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IFTM Daily - Day 2

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IFTM Daily - Day

DAY 2 EDITION WEDNESDAY 21 ST SEPTEMBER 2016 HALL 7.2 / STAND G098 HALL 7.2 / STAND C056 INCLUS : VOTRE DOSSIER SPECIAL EN FRANÇAIS CONTENTS 03 PROGRAMME 04 NEWS 08 MAP PRO NEWS 10 TRADE TALK 11 EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW 12 SPECIAL FEATURES 17 REGIONAL SPOTLIGHT: ASIA 19 WHERE TO GO IN PARIS 08 News Powering Travel to New Heights IFTM Top Resa MAP Pro 2016 promotes a renewed positive impetus for the industry While the French travel industry has taken a couple of hits in recent times, nothing can quell the resilience of professionals who have come in force to this year’s IFTM Top Resa MAP Pro. Underpinning the underlying strength of the industry in France, the show has a major role when it comes to developing positive energy and encouraging new impetus. # 06 BLOGGERS’ TIPS RICHARD & FRANCK Bloggers An increasing number of tourists want to reconnect with the wild nature and the different cultures (…) An example of the thought leadership being demonstrated at the show is that of the new ideas, routes and promotions by Air France-KLM in order to bolster business and “get back on the right track” (see our exclusive interview with Jean-Marc Janaillac – President & CEO, Air France-KLM page 11). More than ever, France can be proud of its style, its gastronomy, its regions… of that little “je ne sais quoi” that makes this nation what it is. # 10 TRADE TALK VALÈRE VALENTINI Jean-Marc Janaillac President & CEO, Air France-KLM See our exclusive interview – page 11 Paris is renowned as being the world’s greatest tourist destination, so what greater place for a show that brings the world’s entire travel industry Head of production, Voyages Léonard together in a forum for growth and constructive transformation? Customers are looking for new experiences and so are looking for “unusual” programmes # 19 WHERE TO GO IN PARIS BÉNÉDICTE MOULET Sales Director, Le Petit Futé I love to sit on the Ferris wheel in the Tuileries garden and admire the sunset over the city from the top. REGIONAL SPOTLIGHT ASIA According to the UNWTO, Asia and the Pacific (+9%) recorded the highest growth in international arrivals across world regions in January-April 2016, with robust results in all four subregions. Southeast Asia and Oceania both achieved 10% growth, while arrivals in North-East Asia increased by 8% and in South Asia by 7%. Read more in today’s regional spotlight - from page 17. Melasti Ceremony, Bali, Indonesia © Wonderful Indonesia