QHA Review | December 2023

In celebration of another vibrant year in the Queensland hospitality industry, we explore the eclectic spaces of the multi-award-winning Prince Consort Hotel and the venue at the very heart of West End’s quirky, craft-beer-infused culture, Archive Beer Boutique. We also delve into the exciting new things happening over at Burleigh Brewing and the wonderful creativity, charm and craftsmanship behind Wolf Lane Distillery's tropical spirits. In addition, we check in with our industry experts who discuss public holidays and the market outlook for 2024 while wishing all of our readers a happy new year.

In celebration of another vibrant year in the Queensland hospitality industry, we explore the eclectic spaces of the multi-award-winning Prince Consort Hotel and the venue at the very heart of West End’s quirky, craft-beer-infused culture, Archive Beer Boutique. We also delve into the exciting new things happening over at Burleigh Brewing and the wonderful creativity, charm and craftsmanship behind Wolf Lane Distillery's tropical spirits. In addition, we check in with our industry experts who discuss public holidays and the market outlook for 2024 while wishing all of our readers a happy new year.


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q u e e n s l a n d h o T E L S a s s o c i a t i o n<br />

d e c e m b e r 2 0 2 3 e d i t i o n<br />

Adventure awaits<br />




FOCUS:<br />




We specialise in<br />




Merry Christmas<br />

07 3142 5915 | enquiries@ashleycooper.com<br />

Unit 2/3-5 Deakin St, Brendale QLD 4500<br />

F l<br />


<strong>QHA</strong> chief executive Bernie Hogan with The Hon Yvette D’Ath MP and <strong>QHA</strong> deputy chief executive Damian Steele<br />


“WE LOOK<br />



YOU ALL IN 2024<br />


FUTURE”<br />

As I mentioned last month, 2024 is fast approaching, and while there is a definite<br />

festive feel to each approaching summer, we at the <strong>QHA</strong> are focussed on improving the<br />

environment for our members next year.<br />

There are plenty of headwinds that could potentially blow through Queensland hospitality,<br />

however as I look back on what we have achieved this year and how we have protected<br />

member’s businesses, there are some solid outcomes.<br />

Apart from the excellent representation at a national level to protect workers flexibility, there<br />

have been several moves at a state level that have enhanced business opportunities. We<br />

are working with our industry suppliers to ensure wagering, lottery and gaming operations<br />

are viable. Importantly, we have had ongoing support from the Queensland Government<br />

that hotels are not to be treated the same as casinos in Queensland. This is a vital step in<br />

the ongoing viability of our industry.<br />

On a tourism front, we have continued to participate in the policy development regarding<br />

short term rental markets and increased tourism investment for all of Queensland to benefit<br />

as international travellers increase. Every part of Queensland benefits from tourism, so it’s<br />

in the state’s best interest to support these properties and encourage new development.<br />

Sadly, this has not always been appreciated, however, it remains a strong focus of <strong>QHA</strong>.<br />

Essentially, the <strong>QHA</strong> are focussed on maintaining our position as a business that has been<br />

granted the right to sell special products. We understand that this is a privilege, which also<br />

comes with the responsibility to do it well.<br />

In return, we expect that the government will protect the livelihood of thousands of<br />

Queenslanders by not watering down standards or simply allowing the ‘pie to be cut everthinner’<br />

under the guise of innovation or the latest cool disrupter.<br />

<strong>QHA</strong> has protected the rights of members for over 100 years, and we look forward to<br />

working with you all in 2024 for a bright future.<br />


<strong>QHA</strong> CHIEF EXECUTIVE/EDITOR<br />

<strong>QHA</strong> REVIEW | 3



q u e e n s l a n d h o T E L S a s s o c i a t i o n<br />

d e c e m b e r 2 0 2 3 e d i t i o n<br />


FOCUS:<br />




o u r c o v e r :<br />

The Prince Consort,<br />

Fortitude Valley<br />

Adventure awaits<br />



d e c e m b e r 2 0 2 3 e d i t i o n<br />

<strong>QHA</strong><br />

Level 14, 270 Adelaide Street<br />

Brisbane, Queensland 4000<br />

GPO Box 343<br />

Brisbane, Queensland 4001<br />

Phone: 07 3221 6999<br />

1800 177 594<br />

Fax: 07 3221 6649<br />

Web: www.qha.org.au<br />

Email: info@qha.org.au<br />

Office Hours<br />

8.30am – 5.00pm Monday to Friday<br />

President<br />

Mr Richard Deery<br />

Senior Vice President<br />

Mr Matthew Coorey<br />

Vice Presidents<br />

Mr Brad Fitzgibbons<br />

Ms Mel Tait<br />

Mr Sam Ingham-Myers<br />

Secretary/Treasurer<br />

Ms Rachel Johnson<br />

Chief Executive and Editor<br />

Mr Bernie Hogan<br />

www.qha.org.au<br />

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32 INSIGHTS<br />



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48 TOP DROP<br />







<strong>QHA</strong> REVIEW | 4<br />

<strong>QHA</strong> REVIEW is published by the Queensland<br />

Hotels Association ABN 54 878 166 941.<br />

All information is correct at time of going to press.<br />

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errors in articles or advertisements, or unsolicited<br />

manuscripts, photographs or illustrations.<br />

The opinions and words of the authors do not<br />

necessarily represent those of the publisher. All<br />

rights reserved. Reproduction in part or whole is<br />

strictly prohibited without prior permission.<br />


For all editorial and advertising queries:<br />

Dave Swan 0401 345 201<br />



<strong>QHA</strong> Deputy Chief<br />

Executive<br />

A hospitality industry<br />

professional with over<br />

30 years’ experience<br />

in liquor, gaming and<br />

operations. Damian<br />

has a strong focus<br />

on compliance and<br />

legislation.<br />


<strong>QHA</strong> Training Manager<br />

An experienced VET<br />

sector professional,<br />

Therese manages<br />

the <strong>QHA</strong> Training<br />

department and is<br />

responsible for the<br />

development and<br />

delivery of quality training<br />

for <strong>QHA</strong> members and<br />

other hospitality venues.<br />


<strong>QHA</strong> Membership<br />

Officer<br />

Paul is the face of the<br />

Association to many<br />

<strong>QHA</strong> members as he<br />

travels the length and<br />

breadth of the state<br />

visiting, advising and<br />

assisting publicans.<br />


Managing Partner,<br />

Mullins<br />

With over 30 years’<br />

experience in property,<br />

liquor and gaming law,<br />

Curt is recognised<br />

as a leader in this<br />

field. He advises pub,<br />

club, nightclub,<br />

restaurant, resort and<br />

accommodation venue<br />

owners and operators.<br />


Attorney-General<br />

and Minister for<br />

Justice and Minister<br />

for the Prevention of<br />

Domestic and Family<br />

Violence<br />

Yvette D’Ath is a<br />

Labor member of the<br />

Legislative Assembly<br />

of Queensland<br />

representing the seat of<br />

Redcliffe.<br />


Commissioner for<br />

Office of Liquor and<br />

Gaming Regulation<br />

Queensland<br />

Victoria is responsible<br />

for the regulatory policy<br />

and strategic direction of<br />

product safety, licensing,<br />

compliance and<br />

enforcement activities to<br />

protect market integrity<br />

and keep Queenslanders<br />

safe.<br />


Employment Relations<br />

Advisor<br />

Jenna is passionate about<br />

employment relations and<br />

has experience in providing<br />

advice to both employers<br />

and employees on a range<br />

of workplace matters. Jenna<br />

has a particular interest in<br />

investigation and discipline<br />

matters.<br />


Accommodation<br />

Membership<br />

Services Officer<br />

Tom will act as<br />

your conduit to<br />

accommodation<br />

information and <strong>QHA</strong><br />

services, and is an<br />

experienced professional<br />

who grew up living and<br />

working in the hospitality<br />

industry as part of a<br />

hotel-owning family.<br />


Head of MAX & TAB,<br />

Queensland<br />

With ten years of<br />

experience in Tabcorp<br />

gaming services, Adam<br />

has recently taken on<br />

both MAX & TAB for<br />

Queensland. Adam’s<br />

previous career in the<br />

hospitality industry<br />

positions him well to<br />

understand the role<br />

that wagering and<br />

gaming play in pubs.<br />


State Manager (Qld)<br />

Aristocrat<br />

Nick has a proven<br />

history in wholesale<br />

liquor, electronic gaming,<br />

and hotel and restaurant<br />

operation. He now<br />

heads up the state team<br />

for one of Australia’s<br />

leading manufacturers of<br />

gaming machines.<br />

<strong>QHA</strong> REVIEW | 5

NEWS<br />

Women<br />

in Hotels<br />


More than 360 guests attended the annual Women in<br />

Hotels networking event, held at the W Brisbane.<br />

The customary freshly shucked PFD oysters were<br />

washed down with a crisp Aperol Spritz to set the<br />

mood before the ballroom doors opened to an<br />

orange and blue-themed delight with stunning orchid<br />

centrepieces provided courtesy of Bunnings Trade.<br />

Guests enjoyed presentations from executive chef<br />

Gillian Hirst, before putting their dexterity to the test to<br />

create their own take-home origami crane with Maki’s<br />

Art. Competition was fierce as guests battled to stay<br />

focused and create a better bird than their tablemates,<br />

which resulted in some hilarious interpretations of<br />

the crane! Thank-you to our beverage partners, Lion,<br />

Carlton & United Breweries, Coca-Cola Europacific<br />

Partners, Diageo, Treasury Wine Estates, Accolade,<br />

Brown-Forman, Campari, Pernod Ricard and Yalumba,<br />

who all greatly contributed to the outcome of the<br />

cranes.<br />

There were many generous prize contributions from<br />

<strong>QHA</strong> Members and Partners for the events chosen<br />

charity – Maddox’s Helping Hand Foundation.<br />

Representing the foundation, Shelley Porter’s eloquent<br />

and impassioned presentation on how these vital<br />

funds are being used to improve the quality of life for<br />

patients ensured that guests dug deep to raise more<br />

than $11,000 for the charity.<br />

<strong>QHA</strong> REVIEW | 6

NEWS<br />

<strong>QHA</strong> REVIEW | 7

NEWS<br />


THE FINAL PUBS, POTS & PROFITS EVENT FOR <strong>2023</strong><br />


<strong>QHA</strong> REVIEW | 8<br />

More than 80 guests enjoyed presentations on food<br />

wastage, beer wastage, social media and behavioural<br />

detection, as well as engaging in a trade show with a dozen<br />

of <strong>QHA</strong>’s Partners and Corporate Members.<br />

The highlight of the event is always the Perfect Pour<br />

Competition, where the attendee who pours the best beer<br />

gets to win a keg for their venue. Congratulations to Ben<br />

Gurr from the Shamrock Hotel. Mick and Wendy Webster<br />

from the Scenic Rim Brewery won the lucky door prize of<br />

a Sticky Dates food label app and printer, courtesy of CTB<br />

and Co.<br />

The PPP series will be undertaking a refresh for 2024,<br />

to become People, Pots & Profits as we look to include<br />

presentations that are also relevant to our accommodation<br />

members. With thanks to the ongoing support of our event<br />

partner, Carlton & United Breweries, People, Pots & Profits<br />

will be hosted in Airlie Beach (27th February), Roma (16th<br />

April) and Cairns (12th November).

Puppies and kittens?<br />

Our brief was to direct your attention to this page with the<br />

simplest idea possible. Seeing as you’re now reading, puppies<br />

and kittens seem to have worked for us (and that you’re a<br />

wonderful person for liking puppies and kittens*, of course).<br />

While we’re not magicians, imagine what attention we could<br />

generate for you — with a far more detailed brief than this<br />

one — focused on your unique and individual business needs.<br />

As a proudly local Queensland agency, we specialise in<br />

evidence-backed strategic creative for our family of longterm<br />

clients across multiple industries, from FMCG and<br />

hospitality through to professional services, manufacturing,<br />

mining, schools, finance, government, medical and more.<br />

But what is it you need? We can help. Direct to consumer?<br />

B2B? Brand discovery and development? Investor relations<br />

and corporate communication? We can assist with all aspects<br />

of your brand, marketing and communications — either<br />

through our talented, experienced and award-winning<br />

studio, or our proven network of long-term Queensland<br />

partners across consumer and market research, digital and<br />

development, public relations and media planning.<br />

We have limited spots available for new clients in 2024, so<br />

please get in touch for an obligation-free discussion on how<br />

we can help better take care of your brand too.<br />

info@horseandwater.com.au<br />

horseandwater.com.au<br />

0401 345 201<br />

brand strategy & development | publications | packaging | content creation<br />

marketing and advertising | research & visualisation | digital, print & beyond<br />

*Did you know seeing puppies even makes you work more accurately? You’re welcome! Sherman GD, Haidt J, Coan JA (2009) Viewing cute images increases behavioral carefulness. Emotion 9: 282–286.

GAMING with Nick Bainbrigge<br />




<strong>QHA</strong> REVIEW | 10<br />

At Aristocrat, we know that it isn’t just about having<br />

the latest performer, it’s also about knowing there’s a<br />

long-term roadmap to support your purchases with<br />

games that can deliver consistently for your business.<br />

That’s our focus, and why we’re delivering a strong<br />

line-up of games across all types of venues in<br />

Queensland to ensure consistent performance and<br />

confidence in your gaming investment.<br />

As well as a strong line-up, we’ve had some great<br />

performers. One of these has been Cash Express<br />

Luxury Line which quickly gained momentum<br />

from launch and has had terrific and consistent<br />

performance.<br />

To keep the steam pumping, we recently released<br />

two more entertaining titles – Spring Carnival and<br />

Geisha. These games feature our famous Hold and<br />

Spin mechanic plus the golden Cash Express feature<br />

to ensure it refreshes the player experience. These two<br />

titles are already delivering 1.49 turnover and $6.7K<br />

average daily turnover in Queensland hotels. We’ve<br />

also had Dollar Storm which has been driving that<br />

performance you can rely on.<br />

Another noteworthy product for Queensland hotels is<br />

Player’s Choice Hits which is a six game multi-pack<br />

of our classic games and is notable for having Grand<br />

Star available for the first time as a SAP. It’s ideal to<br />

maximise your gaming entitlements as it also has<br />

Choy’s Kingdom, Grand Star, Welcome to Fantastic<br />

Jackpots, Scorchin’ Fortune, Big Red and The<br />

Bullfighter (a Queensland favourite) all in one.<br />

The next gem coming early next year is Mighty Genie<br />

with three unique games. Crafted by the team who<br />

brought you Choy’s Kingdom, this colourful genie<br />

takes the Hold and Spin mechanic but adds in Repeat<br />

Wins.<br />

Mighty Genie also has Split Symbols in Hold and Spin,<br />

where the genie can split two or three times for bigger<br />

wins and greater player entertainment.<br />

I predict players will love the catchphrase “1 Wish, 2<br />

Wishes, 3 Wishes!” as the genie spins. Plus, we’ve<br />

included more Split Symbols that uncover more<br />

Repeat Wins. It’s going to be a very exciting game!<br />

The three games in the family are Mr Banks, Persian<br />

Treasure and Dragon’s Wish. Dragon’s Wish is the red<br />

genie and this game is highly entertaining, but also<br />

volatile, fast-paced and more for VIP-style players. The<br />

green and blue genie games are designed for players<br />

who enjoy a less volatile experience.<br />

There’s a few more games coming in our roadmap in<br />

the coming months, but I only have this much space<br />

to talk about them! If you want any information, please<br />

reach out to your Aristocrat business partner.<br />

For more information on the games mentioned above,<br />

please visit Aristocrat’s website, aristocrat.com/anz.

