July/August 2023 Alchemical Voice

We have a wonderful edition for you! Read about Moon Cycles and Crystals by Sue Penney, Meeting Wise Beings in Spirit and Rediscover, Regain and Redeem articles by John Sjovik. Nasreen Pritchard writes about her great book on page 12 - Can you read this for me, please? Nikki Marianna Hope has a message from Collective Beings for us. Julie de Vere Hunt has fantastic insights on Omm Sety in her article on page 18. An essential article for you to read so that you are not led astray - Unenlightened Gurus by Jovi Hoonjan. Carol Coggan tells you to Expect Miracles. A beautiful article on Self Love by Zuzana Nemčovičová. Meet Eleanor O'Rourke, a creative coach and author. We are so happy to share the free support you get from Eden People. Martin Lewis shares facts about The Vagus Nerve and your health. Shamanism saved Stacey-Ann Postma, page 44. Claire Sparks talks about Ayurveda, Living the Science of Life. Hannah Gauss has a wonderful article on meeting death.

We have a wonderful edition for you! Read about Moon Cycles and Crystals by Sue Penney, Meeting Wise Beings in Spirit and Rediscover, Regain and Redeem articles by John Sjovik. Nasreen Pritchard writes about her great book on page 12 - Can you read this for me, please? Nikki Marianna Hope has a message from Collective Beings for us. Julie de Vere Hunt has fantastic insights on Omm Sety in her article on page 18. An essential article for you to read so that you are not led astray - Unenlightened Gurus by Jovi Hoonjan. Carol Coggan tells you to Expect Miracles. A beautiful article on Self Love by Zuzana Nemčovičová. Meet Eleanor O'Rourke, a creative coach and author. We are so happy to share the free support you get from Eden People. Martin Lewis shares facts about The Vagus Nerve and your health. Shamanism saved Stacey-Ann Postma, page 44. Claire Sparks talks about Ayurveda, Living the Science of Life. Hannah Gauss has a wonderful article on meeting death.


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<strong>July</strong>/<strong>August</strong> <strong>2023</strong> - Issue 21<br />

I N A S S O C I A T I O N W I T H L I K E - M I N D E D B U S I N E S S E S<br />




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MY LIFE!<br />




The Vagus Nerve<br />

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Learn how you can reduce<br />

stress<br />

Unenlightened<br />

Gurus<br />

Is your healer a con artist?<br />





EXPECT<br />



Abydos Temple & Omm Sety<br />

Love is eternal<br />

I Met Death on<br />

a Sunday<br />

It's just the beginning...<br />


| BALANCE<br />

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<strong>Alchemical</strong> <strong>Voice</strong> - L2M - Issue 21<br />

T<br />

H<br />

E<br />

<br />

A<br />

L<br />

C<br />

H<br />

E<br />

M<br />

I<br />

C<br />

A<br />

L<br />

<br />

V<br />

O<br />

I<br />

C<br />

E<br />

<br />

T<br />

E<br />

A<br />

M<br />

Publisher<br />

Chief Editor<br />

Columnist<br />

Marketing<br />

Marketing Consultant<br />

Jovi Hoonjan<br />

Karam Pentland<br />

John Sjovik<br />

Lisa Marie Hill<br />

Iain Marshall<br />


<strong>Alchemical</strong> <strong>Voice</strong> - L2M - Issue 21<br />

A L C H E M I C A L V O I C E<br />


Higher vibes and wild energies are searing through us! Freedom is at your doorstep drumming on your front<br />

door - let it in!<br />

Things have indeed manifested! Ask and you WILL RECEIVE! I hope you are seeing the results! I certainly am!<br />

