Calgary Winter spring 2018

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A Gold Partner of Real Home Advice<br />

Serving Lethbridge since 2000 for all your Exteriors needs.<br />


Professional Services That We Offer<br />

• Commercial & Residential<br />

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• Hardie Siding<br />


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We provide legal assistance in areas of<br />

Family Law, Real Estate, Litigation, Criminal Law,<br />

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<strong>Winter</strong> Garden<br />

Preparation<br />

Viruses, bacteria, and insect larvae<br />

in the soil can be detrimental if not<br />

cleared away properly. Pull out weeds<br />

that have sprung up at the end of<br />

summer, and add them along with<br />

other vegetation from your beds and<br />

leaf raking to your compost heap.<br />

All cut plant material that is diseased<br />

or questionable must be discarded<br />

and not added into the<br />

compost pile. Divide up<br />

the summer plants from<br />

the <strong>spring</strong> plants. Perennials<br />

can be cut back to<br />

soil level. Rake the beds<br />

clean for further smaller<br />

weeds and plant debris<br />

like roots.<br />

Autumn is a good time to plant your<br />

<strong>spring</strong> bulbs. Place them into the<br />

ground while temperatures are still<br />

warm and the ground soft. You can<br />

also plant bright mums for those<br />

wonderful bright fall colours.<br />

Organic matter is beneficial as an insulator<br />

as it protects perennial roots,<br />

plants and the soil. Adding material to<br />

your beds provides the richest mulch<br />

when <strong>spring</strong> eventually comes along.<br />

Natural mulch will include all your<br />

grass trimmings, fallen leaves and<br />

other organic materials.<br />

Make sure to add a good 3 to 6 inches<br />

of mulch over your beds. Screen<br />

Fall is the time of year where your flower and vegetable<br />

gardens require most of your attention. It’s important to<br />

ensure all beds are cleared as much as possible of old,<br />

decaying organic debris.<br />

young evergreens with burlap<br />

wrapped around the trees to protect<br />

them from harsh cold winds. Collect<br />

and package seeds from the plants<br />

you allowed to go to seed. Harvest the<br />

rest of your vegetables. If you have<br />

a small vegetable garden, whether<br />

boxed or in beds, pull out all the roots<br />

and place in your compost heap.<br />

You can till and turn the earth with<br />

discarded leaves into the soil a couple<br />

of times until the ground hardens<br />

with the cold.<br />

Your soil will benefit from the nutrients<br />

of the organic matter. Wash and<br />

thoroughly dry your flowerpots so<br />

all trace amounts of soil are cleaned<br />

away, with no chance of mold from<br />

dampness. Place them<br />

along with all your washed<br />

and dried garden tools in<br />

your garage or tool shed.<br />

Turn off all corresponding<br />

faucets from the interior,<br />

and allow the outer faucet<br />

to drain, ensuring no water is left<br />

in the pipes or wall that will freeze<br />

during winter.<br />

Thorough winter garden preparation<br />

is important. When you take care of<br />

your garden and soil, it will take care<br />

of you.<br />


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ANANDA<br />


Inspiring<br />

lifestyles &<br />

landscapes<br />







DECKS<br />




Serving <strong>Calgary</strong> and<br />

Surrounding Area<br />

403.851.0161<br />

www.anandalandscapes.com<br />

info@anandalandscapes.com<br />


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7/31/2017 10:34:06 AM

Security<br />

is PEACE<br />

of MIND<br />

It used to be that alarm<br />

companies would install wires and<br />

contact sensors in every window<br />

and entrance to your home.<br />

These systems have proved<br />

to be sometimes problematic<br />

when it comes to changing<br />

window systems to the new<br />

energy efficient window systems.<br />

Suddenly you might find yourself<br />

with wires sticking out of the<br />

window frames with no ability to<br />

connect the sensors.<br />

Today these systems are becoming<br />

obsolete in the face of smart wireless<br />

technology.<br />

Some smart equipment will include<br />

a base tower and you can easily<br />

install the rest of the components on<br />

your doors and windows. All these<br />

components connect wirelessly with<br />

each other.<br />

The base station has a power backup<br />

in case of power outages, and has<br />

a SIM card in it, which calls for help<br />

if there are any issues. There is no<br />

drilling into walls or window frames<br />

as sensors have sticky tabs.<br />

Some systems come with contact<br />

and entry sensors, motion detectors,<br />

key pad, panic siren; smoke detectors,<br />

carbon monoxide, leak detectors<br />

and freezer detectors.<br />

With cameras and sensors installed<br />

around your home and property,<br />

surveillance, monitoring and control<br />

can be done from your cell phone.<br />

Monitoring by alarm companies is<br />

done remotely too, and alerts are<br />

sent directly to your cell phone.<br />

And in case you forgot to turn off<br />

some lights, or the fireplace, or close<br />

the electric blinds you can do that<br />

from the comfort of your location if<br />

you are away from home.<br />

This new technology makes it far easier<br />

for people to travel, be away from<br />

home and enjoy peace of mind that<br />

their property is secure. Parents can<br />

also check in on their family and pets.<br />

One concern you should be aware of<br />

though with this kind of technology<br />

is that it has been proven, it’s possible<br />

that the system can be hacked<br />

using technology to pick up pin<br />

numbers when they are punched in<br />

at a distance.<br />

Alarm companies are working to<br />

address this issue, even though they<br />

can still alert the homeowner if a<br />

system has been compromised and<br />

an alarm disarmed.<br />

The onus is on the homeowner to<br />

make sure that all their questions and<br />

concerns are answered regarding<br />

the security of the wireless system<br />

when it is installed, and that outside<br />

technologies will not be able to compromise<br />

their system and their peace<br />

of mind.<br />


Electrostatic painting for commercial and<br />

residential projects & Metal refinishing<br />


Alberta, BC & Saskatchewan<br />

Bringing New Life to Your Metal!<br />


Perfect for<br />

Businesses<br />

<strong>Calgary</strong> 403.275.3082 Alberta<br />

www.wizardsofelectrostaticpainting.ca<br />


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Traditional Kitchens<br />

vs.<br />

Modern Kitchens<br />

This Article is Provided by Tony Hilderman from Tormynak Contracting<br />

Tormynak Contracting has a very diverse knowledge<br />

in custom cabinetry and has been serving Airdrie and<br />

surrounding area for over twelve years. In addition we do<br />

work in High River, Edmonton, Cochrane and Red Deer.<br />

Tony Hilderman, the hands on owner has over 20 years<br />

experience.<br />

Tormynak contracting has a couple of key specialties that<br />

separate them from the average contractor. They specialize<br />


CABINETRY. They have expertise in matching to existing<br />

cabinetry. Like Tony says: “Why change it all if we can<br />

match what you have?”<br />

There are many factors to consider before making the<br />

choice of going for a “Traditional Design Kitchen” or<br />

“Modern Design Kitchen”.<br />

• the Style of your home and other houses in vicinity<br />

• the value of your home<br />

• the budget<br />

• MOST importantly, it’s a matter of personal taste<br />

Modern Kitchens can offer homeowners a more dynamic<br />

and innovative style of kitchen that is anything but ordinary.<br />

A couple of the advantages of modern kitchens are<br />

that they are easy to maintain and there are many options<br />

and accessories available to customize your kitchen to<br />

make it right for you.<br />

Traditional Kitchens look stellar in period homes, including<br />

Victorian and traditional style houses. They tend to<br />

be more rustic and have a “homey feel”. These types of<br />

cabinets boast gorgeous wood that dominate the space.<br />

Remember, Tormynak Contracting are experts in retro-fitting<br />

and matching up with existing cabinets.<br />

We always suggest that our customers do thoughtful<br />

research as they have to live with their decision for a long<br />

time. Gone are the days when the kitchen was only for<br />

cooking. A lot of life happens in the kitchen, no matter<br />

how different our lifestyles may be.<br />

The key to today’s kitchens is to take inspiration from<br />

kitchens of the past and upgrade their look and style with<br />

modern features.<br />

Custom Cabinetry<br />

Interior Finishing<br />

Insurance Restoration<br />

www.tormynak.com<br />

tormynak@gmail.com<br />

Tony Hilderman<br />

403.383.7442<br />


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<strong>2018</strong>-02-01 12:00:38 PM