NEWS<br />







<strong>QHA</strong> REVIEW | 12<br />

On 19 October, several Aussie producers took to the<br />

stage in London to receive their producer trophies at<br />

the International Wine and Spirits Competition (IWSC).<br />

This year, the awards received over 4,000 entries from<br />

across the world, with Australia taking home several of<br />

the top categories and breaking a few records along<br />

the way.<br />

Curatif, the geniuses behind the canned cocktail<br />

movement, were awarded the RTD Producer Trophy<br />

after taking out the inaugural title last year. Hailing<br />

from Melbourne, the world-leading producer of readyto-serve<br />

cocktails have strived to create incredible<br />

cocktail experiences by combining spirits with<br />

fresh ingredients and sophisticated manufacturing<br />

techniques.<br />

The IWSC judges believed that Curatif has established<br />

itself as an ‘evergreen presence’ in the RTD category.<br />

Having only been founded in 2019, they were<br />

impressed with the brand’s quick growth, its aboveand-beyond<br />

sustainability efforts and its quest to bring<br />

lesser-known spirits to a mass audience.<br />

Curatif took home many medals this year, with its<br />

Archie Rose Espresso Martini being awarded a gold<br />

medal for being “sumptuously indulgent on the palate<br />

with rich flavours of smooth cacao and an elegantly<br />

creamy mouthfeel with an equally sweet, luxurious<br />

finish.”<br />

Founded by three mates in 2013, Four Pillars also<br />

had the honour of taking home the International<br />

Gin Producer Trophy sponsored by The Gin Guild<br />

– an achievement made all the more spectacular<br />

considering that this is the third year the brand has<br />

taken the award home.<br />

The IWSC judges praised Four Pillars’ innovation in<br />

continually looking for the next big thing, including<br />

exciting collaborations and sustainability initiatives.<br />

The gin company was especially praised for its carbon<br />

neutral certification and its efforts to reduce flavour<br />

wastage by repurposing distillation ingredients and<br />

using them to make foods such as crackers and<br />

cheese.<br />

Four Pillars received a whopping 10 medals across its<br />

range of gins this year, including two gold medals with<br />

98 points for their Bloody Underhill Vineyard Shiraz Gin<br />

and Single Barrel S36 Gin.<br />

Alongside the Gin Producer Trophy, one of the other<br />

major awards at the IWSC is the Vodka Producer<br />

Trophy won by Grainshaker – a company that works<br />

with Australian farmers in Victoria to create world-class<br />

products from corn, wheat and rye grains.<br />

This year, Grainshaker stood out against the rest due<br />

to its passion for the raw materials that go into its<br />

vodka. The brand is known for celebrating the origin<br />

and authentic flavours of its spirits while proactively<br />

promoting the ‘grain-to-glass’ movement. The IWSC<br />

judges were particularly impressed by the brand’s<br />

Wheat Vodka, awarding it a gold outstanding medal<br />

with 98 points for its stylish and versatile spirit.<br />

Cherubino, one of the leading wineries in Western<br />

Australia, was fortunate enough to take home two

NEWS<br />

photo credits: Seb Higgins<br />

awards this year – the White Wine Producer Trophy<br />

and the highly coveted Outstanding Wine Producer<br />

Trophy sponsored by Encirc.<br />

Having started as negotiants in 2005, Larry and<br />

Edwina Cherubino have now bought their own winery<br />

and own vineyards in Margaret River, Pemberton and<br />

Great Southern. In recent years, the pair’s hard work<br />

and commitment to ethical farming principles has<br />

given them the well-deserved reputation as fine wine<br />

producers.<br />

The IWSC judges appreciated how, in recent years,<br />

Cherubino shifted towards lighter, fresher wine styles.<br />

As a result of this, the winery received four gold, seven<br />

silver and five bronze medals, making Cherubino one<br />

of the overall leaders in the <strong>2023</strong> medal count and a<br />

major contributor to Australia’s success at this year’s<br />

competition.<br />

In 1969, the IWSC was founded with a mission to<br />

not only champion the best wines and spirits from<br />

around the world, but also to seek out undiscovered<br />

talent while helping both large and small brands reach<br />

ambitious targets on the global stage.<br />

If Australia’s triumph at the <strong>2023</strong> IWSC says anything,<br />

it’s that the industry is continuing to thrive thanks to<br />

the innovative minds of distillers and winemakers<br />

across the country. It also assures us that hospitality<br />

venues across Queensland are lucky enough to build<br />

partnerships with some of the most authentic, creative<br />

and quality-driven producers in the world.<br />

<strong>QHA</strong> REVIEW | 13

Yvonne Bowly, Richard Bowly,<br />

David Nixon, Maryanne Johnson, Clive<br />

Johnson, Ty Menizes, Belinda Menzies<br />


LMG launched its new brand<br />

platform at the Hawaii National<br />

Member Conference.<br />

More than 430 members, suppliers and guests<br />

gathered in Hawaii in August for LMG’s National<br />

Member Conference.<br />

The theme of the conference was “Are you ready?”<br />

and the answer was a resounding “yes” as CEO<br />

Gavin Saunders and his team led audiences through<br />

a recap of LMG’s impressive growth over the last six<br />

years, including strategies to keep it going and its<br />

continued laser-focus on its members.<br />

That uncompromising dedication to member<br />

success is what guides LMG’s new brand platform,<br />

Jan and John Loth<br />

To add more to your store through LMG, contact<br />

Queensland State Manager Shaun Landy on 0436 002 418.

John Loth, Mel Porter, Michael<br />

Porter, Shelley Porter, Brian<br />

Fitzgibbons Cathy Fitzgibbons,<br />

Scott Hogan, Tammy Hogan<br />

the launch of which was a highlight of the conference. Its<br />

message is that ‘There’s more in store’ – a message that<br />

puts members first, is driven home across an integrated<br />

campaign and delivers a brand promise for Bottlemart<br />

and SipnSave going forward.<br />

Managing director of The Southern Hotel in Toowoomba,<br />

Richard Bowly, said he is always glad to attend LMG’s<br />

National Member Conference, and that it was wonderful<br />

to spend time together in such a fantastic location this<br />

year.<br />

“With so much going on in the industry and everything<br />

moving so fast, it’s important and useful to have these<br />

opportunities to reflect on what we’ve achieved over<br />

the last year and get valuable insights into what we can<br />

anticipate over the next twelve months.<br />

“I’m especially excited about the launch of the new<br />

loyalty scheme and about the new ‘There’s more in store’<br />

brand platform for Bottlemart. Both initiatives are going to<br />

be extremely beneficial to the LMG members.<br />

“The other aspect of the conference that I find so<br />

valuable is the opportunity to connect with other people<br />

in the industry. We have a catch up and compare notes<br />

about challenges and opportunities, put faces to names<br />

and enjoy rubbing shoulders with our peers from across<br />

the country.<br />

“And what a spot. LMG arranged a wonderful itinerary of<br />

activities across the island including a fascinating tour of<br />

Pearl Harbour, and the resort right on the beach was the<br />

perfect place for an arvo drink,” he said.<br />

Manager of Porters Plainland Hotel in Plainland, Michael<br />

Porter, said he has been to Hawaii a few times, but never<br />

tires of returning and loved having the opportunity to<br />

go there for the LMG National Member Conference this<br />

year.<br />

“The presentations had fantastic content that both<br />

celebrated what the members have achieved and gave<br />

us data-driven insights into how we can best plan for the<br />

year ahead. I spoke to a lot of people at the conference<br />

who got so much value from the business sessions.<br />

“One of the best parts of the event for me was the<br />

networking opportunity. There was such a broad range<br />

of members there from regional Australia to larger towns<br />

and the bigger cities, so it was fantastic to spend time<br />

with like-minded people from the industry.<br />

“There’s so much to talk about and so many ideas to<br />

exchange, whether it’s about renovations, suppliers,<br />

customer service or new technologies. The conference<br />

provides a unique chance for us to do that all in one<br />

place.<br />

“As always, LMG does a great job at balancing downtime<br />

with presentations and activities, and I always come back<br />

to my team with plenty of useful information to pass on,”<br />

he said.<br />


NEWS<br />





<strong>QHA</strong> REVIEW | 16<br />

With higher inflation and other macroeconomic<br />

pressures, many Australian households are tightening<br />

their belts. They’re more cautious about their spending<br />

decisions, with many making lifestyle adjustments to<br />

compensate.<br />

The latest CommBank Consumer Insights Report<br />

confirms that many people are having fewer nights out<br />

while weighing up restaurant and fast-food purchases<br />

in addition to travel plans. While not every hospitality<br />

venue may feel the impact equally, it suggests that<br />

competition for scarcer consumer dollars is increasing.<br />

The economic climate has ushered in a new consumer<br />

mindset. It’s one where, irrespective of their financial<br />

situation, people are more discerning about where<br />

they book and visit, and what they expect from the<br />

experience.<br />

The research shows that while around one in four<br />

Australians don’t have enough money, or have just<br />

enough, to meet household expenses, budgetconscious<br />

behaviours are more widespread. For<br />

example, 73% of consumers use discounts, cashback<br />

offers and rewards, and 66% now spend more time<br />

researching before purchasing.<br />

As hospitality providers adapt to new consumer habits,<br />

we examine the aspects of the customer experience<br />

that they value most. We found that perennial traits<br />

of a well-received visit, like customer service, remain<br />

vital. Most also expect providers to use technology<br />

to enhance the experience and provide flexibility<br />

throughout a purchase, particularly if it saves time and<br />

money.<br />

Helping consumers do their homework<br />

With most Australians spending more time researching<br />

and searching across more than six channels,<br />

being discoverable and relevant online is now more<br />

important. After all, the first destination of choice for<br />

research is online, with search engines and websites<br />

growing in popularity.<br />

In these earlier stages of deciding where to go, people<br />

value technologies that make their search easier and<br />

more tailored. Chief among them is search filters to<br />

align with needs or budget, which 70% of consumers<br />

say is useful. That’s followed by 53% of consumers<br />

valuing virtual information kiosks and apps to find what<br />

they need without consulting staff.<br />

Purchasing non-negotiables and nice-to-haves<br />

Certain aspects of the hospitality experience are<br />

deemed essential by consumers. Welcoming and<br />

informed staff and a good in-venue setting are the top<br />

two. Enhanced cyber security and data controls are a<br />

close third in the must-have rankings.<br />

Digitally driven options feature frequently among<br />

purchasing imperatives. That includes over one in three<br />

saying a wide range of payment options to speed up<br />

the point-of-sale process is non-negotiable and almost<br />

half saying it’s nice to have.<br />

Many patrons feel that having options for pre-arrival<br />

ordering, using QR codes to order at the table and<br />

access to delivery services is nice to have. This<br />

suggests customers are drawn to flexibility when<br />

interacting with websites, apps and venues. Once<br />

the essentials are in place, these features offer an<br />

opportunity to boost differentiated appeal.<br />

Demand for tech-enabled experiences with<br />

conditions<br />

Eight in ten consumers think hospitality providers<br />

should use technology to enhance the purchasing<br />

process and personalise the experience. Amid<br />

heightened concerns, they are also wary of sharing the<br />

data that powers it and expect venues to respect data<br />


NEWS<br />

This includes 81% feeling hospitality businesses<br />

should be more transparent about data collection<br />

and sharing and 78% who want the ability to access,<br />

control and remove their data from databases. With<br />

63% refusing to purchase from businesses that<br />

collect unnecessary details. Responsible data capture<br />

and proving its value can make or break a sale.<br />

People want incentives, but some are more<br />

popular<br />

Almost three-quarters of Australians use promotional<br />

codes, cashback offers and rewards and even more<br />

exhibit deal-seeking behaviours. However, consumers<br />

prefer some incentives over others.<br />

Free access to amenities, like parking or an airport<br />

shuttle, is most likely to be top-ranked. Offering a<br />

set menu for a more affordable experience is next.<br />

Complimentary items when booking or a discount on<br />

a second item are also valued.<br />

Issues that bring loyalty into question<br />

When asked if they have encountered poor<br />

experiences, 65% of hospitality consumers said they<br />

had. Bad customer service and issues with food<br />

quality are most common but vary depending on<br />

venue type.<br />

For example, almost one in four pub and club patrons<br />

had experienced problems when splitting bills,<br />

paying tips or getting digital receipts. The nature of<br />

the problem also prompts different reactions. People<br />

are more forgiving when having difficulty making<br />

reservations, but inadequate technology is more likely<br />

to turn them away.<br />

These are just some considerations for hospitality<br />

businesses as they respond to new needs and<br />

preferences among patrons. The CommBank<br />

Consumer Insights Report delves into these and<br />

others, highlighting the differences between pub and<br />

club customers and other hospitality categories.<br />

DECEMBER CALENDAR <strong>2023</strong><br />

R M LV Virtual Classroom (online)<br />

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Members and Non-Members $495.00<br />

CLO Member Price $70.00 / Non-Member $90.00<br />


Call 07 3221 6999 visit training.qha.org.au or email: training@qha.org.au<br />

**RMLV Video Connect (Online) courses will be added as required<br />

RTO 30826


with Adam Floyd<br />




<strong>QHA</strong> REVIEW | 18<br />

The close of another year is here. Where does the<br />

time go? It’s certainly been one of the busiest yet<br />

rewarding twelve months I’ve experienced at Tabcorp,<br />

and the <strong>QHA</strong> and their members have supported and<br />

championed us every step of way.<br />

In June, Tabcorp and <strong>QHA</strong> inked a new partnership<br />

agreement, cementing Tabcorp’s three flagship brands,<br />

with TAB as Platinum Partners and MAX & SKY as<br />

Diamond Partners of the <strong>QHA</strong> for the next two years.<br />

Together we’ve enjoyed co-sponsored race days,<br />

venue activations with merch giveaways, the rollout<br />

of our cashless-wagering digital retail concept, SKY<br />

Racing rebates, the continued payment of digital<br />

commissions on eligible accounts opened in TAB<br />

venues, as well as TAB integrated ATMs through our<br />

partnerships with Next Payments and Banktech.<br />

We’ve also continued to invest heavily in our venue<br />

network via an extensive and ever-changing suite of<br />

retail-exclusive offers across racing and sport. TAB<br />

account customers can access unique offers and<br />

markets that are only available on the TAB app once<br />

they’re inside a TAB venue.<br />

In September we also launched our new TAB brand<br />

identity – We’re On.<br />

The introduction of ‘We’re On’ marked the beginning<br />

of a comprehensive rebrand for TAB, which included<br />

an eye-catching new colour palette, launching across<br />

everything from revamped marketing and captivating<br />

content to eye-catching merchandise and signage<br />

that has begun to cover our extensive network of TAB<br />

pubs, clubs, agencies and racetracks.<br />

The launch of the new brand also saw the introduction<br />

of our new retail format strategy, which encompasses<br />

a revitalisation and reimagination of our in-venue<br />

experience.<br />

With the support of <strong>QHA</strong>, our mission to create the<br />

ultimate destination, where the worlds of every sport<br />

and race comes alive, continues. Welcome to the next<br />

generation TAB.<br />

Our entire approach is a tiered one that enables TAB to<br />

provide a design solution that meets the needs of the<br />

broadest possible range of venues.<br />

We’ve kicked off our investment program, with<br />

installation of state-of-the-art digital displays that lay<br />

the foundation for right time, right place messaging for<br />

our customers in retail.<br />

The digital display installation amplifies our refreshed<br />

TAB brand and works in unison with a venue’s existing<br />

vision and wagering offer and the design aesthetic.<br />

So far, we’ve launched this new tailored retail concept<br />

across several <strong>QHA</strong> venues, including Wellington<br />

Point Hotel, the Paddo, Bracken Ridge Tavern, Stock<br />

Exchange and Bli Bli Hotel. Keep an eye out for more<br />

over the coming months, we’re certainly not done yet!


Rabbit<br />

the<br />

Down<br />

Hole<br />

<strong>QHA</strong> REVIEW | 20<br />

The Prince Consort’s industry<br />

journey seems to be plucked<br />

straight out of a storybook, which<br />

is all the more fitting considering<br />

its whimsical, out-of-this-world<br />

function spaces.<br />

With a penchant for the eclectic and an eye for<br />

beautifully appointed rooms that bring out the life in<br />

any event, the best way to describe The Prince Consort<br />

would be choose-your-own-adventure-style.<br />

Since it opened its doors over three years ago, the venue<br />

has already made a name for itself as the classy yet<br />

zany pub of Fortitude Valley, famous for the overlapping<br />

aesthetics that adorn every one of its spaces.


