchange Saber Labs.<br />

The inspections are claimed to be the outcome of a report released in August that noted that the brothers used eleven<br />

fictitious identities to build a network of related financial products. Not only that, but they have also been reportedly<br />

boosting Total Value Locked figures.<br />

These reports have not yet been confirmed by any party involved, and the Saber exchange remains operational at<br />

this time. Ian has made an effort to maintain the site’s framework, although Saber’s Discord server, where users go<br />

to raise inquiries and receive updates, is generally inactive.<br />

4. NFT<br />

Polygon Cashed Out $3 Million To y00ts For Migration<br />

The Polygon blockchain paid the DeLabs team – which introduced the y00ts and DeGods NFTs – $3 million to move<br />

from Solana. Rohun Vora or Frank III, whatever you prefer, first revealed the agreement on the collection’s main Discord<br />

channel before sharing the news on his Twitter account.<br />

Everyone first believed that they left Solana after considering the many advantages of Polygon and took a chance to<br />

advance their product. But, Rohun stated that they did not move for money reasons, calling the funds “a nice bonus,”<br />

which they will utilize on the expansion of the DeLabs team.<br />

With more significant capital, he said, DeLabs could start more high-caliber initiatives and offer exciting partnerships,<br />

offers, discounts, and privileges with actual companies. Although Solana has been severely impacted by the<br />

departure of y00ts and DeGods, in my opinion, this opens up a lane for new projects that may lead to new milestones<br />

and achievements!<br />

Solana Network<br />

• Solana Mobile Saga Boasts About Revolutionary “Seed Vault”<br />

• Introduction Of Lumina Labs Helping Both Developers And Users<br />

• Solana-Based Real Estate Derivatives Parcl Protocol Launches

@MetaCrypto1000x<br />

@DandiesNFT, why I’m bullish on my team, community and some achievements in the first week!<br />

@DandiesNFT is a 10k NFT collection focussed on art, tech, and the wider solana ecosystem/community, and<br />

was built by the team at @XLabsNFT (including NFTuzy, @TheGentlemonke, @I0Hal, @hafe_sol, @A7exSOL, @<br />

KoalaRain and @AlisonWolfe_.<br />

Dandies consists of the following key components: - Strong team - Art - Tech and innovation - Community and<br />

the solana ecosystem.<br />

Team: A proven team of OG builders in the Solana ecosystem since 2021, with projects including<br />

@mobstudios_, @XinDragons, @ZeninNFT, @BountyHunterNFT and creating the http://CPL.wtf<br />

platform which won 2 prizes at the @MagicEden Creator Royalties Hackathon.<br />

Art: The project boasts beautiful and sophisticated art marking the first generative NFT collection by IRL artist @<br />

AlisonWolfe_(Creative Director). Each Dandy is uniquely named with a ‘title’ ‘first name’ and ‘location’ (somewhere<br />

in England!).<br />

Tech and innovation: Dandies was the first NFT mint to happen with $BONK (yes, even before BONKz<br />

@OMNIcreative_) and it was carried out on our custom built 3-in-1 minting site which allowed a NFT burn-andmint,<br />

