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INTERVIEW (from previous page) and the wider public who are using the spaces that are being protected by these systems. "Operability of the system is a key factor in the success of a security system," says Richard. "Is the technology straightforward to use? As we all know, there have been cases where the system has been too complicated for the user to get the most benefit from it. A system must be fit-forpurpose as no two applications are completely the same. So we developed the Code to take into account this operability." Security of security The security of security systems has always been a topic that has had to be addressed when designing systems and the introduction of networked systems creates another area of vulnerability that must be assessed and risks mitigated. "There's nothing in the new NCP 104 that could be deemed to be 'rocket science', it is essentially some guidelines for best practice," says Richard. "The idea of the Summit is to help the NSI in its role of improving the installation, application and use of security systems and the Code has been developed to address this and to raise awareness of the cyber security issues that are very apparent in the industry today.” Going IP As Richard explains, the shift to providing networked services continues with the news that BT will be moving to an all-IP model by 2025 and this is something that the industry will need to keep on top of as the change takes place. "The ultimate aim for us is to communicate the information that our approved companies need and we use the Summit to show them the latest technology” "There are concerns with IP comms because, unlike the PSTN, which sets up a dedicated call and provides a high level of confidence that data has been transferred, IP networked systems, using whatever medium to interface into the network, rely on packets of data that are subject to all the potential vagaries of a routed network; so the reliance that the security industry is putting on network providers is arguably greater than anyone realises!” says Richard. “We will have experts from BT talking at the Summit about the progress in migrating to IP as from an installer's point of view, the last thing you want to do is finish an installation that then won't work without the addition of another piece of IPenabling kit. Installers need to be prepared for these changes." These topics will be addressed at the Summit and there will be opportunities to get more indepth with areas of interest throughout the day in the master-class workshops and with the technology manufacturers exhibiting in the hall. "In 2018, I think we will be bringing a much fuller programme to the seminars and workshops as there is so much to get through and more variety than in the previous events," says Richard. "The ultimate aim for us is to communicate the information that our approved companies need and we use the Summit to show them the latest technology in the marketplace and develop their appreciation of Standards and Codes of Practice to help bring added value to their business. We're not exhibition organisers but this form of event helps us meet many of the requirements of our companies so we are happy to arrange the Summit for their benefit. Furthermore we’re keen to make sure that our companies get the most from their time away from the day job, so we’re constantly honing the event to meet their needs.” The NSI Summit will be held on 22 March 2018 at the Vox Conference Centre, Birmingham. 22

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