Furnishing Fabric Fashion May - June 2024

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4<br />

<strong>Furnishing</strong> <strong>Fabric</strong> <strong>Fashion</strong><br />

Contents<br />

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Omer Faruk GORUN<br />

Sinan ATILMAZ<br />

6 Fascinating magic of design, sustainability,<br />

AI application and trends in furnishing<br />

fabrics<br />

8 Kips Bay Palm Beach <strong>2024</strong> Loves Perennials<br />

14 Vellteks heralds spring...<br />

18 Proposte inspired the fabric and drapery<br />

industrialists and designers<br />

26 On Trend with Brown <strong>Furnishing</strong>s<br />

30 Summer <strong>2024</strong> Trend Forecast<br />

36 World Home Textile Sector Meets at<br />


38 5 Interior Design <strong>Fabric</strong> Ideas For Summer<br />

42 Fiji - A unique collection for both indoors<br />

and outdoors<br />

46 Edo-tex: Textile based wallpaper<br />

52 Predicting <strong>2024</strong> Design Trends with AD100<br />

Designers<br />

54 Sofas & Stuff develops third RHS fabric<br />

collection<br />

58 Revolutionizing furnishing fabrics: the role<br />

of AI in design and manufacturing<br />

66 Rounder and curvier shapes, ridges and<br />

ribs in interior design<br />

78 Pallas Textiles unveils the Mantra<br />

Collection: design-driven, versatile, and<br />

human-centered<br />

82 The Salone del Mobile.Milano - from<br />

design to experience<br />

88 Benefits of vinyl fabrics<br />

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<strong>Furnishing</strong> <strong>Fabric</strong> <strong>Fashion</strong><br />

From the editor<br />

Fascinating magic of design,<br />

sustainability, AI application and<br />

trends in furnishing fabrics<br />

Ömer Faruk Görün Project Manager<br />

omer.gorun@img.com.tr<br />

Welcome to the latest issue of FFF - <strong>Furnishing</strong> <strong>Fabric</strong> <strong>Fashion</strong><br />

magazine, where we delve into the dynamic intersection of<br />

design, sustainability, AI application, and the latest trends<br />

shaping the furnishing fabric industry.<br />

In an era defined by rapid technological advancement and<br />

evolving consumer preferences, the role of design has never<br />

been more pivotal. Design is not merely about aesthetics; it’s<br />

a powerful tool for storytelling, expression, and innovation.<br />

In this issue, we explore the transformative impact of design<br />

on the furnishing fabric landscape, from bold patterns and<br />

textures to minimalist chic, showcasing the diverse innovative<br />

visions driving the industry forward.<br />

Amid growing concerns about environmental sustainability,<br />

the imperative for eco-friendly practices within the textile<br />

industry has never been clearer. Sustainability is not just a<br />

buzzword; it’s a moral imperative and a business imperative. In<br />

these pages, we spotlight pioneering companies and initiatives<br />

that are leading the charge towards a more sustainable future,<br />

from ethically sourced materials to eco-conscious production<br />

processes.<br />

Furthermore, the application of artificial intelligence (AI) is<br />

revolutionizing every facet of the furnishing fabric supply<br />

chain, from design and manufacturing to distribution and<br />

retail. AI-powered design tools offer unprecedented levels of<br />

customization and personalization, while predictive analytics<br />

optimize production workflows and minimize waste. Join us<br />

as we explore the cutting-edge AI technologies shaping the<br />

future of furnishing fabric fashion.<br />

Lastly, we present a curated selection of the latest trends<br />

sweeping the industry, from vibrant color palettes and tactile<br />

textures to innovative materials and avant-garde silhouettes.<br />

Whether you’re a seasoned industry professional or an<br />

aspiring designer, these trends offer invaluable insights and<br />

inspiration for your next project.<br />

As we navigate the ever-changing landscape of the furnishing<br />

fabric industry, FFF remains committed to delivering<br />

thought-provoking content that informs, inspires, and empowers<br />

our readers. Join us on this journey as we celebrate<br />

the transformative power of design, champion sustainability,<br />

embrace AI innovation, and embrace the latest trends shaping<br />

the future of furnishing fabric fashion.

8<br />

<strong>Furnishing</strong> <strong>Fabric</strong> <strong>Fashion</strong><br />

Kips Bay Palm Beach<br />

<strong>2024</strong> Loves Perennials<br />

LLovers of tropical motifs and trellis rejoice! The Kips Bay Palm Beach Show<br />

House has returned. With ticket proceeds going towards the Boys and Girls<br />

Club, the show house opened last week and we could not be more obsessed.<br />

The house is filled with Palm Beach design staples, from antique wicker furniture<br />

to showstopping wall murals. Check out how four designers used Perennials<br />

and Sutherland product in their spaces!<br />

Melrose Interiors<br />

Charlie Collins of Melrose Interiors made the most of the home’s staircase by<br />

incorporating a super chic seating area below it. The light-drenched space features<br />

a custom settee upholstered in Perennials’ Sail Cloth (Beach Glass).<br />

Redmond Aldrich<br />

In addition to using Sutherland’s Small African Table (photo above), Chloe Redmond<br />

Warner of Redmond Aldrich Design wrapped her terrace space in a green<br />

pattern wallcovering, accenting it with pops of terracotta throughout. Warner<br />

covered a sofa in our Dotty (Rusty) fabric by Vincent Van Duysen.<br />

Nadia Watts<br />

Colorado-based designer Nadia Watts brightened up the otherwise drab facade<br />

of the show house by incorporating loads of color throughout the front loggia.<br />

To complement yellow and green furnishings, Watts placed lemon trees in<br />

Sutherland’s Large Texel Planters, with additional greenery in Sutherland’s Dala<br />


10<br />

<strong>Furnishing</strong> <strong>Fabric</strong> <strong>Fashion</strong>

11<br />

Ariel Okin<br />

With an expansive outdoor<br />

space, Ariel Okin completely<br />

transformed the upstairs<br />

terrace with “Messel” green<br />

trellis. Okin partnered with<br />

Brown Jordan for the traditional<br />

garden furniture, upholstering<br />

cushions in Perennials’<br />

Rough ‘N Rowdy (Blanca), as<br />

well as Jake Stripe (Ice Blue).<br />

The result is a masterclass in<br />

Palm Beach outdoor design.<br />

<strong>Furnishing</strong> <strong>Fabric</strong> <strong>Fashion</strong>

14<br />

<strong>Furnishing</strong> <strong>Fabric</strong> <strong>Fashion</strong><br />

Vellteks<br />

heralds<br />

spring...<br />

winter is over, the earth begins to green. The<br />

branches blossom, then bud and bear fruit and starts to<br />

give. WWhen<br />

Vellteks, just like the soil after winter, germinates<br />

new fabric qualities, patterns and colours. Patterns<br />

designed with excitement and fresh hopes are brought<br />

together with trendy colours. With all these innovations<br />

designs gain freshness.<br />

While the freshness and sparkle of nature is reflected in<br />

the homes of the end consumers, our fabrics are in perfect<br />

harmony with natüre catches up. The enthusiasm of<br />

spring will be presented to our customers with our unlimited<br />

colour options at the Hometex fair we offer. We<br />

are with you with our brand new patterns and colour<br />

variety without compromising our quality we meet.

15<br />

<strong>Furnishing</strong> <strong>Fabric</strong> <strong>Fashion</strong>

18<br />

<strong>Furnishing</strong> <strong>Fabric</strong> <strong>Fashion</strong><br />

Proposte<br />

inspired the<br />

fabric and<br />

drapery<br />

industrialists<br />

and designers<br />

Proposte, the inspiring show of<br />

upholstery fabrics and curtains held<br />

annually at a fascinating venue in<br />

Cernobbio, Italy, attracted great<br />

interest from textile editors, upholstered<br />

furniture manufacturers, wholesalers,<br />

converters, major retail chains, contract<br />

industry professionals, architecture<br />

and interior design studios.around the<br />


19<br />

P<br />

The 31th edition of Proposte, the International Trade Show of Upholstery<br />

<strong>Fabric</strong>s and Curtains, was held at its traditional venue, the exhibition area of<br />

ancient Villa Erba, 2-4 <strong>May</strong> <strong>2024</strong>.<br />

Proposte has become a point of reference for leading industry specialists<br />

from around the world, who come every year to see products of excellence<br />

presented by the best international companies in home textiles, curtains,<br />

wallcoverings and trimmings.<br />

This year, the trade show hosted 79 exhibitors, 48 international and 31<br />

Italian, representing the top tier in their segment and showcasing a preview<br />

of their most innovative and fascinating collections. 9 of the exhibitors were<br />

new participants this year. “We are proud of seeing new companies participating<br />

in the show,” commented Massimo Mosiello, Director of Proposte.<br />

<strong>Furnishing</strong> <strong>Fabric</strong> <strong>Fashion</strong>

20<br />

<strong>Furnishing</strong> <strong>Fabric</strong> <strong>Fashion</strong><br />

