Home Textile Exports May 2024

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10 HTE<br />

It’s <strong>Home</strong>tex season<br />

in home and contract<br />

textiles business<br />

As we gear up for the upcoming <strong>Home</strong>tex Fair in<br />

Istanbul, it brings me great pleasure to welcome you<br />

to the latest edition of <strong>Home</strong> <strong>Textile</strong> <strong>Exports</strong> magazine.<br />

This prestigious event stands as a testament to the<br />

vibrant and ever-evolving world of home and contract<br />

textiles, showcasing the latest trends and collections<br />

from Turkish manufacturers and esteemed international<br />

companies alike.<br />

<strong>Home</strong> <strong>Textile</strong> <strong>Exports</strong> magazine has long been a beacon<br />

of inspiration and insight for professionals in the industry,<br />

providing valuable information on market trends,<br />

innovative technologies, and creative design concepts.<br />

As we converge at the second-largest home and contract<br />

textiles show in the world, our team is excited to connect<br />

with you and share our passion for excellence in<br />

home textile business.<br />

From our stand at the fair, we will be distributing complimentary<br />

copies of the magazine, offering you exclusive<br />

access to our latest articles, interviews, and features.<br />

Whether you’re seeking inspiration for your next project,<br />

staying abreast of the latest industry developments, or<br />

simply looking to connect with fellow professionals,<br />

<strong>Home</strong> <strong>Textile</strong> <strong>Exports</strong> magazine is your trusted companion<br />

on this journey.<br />

As you navigate the bustling halls of the <strong>Home</strong>tex Fair, I<br />

encourage you to take a moment to immerse yourself in<br />

the rich tapestry of creativity and innovation on display.<br />

From luxurious fabrics to cutting-edge designs, the<br />

fair promises a wealth of opportunities to explore and<br />

discover.<br />

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On behalf of the entire <strong>Home</strong> <strong>Textile</strong> <strong>Exports</strong> team, I extend<br />

my warmest wishes for a successful and productive<br />

experience at the <strong>Home</strong>tex Fair. <strong>May</strong> this event serve<br />

as a source of inspiration and collaboration, propelling<br />

our industry forward into a future filled with endless<br />

possibilities.<br />



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12<br />

EVENTS<br />

HTE<br />

Pitching presentation techniques<br />

- the art of explaining business<br />

& arousing curiosity<br />

Within the scope of “Academy<br />

Professional” within the framework<br />

of DENIB ACADEMY activities,<br />

“Pitching Presentation Techniques - The Art<br />

of Explaining Business & Arousing Curiosity<br />

Training” was organized by the trainer Burçak<br />

Çakır on April 24, <strong>2024</strong> at Denizli Exporters’<br />

Association Service Building.<br />

While making presentations on many subjects<br />

in our professional business life, the<br />

most important issue is how we explain this<br />

information to the other party as much as the<br />

information given about the subject presented.<br />

For this purpose, in the training, which<br />

includes details about how to explain; topics<br />

such as the definition and steps of pitching,<br />

preparing a presentation, tools that can be<br />

used in preparing a presentation, issues to be<br />

considered when making a presentation, and<br />

application and feedback were emphasized.<br />

<strong>May</strong> <strong>2024</strong>

16<br />


HTE<br />

Berkay <strong>Textile</strong> knits yarn<br />

with passion<br />

Berkay <strong>Textile</strong> is a well-known company operating<br />

in the production of upholstery fabrics consisting<br />

of microfiber, acrylic, polyester, viscose and<br />

cotton yarns. Its new collection was highly appreciated<br />

and appreciated by its customers. We asked the secrets<br />

behind this success and about their other operations to<br />

Ahmet Gören, general manager of the company.<br />

Could you briefly introduce yourself and<br />

your company?<br />

Our company was established in 2003 in Bursa, which<br />

has been one of the centers of the textile industry for a<br />

long time, under modest conditions, similar to the establishment<br />

story of many companies. With the grace of<br />

the Creator and intense efforts, it has grown and developed<br />

continuously. Now, in addition to our wide variety<br />

of weaving options, we also have our own fancy yarn<br />

facility, and we produce according to different demands<br />

of our customers.<br />

What is in your product portfolio and<br />

what are the prominent factors in these<br />

products? What kind of studies do you have<br />

on product development and R&D?<br />

We mostly produce upholstery fabrics. Unlike the<br />

high-volume production and trade format in the Far<br />

East, the fact that we are structured to make smaller<br />

quantities of products that are more suitable for Turkish<br />

conditions, but with features and options, allows us to<br />

stay a little away from some of the current problems.<br />

This relatively stable situation offers us more opportunities<br />

in terms of P&D and R&D. Our structuring and<br />

investments in this area will continue.<br />

What makes you superior to your<br />

competitors?<br />

We really love our work. As such, we are involved in<br />

business processes where necessary. When relevant initiatives<br />

are taken quickly, things become easier.<br />

Are there any investments planned in the<br />

short, medium and long term?<br />

Currently, we have a SPP project established on 47,000<br />

m2 in Kütahya region. Our facility will be commissioned<br />

very soon. It will contribute to reducing our country’s<br />

dependence on foreign energy. Of course, it will have<br />

a positive impact on the environment and undeniable<br />

benefits on the competitiveness of our company. We<br />

also have ongoing investments and structuring within<br />

our company in terms of efficiency and risk management.<br />

Can you give details about your exports?<br />

What would you like to say about your<br />

current and target markets, foreign<br />

promotion, participation in fairs, etc.<br />

strategies?<br />

Currently, we export mainly to Europe and America, either<br />

directly or through marketing companies. For years,<br />

we have been observing that fairs, even at a high level,<br />

have lost blood. Our current primary effort in marketing<br />

is to have more intensive meetings with our customers<br />

through digital methods, and to intensify the exchange<br />

of samples with our distant customers through these<br />

channels. Afterwards, of course, it is important to visit.<br />

We have also made various investments in this regard.<br />

Are there any topics or issues you would<br />

like to emphasize in particular?<br />

Although the daily problems are painful, when we<br />

look at the processes from above, it is a clear fact that<br />

Turkish industrialists will get a higher share of the world<br />

trade volume in the coming years. We must continue to<br />

work with enthusiasm and courage and invest for our<br />

future generations.<br />

<strong>May</strong> <strong>2024</strong>

20<br />

HTE<br />


Agaoglu <strong>Textile</strong><br />

offers a wide variety of competitive<br />

home textile products<br />

Operating in different industries<br />

such as textile, recycling,<br />

hotel and insurance,<br />

Agaoglu Group has an active and<br />

dynamic company in the textile industry:<br />

Agaoglu <strong>Textile</strong>, which has<br />

a broad range of very quality products<br />

for the home textile industry.<br />

We conducted an interview with<br />

the official of the company for details<br />

of their operations.<br />

Could you briefly<br />

introduce your company?<br />

Agaoglu Tekstil’s journey, which started with traditional<br />

hand looms in the 1950s, continues today<br />

as an important representative of its sector in our<br />

new facilities in Uşak Mixed Organized Industrial<br />

Zone with the latest system technological machinery<br />

park in a closed area of 50.000 m2.<br />

With a monthly production capacity of 3.000.000.-<br />

meters of finished products and 150.000 sets of<br />

sets, Agaoglu Tekstil San ve Tic. A.Ş. is one of the<br />

leading factories that produces the highest quality<br />

home textiles in our country in TSE, CE, IMO, BSCI,<br />

Step made in Green, Oeko-Tex standards with<br />

Rotation, Flat Dyeing and Digital Printing systems.<br />

Our company, which produces for well-known<br />

brands in a wide geography, especially in Germany<br />

and other Western and Northern European countries,<br />

is a sought-after and trusted production base<br />

for Turkish brands and exporter companies.<br />

As of 2015, our company started the sales and<br />

marketing organizations of our own brand <strong>Home</strong><br />

Hormony both in Turkiye and abroad, reaching a<br />

wide audience in the retail field by<br />

using new generation digital sales<br />

and marketing channels and aims<br />

to reach even more.<br />

What is in your product<br />

portfolio and what are the<br />

prominent factors in these<br />

products? What kind of<br />

studies do you have on<br />

product development and<br />

R&D?<br />

Our main product groups are 100% cotton sheets,<br />

duvet covers and pillowcases. We produce these<br />

products in our facilities with Satin, Poplin, Flannel<br />

and many other natural fabrics, weaving and printing<br />

types accepted in the world.<br />

Within the scope of our R&D studies; clean production<br />

practices, energy efficiency, sustainable<br />

production, materials used and environmental impacts<br />

are evaluated.<br />

As R&D, studies are carried out to realize production<br />

processes and products that meet user comfort<br />

and expectations, respect nature and people<br />

with sustainable materials in all steps from the<br />

beginning of production to the end of life, without<br />

giving up design freedom.<br />

What are the features that make you<br />

superior to your competitors?<br />

Agaoglu Tekstil has a long-established history in<br />

the sector and its quality has been approved by its<br />

customers abroad and by the companies it cooper-<br />

<strong>May</strong> <strong>2024</strong>

that has come a long way in terms of digitalization<br />

and automation and has adopted Industry 4.0<br />

principles as much as possible. To become a corporate<br />

company that has proven itself as a brand<br />

and factory in international markets and stands<br />

out with its environmentally friendly practices.<br />

And of course, our investments at every stage will<br />

proceed with the principle of R&D and innovation.<br />

These strategic investment plans aim for our<br />

textile factory to achieve sustainable growth on a<br />

strong foundation.<br />

21<br />

Can you give details about your<br />

exports? What would you like to<br />

say about your current and target<br />

markets, foreign promotion,<br />

participation in fairs, etc. strategies?<br />

ates with in Turkiye. We have been working with almost<br />

all business partners for many years. Behind<br />

these long years of cooperation, the features that<br />

make us superior to our competitors; flawless production,<br />

fast service, keeping up with the developing<br />

and changing market and the customer satisfaction<br />

that comes with them. It is clearly known in<br />

the sector that; Agaoglu <strong>Textile</strong> does what it does<br />

best. Of course, this label did not come easily.<br />

Our respect for our work and our tradition of not<br />

compromising on quality has sometimes caused<br />

us business losses, but at the end of the day, it has<br />

provided us with our current brand value.<br />

Are there any investments planned in<br />

the short, medium and long term?<br />

First of all, we plan to further increase our production<br />

efficiency in our newly relocated factory<br />

by renewing and updating our existing equipment<br />

and machinery. We are also developing projects to<br />

increase energy efficiency and focusing on training<br />

programs to improve the skills of our employees<br />

in general.<br />

Then, as we move to our new factory, we will continue<br />

our SPP project, in which we have invested<br />

1,100 kw, and of course our investments in energy<br />

efficiency will continue without stopping. We<br />

plan to expand our investments in digitalization<br />

and automation. In addition, by focusing on market<br />

research and product development, we aim to<br />

maintain our competitive advantage with products<br />

in line with the trends in the sector and in this context,<br />

we aim to increase the market share of our<br />

own brand <strong>Home</strong> Harmony. Our long-term plans<br />

include increasing our weaving capacity in terms<br />

of production and becoming a sustainable factory<br />

As Agaoglu Tekstil, we are currently making an<br />

average annual turnover of 20-25 million euros<br />

in exports, which we started in the early 1990s.<br />

We mainly work with European countries and of<br />

course we are in contact with America and Middle<br />

East countries in order to expand our market.<br />

Together with our colleagues, we regularly participate<br />

in fairs held in order to produce at world<br />

standards, both as exhibitors and as visitors. As I<br />

mentioned before, along with the investments we<br />

want to make in terms of branding, we will have<br />

investments such as international promotion and<br />

advertising.<br />

Are there any topics or issues<br />

you would like to emphasize in<br />

particular?<br />

I wish <strong>2024</strong> to bring good luck to our country and<br />

our industry, I hope we have a prosperous and<br />

beautiful year as a country.

