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ISSUE #<strong>97</strong><br />

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Under the Umbrella<br />

Typing- SCUBA<br />

Barndog & Metaverse<br />

Ariel Gricio<br />

14 Liquidated<br />

Ghost Foundation<br />

18 PrimatesNFT<br />

Editions<br />

46 HYPED<br />

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101 TransitoryMask<br />

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111 SolanaMobile<br />

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MoonHoldings<br />

118 DamMeme<br />


<strong>Issue</strong> <strong>97</strong><br />

And there goes February 2023! #<strong>SHILL</strong>zine is now only 3 issues away from 100!<br />

<strong>Issue</strong> 100 will be the first time we go 'pay to view'. No idea how you, the audience, will react to that but it's<br />

something we have to do if we want to continue in 2023.<br />

A few Tweeps out there have asked about the music used for the promos during the week. The 2 tracks I have<br />

been using are from an Australian band, GERLING. Enter Space Capsule is used for the 'unwrapping' version<br />

while the magazine flickthrough is from the track Ghost Patrol. Ah, the shit #<strong>SHILL</strong>zine listens to when putting<br />

this zine together!<br />

We used to use YELLOW TRASH CAN music. Absolutely love their creations! Might see if I can weave their<br />

tracks into future promos.<br />

Speaking of music, #<strong>SHILL</strong>zine is looking forward to a piece currently in production by RedRabbitCult. https://<br />

twitter.com/RedRabbitCult/status/1628727037266653187. No AI. Even RedRabbit's art is fresh!<br />

Your support via retweets helps #<strong>SHILL</strong>zine reach a broader audience. Every retweet is greatly appreciated. It<br />

has helped this magazine achieve 634,744 views across 96 issues (previous week = 626,986).<br />

#<strong>SHILL</strong>zine still has pieces listed for auction. Every little purchase helps make this magazine worthwhile.<br />

Listed on both FF and Exchg. UNDER THE PRICE OF A COFFEE! Proceeds go to helping this magazine grow and<br />

become better. All the World's a Stage is live now https://exchange.art/pixeltoy/ and Do You See Me? https://<br />

formfunction.xyz/@Pixeltoy.sol/ The DAMzine Files HERE DAMfiles by #<strong>SHILL</strong>zine HERE Chemical HERE and<br />

Among Us HERE and now on @0xBanana MARKET .<br />

#<strong>SHILL</strong>zine is INDEPENDENT. @Pixeltoy puts it together. The content used is IMPARTIAL. #<strong>SHILL</strong>zine neither<br />

AGREES nor DISAGREES. It is presented in these pages as a reflection of the sentiment at the time. Sometimes<br />

controversial. Sometimes exciting. It is presented in these pages so that YOU make your own mind up.<br />


SolCity Radio is the hub for all those who create and appreciate art,<br />

providing entertainment and educational content while actively<br />

uniting communities under one umbrella.<br />

The 100 is SolCity Radio's first NFT project. As artists ourselves<br />

we wanted to focus on the art first, rather than anything else,<br />

and so, we are partnering with The 100 leading artists on<br />

Solana, both established and emerging. The 100 is a unique<br />

collaboration with two simple goals: Elevate the state of digital<br />

art and amplify SolCity Radio's ongoing efforts to strengthen<br />

the ecosystem.

Scuba is a multifaceted, fun-loving, creative and intelligent guy that has<br />

built not only one of the most creative but one of the most supportive<br />

communities on Solana.<br />

His style & approach are both humorous &<br />

relatable with individual stories to each character<br />

he helps us accept ourselves and not take life too<br />

seriously.<br />

From his art to his community involvement,<br />

engagement and building Scuba is a shining<br />

example of what the 100 represents.


Solana Gaming Updates<br />

Metaverse Explorer<br />

STAR ATLAS #159 AMAZING update with Jupiter & LEAKED Pics

@SolamiMamis<br />

12.1k followers<br />

Don't give your money to lazy<br />

projects<br />

Don't trade just to trade<br />

Don't FOMO in on the highs<br />

Don't panic sell at the lows<br />

Put emotions to the side and stay<br />

true to your thesis<br />

Solami Mommy

EYES ON<br />

ANON<br />

CyberPunks<br />

Secret Sphinx Society

What is a curator? What do art advisors do?<br />

Let's dive into a conversation about art education<br />

& if this space is in need of a more traditional<br />

curation process.<br />

Tune into a packed discussion about artists &<br />

collector's burnout, the bear & volatile market and<br />

what we can do to ensure our well-being & avoid<br />

over-investment to the point of losing our north<br />



Award winning Brazilian<br />

photographer, lens based artist<br />

Ariel Gricio is best known for his<br />

conceptual storytelling.<br />

From his upcoming project<br />

"Nature is dead"

