January/February 2024 Alchemical Voice

Happy New Year to all our readers! This is a spiritual magazine, non-religious. We have so many eye-opening articles for you this year. Here's a list of what we have in this publication. Sue Penney talks about spreading love and kindness and which crystals will work for you this season. Shaman John Sjovik has written a short article on How to Find the North Pole (sound familiar....?) He also has written a lovely thought provoking article called Betwixt and Between. Learn about how a Death Doula can help with Joannah Bishop. Hear about how special the Dogon tribe and the nommos are with Julie de Vere Hunt. Our lovely dream builder/life coach Carol Coggan talks about Energy, Vibration and Love. Energy Psychologist Martin Lewis explains what the Levels of Consciousness are. Our final article on the Ayurvedic doshas - Kapha by Claire Sparks. Jovi Hoonjan writes about what a Shaman Alchemist can offer.

Happy New Year to all our readers! This is a spiritual magazine, non-religious. We have so many eye-opening articles for you this year. Here's a list of what we have in this publication. Sue Penney talks about spreading love and kindness and which crystals will work for you this season. Shaman John Sjovik has written a short article on How to Find the North Pole (sound familiar....?) He also has written a lovely thought provoking article called Betwixt and Between. Learn about how a Death Doula can help with Joannah Bishop. Hear about how special the Dogon tribe and the nommos are with Julie de Vere Hunt. Our lovely dream builder/life coach Carol Coggan talks about Energy, Vibration and Love. Energy Psychologist Martin Lewis explains what the Levels of Consciousness are. Our final article on the Ayurvedic doshas - Kapha by Claire Sparks. Jovi Hoonjan writes about what a Shaman Alchemist can offer.


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<strong>January</strong>/<strong>February</strong> <strong>2024</strong> - Issue 24<br />

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Betwixt and Between<br />

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Energy, Vibration & Love<br />

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What is<br />

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<strong>Alchemical</strong> <strong>Voice</strong> - L2M - Issue 24<br />

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John Sjovik<br />

Iain Marshall<br />


A L C H E M I C A L V O I C E<br />


<strong>Alchemical</strong> <strong>Voice</strong> - L2M - Issue 24<br />

Let us together celebrate the beginning of <strong>2024</strong>.<br />

<strong>2024</strong> is going to be about renewal and transformation.<br />

This year will be different from all the other years as it will bring in new opportunities for growth and change.<br />

Let’s embrace the new year with open hearts and minds, and look forward to what it has in store for us.<br />

Jovi Hoonjan | Publisher<br />

4<br />


Sue Penney<br />

34<br />



Martin Lewis<br />

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Sue Penney<br />

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Claire Sparks<br />

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John Sjovik<br />

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Jovi Hoonjan<br />

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Joannah Bishop<br />

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Julie de Vere Hunt<br />

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Carol Coggan<br />

28<br />


John Sjovik

<strong>Alchemical</strong> <strong>Voice</strong> - L2M - Issue 24<br />



Sue Penney<br />

We have all been through a time of turmoil in the past<br />

12 months, whether we have been affected personally<br />

or just had our energy buffeted from pillar to post with<br />

all of the negative news being spread by the vulture like<br />

media.<br />

From energy prices to interest rates, increased cost of<br />

living to wars, it has felt personally, that the world has<br />

become even more fixated on material things and lack<br />

rather than spiritual blessings and kindness.<br />

I believe that it would be very beneficial both<br />

personally and for the world in general if we could all<br />

make a decision to start spreading more love and<br />

kindness. Even if this was just in a small way. The<br />

kindness and love that we spread into the world could<br />

start to counteract the bleakness and desperation that<br />

has become evident amongst many.<br />

If we all individually started to think about ways of<br />

making a daily contribution to the pot of goodness<br />

around us, we would be building up a bank of kindness<br />

and love which would then return to us three-fold.<br />

Some of the things we could each do are listed below:<br />

Smile more<br />

Smile at strangers as well as friends, smiling is<br />

infectious and lifts peoples spirits as well as your own.<br />

Compliment people<br />

Make it your mission to find something nice to say to at<br />

least 3 people each day and make one of those a<br />

stranger. You have no idea what positive effect that<br />

this could bring into someone’s life. You will be guided<br />

to say just the right thing to the right person who may<br />

well have asked for a sign that very day to set them on<br />

the right path.<br />


<strong>Alchemical</strong> <strong>Voice</strong> - L2M - Issue 24<br />

Take Action<br />

By this I mean, if you see a piece of litter on the<br />

ground don’t just tut about it, do something. Pick it up<br />

and put it in a bin. Just because you didn’t drop it<br />

doesn’t mean it isn’t your responsibility to do<br />

something about it as you have now noticed it. If<br />

everyone did this, there would be no more litter.<br />

Take 100% responsibility<br />

Don’t do things or act in a certain way in order to get<br />

someone back. Be kind and loving in all of your<br />

relationships without expecting anything back. This<br />

way happiness lies.<br />

Say thank you<br />

Even if the person you are thanking does not expect<br />

it. For example, if someone cooks you a meal, thank<br />

them. If someone asks if you want a cup of tea, thank<br />

them for asking you. It costs nothing to say thank you<br />

but by acknowledging the other person's kindness and<br />

thoughtfulness you are showing that you have<br />

noticed, appreciate them and care.<br />

These are just a few examples of things that we can<br />

do to spread a little love and joy in the world. There<br />

are loads more!<br />

I would love to hear your thoughts and ideas, please<br />

share them with me at sue@soulverse.co.uk<br />

Sue Penney<br />

Soul Verse<br />

www.soulverse.co.uk<br />


w o n d e r f u l i n t u i t i v e p s y c h i c r e a d i n g s b y<br />

O r i e l L u x<br />

<strong>Alchemical</strong> <strong>Voice</strong> - L2M - Issue 24<br />

F e e l i n g s t u c k a n d n o t s u r e w h i c h d i r e c t i o n t o g o ? I s<br />

s o m e t h i n g p l a y i n g o n y o u r m i n d a n d y o u w o u l d l i k e<br />

s o m e s u p p o r t a n d c l a r i t y ?<br />

A u d i o r e c o r d e d r e a d i n g s<br />

£ 2 0 f o r t h r e e q u e s t i o n s<br />

contact<br />

oriellux@outlook.com<br />

Reiki & Light Language healing<br />

Sue Caustick<br />

Farnborough, Hampshire<br />

Light language is a celestial, galactic and angelic language channelled<br />

through the soul. Light language during Reiki treatments provides an even<br />

deeper effect on the healing.<br />

Clear blockages in your energy fields<br />

Release stress and anxiety<br />

Contact<br />

suecaustick@gmail.com<br />

"Such a beautiful gentle treatment. I felt really<br />

comfortable, safe and totally relaxed in Sue's<br />

hands. I am now a regular!"<br />


<strong>Alchemical</strong> <strong>Voice</strong> - L2M - Issue 24<br />

Shamanic Sensory Balancing<br />

Group Sessions<br />

Jen (Balance & Breathe) & Jovi (Love 2 Meditate)<br />

Church Crookham, Fleet, Hampshire<br />

https://bookwhen.com/balanceandbreathe<br />




Sue Penney<br />

<strong>Alchemical</strong> <strong>Voice</strong> - L2M - Issue 24<br />

<strong>January</strong> and <strong>February</strong> tend to be darker months<br />