<strong>QHA</strong> REVIEW | 21


<strong>QHA</strong> REVIEW | 22<br />

Along with elements that draw inspiration from<br />

storybooks featuring sharply-dressed animals,<br />

the hotel is made all the more unique thanks to its<br />

135-year-old heritage-listed building. General manager<br />

of The Prince Consort, Jason Hirt, said the team’s<br />

ultimate goal was to restore the beautiful historic<br />

venue while adding some class, style and uniquity.<br />

“We had some rules. It was going to be harder to fill<br />

a big venue in the pandemic, so we thought it would<br />

be a lot easier to incorporate many different spaces<br />

for different sub-groups. We had so many great ideas<br />

from things we had seen in London, Los Angeles,<br />

Paris and all over Australia.<br />

“We then had the problem of sourcing materials.<br />

Obviously, the Covid19 period was not very fun. We<br />

would see something we loved that needed to be 10.5<br />

metres, and the supplier would only have nine meters.<br />

Because of this, the design process got crazier by the<br />

day, and more concepts grew out of that.<br />

“One of our other rules was to have a little fun. If we<br />

didn’t think it was fun – it got scraped. The hotel<br />

really became the culmination of many ideas and<br />

adventures, and given the chance, we would do it all<br />

over again. We are all a little crazy here at The Prince,”<br />

he said.


This year, we’ve seen more and more venues with a<br />

strong sense of identity, voice and creativity thrive in<br />

the Queensland hospitality industry, and The Prince<br />

Consort certainly doesn’t stray from this pattern. In<br />

fact, when it comes to its success, the hotel has had a<br />

bit of a storybook journey in itself.<br />

Within its first year of operation, the venue won Best<br />

Marketed Hotel, Responsible Service of Gaming and<br />

Employee Excellence of Service – General Division at<br />

the 2021 <strong>QHA</strong> Awards for Excellence. This was shortly<br />

followed by an award for Best Hotel Bar – General –<br />

Metropolitan in 2022 as well as Responsible Service of<br />

Gaming for the second year in a row.<br />

The Prince Consort’s gleaming reputation really came<br />

to a head at the <strong>2023</strong> <strong>QHA</strong> Awards for Excellence, as<br />

the hotel was nominated for an impressive 10 awards.<br />

Jason said the team had very high expectations<br />

coming into the night, and described how pumped<br />

they started to feel when the AC/DC cover band,<br />

complete with bagpipes, started belting out ‘It’s a<br />

Long Way to the Top (If You Wanna Rock n Roll)’.<br />

“One of our other rules was to<br />

have a little fun. If we didn’t<br />

think it was fun – it got<br />

scraped. The hotel really<br />

became the culmination<br />

of many ideas and<br />

adventures, and given the<br />

chance, we would do it<br />

all over again. We are<br />

all a little crazy<br />

here at The<br />



“What a way to start the awards! The night itself was<br />

totally brilliant and we were all very excited. I guess a<br />

lot of venues had awards that they thought they could<br />

win, and so did we. I was very proud of the hard work<br />

that our team put in every single week of that year.<br />

“The Responsible Service of Gaming award was one of<br />

the first announced on the night. This was our chance<br />

to win it for the third year in a row, and as such, earn<br />

a spot in the Hall of Fame. Our team and gaming<br />

manager, Heath McGregor, put so much effort into<br />

working towards this goal, so when it was announced<br />

the party sure had started.<br />

“We then won the Keno Outstanding Community<br />

Service and Achievement award. This was a very<br />

proud moment for everyone, as all levels of staff had<br />

their hands in helping give back to our community.<br />

“By the end of the night we were occupied trying<br />

to figure out where we were going to celebrate<br />

afterwards, but the show wasn’t over yet. Next thing<br />

we knew, The Prince was awarded Overall Hotel of the<br />

Year – General Division Metropolitan. The whole team<br />

was on stage, and the rest was a blur,” he said.<br />

There is something very admirable about bringing<br />

back a historic venue’s former glory, all while creating<br />

a quirky, modern homage to the building’s original<br />

roots. Behind the success of The Prince Consort are<br />

the creative minds at Tilly and Wills – the organisation<br />

responsible for a diverse collection of iconic Australian<br />

venues, including The Greenwood Hotel in North<br />

Sydney and The Lucky Hotel in Newcastle.<br />

Bringing back the hotel’s original name from 1888, the<br />

acclaimed hospitality group transformed what was<br />

formerly The Elephant and Wheelbarrow into a grand<br />

English-inspired pub complete with challenging spaces<br />

that celebrate the stories of all who have ventured<br />

through in the past decades.<br />

Jason said that while the venue’s story began over<br />

135 years ago, the story of Tilley and Wills owning The<br />

Prince Consort only goes back to 2020.<br />

“The group had looked into buying the pub at the start<br />

of the year. However, by March the whole country went<br />

into lockdown, so it appeared to us that the deal might<br />

have fallen over.<br />

“But things had started to look up come June when<br />

the country started to open up again. To our great<br />

surprise, the deal was to settle in two weeks, and we<br />

had no plan for what we were going to do.<br />

“There were no overall design concepts at the time,<br />

and we didn’t even know if we should change the<br />

<strong>QHA</strong> REVIEW | 24


name. In the end, we just went for it. We wanted to<br />

bring the pub back to her former glory and do so<br />

quickly,” he said.<br />

Really, you would never have guessed that the hotel’s<br />

interior was so quickly conjured up within a matter<br />

of months. While obviously made to look a little<br />

haphazard, each room is carefully designed to suit<br />

the aesthetics required by a multitude of different<br />

personalities and functions – hence the venue’s<br />

choose-your-own-adventure-style theme.<br />

Each space represents a different experience, whether<br />

it’s the Garden Bar’s open-air oasis brimming with<br />

botanicals, La La Land’s opulent dance floor featuring<br />

a crystal chandelier, The Bowie Room’s antlersuspended<br />

hallway or the Greaser Bar’s road signs,<br />

exposed brick and car décor (which just so happens<br />

to be suspended from the ceiling).<br />

Truly, many of these spaces need to be seen to<br />

be understood. And while they undoubtedly set<br />

The Prince Consort apart, the venue didn’t earn its<br />

storybook journey in the industry just by excelling in<br />

one aspect of their operation.<br />

Jason said being considered one of the best hotels<br />

this year was an amazing honour, as the title requires<br />

hoteliers and publicans to excel in so many of the<br />

areas that make hospitality great.<br />

“It all starts with building great teams – people who<br />

love what they do and have a passion for hospitality<br />

and service. Our motto is ‘be awesome, not average’,<br />

so we apply that to every part of our venue. We want<br />

to be amazing in everything we do, so I hope that is<br />

what comes to mind when people think of The Prince.<br />

<strong>QHA</strong> REVIEW | 25


<strong>QHA</strong> REVIEW | 26<br />

“I’m very proud of the venue’s community award, as it<br />

shows that our hotel stands for something that goes<br />

beyond just our opening doors. So many of our staff<br />

have brought great local charities or issues to our<br />

attention. We try to make a difference for the people<br />

and groups in our area.<br />

“As a pub, we are the greatest community centre of<br />

all, so I believe we have an obligation to give back.<br />

Each month we get excited to see how we can help<br />

our region and how we can give a little kindness to the<br />

people around us who are doing it tough,” he said.<br />

When it comes to catering to the community, few<br />

places embrace monumental events and seasonality<br />

like The Prince Consort. In fact, it was only a few<br />

months ago when the hotel was filled to the brim with<br />

pine trees, knitted sweaters and 50 tonnes of real<br />

snow for Snow Week.<br />

Just recently, the venue also celebrated the emergence<br />

of the warmer months with their Spring Fling, where<br />

the team held a myriad of lively functions and adorned<br />

their spaces with over 10,000 fresh flowers.<br />

The hotel’s outspoken events certainly keep in line<br />

with its ‘go big or go home’ mentality – which is right<br />

at home in the bustling, celebratory community of<br />

Fortitude Valley. Jason said that being one of the<br />

largest hospitality precincts in the country, The Prince<br />

Consort owes some of its success to its location.<br />

“Fortitude Valley is a wonderful place to have a venue.<br />

In fact, at this year’s <strong>QHA</strong> Awards for Excellence there<br />

were so many venues from this region that shined on<br />

the night.<br />

“This is a hot spot for some of hospitality’s greatest<br />

venues, all driven by fantastic owners striving to create<br />

something special and unique,” he said.<br />

In the afterglow of another successful year, The Prince<br />

Consort is planning to expand its brand beyond the<br />

walls of its building by looking into more festivals,<br />

including any opportunity that fits in with their love of<br />

food, creativity, music and, most importantly, having<br />

fun.<br />

When asked how other venues can begin to write their<br />

own storybook journeys in the Queensland hospitality<br />

industry, Jason said the key is to start with the culture<br />

that is built around the team, and to have them buy<br />

into a creative, joyful vision.<br />

“From customer service all the way through to<br />

the execution of events – nothing is too small<br />

to think big about. The little things that only<br />

make up one percent of your business –<br />

they all add up.<br />

“It’s so important to continuously improve,<br />

to not be afraid to try new things and to<br />

love what you do. It’s hospitality – have a<br />

little fun!” he said.




Exclusive NBA, NFL & MLB live vision<br />

available via SKY Sports<br />


Talk to your Wagering Sales Executive<br />

about what′s on offer today<br />

<strong>QHA</strong> REVIEW | 27<br />


For free and confidential support call 1800 858 858 or visit gamblinghelponline.org.au


The Honourable Yvette D’Ath MP<br />


It’s hard to believe it’s Christmas already. The sun is<br />

out, the beach is calling and there’s no better time for<br />

a lazy, long lunch at one of the many hotels across the<br />

state. Families, friends and work colleagues spending<br />

time together, often in our venues with a cold beer, wine<br />

or champagne in hand. And while the idea of sipping a<br />

frozen cocktail in somewhere like Margaritaville sounds<br />

great (R.I.P Jimmy Buffett), it can lead to risky behaviour.<br />

So while the public is winding down, licensees will be<br />

winding up. This is probably the busiest time of year for<br />

you and your colleagues. You’ll be working long hours<br />

and, at times, in high pressure situations. The key will be<br />

making sure, as what we in the Southern Hemisphere<br />

refer to as the ‘silly season’, is as safe as possible,<br />

whether it’s drinking, eating or even gambling.<br />

It’s important that patrons are protected and staff<br />

are given the opportunity to do their job in a safe<br />

environment. Of course, personal responsibility is an<br />

important factor here. While family and friends can and<br />

should also be keeping an eye on one another, licensees<br />

and their staff have a role to play as well through our<br />

responsible service of alcohol regulations.<br />

Making sure patrons consume alcohol safely<br />

while discouraging binge drinking is important,<br />

as is making non-alcoholic alternatives like water<br />

available to patrons. When it comes to keeping<br />

patrons and workers safe from unwanted sexual<br />

advances or harassment, we recently teamed up<br />

with QMusic and Griffith University’s MATE Bystander<br />

to produce a new video series to address women’s<br />

safety in licensed venues. Licensees can use these<br />

videos as part of their staff training procedures.<br />

You can access the resources here: youtube.com/<br />

playlist?list=PLwSVhLeZikBigJCQ9begUqakGIHzH65TT.<br />

Like alcohol consumption, some people struggle<br />

with gambling. That’s why we’re teaming up with the<br />

Queensland Cricket this month to raise awareness<br />

about sports gambling. Players from both Heat teams<br />

will be reminding fans that they don’t need to have a bet<br />

to enjoy sport.<br />

Research conducted this year found that more than half<br />

of young people aged 14 to 25 surveyed felt that betting<br />

on sport is a part of Queensland’s way of life, so players<br />

will also be encouraging parents to talk to their children<br />

about gambling.<br />

I would finally like to take the time to thank you and<br />

your staff for all of the hard work throughout the year.<br />

Queensland hotels are an integral and irreplaceable part<br />

of our state, its culture and its economy.<br />

I also truly hope you all get some time away from work<br />

so you too can celebrate the festive season with family<br />

and friends, because before we know it champagne<br />

bottles will be popping as we farewell <strong>2023</strong> and we<br />

realise we’re almost a quarter of the way through this<br />

century. Where did the years go?<br />

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!<br />

<strong>QHA</strong> REVIEW | 28

Victoria Thomson OLGR<br />


As the end of the year is nearly upon us, more patrons<br />

will be entering venues to celebrate over the Christmas<br />

and New Year period. I’d like to remind licensees of<br />

their obligations to provide a safe environment for their<br />

patrons, staff and the areas surrounding their venue.<br />

Creating a safer environment means your patrons<br />

will be able to relax and enjoy themselves and it also<br />

demonstrates your commitment to the responsible<br />

service of alcohol (RSA).<br />

Licensees should also be aware that this time of year<br />

means some patrons may be entering a venue with<br />

limited or no prior experience in consuming alcohol,<br />

making them especially vulnerable to becoming<br />

intoxicated. Licensees and their staff are responsible for<br />

preventing patrons from becoming unduly intoxicated.<br />

Staff must ensure alcohol is served, supplied and<br />

promoted in a way that maintains a safe environment in<br />

and around the venue and preserves the amenity of the<br />

nearby area.<br />

Equally, staff must also be trained to identify signs<br />

of excessive drinking and know what measures to<br />

implement to discourage binge drinking. These include<br />

offering non-alcoholic alternatives and ensuring<br />

water is available to help patrons pace their alcohol<br />

consumption and remain safe.<br />

I’d like to highlight some additional proactive measures<br />

one licensee has implemented to manage the<br />

responsible service of alcohol in their venue:<br />

• conducting mandatory bi-monthly staff training<br />

sessions to discuss any excessive alcohol incidents<br />

and workshop solutions to prevent future incidents<br />

• not serving shots after 9pm<br />

• conducting physical sweeps of the entire venue<br />

every hour to monitor for undue intoxication<br />

I urge all licensees to consider implementing similar<br />

strategies in their venues ahead of the peak Christmas<br />

and New Year period. The Office of Liquor and Gaming<br />

Regulation (OLGR) has a range of tips and resources<br />

relating to staff and patron safety available on the<br />

Business Queensland website: https://www.business.<br />

qld.gov.au/industries/hospitality-tourism-sport/liquorgaming/liquor/compliance/patron-staff-safety.<br />

