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Download Full Report » PDF - Promega

Planet aware

• Data center air handling enhancements were made in June 2012 to incorporate more efficient water cooled

equipment and design for energy efficiency. We strategically moved air handling equipment outside our

building to eliminate internal release of heat waste and the need to run compressors during winter months.

Promega Euro Hub in Germany installed motion detection for lighting in their warehouse

and restrooms to conserve energy, transitioned to more efficient lighting at employee

desks, and purchased a new warehouse gate with a separate door to reduce cooling

requirements in the summer and heating in the winter.

Initiatives to reduce future consumption:

• The addition of a building automation system across all primary buildings will allow intelligent controlling

of mechanical equipment and lighting to eliminate wasted energy. This effort started in 2012 and will

continue in 2013.

• The IT team has purchased the power management software for scheduled shutdown and wakeup of

workstations. This software will be rolled out to all Promega locations globally, allowing us to reduce energy

consumption during off peak hours and to track energy consumption of machines.

Promega Biotech Iberica in Madrid, Spain, is currently implementing more efficient

LED lighting in their office space and expects to see savings in 2013.

• We are implementing enhancements to improve the efficiency of air handling

systems that are primary energy consumers.



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Promega Corporate Responsibility Report 2012


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