when the weather can be drab and cold and we just<br />

want to batten down the hatches and retreat inside<br />

until spring cats her welcoming breath upon our<br />

faces and the world starts to come to life again.<br />

It can also be a time for reflection and planning.<br />

<strong>January</strong> is the start of the year, a time for fresh<br />

starts and resolutions. Usually, I would always<br />

associate Amethyst with <strong>February</strong> as it is my<br />

birthstone and is so good for many things from<br />

healing addictions to removing negativity and<br />

providing great protection to the wearer.<br />

However, I have decided to break from the norm and<br />

choose Garnet for <strong>January</strong> and Rose Quartz for<br />

<strong>February</strong> for the following reasons.<br />

Garnet is a beautiful deep red stone, which is<br />

automatically associated with the base or root<br />

chakra due to its deep colour. This stone is fabulous<br />

for grounding and is also known for its healing<br />

properties, in relation to melancholy and depression<br />

by acting as a stimulant to the heart. At this time of<br />

year, a lot of us can just feel a bit down and fed up,<br />

whether that is due to the weather, or it is the<br />

aftermath of Christmas, and we all trudge back to<br />

work, who knows...<br />

By spending some time in meditation with garnet<br />

you will really notice your mood lift and your energy<br />

will be reinvigorated and renewed. Choose a place to<br />

sit that you will not be disturbed for the next 15<br />

minutes or so in a room with subtle light. Have a<br />

notebook and pen and a glass of water ready to hand<br />

for when you are finished. If you want to set a timer<br />

on your phone this is a good thing to do but ensure<br />

that the alert is soft and won’t jolt you out of your<br />

meditation too harshly!<br />


<strong>Alchemical</strong> <strong>Voice</strong> - L2M - Issue 24<br />

Make yourself comfortable and warm and just hold<br />

your piece of garnet in your hand. Concentrate on<br />

your breath and allow your mind to wander. It<br />

doesn’t matter if thoughts pop in, just allow them to<br />

be and re-focus your thoughts on your breath.<br />

If you have any ideas or revelations that come to you<br />

during the meditation, be sure to write them down<br />

as soon as you are finished.<br />

Now onto Rose Quartz, I have chosen Rose Quartz<br />

for <strong>February</strong> as it is the quintessential stone of love<br />

and <strong>February</strong>, after all, is known as the month of<br />

love with Valentines Day being celebrated right in<br />

the middle of the month.<br />

Rose quartz is an essential crystal to have in your<br />

crystal kit. It’s beautiful soft pink colour never fails<br />

to soothe. It is especially wonderful in assisting with<br />

self-love. Loving oneself is key to happiness in all<br />

areas of your life and working with rose quartz will<br />

help you to practice this on a much deeper level.<br />

You can make this short meditation part of your daily<br />

routine to boost your confidence and resilience with<br />

life. Lying down on your bed or a yoga mat set your<br />

alarm with a gentle wake up call for 10 minutes.<br />

Place your piece of rose quartz on your heart and<br />

closing your eyes, just breathe, focusing your<br />

attention on your breath. Let the energy of the rose<br />

quartz fill your heart and soul with it’s healing love<br />

and meditate on the realisation that love is<br />

everything.<br />

If you are looking to source any crystals, then please<br />

do contact me as I have many beautiful tumble<br />

stones which have all been sourced ethically.<br />

Sue Penney<br />

Soul Verse<br />

www.soulverse.co.uk<br />


<strong>Alchemical</strong> <strong>Voice</strong> - L2M - Issue 24<br />



John Sjovik<br />

There is a lot of down-to-earth wisdom in the stories about Winnie the Pooh. He has a way of doing things in a<br />

roundabout fashion. He will never march straight onto the issue at hand. Rather, he will move in little circles in<br />

the neighbourhood of the problem or assignment. That neighbourhood can be a physical area. It can also be a<br />

map within his mind; it can be thoughts or emotions.<br />

His method is a little bit like a photographer, who will look at a potential motif with squinted eyes. By<br />

squinting, his vision will be blurry and not disturbed by too much focus. It will be easier to see the whole<br />

picture and not get lost in details. Also, sometimes you can see an image more clearly by looking next to it,<br />

with a relaxed vision, rather than staring straight at it.<br />

So how did Winnie the Pooh find the North Pole? The background is that Christopher Robin brought all his<br />

friends along on an “expotition” to find the North Pole. Expotitions can be quite adventurous undertakings and<br />

so it went that Roo, the little kangaroo, fell into a river. After a number of unsuccessful attempts by all the<br />

animals at rescuing poor Roo, Winnie the Pooh sprung into action. He found a long pole and used it to fish out<br />

Roo from the river. What happened next was that Christopher Robin solemnly declared that the pole that<br />