24<br />

HTE<br />


Special gifts for<br />

special occasions from<br />

Cottonbox...<br />

Appealing to all tastes with its original and<br />

stylish style, Cottonbox offers beautiful gift<br />

alternatives for special occasions. Carefully<br />

designed pique sets and soft bathrobe sets are<br />

candidates to be this year’s favorite gift...<br />

Colorful pique sets raise the energy<br />

of mothers<br />

Pique sets, which are indispensable for home<br />

textiles during seasonal transitions and which<br />

are loved by all mothers, are a great gift option.<br />

Designs prepared with vibrant colors reflecting the<br />

energy of spring renew the atmosphere of bedrooms<br />

with tiny flower patterns. Pique sets with<br />

color options such as yellow, lilac, salmon, green<br />

and powder, provide a pleasant sleep experience.<br />

The designs produced with natural bamboo yarn,<br />

cotton and satin fabrics attract attention with their<br />

quality and healthy texture.<br />

<strong>May</strong> <strong>2024</strong>

26<br />

HTE<br />


Natural and stylish touches in<br />

bathrooms...<br />

Cottonbox maximizes the bathing pleasure of users<br />

with its bathrobe product group. Produced entirely<br />

from natural bamboo yarn, bathrobes absorb<br />

water quickly with their high quality and highly absorbent<br />

texture. Bathrobe sets, which create a silky<br />

touch on the whole body with their soft surface,<br />

are safely preferred<br />

thanks to the use of<br />

natural raw materials<br />

and 100% bamboo<br />

content. Designed<br />

with beautiful color<br />

options such as beige,<br />

grey, powder and green, bathrobes<br />

appeal to every taste. Combining<br />

comfort with elegance in bathrooms,<br />

bathrobe sets consist of bathrobe,<br />

hand towel, bath towel and terry slippers.<br />

<strong>May</strong> <strong>2024</strong>

30<br />


HTE<br />

Toplu Tekstil<br />

opens curtain to new horizons<br />

Meeting special demands and bulk orders with a superior<br />

service approach in curtain strips, tanners, accessories and<br />

roulettes, Toplu Tekstil is getting more strengthened in<br />

export markets<br />

Toplu Tekstil provides<br />

services in<br />

the home textile<br />

sector with the<br />

manufacture of curtain<br />

shirring strips, curtain tanners,<br />

accessories and roulette.<br />

Toplu Tekstil, producing<br />

45 million meters<br />

monthly, exports to many<br />

countries. Toplu Tekstil<br />

Company Representative<br />

Orhan Yıldızcan gave information<br />

about current<br />

product types and current<br />

markets.<br />

Orhan Yildizhan<br />

Chairman of Toplu Tekstil<br />

Can you tell us about the work of<br />

your company, your production and<br />

product groups for the home textile<br />

industry?<br />

Toplu Tekstil, which has become a well-known<br />

brand in the sector, continues to serve in the<br />

home textile sector with the manufacture of curtain<br />

shirring strips, curtain tartans, accessories<br />

and roulette. By making our factory and machine<br />

park suitable for the latest technology, we aim to<br />

carry our name to the top in the sector by getting<br />

stronger, instead of standing still, with our product<br />

range exceeding 600 in various widths from 1 mm<br />

to 200 mm.<br />

What is your monthly production<br />

capacity? How much of your export<br />

sales are covered? What are your<br />

current export markets and your<br />

goals in this area?<br />

Our company has a monthly production capacity<br />

of 45 million meters. 47% of our current sales cover<br />

our export sales. We export to many countries<br />

in Europe, Asia and Africa, especially the countries<br />

affiliated to the Russian Federation. We are working<br />

on reaching more companies abroad and promoting<br />

our products. As a domestic manufacturer,<br />

how do you evaluate our position in the sector,<br />

both at home and abroad? What are your short,<br />

medium and long term goals?<br />

Toplu Tekstil, which has become a well-known<br />

brand in <strong>Home</strong> <strong>Textile</strong>, also meets special orders<br />

and demands from various customers with a superior<br />

service approach. Our state-of-the-art machinery<br />

and technical personnel serve customer needs<br />

as soon as possible without compromising our service<br />

quality. In addition, we maintain our cooperation<br />

by supporting our customers’ R&D studies. It<br />

is our priority to keep customer satisfaction warm<br />

by doing customer-oriented studies. We, as Toplu<br />

Tekstil, will continue to make a name for ourselves<br />

in the sector with our branded name.<br />

<strong>May</strong> <strong>2024</strong>

36<br />


HTE<br />

Matt Fabrics offers trendy and<br />

fashionable products to the<br />

decoration world<br />

On the way it started with the motto of ‘from yarn to art’,<br />

Matt Fabrics have already gained great appreciation of sector<br />

professionals in the leading fairs. It has took place in the<br />

Istanbul Furniture Fair, which is a world fair, and is ready to<br />

make a good show at <strong>Home</strong>tex to realize its targets one by one<br />

Established by<br />

Ibrahim Kulah<br />

in Inegol district<br />

of Bursa in<br />

2022, the success<br />

story of the company<br />

dates back to<br />

2011. As an experienced<br />

industrialist,<br />

Ibrahim Kulah first<br />

worked in marketing,<br />

accounting and<br />

Ibrahim Kulah<br />

manufacturing departments in the furniture<br />

industry. In 2016, he started working in the<br />

textile business until 2020 when he established<br />

a textile company with a partner under<br />

the brand name Pino. The young Pino<br />

has had a fame in many provinces of Turkiye<br />

thanks to the initiations and progresses the<br />

company managed.<br />

Ibrahim Kulah established his new brand<br />

Matt Fabrics in 2022 as a sole owner of<br />

the brand. Matt Fabrics has an aim to be a<br />

world brand with its collections and quality.<br />

Kulah says, “On this way which we started<br />

with the motto of ‘from yarn to art’, our products<br />

have already gained great appreciation<br />

of sector professionals in the leading fairs<br />

of our country. After we took place in the<br />

Istanbul Furniture Fair, which is a world fair<br />

we are now ready to participate in <strong>Home</strong>tex<br />

fair to reach of 2023 targets one by one to<br />

accomplish export success, which is the<br />

main goal of Matt Fabrics company. Our innovative<br />

ideas also show the importance of<br />

digital marketing. With the software we have<br />

made for this, all our products have been<br />

scanned and it visually presents the effect<br />

on the product with the dressing program. As<br />

Matt Fabrics, our goal is to become a brand<br />

that develops more every year and contributes<br />

more to our country every day, with<br />

quality products suitable for current fashion<br />

and with our professional colleagues.”<br />

<strong>May</strong> <strong>2024</strong>

40<br />

HTE<br />

EVENTS<br />

Young inventors<br />

awarded<br />

The 6th edition of the “Young Inventors Wanted Innovative<br />

Ideas Competition”, organized under the auspices of Denizli<br />

Governorship in cooperation with Denizli Provincial Directorate<br />

of National Education and organized by DENIB-Denizli<br />

Exporters Association, was held on Friday, April 26, <strong>2024</strong>. The<br />

