Sleep Tech May - June 2024

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<strong>May</strong> - <strong>June</strong> <strong>2024</strong>

M-7800<br />

Automatic High Speed<br />

Hotmelt Gluing Line<br />

The M-7800 Automatic High-Speed Gluing Line is renowned as the fastest hotmelt gluing solution available for mattress<br />

production. Specifically designed to meet the demands of high-capacity mattress manufacturing, this cutting-edge line<br />

establishes a new benchmark in efficiency. Setting itself apart from conventional glue machines, the M-7800 Automatic<br />

High-Speed Gluing Line introduces an automated centering feature prior to commencing the gluing operation. This<br />

groundbreaking capability significantly speeds up the gluing process by minimizing the travel time of perimeter glue heads. The<br />

centered material not only enhances gluing speed but also contributes to improved assembling efficiency. Operators enjoy<br />

equal access to both sides of the assembly table, streamlining material handling. Tailored for both foam encased and non-foam<br />

encased spring mattresses, the M-7800 Automatic High-Speed Gluing Line guarantees optimal performance. Its seamless<br />

integration with assembly and feeding robots further enhances overall operational efficiency.<br />

FULL<br />

3D PACK<br />

Automatic Mattress<br />

Packing Machine<br />

Our packaging machine is designed with state-of-the-art systems to streamline your production process. With the ability to<br />

pack in four different options, you can say goodbye to wastage thanks to the nylon loading feature with separate dimensions.<br />

Our machine is equipped with high-quality equipment that allows you to make plinth, vacuum, flat, and roll packaging with ease.<br />

We have ensured that the machine is user-friendly, allowing you to control it and communicate with the system effortlessly,<br />

whether through a wired or wireless connection. You can quickly pack your mattresses with our special sizing, special bonding,<br />

and facilitating solutions, making the process a breeze. Our machine is built to last and boasts an ergonomic design, ensuring<br />

that you can carry out your business operations seamlessly without experiencing fatigue or discomfort. With our packaging<br />

machine, you can take your business to new heights and enjoy the peace of mind that comes with using a reliable and efficient<br />

machine.<br />


Multi Needle Double Chain<br />

Stitch Quilting Machine M-1400<br />

At United Mert Makina, we pride ourselves on using only Siemens products in the electrical and electronic components of our<br />

machines. This unwavering commitment to quality ensures that our machines offer a wide range of advanced features, enabling<br />

seamless and error-free sewing processes. Our machine is designed to facilitate manufacturing, thanks to its simple<br />

maintenance, easy needle change, and clear needle alignment display based on the selected pattern. The high-speed<br />

processing of the machine expedites leaf production, while the advanced features minimize the risk of errors. The machine can<br />

automatically stop in case of thread breakage, guaranteeing uninterrupted and seamless sewing in all materials. Our machine<br />

boasts unlimited pattern loading capabilities and 900 preloaded patterns, enabling you to produce an array of intricate designs<br />

with ease. Additionally, we offer a 2-year guaranteed remote service to ensure uninterrupted production and reliable<br />

performance. Investing in our M-1400 quilting machine will significantly enhance the efficiency and productivity of your business.<br />

With its durable material structure and user-friendly interface, you can rely on the machine to provide a long-lasting and<br />

seamless sewing experience. Choose our M-1400 quilting machine today and take the first step towards maximizing your<br />

production potential and achieving success in your business.<br />

Multi Needle Double Chain<br />

Stitch Quilting Machine<br />

M-7500 4s<br />

One of the most challenging parts of mattress production is the tape edging operation. For speeding up the tape edge process<br />

and minimize the faults we are proud to introduce the United Mert Makina M-7500 Automatic Panel Hemming Machine. With our<br />

experience on quilting machines we designed our Hemming Machine to be usable with the all of quilting machine brands in the<br />

market with extremely high speed. Thanks to full automatic system, you only need to input the sizes of panels and the job rest of<br />

get done by the machine.<br />


Editor<br />

Between Americas…<br />

But this is not on geographic concern rather chorological.<br />

So, it has nothing to do with north or south<br />

America.<br />

As we embark on an exciting journey through the<br />

realm of sleep technology, I am thrilled to welcome<br />

you to the latest issue of <strong>Sleep</strong> <strong>Tech</strong> magazine.<br />

From cutting-edge innovations to industry insights,<br />

our publication is your go-to resource for staying<br />

informed about the latest trends shaping the future<br />

of sleep.<br />

Fresh off our successful attendance at the ISPA<br />

Expo in March, where we had the privilege of connecting<br />

with industry leaders and showcasing the<br />

latest advancements in sleep tech, we are gearing up for our next stop: the<br />

HOMETEX Istanbul trade fair. This vibrant event brings together professionals<br />

from the home and contract textiles industry, providing an invaluable platform<br />

for networking, collaboration, and discovery. We are excited to be part of<br />

this dynamic gathering and to share our insights with industry professionals,<br />

whether they are visitors or exhibitors.<br />

As we prepare to make our mark at the HOMETEX Istanbul trade fair, we are<br />

also looking ahead to our upcoming presence at the Las Vegas Market. This<br />

prestigious event is a cornerstone of the American home furnishings industry,<br />

drawing thousands of attendees eager to explore the latest products and<br />

trends. Once again, <strong>Sleep</strong> <strong>Tech</strong> magazine will be on hand to provide unparalleled<br />

coverage of the intersection between sleep and technology, offering a<br />

glimpse into the future of restful nights and rejuvenated days.<br />

In this issue, you’ll find a wealth of articles exploring the latest innovations<br />

in sleep technology, from smart mattresses and sleep tracking devices to<br />

AI-powered sleep aids and beyond. Whether you’re a seasoned industry professional<br />

or simply curious about how technology is revolutionizing the way<br />

we sleep, you’ll find something to inspire and inform you within the pages of<br />

our magazine.<br />

I want to extend my heartfelt gratitude to our readers, contributors, and partners<br />

for their ongoing support. It is your passion and enthusiasm that drive us<br />

to push the boundaries of what is possible in the world of sleep technology.<br />

Together, we are shaping the future of sleep one innovation at a time.<br />

I invite you to join us on this exciting journey as we explore the endless possibilities<br />

that technology holds for improving our sleep and transforming our<br />

lives.<br />

Wishing you restful nights and boundless inspiration.<br />

Editor<br />

Mehmet SÖZTUTAN<br />

mehmet.soztutan@img.com.tr<br />

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6 <strong>Sleep</strong><strong>Tech</strong> • <strong>May</strong> - <strong>June</strong>

C<br />

O<br />

N<br />

T<br />

E<br />

N<br />

T<br />

S<br />

Contents<br />

6 Between Americas…<br />

12 Aydın Tekstil: ISPA fair<br />

performed positive for our<br />

exports<br />

16 BekaertDeslee attracts great<br />

interest from the industry for<br />

its CASA collection at ISPA<br />

<strong>2024</strong><br />

20 Boyçelik: We became one of<br />

the main actors of ISPA Expo<br />

<strong>2024</strong><br />

24 Boyteks for good mornings<br />

30 IKMIB Chairman Adil Pelister:<br />

30 “The Türkiye Green Industry<br />

Project will make a great<br />

contribution to the green<br />

transformation of our SMEs”<br />

32 Durak Tekstil brings inspiring<br />

innovations to Texprocess<br />

<strong>2024</strong><br />

36 The Comprehensive Guide To<br />

Mattress Packing For Storage<br />

And Transportation<br />

44 <strong>Tech</strong>textil & Texprocess score<br />

with growth and set as drivers<br />

of innovation the course for<br />

future-proof industries<br />

52 Elektroteks: Fairs now mean<br />

prestige and brand value for<br />

us<br />

56 Mattregate: We obtained new<br />

opportunities at ISPA Expo<br />

<strong>2024</strong><br />

60 ISPA Expo Trends:<br />

Sustainability & Innovation<br />

Take Center Stage<br />

64 Kar-as: Satisfied with our<br />

performance at ISPA Expo<br />

68 Export value of the chemicals<br />

industry exceeded 3 billion<br />

dollars<br />

72 <strong>Sleep</strong>ing soundly on tempered<br />

springs<br />

76 Sustainable spring<br />

components maker Spinks<br />

achieves global accreditation<br />

80 The rise of natural plant fibres<br />

being used in mattresses<br />

86 Sefox: We will increase our<br />

trade volume in the American<br />

market<br />

87 Erplast Our goal is to become<br />

a well-known brand in the<br />

American market<br />

90 How to efficiently roll pack a<br />

mattress<br />

92 Form Sünger: We performed<br />

well at ISPA Expo<br />

96 An Overview of the Evolution<br />

of Mattress Machinery<br />

Efficiency in modern mattress<br />

machinery<br />

102 Koelnmesse plans new<br />

cooperation deals in the<br />

furniture sector in Southeast<br />

Asia this year<br />

108 CIFM/interzum guangzhou<br />

<strong>2024</strong> delivers exceptional<br />

results<br />

114 Hasplast: ISPA Expo <strong>2024</strong> was<br />

very productive for us<br />

115 Brazilian Mattress Industry<br />

will be at IBIA Expo<br />

116 Ministry of Trade Supports<br />

IBIA Expo Exhibitors<br />

118 Mattress sub-industry and<br />

technology companies at IBIA<br />

Expo <strong>2024</strong> Istanbul<br />

126 All4Wood Fair opened its<br />

doors to visitors in Poland<br />

128 New out cold mattress<br />

collection from ‘I Love<br />

Pillow/I Love Mattress’<br />


Boyçelik..................................................................... Front cover<br />

Boyteks...................................................................... Back cover<br />

Form Sünger........................................................ Front cover ear<br />

Boyteks................................................................ Back cover ear<br />

Mert Makina............................................................................... 1<br />

Comfytex................................................................................2-3<br />

Kıryateks.................................................................................4-5<br />

Nova.......................................................................................... 7<br />

Kimyapsan................................................................................. 9<br />

Gemba................................................................................ 10-11<br />

Allbemac............................................................................. 14-15<br />

GizGroup............................................................................ 18-19<br />

Delsa...................................................................................22-23<br />

EMR Etiket..........................................................................28-29<br />

Day Plastik............................................................................... 31<br />

StarFelt...............................................................................34-35<br />

Özenİplik ................................................................................. 37<br />

Kaliteks.................................................................................... 39<br />

Colomnica............................................................................... 41<br />

Nanoyay...................................................................................43<br />

Robatech.................................................................................45<br />

Nerteks.................................................................................... 47<br />

Doqu home.........................................................................50-51<br />

Mars Teks...........................................................................54-55<br />

Mattregate..........................................................................58-59<br />

Marsala.............................................................................. 66-67<br />

Ural Medikal........................................................................70-71<br />

Erplast................................................................................ 74-75<br />

Usta Makina........................................................................78-79<br />

Bella Yay............................................................................ 84-85<br />

Newtech............................................................................ 88-89<br />

Borsa Metal.............................................................................93<br />

Bed Covers.........................................................................94-95<br />

MTT Makina.................................................................... 100-101<br />

Sefa Makina.................................................................... 106-107<br />

EDR Kimya....................................................................... 112-113<br />

İBİA Expo............................................................................... 125<br />

8 <strong>Sleep</strong><strong>Tech</strong> • <strong>May</strong> - <strong>June</strong>

Profile<br />

Aydın Tekstil: ISPA fair<br />

performed positive for<br />

our exports<br />

Berhan Kaya, Marketing Manager of Aydın Tekstil, said that the<br />

ISPA Expo fair met their expectations.<br />

Berhan Kaya, who used<br />

the expression “we want<br />

to follow the trends and<br />

technological developments on<br />

the spot” while explaining their<br />

expectations from the ISPA exhibition<br />

in his interview before the<br />

exhibition, stated that the exhibition<br />

functioned as a milestone<br />

on the way to short, medium and<br />

long term targets. Stating that<br />

they took part in a very important<br />

fair for the American mattress<br />

industry as well as for the companies<br />

and countries that want<br />

to export to this continent and<br />

make investments here, Kaya<br />

said that Turkish companies were<br />

the most prominent companies in<br />

the fair and Aydın Tekstil was the<br />

leader among these companies.<br />

Stating that the fair was productive<br />

for them and that their<br />

expectations were met, Kaya<br />

gave the following statements;<br />

12 <strong>Sleep</strong><strong>Tech</strong> • <strong>May</strong> - <strong>June</strong>

“ISPA fair is an organisation that<br />

appeals to the entire American<br />

continent and even hosts many<br />

visitors from outside the continent.<br />

This year, as in previous<br />

years, it was a fair with a very<br />

high efficiency scale and the fair<br />

maintained its stability. There<br />

were positive developments that<br />

will positively affect our export<br />

figures both in the fair area and<br />

in the meetings we held after<br />

the fair. These developments will<br />

enable us to increase our exports<br />

and investments to America.<br />

With the studies we will carry<br />

out in the light of these developments,<br />

we aim to highlight the<br />

Aydın Textile brand with quality<br />

and innovative products in the<br />

American and world market in<br />

the medium and long term.”<br />

<strong>Sleep</strong><strong>Tech</strong> • <strong>May</strong> - <strong>June</strong><br />


Profile<br />

BekaertDeslee attracts great<br />

interest from the industry for its<br />

CASA collection at ISPA <strong>2024</strong><br />

WAREGEM – BekaertDeslee the world’s leading specialist in<br />

mattress textiles and sleep solutions concluded its successful<br />

participation at the International <strong>Sleep</strong> Products Association (ISPA)<br />

EXPO <strong>2024</strong>, held from in Columbus, Ohio, 12-14 March <strong>2024</strong>.<br />

ISPA EXPO <strong>2024</strong> event served<br />

as a platform for BekaertDeslee<br />

to showcase its latest<br />

innovations and sustainable<br />

solutions, garnering significant interest<br />

and acclaim from industry<br />

professionals and attendees.<br />

The highlight of BekaertDeslee’s<br />

showcase was the unveiling of its<br />

latest design collection, CASA,<br />

which received widespread<br />

acclaim for its fusion of style,<br />

functionality, and sustainability.<br />

The CASA collection captivated<br />

visitors with its innovative approach<br />

to the upcoming trends in<br />

interior design, transforming living<br />

spaces, emphasizing self-care,<br />

self-reliance, and self-expression<br />

while integrating environmentally<br />

friendly materials and responsible<br />

manufacturing practices.<br />

“We are thrilled by the positive<br />

response to our CASA collection<br />

at ISPA EXPO <strong>2024</strong>,” said Rafael<br />

Rodriguez, President of Bekaert-<br />

Deslee North America. “The<br />

collection represents our commitment<br />

to pushing the boundaries<br />

of design and innovation while<br />

prioritizing sustainability and consumer<br />

well-being.”<br />

In addition to the CASA collection,<br />

BekaertDeslee’s revolutionary<br />

cooling technology, COMBO-<br />

COOL, generated significant<br />

interest among attendees. With<br />

its dual-action cooling mechanism<br />

and over 50% biobased<br />

content, COMBOCOOL offers<br />

long-lasting comfort and sustainability,<br />

setting a new standard in<br />

sleep technology.<br />

“Our COMBOCOOL technology<br />

received tremendous attention<br />

at ISPA EXPO <strong>2024</strong>,” noted<br />

Rodriguez. “Its ability to provide<br />

continuous and active cooling,<br />

16 <strong>Sleep</strong><strong>Tech</strong> • <strong>May</strong> - <strong>June</strong>

coupled with its sustainable<br />

formulation, resonated strongly<br />

with attendees seeking innovative<br />

solutions for a better sleep<br />

experience.”<br />

Furthermore, the success of<br />

the stretch woven construction<br />

was notable during the fair. This<br />

innovative construction, crucial to<br />

our strategy of advancing jacquard<br />

techniques and rescuing<br />

the woven heritage, allows for<br />

enhanced stretching, ensuring<br />

intricate detailing and exceptional<br />

comfort for a restful sleep experience.<br />

Visitors were impressed by<br />

the combination of sophistication<br />

and convenience offered by the<br />

stretch woven fabrics, which<br />

boast luxurious appearances and<br />

soft textures while maintaining<br />

wrinkle-free and easy-to-handle<br />

properties.<br />

BekaertDeslee’s commitment<br />

to sustainability was a recurring<br />

theme throughout the fair, with<br />

its sustainability journey drawing<br />

considerable interest from visitors.<br />

The company’s dedication<br />

to offering products that meet<br />

current needs while taking care<br />

of the environment for future generations<br />

underscores its position<br />

as a leader in responsible manufacturing<br />

practices.<br />

“We are proud to have shared<br />

our vision for the future of sleep<br />

and sustainability at ISPA EXPO<br />

<strong>2024</strong>,” said Rhiannon Burch<br />

Hallam, Senior Vice President of<br />

Sales North America at Bekaert-<br />

Deslee. “The event provided an<br />

invaluable opportunity to engage<br />

with industry professionals<br />

and demonstrate our ongoing<br />

commitment to innovation and<br />

sustainability.”<br />

<strong>Sleep</strong><strong>Tech</strong> • <strong>May</strong> - <strong>June</strong><br />