Pooh had found was not just any old pole; it was the North Pole!<br />


<strong>Alchemical</strong> <strong>Voice</strong> - L2M - Issue 24<br />

What we learn from this story is the importance of<br />

setting an intention, with honesty, love and<br />

dedication. It does not have to be specified in every<br />

detail.<br />

Many times, you are not even sure exactly what it is<br />

you want or what action you must take. You just<br />

have a general idea of a desired outcome.<br />

You can compare this approach to Shamanic healing,<br />

where you set out to provide healing for the best<br />

possible outcome for your client, taking into note the<br />

importance of the best possible outcome for the<br />

greater whole.<br />

Winnie the Pooh set out on the “expotition” with the<br />

general intent of finding the North Pole, without<br />

really knowing what that was. Then there was the<br />

accident where Roo fell into the river and ended up<br />

in a dangerous situation. With the love and<br />

compassion that is so typical of Winnie the Pooh, he<br />

immediately deviated from the plan of the expotition<br />

and set about to save Roo. In doing so, Pooh<br />

inadvertently found the North Pole and actually<br />

fulfilled the overall target of the expotition in<br />

addition to saving Roo.<br />

I do invite the reader to think about this approach.<br />

How can you use it in your everyday life? And how<br />

can you benefit from it, with respect to stress and to<br />

actually being successful in what you set out to do.<br />

One more thing is that it teaches you to view<br />

“success” in a slightly different light, doesn’t it?<br />

John Sjovik | Shaman Healer | www.shamaqi.com<br />




Joannah Bishop<br />

<strong>Alchemical</strong> <strong>Voice</strong> - L2M - Issue 24<br />

For many, becoming a death doula can be a<br />

personal calling. Some people will have been<br />

influenced or inspired by events in their own lives<br />

to train as a death doula, to support others to have<br />

better deaths. Others will be drawn to the caring,<br />

spiritual or supportive elements of the role. My<br />

reason was exactly that, losing both my parents<br />

was a massive loss and I wanted to find a way of<br />

accepting and supporting, training as a doula has<br />

helped me immensely. Also being in the care sector<br />

for the last 9 years I deal with end-of-life patients a<br />

lot. So this training has been invaluable.<br />

As our attitudes around dying become more open,<br />

interest in the role of the 'death doula', a<br />

companion to support people through the dying<br />

process, is growing. In this article, I will answer<br />

some common questions about the work of death<br />

doulas, or end-of-life doulas as they're sometimes<br />

called, and how they support people at the end of<br />

life.<br />

Traditionally, a doula is the name for someone who<br />

provides guidance and support to a pregnant<br />

woman during labour. The word comes from the<br />

Greek 'doulē' meaning 'female servant/slave'. In<br />

more recent times, the meaning of doula has been<br />

extended to describe someone who supports<br />

people at the end of their life, too. Also known as a<br />

‘soul midwife’ or end-of-life doula, the support this<br />

person offers often focuses on the emotional,<br />

psychological and spiritual side of dying, as well as<br />

the more practical things. It's not a medical role,<br />

but a death doula will usually work alongside<br />

someone's medical team to help make their death<br />

as comfortable as possible. Although the word<br />

doula originally had female connotations, people of<br />

any gender can become a death doula.<br />


<strong>Alchemical</strong> <strong>Voice</strong> - L2M - Issue 24<br />

What does a death doula do?<br />

The International End of Life Doula Association<br />

says death doulas 'help restore sacredness to<br />

dying, provide respite to exhausted caregivers,<br />

bring deep meaning to the dying experience, and<br />

prepare people for the last breaths of their loved<br />

one.' While End of Life Doula UK uses the term 'a<br />

friend in death' to summarise what being a death<br />

doula is all about.<br />

Death doula duties can vary according to the needs<br />

of whoever they're supporting at the time. A death<br />

doula might focus on doing practical tasks – such<br />

as dog walking or shopping – to allow the people<br />

close to the person who's dying to focus on<br />

spending quality time with them.<br />

They might help with the rites and rituals around<br />

the person's death, such as making sure the correct<br />

cultural or religious observances are followed, and<br />

that their body is treated the right way after their<br />

death.<br />

A big part of the death doula's role can be to listen<br />

to the person who's dying, and those close to them,<br />

offering non-judgemental, emotional and spiritual<br />

support. This might include helping with decisionmaking<br />

and supporting meaningful conversations<br />

around wishes and plans, as well as being someone<br />

to talk to.<br />

Death doulas work in peoples' homes, including<br />

care homes, hospices and hospitals.<br />

Why do people choose to have a death doula?<br />

For many, death doulas offer an extra element of<br />

support which means they believe they are more<br />

likely to have a more positive end-of-life<br />

experience than they would do without that extra<br />

help.<br />

How someone experiences the end of their life has<br />

huge significance, both for them and for those<br />

close to them.<br />

11 13

<strong>Alchemical</strong> <strong>Voice</strong> - L2M - Issue 24<br />

When someone feels supported, is pain-free, and<br />

can express any final worries and wishes at the end<br />

of life, this can help bring peace to the dying<br />

process. For the people around them, this can bring<br />

comfort and may help with their grief.<br />

When someone doesn't get the right support at the<br />

end of their life, it can be very distressing for them<br />

and the people they leave behind. In some cases, it<br />

causes complicated grief that can last a lifetime.<br />

Death Doulas do not assist with dying, euthanasia<br />

is illegal in the UK.<br />

How are death doulas funded in the UK?<br />

The most common way people access support from<br />

death doulas is by paying for the service<br />

themselves, although it may be possible to get<br />

support for free if you can't afford it, or to pay for<br />

it using a Personal Health Budget.<br />

Do death doulas work alongside spiritual and<br />

religious roles?<br />

For more information on costs, contact End of Life<br />

Doula UK https://eol-doula.uk/.<br />

Many death doulas are flexible and support people<br />

with a variety of spiritual beliefs – whether<br />

religious or otherwise. They may work alongside<br />

faith leaders, such as a person's priest, imam or<br />

rabbi, so that the individual gets the range of<br />

support they want and need.<br />

Some doulas work specifically within communities<br />

of a particular faith.<br />

How do I find a death doula?<br />

There's no single way to find a death doula. In the<br />

UK, End of Life Doula UK is the main membership<br />

organisation for death doulas and can help you find<br />

self-employed doulas who operate under their<br />

banner. All members have to be trained in, or have<br />

completed, the Living Well Dying Training<br />

programme.<br />

You could also ask your local hospice or hospital if<br />

they have any recommendations.<br />

How long do death doulas support you for?<br />

A death doula supports someone for a varying<br />

length of time depending on how soon that person<br />

requires their help. Some people might want<br />

support soon after they've been diagnosed with an<br />

illness they're likely to die from. For others, it<br />

might not be until their final weeks and days of life.<br />

Doulas may also continue to support a person's<br />

family for weeks or months after their<br />

bereavement.<br />

Why do people become death doulas?<br />

For many, becoming a death doula can be a<br />

personal calling. Some people will have been<br />

influenced or inspired by events in their own lives<br />

to train as a death doula, to support others to have<br />

better deaths.<br />

Others will be drawn to the caring, spiritual or<br />

supportive elements of the role.<br />


<strong>Alchemical</strong> <strong>Voice</strong> - L2M - Issue 24<br />

When it comes to grief, remember this:<br />

You have not broken a bone.<br />

There is no default treatment,<br />

no cure,<br />

no timeline<br />

for your healing.<br />

You cannot strap your heart to the heart next to it<br />

and hope that it mends itself.<br />

You cannot wrap it in a cast<br />

and protect it from further breaking.<br />

You cannot rest it for weeks or months.<br />

You cannot rely on your other heart<br />

like you might a leg or an arm.<br />

You have not broken a bone.<br />

And yet, like a broken bone, your heart will always now have a vulnerable spot. A bruise, a burn,<br />

a scar.<br />

And just as your arm can still ache after breaking<br />

when it has been holding too much for too long,<br />

so your heart may ache.<br />

When it has been holding too much.<br />

For too long.<br />

But just as your once-broken arm can still hold things and your once-broken leg can still dance,<br />

so your heart will learn to carry you forward.<br />

Even when it aches.<br />

Joannah Bishop<br />

UK Death Doula<br />

www.bettercareathomeeast.co.uk<br />

07884-068036<br />


<strong>Alchemical</strong> <strong>Voice</strong> - L2M - Issue 24<br />



Julie de Vere Hunt<br />

Deep in Northwest Africa, near Timbuktu in Mali,<br />

reside one of the oldest and most fascinating<br />

ancient cultures untainted by modern civilization.<br />

The Dogon tribe are known for their religious<br />

traditions, ritual dances, massive ritual masks and<br />

architecture.<br />

However, it is their incredible astronomical<br />

knowledge and mythological accounts which<br />

attracted interest from two French anthropologists<br />

in the 1930’s. Between 1931 and 1956, French<br />

anthropologists Marcel Griaule and Germaine<br />

Dieterlen studied the Dogon tribe.<br />

At the end of 1946, Griaule was accepted by the<br />

Dogon elders and underwent a 33 day initiation<br />

period conversing with a hogon (dogon shaman)<br />

named Ogotemmeli, who revealed secrets about<br />

their esoteric traditions.<br />

Griaule wrote almost 3,000 pages which he<br />

published in ‘Conversations with Ogotemmeli’ and<br />

‘The Pale Fox’.<br />

According to Dogon mythology, Nommo was the<br />

first living being created by Amma, the sky god and<br />

creator of the universe. The Nommo are considered<br />

ancestral spirits, but they are also described as<br />

being amphibious, hermaphroditic, fish-like<br />

creatures.<br />

They are often referred to as ‘masters of the water’,<br />

the ‘monitors’, the ‘Teachers or Instructors’ or<br />

‘Spiritual Guardians’.<br />

These are the same beings who built the Osirion temple<br />

in Abydos – see <strong>Alchemical</strong> <strong>Voice</strong> Sept/Oct 23.<br />