a $XIN SPL token mint, and $BONK mint.<br />

56<br />

<strong>SHILL</strong> <strong>Issue</strong> #<strong>92</strong>

Let’s look at what @Dandies has released In the first<br />

week post-launch, as it has generated over 75k $SOL<br />

volume...<br />

1. Royalty-gated staking for $BONK (allowing holders to<br />

pay royalties inside the staking app) and earn 69,420<br />

$BONK each day - https://stakooor.dandies.xyz<br />

2. Rename your NFT (pay $BONK to respin) - https://<br />

renamooor.dandies.xyz<br />

3. Auctions site utilising $BONK - https://auctionooor.<br />

dandies.xyz<br />

4. Raffles site utilising $BONK - https://rafflooor.dandies.xyz<br />

5. Create a banner of your Dandies and make this a<br />

NFT (so you can display in your metaverse like Portals) -<br />

https://banner.dandies.xyz<br />

6. Dandies delivery - Bulk send your NFTs for free (for<br />

holders) or for 20k $BONK per NFT for non-holders -<br />

https://sendooor.dandies.xyz<br />

With *most* of the above, we have adopted a 25%<br />

burn of the $BONK and 75% goes back into the staking<br />

pool.<br />

Community and Solana ecosystem: Dandies is more<br />

than just the art, tech, or $BONK, it’s a combination of<br />

all three and focussed to build and help the community.<br />

This is part of our reason to try something fun by being<br />

the first mint to allow $BONK and onboard people to<br />

BONK, growing organically by virtue of being a stealthmint<br />

with under 1k Twitter followers when mint began.<br />

We have organic communities forming already such as<br />

@Crown_DAO based on traits and these are more than<br />

just superficial communities, they share alpha and are<br />

engaged with each other being community-led. We<br />

also received love from other Solana communities like<br />

@ukaybears<br />

We are relentlessly driven to create and showcase<br />

the best tech for the ecosystem, to give every Dandy<br />

holder a great family and community to be a part of, all<br />

whilst showcasing beautiful art that transcends ages,<br />

genders and geographies!<br />

Jump into the discord (http://discord.gg/dandies) or<br />

reach out to one of the team or community to help you<br />

learn more! One last thing... #StayDandy<br />

discord.com<br />

@DandiesNFT contribute to the @bonk_inu space by<br />

building tools where anyone can spend $BONK, then<br />

we burn c.25% and send 75% back to holders via the<br />

$BONK staking pool. We make little/nothing and give<br />

back $BONK to holders! 35 billion $BONK has been<br />

burnt from mint alone!<br />

Quote Tweet<br />

I finally did some number crunching: HOW MUCH<br />

$BONK DID WE BURN? I have just parsed the mint<br />

txns to get the **ACTUAL** $BONK burned from Dandies<br />

mint: **35,013,500,000 $BONK** Today worth<br />

~$50,000 When burned it was over $100k<br />

@TheGentlemonke<br />

<strong>SHILL</strong> <strong>Issue</strong> #<strong>92</strong><br />


@mr_tldr<br />

Fundamentals of Critters Cult Critters Cult Official Links<br />

Twitter: @CrittersCult<br />

Secondary Market: https://magiceden.io/marketplace/critters_cult…<br />

Website: https://critterscult.com<br />

Discord: https://discord.com/invite/suns-studio…<br />

Before we begin, this is not NFA but merely a summary of the project. Hope it helps when you’re doing research!<br />

What is Critters Cult and what do they do?<br />

Critters Cult is a PFP collection released by Suns Studio. Prior to Critters Cult, the studio had released a collection<br />

of generative pixel art landscapes called @solsunsets. All of this is founded by @rgb0x00.<br />

Being the amazing artist that @rgb0x00 is, @CrittersCult is lore based project that will unfolded to the holders in<br />

a seamless manner as they progress together with the project.<br />

There are 5 different realms that revolve around the lore of CC.<br />

1. MythPunk 2. SteamPunk 3. DieselPunk 4. AtomPunk 5. Cyberpunk<br />

58<br />

<strong>SHILL</strong> <strong>Issue</strong> #<strong>92</strong>

Currently in the CC ecosystem, they have built a couple infrastructures on top of it.<br />

1. Loop Chronicle 2. Fantasy Series 3. Critters Spin Off 4. Cloning Machine 5. $PIXEL<br />

Loop Chronicles Loop Chronicles is an interactive narrative of the Critters Cult lore in the format of a browser-based<br />

digital card game. Starting off with their first realm, the AtomPunk. They are currently in the beta testing<br />

phase and will be live in January 2023.<br />

Quote Tweet<br />

@zen0m<br />

GM! WIP / Sunday sneak peak<br />

Cloning Machine Cloning Machine is the minting site for all art work that will be minted using $PIXEL, for example<br />

the Fantasy Series, or collabs with other projects ( not Spin Offs).<br />

$PIXEL<br />

$PIXEL is the ecosystem token for CC. They can only be obtained through delisting of Solsunsets or with CC. Each<br />

CC delisted will yield 1 $PIXEL every day. $PIXEL can be obtained through this site: https://claim.sunsstudio.com<br />

$PIXEL has the following use cases: 1. Minting Fantasy Series 2. Minting Collab Projects 3. Raffle Tickets 4. WL<br />