“They will increase the prestige of the trade show.<br />

Two important companies that have already<br />

presented their collections at Proposte in the past<br />

came back. This is another confirmation that our<br />

trade show is increasingly becoming a fundamental<br />

showcase for industry operators.”<br />

Turkiye was represented by 9 leading exhibitors inside<br />

the Villa area namely Burkay, Dilhan, Evimteks,<br />

Güleser Tekstil, Martek Difference, Penelope Dokuma<br />

and Vanelli Tekstil.<br />

The claim of the <strong>2024</strong> communication campaign -<br />

“Textiles to ideas” - highlighted how creativity and<br />

technology are at the core of the collections pre

21<br />

<strong>Furnishing</strong> <strong>Fabric</strong> <strong>Fashion</strong><br />

sented by the trade show exhibitors, reflected in assortments<br />

that meet the highest standards with a unique know-how that<br />

is difficult to imitate, featuring a wealth of options to satisfy the<br />

needs of the most demanding buyers.<br />

Proposte’s exhibitors at Villa Erba have shown that they possess<br />

these characteristics, passing the rigorous controls of the trade<br />

show’s selection team and confirming their solid production capacity<br />

and design offices always ready to present innovative, cutting-edge<br />


22<br />

<strong>Furnishing</strong> <strong>Fabric</strong> <strong>Fashion</strong><br />

The management of the fair warned, “Proposte<br />

is like a seal of quality that guarantees the<br />

excellence of the participating exhibitors. We<br />

know that outside Villa Erba there may be some<br />

companies that are not part of Proposte. These<br />

outside exhibitors, however respectable, are not<br />

part of our circuit and organization. In this edition,<br />

we also invite you to discover the elegance<br />

of the custom seating, specially designed by our<br />

exhibitors.”<br />

Tied with Proposte, the International Observatory<br />

display area was set up for the ninth time at the<br />

nearby Sheraton Como Lake where 9 international<br />

exhibitors showcased their latest collections.<br />

Also at Proposte <strong>2024</strong>, the growing number of<br />

exhibitors and the renewed collaboration with

Comocrea – which allowed the creation of supply chain synergies thanks to the<br />

contacts with the leading international textile designers – made the trade show<br />

expand and use the entire available area of the exhibition center.<br />

The exhibition continued outside the booths and also filled the Padiglione<br />

Centrale, where fine upholstery fabrics designed and interpreted by Proposte<br />

exhibitors were on display.<br />

The collaboration of the fair management with the Italian Trade Agency ICE<br />

brought 51 selected buyers from 15 countries to Villa Erba: Australia, China,<br />

Croatia, the United Arab Emirates, France, Japan, Jordan, India, Slovenia, Spain,<br />

the United States, Sweden, Tunisia, Turkey and Hungary. 9 international journalists<br />

also participated in Proposte to publicize the event through the publication<br />

of dedicated articles.<br />

23<br />

<strong>Furnishing</strong> <strong>Fabric</strong> <strong>Fashion</strong>

26<br />

<strong>Furnishing</strong> <strong>Fabric</strong> <strong>Fashion</strong><br />

On Trend<br />

with Brown<br />

<strong>Furnishing</strong>s<br />

IIt seems like the past few years have been dominated by white and grey spaces.<br />

While we adore an all-white room, we are excited that the tides are turning. In<br />

<strong>2024</strong>, we are seeing an uptick in warm Brauntöne. Think camel, tobacco, and<br />

walnut. A neutral with a bit more oomph than your typical off-whites, brown<br />

furnishings add a sense of antiquity to a space. Take a look at the below soulful<br />

products we’re coveting right now.<br />

Wabi Sabi great lounge chair in bronze<br />

Vorgestellt in unserem co-branded Spring <strong>2024</strong> collection, der Wabi Sabi Great<br />

Lounge Chair was designed by Eugeni Quitllet and available in either teak or<br />

powder coated aluminum. Below the stunning piece is finished with Bronze<br />

powder coat.

27<br />

<strong>Furnishing</strong> <strong>Fabric</strong> <strong>Fashion</strong><br />

The original cloud sectional By RH<br />

Available in various Perennials for RH fabrics, the Cloud Sectional has a cult<br />

following for a reason. The ultra-cushy cushions are “fall into it and you won’t<br />

re-emerge for hours” comfortable. Pictured in Perennials’ Performance Textured<br />

Linen (Burnt Caramel) below.<br />

Le cafe textile wall art By LRNCE<br />

LRNCE is a Morocco-based lifestyle brand that will be your next obsession (welcome<br />

to le club). This framed textile art piece would be the perfect complement<br />

to a space heavy in browns.<br />

Wabi Sabi <strong>Fabric</strong>s<br />

We introduced an array of beautiful brown fabrics just in time for Spring. Wabi<br />

Sabi debuted client-favorite velvet Plushy in new colorways like Butterscotch,<br />

Rusty und Tabak. Wild Child also got an upgrade with warm new hues like Mannesser<br />

und Teeny Bopper.<br />

Terra flatwoven in sable<br />

Introduced with Vincent Van Duysen’s Fallen 2021 Sammlung, unsere Terra<br />

Flachgewebe is the lightest weight rug we offer. Fifty percent lighter than standard<br />

flat weaves, Terra is perfect as a stand-alone or multi-layered piece.

30<br />

<strong>Furnishing</strong> <strong>Fabric</strong> <strong>Fashion</strong><br />

Summer<br />

<strong>2024</strong><br />

Trend<br />

Forecast<br />

Watch your interiors blossom this<br />

season, thanks to the latest styles<br />

encapsulated in our Summer <strong>2024</strong><br />

launch.<br />

FFrom the vibrant Arts and Crafts movement and laid-back Scandi style<br />

to calming earth tones, timeless home styles have been given new leases<br />

of life thanks to our latest designs.<br />

5 new collections grace the ever-expanding PT portfolio, each ready to<br />

inspire breathtaking interior projects.<br />

Intriguing techniques, eye-catching palettes, and diverse textured finishes<br />

present the unexpected in home textiles, with each design adding<br />

a new dynamic to our growing portfolio of fabrics. So, what are you<br />

waiting for? Take a closer look at each of our 5 new collections, and the<br />

inspiration behind each one below, and spark your creativity for your<br />

most stylish year yet.<br />

Enjoy a Moment of Hygge and Sink Into the Irresistible Finishes of Scandi<br />

Paying homage to the enduring trend for Scandinavian interiors, this<br />

undeniably cosy collection places a modern spin on this charming style.<br />

Hints of fluid natural forms become apparent within the collection’s<br />

motifs, spanning abstract pebble designs and water-inspired swirls that<br />

ensure maximum interest. Tactile qualities complement Scandi’s sweeping<br />

designs, featuring tufted geometrics, 3d rope embroideries, and<br />

distressed semi-circle weaves. A curation of intriguing boucle jacquards<br />

rounds off the collection’s diverse portfolio of textures, placing an unexpected<br />

twist on the increasingly popular trend for boucle. Scandinavian<br />

styles are further embodied in the collection’s gentle palette, with richer<br />

tones of copper and rust alluding to the recent 70s revival.

31<br />

ensure wonderfully cohesive schemes, while a 3d effect embroidery<br />

rounds off the collection’s portfolio with ethereal beauty. A true-to-style,<br />

nature-inspired palette anchors Bloomsbury’s decorative approach perfectly,<br />

featuring warm mushroom browns, powder blues, and fresh petal<br />

hues. Warm undertones ensure a lived-in, homely feel.<br />

<strong>Furnishing</strong> <strong>Fabric</strong> <strong>Fashion</strong><br />

Embrace the Latest Palettes of Dusky Earth Tones with<br />

Lisbon<br />

<strong>2024</strong>’s colourways are looking straight to the Earth’s natural forms for<br />

inspiration, and Lisbon’s gentle palette is no exception to this.<br />

Exuding a laid-back, sophisticated feel, a stonewashed effect complements<br />

the gentle, homely nature of Lisbon’s palette effortlessly. The collection<br />

suits itself to upholstery, drapery, and small soft accessories such<br />

as scatter cushions, or even napkins and table runners. Warm Tuscan<br />

pinks, radiant amber tones, and earthy olive hues are just snippets of the<br />

Admire the Timeless Beauty of the Arts and Crafts<br />

Movement with Bloomsbury<br />

Reimagined for modern living, a curated selection of conversational<br />

prints, stripes, and an embroidery allude to this iconic design period.<br />

Each design tells unique tales of intrigue, spanning richly decorative,<br />

pattern-on-pattern designs, trailing leaves featuring intricate dot work to<br />

simpler, small-scale florals. 2 coordinating stripes in equally rich palettes

32<br />

<strong>Furnishing</strong> <strong>Fabric</strong> <strong>Fashion</strong><br />

collection’s tranquil palette, all inspired by the hottest colourways of<br />

this season. A selection of colourways are available in the collection’s<br />

wide-width finish, Sintra.<br />

Create a Feeling of Timeless Luxury with Snowdon<br />

Be tempted by an irresistibly tactile chenille finish, featuring a subtle<br />

slub texture for added visual interest.<br />

Suitable for upholstery, drapery, blinds, or small accessories, the<br />

collection’s sumptuous quality is an ideal alternative to velvet, suiting<br />

itself to a range of spaces and schemes. Snowdon’s subtly opulent nature<br />

is amplified by a palette of luxurious hues, spanning understated<br />

neutrals to vibrant pinks and richer jewel tones.<br />

Enjoy this Season’s Take on Small-Scale,<br />

Sophisticated PVC Finishes with Studio<br />

Versatile, functional designs are at the heart of Studio,<br />

with a variety of whimsical illustrations offered<br />

in both PVC and 100% cotton finishes.<br />

From intricate dot work and timeless gingham<br />

checks to small-scale, trailing florals, the collection’s<br />

easy-going finishes embody the latest trends<br />

in practical, homely designs found in family spaces.<br />

Designed to coordinate effortlessly, utilise Studio’s<br />

portfolio for aprons, napkins, table runners, or tote<br />

bags, creating cohesive kitchen, dining room, or<br />

playroom schemes. Each design is also available in<br />

a wipe-clean, PVC finish, standing the test of time<br />

in even the busiest of homes. A timeless palette,<br />

encapsulating staple naturals through to refreshing<br />

greens and on-trend copper hues, ensure Studio’s<br />

designs can remain a contemporary element of your<br />

décor scheme for years to come.