My favorite NFT PFP got LIQUIDATED...<br />

https://twitter.com/asknoot<br />

The NFT that I minted & became my brand for most of last year<br />

got liquidated over the weekend.<br />

In a word: devastated.<br />

My GhostKidDAO NFT has been with me since mint, through the<br />

start of the first ever SubDAO Twitter groupchat for Souls & Lost<br />

Souls, through each and every GhostKidFamily Friday & Chop Up<br />

of 2022, through many highs and lows I’ve diamond handed this<br />

iconic PFP…And it’s now no longer mine.<br />

Cheer me up<br />

Summary of The Review today:<br />

1. A Short Story ft. GKD & Anon<br />

2. A to Z Guide on How to LOAN<br />

3. Lessons from a Sorrowed Borrower<br />

It’s all coming together… JK<br />

Long story short, this was my mistake, 100%. I loaned my collection of GhostKids out before we broke 10SOL &<br />

left them loaned out, collecting debt on the perpetual contracts for each. Over the past few days, SOL rose &<br />

GKD ended up falling in combination to an aftereffect of Anon’s mint, to be expected really. It cost me a stack of<br />

kids to Frakt’s raffle protocol.

Don’t be fooled, I’m not uninformed. I’ve been a loan-maxi since the jump, an early user of Frakt’s platform &<br />

shuffled through the ventures of Pawn Stars, Pawn Shop Gnomies, SharkyFi, Defi Society & more to test the waters<br />

of NFT-enabled DeFi.<br />

This was pure negligence. Was this somewhere I’ve messed up before?<br />

Definitely.<br />

Was it because I went in with much hopium & no plan?<br />

Probably.<br />

But will I overcome this challenge & adapt my behavior in the future?<br />


Loans 101<br />

I’ll continue to be a proponent for loans in the future, but like said, this liquidation means NOTHING if I do not<br />

LEARN. Class is in session: what are loans & their downsides?<br />

Loans are agreements to borrow; a sum or object to be lent out, majority with interest over the lending period.<br />

Pretty straightforward, now the ups and downs:<br />

Downsides:<br />

• You can get liquidated for your favorite NFT (if you loan it out)<br />

• You’ve got a time limit on the cash (if you take the loan)<br />

• You collect interest on NFTs (HIGH interest in conventional terms)<br />

• You’re forfeiting capital in exchange for rights to the collateral (as a Lender)<br />

Basically, you’re subject to the protocol & its guidelines.<br />

Upsides are a bit different, but depend more on HOW you’re using the protocol. Lenders reap a lot of these rewards<br />

but these serve to a certain caliber of investor. Borrowers experience very little of these.<br />

Upsides:<br />

• You can provide liquidity & collect great APY<br />

• You can enter liquidation raffles with underlying NFT/token<br />

• You’re able to get FAST CASH on your NFT’s value without SELLING<br />

Although Lenders/Holders receive most rewards, the protocol itself normally experiences the safest “passive”<br />

income after contracts are complete & secure.<br />

One of the great things about blockchain: these are designed to collect fees for service, in this case, loans.<br />

<strong>SHILL</strong> <strong>Issue</strong> #<strong>97</strong><br />


What did I LEARN:<br />

1. Low risk, High reward - I want to maximize returns, not cripple my portfolio. If possible, be the loaner,<br />

never be a borrower.<br />

2. Remember the Deal - When taking a loan, you’re taking a responsibility to pay back at a later date. Borrow<br />

with a plan. When lending, you give up capital in exchange for the rights to collateral OR payment +<br />

interest. Make sure that’s a win-win as a lender.<br />

3. Capital is KING - Although lending is safest, to do effectively you need greater starting money to drive<br />

more value back to you.<br />

4. Loaning your PFP - Don’t do it! Especially if it holds ANY value OR if you’re the sentimental type, don’t<br />

chance it. Trust me, I hate to say but this is not even the first time I’ve liquidated my brand PFP<br />

5. Protocols aren’t Equal - There are MANY loaning services out there, don’t stick just to one. Diversifying<br />

is always important in any portfolio, the loan port isn’t different!<br />

Well. Great week ended off on a down note but then again, Anon’s scarf traits are looking clean. Although this is<br />

still a huge loss for my journey, it IS a journey. What’s next for the AskNoot Brand, you ask? NO IDEA! We’ll both<br />

find out next week.<br />

I’m gonna go take a break from NFTs…<br />

…for like 8 hours.