Profile<br />

Boyçelik: We became one<br />

of the main actors of ISPA<br />

Expo <strong>2024</strong><br />

Feridun Tosun, Boyçelik Export Officer, said that they had been<br />

very productive at ISPA Expo and they were one of the most<br />

prominent companies of the fair.<br />

Feridun Tosun stated that<br />

they are one of the most<br />

well-known brands in the<br />

USA in the field of mattress<br />

springs thanks to the commercial<br />

relations they have established<br />

in the ISPA Expo fairs held so far<br />

and that they want to position<br />

themselves at the top by continuing<br />

this rise and emphasized that<br />

Boyçelik brand value was one of<br />

the most prominent values at the<br />

fair. Feridun Tosun stated that<br />

it is extremely proud for them to<br />

have such a great impact at the<br />

world’s largest bedding materials<br />

fair and emphasized their determination<br />

and stability to maintain<br />

this success.<br />

Feridun Tosun, Boyçelik Export<br />

Officer, made the following statements<br />

in his statement; “In the<br />

20 <strong>Sleep</strong><strong>Tech</strong> • <strong>May</strong> - <strong>June</strong>

interview we had with you before<br />

the fair, we had mentioned how<br />

important the American market is<br />

in the light of statistical data. As<br />

Boyçelik, we have been one of<br />

the active players of this market<br />

for a long time. For a country like<br />

us, which faces west in terms<br />

of trade, the American market<br />

harbors great opportunities. As<br />

Boyçelik, we have been participating<br />

in ISPA Expo fairs for<br />

many years and exhibiting our<br />

brand value in these fairs in order<br />

to utilize these opportunities. In<br />

this year’s exhibition, we showed<br />

our colleagues operating in the<br />

American market that we, as<br />

Boyçelik, are one of the biggest<br />

actors of the Turkish mattress<br />

sub-industry. We knew that we<br />

would get a lot of efficiency from<br />

the exhibition and we did our<br />

work in this direction and we<br />

were not wrong in our predictions.<br />

We took care to host our<br />

visitors in the best way and we<br />

demonstrated the quality of our<br />

products in this exhibition as<br />

before. In the medium and long<br />

term, we aim to be the most<br />

important player in the American<br />

market in our field and we continue<br />

our efforts towards this goal.”<br />

<strong>Sleep</strong><strong>Tech</strong> • <strong>May</strong> - <strong>June</strong><br />


Profile<br />

Boyteks for good mornings<br />

We talked about the International <strong>Sleep</strong> Products Association<br />

(ISPA) Fair and the future expectations from the American Market<br />

with Mr. Harun Gürkan YİĞİT, Regional Sales Manager of Boyteks<br />

Tekstil, which continues to produce innovative, technological,<br />

natural and environmentally friendly products with the motto<br />

“good mornings in more than 100 countries”.<br />

Noting that they are excitedly<br />

waiting for the revival<br />

of the United States’ (US)<br />

mattress ticking market, which<br />

has shrunk in parallel with the<br />

global mattress ticking industry<br />

in 2023, in line with their goal of<br />

increasing the awareness of the<br />

Boyteks brand in the American<br />

market, where they currently<br />

operate through wholesalers, Mr.<br />

Harun Gürkan YİĞİT said: “We<br />

think that the ISPA Fair created a<br />

sparking effect in achieving this<br />

goal.”<br />

Mr. Harun Gürkan YİĞİT continued<br />

his words as follows: “We<br />

hosted many visitors from North<br />

and South American countries<br />

with whom we had very fruitful<br />

commercial negotiations and<br />

discussed productive projects.<br />

We had a very positive fair for<br />

both us and our visitors.” Stating<br />

that the US market is the world’s<br />

largest mattress ticking market<br />

and one of the primary markets<br />

targeted by Boyteks, Mr. Yiğit<br />

said: “In order to increase our<br />

brand value in this market, we<br />

took our place in the ISPA Fair<br />

as an exihibitor and we are also<br />

attending the Las Vegas Market<br />

Show as a visitor. The US market<br />

is one of the three largest mattress<br />

ticking markets in the world<br />

in terms of quantity and volume<br />

and has the capacity to inspire,<br />

guide and set trends for mattress<br />

ticking manufacturers in all other<br />

countries. Significant expenditures<br />

are made and studies are<br />

carried out within the scope of<br />

research and development (R&D)<br />

and product development (P&D)<br />

activities in the mattress ticking<br />

market of US, which is one of<br />

the leading countries in the world<br />

that licenses bedding brands. In<br />

this regard, as a manufacturer<br />

that has been serving the US<br />

market for 20 years, we attach<br />

importance to the fact that the<br />

mattress ticking we develop are<br />

visionary and support trend-setting<br />

mattress ticking manufacturers.<br />

In addition to our P&D<br />

activities, we attach importance<br />

to the on-site observations and<br />

determinations we make within<br />

the scope of our marketing<br />

activities, both as exhibitors and<br />

visitors at US fairs.”<br />

Mr. Harun Gürkan Yiğit said: “At<br />

ISPA EXPO <strong>2024</strong>, our innovative<br />

products were exhibited along<br />

with natural products that are<br />

generally trending in the market.<br />

These two concepts have now<br />

24 <strong>Sleep</strong><strong>Tech</strong> • <strong>May</strong> - <strong>June</strong>

ecome standard in mattress<br />

ticking, where sustainable and<br />

cool-feeling products have been<br />

touted as innovative products for<br />

years. Therefore, we plan to bring<br />

innovations that can accompany<br />

these products and be used in<br />

the same product. In this context,<br />

we introduced our naturally<br />

innovative and environmentally<br />

friendly products such as Synergy,<br />

Slimfit, OzoneTherapy, Hydrogel,<br />

Return, Rose, developed by<br />

our R&D department, as well as<br />

Interzum award-winning Nettle<br />

and Biogreen to our customers<br />

and visitors at ISPA.”<br />

Nettle<br />

Considering that nettle is a<br />

natural thermoregulator thanks<br />

to its unique structure and thus<br />

provides a more comfortable<br />

sleeping environment, the Nettle<br />

mattress ticking we produce to<br />

provide a more comfortable sleep<br />

has proven itself by receiving<br />

the international “Hight Product<br />

Quality” achievement award.<br />

<strong>Sleep</strong><strong>Tech</strong> • <strong>May</strong> - <strong>June</strong><br />


Profile<br />

BioGreen<br />

As Boyteks, we developed the<br />

BioGreen mattress ticking concept<br />

using bio-based raw materials<br />

in order to leave a livable<br />

world to future generations.<br />

BioGreen is an innovative mattress<br />

ticking concept consisting<br />

of natural products with herbal<br />

ingredients.<br />

Hydrogel<br />

We provide a better quality sleep<br />

environment with the cooling<br />

effect of Hydrogel, which we<br />

developed based on gel-containing<br />

products, considering that in<br />

addition to its cooling effect, it<br />

contributes to the body’s moisture<br />

balance.<br />

OzoneTherapy<br />

We developed OzoneTherapy<br />

mattress ticking to reduce the<br />

negative effects of free radicals<br />

and oxidative stress during<br />

sleep. The crystallized minerals<br />

in the structure of OzoneTherapy<br />

mattress ticking are activated by<br />

body temperature and release<br />

active ions into the medium.<br />

These ions reduce the effect of<br />

free radicals and help reduce<br />

oxidative stress, just like in the<br />

ozone therapy method.<br />

ReTURN<br />

As part of our approach to being<br />

more environmentally-friendly, we<br />

developed the ReTURN mattress<br />

ticking, which can be degraded<br />

faster in nature. ReTURN mattress<br />

ticking, which we developed<br />

by adding special enzymes<br />

to its structure and using polyester<br />

threads, contributes to<br />

reducing environmental pollution<br />

as it dissolves 90 times faster<br />

than normal ticking.<br />

Rose<br />

We developed the Rose mattress<br />

ticking, which contains rose<br />

protein, to help provide a health-<br />

26 <strong>Sleep</strong><strong>Tech</strong> • <strong>May</strong> - <strong>June</strong>

ier skin. Rose mattress ticking<br />

revitalizes the skin and provides a<br />

healthier sleeping environment.<br />

Slimfit<br />

Irregular and excessive fat accumulated<br />

under the skin due<br />

to the increase in fat tissue in<br />

the body usually leads to skin<br />

surface disorders in the leg,<br />

abdomen and hip areas and, as a<br />

result, an unhealthy appearance.<br />

That’s why we developed Slimfit<br />

mattress ticking to prevent such<br />

skin disorders and give the skin a<br />

firmer and more beautiful appearance.<br />

Synergy<br />

We spend 70 percent of our daily<br />

energy to maintain the basal<br />

metabolic rate, which is the resting<br />

metabolic rate of our body.<br />

Contrary to popular belief, sleep<br />

is not just a process in which the<br />

body rests and is passive. The<br />

body continues to lose energy<br />

during rest and sleep. That’s why<br />

we developed Synergy mattress<br />

ticking to help us regain our lost<br />

energy throughout the day and<br />

prevent energy loss during sleep.<br />

<strong>Sleep</strong><strong>Tech</strong> • <strong>May</strong> - <strong>June</strong><br />


Profile<br />

IKMIB Chairman Adil Pelister:<br />

“The Türkiye Green Industry Project<br />

will make a great contribution to the<br />

green transformation of our SMEs”<br />

Pelister noted: “I wish that<br />

the “Türkiye Green Industry<br />

Project”, which is implemented<br />

under the coordination<br />

of the Ministry of Industry and<br />

<strong>Tech</strong>nology and with the financial<br />

support of the World Bank<br />

through KOSGEB and TÜBİTAK,<br />

will be auspicious for our country,<br />

our business world and our<br />

sector. Within the scope of our<br />

country’s 2053 Net Zero Emission<br />

vision and our chemical sector’s<br />

2030 vision of sustainability, I<br />

find this project, which supports<br />

the activities to prepare for green<br />

transformation, very important<br />

and I wish our sector, which is<br />

mostly composed of SMEs, will<br />

be able to benefit from this valuable<br />

support.<br />

Minister Çavuşoğlu announced<br />

that they will support the efficient<br />

green transformation of industrialists,<br />

entrepreneurs and SMEs<br />

with the “Turkey Green Industry<br />

Project” and that the project,<br />

which has a budget of 450 million<br />

dollars, will be carried out under<br />

the coordination of the Ministry<br />

of Industry and <strong>Tech</strong>nology in<br />

cooperation with KOSGEB and<br />

TÜBİTAK.<br />

With the KOSGEB Green Industry<br />

Support Program that has<br />

entered into force, SMEs will be<br />

supported up to 14 million Turkish<br />

Liras for the installation of solar<br />

energy systems within their own<br />

structure; green transformation<br />

projects for energy, water and<br />

raw material efficiency, sustainable<br />

and climate-resilient waste<br />

recycling will be supported up to<br />

4 million Turkish Liras; companies<br />

engaged in R&D and innovation<br />

activities for green production,<br />

higher energy and resource<br />

efficiency and private sector-led<br />

collaborations will be provided<br />

with TÜBİTAK support.<br />

We see that the “Green Growth<br />

<strong>Tech</strong>nology Roadmap” focuses on<br />

6 sectors. Among the 6 sectors, it<br />

is pleasing to see that our chemicals,<br />

plastics and fertilizer sectors<br />

are prioritized and will be able to<br />

apply to the project. Since the<br />

chemicals sector is a strategic<br />

sector that provides input to 27<br />

other sectors, its prioritization and<br />

taking action for green transformation<br />

with these supports will<br />

positively affect all sectors.<br />

“Now is the time to take action<br />

for our future, for sustainable<br />

growth and a strong Türkiye”<br />

As IKMIB, we have identified sustainability<br />

as a focal point in line<br />

with our 2030 vision. In this context,<br />

we work on green transformation,<br />

circular economy and digital<br />

transformation. Transformation<br />

projects require high costs and<br />

capital. In this sense, it is of great<br />

importance that our companies<br />

are supported by our government.<br />

Now is the time to take action for<br />

our future, for sustainable growth<br />

and a strong Türkiye.<br />

We recommend that our companies<br />

apply for the projects<br />

called for under the Green Industry<br />

Project as Green Innovation<br />

<strong>Tech</strong>nology Mentoring Call, Green<br />

Transformation in Industry Call,<br />

R&D and Innovation Networks for<br />

Industry (SAYEM) Green Transformation<br />

Call and benefit from these<br />

supports.<br />

As the chemicals sector, the driving<br />

force of exports, which makes<br />

the greatest contribution to the<br />

development and economy of our<br />

country, we will continue to work<br />

with all our strength to achieve<br />

our goals and break new records<br />

in Türkiye’s second century.”<br />

30 <strong>Sleep</strong><strong>Tech</strong> • <strong>May</strong> - <strong>June</strong>

Profile<br />

Colourful threads, special solutions for<br />

hundreds of technical applications<br />

Durak Tekstil brings inspiring<br />

innovations to Texprocess <strong>2024</strong><br />

Durak Tekstil, increasing its strength in the global market<br />

with sewing and embroidery threads for dozens of different<br />

applications from garment to bedding industry, automotive to<br />

maritime textiles, will demonstrate its claim at Texprocess <strong>2024</strong>.<br />