We have a full packed edition of insightful wisdom!<br />

Jovi Hoonjan | Publisher<br />

4<br />

Moon Cycles<br />

Sue Penney<br />

27<br />

Self Love<br />

Zuzana Nemčovičová<br />

7<br />

Crystals<br />

Sue Penney<br />

29<br />

Meet Creative Coach & Author<br />

Eleanor O'Rourke<br />

9<br />

Meeting Wise Beings in Spirit<br />

John Sjovik<br />

30<br />

Wellbeing for the Mind, Body & Soul<br />

Eden People<br />

10<br />

Transformational Music<br />

Jane Cuva<br />

34<br />

Rediscover, Regain & Redeem<br />

John Sjovik<br />

12<br />

Can you read this for me please?<br />

Nasreen Pritchard<br />

42<br />

The Vagus Nerve & Your Health<br />

Martin Lewis<br />

16<br />

A Message from Collective Beings<br />

Nikki Marianna Hope<br />

44<br />

Shamanism Saved my Life<br />

Stacey-Ann Postma<br />

18<br />

Abydos Temple & Omm Sety<br />

Julie de Vere Hunt<br />

46<br />

Living the Science of Life<br />

Claire Sparks<br />

22<br />

Unenlightened Gurus<br />

Jovi Hoonjan<br />

48<br />

I Met Death on a Sunday<br />

Hannah Gauss<br />

24<br />

Expect Miracles<br />

Carol Coggan

<strong>Alchemical</strong> <strong>Voice</strong> - L2M - Issue 21<br />


Sue Penney<br />

The moon has long been gazed at since our ancestors<br />

roamed the earth. Where our other major celestial<br />

body, the sun, remains constant in our heavens, only<br />

increasing or reducing in its daily span and gift of<br />

warmth and light, the moon changes daily.<br />

That the cyclical movement of the moon is important<br />

there can be no argument. She governs our tides and is<br />

essential to migrating animals and birds. She has a<br />

positive effect on the earth's axis and directly<br />

contributes to creating our relatively stable climate. The<br />

lunar cycle is also known to have an impact on human<br />

reproduction.<br />

So let's explore the lunar cycle in more detail. There are<br />

8 moon phases: the new moon (also known as the dark<br />

moon); Waxing Crescent Moon: Waxing Moon; First<br />

Quarter Moon; Waxing Gibbous Moon; Full Moon;<br />

Waning Gibbous Moon; Last Quarter Moon and the<br />

Waning Crescent Moon and each of these phases<br />

should be utilised differently depending on what you<br />

are looking to achieve in your life.<br />

New Moon<br />

The New Moon – This is the period in which to set your<br />

intentions. It is a time of fresh starts and new<br />

beginnings. Write down your goals and intentions for<br />

each new moon so you can refer back to them and<br />

check on your progress towards achieving them.<br />

Waxing Crescent Moon<br />

The Waxing Crescent Moon – this is when the moon<br />

reappears after the new moon as a sliver of a crescent.<br />

This is the time to think about your goals intensely and<br />

spend time in meditation about them.<br />

The First Quarter Moon – this is when half of the moon<br />

can be seen lighting up the nights sky. This is the time<br />

to start taking action to achieving your goals. Examine<br />

them carefully and decide if you need to make any<br />

changes to them.<br />

First Quarter Moon<br />


Issue 20<br />

Waxing Gibbous Moon – This moon phase occurs two<br />

weeks after the New Moon. This is the time of<br />

clarification and refinement. Focus intently on assessing<br />

where you are and examine your feelings. Look at what<br />

needs to be changed in your life to achieve your<br />

ultimate aims and desires.<br />

The Full Moon – this is for celebrating your progress, it<br />

is a time when one usually feels their best. It is a noted<br />

fact that anxiety sufferers tend to feel a lessening in<br />

their symptoms during the full moon. Celebration of<br />

progress is essential, it feeds back to the unconscious<br />

mind that it is on the right track. The light of the full<br />

moon brings everything into full detail to reveal things<br />

more clearly. This is the time to release the things in<br />

your life that no longer serve you. The light of the full<br />

moon helps you to identify or bring into the light these<br />

things with more clarity. This is also the best time to put<br />

your crystals out to charge in the moon's gentle energy.<br />

Waxing Gibbous Moon<br />

The Waning Gibbous Moon is the time to look back at<br />

what you have achieved, and how far have you come on<br />

your journey and to reflect on the path ahead. This is a<br />

time to be full of gratitude for the things in your life and<br />

give back to yourself and others. The Waning Gibbous<br />

Moon or Third Quarter Moon is the opposite of the<br />

First Quarter Moon. This is a time to shed everything<br />

that is not right or good in your life. Remove yourself<br />

from toxic situations. Tidy your workspace, and deep<br />

clean your home. Do cord-cutting exercises and<br />

eliminate bad habits. The strong lunar energy will give<br />

you the boost you need at this time to eject all that no<br />

longer serves you from your world.<br />

Full Moon<br />

Waning Gibbous Moon<br />

The Waning Crescent Moon – The moon has returned<br />

to its smallest slice of light. This is the time to be quiet<br />

and reflective. Find time to be at peace with yourself<br />

and rest before the cycle starts again with the New<br />

Moon.<br />

It may be beneficial to keep a lunar cycle diary to record<br />

your goals, dreams and achievements as well as how<br />

you feel on a daily basis. This might bring to light<br />

patterns that you were hitherto unaware of and may<br />

help you to plan your daily life in a way that suits you<br />

better both mentally and emotionally.<br />

Waning Crescent Moon<br />

Sue Penney<br />

Soul Verse<br />

www.soulverse.co.uk<br />


<strong>Alchemical</strong> <strong>Voice</strong> - L2M - Issue 21<br />

Wonderfully insightful poetry, beautifully<br />

illustrated offering healing to the readers<br />

Available on Amazon<br />

www.soulverse.co.uk<br />


<strong>Alchemical</strong> <strong>Voice</strong> - L2M - Issue 21<br />



Sue Penney<br />

Ruby is associated with <strong>July</strong>, a stunningly beautiful<br />

deep red stone that is generally imbued with the<br />

ability to inspire better health overall. The ruby<br />

historically used to be rubbed against the skin to<br />

promote youth and vitality. It has been used for<br />

centuries to alleviate pain in the body and promote<br />

better circulation. It helps improve energy in the<br />

body and energy flow in general, as it is associated<br />

with the blood due to its deep red colour. Ruby is<br />

also said to improve concentration and creativity and<br />

inspire loyalty, honour and compassion. Often given<br />

as a token of love, and therefore associated with the<br />

heart, its darker colour makes it more relatable to<br />

the base chakra. Ruby is also said to protect the<br />

wearer from psychic attack and can be used as an<br />

overall protection stone.<br />

As with all stones, the way to get the best from your<br />

crystal is to ensure that it is cleansed and charged.<br />

As a relatively hard stone of the Moh’s scale of<br />

hardness, Ruby can be cleansed easily in water and<br />

won’t scratch easily so it can be rubbed with a cloth<br />

under the water. Being associated with the sun, I<br />

would leave it out on a warm sunny day to allow it to<br />

soak up the powerful rays to charge it back to its full<br />

intensity.<br />

Peridot is connected to <strong>August</strong> and is one of my<br />

favourite stones. My son brought me back a piece of<br />

volcanic rock from Iceland many years ago which had<br />

little peridot crystals embedded in the basalt rock. It<br />

was truly beautiful. Like Ruby, Peridot is believed to<br />

deliver good health to the wearer but also aids<br />

restful sleep and brings peace to relationships by<br />

balancing both the mind and emotions. It is a really<br />

feel-good crystal and lifts one's mood almost<br />

instantaneously, automatically reducing stress. This<br />

is probably due to it being associated with the heart<br />

chakra due to its beautiful green colour. Peridots'<br />

ability to balance allows us to be our true self within<br />

our environment. It is also a great cleanser and in<br />

times of old, Peridot was believed to repel evil<br />

spirits. It is the perfect stone to use to aid you in<br />

breaking bad habits and setting positive new ones.<br />

Peridot can also be cleansed in water. Rather than<br />

rubbing this stone with a cloth, I would sit it in<br />

running water for a while and then allow it to dry<br />

naturally. This stone would be best charged in the<br />

sun, smudged with sage or buried in the earth for a<br />

short time but avoid significant temperature changes<br />

as it is not as hardy as other gemstones.<br />

Sue Penney<br />

Soul Verse<br />

www.soulverse.co.uk<br />



WAY<br />

COURSE<br />

healing using shamanic tools and techniques<br />

This 3-week course (4-hrs a week) based near Basingstoke is<br />

open to anyone who is keen to learn about the shamanic way of<br />

healing<br />

<br />

We cover<br />

~ shamanic journeying ~<br />

~ connecting to your power animals and guides ~<br />

~ shamanic healing ~<br />

~ remote healing ~<br />

~ sacred prescriptions ~<br />

~ soul retrieval ~<br />




<strong>Alchemical</strong> <strong>Voice</strong> - L2M - Issue 21<br />



John Sjovik<br />

A how-to guide for meetings with Wise Beings in the Spirit<br />

World.<br />

Whenever I have met Wise Beings, they have been quite<br />

unclear in their communication with me.<br />

Keep in mind that they are in the Spirit World, with<br />

reference points that are very different from those that we<br />

experience in our physical life.<br />

The first thing is to find a language that will bridge the gap<br />

between us. Such a language is almost certain to be non<br />

verbal.<br />

The second thing is that Wise Beings are never too keen on<br />

giving you all answers readily served on a plate. So the<br />

advice or support they give can be somewhat difficult to<br />

decode and understand.<br />

The third thing is to find ways to formulate your questions,<br />

wishes and desires in such a way that answers will be<br />

meaningful and possible to implement in your own life.<br />

If I did meet a Wise Being today, they would probably tell<br />

me that I already know the answers. They would confirm<br />

that I already know what to do. Any Q&A session with them<br />

would only serve as a delay for my necessary actions and<br />

also carry the risk of adding confusion and bewilderment to<br />

my already not enough focused mind. Let’s face it, most<br />

people already know what to do. The big challenge is<br />

putting their knowledge into action, to “walk the talk”, as<br />

the saying goes.<br />

My experience is that it is a good idea to simply “hang out”<br />

with Wise Beings and not bombard them with questions.<br />

Respect and patience are particularly good concepts in the<br />

spirit world and in meetings with spirits. Eventually, you will<br />

receive a lot of advice and wisdom.<br />

John Sjovik<br />

Shaman Healer<br />

www.shamaqi.com<br />


<strong>Alchemical</strong> <strong>Voice</strong> - L2M - Issue 21<br />


MUSIC<br />

Jane Cuva<br />

Vocation. Noun. A summons or strong inclination to a particular state or course of action.<br />

I remember clearly the moment my heart spoke to me several years ago (I was running a bath) and it posed the<br />

question - am I putting my gifts to good use? I realised at that moment I wasn’t. But what to do about it?<br />

Two events, one major and one minor provided the answer and became key turning points in my life.<br />

My father, who had had modest success as a singer/songwriter as a young man, was diagnosed with early<br />

onset Alzheimers and his cognitive descent was brutal for me. Singing for him and the other residents in a care<br />

home made me realise the healing power of music and voice on the human soul.<br />

Little did I know at that point that I would go on to collaborate with scientists who would expand my<br />

understanding of frequency, energy and vibration through ancient knowledge, cymatics, sacred geometry<br />

and nature. This knowledge I am now incorporating into my music.<br />


Issue 21<br />

“I would describe my mezzo-soprano<br />

sound as sometimes haunting, always<br />

emotionally charged and definitely<br />

therapy for the soul.”<br />

I dedicated the next 6 years to singing for the elderly and at various community events. This work led to being<br />

asked to sing for 1,000 of the Queen's Staff at Windsor Castle in 2018 and singing the National Anthem with<br />

the Queen’s Household Cavalry Band.<br />

A newspaper article in 2016 about a young 12 yr old boy that killed himself after being bullied at school was<br />

the second turning point. I poured my emotion into writing a song- the track “Arise” was born. Until then I<br />

hadn’t considered I might have a tune of my own to sing.<br />

The tracks “Mayday”, “Quantum Leap” and “Zero Point” were the<br />

result of my own transformation; musically, spiritually and<br />

intellectually; as I sought answers to questions that ultimately led me<br />

back to the realisation that I - WE - are way more powerful as<br />

creators than I had realised.<br />

What’s next? Helping to bring next-gen technology to all who seek<br />

immersive and interactive 3D tools for learning and creativity;<br />

decentralised trading. Sovereignty!<br />

Jane Cuva<br />

https://emersa.github.io (launched in June)<br />

www.janecuva.com (artist name New Bee Jane)<br />


<strong>Alchemical</strong> <strong>Voice</strong> - L2M - Issue 21<br />



Nasreen Pritchard<br />

These are the words I said to my two teenage<br />

daughters after I’d hidden away for a whole<br />

weekend to write this little book…. “Can you read<br />

this for me please?”<br />

The Book was born a couple of years before I put<br />

pen to paper. An idea, one morning lying in bed<br />

with my cup of tea.<br />

It’s a funny thing, isn’t it? when an idea is born. It<br />

carries so much energy, it’s quite a magical<br />

experience to notice our ideas. Of course, not<br />

EVERY idea makes its way from seed to sapling,<br />

and that’s ok, perfectly normal in fact.<br />

Some ideas are gateways I feel, like a nod to being<br />

on the right path…<br />

I love starting my day with a stare, staring out the<br />

window mostly.<br />

That morning I stared and let my thoughts travel<br />

and organise… a web of words and numbers, lines<br />

and dots… making their connections and<br />

formations as I freed myself from the analytical.<br />

And for my time staring, I was gifted this seed.<br />

It went into my phone ‘Notes’.<br />

It's ok that we have ideas and sometimes leave<br />

them as such. Thoughts as we know, carry an<br />

energetic quality and they are always there. Our<br />

job is to first take time to hear the thoughts and<br />

then discern which ones carry more weight…<br />

literally which ones hold more energy.<br />

We can trust that the important ones, the soul-led<br />

ones, will be speaking gently from the<br />

subconscious and when the time is right, they will<br />

make you notice. Like a persistent tap on the<br />

shoulder, you won’t be able to ignore it.<br />


<strong>Alchemical</strong> <strong>Voice</strong> - L2M - Issue 21<br />

Of course, the book was energy at first, a visual,<br />

like a scene from a movie.<br />

I added words to this energy and realised the<br />

visualisation.<br />

So, I would like to think and hope that this book is<br />

still the energy of that morning staring out the<br />

bedroom window.<br />

A vision of love and stories and connections.<br />

It could have stayed in ‘Notes’ – but this one<br />

ACTualised. It was 100 words on my phone for 2<br />

years before I spent 2 days and turned into 100<br />

pages.<br />

What do you have hiding or brewing in your<br />

Notes?<br />

What seeds are trying to break through?<br />

Is something knocking on your shoulder?<br />

I dare you to turn around and face it…<br />

I want to see it!<br />

“This book is so inspiring and enlightening in such a<br />

beautifully simple format. If I had had the fortunate<br />

pleasure of reading the wisdom in this book as a<br />

teenager, I strongly believe that my life would have<br />

flowed more smoothly and been filled with more joy.<br />

The pages possess the key lessons to appreciating life<br />

to its fullest, all concepts that I was already aware of, it's<br />

just the way they are conveyed in this book enables<br />

them to be easily absorbed and effortlessly grasped, in<br />

such a wonderfully light-hearted and playful manner.<br />

I will be reading this book to my children (before they<br />

are teens!) and I know they will cherish the gifts of<br />

wisdom that are fantastically woven into its pages.<br />

I highly recommend this book to everyone, and I<br />

strongly feel that the world would be a better place if all<br />

schools provided it to their pupils and actively promoted<br />

its life enriching concepts.”<br />


<strong>Alchemical</strong> <strong>Voice</strong> - L2M - Issue 21<br />

Imagine a Space<br />

<br />

Imagine a Space where kids came to school<br />

Where they learned and had fun<br />

And thought Yoga was cool<br />

<br />

Where Teachers and Students<br />

And Janitors too<br />

All knew the benefits<br />

Of a mindful moment or two<br />

<br />

Imagine a space where a love for oneself,<br />

Was the beginning and ending<br />

Of each book from the shelf<br />

<br />

What if walking barefoot<br />

And eating in Squat<br />

Were written into the timetable<br />

And had a regular slot<br />

<br />

Imagine a space where Teachers came to school<br />

And their day began with a Meditation tool<br />

<br />

To bring awareness to their breath<br />

Feel grounded and alert<br />

To be present for the happenings<br />

From Joy through to hurt<br />

<br />

If downward dogs featured at breaks<br />

And Tree poses before Lunch<br />

Shoulders and jaws may release<br />

Its not just a hunch<br />

<br />

Imagine a space where souls gathered for learning<br />

Encouraged by Unity (yoga) that keeps the wheel turning<br />

<br />

Where listening in and presence of mind<br />

Were taught and valued as skill sets to find<br />

<br />

Imagine this space<br />

On an ordinary day<br />

Where do you sit<br />

What part do you play?<br />

<br />

Imagine….<br />

Imagine a Space.<br />

Imagine a<br />

space<br />

where...<br />

Keep Calm and do BODMAS is available<br />

from Waterstones, Amazon and many<br />

other online stores or go straight to<br />

Nasreen’s Website below to find a link<br />

Nasreen Pritchard<br />

Movement & Meditation Coach<br />

Farnham<br />

www.flowwithnasreen.co.uk<br />

Flowwithnasreen@gmail.com<br />

07803264457<br />


w o n d e r f u l i n t u i t i v e p s y c h i c r e a d i n g s b y<br />

O r i e l L u x<br />

<strong>Alchemical</strong> <strong>Voice</strong> - L2M - Issue 21<br />

F e e l i n g s t u c k a n d n o t s u r e w h i c h d i r e c t i o n t o g o ? I s<br />

s o m e t h i n g p l a y i n g o n y o u r m i n d a n d y o u w o u l d l i k e<br />

