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ITB Berlin News 2020 #3

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I REGION I ASIA ITransforming Singapore’s leisure and tourismindustry through landmark master planFirst key milestone of plan to be completed by 2022, with SentosaSensoryscape linking Resorts World Sentosa in the north to Sentosa’s beachesin the southSentosa Development Corporation (SDC)has unveiled exciting possibilities for Sentosaand Pulau Brani as part of a landmark MasterPlan to redevelop the two islands into a gamechangingleisure and tourism destination,leveraging their unique island charm,geographical qualities, as well as proximity tothe city.Known as the Sentosa-Brani Master Plan, thecomprehensive blueprintwill be rolled out in phasesover the next two to threedecades. It will see SDCleveraging the islands’ ridgeto-reefattributes to bringin world-class attractionsas well as fresh and boldnight-time offerings,while enhancing last-miletransport connectivityto and within the islands.New spaces and conceptsthat are authentic andenvironmentally sustainablewill also be created –including rejuvenatedbeaches and expandednature and heritage trails.The redeveloped islands willfeature five distinct zones– each delivering uniqueexperiences, with the zonesprogressively taking on amore leisurely character asguests travel farther fromthe city into the islands:Vibrant Cluster, Island Heart,Waterfront, Ridgeline, andBeachfront.“Sentosa Sensoryscapeis the first project underthis Master Plan. It willcomplement the expansionof Resorts World Sentosa andsubsequent infrastructureenhancements on Sentosaand Pulau Brani,” said SeniorMinister of State for Tradeand Industry and Education,Mr Chee Hong Tat.The Master Plan will beimplemented in phases overthe coming decades, withthe first milestone project,Sentosa Sensoryscape,beginning constructionworks in the fourth quarterof 2019 and set to becompleted by 2022.Located at the heart ofSentosa island, the new30,000sqm SentosaSensoryscape, which isapproximately the size of5.5 football fields, will linkResorts World Sentosa in thenorth to Sentosa’s beachesin the south through amulti-sensory experience,replacing the existingpedestrian thoroughfareSENTOSA UNVEILS MAGICALSHORES AT SILOSO,SINGAPORE’S FIRST BEACHLIGHT ART ATTRACTIONMagical Shores at SilosoSentosa’s guests can now discover SilosoBeach in a whole "new light" when ittransforms into the calming and captivatingMagical Shores at Siloso every night, since23 January 2020.Featuring vivid light, sound,and mist effects across a400-metre stretch of SilosoBeach, Magical Shores atSiloso leverages Sentosa’sbeach assets to bring twoislets to life, as well asnovel interactive areaswhere guests immersethemselves in soothingsounds of the island andinteract with light art onthe sands. Senior Ministerof State for Trade andIndustry and Education,Mr Chee Hong Tat, officiallyopened the attraction thisevening.Magical Shores at Silosois Singapore’s first multisensory,interactivebeach light art attraction.Comprising four acts,the attraction offers anexperience unique toSentosa. Taking centrestage are two islets acrossthe waters, which arebathed in lights, dreamyfog, and tranquil musicto transport guests to anethereal island. Watchthe trees come alive as arelaxing light and soundsymphony accentuate theraw beauty of the naturallandscape.In another novel highlight,guests can interact withlight art on the sands,inspired by diverseelements ranging fromwater flow to marinecreatures36 • ITB BERLIN NEWS • THURSDAY 19 TH MARCH

I REGION I ASIA IGujarat tourism up 14%in 2019Jenu Devan is Commissioner of Tourism for theGovernment of Gujarat & Managing Director, TourismCorporation of Gujarat Limited. We asked him howtourism is progressing in Gujarat.The total tourist flow reached thefigure of 57.5 million in 2018-19with a 14% rise as compared tothe previous year. We have tried toput in our best to give internationaltravellers many reasons to visitGujarat and experience the best ofour hospitality.The 182m tall “Statue of Unity” inGujarat has been featured by Timemagazine in its second annual listof the 2019 World's greatest places,a compilation of 100 new andnewly "noteworthy destinationsto experience right now". It is theworld's tallest statue, and is atribute to Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel.Meanwhile, Ahmedabad hasbeen declared India’s firstWorld Heritage City by UNESCOrecognising its heritage value. Thecity is known for its architecturalmarvels of Pol structures and otherbeautiful tourist locations.What are your key aims when itcomes to promoting tourism foryour region?We are currently targetinginternational travellers in big waywith such amazing and variety oftourism products. Besides Africa,Gir in Gujarat is the only place inthe world where you can spot lionsroaming free in the wild. Recently,India’s first dedicated DinosaurMuseum and Fossil Park wasinaugurated at Raiyoli village nearBalasinor town. It is globally knownto be the third largest fossil siteand the second largest dinosaurhatchery from where about 10,000dinosaur eggs have been found.Gujarat is not only the birth placeof Mohandas Gandhi, popularlyknown as Mahatma Gandhi,but has also been the site ofmany important activities ofthe much-revered Indian patriotand politician. Today, the stategovernment has developed aGandhi Tourism Circuit that letstourists follow the life of MahatmaJenu DevanCommissioner of Tourism,Government of Gujarat & ManagingDirector, Tourism Corporation ofGujarat LimitedITB BERLIN NEWS • THURSDAY 19 TH MARCH 2020 • 37

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