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Young and adventurous

Production houses

contemporary dance

Alongside the companies, the Netherlands also boasts other places where makers are supervised

in their first steps on the national and international dance market, and which provide room for

experimentation. The role of these so-called production houses has become indispensable in the

development of dance talent.



Artistic director: Amy Gale

T +31 (0) 10 – 436 99 37

E info@dansateliers.nl

I www.dansateliers.nl

Dansateliers is Rotterdam’s professional dance workplace; a laboratory that opens its doors to

both budding and experienced choreographers. Dansateliers offers talented choreographers

the opportunity to do research, to develop a personal signature, to work with artists from other

disciplines and to develop a dialogue with the audience. Dansateliers’ projects can take different

forms: in or outside the studio, and varying from two weeks to several months. Choreographers

can submit project proposals, but the organization also sometimes invites makers, and commissions

are given for special works. All projects are backed with funding, production facilities and

publicity. An artistic advisor is assigned to each project.

Dansateliers participated in extensive international collaboration during the project The Migrant

Body (sponsored by the EC), which took place in 2006/2007. This exchange project was a first

step towards building up an international network. Dansateliers is expanding its participation

in international projects in 2008-2012.

Danshuis Station Zuid


Artistic director: Marc Vlemmix

T +31 (0) 13 – 582 10 21

E info@stationzuid.com

I www.stationzuid.com

From a base in Tilburg, Danshuis Station Zuid focuses its professional and highly diverse skills

on developing production and audience appreciation in the dance sector. Station Zuid chooses

dance in which the technical and substantive qualities of the makers allow the creative process

to take shape, and give the finished product a distinctly aesthetic component. Dance exuding

craftsmanship, quality, perfection and eloquence. Station Zuid’s dance is human, and not afraid

to be grating or disturbing. It chooses makers who have devised their own dance language,

who are in the early stages of their career, with strong choreographic qualities in terms of form

and structure, with evident musicality and with their own story to tell.

Danshuis Station Zuid is a meeting place for people who make, perform and watch dance, and

the ‘station’ has ‘tracks’ leading to other artists and organizations. An international junction for

artistic exchange. So Station Zuid is keen to join in a European network of dance-houses.

Every year, Station Zuid presents around seventy productions (for large and small theatres and

on location). Dance productions by various makers are also produced and co-produced (including

Edward Clug, Stephen Shropshire, Václav Kuneš, Pia Meuthen).

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