event, which was attended by very valuable names of Denizli<br />

protocol, many guests, teachers, students and their families, was<br />

extremely intense and enthusiastic.<br />

The final of the Young Inventors Wanted<br />

Innovative Ideas Competition, organized<br />

among students studying in primary, secondary<br />

and high schools across the province in<br />

order to prepare the ground for innovative projects<br />

with original designs, to encourage students<br />

in this direction, and to highlight and support innovative<br />

ideas, was held with great excitement.<br />

DENİB President Hüseyin Memişoğlu said the following<br />

in his opening speech of the final night:<br />

“I would like to welcome our esteemed families,<br />

teachers, protocol and all our esteemed guests<br />

who are with us at the final night of the 6th Young<br />

Inventors Wanted Innovative Ideas Competition,<br />

which we organized this year under the auspices<br />

of Denizli Governorship in cooperation<br />

with Denizli Exporters Association and Denizli<br />

Provincial Directorate of National Education. I<br />

thank you for sharing our excitement and greet<br />

you all respectfully on behalf of myself and our<br />

Board of Directors.<br />

The Young Inventors Wanted Innovative Ideas<br />

Competition prepares the ground for students<br />

to gain awareness on issues such as innovation,<br />

technology, sustainability, digitalization, design<br />

and, of course, export at a young age.<br />

As it is known, we, the generation defined as<br />

Generation X, were not born in the digital world.<br />

<strong>May</strong> <strong>2024</strong>

42<br />

HTE<br />

EVENTS<br />

We are involved in the development process of<br />

technology. However, Generations Y and Z, especially<br />

Generation Z, are defined as generations<br />

born into the digital world and have technology<br />

lifestyles. The most striking feature of this generation<br />

is their rapid adaptation to information and<br />

time change.<br />

We keep export and innovation as a “trending<br />

topic” in the words of our young people from the<br />

application stage to the final night of our competition,<br />

which we organized to enter the colorful<br />

and curious world of our digital generation, which<br />

has technology-based lifestyles, uses social media<br />

productively, grows up with the internet and<br />

accesses information quickly.<br />

Another issue that makes us happy is that, along<br />

with our students, families, teachers, in short, all<br />

segments involved in the project are talking about<br />

exports in their homes and schools. We attach<br />

great importance to the fact that environmentally<br />

friendly production, value-added products and exports,<br />

which are among the most important components<br />

of our country’s economy, are discussed<br />

at a young age, and that awareness is raised on<br />

these issues. Entrepreneurship is in the soul of<br />

our youth. We only mediate for this to emerge.<br />

It is of great importance to mediate and support<br />

the realization of projects at the idea stage.<br />

Because the biggest<br />

output of<br />

this competition<br />

is to see that our<br />

young people<br />

can achieve great<br />

things when given<br />

the opportunity<br />

and to watch how<br />

they can overcome<br />

their limits.<br />

We see and experience<br />

this more<br />

clearly in every<br />

competition process.<br />

Every time we<br />

spend time with<br />

young people, we listen to their endless dreams.<br />

They teach us that there is no such thing as impossible,<br />

that the impossible is just a cliché we<br />

learn as we grow up. Their excitement and curiosity<br />

also inspire us adults.”<br />

Young people gave the message of a<br />

clean future with their projects<br />

DENİB President Hüseyin Memişoğlu stated that<br />

more than 1,500 applications were received from<br />

students studying in primary, secondary and high<br />

<strong>May</strong> <strong>2024</strong>

44<br />

HTE<br />

EVENTS<br />

schools across the province during the competition<br />

process and said, “Our esteemed jury meticulously<br />

examined each application in detail.<br />

There is a message in these applications that<br />

brings a smile to faces and is a lesson. We see<br />

our young people’s love for nature in almost all of<br />

the projects. This generation, which has grown up<br />

intertwined with technology and whose toys are<br />

cell phones and tablets, also protects its nature,<br />

fights for a clean future and contributes to society<br />

in these ways. I kiss them all and ask for applause<br />

for this awareness they have at this age.<br />

Digitalization and artificial intelligence are on the<br />

agenda of the world. As Denizli, we include the<br />

digital game category in our competition in order<br />

to take part in this digital transformation. In this<br />

context, our competitors developed digital games<br />

featuring the export products of our province and<br />

our country.<br />

I would like to state that we declare all our students<br />

who participated in the competition, who<br />

showed their civilized courage, who inspired us<br />

with their determination and enthusiasm, as winners<br />

from the beginning.<br />

Of course, I would like to sincerely thank all our<br />

teachers who did not spare their efforts and support<br />

in this process and who shared the feelings<br />

of their students. In short, all our young inventors<br />

are winners in this competition. I congratulate<br />

you all individually.<br />

<strong>May</strong> <strong>2024</strong>

46<br />

HTE<br />

EVENTS<br />

I would also like to thank all our stakeholders,<br />

jury members and our colleagues at DENİB who<br />

embraced this project and enabled us to do it<br />

with great enthusiasm every time.”<br />

Award Winner Young Inventors:<br />

Innovative Ideas Competition<br />

Primary School Category<br />

1 Eylul Tepekule / Haci Şakir Meliha Nilüfer Öz<br />

Primary School<br />

2. Egemen Kocagöz / Merkezefendi Science And<br />

Art Center<br />

3. Doğa Arpaç - Lütfiye Evren Kulaç / Ülker<br />

Yörükoğlu Science And Arts Center<br />

Denib Special Award-Bersin Rain Yilmaz -<br />

Merkezefendi Science And Art Center<br />

Innovative Ideas Contest Middle<br />

School Category<br />

1. Elif Öykü Asiltürk / Nezihe Derya Baltali Science<br />

And Arts Center<br />

2. Huriye Beyza Öğünç-Zehra Begüm Batmaz /<br />

Nezihe Derya Baltali Science And Arts Center<br />

3. Erol Çetin / Honaz Municipality Middle School<br />

Denib Special Award- Batuhan Batmazoğlu-Hasan<br />

Utku Bosun / Sait Kalaycioglu Middle School<br />

Innovative Ideas Competition High<br />

School Category<br />

1. Kasim Uskutoğlu / Dostek Vocational And<br />

Anatolian High School<br />

2. Defne Naz Engin-Sude Arapoğlu-Mustafa<br />

Aytekin Yildirim / Nezihe Derya Baltali Science<br />

And Arts Center<br />

3. Alperen Çakar / Dostek Vocational And<br />

Anatolian High School<br />

Denib Special Award- Ayperi Alparslan-Ecrin Nur<br />

Demirtaş-Murat Saranli-Evrim Naz Nalbantoğlu-<br />

Yağiz Gökşin / Odtü College<br />

Digital Game Content Development<br />

Middle School Category<br />

1. Melek Naz Yumrukaya / Hayirseverler Middle<br />

School<br />

2. Mert Ali Ongun / Hayirseverler Middle School<br />

3. Emir Erçelik / Ülker Yörükoğlu Science And Art<br />

Center<br />

Digital Game Content Development<br />

High School Category<br />

1. Hüseyin Konak / Dostek Vocational And<br />

Anatolian High School<br />

2. Metin Tokuç - Yaşar Kimil Science High School<br />

3. Yaşar Yiğit Ekren / Lütfi Ege Anadolu High<br />

School<br />

<strong>May</strong> <strong>2024</strong>

48<br />

EVENTS<br />

HTE<br />

Fashion <strong>Home</strong> Izmir<br />

will be the address of comfort<br />

and elegance<br />

The fair will empower the home textile industry.<br />

Izmir is preparing to host another<br />

new fair. Fashion <strong>Home</strong> Izmir<br />

- <strong>Home</strong> <strong>Textile</strong> Fair, which will<br />

be held on October 9 - 11, <strong>2024</strong>,<br />

will bring together manufacturers<br />

and visitors who bring fashion<br />

and elegance together with livable<br />

spaces from bathroom and kitchen<br />

textiles to hotel and beach textiles.<br />

Izmir, Turkiye’s largest and most modern fairground<br />

fair, is preparing to host another new fair<br />

in Izmir, which organizes IF Wedding Fashion<br />

Izmir - Wedding Dress, Grooming and Evening<br />

Dress Fair, Fashion Prime - <strong>Textile</strong>, Ready-to-Wear<br />

Suppliers and Technologies Fair<br />

and Fashion Tech - Ready-to-Wear,<br />

Garment and <strong>Textile</strong> Machinery,<br />

<strong>Textile</strong> Printing Technologies fairs,<br />

which are among the world’s<br />

most important meeting points in<br />

the textile and fashion industry.<br />

Fashion <strong>Home</strong> Izmir - <strong>Home</strong> <strong>Textile</strong><br />

Fair, which will be organized for the first time with<br />

the partnership of IZFAŞ and Izgi Fuarcılık, hosted<br />

by Izmir Metropolitan Municipality, with the<br />

support of Denizli <strong>Textile</strong> Clothing Industrialists<br />

Association and Karat Medya, will bring together<br />

the leading brands of the home textile world. The<br />

latest trends combining comfort, aesthetics and<br />

<strong>May</strong> <strong>2024</strong>

49<br />

technology will be exhibited at the fair. Fashion<br />

<strong>Home</strong> Izmir will open its doors with hundreds of<br />

product types, dozens of exhibitors and brands<br />

such as towels, bathrobes, duvet covers, sheets,<br />

curtains, floor and wall coverings, upholstery fabrics,<br />

hotel and beach textiles, kitchen textiles,<br />

and will shape the home textile fashion.<br />

Fashion <strong>Home</strong> Izmir, which will be held concurrently<br />

with the 3rd Fashion Tech fair between<br />

October 9 - 12, <strong>2024</strong> and the seventh Fashion<br />

Prime fair between October 9 - 11, <strong>2024</strong>, will witness<br />

an integrated meeting for the first time in<br />

our country. Fashion <strong>Home</strong> Izmir, which includes<br />

many activities such as procurement delegations,<br />

B2B programs, domestic procurement delegation<br />

programs for the domestic market, will host thousands<br />

of visitors such as chain store representatives,<br />

fashion houses, wholesalers, chain hotels<br />

and resorts, educational institutions, distributors<br />

from all over the world as well as Turkiye.