33<br />

<strong>Furnishing</strong> <strong>Fabric</strong> <strong>Fashion</strong>

36<br />

<strong>Furnishing</strong> <strong>Fabric</strong> <strong>Fashion</strong><br />

World<br />

Home<br />

Textile<br />

Sector<br />

Meets at<br />


Home Textile<br />

Fair, the most<br />

important<br />

meeting of the<br />

home textile<br />

industry, will be<br />

held at Istanbul<br />

Expo Centre<br />

on 21-25 <strong>May</strong><br />

<strong>2024</strong>.<br />


OOrganised by Turkish Home Textile Industrialists’ and Business People’s<br />

Association (TETSIAD), the umbrella organisation of the home textile<br />

industry, and KFA Fuarcılık, a subsidiary of Bursa Chamber of Commerce<br />

and Industry (BTSO), HOMETEX is preparing to bring together the global<br />

players of the industry. The fair, which will be held in 11 halls with a total<br />

area of 200 thousand square metres at the Istanbul Expo Centre, which<br />

is accepted as the trend centre of home textiles, is expected to be the<br />

most important meeting place of the sector this year as every year. More<br />

than 700 companies are planned to take part in the fair as exhibitors.<br />

From curtains and curtain accessories to upholstery fabrics, from towels<br />

and bathroom products to carpets and floor coverings, from bedroom,<br />

kitchen and dining room textiles to wall coverings, companies will exhibit<br />

their innovative products and designs.<br />

Support for Export with Qualified Buying Delegations<br />

In HOMETEX, which offers important opportunities for the home textile<br />

industry to introduce new products and reach international consumers<br />

and professionals, professional visitors and purchasing delegations from<br />

different geographies of the world from Europe to Asia, Africa to America<br />

will also take their place. HOMETEX, which has contributed to the<br />

economy with billions of dollars of trade in the past years, will continue

to support the exports of the Turkish home textile industry with maximum<br />

commercial connections in <strong>2024</strong>.<br />

The fair will add strength to the sector with its inspiring<br />

concept<br />

This year, HOMETEX will also offer its visitors and exhibitors a unique exhibition<br />

experience with its highly interactive and inspiring concept. The<br />

fair, which will be organised with a rich content ranging from sustainable<br />

products to fashion interviews, from trend areas to sector meetings, is<br />

preparing to bring new horizons to the companies.<br />

37<br />

<strong>Furnishing</strong> <strong>Fabric</strong> <strong>Fashion</strong><br />

The fair will play an important role in shaping the future of the global<br />

home textile sector with trend areas consisting of carefully prepared<br />

designs of distinguished brands, ‘HOMETEX Dialogs’ where designers,<br />

manufacturers and fashion professionals share sectoral information and<br />

many other events.

38<br />

<strong>Furnishing</strong> <strong>Fabric</strong> <strong>Fashion</strong><br />

5 Interior<br />

Design <strong>Fabric</strong><br />

Ideas For<br />

Summer<br />

Feature some popular fabric<br />

designs that are perfect this<br />

season!<br />

TLooking for fabrics that will be trending in interior design in <strong>2024</strong>?<br />

Combined with Pantone’s Colour of the Year: Peach Fuzz and our very own<br />

Trends Forecast for this year, we will take you through some on-trend patterns<br />

that will be commonly seen in interiors in <strong>2024</strong>, as well as ways you can incorporate<br />

these interior design ideas into your space.<br />

Floral desıgns that are trendıng ın ınterıor spaces<br />

From large-scale botanical, to bright, captivating floral prints, interior designers<br />

are featuring these patterns to create a mid-century, retro-style with a modern<br />

twist. Fresh and vibrant, florals are perfect summer prints to bring into your<br />

space this season as they are blooming with colour and are bound to liven any<br />

room.<br />

Our Harlowe, Zanzibar, Florencia, Picton and Eden fabrics are just a few collections<br />

that fit into this interior design idea wonderfully, bringing the beauty of<br />

nature indoors. To truly embrace an on-trend theme for <strong>2024</strong>, try styling these<br />

fabrics with Pantone’s Peach Fuzz for added warmth and a summery aesthetic.<br />

Fashıonable check desıgns for ınterıors<br />

Check patterns are timeless and a must-have summer print. Not only do they<br />

offer subtle depth and versatility, they also bring a relaxed feel to interiors.<br />

However, moving away from the norm, the broken check is on-trend in <strong>2024</strong>,<br />

bringing a modern edge to a traditional classic.<br />

For a contemporary yet comforting feel, we offer ranges such as Matacawa,<br />

Tilba, Arlington and Salford for either an intricate or casual style. Tying perfectly

39<br />

<strong>Furnishing</strong> <strong>Fabric</strong> <strong>Fashion</strong><br />

into the broken check design, Weave Home’s Lorenzo cushion is a statement<br />

piece that will sit beautifully into this modern theme.<br />

Chıntz desıgns for a retro-style ınterıor<br />

Bringing the 1980s back in style, the classic Chintz pattern is another print that<br />

will be a popular fabric choice this year in interior design. Originating in India<br />

in the 16th century, chintz fabrics can be styled alone for a nostalgic statement<br />

piece, or paired with pops of colour and other intricate designs — such as motifs<br />

— for an intricate, yet playful aesthetic.<br />

Also perfect as a summer print, we offer ranges including Lottie, Odilia, Malmsbury<br />

and Fairhaven that will suit both retro styles and modern spaces that want<br />

to embrace and reminisce the past for a sense of familiarity.<br />

Abstract pattern for an artistic interior style<br />

Recently, interior designers have been collaborating with artists to create largescale,<br />

abstract art designs for dramatic upholstery pieces, such as sofas. We find<br />

this interior design idea inspiring and believe this concept will become a fashionable<br />

interior trend for those seeking unique art in the work of upholstery.<br />

Simple yet effective, these unique fabric designs are bound to create captivating<br />

settings — the chosen upholstery piece being the grand feature and centre of<br />

display. To create a similar style, we recommend incorporating abstract fabrics<br />

such as Hiranni, Medina, Easton and Ginza for a playful yet sophisticated aesthetic<br />

with an artistic touch.<br />

Curious to see how this style will suit your space? Try using our VR tool and see<br />

this fabric live in action.<br />

Create a playful interior with geometric patterns<br />

Geometric patterns are a great way to incorporate playful shapes for a unique,<br />

yet stylish setting, tying into our Creative Curation Trend of Maximalism. From<br />

circles and hexagons, to more complex, interwoven squiggles, geometric designs<br />

are becoming more popular in interiors as people are welcoming the digital age<br />

of edge and eclectic finishes for a visually striking effect.<br />

Many summer prints feature geometrics for its fun nature and bold style, making<br />

them perfect for creating exciting themes both indoor and outdoor. Circles,<br />

Arncliffe, Grand and Esperance fabrics are great fabric ideas to achieve this look.

42<br />

<strong>Furnishing</strong> <strong>Fabric</strong> <strong>Fashion</strong><br />

Fiji -<br />

A unique<br />

collection for<br />

both indoors<br />

and outdoors<br />

Persan’s new indoor/outdoor collection<br />

Fiji consists of high-performance<br />

fabrics suitable for both indoor and<br />

outdoor use.<br />

C<br />

Combining the aesthetics and performance required for a stylish space, Fiji<br />

stands out with its exciting color palette. Fiji, which leaves a striking effect with<br />

color combinations such as navy blue-orange, sun yellow-linen color, duckhead<br />

green-turquoise, offers stylish options with different textures suitable for use<br />

both indoors and in areas such as terraces, gardens, poolside, boats and yachts.<br />

Fiji’s multi-choice fabrics have easy-to-use features for all indoor and outdoor<br />

areas where high performance is expected. Fiji offers a long-lasting experience<br />

with its UV-resistant, anti-mildew, anti-bacterial and water repellent properties<br />

and a comfortable experience with its easy-to-clean surfaces.