What What is is a a Reverse Mortgage?<br />

A reverse mortgage allows Canadians 55 and older to unlock up to 55%<br />

of the value of their home to assist with any financial need. The money received<br />

from a reverse mortgage is tax-free, there are no health checks to<br />

qualify for and no payments required for as long as at least one borrower<br />

lives in the home.<br />

Many senior clients are always asking for a solution to increase their cash<br />

flow and manage their debt. The truth is, debt in retirement use to be a<br />

faux-pas, but today, more and more Canadians are entering retirement<br />

with growing debt. The average life expectancy is higher<br />

than ever and the cost of living is often greater than pension incomes.<br />

There are many questions around a reverse mortgage that you may be asking;<br />

this is normal and I am hear to answer those questions for you. No one<br />

file is the same so ask the questions about your home and situation.<br />

For all the information on how to qualify call me today!<br />


Keep Your Home<br />

NO Payments<br />

Relieve Financial Stress<br />

Enjoy Retirement<br />

Take Control<br />

Dale Bland<br />

Mortgage Professional<br />

403-875-8851<br />

dale.bland@cmlmortgages.com<br />

http://www.mortgageweb.ca/dbland<br />

2316 6 Street NE, <strong>Calgary</strong> AB T2E 3Z1<br />

www.cmlmortgages.com<br />


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• Pool decks<br />

• Retaining Walls<br />

• Driveways<br />

• Patios<br />

• Slabs<br />

• Paths<br />

• Driveway<br />

• Foundations<br />

Serving<br />

All of Central &<br />

Southern AB<br />

Residential & Commercial - Interior & Exterior<br />

403-845-5153<br />


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PIERRE'S CONCRETE full page.indd 1<br />

<strong>2018</strong>-02-01 12:00:39 PM<br />

2/8/2017 11:58:37 AM

A MESSAGE...<br />



This message provided by: Bruce & Nancy Boguski<br />

Will-Do Furnace & Chimney Cleaning Inc.<br />

Many new furnace systems are built to offer high<br />

efficiency, but one of the best ways to make sure they<br />

maintain their effectiveness is to service them every<br />

two to three years. When we clean your furnace we remove<br />

the fan so the furnace and the fan can be cleaned<br />

properly. When the fan is removed, only then can all<br />

the components of the furnace be cleaned properly. If<br />

access panels are used instead of this procedure, the<br />

maintenance is not complete!<br />

Cleaning the fan and the coil keeps your high efficient<br />

furnace running properly. This will increase the life of<br />

your furnace, and helps ensure you’re getting the most<br />

out of your system. Similarly, any air-conditioning<br />

system that is attached to your furnace will also need to<br />

be cleaned for the same reasons. We are also specialists<br />

at cleaning your chimney to wood burning stoves/fireplaces!<br />

Get it all done at once! We’ve got the expertise<br />

and experience – we love to clean, and it shows!<br />

As a family owned and operated company since 1993,<br />

Will-Do Furnace & Chimney Cleaning Inc. has earned<br />

our reputation as a business run with pride and honesty.<br />

Our clients know how important it is to have their<br />

furnace and vents regularly cleaned, regardless of the<br />

age of the home. That’s why we offer all types of furnace<br />

and duct cleaning for you. From boiler and chimney<br />

cleaning services to a full multi-point inspection<br />

and system evaluation, we’ll make sure your system is<br />

clean and running well. Just contact us today to get<br />

started with your free estimate.<br />

Red Deer 403-346-6844<br />

Leslieville 403-729-2772<br />

www.willdofurnacecleaning.ca<br />

Hot Water tank<br />

boiler<br />

chimney<br />

multi-point insepction<br />


<strong>Calgary</strong> <strong>Winter</strong> Spring <strong>2018</strong>.indd 10<br />

<strong>2018</strong>-02-01 12:00:40 PM

Hot Condo Topics<br />

Current condo hot topics include<br />

the Condominium Property Amendment<br />

Act and amended Human<br />

Rights legislation regarding age<br />

restricted housing.<br />

Condominium Property Act<br />

amendments have been created<br />

to improve protection for buyers<br />

of newly constructed units (new<br />

units sold directly by developers)<br />

and existing owners/purchasers of<br />

resale units. Some of the amendments<br />

regarding developers include<br />

strengthening the province’s power<br />

to inspect, investigate and enforce<br />

rules respecting sales, expanding<br />

purchase disclosure information<br />

including a final date by which the<br />

unit must be ready for occupancy<br />

and options to cancel a contract if<br />

that date is not met.<br />

Amendments with regard to existing<br />

owners (or purchasers of<br />

existing condominium units) to be<br />

addressed in regulations supporting<br />

this Act include new restrictions regarding<br />

the registration of a caveat<br />

against a unit’s title for a charge ($)<br />

to a unit for monetary sanctions<br />

imposed under a bylaw or other<br />

debts claimed by the corporation<br />

(may only be registered against the<br />

unit title by caveat if the sanctions<br />

for debts are found by a court to be<br />

valid but remain unpaid), capping<br />

expenses with regard to preparation,<br />

registration, enforcement or<br />

discharge of a caveat, limiting the<br />

amount of monetary sanctions that<br />

can be imposed in accordance with<br />

the bylaws, enabling certain types<br />

of votes to be conducted electronically,<br />

prescribing maximum fees<br />

that can be charged for a corporation’s<br />

documents and clarifying<br />

insurance, maintenance and repair<br />

obligations of the corporation and<br />

those of unit owners. These amendments<br />

are also geared towards<br />

raising standards in Alberta’s condominium<br />

management sector by<br />

designating the Real Estate Council<br />

of Alberta (RECA) as the regulator<br />

of condominium managers and enabling<br />

this body to establish licensing<br />

requirements for condominium<br />

managers, including education and<br />

training requirements.<br />

A new tribunal system will be<br />

framed to be an affordable and<br />

efficient forum/decision maker for<br />

certain types of condo disputes<br />

between Boards, owners, occupants<br />

and other interested parties. The tribunal<br />

will operate under rules and<br />

procedures set out in the regulations<br />

to ensure that hearings are fair<br />

and efficient, but will only operate<br />

in a limited geographic area (such<br />

as Edmonton or <strong>Calgary</strong>) during the<br />

pilot phase. It will be expanded later<br />

to hear a wider range of disputes in<br />

a greater number of locations across<br />

the province. Courts will continue<br />

to hear disputes that fall outside of<br />

the tribunal jurisdiction including<br />

disputes such as unit foreclosure or<br />

modification of the Condominium<br />

Plan.<br />

Changes to Alberta’s Human Rights<br />

legislation prohibits ‘age’ as a form<br />

of discrimination in condos (and<br />

other areas) and other types of<br />

community housing (co-ops and<br />

mobile home sites). Condominiums/<br />

community housing will be allowed<br />

to continue age restrictions from<br />

55 years and above (including the<br />

spouses and significant others under<br />

the age of 55). Condominiums<br />

who have age restrictions under<br />

55 years will be grandfathered for<br />

a period of 15 years. This means<br />

that between now and approximately<br />

2032, condominiums with<br />

age restrictions will have to decide<br />

(and change their bylaws) to either<br />

eliminate the restriction altogether<br />

or set their age restriction at<br />

55 years. There is a national trend<br />

showing that restrictions by age can<br />

affect communities where there is a<br />

critical shortage of housing and this<br />

amendment will help to create a<br />

more level playing field.<br />

Do you have a condo question? We<br />

are always up for condo conversations<br />

and welcome your questions<br />

at 780 - 995 - 4635 or by email to<br />

conquest0395@gmail.com.<br />

Sharon Blondin, President, Condo-<br />

Quest Inc.<br />


<strong>Calgary</strong> <strong>Winter</strong> Spring <strong>2018</strong>.indd 11<br />