www<br />


58<br />

EVENTS<br />

HTE<br />

HGH India –<br />

An International<br />

trade show with<br />

focus on India!<br />

Gears up for its 15th edition 2nd to 5th July <strong>2024</strong>,<br />

Mumbai<br />

Now in its 15th edition, HGH India has been<br />

instrumental in expanding the home improvement<br />

market in India by connecting<br />

the entire supply chain to the Indian trade. HGH<br />

India is a trade show designed to connect the<br />

Indian and global home product brands and manufacturers<br />

with the Indian domestic market. It<br />

integrates home textiles, home decor, home furniture,<br />

houseware & gifts under one roof to provide<br />

comprehensive sourcing solutions to over<br />

41,000 retailers, distributors, importers, architects,<br />

interior designers and institutional buyers,<br />

keeping upcoming design trends in focus. HGH<br />

India is an international trade show with a focus<br />

on India. It connects exhibitors with trade buyers<br />

from 600 cities and towns across India.<br />

The 15th edition, slated to take place in Mumbai,<br />

from 2nd to 5th July at Bombay Exhibition Centre,<br />

Goregaon, is expected to witness over 700 exhibitors<br />

which would include leading brand manufacturers,<br />

importers, designers and OEM suppliers<br />

<strong>May</strong> <strong>2024</strong>

60<br />

HTE<br />

EVENTS<br />

from across India, and 32 other countries. One<br />

can expect to discover a wide range of innovative<br />

home products for the Autumn/Winter <strong>2024</strong>-25<br />

sourcing season.<br />

Focus areas at the 15th edition of<br />

HGH India<br />

With increasing disposable incomes in the rapidly<br />

growing Indian market, the Indian consumers seek<br />

innovative and superior quality products, with<br />

greater international influence. The demand for<br />

home textiles, furnishings, mattresses, comforters,<br />

pillows, bed sheets, home décor, home furniture,<br />

area rugs, floor coverings and houseware<br />

is growing at a quicker pace than ever before. At<br />

the 15th HGH India, exhibitors across categories<br />

will introduce new concepts in products, designs,<br />

colours and materials. New collections from leading<br />

designers, brands, manufacturers, importers<br />

and international suppliers will once again offer a<br />

voyage of discovery to the visitors.<br />

Exhibitors will showcase their Autumn/Winter<br />

<strong>2024</strong>-25 range, facilitating sourcing for Indian<br />

importers, distributors and retailers for the forthcoming<br />

Diwali and festive retail seasons. Visitors<br />

will enjoy a nice balance of innovation and competitiveness<br />

in sourcing. Both exhibitors and visitors<br />

are excited to take advantage of this new<br />

opportunity offered by the bi-annual HGH India to<br />

<strong>May</strong> <strong>2024</strong>

62<br />

HTE<br />

EVENTS<br />

exhibitors at this edition of HGH India. Retailers<br />

and brands seeking private label supplies are expected<br />

to find many solutions.<br />

From within India, an interesting range of contemporary<br />

and traditional home textiles, decorative<br />

made-ups as well as handicrafts, rugs, upholstered<br />

furniture, cane & bamboo products, decorative<br />

accessories range in metal, wood, ceramic,<br />

glass, coir, jute, recycled materials and a variety<br />

of natural and man-made materials will be exhibited<br />

by hundreds of manufacturers from wellknown<br />

production centres like Jodhpur, Jaipur,<br />

Moradabad, Firozabad, Khurja, Saharanpur, Agra,<br />

Bhadohi, Jammu & Kashmir and various other<br />

specialised centre.<br />

If you are in an exporter to home textiles or décor<br />

related products and are seeking to begin or expand<br />

your market in India, then exhibiting in HGH<br />

India could be a very useful option.<br />

explore business in shorter cycles in a dynamic<br />

and growing consumer demand and competitive<br />

market environment. Leading manufacturers of<br />

home textiles, mattresses and pillows, furniture,<br />

home décor, housewares, and gifts have already<br />

confirmed their participation.<br />

Leading retailers, interior designers and institutional<br />

buyers are expected to visit from over<br />

600 cities and town across India. Gift suppliers<br />

will seek new alliances and tie ups with leading<br />

home brands to energise their gift collections for<br />

the high-demand festive season. International<br />

brands and manufacturers seeking to expand<br />

their reach in the Indian market will be present as<br />

<strong>May</strong> <strong>2024</strong>

64<br />


HTE<br />

Panayir <strong>Textile</strong><br />

innovation and sustainability in<br />

home and contract textiles<br />

Established in 1994 with a small factory,<br />

Panayir <strong>Textile</strong> has grown in a very short<br />

time and has become one of the leaders in<br />

the home textile woven fabric production sector.<br />

Panayir <strong>Textile</strong>, which is the production choice of<br />

many brands with its weaving technologies and<br />

product range, has always preserved its innovative<br />

production style with the importance it attaches to<br />

R&D studies. Conducting an exclusive interview<br />

with Muharrem Panayır, general manager of the<br />

firm, we asked the secrets of their success story.<br />

Could you briefly introduce yourself<br />

and your company?<br />

I was born in Istanbul but I am from Denizli. I finished<br />

primary school, secondary school and high<br />

school in Denizli, where I started to live from the<br />

2nd grade of primary school. I studied textile engineering<br />

at Uludağ University Faculty of Engineering<br />

in Bursa. My interest and curiosity in textiles started<br />

when I went to my father’s workplace and worked<br />

in the summer months during the middle school /<br />

high school years. This interest had a great share<br />

in my choice of vocational education. As soon as I<br />

graduated from university, I started working in our<br />

family company. Our company, which was established<br />

in 1994, entered the sector by producing<br />

fabrics for home textiles. Our company, which<br />

produced its fabrics on contract machines in its<br />

first years, stepped into industrialism by purchasing<br />

its own machines in the following years. Our<br />

company, which has constantly renewed and increased<br />

its machines over the years, has reached<br />

a capacity of producing 10 million meters of fabric<br />

annually on the latest technology air-jet and rapier<br />

weaving machines. Our company, which produces<br />

all natural and natural / synthetic blended home<br />

/ hotel textile fabrics, also prepares fabrics for<br />

different needs for companies producing outdoor<br />

furniture and textiles.<br />

What is in your product portfolio and<br />

what are the prominent factors in<br />

these products? What kind of studies<br />

do you have on product development<br />

and R&D?<br />

Our company can prepare home/hotel textile products<br />

sewn and packaged for its own brands as well<br />

as fabrics suitable for the needs of its customers.<br />

Apart from these, we have restarted the collection<br />

of home textile products under our “Luoca Patisca”<br />

brand, which we started 12 years ago and then<br />

stopped production for a while. In this process<br />

when we started to prepare products under our<br />

own brand, R&D studies have naturally accelerated.<br />

In this process, which continues by developing<br />

different yarn and weaving types, licensed chemical<br />

processes and sewing and appliqué techniques<br />

that provide extra added value will be developed<br />

and will be frequently used in our products in the<br />

coming period. Our designers, who follow fashion<br />

colors and trends, spend a lot of time on R&D and<br />

we will see the results of these in the products under<br />

our brand in the coming period.<br />

<strong>May</strong> <strong>2024</strong>

place in both national and global markets, and will<br />

quickly complete the employment and technology<br />

infrastructure that we lack in this field. One of<br />

the most important plans of our company, which<br />

makes value-added exports its main goal, will be<br />

to increase its R&D budgets to achieve this goal<br />

faster.<br />

65<br />

Can you give details about your<br />

exports? What would you like to<br />

say about your current and target<br />

markets, foreign promotion, fair<br />

participation etc. strategies?<br />

What makes you superior to your<br />

competitors?<br />

The most important elements that make our company<br />

different are our exciting design team who<br />

love their work and aim to put their dreams into action;<br />

our young managers who invest in machines<br />

that can produce not basic but differentiated products;<br />

our business team that is firmly committed to<br />

the mission of “reliability”, our vision focused on<br />

our sustainable future and digitalized world.<br />

The shrinking world trade volume due to increasing<br />

global inflation and tightening monetary<br />

policies has caused serious declines in our company’s<br />

exports. Our market and customer losses<br />

have increased due to the fact that the labor<br />

and energy costs imposed on the industrialists of<br />

our country over our competitors in the Far East<br />

cannot be subsidized. We will be much more aggressive<br />

in reaching our target audience by exhibiting<br />

our products at international fairs, especially<br />

Heimtextil, and supporting them with social media<br />

advertisements, with the awareness that the<br />

most important point where we can compensate<br />

for our losses is to have innovative collections.<br />

Participation in smaller-scale local fairs that we<br />

have not experienced before will also be among<br />

our short-term strategies, and we will cooperate<br />

much more actively with companies that provide<br />

B2B/B2C logistics services that make the world<br />

smaller. African countries and Brazil, which we<br />

think will increase their national income on top of<br />

Are there any investments planned in<br />

the short, medium and long term?<br />

Our company will not make an investment to increase<br />

its weaving production capacity for <strong>2024</strong>,<br />

and in the following year, it will renew the machines<br />

that need to be renewed and complete the additional<br />

machinery investments that will increase its<br />

current capacity by 15%. Our company will quickly<br />

make the renewable electricity energy investment,<br />

which it started in 2023 but could not realize due<br />

to the inadequacy of the technical infrastructure of<br />

the distribution company, in its prioritized shortterm<br />

targets and will be in a position to produce all<br />

of the electrical energy we use. Apart from this, our<br />

company aims to grow in the field of e-commerce<br />

and will make serious efforts to take its rightful

66<br />


HTE<br />

their potential population and which we anticipate<br />

will have a high interest in our product portfolio,<br />

will be among our target market strategies.<br />

Are there any specific issues or<br />

topics you would like to emphasize<br />

in particular?<br />

There are some issues that I would like to address<br />

to the whole world through Turkey’s most established<br />

magazine. These are the issues that I would<br />

like to address by thinking about our yesterday,<br />

today and tomorrow.<br />

- Let’s know our history well and prepare our young<br />

people to adopt this historical mission<br />

- Let’s not educate our youth for the sake of educating<br />

them. Let’s allow those who have dreams to<br />

pursue them and make a special effort to restore<br />

the dignity of all professions, without exception,<br />

so that they have a profession<br />

- Let us pass on nature to the next generation in<br />

the same way we passed it on to the previous<br />

generation. Let’s never forget that sustainability<br />

depends on a living ecosystem with an inherited<br />

nature and an unchanging climate.<br />

- Let’s use our resources rationally. Instead of fossil<br />

energy sources that harm nature, let us turn<br />

to sustainable energy sources that protect nature.<br />

Let’s make saving a basic philosophy at the top of<br />

our lives, both in private and business life.<br />

- Let us try to be and raise people with good morals.<br />

Let us love the creation. Let good morals,<br />

honesty, respect and justice form the basis of our<br />

relations with each other. Let us never let go of<br />

the threads of justice, good morals, respect, love<br />

and hard work.<br />

- Let us not forget the importance of the family. Let<br />

us know that there is no power that can destroy a<br />

nation of close-knit families.<br />

<strong>May</strong> <strong>2024</strong>

68<br />

HTE<br />


Raifogullari Tekstil,<br />

from Denizli to the world<br />

The company offers a wide range of products<br />

including fashionable and high-end towels and<br />

bed linens<br />

The company takes firm steps forward in<br />

the home textile industry and increases its<br />

towel and fabric processing capacity day by<br />

day. Raifogulları has a leading position among<br />

the country’s towel and bed linen exporters.<br />

Raifogullari Tekstil exports their products mainly<br />

to Russia, Ukraine, Moldova, Italy, Germany,<br />

Romania and Morocco.<br />

Our activity started on textile and food business in<br />

1995. We have currently been continuing our production<br />

in our new factory of 20,000sqm outdoor<br />

area. Having different quality certificates from respectful<br />

organizations, our firm has different departments<br />

such as planning, cutting, sewing and<br />

shipping. Using the most up-to-date technologies<br />

we have been responding the demands of our<br />

customers with most reliable and high standard<br />

quality home textile products.<br />

Operating in the home textile industry with a wide<br />

range of products Raifogullari <strong>Textile</strong> has a remarkable<br />

success story. We asked the details of<br />

the story to Memet Zahir Celik, chairman of the<br />

board of the company:<br />

Please introduce your company to<br />

our readers in brief.<br />

What does your product portfolio<br />

include?<br />

Our main production groups are fabrics, weaving,<br />

towels, bathrobes, bed linen, pillows and disposable<br />

medical products.<br />

What can you say about your<br />

customer satisfaction policy?<br />

It is our main principle. Aiming at maximum customer<br />

satisfaction we offer quality products of<br />

serial production. This is the main reason why we<br />

render services to world famous brands.<br />

<strong>May</strong> <strong>2024</strong>

What are your<br />

main goals?<br />

69<br />

We will stand and keep<br />

our position in the<br />

world textile arena.<br />

We will contribute<br />

to the national economy<br />

and we will provide more<br />

employment. We also have textile<br />

machinery manufacturing supported by<br />

Tubitak. These machines include full-automatic<br />

towel length sewing machine, full-automatic towel<br />

length cutting machine, full-automatic towel<br />

cross cutting machine, full-automatic fabric overlock<br />

length sewing machine, full-automatic fabric<br />

cross cutting machine, and full-automatic sheet<br />

4-side sewing machine. Furthermore, we want to<br />

export %30 of our products.<br />

Anything you would like especially to<br />

highlight?<br />

Our country has been exporting to many countries<br />

of the world and Türkiye is number one supplier<br />

of Europe in this sector. Thanks to our experienced<br />

team and dedication to our business,<br />

we offer our products at competitive conditions.