Durak Tekstil, manufacturer<br />

of industrial sewing and<br />

embroidery threads, will take<br />

part in Texprocess <strong>2024</strong>, the textile<br />

processing and flexible materials<br />

exhibition to be held in Frankfurt<br />

on 23-26 April, with its wide product<br />

range and innovative solutions.<br />

Drawing attention with its threads of<br />

high performance, durable, suitable<br />

for different industries and containing<br />

hundreds of colours, the company<br />

will also address the global market<br />

with the solutions it has recently<br />

developed with R&D.<br />

At Texprocess <strong>2024</strong> Durak Tekstil<br />

booth G42 in Hall 8.0, visitors will<br />

be able to see inspiring products for<br />

sewing and embroidery applications<br />

closely as well as have productive<br />

discussions with company officials<br />

on technical and market collaborations.<br />

The threads to be exhibited<br />

at the Durak Tekstil booth include<br />

the following: High strength Duma -<br />

Duraless and Durabobbins threads,<br />

Durak SilverPro conductive thread,<br />

Durak Redolent scented thread, fire<br />

resistant Fire Safe Aramid thread, cut<br />

resistant Cut Safe thread, UV - WR<br />

- AS - ASK and OS threads, glow<br />

in the dark embroidery thread Milky<br />

Way, Reflective thread with reflective<br />

feature, CFR threads, water-soluble<br />

thread used in temporary seams,<br />

sustainable Eco thread group, Lyosense<br />

and Lyostitch threads produced<br />

from lyocell fibre, Duracotton<br />

Bio produced from organic cotton.<br />

Durak Tekstil threads offer more<br />

to producers<br />

Stating that Durak Tekstil has strategically<br />

determined its growth targets<br />

for the global market and taking<br />

important steps in this regard, Durak<br />

Tekstil Board Member and Marketing<br />

Director Yiğit Durak emphasised<br />

that they will focus on strengthening<br />

the brand perception at Texprocess<br />

<strong>2024</strong>. He disclosed; “Texprocess is<br />

an important platform for us as an<br />

exhibition attended or visited by the<br />

important players of the global market.<br />

In addition to our production and<br />

service strength, we will have the<br />

opportunity to show the industry professionals<br />

whom we will meet during<br />

the exhibition that we are a reliable<br />

partner and brand. At Texprocess<br />

<strong>2024</strong>, organised simultaneously<br />

with the technical textiles exhibition<br />

<strong>Tech</strong>textil in the same area, it will<br />

inspire our visitors to see how rich<br />

our colourful sewing and embroidery<br />

threads have a wide range of uses.<br />

Alongside textiles and apparel with<br />

standard sewing and embroidery, our<br />

threads are also used in the bedding<br />

industry, yacht and marine industry,<br />

32 <strong>Sleep</strong><strong>Tech</strong> • <strong>May</strong> - <strong>June</strong>

automotive, footwear and occupational<br />

safety. We are continuing all<br />

our preparations without slowing<br />

down for participating in Texprocess<br />

once again with our wide and<br />

advanced product portfolio.”<br />

Pointing out that there is a revival in<br />

the textile and related industries in<br />

the European and American markets,<br />

Durak stated that these regions will<br />

need high quality materials without<br />

supply problems in the coming period.<br />

He explained that they are in the<br />

process of reorganisation for deeper<br />

and more comprehensive access to<br />

the market in North America, especially<br />

in Eastern and Central Europe,<br />

and continued his words as follows;<br />

“We have entered a period in which<br />

it is understood how important<br />

the supply<br />

chain between<br />

global and local<br />

markets<br />

is. For this<br />

reason,<br />

manufacturers<br />

want to<br />

obtain the<br />

best material<br />

under the best<br />

supply conditions.<br />

In this new<br />

process based on trust, as<br />

Durak Tekstil, we position ourselves<br />

as a reliable partner of manufacturers<br />

in every market we are involved<br />

in. We offer our products that meet<br />

their needs and demands in the best<br />

possible deadlines. Furthermore, our<br />

recycled and natural fibre threads,<br />

fulfilling consumers’ demand for<br />

more sustainable products, are also<br />

attracting great interest. We differentiate<br />

ourselves in the market with<br />

sustainable threads and special<br />

threads for technical applications.<br />

We understand and share the manufacturers’<br />

vision for tomorrow.”<br />

In <strong>2024</strong>, major part of the<br />

increase in turnover will come<br />

from exports<br />

Yiğit Durak underlined that Durak<br />

Tekstil’s growth in both local and<br />

global markets in recent years has<br />

been achieved by differentiating itself<br />

in technology, art and sustainability<br />

as well as organising production and<br />

sales processes within this framework.<br />

Indicating that they achieved<br />

continuous growth even during pandemic<br />

and crisis periods, he noted<br />

that this is linked to both market<br />

diversification and the expansion of<br />

the product range.<br />

He pointed out that they aim to<br />

increase their turnover by 30% in<br />

dollar terms in <strong>2024</strong>, remarking<br />

that their exports to 77 countries<br />

will constitute the main part of this<br />

increase. Saying; “Our strategy to<br />

grow in foreign markets has become<br />

stronger and more comprehensive<br />

with the contribution of<br />

the Turquality support we<br />

have received,” Durak<br />

added that the effect<br />

of exports on the<br />

increase in turnover<br />

this year will be 80-<br />

90%.<br />

Visitors to Texprocess and <strong>Tech</strong>textil<br />

will have the opportunity to meet<br />

with Durak Tekstil’s comprehensive<br />

solutions at booth G42 in Hall 8.0,<br />

as well as the company’s experts to<br />

develop new collaborations.<br />

<strong>Sleep</strong><strong>Tech</strong> • <strong>May</strong> - <strong>June</strong><br />


News<br />

The Comprehensive Guide To<br />

Mattress Packing For Storage<br />

And Transportation<br />

Packing a mattress for<br />

storage or transportation<br />

may initially seem challenging,<br />

but with the right tools<br />

and techniques, it’s a manageable<br />

task. In this all-inclusive<br />

guide, we’ll take you through the<br />

process, from selecting suitable<br />

packing materials to folding your<br />

mattress properly, whether you<br />

use a mattress folding machine,<br />

a mattress roll packing machine,<br />

or do it by hand. By following our<br />

instructions, you’ll become a pro<br />

at packing your mattress in no<br />

time!<br />

Introduction To Mattress<br />

Packing<br />

Packing a mattress in a box is<br />

the most practical way to safeguard<br />

it during storage or transport.<br />

This method shields the<br />

36 <strong>Sleep</strong><strong>Tech</strong> • <strong>May</strong> - <strong>June</strong>

News<br />

mattress from potential damage<br />

due to dirt, dust, and external<br />

elements. You can pack various<br />

mattress types like foam, spring,<br />

latex, or hybrid mattresses, with<br />

the standard mattress box typically<br />

measuring around 80 inches<br />

in length, 80 inches in width, and<br />

10 inches in depth.<br />

To ensure the mattress’s safety<br />

and security during transit,<br />

you’ll need specific materials,<br />

including cardboard boxes to<br />

prevent dents and scratches,<br />

bubble wrap or plastic covers for<br />

added cushioning, packing tape<br />

for sealing, and labels for easy<br />

identification.<br />

Once you have all your materials<br />

ready, correctly folding your<br />

mattress is crucial. Begin with<br />

one end of the mattress facing<br />

up and grab both ends of the<br />

folded side. Bring them together<br />

horizontally to form an ‘X’ shape<br />

and fold them across each other<br />

until they are entirely flat. Secure<br />

them with tape before placing<br />

them in the box. Following these<br />

steps ensures your mattress is<br />

well-packed and protected for its<br />

journey.<br />

How To Fold A Mattress For<br />

Proper Packing<br />

Properly folding a mattress is<br />

essential to ensure safe storage<br />

and transportation. Choose an<br />

area with sufficient space, a flat,<br />

clean, and dry surface before<br />

starting the process. Begin by<br />

folding the mattress in thirds,<br />

taking care not to damage the<br />

springs or foam layers.<br />

Next, fold the mattress in half<br />

lengthwise, reducing its size to a<br />

quarter of the original. Tuck the<br />

top edge into the bottom crease<br />

and secure the bundle with<br />

ropes or straps to keep it tightly<br />

bound. Finally, wrap the package<br />

in plastic wrap or bubble wrap<br />

for added protection against<br />

dust and moisture. Label the box<br />

as “Fragile” for careful handling<br />

during transit. These steps guarantee<br />

your mattress will be adequately<br />

packed for safe storage<br />

or transportation.<br />

Tools Needed For Proper<br />

Mattress Packing<br />

The right tools make all the difference<br />

when packing a mattress.<br />

Traditional materials like cardboard<br />

boxes and bubble wrap<br />

are useful, but specialized tools<br />

38 <strong>Sleep</strong><strong>Tech</strong> • <strong>May</strong> - <strong>June</strong>

News<br />

can save time and enhance protection.<br />

A mattress folding machine<br />

efficiently folds mattresses<br />

into compact, transportable boxes,<br />

while a mattress roll packing<br />

machine creates tight mattress<br />

rolls that save space and offer<br />

cushioning. For added protection,<br />

use foam sheets or pads<br />

to provide extra cushioning and<br />

insulation against dust mites and<br />

allergens. Additionally, straps,<br />

rope, and tape are essential for<br />

securing your rolled or folded<br />

mattress in the box for added<br />

security. Having these resources<br />

at your disposal guarantees the<br />

safe packing and transport of<br />

your mattress.<br />

Instructions For Using A<br />

Mattress Folding Machine<br />

Using a mattress folding machine<br />

simplifies the process and<br />

ensures your mattress is properly<br />

folded for storage or transport.<br />

Here are some key considerations<br />

and instructions:<br />

1. **Choose the Right Machine:**<br />

Check the machine’s specifications,<br />

including adjustable<br />

settings for speed, pressure, and<br />

cutting blade to accommodate<br />

different mattress thicknesses.<br />

Ensure it’s compatible with your<br />

power source, either electricity or<br />

compressed air.<br />

2. **Preparing the Mattress:**<br />

Place the mattress on a clean,<br />

debris-free surface within the<br />

machine’s conveyor area. Adjust<br />

machine settings according to<br />

40 <strong>Sleep</strong><strong>Tech</strong> • <strong>May</strong> - <strong>June</strong>

News<br />

your mattress’s size and thickness.<br />

3. **Automatic Bagging and Sealing:**<br />

Cover the mattress with a<br />

layer of film and seal all four sides<br />

to prevent air leakage. Compress<br />

the mattress into a flat-pack.,<br />

4. **Compress and Fold:** Fold<br />

the flat-packed mattress to<br />

reduce its size for easier storage<br />

and transport.<br />

5. **Completing Operations:**<br />

Press the start button and allow<br />

the machine to complete its cycle<br />

(typically about 30 seconds). Turn<br />

off the power before removing<br />

your folded mattress.<br />

Following these steps when<br />

using a mattress folding machine<br />

ensures safe and efficient mattress<br />

packing.<br />

Instructions For Using A<br />

Mattress Roll Packing Machine<br />

Using a mattress roll packing<br />

machine is an efficient method<br />

for packing mattresses that are<br />

too large for standard boxes.<br />

Here are instructions for using<br />

this machine:<br />

1. **Preparation:** Two individuals<br />

are required – one to feed<br />

the mattress into the machine<br />

and the other to operate it. Both<br />

should have experience with<br />

the machinery and follow safety<br />

measures.<br />

2. **Position the Mattress:** Start<br />

by placing the mattress facedown<br />

on a flat surface. Feed one<br />

end onto the machine’s feeder<br />

belt and ensure even pressure is<br />

applied to prevent uneven rolling.<br />

3. **Secure the Roll:** Once the<br />

desired layers are rolled, secure<br />

them tightly with packing tape at<br />

both ends to maintain the rolled<br />

shape.<br />

Using a mattress roll packing machine<br />

makes packing larger mattresses<br />

easier and more efficient,<br />

ensuring they remain protected<br />

during storage and transport.<br />

With this comprehensive guide,<br />

you’ll be well-equipped to pack<br />

your mattress safely, whether<br />

you opt for manual folding or use<br />

specialized packing machines.<br />

42 <strong>Sleep</strong><strong>Tech</strong> • <strong>May</strong> - <strong>June</strong>

Events<br />

<strong>Tech</strong>textil & Texprocess score<br />

with growth and set as drivers<br />

of innovation the course for<br />

future-proof industries<br />

High-tech textiles in twelve application areas, the global innovative power<br />

of technical textiles and nonwovens as well as the digitalization of the<br />

textile-processing industry: with 38,000 visitors from 102 countries and<br />

1,700 exhibitors from 53 countries, <strong>Tech</strong>textil and Texprocess have grown<br />

in terms of exhibitor numbers and recorded a 29 percent increase in<br />

visitor numbers. At the leading trade fairs, the density of forward-looking<br />

textile solutions that are transforming entire industries was particularly<br />

noticeable. Turkiye was among top visitors as well as top exhibitors at the<br />

trade fairs duo.<br />

<strong>Tech</strong>textil and Texprocess<br />

<strong>2024</strong> ended with 1,700<br />

exhibitors from 53 countries,<br />

38,000 visitors from 102 countries<br />

and a 29 percent increase in visitor<br />

numbers. The top visitor nations<br />

were Germany, Italy, France,<br />

Turkiye and the Netherlands. The<br />

top exhibitor nations were Germany,<br />

Italy, China, France and<br />

Turkiye. Countries such as Egypt,<br />

China, Indonesia, Kosovo, Luxembourg,<br />

Moldova and Thailand<br />

contributed to the expansion of<br />

exhibitors, among others. In times<br />

of emerging AI technologies,<br />

44 <strong>Sleep</strong><strong>Tech</strong> • <strong>May</strong> - <strong>June</strong>



Do you know your savings potential in adhesive application?<br />

Our 8-point inspection report provides valuable data for informed<br />

decisions.<br />

Make an appointment now: savings.robatech.com

Events<br />

increasing legislative requirements<br />

and high energy costs, both trade<br />

fairs offered the markets the most<br />

important international marketplace<br />

for product innovations along the<br />

textile value chain at the right time:<br />

“With an overwhelming atmosphere<br />

and growth in size, exhibitors and<br />

visitors, <strong>Tech</strong>textil and Texprocess<br />

made it clear: textile innovation for<br />

a wide range of industries can only<br />

be found in this global width and<br />

strength here in Frankfurt. The textile<br />

industry, through both leading<br />

trade fairs, becomes the driving<br />

force and enabler for cross-industry<br />

transformations and a globally<br />

future-proof economy”, said Detlef<br />

Braun, Member of the Executive<br />

Board, Messe Frankfurt GmbH.<br />

75 percent of visitors - including<br />

producers, engineers from various<br />

industries, architects, processors,<br />

industrial designers, clothing and<br />

construction material manufacturers,<br />

R&D decision-makers, medical<br />

developers, product developers<br />

and other top executives - thoroughly<br />

leveraged the cross-networking<br />

opportunities, spanning<br />

from the preliminary stages of<br />

<strong>Tech</strong>textil to the wide array of<br />

processing and clothing technologies<br />

offered at Texprocess. The<br />

trade fair duo thereby set the stage<br />

for numerous international collaborations<br />

and business initiations,<br />

fostering innovation across sectors<br />

and making them market-ready.<br />

Visitor satisfaction at a very<br />

high level<br />

Exhibitors and visitors made<br />

intensive use of the trade fairs as<br />

efficient sales channels, made new<br />

international contacts and gained a<br />

concentrated overview of the glob-<br />

46 <strong>Sleep</strong><strong>Tech</strong> • <strong>May</strong> - <strong>June</strong>