GHOST<br />

Ghost Foundation<br />

Ghost Foundation is the entity that will encompass all our current and future activities. It will control everything related<br />

to the GhostKid DAO, the $BOO ecosystem and our different services.<br />

The Foundation is the key to the growth and professionalization of the GhostKidDAO project. With the current infrastructure<br />

aswell as the plans we have for the future, we can no longer support being a single entity.<br />

Through the new website (www.ghostfoundation.io) the information about all the current & future services we offer is<br />

easily accessible. The new Twitter account (@GhostFDTN) will be home to all new announcements related to the $BOO<br />

ecosystem and all the new tools we will bring to the table.<br />

Software as a service:<br />

Since August, we have been offering tools to help projects bring more value to their communities.<br />

Our Software structure is built like a puzzle, everything is centralized on a single website. Clients can start with a single<br />

module, for example staking and add more modules at any point without the need of redeploying another site, this<br />

allows us to provide an unmatched delivery speed. It ensures that our clients & their communities are satisfied at all<br />

times!<br />

Our current clients are: Gmers, HaloLabs, The Greeks, RadCats, Legendegens, Justworms and DegenDummies.<br />

Raid to earn:<br />

The Raid to earn service is our first step towards helping projects with Marketing. Since June 23th, this service helped<br />

over 200 projects. We generated over 2000 SOL where 75% of this amount was distributed among our holders, 15% was<br />

used to support the $BOO ecosystem and finally 10% to pay the team.<br />

<strong>SHILL</strong> <strong>Issue</strong> #<strong>97</strong><br />


@glennhodlNFT<br />

Let’s talk @Primatesnft.<br />

These guys have been around for nearly a year. What have they accomplished, and what does the future hold for the<br />

JNGL? Are they primed for a comeback?<br />

Founder<br />

Primates were founded by Primal, who is the self-styled Head of the Jungle. He has a background in brand strategy and<br />

previously built an automated consignment shop for physical collectibles.<br />

18 <strong>SHILL</strong> <strong>Issue</strong> #<strong>97</strong>

Artist<br />

The Primates artist is Taul (@ataulilustra) who’s unique work defines the collection. https://instagram.com/<br />


My view?<br />

The art is the standout strength of the Primates<br />

brand. https://twitter.com/ataulilustra/sta-<br />

tus/1539<strong>97</strong>4083101593603?t=tj_RSx3wySL6fRnxSHqh-<br />

8g&s=19…<br />

Quote Tweet<br />

@ataulilustra<br />

PRIMATES NFT NFT PRIMATES This is a commission<br />

I received to develop an NFT collection... today it is<br />

launched and ranked among the 10 best-selling collections<br />

in OpenSea.<br />

Merch<br />

The Primates merch store includes a range of items which<br />

are high quality and branded with the designs of the man<br />

himself @ataulilustra.<br />

Quote Tweet<br />

@whoisryn0<br />

i made the best unboxing and review about my first @<br />

Primatesnft merch i’m literally become a primates IRL after<br />

this experience<br />

It’s difficult to understate the importance of the art to<br />

a project like Primates. Traits are extremely important,<br />

as are the communities that have formed around them.<br />

Much of current utility around the collection centres on<br />

this. For now.<br />

Mint<br />

Primates minted on June 14th 2022, at a price of 4 Sol.<br />

They have an all time volume on Magic Eden of 481.6K<br />

Sol.<br />

Progress to date<br />

Toxification. I would describe this as an art expansion.<br />

Primates teamed up with @BlocksmithLabs to utilise<br />

their SHFT technology. Holders can send away their Primates<br />

for 5 days and see a trait toxified’. The process can<br />

also be reversed in ‘quarantine’.

The Laboratory<br />

This is described by the team as an advanced ‘on chain NFT customization experience’. In short - traits will be released<br />

via the lab for holders to swap in and out of.