In the collection, geometric patterns that give a three-dimensional effect with<br />

their weaving stand out, while geometric patterned velvet, which attracts<br />

attention with its two-tone effect, is complemented with stripes, small reported<br />

patterns and solids in many different textures using special curly yarns.<br />

Enriched with borders suitable for outdoor use, where simple forms are preferred,<br />

Fiji is a powerful collection that inspires creative decoration ideas for a<br />

personalized space.<br />

You are invited to Persan stores to examine Fiji closely.<br />

43<br />

<strong>Furnishing</strong> <strong>Fabric</strong> <strong>Fashion</strong>

46<br />

<strong>Furnishing</strong> <strong>Fabric</strong> <strong>Fashion</strong><br />

Edo-tex:<br />

Textile based<br />

wallpaper<br />

Having succeeded in<br />

producing textile-based<br />

wallpaper in Turkiye,<br />

Edofleks offers texture<br />

alternatives to interior<br />

surfaces with its “Edotex”<br />

products. Edofleks<br />

continues to add value<br />

to many international<br />

projects with different<br />

functions with its<br />

distinguished product<br />

models produced in<br />

Turkiye at international<br />


47<br />

<strong>Furnishing</strong> <strong>Fabric</strong> <strong>Fashion</strong><br />

textile-based vinyl wallpapers and textile-based wall<br />

coverings, which are among Edofleks’ wide and innovative<br />

WWhile<br />

product range, offer architectural aesthetics to the spaces<br />

where they are used with their design, colors and quality.<br />

They also contribute to human health with their product<br />

structure produced with the latest technology.<br />

Provides Confidence with Non-<br />

Flammability Feature<br />

Textile-based wallpapers, also known as non-flammable<br />

wallpapers among wall coverings produced in different<br />

patterns, colors and varieties, contribute to the safety of<br />

the places where they are applied. Edo-tex products, which<br />

are difficult to ignite, are seen as one of the measures to<br />

be taken against possible fire risk in hotel, school, hospital<br />

projects with high human density and their use is frequently<br />

preferred.<br />

Healthy with Antibacterial Structure<br />

With its product structure that does not contain germs and<br />

does not pose any threat to health, Edofleks products are<br />

among the healthiest products that can be preferred among<br />

the alternatives. Edo-tex textile-based wallpapers, which are<br />

very advantageous in terms of hygiene with their easy-toclean,<br />

dirt and dust-free surfaces that prevent the growth of

48<br />

<strong>Furnishing</strong> <strong>Fabric</strong> <strong>Fashion</strong><br />

microbiological organisms such as mold and<br />

fungi on the surface and on the floor; It is the<br />

first choice in places where the hygiene level<br />

should be maximum such as hospitals, schools<br />

and hotels.<br />

Product features:<br />

- Produced with the latest technology.<br />

- Provides hygiene with its antibacterial structure.<br />

- It has non-flammability feature.<br />

- It is waterproof.<br />

- It can be wiped and washed.<br />

- It has fadelessness feature.<br />

- It shows resistance against UV rays.<br />

- Does not contain toxic chemicals and heavy<br />

metals, phthalate-free.<br />

Always considering the needs of architects,<br />

Edofleks offers its product range with a wide<br />

range of colors and patterns to architects for<br />

use in project visualizations in unrepeated and<br />

high-resolution versions on its website.

24-26 February 2025<br />

Almaty / Kazakhstan<br />

homedecofair.com<br />

















52<br />

<strong>Furnishing</strong> <strong>Fabric</strong> <strong>Fashion</strong><br />

Predicting<br />

<strong>2024</strong><br />

Design<br />

Trends<br />

with AD100<br />

Designers<br />

AAnew year is upon us. With it arrives a flurry of trends, both new and<br />

recycled from decades past. We already dove into Pantone’s <strong>2024</strong> Color<br />

of the Year, Peach Fuzz. We now want to see what leaders of design are<br />

predicting for the industry for <strong>2024</strong>. Whether it be architectural features<br />

or particular furniture design, we asked <strong>2024</strong> AD100 designers their<br />

thoughts on trends for the year. In a word – Color.<br />

Bouclé, Revamped<br />

Good news, the cozy nubby fabric is here to stay! New York-based<br />

designer Josh Greene tells AD, “People like bouclé because it’s soft and<br />

because of this trend of shapely, rounded furniture à la Vladimir Kagan.<br />

To upholster those curves well, you need a bouclé that pulls in multiple<br />

directions,” he explains. However, the days of solid colors are over.<br />

Two-tone bouclé alongside “supersoft, comfy, and durable” fabrics like<br />

chenille are the future, says the designer.<br />

Colorful Minimalism<br />

Many tend to think of minimalism as an all-neutral monastery-like space<br />

à la Kim Kardashian’s abode. Pamela Shamshiri of Studio Shamshiri predicts<br />

a spin on this. “I predict that we will go more minimal in the coming<br />

year but with more color. With the amount of information coming our<br />

way and the speed of it, everyone wants calm, minimal homes that are a<br />

refuge or place of recovery.”

Victorian Era Details<br />

Blame it on The Gilded Age, or Saltburn. Ornate European architectural<br />

details are making a comback. “Clients have been coming to me with<br />

images of that [late 19th-century] Parisian style—crown moldings and<br />

chevron floors—so there’s definitely a revival happening,” Nicole Hollis<br />

tells Elle Decor. “There’s also more modern millwork in conjunction with<br />

those moldings and things [as a balance], but it’s certainly a more ornate<br />

style.”<br />

Warm Colors<br />

Much in line with Peach Fuzz and our Spring <strong>2024</strong> collection – coming<br />

soon! – Vicky Charles of Charles and Co. thinks warm hues will rule <strong>2024</strong>.<br />

“In recent years, there’s been a shying away from brightly colored and<br />

patterned walls in favor of a completely muted palette; however, when<br />

used strategically, they can be fun and joyful – and who doesn’t need a<br />

bit of that? Statement marbles, soft textured plastered walls all in rich<br />

colors. No more decorators white, instead a soft pink light as everyone<br />

looks better in a sunset glow.”<br />

53<br />

<strong>Furnishing</strong> <strong>Fabric</strong> <strong>Fashion</strong>

54<br />

<strong>Furnishing</strong> <strong>Fabric</strong> <strong>Fashion</strong><br />

Sofas & Stuff develops third<br />

RHS fabric collection<br />

TThe<br />

Seven new designs available<br />

through the collaboration.<br />

Royal Horticultural Society (RHS) has announced its third<br />

collection in partnership with Sofas & Stuff, a creator of British<br />

sofas, chairs, beds, footstools and more. A new Sofas & Stuff<br />

range, called the RHS Botanicals collection, will draw inspiration<br />

from the history of botanical exploration.<br />

“We are thrilled to launch RHS Botanicals, our third exclusive<br />

fabric collection developed in partnership with the RHS,” says<br />

Andrew Cussins, founder, Sofas & Stuff. “Each fabric tells a<br />

unique and authentic story about humanity’s enduring connection<br />

with nature. We look forward to unveiling our new collection<br />

at the RHS Chelsea Flower Show and welcome everyone to<br />

experience it firsthand.”

55<br />

<strong>Furnishing</strong> <strong>Fabric</strong> <strong>Fashion</strong><br />

The range will again be based on the selection of assets available<br />

to RHS licensees from the RHS Lindley Collections. This collaborative<br />

partnership will bring elements of the RHS archive to the<br />

interiors space, adapting original artworks into seven fabric designs<br />

that can be used across the full Sofas & Stuff range of sofas,<br />

chairs, beds, footstools and cushions – or purchased as fabrics for<br />

curtains and blinds or other soft furnishing projects.<br />

The seven fabric designs include Pieter Van Kouwenhoorn Tulips,<br />

Plantae Japonicae, Henry Moon Lion’s Tail, Mark Catesby Grosbeak,<br />

Foliage, Ferns Toile and Palm Leaf. All the designs except<br />

Tulips will be available in a variety of colorways.<br />

Related:RHS, Radley Intro Horticulture-Inspired Handbags, Accessories<br />

“This is, once again, British craftsmanship of the highest quality,<br />

skillfully combining works from our own collection of superb botanical<br />

art with beautiful fabrics and furniture,” says Cathy Snow,<br />

licensing manager, Royal Horticultural Society. “Sofas & Stuff are<br />

true experts in making and upholstering bespoke sofas, chairs,<br />

beds and sofa beds and these exciting new fabric designs are a<br />

delight.”<br />

The collection will launch at the RHS Chelsea Flower Show and<br />

then be available exclusively through Sofas & Stuff, online and in<br />

the company’s 23 showrooms across England and Scotland, including<br />

its new King’s Road showroom.

58<br />

<strong>Furnishing</strong> <strong>Fabric</strong> <strong>Fashion</strong><br />

Revolutionizing<br />

furnishing fabrics:<br />

the role of AI<br />

in design and<br />

manufacturing<br />

In the dynamic realm of design and manufacturing,<br />

technological advancements continue to reshape industries<br />

at an unprecedented pace. Among these innovations,<br />

artificial intelligence (AI) stands out as a transformative<br />

force, particularly in the realm of furnishing fabrics. As<br />

AI technologies become increasingly sophisticated, they<br />

are revolutionizing the way fabrics are conceptualized,<br />

designed, and produced, ushering in a new era of creativity,<br />

efficiency, and sustainability.