<strong>2018</strong>-02-01 12:00:40 PM

Fireplace Cleaning<br />

&<br />

Health<br />

There is nothing more pleasing than<br />

contemplating a heartwarming fire<br />

going in the hearth as the weather<br />

starts to cool. Fall is probably the<br />

best time to make sure all is in good<br />

working order ahead of the cooling<br />

weather. Typically chimneys, fireplaces<br />

and vents should be inspected and<br />

cleaned just prior to, and after the<br />

winter to work optimally.<br />

This will ensure regular maintenance<br />

clears debris and blockages, and<br />

venting works efficiently. Check<br />

with a flashlight to see whether the<br />

creosote is thicker than 1/8th inch,<br />

and if so, the job needs to get done. If<br />

you are not comfortable getting onto<br />

your roof you can clear your chimney<br />

from the bottom up. Chimney brush<br />

sizes and shapes are determined by<br />

whether you have a round or square<br />

shaped flue. Small brushes make the<br />

work of cleaning the flue a lot harder;<br />

the size should be snug enough – just<br />

slightly larger than the flue to move<br />

with ease. Fibreglass rods can be purchased<br />

for straight chimneys. Make<br />

sure the brush has the same connection<br />

type as the rod.<br />

The rod lengths will be the height<br />

from your chimney to the damper.<br />

You or someone can drop a rope<br />

down from the top of the chimney to<br />

determine the length. Make sure to<br />

wear gloves and have the surrounding<br />

floor covered with a protective<br />

mat or plastic liner. To start, attach the<br />

brush to your first rod.<br />

As you move it up the flue add the<br />

additional rods for ease. As you get<br />

your brush through the damper, push<br />

further up to attach additional rods.<br />

Push through to get an up and down<br />

scraping, sweeping motion.<br />

Once you have completed cleaning<br />

the creosote and debris, pull your<br />

broom out and use a brush and bucket,<br />

or an ash vacuum to pick up the<br />

ash from the floor and inner ledge.<br />

Keeping your chimney regularly<br />

checked and clean will ensure you<br />

don’t have any issues when colder<br />

weather comes to stay. With this work<br />

done, you can now relax and enjoy an<br />

efficient and warming fireplace.<br />


<strong>Calgary</strong> <strong>Winter</strong> Spring <strong>2018</strong>.indd 12<br />