However, that’s not all. New traits will be produced in<br />

collaboration with notable artists in the space (think<br />

@notjohnlestudio jazzing up your favourite Guzzler?)<br />

Primates holders will need to stake for a certain amount<br />

of days to unlock a new look for their favourite.<br />

Gamba<br />

This one is causing a lot of excitement in the JNGL.<br />

Primates are developing their own on-chain casino/<br />

gaming hub. They are going big on this.<br />

The figures are impressive: 4 devs, 3 UI/UX designers,<br />

15 in-house games in development. VIP and affiliate<br />

programmes in development with custom bonus<br />

systems. In short - Primates are entering the gambling<br />

sector in a big way in 2023.<br />

Community<br />

Community is an over-used word in NFTs. But... There’s<br />

no smoke without fire. Primates have a famously vocal<br />

and active community. Their subDAOs are legendary.<br />

They include:<br />

@GuzzlerDao @CautionDao @TacticalDAO @SpaceSuit-<br />

DAO @TheHeadshotDao<br />

There may be more I have missed!<br />

Ambitions<br />

The team have been open with me about their ambitions:<br />

With @DeGodsNFT migrating, they are eyeing the top spot<br />

in Solana. Definitely ambitious. But as an observer I have to<br />

admire their boldness. And I quote: “We believe that one day<br />

we... shall lead Solana”.<br />

Conclusion<br />

I have always admired the @Primatesnft art as some of<br />

the most unique and beautiful in the space. I would find it<br />

difficult to find better. Their community is active, and their<br />

founding team is building something exciting for the future.<br />

It’s difficult to say with certainty but this has the potential to<br />

blow Primates up in a big way. Think<br />

@JellyeSportsNFT Gambulls vibes. That is bullish for me!<br />

It has everything you could want in a PFP project. And right<br />

now, a very affordable entry indeed!<br />

Just a disclaimer - If you are new to this project, this thread<br />

should form the START of your research. I would highly<br />

recommend visiting their website, joining their discord, and<br />

finding out more.<br />

ALSO: (1) DOI: I do not hold this NFT. (2) This is just a summary<br />

& does not represent financial advice. Do your own<br />

research. (3) The aim here is to inform, entertain, & be<br />

objective. If you disagree, tell me why below! I’d love to hear<br />

from you.

<strong>SHILL</strong> <strong>Issue</strong> #<strong>97</strong><br />






Brett Colby

Mark Williams Art

Mark Williams Art





tainted photog






@KEMOS4BE<br />

We scraped the data of more than 15,000 projects on @MagicEden to see what happened to “hyped” projects. Here is<br />

what we found:<br />

This thread was co-authored by @slorgoftheslugs. If you enjoyed reading it, give him a follow.<br />

This deep-dive was inspired by the recent slew of “are you this old anon?” posts. These posts reference projects that<br />

raised millions of dollars, but ultimately went nowhere.<br />

Of the 15k projects we scraped, we found 200+ projects which met the criteria of having over 10k◎ of volume but are<br />

now sitting under a 0.5◎ floor. These projects have almost 5,000,000◎ in volume. At a 5% royalty, this represents almost<br />

250k◎ in royalties alone.<br />

46 <strong>SHILL</strong> <strong>Issue</strong> #<strong>97</strong>

Many of these projects are completely forgotten, but were among some of the most hyped mints on Solana. They were<br />

often projects optimized by both influencers & Magic Eden for a model I coined, “MOPI” (mint out, pump it). More on<br />

MOPI:<br />

Quote Tweet<br />

@KEMOS4BE<br />

S1P1: The groundwork for the royalties debate was, unintentionally, laid by @MagicEden a few months ago when<br />

they were heavily promoting/marketing hyped mints & eventual rugs. They optimized their entire platform & the<br />

projects they launched for “Mint Out, Pump It.” (MOPI)<br />

Of the 200+, we chose 5 to illustrate what happens to 99% of “hyped mints.” These 5 represent projects from each NFT<br />

sector: Art, Brand, Metaverse, Gaming, & DeFi. They represent the most severe cases as these projects siphoned over<br />

$10,000,000 from the ecosystem.<br />

Without further deliberation, the following are 5 projects we believe represent the pinnacle of overblown hype / pump<br />

& dumps. We will break each project down into its own dedicated section:<br />

• Art of Mob • Kings of Da Street • Lux Real Estate • Cops Game • Defi Pirates

Project 1: Art of Mob<br />

Magic Eden’s first “free mint” — it was marketed very heavily by numerous influencers & dozens of giveaways. It had an<br />

all-time high of 7 SOL & collected almost $300k in royalties.