Additionally, OLGR has collaborated with QMUSIC and<br />

Griffith University’s MATE Bystander to develop a suite<br />

of training resources for licensees to use which address<br />

some of the incidents relating to sexual violence and<br />

discrimination that patrons and staff may experience in<br />

venues.<br />

Every individual has the right to enjoy a night out<br />

without their personal safety being compromised<br />

or being made to feel uncomfortable. Equally staff<br />

should be able to undertake their duties in a safe and<br />

supportive space without fear of being harassed,<br />

assaulted or violated in any form.<br />

I encourage all licensees to access these training<br />

resources and incorporate them into their staff training<br />

practices to ensure your staff are better equipped to<br />

address these situations should they occur.<br />

On a separate note, I wanted to draw your attention<br />

to an amendment to the Commonwealth Sex<br />

Discrimination Act 1984 which comes into effect from<br />

Sunday 12 <strong>December</strong> <strong>2023</strong>.<br />

Under the new amendment, employers are now<br />

required to implement a positive duty of care.<br />

This means employers must take reasonable and<br />

proportionate measures to eliminate unlawful conduct in<br />

the workplace.<br />

To be compliant employers must ensure they are acting<br />

to prevent workplace sexual harassment, sex-based<br />

harassment, sex discrimination and a hostile work<br />

environment and victimisation (known collectively as<br />

unlawful conduct).<br />

There are seven standards that outline what employers<br />

are expected to do to satisfy the positive duty of care<br />

under the Commonwealth Sex Discrimination Act 1984:<br />

1. Leadership<br />

2. Culture<br />

3. Knowledge<br />

4. Risk management<br />

5. Support<br />

6. Reporting and response<br />

7. Monitoring, evaluation and transparency<br />

If an employer doesn’t meet the above standards the<br />

Australian Human Rights Commission will have the<br />

power to enforce compliance.<br />

Licensees can read the guidelines here: https://<br />

humanrights.gov.au/sites/default/files/<strong>2023</strong>-08/<br />

Guidelines%20for%20Complying%20with%20the%20<br />

Positive%20Duty%20%28<strong>2023</strong>%29.pdf.<br />

<strong>QHA</strong> REVIEW | 29

LEGAL MATTERS with Curt Schatz<br />


<strong>QHA</strong> REVIEW | 30<br />

As the new holiday season inches closer, so too does<br />

the busiest trade period of the year for hoteliers. With<br />

various special occasions and holidays scheduled<br />

in the summer calendar, hoteliers will undoubtedly<br />

experience an increase in the frequency and size of<br />

functions and events. Whilst this will be a positive<br />

boost to your business, it can also increase the<br />

possibility of problematic behaviour and potential<br />

investigations of the compliance of your business.<br />

In this article, we provide a quick refresher on the<br />

investigative powers of the OLGR.<br />

Investigator’s powers<br />

Under the Liquor Act 1992, the OLGR is granted the<br />

power to conduct investigations into various aspects<br />

of licensed premises, including compliance with<br />

licensing conditions, responsible service of alcohol<br />

and adherence to other obligations. This includes<br />

authority to inspect premises, examine records and<br />

interview individuals regarding an investigation. Under<br />

the Gaming Machine Act 1991, the OLGR has the<br />

power to examine gaming machine operations,<br />

compliance with gaming licence conditions and<br />

investigation into alleged offences, audits and request<br />

for documentation.<br />

An inspection of your premises may be unannounced<br />

or as a result of a complaint about the venue. An<br />

inspector may be an authorised officer or a police<br />

officer. Inspectors must be issued with an identity card<br />

and cannot exercise a power without producing their<br />

identity card. However, if the inspector has entered<br />

the venue whilst the venue is open for trading, the<br />

inspector may examine, record, photograph or film<br />

anything in the venue without having first produced<br />

their identity card. Effectively, this allows the inspector<br />

to inspect the venue covertly.<br />

Generally, an inspector will request the approved<br />

manager or person in charge at the venue to produce<br />

various documents. You should always ask the<br />

inspector to produce their identity card so you know<br />

the officer you are dealing with before the investigation.<br />

You may be asked to provide a copy of your venue’s<br />

licence documents, premises plans, approved<br />

manager’s certificate, RSA certificates for staff, Risk<br />

Assessed Management Plan, incident register, CCTV<br />

footage and register. You are obligated to:<br />

a. reasonably assist the inspector with their<br />

investigation<br />

b. if required, state your full name, address of resident<br />

and date of birth along with evidence to confirm this<br />

information (such as identification)<br />

c. answer any reasonable questions asked to assist<br />

with the inspector’s investigation<br />

The inspector may also interview other staff members<br />

or patrons of the venue. The interviewee is not<br />

obligated to answer the inspector’s questions if they<br />

have a ‘reasonable excuse’. A reasonable excuse<br />

may be where the interviewee believes answering the<br />

questions will incriminate them.<br />

Policies and procedures<br />

It is generally recommended that hoteliers regularly<br />

review their operations and the conditions imposed<br />

on their licensed to ensure that they are in compliance<br />

with its requirements. Managers and staff should be<br />

familiar with policies and procedures of the venue<br />

and the venue’s Risk Assessed Management Plan. In<br />

particular, staff should be aware of the venues policies<br />

regarding patron behaviour, intoxicated patrons,<br />

minors and responsible service of alcohol. Inspectors<br />

will likely be assessing responses from management<br />

and staff to patron behaviour, particularly on whether<br />

unduly intoxicated patrons are being supplied with<br />

or allowed to consume liquor. Such assessments are<br />

likely examined before the inspector has confirmed<br />

their visit and provided their identity card to the venue.<br />

The OLGR’s robust investigative powers, as outlined<br />

in the Liquor Act and Gaming Machine Act, are<br />

intended to ensure that licensees are complying with<br />

their obligations which play a vital role in maintaining<br />

the safety of patrons and staff. Accordingly, it is<br />

essential that hoteliers continue to take positive steps<br />

in reviewing, updating and implementing standards to<br />

avoid compliance breaches.



Hostplus has over 1.7 million members, each with<br />

unique goals when it comes to their super. While the<br />

majority of members invest in our award-winning<br />

Balanced (MySuper) option, we also offer other<br />

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Some members want to keep costs as low as<br />

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That’s why we’ve created these new options, providing<br />

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What are the new investment options?<br />

We’ve added six new pre-mixed options, each<br />

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The first new option is called High Growth. It invests in<br />

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For members who would like to take less risk, we’ve<br />

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Finally, we’ve also launched two new options that<br />

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Both options aim to reduce exposure to fossil fuels<br />

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These six new options add more choice to our existing<br />

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These investment options have the ability to give<br />

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Anyone can invest in these options as long as they’re<br />

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Advice for members who need it<br />

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This information is general advice only and does not take into account your personal objectives, financial situation or needs. You should consider if this information<br />

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hostplus.com.au before making a decision about Hostplus. For a description of the target market, please read the Target Market Determination (TMD), available at<br />

hostplus.com.au.<br />

Net investment returns represent the rate of return on investments after investment-related fees, costs and taxes have been deducted. Other fees and costs may<br />

apply. Past performance is not a reliable indicator of future performance and should never be the sole factor considered when selecting a superannuation fund.<br />

Hostplus has engaged Industry Fund Services Limited (IFS) ABN 54 007 016 195, AFSL 232514 to facilitate the provision of personal financial advice to members<br />

of Hostplus. Advice is provided by Hostplus financial planners who are Authorised Representatives of IFS. Fees may apply for personal financial advice; for further<br />

information about the cost of personal advice, you can speak with your Hostplus financial planner or visit our website www.hostplus.com.au. Information to help<br />

you decide whether you want to use personal financial advice services being offered is set out in the relevant IFS Financial Services Guide, a copy of which is<br />

available from your Hostplus financial planner. Hostplus has engaged Link Advice Pty Ltd ABN 36 105 811 836, ASFL 258145 to facilitate the provision of limited<br />

personal financial advice to members of Hostplus via the web-based product SuperAdviser.<br />

Issued by Host-Plus Pty Limited ABN 79 008 634 704, AFSL 244392 as trustee for the Hostplus Superannuation Fund (the Fund) ABN 68 657 495 890, MySuper<br />

No 68 657 495 890 198.<br />

<strong>QHA</strong> REVIEW | 31





<strong>QHA</strong> REVIEW | 32<br />

Known for its impressive selection of craft beers,<br />

cheerful weekly events, live music and incredible<br />

atmosphere, it’s no surprise that the venue has evolved<br />

into one of the region’s most iconic destinations.<br />

What most people don’t know, however, is that the<br />

trendy bar and bistro is responsible for the longest<br />

running craft beer festival in Queensland. Before there<br />

was any other, there was Archive Beer Boutique’s<br />

signature event – Armakeggon.<br />

Not only did this festival encourage the state’s<br />

emerging craft brewing industry, but it also helped<br />

to sculpt West End’s culture into what it is today – a<br />

dynamic locality packed with quirky craft vendors,<br />

brewpubs and live music venues.<br />

Owner of Archive Beer Boutique, Jackson Quinn of<br />

Quinn Hotels, said the festival was introduced in 2009<br />

to cater for a growing demographic in the community.


“The prior owner, Jim Davies of AusHotels, was the<br />

one who nurtured the festival in its infancy and all the<br />

way through to its fruition.<br />

“He has marketed the event in such a great way and<br />

made it into the success that it is. The festival was one<br />

of the first to hero craft beer,” he said.<br />

In October <strong>2023</strong>, Archive Beer Boutique celebrated<br />

its 14th annual Armakeggon in style with live music, a<br />

comedy show, brew-related games, raffles, giveaways<br />

and the kind of exciting, high-spirited fun you would<br />

expect from one of the hallmark venues of West End.<br />

Of course, the festival also had a massive line-up of<br />

brews, featuring both old favourites and imaginative<br />

new beers. These indulgent kegs included Your Mates<br />

Brewing’s Imperial White Choc & Macadamia Stout,<br />

Slipstream Brewing’s Banana Cream Ale, Mountain<br />

Culture Beer’s World’s Best Chef Oat Cream IPA, Revel<br />

Brewing’s Brewers Lounge Cryogenic Hops IPA and<br />

Aether Brewing’s Biscoff Porter – just to name a few.<br />

Jackson said, while this was the first Armakeggon he<br />

had experienced, he saw it as an immense success,<br />

not only from a numbers point of view, but also in how<br />

much it supported craft breweries across the state.<br />

“We had an insane variation of craft beers on offer – 28<br />

in total. These ranged from dark chocolate stouts and<br />

lolly sours to pastry flavoured brews and triple IPA’s. It<br />

was just crazy.<br />

“First place this year was Young Henrys and their<br />

Weis You Were Here Imperial Fruited Smoothie<br />

Sour. Second place was Ten Toes with their Turkish<br />

Delight Sour and third place was a tie between Sierra<br />

Nevada’s No Place Like Aus IPA and Your Mates’<br />

White Choc Maca Stout,” he said.<br />

<strong>QHA</strong> REVIEW | 33


<strong>QHA</strong> REVIEW | 34<br />

The venue’s love of craft doesn’t just make itself<br />

known every year at the Armakeggon festival, but also<br />

in its day-to-day operations. Since it was founded over<br />

13 years ago, the pub has been providing guests with<br />

the opportunity to taste the very best domestic and<br />

international craft brews, including over 300 bottled<br />

beers and 22 constantly rotating beers on tap.<br />

Archive Beer Boutique marks the first Queensland<br />

location obtained by Quinn Hotels. Shortly after<br />

acquiring the venue in <strong>2023</strong>, the hospitality group<br />

was sure to maintain the authentic culture and style<br />

of the pub as much as possible while still giving it the<br />

sprucing up it needed.<br />

Jackson said, since taking over nine months ago,<br />

Quinn Hotels has ensured that the venue continues to<br />

be fully dedicated to craft beer.<br />

“This focus is definitely a point of differentiation and<br />

separates us from the rest, as we have a wider range<br />

of options to cater for a larger community of beer<br />

drinkers in Queensland.<br />

“The last venues I have owned have all been standard<br />

‘meat and two veg’ hotels and pubs, so I was really<br />

looking forward to something different. For me, Archive<br />

really sets itself apart.<br />

“I have a strong passion for beer, especially the<br />

creative processes and flavours of craft beer. Thanks<br />

to venues like Archive, the hospitality market is heavily<br />

evolving in this area, which is great to see.<br />

“The West End is gentrifying with the times, so we<br />

were trying to broaden the appeal of our space. A lot<br />

of our neighbours in this region were getting pushed<br />

out because the area is transforming, so we had to<br />

improve our venue to make it more comfortable for all<br />

kinds of visitors,” he said.<br />

Glancing above Archive Beer Boutique and its<br />

signature marquee sign reveals the venue’s charming<br />

sister location, Loft West End, which is easily one of<br />

Brisbane’s best kept secrets. Set away from the hustle<br />

and bustle of the lively craft beer bar, the venue is<br />

made up of cosy, bespoke and eclectic function rooms<br />

that perfectly contrast with the more rustic and casual<br />

spaces available downstairs.<br />

Complete with a delicious canape selection, varietal<br />

cocktail list and spectacular view overlooking West<br />

End, you could say the two-in-one building has every<br />

kind of customer base covered – from those looking<br />

for a polite get-together to those looking for a jovial<br />

catch-up with mates.


<strong>QHA</strong> REVIEW | 35


<strong>QHA</strong> REVIEW | 36<br />

Jackson said they are all about functions at Loft West<br />

End and Archive Beer Boutique, as both venues have<br />

an emphasis on unique and stunning spaces perfectly<br />

suited to all kinds of events.<br />

“Our sister location upstairs has a very large function<br />

space that is booked heavily for two to five nights<br />

a week. It is such a versatile venue, and is used<br />

for everything from hens nights through to wakes,<br />

birthdays, engagements, rave parties and live music<br />

events.<br />

“We are having so much success when it comes to<br />

weddings too. We are currently in peak season and<br />

are booked out far in advance. With our distinct style,<br />

we feel that we are the perfect venue for wedding<br />

days,” he said.<br />

The unique flavours, varied brewing techniques and<br />

enthusiasm of craft beer has certainly shaped how we<br />

interact with drink menus in hospitality businesses.<br />

It’s hard to say where the industry would be without<br />

locations like Archive Beer Boutique, which propelled<br />

lesser-known and creatively brewed beer into the<br />

eyes of the public when the market was presented an<br />

alternative to mainstream brewing companies.<br />

Many of Queensland’s great craft breweries were<br />

brought into the limelight thanks to the venue’s<br />

relentless support over the years. Famously, the pub<br />

has never poured anything but craft beer through its<br />

taps, and it looks like it will remain that way in the<br />

foreseeable future.<br />

Jackson said, as one of the original craft beer venues<br />

in Queensland, Archive Beer Boutique in West End<br />

definitely has further plans when it comes to fostering<br />

the industry in Brisbane.<br />

“Coming into the new year, we are thinking about<br />

organising a ‘locals week’ where we would have a<br />

special brew courtesy of all our local craft brewing<br />

businesses.<br />

“We are looking forward to another energetic<br />

Armarkeggon in 2024, and are excited to shake it up<br />

with some different styles of craft beer and plenty of<br />

great entertainment,” he said.

