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Barndog & Metaverse<br />

TinyDrawings<br />

130 Why is Web3<br />

Changing the World?<br />

134 DamPFP<br />

153 itsMcNatt<br />


<strong>Issue</strong> <strong>98</strong><br />

First week of March 2023 and nothing short of drama upon drama. MonkeDAO in the spotlight for all the<br />

wrong reasons- most times when I read the threads about what is going on it sounds like a precocious brat<br />

not getting its own way. Rarely do I see positive threads about them. On top of this drama, 2 of our dear<br />

community artists were wallet drained this past week, tat2fingers and TinyDrawings. Having your wallet<br />

drained innocently is a horrible affair. The shock alone is mind bending. For those who don't know, Tat2Fingers<br />

is the father of Tinydrawings, Suga_Skies is the mother. Suga and Tat have been highly supportive of their son's<br />

venture into NFT and he has carved out a name on his own. TinyDrawings has been featured a few times in<br />

#<strong>SHILL</strong>zine. He is on ExchangeART and Formfunction. In this issue, I have given pps122-129 to TinyDrawings.<br />

Help support him rebuild what he lost.<br />

#<strong>SHILL</strong>zine picked up 2 pieces this week from CrowdedPiko and Seckintenici.<br />

Seckintenici's piece was featured as the cover of issue 97.<br />

Kudos to Artcons9 for cover honours this issue. The mix of Van Gogh, Frankenstein and Artcons9's signature<br />

style make for an eye-catching cover.<br />

Your support via retweets helps #<strong>SHILL</strong>zine reach a broader audience. Every retweet is greatly appreciated. It<br />

has helped this magazine achieve 638,053 views across 97 issues (previous week = 634,744).<br />

#<strong>SHILL</strong>zine still has pieces listed for auction. Every little purchase helps make this magazine worthwhile.<br />

Listed on both FF and Exchg. UNDER THE PRICE OF A COFFEE! Proceeds go to helping this magazine grow and<br />

become better. All the World's a Stage is live now https://exchange.art/pixeltoy/ and Do You See Me? https://<br />

formfunction.xyz/@Pixeltoy.sol/ The DAMzine Files HERE DAMfiles by #<strong>SHILL</strong>zine HERE Chemical HERE and<br />

Among Us HERE and now on @0xBanana MARKET .<br />

#<strong>SHILL</strong>zine is INDEPENDENT. @Pixeltoy puts it together. The content used is IMPARTIAL. #<strong>SHILL</strong>zine neither<br />

AGREES nor DISAGREES. Articles are presented in these pages as a reflection of the sentiment of the time.<br />

Sometimes controversial. Sometimes exciting. It is presented in these pages so that YOU make your own mind<br />

up.<br />


SolCity Radio is the hub for all those who create and appreciate art,<br />

providing entertainment and educational content while actively<br />

uniting communities under one umbrella.<br />

The 100 is SolCity Radio's first NFT project. As artists ourselves<br />

we wanted to focus on the art first, rather than anything else,<br />

and so, we are partnering with The 100 leading artists on<br />

Solana, both established and emerging. The 100 is a unique<br />

collaboration with two simple goals: Elevate the state of digital<br />

art and amplify SolCity Radio's ongoing efforts to strengthen<br />

the ecosystem.

THE 100 Artists & Collectors so far to have stamped their<br />

name on the foundation of the SolCity Radio organization.<br />

scuba<br />

neil vilppu<br />

trev el viz<br />

boin<br />

luke x dod<br />

visions.<br />

scotty russell<br />

a2k freks big brain gallery wetiko rags imteaz<br />


Laurence is a multi-discipline artist well<br />

known for his leadership in the web3<br />

community through his project 'Masked<br />

Warriors'.<br />

From pixel art to oil paintings we have been<br />

observant enough to watch his rise as an<br />

artist in this space. His leadership, artistic<br />

cadence & dedication to his craft makes<br />

Laurence a perfect fit to 'THE 100'.

@Always_Oblak<br />

4552 followers<br />

It doesn't matter what chain you<br />

build on.<br />

What matters is that you're here<br />

for the right reasons and trying<br />

to push web 3 forward.<br />

@Ryd3rSol<br />

7216 followers<br />

The greatest asset(s) SOL has are<br />

its communities<br />

I’ve noticed more than a few<br />

capitulate recently, but the ones<br />

who are here still make it KNOWN<br />

they’re still here

EYES ON<br />

ANON<br />

CyberPunks<br />

Secret Sphinx Society

@90Payan<br />

Degen DAO Ape Club … soon JuicyApes!<br />

What’s a project worth? What defines a project? Some say utility, some say art. I’m convinced that it’s firstly community.<br />

That’s what Degen DAO Ape Club is about.<br />

Started as a degen mint on last year with a mint price of .169 Sol. People fudded, they said that we would never sell out<br />

with so few DC members.<br />

We sold out the original collection with a size of 4200 apes which are now living on the Solana blockchain. But now we<br />

want YOU to move to Juicy Heights - the place where all Juicy Apes are living!<br />

