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7 Deadly Sins<br />

Meowpooo<br />

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paper_hands_NFT<br />

UndeadGenesis<br />

mr_tldr<br />

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BoDoggos<br />

skribrnetwork<br />

whirltools<br />

mr_tldr<br />

Pineapples<br />

kemos4be<br />

& MUCH more


Under the Umbrella<br />

James Photo<br />

BeJOE<br />

Whirltools<br />

Pineapples<br />

UndeadGenesis<br />

Lending Models<br />

7 Deadly Sins<br />

Bull Run<br />

Creative Corner<br />

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Hawksnest<br />


ISSUE<br />

<strong>115</strong><br />


<strong>Issue</strong> <strong>115</strong>, let it fly! It's July, 2023!<br />

Your support via likes & retweets helps #<strong>SHILL</strong>zine reach a broader audience. It has helped this magazine achieve 762,041<br />

views across 113 issues (previous week = 757,642). Looking forward to those weeks where we were reaching 8-10k views!<br />

Pixeltoy<br />

Transitory Mask - Creep

SolCity Radio is the hub for all those who create and appreciate art,<br />

providing entertainment and educational content while actively<br />

uniting communities under one umbrella.<br />

Feature hour w/ SUBI<br />

Join us for a conversation about<br />

the connection between<br />

neuroscience & art, how our brain<br />

functionality is affected by the<br />

creative process & beauty<br />

perception over the years in<br />

relation to art.<br />

Another great episode of Heart &<br />

Hustle! This week we discussed<br />

about adult diapers, making<br />

friends for profit, and the one<br />

thing all successful web3 artists<br />

have in common.

@sol_nxxn<br />

4940 followers<br />

Nothing is going as we are planning it, and it’s great.<br />

Great to experience a range of emotions, great to<br />

learn useful lessons from that.<br />

When you are moving in the right direction - it will be<br />

hard and sometimes scary.<br />

But the most important thing is to keep moving.<br />

@RyderLeeNFT<br />

7559 followers<br />

It’s funny to me when aspiring twitter users<br />

hoping to gain audience alienate a portion of,<br />

or the entirety of, the community they were<br />

born from-<br />

Also shows a lot about their character and<br />


Magnum AI<br />

Shredded Apes<br />

Sol Patrol

Leaving a Legacy of Kindness<br />

BrittHoffman128<br />

If you have listened to Sol City Radio’s Rise Before Grind morning show, then you have definitely met or shall we<br />

say, heard this modern-day Lorax.<br />

Before RBG, he was introduced to Solana through Goku on the GM Show where he was inspired to build a photography<br />

space on Solana.<br />

Through this inspiration, he began morning photography spaces with JOM and it was there he met Patrick Mulligan,<br />

Jairinho, and Neverland.<br />

James became a co-founder of Sol City Radio alongside these other amazing photographers in the space, where<br />

together they provide a fun environment for independent artists to network and get educated on Solana.<br />

Darkroom to Digital<br />

James has had 20 years of photography experience under his martial arts belt.<br />

Not everyone can say they began shooting on actual film and processed and developed in the darkroom, but<br />

that’s not the only experience James has.<br />

“I began shooting digital photography and started capturing portraits, weddings, newborns, sports, concerts, and<br />

various life events.<br />

While I love client work, my fine art photography is centered around inspiring others through my imagery and<br />

12 <strong>SHILL</strong> <strong>Issue</strong> #<strong>115</strong>

storytelling.”<br />

He goes on to explain that he would like his photography<br />

“to inspire others through his imagery and storytelling”.<br />

“I love to create art; I want to use my platforms to help<br />

other artists as well as spread environmental conservation.<br />

I have also helped use my platforms to inspire and spread<br />

environmental conservation.<br />

I started #NFTCLEANUPDAY a global trash pick-up initiative,<br />

literally convincing the NFT community to remove<br />

trash from our waterways.”<br />

Art Is Life<br />

Love, inspiration, and imagination are what fuel James to<br />

continue his work.<br />

His passion for the Earth and others is tremendous and<br />

easy to see.<br />

He’ll rise past any wave that comes his way to go out of his<br />

way and help others.<br />

“I’ve felt the deepest pains and felt the inspiration other<br />

artists gave me in those darkest moments, and if I can give<br />

that to someone else through my art, I’m a success.”

Bodega Bay<br />

In true James form, his newest collection will drop as an<br />

inspiration for other artists to create through three concepts.<br />

“1. Sculling the waves to survive the art markets<br />

2. Doing today what others won’t do, so you can have<br />

what others won’t have<br />

3. Living in balance with the ecosystem.”<br />

The 3 pieces, Portside (pictured left), The Privateer, and<br />

Catch of the Day (pictured above) have already been minted<br />

Catch of the Day has already been sold but the other two<br />

remaining pieces will remain open to offers up until the<br />

drop day of May 23, 2023.<br />

To learn more about each piece catch the drop party<br />

hosted by Photography on Solana on 5/23 at 2 PM CT (click<br />

here to listen)<br />

Leaving a Legacy of Kindness<br />

There is no doubt James has love for the Solana community<br />

and has always treated everyone with kindness and<br />

respect, except possibly Neverland.<br />

He chose to leave a legacy in which his kids and grandkids<br />

could benefit from his art but unknowingly found a family<br />

in Solana and is creating a legacy of kindness.<br />

I’ll end this with the following from James:<br />

“Be kind to yourself, be kind to others, be kind to earth<br />

protect our waterways and when you go outside to touch<br />

some grass, make sure to pick up a little bit of trash, because,<br />

without Earth, there is no Art.”

paper_hands_NFT<br />

BeJoe is a telltale story of the come up, the stoicism of the outside world, the means of what eats us on the<br />

inside, and the desires that NFTs can fill on our own lives. Even though I am nothing close to a psychologist, let’s<br />

peel the layers of what goes on inside the realm of the BeJoe, and the tech, brand, and ideology that sparks<br />

these arrays of emotion.<br />

Before we begin, us teenagers have curated a free-99 mint of Paper Hands, so if your interested in reading our<br />

token-gated articles in the future and catching the latest alpha, all our info will be posted at the bottom.<br />

