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16 x July 6 - 19, 2017 x CONTINUED FROM PAGE 15 The Mental & Physical Health Benefits of Theater by Elina Moon, Marketing Intern Orlando Repertory Theatre 407-896-7365 When people think about what it means to be healthy, things that come to mind might be eating a balanced diet, brushing their teeth and exercising every day. But, did you know that theater can be a big part of your healthy lifestyle, as well? Participating in theater — whether by attending a show, performing or working backstage — is a great way to enrich your life and the lives of those in your family. Engaging in this art form is not only good entertainment but also has both mental and physical health benefits. People who attend performing arts events have been shown to be significantly healthier, have lower anxiety and be less likely to suffer from depression and loneliness. Did you know seeing live theater can actually make you smarter? Studies by neuroscientists show that both the left and right sides of the brain need to be used in order for the brain to reach its full potential. This means it is not only important for children to use their brains for math and science but also for creative-thinking activities like art and theater. Seeing plays is also a good way to learn new vocabulary. Where else can people learn fun words like “scrumdiddlyumptious” and “fantasmagorical?” Theater also encourages greater tolerance and empathy toward others. Through theater, audiences are introduced to characters from all walks of life. Live shows teach children how to comprehend and empathize with other people’s feelings and views, especially those that may be different from their own. Seeing comedies and musicals is especially good for one’s physical health. It is said that laughter is the best medicine, and studies have proven this to be true. Officials of the Mayo Clinic say laughter is a great way to relieve stress and stimulate organs. It boosts people’s endorphins and delivers extra oxygen to their muscles, lungs and hearts, which can help strengthen their immune system. The Importance of Hormones as People Age by John C. Carrozzella, M.D., MSMS, ABAARM, FAARFM Florida Center for Hormones and Wellness 407-507-3837 Many of us already know that hormones such as estrogen and testosterone decline with age, and along with that decline comes a significant reduction in sex drive and physical intimacy. What is not commonly known is that hormonal decline is also associated with a number of diseases of aging. After menopause, women see a dramatic rise in the incidences of heart disease, dementia, osteoporosis and breast cancer. These diseases are associated with very high death rates. Similarly, men, whose testosterone levels fall every year after the age of 25, also see similar increases in agerelated diseases. The secret that so many traditional doctors either do not know or are unwilling to accept is that restoring hormone levels to those that are common and normal in younger women and men can promote healthy aging and reduce death rates. Many medical journal articles have correctly condemned the use of synthetic hormones as dangerous. However, the literature on the use of bioidentical hormones has been conclusive about the fact that bioidentical hormone therapy is safe and effective at reducing disease and improving health and longevity in those who are properly treated. If you are looking to maintain your health and vitality well into your senior years, bioidentical hormone therapy is an essential treatment that will help you do so. It may also help you have a little more intimate “fun” along the way. Se Habla Espanol CALL TO SCHEDULE YOUR APPOINTMENT TODAY! 407-857-2502 Ext 1600 OR ONLINE AT The Women’s Center Obstetrics • Gynecology • In-Office Procedures Welcome, New Patients! Dr. Wendy Vasquez is there through every step in Women’s Health. Specializing in: Obstetrics • Gynecology • Pregnancy • Infertility Contraception • Menstrual Problems • Menopause • Annual exams and 3D mammogram during same visit • Convenient in-office minimally invasive procedures • In-network with most commercial insurances and Medicaid plans • Open 6 days a week EXPECTING? Enjoy peace of mind with Sonograms at every visit! – Schedule your appointment today! 7 Locations throughout Central Florida

Fun & Fitness Through Youth Sports by Mike Schmelzle, Board Secretary West Orange Bobcats Today, one in five children are obese, defined as excess body fat. Children with a body mass index above the 85th percentile are overweight, and children above the 95th percentile have obesity. Low self-esteem in children is part of the root cause of obesity. Telling children that they need to lose weight can give them low self-esteem. Advocating healthy living is the key to success. Eating healthy and exercising are tough to implement for many people unless they can make it fun. Youth sports make exercising fun, and they build up self-esteem as children master new skills. The joy of winning a game as a team gives children confidence and creates long-lasting friendships with their teammates. The sorrow of losing a game gives them the tenacity to work harder together to reach their goals. Playing sports will become their exercise while having fun. Consider a youth sports organization that is affiliated with a national organization. This will offer better managerial structure with a focus on safety, and, most importantly, proper training for the coaches. Cheerleading and football programs are signing up now for their fall season, with conditioning starting this month. Most organizations will not require any experience, and some will not have any weight restrictions. Tips for Living a Healthier Life by Ann Varkey, Realtor Re/Max Properties S.W. Inc. 407-352-5800 Get up early. Pray to God, and read and meditate the Bible. Then CONTINUED ON PAGE 18 x July 6 - 19, 2017 x 17 STRUGGLING WITH ... ADHD? • AUTISM? • ANXIETY? POST-CONCUSSIVE SYNDROME? OTHER? IT’S TIME FOR A CHANGE! Call for your FREE Consultation. 321-710-1954 • • Swedish Massage • Deep Tissue Massage • Tui Na (Acupressure) Massage • Couples Massage • Reflexology (Traditional Chinese Foot Massage) • Acupuncture Hot Stone Massage (Included FREE) The Hot Stone Massage is for extreme relaxation. This massage includes the use of smooth Basalt Stones heated in water to the perfect temperature and used as an accompaniment to all our Massages free of charge. Open 7 Days a Week Monday- Saturday 9AM-10PM Sunday 11AM-9PM Located in Dr. Philips near some of Orlando's finest dining destinations and behind Barnes & Noble Bookstore in the Phoenicia Center. CALL TODAY TO SCHEDULE YOUR APPOINTMENT (407) 286-1643