The Founder<br />

Some weird fudder said he was a Canadian guy from Brisbane and he was going to rug. This has been a running gag for a<br />

year now.<br />

Community says he doesn’t manage to rug.<br />

All in all, TreeBurgers is a passionate degen from Denmark, a multi-talented individual. He is an artist who created art<br />

for several projects, a streamer (own YT channel), blockchain explorer who demasked a bunch of rugs, self-made web3<br />

pioneer and last but not least the Founder of DDAC and he’s really loving the community he built up.<br />

The Team<br />

Our team consists of 16 degens right now.<br />

Core members were formed before the Gen 1 mint, more members which accompanied the project since mint were<br />

onboarded just recently to support the Gen 2 milestone. From IT experts, project managers and developers to artists<br />

and social workers. We don’t claim us as experts.<br />

We are still learning. But we’ll learn together, support each other so we’ll grow skills, gain experience and do care about<br />

the community.<br />

The Community<br />

I onboarded on 4th of February, so did many other degens who are still with the project. We’ve experienced lots of ups<br />

and downs.

The overall bloody crypto winter on one hand, a win against the former hyped Degen Dojo in a doppel.sol twitter<br />

poll on the other hand (FR, was hyped like birthday & birthday together).<br />

You may wonder what this “0.1 ” means… at some time the community degens demanded a floorprice which<br />

goes down to 0.1, so buying more DDAC is cheaper, “sadly” that never happened - DEGEN DAO Ape Club, the<br />

name says it all.<br />

<strong>SHILL</strong> <strong>Issue</strong> #<strong>98</strong><br />


Our path so far - DDAC & sub-collections<br />

After the Gen 1 mint out, community was formed, and the team experimented with several web 3 utilities.<br />

Shortly after the poll-win against Degen Dojo, TreeBurgers released the DDDC - Degen DAO Dog club collection. The dogs<br />

had matching traits to the original apes. It was a free mint for all holders and a lively swapping begun, it was fun to find<br />

the matching dogs to your apes.<br />

Sometime after DDDC, $BREAD was introduced. The native token of the DDAC Gen 1 universe, earned by staking. This<br />

token was also used to mint the 3rd collection of the DDAC universe, the floppy Taika Penguinz.<br />

This mint had most of all the use of gaining experience in setting up a native token mint. Nevertheless, I think the artwork<br />

is amazing. Later as the Bonk hype came up, staking for $BONK was introduced for the Taikas.

