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Artistic director: Arthur Rosenfeld

Agency: Frontaal Theaterbureau, www.frontaal.com

T +31 (0)20 692 96 03

E info@frontaal.com

I www.frontaal.com, www.meekers.nl


Serious fun dance-

Uitgesproken Dans

theatre for young and old

Meekers Uitgesproken Dans (Meekers Outspoken Dance) makes dance accessible to a wide range

of audiences, especially the young, with a movement and theatre language that is familiar,

natural, and surprising. The Meekers repertoire is extensive and varied, but distinctive and


Performances flirt with the boundaries between drama, cabaret and mime, and yet are always

distinctly dance. They address existential questions and challenging themes with a disarmingly

rebellious and touching (but biting) humour. They touch universal chords by being very personal,

very human and very imaginative. The pieces are layered, and can be understood at different

levels by different viewers. The narrative is clear, the manner of storytelling non-traditional.

Arthur Rosenfeld’s most recent award is the Merit Prize 2006 from the Dancers Fund for his

entire oeuvre and artistic direction of Meekers. According to the jury: ‘Perverse, cabaretesque and

spiritual performances… a refined style, permeated by bitter earnest.’


Meekers Uitgesproken Dans receives regular invitations to perform abroad. For example, the

production Timboektoe Trio’s/Timbuktu Trios (8+), a co-production with Tanzhaus NRW, opened

the Take-off Junger Tanz Festival in Düsseldorf in 2006. The Düsseldorf Stadt Leben newspaper

wrote ‘Mut zu skurriler Originalität…’ The performance of this production at a festival in Barcelona

was accompanied by an educative project, for which Meekers translated the workbook into


The two most recent shows created by Meekers, Poedelprijs/Poodle Prize (8+) and Murph! (4+)

are equally suitable for international stages. Poedelprijs/Poodle Prize is set in a bright red arena

where six characters challenge and put each other to the test. In Murph!, three little Murphs do

everything they can to create havoc.


Photo: Konrad Szymánski

The Dutch on tour Youth dance


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