s o m e s u p p o r t a n d c l a r i t y ?<br />

A u d i o r e c o r d e d r e a d i n g s<br />

£ 2 0 f o r t h r e e q u e s t i o n s<br />

contact<br />

oriellux@outlook.com<br />

<br />

<br />

Reiki & Light Language healing<br />

Sue Caustick<br />

Farnborough, Hampshire<br />

Light language is a celestial, galactic and angelic language channelled<br />

through the soul. Light language during Reiki treatments provides an even<br />

deeper effect on the healing.<br />

<br />

Clear blockages in your energy fields<br />

Release stress and anxiety<br />

Contact<br />

suecaustick@gmail.com<br />

"Such a beautiful gentle treatment. I felt really<br />

comfortable, safe and totally relaxed in Sue's<br />

hands. I am now a regular!"<br />


<strong>Alchemical</strong> <strong>Voice</strong> - L2M Issue 19<br />

<strong>Alchemical</strong> <strong>Voice</strong> - L2M - Issue 21<br />



Nikki Marianna Hope<br />

Message from a collective of Beings who have no collective<br />

name as such.<br />

Image: a painting by Nikki Marianna<br />

Hope on 4th June 2010<br />

“We just work together for the greater good of humanity and all<br />

things that come into contact with humanity in any way<br />

whatever. From the tiniest ‘drops’ of water to the greatest<br />

clouds, lakes and seas. From the waters which are underground,<br />

on the ground, within all beings on the physical plane and in the<br />

atmosphere and the galaxies. We speak with one heart and<br />

much love.<br />

The initially restrictive human form often leaves humans<br />

‘struggling’ to make sense of the world(s) around and within<br />

them. It’s ok to feel you are struggling, it’s not an easy path that<br />

you have chosen.<br />

It is a very important and worthwhile path.<br />

As you grow and develop in your understanding of the worlds<br />

around and within you, so that growth ripples out from you<br />

(you don’t need to DO anything – simply BE and allow this to<br />

radiate out around you and within you). It serves a higher<br />

purpose than we can explain simply here. Just know that<br />

although you may feel puzzlement as well as lack of connection<br />

and the motivation to be a human DOING instead of a Human<br />

Being – that’s ok.<br />

There may be times when you are required to be a Human<br />

Doing rather than a Human Being. But it will take some time of<br />

simply Being before you are ready to be Doing.<br />

That said, by Being, you are already Doing a lot!<br />

Take plenty of rest time and gaps-in-between things. It’s during<br />

the time of the gaps-in-between that the ‘magic’ happens. It’s<br />

not really Magic and once it has occurred you will be able to<br />

look back, retrace your steps, and understand what the changes<br />

were that are enabling you to have a ‘new’ and different<br />

perspective on the ‘gaps-in-between’.<br />


Because you live in a society which values ‘Doing’ and of course<br />

‘Achieving’ above all else, it can be a puzzle when ‘Being’<br />

achieves so much more, until the moment you are ready to be<br />

‘Doing’.<br />

We hope this explains a little of what is occurring at this<br />

present moment in time. Simply do your best to keep focused in<br />

the present moment and savour each and every moment that<br />

occurs.<br />

Remember the heady scent of the amazing bluebells in the<br />

natural woodlands, their intense colour – how it changes<br />

depending on whether they’re in the direct sunlight or in the<br />

shade. The depth and vibrancy of their colours in the shade, the<br />

increased scent when they’re in the bright sunlight. See how<br />

the morning dew is held on their petals and reflects everything<br />

around them. Observe how the bluebells absorb the liquid from<br />

each dewdrop and how the dewdrop helps the bluebell to stay<br />

turgid, strong and tall. Have you ever wondered why it is only<br />

the flowers which are blue – it could have been those beautiful<br />

long leaves which were blue as well – imagine that!<br />

It is the same with all life, we can spend so much time longing<br />

for and trying to obtain / become the humans we think we<br />

aught to be or want to be, that we forget how much we already<br />

are. It may not be what we planned to be, it may be better than<br />

our plans could have turned out.<br />

Sending much love to all who read and connect with this<br />

message, from our collective consciousness and the<br />

consciousness of the bluebells and the Blue Rose Lineage.<br />

Blessed be, Blessed Be, Blessed be. All is well<br />

Although this message was channelled with the intention of<br />

assisting one particular human being, it would be well to share<br />

this with other humans who are able to read, hear and maybe<br />

understand it – even if they don’t understand it initially, the<br />

words may remain with them until such time as they are ready<br />

to understand them.<br />

Channelled through Nikki Marianna Hope on 4th May <strong>2023</strong>”<br />

Nikki<br />

Marianna<br />

Hope<br />


<strong>Alchemical</strong> <strong>Voice</strong> - L2M - Issue 21<br />


OMM SETY<br />

Julie de Vere Hunt<br />

Temple of Sety I, Abydos<br />

Egypt is magical, truly. But one woman’s story has<br />

stolen my heart – it’s a love story which started in<br />

Abydos, Egypt over 3,000 years ago around 1300<br />

BC and resumed in the 20th century.<br />

Dorothy Eady was born in London in 1904. At 3<br />

years old she falls down a steep staircase and is<br />

pronounced dead by their family doctor. Her<br />

parents carry her to her bedroom and the doctor<br />

returns an hour later with the death certificate.<br />

Dorothy is found sat up on her bed playing with her<br />

toys.<br />

But from this moment on she is different. She feels<br />

out of place. Aged 7, her parents take her to the<br />

British Museum and she starts running around the<br />

Egyptian figures saying “these are my people!”<br />

By the age of 10 she has become a permanent<br />

fixture and noticed by Sir E.A. Wallace Budge,<br />

renowned Egyptologist and Director of the Egyptian<br />

galleries. He becomes her tutor. She tells him she<br />

will live in Egypt when she grows up.<br />

Aged 18 she falls in love with an Egyptian<br />

postgraduate student and travels to Cairo in 1934<br />

to marry him. The following year she has a child<br />

who she names Sety (much to the dismay of his<br />

family). She starts automatic writing in Demotic<br />

Script. Over 75 nights she is given a piece of her<br />

story.<br />

She is a 15 year old priestess called Bentreshyt<br />

living in Abydos at the time of King Sety I (1306 –<br />

1290 BC). As a priestess of Isis she has to be a<br />

virgin. One day Sety I comes to visit and spies this<br />

beautiful priestess in the garden who he instantly<br />

falls in love with.<br />


Omm Seti healed<br />

people in the village<br />

from spells she<br />

interpreted from the<br />

temple walls<br />

They have a secret affair but she falls pregnant. The<br />

High Priest beats her in order to find out who the<br />

father is and have him put to death. To save him she<br />

kills herself with a dagger in her heart. When Sety I<br />

discovers this he is so heartbroken he does not visit<br />

the temple again.<br />

Fast forward 3000 years Sety I starts to appear in<br />

Dorothy's bedroom. Her marriage fails so she<br />

pitches a tent in the excavations with her baby. She<br />

proves very useful to the Egyptians as she can<br />

interpret the glyphs and is called Omm Sety, or<br />

mother of Sety. She is offered a salaried job in a<br />

library or a pittance working in Abydos Temple. She<br />

accepts the post in Abydos of course, leaving her<br />

son with his father. At this time (1956), Abydos<br />

temple is still half buried but she knows it<br />

backwards. There were 2500 temple walls to be<br />

reconstructed which would have taken +20 years to<br />

reassemble but Omm Sety did it in less than 3 years.<br />

She healed people in the village from spells she<br />

interpreted from the temple walls.<br />

Sety I visits her at night, materialising in the flesh<br />

and they have a physical relationship. He always<br />

leaves before dawn. He calls her Bentreshy. This<br />

relationship continues until her death in 1981 –<br />

although now platonic - he sees her as the beautiful<br />

temple priestess he is still deeply in love with even<br />

though she is now an old woman. He says he is able<br />

to do this from magic he learnt from his carnation as<br />

Sety I.<br />


She asks many questions about Ancient Egypt and<br />

life in Abydos when she was with Sety I. Sety I said<br />

he had waited 3300 years for her to be incarnated<br />

and they would be reunited in Amenti for eternity.<br />

Sety I says, “In Amenti there is no sickness or<br />

physical pain but how terrible can be the pain of the<br />

heart.”<br />

Sety I refers to the undiscovered Temple of Sety I<br />

Treasury and Book of Magic which must never be<br />

found as it could fall into the wrong hands. He urges<br />

Omm Sety to destroy it if it is discovered. She asks<br />

him why he doesn’t destroy it and he replies, “I can<br />

only enter now as an akh (body of light) which has<br />

no power to destroy on this earth.”<br />

Certain priests achieved mastery of their minds and<br />

the laws of nature.<br />

“By their magic, their heka, they put their lives to<br />

sleep. At a future time, decided before their burial,<br />

they would awake, even after thousands of years in<br />

order to teach men the knowledge they possessed.”<br />

This reminded me of Mary Magdalene and Yeshua<br />

who both attended Egyptian mystery schools. Is this<br />

where Yeshua learned to perform miracles?<br />

Yeshua was crucified for using magic to raise<br />

Lazarus from the dead.<br />

Fantastic as the story is, Egyptologists accept that<br />

Omm Sety knew many things she could not have<br />

known without entering some extraordinary state of<br />

consciousness.<br />

Co-author Hanny el Zeini was her close friend<br />

during the many years she lived in the ancient holy<br />

city of Abydos. Under star-lit evenings among the<br />

ruins of ancient temples, Dr el Zeini was her trusted<br />

confidant to whom she revealed her secret other<br />

life in 19th Dynasty Egypt. Shortly before her death<br />

in 1981, she gave him her diaries, which chronicled<br />

her life in two worlds.<br />

Julie de Vere Hunt<br />

www.marymagdaleneslegacy.com<br />

This book relates a powerful love story with<br />

fascinating insights into ancient Egypt. It is also<br />

possibly the greatest proof of reincarnation.<br />

But most importantly, it reminds me of something I<br />

have always believed – that love is eternal.<br />


<strong>Alchemical</strong> <strong>Voice</strong> - L2M - Issue 21<br />


COURSE<br />

Kinesiology and Shamanic techniques and tools to help<br />

improve health and wellbeing<br />

We will cover:<br />

Figure 8 energy flow<br />

The healing effect of sound<br />

Spiral energy flow<br />

Spinning vortices<br />

Energy, stamina and vitality nutrition<br />

Tibetan meridian activation<br />

Shamanic chi rituals<br />

The power of ancient language and words<br />

Course dates:<br />

Sunday 17th September 10am - 3pm<br />

Sunday 24th September 10am - 3pm<br />

Sunday 1st October 10am - 3pm<br />

Sunday 15th October 10am - 3pm<br />

Location:<br />

Lady Rose Hall<br />

Laverstoke Lane<br />

Laverstoke, Whitchurch<br />

​RG28 7NY<br />

Cost: £485 per person<br />

https://www.love2meditate.com/shamanic-power-tibetan-energy.html<br />