Soon TreeBurgers faced several problems coming<br />

along with the work in web3 NFT space. He solved<br />

them and provided the solutions to the public by creating<br />

the JuicyLabs.app utility suite.<br />

We don’t want to withdraw money from our loyal<br />

holders, so for each DDAC “Gen1” NFT, our holders get<br />

2 Juicy Apes NFT as a free mint. Supply of Juicy Apes<br />

will be 10k.<br />

So, if you do the math, there’s not much left for the<br />

WL/public mint. But as we see the struggle of many<br />

projects to mint out, we believe that’s a good approach<br />

to honour our holders and to onboard some<br />

new faces to the universe of Juicy Heights.<br />

Mint will be in two stages - first the Juicy Bottles will<br />

be minted. After some time, the JBs can be swapped<br />

for the Juicy Apes.<br />

JuicyLabs contains a token airdropper, a holder snapshot<br />

tool, a token collection burner, an SPL burner and<br />

a wallet tracker. Furthermore, a raffle site was implemented<br />

to win several NFTs by using your $BREAD<br />

tokens.<br />

The path in the future - Juicy Apes mint!<br />

DDAC was a degen mint. We concluded that the<br />

blockchain has matured us (and everyone who walked<br />

through this bloody bear market) and the DDAC apes<br />

as well.<br />

To meet our demands, the gen 2 art will be a complete<br />

upgrade. Furthermore, the collection will be named<br />

Juicy Apes to match with the toolsuite of JuicyLabs.<br />

We have planned a lot of new utility for this new<br />

collection (and for the sub collections) - just a hint: the<br />

art is not the only thing that will be Ominous! And you<br />

may be able to change almost any of your favourite<br />

NFTs with new traits. For more information stay up to<br />

date by following our twitter @DDApeClub. :)<br />

And of course, feel free to visit us in our discord server<br />

and say hello! Visiting the DC would be also worthwhile<br />

if you’re a 1/1 artist looking for a chance - we<br />

may want to highlight your art as a special 1/1!<br />

Finally, I would like to thank you for your precious time<br />

spent reading this far, see you in Juicy Heights!<br />

MINT DATE: 28 March<br />

MINT PRICE: 0.5 Sol<br />

<strong>SHILL</strong> <strong>Issue</strong> #<strong>98</strong><br />


Value of<br />

Caleb @asknoot<br />

What a week it has been! We’ve seen crypto prices<br />

PUMP, NFT floors DUMP, and we even have an update<br />

on my liquidation story from last week’s article<br />

Before any of that, take a moment to close your<br />

eyes & think to yourself on this question:<br />

”What do NFTs bring to the table?”<br />

Art? Sure.<br />

Utility? Definitely sometimes!<br />

Team of supporting roles? Not always.<br />

I hope you thought on that question! If you didn’t<br />

take enough time, no worries, keep an open mind<br />

& let me know what you think at the end of today’s<br />

newsletter.<br />

I’ll cover the loan liquidation update at the end<br />

(I won’t even be mad if you skipped ahead) but<br />

don’t miss out on the alpha for what NFT projects<br />

benefit from the MOST out of all value-add<br />

propositions: Community.<br />

Community’s Value<br />

As humans, we are called to community. It is<br />

natural because we are made for working, and<br />

playing, and creating, and literally just BEING<br />

together. Through community, you can find a<br />

sense of belonging & common values, personal<br />

growth & support, and overall enrichment to<br />

your life with new & SHARED experiences.<br />

NFTs are an amazing case study of these benefits.<br />

With enough exposure & time, an NFT community<br />

naturally forms around the art, the utility &<br />

the team by attracting people to these aspects<br />

on some level. In a collective effort, what is<br />

forged from this becomes more than the sum of<br />

each piece.<br />

Many Solana projects do this very well but as<br />

always, one bad apple can spoil the bunch…<br />

Bad Actors<br />

In the Web3 space, the right of anonymity is<br />

abused constantly, allowing grifters, trolls &<br />

frauds to disembody these principles of community<br />

such as:<br />

• TrizyTrades convincing a group from the<br />

DeGods Community to fundraise and buy<br />

him a DeGod before instantly flooring it<br />

for liquidity & deleting his Twitter account<br />

• “DELISTTTT” people in general chat<br />

simultaneously flooring their NFTs<br />

• FTX’s founder boy SBF & his massive<br />

fraud/betrayal of the Crypto & NFT community<br />

Community can sometimes boil down to the<br />

weakest link, thankfully enough of these situations<br />

were expected stumbling blocks on a<br />

focused mission. Honestly, after the last point,<br />

do I really need to say more?<br />

Differentiating Leaders<br />

Some parts of NFT project founders’ success<br />

comes legitimately from luck. Being in the right<br />

place at the right time with the right skills is<br />

always a sweet deal, but sometimes you don’t<br />

even need those skills if you have a community<br />

who fills in the weaknesses.<br />

• WendysDAO is a perfect example of how<br />

a toxic leader can make selfish choices.<br />

Jawnxwick helped build the beginnings<br />

of the community alongside many SOL<br />

natives. He began to abuse the popularity,<br />

shilling multiple “degen” mints and<br />

pushing prospective members to mint<br />

for DAO membership…<br />

Later he attempted to push the DAO towards<br />

a merger before being scolded by<br />

the community & eventually banned. As<br />

a founding member myself, I’ve enjoyed<br />

watching the developments by the community<br />

to grow past this to support its<br />

community such as an active & safe chat<br />

to have conversations, project whitelists<br />

& presales, and expanding further into<br />

spaces & content! Ayda, Adams, Glockness,<br />

KOONTZZ, Jdee & Pan are some of<br />

16 <strong>SHILL</strong> <strong>Issue</strong> #<strong>98</strong>

the DAO’s leaders bringing value daily.<br />

• Weeping Angels founder sold out of the<br />

project shortly after building a suite of utilities<br />

& building a community to rival many<br />

degen mints during that period.<br />

Although I’m all for being acquired, the community<br />

was blindsided by the takeover &<br />

support waned quickly thereafter. Efforts by<br />

the community have recently placed these<br />

guys back on the map. I’m curious how<br />

they’ll do as I currently own zero and have<br />

loved the pixel art.<br />

• SolanaMonkeyBusiness founders v.<br />

MonkeDAO has been a tale old as time. Uninterested<br />

team members can weigh down<br />

a project like a rock, but this DAO has succeeded<br />

in creating endless value for EVERY-<br />

ONE in Crypto, not just Solana.<br />

Now considering the recent acquisition of<br />

the OG collection by HGE & Hades team<br />

along with the new Monkes Collection, this<br />

conflict now under a time limit.<br />

Good Community & the Update<br />

Creating a community and fostering those core<br />

members is a difficult but rewarding experience.<br />

For me, GhostKidDAO has become one of the most<br />

natural blends of community since its $3-4 mint<br />

back in Spring 2022.<br />

Investing in the community early, I found myself<br />

in the pleasure of hosting many GhostKidFamily<br />

Fridays & the Chop Up under the GKD umbrella,<br />

meeting holders throughout the community who<br />

are focused on the wellbeing of all. This made my<br />

liquidation last week evermore heartbreaking.<br />

But, with community comes with intangibles &<br />

good-natured people like Dogelana:<br />

They’ve scooped up my OGKD to ensure its safe return<br />

in the near-term as a surprise to me.<br />

What a GOAT, going thru the difficulty to track down<br />

the current owner & agree to a trade. We’re working<br />

on a swap this upcoming week but Dogelana has<br />

been more than kind on this front - stay tuned.<br />

Communities devoted to uplift one another are the best<br />

to be apart of, requiring a solid core of team & supporters.<br />

If you find a group with shared interests & blossoming<br />

friendships, HOLD ONTO THAT.<br />

WAGBOO forever baby!<br />

“The greatness of a<br />

community is most<br />

accurately measured by the<br />

compassionate actions of its<br />

members.”<br />

-Coretta Scott King

@CryptoMagellan<br />

The day has arrived! My 13 piece Firing Order series of original photography is live now for instant sale & offers on @<br />

formfunction<br />

Formfunction and Underground Royalty Society<br />

First and foremost, a link to purchase the series: https://formfunction.xyz/@magellan/series/firing-order…<br />

Next, and more important, a story...<br />

18 <strong>SHILL</strong> <strong>Issue</strong> #<strong>98</strong>

formfunction.xyz<br />

I begin with a letter from our AI overlords, from a dimension and possible reality not so far adjacent to our own. Let’s try<br />

that again, a little more human now...<br />

Firing order affects the vibration, sound and evenness of power output from the engine…firing order is an experiment,<br />

my logical electroorganic parts intermingling with my creative heartstrings to generate something entirely distinct and<br />

lean into photography...

for the beautiful medium that it is, embracing it fully for the first time rather than shying away. Imagine; the coldest frost<br />

of winterbitten fingers touch a fresh berry picked off the bushes in the heat of summer, all at the same time, in the same<br />

place. That has been my year.

