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Laser Mechanism of

Laser Mechanism of Action Biochemical Releases nitric oxide ATP production Fibroblast migration Macrophage activity Keratinocyte activity RNA/DNA synthesis Enzyme production SOD production Thermal Nerve Conduction Capillary dilation Bioenergetic Acupuncture meridian point stimulation Bioelectric Electromotive action acting on membrane bound ion channels Intracellular/extracellular ion gradient changes CLINICAL EFFECTS Reduced spasm | Pain relief | Increased circulation | Improved flexibility and function Improved healing | Reduced symptoms associated with osteoarthritis 1-866-595-7749 62 (775)777-3033 | 123 2nd St., Elko 62 \ February 2018

QUALITY CANCER CARE. LOWER OUT-OF-POCKET COST. Northeastern Nevada Radiation Oncology Center in Elko offers the same or better technology than that found in larger cities. Not only do our patients avoid the costly burden of travel, but on average our patients pay less than $300 out of pocket for a full course of radiation treatment. With our full-time physicians and staff on site, most patients can be seen within 24 hours. CANCER TREATMENT WHEN AND WHERE YOU NEED IT. For more information, call 775.748.4673 or visit 2003 Errecart Blvd. Elko, NV 89801 Local, Independent Cancer Care for Northeastern Nevada We’ve Moved! Join us at the Ruby Mountain Bridal & Prom Expo February 3 New Location! 1520 Lamoille Highway, Elko 775-738-9688

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