72<br />


HTE<br />

Yaman Dokuma<br />

<strong>Textile</strong> reflects<br />

the traditional<br />

values of<br />

Denizli with<br />

modern<br />

loincloths,<br />

woven throws,<br />

blankets and<br />

more…<br />

From Denizli to the world<br />

markets: Peshtemals, Woven<br />

Throws, Blankets, Muslin<br />

products, Spandex sofa covers,<br />

Microfiber towels and cleaning<br />

cloths, Wellsoft…<br />

Established in Denizli, a textile hub for especially<br />

hotel and home textiles, Yaman<br />

Dokuma <strong>Textile</strong> is a woman’s success based<br />

on her passion and dedication. That initiative lady<br />

is Nuray Yaman. We conducted an interview with<br />

Hasan Kaba, general manager of the company<br />

about their operations and the success story they<br />

have gained in a short time.<br />

Could you briefly introduce yourself<br />

and your company?<br />

Yaman Dokuma <strong>Textile</strong> is a woman-owned company<br />

with more than 10 years of experience. We<br />

have 31 looms focusing on woven and knitted<br />

home textiles. Yaman Dokuma currently exports<br />

to a few countries and we are working tirelessly<br />

to reach every country. We care about employees’<br />

wellbeing and safety; hence we firmly believe in<br />

work and life balance. Our products are sold under<br />

‘Babada <strong>Home</strong>’ brand.<br />

What do you have in your<br />

product portfolio and what are<br />

the prominent factors in these<br />

products?<br />

Our home textiles are supplied in fabrics and packaged<br />

products which includes but are not limited<br />

to loincloths (Peshtemals), Woven Throws and<br />

Blankets, Muslin product, Spandex sofa covers,<br />

Microfiber towels and cleaning cloths, Wellsoft<br />

products. We have 4-6 weeks lead times from<br />

the time an order is placed. We work with young<br />

and experienced innovative minds to always keep<br />

up with trends and be ahead of our game. We research<br />

what consumers need and work on different<br />

strategies to develop products that will meet<br />

our consumers’ needs. Our R&D team continues<br />

<strong>May</strong> <strong>2024</strong>

74<br />


HTE<br />

to work on finding new products and improving<br />

existing products both within its own organization<br />

and in line with customer demands.<br />

What are the features that make you<br />

superior to your competitors?<br />

Our values are based on Innovation, Trust,<br />

Reliability and Quality. We are future orientated<br />

which makes us to be always working on improving<br />

ourselves and our products. Shorter lead times<br />

and customer-oriented trade.<br />

Do you have plans for new<br />

investments in the short and midruns?<br />

We are making investments into the development<br />

of Babada <strong>Home</strong> brand so it becomes a World<br />

class brand known in every corner of the world.<br />

Our main goal is to make investments into sustainable<br />

production which includes purchasing new<br />

knitting and weaving machines which fully relies in<br />

green energy, and the use of organic raw materials<br />

and renewable products.<br />

Can you give details about your<br />

exports? What would you like to say<br />

about your current and target<br />

We currently export countries like Georgia, Russia,<br />

Poland, Kenya and USA, and our goal is to export<br />

more countries in Europe, America and Africa. We<br />

have recently started attending International Fairs<br />

held in Turkey and abroad to help us introduce our<br />

products to foreign markets as well develop trust<br />

with our customers. We also use this opportunity<br />

to visit our customers abroad.<br />

Is there anything that you would like<br />

to highlight?<br />

We are always open to customer demands with<br />

positive and solution-oriented approaches, aiming<br />

for high satisfaction, long-term work and improving<br />

ourselves in that direction.<br />

<strong>May</strong> <strong>2024</strong>

78<br />


HTE<br />

Full support for domestic<br />

and national technology from<br />


Founded by Abdurrahman Gönüllü, BAŞTEKS,<br />

in line with its innovative, corporate, reliable,<br />

high quality and fast production approach,<br />

takes successful steps with its projects<br />

and investments for the future in the light of its<br />

experience of more than 25 years and makes very<br />

important contributions to the textile machinery<br />

sector of our country with its support for domestic<br />

and national R&D studies.<br />

Başteks, which is located in Başmakçı District<br />

of Afyonkarahisar, on a closed area of 12.000<br />

m2 and an open area of 15.000 m2, serves its<br />

domestic and foreign customers with a daily capacity<br />

of 25 tons and 150 employees, including<br />

the production of home textile products as well<br />

as reactive and indanthrene dyeing and finishing<br />

processes in textile products (towels, bathrobes,<br />

pique fabrics).<br />

Abdurrahman Gönüllü, General Manager of<br />

Başteks Tekstil, stated that one of the most important<br />

factors in their product quality is their<br />

continuous development policy and that they<br />

adapt the latest technologies they closely follow<br />

to their production with R&D oriented studies.<br />

Abdurrahman Gönüllü emphasized that while<br />

closely following all technological developments,<br />

they especially care about supporting domestic<br />

and innovative projects in line with the company<br />

principles and said that they carried out a long<br />

term and comprehensive R&D study together<br />

with ENTEMA, one of the leading domestic machinery<br />

manufacturers. In this innovation process<br />

where environmentally friendly targets were prioritized,<br />

the operating parameters of SWELLSOFT,<br />

which works with an internationally patented<br />

principle that is completely different from other<br />

conventional continuous tambler machines, were<br />

developed.<br />

As a result of the joint efforts of Entema and<br />

Başteks, in addition to the improved process<br />

quality, the environment has been better protected<br />

and the national economy has been contributed<br />

to thanks to the significant savings in<br />

<strong>May</strong> <strong>2024</strong>

79<br />

electricity and heat energy, while working health<br />

has also been improved thanks to the reduced<br />

noise level. Stating that different results can be<br />

achieved in different textile products with the advantages<br />

provided by this new technology in the<br />

future, Abdurrahman Gönüllü added that they will<br />

continue to contribute to the Turkish textile and<br />

textile machinery sectors with R&D studies.<br />

Emphasizing the importance of the total support<br />

given to the project by Başteks managers and<br />

technical staff, Entema manager Ömer GÖKCAN<br />

stated that they are grateful to everyone who contributed<br />

to this level reached together.<br />

process temperatures without fracture, abrasion<br />

and inhomogeneous surface appearance. Ömer<br />

Gökcan stated that as additional gains, the waste<br />

in textile products processed with SWELLSOFT is<br />

significantly reduced and the Martindale friction<br />

resistance test values are far above the results of<br />

other conventional machines and that they will<br />

continue their R&D studies with innovative projects<br />

in the coming periods.<br />

The extraordinary results obtained with the patented<br />

technology used in the machine, which<br />

is produced in international standards, provide<br />

new possibilities for finishing textile products.<br />

SWELLSOFT open width continuous fabric effect<br />

and drying machine in the textile industry,<br />

a wide range of products such as towels, velvet,<br />

home wear, outerwear, upholstery, home textiles,<br />

plush, blankets, carpets can be produced up to<br />

working width of 5 mt according to the needs.<br />

Processes carried out in two or three steps with<br />

conventional machines can be completed in<br />

one go with this innovative machine. Developed<br />

with the support of TUBITAK (Scientific and<br />

Technological Research Council of Turkiye),<br />

SWELLSOFT’s different principles from other<br />

conventional machines, enable the fabric to be<br />

processed in a tension-controlled, unidirectional<br />

and most importantly, 100% open width form<br />

without any accumulation in the cabin, making<br />

it possible to process the fabrics even at high

84<br />


HTE<br />

ÖZKYA comes with premium<br />

quality at competitive<br />

conditions<br />

Özkayaogulları, which is a company<br />

operating in the home textile industry,<br />

is dedicated to produce its innovative<br />

curtains and fabrics with the latest<br />

model weaving machinery.<br />

Özkayaoğulları is a family business established<br />

in 1990 to operate in the construction<br />

industry. Later the company stepped<br />

into the textile sector in 2004 by Yılmaz ÖZKYA.<br />

Producing competitive home textile products under<br />

its respectful brand of Özper, the company<br />

has been continuing to develop its production<br />

and activities.<br />

Total production area of the factory is 12000<br />

square meters where an annual capacity of 1<br />

million meters of fabrics is produced. The plant<br />

is equipped with the latest model weaving machinery<br />

to respond to customer demands more<br />

quickly. The company attaches extra importance<br />

on quality as well. Another factor which<br />

Özkayaoğulları prioritizes is innovation. Thanks<br />

to its R&D team the company produces highest<br />

quality level of innovative curtains and fabrics.<br />

Özkayaoğulları has been operating in all areas<br />

of production technology, design and service addressing<br />

to the values<br />

of every culture<br />

and nation.<br />

Recep Kardeş of the company said: “We continue<br />

production with the understanding of ‘If you set<br />

your plans properly the success follows. If you believe<br />

in a discipline, team spirit, love and respect,<br />

the success will definitely follow.’ Our company<br />

team has been working with the highest level of<br />

motivation and determination to provide customer<br />

satisfaction.”<br />

Continuing its production as a fully integrated facility,<br />

Özper aims to increase its export rate and<br />

expand into new countries and markets in <strong>2024</strong>.<br />

<strong>May</strong> <strong>2024</strong>

86<br />


HTE<br />

Zeyd Tekstil offers excellent<br />

water-proof mattress protectors,<br />

home textiles and more<br />

The textile journey of Zeyd Tekstil company<br />

started in the 90s, when it was established<br />

by using the knowledge and experience the<br />

founding brothers Hidayet, Ali and Sakin gained<br />

by working in the leading companies of the weaving<br />

and ready-made clothing sector in European<br />

countries (Netherlands and Belgium). They founded<br />

Zeyd Tekstil in 2008 with the aim of manufacturing<br />

water-proof mattress protector types and<br />

home textile products. We got more info from<br />

Sakin Yalçın, CEO of the company in an interview<br />

he granted to our magazine:<br />

Can you briefly introduce yourself<br />

and your company?<br />

I am Sakin Yalçın. Along with my brothers Hidayet<br />

and Ali Yalçın, we founded Zeyd Tekstil in the<br />

1990s. Starting with great enthusiasm and determination,<br />

our textile journey led us to become<br />

one of the leading companies in the weaving and<br />

knitting sector. We have expanded our reach not<br />

only within our country but also in European countries<br />

(Netherlands and Belgium), broadening our<br />

product range and scope of work. Leveraging the<br />

knowledge and expertise we gained in the industry,<br />

we began manufacturing waterproof mattress<br />

protectors and related home textile products in<br />

2008. Our company continues to approach each<br />

new day with the same excitement as the first.<br />

Together with our employees, we continually<br />

strive to find ways to improve and provide the<br />

best possible contributions to people’s comfort<br />

in their daily lives. This is our mission, and we will<br />

continue to take steps in pursuit of it.<br />

What products do you have in your<br />

portfolio, and what are the standout<br />

factors in these products? What kind<br />

of research and development (R&D)<br />

efforts do you have?<br />

In our product portfolio, we offer waterproof mattress<br />

protectors, bedding sets including blankets<br />

and quilts, as well as pillows, as part of our bedding<br />

product line. Additionally, we manufacture<br />

products for towels and kitchen textiles.<br />

Regarding product development, we engage in<br />

discussions and consultations with textile engineers.<br />

We conduct experiments with expert professionals<br />

before introducing our products to the<br />

public. With every experiment and each step we<br />

take, our aim is to satisfy our customers. We believe<br />

that our customers are like a big family to<br />

<strong>May</strong> <strong>2024</strong>

high-quality, fast, and flexible production processes<br />

keep us on course and bring us closer<br />

to our goals. Of course, we are a company that<br />

is not afraid to self-critique, openly discussing<br />

our strengths and weaknesses, which ultimately<br />

leads us to improve. This characteristic drives us<br />

towards the happiness of our customers. In the<br />

textile industry, we always see the big picture,<br />

think big, and establish ourselves in the areas<br />

where people can be most comfortable in their<br />

homes. In addition, the training programs we invest<br />

in and the certifications we obtain as a result<br />

are other distinguishing factors that set us apart.<br />

87<br />

Do you have any investments<br />

planned for the short, medium, and<br />

long term?<br />

us, and if this wonderful family is happy with our<br />

products and continually says “it’s great,” then we<br />

are motivated to take new steps with even greater<br />

aspirations. After every experiment, we set the<br />

goal of presenting people with products that are<br />

of higher quality than yesterday and more unique<br />

than tomorrow. To provide some examples, our<br />

product focus includes items with cooling properties,<br />

anti-bacterial features, high breathability,<br />

waterproof capabilities, and products that enhance<br />

sleep quality. In this regard, we are conducting<br />

serious R&D work.<br />

We understand that achieving a medium-term<br />

goal requires a series of short-term goals to come<br />

together. Additionally, many medium-term goals<br />

need to align to reach your ultimate long-term objective.<br />

Our primary short-term goal is to deliver<br />

fast and high-quality products to people. In the<br />

medium term, our goal is to maintain this professional<br />

flow and open our doors to innovation<br />

as a company that places people at its core. In<br />

the long term, we have a project in mind, but I<br />

would like to provide more detailed information<br />

on this subject after obtaining the necessary patents.<br />

The aim will always be high-quality and people-centric<br />

investments.<br />

What are the features that set you<br />

apart from your competitors?<br />

At Zeyd Tekstil, our top priority has always been<br />

people and their comfort. To achieve greater<br />

success, we believe in understanding our competitors<br />

better and differentiating ourselves from<br />

them. We consistently expand our scope of operations,<br />

always striving for something new and<br />

better with each new period, without falling into<br />

repetition. We add value to ourselves and, as a<br />

more professional company, we know that by<br />

putting people at the center, we will naturally stay<br />

one step ahead of our competitors. This innovative<br />

and team-oriented spirit is the fundamental<br />

key to our ongoing success and productivity. Our

88<br />


HTE<br />

Can you provide details about your<br />

exports, including your current<br />

and target markets, international<br />

promotion, participation in trade<br />

fairs, and other strategies?<br />

We embarked on this journey not only to establish<br />

ourselves in our own country but also<br />

to make our presence known in all European<br />

countries, familiarizing people with our products.<br />

Within this framework, we export to all European<br />

countries. Being a link in the foreign trade chain,<br />

both for our company and for our country, fills<br />

us with pride. Our goals are constantly expanding<br />

with new objectives. We aim not only to stay in<br />

Europe but also to make ourselves known in the<br />

United States, Middle Eastern countries, Africa,<br />

and Asia, bringing these essential human needs<br />

of high quality to people of all nations. For all<br />

markets, we prepare high-quality and high-tech<br />

mattress protectors and other textile products at<br />

their best. This goal is challenging, but success<br />

comes from embracing challenges. The human<br />

mind is like fertile soil where seeds are constantly<br />

planted, and our seeds are the newest projects<br />

and goals, the most innovative steps. The world<br />

is as we dream it. Dream a new dream and envision<br />

a new world... a global market where we are<br />

also present in our dreams.<br />

Is there anything specific you would<br />

like to emphasize?<br />

As I mentioned before, our priority is people.<br />

We are always focused on how to make people<br />

feel most comfortable and expand their comfort<br />

zone. In line with these thoughts, we consistently<br />

engage in innovative and robust efforts and<br />

continually take steps forward. We participate in<br />

various national and international fairs, including<br />

specialized ones. Each fair adds new colors to our<br />

palette and new experiences to our expertise. In<br />

the field of technical textiles, we aim to improve<br />

ourselves and aspire to be one of the leading<br />

brands in the world.<br />

<strong>May</strong> <strong>2024</strong>

adeko_official<br />


92<br />


HTE<br />

Onur <strong>Home</strong> Collection grows<br />

with exclusive products<br />

As an expert in especially towels and bathrobes, the company<br />

produces unique home textiles and exports to 40 countries. Onur<br />

<strong>Home</strong> Collection aims more…<br />

Onur <strong>Home</strong> Collection, a Denizli-based company<br />

that produces mostly towels and bathrobes<br />

in Denizli, exports its competitive<br />

goods to 40 countries. With the developing technology,<br />

the company offers its softy, touchy and<br />

quality products for hotels and homes at home<br />

and abroad. We asked the details of their success<br />

to Cafer Ceylan, proprietor of the company.<br />

Could you briefly introduce yourself<br />

and your company?<br />

As ONUR HOME COLLECTION, we are a company<br />

that produces in Denizli, which is the focus of the<br />

towel and bathrobe sector in Turkey and exports<br />

goods to 40 different countries. With the developing<br />

technology and our growing family, our founder<br />

left the family company in 2006 and continued<br />

to serve in the hand and bath towel manufacturing<br />

sector with the private company he established.<br />

Our company,<br />

which continues<br />

to grow rapidly<br />

upon the intense<br />

demands<br />

we receive from<br />

the returns of<br />

the production<br />

of towels (hotel-dowry-daily<br />

use), bathrobes<br />

(hotel bathrobes,<br />

family bathrobe<br />

sets, bathrobes<br />

suitable for daily<br />

use), bed linen (hotel groups-single and double-single<br />

and double-double-dowry-daily use), has<br />

started to produce and market various products<br />

in many items by increasing its product range day<br />

by day.<br />

<strong>May</strong> <strong>2024</strong>

94<br />


HTE<br />

by minimizing our profitability rate and our priority<br />

being customer satisfaction are the primary targets<br />

among our company principles. In addition to all<br />

of these, being able to respond directly to customer<br />

demands in terms of our own production carries<br />

our company ahead of its competitors.<br />

Are there any investments you are<br />

planning in the short, medium and<br />

long term?<br />

While our production capacity in our establishment<br />

year was approximately 80 tons in an area<br />

of 820m², we increased our monthly production<br />

capacity to 180 tons per month in an area of<br />

20.000m² in line with the requests and demands<br />

of our valued customers.<br />

With its original production approach, we always<br />

combine products that can provide comfort for<br />

home and life with our own designs, and we produce<br />

by following the design trends in the world<br />

with our production network, which is constantly<br />

updated in the light of modern and technological<br />

developments, taking into account the wishes and<br />

desires of our customers.<br />

With our Onur <strong>Home</strong> Collection family, which is<br />

growing day by day in different regions in Turkey<br />

and abroad, our aim is to continue our contemporary<br />

and high-quality line with the same passion,<br />

to do the job we learned from our ancestors and<br />

love, and most importantly, to ensure satisfaction<br />

by taking into account the opinions of our customers<br />

and to meet them in the same line.<br />

First of all, by purchasing our factory facility and its<br />

property in 2023, we have created our first targets<br />

for <strong>2024</strong>. In order to minimize the delivery time<br />

of orders, we will add new ones to our weaving<br />

looms and garment machines and thus, we will<br />

make new contributions to the employment of the<br />

people of Denizli, the capital of textile, as our need<br />

for manpower will increase in direct proportion to<br />

the increase in the workforce. As our production<br />

capacity increases, both we and our export sector<br />

will grow and win with new countries and new customers<br />

we can reach.<br />

Can you give details about your<br />

exports? What would you like to<br />

say about your current and target<br />

markets, foreign promotion,<br />

participation in fairs, etc. strategies?<br />

Including 2023, the countries we have served so<br />

far are Romania, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Bosnia<br />