Nobody today REALLY wants to read a million tweet thread, so here, I’ve taken a simple snapshot of the story of<br />

me, you, and this work; the uninterested and impatient can fast forward<br />

8 SOL is the price for each piece in this series because it’s my favorite number and always has been. Because<br />

photography deserves to be valued. 8 is the month of my birth, and the day of my daughter’s birth. If it does not<br />

sell, I will leave it for as long as needed.<br />

<strong>SHILL</strong> <strong>Issue</strong> #<strong>98</strong><br />


I’ve hidden some clues to my own light and shadows in the<br />

titles of pieces in this series. The breadcrumbs I left might<br />

lead you into a dark forest and I can’t promise we’ll find a<br />

way out, but I’ll be sure to join you on the journey.<br />

Because art has & always will transcend time, price,<br />

& trends. Art is infinite and forever, like the number 8<br />

sideways. Art lives in the shadows and comes to life when<br />

other beings resonate & vibrate in its light. Art transmutes<br />

energy & boundaries between viewer, artist, & time.<br />

I promise that it will be genuine even if a bit scary. But what’s<br />

life without a little spice? You can keep sitting there or you<br />

can be enveloped by it, and see my heart open under greencrusted,<br />

floating trees and the chirp of birds just beyond your<br />

perception that make your heart sing. We might see creatures<br />

in the night, a messenger may come and haunt us, or<br />

deliver us from those shadows, if we are willing to listen. Can<br />

you uncover my light and shadows? Do you want to? What<br />

are your own? Will you come with me? Come with me.






Cinthia Pnce_NFT

Eckso Any






















@NexiLabs<br />

Nexilabs reborn. What have we accomplished and what does the future hold for us?<br />

Who are we?<br />

We are an all in one Defi platform that integrated @solana wallets into @discord. Originally developed by @<br />

RealFlokyy who acknowledged that most of the NFT community resided on discord but was then taken over by @<br />

BakiTrader.<br />

Through Nexi you have the capability of sending Sol, NFTs & SPL tokens all through discord. You can use it to<br />

pay multiple staff members, Host SPL integrated Raffles, Track specific whales and the list goes on Discord Tool<br />

creation is limitless.<br />

We have over 15+ tools and to name a few we’ve got<br />

Built-in Discord Staking<br />

Portfolio Managers<br />

Custom Whale Trackers<br />

Custom SPL Raffle Systems<br />

Airdropping Systems<br />

Progress to date It’s fair to say we have developed A LOT with some main accomplishments being Integration into<br />

160+ servers<br />

Over 6000+ Discord wallets created<br />

1st place in @MagicEden Hackaton ( Ancillary Category )<br />

0 Security Breaches<br />

“Future Plans” Adaptability is key. We are reinvesting vast changes in order to survive in this market and thrive in<br />

the bull market.<br />

58 <strong>SHILL</strong> <strong>Issue</strong> #<strong>98</strong>

Solapp Merge<br />

Cross Chain Compatibility<br />

Art Upgrade<br />

A New All Star Team<br />

Unique Tools Let’s dive into a few of these<br />

We have merged with @solapp_dao who are innovating NFTs very first fully customisable IOS & Android application. This<br />

app will accommodate industry low transaction fees as well as contain unique features dedicated to the NFT space.<br />

Ethereum will be the next chain we venture off too. The process of creating Eth Wallets into Discord has already begun<br />

and once we have our tools ready we will test the waters to see if we possess a product market fit.<br />

Art. Something crucial for any project to succeed. An art upgrade as well as a full rebranding is on its way.<br />

reconstruction is near

@Simpl3r_BH<br />

Sick of having to find out the best time to tweet? Hate having to post on Twitter AND Discord? Wishing you could schedule<br />

Discord announcements? Campaigner is the streamlined solution for you!<br />

Simpl3r’s Twitter enhancement tool, Campaigner, offers a comprehensive solution for managing your Twitter presence.<br />

With this tool, you can track community and follower metrics, and connect multiple accounts to manage them efficiently.<br />

60 <strong>SHILL</strong> <strong>Issue</strong> #<strong>98</strong>

The tweets tab offers a detailed view of your latest 10 tweets. This feature allows you to easily analyze the performance<br />

of each individual tweet, providing valuable insights into engagement, retweets, likes, views, and more.<br />

The Mentions tab provides a comprehensive view of all the mentions to your Twitter account. You can easily see if the<br />

mention is from a Simpl3r user and what Discord roles are assigned to them.<br />

This feature allows you to compose a retweet and respond to your mentions in real-time. The Settings page allows<br />

you to add pre-filled quote templates to save time, whitelist Twitter accounts by username or Discord role, and set a<br />

cooldown period for the auto-retweet queue.<br />

Campaigner empowers you to easily connect with your followers and interact with them in real-time, providing you with<br />

all the necessary insights to optimize your strategy and maximize your Twitter presence.<br />

It allows you to schedule your tweets in advance, track key metrics such as engagement, reach, and sentiment, and use<br />

auto-retweet and retweet mention features to increase your reach.