S E W I N G T H R E A D S<br />

Factory: Nurettin Sözen Cd. Bakır Sk. No:4<br />

Hadımköy / Arnavutköy / İstanbul / TURKEY P: +90 212 771 2279<br />

Warehouse: Pirinççi Mh. Pirinççi Köy Yolu Sk. No:35<br />

Habibler / Sultangazi / İstanbul / TURKEY P: +90 212 771 3070<br />

info@ner.com.tr | www.ner.com.tr

Events<br />

al spectrum of high-tech textiles<br />

that can be used across industries,<br />

as well as the latest machines and<br />

technologies for textile processing.<br />

Visitor satisfaction at both events<br />

was at a very high level: 95 percent<br />

of visitors were satisfied overall<br />

with their trade fair visit, achieved<br />

their trade fair objectives and were<br />

impressed by the range of exhibitors.<br />

20 years of <strong>Tech</strong>textil: biggest<br />

edition sets new standards<br />

In its anniversary edition, <strong>Tech</strong>textil<br />

set a record in terms of size and<br />

underlined the dynamic growth and<br />

innovative strength of the textile<br />

industry.<br />

Studies confirm the enormous future<br />

prospects of technical textiles:<br />

Fortune Business Insights estimates<br />

the global market at 225.99<br />

billion dollars in 2023 and forecasts<br />

an increase to 346.67 billion<br />

dollars by 2030. Similar forecasts<br />

by Allied Market Research expect<br />

an increase to 331.8 billion dollars<br />

by 2032. Within the EU textile<br />

industry, technical textiles are the<br />

most dynamic drivers of demand in<br />

sectors such as medicine, agriculture,<br />

construction, outdoor clothing<br />

and automotive.<br />

Texprocess strengthens its<br />

pioneering role in digitalisation<br />

and automation<br />

At Texprocess, a vast array of<br />

48 <strong>Sleep</strong><strong>Tech</strong> • <strong>May</strong> - <strong>June</strong>

cutting-edge machines, processes,<br />

and services for textile and<br />

apparel processing were exhibited,<br />

spanning from innovative AI<br />

technologies to design systems<br />

and visualization tools, along with<br />

highly efficient cutting and state-ofthe-art<br />

sewing machines. Texprocess<br />

presented pivotal solutions<br />

harnessing the latest technologies.<br />

“For the Texprocess exhibitors,<br />

this trade fair was more important<br />

than ever before. The entire<br />

textile processing industry is facing<br />

enormous challenges worldwide,<br />

such as changing trade conditions<br />

or labor shortages. Many new<br />

technological solutions to these<br />

challenges were on show at Texprocess.<br />

There are great new developments,<br />

especially in the areas<br />

of digitalization, automation and<br />

AI. Texprocess has thus focused<br />

on the future and highlighted many<br />

new opportunities”, says Elgar<br />

Straub, Managing Director, VDMA<br />

Textile Care, Fabrics and Leather<br />

<strong>Tech</strong>nologies.<br />

Trade fair duo shines with<br />

research, knowledge transfer<br />

and high-quality content<br />

A powerful mix of topics drove<br />

the intensive exchange between<br />

research and industry and provided<br />

visitors with important impulses<br />

on the newest textile solutions,<br />

intelligent materials and the latest<br />

research results in the sectors.<br />

Numerous exhibitors, start-ups<br />

and renowned research institutes<br />

demonstrated at both trade fairs<br />

that AI, digitalization and automation<br />

are significantly advancing the<br />

industry. Whether textile recycling,<br />

fault detection in production and<br />

processing, networked production<br />

steps or smart clothing that<br />

monitors the wearer’s physical<br />

functions - the new opportunities<br />

offered by AI and digitalization are<br />

multifaceted. These technologies<br />

are paving the way for the future of<br />

the industry.<br />

Latest materials and recycling<br />

technologies in times of<br />

legislative requirements<br />

In times of upcoming legislative<br />

requirements as part of the EU<br />

strategy for sustainable textiles,<br />

<strong>Tech</strong>textil and Texprocess focussed<br />

on recyclable solutions<br />

and the latest research results on<br />

resource efficiency and recyclability.<br />

This was also reflected in the<br />

increased number of exhibitors in<br />

the Econogy Finder: more than<br />

twice as many exhibitors were<br />

checked against the criteria of<br />

recognized labels and certificates<br />

as well as the Sustainable Development<br />

Goals and were included in<br />

the Finder. In addition, the Econogy<br />

Talks provided a platform for<br />

dialogue on resource-saving solutions,<br />

while the Econogy Tours led<br />

by an independent expert provided<br />

first-hand insights on sustainable<br />

products.<br />

<strong>Sleep</strong><strong>Tech</strong> • <strong>May</strong> - <strong>June</strong><br />


Profile<br />

Elektroteks: Fairs now mean<br />

prestige and brand value for us<br />

Osman Güler, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Elektroteks,<br />

one of the leading companies in the Turkish mattress components<br />

industry and the main supplier of mattress machinery to the global<br />

mattress industry, stated that they were pleased with the interest<br />

they received at ISPA Expo.<br />

Stating that they already<br />

have solution partner companies<br />

in the USA and Brazil<br />

and that they are no stranger<br />

to the American market, Osman<br />

Güler emphasised that they<br />

are the pioneers of the Turkish<br />

mattress components industry in<br />

terms of expanding to America.<br />

Stating that the ISPA Expo fairs<br />

organized in previous years have<br />

been of great benefit to them in<br />

terms of being effective in the<br />

American market, Güler said that<br />

they have also received efficient<br />

results from the ISPA Expo <strong>2024</strong><br />

52 <strong>Sleep</strong><strong>Tech</strong> • <strong>May</strong> - <strong>June</strong>

fair. Stating that they hosted visitors<br />

from almost every country of<br />

the continent, Osman Güler said;<br />

“As you know, as Elektroteks,<br />

we have been working continuously<br />

developing, improving and<br />

always looking forward for about<br />

35 years. In this process, we<br />

have exported to 140 countries<br />

of the world and we still continue<br />

to do so. Of course, the countries<br />

in the American market are<br />

also among them. At ISPA Expo<br />

<strong>2024</strong>, we encountered intense<br />

interest from visitors from Brazil,<br />

Mexico, Canada, Argentina and<br />

Colombia, especially from the<br />

USA. As I said at the beginning,<br />

this is not a new situation. We<br />

have been serving the American<br />

market for years and the American<br />

mattress industry knows us<br />

closely. In fact, our purpose of<br />

participating in these fairs is not<br />

only to introduce ourselves to the<br />

markets, but also to protect our<br />

brand value and prestige that we<br />

have created so far in all markets<br />

and to build a greater prestige.<br />

But of course, if we evaluate the<br />

overall performance of the fair; it<br />

was a productive and intense fair.<br />

Especially our Turkish companies<br />

came to the forefront in this fair<br />

and as the majority, they created<br />

the impression of a Turkish fair in<br />

the USA.”<br />

<strong>Sleep</strong><strong>Tech</strong> • <strong>May</strong> - <strong>June</strong><br />


Profile<br />

Mattregate: We obtained new<br />

opportunities at ISPA Expo <strong>2024</strong><br />

Tayyip Tanrıöven, CEO of Mattregate, stated that they had the<br />

experience of testing the current dynamics in the American<br />

market and the potential of the market at ISPA Expo <strong>2024</strong>.<br />

Stating that they made<br />

preparations for the fair at<br />

least 3 months in advance<br />

together with the sales and<br />

marketing team and the company’s<br />

production engineers,<br />

Tayyip Tanrıöven assessed the<br />

performance of the fair; “The<br />

ISPA fair was very productive for<br />

our company to meet with our<br />

business partners and customers<br />

in America and South America in<br />

<strong>2024</strong>, to meet our potential customers<br />

and to present our latest<br />

products and production capabilities<br />

to our visitors. It also helped<br />

us to determine our 2025 targets<br />

in that region and shed light on<br />

our future targets.” Tanrıöven,<br />

who evaluated that the fair was<br />

directly separated from both the<br />

European and Turkish fairs in<br />

terms of visitor portfolio and potential<br />

as it hosted the customer<br />

population that can make purchases<br />

from both European and<br />

Turkish fairs, said: “As Mattre-<br />

56 <strong>Sleep</strong><strong>Tech</strong> • <strong>May</strong> - <strong>June</strong>

gate, it was a great opportunity<br />

and experience for us to test the<br />

current dynamics and potential of<br />

the market, and it is our greatest<br />

wish that our cooperation in the<br />

region, which is already one of<br />

our main markets, will continue<br />

to increase and contribute to the<br />

exports of both our company and<br />

our country.”<br />

Emphasising that evaluating<br />

customer feedback and the latest<br />

trends in the industry during the<br />

exhibition process will help to further<br />

strengthen product development<br />

and marketing strategies,<br />

Tanrıöven said; “This experience<br />

can provide a solid foundation<br />

for future growth and success<br />

by enabling our company to<br />

maintain its competitive position<br />

and continuously innovate. As<br />

a result, the ISPA exhibition has<br />

contributed greatly to increasing<br />

our company’s influence in the<br />

international arena by enabling<br />

us to both strengthen our existing<br />

business relationships and<br />

discover new opportunities. With<br />

the experience we have gained<br />

for future exhibitions, we will<br />

move forward by further strengthening<br />

our strategic plans.”<br />

<strong>Sleep</strong><strong>Tech</strong> • <strong>May</strong> - <strong>June</strong><br />


Events<br />

ISPA Expo Trends:<br />

Sustainability & Innovation<br />

Take Center Stage<br />

The slogan for Columbus, Ohio, could just as easily be said for<br />

ISPA EXPO <strong>2024</strong>, which attracted thousands to experience all the<br />

bedding industry has to offer.<br />

Sunny weather and<br />

above-average temperatures<br />

welcomed thousands<br />

of mattress producers, suppliers<br />

and industry leaders from around<br />

the globe to downtown Columbus,<br />

Ohio, March 12-14 for ISPA<br />

EXPO <strong>2024</strong>, the world’s largest<br />

bedding components show.<br />

“For us, the fair was extremely<br />

positive and super exciting,<br />

always busy and full of visits and<br />

important meetings,” said Andrea<br />

Lazzaroni, executive vice president<br />

and chief operating officer<br />

of CT Nassau, based in Mebane,<br />

North Carolina. “We are thrilled to<br />

have attracted all the players in<br />

our industry to our company.”<br />

Silvia Enriquez, co-owner of<br />

Enriquez Materials & Quilting Inc.,<br />

based in Commerce, California,<br />

echoed his sentiments: “This<br />

show is helpful to us so we can<br />

see all our international customers.<br />

We can show them everything<br />

we have in one spot.”<br />

The <strong>2024</strong> exhibition boasts the<br />

superlative of being the largest<br />

ISPA EXPO in terms of square<br />

footage (164,300 square feet),<br />

and it attracted 249 exhibitors to<br />

60 <strong>Sleep</strong><strong>Tech</strong> • <strong>May</strong> - <strong>June</strong>

the Greater Columbus Convention<br />

Center.<br />

Of the attendees, 30% were<br />

from outside the United States.<br />

Kayseri, Turkey-based Boyteks<br />

reported that in one day, the<br />

company had visitors from more<br />

than 50 different countries.<br />

Trends in the industry were easy<br />

to spot. Exhibitors focused on<br />

cost savings, while at the same<br />

time making more eco-friendly<br />

choices.<br />

A number of springs makers<br />

introduced 10-inch coils or coilon-coil<br />

constructions, with an<br />

eye toward reducing the amount<br />

of foam required to create a<br />

mattress. Some introduced<br />

cotton-encased coils for a more<br />

natural composition while others<br />

wrapped springs in recycled<br />

nonwoven fabric.<br />

Adhesives makers, listening to<br />

industry demands for more sustainable<br />

adhesives, touted new<br />

bio-based formulations, which<br />

several producers said were cost<br />

effective, too. Many suppliers<br />

also brought polypropylene adhesives<br />

to make recycling pocketed<br />

coils easier. This type of glue,<br />

when applied to polypropylene<br />

fabric, does not need to be<br />

removed in order to recycle the<br />

nonwoven. One company even<br />

offered an adhesive whose ingredients<br />

included material made<br />

from recycled polypropylene fiber<br />

from mattresses.<br />

In the world of foams, manufacturers<br />

were interested in making<br />

foams taller — and softer. Plus,<br />

infusions of copper and graphite<br />

were still going strong. One<br />

exhibitor showcased lighter<br />

foam formulations to reduce the<br />

amount of fuel needed to ship<br />

the material.<br />

Ticking suppliers also tapped into<br />

the sustainability zeitgeist. Many<br />

<strong>Sleep</strong><strong>Tech</strong> • <strong>May</strong> - <strong>June</strong><br />


Events<br />

highlighted the use of sustainable<br />

yarns in their fabrics. And attendees<br />

saw a new twist in ticking<br />

— the use of artificial intelligence<br />

to help generate design ideas.<br />

In terms of look and feel, fabric<br />

colors trended toward calming<br />

pastels and a feeling of peace<br />

and serenity.<br />

In addition to showing the latest<br />

innovations, the event provided<br />

a taste of a hopeful future for the<br />

bedding industry.<br />

“It was great to see so many<br />

people for what seemed like a<br />

very busy show all three days,”<br />

said Chad Antinori, general<br />

manager of Future Coil, headquartered<br />

in Tampa, Florida.<br />

“Customers we talked to seemed<br />

to be excited about new innovations<br />

and much more ready to<br />

buy than ISPA 2022.” In fact, all<br />

the LianRou machines sold by<br />

the end of the show, he said.<br />

Rick Seely, executive vice presi-<br />

62 <strong>Sleep</strong><strong>Tech</strong> • <strong>May</strong> - <strong>June</strong>

dent of Edge-Sweets Co., based<br />

in Grand Rapids, Michigan, had a<br />

good show, as well.<br />

“We didn’t have tire kickers;<br />

we had people who are decision-makers,”<br />

Seely said.<br />

“People were truly interested<br />

in furthering or advancing their<br />

technologies. We’re able to get<br />

a feel for the direction of how<br />

things are moving forward after<br />

a couple hard years with the decline<br />

in the mattress industry.”<br />

Watch our recaps of the show!<br />

Read the full report on products,<br />

companies and innovations at the<br />

<strong>2024</strong> ISPA EXPO. Read coverage<br />

on the panels at ISPA EXPO:<br />

ISPA EXPO Panel Discussions.<br />

<strong>Sleep</strong><strong>Tech</strong> • <strong>May</strong> - <strong>June</strong><br />


Profile<br />

Kar-as: Satisfied with our<br />

performance at ISPA Expo<br />

Kar-as Board Member M. Önder Aslan said that they signed new<br />

commercial collaborations at the ISPA Expo <strong>2024</strong> exhibition held<br />

in the United States of America.<br />

Stating that the ISPA Expo<br />

fair held in Ohio, USA this<br />

year is one of the most<br />

important events of the mattress<br />

industry, Kar-as Board Member<br />

Aslan emphasised innovation and<br />

technology. Mr. Önder stated that<br />

both the stand designs and the<br />

innovative works they made in<br />

their products were quite remarkable<br />

at the fair and added<br />

that the ISPA Expo fair was also<br />

instrumental in new commercial<br />

relations and solution partnerships<br />

for them.<br />

Mr Aslan explained the performance<br />

of Kar-as at ISPA Expo as<br />

follows; “ISPA Expo is an important<br />

platform to follow the latest<br />

developments in the American<br />

mattress industry and to create<br />

co-operation opportunities. As<br />

Karas, we participated in this<br />

exhibition, exhibited our products<br />

and interacted with the industry<br />

players in the U.S. As we have<br />

64 <strong>Sleep</strong><strong>Tech</strong> • <strong>May</strong> - <strong>June</strong>

een doing in every exhibition for<br />

years, we displayed a professional<br />

approach during this exhibition.<br />

Our stand attracted attention<br />

with our innovative products<br />

and solutions. As a company<br />

that exports to all over the world,<br />

we focused on innovation and<br />

technology by introducing our<br />

new products at the exhibition in<br />

order to improve the visionary image<br />

we have created so far and<br />

to represent our country in the<br />

best way. We aimed to stay in a<br />

competitive position by following<br />

the developments in the sector.<br />

As a result, as Kar-as, we are<br />

satisfied with our performance at<br />

ISPA Expo. This exhibition provided<br />

an important opportunity to<br />

create new business opportunities<br />

and follow the developments<br />

in the sector.”<br />

<strong>Sleep</strong><strong>Tech</strong> • <strong>May</strong> - <strong>June</strong><br />