<strong>2018</strong>-02-01 12:00:41 PM

12 Tips<br />

To Protect Your Credit Score<br />

From<br />

Written by Brian Summefelt<br />

President and CEO of MetCredit<br />

Identity theft. We continue to hear of fraudsters hijacking<br />

someone’s ID to access money or get credit. The victim is<br />

burdened with proving “that wasn’t me!”<br />

Identity theft also destroys one’s credit score, so you<br />

can’t get a mortgage, vehicle loan or credit card until you<br />

resolve things—a process that takes endless frustrating<br />

hours. It’s not just negligent or careless people who have<br />

their identity stolen.<br />

It even happened to me. A photocopy of my identity<br />

documents was compromised by a hotel administrator: an<br />

inside job by a trusted professional. Having been a victim<br />

despite my hyper-vigilant nature, I know the frustration<br />

and vulnerability that accompany being targeted.<br />

Prevention is key. These 12 tips will help reduce your risk<br />

of identity theft:<br />

1. Use biometric wallets like Apple Pay, a hardware-secured<br />

payment system that uses one-time tokens rather<br />

than credit card numbers and codes. Face and fingerprint<br />

recognition safeguard against unauthorized use.<br />

2. Remove any ID from your wallet or purse that you don’t<br />

often need, and lock it away.<br />

3. Swipe or tap your own payment cards on readers. Nearfield<br />

communication (NFC) information used by contactless<br />

cards can be scanned and later replicated.<br />

4. Don’t open suspect emails or click on links within them.<br />

Never open an unexpected attachment, no matter who it<br />

appears to be from.<br />

5. Be on guard for phone calls, visits, texts or emails from<br />

strangers asking for personal information. Never give<br />

out your date of birth, bank account number, or personal<br />

information.<br />

6. Refuse copying of your ID (at hotels, for instance) and<br />

offer less invasive means of confirmation.<br />

7. Shred all private and financial documents before discarding.<br />

8. Update all financial institutions of any change to your<br />

contact info.<br />

9. Routinely check your credit reports, bank statements<br />

and credit card bills line-by-line. Report anything suspicious.<br />

10. Subscribe to a credit monitoring service, especially if<br />

your identity might be compromised.<br />

11. Look for the “https” (with an “s” for Secure) and padlock<br />

icon beside a website’s URL indicating information is<br />

encrypted in transit.<br />

12. Never store your credit or debit PINs anywhere near<br />

the cards. Use an encrypted password app.<br />

If you suspect your identity has been compromised, get<br />

help.<br />

Contact the Canadian Anti-Fraud Centre, both national<br />

credit bureaus and your local police. Together we can<br />

reduce everyone’s risk of identity theft.<br />

In <strong>2018</strong> Resolve to Collect Before It Is Too Late<br />

MetCredit is a Canadian debt recovery<br />

company that is licensed and bonded in all<br />

provinces and territories.<br />

• Debt Recovery<br />

• Credit Reporting Agency<br />

• Commercial Debt Collection<br />

services to credit grantors<br />

across Canada.<br />

CALL Met Credit<br />

NOW Risk FREE<br />

"Let Canada's #1<br />

Collection Agency<br />

Collect Ethically<br />

For You" FAST.<br />

780.423.2231<br />

400, 10310 JASPER AVE, EDMONTON, AB<br />


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Moving Home?<br />

Get Professional Help<br />

Are you moving homes? Have you run<br />

out of time and energy to complete<br />

all your packing? The stress alone can<br />

take a toll on your health and that of<br />

your family, causing greater delays<br />

and upsets.<br />

In addition, moving into a new home<br />

also has its challenges – exciting as<br />

it may be. You know from previous<br />

experience, how overwhelming it can<br />

become moving in and going straight<br />

back to work - boxes piled up and<br />

dotted around hallways and rooms,<br />

waiting for you to have the energy to<br />

neatly unpack contents in an organized<br />

fashion. Perhaps your time and<br />

energy is better well spent employing<br />

a service to come and do this tedious<br />

work for you. To get you organized.<br />

After the initial consultation, these<br />

move management specialists will<br />

create a tailored program and plan of<br />

action for you and your move.<br />

Planning a move to a new home<br />

requires a lot of attention to detail.<br />

Specialist move management people<br />

have your back. They will facilitate the<br />

process of discarding old and unused<br />

clothing and other items; go through<br />

your recycling and remove it for<br />

you; and once they have packed and<br />

labeled all the boxes and containers,<br />

they ensure that nothing is left behind<br />

after you have left the old house.<br />

Upon arriving at your new home they<br />

will clear the space, unpack and organize<br />

all your belongings.<br />

Move management people work in a<br />

strategic fashion, and their solution<br />

for unpacking your goods ensures<br />

that you stay organized given the<br />

convenient and best placing of your<br />

belongings. Now what could be<br />

more gratifying than having the time<br />

and stress taken out of the moving<br />

process? Take a deep breath, give<br />

yourself a sigh of relief and enjoy your<br />

new home.<br />


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Carpet Cleaning<br />

Professional?<br />

Article provided by Art Franz<br />

Owner/Operator PERFORMANCE Carpet Cleaning Solutions<br />

It is a well-known fact that the carpet cleaning industry<br />

is rife with unprofessional-ism. So much so, that, in<br />

many circles, when the topic of carpet cleaning comes<br />

up, people will prefer to replace instead of clean just<br />

because their experience with carpet cleaners has far too<br />

often been negative. And far too often it’s because they<br />

don’t even know if their carpet is a candidate for cleaning<br />

because whenever they hired a cleaner in the past, the<br />

results were much less than satisfactory.<br />

There are several reasons for this. But it almost always<br />

comes down to a lack of professionalism on the part of the<br />

carpet cleaner. And primarily, this lack of professionalism<br />

is due to a lack of proper training.<br />

Carpet cleaners? Training? Didn’t think that was available?<br />

Yes, it is. We all know that training and certification<br />

in any industry, and especially the trades (yes, carpet<br />

cleaning is a trade), is a key aspect of what makes a<br />

professional or not. The primary institution in North<br />

America that trains carpet cleaners is the IICRC. This<br />

acronym stands for: Institute of Inspection, Cleaning, and<br />

Restoration Certification. I will encourage everyone that’s<br />

looking for a carpet cleaner to check their website.<br />

How can you tell if your cleaner has been trained? Simple.<br />

Ask questions. Are you a professional? What makes you<br />

a professional? Do you have any formal training? Do you<br />

have a certificate from the institution that trained you?<br />

Does this institution actually exist? What equipment do<br />

you use? Why do you use that type of equipment? What<br />

procedures do you use that make you better than your<br />

competitors? Can you look at my carpet and give me an<br />

idea of what to expect? Do you offer any type of warranty?<br />

Do you carry insurance?<br />

So, when hiring a carpet cleaner (or anyone else for that<br />

matter), give the process some thought, and do your<br />

research. Ask as many questions as you can think of, and<br />

if the person on the phone can’t answer your questions<br />

to your satisfaction, look somewhere else. Remember,<br />

you are entrusting that firm with at least a portion of<br />

your investment. If you are happy with the person you’ve<br />

been using, keep using him or her. Not always, but quite<br />

often, you get what you pay for. Higher price does not<br />

always mean higher quality. But if you hire someone that<br />

is properly trained and certified, chances are, you will be<br />

pleasantly surprised with the outcome.<br />

Art Franz is the owner and operator of Performance Carpet<br />

Cleaning. He comes with over 2 decades of experience in<br />

the carpet and upholstery cleaning industry. He prides<br />

himself on having taken courses and passed examinations<br />

on all of the aspects of the industry that he is involved in.<br />

Below is a copy of his certification.<br />

We are the SOLUTION!<br />

403.391.9094<br />

www.performancecarpetcleaning.net<br />


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Written by Richard Picard, Owner/Operator Sparkle and Shine <strong>Calgary</strong><br />

http://calgarywindowclean.com/<br />

The #1 benefit of hiring professional window cleaners is<br />

that it will save you from exhaustion and frustration. It will<br />

spare hours and hours of your time because we do it every<br />

single day. For us, the process is so streamlined that the<br />

time required is much less.<br />

Also, by having a professional clean your windows, you<br />

avoid the various hazards involved with heights, wet<br />

surfaces and working with glass, vegetation and even …<br />

spiders!<br />

At Sparkle & Shine Window Cleaning in <strong>Calgary</strong>, we guarantee<br />

that you’ll be delighted with the sparkling condition<br />

of your windows and buildings that we want you to be<br />

100% happy.<br />

Sparkle & Shine Window Cleaning has worked with business<br />

owners and homeowners in the <strong>Calgary</strong> area since<br />

2004 and offers reliable, safe and affordable cleaning with<br />

a dedicated, professional team. We consistently provide<br />

top-quality customer service and a streak-free shine on all<br />

of our jobs.<br />

We’re the Best, Here’s Why:<br />


We are fully insured & bonded so you can feel confident<br />

we are committed to operating with integrity, offering you<br />

the protection and the trust you need when others are in<br />

your home.<br />

100% LOCAL<br />

We are locally owned and have served the <strong>Calgary</strong> area for<br />

over 13 years.<br />


Founded in 2001, we bring 17 years of experience in professional<br />

and reliable window cleaning and other services.<br />

While our team is not that big, their totaling experience is<br />

huge!<br />

TOOLS<br />

We only use professional-level equipment and fully<br />

trained employees. We apply the latest methods as we<br />

find new and innovative ways to bring you the cleanest<br />

possible home.<br />

We would love to hear from you. Simply contact<br />

Richard at (403) 862-7662 or<br />

email sparkle.shine@hotmail.com<br />

3 Residential & Commercial<br />

3 Window Cleaning<br />

3 Eavestrough Cleaning<br />

3 Power Washing<br />

We make your windows<br />

Spark & Shine... everytime!<br />

Serving <strong>Calgary</strong> & Area Since 2001<br />

403.862.7662<br />

Licensed<br />

& Insured<br />

When you mention this ad, you will receive<br />

10% OFF your windows with a purchase of<br />

$100 window cleaning services.<br />

http://calgarywindowclean.com<br />

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Sam Ammar<br />

Publisher<br />

Jack Mackenzie<br />

VP National<br />

Business Development<br />

Grow Your Business<br />

with Us<br />

To Our Valued Readers and Advertisers:<br />

Real Home Advice is proud to announce that 2017 marks<br />

our 5 Year Anniversary in the Edmonton Region. Our main<br />

objective remains providing current and reliable information<br />

to our readership. Our focus is in the areas of home trends,<br />

renovations, services, decoration and real estate. Our readership<br />

has come to rely on our updated and relevant editorials.<br />

Also our advertising partners value the branding opportunity<br />

we provide through our distribution, exclusivity & online<br />

services. As the publisher of Real Home Advice I’m extremely<br />

proud how we have evolved in the last 5 years from the traditional<br />

form of advertising into becoming real partners with<br />

many local professionals, services, & companies.<br />

Call us today for advertising in our magazine or online<br />

www.realhomeadvice.ca<br />

Whether you’re looking for Roofing or Siding,<br />

Eavestroughing or Fascia... We’re ONIT!<br />

• Roofing • Siding<br />

• Eavestroughs<br />

• Fascia<br />

• A Great Range of Products<br />

• Professional Installation<br />

• Workship Guaranteed<br />




403 279 2299<br />

www.onitroofingandexteriors.ca<br />

24/7<br />



Quality Professional Painting Service<br />

Wall Repair, Decks & Fences<br />

Interior and Exterior<br />

Insured & Bonded<br />


403-375-0043<br />

Serving <strong>Calgary</strong> and<br />

Surrounding Area<br />


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The Co-Signor,<br />

The Guarantor and<br />

the Indemnitor<br />

Mortgage Smarts (the book), explains the differences between a co-signor, a guarantor, and indemnitor in case you are<br />

not aware of these categories of support when it comes to applying for a mortgage.<br />