Over the next few weeks, we will be showcasing more features of Campaigner.

@unity_rob<br />

@atadia_io is minting Neo Atadians tomorrow as part of their hybrid IDO What does this mean? Should you take part?<br />


Atadia is a web3 analytics company, providing user profile data OG Atadians are the original collection, which minted<br />

almost a year ago in March 2022 Since then, they have been operating with a ~$500k budget Tomorrow they’re having a<br />

hybrid IDO to raise more funds.<br />

<strong>SHILL</strong> <strong>Issue</strong> #<strong>98</strong><br />



-Supply: 10k -Price: $100 So what is a hybrid IDO, you<br />

ask? It’s technically an NFT mint with IDO-like functions<br />

Instead of staking, it’s going to have a very fast token<br />

release Each Neo Atadian comes with a random unlock<br />

date and a fixed amount of $ATA, their token.<br />

They have 2 tokens: - $ATA (utility token) - $PTT (governance<br />

token) $ATA total supply is 1B, 10% of which<br />

is allocated towards hybrid IDO, so 100M Here’s $ATA’s<br />

planned distribution & release schedule.<br />

95% unlock before May 2023; Once that date arrives,<br />

you can either:<br />

Release all the stored tokens<br />

“Defy fate” - keep the NFT, which can be used as credit<br />

card limit increase on Lending Lab -commit them -get<br />

them back after the loan is repaid -default = burn<br />

$ATA can be used for:<br />

Staking for $ATA & $PTT (1 - 48 month lock) Note: staking<br />

$ATA stored within NATDs will make them survive<br />

Credit system - extend credit line & higher value loans<br />

when putting the token on the line<br />


64 <strong>SHILL</strong> <strong>Issue</strong> #<strong>98</strong>

Lead generation - digital advertising service by doing targeted<br />

airdrops based on wallet-based personas:<br />

-Stake $ATA<br />

-Atadia launches airdrop based advertising campaign<br />

-Reconcile rewards based on the performance.<br />

For every successful lead, a fixed amount of $ATA will be<br />

deducted from the staked $ATA Airdrop recipients who<br />

respond, will be able to claim:<br />

Project-provided benefits e.g. a discount, a whitelist spot,<br />

etc.<br />

Atadia-provided $ATA for the label data<br />

The Lending Lab Uncollateralised lending tool: Based on<br />

your footprint data both on-chain and off-chain, which they<br />

get from the wallets and socials you provide Amount ranges<br />

from 1-4 Sol for 14 days Interest rate is 0.7%, 0.6% for VIPs<br />

& 0.3% for OGA holders<br />


Atadia’s team operated a data science company IRL before<br />

their web3 venture Their team consists of data scientists,<br />

developers, fund managers, analysts etc. They’ve built: -The<br />

Lending Lab -Proof-of-Loyalty (PoLo) Tool -The Atadian Pass<br />

-gmDATA Let’s explore each<br />

Proof-of-Loyalty (PoLo) Tool Currently still in beta Designed<br />

to help projects direct their WL spots to long term holders<br />

Users - effortless, grind free whitelists, benefitting from<br />

their reputation Projects - quality long-term holders right off<br />

the bat.