Spots<br />

What does holding a CC grant you?<br />

In short, holding a CC grants you access to the CC ecosystem and unlock the community that is filled with artistically<br />

talent individuals and as well as the future upcoming collaborations and game plans that Sunstudios have to<br />

provide.<br />

@rgb0x00 is no doubt an amazing artist. CC was able to form a whole community that loves the back story<br />

behind it and bound glued them together with the lore. They have much more to come, with their generation 2<br />

collection: Suns Saga that will be built on top of CC’s lore.<br />

Excited to see how things play out for CC. For more information you can check out Sun Studio’s roadmap here:<br />

https://sunsstudio.com/artmap_3.0.pdf<br />

<strong>SHILL</strong> <strong>Issue</strong> #<strong>92</strong><br />


Popular Collections








David Loh








le original bootleg

@mr_tldr<br />

Fundamentals of Ghost Kid DAO GKD<br />

Official Links Twitter: @GhostKidDAO<br />

Secondary Market: https://magiceden.io/marketplace/ukiyo…<br />

Website: https://ghostkid.io<br />

Boonties: https://boonties.io<br />

Discord: https://discord.com/invite/bARRDJ99d9…<br />

Before we begin, this is not NFA but merely a summary of the project. Hope it helps when you’re doing research!<br />

What are Ghost Kid DAO and what do they do?<br />

GKD is a community based project that built tools revolving their $BOO ecosystem. They are the mastermind<br />

behind Boonties, a dashboard that hosts various tools that revolves around the $BOO ecosystem.<br />

GKD is constantly expanding their ecosystem by adding more and more use cases to their ecosystem. Let’s dive<br />

into what are some of the tools that they have built.<br />

1. Boonties 2. Ghost Foundation 3. Ghost Kid Casino<br />

Boonties<br />

Boonties is a dashboard that revolves around the $BOO ecosystem for GKD holders. In the Boonties dashboard,<br />

GKD holders get to have their own profile page, where they can set their profile name and check their level within<br />

the ecosystem.<br />

82<br />

<strong>SHILL</strong> <strong>Issue</strong> #<strong>92</strong>

On top of that, holders get to participate in a gamified raiding to win SOL. The raiding section is automated and<br />

all the user needs to do is click on the tweet and follow the instructions to obtain their rewards.<br />

As for bounties, they are carried out in seasons and each season is 1 month. Users will be awarded according to<br />

the points that they’ve accumulated based on the leaderboard. They have recently announced season 2 of the<br />

Boonties where holders form subDAOs to compete.<br />

<strong>SHILL</strong> <strong>Issue</strong> #<strong>92</strong><br />


Upon their release of the Boonties dashboard, they have added a few new features on to it, such as season passes,<br />

in game currencies, weekly shops and badges.<br />

84<br />

<strong>SHILL</strong> <strong>Issue</strong> #<strong>92</strong>

Ghost Kid Foundation<br />

Ghost Kid Foundation is an incubator that help provide services to projects to aid them in building. In return,<br />

projects will need to allocate a certain % of their WL to GKD holders. Here’s a list of services that they provide to<br />

projects:<br />

Ghost Kid Casino<br />

This is an expansion to their $BOO ecosystem, the originators mentioned that they will not integrate a revenue<br />

share model on this casino as it’s purely to provide extra utility and fun for their users.<br />

Quote Tweet<br />

@GhostKidDAO<br />

You said Ghost Kid casino? Don’t expect us to be the next revshare casino NFT, we are just expanding the $BOO<br />

ecosystem Crash, Roulette, Blackjack, Plinko, Slot, Coinflip and more to come soon... #WAGBOO<br />

GKD has 2 generations of NFT collection. The normal Ghost Kids and the Possessed Ghost Kids. Ghost Kids can<br />

use a potion to upgrade into a Possessed Ghost Kid.<br />

<strong>SHILL</strong> <strong>Issue</strong> #<strong>92</strong><br />


What does holding a Ghost Kid grant you?<br />

1. Staking for $BOO 2. Raid to Earn 3. Boonties Rewards<br />

$BOO As mentioned earlier, $BOO is the ecosystem token for GKD. It can only be obtained through staking or<br />

Boonties Rewards. $BOO can be used for various matters such as Raffles, exchange to their in-game currency,<br />

purchase NFTs and WLs, Art Upgrades, and merch.<br />

Currently, Ghost Kids that have been through an art upgrade will yield 30 $BOO/day while normal Ghost Kids will<br />

yield 15 $BOO/day. They will introduce a emission halving on 1/4/2023.<br />

Raid to Earn & Boonties<br />

Holders of Ghost Kids can get access to their Raid to Earn platform and Boonties. In return, they receive SOL,<br />

$BOO, $SPOOKIES, NFTs and more. $SPOOKIES is the in-game currency of GKD and can be used to purchase<br />

items in their weekly shop.<br />

GKD has one of the strongest community and utility there is and they don’t stop building. The Boonties dashboard<br />

UI is smooth and easy to use. Not to mention their interesting take in pixel art that grabs the eye.<br />