Co-signor<br />

If you have little or no credit history,<br />

or if you do not have enough financial<br />

strength, the lender may require you<br />

to have a co-signer. The lender must<br />

be satisfied that the co-signer has the<br />

financial ability to pay off the debt<br />

if you default, and usually requires<br />

that the co-signor go on the title as<br />

well as you. If your financial situation<br />

improves, the lender may allow the<br />

co-signor to be removed from title.<br />

Les bought a pre-sale condominium<br />

from a developer. His parents were<br />

willing to help him by putting $5,000<br />

towards the down payment and<br />

co-signing the loan. They were included<br />

with Les on the title as tenants in<br />

common.<br />

The parents were insistent that the<br />

only way Les would get the $5,000 was<br />

if they were also on title.<br />

So, the sale completed and five years<br />

went by. Les enjoyed his condo and<br />

all seemed well. Then water became<br />

a problem in the building and it fell<br />

into the “leaky condo” category,<br />

requiring full rehabilitation. The cost<br />

per unit was $40,000. At the time, the<br />

government provided interest free<br />

loans to owners who earned below a<br />

certain income. Luckily, Les qualified<br />

for his loan. However, when he made<br />

the loan application it was noticed<br />

that his parents were also on title.<br />

Since they had ample money, they<br />

were forced to borrow $40,000 to pay<br />

the assessment, so now Les had to pay<br />

them back $40,000 plus interest.<br />

His parents were less than gracious<br />

about having to pay the assessment<br />

fee up front and it caused problems<br />

between them and Les. However, had<br />

they considered the ramifications going<br />

on title at the beginning, the<br />

situation would have been averted<br />

and the loan for Les would have been<br />

interest-free.<br />

Guarantor<br />

If you cannot financially qualify for a<br />

mortgage, you might have a family<br />

member or friend who is willing to act<br />

as a guarantor. A guarantor provides<br />

additional security to the lender, but<br />

does not go on the title like a co-signor.<br />

This person would have to qualify<br />

financially with the lender. If you<br />

defaulted in your mortgage, the lender<br />

would foreclose on the property. Any<br />

financial losses the lender incurred<br />

would be payable by the guarantor if<br />

you were unable to pay the required<br />

amount. The guarantor’s promise to<br />

pay is called a guarantee and is a written<br />

document, which may or may not<br />

be attached to the mortgage.<br />

Indemnitor<br />

An indemnity operates much like a<br />

guarantee in that the person providing<br />

an indemnity guarantees payment of<br />

the loan. The main difference is that<br />

the lender does not have to go after<br />

the borrower first before being able to<br />

claim for its financial losses. The lender<br />

can call upon the indemnitor at the<br />

first sign of trouble. The current trend is<br />

to choose this form of security rather<br />

than a simple guarantee.”<br />

Life experiences always teach us after<br />

the fact if we’re not careful in considering<br />

all the options and unexpected<br />

possible scenarios that could occur. In<br />

the case of Les and his parents, the RE-<br />

ALTOR® made a number of suggestions<br />

to find a solution for Les. In the end it<br />

did not work out so well for the family.<br />

Ask your mortgage broker all the questions<br />

you need to be aware regarding<br />

signing as a co-signor, guarantor, or<br />

indemnitor. In the end, improbable<br />

outcomes rest upon your actions to<br />

support family members.<br />

Excerpt written with permission from<br />

the authors of “Mortgage Smarts” published<br />

by and available from Friesen<br />

Press. Awarded the 2017 Independent<br />

Publisher Book Awards Silver Medal in<br />

the “Finance, Investment & Economics”<br />

category.<br />


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Central Vaccums<br />

Whatever size home you have,<br />

you can’t beat the convenience and<br />

efficacy of the central vacuum, which,<br />

unlike conventional vacuum cleaners<br />

can more effectively and safely<br />

remove 100% of the dust, dirt and<br />

allergens in your home.<br />

If you are planning on building a new<br />

home, a renovation or extension, you<br />

might want to consider centralizing<br />

your vacuum service. Even existing<br />

homes can be retrofitted with a<br />

system.<br />

Professional installers can install the<br />

system, or step-by-step installation<br />

instructions are available for the<br />

handymen in your family.<br />

Central vacuums are high powered<br />

systems that come with non-crushable<br />

retractable air hoses, power<br />

heads, and all the accessories for any<br />

thickness and pile of carpet or rug:<br />

tools to reach under your fridge or<br />

stove, as well as fabric tools for your<br />

furnishings.<br />

Tubing is installed in the walls of your<br />

home so dust and allergens are conveniently<br />

and safely sucked away into<br />

the holding canister.<br />

Each floor of your home will have an<br />

inlet valve and storage for an air hose<br />

that will be designed to reach every<br />

room on that floor. The power unit is<br />

conveniently mounted and housed<br />

in Central Vacuums a well-ventilated<br />

garage, basement or storeroom,<br />

therefore eliminating much of the<br />

noise associated with vacuums.<br />

Systems may come with a HEPA vacuum<br />

filter in the collection canister.<br />

Vacuum cleaners are tedious to push,<br />

or pull up and down stairs from floor<br />

to floor.<br />

If you have allergy sufferers in your<br />

family, or just looking for greater convenience,<br />

you can’t beat the efficiency<br />

of the central vacuum system.<br />

Vacuuming convenience is a great<br />

consideration and investment, which<br />

makes cleaning your home more<br />

pleasurable, keeping it tidier and<br />

healthier.<br />


<strong>Calgary</strong> <strong>Winter</strong> Spring <strong>2018</strong>.indd 19<br />

<strong>2018</strong>-02-01 12:00:45 PM

Brown the New Black<br />

This winter warmth can be<br />

evoked through rich chocolaty<br />

shades of brown, rustic<br />

colonial brick and terracotta<br />

reds, as well as deep forest<br />

greens. Whether you choose<br />

to paint accent walls or<br />

your ceiling - the darker, the<br />

richer – the greater the ambiance<br />

for a homely welcoming<br />

environment.<br />

Stain-wooden beams dark<br />

brown. Perhaps there’s a<br />

beautiful brick wall that needs exposing behind some<br />

tired closets or bookcase. Compliment the darker colours<br />

with desert rose, antique and linen whites, creams and<br />

sand-coloured beiges. Matte black cupboard doors and<br />

hardware will elegantly complete the look in your kitchen<br />

or washrooms.<br />

Where does your imagination, or<br />

your feeling sensations go when<br />

you think of coming in from cold<br />

autumn and winter days? What<br />

colours and furnishings elicit<br />

feelings of comfort and serenity?<br />

Whatever pops to mind can perhaps<br />

become newly inspired translations<br />

to your home this winter, the New Year<br />

and beoyond.<br />

Earthen accessories and furniture<br />

include worn leather, aged<br />

wood pieces and finishes, clay,<br />

cork and rustic fabrics and finishes.<br />

Oh, and by the way, brass<br />

has made a comeback.<br />

Time to put away the all-white<br />

bedding and change up bland<br />

bedrooms to quilted colours,<br />

patterns and textures. Fabrics<br />

are rich and plush with velvet<br />

making a comeback. Go on –<br />

get brave and mix it up.<br />

Yes – with your furniture. Gone are the days of generic<br />

couches and furnishings. Mix and match and get inspired<br />

by all the mood boards on the net.<br />

There’s an inlaid dresser for your passage or dining room<br />

waiting to lift, inspire and compliment your furniture collection.<br />

Big stitch knitted throws, pillows, woven baskets<br />

Why WASTE<br />

TIME, EFFORT & MONEY on inferior forming methods?<br />

SUPERFORM is only one insulting concrete forming system that has risen above the crowd!<br />

Superform insulated concrete forming (ICF) system is the Strongest.<br />

Superform ICF provides the largest, widest and thickest backing for wall finishes.<br />

Superform ICF is the only system to provides as much R-Value a full 5 1/2” of type-2 EPS.<br />

Superform ICF is the only system to come fully assembled in efficient 12” x 48” blocks.<br />

Superform ICF is the only system to provide a massive, 3” wide backing at outside corners.<br />

Superform ICF is the true leader in ICF systems.<br />

403-627-3555 / www.superformicf.ca<br />


2/12/2017 7:16:3420<br />

PM<br />

<strong>Calgary</strong> <strong>Winter</strong> Spring <strong>2018</strong>.indd 20<br />

<strong>2018</strong>-02-01 12:00:47 PM

and planters, rustic and rural rugs and accessories will pull<br />

the whole feel and look together.<br />

Trends still continue to create space that is devoid of any<br />

technology. Utilize these quiet spaces for relaxation, and<br />

that good old-fashioned sense of homeliness and comfort.<br />

Have fun this winter season. Creativity is at its best when<br />

you can pull together an array of different concepts, colours<br />

and furnishings.<br />

Pick a couple of existing furniture pieces and furnishings<br />

in your living, dining or family room, and work around<br />

transforming the entire look and feel for a refreshing<br />

change this autumn and winter.<br />





Mailing Addres: BOX 2036, BROOKS, AB T1R 1C7<br />


<strong>Calgary</strong> <strong>Winter</strong> Spring <strong>2018</strong>.indd 21<br />

