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14 x July 6 - 19, 2017 x CONTINUED FROM PAGE 13 Early Detection of Breast Cancer Saves Lives by Douglas Gearity, M.D., FACOG The Women’s Center 407-857-2502 Early detection is the way to save lives when it comes to breast cancer. Through accessible mammography screenings, it can be done in every community. The most common cancer among women worldwide and the second most common cancer overall is breast cancer. In 2014, an estimated 232,030 cases of invasive breast cancer were diagnosed in the U.S. alone. Signs and symptoms of breast cancer can include the following: nipple changes; a breast lump or thickening that feels different from surrounding tissue; bloody discharge from the nipple; a change in the size or shape of the breasts, including changes in the skin over the breasts, such as dimpling; an inverted nipple; peeling, scaling or flaking of the nipple or breast skin; sores on the chest wall that won’t go away; redness or pitting of the skin over the breast that may resemble an orange peel; persistent pain or tenderness in a specific location of the breast; a lump or thickening of the tissue under the arm or collarbone; or breast swelling. No symptoms? You should screen anyway. No matter who you are or where you live, understanding breast cancer is important. But the most important thing to know is a diagnosis is not a death sentence. Breast cancer can be treated, but early detection is important. The Importance of Straight, Healthy Teeth by Lauris Johnson, D.M.D. My Family Orthodontics 407-258-3262 Let’s face it, we live in a society where first impressions matter, and the quality of our smiles tells our individual stories before we say our first hello. Not only does having straight, healthy teeth improve a person’s quality of life by boosting self-esteem and helping to build positive social relationships, it also improves overall health and adds a few years to one’s life. Research has shown that having straight teeth makes oral hygiene methods like brushing and flossing easier, which directly reduces cavities and gum disease. Straighter teeth also help prevent systemic health issues, such as diabetes and coronary heart disease. Medical science has found that the same bacteria that infects the gums and causes gingivitis and periodontitis can enter the bloodstream and cause cardiovascular disease. The link between diabetes and poor oral health is devastating. If it gets severe enough in a diabetic person, it can further increase blood sugar levels, which could cause diabetic complications. Having straight, healthy teeth impacts a person’s smile and total well-being. Dry Eye Syndrome by Keshini Parbhu, M.D., ASOPRS Parbhu Oculofacial Plastic Surgery 407-704-3937 Redness, stinging, burning, scratchiness, sensitivity to light and contact lens intolerance are common complaints ophthalmologists hear every day. What these complaints have in common is that they are common symptoms of the same diagnosis — dry eye syndrome. This condition is often underdiagnosed and undertreated. Physicians are only now discovering the complexity of dry eyes and its multifactorial causes. It is emerging as a new area of interest in the eye care industry, because people are experiencing dry eyes at a younger age. This comes as we rely more on our vision and eyes than ever before because of technological advances. There are a number of new treatments and diagnostic indicators that can help diagnose and treat dry eyes General, Surgical & Cosmetic Dermatology · MOHS Micrographic Surgery We accept most health plans! 15 LOCATIONS TO SERVE YOU DR. PHILLIPS: 7932 West Sand Lake Road, Ste. 202 OCOEE: 530 Ocoee Commerce Parkway CELEBRATION: 400 Celebration Place, Ste. A-120 Call us Today! 800-827-SKIN •

in more sophisticated and effective ways than just over-the-counter artificial tears. Good starting points for the self-treatment of dry eye syndrome include taking omega-3 fish oil supplements, practicing good lid hygiene, using warm compresses, the discontinuation of ceiling fans, and the use of humidifiers. Artificial tears can help provide symptomatic relief in some patients but may just serve as a Band- Aid while not treating the root cause. This can sometimes be ultimately detrimental; therefore, doctors recommend having an evaluation to find out the type or types of dry eye a patient has and directing treatment specifically. Age-Fighting Skin Treatments for Men by Janet Beres, PA-C, Master Trained Injector, and Suzanna Suto, Aesthetician Spa Blue 407-772-2583 More than ever, men are seeking skin treatments that can help them look younger, more relaxed and less tired, especially when treating the under-eye area. For most men, it’s not about looking younger, it’s about looking well-rested. Botox Cosmetic tops the list of male cosmetic procedures, but the latest revolutionary treatment is platelet-rich plasma. PRP, also known as the Vampire Facial, is being used in many aspects of medicine, including skin rejuvenation, thinning/balding hair, sexual rejuvenation, joints, urology, gastrointestinal and dentistry. PRP is a great choice for rejuvenating the skin in men, because there is no downtime with this procedure. PRP is all-natural, using the patient’s own serum so there is no risk for side effects. The improvement in the skin tone and wrinkles is gradual over a few weeks, and males love the fact that they look younger, rested and refreshed. Focus can be placed on the under-eye area and crow’sfeet region, which helps clients look rested instead of exhausted for Friday’s happy hour. PRP for hair x July 6 - 19, 2017 x 15 loss helps to regrow hair and slow the progression of hair loss. There is a lot of success with this nonsurgical one-hour procedure, and it is currently undergoing clinical trials. Healthy Living for Children by Bindu Parekattil, M.D., FAAP Ocoee Pediatrics 407-395-2037 The most important healthy living guidelines for children involve nutrition, sleep and exercise. These three components are key to decreasing the risk of developing chronic diseases such as hypertension and diabetes, which today are developing more often in children. Nutrition should focus on them getting four to five servings of fruits and vegetables a day. Parents should discourage sugary beverages by starting off in infancy with water instead of juice. They should also try to avoid products with added sugar as part of their regular diet. The goal for children is 60 minutes of exercise per day. This can be broken up into segments. For example, 20 minutes walking to a bus stop, 20 minutes in a gym, and 20 minutes riding their bikes after school. Limit screen time, and encourage kids to get up and move! Sleep is something that is often not thought of as important for disease prevention, but research is showing the value of good sleep. Encourage your children to develop good sleep hygiene such as regular bedtimes. The recommended amount of sleep varies: Preschoolers need 10-13 hours, school-aged children need nine-12 hours, and teens need eight-10 hours. Getting adequate, good-quality sleep leads to better school performance, decreased mental health issues, and better physical health. CONTINUED ON PAGE 16 Special Grand Opening Pricing For a Limited Time! BEGIN A LIFETIME OF CONFIDENCE TODAY! Partnering with A Gift For Teaching, accepting school supply donations for the upcoming 2017-2018 school year Andy Phillips, Agent 7608 W Sand Lake Road Orlando, FL 32819 Bus: 407-354-1320 andy.phillips.kraa@ Save $761. * Combine Home & Auto. Save money and time when you combine your home and auto insurance. Just another way I’m here to help life go right. CALL ME TODAY. Dr. Lauris Johnson NOW ACCEPTING NEW PATIENTS CALL TODAY! (407) 258-3262 7848 Winter Garden Vineland Rd. Suite 100, Windermere *Average household savings based on 2015 national survey of new policyholders who reported savings by switching to State Farm ® . State Farm Mutual Automobile Insurance Company, State Farm Indemnity Company State Farm Fire and Casualty Company, State Farm General Insurance Company Bloomington, IL 1601489