Project Overview<br />

Here’s all the information the BeJoe blank faces have revealed so far:<br />

• Endless runner whitelist game called Joe’s Escape (OUT NOW).<br />

• In-house art team bridging the edge from 2d and pixel art.<br />

• Detailed lore/brand alignment to Joe’s Gambit story and technology.<br />

A Summary<br />

Joe is an empty man. From the bottles, he drinks to<br />

numb his life, to his day-to-day routine. After a series<br />

of unfortunate in the first few live animated chapters,<br />

after his wife leaves him and he gets fired, he receives<br />

a series of cryptic notes. The only way is up for him as<br />

he, therefore, continues to explore these new sensations,<br />

out of the ordinary from the start.<br />

One of the Cryptic Notes<br />

Dealing with the uncertainty of diving into the gateway<br />

of change, or maintaining his normal life, after the<br />

pressures of life drop Joe to his feet, he has no choice<br />

but to go into the portal, leading to the first lore to<br />

technology congruence: Joe Escape.<br />

Joe Escape<br />

While other founders and WL fiends are average Joes,<br />

chatbotting with half-finished threads and mediocre<br />

fan-art, BeJoe does things differently with their WL<br />

system.<br />

Joe’s Escape is computer-only with thoughts of mobile<br />

play, WL progression game, where avoiding getting hit<br />

by objects<br />

in the<br />

portal void<br />

from the<br />

story while<br />

playing as<br />

pixel Joe,<br />

rewards<br />

points. It’s<br />

simple,<br />

the longer<br />

you last,<br />

the better<br />

chance<br />

you have<br />

at winning.<br />

One can<br />

compare<br />

this similar<br />

to Dookie-dash<br />

by Bored<br />

Ape Yacht<br />

Club. It’s a refresher, especially for young degens like<br />

myself.<br />

The Team<br />

After hearing Solana’s equivalent of Batman and Robin<br />

with Wing and Sandman (can’t forget the rest of the<br />

team), there’s a lot going for BeJoe’s backing. From<br />

16 <strong>SHILL</strong> <strong>Issue</strong> #<strong>115</strong>

Wing currently working with MagicEden under business<br />

development, to Sandman working under countless tech<br />

studios, and working alongside the stretch from the game<br />

to the rest of the project’s development, they are yin and<br />

yang in our eyes.<br />

Talking to Wing about the degen meta a year ago to date,<br />

to seeing his determination a whole year later, shows his<br />

own character, resilience, and the high and low tides that<br />

shapes Wing as an outspoken founder, and what is needed<br />

to run an ambitious project under his team. Being friends<br />

with Wing, bias aside, Wing has what it takes, a strong arsenal,<br />

and tools/connections at every corner in the twisted<br />

universe of BeJoe.<br />

Conclusion<br />

Wing has been finicky about when to share and what to<br />

share at any given moment. BeJoe is the perfect in-between<br />

of being mysterious and transparent through beating<br />

deadlines, thriving against the norms of Solana, while<br />

giving a refreshing taste to the rinse and repeat of founder<br />

values and creativity entirely so far.<br />

DM’S scheduling our Paper Podcast interview.<br />

With surprise pre-sales, a skill-based WL game, and community<br />

challenges, we can’t wait to see what the power<br />

of Solana and Web3 can have on stories and technologies<br />

at the same time. Although the mind, soul, and Joe’s facial<br />

embodiment is in the journey to fulfillment, we hope you<br />

were fulfilled on this adventure on everything to know<br />

about BeJoe as of now!<br />

Find out more:<br />

https://twitter.com/paper_hands_NFT<br />


@mr_tldr<br />

@whirltools<br />

Twitter: @whirltools<br />

What is Whirltools and what do they do?<br />

@whirltools is a B2B utility project that does rev sharing for holders. The project is founded by @daddydegennft<br />

who is also the lead developer.<br />

@daddydegennft has 8 years in web2 development and turned full time web3 since 2021.<br />

@whirltools is extremely transparent with their holders with their internal works and even shares their WIP with<br />

the public.<br />

Quote Tweet<br />

WhirlTools<br />

@whirltools<br />

The Whirltools Bulletin is now live Here you will be able to see Current work Work progress Upcoming tools<br />

for Whirltools & More http://bulletin.whirltools.io<br />

Users can also check their overall performance up to date, their work “heat map” and their expenses. Currently,<br />

they are giving out close to 1 SOL per NFT weekly to their holders.<br />

18 <strong>SHILL</strong> <strong>Issue</strong> #<strong>115</strong>

Quote Tweet<br />

WhirlTools @whirltools<br />

It’s been a bit since we’ve shown our dashboard on<br />

Twitter... Our total revenue is now 28084 SOL. So far, in 3<br />

days, each holder gets .71 SOL. 4 days remain till payout.<br />

Here’s a couple of tools that I want to highlight that I think<br />

is interesting Whirlswap Whirlswap is a P2P NFT swap tool<br />

that has the functionality of cross-chain NFT swapping. For<br />

example, users can swap their Cyrptopunks or BAYC for<br />

SMBs or MadLads. You name it.<br />

WL Application Hub and Collaboration Bot This is a seamless<br />

WL distribution tool that allows project founders to<br />

instantly approve or reject WL request applications. Pairing<br />

it with the collab bot, approved projects automatically<br />

receive the WL spost in their server.<br />

Discord Security Bot Project founders can utilize this security<br />

bot to protect their discord from being attacked by<br />

bad actors. This bot is fully controllable on their dashboard<br />

upon adding it to the server. The bot helps prevent antinuker,<br />

spam bot prevention, and more.<br />

What does holding an Whirltool PFP grant you?<br />

1. Revenue Share<br />

What are some of the tools that they provide to projects?<br />

- Collaboration Bot<br />

- Whirlswap<br />

– NFT and Token Airdrop<br />

- P2P NFT Lending<br />

- NFT Sender<br />

- Metadata Updater<br />

- Wallet & Portfolio Tracker<br />

- WL Application Hub<br />

- Discord Security Bots<br />

- Raffles<br />

@whirltools is a project that many sleep on. Not only do<br />

they provide tools for B2B services, but they are also a<br />

web3 development company that other projects can contract<br />

them for.<br />

They can develop on any blockchain, Ethereum, Polygon,<br />

Solana. The team can handle it.