and Herzegovina, Algeria, Russia, Saudi Arabia,<br />

Libya, Tunisia, Serbia, Greece, Iraq and Iran. In<br />

<strong>2024</strong>, Europe and America are among the countries<br />

to be visited and trade connections to be established.<br />

What is in your product portfolio and<br />

what are the prominent factors in<br />

these products? What kind of studies<br />

do you have on product development<br />

and R&D?<br />

Our product portfolio consists of hand towels, bath<br />

towels, bathrobe sets, bath sets and bed linen sets<br />

suitable for dowry and current use. Our R&D staff<br />

is rapidly renewing the current and trendy works<br />

on the demands that intensify according to the regions.<br />

What are the features that make you<br />

superior to your competitors?<br />

Making production according to all regions, sales<br />

capacities, the product that can be sold in that<br />

region, facilitating accessibility to quality products<br />

<strong>May</strong> <strong>2024</strong>

96<br />

FOCUS<br />

HTE<br />

The best organic bath towels:<br />

What to look for in<br />

eco-friendly towels?<br />

By Zübeyde Sahin<br />

<strong>Textile</strong> Engineer I Research & Product Development<br />

Engineer I Sustainable Production & Quality Assurance<br />

Engineer<br />

While there are almost endless<br />

ways to reduce your carbon<br />

footprint, some of the most effective<br />

changes happen right at home.<br />

What you buy, how you care for your<br />

items and how you dispose of them<br />

matters. In this regard, if you’re on<br />

the hunt for new bath towels and want<br />

something a little greener than the average<br />

set, you can opt for organic products.<br />

What is the difference between organic<br />

and eco-friendly? Also, what are the<br />

best organic towels and how do you<br />

know if the organic bath towels you see<br />

for sale are legitimate? Read on for<br />

answers to these questions, as well<br />

as useful guidance on shopping for<br />

sustainable household items.<br />

What are Organic Bath<br />

Towels?<br />

Eco-friendly bath towels are actually<br />

sustainably produced bath towels.<br />

However, “eco-friendly” and<br />

“sustainable” are somewhat broad<br />

terms. They can be Oeko-Tex certified,<br />

produced in a Fair Trade facility<br />

or labeled organic. Note that<br />

organic cotton towels are generally<br />

<strong>May</strong> <strong>2024</strong>

98<br />

FOCUS<br />

HTE<br />

The Global Organic <strong>Textile</strong> Standard, an independent,<br />

third-party organization, provides consumers<br />

with easily identifiable, reliable information<br />

about the products they buy, while giving brands<br />

credibility for the products they offer. The not-forprofit<br />

company also has a designated Council of<br />

Certification Bodies, a Standards Committee and<br />

regional representatives to ensure relevant and<br />

consistent labeling criteria.<br />

What is Oeko-Tex?<br />

Oeko-Tex is a textile label often seen on bath linen,<br />

bed linen and clothing. Oeko-Tex Standard<br />

100 towels are made without the use of chemicals<br />

and artificial dyes that can harm the wearer and<br />

the environment. Some of the best organic towels<br />

carry this label in addition to GOTS certification.<br />

considered eco-friendly, but not all eco-friendly<br />

towels are organic.<br />

Why Ethical and Sustainable<br />

Certifications Matter?<br />

Many people think that certified organic towels<br />

are the most sustainable option. But what makes<br />

GOTS certified bath and beach products the best<br />

organic bathroom textiles? Learn more about the<br />

label and other eco-friendly certifications below.<br />

What is Fair Trade?<br />

Fair Trade is a label often seen on ethical towels,<br />

eco-friendly clothing and other sustainable household<br />

items that meet global or national supply<br />

chain standards. When you see the seal, you’ll<br />

know that your bath towels are made by workers<br />

who are fairly paid and treated humanely, according<br />

to strict environmental and economic criteria.<br />

What is GOTS?<br />

GOTS is the Global Organic <strong>Textile</strong> Standard. The<br />

non-profit organization is the world’s leading certification<br />

body for bath towels and other textiles,<br />

including bedding and clothing.<br />

GOTS labeled towels are sourced from plants<br />

that meet the strict standards set by IFOAM, the<br />

International Federation of Organic Agriculture<br />

Movements.<br />

IFOAM is a global organization representing around<br />

800 affiliates in more than 100 countries, including<br />

the Global Organic <strong>Textile</strong> Standard. In addition to<br />

the ban on GMOs (genetically modified organisms)<br />

and artificial herbicides, organic farming generally<br />

uses less water than conventional agriculture.<br />

Not only that, certification ensures that every stage<br />

of the supply chain meets GOTS standards. This includes<br />

initial processing, conversion of fibers into<br />

yarn or thread, weaving or knitting, wet processing,<br />

manufacturing and trade.<br />

Is GOTS Legal?<br />

<strong>May</strong> <strong>2024</strong>

24-27 February 2025<br />

Almaty / Kazakhstan<br />

Sinem ALTINAY / Turkel Fair Organization<br />

GSM: +90 544 680 00 64<br />

sinemaltinay@turkel.com.tr<br />

homedecofair.com<br />


100 HTE<br />


Naza Tekstil; outstanding in<br />

quality, competitive in price<br />

Having Pera, Venessa and Alize brands with<br />

excellent success stories in production<br />

and exports, Naza Tekstil is a fast-growing<br />

company especially in exports, offers excellent<br />

products in the home textile industry. We asked<br />

the factor behind their success to Mustafa Naza,<br />

proprietor of the company:<br />

Could you briefly introduce yourself<br />

and your company?<br />

I am the third-generation representative of our<br />

company Tuna Naza. My grandfather Abdullah<br />

Naza came to Istanbul from our town Kızılcabölük,<br />

where weaving has been done for centuries in<br />

Denizli, and opened a store in Sümbüllü Han<br />

on Çakmakçılar hill in order to sell the goods<br />

produced in the town. Later, my father laid the<br />

foundations of fabrication production in 1996. In<br />

2006, he built a factory for the home textile products<br />

we currently do. And since then, we have<br />

been selling products that we produce entirely<br />

ourselves.<br />

What is in your product portfolio and<br />

what are the prominent factors in<br />

these products? What kind of studies<br />

do you have on product development<br />

and R&D?<br />

Our product portfolio includes wide range of diffirent<br />

quality of dyed and printed fabrics for duvet<br />

covers, quilts and sheets. We produce both duvet<br />

cover sets and quilts from the fabrics we manufacture.<br />

<strong>May</strong> <strong>2024</strong>

organised by

102 HTE<br />


What makes you superior to your<br />

competitors?<br />

Standard in product quality, continuity, production<br />

discipline, best for our interlocutors during<br />

the commercial process; to provide high benefit<br />

are the factors we are specialized in. In short, on<br />

the basis of efficiency, we manage to produce the<br />

right goods at the right price, in the highest quantity.<br />

What is important to us is the satisfaction of<br />

our interlocutors.<br />

Are there any investments planned in<br />

the short, medium and long term?<br />

We can think of our investments as renewing our<br />

machinery park and keeping it up to date with<br />

the necessities of our profession and keeping up<br />

with technology as much as possible. We aim to<br />

follow the requirements of technology in the coming<br />

period and constantly renew our machinery<br />

park with the highest and newest technology. We<br />

invest in our own business with the money we<br />

earn from our profession, without shifting it to<br />

any other sector, and try to keep our technology<br />

as high as we can.<br />

Can you give details about your<br />

exports? What would you like to<br />

say about your current and target<br />

markets, foreign promotion, fair<br />

participation etc. strategies?<br />

In the most recent period of 20 years, we have exported<br />

to the nearby geography, the Balkan countries,<br />

the Caucasus and the eastern bloc countries.<br />

Recently, we have been exporting to North<br />

African countries. We have been participating in<br />

international and local fairs for several years, the<br />

main one being <strong>Home</strong>Tex in Istanbul. I think that<br />

there is a gap in exports in this conjuncture in the<br />

world, especially since Turkey always has readymade<br />

products and the surplus scales are not as<br />

large as before. We want to focus on exports as<br />

much as we can and make the maximum contribution<br />

to our country.<br />

<strong>May</strong> <strong>2024</strong>

104 HTE<br />


Enas poised for growth<br />

with exports<br />

The company has been producing home textile<br />

products for many years and currently exports its<br />

competitive products to over 60 countries and aims<br />

more in exports.<br />

Köseoğlu family, which has 35 years of experience<br />

in the sector, first introduced<br />

Elizabeth and then Enas brands to the sector.<br />

Underlining that single tulle curtains will be<br />

a trend in <strong>2024</strong>, Enas Chairman Hadi Köseoğlu<br />

stated that sufficient fair areas should be brought<br />

to Istanbul as soon as possible. Köseoğlu said<br />

that air cargo transportation should be developed<br />

urgently for exporting companies and gave information<br />

about their plans for the future.<br />

How was the Enas brand<br />

established? Could you tell us about<br />

the work you have done since your<br />

establishment?<br />

We entered the curtain and home textile business<br />

in 1989. We traded entirely in suitcases<br />

until 1998. Then we returned to normal exports.<br />

Meanwhile, we established Elizabeth under the<br />

Köseoğlu Company. We continue to serve with<br />

our Enas brand since 2019.<br />

What kind of<br />

products do you<br />

have? What are<br />

the features of<br />

these products?<br />

In addition to tulle and<br />

thick curtain fabrics,<br />

we also have roller and<br />

zebra curtains. We also<br />

export upholstery fabric<br />

and carpets. Apart from<br />

this, we make wholesale<br />

sales to nearly 60 countries.<br />

We do their R&D<br />

and design work ourselves.<br />

We have products<br />

with features such as fireproof, recyclable,<br />

stain and water repellent. Thanks to our 18 years<br />

of production history and experience, we can<br />

easily respond to every request. Decorative single<br />

tulle products will be trending in <strong>2024</strong>. These can<br />

be used both as tulle and as curtains. We had already<br />

made the necessary investments regarding<br />

these products in 2023.<br />

Which countries and regions do you<br />

export to?<br />

We export 90% of our products to 500 points<br />

and 60 countries. We can count the Middle East,<br />

<strong>May</strong> <strong>2024</strong>

105<br />

Europe, South America, Asia, and Russia and<br />

Eastern bloc countries as regions. These export<br />

efforts have been continuing since approximately<br />

1990. Because we think continuity in exports is<br />

important.<br />

What are the goals of the Enas brand<br />

for <strong>2024</strong> and beyond?<br />

In order for Turkey to export massively too many<br />

parts of the world, air transportation needs to develop.<br />

Because we are competing with large manufacturers<br />

such as China, India, Egypt, Iran and<br />

Pakistan. Europe has turned to B2B work, especially<br />

after it started to abandon production, and<br />

they use air transportation effectively while doing<br />

this work. We must solve this problem very quickly.<br />

This is the most important way to strengthen<br />

exporters.<br />

In <strong>2024</strong>, we will double our exports from 500<br />

points to 1,000. We aim to increase this number<br />

by 10 times and reach 5,000 points in the next 4<br />

years. This is not difficult to do. There is a large<br />

market. We believe that we can make these plans<br />

on the date we want.<br />

What do you think should be done to<br />

increase exports in this sector?<br />

We have approximately 35 years of experience in<br />

the industry. The biggest shortcomings in Turkey<br />

are the inadequacy of fairgrounds and the underdevelopment<br />

of air cargo transportation. The sales<br />

area of the exhibition center where the <strong>Home</strong>tex<br />

fair is held is 60,000 m2. We have brands with<br />

only 200-300 thousand m2 production area.<br />

That’s why we need an exhibition center with an<br />

area of at least 250,000 m2.<br />

Apart from this, as exporters, we cannot send<br />

products abroad quickly. We are late in this regard<br />

and we need to improve as soon as possible.

