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42 x November 2 - 15,

42 x November 2 - 15, 2017 x Southwest Sports SEEN ▲ Kendall Danganan of Turtle Creek competes in squats. Iron Core Gym of Ocoee competed at the R.A.W. United Stronglife Powerlifting Competition in Tampa. Kendall Danganan of Turtle Creek placed first in the women’s 132-pound senior division. Christopher Newton of Dr. Phillips won the men’s 181-pound 18-19 division, and Peter Pires of Cross Creek took the 181-pound senior title, as well as the pound-for-pound best power lifter award, for the men with a total of 1,525 pounds. Scott Morgan of Winter Garden rounded out Iron Core’s first-place finishers in the men’s 308+-pound senior division. Anthony Empuno came in second for the 165-pound seniors, and Bradley Brown of Windermere placed fourth in the men’s 198-pound class. ▲ Scott Morgan of Winter Garden on the bench press. ▲ Christopher Newton of Dr. Phillips competes in squats. ▲ Anthony Empuno competes in squats. ▲ Peter Pires of Cross Creek competes in squats. ▲ (L. to r.) Bradley Brown of Windermere, Kendall Danganan of Turtle Creek, Peter Pires of Cross Creek, Christopher Newton of Dr. Phillips, Anthony Empuno, Scott Morgan of Winter Garden, and Dave Knepper of Windermere Chase compete at the R.A.W. United Stronglife Powerlifting Competition in Tampa. ▲ (Front, l. to r.) Christopher Newton of Dr. Phillips, Colin Pires of Ocoee, Sampson DaSilva of MetroWest, (middle, l. to r.) Angelina DaSilva of Ocoee, Alec Pires of Ocoee, Peter Pires of Cross Creek, Dave Dnepper of Windermere Chase, Kendall Danganan of Turtle Creek, (back, l. to r.) Bradley Brown of Windermere and John Day of Ocoee represent Iron Core Gym at the R.A.W. United Stronglife Powerlifting Competition in Tampa.

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