I’ve found out the project back in May with their FP in the<br />

range of 30 - 40 SOL. Now they’re sitting comfortably on<br />

3 digits, hence I had to cover the project. Just a friendly<br />

reminder that beyond all the hype going on, there are<br />

projects silently building.<br />

Kudos to such an all-rounded team, providing quality tools<br />

and services and even high quality, PFP-able art.<br />

Whirltools Official Links<br />

Secondary: https://tensor.trade/trade/whirltools…<br />

Whitepaper: https://whirltools.gitbook.io/whitepaperv1/<br />

Bulletin: https://bulletin.whirltools.io<br />

Dashboard: https://dashboard.whirltools.io

@KEMOS4BE<br />

Bored Apes are just Medieval Pineapples:<br />

On one of his many voyages, Christopher Columbus<br />

returned with a ripe batch of the aromatic fruit, which<br />

was adored by nobility for its regal ‘crown.’ King Ferdinand<br />

of Spain received the first, and only, pineapple<br />

that did not rot during the journey.<br />

The Origin Story<br />

Today, the pineapple is an abundant fruit — available<br />

at nearly every grocery store for just a few dollars. But<br />

over 3 centuries ago, they were revered as one of the<br />

greatest status symbols in all western culture.<br />

The taste was so sweet and beloved, that it kicked off<br />

a period of FOMO lasting for nearly 300 years. At the<br />

time, the taste of sugar was rare in Europe — only<br />

found in honey & other, lesser fruits. But nothing as<br />

syrupy sweet as a perfect pineapple.<br />

Scarcity<br />

Word spread quickly across the medieval court, and<br />

they were soon desired by everyone of status. But<br />

transporting pineapples across the ocean was risky,<br />

as you needed the fastest ships and ideal weather for<br />

them to arrive unspoiled.<br />

<strong>SHILL</strong> <strong>Issue</strong> #<strong>115</strong><br />


Massive demand, scarcity, & status — the pineapple<br />

became expensive, costing upwards of $10,000 each in<br />

today’s terms. The taste, the perishability, and exclusivity<br />

all contributed to its value.<br />

Social Contagion<br />

Its status bled into the culture. People began signaling<br />

their wealth by displaying pineapples on their balconies<br />

and carving them into stone facades. The less wealthy<br />

rented them for parties; with each pineapple attending<br />

dozens before being consumed.<br />

At-Home Cultivation<br />

Demand was so overwhelming that royalty commissioned<br />

botanists & gardeners to find ways to grow it locally. This<br />

led to the Dutch invention of the hothouse, where the<br />

warmth & humidity made it possible to create a climate<br />

that a pineapple could grow in.<br />

The obsession found its way into all human creative<br />

endeavors — from painting, to pottery and architecture.<br />

Pineapples inspired fake castles, new methods of agriculture,<br />

& more. Leaps & bounds of technological advancements,<br />

in service of syrupy greed.<br />

In these hothouses, pineapples were surrounded by oak<br />

bark to help insulate them & decomposing horse manure<br />

to increase the temperature. Royalty from across the continent<br />

would send their gardeners to the Netherlands to<br />

learn this hothouse technique.<br />

This led to not just the royalty class, but the upper class<br />

having more accessibility to the fruit as it became possible<br />

to grow at home. Then in 1733, the King of France was<br />

presented with perfect pineapples from his very own garden.<br />

For centuries, they remained a luxury.

Sunken Status But during the 20th century, their appeal waned. The advent of steam ships allowed the fruit to be imported<br />

in greater quantities, and due to widespread availability, they no longer signaled status.<br />

Techniques such as canning and advances made in shipping & food preservation reached such an extent that pineapples<br />

could now be purchased by the common folk.<br />

The nobility class simply moved on to other things to distinguish themselves from the masses — like Bored Apes.

Not because they’re interested in blockchain or the ethos<br />

of decentralization, but rather, because Bored Apes are socalled<br />

‘scarce’ symbols of status — just like the pineapple.<br />

At the time of writing this, none of the above celebrities<br />

use their Ape as their PFP on Twitter.<br />

They’re no longer actually “scarce” — among the NFT asset<br />

class, they are 10k of hundreds of millions. Yuga owns<br />

the IP & could dilute them at any point in time — just like<br />

Beanie Babies.<br />

However, this is much less likely than the existential threat<br />

of irrelevance.<br />

Bored Apes<br />

The Modern Pineapple In medieval Europe this yellow<br />

fruit was brand new and exciting — a scarce and hard to<br />

acquire status symbol; a signal of wealth and achievement.<br />

In modernity — we have cartoon apes which serve the<br />

same role.<br />

The modern nobility, all had to have one: • Tom Brady<br />

• Madonna • Bieber • Jimmy Fallon • Post Malone • Kevin<br />

Hart • Paris Hilton • Snoop • Steph Curry • Steve Aoki •<br />

Mark Cuban • Timbaland • Shaq • Logan Paul • Future • DJ<br />

Khaled • Eminem & more<br />

Bored Apes are only scarce until they lose: • Scarcity —<br />

there are millions of NFTs • Value — they’ve lost $361k<br />

from the top • Cultural significance — celebs stopped<br />

donning them & the average person considers them cringe<br />

• Style — skinny jeans, they’re out.<br />

Additionally, BAYC was one of the largest NFT beneficiaries<br />

of the newly printed monetary supply in 2021. What<br />

does this mean? When COVID-19 hit, the FED substantially<br />

increased the money supply. Paired with low interest rates,<br />

this meant people were entirely at risk.<br />

The BAYC floor price was likely artificially inflated due to<br />

the capital-centralizing nature what is called the ‘Cantillion<br />

Effect’: • New asset class (NFTs) • Newly printed money<br />

• Low interest rates Since that time, the landscape has<br />

changed dramatically.