86<br />

<strong>SHILL</strong> <strong>Issue</strong> #<strong>92</strong>

Extra reading material<br />

What is Boonties https://medium.com/@GhostKidDAO/what-is-boonties-c<strong>92</strong>160efb45e…<br />

Incubator & Ghost Foundation https://medium.com/@GhostKidDAO/incubator-515d91aaff9e…<br />

https://medium.com/@GhostKidDAO/ghost-foundation-250719f788fc…<br />

Boonties Season 2<br />

medium.com<br />

Boonties Season 2: The Crew Clash<br />

<strong>SHILL</strong> <strong>Issue</strong> #<strong>92</strong><br />


@ParticlesNFT<br />

Particles is an infinitely expanding collective and museum of on-chain art. We currently have some of the finest artists on<br />

Solana designing their own Particles. If you’d like to be a part of the digital renaissance, you too can create a Particle in<br />

your artistic world.<br />

Collaboration Particles will be auctioned for SOL, and added to our official NFT collection (eligible for $OOO staking).<br />

Together, we’re revolutionising the way artists and NFT collections create value.<br />

If you’re interested in becoming a Particles artist and collaborating with us, please fill out this form. The deadline for<br />

Round One is February 12th 2023.

docs.google.com<br />

Our mission is to uplift artists. By the end of this collaboration series, we will have shared our insights and tech<br />

with hundreds of independent creators. Join us in welcoming @muimooi, our first official Particles artist.<br />

muimooi<br />

<strong>SHILL</strong> <strong>Issue</strong> #<strong>92</strong><br />





















Erik Andreoli

Erika Sakurai

Erika Sakurai

Erika Sakurai





Juleslik M





Natalie Christensen









Yalım Vural Photography














toonies x 64Jooski




@sol_nxxn<br />

While NFTs prices are not that stable and demand on passive income opportunities is increasing I did all the analysis<br />

for you! Let’s figure out what NFT projects can provide passive income, how much and how stable it can be.<br />

Firstly, let’s see what type of income exist in NFT space and how passive it is.<br />

First type - Raid2Earn (not passive)<br />

@GhostKidDAO<br />

Around 0.35 - 0.45 SOL per week for completing all<br />

raids + staking for $BOO Floor price: 12 SOL - amazing<br />

entry considering things coming for them.<br />

@immortalsSOL<br />

Last week’s holders are getting around 0.7 - 0.8 SOL/<br />

week per 1 NFT Floor price - 21 SOL which is really<br />

undervalued for this rev share - great entry.<br />

@AlphaPharaohs<br />

Around 0.39 SOL per week for completing all raids but<br />

should be more in future + rev share coming for them.<br />

Bullish on my brother @StonerApe420_ Floor price: 16<br />

SOL<br />

@DuelCasino<br />

DUELBOTS Around 3.5 SOL per week and their casino<br />

generate biggest revenue for holders. Floor price - 150<br />

SOL which is expensive but if you can afford it and<br />

looking for passive income - it’s great one.<br />

Second type - revenue share, weekly/monthly payouts<br />

Fully passive, just for holding<br />

158 <strong>SHILL</strong> <strong>Issue</strong> #<strong>92</strong>

@OakParadiseNFT<br />

0.13 - 0.14 SOL per week is not that much but they are<br />

cheap enough to consider it. Floor price - 8.2 SOL can be a<br />

good entry if rev share will increase and promised moves<br />

will be done this year.<br />

Extra type - Auto Trading by Cyber Frogs<br />

Cyber Frogs have Auto Trading Bot THOR which can provide<br />

around 9-10% per month from USDC deposit. Floor<br />

price - 11 SOL. Great entry considering great way of income<br />

and things coming for them, Frogs are real builders.<br />

@degenfatcats<br />

Around 0.18 - 0.20 SOL every Friday with some new updates.<br />

Floor price - 20 SOL, it’s expensive with decreased<br />

payouts but their community are real diamond hands and<br />

Degen Coin Flip is stably generating great amount of SOL.<br />

Cyber Frogs (!FF) and Andy | Cyber Frogs (!FF)<br />

I want to say that I mentioned projects that I personally<br />

like and suggest you consider, I’m sure I was able to miss<br />

some other passive incomes opportunities but these ones<br />

are just my favourites.