News<br />

Export value of the chemicals<br />

industry exceeded 3 billion<br />

dollars<br />

According to data provided by the Türkiye Exporters Assembly (TİM), exports<br />

of Türkiye decreased by 4.1 percent in March compared to the same period of<br />

last year and resulted in an export value of 22.5 billion dollars. The chemicals<br />

industry that achieved an export value of over 3 billion dollars became the<br />

second industry to export the most in March. While there was a general<br />

decrease in exports in March, the chemicals industry achieved a 5.6 percent<br />

increase in exports.<br />

Commenting on export figures<br />

of the chemicals industry<br />

in March, Chairman<br />

of the Board of Istanbul Chemicals<br />

and Chemical Products<br />

Exporters Association (İKMİB)<br />

Adil Pelister said: “In March our<br />

chemicals industry achieved an<br />

export value of over 3 billion dollars<br />

with a 5.6 percent increase<br />

compared to the same month<br />

last year and received 13.5 percent<br />

share of national exports,<br />

becoming the second highest<br />

exporter sector. While there was<br />

a decrease in general exports<br />

in March, it is pleasing that our<br />

chemicals industry remained on<br />

the positive side and increased<br />

its performance. When we consider<br />

figures from the first quarter<br />

we see that our export exceeded<br />

8 billion dollars. In this period our<br />

export as an industry grew by 7.7<br />

percent. Mineral fuels, mineral<br />

oils and products, plastics and<br />

products, and inorganic chemicals<br />

occupy the top three among<br />

our highest exported sub-industries.<br />

Among the highest receiver<br />

of exports, Holland, Romania,<br />

and Italy occupied the top three<br />

positions. As İKMİB we intensely<br />

continue our activities. Now that<br />

the uncertainty associated with<br />

election disappeared, we foresee<br />

that economics and exports<br />

will be emphasized further. We<br />

will continue to work more every<br />

month to continue to achieve this<br />

increase in exports.”<br />

“Mineral fuels and products”<br />

was the highest exported subindustry<br />

in March<br />

In March exports of mineral fuels<br />

products among sub-sectors of<br />

chemicals and chemical products<br />

reached 1 billion 82 million 391<br />

68 <strong>Sleep</strong><strong>Tech</strong> • <strong>May</strong> - <strong>June</strong>

thousand dollars in value and<br />

occupied the first place. Plastics<br />

and products occupied the second<br />

place with exports reaching<br />

811 million 326 thousand dollars<br />

in value while exports of inorganic<br />

chemicals occupied the<br />

third place with 232 million 274<br />

thousand dollars in export value.<br />

Other sectors in top ten following<br />

‘inorganic chemicals’ were<br />

‘essential oils, cosmetics and<br />

soap’, ‘rubber, rubber products’,<br />

‘pharmaceuticals’, ‘paint,<br />

varnish, ink and their products’,<br />

‘miscellaneous chemical agents’,<br />

‘cleaning products,’ and ‘organic<br />

chemicals’.<br />

Holland became the highest<br />

receiver of exports in March<br />

The top ten countries that were<br />

the highest receiver of exports in<br />

March were Holland, Romania,<br />

Italy, Egypt, Spain, Russia, USA,<br />

Germany, Belgium, and Iraq.<br />

The highest increase in March<br />

among the top 10 countries was<br />

to Romania with 275.52 percent<br />

increase.<br />

<strong>Sleep</strong><strong>Tech</strong> • <strong>May</strong> - <strong>June</strong><br />


News<br />

<strong>Sleep</strong>ing soundly on<br />

tempered springs<br />

If you slept like a dream on your mattress last night, it may in part be due<br />

to the heat treatment of the springs in your mattress. Mattress springs are<br />

tempered during their manufacturing process. For this month’s blog we<br />

will start by discussing the history of the mattress and how it developed<br />

into using springs for comfort. Then we will talk about why springs are<br />

tempered and how the tempering process effects the steel.<br />

<strong>Sleep</strong>ing on the cold, hard<br />

ground has always been terribly<br />

uncomfortable. People<br />

began sleeping on primitive beds<br />

about 10,000 years ago, during the<br />

Neolithic period. The word “mattress”<br />

comes from the medieval Arabic<br />

al-matrah, which means “large<br />

cushion or rug for lying on.”<br />

Until the 1800s, people made their<br />

beds from natural materials, such<br />

as straw, feathers and horsehair.<br />

While fluffy, these fillers tended<br />

to clump together to make for a<br />

lumpy bed. The natural fillers would<br />

break down quickly, resulting in uncomfortable<br />

pits of mushy material.<br />

The fillers were also attractive to<br />

bugs and other unwanted bedmates.<br />

The industrial revolution forever<br />

changed the way people slept<br />

through the introduction of coil<br />

springs. First patented for use in<br />

chair seats, steel coil springs soon<br />

found their way into mattresses.<br />

The first coil spring for bedding<br />

earned a patent in 1865. It did<br />

not take long for mattress manufacturers<br />

to realize that placing<br />

a set of uniform springs inside<br />

layers of cushiony upholstery<br />

created a comfortable bed with a<br />

firm, resilient, and uniform tex-<br />

72 <strong>Sleep</strong><strong>Tech</strong> • <strong>May</strong> - <strong>June</strong>

ture. Bedsprings provide the right<br />

balance of support and “give” to<br />

create a comfortable night’s sleep.<br />

In the blink of an eye, the dream of<br />

sleeping on the perfect mattress<br />

became a reality.<br />

Tempered Springs for a Good<br />

Night’s <strong>Sleep</strong><br />

There is more to making a comfortable<br />

bed than simply wrapping<br />

upholstery around any old set of<br />

springs, though. The springs and<br />

other materials must undergo<br />

certain manufacturing processes to<br />

improve their quality. For example,<br />

manufacturers may add flame-retardant<br />

chemicals to mattress upholstery<br />

and filling. They must also<br />

temper the springs to enhance the<br />

quality of the metal in the spring.<br />

The steel used in mattress springs<br />

is quite hard, especially after<br />

undergoing hardening processes<br />

of heating and quenching during<br />

manufacturing. While hardened<br />

steel is strong, it is also quite<br />

brittle. Internal strains caused by<br />

sudden cooling in the quenching<br />

bath can compromise the integrity<br />

of the steel. Tempering reduces the<br />

brittleness in the hardened steel<br />

of mattress springs, and removes<br />

internal strains associated with the<br />

quenching bath.<br />

Tempering is a manufacturing<br />

process that involves heating steel<br />

to a certain temperature and then<br />

cooling it to improve toughness<br />

and decrease brittleness by reducing<br />

the hardness of the steel. The<br />

exact temperature achieved during<br />

the heating process determines<br />

the amount of hardness removed.<br />

Manufacturers will temper very<br />

hard tools at low temperatures.<br />

They temper springs, like those<br />

used in mattresses, at roughly<br />

450F (232C). The tempering<br />

process gives mattress springs<br />

the flex that you feel when you lay<br />

down and the durability to withstand<br />

years of sleep filled nights.<br />

<strong>Sleep</strong><strong>Tech</strong> • <strong>May</strong> - <strong>June</strong><br />


Profile<br />

Sustainable spring<br />

components maker Spinks<br />

achieves global accreditation<br />

U.K.-based Spinks, a spring components supplier to the mattress<br />

and furniture industries, has secured a Cradle-to-Cradle Bronze<br />

accreditation for its pocket spring products, making it the first<br />

such supplier to achieve this standard, according to the company.<br />

The Cradle to Cradle (C2C)<br />

accreditation ensures<br />

products are safe, sustainable<br />

and ethically sourced. It was<br />

awarded to Spinks following a<br />

rigorous, 18-month third-party<br />

product certification program, the<br />

company said.<br />

The certification verifies that all<br />

pocket-spring products produced<br />

by Spinks are of a high<br />

standard of safety and responsibility<br />

of materials, all while being<br />

economically circular through<br />

design and processing, according<br />

to a news release.<br />

C2C assesses products and<br />

companies based on several<br />

factors — from transparency in<br />

production to social fairness —<br />

to support businesses who are<br />

passionate about their product<br />

design and ethical trade.<br />

76 <strong>Sleep</strong><strong>Tech</strong> • <strong>May</strong> - <strong>June</strong>

The accreditation process aims<br />

to encourage safe and ethical<br />

product development and<br />

innovation, a vision aligned with<br />

Spinks’ history of manufacturing<br />

original and environmentally<br />

friendly components for the<br />

mattress and furniture industries,<br />

company officials said.<br />

Spinks will continue to work<br />

with C2C undergoing a biannual<br />

assessment to analyze its data<br />

and processes and optimize<br />

strategies to continue its trajectory<br />

in innovation and efficient and<br />

sustainable design. Its in-house<br />

approach overseeing all aspects<br />

of the production process aims<br />

to find opportunities to constantly<br />

improve these areas.<br />

“We are delighted to have our<br />

pocket springs for the mattress<br />

and seating markets become<br />

Cradle to Cradle Certified, meaning<br />

we can ensure all our products<br />

are as sustainable as possible,”<br />

said Darren Marcangelo,<br />

managing director of Spinks. “We<br />

believe we are the world’s first<br />

pocket spring manufacturer to<br />

become certified for the full range<br />

of pocket springs we produce.<br />

Achieving this global standard is<br />

not just a huge success for the<br />

business and our sustainability<br />

goals, but also for our customers.”<br />

<strong>Sleep</strong><strong>Tech</strong> • <strong>May</strong> - <strong>June</strong><br />


File<br />

The rise of natural plant<br />

fibres being used in<br />

mattresses<br />

It’s safe to say that over the last few years the popularity of Natural<br />

Fibre mattresses has only continued to grow. In particular,<br />

mattresses that use Natural Plant Fibres are on the rise, with many<br />

sleepers opting for them instead of animal fibres.<br />

But what exactly has<br />

caused this rise? And<br />

what makes Natural Plant<br />

Fibres in mattresses a great<br />

choice for you?<br />

Excellent ethical materials<br />

Unlike synthetic alternatives,<br />

natural plant fibres can be continually<br />

replenished over time, and<br />

their supply isn’t nearly as limited<br />

as animal fibres. The plants that<br />

produce these fibres can be<br />

grown and harvested over and<br />

over, which has numerous environmental<br />

benefits, such as the<br />

absorption of C02. Mattresses<br />

that use these natural plant fibres<br />

are great for the environment,<br />

and even the organic wastes<br />

produced during processing can<br />

be recycled and used elsewhere.<br />

For example, organic plant flax<br />

is pretty much waste-free, as the<br />

oil pressed from flax seeds can<br />

be used in a wide range of other<br />

products.<br />

80 <strong>Sleep</strong><strong>Tech</strong> • <strong>May</strong> - <strong>June</strong>

Vegetarian and vegan friendly<br />

Like many other people, you<br />

might be leading a vegetarian or<br />

vegan focused lifestyle, which<br />

means having a suitable mattress<br />

that doesn’t use any animal<br />

products or fibres is a must.<br />

Thankfully, mattresses that use<br />

natural plant fibres are perfectly<br />

suited for this, and we have a<br />

number of vegan and vegetarian<br />

friendly mattresses, such as our<br />

origins reflex.<br />

Effective temperature regulation<br />

Natural plant fibres are not only<br />

incredibly breathable, they have<br />

extremely effective moisture<br />

wicking properties. For anyone<br />

who happens to be a hot<br />

sleeper, a mattress that uses<br />

Natural Plant Fibre fillings can<br />

be a perfect solution to help you<br />

sleep soundly. Take Bamboo for<br />

example, which can quickly wick<br />

away moisture from your body,<br />

<strong>Sleep</strong><strong>Tech</strong> • <strong>May</strong> - <strong>June</strong><br />


File<br />

providing you with a comfortable<br />

temperature throughout the<br />

night. It can keep you cool in the<br />

summer, and nice and warm on<br />

colder nights.<br />

That fantastic feel<br />

One of the main reasons why<br />

these fibres have become so<br />

popular as a mattress filling is of<br />

course how they make you feel.<br />

These natural plant fibres are<br />

able to cater to any preference,<br />

thanks to the fact that they can<br />

be used individually, coupled<br />

together, and interchanged, to<br />

create a sleep surface that perfectly<br />

comforts and supports any<br />

sleeper.<br />

These fibres are some of the<br />

most resilient and best quality fibre<br />

fillings that you can find. Their<br />

responsiveness and breathability<br />

will perfectly compliment any<br />

84 <strong>Sleep</strong><strong>Tech</strong> • <strong>May</strong> - <strong>June</strong>

soft, medium or firmer feeling<br />

mattress. For example, our artisan<br />

sublime mattress uses twin<br />

layers of vanadium coated calico<br />

pocket springs that are exquisitely<br />

enhanced by natural organic<br />

plant fibres, along with soft<br />

Alpaca. This combination creates<br />

an incredibly luxurious, medium<br />

feel, supportive and comforting<br />

sleep experience.<br />

“Our commitment to innovation<br />

drives us to continually push the<br />

boundaries of what’s possible<br />

in mattress textiles and sleep<br />

solutions,” emphasized Rafael<br />

Rodriguez, President of Bekaert-<br />

Deslee North America. “ISPA<br />

<strong>Sleep</strong><strong>Tech</strong> • <strong>May</strong> - <strong>June</strong><br />


Profile<br />

Sefox: We will increase<br />

our trade volume in the<br />

American market<br />

Sefox Sales Manager Erçin Özdemir said that ISPA Expo <strong>2024</strong><br />

was extremely productive for them and that they aim to increase<br />

their volume in the American market with the b2b meetings held<br />

thanks to the exhibition.<br />

Stating that the global<br />

economic crisis also<br />

had an impact on the<br />

ISPA Expo organisation and<br />

therefore the exhibition was<br />

quieter compared to previous<br />

years, Özdemir said that<br />

despite all these factors, the<br />

exhibition was productive and<br />

added the following sentences;<br />

“ISPA Expo exhibition was<br />

extremely productive, as in<br />

previous years, due to the participation<br />

of competent people<br />

in every meeting and meeting<br />

sector or company. As Sefox,<br />

it was a great opportunity to<br />

understand the demands of<br />

all our visitors, customers and<br />

business partners who visited<br />

our stand and to explain and<br />

introduce the innovations in<br />

our company. As a result, I<br />

believe that our potential and<br />

commercial volume in the region<br />

will increase even more.”<br />

88 <strong>Sleep</strong><strong>Tech</strong> • <strong>May</strong> - <strong>June</strong>

Erplast Our goal is to become<br />

a well-known brand in the<br />

American market<br />

Fatih Okumuşer, General<br />

Manager of Erplast, stated<br />

that they were very satisfied<br />

with the ISPA Expo fair and that<br />

their activities for this market will<br />

continue in the coming years.<br />

How was the ISPA Expo fair for<br />

you? Were you satisfied with the<br />

visitor population of the fair?<br />

During this exhibition process,<br />

we had a productive fair process<br />

where we gained new experiences<br />

with customers about bed<br />

mattress machines and components<br />

that will affect product<br />

development in line with supply<br />

and demand.<br />

How did Erplast perform at the<br />

fair?<br />

As Erplast, we carefully prepared<br />

and exhibited our products for<br />

the participants with this fair. We<br />

presented our products in line<br />

with the new customers we added<br />

to our organisation and their<br />

demands. We hosted our visitors<br />

in the best way possible and<br />

satisfied them with both the innovation<br />

of our products and our<br />

hospitality. We reached agreements<br />

on solution partnership<br />

with both our customers that we<br />

have already done business with<br />

in the American market and many<br />

professionals in our potential<br />

customer portfolio.<br />

Our goal is to renew and develop<br />

ourselves in line with the experiences<br />

we have gained as Erplast<br />

and to grow rapidly and to make<br />

our brand’s name frequently<br />

mentioned in the American<br />

market.<br />

<strong>Sleep</strong><strong>Tech</strong> • <strong>May</strong> - <strong>June</strong><br />