classic album. 1/1 art is like art before it — subjective, but<br />

eternal value. Bored Apes have become a cultural product.<br />

What happens when the culture shifts?<br />

• There is a near-infinite supply of high-quality NFT projects<br />

& innovations. • Interest rates are high. • The appetite<br />

for the infamous poster child of NFTs is lower. • The general<br />

population’s consensus is that BAYC = NFTs, and wow do<br />

they hate NFTs.<br />

This thread was co-authored by @SlorgoftheSlugs<br />

In the attention economy, with an ever-inflating number<br />

of NFT projects, the ability for people to pay attention to<br />

any one project decreases. This means that the identity<br />

that people choose is likely to be the one that is the most<br />

attention worthy.<br />

Identity is fickle. What was “in” two years ago, isn’t anymore.<br />

This applies to every area of our communicated<br />

identities: Fashion, music, vehicles, interior design, graphic<br />

design, and so on. Some things are lindy — a jean jacket,<br />

Converse, a walnut dining table.<br />

This begs the question — are Bored Apes? Will their status<br />

remain forever? Crypto Punks have provenance; they’re a

Anonymous Ghost

Anonymous Ghost



Beverly Kills

Beverly Kills



@mr_tldr<br />

Latest updates of @UndeadGenesis.<br />

So what’s new with @UndeadGenesis? As we all know,<br />

Ordinals have been on a craze lately and we’re seeing<br />

more and more projects either migrate over or are<br />

starting a collection over at the orange chain and they<br />

all pretty much have the same mechanisms am I right?<br />

Quote Tweet<br />

“Here to STAY”<br />

RafaelUG @RafaelUndead<br />

UG ordinals will be a side collection and the team<br />

has made it very clear. To ease the headache of users<br />

having to learn how to mint or which wallet to use, @<br />

UndeadGenesis will be minting all these UG Ordinals<br />

by themselves and it will be raffled out to their holders.<br />

Quote Tweet<br />

Undead Genesis @UndeadGenesis<br />

Get ready to shake things up. The UG Ordinals collection<br />

is about to hit.<br />

Not with @UndeadGenesis. Enter Orange is the new<br />

Black, they are minting an extremely limited collection<br />

on the BTC chain but with a twist.<br />

These UG Ordinals will be raffled not through $BTC or<br />

$SOL, but through their own SPL token, $ASHES.<br />

Wait but does that mean we’re losing another project<br />

to the BTC chain? Well, no, here’s what @RafaelUndead<br />

has to say.<br />

34 <strong>SHILL</strong> <strong>Issue</strong> #<strong>115</strong>

Mr. TLDR @mr_tldr<br />

Fundamental Analysis Series: A breaking down the<br />

project fundamentals of @UndeadGenesis Twitter: @<br />

UndeadGenesis<br />

How would one participate in this Ordinals raffle? Here’s a<br />

TLDR<br />

1. Hold 10+ UG<br />

2. Prepare XXX $ASHES<br />

3. Await announcement Simple as that.<br />

Bonus: If you’re a holder of the 1/1 UG, you’re in for a<br />

treat, you’ll be GUARANTEED an extraordinary ordinal NFT.<br />

Don’t get priced out, it’s time to prepare for @Undead-<br />

Genesis Ordinals Mint.<br />

I’ve covered the fundamentals of @UndeadGenesis before.<br />

Read up before aping in.<br />

Quote Tweet

@0xGumshoe<br />

The next 6 months are the ones where you change your life Prepare yourself for the bull run:<br />

Capitulation<br />

We may be in the second half of the bear market, where folks leave because of how long they’ve been here losing<br />

money. This is where you ask yourself if you’re a quitter or a winner.<br />

Don’t Gamble<br />

Gambling is even worse than playing memecoins. You know you’re going to lose, yet you end up gambling anyway<br />

If this is you, STOP.<br />

Only Buy in the Red<br />

How many times here did you think it was bull run time & bought the top? There is always another opportunity<br />

to buy, and that should always be in the red.<br />

36 <strong>SHILL</strong> <strong>Issue</strong> #<strong>115</strong>

Protect your money<br />

If better, make new wallets, save the phrases and transfer your money there. There is absolutely no excuse for you to not<br />

secure your money at this point in the market.<br />

Understand that there will be unreal gains It feels impossible now, but many coins will pump for straight weeks with no<br />

time for dip buyers to turn in Mentally prepare yourself for this.<br />

Mentally prepare yourself for HODL<br />

We’re approaching the time when stacking coins will yield great returns in a few years It doesn’t look like there’s that<br />

much downside anymore, so if you’re holding good tokens maybe it doesn’t make sense to sell it 20%-30% lower.<br />

Journal your Thoughts & Investing Mindset<br />

Get a new journal and spend 1-2 minutes a day writing a summary of your day in crypto. You need to do this so that later<br />

you can detect behavioural patterns and help yourself out.<br />

stacking coins will<br />

yield great returns<br />

in a few years

its_brill_<br />

The very best specialty grade and sustainably grown beans.<br />

Roasted with great care and attention.<br />

The most wonderful coffee experience at home or your favourite cafe.<br />

Quality. Service. Transparency.<br />

That's Brill.

1. @foxbyteNFT<br />

2. @Region79nft<br />

3. @TheStonedFrogs<br />

4. @fivedollarnft (Bit Dudes)<br />

5. @fivedollarnft (Dat Cats)<br />

1. @assetdash<br />

2. @ABC123Community<br />

3. @SolanaMBS<br />

4. @FamousFoxFed<br />

5. @SharkyFi


Gizmo Gazzette

Lowbrow Native & SaintMary_

Ariel Gricio














Johnny Jordan


Las Meninas Galeria

Las Meninas Galeria



Las Meninas Galeria





No Legs


Pink Jenny

Red Rabbit Cult

Red Rabbit Cult

Red Rabbit Cult

Red Rabbit Cult

Red Rabbit Cult

Red Rabbit Cult

Red Rabbit Cult



Sue Anna joe

Suga Skies


Tiny Drawings

The Earth Travellers

Wilsen Way









Kaleve_<br />

The NFT lending market consists of two primary models: Peer-to-Peer and Peer-to-Pool.<br />

These are the two models most used by Ethereum and Solana NFT lending platforms. Understanding the differences<br />

between the two models is crucial if you want to use these platforms in a more strategic way.<br />

Each of them has its advantages and disadvantages. No one is better than the other, it’s not about that. It’s about<br />

using what best fits your lending/borrowing strategy.<br />

Peer-to-Peer<br />

Peer-to-peer lending is a simple concept to grasp. It involves one individual lending money to another individual,<br />

and the loan’s value is backed by a specific non-fungible token (NFT).<br />

The process can start with the Borrower. A person who holds an NFT desires a loan using their NFT as collateral.<br />

They secure their NFT by locking it in a smart contract and provide a message that outlines their preferred loan<br />

terms, which may include:<br />

1. Currency (such as SOL,ETH, USDC)<br />

2. Loan duration (usually 7, 14, 30 days)<br />

3. Interest rate (expressed as an annual percentage rate, % APY)<br />

4. Loan size (denominated in the base currency or as a percentage of the NFT’s value, loan-to-NFT value)<br />

Borrowers can browse through a catalog of lenders who are seeking loans and choose terms that suit their<br />

preferences. They also have the option to propose alternative terms that they deem appropriate considering the<br />

associated risk. Once both parties agree, the lenders lock their funds into the smart contract. The loan amount is<br />

then disbursed to the borrower, and the NFT is held in escrow within the smart contract until the loan is repaid.<br />

Managing defaults is relatively straightforward as well. If the borrower fails to repay the loan on the due date,<br />

104 <strong>SHILL</strong> <strong>Issue</strong> #<strong>115</strong>

the lender obtains ownership of the NFT. This concludes the transaction, and the lender can choose to sell the NFT to<br />

recover the loan amount.<br />

Here’s an example, on Citrus:<br />

If you had a Famous Fox worth 58.7 SOL, you could post the following loan ask:<br />