e<br />

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Jackson Quinn,<br />

Archive Beer Boutique<br />

scan to<br />

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1300 192 600<br />

beyondpayments.com.au<br />

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fee s<br />

Authorised partner of

ACCOMMODATION with Tom Fitzgerald<br />

MARKET OUTLOOK – <strong>2023</strong> AND BEYOND<br />

<strong>QHA</strong> REVIEW | 38<br />

As the end of the year draws near, we take stock<br />

on performance, results, challenges and how the<br />

accommodation market is poised for the future.<br />

In <strong>2023</strong> we’ve seen international tourism yet to fully<br />

recover with nights and spending still 17% below<br />

2019. The high costs of travel to Australia continue<br />

to weigh on this recovery. International holiday visitor<br />

numbers from China have reached barely 30% of 2019<br />

levels, impacting all markets and in particular Cairns<br />

and the Gold Coast. This is expected to improve over<br />

the coming year, with international air capacity into the<br />

Queensland market increasing. Domestic tourism has<br />

been a growing source for Australia but is starting to<br />

slow with fewer trips being taken, as there has been a<br />

significant decline in the number of night stays when<br />

compared to 2019.<br />

Major events continue to be one of the strong drivers<br />

of hotel demand. Blockbuster events in Queensland<br />

such as the Pacific Airshow, Supercars in Townsville<br />

and Gold Coast, NRL Magic Round, Elton John, Ed<br />

Sheeran and Paul McCartney concerts, footy finals<br />

across AFL and NRL as well as the Women’s FIFA<br />

World Cup were significant drivers for hotel occupancy<br />

this year.<br />

Business Events also began a tentative comeback with<br />

promising conferences planned such as the Taiwan<br />

Cathay Life Insurance trip, which is expected to fill<br />

more than 10,000 hotel nights in Brisbane during May<br />

2024, and the redeveloped Cairns Convention Centre<br />

securing the Australian Catholic Education Conference<br />

in 2025.<br />

Across Central Queensland there are a plethora of<br />

renewable energy projects in the works, with multiple<br />

wind and solar projects being developed that are<br />

contributing to higher occupancy for accommodation.<br />

Of note, Gladstone is set to welcome the region’s first<br />

five-star hotel in mid-2024, with a combined Peppers<br />

(32-room) and Mantra (60-room) concept under<br />

development. This should assist in availability for the<br />

corporate and leisure markets.<br />

Over the year Sydney has led the country with the<br />

highest occupancy, average daily rate (ADR) and<br />

revenue per available room (RevPAR) rates. Brisbane<br />

has recorded the strongest RevPAR growth when<br />

compared to 2019 and is up 50.9%. Across the<br />

country, Brisbane also showed the strongest ADR<br />

growth compared to 2019 and was the only market<br />

where occupancies were trending higher than<br />

they were in 2019. In comparison to other states,<br />

Queensland has been the clear standout with the<br />

strongest gain in spend, which is up 45.8%. This<br />

compares to 32% and 31.8% in New South Wales and<br />

Victoria respectively.<br />

Interest rate hikes since May 2022 have gradually<br />

impacted household discretionary spend, dampening<br />

leisure spend with a switch to lower grades of


accommodation or shorter durations of stay. Low<br />

unemployment levels and the slower than anticipated<br />

return of internationally sourced labour continues to<br />

give rise to shortages and competitive wage pricing.<br />

With increases to the Hospitality Industry Government<br />

Award, the hospitality industry has seen wages<br />

increase by almost 20% since mid-2018.<br />

Short Term Rental Accommodation (STRA) has<br />

increased significantly with the addition of almost<br />

12,500 listings across <strong>2023</strong> with operators pursuing<br />

high returns from the resurgent tourism markets.<br />

This has almost doubled the STRA stock from a year<br />

ago, meaning this sector faces growing regulation as<br />

the Federal and State Governments tackle a lack of<br />

housing supply against the backdrop of high inbound<br />

migration and limited new apartment supply.<br />

Australia’s accommodation market has continued to<br />

grow with the opening of around 4,499 rooms through<br />

<strong>2023</strong> with a further 4,286 rooms under construction<br />

and due to open next year. Demand tailwinds,<br />

easing supply, high room rates and the return of<br />

international travel have increased the hotel industry’s<br />

attractiveness.<br />

As the host of 2032 Olympics, Brisbane is emerging as<br />

a favored hotel development location and will be in the<br />

global spotlight after the staged opening of the Queens<br />

Wharf Brisbane in April 2024. Touted as a renaissance,<br />

ultra-luxury hotels and brands will continue opening<br />

into 2024 and beyond, including Mondrian Gold Coast<br />

(212 rooms) and Ardo Hotel Townsville (132 rooms).<br />

Adding further momentum in the luxury hotel space,<br />

in <strong>2023</strong> Brisbane hotel The Calile took out 12th place<br />

and received global recognition as the only hotel in<br />

Australia to be awarded entry in the prestigious World’s<br />

50 Best Hotels awards. Additionally, new luxury resorts<br />

are being planned for Gold Coast and Cairns as global<br />

resort markets continue to perform strongly post-<br />

Covid19 amid resurgent leisure travel and a desire<br />

for experiences. The activity in this accommodation<br />

market is helping to set new ADR benchmarks<br />

across the country and will assist Australia to develop<br />

a competitive edge with diversified and upgraded<br />

product.<br />

Here's<br />

cheers<br />

The<br />

<strong>QHA</strong> Podcast<br />


<strong>QHA</strong>.ORG.AU<br />

Source acknowledgements:<br />

Architecture and Design, Article: Townsville’s first ever luxury hotel set<br />

for launch.<br />

The Hotel Conversation, Article: Groundswell investor appetite<br />

Australia high performing hotels market colliers.<br />

Townsville Bulletin, Article: Mayor believes green projects could save<br />

pubs and hotels out West.<br />

Urban Developer, Article: Accor regional Queensland five star hotel<br />


FOCUS<br />




<strong>QHA</strong> REVIEW | 40<br />

The closures brought about by the pandemic provided<br />

one small gift to hoteliers and publicans: time. Many<br />

<strong>QHA</strong> members used this period to not only improve<br />

their businesses, but also to renovate their venues to<br />

meet the evolving expectations of modern-day hotels<br />

and pubs.<br />

One such venue is the Seaview Hotel. After an eventful<br />

history serving as Townsville’s beloved watering hole<br />

(not even mentioning its iconic stories of cyclones,<br />

crocodiles and World War II officers), the 134-yearold<br />

venue was finally given a chance to renew itself in<br />

2020.<br />

Built in 1889, the original timber hotel was destroyed<br />

by a fire in 1929 before being rebuilt the next year.<br />

Designed by local architect Joe Rooney, the structure<br />

still standing is one of the few remaining masonry<br />

hotels in Queensland, and continues to have stunning<br />

views that overlook the gateway to the Great Barrier<br />

Reef.<br />

Alongside Catrina Schell, general manager of the<br />

Seaview Hotel, Jason Schell, said that while the venue<br />

has been through countless facelifts since then, none<br />

have been as dramatic and game-changing as the<br />

hotel’s most recent.<br />

“We traded in the venue for nearly six years before<br />

starting renovations. The reason for this was that we<br />

wanted to make sure we knew our demographic.<br />

“We obviously needed to bring in new people without<br />

pushing away our existing customers, so it was<br />

important we took the time to know all of our customer<br />

bases so we could try to give them exactly what they<br />


FOCUS<br />

“That is when Joe Irvin of the Irvin Hotel Group made<br />

the decision to spend up to eight million dollars<br />

bringing this glorious hotel back to its prime,” he said.<br />

With a focus on preserving the local atmosphere and<br />

culture of Australian hotels and pubs, the Irvin Hotel<br />

Group attends to many venues across Townsville,<br />

Mount Isa, Gladstone, the Gold Coast, the Sunshine<br />

Coast and Sydney.<br />

Spurred on by the Covid19 lockdowns, the hospitality<br />

group made the most of a difficult time by reviving<br />

the Seaview Hotels reputation in the Queensland<br />

hospitality industry with a complete glow-up.<br />

Working closely with Darren Dickfos Architects, the<br />

historical landmark was given a literal fresh coat<br />

of paint, including a striking white exterior and a<br />

coastal aesthetic that took advantage of the venue’s<br />

beautiful location on The Strand – Townville’s popular<br />

beachfront promenade.<br />

Over a period of 18 months, the hotel’s old gaming<br />

space was transformed into a sports bar, with its<br />

bottle shop forming the basis of a new and expanded<br />




gaming area. Almost every inch of the venue was<br />

redeveloped, all while maintaining the building’s<br />

charming and unique architecture that continues to be<br />

valued by the community today.<br />

Despite all stages being completed in November 2021,<br />

Jason said talks of renovation started almost as soon<br />

as the venue was purchased by the Irvin Hotel Group<br />

in February 2013.<br />

“It was definitely a huge priority to retain the hotel’s<br />

original character. The beer garden has always been a<br />

focal point of the entire venue, so our main goal was to<br />

retain the appeal of the hotel’s outdoor area while also<br />

improving upon it.<br />

<strong>QHA</strong> REVIEW | 41

FOCUS<br />

<strong>QHA</strong> REVIEW | 42<br />






FOCUS<br />

“We also wanted to protect it from North Queensland’s<br />

notoriously hot and rainy weather while still making it<br />

feel very open no matter where you are situated in the<br />

outdoor space,” he said.<br />

In addition to a fully refurbished restaurant and bar,<br />

perhaps the most significant change for the venue<br />

was the overhaul of its beloved beer garden, which<br />

now covers a whopping 1,000 square metres and<br />

accommodates all kinds of entertainment – from<br />

sporting events and functions to live music and<br />

performances.<br />

Despite all of its bells and whistles, the hotel maintains<br />

a light, airy and classic North Queensland atmosphere.<br />

This ambience is made all the more prominent thanks<br />

to its white and timber décor, tropical fish tank, open<br />

spaces and large windows that allow guests to take in<br />

the venue’s amazing position. As the name suggests,<br />

the hotel enjoys stunning coastal vistas, which have<br />

been made all the more prominent since its renovation.<br />

In the two years following its renewal, Seaview Hotel<br />

has gone from strength to strength, which is clearly<br />

represented by the venue’s recent achievements at the<br />

<strong>QHA</strong> Awards for Excellence.<br />

“Despite being slightly disappointed in missing out<br />

on the award for Best Redeveloped Hotel – General<br />

Division last year, we were pretty confident going into<br />

the awards this year, especially after taking out Best<br />

Gaming Venue – Metropolitan in 2022.<br />

“It was a great feeling to win Best Outdoor/Non-<br />

Enclosed Facility. We were reasonably confident going<br />

into the awards, but it’s always good to win, so we had<br />

a great night,” Jason said.<br />

If the venue’s increasing appearances in the <strong>QHA</strong><br />

Awards for Excellence indicate anything, it’s that<br />

Seaview Hotel will continue to improve on what it has<br />

delivered to the Townsville community for generations<br />

– a friendly watering hole by the coast that celebrates<br />

our state’s history with great quality food and service.<br />

“Although there are no immediate plans, Irvin Hotel<br />

Group owns the block of land next door to the hotel –<br />

meaning there is still plenty of space to do something<br />

special.<br />

“We will always aim to be a vibrant place to catch up<br />

with friends and family for dinner, especially now that<br />

we have a focus on live music and sporting events<br />

with our big-screen televisions.<br />

“We are grateful for the recognition that the awards<br />

have granted our outdoor space. The beer garden has<br />

a great position right on The Strand in addition to a<br />

fabulous outlook that takes in views of Magnetic Island<br />

and beyond,” he said.<br />

<strong>QHA</strong> REVIEW | 43

EMPLOYMENT RELATIONS with Jenna Penfold<br />


<strong>QHA</strong> REVIEW | 44<br />

As we quickly approach the upcoming holiday season,<br />

public holidays come to mind and the ever-contentious<br />

question as to whether an employer can require an<br />

employee to work on a public holiday.<br />

A Federal Court decision earlier this year prompted<br />

media coverage which created some uncertainty about<br />

whether employees are able to choose not to work<br />

on a public holiday, even if a business needs them to<br />

work.<br />

The decision<br />

On 28 March <strong>2023</strong>, the Federal Court of Australia<br />

found that BHP’s labour hire division had contravened<br />

the Fair Work Act 2009 (Cth) (‘the Act’) when it<br />

unreasonably required employees to work over the<br />

Christmas and Boxing Day public holidays. The<br />

decision centred on the requirements of section 114 of<br />

the Act.<br />

The key issue of this decision was that the employer<br />

had not complied with the requirement to request<br />

an employee to work on a public holiday per section<br />

114(2). The court held that an employer must make<br />

a reasonable request for the employee to work on a<br />

public holiday and that the employee be provided an<br />

opportunity to make a choice to either accept or refuse<br />

the request.<br />

Importantly, the decision clarifies that an employer is<br />

required to make a request of the employee to which<br />

the employee may reasonably refuse. If an employer<br />

makes a reasonable request and the employee<br />

unreasonably refuses, the employer can still require the<br />

employee to work on the public holiday.<br />

What this means for employers<br />

Work on a public holiday is a common feature in the<br />

hospitality industry and is recognised through penalty<br />

rates and additional public holiday entitlements<br />

contained in the Hospitality Industry (General) Award<br />

2020 (‘HIGA’).<br />

While this decision and the resulting news coverage<br />

may insinuate that employees have free choice<br />

about whether to work on a public holiday or not, the<br />

requirements of section 114 still apply.

Jenna Penfold<br />


Section 114(1) of the Act states:<br />

An employee is entitled to be absent from his or her<br />

employment on a day or part-day that is a public<br />

holiday in the place where the employee is based<br />

for work purposes.<br />

However, the employer may request an employee to<br />

work on the public holiday if the request is reasonable.<br />

The employee may be able to refuse the request<br />

provided:<br />

a. the employer’s request to work was not reasonable,<br />

or<br />

b. the employee’s refusal to work is reasonable.<br />

Importantly, this decision does not remove an<br />

employer’s ability to require an employee to work on<br />

a public holiday if the request to work was reasonable<br />

and the employee’s refusal was unreasonable.<br />

Employers should refer to section 114(4) to assess<br />

if their request for an employee to work a public<br />

holiday is ‘reasonable’. If an employer has reasonably<br />

requested an employee to work on a public holiday<br />

and the employee has responded by refusing the<br />

request, the employer can again refer to section 114(4)<br />

to assess if the employee’s refusal was reasonable.<br />

How to request an employee to work a public<br />

holiday<br />

When requesting an employee to work a public<br />

holiday, employers must ensure their employees are<br />

provided with an opportunity to accept or refuse the<br />

request. The request to work on a public holiday has<br />

to be a question, not a direction.<br />

For example:<br />

• providing a draft roster to employees and allowing<br />

employees to indicate if they would accept or refuse<br />

the shift, or<br />

• making the request in the form of a question<br />

Employers are also encouraged to review existing<br />

employment contracts. It is recommended that<br />

employment contracts make it clear that the employee<br />

is entitled to be absent on a public holidays, however<br />

due to the hospitality industry, it is likely that they<br />

will be requested to work. This will be useful to<br />

foreshadow any later request from the employer.<br />

If your employee refuses to work the public<br />

holiday<br />

As mentioned above, section 114(3) of the Act<br />

provides employees with the option to refuse the<br />

request to work on a public holiday, on reasonable<br />

grounds. If your employee refuses the request,<br />

employers are encouraged to have discussions and<br />

negotiations with the employee about the refusal of the<br />

request.<br />

If after those discussions and negotiations the<br />

employer determines their request for the employee<br />

to work the public holiday was reasonable and that<br />

the employee does not have reasonable grounds to<br />

refuse the request (please refer to section 114(4)), the<br />

employer can require the employee to work the public<br />

holiday.<br />

This is consistent with the Federal Court’s Decision at<br />

paragraph five:<br />

“Ultimately, after discussion or negotiation, the<br />

employer may require an employee to work on a public<br />

holiday if the request is reasonable and the employee’s<br />

refusal is unreasonable.”<br />

What about casuals?<br />

As a reminder, section 15A of the Act provides that<br />

casual employees have the discretion whether or not<br />

to accept shifts that are offered to them, irrespective<br />

of whether it is a public holiday or just a standard<br />

day of the week. By virtue of the nature of casual<br />

employment, the employer cannot compel a casual<br />

employee to work any shift that the casual employee<br />

does not want to work.<br />

In summary, employers need to request first. If you<br />

have an employee refusing to work on a public holiday,<br />

we can provide you with further advice.<br />

If you would like to seek further advice, please contact<br />

the <strong>QHA</strong>’s Employment Relations Department on 07<br />

3221 6999 or via email at er@qha.org.au.<br />

<strong>QHA</strong> REVIEW | 45


with Therese Kelly<br />



<strong>QHA</strong> REVIEW | 46<br />

It is important for staff and management to keep their<br />

Responsible Service of Alcohol (RSA) skills current and<br />

effective when working in licensed venues.<br />

Maintaining RSA skills, including up-to-date knowledge<br />

and an understanding of the legislation, is important<br />

for you, the venue and your customers in addition to<br />

being crucial for staff and management in licensed<br />

venues.<br />

RSA training equips team members with the<br />

knowledge and techniques necessary to ensure the<br />

responsible service and consumption of alcohol,<br />

promoting the well-being and safety of customers. It<br />

helps staff identify intoxication levels, prevent underage<br />

drinking and handle tricky situations that may arise. By<br />

keeping your team member’s RSA skills current and<br />

effective, staff and management can contribute to a<br />

safe and enjoyable experience for patrons.<br />

Sudden changes in laws and regulations can<br />

sometimes come as a surprise to patrons. It<br />

is important for licensed venues to effectively<br />

communicate any changes to their customers in a<br />

timely manner to minimise confusion and potential<br />

dissatisfaction. When laws change, venues can use<br />

various communication channels such as signage,<br />

social media platforms, direct emails or even staff<br />

announcements to inform patrons about the updated<br />

regulations.<br />

This helps to manage expectations and ensure<br />

that everyone understands and respects the new<br />

laws or policies put in place. Open and transparent<br />

communication can go a long way in avoiding any<br />

shocks or misunderstandings among patrons–<br />

especially when serving at the ‘front line’ of a busy<br />

venue. Liquor licensing inspectors do not always<br />

announce their presence in a venue, and some<br />

consumers might not accept change easily. Do not<br />

get caught off-guard with an outdated set of RSA<br />

skills. Responsible service is as much about having<br />

confidence and a sound understanding about your<br />

responsibilities as it is about enforcing the rules.<br />

To ensure your RSA knowledge is up to date, below<br />

are a few steps you can follow.<br />

Stay informed with industry updates<br />

Regularly check for any changes or updates in laws,<br />

regulations and guidelines related to responsible<br />

alcohol service. Industry organisations, government<br />

websites and relevant publications are useful sources<br />

of information.<br />

Attend refresher courses<br />

Consider attending refresher courses or workshops<br />

provided by certified RSA training providers. These<br />

courses can help you refresh your knowledge and<br />

provide you with the latest information on responsible<br />

alcohol service practices.<br />

Engage in continued professional development<br />

Take advantage of opportunities for continued<br />

professional development in the hospitality industry.<br />

Participate in relevant seminars, webinars, conferences<br />

or workshops that focus on responsible alcohol service<br />

and related topics.<br />

Join professional associations<br />

Consider joining professional associations or groups<br />

related to the hospitality and alcohol industry. These<br />

organisations often provide resources, training, and<br />

networking opportunities that can keep you updated<br />

on responsible alcohol service practices.<br />

Seek feedback and share experiences<br />

Engage with your colleagues and peers in the<br />

hospitality industry. Sharing experiences, discussing<br />

challenges and seeking feedback can help you<br />

stay aware of best practices and any changes in<br />

responsible alcohol service.<br />

OLGR (Office of Liquor and Gaming Regulation) has<br />

produced a series of short videos. These highlight<br />

the need to be aware of the three categories of<br />

customers who cannot be served:<br />

• minors<br />

• unduly intoxicated<br />

• disorderly<br />

It is great for staff to view these and record that<br />

they have done so in the venue’s training register.<br />

Remember, it is important to adapt and comply with<br />

the specific regulations and guidelines of your area.<br />

Stay informed and always prioritise the safety and wellbeing<br />

of guests when serving alcohol.

