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Selwyn Times: June 06, 2017

28 Tuesday

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SELWYN TIMES Latest Christchurch news at www. .kiwi Tuesday June 6 2017 29 Travel QUAINT: Fantasy meets reality at Middle Earth. SNUG: Have an ale at the Green Dragon Inn. Hobbiton casts you under a spell •From page 27 Sir Peter Jackson’s art director, Brian Massey, ensured everything down to the mugs maintained complete faith with how The Green Dragon Inn was depicted onscreen. A triumph of expert craftsmanship, it’s a charmingly snug and toasty timbered environment, and the crackling open fire was an extra thrill to warm the cockles, on a chilly April day. All the brews are exclusively created by Good George Brewing, in Frankton. Maybe it was the ale, but as I re-boarded the bus to depart, I felt like I was stepping out of a movie. It really doesn’t matter whether you’re a film fanatic or not. The movie set sits on 4.8ha of land and my charming guide, Kate, shared a constant flow of fascinating bite-sized nuggets about Hobbiton. An over-riding theme is the meticulous attention to detail that Jackson demanded. All of the farm’s livestock had to be removed when shooting took place, because they didn’t look English enough. Suffolk sheep, notable for their black faces and legs, were hauled up from the South Island during shooting. Real apple and pear trees were stripped of their and replaced with plastic leaves and plums, even though they only featured for three seconds in the movie. A fake oak tree, created from silicon, was dressed with 200,000 fake leaves. Jackson didn’t like the colour of the leaves, so they were all re-painted by hand, even though the tree was only in shot for 10 seconds. Kate also revealed that moss and lichen was liberally deployed to give the movie-set’s fences a weathered, old look. They created fake moss and lichen by blending woodchips, yoghurt and paint together. As they were during filming, the vegetable patches are still filled with super-sized plants so as the hobbits would look smaller. Technically, it is still an “active set,” and a team from Weta visit every six months to give it a touch up. The hanging clothes were deliberately made to hang on the line for up to two years, before being replaced. A full-time gardening team work daily on maintaining the picturesque appearance of the trees, flowers and lawn. FAST FACTS •Visiting Hobbiton gives you the chance to relish a remarkably tangible piece of living cinema history. Visit www. •Treat yourself to a bumper self-drive escape. Thrifty Car Rental offers hot deals, swift service and an excellent fleet in handy locations. Blue Chip members enjoy lightning-fast pick-ups. AA Members can save up to 30 per cent off the all-inclusive rental rates. Saturday 8 – Saturday 22 July 2017 Tickets on sale NOW!