Don't be shackled by

outmoded equipment-r-here

is a projiictor of the most

modem design that gives

better results in any theatre

—indoor or drive-in

Performance is our best salesman! And whenever

you're ready CENTURY can show you what

this means. Look at the engineered simplicity of

the CENTURY mechanism! There's nothing like it

for ease of operation, high efficiency, low maintenance

and rugged dependability. And what's

more, CENTURY equipment is designed and built

to hold these high levels of performance.

Whatever your needs may be, see your authorized

CENTURY dealer for CENTURY projection

and sound. Projectors are available either in

air or water-cooled models and are designed for

high-speed lenses and hi-power arc lamps.

Century Projector Corporation


Southwest Theatre Supply Co.

3750 East Van Buren

Phoenix, Arizona

Interstate Theatre Equipment Co.

1923 N. W. Kearney 2419 Second Avenue

Portland, Oregon Seattle, Washington

Pembrex Theatre Supply Corp.

1969 South Vermont Ave.

Los Angdes 7, California

Walter G.

Preddey Co.

187 Golden Gate Ave.

San Francisco 2, California


: November

17, 1956 43

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