File<br />

How to efficiently roll pack<br />

a mattress<br />

Roll pack is one of the most<br />

common packaging methods<br />

for mattresses. This<br />

packaging method greatly saves<br />

the storage and transportation<br />

space of mattress manufacturers,<br />

and brings great convenience to<br />

the handling and transportation<br />

of mattresses. When we buy<br />

mattresses, we often see that the<br />

mattresses are rolled up in a box<br />

and sent to us when we receive<br />

them, especially sponge latex<br />

mattresses, etc. Now, let’s talk<br />

about how do we roll up a mattress<br />

with our automatic mattress<br />

compression, fold roll packing<br />

machine. If you are a mattress<br />

manufacturer who is troubled by<br />

the mattress packaging problem,<br />

then take a look at this article.<br />

First, pack the mattress<br />

Wrap the mattress by plastic film<br />

automatically by our machine,<br />

with hot sealing function to<br />

achieve a good packaging effect.<br />

Second, compress the mattress<br />

In order to achieve better rolling,<br />

the mattress is usually com-<br />

92 <strong>Sleep</strong><strong>Tech</strong> • <strong>May</strong> - <strong>June</strong>

pressed. Of course, some mattresses<br />

with soft materials, such<br />

as latex mattresses, do not need<br />

to be compressed. It depends on<br />

the material of the mattress as<br />

well as your packaging requirements.<br />

Third, fold the mattress<br />

We provide two options of<br />

half-fold and three-fold, if your<br />

mattress size is large, we recommend<br />

choosing to fold the<br />

mattress.<br />

Then, roll up the mattress<br />

Use our mattress rolling machine<br />

to roll your mattress and end up<br />

with a rolled mattress for easy<br />

handling and storage.<br />

Finally, box the mattress<br />

The last step is to pack the rolled<br />

mattress into a box, which is<br />

usually beautifully printed with<br />

your logo, so that the mattress<br />

can be delivered to your customers.<br />

We have a variety of mattress<br />

compression & fold rolling machines<br />

for you to choose from.<br />

We have corresponding machines<br />

for all the above functions.<br />

If you only want to buy a machine<br />

with one of the above functions,<br />

we can also provide it for you. Of<br />

course, our full-featured integrated<br />

machine has all the above<br />

functions, and its functions can<br />

also be used independently. One<br />

machine can meet all your mattress<br />

packaging needs.<br />

<strong>Sleep</strong><strong>Tech</strong> • <strong>May</strong> - <strong>June</strong><br />


Profile<br />

Form Sünger: We performed<br />

well at ISPA Expo<br />

Volkan Yılmaz, Form Sünger Export Sales and Marketing Chief,<br />

said that they exhibited their products in the best way at ISPA<br />

Expo and that long-term commercial negotiations are continuing<br />

with the potential customers they hosted at the fair.<br />

Volkan Yılmaz stated that it<br />

is difficult to export to the<br />

American market because<br />

it is a distant market to Turkiye<br />

and there are many large and<br />

small foam producers in many<br />

countries of the continent, and<br />

that it is not enough to enter<br />

the market only with the quality<br />

product-competitive price index,<br />

and emphasized that the ISPA<br />

Expo fair is of vital importance for<br />

them. Yılmaz made the following<br />

statements after the exhibition;<br />

“In addition to offering quality<br />

products and competitive prices,<br />

it is necessary to explain<br />

your company and products to<br />

customers very well and increase<br />

your awareness in the eyes of<br />

customers. It is necessary to<br />

convince customers by informing<br />

them well on issues such as long<br />

transit time, supply process planning.<br />

Since all these are elements<br />

that involve a certain process,<br />

we have taken the first steps of<br />

this process with the products<br />

we exhibited at this fair and the<br />

information we provided to our<br />

guests who visited our stand. In<br />

this context, as a company, we<br />

have demonstrated a good performance<br />

during the fair with the<br />

preparations we made before the<br />

fair. We are currently in intensive<br />

negotiations with our guests we<br />

met at the fair. We are in an effort<br />

to do good work in terms of contributing<br />

to the exports of both<br />

our company and our country<br />

from the fair that we have worked<br />

very hard.”<br />

94 <strong>Sleep</strong><strong>Tech</strong> • <strong>May</strong> - <strong>June</strong>

File<br />

An Overview of the Evolution of<br />

Mattress Machinery Efficiency in<br />

modern mattress machinery<br />

The evolution of mattress machinery has brought about significant<br />

improvements in efficiency, allowing mattress manufacturers to<br />

streamline production processes and meet the growing demand for<br />

high-quality mattresses. With the use of advanced technology and<br />

innovative solutions, modern mattress machinery has revolutionized<br />

the way mattresses are produced, ensuring faster production times,<br />

improved quality control, and increased efficiency.<br />

One of the key areas where<br />

efficiency has been greatly<br />

improved is in the automation<br />

of mattress production.<br />

Traditional manual processes<br />

have been replaced by automated<br />

machinery, which can perform<br />

tasks much faster and with greater<br />

precision. This eliminates the need<br />

for manual labor and reduces the<br />

chance of human error, resulting<br />

in consistent and high-quality<br />

mattresses.<br />

Another factor contributing to the<br />

efficiency of modern mattress<br />

machinery is the use of computerized<br />

controls and software. These<br />

systems enable manufacturers<br />

to monitor and control various<br />

aspects of the production process,<br />

such as temperature, pressure,<br />

and speed, with greater accuracy<br />

and efficiency. This allows for<br />

better control over the quality of<br />

the mattresses and reduces the<br />

chances of defects.<br />

Efficiency in modern mattress machinery<br />

also extends to the energy<br />

consumption of the equipment.<br />

With the development of energy-efficient<br />

technologies, manufacturers<br />

can reduce their carbon<br />

footprint and operating costs.<br />

Energy-saving features, such as<br />

automatic shut-off systems and<br />

power management software,<br />

help optimize energy usage and<br />

minimize waste.<br />

98 <strong>Sleep</strong><strong>Tech</strong> • <strong>May</strong> - <strong>June</strong>

<strong>Tech</strong>nological innovations in<br />

mattress production<br />

The evolution of mattress machinery<br />

has been driven by technological<br />

innovations that have transformed<br />

the way mattresses are<br />

produced. These innovations have<br />

not only improved the efficiency of<br />

production but have also led to advancements<br />

in mattress comfort,<br />

durability, and design.<br />

One of the notable technological<br />

innovations in mattress production<br />

is the use of advanced materials.<br />

Memory foam, for example, has<br />

revolutionized the mattress industry<br />

by providing superior comfort<br />

and support. High-density polyurethane<br />

foams, latex foams, and<br />

gel-infused foams are also commonly<br />

used in modern mattresses,<br />

offering enhanced comfort and<br />

pressure relief.<br />

In addition to new materials, technological<br />

advancements have also<br />

led to improvements in mattress<br />

design. Computer-aided design<br />

(CAD) software allows manufacturers<br />

to create intricate and<br />

ergonomic mattress designs that<br />

cater to different body types and<br />

sleeping preferences. This enables<br />

the production of customized<br />

mattresses that provide optimal<br />

support and comfort for individual<br />

users.<br />

Another significant innovation in<br />

mattress production is the integration<br />

of smart technologies. Smart<br />

mattresses are equipped with<br />

sensors and embedded electronics<br />

that can monitor various<br />

aspects of the user’s sleep, such<br />

as sleep cycles, heart rate, and<br />

body temperature. This data can<br />

be analyzed to provide personalized<br />

sleep recommendations and<br />

improve overall sleep quality.<br />

Mattress spring machine<br />

The mattress spring machine is a<br />

crucial component of the mattress<br />

manufacturing process. It is<br />

responsible for the production of<br />

the inner springs that provide support<br />

and comfort to the mattress.<br />

The evolution of mattress spring<br />

machines has greatly improved the<br />

efficiency and quality of the springs<br />

produced.<br />

Modern pocket spring machine utilize<br />

advanced technologies, such<br />

as computer numerical control<br />

(CNC) systems, to automate the<br />

spring production process. These<br />

machines can fabricate springs of<br />

various types and sizes with high<br />

precision and consistency. The<br />

use of CNC systems also allows<br />

for quick and easy adjustment of<br />

spring specifications, accommodating<br />

the production of different<br />

mattress models.<br />

One of the key advancements in<br />

mattress spring machines is the<br />

inclusion of non-contact coil forming<br />

technology. This technology<br />

<strong>Sleep</strong><strong>Tech</strong> • <strong>May</strong> - <strong>June</strong><br />


File<br />

eliminates the need for traditional<br />

contact-based spring forming<br />

methods, reducing wear and tear<br />

on the machinery and improving<br />

the overall lifespan of the equipment.<br />

Non-contact coil forming<br />

also enables better control over<br />

the shape and characteristics of<br />

the springs, resulting in enhanced<br />

mattress performance.<br />

The incorporation of advanced<br />

wire-guiding systems in mattress<br />

spring machines has also contributed<br />

to improved efficiency. These<br />

systems ensure accurate wire<br />

feeding and eliminate the chances<br />

of wire tangling or misalignment<br />

during the spring formation process.<br />

This leads to faster production<br />

times and reduces the need<br />

for manual intervention, resulting<br />

in increased productivity and<br />

cost-effectiveness.<br />

Mattress packing machine<br />

The mattress packing machine<br />

is an essential component of the<br />

mattress production process,<br />

responsible for compressing and<br />

packaging the finished mattresses.<br />

Over the years, the evolution of<br />

mattress packing machines has<br />

led to significant improvements<br />

in efficiency, speed, and product<br />

presentation.<br />

Modern mattress packing machines<br />

are equipped with advanced<br />

compression technology,<br />

allowing for the reduction of<br />

mattress volume without compromising<br />

its quality or comfort. These<br />

machines utilize powerful hydraulic<br />

systems to compress the mattress,<br />

making it easier to handle,<br />

transport, and store. The compression<br />

process also eliminates<br />

any potential air pockets within the<br />

mattress, ensuring a uniform and<br />

consistent product.<br />

One of the key advancements in<br />

mattress packing machines is the<br />

integration of automated wrapping<br />

systems. These systems<br />

100 <strong>Sleep</strong><strong>Tech</strong> • <strong>May</strong> - <strong>June</strong>

use stretch films or plastic bags<br />

to tightly wrap the compressed<br />

mattress, providing protection<br />

against dust, moisture, and damage<br />

during transportation. The use<br />

of automated wrapping systems<br />

eliminates the need for manual<br />

labor and ensures a secure and<br />

professional-looking packaging.<br />

Furthermore, modern mattress<br />

packing machines often come<br />

with additional features, such as<br />

labeling and barcode scanning<br />

capabilities. These features allow<br />

for efficient tracking and identification<br />

of mattresses throughout the<br />

supply chain, facilitating inventory<br />

management and reducing the<br />

chances of errors or misplaced<br />

products.<br />

Tape edge sewing machine<br />

The tape edge sewing machine is<br />

a critical tool in the mattress manufacturing<br />

process, used for applying<br />

the tape edge to the mattress<br />

borders. This machine plays a<br />

significant role in ensuring the<br />

durability, aesthetics, and overall<br />

quality of the finished mattress.<br />

The evolution of tape edge sewing<br />

machines has resulted in increased<br />

efficiency and precision<br />

in the application of mattress<br />

borders. Modern machines are<br />

equipped with computerized controls<br />

and servo motors, enabling<br />

accurate and consistent sewing<br />

patterns. These machines can<br />

also accommodate various tape<br />

widths and stitch styles, allowing<br />

for customization and flexibility in<br />

mattress design.<br />

The incorporation of advanced<br />

features, such as automatic corner<br />

sewing and pneumatic tensioning<br />

systems, has further improved the<br />

efficiency of tape edge sewing machines.<br />

Automatic corner sewing<br />

eliminates the need for manual<br />

adjustment during the sewing<br />

process, reducing production time<br />

and ensuring uniform and neat<br />

corners. Pneumatic tensioning<br />

systems provide consistent and<br />

optimal tension control, resulting in<br />

straighter and more durable tape<br />

edges.<br />

Tape edge sewing machines also<br />

feature enhanced safety features,<br />

such as finger guards and emergency<br />

stop buttons, to protect<br />

operators from potential accidents.<br />

These safety measures, combined<br />

with user-friendly interfaces<br />

and intuitive controls, make the<br />

machines easier to operate and<br />

minimize the chances of errors or<br />

injuries.<br />

<strong>Sleep</strong><strong>Tech</strong> • <strong>May</strong> - <strong>June</strong> 101

Events<br />

Koelnmesse plans new<br />

cooperation deals in<br />

the furniture sector in<br />

Southeast Asia<br />

this year<br />

Koelnmesse has announced two new collaborative ventures in its furniture<br />

portfolio this year: a strategic partnership with IFFINA - Indonesia Meubel &<br />

Design Expo <strong>2024</strong> in Jakarta and an agreement to forge links with Vietnam’s<br />

Handicraft and Wood Industry Association of Ho Chi Minh City (HAWA).<br />

The Indonesia Furniture<br />

Industry and Handicraft<br />

Association (ASMINDO),<br />

IFFINA and Koelnmesse have<br />

formed a strategic partnership<br />

to launch the inaugural interzum<br />

SEA showcase in Jakarta. Taking<br />

place as part of IFFINA - Indonesia<br />

Meubel & Design Expo at<br />

ICE BSD City from 14-17 September<br />

<strong>2024</strong>, this special interzum<br />

themed area dedicated to<br />

furniture production and interior<br />

design will draw together industry<br />

professionals from Indonesia and<br />

across Southeast Asia. The same<br />

interzum showcase concept has<br />

already been successfully implemented<br />

at ORGATEC TOKYO for<br />

the past three years.<br />

With a projected CAGR of 6.39%<br />

between <strong>2024</strong> and 2032, Indonesia’s<br />

furniture industry is<br />

one of the world’s fastest-growing<br />

manufacturing hubs in the<br />

sector. The country has a wealth<br />

104 <strong>Sleep</strong><strong>Tech</strong> • <strong>May</strong> - <strong>June</strong>

of high-quality timber, boasts a<br />

long history of skilled craftsmanship<br />

and offers manufacturers<br />

a compelling proposition and<br />

competitive advantage thanks to<br />

its relatively low labor costs.<br />

“Together, Koelnmesse and IFFI-<br />

NA proudly present the inaugural<br />

interzum SEA showcase. This<br />

partnership signifies our shared<br />

commitment to advancing the<br />

Indonesian furniture industry.<br />

The showcase provides a unique<br />

platform to spotlight cutting-edge<br />

trends and solutions, redefining<br />

the landscape of furniture<br />

production and interior design in<br />

this dynamic market.” Managing<br />

Director and VP Asia Pacific of<br />

Koelnmesse Pte Ltd, Mr. Mathias<br />

Kuepper, expressed, “We are<br />

delighted to announce that some<br />

key industry brands have already<br />

committed to joining the exhibition,<br />

adding substantial depth<br />

and expertise to the showcase.<br />

We extend our sincere appreciation<br />

to IFFINA for this transformative<br />

collaboration, setting the<br />

stage for a future where innovation<br />

and collaboration thrive.”<br />

New collaboration:<br />

interzum SEA showcase<br />

set to make its debut as<br />

part of IFFINA <strong>2024</strong><br />

The showcase will present a<br />

diverse range of innovative solutions<br />

across five key segments:<br />

Function & Components, Textile<br />

& Home Fabrics, Lights and<br />

Lighting Systems, Materials &<br />

Nature, and Flooring.<br />

“ASMINDO is pleased to collaborate<br />

with IFFINA and Koelnmesse<br />

in presenting the inaugural<br />

interzum SEA showcase. This<br />

strategic partnership reflects our<br />

shared commitment to advancing<br />

Southeast Asia’s furniture<br />

industry, fostering innovation, and<br />

<strong>Sleep</strong><strong>Tech</strong> • <strong>May</strong> - <strong>June</strong> 105

Events<br />

shaping a dynamic future for furniture<br />

production and interior design.”<br />

Dedy Rochimat, Chairman<br />

of ASMINDO, shared, “IFFINA will<br />

bring together a vibrant tapestry<br />

of industry players, designers,<br />

and artisans. We expect this<br />

gathering to not only spotlight the<br />

latest trends in furniture, crafts,<br />

and interior design but also to<br />

serve as a dynamic platform for<br />

creativity and business collaboration.<br />

I am optimistic about the<br />

positive impact this event will<br />

have on our thriving industry and<br />

look forward to witnessing the<br />

exchange of ideas and innovations.”<br />

IFFINA <strong>2024</strong> will host industry<br />

players from the furniture, skilled<br />

crafts, homeware, home fabrics<br />

and decorative accessories<br />

sectors. Additionally, interiors<br />

specialists, product designers<br />

and artisans will demonstrate<br />

their creativity in various forms.<br />

The debut of the interzum SEA<br />

showcase, together with the seventh<br />

edition of IFFINA, seeks to<br />

attract over 100 leading brands<br />

and 15,000 trade visitors from<br />

across Southeast Asia.<br />

For comprehensive, up-to-date<br />

information about the interzum<br />

showcase in Southeast Asia and<br />

IFFINA - Indonesia Meubel &<br />

Design Expo <strong>2024</strong>, (www.interzum-sea.com<br />

; www.iffina.com.)<br />

HAWA and Koelnmesse<br />

announce mutual interest in<br />

future cooperation<br />

The Handicraft and Wood<br />

Industry Association of Ho Chi<br />

Minh City (HAWA), Vietnam, and<br />

Koelnmesse GmbH have signed<br />

a memorandum of understanding<br />

(MoU) outlining their intentions to<br />

explore avenues for collaboration.<br />

The MoU was signed by Nguyen<br />

Quoc Khanh, Chairman of<br />

HAWA, and Denis Steker, Koelnmesse’s<br />

Senior Vice President<br />

106 <strong>Sleep</strong><strong>Tech</strong> • <strong>May</strong> - <strong>June</strong>