Martin Lewis<br />

West Berkshire Kinesiology<br />

kinesiology@hotmail.co.uk<br />

www.appliedmetaphysics.co.uk<br />

Jovi Hoonjan<br />

Love 2 Meditate/Shamanic Joy UK<br />

jovi@love2meditate.com<br />

www.love2meditate.com<br />

Tibetan Energy and Vitality

<strong>Alchemical</strong> <strong>Voice</strong> - L2M Issue 19<br />

<strong>Alchemical</strong> <strong>Voice</strong> - L2M - Issue 21<br />


GURUS<br />

Jovi Hoonjan<br />

Have you ever had a session with a spiritual healer and had<br />

the feeling that something didn’t seem quite right during or<br />

after it?<br />

Unfortunately, there are some healers that use their gifts for<br />

wrong. Consciously or unconsciously, they are motivated<br />

solely by personal gain, and much like a con artist, their<br />

targets tend to be open and trusting people who’s energy<br />

empowers these bad actors.<br />

Personally, I believe that we all have a guru inside us - your<br />

personal spiritual advisor, your highest intuition. If that’s the<br />

case, then no-one else deserves to be put on a pedestal as<br />

your guru.<br />

Controversial, I know! However, I truly believe any good<br />

healer would support your spiritual journey by providing you<br />

with the tools to heal yourself.<br />

Any healer who falsely draws you in and states ‘I can heal<br />

you’, is manipulating and interfering in your energy fields,<br />

causing more harm than good. These unenlightened gurus<br />

are mostly steered by ego and driven by monetary gain.<br />

What to look out for<br />

Do you feel or sense someone is holding on to your energy?<br />

Do you keep thinking about them? When they look at you,<br />

are you frozen to the spot? These particular ‘gurus’ are<br />

known as mesmerists. They draw you in with their eyes,<br />

literally mesmerising you! Not dissimilar to Kaa the Snake<br />

hypnotising Mowgli in Jungle Book.<br />

Once they have your attention, it’s hard to let go. They hook<br />

an energy cord into you which you will not be able to<br />

remove easily.<br />

Interestingly, I have had ten clients approach me<br />

independently for help in removing these ‘hooks’ that had all<br />

been placed by the same ‘healer’!<br />


Has a ‘healer’ ever suddenly approached you and said that they’ve<br />

seen an issue with you, stating that their guides have asked them to<br />

help you? This could be a sales tactic to lure you in. A true healer<br />

would never interfere with anyone else’s free will. In other words, no<br />

one should be ‘reading’ or ‘analysing’ anyone else’s energies without<br />

having prior permission. Even our spirit guides don’t interfere with<br />

what we decide unless we ask them to.<br />

a<br />

Have you ever felt an energetic pull towards someone? If yes, this<br />

could mean that you have already been caught – hook, line and<br />

sinker! The ‘healer’ casts a fishing line (the cord) with bait (a spell) on<br />

the hook which then attaches to you making it easier to lure you in<br />

without you even knowing it. The ‘pulling’ feeling you are getting is<br />

the healer plainly drawing you in. The worst thing about this method<br />

is that you end up believing it was all your own idea, “the universe<br />

was telling me to see him/her”. A very manipulative approach<br />

indeed, almost seductive!<br />

Be Discerning<br />

Trust your own personal guidance, your highest intuition and look out for clear signs.<br />

Signs that a ‘healer’ may be unenlightened would be when you have a feeling of being out of control, and a<br />

sense that you are compromised, almost subservient.<br />

Whereas if the healer was perfect for you, you may feel butterflies in your solar plexus or heart – something<br />

exciting is about to happen and your body is happy. A feeling of warmth, comfort and calm. Having neutral or<br />

positive thoughts and an inner knowing of being looked after. Remember you should always be in control<br />

during the session.<br />

There is so much that can interfere with true feelings and there may be a number of combinations of<br />

conflicting messages. It could be the healer is unenlightened, but it could be that you are self-sabotaging. Talk<br />

to someone you trust and read trusted sources such as this magazine. All the articles we publish are heartfelt<br />

and of highest spiritual guidance.<br />

The best way to find a good healer is:<br />

Through recommendations - word of mouth, reviews, and<br />

testimonials. Be careful of fake reviews that the healer has written<br />

themselves or bought.<br />

Check the healer’s website and see how you feel about them. Do you<br />

pick up on their personal message or do you feel there’s a cover up<br />

and they are hiding behind veils of jargon and marketing spiel? Do<br />

you feel nervous as you read through the pages, or do you feel<br />

comforted? Look for the healer’s essence,<br />

Ask questions – if you can’t find the answers on the website, and<br />

you have a genuine question, contact them.<br />

If you prefer to talk to the healer, call them – there’s a lot you can<br />

gain from hearing someone speak.<br />

Jovi Hoonjan<br />

Love 2 Meditate<br />

www.love2meditate.com<br />


<strong>Alchemical</strong> <strong>Voice</strong> - L2M - Issue 21<br />


Carol Coggan<br />

As an Angel card reader and Angel therapist, I use the<br />

cards daily for myself. I use a variety of decks and<br />

recently I have been using Kyle Gray’s deck. The card I<br />

am frequently drawing is Expect Miracles, and I have<br />

been guided to write here about it.<br />

If you know about the Law of attraction, what you<br />

focus on will manifest. There is no judgement in this,<br />

only your own, so if you focus on negativity and<br />

negative situations then you will manifest more of the<br />

same. Similarly, if you focus on positivity, what you<br />

would love in your life, then you will attract this to<br />

you. It’s about vibration. We are all energy and<br />

vibrating at different levels. The Angels vibrate at a<br />

high level, from a position of love. If we are negative,<br />

critical and judgemental then we are vibrating at a<br />

very low level, and attract similar energies to us. Thus<br />

what we focus on we attract more of the same. If we<br />

focus on what we would love, with gratitude, and<br />

belief that it is already on its way, then there is no<br />

“space“ for negativity. The Universe sees you vibrating<br />

at a higher light.<br />

In our focus on what we would love, we have to ask<br />

the Angels/Universe to help and support us in this<br />

dream. We have to listen to their guidance, whether it<br />

be a thought, feeling or sense, and then we take<br />

action. If we just dream with no action then it remains<br />

a dream.<br />

So we know what we want, we focus on 'it' and ask<br />

the Universe for 'it' and the highest good, and we take<br />

steps towards our vision. But then… there is a<br />

throwaway thought “I need a miracle to achieve that“.<br />

This very thought is the counterbalance to your vision,<br />

it is your subconscious/ego letting you know that it is<br />

a dream and not likely. This is why it is so important to<br />

focus on what you would love, rather than what you<br />

think is possible.<br />


The Universe is Infinite and beyond our understanding, but<br />

we do know it operates from love and is wanting for us to<br />

live our best life possible. If we know this and we focus on<br />

our vision and what we would love, then we Expect<br />

Miracles, we expect success.<br />

We trust and have faith in God/Universe that this will<br />

come to us, this or something even better. It may not be<br />

immediately, as there are many factors involved that we<br />

know nothing about, but the Universe will answer our<br />

prayers and our dreams will be manifested. There is a<br />

saying “Let go and let God“. As humans we like to control<br />

everything so when we pray/or ask the Universe for our<br />

dream, we often put conditions on it. We may put<br />

timescales, or say exactly how this is to manifest. This is<br />

not “letting go“, it is not expecting success or expecting<br />

miracles.<br />

When you have focused on your vision, remain focused<br />

and take steps every day in the direction of your dream.<br />

Ask the Angels for the next step, as we may not be able to<br />

see the whole path; if we could we would have travelled it<br />

before now.<br />

The keyword is belief and have faith. Once we have taken<br />

our steps, keep your focus and monitor any thoughts from<br />

your subconscious/ego. Those dismissive statements/little<br />

asides in your head that show you are not fully handing it<br />

over, but keeping some control. If these negative<br />

thoughts/asides come in then use the card and Archangel<br />

Michael-Cancel Clear Delete. This shifts things very<br />

quickly and then once again affirm that you expect<br />

success/you expect miracles.<br />

As I write this, I know the Angels are with me. By<br />

Expecting Miracles and success, it frees up your mind from<br />

all the “what if’s”. You move into clear thinking, focused<br />

and feel so much better.<br />

As you Expect Miracles and surrender all to the Universe<br />

you feel at peace and full of joy. Just look around every<br />

day and see that so many things are miracles provided we<br />

notice them. If you would like to work on this further, then<br />

sign up for my Vision workshop and working with the<br />

Angels - details are on the next page.<br />

When you work with your Angels you make an impressive<br />

team.<br />


www.carolcoggan.co.uk<br />

hello@carolcoggan.co.uk<br />

+44 (0)781 806 5514<br />

Guildford, Surrey<br />


<strong>Alchemical</strong> <strong>Voice</strong> - L2M - Issue 21<br />


Zuzana Nemčovičová<br />

Self Love is what we came here for!<br />

I began “to study myself" since 2015 after a very<br />

painful break-up.<br />

Self-love is a hidden Universal law and there isn`t<br />

another way around it. Fully loving ourselves is a<br />

reflection in our life to taste true happiness.<br />

I/You are the most valuable “project” in life.<br />

Your essence is priceless, don`t you see it? All is about<br />

you, everything is a reflection of YOU. This is an<br />

internal job, nothing from outside unless you are in<br />

need of some guidance from those who have already<br />

elevated “higher”.<br />

Every single “mistake” is a step forward to Do It Again<br />

with the change in our attitude and perception.<br />

Perception is everything. I perceive Self Love as a gift<br />

to Humanity, so “simple”, just to Trust Believe and<br />

Love ourselves. Obviously, this includes “raw inner<br />

work”. Are you ready to face your deepest fears and<br />

transform them into your Inner Power? Our traumas<br />

are “the extra weight” in our bodies.<br />

There isn`t an early menopause – this is a sign that<br />

the body is screaming out loud to look deeper, to be<br />

healed.<br />

Our “programming” is so strong that we keep<br />

forgetting how Powerful We Really Are.<br />

With love<br />

<br />

<br />

Zuzana<br />

a free soul<br />

Instead of listening to ourselves we give away our<br />

power to outside forces as with every fear we do.<br />

Our children are the best teachers, they do reflect US<br />

on many levels<br />

zuzanan444@proton.me<br />

tiktok.com/@zuzanan444<br />


<strong>Alchemical</strong> <strong>Voice</strong> - L2M - Issue 21<br />


Love 2 Meditate and Martin Lewis<br />

<br />


Music by Energy Psychologist Martin Lewis, guided words by Shamanic Alchemist Jovi Hoonjan<br />

