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The Star: April 27, 2017

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12 Thursday April 27 2017 Latest Christchurch news at www. .kiwi The Star

The Star 13 Viewpoint Latest Christchurch news at www. .kiwi Thursday April 27 2017 URGENT: Paul O’Connor is leading a project to have the Citizens’ War Memorial moved away from the Catherdral to Cranmer Square (right). PHOTO: GEOFF SLOAN •From page 11 Valerie McCallum – What a pathetic excuse. Everyone who lives in Christchurch knows there is a chronic shortage of parking around hospitals. The odd thing about this is that there is never a shortage at most (not all) of the malls where taxpayers and visitors go to spend money and time. Linda Hunt – Hard when you take someone who is really sick into the accident and emergency department and you are a holder of a disability parking permit and you have to drop them off and leave them alone to try finding a car park in the middle of the night. Every disability car park has a car in it with no card. Took me nearly one hour to get back to accident and emergency after finding a park in the middle of nowhere. I was so scared. Then I had to do it all again when I left on my own to walk back to the car. Nurses have been attacked. Does someone have to die before they engage their tiny brains? Tina Bailey – Where was the site and is it still available? Surely the Ministry of Health can admit it made an error and continue with the plan. Parking around the hospital for patients, visitors and staff is at crisis point and is only getting worse. Another example of Christchurch getting screwed over by the Government. The Christchurch RSA said that if money can be found to put a “piece of art in the river to collect rubbish,” why can’t it be found to shift the deteriorating Citizens’ War Memorial away from the crumbling Christ Church Cathedral? Helen Ollis – I have lived in Canterbury all my life. My grandad fought for our country in World War 1. My thoughts are with soldiers present and past, how would they feel seeing the memorial lingering amongst the derelict eyesore? Stephen Graham – Leave it where it is. It’s damaged and shifting it would be an expensive engineering nightmare. It will be repaired and in its full glory again. Just need patience. Carolyn Fifield – I don’t believe the city council can do anything as it is on church land. My understanding is that the church used the insurance money elsewhere as it wanted to replace the Cathedral with a much cheaper glass option, and now do not have the funds, in spite of funding and contributions from central and local government, plus millions of dollars raised overseas. Joy Averis – The city council needs to get its priorities right. Totally agree with the RSA, the magnificent (well it was magnificent) memorial needs to be removed from the sight and Cranmer Square is a good place to have it sited. May have to get a petition set up or even crowd funding. Come on city council, respect those men who died to keep us free. Richard Long – The whole situation just shows how poorly the rebuild has been handled and its effects on residents. Such a shame to see our city fall into ruins with such mismanagement and such narrowminded thinking. I feel we have missed the opportunity to rise up as a world class city. The city council, Cera, Government, Anglican Church and all of us should be ashamed that we have allowed this to happen. A brand new Summerset Retirement Village is coming soon to Casebrook, joining other villages around the country including Summerset in the Orchard (Hastings), Summerset at the Course (Wellington) and Summerset by the Ranges (Levin). We’re asking you to help come up with a name for our new retirement community. We’re looking for a name that will give our village a sense of place, reflecting the Cavendish Road location – and of course the name should contain the word ‘Summerset’. Inspire us with your name for our new village and you might win $500 – plus you’ll always know that it was you who named the place a community will soon call home. Name our new retirement village and be in to WIN $500 How to enter: • Competition entries to be emailed to or mailed to Danielle Hallett, Summerset Group, PO Box 5187, Wellington 6140 or call 03 741 3340 • Competition entry must contain your proposed village name, along with your name, address and daytime phone number. • The winner will receive a $500 voucher for a store of their choice. • The judges’ decision will be final and no correspondence will be entered into. • Entries close 5pm, 5 May 2017. Winners will be advised by 19 May 2017. Love the life SUM0463