Nommo multiplied to<br />

become six pairs of twins<br />

(this is believed to be a<br />

metaphor for our original<br />

12-strand DNA).<br />

Our present physical DNA<br />

contains two strands which<br />

hold the genetic code for<br />

our physical evolvement).<br />

Bandiagara, Mali<br />

Nommo<br />


17<br />

<strong>Alchemical</strong> <strong>Voice</strong> - L2M - Issue 24

<strong>Alchemical</strong> <strong>Voice</strong> - L2M - Issue 24<br />

One twin rebelled against the order established by<br />

Amma, destabilizing the universe (this is a metaphor<br />

for one soul splitting into two polarities – yin/yang,<br />

entering into electro-magnetic energies of 3D).<br />

In order to purify the cosmos and restore its order,<br />

Amma sacrificed another of the Nommo, whose<br />

body was cut up and scattered throughout the<br />

universe. Peace was restored.<br />

Ogotemmeli said their astronomical knowledge was<br />

given to them by the Nommo thousands of years<br />

ago. Ogotemmeli described the Nommo as having<br />

the upper part of a man and the lower half of a<br />

serpent.<br />

Dogon tribal carvings<br />

The Nommos ‘came from the sky in a vessel that<br />

was accompanied by fire and thunder’. After the<br />

vessel (spaceship) landed, something with four legs<br />

appeared and dragged the vessel to a hollow, which<br />

filled with water until the vessel floated in it.<br />

The Dogon call this spaceship ‘Pelu Tolo’ or ‘Star of<br />

the Tenth Moon’.<br />

The Dogons have accurate knowledge of the Sirius<br />

star system which is 8.6 light years from Earth.<br />

Ogottemmeli said the Nommos told them that Sirius<br />

had a companion star that was invisible to the<br />

human eye. This star moved in a 50 year elliptical<br />

orbit around Sirius, that it was small and incredibly<br />

heavy, and it rotated on its axis.<br />

This has been borne out by science.<br />

Since 1844, astronomers had suspected Sirius A had<br />

a companion star.<br />

In 1862 Alvan Clark discovered the second star<br />

making Sirius a binary star system.<br />

In the 1920’s it was determined that Sirius B was a<br />

white dwarf star. White dwarfs are small, dense<br />

starts that burn dimly.<br />

The Dogon name for Sirius B is Po Tolo. It means<br />

‘star’ (tolo) and ‘smallest seed’ (po). Seed refers to<br />

creation – human creation in this case.<br />


19<br />

<strong>Alchemical</strong> <strong>Voice</strong> - L2M - Issue 24

<strong>Alchemical</strong> <strong>Voice</strong> - L2M - Issue 24<br />

The Dogons correctly described the 50 year<br />

elliptical orbit created by the two stars as they<br />

rotate around each other. This also correlates to<br />

human DNA pattern.<br />

The Dogons believe Sirius to be the axis of the<br />

universe, and from it all matter and all souls are<br />

produced in a great spiral motion. They also believe<br />

Sirius is the home for souls that cross over.<br />

This makes sense if Dogons originate from Sirius,<br />

which I had confirmed in a recent kinesiology<br />

session. They first came to Earth over 100,000<br />

years ago.<br />

The Dogons believe universes exist in pairs; a<br />

material one and a non-material one (twins are<br />

greatly revered in Dogon culture). Our current<br />

universe is the fourth version out of seven,<br />

ascending in a helical fashion.<br />

The Dogons have a festival to celebrate and<br />

remember the Nommo; the Dogon wear wooden<br />

masks to symbolize the parallel universe which is<br />

not visible to most of us.<br />

The Dogons have no written language – as in the<br />

mystery schools secret information has been passed<br />

down for thousands of years orally. Symbols and<br />

diagrams are depicted on cave walls.<br />

Ogotemmeli drew in the sand with a stick as he<br />

explained the harmony between the Creation of the<br />

Universe, Creation of Matter and Creation of Life.<br />

All three processes are governed by the same<br />

principle and relate to ‘As above so below’. The<br />

underlying message relates to Ascension; to liberate<br />

the soul from reincarnation and karmic looping.<br />

It has been the quest of man for millenia to<br />

understand the nature of Creation, studying the<br />

celestial skies and our physical planet to unravel this<br />

great mystery.<br />

The Dogons believe they have the answer to this,<br />

but as with the Mystery schools, are only prepared<br />

to share this information with those who have been<br />

initiated.<br />

Julie de Vere Hunt<br />

www.marymagdaleneslegacy.com<br />


<strong>Alchemical</strong> <strong>Voice</strong> - L2M - Issue 24<br />


COURSE<br />

Kinesiology and Shamanic techniques and tools to help<br />

improve health and wellbeing<br />

We will cover:<br />

Figure 8 energy flow<br />

The healing effect of sound<br />

Spiral energy flow<br />

Spinning vortices<br />

Energy, stamina and vitality nutrition<br />

Tibetan meridian activation<br />

Shamanic chi rituals<br />

The power of ancient language and words<br />

Location:<br />

Lady Rose Hall<br />

Laverstoke Lane<br />

Laverstoke, Whitchurch<br />

​RG28 7NY<br />

https://www.love2meditate.com/shamanic-power-tibetanenergy.html<br />

Martin Lewis<br />

West Berkshire Kinesiology<br />

kinesiology@hotmail.co.uk<br />

www.appliedmetaphysics.co.uk<br />

Jovi Hoonjan<br />

Love 2 Meditate/Shamanic Joy UK<br />

jovi@love2meditate.com<br />

www.love2meditate.com<br />

Tibetan Energy and Vitality

<strong>Alchemical</strong> <strong>Voice</strong> - L2M - Issue 24<br />


& LOVE<br />

Carol Coggan<br />

Happy New Year! How did you feel on seeing these<br />

words? This year, the Angels want me to talk about<br />

Energy, Vibration and Love.<br />

Essentially everything and every being is energy, and<br />

it is the level of our vibration that determines who we<br />

are. Dr David Hawkins has measured the<br />

energy/vibration levels that go with each<br />

feeling/emotion. From his scale, fear sits at 100 and<br />

love at 500.<br />

700+<br />

600<br />

Enlightenment<br />

Peace<br />

When you think about it, if you are fearful, you are<br />

feeling negative and low energy. You are vibrating at<br />

100 and so will not feel full of energy. You will<br />

probably feel constricted and stuck, as though you are<br />

on a treadmill.<br />

If you can raise your energy levels, you will feel<br />

better, or vice versa, if you can raise your feelings you<br />

will have more energy.<br />

Think about how you react to good news, your mood<br />

and feelings change, you may feel pleased and<br />

delighted. Your energy level has increased and from<br />

fear at 100, to maybe 200 which relates to courage.<br />

You are already vibrating at a higher level. There is<br />

less space for the lower energy, and you become<br />

more expansive, creative and open to opportunities.<br />

The Angels, as light beings, are always vibrating at the<br />

level of love and light, 500 or more. It is not as if they<br />

have to step down their vibration to meet us at low<br />

levels, but it is harder for their messages to get<br />

through, or be heard. We always have our Guardian<br />

Angel(s) with us, but if we are so focused on negative<br />

moods, low energy, low vibration, again we will not<br />

recognise our Guardian Angel’s help or prompts.<br />

540 Joy<br />

500 Love<br />

350 Acceptance<br />

310 Willingness<br />

200 Courage<br />

100 Fear<br />

30 Guilt<br />

20 Shame<br />

www.veritaspub.com/dr-hawkins<br />


<strong>Alchemical</strong> <strong>Voice</strong> - L2M - Issue 24<br />

So how are you feeling? right now? are you feeling joy after a positive and happy Christmas? or are you feeling<br />

low and somewhat flat? we have it in our hands to change how we are feeling, increase our vibration, and<br />

embrace this expansive energy. We will be able to manifest more, and create the life we would love to live.<br />

The way forward is to notice how you are feeling, and notice what you are thinking. To increase your<br />

vibration, change your thinking and move up the scale using gratitude. As you reach the loving energy you will<br />

create a ripple effect, that will impact you and those around you.<br />

Take time out daily to tune into your Guardian Angel(s) and the Archangels. Ask them for guidance and<br />

support, and most importantly listen to their answers. They are always there for you, and when you have<br />

“mental space“ you will hear much more.<br />

You will see that I am running a Guardian Angel workshop and a Take Back your Power course. Both will help<br />

you increase your vibration and working with the Angels and I very much look forward to working with you, at<br />