<strong>2018</strong>-02-01 12:00:49 PM

Get your HOME ready<br />

to IMPRESS<br />

You have decided to sell your home –<br />

now the time has come to get it ready<br />

for sale.<br />

It’s important to remember that,<br />

when we’re selling your home together,<br />

we don’t get a second chance to<br />

make a good first impression. Most<br />

buyers look for homes that are well<br />

cared for and bright – in general,<br />

clean and spiffy.<br />

First, look at the lawn and yard. Remove<br />

clutter, cut the grass (including<br />

the edges along the walks), trim the<br />

hedges and weed the gardens. Now,<br />

check the front of the house. If necessary,<br />

paint, fix or wash the railings,<br />

steps, drains, screen door and/or front<br />

door. When applicable, also clear<br />

snow from the walks, driveway and<br />

porch.<br />

It’s almost time to go inside, but first<br />

we need to check other areas, such<br />

as the side or back door, gutters and<br />

GM Bain Real Estate Services Ltd.<br />

gmbainrealestate.com<br />

Phone: (403) 650-9995<br />

E-mail: home.life@shaw.ca<br />

Article supplied by Gary Bain - GM Bain Real Estate Services LTD.<br />

windows. Clean and fix where necessary.<br />

If you have a garage, straighten<br />

it up, paint, fix broken items, or wash<br />

doors and windows.<br />

Going inside now, check the basement<br />

and make sure that all items are<br />

stored neatly in order to create a spacious<br />

appearance. If necessary, paint<br />

the floor. Now, it’s time to check the<br />

plumbing. Repair all dripping faucets<br />

and leaky toilets.<br />

Once the plumbing is looked after,<br />

check out your home’s heating and<br />

cooling system and get any needed<br />

repairs done. Then clean the exterior<br />

of the unit.<br />

Next, take a look at the lights<br />

throughout the home. Replace all<br />

burned out bulbs and fix faulty<br />

switches. With that mission accomplished,<br />

take a look at halls and stairs<br />

and remove clutter to give narrow areas<br />

a wider appearance, and examine<br />

your home’s hardware. Oil all hinges<br />

so that they do not squeak and tighten<br />

doorknobs and faucets.<br />

Now, consider your home’s general<br />

condition – especially for cleanliness.<br />

Dust, wash, and paint where necessary,<br />

and fix defects as required.<br />

Once that work is complete, consider<br />

the home’s feeling of spaciousness.<br />

To make your rooms feel more roomy,<br />

store unneeded items in out-of-sight<br />

areas. Then check your carpets and<br />

remove all unsightly spots.<br />

We have come now to the critical<br />

areas: The kitchen, bathrooms and<br />

closets. Make the stove, fridge and<br />

sink spotless with all work spaces<br />

clean. Bathrooms need to be neat,<br />

spotless and fresh. Repair any cracked<br />

putty/caulking around the tub.<br />

Last but not least, clean the closets.<br />

Remember: Untidy or overcrowded<br />

closets suggest inadequate storage<br />

space.<br />

• Advisory Services • Market Analysis • Real Estate Appraisal • Referrals to Service Contractors & Mortgage Experts<br />


<strong>Calgary</strong> <strong>Winter</strong> Spring <strong>2018</strong>.indd 22<br />

<strong>2018</strong>-02-01 12:00:49 PM

<strong>2018</strong> TAX ADVICE<br />


About Us<br />

Venture Tax Services is a locally owned and operated<br />

bookkeeping and tax preparation service, centrally located<br />

at the heart of Alberta, in downtown Red Deer. We are<br />

NOT a franchise or part of any large accounting firm.<br />

Branching out of his original home based business, where<br />

he learned the struggles of starting a new business, Mark<br />

opened his doors to the public in 2003 on Ross Street, in<br />

downtown Red Deer. Mark quickly built a quality reputation,<br />

and his client base grew as a result of the many<br />

recommendations and referrals from his satisfied clients.<br />

What should you bring with you??<br />

If you have never been to Venture Tax & Accounting before,<br />

you should bring the following items to help us complete<br />

your return quickly and thoroughly:<br />

• Picture ID<br />

• Previous year’s Notice of Assessment or Re-assessment<br />

Everyone should bring:<br />

• All T4 & T5 slips<br />

• T4E, T4RSP, T4RIF, Pension / Old Age slips (if applicable)<br />

• RRSP contribution slips<br />

• T2202 Education slips for students<br />

• Charitable contribution and medical expense receipts<br />

• Child support / alimony receipts<br />

• Child Care<br />

• Moving expenses (if you moved more than 40km’s closer<br />

to your work)<br />

DID YOU.....<br />

• Have a rental property, or small business operating (Last<br />

Year?)<br />

• Have a student loan that you are paying down?<br />

• Trade any Mutual Funds / Stocks / Bonds?<br />

• Live in Northern Alberta, BC, or NWT for more than 6<br />

months?<br />

ARE YOU.....<br />

• A single parent? (bring birth certificates for each of your<br />

children, and custody papers)<br />

• Newly married? (let us prepare both spouses returns at<br />

the same time so we can take full advantage of available<br />

credits... and save you 10% on the fees!)<br />

• New to Canada? There are many more expenses and<br />

credits available. Don’t be afraid to ask.<br />

Professional Tax Services<br />


<strong>Calgary</strong> <strong>Winter</strong> Spring <strong>2018</strong>.indd 23<br />

<strong>2018</strong>-02-01 12:00:50 PM

Business & Service Directory<br />

For advertising information give our classified advertising department<br />

a call today at 780.406.6441 or email adcopy@realhomeadvice.ca<br />


To Our Valued Readers and<br />

Advertisers<br />

Real Home Advice is proud to continue in <strong>2018</strong> the Business<br />

Service Directory for our readers in <strong>Calgary</strong> and area.<br />

Our main objective continues to be providing current and<br />

reliable information to our readership in the areas of home<br />

trends, renovations, services, decoration and real estate.<br />

Our readership has come to rely on our updated and relevant<br />

editorials. The body of the magazine has evolved over<br />

the last few years. We focus on the Editorial content first<br />

and ad content second. This has allowed us to have exclusive<br />

and prominent ad spaces in the magazine and allows<br />

for better visibility. Our readers told us they still would like<br />

a directory of companies and services…. We listened…<br />

The directory allows our readers to easily access services or<br />

products in one area. We have selected the companies for<br />

the section to ensure our readers are getting good services<br />

and products. As with ALL our ad Partners in the magazine<br />

Big or Small, we like to partner with the ‘Best”.<br />

www.mortgageweb.ca/dbland<br />

Decrease your monthly<br />

payment & increase cash flow<br />

while keeping your home<br />

403.875.8851<br />

dale.bland@cmlmortgages.com<br />


Beautiful Renovations. Done Right.<br />

Most reliable<br />

Bathroom Renovations,<br />

Home Improvement &<br />

Handyman Services<br />

403-201-4054<br />

atrustrenovations.com<br />

rey@atrustrenovations.com<br />


<strong>Calgary</strong> <strong>Winter</strong> Spring <strong>2018</strong>.indd 24<br />

<strong>2018</strong>-02-01 12:00:51 PM

Business & Service Directory<br />

For advertising information give our classified advertising department<br />

a call today at 780.406.6441 or email adcopy@realhomeadvice.ca<br />

We Support The Youth In Our Community!<br />


15% Senior<br />


041 – 132 Avenue NW<br />

monton AB T5V 1H8<br />

FAMILY<br />

OWNED &<br />



Experience the Service, Trust the Quality<br />

403-238-7400 - www.APCpestfree<br />


TAKING<br />

a closer LOOK at<br />

Alberta’s HOMES<br />

calgaryinspectionservices.ca<br />

kevin.sixsmith@amerispec.ca<br />

Boilers “R” Us<br />

A Division of Brother’s Mechanical Enterprises<br />


• Furnace Repairs<br />

• Boiler Repairs & Installations<br />

• Hot Water Heating Repairs & Installation<br />

• Domestic Hot Water Tanks<br />

• Gas Line Repairs & Installation Services<br />

• Plumbing Repairs & Installations<br />


403 228 2580<br />

www.brothersmechanical.com<br />

Bus: (780) 489-3999<br />

Fax: Kevin (780) 489-3950 Sixsmith<br />

403-257-4820<br />

2/5/2017 9:44:41 PM<br />

Serving <strong>Calgary</strong> & Red Deer<br />

2/22/2017 10:59:14 PM<br />

www.airraidfurnace.com / 403.826.6950<br />

Heating,<br />

Adjusment<br />

Cooling and HVAC <strong>Calgary</strong><br />

When was the last time you had your furnace and ducts cleaned?<br />

We specialize in furnace cleaning, service and installs.<br />

Accessible Lock & Key Ltd.<br />

Accessible Lock & Key Ltd.<br />

The Key To All Your Needs!<br />

403.588.1211<br />

www.accessiblelockandkey.com<br />

Serving Red Deer & Surrounding Areas<br />

Auto & Home Unlocks<br />

Keys Made to Most Vehicles<br />

High Security Locks<br />

Locks Re-Keyed<br />

Mail Box & Office Furniture Keys<br />

Key Extractions<br />

Residential & Commercial<br />

Break-in Repair & Prevention<br />

Walter Bainbridge / Lock Technician<br />

alockkey@telus.net<br />

Crossfield Storage<br />

www.crossfieldstorage.ca<br />

Monthly & Yearly Storage Solution<br />

RVs, boats, trailers, etc.<br />

1201 Laut Avenue,<br />

Crossfield Alberta<br />

403-993-9961<br />

Boilers R Us B Card.indd 1<br />

Landscape Construction and Design<br />

Landscapes that get noticed<br />

2/12/2017 6:01:57 PM<br />

Custom Garage Builders <strong>Calgary</strong><br />


7/21/2017 12:50:45 AM<br />

Outdoor Living • Concrete • Decks • Patios & Walkways • Artificial Grass<br />

403.272.2872<br />

curbdesign.ca<br />


<strong>Calgary</strong>, Alberta CL<br />





403 710 7792 <strong>Calgary</strong>, Alberta<br />

Full Service Detached Garage Builders.<br />

From Foundation To Finishings.<br />

www.customgaragescalgary.ca<br />


BONDED<br />


CURB DESIGN INC B Card.indd 1<br />

<strong>Calgary</strong> <strong>Winter</strong> Spring <strong>2018</strong>.indd 25<br />