@Wealthy_Brains<br />

Why I am bullish on @TheFoxClubSOL and its potential to become Blue Chip.<br />

I heard about @TheFoxClubSOL from many of my Twitter Friends. So, I decided to hop on a call with the founders of TFC<br />

(The Fox Club).<br />

After the call of around 1 hour, I can easily say that: - Founders were easy to access, - They were transparent about<br />

everything I asked (even finances), and - They had the zeal to build for the community which I have seen in very few<br />

projects.<br />

Not only they had ambitious roadmap, but they also had detailed plans to execute it. I am combining information from<br />

both our conversation and the details out in public regarding TFC.<br />

Here are my reasons to be bullish on TFC (The Fox Club): 1. Revenue Generation and Distribution among Holders 2.<br />

CHITZ Token 3. Merchandising 4. Onyx Branding 5. Hardworking and Dedicated Team<br />

1. Revenue Generation and Distribution among Holders Revenue Model of TFC for Holders: a. DTM Machines b. Enforced<br />

Royalties for passive income<br />

a. DTM Machines Web3 Degens love to gamble and multiply their money. DTMs are providing them with exactly this<br />

opportunity and earning money for TFC. Test out the machine by yourself: https://dtm.thefoxclub.life/d/7wpE5R3YswF-<br />

Wv6AfQVy6wP5dyHhShkqoRSx5Yt8kHZk8…<br />

DTM machines are already in good profits for TFC. Last Cycles Stats: Total SOL invested to fill machine: 315 SOL Total SOL<br />

Generated: 660.5 SOL Total SOL Profit: 345.5 SOL 50% of total profits being airdropped directly to holders<br />

Projects with Passive Income Generation have led the Solana NFTs: - Duel Bots FP: 180 SOL - Jelly Rascals FP: 120 SOL<br />

- Degen Fat Cats FP: 20 SOL (Supply is 20k) Now, imagine the FP of TFC when it will get proper attention from Solana<br />

Degens.<br />

b. Enforced Royalties Only those holders of TFC who staked their NFTs and paid royalties will be airdropped passive income<br />

(min NFTs: 2), and 50% of royalties generated will be airdropped back as passive income to holders.<br />

2. CHITZ Token Total Supply: 20,000,000 3 halving periods: 1st: 10,000,000 tokens mined 2nd: 15,000,000 tokens mined<br />

3rd: 18,000,000 tokens mined Most Bullish Part? Team owns ZERO CHITZ and the only way to mine CHITZ is by staking<br />

Current CHITZ mined per day per NFT: 30<br />

Utility: - Win Merchandise from TFC machines exclusively by CHITZ - CHITZ only product sales via TFC website - Raffles,<br />

auctions, and other features exclusive via CHITZ - CHITZ only DTM Machine Cycles for Holders - Integration of CHITZ<br />

among the popular Solana Dapps<br />

3. Merchandising (B2B & B2C): Current problem in NFT ecosystem is: Only low-quality merch is available at a premium

ate for Projects as of now. TFC is changing the game by providing high-quality merchandise at affordable prices to the<br />

teams who need it.<br />

By gaining USP via this and delivering on the scale, TFC will build another passive income play for their holders, and Build<br />

their reputation in the whole web3 space.<br />

4. Onyx Branding They can provide the entire eCommerce experience for your web3 business. Having experience of 30+<br />

years in eCommerce, marketing, branding, logistics industry,<br />

They are capable of handling multiple projects at scale. Core Motto: Only deliver the most premium quality. To get more<br />

details, follow @onyx_branding<br />

5. Hardworking and Dedicated Team The founders have experience in building irl successful businesses and have ability<br />

to do the same in web3. Combining this with their dedication and time they are putting to build on web3, The Fox Club is<br />

the potential next Blue Chip<br />

Bonus Point: Diamond Hand Community TFC community is not a hyped and quick flip degens. It took almost 30 days for<br />

The Fox Club to get Sold Out.<br />

Only those who believed in the vision of the TFC team bought it and holding it till moon. Currently, two more products<br />

are in development for TFC. Details will be announced by the team soon.<br />

Conclusion: If this team continues to build at the current pace for next 12 months, The Fox Club will be among the top<br />

projects on Solana. The current floor price of 5 SOL is steal.<br />

Major Links: Twitter: @TheFoxClubSOL<br />

Discord: https://discord.com/invite/9YkqnpjmYs…<br />

Whitepaper: https://docs.thefoxclub.life<br />

ME: https://magiceden.io/marketplace/thefoxclub…<br />

Founders: @CyronicaNFT<br />

and Team<br />

The Fox Club

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SubStack Building in the Bear<br />

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