a high energy level.<br />

www.carolcoggan.co.uk<br />

hello@carolcoggan.co.uk<br />

+44 (0)781 806 5514<br />


<strong>Alchemical</strong> <strong>Voice</strong> - L2M - Issue 24<br />

Workshops with Carol Coggan<br />


<strong>Alchemical</strong> <strong>Voice</strong> - L2M - Issue 24<br />


Love 2 Meditate<br />


This meditation has 732 LoC (Levels of Consciousness) which is<br />

equivalent to Enlightenment. Space Drifting meditation works on cell<br />

regeneration, helping you to re-unite your whole self.<br />

To purchase:<br />

www.love2meditate.com/meditations.html<br />

jovi@love2meditate.com<br />


<strong>Alchemical</strong> <strong>Voice</strong> - L2M - Issue 24<br />

Energy healing using crystals<br />

and Reiki<br />

Meryl McArthur<br />

Crystal Cave Healing<br />

Winchester<br />

www.facebook.com/CrystalCaveWinchester<br />

SnowFall<br />

Consciousness music<br />

Martin Lewis, West Berkshire Kinesiology<br />

Music to help<br />

you move<br />

through the<br />

grief process<br />

www.love2meditate.com<br />

/consiousness-music<br />




mamishaart@gmail.com<br />

<strong>Alchemical</strong> <strong>Voice</strong> - L2M - Issue 24<br />

We channel art<br />

through Spirits of<br />

Vision and Essence,<br />

they show us the true<br />

spiritual essence of<br />

others.<br />

"The Shaman Seer -<br />

There is a true<br />

ancestral<br />

connection with the<br />

strength of dragon<br />

energy plus the<br />

wisdom and<br />

guidance from<br />

ascended masters."<br />


<strong>Alchemical</strong> <strong>Voice</strong> - L2M - Issue 24<br />



John Sjovik<br />

Punch card clock machines<br />

Many years ago, I worked in a warehouse for car parts.<br />

In order to clock in and out of my shift, I punched a<br />

card in a time clock machine. When the machine moved<br />

from one minute to the next, there were two ticks. The<br />

first tick marked the preparation – or intention, if you<br />

like – of the minute hand, to move forward by one<br />

minute. The next tick highlighted the actual moment,<br />

when the hand moved one step with a jerk.<br />

My day shift ended at 15:24 PM. At 15:23, I would<br />

position my punch card in the slot on top of the clock<br />

machine, in preparation for punching it the next minute.<br />

When I heard the first tick, I always felt a bit<br />

exhilarated. There was only a mere second until the<br />

next tick and the actual change of time to 15:24, but it<br />

could have been an eternity.<br />

The warehouse was completely silent, all forklift trucks<br />

were resting. The only sound was a soft murmur<br />

amongst the workers standing in lines before each of<br />

the many clock machines around the warehouse. The<br />

fraction of time until the second tick felt as if<br />

continually extending. It was as if the interface<br />

between the two ticks suspended the warehouse into a<br />

moment of frozen time.<br />

Time was no longer defined by a mechanical clockwork<br />

of cogwheels. It had become a momentary illusion of<br />

emotion and anticipation. The interface between ticks<br />

held the prospect of pursuing dreams, of reuniting with<br />

loved ones, of realigning with one's true self. Anything<br />

is possible when one is suspended in the interface of<br />

that which was and that which will be. Then all of a<br />

sudden, the face of the clock showed 15:24 and there<br />

was an instant smattering of cards being punched all<br />

around the warehouse.<br />


<strong>Alchemical</strong> <strong>Voice</strong> - L2M - Issue 24<br />

Chickens and eggs<br />

They say a picture tells a thousand words. Maybe it<br />

does? Maybe a word tells a thousand pictures? What<br />

about a thought? A feeling? One triggers the other. Are<br />

they man-made? Or was spirit involved in the making?<br />

What triggers what? Chickens and eggs – which came<br />

first? What about thoughts and emotions? If you feel<br />

very sad, you might cry. What if you act in such a way<br />

that you deliberately induce yourself to bring tears to<br />

your eyes; will you feel sad, at least to some degree?<br />

What is the process when a thought manifests in a word<br />

and then in a physical manifestation? A memory<br />

embedded deep within your unconscious triggers a<br />

desire. It creates an active thought in your mind that in<br />

turn will influence you to take an action. This also works<br />

the other way around. An action will create a memory,<br />

with a feeling attached to it.<br />

What about an idea for a painting and the actual<br />

painting, with a canvas coated with pigment in an<br />

emulsion? The same painting might trigger an idea with<br />

the audience, to go home and pick up a brush and paint<br />

something new. And it goes back and forth, from idea to<br />

painting to a new idea and a new painting.<br />

The important thing here is that there is always an<br />

interface, some kind of bridge or connection between<br />

the one and the other.<br />

What constitutes the interface? Is there a biological /<br />

chemical process? In other cases may be an emotional /<br />

spiritual action and reaction. My main point is to<br />

highlight the magical or alchemical nature of the<br />

interface.<br />

Alchemy is about transmutation. You might say that an<br />

idea for a painting transmutes through an intellectual &<br />

emotional creative process into a physical manifestation<br />

in the form of paint on a canvas.<br />

What is really exciting here is that a person who sees<br />

the painting might experience a reverse process, trying<br />

to understand the creative mechanism that led to the<br />

painting. That way, the artist and the audience can meet<br />

spiritually in the elusive no-mans-land of the betwixt &<br />

between the idea and the work.<br />


<strong>Alchemical</strong> <strong>Voice</strong> - L2M - Issue 24<br />

Through the looking glass<br />

The story of Alice is probably familiar to many of us;<br />

how she enters another world by passing through a<br />

mirror on the wall above a fireplace. A world where<br />

nothing appears the same as in the world we are<br />

familiar with or the so-called “real world”.<br />

Historically, mirrors have played an important part as<br />

gateways between the world as we know it and other<br />

worlds. Scrying is the practice of gazing into a shiny,<br />

polished surface to gain access to visions and other<br />

forms of guidance from the otherworldly, be it from<br />

your unconscious mind or from spirit.<br />

Queen Elisabeth 1 had her private astrologer, advisor<br />

and medic called John Dee (1527 – 1609). Doctor Dee<br />

used scrying mirrors for the purpose of divination and<br />

foreseeing the future. He needed to gain esoteric<br />

guidance in order to advice the Queen about future<br />

events.<br />

Dr Dee also used crystals for divination. One of them<br />

became quite famous, inasmuch as an object can<br />

become famous. It is a purple crystal, now on display in<br />

Science Museum in London. John Dee’s son gave the<br />

crystal to Nicholas Culpeper (1616 – 1654). (For those<br />

of you history buffs who might recognize the name<br />

Culpeper, you are right. Nicholas Culpeper was related<br />

to Thomas Culpeper, who was executed in 1542 for<br />

reputedly having had an affair with Catherine Howard,<br />

the 5th wife of King Henry VIII)<br />

Nicholas Culpeper combined his work as physician with<br />

an interest in the use of herbs for healing. He also took<br />

an interest in alchemy. This was not unusual at the<br />

time. Culpeper used Dee’s crystal in his work as<br />

physician, as he believed it had properties that could<br />

cure people from illness.<br />

Mirrors and crystals were traditionally a way to bridge<br />

over the void between the physical world as known to<br />

humans, and the invisible spirit world of angels and<br />

indeed of God. Such tools could be used to gain wisdom<br />

and insight into the otherworldly. They could be used<br />

to benefit from the benevolent compassion of God and<br />

angels.<br />


<strong>Alchemical</strong> <strong>Voice</strong> - L2M - Issue 24<br />

John Dee claimed that the purple crystal was given to<br />

him by the archangel Uriel, so there was a very clear<br />

connection to the spirit world.<br />

By the proper use of mirrors and crystals, preferably by<br />

someone trained in alchemy and divination, one could<br />

access divine help from the spiritual world. However,<br />

there were risks connected to the use of such tools.<br />

Nicholas Culpeper eventually decided to get rid of<br />

Dee’s crystal, as he sensed the presence of a demon,<br />

which used the crystal as a gateway to enter the<br />

physical world of humans, in order to haunt Culpeper,<br />

access his personal energy and thus weaken him. There<br />

is even a document from the 1650s, still existing, where<br />

Culpeper describes his ordeal and challenging<br />

encounter with the demon. This is an example of how a<br />

gateway, in this case facilitated with a crystal, could<br />

work in both directions between worlds.<br />

Intentions and Shamanism<br />

One of the basic rules about Shamanic journeying is to<br />

set a clear intention. The idea is that you need<br />

something similar to a road map in your spiritual work.<br />

Otherwise you might end up like Christopher Columbus<br />

who did not know where he was going, did not know<br />

where he had arrived and did not really know where he<br />

had been when he finally returned home to tell the tale.<br />

Yet... Shamanic work or any kind of energy work<br />

involving the otherworldly is not a logical process. Any<br />

intention comes from your mind. It is based upon an<br />

intellectual operation. Is a logically created intention a<br />

good starting point for your metaphysical work? Does a<br />

word create pictures? Or is it the other way around?<br />

Maybe both ways at the same time, like an oscillation of<br />

energies, logical and emotional, rational and esoteric,<br />

changing value by each oscillation.<br />

Practitioners of Shamanism typically speak about<br />

Ordinary Reality and Non-Ordinary Reality.<br />

In Ordinary Reality, everything we learned in school<br />

applies. The knowledge passed on to us by our teachers<br />

about mathematics, physics, chemistry and biology is<br />

valid. Newtonian mechanics, gravity and Quantum<br />

physics are all valid in Ordinary Reality.<br />