2/16/2017 CUSTOM 10:32:05 GARAGES AM INC B Card.indd 1<br />

7/26/2017 2:01:22 PM<br />

<strong>2018</strong>-02-01 12:00:51 PM

Business & Service Directory<br />

For advertising information give our classified advertising department<br />

a call today at 780.406.6441 or email adcopy@realhomeadvice.ca<br />

4007 Ogden Rd SE,<br />

<strong>Calgary</strong>, AB, T2G 4N6<br />

centralroofingcalgary.org<br />

Your Flat Roofing Experts<br />

Roofing Replacements, Repairs, Inspection Services & More<br />

We Can Help You! CALL US TODAY<br />

Phone: 403-287-1333<br />

Emergency: 403-969-0538<br />

CrackMaster Concrete<br />

SINCE 1994<br />


Effective Solutions from the Inside<br />


403.343.3556<br />

gjreidcontracting@gmail.com<br />

FAMILY<br />

Central Roofing(<strong>Calgary</strong>)LTD.indd 1<br />

OWNED &<br />




12/18/2016 Crack Master 8:32:28 B PM Card.indd 1<br />

Serving the NW <strong>Calgary</strong> Community for many years<br />

• Smile Enhancement<br />

• Implants with PRF Accelerated Healing<br />

• Smooth Facial Wrinkles • Oral Cancer Screening<br />

• Root Canal Treatments<br />

• Wisdom Teeth Extractions • And more...<br />

#232, 4935 - 40 Ave. NW, <strong>Calgary</strong>, AB<br />

(in the Market Mall Professional Centre)<br />

403.286.2399 - www.dentistryatmarketmall.ca<br />

Residential New Home And<br />

Replacement Windows,<br />

Doors, And Garage Doors<br />

Movers you can Trust!<br />

403.660.8497<br />

Serving <strong>Calgary</strong> & Area<br />

www.dorteck.com<br />



2/23/2017 12:05:35 AM<br />

#10 3200 14 Ave NE<br />

<strong>Calgary</strong>, Alberta DORTECK WINDOWS & DOORS B Card.indd 1<br />

403-460-8100<br />

www.divinekitchencabinets.com<br />


2/19/2017 10:17:56 PM<br />

Real Estate Broke/Owner Cell 403-650-9995<br />

www.gmbainrealestate.com / homelife@shaw.ca<br />

Proudly Serving <strong>Calgary</strong> & Surrounding Communities for Over 30 Years<br />

C L<br />

Through years of experience, we are able to deliver exceptional material<br />

quality at competitive prices. Our quality reveals our work.<br />

CALL SODI TODAY 403.460.8100<br />

Thinking of BUYING or SELLING<br />

I can help you save TIME & MONEY. CALL Gary TODAY!<br />

GERMAN<br />

Divine Kitchen Cabinets Inc B Card.indd 1<br />

Handyman<br />

We fix everything<br />

within your home,<br />

office and business.<br />


2/12/2017 8:01:46 G M PM BAIN REAL ESTATE SVC LTD B Card.indd 1<br />

403.613.2728<br />

www.GermanReno.com<br />

Serving <strong>Calgary</strong> & Area<br />

Save time & money<br />


We fix everything<br />

within your home,<br />


office and business.<br />

GERMAN HANDYMAN B Card.indd 1<br />

<strong>Calgary</strong> <strong>Winter</strong> Spring <strong>2018</strong>.indd 26<br />

Save time & money<br />


8/17/2017 GERMAN 10:37:48 Renovations AM B Card.indd 1<br />

GERMAN<br />

Renovations<br />

Kitchen Renovations<br />

Bathroom Renovations<br />

Basement Renovations<br />


2/12/2017 6:07:15 PM<br />

403.613.2728<br />

www.GermanReno.com<br />

8/17/2017 10:37:10 AM<br />

<strong>2018</strong>-02-01 12:00:52 PM

Business & Service Directory<br />

For advertising information give our classified advertising department<br />

a call today at 780.406.6441 or email adcopy@realhomeadvice.ca<br />

ODOUR<br />

Leak Detection & Restoration<br />

• Mold Remediation • Water & Flood Damage Cleanup<br />

• Water Damage Repair • Windows & Doors Leak<br />

• Infrared Thermographic Inspection • Basement Foundation Repair<br />

1319 45 Ave. NE<br />

<strong>Calgary</strong>, AB<br />

T2E 2P3<br />

Vero Distribution<br />

Call Us Today<br />

Phone 403.879.1110<br />

Toll Free 866.491.5781<br />

IN<br />

Solution<br />

Vitaloxidecanada.ca<br />

brian@vitaloxide.info<br />

info@leakdoctor.ca<br />

www.leakdoctor.ca<br />

“Committed to you Comfort”<br />

4816 45A Street,<br />

Lacombe, AB T4L 2C9<br />

(403) 782-7722<br />

www.klesair.com<br />

Maid by Bon<br />

Kles Air Mechanical Ltd B Card.indd 1<br />

• For the Look of Clean<br />

• For the Feel of Clean<br />

• Your Satisfaction Guaranteed<br />

Residential & Commercial Service<br />

403.710.0932<br />

Don Single / Operator<br />




Darel Jodoin<br />

T 780.818.7838<br />

F 780.921.3526<br />

2/12/2017 6:13:29 PM<br />

FREE<br />

QUOTE<br />

We protect our customer’s interests<br />

by listening for what they need before<br />

providing quality insurance solutions.<br />


C 403.850.0697<br />

judy@mortgageit.ca<br />

www.mortgageit.ca<br />



WITH US.<br />

Contact us for all your home and auto insurance needs!<br />

Toll free: 1-866-358-6062 / info@platinuminsurance.ca<br />

Red Deer Branch – Head Office Airdrie Branch<br />

Phone: 403-358-6062<br />

Suite 202-4719 48 Ave,<br />

Red Deer AB T4N 3T1<br />

Phone: 403-948-7327<br />

#2-128 Edmonton Trail SE<br />

Airdrie AB T4B 1S2<br />

www.platinuminsurance.ca<br />

@PlatinumInsur<br />

PlatinumInsuranceInc<br />


Tired of sub-standerd<br />

cleaning contractors?<br />

WE ARE THE<br />


403.391.9094<br />

PLATINUM INSURANCE <strong>Calgary</strong> B Card.indd and surrounding 1 areas<br />

over 15 years with pride<br />

2/6/2017 1:34:58 PM<br />

Let Ralph Zamoyski Design<br />

enhance your home inside &<br />

out. We serve homeowners<br />

throughout the <strong>Calgary</strong> area.<br />

www.rrzdesigns.com<br />

zamoyski@live.ca<br />

403 870 3154<br />


3 Fencing 3 Decking 3 Demolition 3 Disposal<br />

3 Bathroom Renovations 3 Interior & Exterior Painting<br />

9/6/2017 11:29:33 AM<br />


Ralph Zamoyski Design B Card.indd 1<br />

2/12/2017 6:39:17 PM<br />

<strong>Calgary</strong> <strong>Winter</strong> Spring <strong>2018</strong>.indd 27<br />