106 HTE<br />


Sierra Linens – outstanding in<br />

quality, competitive in price<br />

Nisa <strong>Textile</strong> is one of the<br />

leading companies operating<br />

in the home textile<br />

industry in Turkiye with its lovely<br />

products under the name Sierra<br />

Linens, which is famous for its<br />

elegant products offering at competitive<br />

conditions. We asked<br />

the details of their operations to<br />

Emine Doğmuş, CEO of Sierra<br />

<strong>Textile</strong>.<br />

Could you introduce<br />

yourself and your<br />

company to us?<br />

Our company, established in<br />

2011, manages Nisa Boyahane<br />

and <strong>Textile</strong>, and has been operating<br />

Sierra Linens since 2017.<br />

Located in the Denizli Organized<br />

Industrial Zone, our company offers a wide range<br />

of home textile products. Nisa <strong>Textile</strong>, one of the<br />

region’s largest yarn dyeing facilities, is fully dedicated<br />

to exports and stands out with the GOTS<br />

organic product certification. Sierra Linens, established<br />

in 2017 to produce home textile products<br />

at world standards, strengthens its brand with up<br />

to 90% export capacity. With the opening of our<br />

first store in Budva, Montenegro, we continue our<br />

investments focused on exports.<br />

What are the features that make you<br />

superior to your competitors?<br />

Key features of our company include: Quality<br />

Products and Innovation: We prioritize<br />

product quality and consistently<br />

offer unique products with<br />

innovative designs. Customer<br />

Satisfaction and Communication:<br />

Our strategies emphasize responding<br />

quickly to customer<br />

requests, maintaining strong communication,<br />

and prioritizing customer<br />

satisfaction.<br />

Logistics and Supply Chain<br />

Management: We aim to increase<br />

customer satisfaction with fast delivery,<br />

accurate order processing,<br />

and effective logistics.<br />

Market Research and Target<br />

Market Strategy: By closely monitoring<br />

market trends, we determine<br />

the right target markets and<br />

work on developing marketing strategies.<br />

Sustainability and Social Responsibility:<br />

Distinguishing our brand from competitors, we<br />

participate in environmentally friendly production<br />

methods and social responsibility projects.<br />

Global Business Partnerships and Networks: To<br />

be effective in the international market, we establish<br />

local business partnerships, creating a strong<br />

business network to better adapt to changing local<br />

market conditions.<br />

What do you have in your product<br />

portfolio? What are the prominent<br />

features of your products?<br />

In terms of product development and R&D, our<br />

company consistently focuses on a comprehensive<br />

R&D program, exploring new materials, production<br />

methods, and design techniques. This<br />

program is developed to keep up with market innovations,<br />

respond quickly to customer demands,<br />

and lead the industry. By considering customer<br />

feedback, we continually improve our products<br />

and remain committed to providing the best<br />

possible experience for our customers. We use<br />

eco-friendly materials and sustainable production<br />

<strong>May</strong> <strong>2024</strong>

methods in our product development and manufacturing<br />

processes. By doing so, we fulfill our<br />

social responsibility by offering environmentally<br />

conscious products to our customers.<br />

107<br />

Product Development and R&D Activities: Our<br />

R&D department consistently conducts studies<br />

on new materials, technologies, and design<br />

trends to keep our product portfolio up to date.<br />

Specifically, our R&D efforts continue in innovative<br />

areas such as antimicrobial fabrics and energy-efficient<br />

textile products.<br />

Do you have any investments<br />

planned for the short, medium, or<br />

long term?<br />

In the short term, we don’t have any immediate<br />

breakthroughs planned. However, in the medium<br />

and long term, our aim is to expand our product<br />

range and extend our visionary perspective to<br />

more distant countries.<br />

Can you provide details about your<br />

exports? What are your current<br />

and target markets? What can you<br />

say about your strategies such as<br />

participation in international trade<br />

fairs for overseas promotion?<br />

Despite the decline in home textile and clothing<br />

exports, we aim to maintain our market share in<br />

exports. Opening branches in the United States,<br />

Germany, Qatar, and Estonia is our primary goal<br />

to achieve our export targets. We hope the fair is<br />

successful for all participants.<br />

Are there any particular topics you’d<br />

like to emphasize?<br />

We place great importance on the quality and durability<br />

of our products. To earn our customers’<br />

trust, we use the finest materials. Customer satisfaction<br />

is paramount to us. We welcome feedback<br />

and enjoy direct communication with our customers.<br />

In our commitment<br />

to preserving<br />

nature, we employ<br />

eco-friendly production<br />

methods, striving<br />

to minimize our<br />

environmental impact<br />

by working with<br />

recyclable materials.<br />

We consistently<br />

track fashion trends<br />

and offer innovative<br />

products through<br />

our R&D efforts. Our<br />

goal is to provide<br />

modern and functional<br />

home textile<br />

products that align<br />

with our customers’<br />


108 HTE<br />


İsa <strong>Textile</strong> grows<br />

with exports<br />

Isa <strong>Textile</strong> strives to provide the best service<br />

to its customers by constantly following upto-date<br />

technology, design and international<br />

fashion with R&D and innovation studies and<br />

combining sustainable development conditions<br />

with quality standards<br />

İsa <strong>Textile</strong> has been in the home textile since<br />

1980. By producing mainly cotton fabrics and<br />

polyester fabrics for curtains, the company<br />

serves its customers with ready-to-use home textile<br />

products sewn together with its wholesale fabric<br />

sales, through its patented brands NAPOLYON,<br />

DAVINCI, and HUQQA in many countries of the<br />

world. We conducted an interview with an official<br />

of İsa <strong>Textile</strong> about their products and operations:<br />

With what kind of products does İsa<br />

<strong>Textile</strong> serve the sector?<br />

As Isa <strong>Textile</strong>, we have a product range that can<br />

meet the needs of our industry and respond to<br />

its demands. In addition to our fabrics mainly for<br />

home textile, hotel, hospital, baby-child-adults,<br />

our products such as Ranforce, Poplin, Akfil,<br />

Satin, Pique, Towel Holder, Raw Cloth, Duck<br />

Cloth, Undersheet, Plush, Hasse, Rips, Gabardine<br />

and Muslin fabrics, we provide wholesale service.<br />

In addition, we also serve the end user with our<br />

product range, which we have sewn from these<br />

products and made ready for use.<br />

What are the features of the<br />

products you produce? What are the<br />

most important features that set you<br />

apart from other brands?<br />

As for our feature that distinguishes us from other<br />

companies, we continue to work intensively<br />

to provide the best service to our customers as<br />

wholesale and ready products by constantly following<br />

up-to-date technology, design and international<br />

fashion with R&D and innovation studies<br />

and combining sustainable development conditions<br />

with quality standards. In addition, we ensure<br />

that we are the trendsetting company in the<br />

sector, not following the sector with these works.<br />

<strong>May</strong> <strong>2024</strong>

109<br />

How can you evaluate the last period<br />

in terms of the sector and the<br />

brand?<br />

As an industry, it is impossible not to be affected<br />

by the situation in the world. However, since our<br />

company and our country are one of the leading,<br />

reliable companies and countries in the sector<br />

and our company has products in every continent,<br />

it cannot be said that we have too much<br />

difficulty in finding a market. However, while this<br />

makes us proud, it also puts a great burden on<br />

us. Being aware of this, we continue our work<br />

without stopping.<br />

How was the year 2023 from the<br />

standpoint of exports? Which<br />

countries and regions do you export<br />

to? Are there new target markets?<br />

If we consider the exports in 2023, we are pleased<br />

that despite the wars and economic crises, we recorded<br />

a growth as the country and our company.<br />

Of course, we need to increase more. We are trying<br />

to do our best in this regard. We mainly produce<br />

products for export. Currently, our export<br />

sales to over 40 countries continue. Our goal is to<br />

sell products to more countries and new markets<br />

and to increase the exports of our country and<br />

our own company to the highest levels.

110 HTE<br />


Şah Metal unveils<br />

the curtain to success!<br />

Founded in 2000 by the Mustafa and Ismail<br />

Gocer brothers in a small workshop of 30<br />

m2, Şah Metal, adopted ‘quality’ as an absolute<br />

must and from the very beginning, aimed at<br />

becoming a prestigious company that leads the<br />

sector. We asked the details of their journey to<br />

Mustaga Gocer, proprietor of the company.<br />

Could you briefly introduce your<br />

company?<br />

Şah Metal continued its activities as an individual<br />

company before 2003, and it is a company that<br />

we established as a limited company in 2003 with<br />

my brother İsmail Göçer. The registered trademark<br />

of our company is Guzzi.<br />

Guzzi is a brand that has been the pioneer of<br />

many deep-rooted innovations in the sector and<br />

has realized quality productions unique to its design<br />

by enriching our production, which was established<br />

to hang and connect the curtains to the<br />

sides, with roller blind accessories.<br />

What is in your product portfolio and<br />

what are the prominent factors in<br />

these products? What kind of studies<br />

do you have on product development<br />

and R&D?<br />

We can summarize our product portfolio as rustic,<br />

renso, arm ties, braçol curtains, chain curtain<br />

types, roller blinds and accessories used for hanging<br />

curtains and connecting them to the sides.<br />

As the prominent factor, the designs calculated<br />

from the assembly system to its posture in the<br />

<strong>May</strong> <strong>2024</strong>

111<br />

space are combined with quality productions. Of<br />

course, brainstorming with our dealers is very<br />

important in product development, and then the<br />

fairs we attend or visit in the international arena<br />

provide us with serious feedback.<br />

Our team working on R&D is growing every day.<br />

We are confident that we will again raise the bar<br />

that we constantly raise in the sector.<br />

What makes you superior to your<br />

competitors?<br />

We know which stages the products will go<br />

through from the design stage to the application<br />

area. We produce flawless and stylish products.<br />

We can be a very good solution partner for our<br />

dealers in their special works.<br />

Can you give details about your<br />

exports? What would you like to<br />

say about your current and target<br />

markets, foreign promotion, fair<br />

participation etc. strategies?<br />

Although our general market is domestic, we export<br />

to various countries, of course, we would like<br />

our exports to be more than the local market. In<br />

order to realize this, our overseas marketing team<br />

is working with international fair participation.<br />

Are there any issues or topics<br />

you would like to emphasize in<br />

particular?<br />

I believe that the proliferation of innovative productive<br />

companies will add serious color to the<br />

sector. I hope that such companies will exist.<br />

Are there any investments planned in<br />

the short, medium and long term?<br />

Investment plans have to be continuous. Of<br />

course, although the dates are not certain, the<br />

periods may be at different times. However, we<br />

continue to work on some product groups that we<br />

feel are lacking in the sector.

112 HTE<br />

EVENTS<br />

World <strong>Home</strong> <strong>Textile</strong> Sector<br />

Meets at HOMETEX<br />

HOMETEX <strong>Home</strong> <strong>Textile</strong> Fair, the most important<br />

meeting of the home textile industry, will be held<br />

at Istanbul Expo Centre on 21-25 <strong>May</strong> <strong>2024</strong>.<br />