<strong>Alchemical</strong> <strong>Voice</strong> - L2M - Issue 24<br />

Non-Ordinary Reality is where we encounter spirits,<br />

power animals, teachers and advisors from the spirit<br />

world. Here, the laws of physics do not apply.<br />

Anybody’s understanding of Non-Ordinary Reality is<br />

highly individual. There is no need for consensus. Two<br />

practitioners of Shamanism who visit the spirit world,<br />

with the same intention, might very well return with<br />

different information.<br />

The interface between Ordinary Reality and Non-<br />

Ordinary Reality is to some extent a reflection of the<br />

qualities and current situation of the person who travels<br />

between worlds. A teacher – in human form - of<br />

Shamanism can give guidelines and general advice. Yet,<br />

for the practitioner who encounters beings and features<br />

of the spirit world, of Non-Ordinary Reality, it is vital to<br />

understand how the pre-defined intention with the work<br />

will influence the outcome. It is also of utmost<br />

importance to establish rapport with benevolent spirits<br />

who can assist with guidance, advice, protection and<br />

also help interpret information gathered by the<br />

practitioner.<br />

The interface between Ordinary Reality and Non-<br />

Ordinary Reality as experienced in Shamanic work can<br />

be quite diffuse and unclear.<br />

Reality or not?<br />

Consider the risk of confusion in the play of words.<br />

A photograph is a representation of reality, no more or<br />

no less. Keep in mind that it does not necessarily show<br />

the subject as it is. It may not convey the true nature of<br />

the subject. Does a photograph gain meaning by<br />

representing its subject? Or maybe it is the other way<br />

around? We are back with the chicken and the egg, and<br />

indeed what the interface between them really is?<br />

Life on a seesaw<br />

The painter Paul Cezanne said “if I think, all is lost”.<br />

I invite the reader to explore and meditate on the<br />

various forms of “betwixt & between” they can<br />

define in their life.<br />

Never mind about the conundrum of chicken ‘n’<br />

egg or egg ‘n’ chicken. As we have seen, there is<br />

always a flow of esoteric energy between worlds.<br />

Do not think too much. Use your emotions, your<br />

intuition, and your spirit when you explore the<br />

different realities.<br />

The extended version of life is a seesaw, with you<br />

sitting on both ends at the same time....<br />

The question of reality is an age old question, asked by<br />

many philosophers throughout history, from Plato’s<br />

shadows on a cave wall to Einstein who allegedly said<br />

that “reality is merely an illusion, albeit a persistent<br />

one”.<br />

It is easy to get tripped up by semantics and a common<br />

understanding of the meaning of words.<br />

John Sjovik<br />

Shaman Healer<br />

www.shamaqi.com<br />


<strong>Alchemical</strong> <strong>Voice</strong> - L2M - Issue 24<br />

P R A C T I T I O N E R ' S<br />

E N E R G E T I C P R O T E C T I O N<br />

O N L I N E C O U R S E<br />

Jovi Hoonjan<br />

Shamanic Alchemist<br />

Arm yourself with<br />

protection tools and<br />

practices that you can use<br />

in your day-to-day life and<br />

during sessions.<br />

Essential for anyone who<br />

works with the public.<br />

Online Shamanic<br />

guided meditations<br />

with protection<br />

formulae<br />

Language of the<br />

Ancients vibrational<br />

consciousness cards<br />

Powerful ancient<br />

sacred symbols<br />

Rituals and ceremonies<br />

w w w . l o v e 2 m e d i t a t e / o n l i n e - c o u r s e s<br />


<strong>Alchemical</strong> <strong>Voice</strong> - L2M - Issue 24<br />



Martin Lewis<br />

Understanding the spiritual / medical<br />

differences.<br />

There are two distinct aspects that define ‘levels of<br />

consciousness’ (LoC) - one medical, one spiritual.<br />

In medical terms LoC’s range from normal alertness<br />

and attention through many different states, ranging<br />

from confusion, through delirium to stupor and finally<br />

coma, the latter being defined as a ‘long period of<br />

unconciousness’ - usually due to illness or injury.<br />

The same things that may cause a mild state of altered<br />

LoC can cause more severe states. You may start with<br />

a mild state and rapidly progress through to a more<br />

severe stage, especially if the agent causing the<br />

altered LoC is not rectified.<br />

David R Hawkins was the genesis behind the original<br />

‘map of the levels consciousness’, a scale that<br />

quantified human consciousness on levels ranging<br />

from 1 to 1000, that appears at first glance to be<br />

somewhat distinct from the medical model.<br />

Interestingly it is not, as the principle idea remains the<br />

same - that ‘consciousness’ is not just a physical state,<br />

but a spiritual one as well. In effect, the medical<br />

model looks at the symptomatic situation (the one that<br />

can be seen) but does not necessarily link this to the<br />

deeper level (the levels as defined by Hawkins).<br />

Each level on Hawkins ‘map’ represents a different<br />

‘state’ of consciousness, each associated with specific<br />

emotions, views, and spiritual realities. It was<br />

originally published in his book ‘Power vs. Force’, the<br />

basic premise of the book being that there is a<br />

distinction between power and force, power being<br />

associated with higher consciousness levels, while<br />

force is linked with lower consciousness levels.<br />


<strong>Alchemical</strong> <strong>Voice</strong> - L2M - Issue 24<br />

For a human being to be ‘conscious’ requires a level<br />

of energy to be maintained, which can be defined as<br />

‘spirit’. For instance, if we become ‘dis-spirited’ we<br />

lose energy, and therefore an amount of ‘spirit’ is<br />

lost, causing weakness in our immune, and other<br />

systems. In general human beings do not define being<br />

‘dis-spirited’ as an energy loss, rather as a state of<br />

mental health - that is as having ‘lost enthusiasm’ and<br />

hope; or being 'disheartened', or a lack of<br />

determination or confidence. This is defined in<br />

psychoanalytic theory as a mental state, but in<br />

actuality it is a change of energy on a spiritual level.<br />

Hawkins book explores the concept of subjective and<br />

non-linear truth, stating that truth is relative to one's<br />

level of consciousness. In effect the more truthful we<br />

are (that is to ourselves) then the more energy we<br />

have available at our disposal.<br />

This ‘truth’ is not necessarily allied to its opposite (a<br />

lie), and so it is not necessarily about lying, but about<br />

how honest you are with yourself. It is more allied to<br />

‘appropriateness’, that is the suitability of yourself to<br />

a task that needs to be actioned. In effect the more<br />

appropriate your action in response to an event, the<br />

more enlightened you are, and the more energy you<br />

will have to succeed in your task.<br />

Some would say that this would be the ability to be<br />

‘wise’!<br />

What this means in real terms is whether the<br />

response to an outside level of energy, is aligned<br />

with the appropriate internal one.<br />

If you respond appropriately, then you maintain<br />

your ‘spirit’, and avoid the need for ‘soul retrieval’ -<br />

often seen as a shamanic process of recovery of the<br />

soul, relevant to a traumatic event.<br />

If you respond appropriately you will maintain your<br />

level of energy, and your immune system will work<br />

appropriately as a result, dealing with pathogens<br />

and inflammatory cytokines exceedingly well.<br />

On the other hand, if you do NOT respond to the<br />

outside stress with the appropriate action, then<br />

your immune system will start to fail, and you will<br />

become stressed and potentially ill. If this is not<br />

rectified with an appropriate reciprocated action it<br />

is possible that you will become more seriously ill,<br />

and then dis-eased. This is where the medical model<br />

kicks in, as the ‘illness’ becomes visible.<br />


<strong>Alchemical</strong> <strong>Voice</strong> - L2M - Issue 24<br />

In effect, long before the medical model can treat<br />

you, the ‘illness’ already has a hold. The immune<br />

system struggles to maintain equilibrium, and<br />

physical symptoms manifest. It is at this stage that<br />

the medical model’s LoCs become relevant. Of course<br />

the issue has already ‘set its motions in place’.<br />

It can be seen that the trauma that is causing this<br />

‘visibility’ of symptoms is not being dealt with at a<br />

spiritual level, and therefore is unlikely to be treated<br />

‘appropriately’!<br />

According to Hawkins, reaching the highest level of<br />

consciousness (1000) is equivalent to attaining<br />

spiritual enlightenment. In fact the LoC of 700 and<br />

above suggests that illness cannot be maintained in<br />

the bodies energetic levels, and so healing occurs.<br />

This is not spontaneous. It requires work - what a<br />

shaman would call ‘soul retrieval’ - the healing of a<br />

traumatic event by responding appropriately to it.<br />

This process serves as a tool for personal growth,<br />

encouraging individuals to raise their consciousness<br />

levels. In turn, it suggests that for humanity to heal<br />

itself, through spiritual evolution, the potential for<br />

human development through the increase of<br />

collective consciousness is the end goal of humanity.<br />

The end of war, famine, and the dis-ease that plagues<br />

human beings on a worldwide scale would become a<br />

distant memory.<br />

Our actions, decisions, and interactions with others<br />

can be better understood by identifying our LoC’s.<br />

This perspective can foster empathy and<br />

understanding, promoting healthier and more<br />

harmonious relationships with each other.<br />


www.appliedmetaphysics.co.uk<br />

kinesiology@hotmail.co.uk<br />

+44 (0)7968 740550<br />

Newbury, Berkshire<br />


<strong>Alchemical</strong> <strong>Voice</strong> - L2M - Issue 24<br />

I, You.<br />

I see you<br />

The worry and confusion<br />

The unease,<br />

For fear of the unknown<br />

I hear you<br />

The calls for connection<br />

Tones of unrest<br />

Through notes of your voice thrown<br />

I feel you<br />

In the way you move, or don’t<br />

The steps you take<br />

And the shapes on your face<br />