• For 14 days<br />

• At a 120% APY<br />

• For 47 SOL total (80% LTV)<br />

https://citrus.famousfoxes.com/borrow<br />

In this example, over 14 days, the borrower pays 1.44 SOL of interest and that is the lender’s profit. If on day 14, the borrower<br />

doesn’t pay back the loan, the lender gets the Famous Fox NFT, and as long as it’s still worth at least 47 SOL, the<br />

lender will leave without any loss. If Famous Fox drop below the value of the loan, say to 42 SOL, the borrower has little<br />

incentive to pay off the loan and will default, leaving the lender with a 5 SOL loss.<br />


https://dune.com/ennnas/sharkyfi<br />

The largest peer-to-peer lending platform on Solana today is Sharkyfi.<br />

Sharkyfi currently has over 25k+ active loans, and 332k+ SOL in Total value locked.<br />

A significant drawback of peer-to-peer lending marketplaces is the potential delay in receiving a loan since each loan<br />

is initiated on an individual basis. Evaluating the value of the NFT, negotiating terms, and other necessary processes<br />

require resources and time.<br />

Peer-to-Pool<br />

The peer-to-pool model introduces a departure from the direct connection between NFTs and their associated loans.<br />

In this model, lenders have the flexibility to deposit their desired funds into a centralized pool, without any specific loan<br />

allocation. Borrowers can access this pool at any time and repay their loans as per their convenience. The loan parameters,<br />

including interest rates and available borrowing amounts, are determined by market dynamics. These factors are influenced<br />

by the value of the NFTs at that moment and the total funds deposited by lenders. Typically, loan-to-value ratios<br />

(LTVs) in peer-to-pool models range from 30% to 40%, although they can vary based on the protocol’s risk approach.<br />

When more NFT owners seek to borrow from the pool, the interest rate offered increases according to predefined rules<br />

specified in smart contracts. This mechanism helps regulate the pace of new borrowing. Conversely, if a substantial<br />

number of lenders contribute funds to the pool, borrowing becomes cheaper. This approach resembles other pool-based<br />

decentralized finance (DeFi) lending models like Aave or Compound, treating NFTs as if they were fungible tokens.<br />

The peer-to-pool model presents various advantages and disadvantages compared to peer-to-peer lending.<br />

One significant advantage is that accessing capital becomes much easier and faster for borrowers. They can obtain funds<br />

without the need for approval, counteroffers, or negotiations. The borrowing process relies on market pricing determined<br />

by supply and demand, as well as asset valuation based on NFT floor prices. This borrower-centric aspect makes<br />

peer-to-pool lending highly favorable since borrowers can borrow at their convenience without constraints.<br />

However, the situation for lenders differs from peer-to-peer lending. In this model, lenders effectively provide loans<br />

against the entire pool of NFTs being borrowed. Consequently, default risk is accumulated at the protocol level. On some<br />

Ethereum protocols, for example, lenders no longer have the ability to choose whether their funds are backed by specific<br />

NFTs like Bored Apes, Azukis, or Doodles. Instead, they bear the risk associated with all borrowers who have borrowed or<br />

will borrow from the pool. As a result, assessing risk becomes significantly challenging for lenders.<br />

On Solana we have the Frakt protocol, they have a Perpetual Loans + Peer-to-Pool system. Lenders can choose the specific<br />

pool to which they want to fund/deposit their SOL amount, so lenders can allocate their funds to the collections they<br />

trust the most.

https://www.frakt.xyz/lend<br />

On Frakt pools, the collection with the highest deposit yield at that moment is Boryoku Dragonz, with an 11% APR.<br />

The Borrowing rate for each collection is dynamic and is based on the amount of liquidity available in the associated isolated<br />

lending pool :<br />

High liquidity and low utilization rate = Low borrowing interest rate<br />

Low liquidity and high utilization rate = High borrowing interest rate<br />

Conclusion<br />

There are two primary competing models today presenting very different opportunities for borrowers and lenders alike:<br />

Peer-to-Peer, and Peer-to-Pool<br />

Peer-to-Peer lending involves individual loans backed by specific NFTs, offering borrowers and lenders flexibility and<br />

relatively low risk.<br />

Peer-to-Pool lending breaks the direct connection between NFTs and loans, allowing lenders to deposit funds into a central/specific<br />

pool that borrowers can tap into as needed.<br />

Peer-to-Pool lending models present different risks but have the advantage of providing continuous access to funds for<br />

borrowers.<br />

If the borrower fails to repay the<br />

loan on the due date, the lender<br />

obtains ownership of the NFT.

Meowpooo<br />

The Haunted corridor of Envy<br />

Rumors says that this corridor was created from the darkest depths of human envy, a physical manifestation of<br />

the wraiths that haunted the hearts of those consumed by jealousy.<br />

108 <strong>SHILL</strong> <strong>Issue</strong> #<strong>115</strong>

Many brave folks made an effort to move across the hallway. Some were driven to madness by the wraiths, leaving them<br />

stuck for all time. Others, consumed by their own desires, fell victim to the corridor’s illusions, imprisoned to its ethereal<br />

walls forever.<br />

The Goblin of Greed<br />

The embodiment of the sin of greed preying upon unsuspecting humans. His cunning eyes were always on the lookout<br />

for a victim, someone who possessed something of value that he wants.<br />

Watch out! For the Goblin of Greed has no mercy and will do anything to satisfy its insatiable need for money and power.

The Devil King of Pride<br />

There’s sinister being known as the Devil King of Pride.<br />

Among the seven deadly sins, he reigned supreme, his<br />

heart is filled with a malevolent arrogance. In his eyes, all<br />

were insignificant, their existence a plaything for his sadistic<br />

pleasure.<br />

To be his enemy was to be condemned to a fate worse<br />

than death, trapped in a never-ending nightmare of suffering.<br />

The Wrath of the Abyssal<br />

Wrath once wreaked havoc across realms, leaving destruction<br />

all over the place. To restrain its volatile nature,<br />

ancient guardians banished Wrath into a desolate abyss<br />

Sealed and imprisoned, yet it’s influence still lingers, consuming<br />

all inner fury, tempting those desperate for power<br />

to unlock its prison and unleash its wrath once again.