After a failed ETH mint the Discord has since been rendered un-enterable, if not outright deleted. In his parting message<br />

the founder claims he will be back in 60 days to re-invigorate the project.<br />

However, the Art of Mob founder appears to not have paid the staff — going as far as to completely ignore them.<br />

Quote Tweet<br />

@AKCrypto24<br />

Still hasn’t paid staff and ignored messages<br />

Project 2: Kings of Da Street<br />

An infamous “Branding” project chasing the tail of Okay Bears — their roadmap promised merch & partnerships. As of<br />

now, NFTs are still locked in the staking platform & the Discord appears to be deleted.

Quote Tweet<br />

@Wegotruggedbad<br />

@kingsofdastreet NFTs are still locked (stolen) on the staking platform. @MagicEden @ZhuoxunYin @0xLeoIn-<br />

Rio. This was doxxed with yourself. The community want to take action. Would you be willing to give the<br />

doxxed information to a credible team so founders can be investigated?<br />

According to blockchain evidence the founder left with over 500,000 Euros.<br />

Quote Tweet<br />

@Wegotruggedbad<br />

Wanna add to that 69% and help fud @xkonwi for running off with the mint funds for @kingsofdastreet?<br />

Project 3: Lux Real Estate<br />

The team went on to mint multiple collections which put the total amount raised to somewhere over $3.5mm<br />

USD.<br />

50 <strong>SHILL</strong> <strong>Issue</strong> #<strong>97</strong>

Lux raised multiple millions with their “metaverse” being composed mostly of stock Unity assets. Metaverse projects are<br />

scams 99% of the time — but I’ll leave that for a later thread.<br />

Quote Tweet<br />

@nftpeasant<br />

lol ty detective @yourstrangerman apparently @weareLUX_space just using unity assets kek, another project where<br />

they get a shit ton of sol for unity packs worth 200 dollars

Recently the team chat was breached, & was revealed to be wholly inactive for several months. After this, the<br />

team ran crowd control claiming the Discord was hacked and needed to be shut down.<br />

Project 4: Cops Game<br />

Cops game was one of the most infamous gaming rugs on Solana. As early gaming project, it garnered huge attention<br />

without having the means to back up the hype.<br />

One of the cops game team members was part of the former Taiyo rug.<br />

Quote Tweet<br />

@RiggCrypto<br />

Replying to @DSentralized @DegenSwings and @copsdotgame<br />

We all knew<br />

52 <strong>SHILL</strong> <strong>Issue</strong> #<strong>97</strong>

Additionally, some have speculated that they were connected to a slew of other rugs, but this has not been confirmed.<br />

Quote Tweet<br />

@intersolnft<br />

@copsdotgame had no direct wallet links with the others as all mint funds went through wormholes. However -it has<br />

the same source code with references to the other projects -some of the other wallets had very large amounts of the<br />

Cops game token $LOOT<br />

Project 5: Defi Pirates / Chest Finance<br />

Defi pirates was one of the worst offenders because it involved many high profile individuals in the space. People like @<br />

HGESOL lost over 2,000 SOL on the rug.

Quote Tweet<br />

@HGESOL<br />

Gonna start with this, Bought 2% of the supply average of 7.5$SOL each. I have not sold any, but they are close to 0.<br />

Booking a loss of 2200+ $SOL The team delayed the game 5-6times. It is just a picture with staking yet can’t even bulk<br />

stake. Overpromise and under delivery. twitter.com/HGESOL/status/…<br />

The ChestFi / DeFi pirates rug sought to gamify defi for the masses. It took the knees out of both whales and retail. Yet<br />

again, overpromising & under delivering with no system of accountability.<br />

Conclusion<br />

It is common knowledge that most “hyped mints” are virtually only good for flipping — however, if this continues to be<br />

the meta, there will be no meaningful projects left on Solana, &, bagholders will shoulder the burden of both innovation<br />

& failure.