Damian Steele<br />



We look towards the festive season and 2024 with<br />

confidence that our industry will continue to grow and<br />

prosper. Notwithstanding the well publicised ‘cost of<br />

living’ pressures, 2024 presents a year of opportunity<br />

which includes the Queensland State Election in<br />

October.<br />

<strong>QHA</strong> will be advocating on behalf of members<br />

to ensure the best possible policy settings and<br />

trading environment for the hotel, hospitality,<br />

accommodation and tourism sector. We have a<br />

powerful voice considering there is a hotel member in<br />

every constituency in Queensland and encourage all<br />

members to engage with your local politicians from<br />

all sides of politics. <strong>QHA</strong> will share with members the<br />

<strong>QHA</strong> Industry Issues Guide 2024 early next year.<br />

Reflecting on <strong>2023</strong>, <strong>QHA</strong> representations have borne<br />

fruit and we continue to prosecute several issues in<br />

the best interests of member’s businesses. Eternal<br />

vigilance, I call it. This year, to highlight a few, we have:<br />

• successfully streamlined the criteria for one-off<br />

extended trading hours permits (what constitutes<br />

a ‘significant event’ and for ‘the licensee’s benefit’<br />

aspects)<br />

• maintained the ability to drink in Designated<br />

Outdoor Smoking Areas (DOSA’s) – the initial<br />

proposed smoking reforms banned drinking in<br />

DOSAs<br />

• ensured the interests of hotels were protected<br />

regarding take-away liquor sales and<br />

• maintained the existing regulatory framework<br />

• made submissions on the online delivery of alcohol<br />

and debunked a few myths<br />

• launched the successful community <strong>QHA</strong>-Drinkwise<br />

Campaigns in Mt Isa, Cairns and Townsville<br />

• continued to engage on behalf of members with<br />

Office of Liquor and Gaming Regulation and<br />

Queensland Police regarding compliance and<br />

enforcement issues<br />

• obtained 100% SKY Channel fee rebates for <strong>QHA</strong><br />

members with TAB wagering<br />

• supported and facilitated the Assessment of the<br />

Economic and Social Contribution of the Land-<br />

Based Gambling Industries research project<br />

• positively had the trial extended for a further year<br />

for the Hotel Gaming Machine Operating Authorities<br />

Tender Sale conditions with the reduced tax<br />

commission for sellers and the publication of a<br />

minimum acceptable price<br />

• secured changes to the cash clearance procedures<br />

and leaving EGM doors open to reduce risk and<br />

provide a safer working environment for staff<br />

• conducted free member training sessions on Anti-<br />

Money Laundering /Counter Terrorism Financing<br />

(AML/CTF) Compliance and engaged collaboratively<br />

with AUSTRAC<br />

• welcomed another 200+ <strong>QHA</strong> accommodation<br />

members post the merger of Accommodation<br />

Associated of Australia into the AHA/<strong>QHA</strong><br />

• kept the introduction of tourism visitor levies (bed<br />

taxes) out of Queensland<br />

• made ongoing submissions regarding the disparity<br />

between Short-term Rental providers and our<br />

established accommodation businesses, including<br />

the negative impact on rental housing supply for<br />

both the community and our staff<br />

• won a number of training grants to assist in skilling<br />

our workforce through <strong>QHA</strong> training, which has<br />

expanded the scope of our Registered Training<br />

Organisation to offer certificate level courses<br />

• represented members both at state and federal<br />

levels and provided AHA national advice through<br />

our <strong>QHA</strong> Employment Relations team<br />

• ensured we are fair employers who look after our<br />

staff, positioning our industry as one of choice to<br />

attract and retain our workforce<br />

• advocated to build our industry workforce capacity<br />

through efficient Visa processing, working holiday<br />

makers timeframes and substantial migration<br />

pathways<br />

• run the <strong>QHA</strong> W.A.R.M campaign – our venues are<br />

Welcoming, Attentive, Respectful and Manners<br />

matter<br />

• supported our charitable causes, including It’s a<br />

Bloke Thing (men’s prostate cancer awareness),<br />

Smart Pups (assistance dogs for children),<br />

Toowoomba Hospital Foundation, Braille House and<br />

Maddox’s Helping Hand Foundation.<br />

We are looking forward to 2024 and engaging with<br />

members and partners. The <strong>QHA</strong> 2024 Events<br />

Calendar is bumper-packed and we encourage you to<br />

get involved. In this pending election year, tell us your<br />

concerns and share your intel. Let’s work together to<br />

make the hotel, accommodation and tourism industry<br />

of Queensland world class. On behalf of all the <strong>QHA</strong><br />

team, we wish you a safe, merry and prosperous<br />

Christmas and New Year.<br />

<strong>QHA</strong> REVIEW | 47

TOP DROP<br />


Mountain Culture<br />



Aether Brewing<br />



Chur Brewing Company<br />


Behemoth Brewing<br />

Company<br />

<strong>QHA</strong> REVIEW | 48<br />

It’s Christmas which is<br />

all about spending time<br />

with those you love. For<br />

me that means family,<br />

friends and lots of IPAs.<br />

And so, there is no better<br />

place to start than the<br />

ever-reliable Mountain<br />

Culture who’s brewery<br />

is not far from where<br />

the team who beat my<br />

beloved Broncos resides.<br />

Beers like this make you<br />

forgive and forget. The<br />

beautiful aroma and taste<br />

of pink grapefruit and<br />

tangerine with a hint of<br />

mango dances on your<br />

tastebuds.<br />

Another brewery that<br />

always delivers the goods<br />

is Aether but this brew is a<br />

departure from what I refer<br />

to as their signature taste.<br />

With that said, it is bloody<br />

exceptional all the same.<br />

It’s a honeydew melon<br />

explosion with a magical<br />

underlying bitterness<br />

that will absolutely blow<br />

your socks off. Mine are<br />

already half a kilometre<br />

down the street. So much<br />

work but such amazing<br />

flavours.<br />

Beers like this one make<br />

me want to pull up<br />

stumps and move to New<br />

Zealand. Hell, they’re<br />

already better at rugby<br />

then us, and some could<br />

argue the same goes<br />

for their beers. Don’t<br />

get me wrong, ours are<br />

very good, but the Kiwi<br />

brews are exceptional.<br />

Or maybe only the<br />

exceptional ones make<br />

it to our shores? Either<br />

way, this hazy IPA is an<br />

absolute cracker. It’s light<br />

yet still fruity and juicy.<br />

Ok I confess, around<br />

Christmas time I get a<br />

little excited and start to<br />

crack out the IPA and<br />

DIPAs in a big way. This<br />

one is another incredible<br />

one and it is no surprise<br />

given it is from the same<br />

brewery as the one on the<br />

left, albeit under a different<br />

name. After a trademark<br />

dispute in Australia, New<br />

Zealand’s Behemoth<br />

Brewing Co operates<br />

under the Chur Brewing<br />

name here. So, long story<br />

short, they are one and<br />

the same and the beer<br />

incredible. This one is<br />

bursting with tropical and<br />

citrus flavours.

TOP DROP<br />



Banks Brewing<br />

x Rocky Ridge<br />



Garage Project<br />


BeachTree Distilling Co<br />


Wolf Lane Distillery<br />

“Long haul”, it’s the best<br />

way to describe this year.<br />

This beer, however, was<br />

far from arduous. It takes<br />

your palate on a trip<br />

across the Pacific with<br />

beautiful aromas and taste<br />

of nectarines, mandarin<br />

and mango with a subtle<br />

underlying flavour of pine.<br />

The finish is dry and fruity.<br />

Enjoy the trip, it is a ripper.<br />

As per usual, Garage<br />

Project delivers the<br />

goods. Nice mango and<br />

tropical fruit notes with<br />

a pithy grapefruit finish.<br />

The description on the<br />

can best encapsulates<br />

what it is all about, “It’s<br />

just bigger and juicier<br />

than it’s bitter West Coast<br />

counterpart, like sippin’<br />

hazy hop nectar from a<br />

can.”<br />

Gold at the 2022 World<br />

Gin Awards underlines<br />

how exceptional this gin<br />

is. Small batch artisan gin<br />

it most certainly is and it<br />

wonderfully celebrates<br />

the taste of Australia —<br />

traditional juniper berries<br />

are balanced with notes<br />

of native lemon myrtle,<br />

marshmallow leaf, lime,<br />

cinnamon and vanilla. It is<br />

simply perfect neat over<br />

ice, but with Midnight<br />

Mixer’s Extra Dry Tonic it<br />

is equally devine.<br />

Ohh my goodness, I<br />

have just discovered my<br />

new drink. Talk about the<br />

taste of a Queensland<br />

summer. Wow. Neat over<br />

ice it is unbelievable. It<br />

honestly doesn’t need<br />

anything else. That said, it<br />

is still magic with a bit of<br />

Midnight Mixer Extra Dry<br />

Tonic. I imagine it will be<br />

exceptional in a cocktail<br />

which I am sure to try this<br />

Christmas.<br />

<strong>QHA</strong> REVIEW | 49






<strong>QHA</strong> REVIEW | 50<br />

Founded by Peta and Brennan Fielding, Burleigh<br />

Brewing opened its doors seventeen years ago to offer<br />

Australians quality craft beer underpinned by flavour,<br />

sustainability and, of course, the slow and peaceful<br />

feeling of sipping a cold brew on the coast.<br />

When asked about how the business has fared since<br />

we last caught up with Burleigh Brewing at the height<br />

of its growth in 2021, head of brand and marketing,<br />

Charlie Downing, said it’s been a busy few years of<br />

consolidation.<br />

“We’ve reflected on the turbulence of the pandemic,<br />

rising costs and economic headwinds, and despite<br />

a slowing beer category, we’re feeling cautiously<br />

optimistic about entering a new phase of growth.<br />

“We’ve repositioned our brand to better serve<br />

customer and consumer needs, and in doing so,<br />

we’ve premium-ised our packaging and innovated new<br />

lagers to reach new drinkers in new occasions,” he<br />

said.<br />

With 28 gold medals under its belt, Burleigh Brewing<br />

has helped transform the Gold Coast’s independent<br />

craft brewing scene into one of the most vibrant and<br />

thriving in the country, but the business is certainly not<br />

stopping there.<br />

In an extension to one of the brewery’s signature lagers<br />

that helped pioneer the carb-conscious alcohol trend<br />

in Australia, Bighead, Burleigh are introducing a 3%<br />

mid-strength variant in multiple sizes, including 330ml<br />

bottles, 375ml cans and 50L kegs.<br />

Charlie said the brand is excited to launch their newlook<br />

packaging in addition to their latest lagers this<br />

month, with the brewery’s refreshing new ale range<br />

also rolling out early next year.








“Our brewing pedigree is anchored in lager, so<br />

we’ve taken our time to perfect our expression of a<br />

clean, crisp and refreshing lager – the kind we know<br />

Queenslanders love,” he said.<br />

With a dedication to balance, character and soul,<br />

each of Burleigh Brewing’s beers exude crisp,<br />

tropical and creative flavours, so its new releases<br />

are sure to be no different. These latest brews will<br />

expand the brand’s core range of beers, which<br />

includes its no-carb lager, Bighead, its tropical pale<br />

ale, Twisted Palm, its sessionable ale, Mid Tide,<br />

its Mexican lager, Sublime, and its juicy IPA, Hop<br />

Nectar.<br />

Charlie said, on the other hand, their Brewer’s<br />

Notebook collection instead shines more of a light<br />

on brewer skill and creativity.<br />

“These diverse and eclectic beers serve the many<br />

tastes of beer adorers and pulse in and out of our<br />

Taphouse as seasons change, or as curiosity leads<br />

to new and different styles.


<strong>QHA</strong> REVIEW | 52<br />

“All our beers are slow-brewed for natural freshness.<br />

For us, beer done right means extra time in the tanks,<br />

and slow brewing allows our beer to ferment and age<br />

at its natural pace.<br />

“We expertly brew without chemical additives or<br />

preservatives, or as we like to say, ‘no sh*t, no<br />

shortcuts.’ That brewing ethos extends to all that we<br />

do. It’s in our nature to take things slow, because life<br />

and beer are best when we do,” he said.<br />

Despite their modern and innovative approach to craft<br />

beer, the brewery is inspired by traditional brewing<br />

methods, which are all put into practice onsite at their<br />

Taphouse in Burleigh Heads.<br />

Charlie said the Taphouse is their spiritual brand home,<br />

as nothing excites them more than hosting drinkers<br />

from all over the country and introducing them to the<br />

brewery’s diverse portfolio of beers.<br />

“We’ve observed the entire on-premise industry<br />

navigate the complexities of the pandemic, but we’re<br />

getting our venue back to its best.<br />

“We have a new team of passionate brewtenders, a<br />

quality food partnership with local heroes, Hail Mary,<br />

and a full calendar of entertainment starting this<br />

month, from outdoor cinema, live comedy, music and<br />

more,” he said.<br />

It would be fair to say that Burleigh Brewing’s<br />

Taphouse is a cornerstone of the Gold Coast<br />

community, not only because of the venue’s great<br />

beers and bright atmosphere, but also due to the<br />

many joyful events the brewery hosts.<br />

In addition to extending their Brewing Local Artists<br />

program in 2024, the business is once again<br />

partnering with the Gold Coast Laughs Festival,<br />

the Gold Coast Film Festival, the Gold Coast Music<br />

Awards, the Bleach Festival and the Surface Festival.<br />

Basically, if it’s any occasion celebrating the region’s<br />

art, music, spirit and creativity, Burleigh Brewing will be<br />

there.<br />

Charlie said, to put it simply, they are in it for their<br />

community – both in real life and online.<br />

“They say it takes a village to raise a child, and we<br />

believe the same can be said for a local brewery. We’re<br />

most visible in our community support of the arts on<br />

the Gold Coast, for which we remain committed and<br />

passionate.<br />

“Just last week, we were also talking about reprising<br />

our ‘Brewhouse Bash’ program where we open<br />

the Taphouse doors to local clubs and community<br />

members to share our facility as a hub for local<br />

engagement,” he said.<br />

Burleigh Brewing’s entire brand identity centres on<br />

the benefits of taking the time to do things right, and<br />

represents a growing movement for premium beer<br />

among people who are drinking less, but better.<br />

Charlie specified that, in Burleigh Brewing’s case,<br />

‘better’ means an appreciation of quality and slowing<br />

down to enjoy the moment.<br />

“Our drinkers care about that feeling of calm you get<br />

from stepping off the fast lane for a moment and taking<br />

it slow. They make the most of their drinking occasion,<br />

so they prefer beer made right and are prepared to pay<br />

more for quality.<br />

“We know how passionate Queenslanders are for<br />

quality venues and experiences, so we see value in<br />

premium-ising patrons so that we all win,” he said.