59<br />

<strong>Furnishing</strong> <strong>Fabric</strong> <strong>Fashion</strong>

60<br />

<strong>Furnishing</strong> <strong>Fabric</strong> <strong>Fashion</strong><br />

At the heart of AI’s impact lies its ability<br />

to analyze vast amounts of data and<br />

extract valuable insights. In the context<br />

of furnishing fabrics, this capability is<br />

invaluable in understanding consumer preferences,<br />

market trends, and design aesthetics. By<br />

leveraging machine learning algorithms, designers<br />

can sift through troves of data from diverse<br />

sources, including social media, fashion trends,<br />

and historical patterns, to identify emerging<br />

styles and patterns that resonate with consumers.<br />

Moreover, AI-powered design tools offer<br />

unprecedented levels of customization and personalization.<br />

Designers can harness generative<br />

design algorithms to develop infinite variations<br />

of patterns, textures, and color schemes, tailored<br />

to specific preferences and requirements.<br />

This level of customization not only enhances<br />

the creative process but also enables designers<br />

to meet the unique needs of individual clients<br />

and market segments with unparalleled precision.

61<br />

<strong>Furnishing</strong> <strong>Fabric</strong> <strong>Fashion</strong><br />

Designers can<br />

harness generative<br />

design algorithms<br />

to develop infinite<br />

variations of patterns,<br />

textures, and color<br />

schemes, tailored to<br />

specific preferences<br />

and requirements.

62<br />

<strong>Furnishing</strong> <strong>Fabric</strong> <strong>Fashion</strong><br />

In the manufacturing realm, AI is streamlining production processes and<br />

optimizing resource utilization, leading to greater efficiency and cost savings.<br />

AI-driven predictive analytics help manufacturers forecast demand,<br />

optimize inventory levels, and schedule production workflows more<br />

effectively, minimizing waste and maximizing productivity. Furthermore,<br />

AI-powered robotic systems are revolutionizing the production floor, enabling<br />

automated fabric cutting, stitching, and finishing with unprecedented<br />

speed and precision.<br />

Beyond efficiency gains, AI is also driving sustainability initiatives within<br />

the furnishing fabrics industry. By optimizing material usage and production<br />

processes, AI helps reduce waste and minimize environmental impact.<br />

Additionally, AI-enabled supply chain management tools enhance<br />

traceability and transparency, enabling companies to source materials<br />

responsibly and ethically.

63<br />

<strong>Furnishing</strong> <strong>Fabric</strong> <strong>Fashion</strong><br />

However, as with any disruptive technology,<br />

the widespread adoption of AI in<br />

the furnishing fabrics industry presents<br />

both opportunities and challenges.<br />

While AI streamlines many aspects of<br />

the design and manufacturing process,<br />

it also raises questions about intellectual<br />

property rights, data privacy, and ethical<br />

considerations. Designers must navigate<br />

these challenges thoughtfully, balancing<br />

innovation with responsibility to ensure<br />

that AI-driven solutions benefit both<br />

businesses and society at large.<br />

In conclusion, the application of AI in the<br />

design and manufacturing of furnishing<br />

fabrics represents a transformative leap<br />

forward for the industry. By harnessing<br />

the power of AI, designers can unlock<br />

new levels of creativity and customization,<br />

while manufacturers can achieve<br />

unprecedented levels of efficiency and<br />

sustainability. As AI continues to evolve,<br />

its potential to reshape the furnishing<br />

fabrics landscape is limitless, promising a<br />

future where creativity, technology, and<br />

sustainability converge to redefine the<br />

way we design, produce, and experience<br />

fabrics in our everyday lives.

66<br />

<strong>Furnishing</strong> <strong>Fabric</strong> <strong>Fashion</strong><br />






DESIGN<br />

Milou Ket, “Texture and<br />

imperfections, tactility,<br />

warmer and earthy colors<br />

are important. Sometimes<br />

primitive influences in<br />

shapes and materials are<br />

applied. Organic ideas<br />

are opposed to artificiality<br />

and technology. Colors<br />

should be mixed among<br />

the themes. Acoustic<br />

solutions are important.”


67<br />

<strong>Furnishing</strong> <strong>Fabric</strong> <strong>Fashion</strong>

68<br />

<strong>Furnishing</strong> <strong>Fabric</strong> <strong>Fashion</strong><br />

Dutch trend forecaster Milou Ket looks at the interior design from a<br />

wider perspective as always and comments on the future trends by blending all<br />

related<br />

FFamous<br />

issues for fascinating and comforting spaces. Ket inspires young design<br />

talents by her impressive ideas and interpretations.<br />


In these times of turmoil that are defined by uncertainty, disruption in the supply<br />

chain, war, inflation, climate-, and energy crisis, we have a strong need for<br />

consolation, wellbeing, and color.<br />

Our interest in color is evident and has grown. Artificial Intelligence is important<br />

and will gain more importance. Many companies are taking their responsibility<br />

as to sustainability issues, many alternative materials are available, derived from<br />

natural waste. Or they recycle. We need to make more conscious choices in<br />

production, consuming and our way of life. In the interior, shapes have become<br />

rounder and curvier, we see ridges and ribs. Texture and imperfections, tactility,<br />

warmer and earthy colors are important. Sometimes primitive influences in<br />

shapes and materials are applied. Organic ideas are opposed to artificiality and<br />

technology. Colors should be mixed among the themes. Acoustic solutions are<br />

important.<br />


The first theme is called “Warm and Grounded”. It is a timeless direction, with a<br />

need for comfort and wellbeing. As foreseen, color has become much more important.<br />

In this theme we will see in the future more colors that are influenced


69<br />

<strong>Furnishing</strong> <strong>Fabric</strong> <strong>Fashion</strong>

70<br />

<strong>Furnishing</strong> <strong>Fabric</strong> <strong>Fashion</strong><br />

by nature in warm earthy colors. The shapes are voluminous, round and friendly.<br />

The design is simple, functional, fluid, organic, quiet without superfluous details.<br />

A lot of attention is given to sustainability and longevity, especially for materials<br />

and for production methods. Alternative natural<br />

materials are used, such as fungi and leather made of fruit waste, seaweed,<br />

corn, banana, recycled pet bottles, paper, coffee grind, etc. etc. But also, hard<br />

materials such as marble and travertine. The materials are quite heavy textured,<br />

we see bouclé and tweed, but also cuddly materials such as mohair, fake fur and<br />

wool. Textiles are important to convey this need for softness. We see high/low<br />

effects through tufting, loops, and fringes. Carpets, in unexpected shapes, are<br />

used also on the walls. Wallpaper and murals in color blocking and rounded abstract<br />

shapes are important. Furniture should be versatile. Artificial intelligence<br />

has become an important factor in visualization of the interiors. 3-D printed<br />

decorative objects play a role. Silver colored objects make a comeback.<br />


The second theme is called “Reflections and Transparency”. It is a modern, innovative<br />

direction, with phantasy and surreal effects. Sometimes it looks artificial.<br />

The materials that are used, contribute to that. They are often man-made, such<br />

as glass, Perspex, polyester resin and plastic. Also recycled polyester is applied.<br />

Transparency, special gradient effects and shifts of color give a modern touch<br />

to the interior. It is often associated with light effects, sometimes with an acid<br />

or neon color touch to convey a specific effect. In the prints we see for instance<br />

water color effects and clouds, but also at random spots and stains and marble<br />

effects. Often the patterns are playful and whimsical, curtains are often transparent<br />

and executed in gradients. As part of the unreal-like atmosphere, we see<br />

more and more renderings with artificial intelligence. It is sometimes difficult<br />

to distinguish fake from real. Also, gradients, iridescence, and the play with<br />

transparent layers are important. In the architecture we see arches, circles and<br />

rounded shapes. We see ridges and serrated shapes. Geometry, stripes, stylized<br />

patterns, and hand painted patterns are applied on fabrics and carpets. Murals<br />

are popular. Acoustic products play an important role and are also used as room<br />

divider and are made of recycled pet felt. We will see a lot of 3-D printed objects<br />

such as vases etc. There is interest in vegetable dyes.


71<br />

<strong>Furnishing</strong> <strong>Fabric</strong> <strong>Fashion</strong>

72<br />

<strong>Furnishing</strong> <strong>Fabric</strong> <strong>Fashion</strong><br />



In this styling direction “Crossover Creativity” we notice that the attention for<br />

hand crafted products has grown. One-of-a-kind products, preferably with imperfections,<br />

wabi sabi, are valued and add character and personality to an interior.<br />

It also tells the story of the resident. Traditional techniques are appreciated<br />

such as ikat, shibori, tie & dye, kilims etc. We see new interpretations of these<br />

century-old techniques, for instance in unexpected combinations or different<br />

applications. Natural materials are in demand, such as wood, cork and bamboo,<br />

raffia, rattan, terra cotta, linen, hemp etc. We love the irregularities that show in<br />

the application of the materials, the unevenness and unpredictability, caused by<br />

chance. The expressions of different cultures with their local materials, skills and<br />

knowledge are blended into a highly personal interior, with a bohemian character.<br />

Especially the handwork from Morocco and in general from Africa shows<br />

in carpets, textiles, wicker work and ceramics to name a few. As in other styling<br />

directions textures are appreciated here too. Handmade cushions show embroideries,<br />

fringes, tassels and are hand tufted. Products from recycled materials or<br />

other conscious sources, will gain importance. We see sometimes archaic and<br />

primitive shapes. We also see tribal products such as masks.

