Bruce Anderson - Liar Unlimited

Bruce Anderson - Liar Unlimited

Many local observers

marveled at the intensity

and irrationality of

Anderson’s attacks on Bari,

speculating that it was

reminiscent of a spurned

lover. But the likely explanation

is much simpler.

Judi Bari was just another

Mendocino County

activist when Anderson

met her in 1988. The car

bomb attack propelled her

to national prominence.

She used this fame expertly,

becoming a powerful

voice for Earth First! mili-

tancy, yet she was also a persuasive advocate for strict nonviolence as the only

viable tactic for the environmental movement.

Anderson was simply jealous that Bari had achieved the political power and

fame he craved himself. While Anderson was

widely hated and couldn’t keep the friendship

of even his own staff, Bari inspired enduring

loyalty and genuine affection even from adversaries.

So when Bari dared to intercept the AVA on

the way to the printer in 1993 to censor a sexist

cartoon, Anderson’s jealousy exploded into a

rage that continues to this day.

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One of the sexist AVA cartoons which provoked

Judi Bari’s prank, igniting the feud with Bruce

Anderson. (AVA, 2/3/93)

Anderson’s jealousy

exploded into a

rage that continues

to this day.

Anderson, an unabashed misogynist, had

been running cartoon strips by Fred Sternkopf featuring naked women with enormous

breasts. It was strange content for a newspaper that pretended to have radical

progressive politics. Among Sternkopf’s caricatures were some female Earth First!

activists, including Judi Bari herself. Her protests to Anderson against this sexism

were unavailing.

So Bari and four female friends intercepted the AVA’s paste-ups on the way to


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