The Atadian Pass It’s an NFT with all your information Atadia<br />

aggregated: -PFP, -Credit, -diamond hand & -reputation<br />

score Allows you to BENEFIT from the Lending Lab, PoLo and<br />

passive income from third party checks I was lucky enough<br />

to already get one early<br />

dApp level<br />

gmDATA<br />

Suite of APIs about user profile data: -Background check<br />

-Scores -Wealth -Demographics -Holder behaviors -Transaction<br />

frequency & volume -Secondary market activity -PnL<br />

All data in either: -Wallet level, -User level or -Community /


Overall the Atadia team means business and aren’t<br />

messing around If you think there’s no money in the<br />

data business, think again Reminder that Facebook<br />

became one of the largest companies in the world by<br />

leveraging the vast amount of data that it collects from<br />

its users.<br />


Whitepaper: https://atadia.gitbook.io/wp/ Website:<br />

https://atadia.io Products: https://product.atadia.io Twitter:<br />

@atadia_io<br />

Here’s how they leveraged data over the years, and how<br />

Atadia can, too:<br />

Highly personalized ads, with a very high conversion rate<br />

- see (7/13)<br />

Behavior data analytics to develop and improve new<br />

features, such as the news feed - for Atadia the gmDATA<br />

section<br />

Acquisitions to collect even more data and expand the<br />

user base Will Atadia become the Facebook of web3?<br />

Who knows But if they do succeed, they’re gonna be<br />

big.<br />

<strong>SHILL</strong> <strong>Issue</strong> #<strong>98</strong><br />


Top Movers 7d FP

1. @b00bsNFT<br />

2. @SolMonkeyGirl<br />

3. @AdventGuild<br />

4. @theolafnft<br />

5. @mindfolkART<br />

1. @y00tsNFT<br />

2. @okaybears<br />

3. @SharkyFi<br />

4. ABC<br />

5. @Claynosaurz



Art Prompt

Art Prompt

Basty Adler





































@Simpl3r_BH<br />

We are excited to announce the return of Drage and<br />

the Missions to introduce Simpl3r’s staking system.<br />

This is an opportunity for our holders to be the very<br />

first to stake your Bounty Hunters and earn our utility<br />

token $CREDITS.<br />

You have to be in it to win it so if you don’t have a<br />

Bounty Hunter NFT grab one now as the sooner you<br />

start staking the more $CREDITS you will earn. All details<br />

will be revealed on Friday 03 March 2023. #dragebootcamp<br />

#BHullish<br />

Plus we have a bunch of prizes and those that complete<br />

all the missions will go into a raffle draw to win<br />

the ultimate prize... Drage’s Lootbox! Which is filled<br />

with all sorts of goodies including NFTs, SOL and USDC<br />

and more!<br />

114 <strong>SHILL</strong> <strong>Issue</strong> #<strong>98</strong>

0xGumshoe<br />

At the time of writing, the Solana market cap is $8.04 billion with a 24-hour volume of $479 million. The price of SOL is<br />

$21.23 and market dominance is 0.79%. The Total Crypto Market Cap is $1.03T, down 3.89%. The NFT transaction volume<br />

surpassed 500,177 SOL, closing in on $10.6M in the last 7 days.<br />

Solana can process thousands of transactions per second, significantly faster than many other popular blockchains. This<br />

allows for fast and efficient processing of transactions, making it attractive for developers and users who want to avoid<br />

high gas fees associated with other blockchains.<br />

Solana enables developers to build complex and sophisticated decentralised applications, which is why the network<br />

appears to be speed-running the rest of the industry both in the DeFi and the NFT sector, as we’ve seen with the NFT<br />

Marketplace wars around the zero royalty meta.<br />

How NFT DeFi can Offset Solana’s Inflationary Mechanics<br />

Solana, like many other cryptocurrencies, has an inflation rate. Solana’s annual inflation rate is currently ~6.5% and will<br />

decrease by 15% every year. It will eventually stop at a fixed rate of 1.5%.<br />

In 2022, the Solana token circulating supply increased by 20%. This is a result of token unlocks and staking rewards. Today<br />

we are going to show you six different ways in which you can put your Solana tokens to work.<br />

Disclaimer: None of the following practices are financial advice. The purpose of this newsletter is to educate. Always do your own<br />

research.<br />

Staking<br />

Staking involves holding tokens in a wallet to help secure the network and validate transactions. In return, stakers receive<br />

rewards in the form of additional tokens.<br />

As a user, you can stake your $SOL tokens in a validator node, to help secure the network, or in DeFi protocols.<br />

Staking on a Solana Validator<br />

Solana is a delegated proof-of-stake network, meaning you can stake your SOL tokens, or ‘delegate’ them to validators<br />

who are responsible for processing transactions, running the network and keeping it secure. For doing this, validators<br />

earn rewards in a similar fashion to how one might understand Bitcoin mining.

Stake SOL with STEP: https://www.step.finance/learn/validators-staking-with-step<br />

Liquid Staking<br />

Liquid Staking allows users to earn rewards for staking their tokens while still being able to use those assets for<br />

other purposes. This provides stakers with greater liquidity and flexibility, as they can participate in other DeFi<br />

activities using their staked assets as collateral.<br />

Marinade Finance<br />

Marinade Finance is a protocol that enables users to stake their SOL using automated strategies and receive<br />

staked SOL tokens (mSOL) in return. mSol can be used in other DeFi applications.<br />

Marinade currently holds the majority of TVL on Solana, according to DeFiLlama, with a ~55% Market Dominance.<br />

• 6.28% APY<br />

• 20,800 Monthly Rewards<br />

• $140M TVL<br />

116 <strong>SHILL</strong> <strong>Issue</strong> #<strong>98</strong>

Jito<br />

Jito is the only liquid staking service for Solana that offers holders the distribution of MEV (Maximal Extractable Value)<br />

rewards. MEV is the max reward value that validators can receive while adding blocks to a network. By using the Jito<br />

Stake Pool, users can stake their Solana tokens and receive a liquid stake pool token (JitoSOL) in return. This token provides<br />

both liquidity and a combination of staking and MEV rewards.<br />

• 6.16% APY<br />

• 502,727 SOL of Total TVL<br />

NFT Lending<br />

Solana DeFi platforms allow users to lend their tokens to borrowers who require them for various purposes.<br />

Lenders earn interest on their loans, while borrowers gain access to cryptocurrency without having to buy it themselves.<br />

In 2022, Solana saw the birth of a new narrative merging NFT with DeFi. NFT DeFi added several new use cases to the<br />

ecosystem and created new ways of generating yield with $SOL, such as NFT-collateralised loans.<br />

Sharky<br />

Sharky is the biggest NFT DeFi platform on Solana, with over 3.5 million SOL in Total Loan Volume.