We need a paradigm shift in how projects are held accountable — hyped mints must be held in escrow with fund delivery<br />

only completed upon community-approved milestones. We cannot continue to give millions of dollars to crypto<br />

scammers if we want this industry to progress.<br />

The solution to this, again, is projects like @phaseprotocol and other dynamic escrow solutions that ensure that minting<br />

is no longer a 0-sum game. If a hyped project is minting, I will fade unless they use a community-approved escrow<br />

solution.<br />

It is projects like these above that threaten royalties — extracting the maximum value out of their communities before<br />

disappearing completely. Don’t let these assholes ruin the most important innovation for creators/artists in the history<br />

of the internet.<br />

Thanks again to @cronus_art and @SlugDaddi for the wonderful pixel pfps. And, as always, thanks 4 reading.<br />

<strong>SHILL</strong> <strong>Issue</strong> #<strong>97</strong><br />


latest collections

1. @b00bsNFT<br />

2. @thesmophoria_<br />

3. @JellyJointDAO<br />

4. @TheSoltoshis<br />

5. @RUNDEADNFT<br />

1. @y00tsNFT<br />

2. ABC<br />

3. @DeGodsNFT<br />

4. @okaybears<br />

5. @SolanaMBS









Jeffery Alexander Jr

Dmitry Martovsky


Juleslik M


























@transitorymask<br />

With my current auction reaching an exciting ATH, I thought it would be fun to give you all a little glimpse into my<br />

thought process behind my one-page comics! Behold, the method to the madness: a thread.<br />

First, I want to establish that my comics are intended to be read top to bottom, left to right. I understand this is a<br />

very international community, but as a native english speaker, that is the flow I am most familiar with. My use of<br />

english text hopefully makes that apparent.<br />

<strong>SHILL</strong> <strong>Issue</strong> #<strong>97</strong><br />


With that in mind, I’ve reinforced that top-left starting point with a light green circle in the background that incases the<br />

first panel. It also starts with a unique text box. I consider the caption boxes to be some of the most powerful visual<br />


The orientation of the ship points towards the 2nd panel. Panel 2 features three clusters of red. This creates movement<br />

within the panel, informing the reader of vital information before guiding them into panel 3.<br />

Panel 3 uses these same established techniques — the ship and the character points the viewer towards the next panel,<br />

maintaining the visual flow. A black figure in the foreground forms a barrier on the left that further encourages the flow<br />

to the right.<br />

<strong>SHILL</strong> <strong>Issue</strong> #<strong>97</strong><br />


Red again serves as a guide — the ground terminates in a rocky formation. This connects to a similar background<br />

element that connects to panel 4. A strategically placed shadow prevents this background element from connecting<br />

panel 3 to the equally spaced panel 5.<br />

104 <strong>SHILL</strong> <strong>Issue</strong> #<strong>97</strong>

I will often use strategic shading and highlighting like that to encourage the visual and narrative flow of a piece. In this<br />

pursuit, I allow myself to blatantly bend and break the rules of light and shadow. Learn the rules so you can break them<br />

with intentionality!

Panel 4 contains a text box. The red and black of the rock formation and the repetition of green circles leads the eye to<br />

the character’s face, which again directs towards the text. This circular path creates a narratively appropriate moment of<br />

rest within the panel.<br />

The panel overlapping the next works alongside a portion of the red background severed by the character’s silhouette to<br />

bring the eye into panel 5. The text, the scale of the figure and the black foreground shapes on either side reinforce the<br />

vast emptiness of the landscape.

With nowhere left to go, the eye is naturally drawn to the character’s face and then the text in the background panel.<br />

The green bubble of the character’s helmet mirrors the green shape of the moon. These mirrored shapes signify the<br />

beginning and the end.<br />

While this covers the general visual flow, it barely scratches the surface on use of color and texture, says almost nothing<br />

of the narrative editing needed to fit a story in 6 panels. Nothing is an accident and every detail serves a purpose.<br />

<strong>SHILL</strong> <strong>Issue</strong> #<strong>97</strong><br />


There’s an art and a science to this art style. And I deeply and truly appreciate how warmly it has been received by the<br />

community.<br />

Thank you to @RoninRosewater @name_undxfined @zen0m for your earlier bids! @XO12XX currently has the high bid<br />