<strong>2018</strong>-02-01 12:00:53 PM

Business & Service Directory<br />

For advertising information give our classified advertising department<br />

a call today at 780.406.6441 or email adcopy@realhomeadvice.ca<br />

Serving<br />

<strong>Calgary</strong> &<br />

Area Since<br />

2001<br />

We make your windows<br />

Spark & Shine... everytime!<br />

Licensed<br />

& Insured<br />

3 Residential & Commercial 3 Window Cleaning<br />

3 Eavestrough Cleaning 3 Power Washing<br />

403.862.7662<br />

• SPAS • POOLS<br />



• & MUCH MORE<br />

We are your local pool & spa<br />

professionals. NEW home owners<br />

with existing spas & pools are<br />

welcome to call or visit our store<br />

for maintenance advise.<br />

403.346.4465<br />



#3 6782-50 Ave., Red Deer, AB<br />

Mon-Fri 9-5 Saturday 10-4:30<br />

By Appointment Anytime.<br />

197 Arbour Stone Close NW,<br />

<strong>Calgary</strong>, Alberta<br />

403.226.0104<br />

sunsetblindandshade.com<br />

We deliver some of the finest window coverings in the industry<br />

• Blinds • Window Shades • Custom Drapery • Custom Wood Poles • Shutters<br />

<strong>Calgary</strong>, • AB Automated systems for drapery kenf@ultimatebathsystems.com<br />

and blinds • Textile Manufacturing<br />

403.474.5164<br />

LONG-LASTING QUALITY INSTALLATION www.ultimatebathsystems.com<br />


• Custom Cabinetry • Interior Finishing<br />

• Insurance Restoration<br />

www.tormynak.com<br />

TONY HILDERMAN 403.383.7442<br />

tormynak@gmail.com<br />

“ From a home renovation<br />

to wiring your house ”<br />


We are licensed,<br />

bonded and insured.<br />

2/14/2017 11:55:09 AM<br />

Serving Red Deer & Area with Pride!<br />



From hanging a new door to bringing the<br />

wiring in your home up to code.<br />


403-406-9099<br />

Insured<br />

Bonded<br />



<strong>Calgary</strong>, AB<br />

403.474.5164<br />

kenf@ultimatebathsystems.com<br />

calgary.ultimatebathsystems.ca<br />

venturetax.ca<br />

info@venturetax.ca<br />



4925 Ross Street Red Deer, AB T4N 1X8 Tel403-343-8829<br />


Movers you can Trust!<br />

3 Residential Moving<br />

3 Office Moving<br />

3 Long-Distance Moving<br />

1-877-399-1315<br />

<strong>Calgary</strong> 587.779.7729<br />

Moving you anywhere in North America<br />

3 Storage<br />

3 Packing Services<br />

3 Packing Supplies<br />

Transparent Pricing, Punctual Service & Expert Staff<br />


2/19/2017 9:33:51 PM<br />

Viktoria Professional Movers B Card.indd 1<br />

2/19/2017 9:44:10 PM<br />

VENTURE TAX SERVICES B Card.indd 1<br />

2/19/2017 10:41:38 PM<br />

<strong>Calgary</strong> <strong>Winter</strong> Spring <strong>2018</strong>.indd 28<br />

<strong>2018</strong>-02-01 12:00:54 PM

Business & Service Directory<br />

For advertising information give our classified advertising department<br />

a call today at 780.406.6441 or email adcopy@realhomeadvice.ca<br />

Bringing New Life<br />

to Your Metal!<br />


Electrostatic painting for commercial and<br />

residential projects & Metal refinishing<br />


Alberta, BC & Saskatchewan<br />

<strong>Calgary</strong> 403.275.3082 Alberta<br />

Professionally Cleaned<br />

• Furnace • Ducts • Fireplaces • Chimneys<br />

• Hot Water Heaters • Built-in Vacuums • Dryer Vents<br />

red deer<br />

403-346-6844<br />

www.willdofurnacecleaning.ca<br />

leslieville<br />

403--729-2772<br />

50 YEARS<br />



Will Do Furnace and Chimney Cleaning B Card.indd 1<br />

Kimberly<br />

Wallace<br />

2/12/2017 8:09:37 PM<br />

We Specialize in Store Fronts, Automotive, Commercial,<br />

Residential Glass, Custom Shower Doors and Mirrors.<br />

Mobile Estate Planning &<br />

Probate Services<br />

Bay 2 #2 Erickson Crescent<br />

Sylvan lake AB T4S 1P5<br />

Tel 403-887-0190<br />

glassman14@outlook.com<br />

Your Crap is Our Business!<br />

Trailer Mounted Portable Toilet & Garbage Containment<br />

Short Term and Long Term Rentals<br />

1829336 ALBERTA LTD O-A ROYAL GLASS B Card.indd 1 2/6/2017 8:45:28 AM<br />

The Estate Lady<br />

403.870.7923<br />

estate.lady.ab@gmail.com<br />

Renovate Your Home Today!<br />

Assisting seniors with SHARP Program<br />

Government Rebates<br />

Call Erwin Today<br />

403.863.8513<br />

Y O U R B U S I N E S S<br />

W I T H U S<br />

780.406.6441<br />


<strong>Calgary</strong> <strong>Winter</strong> Spring <strong>2018</strong>.indd 29<br />

<strong>2018</strong>-02-01 12:00:55 PM

Wireless In-Home Sound Systems<br />

These days with the advance of<br />

technology, music never sounded as<br />

sweet and crystal clear as it does now.<br />

Over the past few decades, homes<br />

have been built with the option to<br />

have a sound system with speakers<br />

wired into the walls and ceilings of<br />

the rooms in your home.<br />

With the sophistication of technology<br />

today comes even greater convenience<br />

tuned to the needs and enjoyment<br />

requests of your family.<br />

Not only can you have wireless<br />

speakers in every single room in your<br />

home, you can also tune them to play<br />

different music in the various zones of<br />

your house.<br />

Wireless multi-room speakers can be<br />

controlled from your smartphone or<br />

tablet. It’s as simple as that.<br />

What you need to plan out when<br />

deciding on which system to purchase<br />

is for which rooms in the house<br />

you want to install the speakers. And<br />

all that is meant by an install is just a<br />

plug-in away.<br />

Some systems are battery operated<br />

and require recharging. You will also<br />

need to decide on how large you<br />

want your speakers to be, as well as<br />

whether you will broadcast your music<br />

from a computer or hard drive, online<br />

programs or your smartphone/s.<br />

A number of sound systems are now<br />

available after Sonos basically invented<br />

the wireless multi-room system;<br />

from powered speakers, to sound<br />

bars, to your home theatre receiver.<br />

Speakers can be moved from room to<br />

room, and best of all can come with<br />

you when you move to a new home.<br />

Shop wisely for the best system that<br />

will fill your family’s requirements,<br />

and kick back and enjoy the wonderful<br />

sounds of this new wireless<br />

speaker technology that never sounded<br />

so good.<br />


<strong>Calgary</strong> <strong>Winter</strong> Spring <strong>2018</strong>.indd 30<br />

<strong>2018</strong>-02-01 12:00:56 PM<br />


It begins with care.<br />

It leads to freedom.<br />

Rewarding experiences, a vibrant and fulfilling lifestyle, a luxurious environment,<br />

and personalized care – you’ll find it all at Revera. Our Red Deer communities offer<br />

a range of programs and services to ensure your unique personal needs are met.<br />

Call today to find out how we can help.<br />

Inglewood<br />

10 Inglewood Dr, Red Deer •<br />

403-346-1134 reveraliving.com<br />


<strong>Calgary</strong> <strong>Winter</strong> Spring <strong>2018</strong>.indd 31<br />

Revera living full page.indd 1<br />

<strong>2018</strong>-02-01 12:00:56 PM<br />

8/8/2017 2:41:58 PM

A Gold Partner of Real Home Advice<br />

Your Trusted Contractor For Reliable<br />




in Red Deer and Central Alberta<br />

403.896.1934<br />

Need<br />

a new ROOF<br />

or SIDING?<br />

We ensure you<br />

receive the repair<br />

services you need,<br />

when you need<br />

them the most.<br />

25 Years of Experience in Home Improvement<br />

Exceptional Workmanship & Quality Services<br />

Dedicated to Client Satisfaction<br />


<strong>Calgary</strong> <strong>Winter</strong> Spring <strong>2018</strong>.indd 32<br />

Snap and Cracker.indd 1<br />

<strong>2018</strong>-02-01 12:00:56 PM<br />

2/16/2017 10:33:53 AM

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