Gluttony’s Monstrous Feast<br />

In a forgotten town, there lived a terrifying being known<br />

as Gluttony. People who crossed paths with Gluttony were<br />

lured by the mouthwatering scents from his cooking. They<br />

couldn’t resist and ventured into his lair, with the promise<br />

of eternal feast<br />

But their pleasure came at a horrifying price. Gluttony’s<br />

stomach-mouth opened wide, devouring them one by one,<br />

leaving only screams behind.<br />

The Desolated Grasp of Sloth<br />

Sloth, an enemy that slowly gnaws and conceal.<br />

An aimless dance of futile pleasure dwells in the depths of<br />

abyss where lethargy reins, a point where purpose vanishes<br />

and all goal is gone. As sloth’s grasp tightens, hopes and<br />

dreams get imprisoned-crumbled to dust. For the inertia<br />

develops a sluggish mentality, a spirit adrift with no aim to<br />

pursue. The world advances at a rapid rate, but idleness<br />

confines us with nothingness.

The Groping Deception of Lust<br />

Lust dances in a realm where beauty enchants its spell, whispering secrets to seduce. A tale of injustice emerges from<br />

ancient times, a cautionary fiction about the repercussions of misguided trust and the deadly force of untamed desire.<br />

Tainted innocence by the thirst of momentary pleasure. Lust triumphs over immaculateness-altering gaze into the poisonous<br />

stare. A once-desired beauty has become a curse; blinding people with the sin of lechery.

