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2018 Earthroamer XV-HD [

2018 Earthroamer XV-HD [ 4 ] So winter is a great time to evaluate your camping rig and gear and start planning for the late spring, summer and fall camping season. Now most of us will head down to see Jeff at Gateway RV and talk about the latest and greatest trailers to buy and enjoy this 2018 season and then…. there is that somebody that has an extra 1.5 million to buy a fully self contained, energy generating, jaw dropping, mountain climbing, luxury oozing Earth Roamer. This Colorado based company has been cranking out amazing off-road camping vehicles for over a decade and caters to that certain individual that wants it all. The list is too extensive for this section but if you need it and want it, it’s on it. Earth roamer is the ultimate gadget! /// 2018 EARTHROAMER $1,500,000 Available at [ 4 ] [ 5 ] Click & Grow Smart Farm [ 5 ] Winter usually has garden enthusiasts down and out. That is until this massive indoor plant farm arrived. With a 288 plant capacity in a 16.5’ x 5.5’ frame this “farm” has a 3 level system with integrated water, light that keeps maintenance down to a couple hours every week. You will have fresh produce and herbs at your fingertips for the harvest all year round putting your growing habit to work during the coldest season. /// SMART FARM $10,000 Available at 38 \ February 2018

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