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A CRAFTY<br />

BUNCH<br />

W H Y N O T S T O C K & S U P P O R T<br />

Aether Brewing<br />

Aether is more than just a<br />

brewery or just some beer. It is an<br />

expression of creativity, innovation<br />

and quality which is hand crafted<br />

by a team who treat each other as<br />

family. We are driven by our shared<br />

unrelenting passion for what we<br />

do and the dedication we have for<br />

great beer shows in each and every<br />

beer that leaves our home in the<br />

North of Brisbane. From our multiple<br />

award winning core range to our<br />

highly anticipated seasonal releases,<br />

we create a beer for every taste.<br />

1800 325 013<br />

aetherbrewing.com.au<br />

Ballistic Beer Co.<br />

At Ballistic we have a simple theory.<br />

Fresh beer is the best beer. That’s<br />

why we brew in small batches, more<br />

frequently, and store it cold so you get<br />

the same blast of flavour our brewers<br />

do. Our pale ales, lagers, IPAs, sours<br />

and special releases will blow away<br />

the traditional ideas and expectations<br />

of what beer should be.<br />

Set in an old World War II<br />

ammunitions factory in the historic,<br />

industrial suburb of Salisbury, Ballistic<br />

HQ is home to a team of innovative<br />

brewers who believe everyone should<br />

have the chance to enjoy a well<br />

crafted, quality beer.<br />

(07) 3277 6656<br />

ballisticbeer.com<br />

Brisbane Brewing Co.<br />

Brisbane’s longest-running<br />

independent brewery, familyowned<br />

and serving award-winning<br />

beer since 2005. Our beers are<br />

brewed to suit the climate, bringing<br />

people who love to explore the<br />

world and locally made craft beer<br />

together. Welcoming and friendly,<br />

unpretentious, and easy going,<br />

enjoy on hot summer or cool sunny<br />

winter day, “The Brisbanest Beer”.<br />

(07) 3891 1011<br />

brisbanebrewing.com.au/wholesale<br />

<strong>QHA</strong> REVIEW | 54<br />

Burleigh Brewing Co<br />

Founded in 2006 by Peta and<br />

Brennan Fielding, Burleigh Brewing<br />

was one of the first independent<br />

craft breweries in QLD. Now<br />

celebrating 15 years of the brand,<br />

Burleigh Brewing has upgraded<br />

their Taphouse in Burleigh Heads,<br />

won countless awards for both<br />

business and beer (a testament<br />

to their shared and individual<br />

strengths), grown to a team of 70,<br />

and in their own humble, hardworking<br />

way, helped transform the<br />

Gold Coast’s craft brewing scene<br />

into one of the most vibrant and<br />

thriving in the country.<br />

(07) 5593 6000<br />

burleighbrewing.com.au<br />

The Catchment Brewing Co<br />

Catchment Brewing Co, located in<br />

a beautiful art deco building in West<br />

End, is a fully functioning brewery,<br />

bar and restaurant and your one stop<br />

shop for all things craft beer, awesome<br />

food and functions.<br />

Whether sampling the medal winning<br />

core range beers named after iconic<br />

streets in the local catchment or the<br />

seasonal smash hits that will amaze<br />

you, it’s well worth a visit for a taste of<br />

West End.<br />

Catchment Brewing Co - For locals,<br />

by locals, everywhere.<br />

(07) 3846 1701<br />

bookings@catchmentbrewingco.com.au<br />

catchmentbrewingco.com.au<br />

Felons Brewing Co<br />

Founded by Brisbane locals, Felons<br />

Brewing Co. is a modern-day brewery<br />

proudly positioned on the banks of the<br />

Brisbane River. Our brewery is nestled<br />

down under the Story Bridge, within<br />

Howard Smith Wharves. We truly<br />

believe that beer is what binds us all<br />

to this great part of the world and as<br />

proud brewers, we believe in brewing<br />

with passion and freedom.<br />

07 3188 9090<br />


Q U E E N S L A N D L O C A L S<br />

A CRAFTY<br />

BUNCH<br />

Fortitude Brewing Co<br />

Fortitude Brewing Co delivers<br />

you 15 taps of fresh beer locally<br />

produced in our Tamborine<br />

Mountain Brewery. Enjoy a day<br />

trip up the mountain and visit our<br />

team for the best fresh pizza and<br />

tasting paddles.<br />

07 5545 4273<br />

fortitudebrewing.com.au<br />

Scarborough Harbour Brewing Co<br />

Nestled in the Scarborough Marina<br />

on the Redcliffe Peninsula, our<br />

brewery is home to award-winning<br />

craft beers and delicious meals, that<br />

can be enjoyed in our double story<br />

venue, that boasts views across the<br />

bay to the beautiful Glass House<br />

Mountains; a view best enjoyed with<br />

a beer in hand.<br />

1800 727 104<br />

scarboroughharbourbc.com.au<br />

Slipstream Brewing<br />

Slipstream Brewing is an<br />

independently owned brewery based<br />

in Brisbane. We are a small but<br />

passionate team producing some of<br />

the most accessible and sessionable<br />

craft beers in Australia. We’re the<br />

missing gap between bland beer and<br />

wanky beer, our beers hit the bullseye,<br />

brewed with nothing but pure flavour<br />

in mind. Hops are the heroes and<br />

we milk them for all their worth. We<br />

love the freshness, juiciness, the zing<br />

and the zest. One sip, it tastes so<br />

good – capture that feeling and fill the<br />

fridge with it. Beer is the last thing you<br />

should settle on, so come and get<br />

caught in Slipstream.<br />

(07) 3892 4582<br />

slipstreambrewing.com.au<br />

4 Hearts Brewing<br />

The first brewery to open its doors in<br />

Ipswich in over 100 years, 4 Hearts’<br />

brew masters are committed to<br />

premium local ingredients and<br />

profound taste. Preservative free and<br />

all natural they use the highest quality<br />

ingredients to consistently deliver a<br />

tasty beer every brew. Our core range<br />

features modern spins on traditional<br />

brews while our ever growing range<br />

of seasonal beers takes things to<br />

more adventurous levels, utilising<br />

local seasonal produce as inspiration<br />

(honey, rosella or carrots anyone…?).<br />

0439 439 710<br />


PUB TALK with Paul St John-Wood<br />


<strong>QHA</strong> REVIEW | 56<br />

Happy holidays<br />

With another year drawing to a close it is time to take<br />

a break, reflect on the year that has been and refocus<br />

to face the challenges of the year ahead. The vast<br />

majority of members around the entire state have<br />

been buoyed by positive trading conditions throughout<br />

<strong>2023</strong>, though many have indicated a downturn toward<br />

the end of the year. Cost of living, and its effect on<br />

discretionary spend, will continue to be a focus in the<br />

industry well into the new year. I hope you all have a<br />

happy and safe festive season and wish you and your<br />

business every success for 2024.<br />

Christmas Eve and New Year’s Eve trading<br />

A reminder for licensees that the sale and supply of<br />

liquor on Christmas Eve (Sunday night) must finish<br />

at 12:00pm regardless of your approved extended<br />

trading hours. The half hour grace period for<br />

consumption to 12:30am still applies. On New Year’s<br />

Eve all licensed venues are automatically approved to<br />

trade to 2:00am, again the half hour grace period for<br />

consumption will apply to 2:30am. Venues which have<br />

permanent approved hours or a temporary extended<br />

hours permit can operate through to their authorised<br />

time.<br />

There have been recent relaxations made around the<br />

criteria to apply for one off extended trading hours<br />

permits which you may wish to access through<br />

the holiday period. You are still required to make<br />

application at least 21 days prior to your event or<br />

occasion.<br />

<strong>QHA</strong> Sunshine Coast Region Hoteliers Meeting<br />

Thank you to the hoteliers and <strong>QHA</strong> partners who<br />

attended the <strong>QHA</strong> Sunshine Coast Region Hoteliers<br />

Meeting at Surf Air Beach Hotel in November. The<br />

meeting was well attended and a timely networking<br />

session in the lead up to Christmas. Thank you to the<br />

team from Surf Air for hosting the meeting and to all<br />

<strong>QHA</strong> partners who contributed to the event.<br />

The 2024 <strong>QHA</strong> Events Calendar will be distributed<br />

to each venue before the new year and will detail the<br />

dates and locations for all the 2024 Hoteliers Meetings<br />

throughout the state.<br />

2024 <strong>QHA</strong> membership renewals<br />

It is that time of year again when your <strong>QHA</strong><br />

membership is due for renewal. You will receive your<br />

renewal invitation letters and invoices emailed directly<br />

to the primary contact for the venue or the relevant<br />

billing contact. With your support in <strong>2023</strong>, the <strong>QHA</strong><br />

has been able to strongly advocate on your behalf for<br />

better trading conditions and have again extended<br />

services offered to members. We look forward with<br />

renewed optimism for 2024 and we welcome a<br />

continued strong relationship with each of you again<br />

next year.<br />

Please do not hesitate to contact me directly if you<br />

require any assistance with the renewal process or if<br />

you would like any further information on your <strong>QHA</strong><br />






Bright, bubbly and downright charming<br />

would be the best way to describe<br />

Wolf Lane – both in the way the brand<br />

carries itself and when it comes to its<br />

incredible selection of tropical gins and<br />

coffee liqueurs.<br />

Located just a few metres away from<br />

the Cairns esplanade, the distillery is<br />

a love letter to Far North Queensland,<br />

or as Wolf Lane puts it, “the gateway<br />

to the Great Barrier Reef, where<br />

butterflies are as big as birds and<br />

cocktail hour kicks in early on sundrenched<br />

afternoons that give way to<br />

blissfully long twilights and balmy<br />

nights.”<br />

While one look at the brand’s distinctive labels<br />

should tell you everything you need to know about<br />

its spirits, manager at Wolf Lane, Greg Bowater,<br />

specified that the distillery is all about holiday vibes<br />

and the fun, tropical lifestyle of Australia.<br />

“We are all about pushing the boundaries when<br />

it comes to products and flavours, and we love<br />

carving our own path in this crowded spirits market.<br />

“Our Tropical Gin was the first in the world to<br />

use fresh mango as a botanical, and as such, it<br />

pioneered the category of tropical gins.<br />

“We specialise in Australian gins, liqueurs and<br />

unique products like our Vietnamese Coffee<br />

Liqueur and our brand-new Grapefruit Aperitif –<br />

think Aperol, Campari and Pampelle, but<br />

Australian,” he said.<br />

<strong>QHA</strong> REVIEW | 58


The brand is certainly not afraid to break a few rules,<br />

and is responsible for an abundance of award-winning<br />

spirits that often turn out to be the first of their kind in<br />

Australia. One such example is Wolf Lane’s Grapefruit<br />

Aperitif, which recently made it to the finals of the<br />

<strong>2023</strong> Australian Liqueur Industry Awards (ALIA) as the<br />

best new product of the year.<br />

It’s not just the venue’s creative concoctions that have<br />

successfully allowed it to stand out against the pack,<br />

but also its voice and creative flair, which are areas that<br />

Wolf Lane has always managed to excel in. You would<br />

be hard-pressed to forget the vibrancy and artistic<br />

craziness of the distillery’s signature illustrations, which<br />

are adorned across its entire range of exotic spirits.<br />

Created by graphic designer Nick Robinson, the<br />

brand’s fashionable wolf-headed mascot reflects the<br />

tropical, creative and fun contents of the distillery’s<br />

gins and liqueurs, while also making its bottles a<br />

memorable addition to any drinks menu.<br />

Greg said that, when it comes to Wolf Lane, their<br />

brand identity is everything.<br />

<strong>QHA</strong> REVIEW | 59


“It’s who we are, and it gives our patrons an experience<br />

and not just a product. We want customers to be able to<br />

see our spirits in bars and on shelves and immediately<br />

recognise us.<br />

“We have a very creative brand identity, which is<br />

important, especially in a market where everyone is<br />

producing gin.<br />

“Our design team has worked very hard to create a<br />

brand that represents our fun attitude and the paradise<br />

in which our products are created,” he said.<br />

Far North Queensland has remained an important<br />

part of Wolf Lane’s identity, and more importantly, has<br />

been the key inspiration behind the brand’s unique and<br />

refreshing flavours since it was founded in 2019.<br />

With such bountiful plantations and rainforests right<br />

outside their door, it’s no wonder the distillery is able<br />

to create such a summery core range. Courtesy of<br />

head distiller, Rory Bayliss, the venue’s signature range<br />

features a Tropical Gin, Navy Gin, Davidson Plum Gin,<br />

Barista Coffee Liqueur, Vietnamese Coffee Liqueur and<br />

Grapefruit Aperitif.<br />





CREATED...”<br />

Whether it be the tangy bursts of native finger lime caviar,<br />

tart wild-growing davidson plum or the woody notes<br />

of cinnamon-scented pepper berries, the brand has a<br />

knack for infusing tropical fruits, rainforest botanicals,<br />

coffee beans and vanilla pods into their spirits.<br />

Greg said they are able to create these phenomenal<br />

favour combinations by supporting local farmers and<br />

growers, as the majority of their botanicals come from<br />

places that are just a short drive away from the distillery.<br />

“Our Barista Coffee Liqueur is 100 percent locally<br />

sourced, as we work with a coffee plantation called<br />

Jacques located nearby in the Atherton Tablelands. We<br />

also use locally grown vanilla to infuse in our vodka and<br />

sweeten it with sugar sourced nearby.<br />

“Our Vietnamese Coffee Liqueur was the result of<br />

a collaboration with Annee’s Caph Su Da – a local<br />

Vietnamese coffee shop here in Cairns. Our inspiration<br />

really does come from our region.<br />

“In our gins and aperitifs, we source 60 to 70 percent<br />

of the botanicals from within the local area or within<br />

Australia. Through our products, we really want to be<br />

able to give everyone a holiday no matter where they<br />

live,” he said.<br />

It was this sentiment that spurred on the distillery’s<br />

original goal – to perfectly craft one of Australia’s first<br />

tropical gins. After best mates Darren Barber and Sam<br />

Kennis took a trip from Sydney to Cairns, they fell in<br />

love with the tropical lifestyle of the area while also<br />

seeing a gap in the market for the kind of bar vibes<br />

they enjoyed back home.<br />

After drawing upon the vast hospitality experience<br />

shared between them, Wolf Lane was made into a<br />

reality in 2019. The business not only raised the bar on<br />

cocktails all over Cairns, but also provided the region’s<br />

CBD with its first distillery.<br />

Today, Wolf Lane is one of five venues owned by The<br />

Hospo Group – a boutique hospitality organisation<br />

based in Far North Queensland. Greg said Wolf Lane is<br />

now a staple for the local community, and was named<br />

after the laneway in which it is positioned.<br />

“Our cellar door is an old horse stable that was built in<br />

1905, and can be found by walking down a red brick<br />

laneway just a few streets back from the coast.<br />

“Our venue is one of the few remaining buildings left<br />

standing after a cyclone hit Cairns back in 1940, so it<br />

really is a piece of history.<br />

<strong>QHA</strong> REVIEW | 61


<strong>QHA</strong> REVIEW | 62<br />

“We offer cellar door tastings and tours during the<br />

week, and we also operate as a bar from Thursday<br />

to Saturday with a delicious range of cocktails and<br />

tapas,” he said.<br />

Thanks to its unique and entrepreneurial approach<br />

to distilling, Wolf Lane has certainly come a long way<br />

in just four years. As we near 2024, the brand has<br />

some new products that they are excited to release,<br />

one of which being Palm Spritz – a bottled sparkling<br />

cocktail range made with their core range of spirits.<br />

Tapped cocktails in venues is another area that the<br />

distillery is planning on developing. In fact, Wolf<br />

Lane’s coffee liqueur has been specifically designed<br />

for nitro-charged tapped espresso martinis.<br />

Greg said in addition to these developments, the<br />

brand is excited to further expand upon their range<br />

of award-winning products that continue to appeal<br />

to the widest audience possible.<br />

“Our entire team has spent many years behind the<br />

bar and are constantly doing in-person tastings at<br />

bottle shops, gin tasting dinners and other venues<br />

across Queensland.<br />

“We love working with bars, pubs, hotels and larger<br />

hospitality groups to improve customer experiences<br />

and boost bottom lines.<br />

“We certainly look forward to working with more<br />

venues across Australia,” he said.