FRAKT<br />

Although FRAKT has a lower APY %, many people would argue it is theoretically safer due to its liquidation mechanism.<br />

Liquidated NFTs which haven’t been repaid during their 12H Grace Period will automatically become eligible for the liquidation<br />

raffles in which Frakts stakers and Gnomies holders can participate.<br />

Atadia<br />

Atadia has developed the ability to offer instant, zero-collateral loans without the need for KYC. They use a machine<br />

learning credit scoring model trained on $300,000 worth of zero-collateral loans from Lending Lab to guide their underwriting<br />

criteria. Currently, their default rate on a volume basis is around 3-4%.<br />

Note: Currently, Atadia’s Lending Lab only allows borrowing.

Citrus (FFF)<br />

Famous Fox Federation recently launched its own peer-to-peer Lending platform. Citrus lending mechanics are<br />

similar to Sharky, however, loan duration time and APY % are generally smaller.<br />

Be Careful<br />

Recently, there was a liquidation cascade event which caused a major downtrend in several NFT collections. Be<br />

aware of the risks of NFT-Lending platforms. If the collateral suffers a major price drop and the borrower does<br />

not pay back, you will have lost money on your loans.<br />

Yield Farming<br />

Yield farming allows users to earn rewards or interest by providing liquidity to decentralised protocols through<br />

staking, lending or providing liquidity.<br />

Although yield farming can be an extra source of income, it also carries significant risks, such as price volatility,<br />

smart contract vulnerabilities and liquidity risks.<br />

Orca<br />

Being the largest DEX on Solana, Orca requires a large amount of liquidity. This is obtained through pools.<br />

While browsing the Liquidity tab, users can choose to provide liquidity to a diversified amount of trading pairs.<br />

AMMs<br />

Automated market makers (AMMs) are a type of algorithm that facilitates trading on decentralized exchanges<br />

(DEXs). They are designed to provide liquidity to the market by continuously buying and selling assets based on<br />

pre-determined rules.<br />

Hadeswap<br />

Hadeswap has several features, including 0% platform fees (subject to governance decisions using the $HADES<br />

token), 0% royalty fees by default (with an option to pay them), and progressive selling/buying of NFTs. Additionally,<br />

users can earn SOL while using the platform.<br />

<strong>SHILL</strong> <strong>Issue</strong> #<strong>98</strong><br />


Elixir<br />

Elixir is an ecosystem focused on NFT utility that includes an app powered by automated market maker (AMM)<br />

pools. The app offers various features, including instant selling, NFT exchanging, borrowing, earning passive income,<br />

and long/shorting. These features enable users to participate in NFT financialization and generate returns<br />

through various means. The Elixir ecosystem includes other core products in addition to the app.<br />

In conclusion, there are many ways to put your SOL to work beyond just buying and holding them. From trading<br />

and staking to lending and yield farming, the opportunities are plentiful.<br />

120 <strong>SHILL</strong> <strong>Issue</strong> #<strong>98</strong>


Solana Gaming Updates<br />

Metaverse Explorer<br />











By Jom<br />

1/3<br />

With recent technological developments,<br />

Web 3.0 is at the center of innovation for<br />

what is believed to be the new<br />

economic, creative and social revolution<br />

in the digital world. The next phase of the<br />

Internet represents a more open and<br />

decentralized network by giving control<br />

and ownership to all individuals.<br />

Web 3.0 is causing a huge change in the<br />

way we interact with each other, and its<br />

mighty rise will change the world for<br />

years to come.<br />

A new hope in technology for society.<br />

Transition from Web 2.0 to Web 3.0<br />

The birth of the Internet came with Web<br />

1.0, when the world began reading on a<br />

screen for the first time in history. Let’s<br />

call this the era of informative internet.<br />

Through the emergence of Web 2.0<br />

social platforms like Facebook, Twitter,<br />

and YouTube in the early 2000s, the<br />

internet started its run towards mass<br />

adoption by introducing<br />

interconnectivity and bringing a huge<br />

shift in our society. With social media<br />

companies that acted as middlemen<br />

between users, we began to connect and<br />

exchange information about ourselves<br />

with people all over the world. As a<br />

result, the internet was transformed into<br />

a centralized technology where users<br />

had little influence over decisions and no<br />

sense of ownership.<br />

After 15 years of creating a globally<br />

connected world through social media,<br />

society stands at the most important<br />

transition in the history of the internet<br />

The ways we interact with technology<br />

are changing towards a more open,<br />

decentralized web thanks to blockchain<br />

technology. Web 3.0 marks an inflection<br />

point, allowing all of us to conduct<br />

transactions independently and with<br />

more control over our data. The sense of<br />

ownership offered by tokenization (NFT),<br />

made possible by Web 3.0 technology,<br />

enables everyone of us to design digital<br />

spaces for the first time by building<br />

communities where we may form new<br />

connections, try out new things, and<br />

shape the future into a better tomorrow.<br />

With this, Web 3.0 has opened a whole<br />

new era for the digital global economy,<br />

creating many new opportunities for<br />

creatives and entrepreneurs. Indeed, we<br />

live in the Digital Renaissance era.<br />

The power of NFT communities<br />

By bringing people together into groups<br />

of shared interests, Web 3.0 is enabling<br />

things that have never been possible<br />

outside of a physical space.<br />

Today we can collaborate, build, buy or<br />

sell art, and make decisions with our<br />

community from our own devices.<br />

Through NFTs, people experience a sense<br />

of ownership in a digital environment for<br />

the first time, creating a healthier and<br />

more sustainable ecosystem. This allows<br />

us to invent new opportunities and work<br />

on incredible causes as we push our own<br />

limits and become more powerful<br />

together, without barriers. Many artrelated<br />

communities, innovative<br />

companies, and supportive<br />

environments on different blockchains<br />

have emerged since the beginning,<br />

allowing creatives and entrepreneurs to<br />

make their dreams come true.