I know you<br />

The bare you. The whole you<br />

The one that is coming hOMe<br />

On this ball in space<br />

Nasreen Pritchard<br />

Movement & Meditation Coach<br />

Based in Farnham<br />

www.flowwithnasreen.co.uk<br />

Flowwithnasreen@gmail.com<br />

07803264457<br />

I am you, you see<br />

You, I<br />

Everything is everything<br />

Keep asking, not talking<br />

Keep listening, not distracting<br />

Keep being, not doing<br />

Come home<br />

I Love you<br />

Mother Earth/ME<br />

by Nasreen Pritchard<br />


<strong>Alchemical</strong> <strong>Voice</strong> - L2M - Issue 24<br />



Claire Sparks<br />

In Ayurveda, the traditional healing science of<br />

India, there are three doshas, or constitutions,<br />

that are present within us and in the world<br />

around us. These three doshas, namely Vata,<br />

Pitta and Kapha, each have a unique set of<br />

qualities which contribute to our mind-body<br />

make up. Kapha, (pronounced kaa-pah), is<br />

derived from the Sanskrit word for “structure”<br />

and represented by the elements of earth and<br />

water. It provides the qualities of stability,<br />

stamina, and endurance, and is a grounding<br />

dosha. It governs bodily functions such as<br />

structure, lubrication, and nourishment, whilst<br />

supporting growth, immunity, emotional<br />

wellbeing, and mental stability.<br />

As with each of the Ayurvedic doshas, their<br />

qualities influence an individual’s physical<br />

appearance, temperament, and physiological<br />

functions. For someone with a greater<br />

proportion of Kapha dosha, they tend to have a<br />

solid body frame, thick hair, and radiant skin.<br />

They are usually nurturing souls, who are<br />

naturally calm and compassionate by nature.<br />

When out of balance, the earthy-watery ways of<br />

Kapha dosha can lead to sluggishness, lethargy,<br />

and weight gain, including water retention. Any<br />

mucus conditions such as the common cold is a<br />

sign of too much Kapha energy in the body. In<br />

the mind, resistance to change, depression,<br />

unable to let go of attachments, are all<br />

considered to be signs that an excess of Kapha<br />

dosha is present in the individual.<br />


<strong>Alchemical</strong> <strong>Voice</strong> - L2M - Issue 24<br />

Here are my top 3 ways to balance Kapha dosha:<br />

Move Your Body<br />

To combat Kapha sluggishness and lethargy, regular movement is<br />

essential to stimulate metabolism, increase energy levels and<br />

stave off weight gain. Rigorous physical activity is usually the<br />

last thing on a Kapha person’s mind, so enlist a friend and get<br />

outside in nature for a brisk walk or turn up the stereo and have<br />

yourself a dance around the kitchen.<br />

Limit Your Intake of Sugar and Dairy Foods<br />

They can exacerbate Kapha imbalances due to their mucus<br />

increasing properties. Go for non-dairy alternatives such as plant<br />

milks and swap out refined sugar for a natural sweetener such as<br />

maple syrup.<br />

Get Sociable<br />

Kapha individuals, or those with a Kapha imbalance, are more<br />

prone to feeling low which may lead to withdrawing from others.<br />

Keep engaging with friends, get out of the house more and be<br />

around other people to avoid feeling isolated. If you can get<br />

active with friends, it’s a winning combination for Kapha types.<br />

Every person is unique, so it’s important to understand what it is<br />

you need to restore balance through an Ayurvedic approach to<br />

health and wellness. If you’re not sure which adjustments are<br />

right for you, consult an Ayurvedic practitioner who will be able<br />

to guide and support you to reach a place of balanced health.<br />

www.earthlightwellbeing.co.uk<br />

Facebook @earthlightwellbeing<br />

Instagram @earthlightwellbeing<br />

claire@earthlightwellbeing.co.uk<br />

Claire is a Diploma Certified Ayurvedic Practitioner<br />

and Yoga Therapist specialising in women’s health.<br />

With over 15 years experience in the wellbeing<br />

industry she is a weaver of women’s magic, supporting<br />

women to reawaken the divine feminine within to<br />

understand their uniqueness so they can live a healthy<br />

and balanced life.<br />

Based in Hampshire, UK, Claire supports women<br />

across the world from her online clinic.<br />



41<br />

<strong>Alchemical</strong> <strong>Voice</strong> - L2M - Issue 24

<strong>Alchemical</strong> <strong>Voice</strong> - L2M - Issue 24<br />

Russell Gibbs<br />

POTTER<br />

L O C A T E D I N C H E D D A R G O R G E<br />


<strong>Alchemical</strong> <strong>Voice</strong> - L2M - Issue 24<br />

russellgibbspottery@gmail.com<br />

+44 77610 46525<br />

@cheddargorgepottery<br />


<strong>Alchemical</strong> <strong>Voice</strong> - L2M - Issue 24<br />

Wonderfully insightful poetry,<br />

beautifully illustrated offering healing to<br />

the readers<br />

Available on Amazon<br />

www.soulverse.co.uk<br />


Hidden in the Mist<br />

<strong>Alchemical</strong> <strong>Voice</strong> - L2M - Issue 24<br />

Susan always knew she could sense<br />

things that she couldn't see, so when her<br />

husband James starts to act strangely is<br />

there more to his behaviour than meets<br />

the eye?<br />

With her daughter also starting to act<br />

strangely, Susan's nerves are on a knife<br />

edge, having lost all of her self-esteem<br />

at her husband's hands, not knowing<br />

where to turn and with echoes of the<br />

past still clinging persistently to her<br />

home.<br />

Susan instinctively knows that<br />

everyone's survival depends upon her.<br />

Will Susan be able to save her family<br />

from the malevolence which threatens<br />

to engulf them all?<br />

Hidden in the Mist is a supernatural<br />

book that is loosely based on some reallife<br />

experiences that Sue personally had<br />

in her childhood.<br />

“I read Hidden in the Mist in less than a<br />

week as I got gripped by the characters<br />

and the storyline - really needed to know<br />

how it was all going to turn out! I enjoy a<br />

good ghost story and this was a really<br />

good ghost story.”<br />

Pulling out all stops in her debut work of fiction, Sue Penney’s Hidden in the Mist is a<br />

ghostly tale par excellence.<br />

Aware of her own personal supernatural abilities since the age of three, the author<br />

draws on real-life events she experienced as a child to give Hidden in the Mist an<br />

authenticity and scare factor that plays with your mind from the outset. Adding further<br />

to its spooky credentials, the front cover is illustrated with an image of the actual house<br />

in which the author first experienced the paranormal.<br />

Worthy of a solid ten out of ten for its accomplished plot, pace and the fear it evokes,<br />

Hidden in the Mist is most definitely one to read with the lights on full."<br />

Hidden in the Mist book now available www.soulverse.co.uk<br />

sue@soulverse.co.uk<br />


Life behind<br />

the mask<br />

<strong>Alchemical</strong> <strong>Voice</strong> - L2M - Issue 24<br />

A compelling story of a young mother, happy in her<br />

first marital home, running her successful dance school.<br />

Everything changed one fateful night; following a<br />

severe car accident, her husband developed paranoid<br />

schizophrenia. A year of desperation, misery attempted<br />

murder, a shooting and a suicide followed.<br />

A second husband with rage issues, led to physical<br />

abuse of her son and a life of fear. Follow her fight to<br />

protect her children and explore the horrors they faced<br />

growing up. Years remaining silent for fear of reprisal<br />

and the guilt carried from seeing the effect it had on<br />

her children.<br />

Another near fatal car accident and the unexplained<br />

miracle rescue. An illness that drained her body, stole<br />

her career and left her bedridden. This is one woman’s<br />

battle against insurmountable odds. The will to survive,<br />

protect, overcome years of torment, fear and<br />

oppression and the day she discovered the strength<br />

within, to fight back and step out from ‘BEHIND THE<br />

MASK’<br />

I spent most of my working life as a professional dance instructor, designing and<br />

producing theatrical shows for children. When a severe back injury resulting<br />

from a car crash forced me into early retirement, I started looking for new ways<br />

to be creative and find a new outlet in life to express myself. Writing filled this<br />

void and allowed me to clarify, accept and eventually script what has happened<br />

to me over the years, which makes for a compelling and at times, difficult read.<br />

For a very long time I tried to come to terms with what I have been through and<br />

how it has affected both me and my family. Having finished this book, I am now<br />

able to look back and reflect on my life in a way I never thought possible. The<br />

sheer number and variety of traumas I have experienced is almost<br />

incomprehensible and the horrors of some of the situations are a lot to take onboard.<br />

These have shaped me into the woman I am today.<br />

Within the book you will experience my life in its rawest form including a suicide,<br />

a ruined career, a lengthy lawsuit, a terrible marriage, an abusive husband,<br />

terrified children, a debilitating illness, broken families, dreams shattered, hope,<br />

fear, and impossible choices. Only when you are at your lowest, when you feel<br />

that life has taken too much from you, do you look deep inside yourself and<br />

make a choice. This story is my choice.<br />

Available from Amazon, Waterstones, WH Smith or<br />

Pegasus Elliott Mackenzie Publishers<br />


<strong>Alchemical</strong> <strong>Voice</strong> - L2M - Issue 24<br />


Jan is a gifted and professionally recognised<br />

healer, spiritual counsellor and psychic, working<br />

with clients to help them find the root cause of<br />

their physical condition which is normally an<br />

emotional issue buried deep inside.<br />

Jan Reid<br />

Be Good to Yourselves<br />

Dorset (distance healing available)<br />

www.begoodtoyourselves.com<br />

email@begoodtoyourselves.com<br />

+44 (0)776 993 6500<br />


tameshka@hotmail.com | 07786 194 149<br />

Mytchett, Surrey<br />



Fluid acrylic art<br />

<strong>Alchemical</strong> <strong>Voice</strong> - L2M - Issue 24<br />


Commissions accepted<br />

Courses in Dorset<br />


O r i g i n a l a r t s t r a i g h t f r o m t h e h e a r t !