Organised by Turkish <strong>Home</strong> <strong>Textile</strong><br />

Industrialists’ and Business People’s<br />

Association (TETSIAD), the umbrella organisation<br />

of the home textile industry, and<br />

KFA Fuarcılık, a subsidiary of Bursa Chamber of<br />

Commerce and Industry (BTSO), HOMETEX is preparing<br />

to bring together the global players of the<br />

industry. The fair, which will be held in 11 halls<br />

with a total area of 200 thousand square metres<br />

at the Istanbul Expo Centre, which is accepted as<br />

the trend centre of home textiles, is expected to<br />

be the most important meeting place of the sector<br />

this year as every year. More than 700 companies<br />

are planned to take part in the fair as exhibitors.<br />

From curtains and curtain accessories to upholstery<br />

fabrics, from towels and bathroom products<br />

to carpets and floor coverings, from bedroom,<br />

kitchen and dining room textiles to wall coverings,<br />

companies will exhibit their innovative products<br />

and designs.<br />

Support for Export with Qualified<br />

Buying Delegations<br />

In HOMETEX, which offers important opportunities<br />

for the home textile industry to introduce new<br />

products and reach international consumers and<br />

professionals, professional visitors and purchasing<br />

delegations from different geographies of the<br />

<strong>May</strong> <strong>2024</strong>

world from Europe to Asia, Africa to America will<br />

also take their place. HOMETEX, which has contributed<br />

to the economy with billions of dollars of<br />

trade in the past years, will continue to support<br />

the exports of the Turkish home textile industry<br />

with maximum commercial connections in <strong>2024</strong>.<br />

113<br />

The fair will add strength to the<br />

sector with its inspiring concept<br />

This year, HOMETEX will also offer its visitors and<br />

exhibitors a unique exhibition experience with its<br />

highly interactive and inspiring concept. The fair,<br />

which will be organised with a rich content ranging<br />

from sustainable products to fashion interviews,<br />

from trend areas to sector meetings, is preparing<br />

to bring new horizons to the companies.<br />

The fair will play an important role in shaping the<br />

future of the global home textile sector with trend<br />

areas consisting of carefully prepared designs of<br />

distinguished brands, ‘HOMETEX Dialogs’ where<br />

designers, manufacturers and fashion professionals<br />

share sectoral information and many other<br />


114 HTE<br />

EVENTS<br />

The upholstery fabric<br />

and curtain industry<br />

Proposted in Como<br />

Proposte, the fascinating show of upholstery fabrics<br />

and curtains held in Como, Italy, every year,<br />

heralds the spring in the industry and generates a<br />

big volume of trade.<br />

The 31th edition of Proposte, the International<br />

Trade Show of Upholstery Fabrics and<br />

Curtains, was held at its traditional venue,<br />

the exhibition area of ancient Villa Erba, 2-4 <strong>May</strong><br />

<strong>2024</strong>.<br />

Proposte has become a point of reference for<br />

leading industry specialists from around the<br />

world, who come every year to see products of<br />

excellence presented by the best international<br />

companies in home textiles, curtains, wallcoverings<br />

and trimmings.<br />

This year, the trade show hosted 79 exhibitors,<br />

48 international and 31 Italian, representing the<br />

top tier in their segment and showcasing a preview<br />

of their most innovative and fascinating collections.<br />

9 of the exhibitors were new participants<br />

this year. “We are proud of seeing new companies<br />

participating in the show,” commented Massimo<br />

Mosiello, Director of Proposte. “They will increase<br />

the prestige of the trade show. Two important<br />

companies that have already presented their collections<br />

at Proposte in the past came back. This<br />

is another confirmation that our trade show is increasingly<br />

becoming a fundamental showcase for<br />

<strong>May</strong> <strong>2024</strong>

leading international textile designers – made the<br />

trade show expand and use the entire available<br />

area of the exhibition center.<br />

115<br />

The exhibition continued outside the booths and<br />

also filled the Padiglione Centrale, where fine<br />

upholstery fabrics designed and interpreted by<br />

Proposte exhibitors were on display.<br />

The collaboration of the fair management with<br />

the Italian Trade Agency ICE brought 51 selected<br />

buyers from 15 countries to Villa Erba: Australia,<br />

China, Croatia, the United Arab Emirates, France,<br />

Japan, Jordan, India, Slovenia, Spain, the United<br />

States, Sweden, Tunisia, Turkey and Hungary.<br />

9 international journalists also participated in<br />

Proposte to publicize the event through the publication<br />

of dedicated articles.<br />

industry operators.” Turkiye was represented by<br />

9 leading exhibitors inside the Villa area namely<br />

Burkay, Dilhan, Evimteks, Güleser Tekstil, Martek<br />

Difference, Penelope Dokuma and Vanelli Tekstil.<br />

The claim of the <strong>2024</strong> communication campaign<br />

- “<strong>Textile</strong>s to ideas” - highlighted how creativity<br />

and technology are at the core of the collections<br />

presented by the trade show exhibitors, reflected<br />

in assortments that meet the highest standards<br />

with a unique know-how that is difficult to imitate,<br />

featuring a wealth of options to satisfy the needs<br />

of the most demanding buyers.<br />

Proposte’s exhibitors at Villa Erba have shown<br />

that they possess these characteristics, passing<br />

the rigorous controls of the trade show’s selection<br />

team and confirming their solid production<br />

capacity and design offices always ready to present<br />

innovative, cutting-edge fabrics.<br />

The management of the fair warned, “Proposte<br />

is like a seal of quality that guarantees the excellence<br />

of the participating exhibitors. We know<br />

that outside Villa Erba there may be some companies<br />

that are not part of Proposte. These outside<br />

exhibitors, however respectable, are not part of<br />

our circuit and organization. In this edition, we<br />

also invite you to discover the elegance of the<br />

custom seating, specially designed by our exhibitors.”<br />

Tied with Proposte, the International Observatory<br />

display area was set up for the ninth time at the<br />

nearby Sheraton Como Lake where 9 international<br />

exhibitors showcased their latest collections.<br />

Also at Proposte <strong>2024</strong>, the growing number of<br />

exhibitors and the renewed collaboration with<br />

Comocrea – which allowed the creation of supply<br />

chain synergies thanks to the contacts with the

116 HTE<br />


Present your products with<br />

quality and elegance of<br />

Plasmat<br />

Aydin: “Our product<br />

quality, ability to design<br />

for every budget, and<br />

most importantly, the<br />

customer satisfaction is<br />

our first priority.”<br />

Established In 1997 in Istanbul to meet the<br />

needs of PVC plastic packaging, promotion<br />

materials, etc. needs of the companies,<br />

Plasmat follows the technological developments<br />

and strengthens its position in the industry.<br />

Plasmat, which evaluates customer data and develops<br />

easy assembly and time-saving products in<br />

packaging and assembly works that take long process,<br />

is one of the most preferred brands of customers.<br />

Company owner Ahmet Aydin emphasizes<br />

Plasmat’s vision by saying, “Our product quality,<br />

ability to design for every budget, and most importantly,<br />

customer satisfaction is our priority principle.”<br />

Could you tell us about the<br />

establishment of your company and<br />

the developments while entering the<br />

textile industry?<br />

Plasmat Basim Kartela has been operating since<br />

1997. We produce presentation materials to facilitate<br />

the marketing activities for many sectors,<br />

mainly in the textile sector. We are in this sector<br />

because the success of a company is directly proportional<br />

to its marketing activities. Accordingly,<br />

we consider presentation materials as important<br />

and reflect our difference by adding our own perspective<br />

to quality.<br />

Can you give information about<br />

your product range and machine<br />

park? What are the features that you<br />

highlight in production?<br />

In our product portfolio, there are various product<br />

groups under the name of cardboard titles, folders,<br />

bags, book cards, pvc-plastic packages, pleat<br />

curtain catalogs and other presentation materials<br />

which are becoming popular recently.<br />

I can say that our product quality, the ability to design<br />

projects for every budget, the most important<br />

of all is that our priority is customer satisfaction<br />

and that we are ready to serve our customers in<br />

every situation after sales.<br />

Can you give us information about<br />

your production facility?<br />

Our production capacity is high, so we use the latest<br />

system automatic machines that will save time<br />

in our production. We carry out R&D studies to<br />

get the same quality and standard product at every<br />

stage of our production and update our machines<br />

by following new technologies.<br />

What can you say about your design<br />

and R&D teams?<br />

Our industry is an area that requires continuous<br />

<strong>May</strong> <strong>2024</strong>

117<br />

innovation and high dynamic range. In this direction,<br />

we develop suitable presentation materials as<br />

the product portfolio changes. We visit textile and<br />

technology fairs to follow innovations worldwide.<br />

Which countries do you export and<br />

which do you want to include in your<br />

export network?<br />

We export to many countries from America to<br />

Australia, 90% of our exports goes to European<br />

countries. Our goal is to include Middle East countries<br />

in our export network.<br />

What are the fairs you are attending<br />

or intending to exhibit?<br />

We participate in all textile fairs both in Turkey and<br />

abroad as exhibitors and visitors. Heimtextil, IMM<br />

Cologne and <strong>Home</strong>tex fairs are the leading fairs we<br />

intend to attend.<br />

customers can reach us through our social media<br />

accounts and our website as well.<br />

Do you have any social responsibility<br />

activities?<br />

We use 100% recyclable paper and plastic products<br />

in our products. For the year 2020, we are<br />

planning to carry out the social responsibility project<br />

“Not waste but Recycle”.<br />

What is your company’s approach<br />

to social media? In which social<br />

networks are you active?<br />

The number of social media users is increasing<br />

day by day and it is the popular advertising method<br />

in reaching the masses. It is important for easy<br />

accessibility and we actively use social media as a<br />

company.<br />

Can you evaluate your location<br />

in terms of raw materials and<br />

distribution? Where can customers<br />

reach Plasmat?<br />

As a company, ninety percent of our raw materials<br />

are of European origin. Our company is located in<br />

Istanbul as a location where we can provide suitable<br />

freight for land and sea transportation. Our

20-23<br />

‘25<br />

recycle<br />

recycle<br />


120 HTE<br />

EVENTS<br />

CIFF Guangzhou <strong>2024</strong><br />

A record-breaking edition and<br />

a major boost to international<br />

furniture and home textile trade<br />

An extraordinary edition of CIFF Guangzhou has<br />

recently concluded, recording the highest number of<br />

exhibitors and visitors ever.<br />

This success rewarded the strategy of CIFF, an<br />

ever-evolving exhibition event with a key role<br />

in the development of the global furniture industry,<br />

promoting design and innovation, boosting<br />

consumption, and fostering international furniture<br />

trade.<br />

A total area measuring 850,000 square meters;<br />

4,700 exhibitors, 11.8% more than the all-time<br />

pre-pandemic peak in 2019; 363,449 trade visitors,<br />

22.06% more than in 2019, including 51,205<br />

international visitors from 178 countries, an increase<br />

of as much as +43.11% compared to 2019.<br />

Record-breaking numbers were recorded last<br />

March at the Canton Fair Complex in Guangzhou,<br />

further solidifying CIFF’s position as the world’s<br />

largest furniture fair and the most important and<br />

comprehensive business and product research<br />

platform in Asia.<br />

The 53rd CIFF Guangzhou <strong>2024</strong> showed four major<br />

improvements in terms of scale, product range,<br />

offering quality, and business opportunities, providing<br />

a unique opportunity to learn about the latest<br />

trends in design, discover the novel aspects of<br />

furniture Made in China and its business potential,<br />

and create solid, profitable business relationships<br />

<strong>May</strong> <strong>2024</strong>

needs of influential buyers from all the world’s major<br />

markets, CIFF also attracted countless interior<br />

designers interested in discovering new trends and<br />

the highest quality standards for both the home<br />

and the workplace.<br />

121<br />

Visitors were met with an extremely wide range of<br />

exhibitions, lectures, and forums involving famous<br />

designers, journalists, and curators. This not only<br />

established an efficient communication platform<br />

positioned to lead the development of new trends<br />

but also provided important networking opportunities,<br />

facilitating fruitful exchanges and forging<br />

valuable collaborations.<br />

The first phase, dedicated to <strong>Home</strong> Furniture, took<br />

place from 18th to 21st March, showcasing home<br />

furnishings, decorations and textiles for the home,<br />

and outdoor and leisure furniture systems. A wide<br />

range of contemporary design solutions were featured<br />

to promote the advancement of increasingly<br />

smart homes—covering everything from the cosy<br />

and functional aspects of living and dining areas<br />

to the comfort of upholstery for living and sleeping<br />

areas, with a focus on new ‘smart sleep’ systems,<br />

from decorative elements to the configuration of<br />

outdoor leisure spaces—to meet the varied needs<br />

of interior designers, dealers, and companies looking<br />

for production partners.<br />

The second phase, 28th to 31st March, focused<br />

on office furniture and commercial spaces as well<br />

between professionals from all over the world and<br />

increasingly qualified exhibitors.<br />

Divided into two phases for an exhibition event lasting<br />

a total of eight days, the 53rd CIFF Guangzhou<br />

<strong>2024</strong> represented the entire supply chain of the<br />

furniture industry. We witnessed an increasingly<br />

international event, both in terms of the impressive<br />

visitor and exhibitor attendance figures and<br />

in terms of trends and quality standards. The exhibition<br />

comprised even better-designed booths offering<br />

products of growing sophistication in terms<br />

of materials and details, responding perfectly to<br />

recent market demands. An event tailored to the

122 HTE<br />

EVENTS<br />

as machinery, materials, and components<br />

for the furniture industry.<br />

Office Furniture and Commercial<br />

Space has become the world’s<br />

largest platform for workplace<br />

systems and seating, smart office<br />

solutions, solutions for public,<br />

school, and commercial spaces,<br />

and furniture for providing medical<br />

care and meeting the needs of older<br />

people. It has established itself<br />

as the ideal place for developing<br />

trends that integrate aesthetics,<br />

function, technology, and sustainability,<br />

featuring new products,<br />

and offering the best solutions for<br />

workspace and commercial projects.<br />

CIFM/interzum Guangzhou <strong>2024</strong><br />

was a high-level event focused on<br />

the supply chain, presenting cutting-edge<br />

solutions in the production<br />

of machinery, materials, and<br />

components indispensable for the<br />

increasingly smart evolution of the<br />

furniture industry. The Materials<br />

section placed special emphasis<br />

on original surface design, propos-<br />

<strong>May</strong> <strong>2024</strong>

123<br />

ing new trends in furniture and interior design. The<br />

Hardware section set new standards in the production<br />

of high-end furniture for ever smarter homes.<br />

With a focus on the use of artificial intelligence<br />

and integrated solutions, the Machinery section<br />

became the benchmark for innovation and digital<br />

transformation in the furniture industry.<br />

55th CIFF Guangzhou 2025 phase 1 - 18-21 March<br />

2025 home furniture, homedecor & hometextile,<br />

outdoor & leisure furniture phase 2 - 28-31 March<br />

2025 office furniture, commercial furniture, hotel<br />

furniture and furniture machinery & raw materials<br />

For more information on CIFF please visit: www.<br />


124 HTE<br />


Maslina <strong>Textile</strong> on the way to<br />

become a world brand in home<br />

textiles<br />

As one of the suppliers of the best curtains,<br />

Maslina <strong>Textile</strong> has been working to be one<br />

of the sustainable leading companies. The<br />

company has always been successful in its operations<br />

but aims more. We asked the details of their<br />

success story to Sedat Karadeniz from the company.<br />

Could you briefly introduce yourself<br />

and your company?<br />

Thanks to my 17 years of market and sector experience,<br />

I analyzed the needs of clients in the<br />

industry better and established a young and dynamic<br />

team under the umbrella of Maslina. In a<br />

short period of 7 years, we have had an important<br />

achievement in our market with this teamwork and<br />

the priority we give to innovation.<br />

What is in your product portfolio and<br />

what are the prominent factors in<br />

these products? What kind of studies<br />

do you have on product development<br />

and R&D?<br />

Our products are, Jacquards, Linen, embroidery,<br />

Blackouts, Knitting, both sheer and drapery. Our<br />

products mainly are naturel products. We do production<br />

of our goods in our production facilities<br />

with years of experience R-D team and well-motivated<br />

designers.<br />

Can you give details about your<br />

exports? What would you like to<br />

say about your current and target<br />

markets, foreign promotion,<br />

participation in fairs, etc. strategies?<br />

Currently, our market mainly focuses Europe,<br />

Russia, Central Asia and some parts of Africa. Our<br />

goal is to export to rest of the countries in the<br />

same regions and to the whole world. We aim to<br />

bring our brand to the forefront with our e-commerce<br />

and promotion team that we have created.<br />

In addition, we participate in local and global fairs<br />

in various parts of the world.<br />

What makes you superior to your<br />

competitors?<br />

Under the Maslina brand, there is quality and fast<br />

delivery. We establish this in different countries in<br />

line with the demands of our customers and the<br />

market. We provide this important reliable and<br />

sustainable services with our state-of-the-art warehouses.<br />

Are there any investments planned in<br />

the short, medium and long term?<br />

Our priority goal is to deliver our products to rest of<br />

the parts of the world. Our long-term plan is to increase<br />

our brand value at the points we reach and<br />

introduce the Maslina brand to the whole world.<br />

<strong>May</strong> <strong>2024</strong>

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