By Jom<br />

2/3<br />

Also, in the NFT space, the independence<br />

and ownership of communities and<br />

individuals allows people to come<br />

together for humanitarian movements.<br />

As an example, during March 2022,<br />

Solana's community of photographers<br />

came together to sell a collection and<br />

donate the funds to food organizations<br />

to help Ukraine. In fact, this not only<br />

happened in Solana, but all across the<br />

technology throughout different<br />

communities that were coming together<br />

to help in as many ways as possible.<br />

Designing spaces through SolCity Radio<br />

As part of Web 3.0, we are all involved in<br />

transforming offline areas into public,<br />

interactive digital environments. By<br />

incorporating what we already know into<br />

this new technological era, we are<br />

constructing a safe, transparent, and<br />

authentic environment. This is mainly<br />

due to the sense of ownership, freedom<br />

and accessibility that blockchain<br />

technology brings to everyone, allowing<br />

us to feel at home in Web 3.0.<br />

As a founder and host of SolCity Radio, I<br />

am a firm believer in the fact that Web3<br />

media has the ability to develop more<br />

equitable and structured models that<br />

are advantageous to everyone. We need<br />

better online public places, urban digital<br />

designers, and digital architects who<br />

create areas as if they were in an offline<br />

setting. Like real-world cities, we need a<br />

number of online spaces where we can<br />

all learn from one another. Online digital<br />

ecosystems are unquestionably taking<br />

over as our primary living spaces,<br />

therefore let's make them as cozy as<br />

possible for everyone. A setting where we<br />

experience ownership as well as<br />

inclusion. A space where we can talk and<br />

get to know one another much like we<br />

would in Central Park.<br />

All of this is needed now, and can be<br />

done now with Web3 technology. It's time<br />

for a change, and that's what we're<br />

doing at SolCity Radio, designing spaces<br />

where we educate, engage and<br />

entertain, where people feel they belong<br />

to participate and make decisions. “The<br />

future of media is tokenized”.<br />

The question is; How do we design these<br />

spaces and why is this change<br />

necessary? Web2 media and social<br />

platforms have become massively<br />

adopted by society, personal data is the<br />

currency of exchange for “better ads”<br />

and people from different cultures have<br />

come together with no structure. There is<br />

a need for responsible development<br />

towards a more healthy and welcoming<br />

design of spaces for everyone.<br />

I recommend this Ted Talk on how to<br />

build healthy digital spaces for people to<br />

interact with each other.


By Jom<br />

3/3<br />

Ownership of digital media<br />

Web 3.0 and the tokenized system (NFT)<br />

are having a positive impact on the<br />

global creative economy and allow<br />

people to own digital assets. Artists,<br />

creatives, entrepreneurs, and collectors<br />

can now own, transfer, and monetize any<br />

type of content or license without<br />

barriers. With this, proof of ownership<br />

can now be traced on the blockchain<br />

and when a token is transferred to<br />

another user, the rights are sent at the<br />

same time.<br />

and help people earn a living through<br />

the new digital economy and tokenized<br />

assets that live on the blockchain.<br />

Although the Web 3.0 community is<br />

mainly based on a Web 2.0 social<br />

platform for now, it is where we are<br />

starting this change. We are all working<br />

together towards a better future, and<br />

showing the world that it is possible to<br />

design and work in safe digital<br />

environments, where we are all able to<br />

make a living in the most independent<br />

way, without limitations.<br />

In other words, what an artist could<br />

monetize through tangible objects, can<br />

now do so through licenses and always<br />

traceable digital files thanks to the<br />

transparency of the blockchain. This<br />

creates a much more accessible market<br />

for everyone and a faster process to buy<br />

or sell work, which will help many people<br />

around the world to make a living from<br />

their devices as this new digital<br />

economy emerges.<br />

Digital media ownership creates a<br />

decentralized and participatory<br />

economy where all holders of certain<br />

tokens can belong to communities where<br />

people can build and collaborate for a<br />

better future, as mentioned above.<br />

This is just the beginning<br />

In conclusion, the necessary transition<br />

from Web 2.0 to Web 3.0 is enabling<br />

people from all around the world to<br />

come together in powerful communities,<br />

design welcoming spaces where<br />

everyone can feel at home,



Coco B.




Later Naive



Logan Carroll



The Inverse (D. Stephens)

Suga Skies

Win - Leafku




From failure to success.<br />

Join Neverland & JOM as they break down their<br />

most successful art projects in Web 3.0 & how it<br />

really went down behind the scenes.<br />

Art curation in the traditional scene Vs. Web 3.0.<br />

Let's dive deep into why curation is necessary in<br />

our ever technologically evolving art space.<br />

The differences, terminology & about art history.

MCNATT<br />

Multidisciplinary visual artist from<br />

Portland, McNatt is also a recording<br />

artist (alongside his group Bathlete),<br />

producer and musician.

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SubStack Building in the Bear<br />

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