Skribrnetwork<br />

About BoDoggos<br />

BoDoggos is a PFP collection by influencer & Youtuber<br />

EasyEatsBodega and his team from the Nifty.com, a<br />

media company with a premiere NFT collection, Nifty<br />

Portal, on Ethereum.<br />

Easy hosts 2 shows every week day (Twitter Spaces),<br />

the GM GM Market Talk at 8 am EST & Web 3 Made<br />

Easy at 5 pm EST, and welcomes more than 1000<br />

listeners daily. On his Youtube channel, Easy shares his<br />

views on the NFT & Crytpo markets and is close to 4K<br />

subscribers.<br />

The Nifty.com is a media company that hosts the NFT<br />

Morning Show every week day at 9 am EST and is<br />

available on Twitter Spaces, Youtube, Spotify & Apple<br />

Podcasts. The Nifty Portal NFT grants access to the<br />

member only area of the Nifty on discord.<br />

Allowlist & Mint<br />

Allowlist spots are (were) distributed through various<br />

ways:<br />

PRESALE: Hold a Nifty Portal. 1 Nifty Portal NFT = 1 WL<br />

spot for BoDoggos. Hold 10 Nifty Portals, mint up to 12<br />

Portalz. For each 10 BoDoggos minted, get 1 free. All<br />

Nifty Portals holder have a 1 week window (from June<br />

20th to 27th) to mint their BoDoggos NFT in presale,<br />

and have the possibility to pay in ETH before receiving<br />

their NFTs on mint day on the Solana address of their<br />

choice.<br />

different ways. Each day, a new claim code was<br />

released during the NFT Morning Show & on<br />

the BoDoggos twitter account. Users needed<br />

to collect either all of them or hold a certain<br />

set that would be advertised & rewarded on<br />

certain days<br />

FCFS MINTS: Collabs with partner projects for FCFS<br />

mint allowlist spots (AL2)<br />

Mint will take place on June 27th for around 80 USD.<br />

Final mint price in SOL & launchpad are still tbc.<br />

Utility<br />

Very little has been released yet about the future Utility<br />

of the BoDoggos NFTs, yet from EasyEatsBodega’s<br />

tweets & background, we already know the main axes<br />

on which BoDoggos will aim to build its “club”:<br />


Bread & Butter of EasyEatsBodega & The Nifty.com<br />

team. As Easy states it, “give people something they<br />

enjoy & want more from”.<br />


Easy aims to build a diverse community of holders<br />

from different backgrounds (Gaming, DeFi, content<br />

creators), different chains & different reach (smaller<br />

and bigger accounts). Goal: create a platform of innovators<br />

where a diversity of profiles can build, connect<br />

and share what they are building<br />


Allow holders to connect and share great emotional<br />

experiences, whether virtually or IRL<br />

IP<br />

A few hints have been tweeted by both Easy & Nick<br />

that the BoDoggos NFTs will be Digital Assets which<br />

the holders will be able to leverage & use, arguing the<br />

upside potential of an IP project is much higher than a<br />

tech project.<br />

GUARANTEED MINTS: there are 2 ways to get allowlist<br />

1 (AL1):<br />

• Content creation contests on Twitter<br />

• Gamified collection of a set of free NFTs on<br />

theNifty.com (custodial, gas free) through<br />

<strong>SHILL</strong> <strong>Issue</strong> #<strong>115</strong><br />


There is still very little that has been disclosed about the<br />

BoDoggos project ins & outs. However, I have been digging<br />

into both Easy’s & BoDoggos’ twitter feeds to identify<br />

some potential clues about the project.<br />

First, as a Founder, Easy is probably one of the most respected<br />

influencers in the Solana Ecosystem. He has been<br />

around for more than a year, active & hosting his show daily,<br />

during the peaks of the bull runs as well as in the depths<br />

of the bear market. I still remember with goosebumps the<br />

space Easy hosted on December 29th gathering most of<br />

the OG Solana Founders as Solana just marked $8. There’s<br />

one thing one can be convinced of, it is that Easy is deeply<br />

passionate about the Solana ecosystem and wants it to<br />

succeed over anything else.<br />

Although we do not know yet how this will take<br />

shape, Content will be at the core of the Value Proposition.<br />

In his own words, Content is utility. It is the most important<br />

lever that attracts new eyes to an NFT project (and to<br />

the space) and through which one can grow an audience.<br />

The content delivered by both Easy & the Nifty team has<br />

been top-notch so far. When looking at the Free NFTs on<br />

thenifty.com, you can clearly see the pieces of the puzzle<br />

tie together as one long and compelling storytelling red

thread.<br />

I’m now curious to discover how it evolves and how the<br />

team will leverage the diverse Community they are aiming<br />

to build to go to the next level.<br />

“Each dog will have its day” may (or may not) hint at future<br />

Content activations with the community members.<br />

Through his experience both as a host and a trader, Easy<br />

became very knowledgeable about the trends, metas &<br />

expectations of NFT collectors. I wouldn’t be surprised if a<br />

lot of Gamification happens around the BoDoggos, giving<br />

good enough reasons to NFT holders to “chase collecting”<br />

multiple BoDoggos to build “completed sets”, as they already<br />

did to allocate allowlist spots via their free claimable<br />

NFTs.<br />

Plus, they first hinted that there would be different breeds<br />

& countless traits, yet they just revealed that they would<br />

stick to one breed for the launch. I wouldn’t be surprised if<br />

the collection is bound to evolve overtime to keep collectors<br />

interested and excited.<br />

Talking about the Art, I must admit I was hoping for something<br />

more detailed after Easy’s OG PFP as well as all the<br />

art pieces they have been dropping as free claimable NFTs.<br />

It turns out that for now, the team decided to go for a<br />

rather “cute, simple, recognizable” version of the dog. I<br />

was very much excited by the possibility to have different<br />

breeds in the collection, and now fear that overall the<br />

collection might lack differentiation for holders to find<br />

their grails (digital identity, sense of uniqueness), yet my<br />

appreciation is mostly based on the sneak-peek video that<br />

was just released, so still very limited. Looking forward to<br />

mint day to discover the rest of the furs & traits to make a<br />

final judgement.<br />

When it comes to Utility, a lot has been hinted around<br />

Content Creation, Community (member only, club) &<br />

Experiences (virtual & physical). Adding to that, some free<br />

NFTs from thenift.com were created to advertise their<br />

Partners with original content; I wouldn’t be surprised if<br />

one of their main products (ie source of income), as part<br />

of a media company, is to actually revisit advertising, the<br />

web3 way.<br />

However, nothing has been formally explicited yet. I will<br />

leave this one open & update once we get more details.<br />

Finally, will I mint? The answer is obviously a yes.<br />

Respected by most of Solana and an inspiration to many,<br />

there’s little doubt Easy will receive massive support from<br />

the ecosystem while at the same time onboarding hundreds<br />

or thousands of ETH NFT collectors to Solana.<br />

For what it’s worth, I do believe Easy has a genuine conviction<br />

in the Solana NFT space and the role Content Creation<br />

can have to onboard & engage new users. The Free<br />

NFTs campaign on its own was a very disruptive, innovative<br />

and efficient way to onboard & engage daily with the<br />

growing community, and the amount of effort & creativity<br />

they have injected into this art pieces is quite unmatched.<br />

As a result, the numbers speak for themselves: many free<br />

NFTs available on thenifty.com have been claimed by more<br />

than 10K accounts, a few of them even by more than 20K.<br />

It is undoubtedly one of the most awaited mints of the<br />

year.<br />

His ambitions are clear and unfiltered, Easy wants to create<br />

a Household name for the Dogs, and even if we do not<br />

know yet all the project details, he will keep on grinding as<br />

hard as he has been for the last year to reach his goals.


Welcome back dear Reader…lovely to have you here frolicking in the meadows of<br />

literary device together. We again run into sisters with this week’s poetic device–2<br />

quite interesting and inquisitive little buggers closely related to the rhetorical<br />

question. Aporia and Hypophora are 2 different types of questions the Writer can<br />

use in their work to help the Reader see the meaning behind their piece.<br />

Hypophora is when the Writer asks a question and provides the answer<br />

immediately after instead of implying that the Reader knows the answer like a<br />

rhetorical question does. Hypophora allows the Writer to answer the question the<br />

exact way intended, Aporia leaves it up to the Reader quite a bit more! Of course<br />

a skillful Writer can play with Aporia and still get the Reader to think exactly the<br />

way they want them to by surrounding the Aporia with other signs and clues as to<br />

what the question is really getting at. Aporia in philosophical terms is a paradox,<br />

when used in literature we can see that Aporia represents the questions we ask<br />

that make us uncomfortable, or that we may feel doubt in. Aporia’s use of “not<br />

answering the question”, or answering it in a roundabout way can make<br />

uncomfortable visceral feelings within the Reader when delivered just right.<br />



Aporia beckons to our little emo heart-strings to face our self-questioning with<br />

timid remonstrance. Hypophora’s strength on the other hand comes from its<br />

intense and demanding answer of the question, not allowing the Reader even a<br />

moment of thought before the question is answered for them. Which line of<br />

questioning do you see as more powerful in literature? Hypophora is a bit more<br />

dramatic and in your face, “How do I love thee? Let me count the<br />

ways…”(Sonnet #43, Elizabeth Browning, 1850) Her demonstrance indicates to the<br />

Reader that this love the Writer claims will not even be broken by Death’s<br />

embrace.<br />


Personas<br />

Poetry by Sentientshapes<br />


Let’s practice!<br />


Step 1: Start at the beginning and get your notebook and black ink pen, your<br />

Notes App works just fine too! Choose a topic for your piece that you’d like to<br />

write about, it can be anything…keep it simple! My topic will be water.<br />

Step 2: Time for the best step of the bunch! The Madlib section of the poem is<br />

where you can brainstorm your ideas and words you want to use. Have fun with<br />

it like you used to fill in those word blanks when you were a kid! Here I go: Water<br />

is precious, water is golden. We cannot live without, when you trash it you should<br />

be scolded. Quit putting chemicals in the shit, there’s still no clean drinking water in<br />

Flint!<br />

Step 3: Begin to draft your poem using grammar and structure. Every poet has a<br />

different style and structure that they will be more comfortable writing in. Don’t<br />

make it hard on yourself, choose a style that can be easily constructed. This week<br />

I’ll be using my favorite structure, Free Verse! I’m going to add to my normal<br />

structure this week a constraint, this poem will be a Dizain–a 10 line poem. Choose<br />

what makes you feel good and just go with the flow!<br />

Step 4: Time for the ending! Don’t forget–this week we’re practicing with sisters<br />

Hypophora and Aporia, try to sprinkle those devices into your poem this week.<br />

Remember, this is a first draft so you can always make edits later.<br />



Here I go:<br />

You’ll Be Thirsty One Day<br />

Don’t you know water is precious?<br />

When you speak to it its molecules are affected.<br />

Can’t see that you’re a little demented?<br />

Throwing trash in waterways onto fish heads–<br />

more than a little demented, it’s twisted.<br />

Like we get more than one earth just to live with?<br />

I’m sorry did you miss this?<br />

That part in class, where this is the only universe with the gas…<br />

Oxygen? Our literal breaths?<br />

But you still just won’t quit making trash.<br />

Can’t wait to see how you use questions in your poems this<br />

week! Send them to<br />

until next time…<br />


@Hawksnest_sol<br />

Hawksnest is growing, collecting art, & trading more each day. We wanted to highlight how our community functions<br />

& let everyone know how you can join or participate. Let’s get into it!<br />

1. Our DAO functions using 3 main councils, and 2 multi-sig wallets. The Councils are:<br />

1. Wallet Council 2. Degen Trading Council 3. Art Council We will explain each in the following tweets.<br />

Wallet Council<br />

Currently 27 total members. To join, someone simply asks to join, & is approved by the existing Wallet Council.<br />

Our discord is open & free, & anyone is welcome to join and ask.<br />

Degen Trading Council<br />

This Council has 5 total seats that are re-elected at the end of Q2 & Q4 of each year by the Wallet Council. You<br />

do not need to be on Wallet Council to run, & our current Degen Council includes a member not from our Wallet<br />