Atlantean Messages meditation reconnects you to universal wisdom via<br />

channelled communication from ancient Atlantis.<br />

To purchase:<br />

www.love2meditate.com/meditations.html<br />


<strong>Alchemical</strong> <strong>Voice</strong> - L2M - Issue 21<br />

MEET<br />

Eleanor O'Rourke<br />

Creative Coach<br />

Eleanor has been a personal and business coach for over 20 years.<br />

She helps people tap into their innate creativity and find their Flow.<br />

We all have a creative spirit, a curious, imaginative part of us that<br />

many of us lost touch with either through willingness to conform,<br />

desire for validation or fear of vulnerability.<br />

<br />

These days we are becoming more aware that our minds are too slow<br />

to cope with the ever-increasing speed at which the world is turning.<br />

We have an epidemic in stress, anxiety and depression. Our old ways<br />

of working are not sustainable. We are entering a different age,<br />

which will require different skills, namely an ability to think on our<br />

feet and roll with the punches.<br />

<br />

When we’re in Flow states we have access to joy, inspiration and<br />

infinite creativity. As such this is our evolutionary future.<br />

<br />

For more information, contact Eleanor@EleanorORourke.com<br />

www.EleanorORourke.com<br />

Author<br />

Flow has the potential to unite our polarised world. Flow is both magic<br />

and science. It’s magical because more can be achieved with less effort<br />

– time seems to stretch itself; our psychic abilities increase; and<br />

synchronicities abound.<br />

<br />

It’s scientific because this state can be replicated – when we focus;<br />

overcome our self-consciousness; and stretch ourselves just beyond<br />

our skill level.<br />

<br />

Flow without the F*ckery proposes that Flow is our natural state of<br />

being, but we have created barriers preventing us from fully accessing<br />

it. These internal blocks are the learned patterns, familiar roles, and old<br />

stories we continue to live by.<br />

<br />

Once we transform these programs, we become a clear channel for<br />

Flow. Life force energy can move through us without blockages of<br />

fear, self-doubt or procrastination. Our expansion allows us to access<br />

the power of killer creativity and fierce love... and life can become<br />

infinitely more interesting.<br />

<br />

Flow Without the F*ckery is available on Amazon

<strong>Alchemical</strong> <strong>Voice</strong> - L2M - Issue 21<br />


Based in Guildford & S.W. Surrey, we have over 20 years’<br />

experience of supporting peoples’ wellbeing for body, mind &<br />

spirit; and we are here to enhance and support this. We are a notfor-profit<br />

community group.<br />

Below is information on our activities, contact us to join our<br />

mailing list so you can get priority access to book into sessions.<br />

Get in touch<br />

info@edenpeople.org.uk<br />

www.edenpeople.org.uk<br />

https://linktr.ee/EdenPeople<br />

FB: @eden.people.uk<br />

Twitter: @edenpeople<br />

Body Blessing & Positive Postures Sessions<br />

This is a physical, spiritual, and emotional activity that connects<br />

body, mind and spirit. It centres on who we are, how we are and<br />

where we are in the present moment. Spoken positive words<br />

about & over areas of the physical body encourage the<br />

participant to understand their uniqueness and the importance of<br />

their body.<br />

As we move or create a stance or position during the session the<br />

person connects inwardly (spiritually & emotionally) to the<br />

outward physical; and this can bring about new thought or<br />

feeling from the participant regarding themselves, others and the<br />

world.<br />

Designed to support your mental health, physical health,<br />

spirituality, wellbeing and positive thinking towards self, others<br />

and the planet<br />


LifeWalks Sessions<br />

Life Peace Meditation Sessions<br />

This is a physical, spiritual, and emotional walking activity<br />

that connects body, mind and spirit. As we engage with the<br />

‘outdoor space’ around us we can sense, learn, receive, and<br />

understand more about ourselves, the world around us<br />

physically, spiritually, and emotionally. It centres on who we<br />

are, how we are and where we are in the present moment.<br />

These meditation sessions are shaped to<br />

help participants rest, relax, and find new<br />

depths of peace for the mind, body and<br />

spirit.Good for those who may have<br />

anxiety, restlessness, negative feelings,<br />

lack of motivation or self-worth.<br />

As we walk, talk, think, rest, breathe during the session the<br />

person connects inwardly (spiritually & emotionally) to the<br />

outward physical; and this can bring about new thought or<br />

feeling from the participant regarding themselves, others<br />

and the world.<br />

Designed to support your mental health, physical health,<br />

spirituality, wellbeing and positive thinking towards self,<br />

others, and the planet<br />

Differing Meditational activities focus on<br />

creativity, the natural world, breathing,<br />

imagination, use of the senses and tactile<br />

interaction.<br />

Designed to support your mental health,<br />

physical health, spirituality, wellbeing and<br />

positive thinking towards self, others, and<br />

the planet<br />

SpiritSpace: Online monthly gathering via zoom. Creative<br />

expression, Encounter Rooms for Inner Healing, Heart &<br />

Destiny Insight, Ruach Cards and much more: more on this<br />

via: https://linktr.ee/inspiritspace<br />

Dream Station: Dream Interpretation - email us your dreams<br />

for interpretation<br />

Insight, Destiny & Encouragement: Opening life in the fullest<br />

Healing: Hands-on or hands off and distance healing<br />

Blessing: Positive input for you<br />

Card readings: Ruach and Jesus Deck Card readings<br />

Booking is required for all events<br />

Cost: Free or donation<br />

Email: edenpeople@edenpeople.org.uk<br />

Text: +44 (0)7866247919<br />


<strong>Alchemical</strong> <strong>Voice</strong> - L2M - Issue 21<br />

Energy healing using crystals<br />

and Reiki<br />

Meryl McArthur<br />

Crystal Cave Healing<br />

Winchester<br />

www.facebook.com/CrystalCaveWinchester<br />

SnowFall<br />

Consciousness music<br />

Martin Lewis, West Berkshire Kinesiology<br />

Music to help<br />

you move<br />

through the<br />

grief process<br />

www.love2meditate.com<br />

/consiousness-music<br />


Looking for work-life integration?<br />

Check our monthly group sessions<br />

drumming circles<br />

shamanic alchemy<br />

meditations<br />

Love 2 Meditate<br />

Hampshire<br />

www.love2meditate.com/groupsessions<br />

Would you<br />

like to<br />

receive a<br />

beautifully<br />

printed copy<br />

to keep on<br />

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<strong>Alchemical</strong> <strong>Voice</strong> - L2M - Issue 21<br />