73<br />

<strong>Furnishing</strong> <strong>Fabric</strong> <strong>Fashion</strong>

74<br />

<strong>Furnishing</strong> <strong>Fabric</strong> <strong>Fashion</strong><br />

SHAD<br />

4. COLOR CLASH<br />

This style direction “Color Clash” is about bright, clear, acid colors, that are often<br />

applied in a single product, especially small furniture, accessories, and outdoor<br />

products. They are often too bright and overwhelming to apply in an interior,<br />

although they may be used in wallcoverings as an eyecatcher. But they are mainly<br />

used for decorative accessories that stand out, such as carpets or textile wall<br />

hangings, vases, a single piece of furniture etc.<br />

They look nice in multicolor effects. We see influences from Modern Art, Bauhaus,<br />

but also, more playful and whimsical art movements such as Memphis.<br />

We see ridges, serrated edges and bubbles. Color blocking is important. The<br />

emphasis is on man-made materials such as glass, Perspex, acrylic, polyester<br />

resin and plastic. Graphic effects, sometimes in black and white, are important,<br />

such as stripes, checkerboards, enlarged pixels, facets and geometric patterns.<br />

All kinds of light effects play a role, we see lenticular materials, and application<br />

and integration of adaptable colored Led’s. In the architecture we will see, also<br />

in this style direction, more rounded shapes, such as arches or circles. Renderings<br />

with Augmented Reality and Artificial Intelligence will become more and<br />

more important. Small furniture such as side tables and stools are important to<br />

adapt to different situations in a versatile interior. Many graphical prints can be<br />


ES OF GREEN 5.8<br />

75<br />

<strong>Furnishing</strong> <strong>Fabric</strong> <strong>Fashion</strong>

76<br />

<strong>Furnishing</strong> <strong>Fabric</strong> <strong>Fashion</strong><br />


In the styling direction “Wonders of Nature” we see how issues such as care<br />

for the environment, sustainability, conscious consuming, and the concern for<br />

climate change are the drivers behind this theme. We are trying to diminish our<br />

ecological footprint by using alternative materials such as fungi, corn, banana<br />

leaf, bamboo, cardboard, vegan leather and using food waste such as coffee<br />

grind. Renewable natural materials such as linen, hemp, raffia, rattan, wood<br />

and recycling are a must. Flora and fauna are depicted in wallcoverings, posters,<br />

cushions, and other decorative products. We see plants, foliage, insects, birds,<br />

butterflies, or products with a nostalgic association. We see a glorification of<br />

wild nature sometimes from the past, with exotic trees and plants,<br />

plantations with palm trees, exotic birds and flowers, tigers, monkey’s, jaguars,<br />

but also creatures of the sea. Murals show more romantic images of historical<br />

Mediterranean landscapes with pine trees. We enjoy the soothing and calming<br />

effects of the color green, also for paint. Botanical prints are popular, with<br />

pictures from natural history books. Murals are very important. Carpets and<br />

textile wall hangings take on unexpected shapes. Textures with tufting, high/ low<br />

reliefs are important. Green colors are often combined with dusty pink and terra<br />

shades. Tiles will be applied in interiors too.<br />


In this last direction “Eclectic Treasures” the inspiration comes from opulence,<br />

luxury, glamour, nostalgia and history. Sometimes history with a humorous twist.<br />

Also, Bohemian influences play a role. Gold, and other shiny metallics such as<br />

copper in small touches or thin lines, play a role. Use ocher from other themes<br />

for this. The curiosity cabinet continues to play an important role. We see ideas<br />

from Natural History books, science, botanical prints, collections, and discoveries<br />

from the animal kingdom and nature, stuffed animals, rare precious stones,<br />

glass domes, corals, and shells, fragments of classic statues from the Greek<br />

and Roman era. Animals are depicted as humans. There also can be a modern<br />

approach with bright light effects against a dark background, iridescence, aurora<br />

borealis and oil spots effects. Mid-Century furniture is important, especially in<br />

velvet with a golden or copper accent, and fringes for a dramatic effect. Leather<br />

and welded materials are applied. Dark, rich colors as paint give a moody<br />

atmosphere. Precious stones such as marble, travertine, and tiger eye are<br />

popular: real, as veneer or as imitation. Acoustic properties remain important.<br />

Embroideries, velvets, jacquards, and traditional motifs play a role in fabrics.<br />

We see rhythm, irregular lines and zigzag patterns come forward in the contrast<br />

between black and white. Brown and grey work well together.<br />

Contact: studio@milouket.com<br />

Turkish agent: didem@fabricconcept.com

RED + ORANGE 6.7<br />

77<br />

<strong>Furnishing</strong> <strong>Fabric</strong> <strong>Fashion</strong>

78<br />

<strong>Furnishing</strong> <strong>Fabric</strong> <strong>Fashion</strong><br />

Pallas Textiles unveils<br />

the Mantra Collection:<br />

design-driven, versatile,<br />

and human-centered<br />

g<br />

GREEN BAY, Wis./PRNewswire/ - Pallas Textiles, renowned for its commitment<br />

to innovative design and superior craftsmanship, proudly announces the launch<br />

of its latest collection, Mantra. This collection is a testament to Pallas Textiles’<br />

dedication to creating artistic tools for designers with sophisticated style, timelessness,<br />

and approachability.<br />

At the heart of Pallas Textiles lies a philosophy centered on people. Recognizing<br />

that spaces are defined by the individuals who inhabit them, Pallas is dedicated<br />

to crafting textiles that resonate with human experiences. The Mantra Collection<br />

epitomizes this ethos, offering a curated selection of versatile textiles designed<br />

to evolve seamlessly with any project.<br />

Inspired by the profound impact of words and the timeless wisdom of design<br />

luminaries like Charles Eames, the Mantra Collection embodies principles of<br />

humanist design. It acknowledges the importance of considering constraints to<br />

arrive at innovative solutions, emphasizing that the details make the design.<br />

Each textile in the Mantra Collection tells a story, capturing the essence of<br />

human-centered design thinking. From the visually rich and tactile Hint, reminiscent<br />

of handcrafted natural materials, to the luxurious faux leather of Motto,<br />

every fabric reflects Pallas Textiles’ unwavering commitment to superior craftsmanship<br />

and innovation.

79<br />

<strong>Furnishing</strong> <strong>Fabric</strong> <strong>Fashion</strong><br />

Highlights of the Mantra Collection include:<br />

• Hint: Carefully sketched to emulate the sensibility of natural<br />

materials, Hint reimagines classic aesthetics in a modern<br />

context, offering a delicate array of harmonious hues perfect for<br />

creating light, airy spaces.<br />

• Archetype: Setting the tone for the future of non-woven<br />

textiles, Archetype showcases luxurious materiality with its soft<br />

and supple texture, making it an essential addition to any design<br />

palette.<br />

• Revel: With its vibrant shades and incredible tactility, Revel<br />

adds energy to any room, augmenting the versatility of anchor<br />


80<br />

<strong>Furnishing</strong> <strong>Fabric</strong> <strong>Fashion</strong><br />

• Nuance: Drawing inspiration from the delicate patina of metal, Nuance offers<br />

a handcrafted palette of soothing colors, evoking the multisensory details of<br />

natural environments.<br />

• Imbue: Celebrating the beauty of imperfections, Imbue transforms traditional<br />

design with its textural details, inspiring creativity and nurturing imagination.<br />

• Motto: Inspired by natural dyes and handcrafted materiality, Motto exemplifies<br />

design-driven innovation, marrying future-forward engineering with<br />

timeless beauty.<br />

The Mantra Collection invites interior designers to embark on a journey of creativity,<br />

offering a canvas of timeless textures and innovative designs. With a focus<br />

on human-centered principles and versatile aesthetics, these textiles empower<br />

designers to create spaces that resonate with the human experience. For more<br />

information on the Mantra Collection, visit PallasTextiles.com/Mantra.

82<br />

<strong>Furnishing</strong> <strong>Fabric</strong> <strong>Fashion</strong><br />

The Salone del<br />

Mobile.Milano - from<br />

design to experience<br />

The Salone del Mobile is<br />

confirmed as an international<br />

point of reference for a key<br />

industry for the economy,<br />

sustainable innovation and<br />

the future of home living with<br />

361,417 presences, 54.3%<br />

from abroad: 1,950 exhibitors<br />

from 35 different countries, a<br />

stunning Cultural Program and a<br />

challenge called “evolution.”