Council.<br />

Art Council<br />

This Council has 3 total seats that are re-elected at the end of Q2 & Q4 of each year by the Wallet Council. Again,<br />

there is no need to be a part of our Wallet Council to run.<br />

120 <strong>SHILL</strong> <strong>Issue</strong> #<strong>115</strong>

The members of our Art & Degen Trading Councils control 2 multi-sig wallets that hold all assets/capital for our DAO.<br />

Each council can approve initiatives with majority & are the key members driving our community forward.<br />

Below is a list of our current council members:<br />

Art Council:<br />

@Tainaker @0xKirk @BattleNicholos<br />

Degen Trading Council<br />

@Jimmythegreek99 @Illumin0tti @Sunset__SOL @0xBenii<br />

@RickSingla001<br />

Our Art Council focuses on collecting art, supporting<br />

artists, & driving forward any art focused initiative for our<br />

DAO. We have purchased art, ran art competitions, paid<br />

commissions, etc... Below are a 2 pieces we recently collected<br />

by @theZK__ & @Meowpooo.

Funding<br />

So how do we fund all of this? We have never had a mint,<br />

we have never sold anything, & our community is open<br />

and free. As of now we run 100% on donations & contributions<br />

from our community.<br />

Since March of 2022 we have slowly & organically developed<br />

our community of members with a focus in simply<br />

enjoying Web 3, bringing about positive change to the<br />

Solana ecosystem, and lifting each other up. We hope you<br />

choose to join along in our journey.<br />

Our Degen Trading Council focuses on anything related to<br />

Generative NFTs. Trading, WL, etc. Recently they led a push<br />

for our DAO to land 20 WL spots on the @MeegosNFT<br />

Meeboard. Our most recent purchase is the below cute @<br />


0xGumshoe<br />

November marks two years of bear market. It has not been an easy two years for crypto in general, particularly<br />

for Solana and its community who suffered from constant FUD, misinformation and the FTX collapse. So far, 2023<br />

has been a year of recovery, rebuilding and investment.<br />

Although the future looks good, will it translate into a $SOL all-time-high in the next bull cycle?<br />

Is FTX still a cloud upon Solana’s growth?<br />

We’re almost a year into the collapse of the second-biggest crypto exchange at the time, and although many<br />

Crypto community members, influencers and analysts discard Solana due to what happened to FTX, the Solana<br />

ecosystem does not share the same opinion. The ecosystem continues to move forward with more than 1,000<br />

developers at the forefront of blockchain innovation on all fronts, from Exchanges and trading to decentralised<br />

physical infrastructure networks.<br />

Daily Active Addresses<br />

Solana has shown resilience over the first 6 months of 2023, averaging 300K daily active addresses. Solana is on<br />

par with Ethereum and Polygon’s active addresses, and slightly below Bitcoin’s average numbers. It is important<br />

to note that the FTX crash happened at the end of 2022, and data suggests that the Solana user base did not<br />

decrease as it was expected.<br />

<strong>SHILL</strong> <strong>Issue</strong> #<strong>115</strong><br />


DEX Volume<br />

DEX Volume on Solana is at the same levels Year-over-Year, averaging over $1B monthly volume since January 2023.<br />

Apart from December, Monthly volume did not slow down since the FTX collapse.<br />

Narratives<br />

Artificial Intelligence<br />

The Solana Foundation is actively paving the way for Artificial Intelligence (AI) advancements. Notably, Solana Labs has<br />

introduced a ChatGPT Plugin that enhances user interaction by enabling functions such as checking wallet balances,<br />

token transfers, and NFT purchases.<br />

To further promote the fusion of blockchain development on Solana with AI, the Solana Foundation has established an AI<br />

Grants Program with a $10 million fund. This initiative aims to encourage experimentation in this intersection, and within<br />

the first week, the program received the response of over 50 applications. Additionally, the foundation has created a<br />

three-month accelerator program tailored for university students, emphasizing the exploration and experimentation of<br />

blockchain and AI technologies.<br />

Gaming<br />

Solana has emerged as a leading blockchain platform for gaming, thanks to its advanced technology and robust infrastructure.<br />

Its scalability is a standout feature, enabling the processing of numerous transactions per second with minimal<br />

delay. Leveraging the Proof of History (PoH) and Proof of Stake (PoS) consensus mechanisms, Solana ensures swift and<br />

seamless gameplay experiences by handling thousands of transactions simultaneously.<br />

Another notable advantage of Solana is its low transaction fees, making it highly cost-effective for in-game transactions<br />

such as item trading and asset transfers. This affordability promotes active player engagement and stimulates economic<br />

activities within the gaming ecosystem.

DePIN<br />

Many analysts and thinkers argue that DePIN will play a vital role in the future of Blockchain Technology. Due to its infrastructural<br />

and technical advantages, several DePIN projects are building on top of the Solana network.<br />

Hivemapper, Helium, Render and Teleport are some of the projects building decentralised physical infrastructure networks.<br />

DePIN can be applied to several infrastructure systems, such as energy grids, transportation networks, and water systems.<br />

By decentralising the infrastructure, these networks can increase resilience, reduce the risk of catastrophic failures,<br />

and improve efficiency by reducing the need for long-distance transportation of resources.<br />

DEX Trading<br />

One of the main narratives for Solana has been the decentralised trading, due to Solana’s low transaction fees and<br />

speed. Platforms like Orca provide users with a user-friendly place for swapping crypto and providing liquidity to the ecosystem.<br />

The perpetual trading narrative has been growing on Solana with the growth of Drift Protocol and Zeta Markets.<br />

The ecosystem is now waiting for the launch of CUBE, a trading platform which claims a 40x improvement in performance<br />

when compared to the current market.<br />

NFT DeFi<br />

NFT DeFi is one of the newest narratives to accelerate on Solana. Innovation in the NFT space has led to a new class of<br />

investment: NFT Lending and Borrowing. Platforms like Sharky, Citrus, Frakt and Rain are leading the race and fighting<br />

for marketshare. The NFT Lending space has grown so much that it is drawing liquidity from NFT Trading as many users<br />

prefer lending Solana or borrowing against their NFTs, than trading.<br />

Conclusion<br />

Will Solana hit All-Time-Highs ever again? We don’t know, however, during an aggressive bear market, Solana continues<br />

to push innovation across the crypto ecosystem and has a vast user base. Many analysts argue that fundamentals precede<br />

price which may be what’s happening to Solana.


Seb on Solana<br />

Seb on Solana Twitter Daily Updates


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