John Sjovik<br />

You are the co-creator of your reality. Drum, rattle,<br />

dance, sing and join hands with Spirit, for a cosmic<br />

ballet. Meditate, invite magic and mystery, trust the<br />

Sacred and listen to your forefathers.<br />

Your mind speaks the temporal. Your heart speaks the<br />

eternal.<br />

Just now, a crow called out. It is sitting in a tree close<br />

to my house. Maybe it is establishing territory, saying<br />

hello to a crow friend or simply being happy? What<br />

does an animal say when it is happy?<br />

As I am writing this, a freight train is clunking by,<br />

rattling the rails and creating mechanical music. The<br />

crow is silent.<br />

Those are the sounds of the world, of the ancient order<br />

of nature and of the presence of human strive and<br />

invention, of crows and trains.<br />

Is there co-existence between the two?<br />

collide, in a curdling lack of mixability.<br />

Or do they<br />

There is no sound in space. Sound requires a medium to<br />

be able to travel in waves, with length and frequency.<br />

In space, the primary means of communication is light<br />

and energy. Sound is distinctly Earthbound, for animals<br />

and humans to experience. If there were Martians, they<br />

would not have ears, as ears would serve no purpose on<br />

planet Mars, which has virtually no atmosphere and is<br />

eternally silent.<br />

So when I hear the crow and the train, I realize that I<br />

am a human being enjoying the very unique<br />

phenomenon of being physically alive.<br />


Stretching and expanding your world<br />

When I woke up this morning, I felt like stretching to my<br />

full length. My cat does that every morning and I<br />

wanted to emulate her behaviour. Yet, all of a sudden I<br />

felt a weird and uncanny limitation.<br />

When I tried to stretch to my full capacity, I felt that life<br />

presented too small a room with not enough space. As I<br />

tried to extend and become fuller, I felt an irritation<br />

coming over me. It was as if the world was not big<br />

enough, as if 3 dimensions were too few, as if time – as<br />

we see it – was too limited.<br />

Maybe I need to adopt an alchemical approach to<br />

stretching? Sometimes, you need to change venue in<br />

order to become that which you were meant to become.<br />

I feel like a piano player who realizes that there are not<br />

enough keys on the piano. I need a broader scale and<br />

more notes. By journeying into non-ordinary reality, any<br />

framework is lifted and boundaries disappear. I am most<br />

of all the spirit aspect of myself. The great beyond is<br />

where I can find the unlimited space that I need for my<br />

full expansion. However, I do not have to move behind<br />

the veil to accomplish that; it is enough if I do a little<br />

sideways shimmy and a temporary shift has taken place.<br />

Life is movement and you are in motion. Pay attention<br />

to the importance of balance and harmony as you move.<br />

Harmony – a sense of calm<br />

Harmony can be expressed as an aspiration to allow the<br />

scales to be balanced. That does not mean a continuous<br />

balance, each moment in time. Just as a broken clock<br />

will show the correct time on fourteen occasions every<br />

week, a wobbling set of scales will be in balance – albeit<br />

just briefly and unstable – once every time it swings<br />

from this way to that way.<br />

Sometimes aspiration can be of greater importance than<br />

realization.<br />

You need to be careful with harmony. Does it mean that<br />

you need to match every good thought with an evil<br />

one? Or what is harmony? In art, harmony is often to<br />

follow the rules of The Golden Ratio.<br />


To have a harmonious face, your nose must be in the<br />

right place. On the other hand, it is the flaw that<br />

creates the pearl. The shell must be invaded by a<br />

foreign grain of sand to be able to build mother-ofpearl<br />

around it and create a work of art.<br />

Then what is harmony and why is it important? I would<br />

translate it with a sense of calm, a sense of trust, as a<br />

human, on a human scale.<br />

Think about it. Human life is not necessarily a<br />

continuum. It can as well be a series of events. The<br />

main thing is to understand that it is supposed to lead<br />

forward, to elevate yourself. To reach an ever higher<br />

level, educate yourself, branch out and become ever<br />

more nuanced, complex and multifaceted. To go beyond<br />

the superficial and reach deeper clarity for knowledge,<br />

morals, values, understanding and embracing the<br />

Cosmos.<br />

Or am I overthinking it now? I meditated on these<br />

questions and my spirit guides advised me to be aware<br />

of the physical world but to not pay too much attention<br />

to it. It is ephemeral and will not last. Your strive, they<br />

told me, is to go beyond the visible and tangible to<br />

embrace a universal aspect of a spirit world that<br />

invariably will manifest itself as more true than that<br />

which you can see and touch. Shift your attention to<br />

the otherworldly, the esoteric, to that which belongs to<br />

eternity.<br />

To plant a seed<br />

A single seed can contain a universe. Maybe not in the<br />

physical, literal capacity of the word but more as in<br />

potential, ability and possibility. To nurture the seed to<br />

allow it to grow and be able to offer its full potential,<br />

you need to plant it in the fertile soil of hope and<br />

desire. You need to water it with aspiration and<br />

openness. You need to add fuel in the form of abandon<br />

and acceptance.<br />

As the seed grows, you need to adapt your tendering<br />

and care to allow it to develop, bud, change shape, and<br />

bring forth a new plant, flowers, berries and new seed.<br />

Adaptability is a keyword with a “plant” like this. You<br />

never know beforehand what it could bring you, so<br />

unconditional love is what you most of all should<br />

shower upon it.<br />


Fears and thoughts<br />

I think “fear” boils down to “control” or lack of it. My<br />

own “go-to” behaviour when I feel stress is an urge to<br />

be in control or at least to witness a situation that is<br />

possible to control or is in itself in a controlled state.<br />

That way I can forecast possible outcomes of the next<br />

steps and attach probabilities to them. When all of this<br />

is not the case, I sense something tantamount to “fear”.<br />

Maybe this is a friendly reminder from Spirit – once<br />

again - to trust the Sacred. Understand that you will<br />

never be able to be 100% in full control of any<br />

situation. Break it down into partial situations and<br />

those pieces that really are out of your control will<br />

become smaller and your sense of fear will diminish.<br />

My soul “thinks” on a different plane than my mind. I<br />

want to acknowledge and honour the inner workings of<br />

my soul, respect the interactions with other souls, with<br />

other vibrations and energies. Human thought is not<br />

always conducive to allowing your soul to grow and<br />

expand. It can rather block it; form a hindrance to the<br />

branching out of your soul’s desires and wishes. What I<br />

want to do is to find at least the embryo of a starting<br />

point for respecting that which is of vital importance<br />

for my soul. At first, I may need to gain an<br />

understanding of what that really is... Then I can<br />

assemble the starting points, or one of them, to allow<br />

my soul to soar and rise to even higher levels.<br />

Keep in mind that a “starting point” implies a beginning<br />

and an end. However, that is not how it is. Be careful<br />

with human metaphors. Your soul has already started<br />

and is already on the move. It doesn’t really matter<br />

what “direction” we talk about, “direction” is a safety<br />

catch for confused people. There are no directions in<br />

non-ordinary reality, in the cosmic web. There is<br />

movement and expansion, there is condensation and<br />

refinement. And every point is in the centre.<br />

Your heart will guide you<br />

Everything has a beat, even a heart beat at that.<br />

Background radiation in space, the pulse of a galaxy,<br />

the trembling of a nebula, the dance of a solar system,<br />

the Schuman frequency of our planet, the beat of the<br />

heart in your chest.<br />


My heart is telling me to understand the<br />

communication with all of those different hearts,<br />

from my own to the distant beat of the origin of<br />

the Universe. Everything is connected, all the<br />

beats play in the same orchestra, and they all<br />

speak to each other.<br />

You are your own universe, with galaxies, stars<br />

and planets within you. It is important that you<br />

beat in harmony with the inside as well as the<br />

outside of you. Stop your mind and drop to your<br />

heart, because that is where the work is done, that<br />

is where corporeal life begins and ends. The<br />

chatter of your mind only confuses you. It does<br />

not bring clarity. The rhythmic pace of your heart<br />

is inhabited by wisdom reflected from the multiple<br />

beats it connects to from beyond the Milky Way.<br />

Listen to your heart and you will hear the echo of<br />

the eternal voice speaking wisdom to you. Do not<br />

try to understand it. Just allow the wisdom to sink<br />

into your DNA and permeate your being with<br />

innate knowledge. You will be educated and retuned.<br />

Your heart will guide you in all of your<br />

endeavours.<br />

An Eagle’s view and clarity<br />

The Devil is in the detail but I want to find God. If<br />

I was an eagle, I would see forests and not get lost<br />

amongst the trees. I would see rivers and be<br />

spared the pettiness of streams. I would be<br />

reminded of the absence of borders. I would see<br />

herds of reindeer migrating across icy fields,<br />

strands of dolphin swimming to warmer waters. I<br />

would see cities sprawling like organisms of light<br />

and movement.<br />

If I could fly as a bird, I would try to understand<br />

the greater picture, to cut away the details and the<br />

confusion of the minute. I would search for<br />

understanding of the whole and leave the details<br />

for later. I would learn the importance of general<br />

direction to not get lost in detours. I would see the<br />

target or goal so far away, you cannot see it when<br />

on the ground. Yet it is there and that is where<br />

the importance of “trust” is brought to life.<br />


There is a purpose in your life, even of your life.<br />

You are just not completely aware of it.<br />

It is important to not get stuck, to not draw<br />

conclusions on “wrong” set of presuppositions.<br />

Assumptions can be a dangerous thing, even push<br />

you into a quagmire of incompatible expressions<br />

such as “isn’t it?”<br />

Clarity is not necessarily “to know” but to see<br />

increasingly more of the picture, to understand<br />

that there are signs and indications, to be able to<br />

phrase the ad hoc questions and issues. It is to be<br />

able to map out the area around you in order to<br />

find directions.<br />

For me personally, writing, painting and spiritual<br />

ceremony is a cocktail that will lead forward,<br />

regardless of what direction that may be. That is<br />

my clarity as of now. You, dear reader, need to<br />

find your own clarity.<br />

If there was more time...<br />

If I had one more hour today, or at least a fraction<br />

of it, I would use it to feel. Thinking is an<br />

overrated endeavour and mostly leads to<br />

confusion and headache. So I would spend my<br />

extra time by noticing and feeling. What colour is<br />

the grass outside the window? Do crows have<br />

names?<br />

Time and space are chimeras of the inventive<br />

human mind.<br />

We cannot stand not understanding the world<br />

around us, so we invented “time” and “space”.<br />

Regrettably, an extra hour is also a chimera,<br />

quickly lost in the hubbub of the bewilderment of<br />

daily life.<br />

For me therefore, an extra hour would be<br />

something I could store, like a parcel of energy<br />

saved in my account in the Spiritual Bank. When<br />

withdrawn, it would translate into inspiration,<br />

clarity, focus, freedom and creative expansion<br />

beyond the limits of three dimensional existence.<br />


With an extra “hour”, for all it stands for, I could write<br />

a book, paint paintings with no end or beginnings. I<br />

could speak to the birds in the garden, touch the stars<br />

in the sky and listen to the music of the great mystery.<br />

I could tap into the Cosmic web and surf the waves of<br />

eternity. We can all have an extra hour. Do you know<br />

where to look for yours?<br />

Are you ready for change?<br />

There is no such thing as being ready, being finally<br />

prepared. To believe that you need to be “ready” in<br />

order to begin something is to feed the dragon of<br />

postponement. Life is a perpetuum mobile, it is always<br />

in movement. You will never be ready, finished,<br />

finalised or “done”.<br />

For me personally, it is only a few years since I began<br />

new activities in my life. My professional career in<br />

corporate business came to an end and I took up<br />

painting and writing. Not having to put a lot of energy<br />

and effort into a technocratic work life, I could<br />

develop my interest in spirituality.<br />

What I enjoy most about the process of change is how<br />

it seems to have woken up qualities that have<br />

remained dormant within me, for lack of stimulation.<br />

It is as if I am experiencing an ongoing rebirthing into a<br />

new self, which may not be as “new” as I could easily<br />

think. As much as it is a rebirthing, it is also a<br />

reawakening of something I once was, maybe not in<br />

this life, but in a previous incarnation.<br />

The shift is eternally ongoing, from incarnation to<br />

incarnation, from physical body to physical body, from<br />

spirit form to spirit form.<br />

It is not really about improvement or refinement. It is<br />

about realizing the necessity of flow, of movement.<br />

Fish in the sea need to move in order to breathe. A<br />

fish that stops and remains still in one place will<br />

suffocate and die. So the process is about maintaining<br />

life, as a human and as spirit.<br />

Change and movement are necessary aspects of<br />

vitality.<br />


Be open and unblock yourself<br />

Opportunities<br />

By being open, I will be tuned for giving as well as for<br />

receiving. “Judgement”, “conditions”, “presuppositions”,<br />

“inalienability” and “self-evident” are all expressions and<br />

ideas that will block me to some extent and take away<br />

my ability to remain open.<br />

Stand outdoors at night and look to the heavens. You<br />

will see stars that are millions of light years away. There<br />

is open space between you and those stars, or you<br />

would not be able to see them.<br />

Think about it. You can see light originating a million light<br />

years away with nothing blocking it. That light contains<br />

information, vibration, colour, energy and so much more.<br />

Yet, more often than not, you struggle to keep the space<br />

open between you and another human being standing<br />

only a few feet away from you.<br />

How is that possible?<br />

The stars shine their light on all creatures on Earth. The<br />

sun brings warmth to every human being and animal,<br />

every plant and seed. There is unconditional open space.<br />

Yet, we humans are often quick to create blockages and<br />

congestion of the space between us and others.<br />

There are endless opportunities. The only<br />

hindrance is me. I feel excited about my growing<br />

awareness of this circumstance. Nature is speaking<br />

to me, also time itself as in the past and in the<br />

future. It has taken me a good chunk of a lifetime<br />

to understand this.<br />

I feel a longing to express myself, to find ways of<br />

expression. It is not so much about creativity as<br />

about creating something. There is a difference<br />

between creating and expressing. My focus is on<br />

the latter. There is value in the act of expression<br />

as an endeavour in its own right. If I write a text<br />

and then burn the document, it is somehow all<br />

right. Even if the document no longer exists, the<br />

text I wrote does. I wrote it and the stars in the<br />

sky witnessed me doing it.<br />

As I see it, life has no beginning or ending. From<br />

that viewpoint, there is no source of life. “Life” –<br />

whatever the definition is – has always existed<br />

and always will.<br />

Allow me to wish all of you a wonderful summer,<br />

filled with opportunities to express yourself and to<br />

grow as the beautiful beings you are.<br />

We need to learn from the sun and the stars. By<br />

unblocking myself from others, animals, and the world, I<br />

also unblock myself from my own ideas of shortcomings<br />

and perceived disadvantages.<br />

Openness to the world outside of me will stand in<br />

harmony with a likewise openness to the world inside<br />

me. I will allow myself to live to my own full potential,<br />

without any limitations.<br />

Hamlet enclosed himself within a nutshell to be the King<br />

of the Universe and feel safe. I may have done the same<br />

thing. I feel like breaking out of my shell to be able to<br />

expand to my full capacity and reach beyond my<br />

perceived ability.<br />

John Sjovik<br />

Shaman Healer<br />




Martin Lewis<br />

<strong>Alchemical</strong> <strong>Voice</strong> - L2M - Issue 21<br />

So……..what is the ‘Vagus Nerve’?<br />

Your vagus nerve is one of your body's longest and<br />

most complex nerves. It runs from the brainstem<br />

through the face, neck, chest, and abdomen and<br />

regulates a wide range of bodily functions.<br />

This important nerve helps regulate the heart rate by<br />

sending signals to the heart to slow down or speed up,<br />

and plays an important role in digestion, helping to<br />

stimulate the production of stomach acid and digestive<br />

enzymes, and controlling peristalsis (constriction and<br />

relaxation of muscle) in the digestive tract.<br />

The vagus nerve also helps regulate breathing by<br />

controlling the muscles involved in this process<br />

(namely the diaphragm and the muscles that enable<br />

the ribcage to expand). It is also involved in regulating<br />

mood and emotional state, and has been linked to<br />

conditions such as anxiety and depression. Last but<br />

not least it is involved in regulating the immune<br />

system, helping to reduce inflammation and protect<br />

against infection.<br />

As you can see, the vagus nerve is involved in a wide<br />

range of critical bodily functions.<br />

Problems with the vagus nerve can lead to a range of<br />

health issues, including:<br />

Gastroparesis, is a condition occurring when the<br />

muscles in the stomach are unable to contract<br />

properly, leading to delayed emptying of the<br />

stomach. Heartburn and indigestion are classic<br />

signs of Vagus nerve dysfunction.<br />

Obesity, the inability to lose weight can often be<br />

relevant to the Vagus nerve, affecting digestion<br />

and slowing metabolism.<br />

Bradycardia is a condition characterised by a slow<br />

heart rate, typically less than 60 beats per minute.