International, on 6 March <strong>2024</strong><br />

during the Vietnam Furniture<br />

Industry Forum at HawaExpo.<br />

This voluntary agreement confirms<br />

the reciprocal intention of<br />

HAWA and Koelnmesse to hold<br />

discussions on potential cooperation.<br />

Key areas of potential include<br />

Koelnmesse’s involvement<br />

in and support of HAWA’s trade<br />

fairs in Vietnam, the participation<br />

of HAWA members in Koelnmesse<br />

events worldwide, the<br />

strategic alignment of activities<br />

and knowledge sharing between<br />

the two organizations.<br />

Nguyen Quoc Khanh, Chairman<br />

of HAWA, said: “We are very<br />

pleased to sign this MoU with<br />

Koelnmesse, a renowned and<br />

respected trade fair organizer in<br />

the global furniture and woodworking<br />

industry. We believe<br />

that this MoU will unlock new<br />

opportunities for cooperation and<br />

mutual benefit for both parties,<br />

as well as for the industry as<br />

a whole. We look forward to<br />

working closely with Koelnmesse<br />

to develop and implement joint<br />

initiatives that will enhance the<br />

competitiveness and innovation<br />

of the furniture and woodworking<br />

Vietnam Furniture<br />

Industry Forum at<br />

Hawa and Koelnmesse<br />

announce mutual<br />

interest in future<br />

cooperation<br />

industry in Vietnam and beyond.”<br />

“We are honored to have been<br />

invited to partner with HAWA,<br />

and we are committed to exploring<br />

further opportunities that<br />

will benefit both parties.” Denis<br />

Steker, Senior Vice President<br />

International of Koelnmesse,<br />

expressed, “This strategic partnership<br />

serves as a significant<br />

expansion of our esteemed global<br />

network of professional exhibition<br />

platforms. With imm cologne<br />

and interzum cologne anchoring<br />

our global events, alongside<br />

interzum guangzhou catering to<br />

the Chinese market and interzum<br />

bogota serving the South American<br />

market, our collaboration<br />

with HAWA Expo adds another<br />

dimension.”<br />

By formalizing their shared intention<br />

to explore future opportunities<br />

for cooperation, HAWA and<br />

Koelnmesse are demonstrating<br />

their commitment to building a<br />

constructive partnership that will<br />

benefit their organizations, stakeholders<br />

and the wider industry.<br />

Both parties look forward to engaging<br />

in fruitful discussions and<br />

are optimistic about the potential<br />

for meaningful collaboration in<br />

the near future.<br />

<strong>Sleep</strong><strong>Tech</strong> • <strong>May</strong> - <strong>June</strong> 107

Events<br />

CIFM/interzum guangzhou<br />

<strong>2024</strong> delivers exceptional<br />

results<br />

CIFM/interzum guangzhou<br />

<strong>2024</strong> came to a close in<br />

its namesake city after<br />

a four-day run starting on 28<br />

March. Set against the backdrop<br />

of China’s ambitious drive<br />

to modernize its industrial base<br />

and accelerate the development<br />

of new production capacity,<br />

this year’s event, with the apt<br />

theme of “Surpass”, exceeded<br />

expectations in terms of scale,<br />

international impact and industry<br />

engagement, delivering substantial<br />

momentum to the furniture<br />

production and manufacturing<br />

sector.<br />

Record-breaking scale<br />

At nearly 180,000 square meters,<br />

the exhibition area was 24.2 %<br />

larger than in 2019 and hosted<br />

1,586 companies showcasing<br />

new products, technologies and<br />

applications covering furniture<br />

woodworking machinery, upholstery<br />

machinery, hardware accessories,<br />

upholstery materials,<br />

interior design, wood products<br />

and panels, adhesives and more.<br />

The event brought together 231<br />

prominent international brands,<br />

further cementing CIFM/interzum<br />

guangzhou’s role as a trailblazer<br />

and innovation hub for the<br />

furniture industry. Taking place<br />

alongside the second phase of<br />

the China International Furniture<br />

Fair (CIFF), the exhibition<br />

110 <strong>Sleep</strong><strong>Tech</strong> • <strong>May</strong> - <strong>June</strong>

attracted 215,166 trade visitors<br />

from 178 countries and regions,<br />

a leap of 30.2 % compared with<br />

2019. Overseas participation also<br />

increased, skyrocketing by 63.6<br />

% to achieve a record-breaking<br />

high.<br />

Various opportunities for<br />

engagement and innovative<br />

thinking<br />

As a guiding light for the international<br />

furniture manufacturing<br />

industry, CIFM/interzum<br />

guangzhou showcases trends<br />

that serve as crucial insights for<br />

industry players seeking business<br />

opportunities.<br />

Top international companies<br />

such as SCM, Paolino Bacci,<br />

Biesse, HOMAG, Leitz and<br />

Freud converged in Area B of<br />

the event venue (Halls 11.1, 12.1<br />

and 13.1), establishing a hub for<br />

advanced furniture production.<br />

Their focus on precision, efficiency<br />

and first-class quality has led<br />

to the development of innovative<br />

solutions, characterized by data-driven<br />

approaches, digitalization,<br />

visualization and end-to-end<br />

coverage of the production cycle.<br />

Area C (Halls 14.1 and 15.1)<br />

featured an extensive array of<br />

furniture materials and accessories,<br />

highlighting innovations in<br />

sustainable materials and functional<br />

enhancements alongside<br />

sources of aesthetic inspiration<br />

for home interior design. Inter-<br />

<strong>Sleep</strong><strong>Tech</strong> • <strong>May</strong> - <strong>June</strong> 111

Events<br />

national associations AHEC<br />

and AMSO, as well as global<br />

brands such as Aydın, Boyteks,<br />

Decospan, DewertOkin, DIC,<br />

GTA, Henkel, impress, Italiana<br />

Ferramenta, LamiGraf, limoss,<br />

LINAK, Munksjö, Rehau, Renolit,<br />

Schattdecor, SIGE SPA<br />

and SIMALFA, showcased<br />

high-quality upstream solutions,<br />

making a visit to Area C unmissable<br />

for furniture manufacturers<br />

and designers.<br />

In addition to the exhibition, diverse<br />

concurrent events provided<br />

industry insights. For example,<br />

the Vitality of Sustainable<br />

Innovation to Life (VSIL) Forum<br />

focused on global home interior<br />

design and supply chains, while<br />

the Boundless Design Forum<br />

explored international edge<br />

banding technologies. Meanwhile,<br />

the interzum guangzhou<br />

Award recognized high-quality<br />

furniture accessories and components<br />

with a focus on sustainable<br />

development, digitalization<br />

and innovative material<br />

applications.<br />

Fostering global collaboration to<br />

achieve excellence<br />

The <strong>2024</strong> edition of CIFM/interzum<br />

guangzhou saw collaboration<br />

with the European Federation<br />

of Woodworking Machinery<br />

Manufacturers (EUMABOIS),<br />

the Egyptian Furniture Export<br />

112 <strong>Sleep</strong><strong>Tech</strong> • <strong>May</strong> - <strong>June</strong>

Council (EFEC) and the Malaysian<br />

Furniture Council (MFC),<br />

among others, with the aim of<br />

connecting the resources of<br />

the global furniture industry and<br />

establishing an exclusive annual<br />

international event dedicated to<br />

furniture production and design.<br />

Furthermore, the event hosted<br />

200 on-site business matchmaking<br />

sessions as part of its<br />

efforts to provide exhibitors and<br />

buyers with top-tier communication<br />

platforms and professional<br />

services. Procurement<br />

representatives from prominent<br />

companies such as Appliance<br />

Furniture, BSL Furniture,<br />

Designcomefirst, Ellesime,<br />

Guxin, Jemaramas Jaya, MT<br />

Design, Muli, Multi M Group,<br />

SAI Solutions and Vifa engaged<br />

in productive face-to-face business<br />

meetings with their preferred<br />

upstream suppliers.<br />

CIFM/interzum guangzhou will<br />

return to the Canton Fair Complex<br />

from 28 to 31 March 2025.<br />

<strong>Sleep</strong><strong>Tech</strong> • <strong>May</strong> - <strong>June</strong> 113

Profile<br />

Hasplast: ISPA Expo <strong>2024</strong> was<br />

very productive for us<br />

Serkan Elitaş, CEO of Hasplast, said after ISPA Expo <strong>2024</strong> that the<br />

exhibition was productive for them and that they have already<br />

started preparations for the ISPA exhibition to be held in Orlando<br />

in 2026.<br />

Elitaş said that they had the<br />

opportunity to hold b2b<br />

meetings with the important<br />

companies of the American<br />

market and that they evaluated<br />

the meetings well, and that they<br />

made consultations with smallscale<br />

companies to do business<br />

in the future. Elitaş made<br />

the following statements in his<br />

statement; “We had the chance<br />

to meet with many companies<br />

from our important markets at<br />

the ISPA <strong>2024</strong> exhibition held in<br />

Columbus Ohio. The situation<br />

and future of the market were<br />

discussed with both our existing<br />

and potential customers. The<br />

majority of the visitors we hosted<br />

at our stand were companies<br />

with the capacity to export the<br />

products we presented, while<br />

the possibility of doing business<br />

with small-scale producers in<br />

the future was evaluated and<br />

ideas were exchanged. In this<br />

respect, ISPA <strong>2024</strong> exhibition<br />

was very productive for Hasplast.<br />

In 2026, we have already started<br />

our preparations for the ISPA<br />

exhibition to be held in Orlando,<br />

and we hope that Orlando will be<br />

even more productive.”<br />

116 <strong>Sleep</strong><strong>Tech</strong> • <strong>May</strong> - <strong>June</strong>

Brazilian Mattress Industry<br />

will be at IBIA Expo<br />

With the cooperation protocol signed by ABICOL, the Brazilbased<br />

mattress industry association, with IBIA Expo, the<br />

exhibitors will be able to benefit from effective promotional<br />

activities for accurate and easy access to the Brazilian market.<br />

ABICOL President Rodrigo<br />

Miguel de Melo said in his<br />

statements regarding the<br />

co-operation: “We would like to<br />

express our sincere thanks for<br />

your valuable contribution to our<br />

participation in IBIA - EXPO Mattress<br />

Side Industry and <strong>Tech</strong>nologies<br />

Fair. Your support was very<br />

important for us to be a part of<br />

this important event in Istanbul.<br />

As we consider our participation<br />

in IBIA Expo, we recognise the<br />

immeasurable value of interacting<br />

with industry leaders, exploring the<br />

latest technologies and making<br />

strategic connections. For this<br />

reason, we would like to express<br />

our interest in starting preparations<br />

to organise the participation of a<br />

delegation of Brazilian mattress<br />

manufacturers at IBIA Expo <strong>2024</strong>.<br />

It seems to us that this exhibition<br />

offers an ideal environment for<br />

sharing knowledge, promoting<br />

innovation and expanding our<br />

business networks internationally.<br />

We would like to discuss specific<br />

details and potential action plans<br />

to continue this initiative. We are<br />

confident that by working together<br />

we can make Brazilian participation<br />

in IBIA Expo <strong>2024</strong> an even<br />

greater success. Once again, we<br />

would like to express our gratitude<br />

for your dedication and support<br />

that led to ABICOL’s successful<br />

participation in the IBIA Expo. We<br />

look forward to the opportunity to<br />

co-operate again in the future and<br />

create valuable experiences for our<br />

industry.”<br />

Based in Brazil, Abicol is the first<br />

mattress industry association<br />

established to bring together<br />

manufacturers in the sector to<br />

strengthen relations with government<br />

agencies, promote sustainable<br />

practices and provide opportunities<br />

for the development of the<br />

sector. It was founded in 2011<br />

and its founder and first president<br />

is Felix Raposo. Today, the<br />

president of the Brazilian Mattress<br />

Industry Association is Rodrigo<br />

Miguel de Melo.<br />

<strong>Sleep</strong><strong>Tech</strong> • <strong>May</strong> - <strong>June</strong> 117

Events<br />

Ministry of Trade Supports<br />

IBIA Expo Exhibitors<br />

The Ministry of Trade has decided to support the IBIA Expo fair,<br />

which will be held for the 3rd time this year with the organisation<br />

of BİFAŞ Fuarcılık in cooperation with the IBIA Association.<br />

Within the scope of this decision, exhibitors will be able to get<br />

back up to 50% of the participation and stand construction fees<br />

they have paid within the upper limit.<br />

Following the accreditation<br />

of IBIA Expo as an ‘international’<br />

fair, the authorities of<br />

the Ministry of Trade of the Republic<br />

of Turkey, which evaluated<br />

the application made by the fair<br />

organiser Bifaş and found it positive,<br />

included IBIA Expo in the<br />

list of Sectoral Qualified Domestic<br />

Fairs Covered by Support in<br />

<strong>2024</strong>. In <strong>2024</strong>, there are 373 fairs<br />

that have been applied to the<br />

Union of Chambers and Commodity<br />

Exchanges of Turkey and<br />

decided to be organised, while<br />

the total number of fair organisations<br />

decided to be included<br />

in the support of the Ministry of<br />

Trade was 46.<br />

The support of the Ministry of<br />

Trade received two years after<br />

the first fair is an indication that<br />

IBIA Expo is the largest and<br />

strongest organisation in the<br />

118 <strong>Sleep</strong><strong>Tech</strong> • <strong>May</strong> - <strong>June</strong>

Eurasia region and that the public<br />

confirms this situation. The IBIA<br />

Expo support, which is considered<br />

as a starting work for the<br />

Mattress Supply Industry and<br />

<strong>Tech</strong>nologies sector to achieve<br />

and exceed its export targets,<br />

will enable the organiser BİFAŞ<br />

to promote the fair effectively<br />

abroad.<br />

Within the scope of the support,<br />

the ministry, which will support<br />

approximately 450,000 TL of the<br />

fair participation fees paid by the<br />

exhibitors, will reimburse 222,474<br />

TL to the exhibitors.<br />

In addition, within the scope of<br />

the support of the Ministry of<br />

Trade, ‘Buyer Delegation Programme’<br />

will also be held. Within<br />

the scope of the buyer delegation<br />

programme, the IBIA Association<br />

will take place as a cooperation<br />

organisation with the application<br />

to be made by the Organising Organisation<br />

BİFAŞ. The countries<br />

where the buyer delegation will<br />

be brought within the scope of<br />

the support to be made through<br />

the Exporters’ Associations will<br />

be determined in the coming<br />

days in line with the demands of<br />

the fair participants.<br />

<strong>Sleep</strong><strong>Tech</strong> • <strong>May</strong> - <strong>June</strong> 119

Events<br />

Mattress sub-industry and<br />

technology companies at<br />

IBIA Expo <strong>2024</strong> Istanbul<br />

IBIA Expo - Mattress Supply Industry and <strong>Tech</strong>nologies<br />

Fair will open its doors to industry professionals with the<br />

participation of more than 300 leading companies and<br />

manufacturers for the 3rd time on 25-28 September <strong>2024</strong> at<br />

Istanbul Expo Center with thousands of visitors from target<br />

buyer countries.<br />

IBIA Expo, which brings<br />

together thousands of<br />

innovative products and<br />

technologies such as mattress<br />

face fabric, handle, moving<br />

mechanism, nonwoven fabric,<br />

fiber, mattress glue package,<br />

spring, sponge, packaging<br />

products, mattress zipper,<br />

mattress cover, home textile,<br />

quilt, pillow mattress production<br />

lines, mattress packaging<br />

machines, sponge machines,<br />

quilt machines, spring typesetting<br />

machines, automatic glue<br />

line, hotmelt guns, mattress<br />

capsules, mattress labels, will<br />

be organized with thousands<br />

of visitors from a wide visitor<br />

network.<br />

In addition to hosting nearly<br />

23,000 domestic and foreign<br />

buyers from 17 countries, IBIA<br />

Expo offers a unique meeting<br />

platform by creating a business<br />

network with B2B meetings<br />

for private buyers and<br />

leading manufacturer brands.<br />

120 <strong>Sleep</strong><strong>Tech</strong> • <strong>May</strong> - <strong>June</strong>

IBIA EXPO, Turkiye’s only<br />

exhibition on mattress components<br />

and technologies, is<br />

an international trade fair that<br />

brings together professionals<br />

from the mattress sub-industry,<br />

machinery and equipment,<br />

as well as an excellent export<br />

platform where the latest<br />

technologies and innovative<br />

products are exhibited.<br />

<strong>Sleep</strong><strong>Tech</strong> • <strong>May</strong> - <strong>June</strong> 121

2023<br />

POST<br />

SHOW<br />

REPORT<br />

28 September -<br />

01 October 2023<br />

Istanbul Expo Center


IBIA EXPO 2023 - The 2nd<br />

Mattress Supply Industry<br />

and <strong>Tech</strong>nologies Fair,<br />

organized by BİFAŞ, has<br />

commenced at the<br />

Istanbul Fair Center,<br />

marking<br />

Turkey's premier and<br />

singular event within the<br />

bedding components and<br />

technologies sector.<br />

Notably, IBIA EXPO 2023<br />

distinguishes itself as the<br />

foremost international<br />

exhibition in Eurasia for<br />

this<br />

industry. .