83<br />

<strong>Furnishing</strong> <strong>Fabric</strong> <strong>Fashion</strong><br />

WWith 17.1% more visitors than in 2023, the Salone del Mobile.Milano <strong>2024</strong> saw<br />

a record turnout with 361,417 presences overall (100,000 more than in 2022).<br />

An excellent result for professional presences, which were up 26.8%, 65.8% of<br />

them from abroad. Figures that confirm, yet again, the pivotal role played by<br />

the event in the internationalization of the companies within the industry, the<br />

value of the relationship networks and also the catalytic force of an event that<br />

has exceeded the boundaries of the trade fair dimension, driven by the second<br />

phase of the redesign of the layout and visitor paths in some of the trade fair<br />

pavilions, with a special focus on EuroCucina / FTK, Technology For the Kitchen<br />

and International Bathroom Exhibition biennials in particular, two sectors<br />

strongly committed to experimenting new aesthetics and functions in highly<br />

technical projects increasingly geared to a sustainable approach.<br />

The top 15 market geographies saw China make a great comeback, followed by<br />

Germany, Spain, Brazil, France, the United States, Poland, Russia, Switzerland,<br />

Turkiye, India, the United Kingdom, South Korea, Japan, and Austria. An atlas<br />

that has thrown open new business opportunities, also thanks to the numerous<br />

delegations from the United States, India, the United Arab Emirates, the United<br />

Kingdom, France and Saudi Arabia.<br />

There was a larger media presence than last year: 5,552 accredited journalists<br />

and communication professionals for a total of 6,778 admissions (50.4% from<br />

abroad), attracted by an event that successfully interpreted and narrated the<br />

new design frontiers to the world.<br />

Public interest over the weekend (the days in which the fair was also open to<br />

nonprofessionals) was consolidated, with 32,567 fans attending, testament<br />

to the fact that an extremely high caliber offering, rounded off by a Cultural<br />

Program of international range, serve as both a powerful magnet for industry<br />

professionals and an unmissable opportunity for design fans who visit the fair<br />

to scope new proposals and triggers for reflection.<br />

There was also an increase in the number of Italian and foreign students, which<br />

stood at 13,556, including 8,368 Italians (+25.5%), marking an average growth<br />

rate of 18.8%, young people who, on the occasion of the 25th anniversary of<br />

the unstoppable ‘factory’ of new talent, SaloneSatellite, accepted the invitation<br />

to discover the potential of a sector that generates meaning and beauty,<br />

through a mix of multidisciplinary skills, in line with the blue and green transi-

84<br />

<strong>Furnishing</strong> <strong>Fabric</strong> <strong>Fashion</strong><br />

Maria Porro<br />

Presidente Salone del Mobile Milano<br />

Marco Sabetta<br />

Courtesy Salone del Mobile.Milano<br />

Claudio Feltrin<br />

Presidente FederlegnoArredo<br />

tion process that anticipates the future of the new generations. Lastly, the digital<br />

community’s use of the Salone’s multichannel platform exceeded expectations,<br />

with over 1 million interactions (+50% on 2023) with a 60% engagement rate,<br />

and 90 million impressions (+15% on 2023). The app achieved excellent results<br />

in terms of service use from the matchmaking which saw a rise of over 39% and<br />

interactive map navigation, with more than 450,000 searches.<br />

Maria Porro, President of the Salone del Mobile.Milano, said: “The 62nd edition<br />

of the Salone del Mobile.Milano exceeded all expectations: it was a record edition.<br />

We saw exceptional results, thanks to the confidence of an ecosystem that,<br />

yet again, recognized the international leadership of the event. With an amazing<br />

361,417 presences, the Salone has reconfirmed its position as a matchless<br />

bridge for<br />

dialogue with the new market geographies, an intercontinental city open to<br />

innovation, in which competition stokes the competitiveness of a key sector<br />

for the country’s economy and more besides. A great ‘factory’ of meaning and<br />

lasting value, products and jobs, and tangible and intangible culture. During the<br />

process of redesigning the format and the experiences, we kept both industrial<br />

and manufacturing and the visitors as our focus, in a bid to stimulate both sides<br />

with a stunning Cultural Program capable of offering new connections between<br />

the powerful roots of the design culture and the definition of new future visions.

85<br />

<strong>Furnishing</strong> <strong>Fabric</strong> <strong>Fashion</strong><br />

The celebrations for our own SaloneSatellite, which has been intercepting and<br />

promoting new young talents for 25 years, is confirmation of this. The success<br />

of this edition is also due to the success of the Kitchen and Bathroom Biennials,<br />

in which research and development are the synthesis not only of innovation<br />

processes but are also an expression of the ability of both sectors to intercept<br />

the habits and desires of daily living. We have already started to plan for 2025,<br />

conscious that the Salone del Mobile is an opportunity for everyone, for the<br />

wood-furnishing supply chain, for Milan and for the entire Made in Italy system.<br />

What is important is to keep working together, large or small, companies and<br />

institutions, keeping sight of the formidable intuition that has driven us for 62<br />

editions: forming and being a community. My thanks go to all those who have<br />

made this challenge not only possible but concrete, inclusive, brilliant. Like the<br />

blue velvet of David Lynch’s Thinking Rooms, a tribute to the generative thought<br />

that moves the world.”<br />

Claudio Feltrin, President of Federlegno Arredo, said: “It has been a truly exceptional<br />

edition, amply justifying the extraordinary work put in by the exhibitors<br />

over the last year. Yet again, the entrepreneurs have risen to the challenge, and<br />

after 62 years, we can say with certainty that we are the undisputed leaders,<br />

capable of attracting design from all over the world to the Rho Fiera Milano<br />

pavilions, confirming the Salone as the industry’s most important international<br />

trade fair. The secret? Genius, vision, determination and that peerless ‘industrial<br />

craftsmanship’ that only our products can express. These companies and the<br />

wood-furnishing supply chain are the economic drier of this umpteenth success,<br />

of which we are proud, and which it is our duty to continue to valorize, as an<br />

expression of the great system that is Italian design. We have done, and will continue<br />

to do so, in the knowledge that the Salone del Mobile.Milano is first and<br />

foremost a business fair that enables even the smallest of companies to present<br />

themselves to the sort of huge and specialized audience that they would be hard<br />

pressed to reach individually.”<br />

Significant recognition of the Salone’s international position of leadership and<br />

of the industry as a whole also came from the presence of high-ranking government<br />

and institutional figures, including the Minister for Business and Made in<br />

Italy, Adolfo Urso, who chose Milan and the Salone to celebrate the country’s<br />

First National Made in Italy Day. The support of the ITA - Italian Trade Agency

86<br />

<strong>Furnishing</strong> <strong>Fabric</strong> <strong>Fashion</strong><br />

also proved invaluable, with invitations to 220 buyers and 240 journalists from<br />

64 different countries providing an opportunity to meet the exhibiting companies.<br />

The close collaboration with Rho Fiera Milano was also crucial, contributing<br />

to the realization of the event.<br />

The Keyword: Evolution<br />

The record numbers seen in <strong>2024</strong> are testament to the accomplishment of a<br />

year’s work that has seen the Salone again committed to reworking the exhibition<br />

layouts and visitor paths, following the success of Euroluce 2023, with the<br />

introduction of new work and rest areas prepared in collaboration with Lombardini22<br />

and harnessing the input of neuroscience. The keyword was Evolution,<br />

the body copy for the innovative communication campaign that tracked the Salone’s<br />

international Road Show, which took in 16 capital cities, from the Far East<br />

to India and South Africa, by way of Europe and North America. The tour forged<br />

new relationship networks, amplified by the Salone’s digital platform, communicating<br />

content and visions to an extended community, thanks to the many<br />

dedicated insights and to the special guests who joined the Salone as it made<br />

its way around the world for a shared reflection on the transformative power<br />

of design practices. They included Patrick Jouin, Konstantin Grcic, Luca Nichetto<br />

and Felicia Arvid, Barber Osgerby, Adam D. Tihany, Stephen Burks, Michele De<br />

Lucchi, Lombardini22, Skidmore, Owings & Merrill LLP (SOM).<br />

In line with its evolutionary path, the physical and digital dimension of the<br />

event’s promotion strategy involved all its communication assets in the round,<br />

starting with the multichannel Salone del Mobile.Milano platform, a constant<br />

point of connection with the international design community, thanks to an ongoing<br />

narrative before and during the event, centered on a combination of involvement,<br />

information and services in order to optimize the visitor experience and<br />

promote the exhibitors, proposals, installations and events. The daily narration<br />

was enriched by collaborations with Italian and international talents, including<br />

Francesca Crescentini, Michael Gardenia, Nicola Lamberti and Spain’s Marta<br />

Sierra, a lifestyle point of reference in the social media world, chalking up more<br />

than 1.5 million followers. Again, in line with its path of experimentation, the<br />

Salone set up new direct and indirect communications landmarks, such as the<br />

Design Kiosk, devised in collaboration with Interbrand, curated by Corraini and<br />

enacted to a design by DWA design studio, set up in Piazza della Scala prior to

Cultural Program<br />

The new widespread Cultural Program, coordinated by Annalisa Rosso, Editorial<br />

Director & Cultural Events Advisor, also proved a big hit with the public. Three<br />

large installations featured at the <strong>2024</strong>. The first, Interiors by David Lynch. A<br />