<strong>Alchemical</strong> <strong>Voice</strong> - L2M - Issue 21<br />

Irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), is a common<br />

digestive disorder characterised by abdominal<br />

pain, bloating, and diarrhoea or constipation.<br />

Dysfunction of the vagus nerve has been<br />

implicated in the development of IBS, and can<br />

often lead to the development of small intestine<br />

bacteria overgrowth, otherwise known as SIBO.<br />

Depression and Anxiety: Your gut is your ‘second<br />

brain’, and as the Vagus nerve is involved in<br />

regulating mood and your emotional state, its<br />

dysfunction has been linked to conditions such as<br />

depression and anxiety. It can also be affected by<br />

unresolved childhood trauma, injury and illness.<br />

Cardiovascular Disease: Vagus nerve dysfunction<br />

can contribute to the development of<br />

cardiovascular disease, as the nerve plays a vital<br />

role in regulating heart rate and blood pressure.<br />

Dysfunction of the vagus nerve may not always be<br />

the primary cause of these conditions... so it’s<br />

important to note that these conditions may have<br />

multiple causes. However, understanding the vagus<br />

nerve's role in these conditions can be helpful in<br />

developing treatments and therapies which can help.<br />

The standard of care for vagus nerve disorder is<br />

limited. Besides surgery and an implantable vagus<br />

nerve stimulator, not much can be done medically.<br />

However, there are natural treatment modalities that<br />

can restore vagus nerve function. Kinesiology,<br />

acupuncture, meditation, and herbal remedies can<br />

positively affect the function of this nerve, and in<br />

addition have beneficial side benefits that include the<br />

reduction of inflammation, improving digestion, and<br />

enhancing a feeling of happiness and joy!<br />

In Kinesiological terms, the process is to first assess if<br />

there is a Vagus Nerve imbalance - a simple process.<br />

Modulation of neurotransmitter function is also<br />

assessed, as the Vagus nerve depends on a balance of<br />

acetylcholine and adrenaline to function normally. In<br />

an emotional sense, acetylcholine imbalance (relevant<br />

to keeping anger in OR not expressing it<br />

appropriately) can have a major impact on Vagus<br />

nerve innervation, as it is a key neurotransmitter<br />

involved in its activity.<br />

Other therapies that can help with this issue are<br />

Meditation and Herbal remedies.<br />

Unsurprisingly, daily meditation practices elicit a<br />

positive response in helping to restore vagus nerve<br />

operation. Twenty to thirty minutes of meditation<br />

per day has been shown to ‘calm’ the vagus nerve,<br />

so allowing a return to normal function.<br />

Several herbs have been found to positively impact<br />

the vagus nerve. Hawthorn is a berry commonly<br />

used in Chinese medicine, and now more regularly<br />

in Western complementary treatments. Studies<br />

have found that the function of the vagus nerve is<br />

improved by increasing the expression of<br />

acetylcholine receptors in the heart tissue.<br />

Peppermint is traditionally used for digestive issues,<br />

and studies have found that it improves gastric<br />

emptying and reduced symptoms of dyspepsia by<br />

enhancing vagal activity. Jujube is a fruit that is also<br />

commonly used in Chinese medicine. A study<br />

published in the Journal of Nutrients found that<br />

jujube extract can improve the function of the<br />

vagus nerve by increasing the expression of<br />

acetylcholine and nerve growth factor (NGF), a<br />

neuropeptide primarily involved in the regulation of<br />

growth, maintenance and survival of neurones in<br />

the brainstem.<br />

So... getting your Vagus nerve to function optimally<br />

reduces stress and helps your brain work more<br />

effectively… and who doesn’t want that !<br />


www.appliedmetaphysics.co.uk<br />

kinesiology@hotmail.co.uk<br />

+44 (0)7968 740550<br />

Newbury, Berkshire<br />


<strong>Alchemical</strong> <strong>Voice</strong> - L2M - Issue 21<br />


MY LIFE<br />

Stacey-Ann Postma<br />

It might sound a bit dramatic, but it’s also completely<br />

true. Let me set the scene. It’s late 2019 and while I<br />

have lightly started down my spiritual path, trying to<br />

surrender to universal guidance, getting the parking<br />

spaces and the green lights, I have a big problem.<br />

Someone who I believed was a mentor and a friend<br />

has been bullying me through stonewalling at work for<br />

months. I’m beside myself, the anxiety is almost too<br />

much to bear, I can’t face going into the office and<br />

when I do I am hiding in a different department to<br />

avoid seeing her. And now they want to make her my<br />

boss.<br />

My life coach suggested a remote session with a<br />

Zimbabwean Shamanic healer who is also a horse<br />

whisperer. I'm immediately intrigued as a horse rider<br />

myself, and I book a session in January 2020. I have no<br />

idea what to expect beforehand and I’m admittedly a<br />

bit skeptical and nervous. During our two hours<br />

together, I go from crying to laughing to doing both at<br />

the same time. It takes her ages to cut all the ties<br />

attached to me. She tells me things about myself that<br />

nobody else could know, and her way of explaining<br />

what she is seeing gives a shape to my feelings that I<br />

couldn’t have come to on my own. I leave the session<br />

quite literally dehydrated from spilling so many tears,<br />

exhausted from the emotional experience, but feeling<br />

quite different. Lighter. That night I sleep well for the<br />

first time in months, without needing to take sleep<br />

aids. The next morning, I wake up feeling like a<br />

different person. More myself than I've been in a long<br />

time.<br />

I'm finally in a place where I feel I can take aligned<br />

actions to find a new workplace where what I bring to<br />

the table, my natural gifts and talents, would be<br />

valued. I notice that I have been saying for a long time,<br />

“If this happens, I am leaving’ and then 'this' would<br />

happen but I didn’t leave.<br />


I just repeated the phrase with another change,<br />

another sign, which would happen, and yet, I would<br />

stay.<br />

I’m done abandoning myself!<br />

I am seeing the signs and listening. Something tells<br />

me to look at LinkedIn. I open the app and see a job<br />

ad. I read the description and think wow, this is<br />

everything I like about my current job, the things that<br />

made me stay, without any of the bits I don’t. I hit<br />

apply. I’m expecting the usual form, attach a cv, etc.<br />

Nothing - it just says thanks you have successfully<br />

applied. It can’t be that easy right? I hit apply again,<br />

thinking maybe there was a glitch. Thank you, you<br />

have successfully applied! I have three interviews in a<br />

week and resign on 8 February 2021.<br />

My new boss who is also a soul sister, a Buddhist,<br />

and the ying to my yang, tells me months later that<br />

they had been looking for someone to fill my role for<br />

EIGHT months. All that time, right from when I got<br />

my first sign, my first ‘if they do this’ from the<br />

universe, my new company had been waiting for me.<br />

A few months later, as a silver lining to the pandemic<br />

and lockdowns, I've saved enough money to put<br />

down a deposit and buy a house in a village outside<br />

Farnham, my dream home. And not long after I<br />

moved in.<br />

I was called to find a Shamanic healer, someone I<br />

could work with in person. Someone nearby. I found<br />

Jovi and oh my greatness am I ever so glad that I did.<br />

I’m not lightly on my spiritual path anymore, I am<br />

running loudly and joyously down it, sharing my love<br />

for spirituality and shamanism and everything it<br />

brings me whenever I can, learning new skills and<br />

inching closer to my purpose which has been calling<br />

me for a while.<br />

I am so grateful to be a part of a spiritual family with<br />

all of you.<br />

Stacey-Ann Postma<br />

Communications specialist helping others<br />

find their voice<br />


<strong>Alchemical</strong> <strong>Voice</strong> - L2M - Issue 21<br />


OF LIFE<br />

Claire Sparks<br />

When talking about your own or someone else’s<br />

health have you ever said, “That’s just the way I am” or<br />

“They must have a strong constitution”?<br />

What if it wasn’t just the way you are? What if you<br />

could have a strong constitution simply by<br />

understanding yourself according to the science of<br />

life, Ayurveda.<br />

As the ancient healing system of India, Ayurveda is<br />

both a science and an art which can restore balance to<br />

the mind-body state at an individual level.<br />

Ayurveda describes a great intelligence in every living<br />

thing including ourselves. When we know how to tune<br />

in and listen to this intelligence, we can create optimal<br />

health and longevity.<br />

This great intelligence is brought to life through the<br />

three Doshas or ‘constitutions’, namely Vata, Pitta and<br />

Kapha.<br />

Each Dosha is made up of two of the five elements of<br />

nature which pair together to bring different qualities<br />

to our mind-body state.<br />

Vata Dosha comprises the elements of air and space.<br />

Kapha Dosha comprises the elements of earth and<br />

water, whilst Pitta Dosha comprises the elements of<br />

fire and water.<br />

We each have all three Doshas, and therefore all five<br />

elements, within us with proportions varying from<br />

person to person, making our individual ‘constitution’<br />

as unique as our DNA. It is in balancing these<br />

proportions that unlocks a personalised path to a<br />

healthy life.<br />


Based on the Ayurvedic principle of ‘like increases<br />

like’ this varying mind-body interplay of the Doshas is<br />

affected by external influences such as the food we<br />

eat, the work we do and the season we’re in.<br />

If you naturally have a greater proportion of Pitta<br />

Dosha within your unique doshic DNA, you’ll have<br />

more of the elements of fire and water in your mindbody<br />

makeup and you’ll naturally display more of the<br />

qualities of Pitta Dosha including being passionate<br />

and intense, an analytical thinker, a goal-oriented<br />

action taker.<br />

When you layer on external influences such as spicy<br />

foods or the heat of the summer sun, Pitta qualities<br />

within you will increase. If this increase continues<br />

over time, an excess of Pitta Dosha can develop<br />

creating an overall imbalance in your mind-body as<br />

the other doshas become diminished to give more<br />

space to Pitta qualities. When we seek to restore<br />

balance, we welcome influences into our inner and<br />

outer world which bring opposite qualities.<br />

Ayurveda is a health science and healing art<br />

grounded in practical, everyday life. By focusing on<br />

internal qualities and external influences of the<br />

doshas, we can influence our unique mind-body<br />

balance to live a healthier and happier life.<br />

Claire is a Diploma Certified Ayurvedic Practitioner and Yoga<br />

Therapist specialising in women’s health. With over 15 years of<br />

experience, Claire is a weaver of women’s magic, supporting<br />

women across the World to reawaken the divine feminine<br />

within to understand their uniqueness so they can live healthy<br />

and balanced lives.<br />

Based in Hampshire<br />

www.earthlightwellbeing.co.uk<br />

Facebook @earthlightwellbeing<br />

Instagram @earthlightwellbeing<br />

claire@earthlightwellbeing.co.uk<br />


<strong>Alchemical</strong> <strong>Voice</strong> - L2M - Issue 21<br />


SUNDAY<br />

Hannah Gauss<br />

I have met death in many disguises, but never the same way<br />

twice. The last time was on 5th March at eight-thirty pm.<br />

Death came quietly, and with more love than I ever felt in my<br />

entire life.<br />

x<br />

On this Sunday, I held my grandmother’s hand, walking<br />

alongside her to the final point of her existence. A space<br />

stretched with expectation and reminiscing stories. Her time<br />

had come, and I was her Deathwalker. Death patiently stood<br />

waiting in the corner. A sombre presence that had only one<br />

irreversible purpose.<br />

When Death finally stepped forward, the veil separating our<br />

world and the unseen slit open, and time was still. Through it,<br />

love spilled into the room, and into every cell, every bone and<br />

dark place of the mind.<br />

Here we were, at the edge of our physical existence, looking<br />

into the next.<br />

