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ITB Berlin News 2020 #3

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I SPECIAL FEATURE I LUXURY ACCOMMODATION & TRAVEL IMarc AeberhardLuxury Hotel & SpaManagement LtdACCOR’SMONDRIANBRAND: KEYNEW PROPERTYOPENINGSHaving passed an historic milestone in the pastcouple of months – with the opening of their3,000 th property in Europe, Accor has also addeda new brand in Europe this year – Mondrian.Luxury travel takeson a new shinewith ITBThe luxury market last year reported stronggrowth: according to a recent survey bystatista, luxury travel currently accounts for14% of tourism sales worldwide, equivalent to€750bn this year.To this end, a new handbookentitled Basic Informationand Perspectives onLuxury Tourism - CustomerBehaviour - ParadigmShifts - Market Trends -Best Practices has beenreleased examining thephenomenon of luxurytourism from numerousperspectives, with a specialfocus on the trends thatwill dominate the luxurymarket in the future, as wellas offering concrete adviceto luxury providers. Itsauthors are the publisherProf. Roland Conrady,Head of the ITB BerlinConvention, David Ruetz,Head of ITB Berlin andMarc Aeberhard, LuxuryHotel & Spa Management Ltd., all of whom areinvolved with the ITB Berlin Convention.In the handbook, numerous experts, includingleading scientists and senior executives, dwellon topics ranging from developments in themacro-environment of the tourism market, theACCORDINGTO A RECENTSURVEY BYSTATISTA,LUXURY TRAVELCURRENTLYACCOUNTSFOR 14% OFTOURISM SALESWORLDWIDE,EQUIVALENTTO €750BN management of luxury providers,to mega tourism trends and their relevanceto the luxury market. Leading-edge examplesand case studies of the tourism market roundoff this work, which isa guide for practicians,senior executives,employees, tour operators,students and traineesin the tourism industry,for whom it is intendedto serve as a manual fortourism developments andstrategy concepts. Theluxury tourism handbookis available in Germanfrom Springer FachmedienWiesbaden and wasscheduled be publishedin English to coincide withITB Berlin 2020.With its new Home ofLuxury by ITB - scheduledfor 2020, but now pushedback to 2021, at theMarshall Haus of MesseBerlin, in partnership withloop and Luxury Hotel & Spa Managementspecialists will be provided with an exclusiveplatform for this growing travel market for thefirst time. As the name suggests, the "NewHome of Luxury Tourism" will be much morethan simply an exhibition area for the luxurymarket. Stay tuned!The new brand arrives with two properties inFrance. First, with the Cannes Grand Hotel onthe Croisette and its reopening forecast for 2021.The hotel will be comprised of 75 guestroomsdistributed on 11 floors, a restaurant and a baroverlooking on a 4,000 m² private garden,adjustable meeting rooms and a private beach infront of the hotel. The private beach opening in2020 will unveil the Lifestyle positioning of thisnew and unique brand on the French Riviera.Another property will arrive in Bordeaux. Thehotel, built around a 19th century building, willbe comprised of 97 guestrooms each rangingbetween 25 and 50m² and spread over threefloors. This ambitious and elegant project will belaunched during a ground-breaking ceremony inspring 2020 in the presence of all stakeholderswho contributed to this achievement.For several years, the Accor group has beenaccelerating the development of its upscalebrands, a sector in which it has been nurturing apowerful ambition since the acquisition in 2016 ofthe Fairmont, Raffles, and Swissôtel brands© Christophe FinotTHE CROISETTE INCANNES, INCLUDINGTHE GRAND HOTEL- SOON TO BE AMONDRIAN PROPERTYITB BERLIN NEWS • THURSDAY 19 TH MARCH 2020 • 17

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