<strong>Alchemical</strong> <strong>Voice</strong> - L2M - Issue 24<br />

L o v e & L i g h t J e w e l l e r y<br />

Beautiful citrine encased in silver wire<br />

wrapped pendant teamed with pretty pink<br />

agate beads. Silver chain is approx 32cm long<br />

£50<br />

Stunning clean cut citrine stone wrapped in<br />

copper gold wire. With a choice of gold chain<br />

or silk black cord<br />

£35<br />

Email: suecaustick@gmail.com<br />

Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/suecaustick<br />


<strong>Alchemical</strong> <strong>Voice</strong> - L2M - Issue 24<br />

L o v e & L i g h t J e w e l l e r y<br />

Pretty rose shaped citrine beads teamed<br />

with faceted clear quartz and crackle quartz<br />

beads<br />

£30<br />

Beautifully shaped citrine discs with silver<br />

Tibetan beads. A joy to wear<br />

£35<br />

Email: suecaustick@gmail.com<br />

Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/suecaustick<br />


<strong>Alchemical</strong> <strong>Voice</strong> - L2M - Issue 24<br />


balancing vibrational energies<br />

Helping you to<br />

release the past<br />

change belief systems<br />

feel more complete<br />

bring yourself into alignment<br />

We visit past lives that could be<br />

the source of a current issue.<br />

We clear emotional and physical<br />

pains carried over from many<br />

lifetimes.<br />


<strong>Alchemical</strong> <strong>Voice</strong> - L2M - Issue 24<br />



Jovi Hoonjan<br />

In the world of mysticism and ancient practices, the role of a<br />

Shaman Alchemist holds a unique place, blending the deep<br />

spiritual insights of shamans with the transformative power of<br />

alchemy.<br />

The fusion of these two ancient traditions results in a<br />

profound and enlightening journey that brings forth both<br />

personal and societal benefits.<br />

So, let’s explore the unique values of working with a Shaman<br />

Alchemist.<br />

Connection to Nature<br />

Shaman Alchemists are deeply in tune with nature. They<br />

recognize the interconnectedness of all living things and know<br />

that the elements of the natural world hold profound wisdom.<br />

This connection to nature fosters a great appreciation for the<br />

natural world and a sense of responsibility for its well-being. I<br />

have personally worked on balancing geopathic stresses on<br />

Earth to bring harmony to properties, streets, villages and<br />

towns.<br />

Power Animals<br />

Shaman Alchemists have spiritual allies in the form of animals,<br />

that offer guidance, protection, and empowerment to those<br />

who seek their help. Shamans connect with their power<br />

animals through various practices such as journeying,<br />

meditation, and dreamwork. By connecting with their power<br />

animals, shamans can tap into their inner strength and achieve<br />

greater well-being in all aspects of their lives. Power animals<br />

are believed to lend the shaman their wisdom and attributes,<br />

which can help in their healing work. Power animal retrieval is<br />

a healing practice where a shaman can help others to find an<br />

existing or new power animal. It is believed that everyone has<br />

power animals that reside with them throughout their lives<br />

and add to their power and protection from illness. Honouring<br />

one’s power animal is important as it deepens the connection<br />

between the individual and the spirit of the animal.<br />


<strong>Alchemical</strong> <strong>Voice</strong> - L2M - Issue 24<br />

Healing<br />

One of the primary roles of a Shaman Alchemist is to facilitate<br />

healing for individuals and communities. They use their<br />

wisdom and the spiritual support of power animals, ascended<br />

masters, herbs, crystals, and energy work to address physical,<br />

emotional, and spiritual ailments.<br />

By combining shamanic rituals and alchemical processes, they<br />

identify the source of the issue and offer holistic healing<br />

solutions that go beyond conventional medicine. From<br />

personal experience, the root of the problem can be from<br />

anywhere - a past life, an issue with something on a parallel<br />

universe, a twin flame connection, a spiritual attachment...<br />

Spiritual Guidance<br />

Shaman Alchemists serve as spiritual guides, helping others to<br />

navigate their life paths and connect with their inner selves.<br />

They assist in finding purpose and meaning, balancing<br />

energies where required, which leads to profound<br />

transformation for those seeking personal growth and<br />

enlightenment. At times, people just need a gentle redirection<br />

to help them return to their true spiritual path.<br />

Transformation<br />

Alchemy is often associated with the transformation of base<br />

metals into gold, but for a Shaman Alchemist, the true gold<br />

lies in the transformation of the self. They guide us through<br />

inner alchemical processes that transmute harmful emotions,<br />

beliefs, and energies into helpful ones, leading to personal<br />

growth and spiritual evolution.<br />

Community Support<br />

Shaman Alchemists often work within their communities,<br />

offering support during times of crisis, change, or uncertainty.<br />

They help communities come together, heal, and find a sense<br />

of unity in times of need. This aspect of their practice is<br />

particularly valuable in today's fragmented world. A good<br />

example of this is the work done at Avebury Henge, involving<br />

Julie de Vere Hunt, Martin Lewis and myself. We were called<br />

upon to lift the Levels of Consciousness by undertaking a<br />

ceremonial ritual.<br />

The guidance we received involved carrying out a meditation<br />

journey spoken in an ancient language to help the heart<br />

centre of the World, which is Avebury, and from there all the<br />

other sacred sites would align themselves. We left Avebury in<br />

October well and truly connected to divine enlightenment.<br />


<strong>Alchemical</strong> <strong>Voice</strong> - L2M - Issue 24<br />

Preservation of Wisdom<br />

Shaman Alchemists are often the custodians of ancient<br />

wisdom and traditions, passing down knowledge from<br />

generation to generation. This preservation of knowledge<br />

ensures that valuable insights from the past are not lost to<br />

time, contributing to the continuity of human understanding<br />

and spiritual growth. Through the spiritual development I<br />

have undertaken personally, I have discovered that for most<br />

of my previous lives, I have been a Shaman Alchemist. This<br />

has manifested in this lifetime with the purpose of supporting<br />

others to grow spiritually.<br />

Integration of Traditions<br />

The fusion of shamanic and alchemical traditions allows<br />

Shaman Alchemists to draw from a wide range of practices<br />

and philosophies. This integration provides a rich tapestry of<br />

tools and techniques to aid in personal and collective<br />

transformation.<br />

Conclusion<br />

Being a Shaman Alchemist is a unique and valuable vocation<br />

that blends the spiritual insights of shamanism with the<br />

transformative power of alchemy.<br />

The role of a Shaman Alchemist goes far beyond personal<br />

gain; it is a path of providing support, healing, and<br />

transformation for both individuals and communities.<br />

Our ability to connect with nature, facilitate healing, provide<br />

spiritual guidance, and bring about transformation makes<br />

them a powerful force for positive change in our world.<br />

Through this work, we preserve ancient wisdom, foster a<br />

deep connection to the natural world, and contribute to the<br />

greater good of humanity.<br />

As the publisher of The <strong>Alchemical</strong> <strong>Voice</strong> magazine, I am<br />

proud to shed light on this extraordinary role, honouring the<br />

values and benefits it brings to our modern world.<br />

Jovi Hoonjan<br />

Shaman Alchemist<br />

<strong>Alchemical</strong> <strong>Voice</strong> | Love 2 Meditate<br />

www.love2meditate.com<br />


<strong>Alchemical</strong> <strong>Voice</strong> - L2M - Issue 24<br />



To purchase a hard copy of this or previous editions,<br />

click on the QR code<br />

Published by Jovi Hoonjan, Love 2 Meditate<br />

www.alchemicalvoice.com<br />

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