Death was many; a sea of light beings and known faces from<br />

old family photos. Everyone was excited to welcome her<br />

Spirit. There was no judgement, no hellfire, only this deep<br />

love. The kind that accepts us in whatever state we are in and<br />

many look for their entire lives.<br />

It seemed Death never comes as expected. It was not a<br />

despair-filled void missing an exit sign. Instead, Death was the<br />

sacred gatekeeper of the final journey back to our origin.<br />

My grandmother had this keen awareness of her own<br />

mortality. She never held onto anything that was not meant<br />

to be, carried no regrets for the things that were not going so<br />

well, and never feared her own ending. As a matter of fact,<br />

she counted on it. Underlying this attitude was a sense of<br />

understanding that our existence is based on the cycle of<br />

ending and beginning.<br />


Death drives the daily regeneration of our cells, inspires<br />

us to new inventions and deepens our connections. In a<br />

way, our mortality ensures the survival of our species,<br />

and gifts this life meaning, even in ways we did not<br />

anticipate.<br />

<br />

You see, every life creates stories. All of them combined<br />

from the meaning behind our human existence on this<br />

planet. They are the guidelines through which we make<br />

sense of this experience. In time, we pass these on to<br />

the next generation who will use them as the foundation<br />

to mould the world in their own image. This is how we<br />

continue as humanity; through our stories and by<br />

allowing new ones to be written.<br />

But maybe the most honest realisation we have in all of<br />

this is the one about ourselves. When we face a final<br />

situation with no alternative solution our coping<br />

mechanisms are disabled. Death is a mirror, reflecting<br />

back the truest feelings about our existence. Sometimes<br />

for better and sometimes for worst, but always with the<br />

understanding that life is a precious gift with a time<br />

limit. And although we cannot live in this clarity forever,<br />

a moment of realisation has the power to birth a whole<br />

new consciousness. I was never as accepting of myself<br />

and my life as when death came knocking on the door of<br />

those I loved dearest.<br />

In that moment, Death turned around and smiled: “You<br />

see I was never the ending”. I felt my grandmother’s<br />

hand slipping. And though the room was as quiet as it<br />

had been before, nothing was ever the same again.<br />

Because in our universe, Death and love were created at<br />

the same time, and one never arrives alone.<br />

Hannah Gauss is a Shamanic Healer and Artist<br />

near the Cooley Mountains in Ireland. In her role<br />

as a Deathwalker, she frequently guides Souls on<br />

their final journey to pass over into Spirit.<br />

www.hannahgauss.com<br />

@hannahjgauss<br />




mamishaart@gmail.com<br />

<strong>Alchemical</strong> <strong>Voice</strong> - L2M - Issue 21<br />

We channel art<br />

through Spirits of<br />

Vision and Essence,<br />

they show us the true<br />

spiritual essence of<br />

others.<br />

"The Shaman Seer -<br />

There is a true<br />

ancestral<br />

connection with the<br />

strength of dragon<br />

energy plus the<br />

wisdom and<br />

guidance from<br />

ascended masters."<br />


<strong>Alchemical</strong> <strong>Voice</strong> - L2M - Issue 21<br />


balancing vibrational energies<br />

Helping you to<br />

release the past<br />

change belief systems<br />

feel more complete<br />

bring yourself into alignment<br />

We visit past lives that could be<br />

the source of a current issue.<br />

We clear emotional and physical<br />

pains carried over from many<br />

lifetimes.<br />


Hidden in the Mist<br />

<strong>Alchemical</strong> <strong>Voice</strong> - L2M - Issue 21<br />

Susan always knew she could sense<br />

things that she couldn't see, so when her<br />

husband James starts to act strangely is<br />

there more to his behaviour than meets<br />

the eye?<br />

With her daughter also starting to act<br />

strangely, Susan's nerves are on a knife<br />

edge, having lost all of her self-esteem<br />

at her husband's hands, not knowing<br />

where to turn and with echoes of the<br />

past still clinging persistently to her<br />

home.<br />

Susan instinctively knows that<br />

everyone's survival depends upon her.<br />

Will Susan be able to save her family<br />

from the malevolence which threatens<br />

to engulf them all?<br />

Hidden in the Mist is a supernatural<br />

book that is loosely based on some reallife<br />

experiences that Sue personally had<br />

in her childhood.<br />

“I read Hidden in the Mist in less than a<br />

week as I got gripped by the characters<br />

and the storyline - really needed to know<br />

how it was all going to turn out! I enjoy a<br />

good ghost story and this was a really<br />

good ghost story.”<br />

Pulling out all stops in her debut work of fiction, Sue Penney’s Hidden in the Mist is a<br />

ghostly tale par excellence.<br />

Aware of her own personal supernatural abilities since the age of three, the author<br />

draws on real-life events she experienced as a child to give Hidden in the Mist an<br />

authenticity and scare factor that plays with your mind from the outset. Adding further<br />

to its spooky credentials, the front cover is illustrated with an image of the actual house<br />

in which the author first experienced the paranormal.<br />

Worthy of a solid ten out of ten for its accomplished plot, pace and the fear it evokes,<br />

Hidden in the Mist is most definitely one to read with the lights on full."<br />

Hidden in the Mist book now available www.soulverse.co.uk<br />

sue@soulverse.co.uk<br />


Life behind<br />

the mask<br />

<strong>Alchemical</strong> <strong>Voice</strong> - L2M - Issue 21<br />

A compelling story of a young mother, happy in her<br />

first marital home, running her successful dance school.<br />

Everything changed one fateful night; following a<br />

severe car accident, her husband developed paranoid<br />

schizophrenia. A year of desperation, misery attempted<br />

murder, a shooting and a suicide followed.<br />

A second husband with rage issues, led to physical<br />

abuse of her son and a life of fear. Follow her fight to<br />

protect her children and explore the horrors they faced<br />

growing up. Years remaining silent for fear of reprisal<br />

and the guilt carried from seeing the effect it had on<br />

her children.<br />

Another near fatal car accident and the unexplained<br />

miracle rescue. An illness that drained her body, stole<br />

her career and left her bedridden. This is one woman’s<br />

battle against insurmountable odds. The will to survive,<br />

protect, overcome years of torment, fear and<br />

oppression and the day she discovered the strength<br />

within, to fight back and step out from ‘BEHIND THE<br />

MASK’<br />

I spent most of my working life as a professional dance instructor, designing and<br />

producing theatrical shows for children. When a severe back injury resulting<br />

from a car crash forced me into early retirement, I started looking for new ways<br />

to be creative and find a new outlet in life to express myself. Writing filled this<br />

void and allowed me to clarify, accept and eventually script what has happened<br />

to me over the years, which makes for a compelling and at times, difficult read.<br />

For a very long time I tried to come to terms with what I have been through and<br />

how it has affected both me and my family. Having finished this book, I am now<br />

able to look back and reflect on my life in a way I never thought possible. The<br />

sheer number and variety of traumas I have experienced is almost<br />

incomprehensible and the horrors of some of the situations are a lot to take onboard.<br />

These have shaped me into the woman I am today.<br />

Within the book you will experience my life in its rawest form including a suicide,<br />

a ruined career, a lengthy lawsuit, a terrible marriage, an abusive husband,<br />

terrified children, a debilitating illness, broken families, dreams shattered, hope,<br />

fear, and impossible choices. Only when you are at your lowest, when you feel<br />

that life has taken too much from you, do you look deep inside yourself and<br />

make a choice. This story is my choice.<br />

Available from Amazon, Waterstones, WH Smith or<br />

Pegasus Elliott Mackenzie Publishers<br />


O r i g i n a l a r t s t r a i g h t<br />

f r o m t h e h e a r t !<br />

<strong>Alchemical</strong> <strong>Voice</strong> - L2M - Issue 21



Commissions accepted<br />

I'm an acrylic fluid artist, living and working in Dorset. I've always<br />

been a creative, be that musician, sewing, craft, art... I just love all<br />

things creative. When I was introduced to fluid acrylic art however,<br />

I was absolutely sold! It is now my passion along with acrylic art,<br />

and I hope that comes across in the artworks that I create.<br />

It began as a hobby... My own 'therapy', as a switch off from my<br />

hypnotherapy work. It was lovely to do something just for me. But<br />

then when I showed my work to a couple of friends, they loved<br />

them and suggested that I start selling them! This was all in the car<br />

park of a garden centre... At which point a customer walked past<br />

and said 'ooh, those are nice!' and that was it... PilchArt was born!<br />

I then got asked to do my first commission piece, the largest<br />

painting I had ever done. Then another and another... And on it<br />

went! Just incredible really.<br />

My work has progressed, grown and developed and continues to do<br />

so, which I love. The process never stands still for me and I just<br />

can't learn or try enough!<br />

So many people asked me to teach them how I do it, and such was<br />

the demand, that I created Studio PilchArt! I now run 3-hour and<br />

full-day beginner fluid acrylic art workshops and I absolutely love it!<br />

Most people come in and state that they aren't creative at all and<br />

then create fabulous pieces! With the right guidance and support, I<br />

believe anyone can be creative, and I love creating the atmosphere<br />

in which to do so. I find many people become very quiet as they are<br />

concentrating so much and I've heard it called 'hypnotic' several<br />

times which is a wonderful parallel!<br />

To be able to share it with others has been the greatest gift of this<br />

whole journey and I cherish all that taking up art has given me.

<strong>Alchemical</strong> <strong>Voice</strong> - L2M - Issue 21<br />

S u e ' s B e a u t i f u l Y o u<br />

Larimar is a beautiful blue ocean-coloured crystal.<br />

Let this stone calm and soothe you when you're feeling overwhelmed<br />

Unique high quality natural<br />

larimar bracelet with silver bead<br />

£55<br />

Pretty crystal bracelet with<br />

larimar, clear quartz, ghost agate<br />

and fresh water pearls.£40<br />

Email: suecaustick@gmail.com<br />

Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/suecaustick<br />

<br />


<strong>Alchemical</strong> <strong>Voice</strong> - L2M - Issue 21<br />

S u e ' s B e a u t i f u l Y o u<br />

Larimar helps with courage and overcoming phobias finding your inner<br />

strength. A beautiful stone for balancing big emotions and lightening up<br />

the mood. Good throat cleanser.<br />

Simply stunning larimar necklace<br />

on delicate silver chain with<br />

kaynite drop at the back<br />

£20<br />

Cute larimar drop earings on silver<br />

£12<br />

Email: suecaustick@gmail.com<br />

Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/suecaustick<br />

<br />


<strong>Alchemical</strong> <strong>Voice</strong> - L2M - Issue 21<br />


Jan is a gifted and professionally<br />

recognised healer, spiritual counsellor<br />

and psychic, working with clients to help<br />

them find the root cause of their physical<br />

condition which is normally an emotional<br />

issue buried deep inside.<br />

Jan Reid<br />

Be Good to Yourselves<br />

Dorset (distance healing available)<br />

www.begoodtoyourselves.com<br />

email@begoodtoyourselves.com<br />

+44 (0)776 993 6500<br />


<br />

tameshka@hotmail.com | 07786 194 149<br />

Mytchett, Surrey<br />


O N L I N E C O U R S E W I T H<br />

L O V E 2 M E D I T A T E<br />

Jovi Hoonjan<br />

w w w . l o v e 2 m e d i t a t e / o n l i n e - c o u r s e s

<strong>Alchemical</strong> <strong>Voice</strong> - L2M - Issue 21<br />



To purchase a hard copy of this or previous editions,<br />

click on the QR code<br />

Published by Jovi Hoonjan, Love 2 Meditate<br />

www.alchemicalvoice.com<br />



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