17%<br />

23%<br />

13%<br />

36%<br />

11%<br />



Other - Public, Press, Designers,<br />

Sector Companies<br />

Mattress Supply Industry Importers<br />

& Exporters<br />

<strong>Sleep</strong> Products Importers<br />

Component Importers<br />

Mattress Manufacturers<br />

Total<br />

18.640<br />

Visitors<br />

13.720<br />

Domestic Visitors<br />


152<br />

Domestic Exhibitors<br />

15<br />

International Exhibitors<br />



Nonwowen Fabric, Fiber and Fiber Preparation Machines<br />

Mattress Edge Sealing Machines<br />

Single Head, Double Head and Multi-Needle Quilting Machines<br />

Mattress Packing Machines<br />

Automatic Roll Pack Machines<br />

Side Border Machines<br />

Edge Opening Machines<br />

Sewing Machines<br />

Spring Drawing Machines<br />

Fiber Preparation and Preparation Machines<br />

Fiber Recovery Machines<br />

Pillow Filling Machines, Press Machines<br />

Quilt Machines<br />

Automatic Package Spring Coil Machines<br />

Fully Automatic Packet Spring Assembly Machines<br />

Package Spring Typers<br />

Bonel Spring Coil and Composition Machines<br />

Automatic Mattress Zipper Sewing Machines<br />


Quilting Thread<br />

Bed Face Fabric Yarn<br />

Bed Wick<br />

Woven Bed Covering Fabric<br />

Knitted Bed Face Fabric<br />

Bed Strip<br />

Handle<br />

Base Fabric, Foot, Skeleton<br />

Moving Mechanism,<br />

Mattress Glue<br />

Bonel Spring, Package Spring, Hercules Spring, Micro Spring<br />

Spring Wire Manufacturing<br />

Sponge, Visco, Latex<br />

Gel <strong>Tech</strong>nologies<br />

Bed Bases<br />

Mattress Zipper, Mattress Cover<br />

Filling Material<br />

All Kinds of Felt, Especially Natural<br />

Bed Accessories, Lines<br />

Automatic Glue Line<br />

Hotmelt Guns<br />

Test Laboratories, New <strong>Tech</strong>nologies,<br />

Printed, Fabric and Leather Bed Labels<br />

Sectoral Publications and Other..<br />

%62<br />

Mattress<br />

Components<br />

%38<br />

Mattress<br />

Machinery<br />

Total 167<br />

Exhibitors<br />

25.000 m2

1<br />

2<br />

3<br />

4<br />

5<br />

1 Russia<br />

68%<br />

TOP<br />



15%<br />

2<br />

3<br />

Saudi Arabia<br />

Iran - Iraq<br />

45%<br />

35%<br />

18%<br />

4<br />

Bulgaria - Jordan<br />

5<br />

Libya - Morocco<br />

Tunisia, Algeria, Egypt, Lebanon, United Kingdom,<br />

Greece, Bulgaria, Romania, Kazakhstan, India, Kosovo,<br />

Palestine, United Arab Emirates, China, Israel,<br />

Georgia, Italy, Japan, Kuwait, Poland, Austria, Albania,<br />

USA, Argentina, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Bahrain,<br />

Belgium, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Iceland, Chile,<br />

Colombia, Czech Republic, Denmark, Dominican<br />

Republic, Hungary, Jordan, Ethiopia, Spain,<br />

Macedonia, Moldova, Montenegro, Morocco, Panama,<br />

Peru, Portugal, Qatar, Russia, Serbia, Sudan, Syria,<br />

Thailand, Ukraine, United Kingdom, Yemen.<br />

The IBIA EXPO 2023, hosting visitors from 97 countries,<br />

special buying delegations from 14 target countries,<br />

and 18,640 attendees, showcased the latest<br />

components and technologies. This exhibition is the<br />

event, which is the largest in Eurasia and the<br />

second-largest in the world in its sector, demonstrated<br />

meeting points, spanning Europe, the Middle East,<br />

America, North Africa, Russia, and the Commonwealth

Events<br />

All4Wood Fair opened its doors<br />

to visitors in Poland<br />

All4Wood Fair, which set out with the strength of its 35 years of<br />

experience in woodworking machinery, bed sub-industry, forest<br />

products and furniture sub-industry sectors and the goal of creating<br />

a new fair that directs the global market, opened its doors on 14 <strong>May</strong>.<br />

The fair will continue throughout 14, 15 and 16 <strong>May</strong>.<br />

Organised in Belgrade for<br />

the first time last year by<br />

Turkey’s most important<br />

exhibition company Tüyap Tüm<br />

Fuarcılık A.Ş., this year’s address<br />

of All4Wood Fair was Poland,<br />

which is the largest furniture<br />

exporter of the European Union<br />

with a furniture export of 16 billion<br />

dollars.<br />

All4Wood Fair, 80 percent of the<br />

exhibitors of which were Turkish<br />

manufacturers, was held between<br />

14-16 <strong>May</strong> <strong>2024</strong> at Ptak Warsaw<br />

Expo, Poland. The fair offers a<br />

unique experience for industry<br />

professionals and business<br />

people, providing exhibitors and<br />

visitors with the opportunity to<br />

establish valuable business contacts,<br />

discover new opportunities<br />

and closely follow developments<br />

in the industry.<br />

Everything about the<br />

woodworking industry at<br />

All4Wood<br />

The All4Wood Fair brings together<br />

a wide range of products, from<br />

state-of-the-art machinery in the<br />

woodworking sector to products<br />

obtained directly from the forest,<br />

from the furniture supply industry<br />

to the bedding supply industry.<br />

The fair showcases a rich diversity<br />

of all types of materials used in<br />

the woodworking industry, furniture<br />

design and production, and<br />

the latest state-of-the-art materials<br />

used in the bedding industry.<br />

The fair is expected to be visited<br />

by purchasing delegations and<br />

VIP delegations from Poland, as<br />

well as from Germany, Czechia,<br />

Romania, Estonia, Lithuania, Denmark,<br />

Belarus and Hungary.<br />

All4Wood Fair offers the<br />

opportunity to establish business<br />

contacts in a wide geography<br />

All4Wood, which sets out with the<br />

strength of its 35 years of experience<br />

in the woodworking machinery,<br />

forest products, mattress and<br />

furniture sub-industry sectors and<br />

with the aim of creating a new<br />

fair that directs the global market,<br />

offers the opportunity to establish<br />

commercial contacts with<br />

Europe’s leading furniture manufacturers<br />

in a wide geography in<br />

Europe’s most favourite investment<br />

and production destination.<br />

128 <strong>Sleep</strong><strong>Tech</strong> • <strong>May</strong> - <strong>June</strong>

















Profile<br />

New out cold mattress<br />

collection from ‘I Love Pillow/I<br />

Love Mattress’<br />

MILFORD, Mich., USA /<br />

PRNewswire/ - I Love Pillow<br />

| I Love Mattress has<br />

crafted a new mattress collection<br />

that has revolutionized the consumer<br />

sleep experience. Introducing<br />

the Out Cold Renew Mattress<br />

Collection, featuring the Restore,<br />

Refresh, Renew, and Perfect Fit<br />

Mattresses.<br />

Automatic High Speed<br />

M-7800 Hotmelt Gluing Line<br />

The Out Cold Renew Mattress<br />

Collection delivers advanced comfort<br />

and Specifically sleep wellness. designed All to mat-<br />

meet the demands of high-capacity mattress manufacturing, this cutting-edge line<br />

The M-7800 Automatic High-Speed Gluing Line is renowned as the fastest hotmelt gluing solution available for mattress<br />

production.<br />

establishes tresses a new provide benchmark Tru Comfort in efficiency. which Setting itself apart from conventional glue machines, the M-7800 Automatic<br />

High-Speed is advanced Gluing pressure Line introduces relief with an automated centering feature prior to commencing the gluing operation. This<br />

groundbreaking capability significantly speeds up the gluing process by minimizing the travel time of perimeter glue heads. The<br />

centered<br />

temperature<br />

material not<br />

balancing<br />

only enhances<br />

comfort<br />

gluing<br />

that<br />

speed but also contributes to improved assembling efficiency. Operators enjoy<br />

equal access last over to both the entire sides of life the of assembly the mat-tabletress spring by way mattresses, of our three the M-7800 propri-<br />

Automatic High-Speed Gluing Line guarantees optimal performance. Its streamlining material handling. Tailored for both foam encased and non-foam<br />

encased seamless<br />

integration with assembly and feeding robots further enhances overall operational efficiency.<br />

etary memory foams: Nano Cool,<br />

TheraFresh, and AirForm.<br />

Wellness attributes of silver, copper,<br />

and graphene are infused into<br />

our TheraFresh memory foam.<br />

AirForm memory foam is the<br />

Our Out Cold Renew fabric<br />

most advanced temperature balancing<br />

and pressure relieving foam<br />

provides an advanced cooling and<br />

therapeutic environment with copper<br />

with its Dual Response comfort.<br />

infusion.<br />

companies in the United States.<br />

The foam experts at I Love Pillow<br />

craft each of these custom foams<br />

to fit the advanced formula created<br />

years ago. Some notable customers<br />

in the automobile industry<br />

include Ford, GM, BMW and Tesla.<br />

With consumers focusing more on<br />

Tru Comfort delivers that “Brand<br />

healthy lifestyle living, I Love Pillow<br />

knows it needs to keep up with the<br />

New” comfort and support for the<br />

trends and continue to innovate<br />

life of your mattresses.<br />

To learn more about I Love Pillow<br />

like they have for years. “We continue<br />

to build on our commitment<br />

| I Love Mattress and the new Out<br />

Nano Cool memory foam is temperature<br />

balancing with advanced to develop high quality sleep solu-<br />

Cold Renew Collection, visit www.<br />

pressure relief. Our MicroCell<br />

ilovepillow.com<br />

tions and sustainable products that<br />

<strong>Tech</strong>nology comforts you night customers can trust,” said LMP<br />

FULL<br />

LMP Worldwide (DBA I Love Pillow<br />

Automatic Mattress<br />

after night.<br />

3D PACK Packing MachineWorldwide (DBA I Love Pillow | I | I Love Mattress), manufactures<br />

Love Mattress) Managing Director,<br />

TheraFresh memory foam<br />

and sells luxury Pillows, Mattress<br />

Our packaging machine is designed with state-of-the-art Bill Bush. systems to streamline your production<br />

delivers advanced temperature<br />

Toppers, process. and Mattresses. With the ability Instant to<br />

pack in four different options, you can say goodbye to wastage thanks to the nylon loading feature with separate dimensions.<br />

Our machine balancing is equipped deep pressure with high-quality relief with equipment For over that 25 allows years you they to make have plinth, vacuum, Comfort, flat, and All roll Night packaging Support. with Proprietary<br />

with Memory the system Foam effortlessly, Made in<br />

ease.<br />

We have the ensured therapeutic that the and machine antimicrobial is user-friendly, been allowing considered you to “foam control experts,” it and communicate<br />

whether through a wired or wireless connection. You can quickly pack your mattresses with our special sizing, special bonding,<br />

properties of silver, copper, and engineers who have manufactured<br />

foam for some of the largest Trial, Easy<br />

the USA, Free Shipping, 100-Night<br />

and facilitating solutions, making the process a breeze. Our machine is built to last and boasts an ergonomic design, ensuring<br />

graphene.<br />

Care.<br />

that you can carry out your business operations seamlessly without experiencing fatigue or discomfort. With our packaging<br />

machine, you can take your business to new heights and enjoy the peace of mind that comes with using a reliable and efficient<br />

machine.<br />

130 <strong>Sleep</strong><strong>Tech</strong> • <strong>May</strong> - <strong>June</strong><br />


Multi Needle Double Chain<br />

Stitch Quilting Machine M-1400<br />

At United Mert Makina, we pride ourselves on using only Siemens products in the electrical and electronic components of our<br />

machines. This unwavering commitment to quality ensures that our machines offer a wide range of advanced features, enabling<br />

seamless and error-free sewing processes. Our machine is designed to facilitate manufacturing, thanks to its simple<br />

maintenance, easy needle change, and clear needle alignment display based on the selected pattern. The high-speed<br />

processing of the machine expedites leaf production, while the advanced features minimize the risk of errors. The machine can<br />

automatically stop in case of thread breakage, guaranteeing uninterrupted and seamless sewing in all materials. Our machine<br />

boasts unlimited pattern loading capabilities and 900 preloaded patterns, enabling you to produce an array of intricate designs<br />

with ease. Additionally, we offer a 2-year guaranteed remote service to ensure uninterrupted production and reliable<br />

performance. Investing in our M-1400 quilting machine will significantly enhance the efficiency and productivity of your business.<br />

With its durable material structure and user-friendly interface, you can rely on the machine to provide a long-lasting and<br />

seamless sewing experience. Choose our M-1400 quilting machine today and take the first step towards maximizing your<br />

production potential and achieving success in your business.<br />

Multi Needle Double Chain<br />

Stitch Quilting Machine<br />

M-7500 4s<br />

One of the most challenging parts of mattress production is the tape edging operation. For speeding up the tape edge process<br />

and minimize the faults we are proud to introduce the United Mert Makina M-7500 Automatic Panel Hemming Machine. With our<br />

experience on quilting machines we designed our Hemming Machine to be usable with the all of quilting machine brands in the<br />

market with extremely high speed. Thanks to full automatic system, you only need to input the sizes of panels and the job rest of<br />

get done by the machine.<br />


2023<br />


BioCool mattress ticking made from plants maximizes<br />

your sleep quality by, providing a cool sleeping environment.<br />

Boy t ek sTe k s t il www. b o y t e ks. com info@b o y t e ks. com

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