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Khoury's Wine of the

Khoury's Wine of the Month So, check this out…this month, millions of people will in some way or another, take in the Olympic Games. A nearly 3000-year-old tradition that began by honoring Zeus. It is said that the main event wasn’t a sporting event at all, but rather a sacrifice of oxen AND can you believe that women were not allowed to compete? Well, that’s not completely true. Every four years at a place called Olympia, unmarried women could compete in their own set of games. I guess even back then the world was intimidated by the sheer intuition and insight of the married woman. It is surely a sort of magic bestowed upon the woman when she is tasked with balancing husband, children, dog and grocery shopping ;) Now consider this…while millions of “couchletes” are critiquing the North Korean Bobsled team or my personal favorite… “I could totally do that curling thing”, somewhere warm and pulsing (dramatic pause…) A Tango Championship is about to begin! That’s right, Tango! One man, one woman and one rhythm. Gracefully moving across the wide spans of the dance floor telling a story of romance, desire and passion using just their tangled bodies…AND it’s a good cardio workout! A tradition that most certainly welcomes women of all sorts, this dance finds its’ roots in Argentina but is now practiced all around the world. I am not saying that The Tango is more exciting than figure skating but imagine yourself trying each of these activities with your significant other and tell me which works out better! So, this month, while you make dinner and listen to the daily recap of Gold, Silver and Bronze medals earned, try grabbing your love and spinning ‘round the kitchen floor. Toss in a nice bottle of Argentina Cabernet and consider yourself an athlete…Abrazo Baby!!!

Northeastern Nevada Featured Artist John McEntire CARVED NEVADA WONDERSTONE Elko County Art Club Cooperative | 407 Railroad Street, Elko, NV | 775-753-8170 John’s unique style of carving Nevada Wonderstone has developed throughout his life, and many years lived in Nevada. He credits his appreciation of Western Heritage to the hours he spent watching early Westerns on Television. He was fascinated by all cowboys, horses, and anything with a Western storyline. He began to whittle wooden cowboy figures, even before he was ten years old. His appreciation of ranching and farming communities, the tales of hardworking people and their lifestyles working with horses and livestock, shaped his impressions of the genre. John brings first-hand knowledge and love of Western Culture into his every work. Discover carved Nevada Wonderstone at the Taber Building Gallery, open Tuesday thru Saturday 11:00 am to 3:00 pm. Contributed by Susanne Reese, President & Gallery Director Elko County Art Club \ February 2018 19

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