Thinking Room, designed by David Lynch himself, the famous director of films<br />

that channel the subconscious, was a categorically blue oasis for renewal: “A<br />

place that allows thinking to happen” according to Antonio Monda, curator<br />

of the project that took the shape of a precious ‘container,’ designed by Lombardini22,<br />

thanks to the Piccolo Teatro di Milano workshops. The second, Under<br />

the Surface – signed by Accurat, Design Group Italia and Emiliano Ponzi – used<br />

a submerged island in the heart of the International Bathroom Exhibition to underscore<br />

the industry’s commitment to coming up with new solutions for safeguarding<br />

the planet’s most precious resource. The third, entitled All You Have<br />

Ever Wanted to Know About Food Design in Six Performances, shared multiple<br />

reflections on food as a subject of design in an experiential key, with 6 days of<br />

performances and presentations by 6 independent international magazines.<br />

The conversations at Drafting Futures. Conversations about Next Perspectives, in<br />

the Arena regenerated by Formafantasma, proved stimulating and perspectival,<br />

involving a succession of figures such as Pritzker Prize-winner Francis Kéré, John<br />

Pawson, Deyan Sudjic, Jeanne Gang, Johanna Agerman Ross and Hans Ulrich<br />

Obrist, who closed the programme in conversation with Maria Porro, President<br />

of the Salone.<br />

87<br />

<strong>Furnishing</strong> <strong>Fabric</strong> <strong>Fashion</strong><br />

There was also great interest in the series of Round Tables held in the Arena,<br />

with open discussion between authoritative voices on crucial issues such as the<br />

relationship between sailing and design – in collaboration with the Salone Nautico<br />

Internazionale di Genova – the potential and risks of artificial intelligence and<br />

the latest developments in the hospitality industry, the sectoral macro-trends<br />

with Intesa Sanpaolo and a sensory journey in the company of Aesop.<br />

and during the Salone, stocking a selection of publications and hosting high-caliber<br />

meetings with figures such as Stefano Boeri,<br />

President of Triennale Milano, Cino Zucchi, Luca Nichetto and the collective<br />

Parasite 2.0, amongst others. <strong>2024</strong> also saw the launch of a large research project<br />

entrusted to the photographer and filmmaker Gianluca Vassallo, Comunità<br />

Continua, a photographic study of the huge design community that flocks to<br />

Milan during Salone Week. A portfolio of faces documenting the powerful ties<br />

between the event and the region, in which the Salone is a strong driver of international<br />

attractiveness and a synthesis of the Milan – Design System that formed<br />

the historic roots of an event that is the only one of its kind in the world, a key<br />

subject for the project entrusted to Milan Polytechnic University for an economic<br />

analysis of the event’s impact on the city.<br />

25 Years of SaloneSatellite<br />

This year too, SaloneSatellite put the spotlight on the creativity of more than<br />

600 young designers, celebrating a special anniversary with talks, round tables,<br />

live (specialist) ping pong matches and a great exhibition at Triennale Milano,<br />

open to the public until 28th April: Universo Satellite. 25 Years of SaloneSatellite,<br />

curated by Beppe Finessi with exhibition design by Ricardo Bello Dias. A Wunderkammer,<br />

in which a selection of projects presented at previous editions of<br />

the showcase for<br />

designers under 35 are accompanied by an ongoing diary documenting the evolution<br />

of Marva Griffin’s magnificent ‘invention’ year by year. A training ground<br />

for thought, relationships and projects that has enabled over 14,000 young talents<br />

to exhibit alongside the brands that have written the story of design, once<br />

again confirming the value of the keyword for the 62nd edition of the Salone.<br />

Evolution. The 63rd edition of the Salone del Mobile.Milano will be held from<br />

8th to 13th April 2025.<br />

The new ventures also included the Salone Library, a register of more than 150<br />

books flagged up by the speakers at the <strong>2024</strong> edition of the fair, and others,<br />

geared to sharing multidisciplinary reflections on the future, presented in the<br />

Arena space designed by Formafantasma. An initiative that will be carried<br />

forward in order to build a large, shared library of contemporary thought. The<br />

Corraini Mobile Bookshop, which brought a selection of more than 100 international<br />

publishers to the Salone, is underpinned by the same philosophy.

88<br />

<strong>Furnishing</strong> <strong>Fabric</strong> <strong>Fashion</strong><br />

Benefits<br />

of of vinyl<br />

fabrics<br />

There are many<br />

different coatings on<br />

vinyl fabric, with some<br />

intended for home use,<br />

some for commercial use<br />

and some recommended for<br />

extreme weather outdoor use.

89<br />

<strong>Furnishing</strong> <strong>Fabric</strong> <strong>Fashion</strong>

90<br />

<strong>Furnishing</strong> <strong>Fabric</strong> <strong>Fashion</strong><br />

VVinyl upholstery was first introduced as a durable and affordable alternative<br />

to other fabrics like leather. Several developments in vinyl manufacture have<br />

ensured improvements in quality. Vinyl is a high-tech fabric well suited for<br />

outdoor areas, commercial furnishings in hotels, waiting rooms, offices,<br />

conference centers, and municipal buildings. Vinyl fabrics offer some unique<br />

features over woven fabrics – one of which is that they can be formulated<br />

into an endless array of colors and shades, which make them a favorite of<br />

interior designers.<br />

Modern vinyl fabric suppliers offer large selections of patterned materials.<br />

There are many different coatings on vinyl fabric, with some intended for<br />

home use, some for commercial use and some recommended for extreme<br />

weather outdoor use. In situations where fabrics need to be waterproof,<br />

sun-proof or resistant to high wear and tear, the benefits of vinyl make it a<br />

popular choice.<br />

Vinyl upholstery fabrics come in different grades, but this grade does not reflect<br />

fabric quality; it refers to the price it cost to make the fabric. You cannot<br />

find consistency in the vinyl fabric grading process, because each manufacturer<br />

sets its own grades. Price grades range from “A” to “F,” with the “F”<br />

grade representing the pricier fabrics. Rather than selecting vinyl upholstery<br />

fabrics by grade, one should choose the type of vinyl upholstery material he<br />

needs according to its intended use.

91<br />

<strong>Furnishing</strong> <strong>Fabric</strong> <strong>Fashion</strong>

92<br />

<strong>Furnishing</strong> <strong>Fabric</strong> <strong>Fashion</strong><br />

They can be found in different types, colors, styles and textures that<br />

offer various usage and same durability. Vinyl is an ideal choice since<br />

they are easy to clean and maintain. Additionally, they are also resistant<br />

to ultra-violet rays and abrasion. However, it is quite difficult to<br />

repair it when damaged. Several options are available for repairing<br />

vinyl fabrics and these include — vinyl repair kits, iron-on patch on<br />

the fabric and patching with a special needle.<br />

We can summarize some of the benefits from a quality vinyl fabric:<br />

• Vinyl is abrasion-resistant – it is perfect for seat cushions as they<br />

are not scratched and torn easily.<br />

• Vinyl fabrics have antibacterial properties – this means vinyl-upholstered<br />

furniture would be safe for babies, and people with weak<br />

immune systems.<br />

• Vinyl does not go out of fashion easily – vinyl fabrics have been<br />

around for decades and will continue to be used in a variety of applications.<br />

Solid colors in traditional hues never go out of style. However,<br />

today there are more decorating options than ever with regard to<br />

the patterns, textures and finishes that are possible with vinyl. There<br />

is a vinyl for every look and purpose. One of the biggest benefits of<br />

vinyl is that it is waterproof and weatherproof. Vinyl is often used<br />

outdoors on furniture and protective coverings since it is impervious<br />

to water and can serve as a weather barrier for other items. Professionally<br />

made outdoor furniture and awnings are carefully stitched<br />

to retain the waterproof quality of the fabric. Not all vinyl is equally<br />

weather-resistant, so determine the specific conditions that the vinyl<br />

you choose is able to withstand. Extended exposure to sunlight will

93<br />

<strong>Furnishing</strong> <strong>Fabric</strong> <strong>Fashion</strong>

94<br />

<strong>Furnishing</strong> <strong>Fabric</strong> <strong>Fashion</strong>

95<br />

fade vinyl much less than other fabrics. Vinyl is especially good for those<br />

areas where it can protect more delicate fabrics from ultraviolet light<br />

damage and fading. Since vinyl effectively blocks sunlight, it can protect<br />

other fabrics and sun-sensitive materials. Consider vinyl awnings for<br />

patios, sandboxes and outdoor eating areas.<br />

• Vinyl fabrics are mostly flame retardant.<br />

Vinyl upholstery can be cleaned easily, even without soap and water –<br />

vinyl’s texture is one of the factors that make it resistant to dirt. They do<br />

not absorb liquids or stain easily – furniture gives off a “new” appearance<br />

longer.<br />

• Vinyl does not fade easily – it is durable and can withstand frequent<br />

use in a number of commercial, public, or institutional settings. Colors<br />

last a long time, which extends replacement cycles and saves money.<br />

<strong>Furnishing</strong> <strong>Fabric</strong> <strong>Fashion</strong>

20-23<br />

‘25<br />

recycle<br />

recycle<br />


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