of 16.69 sol!<br />

108 <strong>SHILL</strong> <strong>Issue</strong> #<strong>97</strong>



The emergence of the independent art<br />

scene in web3 seems to have brought to<br />

life the dreams of many artists. It’s never<br />

been easier to gain reach and truly build<br />

the artistic career you had always<br />

imagined, regardless of where you come<br />

from or the circumstances that brought<br />

you here.<br />

From the surreal feeling after making<br />

your first art sale, to the genuine<br />

connections to artists you admire and<br />

collectors you respect and even perhaps<br />

appearing in your first gallery exhibition,<br />

the opportunities in web3 are what<br />

dreams are made of.<br />

However, not everything is as easy as<br />

it may appear on the timeline. One of the<br />

major challenges artists face, alongside<br />

this plethora of opportunities, is the<br />

effect this social-virtual career has on<br />

mental health. As commitment and<br />

screen time rise the more an artist is<br />

involved in the ecosystem, so can the toll<br />

it takes on our psyche.<br />

In a place where the highs can be<br />

richly euphoric and the lows a crash<br />

back to Earth — like the charts we<br />

constantly stare at — it’s pretty easy to<br />

feel the swing of emotions. Whether new<br />

to the space or a blockchain veteran, we<br />

can all be affected by the same feelings,<br />

issues or mental stresses at any point of<br />

this digital journey — specially so deep<br />

into this bear market.<br />

What are things we can do to avoid<br />

the unnecessary mental strain and<br />

maintain a healthy mental balance?<br />

For starters, slow down. Breathe.<br />

This environment is so addictive and<br />

quick that it becomes our modus<br />

operandi to race around life without<br />

giving ourselves time to process or savor<br />

the ride. And in an online community<br />

where we’re constantly observing the<br />

successes of others, the speed of it all<br />

can weigh and overwhelm.<br />

It happens to the best of us.<br />

However, with small changes we can find<br />

our way back to a healthy balance.<br />

Simple steps like organizing your daily<br />

schedule, limiting scroll time and<br />

recreation can help optimize our process<br />

and allow us to enjoy the ride again — to<br />

have fun again.<br />

Been there, done that and nothing? Take<br />

a break, enjoy a few days away from the<br />

screen and come back refreshed. It’s a<br />

hard choice, one that brings along the<br />

fear of damaging your algorithm. But,<br />

that can always be fixed. More important<br />

than maintaining an algorithm at all<br />

costs is to prioritize your well-being,<br />

before it costs you.<br />

Also lean into your communities for<br />

support, whether that be through private<br />

conversations, spaces or group chats. A<br />

huge benefit that comes from this<br />

socially driven market is the ability to<br />

form genuine relationships with people<br />

in your same position that are willing to<br />

help and understand where you’re<br />

coming from.<br />

But most importantly, to find harmony,<br />

do the things that spark a passion in you.<br />

Create what you love and love what you<br />

create. Immerse yourself in your vision,<br />

use your time wisely and bring others<br />

along with you. Let time do the rest. A<br />

career is a marathon, not a race.

@nftbawsa<br />

I researched 5 sold out NFT collections I analyzed their content, brand identity, targeted audience and marketing strategy:<br />

Here’s what I learned :<br />

Content overload<br />

All of these projects had one thing in common — consistent content creation In 2023, content has been the carry for<br />

marketing campaigns, especially when competition is so high Tip: Create a content schedule to maintain organization &<br />

fluidity<br />

Brand Identity<br />

Branding plays a HUGE role in a successful NFT project It’s why projects like Azuki, BAYC, etc. are so embedded into our<br />

brains It’s about the way their PFP hits us emotionally & financially Tip: Ask yourself “What impression do I want to<br />

give?”<br />

Artwork MATTERS<br />

Each of these projects had astonishing taste in artwork Certain color palettes affect us emotionally, which triggers certain<br />

beliefs in our eyes Tip: Don’t fade your choice of artwork. It’s the first glimpse people see in your project.<br />

Power of Momentum<br />

Generating hype is easy, but maintaining it is the hardest part Act fast, but don’t be reckless Each move must be calculated<br />

if you’re looking to attract the right audience Tip: Create the “ideal” funnel system for the user’s experience.<br />

Community Building<br />

Projects who highlight their community members are the ones who are doing it right Why? Because web3 thrives off<br />

community Tip: Put the spotlight on active members & in return, you get free marketing.<br />

If you’re a project founder & need help with marketing your project, DM me & I’d love to offer a free consulting call to<br />

help you out! My goal is to help you, or anyone reach their goal of selling out their NFT project.<br />

Like always, if you enjoyed this: - Follow me @nftbawsa

@solanamobile<br />

Saga unlocks brand new Web3 use cases. With Saga, anyone can be a creator anywhere, anytime. Today we<br />

unveiled Minty Fresh, an NFT minting app built by @SolanaMobile that allows anyone to mint NFTs directly from<br />

their Saga with just a few taps. Let’s take a closer look<br />

Currently, minting NFTs is not for everyone. It often require you to open up your computer and go through complex<br />

steps. With Minty Fresh, you can take a photo with your Saga and transform it into an NFT on chain within<br />

seconds. [Image credits: Hiteshwar Rao]<br />

Whether you want to cement your memories on chain, make your art into a digital collectable or just mint an<br />