Your trusted advisor, helping you identify your business risks<br />

and find the right insurance solutions so you can face your<br />

future with confidence.<br />

Call: 1800 240 432<br />

AJG.com/au/qha<br />


Foxtel Business delivers the magic of sport to venues –<br />

bringing people together, entertaining them and contributing<br />

to a boost in trade. And with over 50 live sports, there’s<br />

something for everyone. Serve your customers the best<br />

sporting action with Foxtel.<br />

P: 1300 761 056 www.foxtel.com.au/venues<br />





No matter the size, shape or demands placed on your<br />

business, we have the ability to deliver equipment that is<br />

functional, adaptable and reliable, Turbofan, Waldorf, Waldorf<br />

Bold, Cobra, Convotherm, FastFri, Merrychef.<br />

P: 1300 268 798 E: info@moffat.com.au<br />

Service department: 1300 264 217<br />


Stoddart are one of Australia’s leading manufacturers and<br />

importers of a large range of world leading equipment for<br />

food service and bar applications.<br />

Darrin Miller<br />

P: 0417 867 979 E: dmiller@stoddart.com.au<br />

stoddart.com.au<br />


Mullins’ hospitality team has unrivalled experience in the liquor<br />

and gaming sector, developed over 40 years. From greenfield<br />

applications and integrated developments to liquor and<br />

gaming compliance and employment advice - we are your<br />

one-stop-shop to ensure the best outcomes for your hotel.<br />

Curt Schatz, Managing Partner | Direct: 07 3224 0230<br />

Email: cschatz@mullinslawyers.com.au<br />

mullinslawyers.com.au<br />

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MEMBER<br />

OFFER<br />


Over 25 years of commercial<br />

cleaning services | Triple certified<br />

Quality assured | EcoClean<br />

Certified using environmentally<br />

friendly products.<br />

Get 2 weeks free with any<br />

12 month contract when<br />

mentioning this advert.<br />

P: 1300 630 636<br />

citypropertyservices.com.au<br />


For more information on advertising and<br />

promoting your business in the <strong>QHA</strong> REVIEW<br />

contact Dave Swan.<br />

qhareview@qha.org.au or 0401 345 201<br />

<strong>QHA</strong> REVIEW | 63

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Ph: 0437 834 195<br />

ownermanager.com.au<br />

Sero Institute<br />

Ph: 1800 206 010<br />

seroinstitute.edu.au<br />

TAFE Queensland<br />

Ph: 1300 308 233<br />

tafeqld.edu.au<br />




BDO Australia<br />

Ph: 07 3237 5999<br />

bdo.com.au<br />

Commonwealth Bank of<br />

Australia<br />

Ph: 0476 824 307<br />

CommBank.com.au<br />

Gallagher Insurance<br />

Brokers<br />

Brisbane: 07 3367 5000<br />

Nth QLD: 07 4753 5311<br />

Toowoomba: 07 4639 7102<br />

ajg.com.au<br />

Shift<br />

Ph: 0498 137 007<br />

shift.com.au<br />

Green Finance Group<br />

Ph: 0457 883 700<br />

greenfinancegroup.<br />

com.au<br />

Waratah Debt Capital<br />

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waratahmanagement.<br />

com.au<br />

Westpac Banking<br />

Corporation<br />

Ph: 0438 701 195<br />

westpac.com.au<br />

Banktech<br />

Ph: 1800 080 910<br />

banktech.com.au<br />

CTB & Co<br />

(Cooking the Books)<br />

Ph: 1300 911 282<br />

cookingthebooks.com<br />

Food and Agribusiness<br />

Network<br />

Ph: 0419 651 157<br />

foodagribusiness.org.au<br />

Goodman Fielder<br />

Ph: 0403 937 801<br />

gffoodservice.com.au<br />


SlumberCorp<br />

Ph: 07 3892 7477<br />

slumbercorp.com.au<br />


Ainsworth Game<br />

Technology P/L<br />

Ph: 07 3209 6210<br />

ainsworth.com.au<br />

Aristocrat Leisure<br />

Industries<br />

Ph: 07 3727 1600<br />

aristocrat.com.au<br />

IGT<br />

Ph: 07 3890 5622<br />

igt.com.au<br />

Konami Australia<br />

Ph: 02 9666 3111<br />

konamiaustralia.com.au<br />

Light & Wonder<br />

Ph: 02 9773 0299<br />


<strong>QHA</strong> PARTNERS & CORPORATE MEMBERS<br />

MAX<br />

Ph: 0418 728 927<br />

max.com.au<br />

Nightlife - Music & Video<br />

Freecall: 1800 679 748<br />

nightlife.com.au<br />

<strong>QHA</strong> PLATINUM PARTNERS<br />

Odyssey Gaming Services<br />

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odysseygaming.com<br />

PVS Australia Pty Ltd<br />

Ph: 03 8671 1900<br />

pvsoz.com.au<br />

Simtech<br />

Ph: 07 5596 6993<br />

simtechcreations.com<br />

Keno<br />

(The Lottery Corporation)<br />

Ph: 07 3001 9300<br />

thelotterycorporation.com<br />

TAB<br />

Ph: 0436 816 254<br />

tab.com.au<br />

UTOPIA Gaming Systems<br />

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utopiagaming.com.au<br />



AHS Hospitality<br />

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ahshospitality.com.au<br />

DNS Specialist Services<br />

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dnsspecialistservices.com.au<br />

DWS Hospitality Specialists<br />

Ph: 07 3878 9355<br />

dws.net<br />

Lighthouse Safety &<br />

Compliance<br />

Ph: 0422 669 631<br />

lighthousesafety.com.au<br />

Logic Hospitality<br />

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logichospitality.com.au<br />

Mondandia Consulting<br />

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monandiaconsulting.com.au<br />

Morph Consulting Services<br />

Ph: 0438 758 847<br />

morph-consulting.com<br />

Nuvho<br />

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nuvho.com<br />

Professional Hospitality<br />

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professionalhospitality.<br />

com.au<br />

Prostaff Events Pty Ltd<br />

prostaffevents.com.au<br />

Pro Score - Sporting<br />

Promotions<br />

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proscore.com.au<br />

Rooks Entertainment<br />

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rooks-entertainment.com.au<br />


BOC Limited - Gas/<br />

Reticulation Supply<br />

Ph: 07 3212 4322<br />

boc.com.au<br />

Reward Hospitality<br />

Ph: 07 3341 5929<br />

rewardhospitality.com.au<br />

Stoddart<br />

Ph: 0437 576 447<br />

stoddart.com.au<br />

Hunter Industrials<br />

(QLD) Pty Ltd<br />

Ph: 07 3054 1039<br />

huntind.com.au<br />




Off Market Hotels<br />

Chris Cameron<br />

Ph: 0477 271 875<br />

offmarkethotels.com.au<br />

Power Jeffrey & Co -<br />

Hotel Brokers<br />

Ph: 07 3832 6000<br />

powerjeffrey.com.au<br />

CRE Brokers<br />

Ph: 07 5371 0165<br />

crebrokers.com<br />

HTL Property<br />

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htlproperty.com.au<br />

JLL<br />

Ph: 07 3231 1311<br />

jll.com.au<br />

LEGAL<br />

Mullins<br />

Ph: (07) 3224 0222<br />

mullinslawyers.com.au<br />

Holding Redlich<br />

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holdingredlich.com<br />

HopgoodGanim Lawyers<br />

Ph: 0419 762 469<br />

hopgoodganim.com.au<br />

BDO Australia<br />

BSV<br />

Daily Press<br />

H&L Australia<br />

Next Payments<br />

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<strong>QHA</strong> GOLD PARTNERS<br />

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Prosperity<br />

Advisers QLD<br />

PVS Australia<br />

Simon George & Sons<br />

Tanda<br />

Trans Tasman<br />

Energy Group<br />

UTOPIA Gaming<br />

Systems<br />


Foxtel Business<br />

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foxtel.com.au/venues<br />

Sky Channel<br />

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Freecall: 1800 251 710<br />

skychannel.com.au<br />

Stan Sport<br />

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stan.com.au/sport/venues<br />

K&L Gates<br />

Ph: 0416 131 543<br />

klgates.com<br />

Rostron Carlyle Rojas<br />

Lawyers<br />

Ph: 07 3009 8444<br />

rcrlaw.com.au/brisbanelawyers<br />

LIQUOR<br />


Best Security<br />

BOC Limited<br />

BSPN Architecture<br />

Caughley and Co<br />

Chewzie Table<br />

Ordering<br />

Coopers Brewery<br />

Command 51<br />

Diablo Co<br />

Green Finance Group<br />

HLB Mann Judd<br />

<strong>QHA</strong> BRONZE PARTNERS<br />

MSL Solutions<br />

Odyssey Gaming<br />

Services<br />

Open Projects Group<br />

Operandio Pty Ltd<br />

Paramount Liquor<br />

Paynters<br />

Platypus Print<br />

Packaging<br />

Power Jeffrey and<br />

Company<br />

Quantaco<br />

Rohrig Constructions<br />

Red Bull Australia<br />

Secure Access I.T.<br />

Shift<br />

Simtech<br />

Southtrade<br />

International<br />

Stan Sport<br />

SW Accountants<br />

& Advisors<br />

Waratah Debt Capital<br />

<strong>QHA</strong> REVIEW | 65

<strong>QHA</strong> PARTNERS & CORPORATE MEMBERS<br />










KNOWLEDGEABLE. THANKS, <strong>QHA</strong>.”<br />


Online RSA/RSG Training<br />

Gaming Nominee Training<br />

Employment Relations Training<br />

Employment Relations Webinar<br />

Responsible Management of Licensed Venues<br />

Training is a mandatory training requirement<br />

for those applying for a liquor licence, and<br />

applicants for an Approved Manager’s Licence.<br />

Training is offered face to face at regional<br />

centres throughout Queensland.<br />

Bottlemart<br />

Ph: 1300 733 504<br />

bottlemart.com.au<br />

Independent Liquor<br />

Group<br />

Ph: 07 3713 2751<br />

ilg.com.au<br />

Liquor Legends<br />

Ph: 07 3107 7422<br />

liquorlegends.com.au<br />

LIQUOR<br />


ALM (Australian Liquor<br />

Marketers)<br />

Brisbane: 07 3489 3600<br />

Townsville: 07 4799 4022<br />

Cairns: 07 4041 6070<br />

almliquor.com.au<br />

Paramount Liquor<br />

Ph: 0429 448 523<br />

paramountliquor.com.au<br />

Your Mates Brewing Co.<br />

Ph: 07 5329 4733<br />

yourmatesbrewing.com<br />

4 Hearts Brewing Co.<br />

Ph: 0428 236 436<br />

4heartsbrewing.com<br />


Daily Press<br />

Ph: 0412 224 969<br />

dailypress.com.au<br />

Horse & Water Creative<br />

Ph: 0401 345 201<br />

horseandwater.com.au<br />



CashZone<br />

Ph: 0466 148 752<br />

cashzoneatm.com.au<br />

H&L Australia Pty Ltd<br />

Ph: 0407 975 411<br />

hlaustralia.com.au<br />

MSL Solutions<br />

Ph: 0448 134 625<br />

mslsolutions.com<br />

Next Payments<br />

Ph: 0447 427 868<br />

nextpayments.com.au<br />

Banktech<br />

Ph: 1800 080 910<br />

banktech.com.au<br />

UrPay<br />

Ph: 0411 457 377<br />

urpay.com.au<br />


Platypus Print Packaging<br />

Ph 07 3352 0300<br />

platys.com.au<br />


Best Security<br />

Ph: 07 3212 8460<br />

bestsecurity.net.au<br />

Command 51<br />

Ph: 0437 368 352<br />

command51.com.au<br />

CMBM Facility Services<br />

Ph: 07 3391 1040 /<br />

Ph: 0419 708 715<br />

cmbm.com.au<br />

Future Business Technology<br />

Group<br />

Ph: 1300 706 155<br />

fgtgroup.com.au<br />

Hikvision Digital Technology<br />

Ph: 1300 976 305<br />

hikvision.com<br />

Lotus Commercial Pty Ltd<br />

Ph: 1300 653 536<br />

lotusfilters.com.au<br />

Luxxe Outsourced Hotel<br />

Services<br />

Ph: 03 8761 9156<br />

luxxe.com.au<br />

Security Registers<br />

Ph: 0452 363 166<br />

securityregisters.com.au<br />

Tru Security Services<br />

Ph: 0452 377 662<br />

trusecurity.com.au<br />



Ph: 1300 467 875<br />

hostplus.com.au<br />



BSV<br />

Ph: 1300 244 727<br />

bigscreenvideo.com.au<br />

Chewzie Table Ordering<br />

Ph: 1300 243 994<br />

chewzie.me<br />

Cherry Hub Pty Ltd<br />

Ph: 0409 548 276<br />

cherryhub.com.au<br />

CTB & Co<br />

(Cooking the Books)<br />

Ph: 1300 911 282<br />

cookingthebooks.com<br />

Harris Data Systems<br />

Ph: 07 5535 7677<br />

harrisdata.com.au<br />

Hikvision Digital Technology<br />

Ph: 1300 976 305<br />

hikvision.com<br />

IDU Technologies Pty Ltd<br />

mitch@idu-identification.com<br />

idu-identification.com<br />

Jands<br />

Ph: 0408 506 620<br />

jands.com.au<br />

JB Hi-Fi Commercial<br />

Division<br />

Ph: 07 3360 9925<br />

jbhifi.com.au<br />

Mr Yum<br />

Ph: 0448 504 121<br />

mryum.com.au<br />

onPlatinum ICT<br />

Ph: 0402 281 561<br />

onplatinum.com.au<br />

Security Registers<br />

Ph: 0452 363 166<br />

securityregisters.com.au<br />

Smart Parking Limited<br />

Ph: 0421 155 972<br />

smartparking.com<br />

UrPay Technologies<br />

Ph: 0411 457 377<br />

urpay.com.au<br />

Vix Vizion Pty Ltd<br />

Ph: 0413 026 918<br />

vixvizion.com<br />

Whats Doing App<br />

Ph: 0404 561 895<br />

whatsdoingapp.com<br />


A.P. Eagers Limited<br />

Ph: 07 3109 6731<br />

apeagers.com.au<br />

Trinitas Australia Pty Ltd<br />

Ph: 1300 836 025<br />

trinitas3.com.au<br />

For more information please contact the<br />

<strong>QHA</strong> Training Centre<br />

Ph: 07 3221 6999 Fax: 07 3221 6649<br />

Email: training@qha.org.au<br />

Web: www.qha.org.au<br />

Bepoz Retail Solutions<br />

Ph: 1300 023 769<br />

bepoz.com.au<br />

Harris Data Systems<br />

Ph: 07 5535 7677<br />

harrisdata.com.au<br />

Idealpos Solutions<br />

Ph: 07 3630 2455<br />

Idealpos.co<br />

Operandio Pty Ltd<br />

Ph: 0422 398 294<br />

operandio.com<br />

Secure Access I.T.<br />

Ph: 1300 880 565<br />

secureaccess.com.au<br />

Tanda<br />

Ph: 1300 859 117<br />

tanda.co<br />

MyVenue Pty Ltd<br />

Ph: 0447 129 873<br />

myvenue.com/pubs-cafes-bars<br />

BK Electronics<br />

Ph: 0431 509 409<br />



<strong>2023</strong><br />




2022<br />


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WINNER<br />


A win for us is a win for our members. Judged on strong performance,<br />

competitive fees and a wide range of product features, Hostplus has earned<br />

Canstar’s Outstanding Value Superannuation Award for the sixth year in a row.<br />

Compare Hostplus<br />

Canstar 5 Star Rating for Outstanding Value Superannuation awarded March <strong>2023</strong> for the Balanced (MySuper) option. Visit canstar.com.au for awards criteria.<br />

Awards and ratings are only one factor to consider. Past performance is not a reliable indicator of future performance. General advice only. Consider the<br />

relevant Hostplus PDS and TMD at hostplus.com.au and your objectives, financial situation and needs, which have not been accounted for. Issued by Host-Plus<br />

Pty Limited ABN 79 008 634 704, AFSL 244392 as trustee for the Hostplus Superannuation Fund (the Fund) ABN 68 657 495 890. HP2396

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