NFT in a snap on the go, you can do it from your Saga.<br />

<strong>SHILL</strong> <strong>Issue</strong> #<strong>97</strong><br />


In fact, our Head of Engineering @sdlaver did this live today in Melbourne, where he took a selfie with the audience<br />

during a Saga preview event and minted the image live during the event.<br />

Quote Tweet<br />

@solanamobile<br />

From selfie to NFT, within seconds. Our Engineering Lead @sdlaver took a selfie on Saga with the audience at the @<br />

solanamobile preview event in Melbourne and minted the photo on chain right on the spot with Minty Fresh. What is<br />

Minty Fresh? Stay tuned. https://solscan.io/token/3mKJsmgYGjVTGDf5yL6kByouavCyp1sUSdp1SqtMoCnU…<br />

This simple minting experience is enabled by Mobile Wallet Adapter built by @solanamobile. It makes the signing experience<br />

simple and smooth for users. Hop over to your wallet, approve the transaction by securely using your fingerprint<br />

and your newly minted NFT will be ready.

The Minty Fresh consumer app will be available exclusively on Saga devices through the Solana dApp Store when the<br />

phone launches later this year.<br />

We are also open sourcing Minty Fresh. Developers can use it as reference code to get started with developing on SMS<br />

and Saga.<br />

GitHub - solana-mobile/Minty-fresh: An open source mobile first implementation of NFT minting on...<br />

We will have much more to share in the coming weeks. Pre-order your Saga and secure your spot on the waitlist https://<br />



Crouserrr<br />

in the bear<br />


MoonHolding’s purpose is to make investing engaging, not just for current investors but for newcomers alike. We<br />

believe in utilizing atomic habits to make portfolio management obvious, attractive, and rewarding.<br />


- Mint February 23rd.<br />

- Launch updated UI for the Alpha version of the app<br />

(NFT portfolio).<br />

- Post mint continue app development, hiring.<br />

- Prep for a special free-mint for holders.<br />

- Roll out lore around the project.<br />


The first principle: make investing fun and grow the<br />

investor class within the cryptocurrency space. We<br />

believe in the atomic habits principles about creating<br />

good habits when it comes to this: Make it obvious,<br />

make it attractive, make it easy, and make it satisfying.<br />

What Moon Holdings is, is a set of products & services<br />

that empower, enhance, and support the experience<br />

of being a crypto investor. We do that by stoking the<br />

114 <strong>SHILL</strong> <strong>Issue</strong> #<strong>97</strong>

inner competitive nature in us all, appealing to that side of us with some gamification, and helping build daily habits of<br />

investment tracking and asset monitoring, education, community, and more.<br />


- NFT Portfolio with SharkyFI integration.<br />

- Ranks - Gamified public portfolios.<br />


- Free access to all paid MoonHoldings services.<br />

- Ability to re-roll randomly assigned usernames.<br />

- Ability to earn more from referral links.<br />

- Generate Gen 2 NFTs that holders can sell to future users.<br />

- Solana Rewards* (Rev share).


- SharkyFI - Partnering to offer their lending and borrowing service within our platform for our users.<br />

- Dust Labs - Marketing and user management tools.<br />

- Bell Studios - Exposure & Community Building.<br />

- MetaBards - Lore writing experts, helping us tell the story of the MoonHolders.<br />

TEAM<br />

Founder: Leon Gaban<br />

17 years as a UI developer & investor in crypto since 2013.<br />

Startups, Agencies, Corporations.<br />

Built the UI for Chris Camillo’s TickerTags, data analytics platform sourcing actionable insights from social data (acquired<br />

by M Science).<br />

CTO: Ajoy Thomas<br />

14 years experience as CTO and CEO in the video ad space.<br />

CEO of VideoAmigo which processes 25MM channels and 1.2B video analytics on a daily basis. Clients include Amazon,<br />

Toyota & P&G.<br />

CFO: Mitt Mehta

15 plus years of PE/VC backed portfolio companies.<br />

Helped accelerate startups at Y-Combinator and other incubators.<br />


“The Mission of MoonHoldings is to support the success of users and holders of our NFTs in the crypto and web3 space,<br />

through the apps and services we provide. We believe that creating more long term investors is not just best for the<br />

space, but better for the world, as investing is the best path to wealth generation.”- Leon






















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